Danny Phantom: Season: 1 Episode: 8

[incomplete & unfixed/messed]

Fade into the basement of FentonWorks. Danny Fenton walks forward, holding a book. It is open, and his face is obscured by it. Zoom in on him as he walks forward.
Zoom out. A floating piece of machinery is seen next to Danny. Danny removes his book from his face.
Danny Dad, can I ask you a question?
Zoom out. Jack Fenton is working on the machine next to Danny. He ducks out of the cockpit and faces his son.
Jack About the Specter Speeder? (he wraps his arm around Danny) Sure!
Jack shoves Danny into the cockpit of the Specter Speeder. Danny grunts as he slams his hands on the other side to stop his momentum, landing in a seat. Jack sits down next to him.
Jack This little baby has state of the art—
Cut to the dashboard. It pans with Jack’s gloved finger as he speaks.
Jack —spirit-plane exploration technology.
Jack’s finger stops and hovers over a red button.
Cut back to Jack and Danny.
Jack And it’s got a super-size cup holder!
As he says this, he presses a button. Cut to a part of the dashboard. A large cup holder pops out.
Cut to the staircase of the basement. Maddie Fenton is seen hood-up, walking into the lab. She stops next to the Specter Speeder.
Maddie Jack dear, —
Cut to inside the Specter Speeder. Danny has a bored look, while Jack exits the speeder. Pan out to a full shot of the lab.
Maddie It’s getting awfully late. (close up on Maddie) Is there something that you might've forgotten today?
Cut to a close up of Jack. He looks clueless.
Jack Uh... (his eyes shift, and his lip pushes up)
Cut back to Maddie.
Maddie Something significant? That would have to do with today’s date of—
Cut to a desk. There is an ignited lamp and a toolbox on it, with a calendar on the wall. It glares “May”, and there is a photograph surrounded by arrows that point to it, with pink text that reads “Happy Anniversary”.
Maddie —May ninth?
Zoom in on the photo. It is black and white, with a jump suited Jack with a mullet holding hands with a young Maddie in a wedding dress, who has goggles on. It zooms out showing the pink text, surrounded by tiny hearts.
Cut to Jack. His eyes shift in another direction with each mention of “ninth”.
Jack Ninth, ninth, ninth. Ninth! Ninth?
Zoom out to show Jack and Maddie next to the Specter Speeder.
Jack Nope, still not catching your drift.
Jack scratches his forehead in confusion.
Cut to Maddie.

MADDIE: Our anniversary, dear? Oh well, I guess it just slipped your mind... (suddenly gets angry) for the 18th year in a row!

She lifts her fist and slams it on the Specter Speeder. It starts to beep. Cut to Danny, who looks at the dashboard in surprise. On the dashboard, a stick shift changes from “R” (reverse) to “D” (drive).


Cut to a full view of the lab. Jack and Maddie are arguing in the background as Danny in the Specter Speeder begins to jet forward, releasing smoke from behind it.

DANNY: Whoa!

Change angle. The Specter Speeder is drifting toward the Fenton Portal. Cut to a front-ward shot of the portal, which opens, revealing a swirly green entrance. Close up on Danny’s face.

DANNY: Whuaa!

He closes his eyes as a lot of light illuminates his face.

Cut to a side view of the lab. The Specter Speeder goes through the Fenton Portal.

DANNY: Whoaa!

As Danny wails in surprise, the Specter Speeder is drifting diagonally from up-right to down-left from a glowing green hole in an empty Ghost Zone. Its green trail dissolves away.

The Specter Speeder continues to drift forward through the Ghost Zone as Danny continues to scream. The Specter Speeder drifts through oozing drops coming off what looks like a staircase, through a void that seems to go on forever.

Cut to Danny’s face, with a mouth that’s hanging open in awe. His eyes shift about. Cut to behind Danny, we see through the windshield an endless void. A ghost passes by in a spiral path, with a quiet high-pitched moan. It gets close to the windshield as Danny backs away in his chair.

Cut to Danny, who gives another yelp of surprise. Out of the speeder’s view, there’s a span of the Ghost Zone where many ghosts identical to the first one fly past, the speeder drifting through them.

A large silhouette of a ghost with solid green eyes wearing a hat comes up. Behind it blazes a large, green fire as it grits its teeth. The speeder drifts toward it. Cutting to Danny, he turns from looking sideways to forward, shouting in fear, his eyes opened wide as a shadow falls upon him. He pulls the controls as far backward as possible. The speeder drifts until it slowly stops.

GHOST: (turning white) Trespassing in an unauthorized vehicle. (points his finger out) That’s against the rules.

Cut to Danny, still clutching the controls.

DANNY: Uh, sorry. I-I-I didn’t know, (zoom in to a close up on Danny’s face) I’m from... out of town.

Cut back to the ghost.

GHOST: Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it, punk.

Cut to Danny.

GHOST: (offscreen) I see your face around here again,—

Cut back to the ghost, pointing a large finger at the Specter Speeder.

GHOST: —you and I are gonna have a problem.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Y-Yes, sir. (he salutes and smiles weakly)

Cutting to the dashboard, Danny changes the shift from “D” to “R”. The whole Speeder rushes offscreen backwards. The ghost fades away in a pillar of green smoke.

The Specter Speeder moves back into the lab from the portal. Maddie is still arguing with Jack, who pan onscreen.

MADDIE: Now get this into your head, Jack Fenton; there are some things that are more important than hunting ghosts!

As she says this, she hits the speeder again with her fist. She walks offscreen.

Danny exits the Specter Speeder, panting loudly.

JACK: I know, I know, I’m just as freaked out by your mother’s reaction as you are!

The screen fades to black.


(Possible cut to commercial)


Title Screen is shown. Depicted is Danny Phantom locked inside of a cage that is being held up by the ghost seen earlier. The ghost grins as he holds the key to the cage in his other hand. The caption in the bottom-right corner reads, “Captivating Chaos!”

Fade to a front view of FentonWorks. A yellow taxi drives up and honks. Cut to the stoop, Maddie, hood-down, is coming from the doorway, dragging a rolling luggage bag as Jack is sliding on the pavement, hanging onto the bag.

JACK: Maddie, please! Don’t go! I just have a little more work to do on the Specter Speeder—

Zoom in on Jack, on the sidewalk.

JACK: —and then I’m done!

The bag slides away. Jack lets go.

Cut to Maddie.

MADDIE: We discussed this, Jack, remember? (puts her hand on the car door) Visiting my sister? (Close up on her face) The divorce?

Cut to Jack, still on the ground. It goes back to the cab, the window retracts, showing Maddie.

MADDIE: There’s a casserole in the freezer right next to the ectoplasmic residue samples!

The window rolls up and the cab drives away. Jack watches it go and stands up. Cut to Jack.

JACK: Wait, wait, wait! (Jack is now running after the cab) How will I know which is which?!

Scene changes to Danny just out of the doorway and on the stoop.

DANNY: Divorce? What?!

Jasmine walks out, passing Danny. She is holding a purple handbag and is smiling.

DANNY: Jazz, did you just hear that?

JASMINE: Hear what?

Cut to Jasmine.

JASMINE: Mom yelling at Dad? Relax, she’ll get over it.

Back to Danny.

DANNY: Yeah, but I-I have never heard her so mad!

Zoom out to the full stoop with Danny and Jasmine.

JASMINE: Of course she’s mad, and if I’m right, Dad will once again cluelessly do nothing to apologize to her.

Cut to Jack, who walks up.

JACK: That’s where you’re wrong, Jasmine. I have been a little preoccupied with ghosts lately,—

Pan out to show Jack standing next to a coral-colored taxi, holding a luggage bag.

JACK: —so I’m traveling to your Aunt Alicia’s in Spittoon, Arkansas to apologize, and give your mother the greatest anniversary gift ever!

He opens the door and tosses his bag inside. Cut to the driver, a smug looking red-haired man in a periwinkle beanie and a matching T-shirt at the wheel. He gets slammed in the face with Jack’s luggage. Cutting to his foot, it floors the gas pedal.

Outside, the cab drives away. Jack gasps and turns around, running offscreen. Cut to Jasmine and Danny.

JACK: Wish me luck!

Cut back to the street. The cab continues to drive away as Jack chases it. He calls back to the kids as the car fades into the horizon.

JACK: Oh, and call me if you see a ghooooost!

Close up on Danny’s face

DANNY: Jazz? Are Mom and Dad gonna split up?

Zoom out to Jasmine and Danny.

JASMINE: I was... wrong?

DANNY: Jazz? (he starts to poke his sister in the back) Jazz! (he stops)


Change angle to show both kids perpendicular to the screen.

JASMINE: He’s going to Arkansas?

Zoom in on Jasmine.

JASMINE: To apologize?

Zoom in closer, Jasmine begins to perspire.

JASMINE: I was wrong?!

