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Ben 10: Alien Force
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[tires screech ] Slow down! I can't! The brakes don't work! Aah! You're making me nervous! Stop screaming! You're screaming! Why can't I scream?! Fine! You want to drive?! [ both scream ] [tires screech ] [vehicle approaching ] Hey! Student drivers! [tires screech, glass shatters ] That's no joyride. [ beeping ] Big Chill. [engine racing ] [ both screaming ] [grunts ] What is that thing? Who cares? He saved our lives. T-thank you. [ munching ] Hey, what do you think you're [growls ] [ ratchet clicking ] [gurgles ] Ahh. Where'd this come from? [tink! tink! ] [sighs ] [sighs loudly] [ ratchet clicking ] Hey! What? GWEN: Oh, look. They're having a formal dance at my school on Friday. What, you want me to take you to the dance? Great. Pick me up at 7:00. What?! Wait! I cannot stress enough the importance of flossing. Uh-huh. I found this in my teeth. I think something might be going wrong with my powers. Uh-huh. What do you know about girls? Okay, that hasnothing to do with my problem. Why do you want to know? Gwen's school is having some dance. And? I think she might expect me to take her. So take her. But the dance is at Gwen's fancy prep school, with a sit-down dinner and everything. What if she expects me to waltz? What if I use the improper finger fork?! If she wants you to dance, you dance. But I don't know -- Also, there's no such thing as a finger fork. See? If I was a preppy guy, I'd know stuff like that. You've saved the world. You've been to the Null Void and back. I'm pretty sure you can handle the spring formal. The thing is, I'm having serious problems, and I was hoping you could help me -- I'd better rent a DVD on dancing, maybe get one about forks, just to be sure. Thanks a lot. Really. [grunts ] Hey, Julie. [grunts ] You're early. I've still got the court for another hour. Yeah, I thought we could talk while you practice. [grunts ] Something serious? I'm not sure. The last time I used my powers, I had a blackout. Weird. [grunts ] You don't remember anything? I remember slapping the Omnitrix, but that's all. [grunts ] Easy enough to figure out what you're doing. How about you transform again, and I'll follow you? Get my notebook from my bag. I'll keep a record of everything you do. You can read it afterwards. We'll get to the bottom of this. Sounds good to me. But how are you going to keep up? Ready. You remember Jetray? From the pier. [ beep] Okay. Here goes. Big Chill. Big Chill? Okay. Fast. Followed Big Chill to burger shack. [ intercom buzzing ] Appears to be hungry. Here's your or-- [screams ] [gulps ] Very hungry. [ munching ] [gulps ] [slurps ] Scram. [gasping ] [ munching ] [ crackling ] Support beams. Roof. We definitely have a problem here. [ munches, gulps ] Seems only interested in eating metal. [ munching ] [ burps loudly] Oh, that's not right. More. [engine revs, tires screech ] Big Chill! Ben! Wait up! I just want to talk to you! See ya! [tires screech ] Great. [gasps ] They've got to be in here somewhere. Score! Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Aah! Where have you been? [gulps ] You want a pickle? No! More for me. Will you forget about the pickle? We've got a major problem. I know. It's my powers. They're completely out of control. Yesterday, Julie and I Oh, man, where's Julie? Who cares?! I got nothing to wear to the dance! [ munching ] You sure this thing is gonna work? Trust me. It's one of grandpa Max's tuxes. Grandpa Max wasn't the skinniest guy out there. It's from when he was younger. You're the same size -- or close enough. Not bad. Aren't these things supposed to come with clips? Not if you're older than 12. Finger's caught. It just takes practice. Over under around I'm not like all those prep guys from her school. Which is why she wants to go to the dance with you and not one of them. Just be yourself. There -- don't you look dapper. [gulps ] You sure like pickles. Yeah. I wonder if we've got any more of these. Oh, and Gwen likes yellow roses. Get her a nice corsage. Want to dance? What's a corsage? What's up? Have you seen Ben? No. Is something up? I don't know. I haven't seen him since yesterday. He turned into Big Chill, then disappeared. Yeah, he does that sometimes -- just part of being an alien. I don't know. I'm sure he'll show up. I guess so. I know so. I'm more worried about Kevin not showing up tonight. Ever since I made him ask me to