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[Narrator] This could be the room of any young boy, 

but it just happens to belong to a boy named Christopher Robin.  

Now,like any small child Christopher Robin had many toy animals to play with, 

but his very best friend was a bear, 

named Winnie The Pooh.  

Together, Pooh and his friends shared many grand adventures.  

But one of their most unusual 

began on an early autumn morning.  

It was that time of year again.  

That magical time when leaves fall, 

and pumpkins grin, 

and Spookables roam free.  

Halloween had come to the Hundred Acre Wood.  

[Humming a tune] [Gasps] 

Ah. Hmm. [Chuckles, resumes humming] 

- Boo! - [Gasps] Oh, my! 

A very, very small Spookable. 

Whatever shall I do? 

[Giggles] Don't be afraid, Mama. 

It's only me! 

- See? - Oh, Roo. 

Thank goodness. I'm saved. 

Sorry I scared you so bad. 

I was just getting ready for Halloween. 

[Chuckles] Aren't you starting a little early, dear? 

I can't help it. I'm so excited. 

It's Lumpy's first time trick-or-treating. 

Well, that is exciting. 

We're going to Piglet's to practice. 

- Bye-bye, Mama! - Bye, dear. 

Have a good time. [Chuckles] 


- [Rustling, snapping] - [Gasps] 

[Owl hooting] 






- Treat-or-Trick! - Lumpy! 

How was that, then? Did I do it right this time? 

- Did I? - Almost. But not quite. 

It's "trick-or-treat"! 



Got it. 

- Roo? - Yeah? 

- I don't get it. - [Giggles] It's simple. 

We knock on any door, and say "trick-or-treat". 

And they give us candy and cider and cookies. 

What? Just like that? 

Don't worry, Lumpy, you'll get the hang of it. 

I'll help you. 

This is gonna be the best Halloween ever because it's... 

...our first Halloween together. 

Come on, let's go practice at Piglet's house. 

This is gonna be the most fun you've had in your whole life. 

[Both] Trick-or-treat. 


Would you look at that. We frightened them so much, 

they forgot to scream. Whoo-hoo-hoo! 

Oh, bother. 

I don't think we frightened them, Piglet. 

Oh, dear. Didn't we scare you at all, Roo? 

Maybe a little bit. Right, Lumpy? 

Oh, oh, sure. 

Ooh, scary. 

Why are you wearing those funny faces? 

What? Why, these are Halloween masks, Lumpy-boy. 

I guess the kid's not from around here. 

- This is his first Halloween. - No kidding? 

Don't Heffalumps have Heffaween... I mean, Halloween? 

Well, we have Trumplet-Trumpet Day. 

Flapadoodle Eve. 

- But that's it. - Well, then, 

we must make this a very special night, indeed. 

Well, what're we waiting for? 

Somebody get this Heffalump some candy. 

No! No candy for anyone. 

Not until the proper time to go trick-or-treating. 

Now, if you'll follow me inside, I have all the fun 

meticulously planned out. 

Now, gather round, everyone. [Chuckles] 

As you see, I've collected all the candy to be found in the Hundred Acre Wood, 

and divided it into equal, easy-to-carry sacks. 

Tonight, each of you will take your sack home 

and dispense it for trick-or-treating. 

Pooh Bear, you'll be trick-or-treating with Piglet. 

Roo, you'll be with Lumpy. 

- And I'll be with Tigger. - Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! 

- Yech! - What about me? 

Uh, you, Eeyore? 

- Forgot about me, didn't you? - Uh... 

It figures. 

The point is to get organized. 

If we follow the plan, we can make this the best Halloween ever. 

Oh, boy! 

Trick-or-treating begins promptly at the stroke of sunset. 

But I don't think my tummy can wait that long, Rabbit. 

It wants a treat now. 

Oh yeah? well, your tummy will just have to wait, Pooh. 

We need to save all the candy for tonight. 


See, Lumpy? This is going to be a great night of trick-or-treating. 

I think I'm going to like this Heffaween... Hallow... 

- [gasps] - The word is "Halloween". 

And it's time we showed our new friend 

what my favorite night of the year is all about. 


- [Gasps] - [Giggles] 

Now, a Halloween-y night is good 

When we're trick or treatin' through the woods 

I'll be sneakin' up and peekin' While my tippety toes are creakin' 

Boogity Boo-in' like a Super Tigger should 

Well, a sweet treat is just my cup of tea 

And a tricky-trick is just the treat for me 

Oh, everybody pay attention 'Cause I really hate to mention 

That the ghoulie ghosts are howling up a tree 

-  We are daring to be scaring - [gasps, whimpers] 

Who's behind that mask you're wearing 

We can "Boo!" a spooky greetin' 

Then we'll share the sweets we're eating 

When we're home from trick-or-treating With our friends 

Oh, the Spookables crawl out from where they hide 

Do you think they might be hiding here inside? 