Fade into the kitchen table, which is cluttered with Jasmine’s diaries and other papers. One book reads “Journal: 1998~1999” and another book reads “Psych”. A green notebook that reads “Jack Fenton: Observations” lands on the journal.

JASMINE: I don’t understand.

Pan up to show Jasmine, shaking with untidy hair and a small white cup in her hand.

JASMINE: Every piece of evidence I have (she lifts a bunch of papers with her free hand) indicates that Dad would never be self-aware enough to realize he made a mistake! (she holds the papers forward, then moves her arm under the table) If I’m wrong about this, —

Zoom in on Jasmine’s face.

JASMINE: —what else could I have been wrong about?

Some sounds are heard. Jasmine lowers her eyebrows as she looks in the direction the sound is coming from.

JASMINE: Danny, keep it down, would ya!

Cut to an aerial view of a wall in the next room. Danny Phantom is vacuuming the wall.

DANNY: Hey, I’m trying to make this place spotless so mom will have a clean house to come home to!

Cut to the bottom of the room. Jasmine rushes in with many papers flying with her.

JASMINE: Yeah, well I need to concentrate!

As she says this, Danny flies behind her and turns human, falling to the floor with the vacuum cleaner, smiling suspiciously.


She turns around to face Danny. Zoom in on her.

JASMINE: I’ll be at the library. (she walks off)

Cut to Danny. He transforms back again. Zooming out, he floats up, leaves the vacuum cleaner, and phases invisibly through the floor. He reappears in the basement

DANNY: Oh my gosh.

Zoom out to show Danny floating above the whole lab. The ghost portal is still open.

DANNY: This place is a mess!

Zoom in to a full-body shot of Danny, who is drifting downward, surveying the mess.

DANNY: If Mom comes back and sees the lab like this she’ll be even *angrier* at Dad.

Sighing, Danny turns the other way and lets out a zap. It hits a plate and a couple of soda cans, which land in a trash bin. Close up on Danny, who smiles. Zooming out, Danny uses both his hands to zap a bag and a cup with a straw in it into a cylindrical blue trash bin.

Back to Danny. Upbeat music begins to play as Danny zaps in many directions. A box, a wrench, a shopping bag and some machinery flies by, then a gas mask, papers, a tool box, a green cube that looks like a toaster and a flashlight fly past.

Cut to a shelf. Tubes and books fly onto its shelves. Zoom out to show more shelves being filled with some boxes next to it. Cut to a desk. Chemical barrels land next to it as flasks, beakers and test tubes full of green liquid land on the counter intact. Pan to show other objects landing, a wastebasket full of crinkled papers, a yellow chair, fire extinguishers, and more boxes. Cut to a desktop. Books land on it. Zoom out to show a taller stack of books, a microscope with a slide and a pencil holder with scissor inside land intact as well.

Cut to Danny. There are many freeze-frames of Danny zapping, on of him zapping up, another of his hand zapping straight, and a third of him closing his eyes and zapping behind his back. The last zap comes in contact with a box that is pink and is tied up with a purple bow. Cut to Danny, whose smile suddenly fades and gasps as the box flies toward the Fenton Portal. It disappears in a flash of green light.

Zoom in to the floor. A label from the box falls to the floor, panning downward as it falls. Danny’s boots walk up. Cut to a full shot of Danny, with the Specter Speeder behind him, both of them glowing with green light coming off the portal. Danny picks up the paper. Zoom in on Danny as he reads.

DANNY: “Let this gift repair the bridge to our love. (close up on Danny’s face) Happy anniversary – Jack”!

Danny looks up. Cut to the swirling Fenton Portal, zooming in.

DANNY: Oh no.

Fade to over a forest. A small red helicopter is flying in the moonlight. Zoom in closer for a clearer look on it. Cut to inside the passenger area, it is cramped. Jack is sitting in the front on the right, next to a man with a long, gray beard holding a pig that’s oinking next to him. There are two other men in the back.

JACK: (looking away from the pig and forward to the cockpit) Um, excuse me? (close up on his face) Will we be landing soon?

Cut to the cockpit. Two hillbillies are driving the plane. The female with long, blonde hair tied back in pigtails turns back and answers Jack.

FEMALE PILOT: Shoot, honey, there ain’t no airport in Spittoon!

The male pilot turns back also, but stays quiet.

Cut back to Jack. A big backpack gets tossed into his belly. He looks at it questioningly. Cut to outside the plane, where Jack jumps out with the backpack on his back and free-falls offscreen. Cut to the door of the plane, where the female pilot is calling after him.

FEMALE PILOT: Thank y’all for flying Air Grits!

Cut to mid-air. Jack is screaming in terror as he continues to free-fall, his image getting larger as he falls. Zoom out to a far-away shot where Jack has deployed his parachute and is falling slowly downward over the landscape.

Immediately cut to an axe being thrust onto a log. Cut to show a woman thrusting an axe with Maddie standing beside her, hood-up.

WOMAN: I’ve been out here for nearly a decade, Maddie. And as you can see,—

Zoom in on her, she’s panting as she talks.

WOMAN: —I’m incredibly happy.

She lifts up her axe.

Cut to Maddie.

MADDIE: I don’t know, Alicia. Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it works for everybody.

Zoom out to show Maddie looking at Alicia. Alicia is crouched down next to a bunch of logs.

ALICIA: You’re an intelligent woman, Maddie. Runs in the family. You’re gonna spend the best years of your life (picks up the logs and stands up, holding 5 of them in each arm over her shoulder) being ignored by some fool—

Zoom in on Alicia.

ALICIA: —who believes in ghosts?

Cut to Maddie. A scream is heard and Maddie instantly turns around. Zoom out to show a shocked Maddie and Alicia. Alicia drops her logs and runs with her sister to the source of the sound. Cut to a corner of the house. Maddie and Alicia peek out from behind it, Alicia on top and Maddie under her. Zoom in on Maddie.

MADDIE: Ghost!

Cut to a white parachute hanging from a tree. Something is flailing inside, zooming out a bit.

Cut to another scene. Maddie rushes in and takes out a pole that looks like a weapon. She uses it to zap a green beam. Cut to the parachute, it gets cut loose and falls. Cut back to Maddie, looking down. Alicia runs up to survey what has fallen. Cut to Jack, who had fallen on his head, upside down with many tears in his jumpsuit, the screen zooming out. Cut to Maddie.

MADDIE: *Jack*?

She runs offscreen. Pan left to Alicia.

ALICIA: Ugh, I’ll get the anti-septic.

She walks off in the other direction.

Fade to a shot of Casper High School. A bell rings as Danny talks.

DANNY: (offscreen) You should’ve seen ‘em fighting.

Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker, walking in a hallway. Sam is in the back, looking backwards and holding a purple book, Tucker is in the front, walking forwards smiling dreamily, and Danny is walking looking at the floor, dejected.

DANNY: My folks *never* fight.

Sam looks toward Danny, Danny looks up.

DANNY: Well, they fight ghosts, but that’s different.

Tucker looks toward Danny, frowning.

SAM(puts her arm on Danny’s shoulder) Danny, relax.

Zoom in on Sam’s face.

SAM: Nobody gets divorced over not getting a gift.

Pan left to Danny.

DANNY: But it’s the thing my dad’s gonna use to apologize! They're (pauses) right on the brink!

Pan out to show Danny, Sam and Tucker walking forward, both Tucker and Sam looking at a scared Danny.

DANNY: I’m tellin’ ya, anything could set them over the edge.

Danny lifts up his hands for emphasis, looking at Sam. Zoom in on Tucker’s face.

TUCKER: Danny, you’re fine. I mean, it’s not like your mom actually *said* the word “divorce”. I mean, if she actually *said* the word, then you’d have to worry.

Zoom out to Danny and Tucker, Danny behind Tucker.

DANNY: (repeats) Said the word.

Tucker turns to face Danny.

DANNY: Oh, man. She did!

Danny raises his hands, freaking out as his hands shake.


Cut to Sam.

SAM: Tucker! Say something to calm him down!

Cut to Tucker.

TUCKER: Well... uh... did she say it twice?

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: That settles it,—

Zoom out to show Tucker, Sam and Danny. Danny has clenched his fists.

DANNY: —I’m going into the Ghost Zone (zoom in on his face) and get that present back!

Fade to Alicia’s house in Spittoon. It’s day. Zoom in. Cut to a closer look that’s straight on the porch. Zoom in.

ALICIA: (irritated) Well?

Cut to Jack. He is sitting in a chair holding a glass of lemonade. There is an empty pitcher with one lemon in it beside him and many glasses are spilled on the floor.

JACK: Well what? (puts down glass)

Cut to Alicia. She’s sitting in a rocking chair sharpening a stick with a knife. Many wood shavings litter the floor. There’s a glass of lemonade on the stand next to her.

ALICIA: You’ve been sittin’ here sippin’ lemonade for an hour!

