Go ahead. Give it some gas.

(car engine struggles to turn over)

All right? Not moving.

BRENNAN: It's been scientifically proven that higher surface temperatures contribute to extreme weather events.

BOOTH: Look, I don't understand.

How does an ice storm, followed by a snowstorm, qualify as global warming?

No, the term is not "global warming," it's "climate change."

If I can interrupt... If you're going to take my side.

I'm not taking sides. Then, no.

Okay, here are the facts, Bones: Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold.

Okay, seriously, guys, I really think that we need to talk about your partnership.

Okay, is that why you decided to join us?

No. Answer's no. No.

(cell phone ringing) Brennan.

DC Medical Examiner brought in remains found just south of an I-295 overpass.

Location suggests a murder dump.

BRENNAN: Why didn't they let us inspect the crime scene? That's very irritating.

No way.

SAROYAN: 'Cause, if they waited another 15 minutes, the body would have been covered by snow, and any evidence would have been compromised.

Oh, no way!

SAROYAN: I know it's early, but the radio says this might turn into a blizzard, so I was thinking we could work on the case for a couple of hours, and then leave early before traffic gets crazy.

Okay, I'm on my way. Look, look!

There's a body at the lab. I should go.

BOOTH: Whoa! Wait-wait... wait a second.

Wait just a...

They're leaving them on the curb. Jackpot!

Stadium seats. But they're not just stadium seats, all right? They're from the Vet.

They're from the Vet? You know?

Veterans Stadium?

♪ Fly, Eagles, fly ♪

♪ On the road to victory. ♪ Ah-ah-ah!

Come on, Bones, please, they're from the Vet! All right, look, I will pay for breakfast. Yes. So you guys can help me take those seats back to my apartment.

Uh, didn't you hear what I said? There's a body.

Which will still be dead if we get there 15 minutes late.

Come on, Bones, please. They're from the Vet.

Okay, will you agree to find another time to talk?

Yeah. Sure. No problems. Bones, please.

BOOTH: Look, 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes.

15 minutes.

HODGINS: We've got the place to ourselves.

Jeffersonian is officially closed on account of the storm.

(shivers) Nothing like murder to ruin a snow day.

What do we got?

Female victim. Decomp puts time of death approximately 12 days ago.

There's a lot of blood on the clothes.

Pubic symphysis suggests the victim was in her late 20s or early 30s.

This is weird. It's a tick.

I don't even recognize the species.

Holy cow.

I heard that.

Oh, no, no, no, no. (chuckles)

It was, um... It was an exclamation of admiration.

I wasn't actually... You can stop now.

Save yourself. ...commenting on your size.

How was the doctor's appointment?

It was fine.

Uh, Cam said you need a facial reconstruction.

Right, yeah.

Plus we found a dead cell phone in the victim's pocket. Okay.

Uh, I'll take a look, see if I can figure out a way to get some information. Hey.

Let's go talk.


You didn't tell us the frame was made of cast iron.

BRENNAN: This is taking a lot longer than you said it would.

They need me at the lab.

Okay, look. Two minutes, that's all I need.

Two minutes. Pull, pull, pull.

That's it. Right there.

Aah! Easy! Ah, that hit my foot.

Everything is fine, Angela.

It really is. You know, when you find out that you're a carrier and you have a child inside, it's kind of... I know. I know.

I know. But the doctor told us it doesn't mean a thing unless I'm an LCA carrier, too, right?

Right. Right.

Yeah, good.

So, we wait for my results.

And until then, you got to remember, there is a very, very small chance that I'm a carrier.

All right. You're right.

I just love this baby so much already.

Me, too.

But the baby is fine.

Will you please tell your mama, "Don't worry"?

You realize that's pointless advice to give a mother, right?

Yes. But come on... wouldn't you hate it if we didn't reassure you?

Yes, I would.

(both chuckling softly)

(computer beeping)

Oh... go ahead. Back to your tick.

We're good? Yeah. We're-we're good.

Okay. We're good.

Uncontrolled bleeding from wound site, severe nosebleeds...

Oh, no. Not good.


It's still sticking out.

We got it. Just, you push. We'll pull.

