(The film opens with a huge U.S.A. flag as drums are heard in the background)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise for the Grouch Anthem?

Oscar: (appears from his trash can) No, no, no. With the Grouch Anthem, you stay sitting down. Down in front there! Now brace yourself, I'm gonna sing!

(Start of "The Grouch Anthem")

Oscar: (singing) Grouches of the world unite! Stand up for your grouchily rights! Don't let the sunshine spoil the rain, just stand up and complain! Let this be the grouches' cause: Point out everybody's flaws! Something is wrong with everything except the way I sing! (chuckles)

(A group of grouches appear as they sing in the background)

Oscar: You know what's right with this world? Nothin'! You know what really makes me hot under the collar? You name it! And the next time some goody-two-shoes smiles and tells you to have a nice day, you just remember:

Grouches and Oscar: (singing, in unison) Don't let the sunshine spoil the rain, just stand up and complain! Just stand up and complain!

(End of "The Grouch Anthem")

Oscar: Well, anyway, you've seen the best part of this movie, so sit back, relax and have a rotten time! (chuckles, as he goes back into his trash can)

Big Bird: Sesame Street is brought you today by the letters W and B.

Madame Chairbird: True very true

Miss Finch: And I know just the family Where does he live?

Madame Chairbird: Sesame Street

Miss Finch: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Telly: Oscar gonna just love these cans.

Big Bird: Wait hey don't fly away

Telly: Sorry Big Bird

Oscar: Nice work turkey

Maria: dont forget to write

Count: dont forget to count

Cookie Monster: don't forget to eat

Big Bird: bye bye sesame street

Snuffy: goodbye bird don't forget i'm coming to visit

Big Bird: look at the clouds radar

Snuffy: Bird would be so proud of me. I've watched his things all week and nothing has moved.

(Barkley whimpers)

Bob: (comforting Barkley) Come on, Barkley. Cheer up, boy. You know, we miss Big Bird too.

Maria: Oh, hey, look, everybody! A letter from Big Bird!

(Everyone gathers around, chattering with excitement as Oscar appears)

Big Bird: I don't wanna be here anymore I wanna go home

Mommy Dodo: you are home

Grover: Did you say Big Bird?

Newscaster: That's right, Big Bird.

Count: one green frog

Miss Finch: I'm going to find Big Bird were ever he is and bring back to the dodos

Big Bird: okay radar old buddy we need to split up going off track don't worry I'm sending you bear mail see you on sesame street

Telly: Oh, Olivia, I'm so worry worried about Big Bird

Olivia: well don't

Telly: he's out there all alone and miss finch would get him

Count: ah 1 2 3 cars going to find big bird

Grover: ah ha this is a job for super ah oof oh my cape got coape I'll take a taxi

Ernie: we're coming big bird

I wonder where big bird is now

Big Bird: Gee still no sign of sesame street nothing but amber wains of grain I think I'm lost what would I do I wish Snuffy were here that I be lost with my best friend

Hello bird

Snuffy I thought I never see you again I hardly see you now

That is because you are imagine me big bird

Well it's so good to almost see you I suppose I hug is out of the question

Bert: Oh, my bottle cap collection!

Grover: this is not big bird super Grover please when's lunch

Oscar: grouch paradise

Telly: You did it Oscar.

Miss Finch: poor little bird found at last

Big Bird: hi miss finch miss finch oh no

Miss Finch: get back here

State Trooper: (picks up the kid) Are these the two men?

(The kid nods his head, the state trooper puts him down)

Sam Sleaze: Uh, what seems to be the problem, officer? What's the charge?

State Trooper: (looks through his notebook) What about counterfeiting? Extortion? Fraud? Impersonating a dentist? Stealing an apple from a kid?

Sam Sleaze: Oh, about that apple, officer, I can explain that. We were just holding it for a friend.

Sid Sleaze: Yeah, for a friend.

State Trooper: You can tell that... to the judge.

Sid Sleaze: (starts crying) The judge!

State Trooper: Be a man!

Sid Sleaze: (sobbing) I don't wanna be a man, Sam!

Sam Sleaze: Shut up, Sid! Shut up!

Sid Sleaze: (continues sobbing) The judge, Sam! Jail!

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