Teen Titans
The Beast Within
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October 30th, 2004
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Can I Keep Him?


(Opening shot: the full moon, shining between a few isolated clouds in the night sky. Tilt down to an ominous-looking installation of buildings protected by a chain-link fence; a "KEEP OUT" sign adorns the latter, and it is topped with barbed wire. The focus is initially on the structures, but it shifts to the fence after a moment as a clamor of animals starts up inside. Inside, the camera pans along a row of them in cages; this is a research facility, and stops to point down another aisle lined with them. A punch lands o.c, Beast Boy's yell is heard, and he slams up against a nearby computer. He bounces away and off the cages; pan to follow him across the laboratory to Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire. Sight gag: when he sits up, his eyes spin like slot-machine reels and stop to show the word "TILT". On the next line, he stands and pulls an X-ray screen in front of himself; two organs are highlighted as tears stream from his eyes.)

Beast Boy: I think my appendix and my spleen just switched places.

(The gag ends. Cut to a gigantic, muscular, male figure striding across the room. He wears red full-body armor with gray highlights, and a gray A is set in the breastplate. This is Adonis; when he speaks, he sounds like a California surfer dude. This is the one who laid out Beast Boy.)

Adonis: (cracks his knuckles) You wimps think you can take down Adonis? (holds out his hand and flicks his fingers toward himself) Bring it on. (Raven joins the others.)

Beast Boy: Dude, it is totally brunged!...branged!

Raven: Ooh, bad grammar. That oughta scare him. (Beast Boy's forehead vein throbs on this line.)

Robin: (rushing past) Titans! Go!

(He brings out his fighting staff as all five charge, then leaps toward the towering enemy with a yell. Adonis blocks his swing easily and knocks away Beast Boy in wolf form, but a three-way crossfire from Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire puts him off balance. Cut to a slow pan along the cages, the animals inside making enough racket to wake an entire neighborhood, then to Robin coming in for another hit. A brief tussle with Adonis ends when one armored hand closes around the staff and the other delivers a crashing jab that sends Robin all the way up to the ceiling. Tilt down as he tumbles to the floor, having lost the weapon; the two girls and Beast Boy, back in human form, regroup nearby.)

(Adonis raises the staff in both hands, then brings it down and bends it double as if it were a licorice stick. A beefy growl escapes his lips as he tosses the thing over his shoulder.)

Adonis: You're just making me more ripped!

(He promptly gets a few starbolts to the face and chest, and Starfire follows up by hoisting a cabinet to throw at him. Her perspective: she lets it fly with a yell. Close-up of one red-booted foot, which cracks the floor under the impact, then pull back. Adonis has dropped to his knees and caught the cabinet, balancing it on his back and groaning with effort.)

Adonis: No pain, no gain!

(He heaves the weight right back at Starfire, who catches it squarely in the face and is plowed backward. Now Raven moves in, extending her powers over the massive body to stop him cold; as he strains against the hold, she and Cyborg move in for the next go. Just then, Adonis wrenches himself free and the two Titans are flung backward in the black wash. In a heartbeat, he has her shoulders pinned to the floor.)

Raven: Let me go!

Adonis: (purring amorously) You're feisty.

(He gives her a leering smile, to which she responds by disappearing; behind him, two large pieces of equipment rise under her control and he looks up with sudden concern for the welfare of his skull. Down they come, just barely missing him due to a last-second jump, and Cyborg comes in an instant later to rain punches on the over-muscled villain. They move across the lab.)

Cyborg: Come on, big man! Show me what you got! (In his perspective.) Show me what you got!

(Adonis does so by seizing one bionic fist. Sparks fly from its chassis as he increases the pressure; back to Cyborg.)

Cyborg: (surprised) Well, okay, then.

(Tense pause, after which the camera cuts to another room in this place. Cyborg crashes in through the wall, having taken a haymaker from Adonis.)

Adonis: (flexes his armored pectorals) Nobody out-muscles Adonis!

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Oh, yeah? (Pan slightly to frame him nearby.) Well, my muscles may be small and ropy, but they're not...I mean...

(A roar drowns him out as the jumbo dude rushes with fists raised. Skidding across the floor to avoid the strike, he quickly becomes a bull and charges again. Adonis plants both hands on the horns, stopping him cold for a moment before slinging him into a table. Dust flies everywhere; through it, a new silhouette hurtles forth; the Titan, now a screaming monkey, who promptly gets smacked down again. He thuds heavily against a wall and drops behind a table; an instant later, he smashes through all this gear as a tiger and returns to the free-for-all. Another punch, another knockdown, and he plows into a pile of equipment that collapses over him.)

Adonis: What's the matter, wuss? Don't you know how to fight like a man?

(Extreme close-up of one narrowed, green human eye, visible through an opening in the collapsed junk.)

Beast Boy: I'm not a man...I'm an animal!