Zoom in on Alicia, she paused in her carving.

ALICIA: If you’re gonna apologize to my sister, (she gets up from her seat and starts to yell) I suggest you start apologizin’!

Extreme close up of her face.

Cut to Maddie, she is standing on the edge of the porch, her hands resting on the wooden rail, her eyes looking behind her. She blinks. Pan to Jack, who is still grasping the lemonade. He is looking in Maddie’s direction.

JACK: I— (stomach gurgles)

Jack puts his hand on his stomach. Zoom out. Jack is standing up, putting the glass down.

JACK: (weakly) Hold that thought!

(He rushes to the door, grabbing the handle.)

ALICIA: (offscreen) Ain’t no bathroom in there!

Jack runs in the other direction, about to get off the porch.

ALICIA: (offscreen) Ain’t no outhouse out there!

Close up on Jack. He turns around and begins to perspire. He turns his head in the original direction, gritting his teeth in pain. Cut to some random green wilderness. It zooms out. More gurgling sounds are heard as it cuts back to a pained Jack. He runs offscreen, passing Maddie, her hand on the wooden rail, her other arm on a wooden support beam. A dream catcher hangs from the porch.

MADDIE: You know, in his own way, (close up on Maddie) he really is trying.

(Cut to a view on the porch. Jack is seen from behind, running into random wilderness.)

ALICIA: I don’t understand why you think you need him, Maddie.

Cut to Alicia. She’s in her rocking chair, continuing to carve a stick that is sharpened to a fine point.

ALICIA: Look at me! (pauses to wave her stick) Been single 10 years (starts carving) and I’m a calm, sensible, independent woman, and—

A twig snaps. Alicia looks off to the side, waving her stick and shouting. Some birds crow.

ALICIA: (yelling) Hey! Don’t you whiz on that, Jack Fenton! THAT’S RHUBARB!- (turns to Maddie, talking calmly) I’ve never been happier.

Zoom out to show Alicia in the distance, with Maddie hanging on a pole she’s standing behind looking at her. She turns her head forward.

Fade to the lab. Danny Phantom walks in, wearing a headset and a green glow is reflected on him.

DANNY: (sighs) I *so* don’t want to do this.

Zoom out to just behind the portal. We see a green portal floating in mid-air without the metal shell surrounding it. Sam is standing to the left of Danny, with a green glow reflected on her as well, both of them casting shadows. The Specter Speeder is floating behind them.

SAM: You get in—, (lifts hand) —get the present, and get out. (turns to face Danny, whose eyes get bigger.) You’ll be fine.

Cut to just behind the kids. We see Danny and Sam from the back. Tucker is talking offscreen.

TUCKER: Besides,—

A PDA appears in the foreground. Danny and Sam turn to face it. Pan out to show part of Tucker. The PDA has Tucker’s image on it.

TUCKER: —with this mini-webcam,—

Cut to Tucker, Danny is standing in the foreground.

TUCKER: —I’ll be with you—

Tucker holds his webcam over his chest. Zoom in to show Tucker’s grainy image on the PDA

TUCKER: —every step of the way.

Zoom out to show Tucker holding the PDA, Danny is still in the foreground.

TUCKER: But first...

Tucker crouches over and starts to push many buttons as his PDA beeps. Zoom in on the PDA, Tucker’s hands are pressing buttons as game of Space Invaders plays on the PDA, Tucker blasting the middle ship in the first row, then the right ship in the front row, then the left ship. Cut to Danny and Sam in front of the portal.

DANNY: (looking backwards so his eyes face Sam) You’ll monitor the webcam?

SAM: I’ll monitor the webcam.

Cut to a blank, black background. There is a green, oval portal facing diagonally down-left. Danny passes through it, floating toward a green-lighted area. Close up on Danny. Some gurgling liquid sounds are heard. The speaker on the webcam talks.

SAM: (on speaker) Wow... (Danny looks toward the speaker on his ear) This place is amazing! (Danny looks forward)

DANNY: No it’s not.

Cut to behind Danny. He floats off into the void as we see a better view of the Ghost Zone. He is passing by the ooze coming off the staircase we saw earlier, but now there are purple doors in the background.

DANNY: It’s creepy. And it goes on forever!

Cut to straight-on shot of Danny.

DANNY: I don’t even know- (Danny outstretched his hands, gaping in awe in various directions) -where to start to look!

Close up on Danny’s face. His eyes shift from upward to straight. Cut to a cluster of purple doors. Danny flies up toward one of them.

Cut to inside. It’s blue. The door opens, revealing Danny. Zoom out. There is a small kid watching something on a rug, with a ghostly blue glow reflected off him. There are a couple blocks on the floor with the letters X and Y on their faces. Danny is standing in the doorway, far behind the boy. Danny closes the door. The boy’s eyes shift to Danny and back to whatever he was looking at.

DANNY: Uh-, (raises arm) –Hi! (weak chuckle)

Cut to another shot. We see the boy from behind with Danny’s boot in the foreground. The boy is watching static on TV, with three blocks around him. There are shadows cast on the boy and the blocks. There’s also a lamp on the side that is plugged in. Zoom in slowly.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Have-have you seen a (moves arms) present? (Eyes shift to the top-right corner) Um, about (moves arms again to show size) about yea big?

Cut back the boy watching TV. It’s the same as before, and Danny’s boot is still in the foreground. The boy turns his head so we see it at a side view facing left. He is frowning now. Zoom in on the boy. The TV continues to play static as the boy turns his head the rest of the way to face Danny without turning his body. Zoom out to show a full shot of the boy in front of the TV. His body is still sitting in the same position, Indian-style, but his head is facing the back of the room. The boy snarls loudly, lifting his arms in downward-90 degree angles.

Cut to a side view shot of the room. It’s big and empty, with the boy on one side and Danny on the other, with a huge space in between. There’s also a gap between Danny and the door.

BOY GHOST: Get- (The boy stands up and takes a fighting stance) –out– (The boy transforms into a purple, spiny beast with red eyes. His voice becomes more coarse) –of– (The boy grows larger, to match size with Danny) –my– (The boy is now the size of the room and is roaring in a deep voice. His arms are over Danny) –ROOM! (As the beast talks, Danny is standing his ground but his hair and face are blown back due to air resistance. The beast now puts down his arm and roars loudly)

Zoom in on Danny. The beast’s leg is in the foreground. Danny is looking up with mouth gaping wide.

DANNY: Sorry, (eyes get wider) Sorry! Wah!

Danny rushes off in a puff of smoke.

Cut to outside. There are many purple doors floating in a cluster. Danny comes out of one of them, shuts the door, and stands back-to-the-door in terror.

Zoom in on Danny.

DANNY: Oh, man.

The door seems to drift downward.

DANNY: Every one of these doors goes into another ghost’s lair?! I’m never gonna find that present. My folks are gonna get divorced and it’s gonna be all my fault.

Zoom out. Danny is still with his back to the door, clutching it with his hands. The door is drifting downward. It lands in some dark forest with some tombstones. Danny jumps off the door before it reaches the ground. Zoom in on Danny’s face. He gasps quietly as his head turns to face the ground in front of him. Cut to the ground. There are a few tombstones in the dirt. They begin to rattle as some wailing is heard. Some glowing green skeletons pop out of the dirt. Zoom out to show Danny looking in fear at the skeletons, with more of them popping up out of the ground, some arms about to grab him.

Danny flies away screaming, sliding over the door behind him, which tips over. Cut to an aerial view. The door sinks away as Danny is flying upward, looking at the ground, turning around and facing forward.

SAM: (on speaker) Relax, Danny.

Danny starts to perspire.

SAM: (on speaker) We all just have to stay focused.

Cut to Sam in the lab, holding the PDA.

SAM: Right, Tucker? (looks to the right) Tucker?

Scene transitions to the Specter Speeder. The door is open overhead. Tucker is in the cockpit, crouched over, looking at the dashboard.

TUCKER: I can’t believe Danny didn’t want to take—

Zoom in on Tucker.

TUCKER: —the Specter Speeder.

He presses the dashboard, which beeps.

TUCKER: This thing rocks!

Tucker continues to press unseen buttons on the dashboard and play with the stick control. Cut to Sam, who walks up next to the domed windshield of the speeder holding the PDA.

SAM: He can cover more ground on his own.

Cut to Tucker in the cockpit.

TUCKER: But it’s got a cup holder!

Tucker presses a button. Cut to the cup holder, it ejects with a whirring sound. Close up on Tucker’s face, with Sam’s face overhead.

TUCKER: Hey, what’s this thing do?

Cut to the dashboard. There is a red button inside a picture of a green, shapeless ghost. Tucker’s finger comes up to push it. Cut back to Tucker and Sam in the cockpit, Sam is over Tucker, not sitting down.

COMPUTER VOICE: Real World items detected.

