• Beast Boy: Um, Cyborg? What kinda car is that?
    Cyborg: That's not a car. It's a pit stop on wheels!!
  • Starfire: I did not know the chickens could be so adorable.
    Raven: They smell, they're noisy, and their feathers get everywhere. Nothing about them is adorable. [sneezes]
    Starfire: G'lufnog.
  • Beast Boy: Whoa, dude! What was that?!
    File:Revved Up BB Trucker.jpg

    BB in trucker mode

    Cyborg: I don't know, but we better warn Robin.
    Beast Boy: Leave that to me.
    [transforms into a trucker, complete with trucker CB slang]
    Beast Boy: Breaker, breaker. One-niner, this is Green Machine and Chrome-Dome calling Rubber Duck, coming at you on the flip-flop. Bear bait's just dusted our britches going full throttle in the monster lane. Come on back.
    Cyborg: Gimme that! Yo, Robin! You got company!
    File:Episode 61 - 2.jpg

    Raven is having a very bad day!

  • Starfire: [in one breath] We require the use of your vehicle to race the Ding Dong Daddy who has stolen Robin's most secret possession and now offers it to the winner!
    Gizmo: Oh, really?!? [starts his wheel bike and races off] Thanks for the tip, suckers!!
    Starfire: Perhaps I have explained too much. [Raven explodes in fury]
  • Bus Driver: Next! Who are you two supposed to be?!
    Starfire: I ... uh ... am the Dr. Amazing Mumgon ... the Terrible. And this is my henchman ... uh ... Henchy.
  • Cyborg: That's it! Beast Boy, take the wheel!
    Beast Boy: [dreamily] Dude, are you serious?
    [Cyborg rips off the wheel and hands it to Beast Boy ]
  • Red X: [After being rescued by Robin] Saving me was a mistake!
    [Sees all the other villains approaching]
    The briefcase really means that much to you?
    Robin: You have no idea.
    Red X: Then go get it.
  • Gizmo: [after Red X has eliminated most of the other villains] Whose side are you on, Barf Brain?!!
    Red X: Mine!!
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