(Pull back. The debris goes flying as he stands up and charges, having become a roaring Sasquatch. One colossal leap carries him all the way up to the ceiling; his intended target, however, neatly sidesteps and the two go at it. Beast Boy soon gains the upper hand, catching Adonis dead on with a rhinoceros charge and driving him into a wall. The dazed brawler lifts his head wearily just in time to get a green ankylosaurus tail across it; once he has rolled to a stop, the dinosaur becomes a lion and dashes in once more. The two face off, Adonis getting a set of claw marks slashed across his chest, and the lion changes into a huge grizzly bear and backs him across the floor. The other four finally get themselves together, physically and otherwise, and stare dumbstruck as the ursine Titan goes crazy on Adonis. Pan to a couple of large storage tanks that sit in one corner. Starfire gasps.)

Robin: Beast Boy, careful! (Close-up of one tank; he continues o.c.) The chemicals!

(Beast Boy slams Adonis into the vessel wall, rupturing it and releasing a flood of glowing green liquid and vapor. The contents gush over both of them, but the crazed hero does not let up one bit; cut to Adonis' perspective as the long claws rake back and forth repeatedly. One final slash, and the view changes to show Adonis stumbling backward, his armor ruined and sparking from the merciless abuse he has just taken. The fireworks culminate with a mighty burst of electricity that shatters the front of Adonis' armor, drops him to his knees, and dumps him onto his face.)

(The wipeout reveals him to be a fellow of ordinary proportions, perhaps a little on the skinny side, and clad in a red jumpsuit. The armor is actually a mechanical suit that gives its user greatly increased physical strength, with hand/foot-operated actuators controlling the movements. He hits the floor in front of Beast Boy, who resumes human form. The hero's voice takes on a new, fierce edge we have never heard to date.)

Beast Boy: (in a different manner) Who's the tough guy now?

(He strides off, passing his four completely bewildered teammates.)

Robin: Um...good job.

Cyborg: Nice intensity.

Raven: Yeah. Have any good freak-outs lately? (Beast Boy gets in her face.)

Beast Boy: I just got sick of being pushed around.

(He wheels away, passing a cage that holds a growling wolf; it suddenly backs off with a frightened whimper as he goes. Without so much as a glance in its direction, he walks out of the lab and down a hall that runs past it. The other Titans' puzzlement at his violent mood swing is written all over their faces. Fade to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: the exterior of Titans Tower. It is now the following morning. Zoom in slowly and cut to a close-up of Beast Boy, fast asleep on his face; he groans a bit and flips onto his back. Suddenly, he snaps awake and sits up o.c.; a short meow floats back, and the camera shifts a bit; this is his hopelessly cluttered room, on whose floor he has been sleeping, and he is now a cat called a Devon Rex. Stretching this way and that, he resumes human form and limbers up some more before looking toward the ceiling. He has been sleeping on the floor.)

Beast Boy: Huh? (Pull back; he is eyeing his bunk beds.) Why is my bed way up there? Dude! I should sleep on the floor more often! I feel great! (sniffs the air) And something smells awesome!

(Overhead shot of the room; he races out the door, unusually energetic for someone who hates being interrupted during his beauty sleep. After he has gone, pan slightly back to the edge of the upper bunk, whose blanket slides away to reveal several fresh, deep gouges in the mattress. From here, cut to a close-up of a frying pan in Robin's hand; he is at the kitchen stove and cooking five eggs sunny side up. A flip launches them over his shoulder to land precisely on a plate set at the counter. There is a glass of orange juice next to it.)

(A timer by the stove rings, and he grins wickedly and whips over to it, now wearing red oven mitts emblazoned with his trademark R. Dipping briefly out of view, he comes up with a large ham fresh from the oven; this is slid over to stop next to the plate of eggs. The cooking done, he leaps to the counter, grins broadly, and pulls out a knife and fork. His breakfast is ready.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Ooooooh!

(This sound makes the Boy Wonder's eyes pop and a question mark appear by his head. Cut to behind him; the vegetarian Titan, believe it or not, is drooling profusely at the sight of this food. In seconds, he has downed all five eggs, consumed the entire ham, belched up its bone, and put a toothpick to work. Robin just stares bug-eyed.)

Robin: (speechless) Beast Boy... (An empty word balloon pops up.) ...that was...ham...and eggs!

(Each item appears as he names it, with a plus sign between them, and they are followed by an equals sign and the green face. A big red X flashes over the entire assembly, indicating just how wrong this event really is.)

Beast Boy: Sure was.

Robin: But you're a vegetarian.

Beast Boy: Not anymore, dude. (puts a toothpick in the corner of his mouth) Ever since I stood up to that loser Adonis, I feel like a new man; a real man. And real men don't eat tofu.

(He spits out the pick, drains the juice in one gulp, and pitches the glass over his shoulder.)

Beast Boy: It's almost noon. You should get some breakfast. (He tosses Robin a sidelong glance and walks out.)

Robin: That was my breakfast.

(He watches the black-and-magenta back advance into the hall, the door closing behind it. Cut to a close-up of a pull-up bar in the gym; Beast Boy's hands are clamped onto it, and he hauls himself up and down while counting.)

