Father's Curse. DEAD or ALIVE. THE FLYING DUTCHMAN - Father. - Henry. What have you done? - I said I'd find you. - Look at me, son. - I don't care! - There is no place for you on the Dutchman. They know you're here... Get home to your mother. No! - Leave now, before it's too late. - I won't! I'll never stop... And if you throw me over, I'll come straight back.. Don't you see, I'm cursed to this ship? That's why I'm here. I think I know a way to break your curse. To free you from the Dutchman. - Henry, no. - I've read about a treasure. A treasure that holds all the power of the sea, The Trident of Poseidon, can break your curse. Henry. The Trident can never be found. I found you. - It's just a tale. - Like the tales of you. And Captain Jack Sparrow? He will help me find the trident. You stay away from Jack. Leave the sea forever. You've to stop acting like a. A pirate. I won't stop. I want you to come home. Henry. I'm sorry. My curse will never be broken. This is my fate. You must let me go. I love you son. Captain Jack Sparrow. Nine years later.. Faster you pathetic built rats, you pump the builds.. And fill the scuppers. We are chasing down pirates. Henry get back here. You don't wanna get kicked off an another ship. It's a Dutch boat. Probably stolen by the Pirate Bonet. My God. I warned you of leaving your post, boy. I need to speak with the captain. - What did you say? - Move. It is going in, sir. Chase her down. No, don't do it! Don't do it.. You will not address a Captain, boy. Sir, look at your charts. I believe you're sailing us, in to the Devil's Triangle. Do you hear this man? This landsman, believes an old sailor's myth. Sir. With all due respect I have spent my life studying, the myths of the sea. I know every legend and every curse. Do I know, ships that sail into the triangle do not necessarily sail out. Don't worry sir. - This one is clearly disturbed. - Sir, trust in what I say. Change your course. You dare to give me orders, boy? Arrest him! Turner! I'll not let you kill us all. Come on. This is treason! Lock him up. - No. - I'm going in. This was your last chance, Turner. If it were up to me, I would string you from the yard. On deck! Jack Sparrow. He's dead. Buried in an unmarked graveyard of St. Martin. Sir, there's something in the water. Ship to starboard! That's no ship, sir. It's a shipwreck. No. She's sailing straight towards us. Open fire! What are you? Death. WANTED! JACK SPARROW. Jack Sparrow. Do you know this pirate? - Only by name. - You could look me for him? - Is that a yes? - Yes. For too many years the Triangle has cursed us. Condemned us to this Hell on Earth. The key to our escape.. Is Jack Sparrow and the compass, which he holds. No, no. No need to fear me boy. I always leave one man alive. To tell the tale. Find Sparrow for me and relay a message. From Capitan Salazar. Salazar. Tell him I'll behold the daylight again. And on that day. Death. Death.. comes straight for him. Would you say that to him? Please? - Yes. - I wish I could tell him myself, but. Dead men tell no tales. Previo: TamaBien. SAN MARTIN, THE CARIBBEAN. - Carina Smyth. You're an orphan, born of the devil. Accused of practicing witchcraft. Before you die. Do you have anything to confess? I confess that I am not a witch. That I'm a woman of science. I confess that I have survived on my own, with nothing but a dairy. From a father I never knew. On a quest for the truth of who I am. I confess that I will die before I give up this search. And I confess. That while we've been talking. I pitched this lock. Today we dedicate The Royal Bank of St. Martin. The most secure banking institution in the Caribbean. Our new vault.. Is 5 inches thick. And weighs an imperial ton. I've got her! Get her! Don't let her get away. Stop that witch! With this bank, the town of St. Martin, enters the modern world. - I'm so sorry, sir. - The witch's get to the chains. Find that wicked lass. Or you swing in her place. - Sir. - Sir. No man.. Nor army. Can ever rob the gold from St. Martin. Open the vault! Pirate! Pirate.? Pirates! This may seem a peculiar question. Could someone explain to me.. To why I'm here? How long? No, no no, wait, it's coming to me. Need just a moment to clear mi head. Make ready! Hold your fire. There's a woman with him in the vault. Sir, I believe... hat's your wife. Francis? Oh, I've got it! I've got it. I'm robbing the bank! Shoot him! That was not part of the plan. Stop him! Don't let him get away! NO DOGS, NO WOMEN. No woman has ever handled my... Clear the path. No, no, no, no! Stop, stop.. stop! Hard to starboard! Sir, your celestial fix was off. I have adjusted two degrees north. Your map will no longer be imprecise. Although you will have to start again with it. You're a witch. No, I'm not. Am I a witch for having cataloged. - Over 200 stars? - Witch! There is a blood moon coming. I simply need to purchase. A chronometer. I pay you double for selling to a woman. Help me! Help! Help! There is a witch in my shop. And a pirate! There is a witch and a pirate in my shop. Well this is your lucky day! Have either of the four of you seen my bank? Found it. - Were you part of the plan? - I am not looking for trouble. What a horrible way to live. - Stop that Witch! Get her! - We're trapped. What do we do? You need to scream. Over there! Secure that woman! - You filthy pirate! - No need for lame calling! Jack! Bridge? It's empty! Where is the dash? Do you think that robbing a bank is easy? You gaggle of gutless use of the wound.. Guilty of putting me on this dreadful pickle in the first place. Now line up.. And offer me a tribute. Do you want us to pay you? Am I not the captain of this ship? You call this a ship? - Where is the treasure? - All of us are starving. We'll no longer follow a captain without a ship. I have a ship. Black Pearl has never left mi side. The pirate Barbarossa rules these seas now. Has 10 ships. Guns full. Not to mention his canon balls. 