• Guy: When is that guy going to get here?

  • BG: Aunt Alice, what are you doing here?
  • Aunt Alice: Don't you remember I'm looking after you today.

  • Aunt Alice: Could you get me a hand please? You don't look very happy to see me.

  • Jeffrey: It's just me.

  • Jeffrey: Sorry, BG. I forgot my keys.

  • Aunt Alice: Thank you. That was close.

  • Alex: Uh, did you hear something?

  • BG: Uh, oh. That can't be good.

  • Aunt Alice: Yep. I'm afraid they all ruined, George.

  • George: Look what I found. Screws.

  • BG: It was one of the worst punishments I ever got. No ice cream for a whole month in the summer.

  • Britney-Ann: Didn't you hear. We're not getting one.
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