Beast Boy: Twenty-five... (Pull back a bit.) ...twenty-six...twenty-seven...twenty-eight...

(Pull back again. The bar is mounted on the far wall, near the weight benches. He stops and hangs from one arm with a weary sigh. Close-up of the five gripping fingers; they change shape, the other five reaching up in the new form, and he hoists himself up as a shrieking baboon. Cut to a screenful of static, which resolves into an advertisement for Ben's Bacon; little fried strips in the background, and thick-browed Ben smiles from the center. More static, then a scared, sweating little boy throwing his weight against a door to keep an evil shadow from oozing in. Static, then the A logo on Adonis' chest; a red sportscar pops up in front of it and revs its engine. Static, then the red-decked chef who has appeared in a couple of previous episodes. This clinches it; someone is watching television.)

(Static yet again, then cut to Beast Boy, in human form and stretched out on the couch in the operations center. He works the remote in a very bored fashion as Starfire comes up behind him. Crumpled soda cans litter the coffee table, on which he has put his feet up, and he has a fresh drink in hand. She grins broadly.)

Starfire: Friend!

(A picture of a grinning mushroom slides into view to fill the screen.)

Starfire: (voice over) My most favorite program of the television, World of Fungus, is about to begin.

(On the title, the happy growth slides away and is replaced by a picture of a foot whose big toenail is black with undesirable growths; a flashing red arrow points at it. As she finishes, she and the normal background slide in again.)

Starfire: Might we please watch?

Beast Boy: No.

Starfire: But you are merely flipping.

Beast Boy: I said no!

(He chugs the rest of his soda and belches loudly. Cut to her; he holds the empty can in view, shaking it back and forth.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Now be a good girl and get me another root beer.

Starfire: Hmph!

(She turns away indignantly and heads out, cutting the refrigerator a very wide berth and leaving him alone with the large window/screen. Dissolve to a close-up of a weight bench's barbell supports in the gym; the missing load is hefted up and down with the next line.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Fifty-one... (Pull back to frame him.) ...fifty-two... (He struggles to lift it again.) ...fifty-three...

(Extreme close-up of his eyes and sweating forehead. Suddenly the pupils narrow to points and the arms become thick and hairy. Outside the gym, in the hall, the barbell comes crashing out through it and the transformed Titan stands there; he has become a Sasquatch again. A bit of hard breathing is followed by a bellowing roar.)

(Dissolve to a close-up of the operations center's window/screen, now filled with the graphics of Cyborg's favorite GameStation race. Two cars zip along, white for him, green for Beast Boy; cut to the pair, hard at it. The green driver is back in human form and considerably frustrated, and the situation worsens when Cyborg rams him into the guardrail for an explosion.)

Beast Boy: Dude! No fair! You can't do that!

Cyborg: I can, I did, and baby, that's why I'm gonna win. (Beast Boy throws down his controller, smashing it.)

Beast Boy: (forms one hand into claws) That's what you think!

(He swings the edged fingernails around, scoring Cyborg's chest. Pull back slightly as the big man eyes the damage angrily. The mystery of those gouges on Beast Boy's mattress is now explained; he made them himself.)

Cyborg: Yo, man, chill! (Beast Boy stomps out.) It's just a stupid game!

(Cut to the gym and pan away from the weight equipment. A heavy bag takes a hearty pounding from the gray-gloved fists, and the rope holding it up creaks dramatically under the strain. One final punch whistles out, breaking the eyebolt that fixes the bag to the ceiling; it sails all the way to the back wall and bounces off. Close-up of the grimacing green face, teeth locked so tightly that they might shatter at any moment. He rushes toward the wall with a snarl, reaching the fallen bag as a large wolf and tearing into it as if it were a side of beef.)

(Dissolve to him, walking down the hall in human form and looking very out of sorts. Cut to Raven, also walking along and so far into the book she holds that she is not even looking ahead. Pull back to frame both, heading directly toward each other, and zoom in on them in two steps. In the last shot, he brushes past her and knocks the book from her hands. A small gasp from Raven, the volume hits the floor, and she picks it up. Beast Boy does not even break stride.)

Raven: Sorry. (Now Beast Boy stops.)

Beast Boy: You better be. Why don't you look where you're going?

Raven: On second thought, I'm not sorry, and you're a jerk.

(She takes her leave, but the angry young man is unable to let it rest and sets out. Cut to her, again walking and reading; this time, he puts himself squarely in her path to stop her.)

Beast Boy: You know, Raven, I've been a really nice guy for a really long time. I've put up with your insults and your attitude, and I've had it! (leans into her face) Consider this a warning. As of last night, Mr. Nice Guy has left the building.

Raven: Is this the part where I'm supposed to be intimidated?

Beast Boy: No. This is!

(He grows into a Sasquatch, throwing a genuine scare into her so that she backs away nervously. She warms up her powers as he raises his fists to strike.)

Robin: (from o.c., distant) Beast Boy!

(This stops him short; cut to the other three Titans at a short distance away. Cyborg has repaired the damage to his chest.)

Robin: Leave her alone!

