(Steve opens the door)

Steve: Hi, come on in. (he goes to the snack table) Blue and I were just about to feed Blue’s turtle, Turquoise.

(Steve joins Blue at the snack table and Turquoise is in her tank about to eat some carrots. Then we get up real close her)

Kid: Hello.

(Turquoise gets scared and hides in her shell. Then we zoom out, and Steve and Blue didn't know where she went)

Steve: Where did Turquoise go?

Kid: Into her shell.

Steve: Oh. Into her shell. Why do you think she did that? Well, she went back in when we got up real close. Maybe she got shy.

(Blue agreed with him)

Steve: Turquoise? (Turquoise pops her head out a little bit) Are you feeling shy?

(Turquoise nods yes)

Steve: Well, you remember our friend, right? You met at Blue’s birthday party.

(Turquoise remembers and comes out of her shell)

Steve: See? I think she remembers you now.

(the doorbell rings and Turquoise goes back in her shell again)

Steve: That's the doorbell. I wonder who that could be.

(Steve goes to the front door and opens it and then his friend Miranda comes in)

Miranda: Hi, Steve.

Steve: Miranda! Come on in! (he brings her inside and brings her to the viewers, then the door closes) Let me introduce you to my friend. This is my friend. This is Miranda. Miranda lives with Magenta.

Miranda: Hi. It's nice to meet you. Wow. I’ve never really been in your house before.

Steve: Oh that's right. Well, come on in.

Miranda: Okay. Gosh it's so much bigger in here than it looks from the outside.

(Steve brings her to the thinking area, and Miranda looks at the Thinking Chair)

Miranda: Whoa, Steve. What a great chair.

Steve: Oh! Thanks.

Miranda: (giggles) You're welcome.

Steve: Uh, so where is Magenta?

Miranda: Oh. I was just about to go meet her, but I thought I’d come back over here and drop off that book I borrowed first.

Steve: Right.

Miranda: Yeah. It's in my bag somewhere. I’ll get it. (going through bag) Um, here's my scrunchy. Could you hold that?

(Miranda gives Steve the things she gets out her bag)

Miranda: Thanks. And… Whoa. My notebook.

Steve: Oh!

Miranda: (gives Steve a videotape) And here's this.

(Miranda gets the book with an anteater on it out)

Steve: Did you like it?

Miranda: Steve, I couldn't put it down. Anteaters…

Both: Are just so cool! Yeah!

(they both laugh)

Steve: Uh, anyway. Uh, these are yours.

(Steve gives Miranda back her stuff)

Miranda: Oh, yeah. We’d better just, switch.

Steve: Yeah, and this too. What is this?

Miranda: Oh! That's a videotape.

(Steve puts the book aside and Miranda shows the videotape with Magenta on it)

Miranda: This is a videotape I made. It's all about Magenta. It's all the places she likes to go, and all the things she likes to do.

Steve: That's so cool.

Miranda: Thanks.

Steve: You think maybe, we could uh, watch that sometime?

Miranda: Yeah, sure. I can go get Magenta right now and bring her back and, we can all watch it together.

Steve: That would be great!

Miranda: Okay, I’ll go get Magenta.

Steve: I’ll get the door.

(they both go back to the front door and Steve opens it)

Miranda: Bye, Steve. (to the viewers) It was nice meeting you.

Steve: We’ll see you later?

Miranda: Yeah. See ya.

(after Miranda leaves the door shuts and Steve comes up to the viewers)

Steve: Wow. A video all about Magenta. Sounds so cool. Doesn't it, Blue? (looks around for Blue) Blue?

(Steve go looks for Blue and comes to the thinking area)

Steve: Blue?

(Side Table sees her on her side hiding behind the Thinking Chair)

Side Table: Hey, Blue, what you doing?

(Blue goes behind the Thinking Chair to the other side, then Steve goes over to her)

Steve: Hey, Blue. Where are you doing back there?

(Blue barks softly to him. Then Steve looks at the viewers)

Steve: How do you think Blue is feeling? (listens to the viewers) Shy? (to Blue) Blue? Are you feeling shy?

(Blue barks yes to her softly)

Steve: Oh. Well, why are you feeling shy?

