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Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Spooky Space Kook
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Shaggy Rogers: You sure nobody wants a sandwich? - I do.
❌ No, thanks.
❌ Not one of your jaw-stretcher specials.
❌ - Let's see, now, more bologna?
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Shaggy Rogers: And some more meat loaf?
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Shaggy Rogers: And a slug of double Dutch chocolate syrup.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Fred Jones: Oh, swell. We're out of gas.
Shaggy Rogers: Like, what a creepy place to run out of gas.
❌ What are we gonna do? There isn't a gas station for miles. Hey, look. There's a farmhouse. Maybe we can get some gas there. It's worth a try.
Come on. Like, nobody home.
Get off of my property! I'm sick of you reporters pestering me night and day! - Now, get!
We're not reporters. No. We just wanna buy some gasoline.
❌ Gas, huh? I don't believe you. Now, get on out of here, the lot of you! Excuse me, sir. But why would reporters wanna bother you?
They've been running me ragged ever since it showed up. "It"? What's "it"? A ghostly craft from another world moving across the sky like an evil spirit. Evil spirit? You mean, like a haunted flying saucer? Right. But that's not all. Something's been creeping around here ever since it showed up. Then it must have just crept by. Look over there. Footprints. Zoinks! I've never seen footprints like those before. I see them all the time.
❌ They sure are strange-shaped tracks. Let's us make tracks the other way. I'm with you. Hold it. They're gone.
Ghostly flying objects strange tracks that glow in the dark And something creepy creeping around in the night. He got me! He got me! He got me! Help! He got me! You big chicken, it was only a chicken. Get down. Those footprints weren't made by a chicken. It looks like we've found ourselves a mystery. Sure was nice of that farmer to give us some gas. Yeah, now we can go look for that ghost craft. Well, you don't have to look any further. There it is. Zoinks! What a creepy-looking crate. We're in luck. It landed behind that hill. Yeah, we're in luck. And, like, it's all bad.
❌ It looked like it landed somewhere around here. What is this place, anyway? Looks like it's an old abandoned airfield. Hasn't been used for years. I'm for abandoning it too. It's, like, got the creeps. Do you guys see what I see?
❌ It's those spooky glowing tracks again.
❌ Oh, no. It's our first clue. Let's follow them. Let's don't and say we did. But the gate's locked. How will we get in? Ghosts! You mean wind. The gate wasn't locked. Come on. Zoinks! What's that? I'll bet it's the outer space ghost. That's it. That's it. I'm staying right here. Me too. Okay, if you wanna stay here alone. Hey, wait for us! The tracks go into that old shed. Fine. Now we know, let's go. What's that funny noise? - Let's go inside. Hold it. Let's settle for a peek inside. What do you see? It's Scooby. How did he get in there? Hey, Scooby, I'm glad you're out. What did you see? - Nothing. You mean the shed is empty? - The window's too dirty to see through. Come on. Look at that. The tracks vanish right at the door. I see something. A generator. And it's still warm. I'll bet you that's what that humming sound was. But who would be running a generator on an abandoned airfield? I don't know. Zoinks! There's that sound again. It's the weirdo spaceship. And it looks like it's coming down close to here. What'll we do now? - Come on. Let's split up and see if we can find this mysterious ghost from space. Like, wow, we always find the scariest things. But there's no use being scared on an empty stomach. Have a peanut. Take two. They're small. Good. Well, okay, wise guy let's see you try that one again. Just try it. Scooby-Doo!
Shaggy: Zoinks! The ghost!
❌ Hold your breath and don't move a muscle. Pilot to copilot I got an idea. Release the life raft. Right. Well, it wasn't the easiest escape but we lost him.
I hope Shaggy and Scooby are having more luck.
Shall we look in here? It looks like a shop.
Go on in, Freddy.
Let's look around.
Let's get out of here.
It's all greasy.
Wait a minute.
That's a clue right there.
What do you mean?
This is fresh grease.
And these tools have all been used recently.
Hey, hold it! Freddy, what's happening?
How should I know?
Just get me down from here.
But how?
Look for a button or a lever that works the hoist.
What would the button look like, Freddy?
Velma, surely you can figure it out.
❌ Mechanics aren't my cup of tea, Freddy.
Well, find Shaggy and Scooby, then, and hurry.
I just hope we can find them.
I feel like a side of beef.
I wonder where Freddy and the girls are.
We got to warn them about Ghost Man.
Might as well look in here.
What's that?
Let's get out of here!
Velma, look.
Hey, wait a minute.
One of those ghosts has paws.
Oh, hi.
We were just looking for you two. We could see that as you ran past us.
You must have scared yourselves silly.
❌ Where's Freddy?
You might say Freddy got hung up.
Come on. We've got to hurry back and get him down. Lucky we got you down, Freddy. Like, you might have scared the ghost away. Never mind the jokes.
What about this thing you saw?
Yes, your description was pretty vague.
Well, you might say it looked exactly like that.
That's him!
Get lost!
In a case like this, Shag and Scoob did exactly the right thing.
Let's scram.
Hold it! Hit the binders! "Mess hall"?
Never heard of a special place to make a mess.
But it's my kind of place to hide.
❌ Come on.
Heck, Scooby, this isn't a mess hall.
It's a kitchen. And a kitchen means - food! - Food! And, man, am I starved. But even if we find something, it'll probably be stale and no good.
Oh, well, it won't do any harm to look, anyway.
Find anything, Scoob?
Hey, Scoob, did you find anything?
So you did find something.
Olive? One olive?
Oh, well, it's better than just a pit.
Hey, what's all this?
Ham and chicken bones?
Scooby, I think you've given us another good clue to this whole mystery.
❌ - Clue? - Yeah. Like, how come a ghost from space keeps chicken and ham around? - Right. Let's go tell the others. Zoinks! It's it again! Let's get! Find a place to hide.
Trying to make a clean getaway, huh, Scooby? - Yikes! - Yikes! Gangway! There's another hangar check that didn't give us a single new clue.
I wish I knew where Shaggy and Scooby were.
They're supposed to be helping us.
I wish I knew where that ghost was.
Let's keep going. Hold it. There's something in that barrel.
A newspaper.
But what makes those little dots glow?
That's the same kind of a glow as those strange footprints we saw.
Hold this like you were reading it, Freddy.
❌ How do you like that?
Glowing fingerprints.
❌ And look at the story that's been circled. "Mysterious ghost craft reported near abandoned air field." Here's something else.
❌ - That's yesterday's newspaper.
❌ - I don't get it. Why would a ghost from outer space be reading yesterday's newspaper?
I guess we gave that ghost the slip for now. We gotta sneak past Mr. Creepy and find Freddy and the girls. Come on. I said: Not me, him. That's our cue to skidoo. Quick, Scooby, put this key in a safe place. Right. Oh, no, another door. Old Frightening Face won't be able to open the door now. Oh, no. It opened the other way. Yikes! - Quick, Scoob, give me the key.
The key? You threw it out the window?
We gotta get that key and get out of here.
There it is.
Got it.
Now we can get out of here.