Cyborg: What's gotten into you, man?

Starfire: You are behaving like a royal zarbnarf!

(He resumes human form; Raven winds down, and he stalks away as she fires the dirtiest possible look at his back. Cut to a letterbox view of the hall, Beast Boy approaching the other three, then back to fullscreen as he stops near them.)

Beast Boy: Look. This is who I am now. You guys don't like it? Tough!

Robin: Fine! If this is how you want to act, do it somewhere else! None of us are interested!

(Cut back and forth between the two boys, the camera panning slightly as open hostility burns in all four eyes. Pull back to frame both; Beast Boy makes as if to lunge, scaring Robin into a flinch, and voices a contemptuous little chuckle.)

Beast Boy: That's what I thought.

(Having said his piece, he clears out of the hall and leaves four very worried Titans in his wake. Cut to his room; various items are thrown around to smash against the walls.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Always making fun of me, (Cut to him, rummaging around.) and when I stand up for myself, everybody's on her side! (sweeps some stuff off a shelf) She's the jerk! Nobody pushes me around! (He hits the shelf hard enough to buckle it.) Nobody!

(Agonized yells escape him as he claps both hands to his forehead, caught in the grip of a seizure. He stumbles backward toward the bunk beds.)

Beast Boy: (falling to his knees) What's...happening?

(He tumbles the rest of the way down among the scattered items and rolls back and forth, trying futilely to find any relief from the spasms that are wracking his body. Cut to a long overhead shot of him; writhing, huddled, babbling madly, then to an extreme close-up of one eye. It pops wide open, the iris and pupil closing to a pinpoint, and the cries take on a new, savage tone as one boot bursts open to expose a broad, hairy foot. At the head end, the rest of the clothing starts to disintegrate as the body grows out of proportion; the gritted teeth become fangs in a snarling animal mouth. Cut to the exterior of the Tower, now under the full moon in a clear night sky, and pull back slowly to the sound of his insane, senseless animal gibbering within. This gives way to a single long howl; inside, pan along the empty hall and stop on a closed door. It opens, revealing Raven on the other side, her room, and she steps out as the noise dies away.)

Raven: Who's there?

(She approaches a corner, the camera panning slightly away to stop on another door. As she moves closer, soft growling can be heard from within.)

Raven: Beast Boy?

(Putting an ear to the door, she nearly gets her jaw broken when a large section of the sheet metal bulges out under his lunge. A gasp, more hits, and the door is smashed off its hinges. She moves cautiously to the threshold and gazes into Beast Boy's room, and out comes a hulking, hairy creature silhouette before which she backs away. Cut to an extreme close-up of its burning white eyes, the slavering mouth beneath them opening in a snarl, then to the terror-stricken Titan. Judging by her expression, she is at least three times as scared as she claimed not to be in "Fear Itself." Zoom in to an extreme close-up of her face, which is soon darkened by the advancing shadow, and fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: the exterior of the Tower. Raven's scream is heard from inside; cut to Robin, going full throttle.)

Robin: Raven!

(He meets up with Cyborg, coming out of Raven's room, and Starfire.)

Cyborg: She's not in her room.

Starfire: Beast Boy?

(All three head for those quarters. Cut to inside the broken-out door; the walls covered with fresh claw marks, as they arrive to look in. Slow pan across the room, which has been thoroughly trashed from floor to ceiling, and stop on the open window in the far corner. Beast Boy and Raven are both gone. Zoom in on this briefly, then cut back to the trio.)

Robin: What happened?

(He crosses the room; cut to outside, the camera positioned just below the sill, as all reach it. More scrapes lead away from here, marking the escape route, and the camera tilts down to follow them a short distance. From here, cut to a pan along the Jump City skyline Starfire flies into view and the T-Car and R-Cycle roll up.)

Robin: All right, team. We've got two Titans missing and no explanation. We need answers, so split up!

(Cyborg jumps his wheels over a hill and turns one way at the next corner, Robin does likewise to head the other way, and Starfire goes up for some high-altitude reconnaissance. On a high ledge, this new form is crouched under the full moon; it leaps across the street to the opposite rooftops, then bounds back and forth toward the fence at the end of an alley. Starfire continues her patrol, but gasps sharply and hits the brakes. She has found the fence, which has been scored deeply and partially broken through, and she pulls out her communicator.)

Starfire: I have spotted something. Something with claws.

Cyborg: (over comm) Steering to your coordinates. (Starfire starts flying again.)

Robin: Track it, Starfire. We'll be there as soon as we can.

(Cyborg's tires protest loudly as he takes a very sharp turn into an alley. Cut to a close-up of a wrought-iron fence, on which a piece of Raven's cloak is caught; he pulls it free for a better look and realizes that she came through here.)

Robin: (softly) Raven.

