Danny Phantom: Season: 1 Episode: 10

[incomplete & unfixed/messed]

The episode opens showing Casper High. The camera pans slightly to the right. Cut to Danny pushing the doors open in a panic.
Danny Fenton Aaaaah!
Danny looks around before running to the left. Dash enters through the doors right behind him, holding a rolled up paper in his hand. He has an angered look on his face.
Dash Baxter Aaaaaaah!
Dash runs the same direction Danny went, chasing him. Cut to Danny running through the halls, out of breath.
Danny *huff* Moving *puff* Gotta keep moving (He looks behind him)
Dash That's it Fen-ton! Run! But I'm taking this D I got on our spelling test out of your hide!
Danny Every time he fails, he comes after me!