-  Well, together we're more clever -  We go places they would never! 

And a boo-hoo-hoo will send 'em for a ride 

- [gasps, screams] -  We are daring to be scaring 

Who's behind that mask you're wearing? 

We can "Boo!" a spooky greeting 

Then we'll share the sweets we're eating 

When we're home from trick-or-treating With our friends 

We are daring to be scaring 

Who's behind that mask you're wearing? 

We can "Boo!" a spooky greeting Then we'll share the sweets we're eating 

When we're home from trick-or-treating 

With our friends  

- Boo! - Aah! 


Bravo, Tigger. 

You've succeeded in terrifying poor Lumpy. 

Lumpy, please come out. 

Halloween isn't that scary. 

- Right, Tigger? - You said it, Roo, old pal. 

Not scary is just what it is. 

As long as we don't run into the Gobloon, of course. Ooh! 

No! N-N-Not the Gobloon! 

- What's a Gobloon? - Well, I'm glad you asked. 

I didn't want to leave you in the dark. Hoo-hoo! 

The Gobloon is the scardiest fraidifier 

that ever scarified on Halloween night. 

And he lives in the eeriest part of the Hundred Acre Woods. 

His lair lies beyond the Creepy Cave... 

- D-D-Dear. ... down the Slimy Slide, 

and in the Tree of Terror! 


There, there, Lumpy. 

Don't listen to that lunatic. 

There's no such thing as a Gobloon. 

You are so wrong, Long-Ears! 

- Tigger... - Rabbit... 

- Lunatic. - Long ears. 

- Whoo-hoo-hoo! - Wrong you are, Long-Ears. 

Every Halloween, he roams the woods 

for poor victims to turn you into jaggedy lanterns if he catches you. 

Jaggedy lanterns! 


I'm sure the Gobloon isn't all bad. 

Right, Tigger? 

As a point of factin', Roo-boy, 

there is one good thing about the Gobloon. 

If you catch him first, you get to make a wish. 

Did you hear that, Lumpy? What kind of wish? 

Well, only the wish-iest wish 

that you could ever wish about wishing for. 

Meaning, anything at all. 

- Wow! - Oh, fiddlesticks and nonsense. 

There's no such thing as a Gobloon and that's all there is to it! 

- Lumpy? Please come out. - [Whimpering] 

- Please? - No, thanks. 

Don't want to get turned into a jaggedy lantern. 

[Sighs] Lumpy won't come out. 

What do we do? 

Hmm. This is going to require thought, planning, concentration. 

Quick, everyone. "Operation: Extract the Heffalump. " 

Everyone grab hold. Heave ho! 


We have to get organized. All together now. 

Put some muscle into it. 


But I don't want to come out! 

- Come on, pull! - [Grunting] 

Watch my tail, Piglet. Aah! 

- Ooh! Easy on the stripes back there. - Aah! 

Somehow I don't believe they thought this through. 

Come on, little Lumpster, don't be scarified. 

The front of me's not coming out. 

And the back of me's not coming out. 

And neither is my middle. 


Hey, who turned out the lights? 

- [Gasps] - [Mumbling] 

- Aah! - [Gasps] 

- It's a Spookable! Help! - Spookables! Run! 

- Help! - Oh, my! 

Ah, well, that's more like it. Hoo-hoo-hoo! 

I guess I taught him a lesson or two. 

Please come out, Lumpy. 

I thought we were going to spend Halloween together? 

You can come under here if you want. 


You guys go ahead. 

I'll stay here with Lumpy. 

It's okay, Lumpy. 

I was just really looking forward to trick-or-treating together. 


Lumpy! You're not hiding anymore. 

- Aren't you afraid? - Oh, I still am. 

But as long as we're together, 

I can be brave. 

- Hooray for Lumpy! - Good for you! 

That's what I'm talking about! 

Well, this calls for a celebration. 

Well, this calls for a celebration. 

Piglet, fetch some candy. 

Oh... Oh, yes, sir. Rabbit, sir. 


Yes, I know. [Chuckles] 

You're all surprised. 

"No candy until tonight," I said. 

But special occasions call for sweets. 

So, Piglet, one piece of candy each. 


- Rabbit? - Yes, Piglet. The candy, if you please. 

Oh, d-d-dear. That's just it. 

Well, what is it, Piglet? Spit it out! 

Well, uh, there's, uh, no candy left, Rabbit, sir. 

What do you mean, "no candy left"? 

Why, there's sacks and sacks of it over the... Aah! 

- [Groaning] - Pooh Bear? You ate all our candy? 

