Ben 10: Omniverse: Season: 3 Episode: 1

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Special Delivery (Ben 10: Omniverse) Showdown: Part 2

Setting: Galvan Museum Hall of Predators

Y-it:(tours the museum with three other Galvans including Fergi) Welcome, children, to the Galvan Museum Hall of Predators. Despite our diminutive size, we Galvans have used our innate intellect to outwit and defeat every existing predator in the galaxy, except one. Behold, Omnivoracious.

Fergi and the other two Galvans: Ooh! Ahh!

Y-it: These bones are all that remain of what was once the swiftest, fiercest, most cunning and determined. (shows a hologram of the Omnivoracious' extinction) Indeed, the Galvan race might never have survived, but for a freak asteroid collision, and a fluke of extreme climate change that wiped out the Omnivoracious millions of years. (walks to a different location) Now if you'll follow me into the Azmuth Pavilion of Astounding Galvan Brillance.

(Fergi and the other two Galvans follow Y-it)

Dr. Psychobos: "Astounding Galvan brillance"? More like persistently persuasive dumb luck.

(Khyber extracts DNA from the Omnivoracious fossil)

Dr. Psychobos: But then again, I have always asserted that the Galvans are far more lucky than s-smart.

Khyber: (bends down) That luck is about to run out. (puts the DNA in the Nemetrix)

(Two Galvanic Mechamorph found the Faction)

Mechamorph Guard #1: You there! Step away from the fossils!

Malware: (Grabs the two guards and absorbs all of their energy) Soon the entire Galvan race will wish they had perished along with their former predators.

Setting: Undertown

(Ben and Rook ride in the Proto-TRUK)

Ben: (Ben sighing) This patrol is a real yawn fest.

Rook: There are festivals for yawning?

Ben: It means "I'm bored." (presses buttons causing the Proto-TRUK to blink its headlights, activate its wipers, and honk its horn)

Rook: Would you please stop that?

Ben: (presses a button that causes Rook's seat to lean forward) Can't help it. (presses another button that causes Rook's seat to lean back to normal) When I'm bored, I fiddle. (presses a button to change the Proto-TRUK into its spaceship form and then another one to turn back into its truck form; he then presses a button that boosts its engine making it go really fast)

Rook: It is a wonder you have not destroyed the Omnitrix with your fiddling. (steps on the brake making them hit the windshield)

Ben: Actually, I have. More than once.

Rook: Perhaps we could pass the time more constructively with conversation. We have been partners for a while now, yet we barely know the first thing about one another.

Ben: What do you want to know: favorite color, favorite food, hobbies?

Rook: Green, chili fries, collecting something called, "Sumo Slammers". All obvious within minutes of meeting you.

Ben: (talks with a sigh voice) Right. (talks normally) You want more personal stuff: worst fear, first crush, distinctive body marks. (closes his eyes and rest)

Rook: Peacocks; Patty Berkenfeld, third grade; scar on your lower back in the shape of something called, "New Jersey".

Ben: (opened his eyes as soon as Rook started talking) What?!

Rook: I read your file.

Ben: Those Plumber background checks are thorough: as in T.M.I. thorough.

Rook: I did notice one omission in your files that piqued my curiosity.

Ben: (closes his eyes) Ask me anything, I'm an open book.

Rook: Tell me about Feedback.

Ben: (opens his eyes in shock and then shrugs) That book's closed.

Rook: By all indications, Feedback was your most used alien form for a long stretch of time in your early career. Then suddenly and without explanation, your use abruptly ceased for good. Curious, no?

Ben: No, and I don't want to talk about it. And I didn't use him that much.

Setting: A desert five years ago

(The Rust Bucket and the police chase after the violet offenders; one of the offenders try to slow them down by shooting a laser gun at them and the other one boosts up the engine)

Setting: In the Rust Bucket

(Ben gasps runs to the door)

Max: We could really use XLR8 for this one, Ben.

Ben: Way ahead of you, grandpa. It's hero time! (slams the Omnitrix, turns into Feedback, and opens the door)

Gwen: How are you suppose to catch turbocharged getaway car with a living extension cord doofus?

Ben: Doesn't matter how, just as long as I look good doing it.

(Ben exits the vehicle, runs on the electric wires on the power cords, and shoots electricity from his fingers)

Setting: Bellwood

(a building is seen on fire as the Rust Bucket approaches near the fire)

Ben (in human form): (exits the Rust Bucket) It's hero time! (slams the Omnitrix and changes into Feedback)

Gwen (in the Rust Bucket): Feedback absorbs electricity doofus. Heatblast absorbs fire. Why do you like Feedback so much anyway?

