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Tarzan II
Disney's Tarzan - Theatrical Poster

Tarzan is a 1999 animated film.

marlin: listen Dory this can't be the job for killing Gary

Red: Gary is a big long glowing ugly scary slimy fishy wiggling freak

Chuck: wait a mintue if we leave our home and go to the shipping lanes

Bomb: But that place is so scary dude

Dory: Come on guys let's go

(Dory Marlin Nemo tank gang lincoln coral spike and other friends leave their home and sees the a huge scary looking place called the shipping lanes which it's a wreckage of a shipwreck full of sunken objects and destoryed cargo and the gang leads right to it)

Dory: This place looks scary

Nemo: come on guys let's go home

(The hermit crabs hiding a old rusty objects inside and shushes the gang)

Marlin: What was that

Nemo: Hey look there is a sunken shipping crate right next to it let's go guys

Dory: wait this is not good

(A eye of a mysterious shadow appears hiding inside the crate)

Red: oh no it's gonna happen to that

(Evil leafy apears to the gang and the other residents)

Evil leafy: hello everybody i'm here to destroyed our beautiful disgusting place

Red: oh no it's the beast

Dory: wait it's evil leafy and she's here

Dr. Trash can: yes go take these idiots down

Dory: everyone run away

Marlin: oh no get the guns out you guys

Evil leafy: sorry my little darlings and you are dead

Angel: everyone stop right now take down the monster

Chuck: get inside of the bushes

Tarzan: oh no evil leafy is destroying the city and I need my friends to help my peaceful area

evil leafy: dinner time

(Evil leafy eats Dory Marlin and nemo)

Evil leafy: there's my birds

(Evil leafy eats red chuck bomb and other bird friends)

Evil leafy: okay pac man are you going down

Pac man: no please

(Tarzan and his friends go help to other people in the city and takes down evil leafy)

Evil leafy: ow hey you loser stop it right now

Tarzan: yes the coast is clear ready for Roger

leafy: go get the idiot right now

Evil leafy: you stupid little ape guy I ruined your entrie life and the universe will be killed

(Tarzan gasps and runs away and evil leafy chases him and runs into a shipping crate inside of it and runs into a very long time in the wreckage and jumps out of the ship and into the forest and evil leafy bites through tarzan and evil leafy falls on the branches and tarzan has hiding out there)

evil leafy: Where are you tarzan come out out ever you are

(Tarzan lands on evil leafy and punches her and fights both at them and evil leafy has two power sources and drags on her in the ground and tarzan holds a gun to evil leafy)

Evil leafy: go ahead buddy be a man

Tarzan: i'm going to kill you

(Tarzan shoots evil leafy's hand and starting to glitch and his whole body is glitching herself and turns into a lot of forms and her last power source and turns into a giant red scary blob like creature and roars out loud and holds a knife and tarzan jumps into a cliff with a mass of vines and evil leafy chops right through it)

Evil leafy: you are so dead tarzan

David: oh no tarzan is in trouble I gonna to save him right now

(Evil leafy hands stay still on a ground and chops through vines and tarzan throws the vines at her and around her neck shaped like a noose and evil leafy attacks tarzan on the cliff and david throws a sword at him)

Tarzan: see a later jerk

(The sword stabs evil leafy's heart and the vine holds her and cuts through it and the vine around her neck and falling down to the cliff and screams in terror and dives down into the lake and the vine pull tights on her and choking her neck broking herself and losing her air and body and screams underwater and drowning and eletricfied and glitches and explodes out of the water and the vine come off her neck and landed on shore and her body gets so weak and her last words are completely gone)

Evil leafy: [coughs] no this can't be i'm going to die I will pay i promise

(Her last words are weakness and evil leafy coughs are breath out and dies and a lighting flashes to a shadow of evil leafy's dead corpse body and tarzan holds on to her and puts her on the ground into the city)

Dr. Trash can: oh no my creation what have a done noooooooooooooooooo

Tarzan: i did it i killed her

David: good job buddy you are a great hero

(The gang come to the city right to tarzan with evil leafy's dead body and the storm starting to rain down)

Nemo: thank you Tarzan you save the city

(Tarzan yells loudly the universe has been saved)