(A sudden whine from the revving engine, and he pops a wheelie and peels out. There is a brick wall at the end of the alley, but he jumps it easily and comes down in the passage on its other side. Cut to Cyborg, still driving the T-Car as if it were a World War II jeep, and pan to keep him in view as he turns into a side street. In the shadows between buildings, Beast Boy's inky shadow advances past a trash can, which is knocked over when the owner of said shadow leaps. Now Cyborg is flooring it through here; he smashes through trash and debris, paying no mind to the potential effects on his paint job, and crashes through a fence to re-enter the main drag.)

Cyborg: I lost sight of whatever that was.

(He taps a button on the dashboard, bringing up a three-dimensional bar graph on its screen. Zoom in on one bit of it to show a red dot on the move; this is a model of Jump City, and he is tracking a target.)

Cyborg: But I just got a lock on Raven. She's moving fast!

(Gas pedal meets floorboards, and he is off like a shot. A moment later, Cyborg and Robin skid to a stop near each other and are joined by Starfire. Cyborg gets out for a look around, but Raven is nowhere to be seen.)

Cyborg: She was here just a second ago!

Robin: (checks his comm and looks at a manhole) No. She was down there!

(Snap to black, which resolves to a circular patch of sky as the steel cover is pulled away. All three Titans peer over the edge.)

Robin: The signal's coming from underground!

(Cut to within this sewer tunnel. They drop in, the boys' boots splashing in the collected ooze while Starfire float above it to stay dry. Out come Cyborg's shoulder flashlight and forearm panel; the latter beeps and shows a moving dot on a computer grid, Raven on the run again. After a few steps, he pauses.)

Cyborg: Raven's stopped. And she's close by! Come on!

(They move out. Nothing happens for several yards; nothing keeps happening as they reach a junction and turn into it. After quite a few more yards, Cyborg stops and sweeps his flash around the area. The beeping has sped up greatly now. His perspective: the beam roves though the ooze and stops on the brooch Raven wears at her throat. It has been dropped on the concrete and shows the bird's head outline that it took on in "Nevermore." Robin picks it up; cut to the trio.)

Starfire: Oh, I wish to know that our friends are okay now, please.

Cyborg: Join the club. (checks the panel) I can't even find BB's signal.

Robin: It's not Beast Boy I'm worried about.

(A loud, feral growl from o.c. puts all three on edge in an instant. Pull back to a long shot as it echoes in the passages, of which there are many here.)

Cyborg: I can't locate the source!

Robin: Then split up!

(Cyborg and Starfire go down side tunnels while Robin chooses he dry concrete path. She floats above the sewage, using one green-glowing hand to light the way, and reaches a large chamber whose ceiling is supported by many columns. After she has passed o.c., the Beast Boy-thing's silhouette emerges from behind one of them and sets off in pursuit.)

(Cut to Robin, who has pulled out a small flashlight of his own and is aiming it ahead as he picks his way along. In an adjoining, muck-filled tunnel, a hatch is knocked out and he looks out from the opening. Nothing here, so he leaps in and immediately sinks to his chest in the filth before wading along. Next, we see Cyborg on patrol; nothing catches his eye for several moments, but he suddenly stops and puts the light on something draped across a patch of rock. Cut to his perspective, zooming in; it is Beast Boy's belt, then back to him.)

Cyborg: Beast Boy! (addresses his forearm comm) I think y'all better get over here.

Robin: On my way!

(Starfire hits overdrive, reaching this place just as Robin does; pan slightly to frame Cyborg.)

Cyborg: (holding up Beast Boy's belt) Look.

(Soft panting from the o.c. wild boy stops him short and makes all three stare; it is coming from around the bend in a nearby junction, and the creature bounds across a moment later. All three charge after Beast Boy, but when they reach the spot, he has already cleared out. Cyborg's light sweeps through the tunnel toward its end, briefly passing the massive form whose back it to us, and swings back to pick it out in full detail. In close-up, it turns to reveal itself as something of a cross between Beast Boy's Sasquatch and wolf forms, and it has the hood of Raven's cloak in its teeth. Tilt down to show the other missing Titan dangling unconscious within the garment.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Raven!

(Cut to the trio; Starfire gasps, and we then see all of the transformed Beast Boy. He is humanoid, standing at least ten feet tall, covered with green hair and far more muscles than he could ever hope to build up in the gym. Very gently, he lowers Raven to the ground and lets her hood out of his jaws.)

Robin: Attack!

(All charge. Cyborg lands the first punch, Robin follows it up with a flying kick, and Beast Boy is driven backwards a good distance. As both sluggers close in for another go, he snarls and hurls his gigantic form up at them. Robin gets swatted away and Cyborg finds himself going toe-to-toe with the crazed green monstrosity. They tumble across the floor; Beast Boy stands up just in time to see Robin dashing in. Instead of striking, though, the Boy Wonder peels off to one side, distracting Beast Boy long enough for Cyborg to get up and grapple again. This, in turn, gives Starfire a chance to fly across the chamber and look after Raven.)