Ben: Um, because he's awesome and cool. But you wouldn't know anything about that, obviously dweeb.

Gwen (in the Rust Bucket) Pbht!

(Ben runs towards the fire)

Setting: Undertown present time

(Ben and Rook still ride in the Proto-TRUK; Ben stares at the window)

Rook: I would very much like to see this Feedback form of yours Ben. Why will you not show him to me? Need I need to remind you that partnership is based upon mutual trust, and keeping secrets is detrimental to that trust?

Ben: (sees Pakmar's truck on fire) Stop the car!

(Rook steps on the brake and backs up near the truck)

Ben: Trust me. (gets out of the Proto-TRUK and activates his Omnitrix) Come on, Waterhazard. (slams the Omnitrix and turns into Heatblast) You know, Omnitrix, Heatblast is as not-Waterhazard as possible. Just saying. (runs near the truck and absorbs the fire)

Pakmar (in the truck): (sees Ben as Heatblast) You there! Stop it! (sees the Omnitrix symbol) Ben Tennyson, NOOOO! (drives away from Ben)

Ben: Wait, I was trying to put a fire out! (lifts part of the ground, rides on it, and lands on Pakmar's truck) Ugh!

Pakmar: Go away! Leave Pakmar alone, or Pakmar will call Plumbers on you!

Ben: It's me, Ben Tennyson!

Pakmar: Pakmar knows Ben Tennyson! (spits) You ruin Pakmar's new business venture, again!

Rook: (drives behind Pakmar's truck to follow him and activates his amplifiers) Attention citizen, pull over your flaming vehicle, or I will be forced to disable it!

Pakmar: (speeds up his vehicle) No, not flaming vehicle, barbecue! Can't you read?!

Ben: Uh, Rook?

(Rook drives near Pakmar's truck and blasts one of tires apart causing the truck to fall)

Ben: Bad idea on all fronts!

(the truck falls into Spaceman's Wharf with Ben in it)

Ben: Bah! (coughs) What'd you do that for?!

Rook: (got out of his vehicle) I put out the fire, did I not?

Ben: Yeah, you also put out my fire! And the little guy is still trapped in his truck! (swims underwater, creates a hole in the truck, and grabs Pakmar)

Pakmar: AHH!

(Ben swims out of the water and walks to shore while holding Pakmar)

Pakmar: Uh! (coughs and struggles to free himself) Uh! Let go! Pakmar doesn't need your help!

(Ben turns back to his human form and drops Pakmar)

Pakmar: (falls onto the ground) Oh!

Ben: Now here's a guy with trust issues.

Setting: Galvan Museum Hall of Predators

(Derrick and Azmuth sees the dead mechamorph guards)

Y-it: I know you're a busy Galvan first thinker Azmuth. But given the evidence that "he" was here...

Azmuth: Much as I hate to say it, you were right to disturb me. Malware may yet be in the vincinity. Alert the guards and have them conduct a thorough search. (tries to scan something from his device) Curious.

(the alarm blares and the doors are blocked after Derrick left)

Azmuth: Malware.

Dr. Psychobos (high above in a protective area with Khyber): Wrong! You Galvans think you know everything. But I, Dr. Psychobos, am about to p-prove the undisputed superiority of the Cerebrocrustacean intellect.

(Khyber's Dog growls at Azmuth)

Dr. Psychobos: Note the mongrel's collar Azmuth. Does it look at all familiar? How many centuries did it take you to perfect your greatest invention, the Omnitrix? It took me mere weeks to improve upon that perfection, and I use that term loosely.

Azmuth: Eh not bad, for a cheap knockoff.

Dr. Psychobos: You Galvans have always boasted that you've managed to outlive all of your natural p-predators. Let's put that theory to a test, shall we?

(Khyber whistles and Khyber's Dog turns into Omnivoracious, squawks, and hunt down Azmuth while destroying some artifacts; Azmuth tries hiding in a small area, but Khyber's Dog finds Azmuth and keeps on scratching the hiding post)

Azmuth: Psychobos, stop this nonsense!

Dr. Psychobos: That's Doctor Psychobos, and your concede the superiority of the Cerebrocrustacean intellect?

