Chas Finster: boy writing this cat yowler.

Kira Finster: Kimi?

Kimi: Do you know what today is, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Oh boy tommy angelica's right.

Lil: Poor Yowler.

Chuckie: hi tommy hi phil hi lil.

Phil: great the one time he's not scared.

Chuckie: You know phil i'm not always scared.

Tommy: come on chuckie you can do it.

Kimi: chuckie i almost forgot ask to tell you something today is our.

Tommy: that's great chuckie let's go get that nose.

Chuckie: how do i look?

Lil: very handsome.

Chuckie: hey kimi nice clouds in the sky.

Kimi: why are you wearing glasses over your glasses and how'd your nose get so hairy.

Chuckie: well you see.

Kimi: now you look like you chukie

Chuckie: i gotta go tie my shoe over there

Chuckie: it's no use guys i can't stop sneezing so i guess i'm just gonna have to leave forever.

Tommy: Chuckie you can't just leave forever.

Chuckie: just like yowler.

Chuckie: Play with Kimi you guys don't matter miss me too much.

Tommy: There goes our real baby.

Tommy: It's fun playing blocks with you, Kimi.

Kimi: (Mylan crying) Chuckie does it different, like this. Why doesn't Chuckie wanna play with me?

Lil: Spin, Phillip!

Kimi: He don't even know what their special day.

Kira Finster: Something's going on with Kimi and Chuckie. Maybe If I got them playing together.

(we cut to the next scene with popsicle sticks.)

Kira Finster: I can't wait to see what you two build together. What will it be? A spaceship?

Angelica: Ms. Chuckie's Mommy, Can I have a popsicle stick too with a popsicle still on it?

Kira Finster: Sure, Angelica. (she walks off.)

Kimi: So, Chuckie?

(Chuckie sneeze ???. Chuckie turning towardsto angelica, and sneezed her face.)

Angelica: Aaah! Yuck! I asked for a popsicle! Not a SNOTSICLE!!

(Angelica rubbing her nose miserably.)

Chuckie: Sorry. I got to go potty.

Chuckie: You got to stop follow me around Kimi. Sometimes a kid needs his piratecy!

Kimi: But Chuckie, you gotta stay still!

Chuckie: This is bad Tommy bad bad bad! I had the biggest sneeze in my whole life! I gotta tell Kimi the truth.

Tommy: Chuckie I've been trying to tell you look!

Chuckie: Here it is.

Kimi: Wow it shaped like a moose!

Chuckie: It is? I mean... I knew that.

Kimi: Oh, Chuckie!

Chas: Dandelion season already? Oh, I better give chuckie his allergy medicine.

Kira Finster: I love my new gold locket.

Chas: Gold lockets.