As this is said, a green scope in the shape of a semicircle fans out. Tucker jumps back in his seat, Sam is surprised. Zoom in to Tucker.

TUCKER: Cool! It’s a scanner.

Zoom out so Sam is in the shot.

SAM: Real World items?

Cut back to the Ghost Zone. Danny is in the back of the green tunnel and drifts forward. The shot pans with him.

TUCKER: (on speaker) Danny! I think we can guide you to the present.

As Tucker says this, Danny drifts out of the shot. Cut to his face.

SAM: There’s a doorway coming up on your left. Take it.

Cut to a door. It is far away and getting closer. Danny is seen from behind, flying through the door, which opens up.


As Danny says this, he surveys the new room he ended up in. The door he took is still open and behind him. The room is empty, save for a purple background. Zoom out to show Danny and the open door floating in mid-air along with numerous other objects surrounding them. They include a box, a toaster, briefcase, corded phone on hook, pencil, thermos, envelope, teddy bear, a bottle, a shirt, a single sock, another thermos, a basketball, a book, a suitcase, another envelope, lunchbox, another box, football, trumpet, a watch, a pen, a glass of liquid, a TV, another watch, another glass, another basketball, a washing machine, a lamp, a bottle of sports drink, and another box. Zoom in on Danny, who is floating with a watch, laptop, thermos, envelope, and a single sandal.

DANNY: So *this* is where all that stuff ends up.

THE BOX GHOST: (offscreen) Yes!

Cut to another shot. We see Danny from behind as The Box Ghost flies up from below. Floating in the scene is a horn, a box, and a sock.

THE BOX GHOST: It all ends up in the possession of (looks up and moves clenches his arms in emphasis) THE BOX GHOST!

Cut to Danny. The Box Ghost is in the foreground seen from behind. Danny is floating at a distance. In the background is a rolling luggage bag, a basketball, and a thermos.

DANNY: Ugh, what are *you* doing here?

Cut to The Box Ghost.

THE BOX GHOST: I am The Box Ghost! (thrusts backwards and points forward) Where do you think we go (clenches pointing hand into fist) when you release us (moves arms to show a cylinder with his hands) from your round, cylindrical trap?

Cut to Danny. A sock, a box, an envelope, and a cinder block are floating behind him.

DANNY: You mean the Fenton Thermos?

Cut to The Box Ghost. He is floating in a cartoony purple background, throwing his arms back and thrusting forward.

THE BOX GHOST: (waves his arms) I am the Box Ghost!

Background fades back to a normal, shadowy purple.

THE BOX GHOST: And beware! For I am merely— (face thrusts forward for emphasis) —*ONE* of— (face changes back) your foes who reside in this realm! In fact, you might say, (comes closer) we’re a package deal!

He bends backwards, puts his arms in the air, and laughs.

Cut to Danny. There is an envelope, watch, pen, glass, purse, and a basketball floating alongside him.

DANNY: Ugh. Look, I’m looking for something important, (lifts arms) I don’t have time for your box puns.

Danny clenches his fists. When he finishes his speech, sirens wail. Danny turns to the right to find the source of the sound.

Cut to The Box Ghost in the foreground. He turned his head so it faces to the right. Danny is floating in the background with a pen, a glass, a TV, a lava lamp, two envelopes, a washing machine, a sock, a football, a paper cup, and the door he came in.

THE BOX GHOST: Flee! Lest you be hermetically sealed (he turns his head to Danny) and shipped to your doooom!

Close up on Danny’s face. Lasers are heard blasting. Cut to The Box Ghost, whose head is facing left, floating with three boxes, a envelope, a glass, a basketball, a sock, a belt, a book, and a handbag. A green laser comes off in the background as The Box Ghost floats/runs to the right, showing Danny from behind and a sandal, a computer, a thermos, a laptop, and some obscured objects in the distance. Danny turns as The Box Ghost runs a few more feet and is shot by a laser, being restrained by a green force field, which suddenly transforms from around the waist and arms to handcuffs. Zoom in on The Box Ghost, looking at his restrained hands. He turns around. Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Hey, what’s going on?

Some more lasers are heard. Cut to many green lasers zapping off in many directions. One of them hits Danny. He grunts in pain as the laser engulfs him and pushes him back. Cut to a blank purple background. Danny comes from the left and is thrown back with handcuffs on due to the force of the laser.

GHOST: (offscreen, slowly floats onscreen) Possession of unauthorized recording equipment.

Close up on Danny. The other ghost’s hand removes Danny’s webcam.

GHOST: That’s against the rules.

Cut to the ghost, he is holding the headset, putting it down.

GHOST: Or at least it is *now*.

Zoom out, revealing the ghost holding an open book, which is green. Close up on Danny’s face.

DANNY: Wait! This is all a big misunderstanding!

Zoom out. The ghost crouches over to talk in Danny’s face. Floating with them are a dress, a box, a sock, a pen, a basketball, and envelope, and a handbag.

GHOST: There may be chaos everywhere in this Ghost Zone, but there’ll be order in *my* prison. (Close up on the ghost) You should’ve heeded my warning, punk. (Closer up on his face) Now you and I have a problem.

Close up on Danny. Zoom in for a second. Cut to a van that reads “GZPD”. Zoom in on it. Cut to the inside of the van. Danny and TheBox Ghost both have handcuffs on and are sitting on the bench. There are ectoplasm stains on the floor and wall.

DANNY: Great. My folks are splitting up, my sister’s a basket case, (turns to face the Box Ghost) and I’m going to ghost jail.

Zoom in on Danny.

DANNY: This may be the worst day of my life.

Danny’s eyes shift to the left. Cut to the back door of the van. A police ghost holding a green pole opens the doors. Cut to a back view of the van. The police ghost is still floating there, Danny and The Box Ghost are looking forward, still sitting tied up in the van. Danny stands up. Zoom in on Danny and The Box Ghost. They are both gaping in awe. Cut to a view of a purple building. A police ghost is floating in front holding a green pole in both hands, there is a crowd of prisoners behind him. In the center is Skulker wearing a prisoners outfit, on the right is Desiree and to the left is Technus in his robot body. They are also wearing prisoner’s attire.

SKULKER: Well, if it isn’t the young whelp (slowly zooms in on him) who helped us get locked up in this stinking place!

Zoom in closer to Skulker.

SKULKER: Welcome home.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: This *is* the worst day of my life.

THE BOX GHOST: (offscreen) I am the Box Ghost!

DANNY: (turning around, closing his eyes and yelling) Will you stop that!

Cut to Skulker, zooming in. He is cracking his knuckles.

Fade to black.

-Cut to commercial-


Fade in on an aerial view of the lab. The Specter Speeder is still there, and the portal is still open. Zoom in on the speeder.

TUCKER: (offscreen) Danny? Danny!

Cut to a view of the Specter Speeder. Tucker is sitting down in the cockpit talking to his PDA, Sam is standing in the space behind him.

TUCKER: Talk to me!

Sam runs from behind Tucker to the side of Tucker, grasping the seat next to him. Zoom in on Sam.

SAM: It’s no use. (lifts arm) He can’t hear us.

Close up on Tucker and his PDA.

Then we’ll just have to (puts down PDA) go in after him!

Zoom out to show Tucker and Sam.

SAM: What are you, nuts?

JASMINE: (offscreen) Danny!

Tucker turns to face the back.

JASMINE: (offscreen) Are you down there?

Tucker and Sam get into their seats and crouch on their knees, facing the back and listening to Jasmine. Cut to outside the speeder. Pan right to the staircase. Jasmine pokes her head out into the doorway


Zoom in on Jasmine.

JASMINE: Hello? Anyone?

Cut to the kitchen. Jasmine is opening a coral colored book, looking in it.

JASMINE: I was hoping someone would go over (she steps to the left) every excruciating detail of my personal diaries (zoom in on Jasmine) to look for minuscule errors.

She looks to the left. Jasmine puts down her book and walks to the left.

Close up on Sam’s waist. She is putting on her seat belt. Zoom out. Sam puts her hands on the back of her seat and faces Tucker, whose hands are on the controls.

SAM: You drive.

Tucker thrusts the control forward. Cut to a back view of the Specter Speeder. It starts up and blasts off into the Fenton Portal. Pan to the staircase. Jasmine is running downstairs smiling with her book in both hands, looking giddy. She stops as soon as she reaches the basement. Jasmine looks around for signs of life.

JASMINE: Hm. I thought I heard someone down here.

She puts her arm that isn't holding the book on her waist. Zoom in on her face.


She puts a finger to her chin, then lifts her arms and starts crying.

JASMINE: I was wrong *again*!

Fade to a view of the Ghost Zone prison. Zoom in on it. Cut to a police ghost slapping his green pole on his hand. Zoom out to show the prison campus. Zoom in on one of the buildings.

GHOST: (offscreen) Trespassing. Loitering.

Cut to a front view of Danny sitting in a chair, in prison attire and his hands in shackles. The ghost walks by.