Azmuth: I concede that I don't care Psychobos. I concede that proving which species is smarter is a colossal waste of time, energy, and resources. (tries to teleport out of the museum, but fails)

Dr. Psychobos: (giggles) You don't think I took precautions to prevent you from using that device to teleport out of here?

Azmuth: (starts his device) Did you think to prevent me from teleporting anyone in? (activates the device)

Setting: Spaceman's Wharf

(Ben as Humungousaur holds Pakmar's truck while Rook cleans it with a hose)

Pakmar: Ugh! Put Pakmar's truck down, before do anymore damage!

Ben: How could we possibly do anymore damage?

(Ben, Rook, and part of Pakmar's truck got teleported out of Undertown as the other part fell down from gravity)

Pakmar: (gets angry) UGHHHH!

Setting: Galvan Museum Hall of Predators

(Rook and Ben fall on Khyber's Dog)

Dr. Psychobos: Just like a Galvan to cheat!

Khyber: Perhaps you have been cheated. But I have just been handed an incredible stroke of good fortune, my ultimate prey, Ben Tennyson, is now trapped in this arena.

Dr. Psychobos: You will keep your focus on Azmuth!

Khyber: I am perfectly capable of, as the earthlings say, killing two birds with one stone. (whistles)

(Khyber's Dog squawks, drops Ben and Rook, transforms into Tyrannopede, and roars)

Ben: Azmuth?

Azmuth: I'll explain everything later.

Ben: You always say that, but you never do. (jumps under Khyber's Dog and slides on his stomach) Ugh! (runs towards a model of civilization and accidentally trips on it)

(Khyber's Dog tries running towards Ben, but bumps towards a sign instead and bites it)

Rook: (grabs Azmuth and stands up) You are Azmuth. I cannot believe I am in the presence of the greatest mind in the universe.

Dr. Psychobos: No he is not, and I am about to prove it! That is, if a certain partner, and I use the term loosely, would learn to cooperate.

(Khyber's Dog ate the sign, growls, and tries to find Ben)

Ben (in his human form): (hides behind one of Khyber's Dog's leg activates the Omnitrix, slams it, transforms into Ball Weevil, spits out goo, gathers the cluster with it, and tries to roll towards Khyber's Dog) Eat exploding gummy-ball thing!

(Khyber's Dog transforms into Terroranchula grabs the ball of goo, and swings it towards the wall)

Ben: Probably should have seen that coming.

(Khyber's Dog tries to attack Ben using his claw, but Ben avoids the attack; Khyber's Dog tries to attack Ben using two claws)

Ben: (dodges the attack) Guys, a little help! Oh! (runs away from Khyber's Dog)

(Khyber's Dog spits out a web, traps Ben, and walks towards him)

Ben: (transforms into his human form) Make that a lot of help!

Rook: Oh right. (bends down and let's go of Azmuth) I must stop the hunter who controls the Nemetrix with his whistling.

Azmuth: (finds a bone) Oh is that all? (picks up the bone) Cover me, I have a plan.

Rook: What about Ben?

Azmuth: Eh, (runs on the fossil and part of Pakmar's truck) the kid can handle himself. Mind if I burrow this? (touches the Proto-Tool)

Ben: (grunts) Oh, give me someone useful for a change! (slams the Omnitrix turns into Big Chill, phases out of the web, and breathes on Khyber's Dog to make him frozen)

Khyber: No shortage of predators to match my prey.

(Khyber's Dog transforms into Hypnotick, breaks herself free, flings Ben away, sprays some powder, and hypnotizes Ben; Azmuth is seen carving the bone using the Proto-Tool)

Rook: Perhaps we should intervene?

Azmuth: Relax.

(Ben smiles and gets closer to Khyber's Dog)

Rook: (bends down) I really think we ought to help Ben.

Azmuth: (finishes carving the bone into a whistle) Seriously, (grabs the whistle) you're going to argue with the greatest mind in three, possibly five galaxies?

Dr. Psychobos: Big deal! I am the greatest mind in the entire universe!

(Khyber's Dog grabs Ben with his tongue and tries to eat him; Rook grabs his Proto-Tool and Azmuth whistles on his whistle causing Khyber's Dog to change into her anubian baskurr form; Khyber's Dog growls and then Ben shakes his head after getting out of his hypnosis)

Khyber: He cheated. (whistles)

(Khyber's Dog changes back to Hypnotick and hypnotizes Ben again as Rook and Azmuth run towards the fight)

Azmuth: You two keep the mutt busy, (throws the whistle towards Rook) I have a plan.