Okay. Well, I'm going to let go.

It's wedged too tight to fall anyway. (cell phone ringing)

Okay. Cam...

I'm sorry. I'll be there soon.

The victim had Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever when she died.

The tick was a Hyalomma impeltatum.

That's how the victim was infected.

Was that cause of death?

No. She was strangled.

I found perimortem fracture lines on the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.


Has the lab been quarantined?

Not necessary. Testing revealed viral antibodies, but no active virions.

Good, good.

Wait. But how was the victim strangled?

Face-to-face. The killer used his hands, and... oh, no.

The victim may have coughed aerosolized blood into the killer's face, infecting him with the virus.

And since the virus has a ten- to 12-day incubation period and the murder occurred almost two weeks ago, that means the killer...

Is now contagious.

Okay. The door is shut. You hit the button.

I'll meet you upstairs.

All right.

Booth, I have to get back to the lab right away.

The victim was suffering from hemorrhagic fever, and the killer is probably infected.

Well, we'll get there soon. We'll get these seats off, and before you know it, we'll be back at the lab. (Clanking)

SWEETS: The lights went out.

It must be the blizzard.

Cam, I'm in Booth's elevator, and we may have lost power.

SAROYAN: I heard there were outages all over town.

The lab's lost power, too. It's got to be the storm.

Dr. Brennan, can you hear me?

I can't hear you, Cam. Are...


Is this fever thing bad?

We have to find the killer before he spreads the disease.

The city may be on the verge of a deadly viral outbreak.

And we're trapped in here?

Sweets! Sweets!

BRENNAN: Okay, thanks for the update, Cam.

BOOTH: You're emergency services. This is an emergency.

We're trapped in an elevator. There's two of us.

If you could just send...

No, no, no. Nobody's hurt, but listen.

Okay, there is a killer virus out there that only we can stop.

So just get someone here now or...


You got to be kidding me. He hung up on me.

He didn't believe me.

Cam spoke to the Centers for Disease Control in Georgia.

There have been no other reported cases of CCHF.

BOOTH: So that's good.

Only if we catch the killer in time.

He's the one who can spread the disease.

Oh... Hey, guys.

You okay?

What's with the hat? Your next-door neighbor's home.

Mrs. Ross? Yeah.

She is a very friendly woman.

She gave me a bunch of stuff in case you guys get cold.

Oh, and here... for light.

No! Sweets!

Move! What? It's a menorah.

Do you know what would have happened to your arm if the elevator started moving again?

Extensive trauma to your radius and ulna, perhaps even spontaneous amputation.

I feel a little sick.

No way to transport the remains to another lab.

Couldn't even get the garage open.

Then, we'll have to make the best of it.

Okay. Now, the onset of this disease is very sudden.

Initial signs are headaches, high fever.

Symptoms rapidly progress to include severe bruising and uncontrolled bleeding.

Are you sure that we're not in any danger of getting sick?


All right. This is a map from the Cold War exhibit.

So ignore the fact that there's still a Soviet Union and a Czechoslovakia.

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, or CCHF, appears pretty much everywhere I've shaded on this map.

Okay, so not North America?

So you think that the victim was a foreigner?

The discriminant functions of the cranial measurements suggest that she was at least part Native American.

It would be extremely unusual for someone with North American Indian blood to be born somewhere else.

Okay, so she was a traveler.

Once you finish her facial reconstruction, we can try to match her through Passport Control.

If the office is open.

BRENNAN: Well, it's difficult to see detail in such a small scale, but I-I concur with your cause of death.

BRAY: We still don't have power, so I can't do X-rays.

Should I go ahead and clean the bones?

No, no. Go to my office and look through back issues of Medicinal Physics Quarterly.

There should be a stack of them near my iguana.

What am I looking for?

I remember an article about electrostatics and triboluminescence.

You can take X-rays without electricity.

I'm on it.

HODGINS: Electricity from cellophane tape?

BRAY: According to Dr. Brennan's article, you create a vacuum inside the glove box, then pull back the tape.

And this will release electrical currents strong enough to generate X-rays? Theoretically.

Straight through to the film underneath.

The X-ray goes through the bone, onto the photo paper.


