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(Everyone talks to each other in a group.)

Text: One day, trouble was brewing between Mario and his good friends. Each claimed to be the Super Star, the worthiest hero in all the land. Mario suggested having a party to decide, a time-honored tradition. Everyone agreed-- a proper party would surely reveal true Super Stardom.

Toad: What do you say, Toadette?

Toadette: I say this time we're going to find out what being a Super Star REALLY means!

Toad: You can trust us to be fair and impartial judges! Give us time to set up and we can get st--

???: Are you forgetting something?!

(Toad and Toadette jump up surprisingly and look at the mysterious figure in front of them. The next scene shows Bowser.)

Bowser: Maybe NONE of you are the Super Star! Maybe it's one of US instead! Right, troops?

(All the enemies nod their heads in agreement and start striking poses.)

Bowser: I brought an extra judge too! Hey, Kamek!

(Bowser snaps his fingers and Kamek arrives.)

Bowser: I want you to keep an eye on things too! You know, so it's all "fair" and "impartial."

Kamek: If you say so! But be careful what you wish for! Keeheehee!

(Kamek adjusts his glasses then flies over to Toad and Toadette.)

Toad: Well, at least Kamek will make setting up easy! This should only take a minute!

(Toad and Toadette are shown at a gate.)

Toadette: Is everybody else excited as much as I am?! I DOUBT IT!

(Toad, Toadette, and Kamek stretch out their bowties in unison.)

Kamek: Wait until you see what my genius has wrought.

Toad and Toadette present everyone the Party Plaza. They are all clapping.)

Toad: Let's party!

(Everyone cheers and Kamek flies over them.)


(Everyone talks to each other.)

Toad: Ahem! (Everyone looks at Toad.) I present to you our winner! The true Super Star, collector of all five gems...[name]!

(All cheering, as the screen shows the superstar.)

Bowser (clapping): Not bad, champ! You beat me to the punch. Gyahahaha! (Or Bowser Junior saying "That's right! My pops is better than everyone!" and laughs as well.)

Toadette: Praising the champion even though you lost? So noble of you!

Kamek: Very impressive! And to think, you owe it all to my party management skills!

Toad: Now that the true Super Star has been decided, everybody can get along!

(Bowser stops clapping.)

Bowser: That's right! At least, until the next party gets started! (Or Bowser Junior saying "Yeah! And at the next party, the Super Star's gonna be me!")

All: Auuuuuuugh!

Toad: What do you mean, NEXT party?!

(Everyone agrees to go. They then talk to each other again, and get ready to go. A superstar jumps out of Toad, Toadette, and Kamek. At first, they groan in disappointment, but then they cheer excitedly. Soon, fireworks start to burst in the sky.)

Text: And so the party came to a close. Looks like it'll be a while until another Super Star is crowned...