GHOST: Creating a disturbance.

Zoom out to show the ghost walking to the right, holding the open book in his hands, reading it. He stops and turns around, pointing a finger into the book.

GHOST: *And*, possession of real-world contraband.

As he says this, Danny up as the present floats above his head from the left to the right. He tries to reach it, with sounds of struggling, but the shackles prevent him from doing so. Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Excuse me, sir, but-but-

The ghost grabs him by the shirt.

WALKER: Name’s Walker, son. Know it. Fear it.

Close up on Walker.

WALKER: Obey it. I am your—

Cut to Walker, holding up Danny by his shirt so the skin under is showing.

WALKER: —judge, (gets closer) executioner, (close up on Walker) jury,—

Close up on Danny.

WALKER: —executioner, jailer,—

Cut to Danny and Walker. Danny is seen from behind.

WALKER: —and, if necessary, (lowers Danny) your executioner.

Cut to Danny’s face.

DANNY: Uh, you said “executioner” three times.

Zoom out to show Walker holding Danny in one hand and his book in the other. The present is floating behind him.

WALKER: (lets Danny drop to his seat and turns to the front) I like that part of the job.

Cut to Danny. He looks to the right and smiles. Cut to the present. It’s floating and glowing, with the tag on. Zoom out to show it behind Walker, who is reading the book.

DANNY: (turns to Walker) Well, you see, uh, Mr. Walker, uh, the truth is— (he grabs his chair.) —I-I’m actually trying (Danny walks off with the chair) to *remove*—

Zoom out to show Danny walking with his chair to get closer to the present, Walker is turned the other way on the other side.

DANNY: —the contraband. So, um, if I could just (zoom in on Danny) grab it and go, (chuckles nervously and stands up to grab the present) I’ll promise I’ll—

Walker runs over from the side and pushes Danny’s seat down with his leg. The chair falls to the floor. Walker sets his hand on it.

WALKER: I’d like to let you go, son,—

Zoom in on Danny, Walker crouches down next to him.

WALKER: —but I can’t.

Walker stands upright, turning around to look in the book again.

WALKER: That’d be against the rules.

Cut to another shot. Danny is seen from side view in the foreground as Walker looks in the rulebook.

WALKER: But seeing how this— (turns to Danny) —is a first offense—

Cut to Walker from front view, he is walking forward. Danny is sitting behind him.

WALKER: —I’m willing to be lenient.

He closes the book. Cut to Walker from behind. He turns around and points his finger at Danny, shouting loudly.

WALKER: (shouting) 1,000 years!

Cut to Danny. The shot rotates and zooms in on his shocked face.

Fade to Spittoon. Jack is seen from behind running on a path past a stump. Cut to a place that reads “General Store”. There is a red truck parked next to it and some men are on the porch. Cut to a yellow spittoon. A brown drop of spittle clangs on the spittoon, rattling it. Cut to a red-bearded man with a blue bandana sitting on the bench. Zoom out to show two other men, the one to his right, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, sitting on the bench. The man on the right has a black mullet and a red, checkered shirt, leaning on the wall. The man to the right spits, which hits the spittoon with a clang. Cut to a part of the porch with a round thing with an arrow pointing up on it in the doorway. Jack walks up.

JACK: Excuse me,—

Zoom out to show Jack and the men. Jack lowers his arms.

JACK: —Do you gentlemen have a bathroom?

Jack lifts his arms in question.

Cut to the men. They look in confusion at Jack, continuing to collect spit in their mouths. Cut to Jack.

JACK: Outhouse?

Cut to the men, again. They look in confusion at Jack, continuing to collect spit in their mouths, again. Cut to Jack, again.

JACK: (pointing out his finger and pointing downward, with slight hillbilly accent.) Place I can whiz?

MAN IN WHITE SHIRT: Can’t you use Alicia’s rhubarb? (he points and spits with a clang.)

Pan left to Leaning Man, who is facing right. The man in the blue bandana faces the other side to look at the leaning man.

LEANING MAN: Are you nuts? (he lifts his hand) In the mood she’s in?! (moves hand to waist) Didn’t you hear about the dee-vorce? (spits with a clang, turns to the left)

Cut to Jack’s face.

JACK: Divorce? (looking to the left, placing hand on chin, talking to himself) Alicia must’ve gotten to Maddie, and word is spreading (looks to the right) through the Southern Grapevine!

Pan to the men, all of them spitting simultaneously. Cut to a far shot. Jack is facing the left, away from the men, his arms down and outside his sides.

JACK: I don’t have a minute to lose, but first— (turns to the men, clenching fists) —which way was the rhubarb again?

Cut to a closer shot of Jack and the men, who are now perpendicular to the camera. All three men point to the left. Cut to Jack, who starts to sweat as he turns around, clutching his abdomen. He turns to the left and runs offscreen.

Close up on the Man In White Shirt. He opens his mouth, revealing decayed, yellow teeth on dirty gums. Pan to the left a bit, the Man In Blue Bandana pops up as the Man In White Shirt looks his way and closes his mouth.

MAN IN BLUE BANDANA: Jasper! Get your teeth fixed, (close up on the Blue Man’s face) you’re giving the rest of us a bad name! (he spits again, with another clang.)

Cut to a shot of a Police Ghost.

POLICE GHOST: Chow time!

Zoom out, showing Danny in the doorway, along with another identical police ghost behind him. The first one shoves Danny with his green pole.

POLICE GHOST: Move it out!

As Danny walks, pan to the right and zoom in. Cut to an aerial view of the cafeteria. There are a few tables, each one occupied by six ghosts, two ghosts are at the food line with one ghost behind the counter, and there are two police ghosts guarding the entrance with four police ghosts guarding from the balcony above.

Close up on Danny’s face. Cut to Danny shown from behind as he looks at one table, with four ghosts that are colored in that he knows, and two that are in the background that he most likely doesn’t. Skulker is sitting in the front on the right, Technus on the left, Desiree behind Technus and The Box Ghost behind Skulker.

Zoom in. We see Technus in the front with his fists clenched on the table, one of them with a spoon. There is a food tray in front of him. Desiree is sitting next to him, doing the same thing. Cut to the other side of the table. Skulker is sitting in the front, with his fists clenched on the table, one of them with a spoon. There is a food tray in front of him, also. The Box Ghost is next to him, doing the same thing. Cut to Danny, who is sweating.

DANNY: (weak chuckle) Wow, heh, pretty much everyone who hates me all at one table. (close up on Danny’s face) Just like high school.

Cut to the table. Everyone stands up and walks toward Danny, Technus is grasping his fist in his hand. Cut to an aerial view, the four of Danny’s foes have him partially surrounded on the front side, with Technus on Danny’s left, then Desiree, then The Box Ghost, then Skulker on the right.

DANNY: Sorry I can’t stay and catch up on old times!

Danny walks backwards. Cut to Danny bumping into the food line. He turns around.

WOMAN GHOST: (offscreen) Can I get anything, dearie?

Close up on Danny’s face. Cut to a tray over a pan of a gelatinous, green substance that is presumed to be food, being held by yellow-gloved hands. The hands shovel a gelatinous, tan substance onto a tray with a serving spoon.

WOMAN GHOST: Coffee? Pudding?

Zoom out to reveal the woman to be the Lunch Lady Ghost.

LUNCH LADY: An extra helping of *DOOM*?!

As she says this, she reaches over the table with the ladle, her hair flailing under her hairnet until her face has filled the screen. Cut to Danny, who is leaning backward in fear. Zoom out a bit. The Lunch Lady lunges at Danny with her ladle, laughing as she continues to fly forward. Cut to Danny, who is flying forward at side view. He looks forward and screams. Cut to Skulker at side view. Danny collides into Skulker. He hangs onto Skulker until he looks up. Skulker then reaches out his arms and bumps Danny away.

Cut to an aerial view. The prisoners have all made a circle, surrounding Danny. Danny gets bumped into one ghost who tosses him at Technus. Zoom in. Technus is seen from behind in the foreground. Danny collides head-first into him. Danny falls to the floor. Cut to Danny, seen from behind in the foreground as Technus slaps Danny away with one of his bulky robot arms. Danny is flung away, the scene panning right. Cut to the Lunch Lady, who is ready to catch Danny and is holding her ladle. The Lunch Lady gets Danny into a headlock with her ladle, but Danny is still standing up.

Close up on Skulker’s arms. One fist is grabbed by the other hand, making a metallic clang sound. Pan up to Skulker’s face.

SKULKER: Payback time, ghost child!

Zoom out to show Skulker and other ghosts. Desiree is on the left, The Box Ghost is on the right. To the right of The Box Ghost is a green-skinned, red-eyed humanoid fish-type ghost. Skulker steps closer to the screen, pressing his fist to his palm. Cut to Danny, still in Lunch Lady’s ladle-clench, waving his hand.