(Cyborg, for once not the biggest dude in the fight, gets thrown down the way and crashes into the tunnel wall. Looking down that way for a moment to make sure the Titan is out cold, Beast Boy snarls and charges back toward the rest of the team. He is heading directly for Starfire and Raven, but Robin's flying kick plows him into a wall. Almost immediately, he bounces away to deliver a crushing counter-punch that dumps the leader into the river of sewage. Cyborg is across in an instant, tackling the gargantuan creature, but finds himself hoisted overhead and slammed to the floor. A savage roar, and Beast Boy turns his attention to the two girls.)

(As he gathers himself to pounce, Starfire rises to meet him and begins laying starbolts right into the wild face. Beast Boy runs here and there to avoid the fusillade, then gets all four feet off the ground and catches her in midair. As Robin gets to his feet, her yell rings in the chamber and the pair hit the floor nearby. She is raised high and brought down toward the deadly fangs; at the last moment; she swings her legs up and plants the soles of both boots right in his face. He is driven backward, letting her go.)

(A new roar of fury accompanies his next leap, which is met by Cyborg's sonic cannon, Starfire's eye beams, and Robin's discs. The triple strike sets off a massive explosion, with enough smoke to fill the tunnel from floor to ceiling. Beast Boy's snarls are heard through it for a moment, then stop abruptly; cut to the three Titans; moving closer as the air clears. Starfire gasps.)

Robin: No.

(Cut to just behind him and zoom in slowly. Beast Boy lies in the ooze, his clothes torn, badly dazed, back in human form. They have just realized what we knew since the end of Act One; that he became the horrid thing that has been trying to eat them alive. He sits up, rubbing his head.)

Beast Boy: Where am I?

(Coming the rest of the way around, he finds five normal eyes and one implant staring at him with a mixture of shock, horror, and pure anger.)

Beast Boy: Why's everybody looking at me like that?

(Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower and zoom in slowly. A heart monitor can be heard beeping inside; cut to the readouts on the wall of the infirmary and tilt down. Raven floats just above the bed; cloak gone, stretched out, stiff as a board, still completely out of it.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) She's alive, but she's in some kinda trance.

Robin: (from o.c.) She's healing herself.

(Pull back to frame these two and Starfire. Cyborg watches the monitors while the others are by the bed. Beast Boy is at the far end of the room, seated in a large chair.)

Beast Boy: And you're telling me...I did that to her? That's impossible!

Robin: We found you with her.

Beast Boy: No! I wouldn't! I mean, we had a fight, but I would never...

Starfire: She was in your teeth.

Beast Boy: That's a lie!

(Starfire is hurt. Fed up with rude attitude of young green boy, Robin crosses to him, as Beast Boy glares furiously at him.)

Robin: (menacingly) I'm going to ask you to keep your voice down.

(The green Titan glares up at him with open animosity and gets only a level gaze in return. Close-up of the right hand; the fingers ease forward to grip the end of the chair's arm, so hard that they begin to shake. Anger burns in his eyes for another moment, then subsides.)

Beast Boy: What's happening to me?

Cyborg: I'm picking up traces of recombinant DNA.

(Close-up of the screen in front of him, which shows Beast Boy's vital signs; it is connected to the chair he sits in. The display soon changes to show a couple of double-helix molecules next to his outline.)

Cyborg: It's not human.

Robin: The chemicals at the lab?

Cyborg: Because of the shape-shifting, his genetic code was always unstable. Maybe it's just...finally falling apart.

Beast Boy: (horrified) Raven...she's gonna be all right, isn't she? I mean... (Pull back to frame her.) ...she's not moving. (Back to him and Robin.) What have I done?

Robin: You need to tell me what happened.

Beast Boy: I told you, I don't remember, any of it. We had that argument, I went to my room, I was angry, and then nothing. Claws...a scream...nothing.

Robin: (moving closer around Beast Boy's side) Claws and a scream isn't nothing. What else?

Beast Boy: That's all.

Robin: No, it isn't. You have to focus.

Beast Boy: I am!

Robin: You have to remember!

Beast Boy: I'm trying!

Robin: Try harder! (Zoom in slowly.) If you can't tell me what happened, I have to assume the worst. (Beast Boy begins to sweat.) I have to put you in jail. You need to remember!

Beast Boy: I CAN'T!

(Pull back. The heart monitor starts doing double time as he groans and writhes in the chair; whatever set him off before is about to do so again. Cut to the wall monitors and pan to Cyborg and Starfire.)

Starfire: Beast Boy! (Robin puts out a hand.)

Robin: No!

Beast Boy: Get away from me!

Starfire: What is...?

(Before she can finish the question, the metamorphosis begins anew: outfit splitting apart over his rapidly swelling muscles, eyes squeezed shut, face becoming the unearthly visage that greeted the three rescuers in the sewer tunnel. With one final growth spurt, he explodes out of his clothing and the chair and snarls down at everyone. Starfire backs away with a sharp gasp; cut to the motionless Raven, then to the animal eyes. They go wide, and Beast Boy opens his mouth for a roar, filling the screen with its interior. Fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: Beast Boy rushes straight at Raven. Cyborg fires a line from a launcher hidden in one forearm, as he did while chasing the underground drilling worms in "Titan Rising." The line wraps around the monstrous body and snaps taut, stopping him in his tracks. He pulls mightily on the loops but cannot break them; the bionic Titan is holding his ground, but has to get his free arm into play in order to keep up the tension. Robin and Starfire charge in.)