Mighty impressive for one bear, though. Hoo-hoo! 

I don't know how it happened. 

I only wanted one, but... tummy kept asking for more. - [Growling] 

There's gotta be some left here somewhere. 

We can't have Halloween without candy. 

Well, I'll betcha Rabbit has a few sweets tucked away. 

Don't ya, Long-Ears? 

[Sighs] I'm afraid not, Tigger. 

Wait does that mean there's no licorice? 


No jaw breakers?


And no marshmallow puff snapdragons? 



You see, I've collected every bit of candy 

- from everyone's home's in the Hundred Acre Wood and for once I wanted everything to be organized. - Huh? 

I'm afraid... [groans] 

...there will be no trick-or-treating this year. Oh, dear. 

[Groans] Oh, bother. 

My tummy says it's sorry. 

I wish there was some way we can get more candy. 

"Wish"? Maybe there is a way. 

Remember Tigger's story? 

If we catch the Gobloon, 

we could wish for enough candy for everyone. 

Yeah! We can save Halloween. 

But if the Gobloon caught us, we'd be turned into jaggedy lanterns. 

[Maniacal laugh] 

Don't worry. I'll be right there. 

I won't let him hurt you. 


Okay, Lumpy, 

let's just go find some costumes for tonight. 

Yes, Roo, let us do so. 

That's the spirit. 

We can still have fun without candy. 

And don't forget, be back promptly at the stroke of sunset. 

[Both] We will! 

- [Both giggling] - [Crowing] 

Now, what did Tigger say again? Oh, yeah. 

First we gotta find the Creepy Cave, 

then the Slimy Slide, and then... Mmm... 

- The Tree of Terror. - Oh, right. The Tree of Terror. 

Thanks, Lumpy. Come on! 

We're gonna make this the best Halloween ever. 

Take that! And that! And that! 

I hereby proclaim Lumpy and Roo 

to be the floundering members of the, um... 

Um, bravest of the brave? 

The Bravest of the Brave Gobloon Catchers' Club. 

Brave together! Brave forever! 

Conquerors of the Gobloon! 

Now shake. 

- [Chirping] - [Roo giggles] 

No, no! Shake hands. 

That means we stick together, no matter what. 

What are we waiting for? Let's go! 

We're friends forever We'll be brave together 

We can weather whatever comes along 

One can do it Two is better 

You and me together forever 

Braver than brave Stronger than strong 

Brave together Singing our song 

-  We're friends forever -  One can do it, two is better 

-  We'll be brave together -  You and me together forever 

Braver than brave Stronger than strong 

Brave together Singing our song 

Rumple de doodle Rumple dee dee 

We'll rumble and tumble like bumbly bees 

Two together Together we're one 

Rumple de doodle De doodle de dum 

-  You're my buddy -  You're mine too 

-  If I get scared -  I'm right behind you 

It would be super if we could be the bravest friends in history 

We're friends forever We'll be brave together 

We can weather whatever comes along 

We can weather whatever comes along 

We can weather whatever 



[wind howls softly] 

[Wind howls softly] 

No prizes for guessing where the Gobloon lives? 

Oh, don't worry. We're Gobloon catchers, ho! 


Come on! 

All right. 

Know what I'm gonna wish for when we catch that Gobloon? 

Assuming the Gobloon doesn't catch us first? 

I'm gonna wish for a million cookies, 

and then a million candies, 

then three more wishes. 

- How 'bout you? - Gosh. 

I've already got my best friend 

and a lunch box full of rumpledoodles. 

What else do I need? 


[Wind howls] 

What was that? 

It sounded like it came from over there. 

[Gasps] Look! 


[Roo] That's gotta be the Creepy Cave, 

just like Tigger said. 

The Slimy Slide can't be far off. 

Come on, Lumpy. 

Whoa! [Echoing] 

Let's go! 

- [Stomps echoing] - [Lumpy whimpers] 

It's okay, Lumpy. It's only an echo. Listen. 

Gobloon! [Echoing] 

Roo, please don't do that again. 

I'm sorry. 


[Maniacal laughter] 



Roo! Something's following us. 

- I don't see anything. - I heard it. 

I don't hear anything, either. 

My ears are bigger than yours. 

Lumpy, it's all in your imagination. 


- [Screaming] - [Gasps] 

It's right behind me, Roo. It kicked me in the bottom. 

- Lumpy! Stop! - [Squishing] 

[Giggles] It's only your lunch box. See? 

I don't care. This is too scary. 

I don't want to go on. 

But we can't stop now. 

I'm sorry, Roo. 

I'm not taking another step and that is final! 

We're almost through the cave. All we have to find... 

- Roo! ... is the Slimy Slide! 

[Both] Whoa! 