I'm going to believe it when I see it.

All right.

Whoa! Wow.

That's kind of awesome.

All right. Take this table away.


Let's see here.

Start pulling these out.

All right.



I know.


(phone beeps) Oh.

Oh. All right. There's no match for the victim in Missing Persons or Passport Control.

(screaming) Whoa. What?

I blame you.

What? You blame me for what?

For the no match or the blizzard?

They're chairs, Booth.

They're just a bunch of chairs.

First of all, they're not just chairs. They're history.

They're from the Vet, okay?

And secondly, I'm gonna get us out of here.

You have a plan?

That's right. I have a plan.

Escape hatch.

Great! I'll climb up and get it open. Oh, no, no, no.

I'm the climber. You're the thinker. No. I'll be able to fit through the gap much easier. Here.

Bones, just let me do the climbing.

Kneel down. I'll show you.

Oh, hello!

Uh... do you want to get on my shoulders?

SWEETS: Hey guys, Mrs. Ross sent some snacks. Hello.

Hello...? Why is everyone saying "hello"?


I'm sorry. Should I... Is this a bad...?

Hello? She wants to sit on my shoulders.

Traditionally, people do that the other way around.

I'm merely demonstrating that the widest part of me is narrower than the widest part of Booth. See?

All right. SWEETS: Wow. Okay.

Comparing body parts.

What else do you do during a blizzard, right?

Okay, I got the idea, Bones. Thank you.


The only records you have of test results are on computer?

I mean, didn't somebody jot them down somewhere?

Okay, listen, I need my test results, okay?

Because my poor wife... she's going crazy here, you know, waiting for...


Okay, thanks.

(clears throat)

You probably heard that.

Not if you didn't want me to.

It's just, it's a pregnancy thing.

It's nothing to worry about.

You'll tell me if there's anything I can do.

Whoa. Look at this.

Significant remodeling trauma to this femur.

Looks like there's stuff embedded in the bone.


(Booth grunting)

All right.

Just be careful, all right?

Your foot's on the edge.

I'm fine. Got it.

All right.

(Booth grunts)



Oh, it's open!


What "Oh, no"? These stupid chairs.

It won't open all the way.

Just be careful, Bones. Whoa!

(cell phone ringing)

Oh, wait, my phone's ringing. Just be careful.

What do you mean, your phone is ringing?

You're actually going to take a phone call now?

Well, it could be the lab. Oh, shoot!

Whoa, okay.

(cell phone ringing)

I'm going to get the phone.

No one move.

Oh, Dr. Brennan, careful. Your foot.

(Brennan and Booth scream)

Oh! Oh, God!

Are you guys all right?


I'm okay.


Don't touch me.

It's my back, my back!

Don't touch me.

I-I'm trying... (screams)

Oh! Where's Sweets with those painkillers?

Maybe Mrs. Ross didn't have any.

She's been singing in the hallways for a week after her dental surgery.

Trust me, she has painkillers.

The victim had foreign objects embedded in her left femur.

Remodeling suggests they'd been there for at least four years.



Yes, the random placement would suggest an explosion.

How did you know that?

Army buddy of mine spent a few months in a hospital after an IED explosion.

I saw his X-rays.

So, the victim was probably around an explosion four years ago.

But if we can figure out where and what the explosion was, it might help us to get closer to an I.D.

You got to look at the shrapnel itself.

That's going to tell you... Ow!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I got you. I got you.

So, I got you some, uh, aspirin.

BOOTH: Aspirin? I need painkillers!

Oh! What, is she holding out?

Huh? Is she going to some kind of a rave?

A bottle of water. Water?

Oh. Ow, water.

And a... bag of frozen peas.

All right, pal, you know what? I'm not cooking dinner.

I need something for the pain!

No, no. It's to ice your back. Oh.

Oh. Oh, it's cold, cold.

It's cold. It's cold.

But, actually, that feels pretty good.

Yeah, that's pretty good. Yeah, right there.

The metal is melted.

I have no idea what it was.

Hey, does that look like some sort of pattern to you?

Like, ridging around what used to be the edges?

Yeah. Kind of looks like money. Coins.