Robin: Beast Boy! No!

(Somehow, the ensnared behemoth gets an arm free and knocks them the full length of the infirmary. They bounce off the wall and hit the floor, whereupon Cyborg is whipped away on the end of his own line and Beast Boy finally breaks loose. He turns back toward Raven.)

Robin: Bring him down!

(Roaring, Cyborg barrels across the floor, intending to snap Beast Boy's spine with one punch; the mad Titan jumps clear and comes down right on top of him, then flips to the far end. Not missing the chance, Starfire zooms in for a couple of strikes, but gets only air and a savage kick that sends her crashing through the infirmary door. He takes off again; cut to his perspective, approaching Raven's bed. Robin drops into view, holding his staff to block the path, he has procured a new once since the fight with Adonis. Pull back to frame both; Beast Boy is bulldozing Robin across the place, but the latter finds a purchase and stops him near the bed.)

Robin: Leave her alone!

(He forces the enemy away and comes out swinging to back Beast Boy up again. Not getting anywhere after several attempts, he forgoes the staff in favor of a smashing kick to the broad solar plexus that sends the one-ton monster skidding away.)

Robin: (pulling out a disc) Sleep tight.

(He scales it at Beast Boy, who tries to duck away only to have it explode on his back. This just makes him mad; he vents that anger in the form of a bone-rattling open-palm uppercut to the Boy Wonder's chin. If his feet had been glued to the floor, this blow would surely have broken his back. Beast Boy is first to come down, landing near Raven's bed just before Robin collapses semiconscious. After a moment's silent contemplation, he leans down close and opens his jaws wide near her throat, but a couple of starbolts drive him away from his target/meal. Cut to the hall outside; he crashes out through the wall, and the dust clears to show him half-buried in the rubble and Starfire floating inside. The deranged Titan straightens with a snarl, but instead of going after her or Raven, he charges down the hall. Starfire and the other two boys move out.)

Robin: (to Starfire) Guard Raven in case he comes back. (to Cyborg) Let's go.

(He and Cyborg set out, leaving her to look worriedly in at the comatose fifth teammate. Dissolve to a pan along the rooftops of Jump City; Beast Boy moves from one to the next with surprising grace, considering his size and brutality. As a building passes near the camera, the view changes to a profile close-up; a leap carries him to the street, and the camera pulls back as he howls at the moon. After a bit of sniffing, he starts off toward us but is abruptly cut off when the T-Car screeches to a stop in front. Out comes Cyborg to face him down. Long, tense silence.)

Cyborg: I know you're in there, B. (raises his cannon) Don't make me do it!

(He gets only a spate of growling as an answer. Cut to a slow pan across the glaring white eyes, then to the armed Titan, muzzle pointed right at the camera. The eyes soften, Cyborg lowers his cannon, and then the slitted stare re-establishes itself as another engine buzzes in. Pull back; Robin arrives on the R-Cycle, parking so as to block Beast Boy's retreat. The monster does not bother with him, but simply leaps onto the T-Car's roof and bounds off down the street. Robin peels out after him.)

(The chase moves swiftly down one of Jump City's major thoroughfares, and after several blocks Beast Boy hops straight up toward a high rooftop. Robin is brought up short by the traffic and can only watch as the gargantuan attacker scales the skyscraper. He does not sit idle for long, though; a wide, flat emitter pops out next to his handlebars and angles itself upward. Close-up of a small circular screen on the dashboard, which shows Beast Boy working his way to the top. A set of crosshairs centers itself on him, and "LOCKED" flashes beneath them.)

Robin: Sorry, Beast Boy.

(Overhead view of the facade. Two shots flash out from Robin's position; there is the glare of their explosion, and the camera cuts to the exterior of the Tower. Smoke and fire belch up from the blast zone, accompanied by an agonized, howling scream. As it dies away, cut to an extreme close-up of the right side of Raven's face; her eyelid begins to twitch and she snaps awake with a gasp, having come out of her healing trance. Dissolve to a longer shot and pull back briefly toward the ceiling, then cut to Starfire at bedside. She is eyeing a clipboard, the sort that is often hung at the foot of a patient's bed in a hospital, and gets a small shock when Raven sits up.)

Raven: (groans a bit) Beast Boy...

Starfire: (putting her hand on Raven's shoulder) Rest. You are safe. He can no longer harm you.

Raven: He didn't hurt me. He saved me.

Starfire: From what?

(Dissolve to a sewer, the camera pointing up at an open manhole. Beast Boy jumps down through this and races into the darkness of the tunnels; he does not get far, though, before a blinding light flicks on and stops him in his tracks. Pull back to frame Robin, then Cyborg, the latter using his shoulder flash to provide the illumination.)

Robin: (pulling out discs) Don't, move. (Beast Boy snarls some more.)

Cyborg: Just chill, man! It doesn't have to go down like this!