(Rook stops running and whistles causing Khyber's Dog to change back into her Anubian Baskurr form and growl while Ben gets out of the hypnosis; Khyber whistles causing Khyber's Dog to change back to Hypnotick and hypnotize Ben; Rook whistles again causing Khyber's Dog to change back to her Anubian Baskurr form and Ben to stop becoming hypnotized Khyber's Dog; sees Azmuth hiding in the Omnivoracious skull)

Dr. Psychobos: Khyber, (shoots electricity towards Khyber) stop these foolish games and c-concentrate on Azmuth!

Khyber: (pushes Dr. Psychobos by the glass wall and growls) Never, do, that, again.

(Ben freezes Khyber's Dog's feet as Azmuth climbs on Khyber's Dog and tames her; Azmuth also touches the Nemetrix)

Dr. Psychobos: You dare defy (glows the symbol on his head purple) the greatest mind in the universe? (shoots purple electricity towards Khyber) Then I will force you to cooperate!

(Khyber whistles causing Khyber's Dog to transform into Omnivoracious and hold Azmuth with her mouth and while hanging his shirt)

Rook: Azmuth!

Azmuth: Throw me the whistle.

(Rook throws the whistle to Azmuth as he catches it and whistles on it; Khyber's Dog let's go of Azmuth and transforms into Vicetopus after Ben lands on his feet)

Azmuth: (backs towards Rook and Ben) Gentlemen, meet vicetopus, the natural predator of all cerebrocrustaceans. (blows on the whistle)

(Khyber's Dog reaches for the high above in the protective area)

Azmuth: As smart as you claim to be Psychobos, I'm sure you knew that already. But do you know how to defeat him?

(Dr. Psychobos backs away while Khyber's Dog breaks into the glass using her arm)

Khyber: Huh?

(Khyber's Dog grabs Dr. Psychobos)

Dr. Psychobos: Ugh! Khyber, help me! Whistle and call it off!

Khyber: I'm sure the greatest intellect in the universe can outwit his mindless natural predator.

(Khyber's Dog brings Dr. Psychobos out of the protective area)

Azmuth: Who's a good predator? You are. Yes you are.

(Ben checks on Khyber in the protective area, but doesn't see him and decides to fly back down)

Rook: So Dr. Psychobos is teamed up with Khyber.

Ben: (turns back to his human form) Not anymore. Looks like your partner ditched you.

Dr. Psychobos: I knew we never should have t-trusted him.

Ben: What do mean "we"?

Dr. Psychobos: Even with your human brain's limited c-capacity, surely you could piece it together that Khyber and I have been in league with.

Ben: (looks at the rubble) Malware.

Azmuth: I can't imagine how the three of you managed to get past the Galvan Planetary Defenses.

Rook: When last we encountered Malware, he said that you already lost without even knowing it.

(the cutscene shows flashbacks from Malefactor)

Rook: (talks while the flashback plays) I am part of Plumber Special Forces. All of our ships have Galvan security codes. He must have downloaded them from my on board computer core.

(the flashback stops and shows present time)

Ben: Where is Malware now?

Dr. Psychobos: And I should tell you why?

(Azmuth blows the whistle which causes Khyber's Dog to give a tighter grip on Dr. Psychobos)

Dr. Psychobos: Ugh!

Azmuth: Alright, that's enough boy. (blows the whistle)

(Khyber's Dog drops Dr. Psychobos and bend down)

Ben: We need to find Malware.

Azmuth: Slow down Ben, you don't want a repeat of what happened to Feedback.

Rook: And what exactly happened to Feedback?

Azmuth: You never told your partner?

Ben: (sighs) Feedback was my go-to alien. I don't know why I liked being him so much. He just felt different: better, like he was part of me.

Setting: In the junkyard somewhere on Earth five years ago

(dogs are barking from a distance)

Ben (as Feedback): (steals electricity from a car battery using his antennae and tail, charges a lightning ball, and throws the car battery high up) Pull! (shoots electricity at the battery, causing it to explode; Ben starts to repeat his actions with a different car battery, but the Omnitrix beeps and changes him back to his human form while the battery was in the air) Man.

(the battery lands on the ground; Ben walks to the Rust Bucket)

Setting: The Rust Bucket

Ben: (enters and finds Max, Gwen, and Azmuth sitting together) Azmuth, what are you doing here?

Max: We need to talk to you about Feedback. It's not healthy to grow too dependent on any one alien form.