Well, that would be consistent with what Agent Booth said about IEDs... you know, that they're filled with whatever bits of metal are available.

Okay, so if you live in a country whose currency is worthless...

Not uncommon in a war zone.

Then coins are suddenly the perfect stuffing for an IED.

Global Cultures!

I have no idea what that is or why it excites you.

There's a Global Cultures section of the Jeffersonian.

There's this-this Coins of the World exhibit.

So, I'll figure out the composition of the shrapnel, and then compare it to the coins that are in the exhibit.

Ooh, fantastic!

And how exactly do you plan to do that without electricity?


(laughs) It's funny how fate intervenes sometimes, huh?

There's no such thing as fate. And this is not funny.

Just let me make my point.

Since you find yourselves here...


You could look at it that way, or you could look at it as an opportunity.

Sweets, just stop shrinking around the bush, okay?

Just say what it is you want to say. Go ahead.

What do you think of, uh, resuming therapy just for a month or two? What?

Why? No. Forget about why.

No, that's not going to happen.

And why would you bring that up now?

Let's be honest.

A lot has happened in the last few months.

Now, I know that Hannah's presence has stirred up a lot of feelings between you... Stop!

Right there. I agree.

No. Because I care about you.

About both of you. You know what?

Stop, or I'll hit you with the frozen peas.

I know that you have been forthcoming about your feelings for each other in the past.

And the past is the past.

But as a couple... No, Booth and I are not a couple.

I understand. I'm just saying that...

Stop! Just stop.

All right, listen to my words.

It is over!

Agent Booth, I just think that...

Don't ever mention Hannah again.

You understand?


Perhaps you'd like to take a walk?




Mmm. What is that smell?

Well, I can't use the exhaust system without electricity, so I thought it'd be better to, uh, clean the bones out here where there's more air flow.

Oh, my God. You're boiling body parts?

This is how it's done. You know that.

No, no. I mean, I was getting kind of getting hungry, and I thought that you were...

Oh, my God!

You're pregnant.

The smell of boiling flesh makes you want a sandwich.


What did you get?

I got the Coins of the World, plus, an emission spectrograph from the instrument archive.

To I.D. the shrapnel?

Yeah. Now I just... I just need a short burst of electricity to create a carbon spark to basically vaporize a sample of the metal.

Where are you going to get the electricity? Well, as well as a dynamite igniter from the late 1800s, huh?

I got all this from the American History wing.

(Hodgins laughs)

(phone ringing)


I'm sending you a photo.

Now that the bones are clean, I can see evidence of perimortem injuries to the cortical surfaces of the right ulna and radius.

They're difficult to see clearly enough to ascertain their exact nature.

I agree, but since we can't use the Medio-Cam...

You have to do a penetrant test.

I'm not familiar with that.

Soak the bones in a liquid dye.

The dye will permeate the compromised surfaces, increasing the contrast.

So that the injuries will become clear. Brilliant.

Yes. I-I know. Booth?

I can't just sit here.

I'm just gonna try to move the chairs again. Booth!

All right, I'm fine. Your back.

(sighs) Are you happy now?

Yeah, it's useless.

(rhythmic clacking, grunting)



Wow. Maybe you should think of a way to get electricity that doesn't involve rare historical items worth upwards of $50,000.

Yeah, I'll just blame Wendell.

Yeah, that's good.

How's it going with the victim's cell phone?

Well, the battery's dead, plus the wiring is totally corroded, but I was able to save the SIM card, so if I can put it in someone else's phone, I might be able to find out who she called last, and they might be able to lead us to the killer.

What are you doing? I told you. I'm going to use the SIM card...

Yeah, but no, you can't.

Ange, you can't take my phone.

I need... You know, I need my phone.

I need my... Why? There's...


You're worried about the test results, aren't you?

No. I'm not.

I'm not. I just, you know...

I don't... I don't, uh, want to miss their calls, so...

Honey, it's me.

You're scared, too.

I can tell.

Even if we both test positive, Angela, there's still only a 25% chance that the baby would be...

Be blind.

And that leaves 75% chance that everything would be fine.

And you know what?

I like those odds.



Well, I think Cam has the same cell phone as you, anyway.