Lumpy? Are you okay? 

I think so. 

Okay, we got through the cave and down the slide. 

But where's that Tree of Terror? 

Wonder which way we should go? 

[Maniacal laughter] 

[Both screaming] 

[Roo] Smell anything? 



See anything? 

- Nope. - Maybe he's not home. 

Well, only one way to find out. 

What are you going to do? 

Don't worry. I have a plan. 




- Aah! - [Crowing] 

- [Grunts] - [Gasps] 


- Lumpy! - Ah! 

You know what? The Gobloon must be out Goblooning. 

But he'll be back any minute. 

He will turn us into jaggedy lanterns. 

I don't think I can do this, Roo. 

I want to go home. 

What if we leave now, we won't catch the Gobloon and we won't get our wishes 

and we won't have candy and I won't get to show you 

how great Halloween is. 

I'm sorry. 

I'm just so scared. 

Gosh, I wish Piglet was here. 

- Piglet? - Yeah. 

He was so afraid of Halloween once, it almost was a Hallow-wasn't. 

- But then he got un-scared. - Really? 

Say, maybe if I told you the story, Lumpy, 

you might be un-scared too. 

All right. 

It happened before my mom and I moved to the Hundred Acre Wood. 

It was Halloween, 

and everyone was really excited to go trick-or-treating.  

They all had funny costumes 

and Pooh Bear's was the bestest of them all.  

Look, there he is now.  

Hi, Pooh Bear.  What are you up to? 


For Halloween. 

Which happens to happen soon. 

So I must be prepared. 

Though I'm not fond of tricking, 

I do enjoy treating, 

because treating means... 


Bother. I've smackled every smackeral of hon... Whoa! 

Happy Halloweenin' to ya, Pooh-boy! [purrs] 

Not late, am I? Didn't miss any anythin', did I? 

Halloween's what Tiggers like the best. 


Trick or treat! 

Hello, Pooh. Hello, Tigger. 

Nice costume. 

You make a good yak. 

I'm not supposed to be some yakkety-yakketin'- yak! 

Now I gotta get a new outfit! 

'Cause I'm gonna win that Best Costume Prize. 

Hmm! You wait and see! 


But, Gopher, I don't think there is such a prize. 

Fine with me! 

Cuts down on the competition. 

[Gasps] Night'll be fallin' any minute now, 

and I still haven't pulled any warm-up tricks! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! 

But, Tigger, we can't go yet. 

What do you mean? 

Halloween night won't last all day, 

and we gotta be ready for it! 

But our very dear friend Piglet is not here. 

And I would have thought he should have been by now. 

I hope he is all right. 

[Piglet] Yes, Piglet, you're gonna be quite all right. 

Because... Because this year is going to be the year. 

This Halloween, you're going to enjoy yourself. 

Nothing is going to frighten you. 

There! If I'm not scared 

of something as frightful as this, I'll be unafraid of anything! 

I hope. 

Ghoulish goblin G- Ghastly ghost 

Everything scares me the most 

All I really want to do 

Is be with Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger 

Kind of creepy, sort of scary 

Yes, but maybe not so very 

Well, in order to be brave 

I tell myself that I am not afraid 

No, not too much 

And if I am not afraid 

Not more than a t-touch 

I can be around my friends 

And being with them is much better 

We might be more brave together 

Then I can say that I am not af...  

What if some spook comes up to me 

When it's dark and really gloomy 

How very grand to stand up tall 

But could I even stand at all? 

I don't have one scary feature 

A timid, small and frightened creature 

Dear, oh dear, I'm just not brave 

I want to tell them 

I am not afraid 

No, not too much 

And if I am not afraid 

Not more than a t-touch 

I can be around my friends 

And being with them is much better 

We might be more brave together 

It's Halloween I'll face my fear 

'Cause it's the spookiest night of the year 

What a very grand thing to be so brave 

To show myself that I am not afraid  


B- B-B-Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! 


Trick or treat. Or not. 

Why, Piglet, where is your costume? 

Oh. I, uh... 

Actually I haven't entirely decided, exactly, 

just what I want to be, precisely. 

Gasp! Look at the time. 

Half-past a quarter of sunset. 

And I still haven't done any warmin'- uppin'! Come on! 


I gotta try some trick-or-trickin' on old Rabbit. Hoo-hoo! 

There is a trick to pullin' tricks, you know. 

[Thunder rumbling] 

[Eeyore] Storm brewin'. 

Oh, dear. 

[Pooh] Piglet. 

If you were I and I were you, 

would you think my costume will get me plenty of treats tonight? 

- Namely, honey. - [Buzzing] 

I should give it a trying-out to be sure. 

Oh, uh, Pooh, I-I-I really don't know. 