(Blue comes up to the screen and leaves paw print on the left side of the screen)

Steve: That's a great idea. We’ll play Blue's Clues to figure out why Blue is feeling shy.

We are gonna play Blue’s Clues

Cause that will really help Blue

Steve: So remember, Blue’s paw prints will on the clues: Blue’s Clues.

(the paw print comes to life and squeaks and waves hi to Steve)

Steve: Hi, Paw Print. Um… Hey, have you two met? Let me introduce you. Paw Print, this is my friend, this is the paw print.

(the paw print waves to the viewers)

Steve: Bye. We’ll see you later.

(the paw print leaves)

Steve: You know what we need to play Blue's Clues. Our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook, right. Come on.

(Steve goes to other side to Side Table who is worried about Blue)

Side Table: Is Blue okay?

Steve: Yeah. She's just feeling a little shy today.

Side Table: Sometimes I feel shy, too. Here's your notebook.

(Steve gets his notebook out)

Skye: Thanks.

(music begins)

Steve: To play Blue's Clues, we got to find a...

Kids: Paw print!

Steve: Oh, a paw print, right. And that's our first...

Kids: Clue!

Steve: A clue?

Kids: A clue!

Steve: Then we put it in our...

Kids: Notebook!


Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

We got to find another paw print,

That's the second clue

We put it in our notebook,

Cause they're whose clues?

Blue's Clues!

We got to find the last paw print,

That's the third clue

We put it in our notebook

Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

You know what to do

Sit down in our Thinking Chair

And think, think, think

Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time

We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: That we want to do! (does jazz hands) You know, I can tell I’m really gonna need your help today, trying to figure out why Blue is feeling shy. You will help, right? Great! So, let's go see if we can find some clues.

(Steve goes to the kitchen)


We are looking for Blue's clues

We are looking for Blue's clues

We are looking for Blue's clues

Wonder where they are

(Steve comes to the breakfast area and finds the newspaper on the doormat)

Steve: Oh, the news. (he picks it up and reads the news)

Kid: A clue! A clue!

Steve: (reading the news) Mama Bear’s running for mayor. Huh.

Kid: No, it's a clue!

Steve: Oh, you see a clue. Where?

Kid: A clue on the bag!

(Steve turns around and sees the clue on a shopping bag on the breakfast table)

Steve: Hey! We found our first clue! And it's on this bag. You know what we need. Our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right. A bag.

Steve drawing: First let's draw the open part of the bag like this. Then a rectangle for the front, and some lines for the side, some loops for handles, and we have, a bag.

Steve: So, trying to figure out why Blue is feeling shy. And our first clue is a bag. So why could Blue be feeling shy, with a bag? Maybe. Maybe we should find two more clues.

(Steve hears giggling, then he goes to the breakfast table window and sees Pail at the sand table outside, and Pail is with someone Steve doesn't know)

Steve: Hey, who’s that with Pail? Do you want to go meet Pail’s new friend? Yeah. Me too. Come on.

(Steve goes outside to the sand table)

Steve: Hey, Pail. Would you introduce us to your new friend?

Pail: Sure. Sifter, this is Steve. And this is my new friend, Sifter.

Steve: Nice to meet you.

Sifter: Nice to meet you.

(Steve wonders where Shovel is)

Steve: Where's Shovel?

Pail: He’s behind that bush, he won't come out.

Steve: Oh.

Pail: We need some rocks. I’ll be back.

(after Pail leaves, Steve tells Sifter one moment, and tells him he'll be right back. Then he goes to see Shovel hiding behind the bush)

Steve: Hey, Shovel. What are you doing back here all by yourself?

Shovel: I want to play with Pail and Sifter, but I’m feeling too shy.

Steve: Oh. Well maybe we can find a way for you not to feel so shy.

Shovel: Um, okay. But, how?

Steve: We can practice with these. (he picks two little people to help practice) Okay. Pretend this is Sifter, and pretend this is you. Now you uh, you could hide behind this bush (he pretends his shoe is a bush) and watch Sifter play, or you could introduce yourself to Sifter, like this. Hi, I’m Shovel. Hey, I’m Sifter. So, what do you think Shovel should do? Hide or introduce himself?