This is all the dye I could find.

Let's see.

That should do the trick.

Just pour it in here. Right.



Excuse me?


What's with the get-up?

Well, I need electricity for the emission spectrograph, so I'm going to tap into this emergency light up here.

Uh, are you sure that's safe?

Yes, dude.

I made my own safety harness.

Oh, man, he's lost his mind.

If I can just detach this battery...

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Of course I know what I'm doing. I just need to...

(pop) Oh!

Oh, no. Oh, no. No, no, no. Hodgins, no!

Oh, look out! Look out! Hodgins!



Oh, my bad.

Sorry. Sorry.



(sighs) Okay.



I'm sorry.

Don't worry. He'll clean it up.

What if you had gotten hurt? In this blizzard!

Wait a minute.

You're mad because you're worried about our safety?

Wow. Thank you.

That was the last of our dye.

Okay, now I kind of wish you'd gotten hurt.

Hey, what about your beetles?

Excuse me?

Nothing. Oh, no, Mr. Bray.

We're way past nothing. What's with the beetles?

Well, Egyptians used to grind up their shells to dye textiles.

Yeah, they also used slave labor. It doesn't make it right.

Dr. Hodgins, killer virus, untold casualties.

BRENNAN: As you can see, the length of the row means there's a finite number of ways it can be moved within the dimensions of elevator.

Therefore, it is unlikely the angle of the emergency panel will ever be sufficient for egress.

Okay, okay. I get it, all right?

I get it. Stupid chairs. You're right.

The whole thing is just ridiculous.

Stupid idea.

Just, uh...


Tuesday, October 21, 1980.

Game six of the World Series.

That sounds very important.


Pete Rose, Manny Trillo, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton.

Tug McGraw strikes out Willie Wilson at 11:29 p.m.

Phillies win.

And these seats were there, and... you're sentimental about it.

My dad and I were there.

He quit drinking.

For about two weeks.

Long enough to remember that I was his kid.

Best day of my life.

So did you think that you could reclaim a part of that day?

It's just history.

That's all.

It was our one perfect day.

Are you feeling bad about being hard on Sweets?

No. I'm thinking about my dad.

And about being hard on Sweets.

You think he was right?

Should we discuss us?


Yeah, I think we should.




Hey. You all right?

Got the phone call.


Coins are part nickel.

Phone call?

From the doctor?

Dissolved one of the coins in hydrochloric acid.

Now I'm, uh... I'm testing the solution.

I-I just...

I should have thought of this earlier.

What did the doctor say?

Leber congenital amaurosis.

It's a genetic disease.

It's recessive.

Causes blindness.

And you're a carrier?

Usually, both parents...

Yeah, Angela's a carrier, too.


Shrapnel coins are bimetallic, with an aluminum-bronze center and a cupronickel-zinc ring.

I got to... I got to tell Angela.

She's going to hate me.

Hodgins, she's not going to hate you.


Uh, Russian rubles.

That's the... that's the only coin that... that matches.


She's not going to hate you.

She loves you.

You guys are solid.

You can get through this.

(voice breaking): You hear that something has a one in a thousand chance or one in 10,000.

But I guess it's like the lottery, right?

Somebody always wins, you know.

That sounds like good news.

I'll give you the room.

♪ ♪

Rubles... Wendell says the shrapnel in the victim's leg was rubles.

Rubles? Wait a second.

Four years ago... that... Chechnya.

That's right, the separatists would sometimes use Russian coins in their IEDs as further protest because the rebels wanted their own currency.

All right, look, if an American civilian was injured by an IED in Chechnya, there'd definitely be press coverage.

So we scan the news outlets for an American who was blown up in Chechnya four years ago.

(knocking) Hey.


Can I interrupt?

Oh, yeah, of course.

Did you need this again?

I finished my call with Dr. Brennan.

No, I already checked yours out.

It seems like none of our cell phones match the victim's SIM card.

So the victim's phone is totally shot?

I was able to repair some of the corroded wiring, but I'm just afraid that if I plug the phone into a regular alkaline battery, that it'll short.

So what you need is a way to provide power gradually.

Yeah, exactly.

