Narrator: In the bonny blue highlands, where the bagpipes play, lives a creature called Nessie, but it wasn't always this way. Before her great loch had ever been seen, shy Nessie lived life on the moors of Glenkeane. She was rumored a monster, which wasn't quite right. For she was really a softie, with no bark, and no bite. And with a wee friend that she had, the kind loyal and true, they played hide and seek in a pond just for two. Until one gloomy, gray day, at a quarter past two, from some distant, dark land, came a tartan-clad crew. With no time to waste, and a toot and a bugle, no expenses were spared, for tycoon MacFroogle!
MacFroogle: This place is perfection, it's just what I need. With a few slight corrections, it will be heaven indeed.
Narrator: Her small protests fell on naught but deaf ears.
Golfer: Brilliant, sir, brilliant.
Narrator: Nessie's anger burned bright, her eyes flickered with tears. Then a friend scolded, and told her...
Bird: Keep a stiff upper lip. Don't cry, be a braveheart, chin up now, pip pip!
Narrator: Nessie gritted her teeth, and decided to pack her whole kit and kaboodle, and her dear friend, MacQuack.
Golfer: [offscreen] Fore!
Narrator: She set off to search for a new pond that could serve, a place with no golf clubs and no AstroTurf. But every pond was empty, every well was dry, every tough was spoke for, yet still she had to try. She traveled each road, and sought out every route. But instead of finding home, poor Ness got the boot. And the reward for her efforts, it was always this quip...
Rat: Only wee babies cry, chin up now, pip pip. [coughing]
Narrator: Nessie finally popped out. She'd reached the end of her rope. Where do you go, when there is no more hope? She stifled a whimper, and a lump in her throat. Chin up now, pip pip. She recited by rote. What begin as a trickle, soon turned to a shower. Nessie cried and she cried, she cried by the hour. She cried cups, and pitchers, and bottles, and buckets. She cried tubs and barrels, quintets and quintuplets. For days Nessie cried, nay, for weeks on it went. Till one day she sniffed, her tears finally spent. In surprise she looked up, at MacQuack there, afloat? Dunkin' and bobbin' in what looked like... A moat, nay, 'twas a lake! A great loch! Nessie gasped in delight. Sure 'twas the paradise, with no golf tee in sight! Nessie learned herself a lesson on that bright and happy day. And it bears worth repeatin', no matter what folks may say. Don't ever be afraid to cry, it really is okay. Sometimes it's through our tears, we find a better way. As for Nessie, and MacQuack, well, they're still there, I guess. Forever playing hide and seek, all along Loch Ness.
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