Kid: Introduce himself.

Steve: Yeah, introduce himself. Shovel, we think you should introduce yourself to Sifter.

Shovel: I’ll try it.

(Shovel goes to the sand table)

Shovel: Hi. I’d like to introduce myself. I'm Shovel.

Sifter: Hi. I'm Sifter. Nice to meet you.

(Shovel didn't know what to do next, so he goes back to Steve)

Shovel: Steve! I introduced myself to Sifter, but now what do I do?

Steve: Well, I, I don't know. Umm, let's practice again. Here, this time you be Shovel.

Shovel: Okay.

(Steve gives him the other person)

Steve: So, you could, play separately, like this, La, la, la, la, la, la.

Shovel: La, la, la, la, la, la. What else could I do?

Steve: Uh, or, or you could try to find you have in common. You know, like a game, you both like to play?

Shovel: Um, what games do you like to play?

Steve: Well, I like to draw, and I like blocks.

Shovel: Oh! I like blocks, too! Let's play that!

Steve: So, what should Shovel do? Play separately or try to find a game they both like?

Kid: Find a game they both like.

Steve: Yeah. Shovel, why don't you try to find a game you both like?

Shovel: Um, okay.

(Shovel goes back to Sifter to ask what he likes)

Shovel: What games do you like to play, Sifter?

Sifter: Games? I love games. Let me show you. (Sifter gets a ball and a jump rope) I like jumping rope, sand and playing ball.

Shovel: Hey, I like playing with sand, too! That's something we both like! Let's play that!

Sifter: Okay.

Steve: Hey, it looks like they found something, they both like to do.

Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, MAIL TIME!

Steve: Ooh. (puts the two people down) The mail’s here. Let's go.

(Steve goes inside)


Here's the mail, it never fails.

It makes me want to wag my tail,

When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”

(Mailbox comes in and Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Mailbox: Mail’s here, mail’s here. Hey, Steve. I heard that Blue’s feeling a little shy today. She's never shy with me.

Steve: Oh. Well, that's because she's known for a long time, Mailbox. She was shy when she first met you. Remember?

Mailbox: Oh, yeah! Here's your letter.

(Mailbox opens and Steve gets his letter out)

Steve: Thanks. (Mailbox leaves) We just got a letter.

We just got a letter

We just got a letter

We just got a letter

Wonder who it's from?

Steve: It's a letter from our friends.

Jharell: Hi, Steve. This is my first day of camp and I'm feeling a little shy today.

(Jharell joins with the other kids and their counselor at the table)

Abigail: Hi. My names Abigail. My favorite color is pink

Akalia: My name is Akalia. My favorite color is red.

Michael: Hi, my name is Michael, and favorite color is blue.

Jharell: Hi. My favorite color is blue, too. I'm Jharell.

Michael: Nice to meet you.

Jharell: Hey I don't feel so shy anymore.

Children: Bye, Steve!

Steve: Bye! (puts letter away) Come on.

(Steve gets up and goes to the front door)

Kid: A clue!

Steve: Oh, yeah. I know. Miranda’s gonna be here soon.

Kid: No! A clue!

(Steve sees the second clue on a footprint on the door mat)

Steve: Oh! (he goes over to it) Oh. There's a clue, right here. Our second clue is this footprint. You know what we need. Our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right.

(Steve gets ready to draw a footprint in the notebook)

Steve drawing: We start with a curvy line around for the front of the footprint, and then a curved line and a straight line for the heel. There, a footprint.

Steve: So, our first clue, is a bag. And now our second clue, is a footprint. So why could Blue be feeling shy with a bag, and a footprint? It could be that. Yeah. But maybe we should find, our last Blue’s Clue just to be sure. Come on.

(Steve gets up and goes to the snack table)

Voice: Blue? Steve?

Steve: Who’s calling us?

(Blue skidoos into a picture of her school)

Steve: Hey. Blue just skidooed, into that picture of her school. Let's go too.

Blue skidoo, we can, too

(Steve skidoos to her school. Then they find their friend Duck outside the classroom)

Duck: tape It was me. I called you.

Steve: Well, what's the matter? Why are you standing out here?