(snaps fingers)

You perform miracles?

Hope so.

Where are you going?

To break into the cafeteria.


Okay. (Sighs)

Microfiche of old newspapers from the Jeffersonian Library.

I thought they'd all be digital.

Luckily not, for us.

But can you figure out a way to skimm through the microfiche?

Yeah, sure, if you just tell me what I'm looking for.

Look, I've already tried that.

It's a hydraulic, old-school.

It's a single cage-style door.

How you guys doing?

Booth's on the phone with the fire department.

It's the maintenance department. Maintenance department.

Okay, great, thanks.

"World's Greatest Grandpa"?

Yeah, uh, Mrs. Ross gave it to me.

It's a lot comfier than my jacket.

You do realize that Mr. Ross is dead, right?

I mean, don't you find it odd that Mrs. Ross is dressing you up in her dead husband's clothes?

Booth needs to say something to you.

No, he doesn't. Yeah, right, about earlier.

Look, I'm sorry.

It's okay.



What's okay?

Booth didn't say anything.

We're guys. SWEETS: Everything's fine now, Dr. Brennan. (phone rings)


MONTENEGRO: I maybe found our victim.

"Four innocent bystanders, including an American AID worker were injured "when an IED struck a vehicle "in Beslan on Tuesday."

AID worker, makes sense.

"The American has been identified

"as Ann-Marie Weston, age 28."

"A field worker for the Alliance for Human Dignity."

"Ms. Weston almost lost a leg, but doctors

"now expect her to make a full recovery."

It's all consistent. The age of the victim, the location of the injury...

Hang on. I'm gonna send you a photo here...

Looks like we found the victim.

The director of Alliance for Human Dignity confirmed Anne-Marie's identity.

Was she still working for them? Not in Chechnya.

He said she spent most of the past year traveling back and forth from Albania.

Well, that would explain how she got the virus.

There was a recent outbreak or CCHF in rural Albania.

What's she doing in Albania?

I don't know. The director is going to pull the file and get back to me, but my phone is running out of battery.

You can use my... (phone rings)

Oh, sorry, it's Wendell. (sighs)


Give me the number.

My phone doesn't get much service here, but I'll go outside and make the call.

(chuckling): In a blizzard?

Yeah, nothing's keeping me in here except helping Mrs. Ross and her 40-year-old daughter figure out how to talk to each other without arguing.

All right, here you go. Thanks.

Thank you. Right.

I sent pictures of the injuries.

Your penetrant test worked.

There appear to be two distinct types of injuries.

That's what it looks like to me, too.

Irregular scratches scattered all over the surface...

As well as a number of deep, linear gouges...

Which almost seem like they're regularly spaced, like a pattern.

What would cause this?

The scratches are consistent with broken glass, as if the victim's arm went through a window, but the gouges...

How about, like, security glass?

What, like in prisons? Right, a window with thick wire mesh that would be embedded in the pane.

That would be consistent with the injuries.

Wendell, wh... why am I looking at hundreds of pounds of potatoes?

Got to go.

I'll call you when we have something else.

You said you wanted a miracle.

So this is why you broke into the cafeteria?


I learned how to do this in grade school.

I won my science fair.

Oh, my God. You were that kid.

Meaning what?

The show-off.

And this is how you thank me?


This is for the victim's cell phone?

Yeah, I'm connecting groups of potatoes in series to increase voltage.

Then we can connect these potatoes together in parallel to increase amperage.

Spud-sational, totally spud-tacular.

Can I help?

If you stop making spud jokes.


My sincerest "potatologies."

(both chuckle)


Wow. That feels great.

Ah, it's like you're untying the knots.

It's Thai massage.

It combines deep tissue with acupressure.

It's quite effective.

(laughing): Yeah, I can feel that...

We should stop, you know, because... before Sweets comes back.


Well... Oh, I understand.

You think he'll interpret our physical contact as yet another sign that we...



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, but...

(clears throat)

I got to tell you, my back feels... wow... so much better.


No problem.

Yeah, you know, I can see how Sweets could get confused.

We both did tell him how we felt about each other.

In the past. In the past.

And... we both thought about it; He knows that.