Say, where y'all buzzing off to, buddy boys? 

I shall know I'm all the bee that I can be, 

if the bees see me 

and see a bee instead of me. 



Oh, Pooh Bear! 

Shh! Perhaps it would be best, Piglet, 

if you didn't call me by name. 

It might make the bees curious. 

I'm sorry, Pooh Who Isn't. 

[Clears throat] 

A trick? Or treat? [Grunts] 

Oh, bother. 

Ahh. Each precious pumpkin a picture of perfection! 

- [Distant screaming] - [Gasps] 

No. No, no! No no-no no no! 

Not this way. That way, to your left. 

No, no, your other left! 

- [Screaming] - [Braying] 

Oh, my! 

My poor pumpkins. [Sobs] 

[Gasps] Are you all right, Pauline? 

Oh, speak to me, Pietro. 

Oh, don't you know me, Petunia? [Sobbing] 

Trick or treat! 

Not now, Gopher. 

And why are you dressed like a muskrat? 

Muskrat? [Groaning] 

That guy wouldn't know a rabbit from a hole in the ground! 

Ooh. Whoo-hoo! Whoo. Yeah. 

Huh? Look at all the pretty pumplekins! 

Jackie-lanterns just waitin' to happen! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! 


Ah! Oh, d-d-d-d-dear! 

Oh, d-d-d-dear, dear! 

Tigger, stop that! 

I have no time for this Halloween nonsense. 

I've got work to do. I have pumpkins to protect! 

How's this one? 

Of all my favorite holidays, 

Halloween isn't. 

[Thunder rumbling] 


Ooh, a stormin'- good storm. 

This is going to be the bestest Halloween ever! 

- With loads of lightnin'! - [Thunderclap] 

And thunderous thunderin'! 


And windiferous winds breaking everywhere! Whoo-hoo-hoo! 

- Oh, d-d-dear, dear. - [Thunderclap] 

Why, we're gonna be creepin' and crawlin' with Spookables! 

Oh, d-d-d-dear, dear! 

Um, y-you don't suppose there will be any Spookables 

of the honey-hungry sort? 

- Do you? - At least half a dump of Spookables. 

And bug-eyed Woozles and saw-toothed Jagulars! 

Oh, d-d-dear! Deary dear dear! 


Oh! Ah! 

- [Roaring] - Ah! [whimpers] 

- [Roaring] - Oh! Ah! Yaaaaah! 

Tigger: Uh was there something I said?

Roo: And then Piglet ran for his life. 

Hey, Lumpy, is the story making you feel any better? 


- I'll take that as a "no". - What happened next, Roo? 

Did the Spookables get Piglet? 

Hmm. Well, let's see. 

Piglet was all alone, lost in the woods, 

on the ookiest-spookiest night of the year, 

which really wasn't the best place to be.  


There. Now you're s-safe and sound. 

- [Knocking] - Ah! 

[Whimpering] Who is it? 

[Pooh] It's me, them, and, of course, us. 

Oh. But wait. 

Perhaps if you'd say something only you would say, 

I'd know you're you. 

A very good idea, Piglet. But what should I say? 

Well, possibly... "I am Pooh"? 

You are? Well, then who am I? 

It's Pooh. 

Are you quite all right, Piglet? 

Um... [stammering] Yes. 

You will be joining us for Halloween, won't you? 

Well, to be perfectly honest... 

What I mean to say is... 

To put it another way... 

The truth of the matter is... 

As a small and timid animal, I'm afraid I'm really too afraid. 

Oh, but Piglet, 

Halloween without you would be like... 

Like last year, and the year before last year. 

Then the year before that year. 

And all the years leadin' up to and includin' 

every last Halloween ever. 

I'm very, very sorry indeed. 

Oh, that's quite all right, Piglet. 

We shall simply not have Halloween. 

Oh, you mustn't do that, Pooh Bear, 

- only because of me. - Oh, no. 

This Halloween shall be a Hallo-wasn't 

and you shall have no reason to be frightened. 

Thank you, Pooh Bear. 

Would you like us to stay with you, Piglet? 

No, I-I-I'll be quite all right now. 

I had hoped it wouldn't happen this year. 

Everyone was looking forward to Halloween so. 

I've let down Pooh Tigger 

Gopher Eeyore 

and most of all... me. 

I do so hope this blusterous and rather stormish night 

will not be too frightening for poor Piglet. 

I suspect something should be done. 

But what? 

I don't know either. 

Think, think, think. 

Why, just because Piglet can't have Halloween with us, 

there's no reason we can't have Hallo-wasn't with him! 

I like the way you think. 

[Tigger] No way, no how, am I gonna miss out on another Halloween! 

I'll have my own Hallo-wasn't all by myself. Whoo-hoo! 