Duck: It's my first day and, I don't know anybody.

Steve: Oh.

(Steve kneels down)

Duck: I wanna go in there, but I'm too shy. What should I do?

Steve: What should Duck do?

(Duck thinks about two possibilities)

Steve: He could stay out here in the hall, or he could go inside and play with something he likes. Well, what do you think Duck should do?

Kid: Go inside!

Steve: Go inside, great choice! Duck, we think you should go inside, at least that way you'll be able to play something you like and you won't be out here all alone.

Duck: Okay.

(Duck goes in the classroom)

Duck: Finger paints!

(Duck goes to the finger painting table and finger paints. Then a purple kangaroo joins him)

Purple Kangaroo: Can I paint with you?

Duck: Okay.

Purple Kangaroo: Finger paints, are my favorite!

Duck: Mine too!

Steve: Hey, it looks like Duck found a new friend.

Voice: Hey, Steve!

(Steve and Blue go into the classroom and they find their friend Orange Kitten hiding and watching Green Kitten and Giraffe play)

Steve: Hey, Orange. Is everything okay?

Orange Kitten: Steve, everyone is playing dress up. I want to play too, but I feel shy.

Steve: Well, what should Orange do if she wants to play with them?

(Orange thinks of two possibilities)

Steve: Should she ask if she can play and see what happens, or should she sit and wait for them to ask her?

Kid: Ask to play!

Steve: Ask to play! Hey, Orange, why don't you ask, and see if you can play? You'll never know unless you ask.

Orange Kitten: Um, okay.

(Orange Kitten goes over to ask Green Kitten and Giraffe)

Orange Kitten: Um, excuse me. Can I play dress up with you?

Green Kitten: Sure. We're playing Restaurant. Do you wanna be the customer?

(Green Kitten puts a top hat on Orange)

Orange Kitten: Okay. Thanks, Steve.

Man: Everyone clean up. It's time for Show and Tell.

(Steve and Blue follow everyone to the circle, but then they notice a green kangaroo isn't joining them. So they go over to see him)

Steve: What's the matter? You, you don't want to, show something for Show and Tell?

Green Kangaroo: I really want to tell everyone about my pet rock, but when I stand up in front of everyone, I get nervous and I don't know what to say.

Steve: Well, what should Green Kangaroo do so he won't be so nervous?

(Green Kangaroo thinks of two possibilities)

Steve: Should he practice what he's going to say with us, or should he not take his turn today?

Kid: Practice.

Steve: Practice! Great choice! Um why don't you practice it with us, first, and that way you'll know what you're gonna say?

Green Kangaroo: Okay. But umm, how do I start?

Steve: Well, what's special about your rock?

Green Kangaroo: Well um, I found this rock in my backyard, and I put eyes and a mouth on it, and now it's my pet rock.

Steve: See? See that was great! Just do it like you practiced with us.

Green Kangaroo: Um, okay.

(Green Kangaroo joins with everyone else)

Man: Hi, Green Kangaroo. Do you want to share something today?

Green Kangaroo: Yes. I want to share my pet rock. Um, I found this rock in my backyard, and I put eyes and mouth on it, and now it's my pet rock.

Steve: Wow. This practicing really worked. See, he doesn't seem so nervous anymore. You know, we have to get back. Cause Miranda’s gonna be coming over soon with that video. (Blue leaves) And we still have to find our last clue, to figure out why Blue’s feeling so shy. Come on.

(Steve gets up, and then Blue skidoos back. Steve then skidoos back to the living room)

Kid: A clue!

Steve: (comes up to the viewers) What? You're feeling shy now, too?

Kid: Behind you.

Steve: But, it's just me, Steve. (does jazz hands)

Kid: No, a clue, right there!

Steve: Oh! Oh, you see a clue!

(Steve sees the clue on a videotape on the snack table, then he goes over to it)

Steve: Oh! This videotape is our third clue. We'd better write it down, in our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook, right. Okay.

(Steve gets ready to draw the videotape in the notebook)

Steve drawing: First we draw a rectangle, then a line across, and a smaller rectangle inside, and a line that curves around like this, and another one. There, a videotape.