Sleeping together.

It would be odd if we didn't.

Right, uh, so we're talking about this now?

We seem to be.


I always assumed that we'd be very compatible.

Didn't you?

Well, yeah.

Because we're both so physical.

Right, the way we throw ourselves into a case.

We both have excellent stamina.


Making love would be quite satisfying.


But then what?

I mean, as a couple, me and you would never...

No, it wouldn't work.

(footsteps on stairs)

Oh, it's so cold! Okay, so I, uh... I talked to the director of the Alliance for Human Dignity, and our victim went to Albania to investigate charges that girls were promised dream jobs in the U.S.

And were never heard from again.

Human trafficking. Yeah.

And back here, she went to neighborhoods with a heavy Albanian population and visited businesses that she thought might be covers, always slipping young women her number, telling them to call her if they need any help.

BOOTH: Right, they're sold into prostitution.

It's a big business here in DC, and the people that make the profit are brutal.

How about now?

MONTENEGRO: No, it's still not working.

HODGINS: Well, we can always use them for fries.

Oh, my gosh! Wait a minute!

Wait! It's working! It's working.

(both cheer)

Okay, okay, uh, call history is 5342.

Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! We are losing power.

What?! How?! Losing power! Come on!

That's not possible. This should work for a few hours, guys.

More potatoes! More potatoes!

You won the science fair, Wendell! Do something!

Fast, Hodgins! Come on! More potatoes!

Come on! More potatoes! Move quicker! Move quicker!

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Wendell, be careful!

Where's the other one? Where?

Move, move, move, Wendell, Wendell!

I got one. I got one.

You guys, the phone!

Potatoes over here! Potatoes.

Give me another one. Give me another one.

You guys, the phone. The phone is dying.

More potatoes! Potatoes! Move, move, move!

Guys, get on it! What are you doing?!

I have no wires. There's no more. One right there! Use it!

Come on! More potatoes! Come on, come on, come on!

I don't have enough power. Okay, we got it!

We got it! The phone, it's...





Angela says the victim's phone history was only incoming calls.

That seems unusual.

Unless that was the number that she gave to women who might need help.

Right, it could have been a dedicated line.

Were there any calls near time of death?

One from a building, uh, near the corner of Hill and 27th.

Is the FBI going to send anyone?

Can't yet. Not until the roads are open.

Hill and 27th is less than a mile away. That's great.

With us in here, it might as well be 100.

There might actually be a way out of here, but you're not going to like it.

The bolts between the first and second seats are rusted.

If we apply sufficient force with whatever combination of kicking or pulling or jumping...

We can break these apart.

Yes. But I know how important they are.

Let's do it. On three.


Are you sure? Your back.

We go on three.

Wait, wait, wait. On three, or one, two, three, and then go... which is more common?

I-I don't know. It's up to you.

Well, on three would be quicker.

Not anymore.

(both grunting)

All right.

Okay, you set?

(grunts) Yeah.

On three. You ready?

BOTH: One, two...

(Booth grunts) Use your legs for power, not your back.

Okay. One, two...

(both grunt)

(both laughing loudly)

Yeah! All right!

After you.

Why, thank you. Ha!

Uh, well, go easy if you're going to get... Aah! Easy!

BOOTH: All right? Yeah.

That's got to be the address. Okay.


Security glass.

The spacing of the wires is consistent with the gouges on the victim's arm.

BOOTH: Look here.


(both grunt)

BOOTH: She's the one that broke that window?

BRENNAN: That's a reasonable conclusion.

Was she trying to get in or out?

BOOTH: It's all right. I'm a federal officer.

It's going to be okay. You understand?

FBI. MAN (thick accent): What you doing?

Go away! (Sneezes)

Okay. FBI, Boris. Who are you?

Not Boris.

Booth, he... he could have the virus.

(coughing) BOOTH: Look, you could be very sick.

We got to get you to the hospital.

Listen to me, Boris.

Not Boris!

Boris is a Russian name... Albanians hate Russians.

I got that, Bones. You know, I'm just trying...

Whoa, whoa! Wait, ho-ho-ho, easy!

Be careful, Booth... he could be infected.

Do you really want to do this?

