1. Powerpuff Girls to the Rescue
    Here Come the Girlz!

    The Secret of the Powerpuff Girls
    Here Are the Girlz!
  2. Bouncing Bubbles
    Gentle Bubbles
  3. And Then There Were Three
    Girlz Come Together!
  4. All in the Family
    Girlz and Family Bonding!
  5. Mojo's Revenge
    Mojo's Revenge!

    Climbing the Walls
    Observation Tower Crash!
  6. Fuzzy Lumpkins
    Fuzzy Lumpkins!

    Princess Morbucks
    Princess Himeko!
  7. Mayor for a Day
    Momoko's Love

    The Infamous Amoeba Boys
    Evil Trio!? Amoeba Boys
  8. Sedusa
    Seductive Sedusa!
  9. Coach Buttercup
    Coach Kaoru's Spartan Soccer!

    Fuzzy in Love
    Fuzzy In Love!
  10. Gigi the Great
    The Charisma Elegant Monster!
  11. Friends in High Places
    Princess Goes Outer Space!

    Happy Birthday, New Townsville
    Chase the Cake-thief!
  12. Bubbles' Troubles
    Bubble of First Love
  13. Mojo and the Amoeba Boys
    Amoeba Boys Learn from Mojo!

    Revenge of Negatron
    Revenge of the Camera Monster!
  14. Attack of the Gangreen Gang
    Gangreen Gang!
  15. Fashion Action
    The Targeted Fashion Show!

    The Way of the Noodle
    Man of Honor! Ramen Monster!
  16. Sleepless in New Townsville
    Woe! Secrets of the Princess
  17. Picture This
    Don't Miss the Photo-Op!

    Revenge of Digitron
    Brotherly Love! Electric Wave Monster
  18. The Mojo League of Evil
    Monster Tag Team Battle
  19. Practice Makes Pandemonium
    Lamenting Piano Lesson!

    Ms. Keane to the Rescue
    All Mighty! Ms. Keane
  20. The Rowdyruff Boys
    Rowdyruff Boys
  21. Quack-Quack Attack
    Rubber Duckie Monster

    Veggie Vengeance
    Escape of the Hated Veggies!
  22. Pastry Puff Panic
    Him, the Ultimate Evil!
  23. A Comedy of Terrors
    Love Tale of the Kabuki Monster

    Beetle Battle
    Who Is the King of Insects!
  24. A Ken in Need, is a Friend Indeed
    Ken's Search for New Buddies
  25. The Write and the Wrong Way
    Prankster Stationary

    Flower Power
    Roses, Noses, and Hannah!
  26. All Ken Wants for Christmas
    Save Santa!
  27. Attack of the Sushi Monsters
    Make'em and Eat'em! Sushi Monsters

    Cat On a Hot Tin Poochi
    Peach and Sapphire
  28. The League of Lovely Ladies
    Ladies Tag Battle!"
  29. Harmed to the Teeth
    Let's Go To the Dentist!

    Beware the Hair
    Saturday Powerpuff Fever
  30. What's With Him?
    Girls and Him!
  31. Dunga Din
    Funta's Rolling Spirit

    The Beanie Meanie
    Sedusa's Love Game
  32. Two Burger-Bots and a Side of Fries
    Hooked on Momoko!
  33. There's no "I" in Powerpuff
    Momoko no Iede to Neapolitan!

    Keane Kong
    Keane no Doujou, Mojo no Aijou!
  34. Cleanliness is Next to Ghostliness
    The House Where Ghosts Live!?
  35. Weeding Out the Monsters
    We're Not Just Weeds!

    The Dog Days of New Townsville
    Compassion Law for Monsters!
  36. It's All Because of Him
    Girlz, Break Up!?
  37. Super Tough Girls
    Tobidasu Manga no Monster!

    Powerpuff Boys Z
    Girls, Kyuugyou!
  38. Enter the Entourage
    We Are the Torimakees!
  39. Little Ken's Big Wish
    Little Ken's Big Wish

    Wild Moon Chase
    Girlz in Quarantine!
  40. Babes in TV Land
    Girlz, TV, and a Big Present!?

    The Legend of Princess Morbucks
    Girlz, TV, and a Big Present!?
  41. The Mighty Morbucks
    Demashita! Shirogane Z

    Trading Faces
    Girlz Interchange!
  42. The Rowdyruff Girls
    Powerpuff Rowdyruff Boys!
  43. The Professor Gets His Cut
    Rescue the Kidnapped Scientists!

    Who is Lucas Clark?
    Liar Momoko's Disaster!
  44. Buttercup's New Moves
    Kaoru Loves Biceps!
  45. Hoppily Ever After
    Momoko and the Frog Prince

    Vamp on Campus
    The Day Sedusa Disappears!?
  46. Return of Him
    Danger! Girlz vs. Him
  47. Keane For a Break
    Mojo and Keane's Romantic Journey!

    Like Giving Candy to a Baby
    Here Come the Powerpuff Kids!
  48. Bubbles and the Beast
    The Miracle of Bubble Freedom
  49. The Happy Thought Blaster
    All or Nothing!? Love-Love Beam!

    Nurse Curse
    Mojo's Day at the Hospital!
  50. Him's Big Plan
    PPGZ Knock-Out Union!
  51. Only a Matter of Time
    Girlz, Beyond Time and Space!
  52. The Final Battle
    The Girlz' Final Battle