DANNY: (thrusts his arm forward) Wait! (his arm retracts back to the ladle) I’m not the enemy here. I mean, yeah, (he bends his arms out) I sent you all back to the Ghost Zone, (he turns his arms to the right, the Lunch Lady, struggles to keep Danny in place) but I didn't lock you up here, did I?

Cut to The Box Ghost. He floats up, his arms are up.

THE BOX GHOST: It is true! (he points his finger) He did not package us in this (he turns the other way and outstretches his arms) box of iron! (He now lifts his arm up and points upward) I am the B—

He is interrupted as a metal arm pushes him away. Pan left to show Skulker, who turns his head to face forward.


Close up on Danny.

DANNY: If we work together we could all bust out of here.

Zoom out to show Skulker from behind, with Danny in a headlock by the Lunch Lady's ladle in the distance.

DANNY: And you could always (outstretches his arms) kick my butt later.

Cut to Skulker.

SKULKER: The enemy of my enemy is my friend, for now.

Cut to the Lunch Lady and Danny. The Lunch Lady releases Danny from her ladle grip, and he falls to the floor. Putting his hand on his chin, he picks himself up. Close up on Danny’s face.

DANNY: Here’s what we do...

Fade to the Ghost Zone. The Specter Speeder drives in from the right and gets bigger as the screen pans to the left. Tucker is driving, Sam is the passenger. There is a scope light illuminating the path ahead.

SAM: (sighs) Face it, Tucker. We’re lost.

Cut to the inside of the Specter Speeder. Tucker and Sam are seen from behind. Sam is looking at Tucker, Tucker is driving and pushing buttons on a device in his hand. The device is showing a transverse wave on its screen.

TUCKER: If I could just re-calibrate the scanner—

SAM: You put way too much—

Pan out to show more of the Ghost Zone. A girl floats past.

SAM: —faith in technology.

Cut to Sam’s reflection of her face on the glass. We can see a girl float past.

SAM: Let’s just get out and ask that girl for directions.

The screen pans right as the girl floats past with her eyes closed. Cut to outside the speeder.

SAM: Hello there!

Sam waves her hand, the girl outside stops and turns around Sam knocks on the glass.

Cut to the girl. Zoom out. She starts to glow and kneels down. Her body is spread backward as she transforms into a dragon with a flash of light. Pan up. The dragon that used to be the girl roars, and snorts purple smoke.

Cut to the inside of the speeder. Tucker and Sam are facing up in their seats. Tucker is clutching the control, Sam’s boots are up and her hands are on Tucker’s shoulders.

DRAGON GHOST: (deep, coarse voice) I WANT TO GO TO (faces the speeder) THE BAAALL!

Zoom in to Sam and Tucker in the speeder.

SAM: Drive, Tucker! (turns to face Tucker) *Drive*!

Cut to the controls. Tucker’s hands push the control forward. Some beeps are heard. Cut to outside. The speeder zooms away with green flame and the dragon changes direction to face the other way, flying off.

Cut to the Ghost Zone prison cafeteria. A lot of prisoners are seen from behind, raising their arms and chanting.

PRISONERS: (chanting) Fight! Fight! Fight! (pan right) Fight! Fight!

Some punching sounds are heard. Danny screams as he is flung out of the crowd and toward the camera. One prisoner turns around with his fist in the air to see Danny fall. Cut to Danny. He slides on a table through many trays that still have gelatinous tan food on them, and a glass of green liquid. Cut to a pot. Danny is seen from behind flying toward the pot, colliding into it. Pan down. The pot turns over and the green liquid in the pot smothers Danny. His aura changes from white to green.

DANNY: (getting up) Ohhh... (close up on Danny’s face.) My ghost leg!

Cut to Danny in the foreground. The upturned pot is on the floor. Across from the pot is a crowd of prisoners. Two hands push the crowd aside. Skulker pushes his way through the crowd and steps toward Danny. Cut to Skulker.

SKULKER: *pfh* My prey ceases to amuse me.

Cut to Danny, still on the floor in the puddle of green liquid. His aura is white again. Two police ghosts are in the foreground. The one on the right speaks.

POLICE GHOST: Another one for the infirmary.

The two police ghosts fly up to Danny. Close up on Danny’s face. Zoom out. Danny flies up and punches one of the police ghosts, who is flung off to the side. Danny grabs the green stick the ghost was carrying and tosses it to the left, it getting bigger as the screen pans.


Cut to somewhere else. The stick comes onscreen from the right as Skulker’s arm grabs it from the left. Pan left. Zoom out to show Skulker in front of a crowd of ghosts.

SKULKER: Attack! (he raises his arms backward)

The crowd of prisoners rage from behind Skulker. Cut to a part of the cafeteria. Many prisoners run past. Cut to a wall. Two prisoners deck a police ghost onto a wall. Cut to another wall. Another prisoner decks the police ghost onto it.

Cut to somewhere else. Two prisoners are decking another police guard, on is about to punch it, and two prisoners to the left of them are wrestling another guard. A guard falls to the floor. A prisoner wrenches off its helmet/mask, revealing an ugly face with warts, crooked teeth and facial hair. The prisoner’s fingers move to his chin as he screams in fear at the guard’s face, rushing away in a puff of smoke.

Cut to another area. Prisoners are rioting and wrestling with the guards. Skulker enters from the top of the screen and decks another guard onto the floor. Skulker grabs the guard’s green pole and gets up. Pan up. Skulker has the pole in his outstretched arms, letting out 3 green lasers that zap from right to left. Cut to the balcony. One guard is holding out his pole, ready to zap. Zoom in. The guard gets hit and glows green, a restraint surrounding his chest and arms.

Cut to Technus. Zoom out. Two guards grab him from both sides. Technus’s robot body lifts them up and thrusts them off. Cut to a counter. The two guards that have been flung over there crash into the counter. Desiree floats up from behind, grabs two buckets that are on the counter, and slams them over the guard’s heads in green liquid. She flies over the counter, looking back at her victims, smiling.

Cut to somewhere else. Pan down. Danny is on the floor in a fight stance. He jumps out. Cut to Danny on a table. The screen pans right as Danny jumps over a prisoner and a guard fighting, then lands on the next table and does a back flip. He lands back-to-back with Skulker. 360 degree shot of Danny and Skulker back-to-back. The camera stops overhead. Danny and Skulker are surrounded by 5 guards with poles.

Cut to Danny and Skulker. Danny is facing the camera, Skulker is seen from behind. The two wink at each other, Skulker is giving a thumbs up. Zoom out. The two take huge leaps and give battle cries. Cut to Danny. He comes up in a purple background, with the screen suddenly showing a large POW!

Freeze frames. The first one shows Danny giving a guard an uppercut. The second one shows Danny kicking a guard in the torso with a straight, outstretched leg. The third one shows Danny in the background punching a guard with crooked teeth and a tongue sticking out on the back of the neck.

Cut to Skulker. He is in a green background. He takes out his fist and pounds something from front view, with the screen suddenly showing a large WHAM!

Freeze frames. The first one is of Skulker with the heads of two guards being crammed together by brute force. The second is of Skulker from side view punching another guard from side view. The third is of Skulker in a stance with his arm on the floor behind a guard that has its mouth wide open in pain and is upside-down.

Cut to Danny. He turns around as the screen pans right. 6 guards are blocking the doorway, all of them holding a green pole and a shield. Zoom in. Each guard shoots out a laser from their pole in sequence, panning left.

Cut to the other side of the room. Skulker is standing leftmost. Pan right. The ghost next to Skulker gets zapped, glows green and is restrained by his chest and arms. The second one is the same. The third one that gets zapped in on its knees on the floor, bending backwards. The fourth one falls to the floor without arms to hold it up. The fifth one is in a fighter stance as it gets zapped, bending to the left as it gets restrained. Danny is standing right-most. Danny turns around to the right as the scene ceases to pan.

Cut back to the doorway. All six guards raise their poles and turn so their riot shields block their bodies. Cut to Danny, Skulker and a bunch of convulsing, restrained bodies in front of a silhouetted crowd. The guards are in the foreground. Pan right. The Lunch Lady flies up with a tray of red apples.

LUNCH LADY: Can I offer you—

Cut to Lunch Lady.

LUNCH LADY: —gentlemen some apples?

Cut to two guards. They look at each other in confusion and shake their heads no. Cut to the Lunch Lady.

LUNCH LADY: Then— (gets closer to the camera as the background changes to a purple action border.) —dine on my *FURY*!

Zoom out. Her gloved hands glow. Close up on her glowing hands. They start clench together. Zoom out. The light makes a spear shape and round out at the top, glowing another color. Cut to the guards, shocked as light reflects off their visors. Cut to Danny and Skulker. Danny is on the left and Skulker is on the right. Technus is behind Skulker and Desiree is behind Danny. Light reflects off them. Cut to a far aerial view of the cafeteria. Lunch Lady is holding a large chicken drumstick.