(man grunts)

BOOTH: Hold it! Oh! Wait! Oh! (Brennan yells)

No, don't touch him, Booth!

Don't touch him!

BOOTH (muffled): Seriously? No, but seriously.

SAROYAN: His name is Tariq Grazdani, and he traffics in human beings.

White slavery? Really?

He's also pretty sick with CCHF.

The Centers for Disease Control is tracking down anyone he might have come in contact with.

So he killed Anne-Marie Weston?

He hasn't admitted that, but the girls were witnesses, and they agreed to testify, so...

Go home.

You did a great job.

Good night, man.

Thanks, buddy.


You want something to eat?

No. I just want to go home and... curl up in a ball and maybe cry a little more.

Angela, there's still only a one-in-four chance...

Don't do the math.

We already got totally screwed by the math.

Well, then, I have no choice but to take up the piano.

(laughs) What are you talking about?

I always saw myself staring through microscopes with my kid.

If that's not possible because the baby is blind, then we'll play piano together.

Honey, wait a minute.

You should take up sculpture.

Very seriously.

(laughs) What are you talking about?

Because if you can't teach our kid how to paint, then sculpture is an excellent substitute, you know?

Maybe even better.

Honey, listen... there's only a 25% chance of blindness, so we...

(laughs softly)


You're clever.

What do you think we can handle?

You and I, together.

What do you think we can handle?



Anything at all.

Now, that's good math.

BOOTH: So, what do you think the chances are that me and my dad actually sat in these seats watching the game? Hmm.

Let's see.

60,000 seats.

(laughs quietly) Aren't you going to stop me?

Nah, I actually like watching you do the math, that's all.

(laughs) I'm just glad that the power's back on.

You know, these pills that I have to take, they look huge.

They're an extremely potent antiviral.

As long as you just don't skip any doses, you'll be fine.

Yeah. Unless I choke to death.

(grunts, sighs)

I can't get these things open.

How is your back?

It feels great since you, you know, magically fixed it.

Well, it wasn't magic.

Well, me and you, we both have different definitions on that word.

Right? That's true. You think that...

(laughs) microwave ovens are magic.

Mmm. Well... you know, wow, tell you what, cooking a baked potato in five minutes, that's magic.


(chuckles) Just, uh...

I'm just angry.

I'm angry.

Not at you.

(sighs) Okay.

I just need time, that's all.

I just need time to kind of... hang back and find that inner peace before I, you know, get back out there.

You know what we're talking about here, right?


You and me... you know, and... and love... happiness and life and fate.

I don't believe in fate.

But I know what we're talking about.

(sighs) I am improving.

Improving? Yes. I'm... quite strong.

Yeah, well, you've always been strong.

You know the difference between strength and imperviousness, right?

No, not if you're going to get all scientific on me.

(laughing): Well, uh... a substance that is impervious to damage doesn't need to be strong.


When you and I met, I was an impervious substance.

Now I am a strong substance.

I think I know what you mean.

A time could come when... you aren't angry anymore and...

I'm strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviousness.

Maybe then, we could try to be together.

I am going to write down a date and guess what that time is, all right?

I want you to do the same.

Why? Why? Because, when I was a kid, if I wanted something really, really bad, I'd write it down on a piece of paper and I'd burn it. It was like a spell.

It was bound that my wish would come true.

(laughing): Why?

Why? Because it... well, you know, you burn it and it was released into the universe.

(laughs) It's just smoke, Booth.

Particulates with no special powers.

Fine. Then, what do we have to lose? Go ahead.

Come on. Okay, how does this work?

Well, write down... what you think.

Don't look.

I'm not looking.

Okay. We'll burn it, okay?

On three. Ready?

One... Wait, we're going on three?

Let's just... On three or after three?

Bones, let's just burn it together, okay?


BOTH: One, two, three.


I think you were a little late on that one.

No. No, I think you humped the gun. Humped the gun?

You mean jumped the gun. Oh! Jumped the gun, you mean.

I think you were a little lagging... Don't freak out.

I'm not freaking out... I just don't want the house to burn down, that's all.

I think you were late coming in with it.

No, I put mine in exactly on the count of three.