If only Piglet was more like me and less like him. 

Oh, I love surprises and wearin' disguises 

A horribly hideous costume'll do 

Better be wary, be spooky and scary I'll bounce from the shadows and "Boo" 

I wanna scare myself and everyone else 

Those thrilly and chilly old willys will rise 

Cover your eyes, little buddy beware I'm twitchin' and itchin' to scare 


Unspeakable Spookables Awful unlookables 

Galloping ghosties and goblins galore 

What if they find you Oh, look out behind you 

A terrible Tigger-type roar That would be me, hoo-hoo 

I wanna scare myself and everyone else 

Those thrilly and chilly old willys will rise 

Cover your eyes, little buddy beware I'm twitchin' and itchin' to scare 


Now Tiggers I figger make scares even bigger 

They dress up and scream "Who am I? Can you guess?" 

And tricks always happen when ghosts are a-flappin' 

And tricks are what Tiggers like best! I wanna scare myself and everyone else 

Those thrilly and chilly old willys will rise 

Cover your eyes, little buddy beware I'm twitchin' and itchin' to scare 


And who better?  

Oh, by the way. Boo! 

[Gasps] Spookables! 

Trick-or-treat, again. 

We're on our way to Piglet's to have a Hallo-wasn't, 

- if you'd like to join... - What're ya waitin' for? 

Come on! 

- [Whimpering] - [Snapping] 

What... What was th-that? 


Someone's coming! [Gasping] 

It's a three-headed, b-b-bug-eyed, saw-toothed Spookable! 

I must find Pooh! 

Perhaps we'd better take off our costumes, 

so as not to frighten him. 

- [Knocking] - Piglet? Piglet? 

[Gasps] Don't you know what this means? 

He's been pignapped by Spookables! 

Hup, two, three, four. Hup... 

Hup, two, three, four. Hup... 

P- P-Pooh wasn't at Eeyore's either, 

and neither was Eeyore, 

and no one was at T-T-Tigger's. 

Hello, Rabbit? 

Oh, no one at all is where they should be. 


Oh! Oh, d-d-dear. 

Aaah! [echoing] 

Was that you, Eeyore? 

Wish I could say it was. 

But it wasn't. 

If I didn't know any better, 

I'd think you fellas was all... scaredy. 

- [Snorting echoing] - We are. 



Well, I'm not! 

Now quit climbin' all over me, buddy bear! 

We got piglets to find! 

I think I have had a thought. 

If we put our costumes on, 

when we find the Spookables, 

they shall think we're them and we shall think they are us, 

so we can save Piglet 

and no one will be the wiser! 

[Snorting echoing] 

[All screaming, gasping] 

[Chuckles] I know I got it this time! 

[Moaning echoing] 



Oh, an inf-f-festation of ghosts and goblins and ghouls! 



Excuse me, but could someone, 

anyone really, help me? 

Oh, d-d-d-dear! Pooh Bear! 

Oh, they have Pooh Bear! 

T- T-T-Two very fierce and savage Spookables! 

I must save my friend Pooh! 

Boo! Boo, I say. 

B- B-B-Boo! 




What? Who's that? 

Oh no, not this way! 

Oh, d-d-dear! 

Why, Piglet, you scared the Spookable away! 

I did? 

You did and what you did saved us all. 

I did! 

Three cheers for the bravest little timid guy ever! 

Hip-hip! Hooray! Hip-hip! Hooray! 

Hip-hip! Hooray! 


Why, Gopher, what a wonderful costume. 

It is? It is! 

By dingy, it's the best! That's what it is. 

Of all the Halloweens I can remember, 

and I can't, 

this Hallo-wasn't has been 

the most unforgettable of all. 

And I got a super, grade-A, lollapaloozin' good scare! 

Not that I was frightened by it. 

And this year Piglet has made it all the way through, 

so our Hallo-wasn't truly was a Hallo-was. 

Hey, wait a half a segundo. 

You never did figure out what you're gonna be, Piglet! 

Actually, Tigger, I did. 

I've decided I'd like to go as Pooh's very best, 

and very bravest friend. 

That, Piglet, is the thing I should most like you to be. [Roo] Said Pooh. And so, with just a little bit of help from his very good friend...  

- [Lumpy] Pooh Bear? - That's right.  

Piglet became un-scared.  

And he stayed un-scared for a while. 

'Because he had his friends to keep him company. 

Lumpy, did my story un-scare you? 

I think so. 

If someone as small as Piglet can be brave, 

- I can be twice as brave. - [Chuckles] At least. 

You would never leave me alone, would you, Roo? 

Never, Lumpy. I promise. 

- Brave together. - Brave forever. 

Conquerors of the Gobloon! 