Cut to the hallway. Many guards run out of it. The wall gets crushed as bricks and smoke fill the screen. The smoke clears to show a giant drumstick has been crashed into the wall across the doorway, and the doorway is totaled with an even bigger hole. The hallway has cracks on the walls and chunks of wall on the floor. The Lunch Lady and Desiree fly out. Danny, Skulker and Technus run out, The Box Ghost flies out in front of Technus.

Cut to Skulker. He zaps the pole he’s carrying. Cut to two guards. They glow green and are restrained from the chest and arms, falling to the floor. Cut to a purple action scene. A huge crowd of prisoners charge forward, with the main villains in the front. Danny is behind Skulker and Desiree. They run, getting closer to the camera. Cut to the floor. Five restrained guards are on the floor, struggling to get free. Pan up-left to a steel doorway that a crowd of prisoners are next to. Some prisoners run up.

Cut to Danny.

SKULKER: (offscreen) You’re going the wrong way!

Danny stops running. He turns around to the right so he is seen from side view. Cut to the door. A crowd of prisoners are next to it. Skulker is in the front, with Technus to the left and Lunch Lady to the right. Cut to Lunch Lady.

LUNCH LADY: Yes sweetie, (opens her arms) You’re supposed to riot with the guards here,—

She gets closer to the screen and turns irate. Her hair is flailing under her hairnet.

LUNCH LADY: —And face your doom out there! (she becomes nice again, backing up and holding up a pie.) Pie?

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: No thanks, (close up on Danny’s face) I have some unfinished business with the warden.

Cut to Lunch Lady. She lifts her arms. Danny’s shoulder is in the foreground.


She turns around and flies out the door.

Cut to Skulker.

SKULKER: Good luck, child.

Zoom in on his face.

SKULKER: I look forward to hunting you, on the other side.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Thanks. (expression changes from happy to confused) I think?

Cut to the cockpit of the Specter Speeder. San and Tucker are seat belted. Tucker is clutching the controls. Sam’s arms are pressed to the back of her seat.

SAM: Can’t this tub go any faster?

Sam and Tucker look up.

TUCKER: I’m trying! (close up on Tucker) We’re also looking for (turns to the left) Danny too, you know.

Cut to outside the Specter Speeder. It is on a diagonal. The large dragon is behind it. It shrieks. The speeder changes sides to the right as the dragon flies to the left. The Speeder changes direction. Cut to a side view. The speeder falls into the scene.

SAM: Ugh!

Cut to Tucker. The scope comes up in front of him.

COMPUTER VOICE: Real-world item detected.

Cut to the scope. It’s a full green circle above the dashboard now. In the center of it shows a red arrow pointing right to a red dot. Pan out to show Tucker from behind.

TUCKER: Sweet.

The speeder passes the camera and flies to the right offscreen. The dragon roars and follows to the right. Cut to a back view of the speeder in a green void. It slows down as it gets closer to the jail doors. Cut to the cockpit. Tucker has a feared expression as he clutches the controls as Sam is pressing her arms to the back of the seat, calling out.

SAM: Tucker! (close up on her face) Look out!

Cut to a side view. The speeder flies closer to the doors. It phases through. The dragon collides with the doors face first. Cut to inside the jail. It’s dark. The speeder phases through the door. Cut to Tucker, looking backwards.

TUCKER: File that on under (turns to the right) “Would’ve been nice to know we could do that trick in the first place”.

Cut to Walker’s arms. They are hunched over on a desk with fists clenched. One of them lands on the rulebook under it. Zoom out to reveal Walker talking on a PA microphone.

WALKER: Guards, what’s going on down there?

Cut to a purple action background. Walker’s face pops up.

WALKER: Somebody answer me!

Cut to the metal doorway. Danny barges in with his leg kicking it open. He is back in his hazmat instead of the prison attire. He puts his foot down.

DANNY: How about saying (close up on Danny’s face) “please”?

Zoom out. Walker is in the foreground shown from behind.

DANNY: Saying “please” is a rule.

Cut to Walker on a purple action background. He is thrown back in surprise.

WALKER: It is?

He licks his finger and opens the rulebook.

Cut to an aerial shot of the book. It has many paragraphs that read section A-D. Walker’s finger is on Section C. Danny’s hand comes in and a pan out shows Danny slamming the book on Walker’s finger. Walker is seen from behind in the foreground with a pained expression.

DANNY: Is now.

Close up on Danny’s face. He blinks and looks to the left. Cut to the present. It is still floating and glowing in place. Zoom in on it. Cut to Danny.

DANNY: The present!

Zoom out. Danny leaps forward, panning left as Danny flies, getting closer to the screen. He passes Walker. Cut to the present floating the upper left corner. Danny is flying from the right reaching out to grab it, but he is held back a few inches away. Pan right to show Walker holding a tight grip on Danny’s other leg. Zoom out. Walker turns around and thrusts Danny, who gives out a grunt. Cut to the floor. Danny lands on it. He tries to get up, but a huge boot steps on his chest, pinning him to the ground.

WALKER: Now let me acquaint *you* (Danny lifts his arms to pry the boot off) with a few rules.

Cut to Danny and Walker. Danny is on the floor with his hands on Walker’s boot, staring up. Walker is standing over Danny, staring down.

WALKER: Rule one.

Walker holds up a finger crouches down. Zoom in.

WALKER: You cross me,—

Cut to Danny on the floor. Walker’s boot applies pressure to his chest.

WALKER: —you pay the consequences.

Cut to Walker, holding up two fingers, one of them obscured by the screen edge.

WALKER: Rule two. Just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean I can’t crush you (clenches a fist) within an inch of your (close up onWalker’s face) afterlife.

Cut to Walker, still standing on Danny. Walker holds out his fingers.

WALKER: Rule three.

Pan out to the right. The Specter Speeder phases through the wall. Tucker is looking at Danny while holding the controls, Sam is looking out with her hands pressed against the window. Cut to another view of the speeder. Sam’s hands are still against the window. Tucker runs up. Zoom out to show Danny under Walker’s boot. The speeder is in the distance.

DANNY: Tucker, Sam! How’d you get in here?

Cut to the speeder. Sam and Tucker’s hands are press against the window. Tucker is on the right, Sam on the left. Tucker is smiling.

TUCKER: Check it out! (removes hands from window) real-world stuff (moves hands to right for emphasis) just phases through everything (puts hands back on window) in here.

Cut to Sam’s face. Her hands are on the window.

SAM: In the Ghost Zone, *we’re* the ghosts!

Cut to Danny, who’s shown upright despite being on the floor under a boot.

DANNY: (repeats) We’re the ghosts? (close up on Danny’s face) So... maybe it’s time to stop fighting like a ghost...

Zoom out. Aerial shot. Walker is shown from behind, standing on Danny, whose hands are still on the boot and whose legs have spread out.

DANNY: And start fighting like a kid!

Danny outstretches his arms and transforms back to a kid. Cut to a side-view shot. Danny turns translucent as Walker’s boot sinks into Danny’s body. Pan up to Walker. He is thrown back, aghast at what happened. Cut to Danny. Cut to Danny from behind. Walker is standing in front of him. Danny walks through Walker, who bends forward. Walker turns around to face left.

Cut to the present. Pan out to show Danny reaching up to take it.

DANNY:' I’ll take that!

Danny turns around and walks off. Zoom out. The screen pans right as Walker tries to grab Danny, only to have his arms pass through him.

WALKER: Why— (tries to grab Danny but fails) —can’t— (fails again) —I— (turns around and lunges for Danny, but misses)

Cut to a farther shot. Walker jumps onto Danny but phases through. Danny walks off, translucent.

WALKER: —touch you?!

Cut to Danny. He is translucent, but turns opaque.

DANNY: Forget it, Walker. This is the *Ghost* Zone, I’m not just a ghost—

Cut to Danny seen from behind. Walker is in the foreground. Pan up to show the Specter Speeder.

DANNY: —I’m human. Your rules—

Cut to Danny. He puts the present under one arm and grabs the back of the Specter Speeder with the other.

DANNY: —don’t apply.

Zoom out. Cut to the Specter Speeder with Danny hanging on the back of it. The speeder phases through a wall in a green circle in between a closed metal door and a bookcase. Cut to Walker, kneeling on the floor. Slowly zoom in as he holds up his arms.


Cut to Alicia’s cottage in Spittoon. It’s dark, and the moon is showing. Maddie is sitting on the porch, on the bench. Cut closer. Maddie is on the bench, looking at her white cup and saucer. She sips from it. Cut to Maddie, closer.

JACK: (offscreen) Why, hey there!

Cut to Jack. Pan up to his face. Jack is wearing blue overalls over his orange jumpsuit and his hair is in a large bun at the front of his head.