Azmuth: If you keep overusing the Conductoid DNA, it will have a detrimental effect on your ability to control other forms.

Ben: What, so don't use Feedback anymore? Forget that! (storms out of the Rust Bucket)

Setting: In the woods

(Ben runs away from the Rust Bucket)

Gwen (in the Rust Bucket): (stops Ben) Ben, wait! (leaves the Rust Bucket and rushes near Ben)

Ben: You made them say that, didn't you, Gwen: 'cause you're jealous you can't turn into aliens like me?

Gwen: You honestly think Azmuth would listen to me or anyone else? You did this to yourself Ben.

Ben: I'm the one wearing the Omnitrix. I can turn into whichever alien I want, and no one can stop me!

Malware: I beg to differ. (blasts a powerful laser on the Rust Bucket, causing it to fall down sideways) I am here for Azmuth.

(Ben stands up while Gwen uses her mana to grab the Rust Bucket)

Ben: You picked the wrong hero to mess with again.

Gwen: So you pick the right hero Ben! Remember, the only time you ever beat him as Diamondhead! (tilts up the truck)

Ben: (activates the Omnitrix, slams it, and transforms into Feedback) Yeah!

Gwen: (tries to tilt the truck more) This is no time to try to make a point!

(Malware blasts another powerful laser)

Ben: (absorbs the laser) Relax Gwen, see? What goes around comes around!

Malware: (pushes Ben) Excellent suggestion! (Makes Ben release blue electricity towards the Rust Bucket)

Gwen: (takes in the mana) Come on Ben! (runs towards Ben) Turn into Diamondhead, quick, before Malware...

Malware: Destroys the Omnitrix! (grabs the Omnitrix symbol, causing Ben to glow parts of his Conductoid body red and then gets separated from Feedback while being in his human form) My my. Isn't this a surprising turn of events? (lets go of Ben) If I am not mistaken, this seems to be your favorite alien Ben Tennyson, correct? Not anymore. (destroys the Conductoid DNA throughly)

Ben: NO!

Malware: Though I am here for Azmuth, I wish to destroy him with his most precious creation, the Omnitrix. Now.

Ben: (activates the Omnitrix and reveals an opening) You want it so bad? (creates tears from his eyes) Here! (runs towards Malware) UGHHHH! (punches Malware and holds his left fist with the Omnitrix inside Malware too)

Malware: (glows from red stripes to green stripes) AAH! Yes, yes! The power of the Omnitrix flows through me. It is me. (starts to become unstable) No! It's overloading me! STOP!

Max: (brings Azmuth and himself out of the Rust Bucket) Ben, don't!

Ben: (sinks his arm deeper into Malware) UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Gwen, Max, and Azmuth are in shocked as they see Malware explode)

Setting: Galvan Museum Hall of Predators present time

Azmuth: Though we thought Malware was destroyed, as a fail-safe, the Omnitrix would never accept DNA from the Conductoid species again.

Ben: That's what happened to Feedback; and it was all my fault. Happy now?

Rook: I am sorry Ben. I did not realize.

Ben: Just forget it, alright? I wish I could. (closes his eyes and then goes in shock)

(smoke surrounds Ben, Rook, Azmuth, Khyber's Dog, and Dr. Psychobos; Rook sucks up the smoke with his Proto-Tool)

Ben: Malware?

(Dr. Psychobos is on the ground while Khyber's Dog is seen in her Anubian Baskurr form with the Nemetrix symbol taken away from the collar)

Rook: Khyber, and he took the Nemetrix.

Setting: Outside in the city

(three Galvan Soldiers, with one of them using a jetpack, takes Dr. Psychobos as custody and pushes him towards the cell)

Dr. Psychobos: Remove your inferior amphibian digits from my p-person! (walks in the cell) This is no way to treat your intellectual superior!

Galvan Soldier with the Galvan jetpack: (pushes Dr. Psychobos) Get in dummy!

Dr. Psychobos: (lands on his side) Ugh!

(the soldier with the jetpack puts plasma bars around Dr. Psychobos as him with the other two soldiers run off towards Khyber's Dog to help the other soldiers take custody of her as she snarls at them)

Ben: What do we do now? Khyber and Malware are still out there.

Azmuth: We may yet convince the mutt to sniff out his old master. (smiles)

Dr. Psychobos: Enjoy your delusions of superiority while they last Azmuth. Your entire species, and I used the term loosely, is about to become extinct!

[ End of Showdown: Part 1]