Steve: Hey, we have all three clues. You know what that means, we're ready to sit in our…

Kid: Thinking Chair!

Steve: Thinking Chair! Let's go.

(Steve goes to the Thinking Chair and sits in it)

Steve: Okay. Now that we're in our Thinking Chair, let's think. You will help, right? Great. So, we're trying to figure out why Blue is feeling shy. And our clues are: a bag, a footprint, and a videotape. So, this footprint must've been made, by a person. Right. But what about the bag and the videotape? Hey, wasn't there a person here today, who had a bag and a videotape? Who was that?

Kid: Miranda!

Steve: Miranda! I think that's it! Because Miranda’s a person, she has a bag and she brought us a videotape! (Blue hides behind the Thinking Chair) And that's when Blue, went behind the Thinking Chair. So, Blue must be feeling shy about Miranda. We just figured out Blue’s Clues!

We just figured out Blue's Clues

We just figured out Blue's Clues

We just figured out Blue's Clues

Cause we're really smart!

(as the song ends softy, Steve goes over to see Blue who is still hiding behind the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Blue, are you feeling shy, because Miranda’s coming back?

(Blue barks yes to him softly. Then Shovel comes in)

Shovel: Hi, Blue. Maybe you can find something that you have in common with Miranda.

Steve: That's a great idea! Remember, how finding something common helped Shovel with Sifter?

(Duck comes in)

Duck: Hi, everyone.

Steve: Hi, Duck. Remember how we helped him find a new friend on his first day of school?

Shovel: Hey, Duck, let me introduce you to my friend Sifter.

(as Shovel and Duck leave, the doorbell rings and Blue gets more shy)

Steve: Okay that's, that’s Miranda. Don't worry, Blue. We'll find something you two have in common.

(Blue barks questionably. Then Steve goes to the front door, and opens it then Miranda comes in)

Miranda: Hi, Steve. I just came back to show you the tape.

(then Blue comes in and hides behind Steve’s legs)

Miranda: Oh, there you are, Blue.

(Steve decides to tell Miranda what's going on with Blue)

Steve: Blue’s feeling a little bit shy today. We were trying to find something you two have in common. Can you think of anything or anyone?

(Magenta comes in and the door closes)

Kid: Magenta, Magenta!

Miranda: Magenta! That's brilliant!

Steve: Yeah! Blue and Miranda, have Magenta in common!

Miranda: Yeah, Blue. Both you and I are friends with Magenta.

(Miranda kneels down and shows Blue the videotape)

Miranda: Hey, Blue, do you want to watch the tape with us? They are lots of great shots with you and Magenta on it.

(Blue thinks, and then she says yes excitedly)

Miranda: Great!

(Miranda and the dogs leave, and then Steve kneels down to the viewers)

Steve: Hey, looks like Blue, is feeling a little better. Come on.

(Steve joins everyone in the living room at the couch in front of the TV. Then Steve presses play and the video begins. The first shot is Miranda and Magenta at the beach)

Steve: Ooh! Blue look. That's, Magenta and Miranda at the beach.

(the video changes to the shot of Magenta outside the front door at Blue’s birthday party)

Miranda: Yup. And that's right before Magenta went to Blue’s birthday.

(the video changes to the shot of Blue and Magenta at the Big Costume Party along with Slippery and Boo)

Steve: Oh, oh, look. It's the Big Costume Party. You know I was a space alien.

Miranda: You know, I heard about that.

(then it changes to the shot of Blue and Magenta at the Pool Party)

Miranda: Oh hey, hey Blue, isn't that your pool party?

(Blue barks yes. Then it changes to Magenta waving as the video ends. Then everyone claps)

Steve: That, that was great! Thanks for the video, Katie.

Miranda: You're welcome. Hey Blue do you want to watch it again?

(Blue barks yes. Then Steve gets up and goes to the thinking area for So Long)

Steve: Thanks so much for coming over today.

Now It's time for So Long

But, we'll sing just one more song

Thanks for doing your part

You sure are smart

You know, with me and you

And my dog, Blue

We can do anything

Steve: That we want to do! Bye bye. See you later. (to Blue) Wasn’t that a cool video?

(then the viewers go out the door)


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