the dance, he's been acting really strange. And speaking of strange Hi, Ben. Catch up with you guys later. I was so worried about you. I'm a little worried, too. Where did you go yesterday? I don't remember. What happened? Let's see -- 6:30 p. m. , you transformed into Big Chill. Are you sure? I programmed Jetray. At 6:31, you exclaimed, "Big Chill. " eating giant metal burger, car-wash sign, 6:42 -- ate the car wash, 6:43 -- Wow. You take great notes. No wonder you get straight A's. You don't remember any of that? I just remember waking up in a ditch this morning. I can't believe this is happening again. Again? I had a problem with one of my aliens a few years ago. What if it's happening again? We'll get Kevin and Gwen. They can help. No, they're too busy with the dance. I'm on my own. You're not alone. You've got me. Ben? [ beep] Big Chill. [siren wailing ] [ munching ] What is that thing? Stay out of my way. That's not how it works, freak. Come down here and surrender, or there's gonna be trouble! I warned you. [ inhales, exhales deeply] [all gasp] OFFICER: Stop! Don't make me -- Wait! He's a friend! Don't shoot! [ hisses ] [ neck cracking ] It's just a dance, right? Nothing to worry about. I look pretty good. [exhales deeply, sniffs ] Ugh. Should've brought some gum. Wow. Likewise. I got this for you. It's acorsage. It's beautiful. Thank you, Kevin. Some people just don't listen. Don't hurt them! They won't feel a thing. [ inhales, exhales deeply] [ both grunting ] [ metal creaking ] [gulping ] [engine revs, tires screech ] Stay away! [engine sputters ] JULIE: Ben! [engine revs, horn blares ] Yellow roses. How did you know? I'm a sensitive guy with an eye for what the ladies like. Really? No. Actually, Ben told me. But he was really cool about it -- gave me a lot of good advice. Good advice? Ben? [laughing ] Yeah. He tied my tie for me. Ben? Gave you dating tips and helped you tie your tie? It could happen. And Julie was saying something about him acting strangely. [suavely] Let's dance. We can't go in there. But I learned the proper forks and everything! Outside to inside, right? Or -- or was that little to big? Aw, man! That's not the problem, Kevin. KEVIN: I knew it! You're embarrassed to go with me. No. It's just that I think Ben might be in some kind of trouble. What makes you say that? [ cellphone ringing ] [ beep] JULIE: Big Chill's on a rampage! Where are you? Just outside the foundry, but he's gone. We'll handle it. JULIE: Forget that. Ben's in trouble. I'm going, too. My badge has a lock on Ben's Omnitrix coordinates. It's outside of town, a mile west of Register Road, just North of Wigzell Avenue. I'll see you there. [ click ] [engine revs, tires screech ] [engine racing ] It's just up ahead. Julie said it was Big Chill doing this. Yeah. We had a problem with one of the aliens going rogue. It was Ghostfreak. Never liked that guy. What's your point? Maybe there's some connection between Big Chill and Ghostfreak -- like maybe these ghost personalities are just plain evil. Whatever. We'll save him either way, all right? Well, that looks plain evil. Ben! It's your friends. We can help you. Go away! Too much negotiating. I'm gonna smack some sense back into him. [ munching ] Hey! Cut it out! Huh? [ coughs ] Dude! I borrowed this suit! We're here to help! I don't want any help! [grunts ] Let me out! Stay away from there! [grunts ] Aah! You hurt him! Not for long. I've seen him take worse. GWEN: Whatever's wrong with him, it has to do with that thing. Then let's take it down. Nice. Goo all over my tux. Agh! Maggot goo all over my tux. BOTH: Aww. [squeals ] You've got to be kidding. [squeals ] [ creatures squealing ] [squeals ] Go on. Fly. [ creatures squealing ] Okay. That was weird. Whatjust happened? You might want to sit down for this. Yep. Those are your kids. [ creatures squealing ] How? According to this, Necrofrigian -- that's Big Chill's race -- lays eggs only once every 80 years or so. They'll live in space, where it's cold, and then they feed on solar plasma. Doubt you'll ever see them againmommy. Cut it out! Should've figured it out from your pickle cravings. And from Ben giving you good advice. Hey, I can give good advice. What about the time II, uh It could happen. If you want a ride home, you better hop on. My curfew was half an hour ago. This is the most embarrassing I think you made a great mommy. [sighs ] This didn't turn out to be such a good night after all. We missed the dance. [ music plays softly]