[Didi is reluctant to go into the carnival]

◾Didi: Maybe we shouldn't bring the kids into this... this carnival.

◾Lou: Why not!? When I was their age I was already workin' the carny! Hard work, dawn to dusk, and at night I had to sleep with the elephants!

◾Stu: Elephants dad?

◾Lou: That's what I said! And if one of them had a bad dream, he might just roll over and squash ya!

Leo's Boss: Listen here Leo I am sick and tired of you eating all those cereal samples.

Leo: But sir I love those bite sized sugar morsels.

Leo's Boss: Oh yeah? Well you've had enough sugary morsels for one life time look Leo you might be my wife's kid brother and all but this is the last time I'm covering for you.

Angelica: Follow him, but how can you get on this boat, dummy!

Tommy: Come on, now's our chance.

Leo: So there I was face to face with that 3 foot monster she grabbed one of the trays and I grabbed the other ones.

Leo's Boss: That's it, Leo! I've had it! You've been nothing but trouble ever since day one! You're fired!

Leo: Fire-- Fired?! You can't fire me! Me Reptar!