Come on, Lumpy. 



- [Both] Ha-ha! - Come on! 

All we have to do now is wait 'til he comes home. 

Then I pull the rope, the trap door slams down and wham! 

- We get our wishes? - Yep! 

Now shh. 

Don't make a sound. 


- [Bang] - Whoa! 

What was that? 

Maybe it's the Gobloon. 

You stay here. I'll go check it out. 

If it's him, I'll chase him here. 

And when I give the signal, you spring the trap. 

What signal? 

Hmm. Oh. I'll hoot like Owl. Only instead of "hoo hoo", 

I'll hoot "Roo hoo". 

On second thought, why don't you come with me? 

Good idea. That way I'll know when you give the signal. 

- [Snapping] - [Gasps] 

[Gasps] Aah! 

Come on. 


It's coming from the bridge. 


Follow me. 


Lumpy, come on! 


- [Bird cries] - [Gasps] 

Lumpy, quiet! 

- [Grunts] - Shh! 



- [Roaring] - [Both screaming] 

Run, Lumpy! Run! 

Ah! Aah! 

Aah! The Gobloon's gonna get us. 



Aah! Help! 




Roo, where are you? 

You said you'd never leave me alone. 



[Wind howls] 

- [Bird calling] - [Gasps] 

- [Various animal sounds] - [Gasps] 

I- Lumpy? 

W- Where are you? 

- [Bird crowing] - [Gasps] 

- [Crowing] - Aah! [whimpering] 

Help! The Gobloon's got me! The Gobloon's got me! 

- Aah! - [Gasps] Roo? 

Hold on, Roo. I'll save you! 



Roo hoo! Where are you, Roo? 

Please answer me. 

Roo? [Gasps] 


Help! The Gobloon's got Roo! 

Aaaah! [Panting] 

Brave together, brave forever. 

I'll save you, Roo. 

I'll save you, Roo. 

If Piglet can be un-scared, so can I. 

Brave together, brave forever. 

Conquerors of the Gobloon. 


Oh, no, you don't. 



[Trumpeting echoing] 

- [Humming a tune] - [Knocking] 

Hmm? Hmm! 

- Boo. - Oh, h-hello, Eeyore. 

- How'd you know it was me? - [Chuckling] 

- Hello, Piglet. - Oh, hello, Pooh. 

Look at me, Piglet. 

I'm a little honey pot. 

Oh, very nice, Pooh Bear. 

Oh, hi, Tigger. 

Shh! Tigger is my mild-mannered alter-ego. 

I am Super-Tigger. 

I can leap over a house or something really big, in a single bounce. 

And then... And... And I... 

I'm not kidding anyone. 

It just doesn't feel like Halloween without any candy. 

It feels more like Hallow-almost or Hallow-Not-Quite-Right. 

- Or something. - I know what you mean, Tigger. 

Even my tummy can't be fooled. 

- [Door opens] - Huh? 

Cheer up, everyone. 

Halloween is saved. 

Whoo-hoo! I knew you could do it, Long-Ears. 

So, what did ya bring? Popcorn balls? 

Candied apples? Cookies? 

- Even better. - Honey? 

- Even better. - As long as it's candy. 

- Sure is. - Ho! 

Nature's candy. Vegetables. 

[All groan] 

Carrots. Radishes. Rutabagas. 

Oh, they're tasty, juicy, 

and most important, good for you. 

Well, I-I suppose we could go trick-or-treating with these. 

Uh-huh. Well, I'll take the trick, please. 

Oh, nonsense. This is going to be the best 

and healthiest Halloween ever! 

Finally, as it should be. 

Hey, I just thought of something. 

If we're all here to go tricking and treating, 

then none of us are home to be treated or tricked. 

[Gasps] You're right, Tigger. 

That is a bother. 

But what should we do? 

Hmm. Think, think, think. 

Oh! I-I have an idea! Let's take turns. 

We can practice here at my house. 

I don't know, Piglet. 

What if you don't answer the door? 

Oh, I will! I promise, I will! 

Well, it's risky. 

Oh, my head hurts. 

But it's just crazy enough to work. 

- Let's give it a try. - Goody-goody! 

[Metal clicking] 


Wh-Wh-Who's there? 

It's us! Who else could it be? 

- "Us" who? - [Groans] "Us"! 

Rabbit, Tigger and Pooh Bear! 

Forgot me again. 

P- P-P-Prove it. 

Open this door at once! 

[Metal clicking] 

- Rabbit! It is you! - Trick-or-treat! 


I can't wait to try my place. 

Wonder if I'm gonna be there. 

- [Pooh] Mmm. - Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! 

- [Groans] - [Tigger] Whoo-hoo! 

[Owl hooting] 

[Roo] L-Lumpy? 