JACK: (leaning toward the screen) Pretty young thang! (holds out four pink flowers)

Cut to Maddie’s face.

MADDIE: Jack Fenton, what on Earth are you doing?

Zoom out. Maddie is still holing the cup on the saucer. Jack rushes on screen holding the flowers and pointing at Maddie.

JACK: Sweet talking you, (points his finger up) proving I can step away from (motions his hand toward the window) work and pay attention to our relationship. (looks at his wrist) Um... ah.

Zoom out. Jack has taken out a slip of paper from his overalls pocket.'

JACK: (holding out the flowers and closing his eyes) You’ve got a smile that shines like (he faces the other direction) swamp gas in the moonlight.

Jack opens his eyes and looks offscreen. Pan right to the three men at the general store hiding in the bushes, in the same formation as before. They all give thumbs up, and Jasper on the right holds up two arms and opens his mouth to reveal his bad teeth. Cut to Jack, holding up the paper.

JACK: Your mind twinkles like the moon (looks at the paper, sort-of puzzled by the wording) off the bumper of my pick-em-up truck, and— (tries to smile, but pauses and turns around to the left.) Oh, this—

Cut to Jack and Maddie. Jack is holding the paper, Maddie is in the distance on the bench.

JACK: —is stupid.

Close up on Maddie’s face.

MADDIE: What’s stupid, Jack? Anything—

Cut to Jack.

MADDIE: —besides ghosts?

JACK: No, (fuzzes his hair from bun-style to normal) but pretending to be something (holds out his arms) I’m not *is*.

Zoom out to Jack and Maddie. Maddie is no longer holding her saucer, it disappeared.

JACK: You know I can be a fool, (puts a hand on his head) and you know that I can forget things, (removes his hand from his head) But the one thing you know more than anything (stands up straight and points a finger to the air) even more than that ghosts exist and that (crouches down and waves his hand out) your sister is a bitter old bat,—

Cut to Jack, who is kneeling on the ground with his palm out. Maddie’s face is in the foreground.

JACK: —is that I love you, baby.

Cut to Maddie.

MADDIE: (touched) Oh, Jack.

She lifts her hand to her mouth.

Cut to Jack.

JACK: And, (looks back, frowning) I wanted to give you... (close up on Jack’s face) To give you...

Screen ripples to a flashback. Cut to the present on the counter. Zoom out. Jack runs from the left to the right on screen, pointing out a finger and holding an olive suitcase.

JACK: I’m coming, Maddie!

Fade back to a close up on Jack.

JACK: (hits his face with his hand) Aw, crud.

Zoom out to Jack kneeling on the ground with his face in his hand, Maddie with her hand on her chest.

MADDIE: You forgot the present, didn’t you?

Jack looks up. Pan left to show Alicia coming out of the doorway. Maddie turns to face her.

ALICIA: Told you he was a fool.

Cut to Maddie from side view. Pan right to Jack, still kneeling on the ground. He shrugs.

JACK: Well I (close up on Jack) I, uh—

DANNY: (offscreen) No he didn’t!

Cut to an aerial shot of the cottage and the yard. Alicia is still standing in the doorway, Maddie is still on the bench, and Jack is kneeling but looking up. They all stand up and look forward as Jasmine and Danny are skydiving with white parachutes, Danny is carrying a box. Cut to the ground. Danny lands safely as the parachute falls. The screen pans left as Danny runs up with the present.

DANNY: H-He kept it at home—

Jack’s face is now in the foreground. Cut to Jack, who is holding out his arms. Danny walks onscreen, handing the box to Jack.

DANNY: —uh, so the mosquitoes wouldn’t get it?

Danny holds out his arms at his shoulders. Jack crouches over to Danny, holding the box.

JACK: (whispering) Good boy. You’re getting a raise in your allowance for this.

Zoom in on Danny, who puts his finger on his chin.

DANNY: I have an allowance?

Cut to Maddie. Jack slides up on his knees with the present in one hand.

JACK Happy anniversary, baby!

Zoom in to Jack and Maddie. Jack stands up.

JACK: And I’m sorry. I’ll try to be better about— (Maddie hugs him) —things in the future.

Zoom out. Alicia walks up from the left. Danny and Jasmine walk up from the right. Danny holds up a finger.

DANNY: You guys aren’t getting a divorce? (puts his arms down)

Cut to Jack, Maddie and Alicia. Maddie is holding the present.

MADDIE: *Divorce*? (leans forward) Who said anything about *us* (stands up straight) getting a divorce?

Zoom out to farther. Danny and Jasmine are in the foreground seen from behind. A honking is heard. Danny and Jasmine turn around. Alicia, Maddie and Jack look up.

Cut to a red pick-up truck full of people cheering, which drives up. Zoom in on the driver’s seat. The Man in the Blue Bandana is driving, with the Leaning man in the red shirt hanging off on the car door for the driver’s seat, and Jasper with his mouth hanging open, with broken-yet-whitened teeth, in the passenger seat. They are cheering and waving. Zoom out to show that the trunk has three other men in it, the left-most one is playing a tambourine, the middle one is playing an accordion, and the one in the back is playing a long string instrument. The headlights on the car are all blazing.

Cut to the Fentons. They are all hunched over. Alicia is in the back, with Maddie holding the gift, Jack next to Maddie, and Danny behind Jasmine. The Fentons all turn around. Jasmine and Danny look confused while Maddie and Jack look happy, Jack’s arms are up. Alicia’s arms are on her neck.


Cut to Alicia. Maddie runs up and wraps her arm around her, motioning to the left. Alicia turns around. Pan left to show Alicia’s cottage, with a giant poster being unraveled on it. It reads “A DECADE OF DIVORCE” in big, red letters. Two men come up from behind it, one comes up on the roof. They are waving their arms and cheering. Cut to Alicia and Maddie.

ALICIA: A party! (turns to face Maddie) For the tenth anniversary of my divorce!

Close up on Alicia, she sniffs and cries.

ALICIA: You remembered!

Zoom out to show Maddie and Alicia. Maddie thrusts her arms out.

MADDIE: Well, sure! (faces the other direction, her arm on Alicia’s back) I even convinced your ex-husband to come.

Cut to a dunk tank. Jack and Danny are in the foreground looking at it. Zoom in to show the ex-husband, he has brown hair and is wearing a tan hat. Zoom out to show him sitting on the platform of the dunk tank over a pool of water. Cut to Jasper, who pops up.

JASPER: Get set to get wet— (lifts his arm, which now has a pot roast in it) —yuppie!

He tosses it. Pan right as the roast gets closer to the camera. Cut to the target. The roast hits it with a bell sound. Pan left to show the ex-husband looking as the target as he gets dunked into the water. His hat is still floating above it. Cut a close up on another party-goer.

MAN: Yea-haah!

Zoom out to reveal that the man is playing in a band, he is in the middle playing the accordion. The man on the left is playing the tambourine while the man on the right has a long string instrument. Pan right to show the others dancing next to the poster-covered cottage, Jasper is left-most, with the bandana man next to him, Alicia to the right of the bandana man, and the red-shirt is right-most. Jack is holding Maddie in his arms next to him, and Maddie is still carrying the box. Zoom in on Jack and Maddie.

JACK: Well, aren’t you (points at the box) going to open the present?

Maddie gives the box to Jack, as he crouches down to let Maddie rip it up. The Box Ghost flies out of it as the background changes to a teal action background.

THE BOX GHOST: I am (waves his hands all spooky) The Box Ghost!

Cut to Danny and Jasmine. Jasmine is holding a coral colored book in her hands, reading it.

DANNY: They weren’t *ever* gonna (holds his arm out) get a divorce!

Zoom in on Danny.

DANNY: It was all just a huge misunderstanding.

Cut to Jasmine. She is looking into a coral colored book.

JASMINE: But, Dad doesn’t (turns to face Danny, then turns back to her book) apologize! Dad doesn’t understand what a goof he can be!

Zoom out to show Jasmine and Danny. Jasmine’s head is turned to face Danny, her chin is up, and her eyes are closed.

JASMINE: These are constants!

Pan left to show The Box Ghost. Danny and Jasmine turn around to face him.

THE BOX GHOST: (leans over and raises arms) Beware!

He flies off. Maddie and Jack chase him.


Cut to Jasmine.

JASMINE: Ah, (closes book) sweet normalcy. (turns to face left) I’ll take being (she lift a finger and puts it down) right and embarrassed over wrong every time.

Zoom out to show her and Danny. Jasmine is facing Danny.

JASMINE: (holds up a pie, Danny reaches out for it) Want some rhubarb pie?

DANNY: Love some.

The bandanna man’s head pokes in from the left. Pan left to show him raising his finger. Danny and Jasmine turn around to face him.

BANDANNA MAN: I’d stay away from that (close up on his face) if I was you.

He spits with a clang. Then he smiles and winks.

The screen closes in a black circle.

-End Title Card Screen-