(His perspective: he raises his cannon and tracks the monster's movements. Pull back to frame both.)

Robin: (softly, to Cyborg) When I move, hit him with everything you've got.

(A second, identical creature circles behind Cyborg on the end of this, and Beast Boy roars and leaps.)

Robin: Now!

(The one behind Cyborg jumps, knocking out the light and leaving only Robin's eyes visible; these also snap out to the sound of a blow landing. When Cyborg gets his flash working again, we see that both have been knocked for a loop. More snarling from o.c.; cut to behind them, the beam picking out both inhuman brawlers as they struggle back and forth.)

Cyborg: There's two of these things?

(This, then, explains Raven's statement about being saved; the other beast was the one we saw at the very end of Act One, and it swiped her and exited, leaving Beast Boy to pursue. They grapple a bit more before one creature punches the other away and leaps after it; both go crashing through the walls into adjacent tunnels. The entire place shakes from the force of their combat, dumping most of the tunnel ceiling on Robin and Cyborg, who bail out. Now the charging animal gets its opponent by the throat and throws a punch that propels it far across the floor; it then launches into a leap that barely misses thanks to a last-second dodge. We shall call the charger One, the victim Two.)

(Two lunges in, only to get socked away, and the pair dive at each other for a moment before getting in each other's faces. One grins, while Two roars and tries a couple of swipes that leave a set of teeth buried in its forearm. The biting One throws its opposite number easily toward the open manhole; instead of going through, Two hits the concrete just off to one side and tumbles senseless to the tunnel floor. As it starts to get up, the growling One moves close and raises both fists for a final crushing strike; cut to the ceiling of the level below. It shakes from the impact, and Two is driven down through it to the floor here. One leaps down as well.)

(When the dust clears, it stands over the inert Two and brings the fists down time after time. Close-up of one limp arm, flopping up and down on the broken stone floor, then pull back to frame both for a long, quiet moment. One roars to the ceiling in victory, then moves off; close-up of Two's beaten face, zooming in slowly. Faint breathing reveals that its owner is still alive; pull back as the eyes suddenly pop wide open. The thing that beat the tar out of it is stalking away, unaware that it’s about to suffer an even harder beating at the claws of its angry counterpart, homing in from behind. One blow after another finds its mark, knocking One silly and propelling it through several support columns.)

(Before it can retaliate, the fierce Two has rolled into a tight ball and plowed bodily into it, then bounced off a far wall to deliver a series of high-speed blows. As the stricken One tumbles slowly toward the floor, its duplicate zips over, almost too fast to see, and brings one hand up for a vicious open-palm uppercut. The razor-edged blow does not miss, sending One even higher and giving Two plenty of time to drive it back down with a stomping kick. Two hits the floor a short distance away, and then reshapes itself into Beast Boy, his clothes in tatters. He moans weakly and collapses to his knees; pull back to frame the arm of the knocked-out One, who has also reverted to human form. Light plays over both of them as Robin and Cyborg enter this chamber. The latter puts out his flashlight, and both rush across the floor.)

Robin: Beast Boy!

(Robin and Cyborg rush to Beast Boy, who groans a bit, as does the other combatant; Robin walks to the combatant, scene cuts as in close-up, we find that it is none other than...)

Robin: Adonis.

(Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower, the camera angled downward toward the island shore, and zoom in on one patch. A second dissolve shows Beast Boy here, staring morosely over the bay; Raven comes up behind him, her cloak back in place. The next line proves that the green joker is fully back to his normal self.)

Beast Boy: So...he was the one who hurt you, right? Not me? (Close-up of her shoulder; she puts a hand to it.)

Raven: (from o.c.) He broke into the Tower to attack you... (Pull back to frame her.) ...and would up attacking me, too.

Beast Boy: (groaning disgustedly) I can't believe I ate meat. I acted like a jerk. I'm sorry.

Raven: You weren't yourself.

Beast Boy: Cyborg says the chemicals at the lab messed with my DNA, unleashed something...primal.

(This explains Adonis' transformation as well, since he too got a dose of the compounds.)

Raven: And he gave you an antidote. You're better now. (Close-up of Beast Boy, studying his reflection.)

Beast Boy: Yeah. But that thing, that beast, it came from inside me. And it's still there. I can feel it.

Raven: (from o.c.) Good.

(Pan to her image on the water; she sits down next to him.)

Raven: If it wasn't for that beast, I might not be here right now. Having that thing inside doesn't make you an animal. Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man.

Beast Boy: Hmm. (stands up) Maybe you should call me...Beast Man from now on.

(Sight gag: on the second half of this line, cut to a close-up of him and pull back. He stands on a string of large stone letters that spell out the name, and the sun shines brightly behind his head. The gag ends, and he grins broadly at the stolid Titan seated next to him.)

Raven: We're having a moment here. Don't ruin it.

(The grin disappears; he sits again, and the camera cuts to a long shot behind them.)

Beast Boy: Beast Dude?

(Raven groans irritatedly and wearily. Fade to black.)

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