Where are you? 




Oh, no! The Gobloon got you! 

And he's turned you into a jaggedy lantern. 

Say something, Lumpy. 

Oh no, Lumpy. 

Don't worry, I'll find help. 

It'll be okay. 

I won't leave you again. 


[Tigger] Let's give Rabbit the old trickety-treatment. 

Knockety knock knockety. 

Guess who! 

Uh, "Guess who," he says. Gee, I don't know. 

Pooh Bear, hmm? Tigger? 

Oh, he's good. 

Very good. 

Uh-huh. Anyway, let's see, where are those treats? 

Oh, here we go. 

A nice juicy rutabaga for Pooh Bear. 

Prunes for Piglet, celery for Eeyore, 

and, uh, for you, Tigger... [chuckles] Spinach. 

Sheesh. Roo-boy and Lumpy are missing all the fun, 

and the spinach. 

I told them to be here at sunset. I'm sure they'll be by any minute. 

- Help! - Roo-boy. 

Help! [Grunts] 

We tried to catch the Gobloon, and we found his tree 

but I got scared and ran away. 

Then the Gobloon turned him into a jaggedy lantern. 

Could you start again from that first Gobloon? 

- [Gasps] Gobloon! - Oh, d-d-d-dear. 

The story's true. There really is a Gobloon. 

Quick, everyone, panic! 

- Poor Lumpy. - Oh, this will never do. 

Wait a second. I got it. 

We gotta catch the Gobloon. 

- W-W-What? - Well, if you catch the Gobloon, 

- you get to make a wish. - That's it, Tigger. 

We can wish Lumpy back. 

Tigger's right. Wait a minute. 

Tigger's right? That can't be right. 

Tigger's right? That can't be right. 

Hurry! Hurry! There's not a moment to lose! 


- Hurry! - Come on. 

We're gonna save him. 

- We're coming, Lumpy. - Don't worry! 

We'll have you back to normal in no time. 

I'm sorry I left you all alone. 

Lumpy, we're coming for you! 

We're coming, Lumpy! 

R- Remind me again, Pooh Bear. 

How did I ever become un-scared? 


[Gasping, shuddering] 

Listen, everyone. 

The tree is making noises. 



Maybe it has a bellyache. 

That's the Gobloon! The trap worked. 

We caught him! We caught him! 

- Hooray! - Hooray for us! 

- I knew we could do it. - Hooray! Yay! 

Now what? 

Let's knock and shout "trick-or-treat". 

- I could offer him some honey. - I don't think Gobloons eat honey. 

Well, he could sure have all of my spinach. 


Um, Mr. Gobloon? 

I don't want candy. 

All I care about is Lumpy. 

I wish my friend back. 


- You hear me, you mean old Gobloon? - [Gasps] 

I want my friend back! 

- Roo? Roo! I'm in here! - [Thunderclaps] 

- [Banging] - [Weeping] 






[Both screaming] 


- [Gasps] Lumpy? - [All gasp] 

- You're okay! - It worked. 

- [Eeyore] Things couldn't get better. - [Tigger] Roo wished Lumpy back! 

- It worked! - Oh, yes! 

[Pooh] Now, that's what I call a happy ending. 

I'm sorry I ran away, Lumpy. 

I was just so scared. 

Would you... 

Could you... forgive me? 

Gosh, Roo, you came back for me. 

That was brave. 

I guess thinking about being with you made me brave. 

- Brave together? - Brave forever. 

Conquerors of the Gobloon! 

- Hooray! - Hooray for us! 

Who needs candy to have a great Halloween? 

When we've got each other. 

You know, it seems to me 

there's only one thing left to say. 

I know, I know. 


- [[[Tigger]]] Gasp! - Happy Halloween, everyone! 


[All giggling] 


Come in. 

I baked cookies and rumpledoodles for everyone. 

And I made a special jack-o'- lantern 

for each and every one of you. 

Hello, gorgeous. Whoo-hoo-hoo! 

Hmm. Doesn't look like me at all. 

Why the long face? 

Oh, look, Piglet. It's me and my very best friend. 

Oh, mine too! 

Look, Lumpy. There's even one for me. 

- Wow! - But where's yours? 

I'm so sorry, Lumpy. 

I did make one for you, 

but it must have fallen off my wheelbarrow. 

[Both gasp] 

See? I told you. 

Halloween is the most fun ever. 

You were right. I love Hallowoon. 

Hallow-woo... Hallow-whoa... 

Oh, whatever. As long as we're together. 

[All]  We are daring to be scaring 

Who's behind that mask you're wearing? 

We can "Boo!" a spooky greetin' Then we'll share the sweets we're eating 

When we're home from trick or treating 

With our friends