Velma: I'm getting worried. We haven't seen hide nor long hair of Shaggy or Scooby. I hope they didn't run into that ghost again.

Look at the side of that hangar. Whatever it is, there's two of them this time.

Don't just stand there. Let's get out of here. Hey, why are they running? - Look. They got scared of our shadows. That's not you or me, Scooby. Hey, wait for us! Hey, Shaggy, here we are! Boy, we're sure glad to see you guys.

What did you find out?

We still don't have any clues as to what that ghost craft is that's flying around in the air. Or Old Mr. Creepy who keeps popping up all over the place. Well, it seems to me that our ghost from outer space is using this airfield for something else besides haunting. What's the matter, Scoob? - Gasoline.

❌ - There's gas in the exhaust pipe? - In this old relic? - By golly, it's a clue, all right.
❌ - This motor's been running recently. But it couldn't possibly run. It's got four flat tires. Maybe that's what someone wants us to believe. Get a load of this.
❌ Like, an extra set of wheels. Instead of getting clearer, this mystery's getting cloudier all the time. Zoinks! A ghost jeep! Look, it's that goony ghost from outer space.
Jumping jellybeans!
There's a whole army of them.
Yeah, and I'm gonna show them a good old Army maneuver. Retreat! Quick, in here. Well, I'll be. Looks like we struck real pay dirt, Scoob. Look at that equipment. And I'll bet you that mike is hooked up to loudspeakers - on this crazy old airfield. Wow. We'd better get Freddy and the girls up here on the double.
❌ - What is that? - That has to be Scooby. They must've found something up in the tower. Let's go.
❌ - I hope we're not too late. Look.
❌ - Oh, no. Let's run for it. They got the message. Here comes Freddy and the girls. Look! Here comes Mr. Trouble too. Those chairs won't keep him out of here, Scooby. We'd better think of something else.
❌ - Parachute? - Parachute? Only as a last resort. A very last resort. The ghost! We're too late. That ghost has gotten to Shaggy and Scooby first.
❌ - Oh, no.
❌ - Don't jump! Geronimo! Well, we're glad we found you. What are you doing here, Mr. Farmer? I got worried about you when I saw your car parked by the gate.
❌ - That's when I called the sheriff.
❌ - I'm glad he did.
❌ It's high time we got to the bottom of these shenanigans.
❌ Sheriff, look.
❌ He's getting away. I think our glowing friend just made a bad mistake. Come on.
❌ - He ran in that door.
❌ - What is it? Wind tunnel. This ought to be good. Start it up, Freddy. Now take a look at our ghost from outer space.
❌ He was wearing rubber boots to make those strange tracks.
❌ Dipped in phosphorus, no doubt.
❌ You can, like, shut it off, Fred.
❌ He's had enough of being a space ghost.
❌ Well, I don't believe it.
❌ It's Henry Bascomb, my next-door neighbor.
❌ But what about those weird noises and the flying thing? Come on, I'll show you.
❌ It was a very clever plan.
❌ Here's our ghost craft.
❌ - Like, home movies.
❌ - But what about those odd voices? - It was just a speeded-up soundtrack.
❌ - Played over the loudspeaker.
❌ But we did see a whole bunch of those creepies over by the motor pool.
❌ Wanna bet they're all stuffed dummies? And you wanna bet that crazy jeep was run by remote control? The last remaining puzzle in my mind is, why? I can answer that.
❌ This Bascomb fellow got wind that the Air Force was planning to open the field again and would be needing more land for jets.
❌ So that's it.
❌ He wanted to scare us off so he could pick up the land cheap.
❌ And I'd have done it too, if you kids hadn't come along.
❌ Weren't you kids scared, like the rest of us? Oh, no.
❌ Solving mysteries is our hobby.
❌ It takes a lot to scare us.
❌ Yikes! Help! Help! Save me! They're back! Those creeps are back again! Help!
❌ Scooby-Doo!
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