18 pounds each they say. One legged man with 18 pound balls? That's why he walks funny. Oh come, come mates? Did we not find the treasure of Macedonia together? It was a troll of rotten wood. - Gold of King Midas. - A pile of donkey dung. Face it Jack. Bad luck dogs you, day & night. Now that is a bliss of fabrication. - You've lost your luck. - You've lost your ship. Now.. you've lost your crew. Jack Sparrow is no longer our captain. I'm sorry Jack. But we've reached the end of the horizon. You're all dismissed. Eh? All of ya! Dismissed! Never sail with Captain Jack Sparrow again. Tell you that. The whole town speaks of you. The only survivor of the Monarch. A boy who pelled.. All the way to St Martin, against the tide. On a piece of wood. Now gibbering about pirates. And tridents. Please sir, let me go off these chains. My job is to protect this island and these waters. And your sleeves have been ripped, The mark of treason. We were attacked by the dead. You're a coward who ran from battle. That is how you die. - I don't believe you're a coward. - Please leave me sister. I've risked my life to come here. To see if the rumors are true. - Are you speak of the Trident? - Who are you? - Tell me why you seek the trident? - The Trident can break, any curse at sea. My father is trapped by such a curse. You're aware that curses are not supported by science. - Neither the ghosts. - So you have gone mad? - I should never have come here. - Then why did you come here? Because I need to get off this island. To solve the map. "No man can read". Left by Poseidon himself. - You've read the ancient text? - In each language they were written. But this map has never been seen or read, by any man. Luckily I am a woman. This is the diary of Galileo Galilei. He's spent his life searching for the Trident, It's why he invented the spyglass. Why astronomers' spend their lives staring in to the sky. So you're saying the map no man can read, Is hidden in the stars? It was left to me by my father. He believe I could find.. What no man has ever found. I will not let him down. Soon, there will be blood moon. Only then can the map be read. - And the Trident found. - Who are you? - Carina Smyth! - If you have to save your father, you'll have to save me. Find us a ship. And the Trident will be ours. Come to me Witch! Oh! He's gone.! He's gone sir. Find that coward! He will hang with the witch. Think Capt. Jack washed up right? I have not had a wash in years. Check the alley down there. You two, check the church. Rest of you, with me. Bugger! - May I please have a drink, please? - Show me your silver. Silver? How about a trade? Give me the bottle. Capitan. What's happening? Jack Sparrow, Jack Sparrow has given away the compass. Daylight! We're free! Now, now, it's time, to hunt a pirate. Pirate's life. Come to Daddy. Just the man we've been looking for. Why? Why am I looked for? Let it be known that the pirate Jack Sparrow.. Will be executed at dawn. Executed? I will never set foot in this town again, sir. Be mark of words. To release the power of the sea. One must divide. It's an island. The stars lead to an island. - I'm looking for a pirate, Jack Sparrow. - Bugger off! I need to speak with you. - Give me your sword. - I don't have a sword. - What kind of soldier has no weapon? - I'm counting on to the treason. So, not a very good kind. I am looking for a pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow? Today is your lucky day. Because I just happen to be.. Captain Jack Sparrow. No, it can't be. I've spent years searching for.. this? The great Jack Sparrow is not some drunk in a cell. Do you even have a ship? A crew? Pants. A great pirate does not require such intricacies. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment? The risks I've taken to be here? - Are you sure you're the Jack Sparrow? - The real question is.. - Who are you? - My name is Henry Turner. Son of Will Turner and Elisabeth Swann. You are the evil spawn of them two? Does mommy ever ask about me? No. Go on. She calls my name in the sleep? She never spoke of you. Are you sure we're talking about the same people? He is a haste eunuch. She has golden hair, stubborn, pouty lips. Neck like a giraffe. - And two of the those wonderful. - Yes Yes, it's her.! I need you to listen Jack. Because at the moment you're all I have got. I found the way to save my father. There is one thing that can break his curse. And free him from the Dutchmen. The Trident of Poseidon. The treasure that can be found with... the map that no man can read. Never heard of it. There's a girl inside this prison Jack, who holds that map. The moon has time to blood, the trident will be found. And you could be the one who holds the sea. And with it become all that you once were. The great. Jack! Oh, I'm so sorry. Were you still talking? One more thing. A message from someone you know, named Captain Salazar. I once knew a Spaniard named. Something in Spanish. El Matador Del Mar. The butcher of the sea. Him? No, no, no. Quite happily he's dead. Very, very dead. Ship went down.. Inside the triangle. He's coming for you Jack, to seek revenge. As the dead man's tale is told.. I don't believe you. What did he say? He said your compass was the key, his escape. An army of dead, are coming straight for you, Jack. The Trident of Poseidon is your only hope. Do we have an accord? - I am not going in there to tell him. - It was your idea! No, it was my idea for you to tell him. He likes you more than me. He doesn't like anybody. Sorry sir. We know you said never to disturb you. Or to come in without good cause. Or to speak without first. To ask you now whether our, thoughts were absolutely necessary. Like the time the ship was on fire. That being an example of necessary thought. So again, we do apologize for starting that fire. Speak! It's the ships, sir. They are being attacked by an enemy.. - That takes the Riches. - Kills without provocation. My ships? Not possible! Three of them already been sunk, Sir. They have been sunk by a captain called Salamander! Sandoval. Salazar! That's him, your sireness! He leaves one man from each vessel.. To tell the tale. The entire fleet is being sunk. And we'll soon be dead. And quite possibly out of business. I'll be needing some time with your witch.. I have been expecting you Captain. Perhaps you would like some tea. I shall pass, thank you kindly. The price of crossing my door is blood, Captain. That explains why you're not so busy. Everyone pays, eventually. Shansa, you and I made a bond long ago. I saved you from the gallows. Remember? And I cursed your enemies. But now you come to me with fear. As the dead have taken command over the sea. And what would the dead be wanting with me? Not you, Captain. - They're searching for a Sparrow. - Jack? Jack who sails for the trident.. With a girl and a Pearl. The trident can never be found. The trident is Jack's only hope. The dead are conquering the sea, unable to step on dry land. Maybe you should retire to the country side. You mean grass? On a farm? Milking a cow, making cheese. - While they sink mi treasure? - Ask yourself this, Captain. - Is this treasure worth dying for? - I'm a pirate. Always will be! So how do I save, - what be mine. - Jack held a compass. Which points you to the thing you desire most. But betray the compass... And it releases your greatest fear. And a pirate's greatest fear will be Salazar, is it? - How did you get this? - I have my ways. Lead them to Jack before he finds the trident. And all your treasure will come back to you. Time to make a deal with the dead. Come on, pirate. Hold on, stop. - Uncle Jack! - Jackie boy, how is it going? Can't complain really. You? I've been waiting all morning in here, for a beating. - But the service is terrible. - Shameful. Jack. The oceans have turned to blood. Best to stay on dry land, where it's safe. I'm about to be executed on dry land. Good point. Did I ever told you about the skeleton? Yes you have, many times. Skeleton goes into a bar, orders a beer. And a mop. Funny as ever. Come on let's go! If they disembowel you, ask for Viktor. He's got the softest hands. Thank you. And mention my name, they won't cut your feet off. Come on. You're first! And how would you like to die pirate? Hanging, firing squad or a new invention. - The guillotine. - Guillotine? Sounds french. I love the French. Did you know they've invented mayonnaise? How bad could it be? It's French, right? Oh, my bad! I change mi mind.. No please have mercy for me. I am a bet wetter. Oh, come on! I mean I have to walk upstairs as well for this? - Bring the basket. - Basket.. why? Step him down! Here's an idea. Why don't we try good old fashioned stoning? I'd kill to be stoned right now. Gets the crowd involved, doesn't it? I should like to speak to Victor in disembowelment. I should like to speak to Vic. I'm not the one who, complain normally, but this basket is full of heads. Final words of Carina Smyth. Shut up! The final words of Carina Smyth. It says. I'm not a witch. But I forgive your common dim witlessness and feeble brains. In short, most of you have the mind of a goat. Pardon me sir. It's not common practice... for those about to be executed. To be granted a last, I don't know, some of a..? I believe I was making a point. If you could just be patient. No. My head's about to be lopped off. Hence the urgency. And my neck is to be broken. Did you know that on occasion, the neck doesn't actually break. - It just hurts. - What? Oh Yes. I have seen men swing for hours. Eyes bulging, tongues swelling. - Revolting gurgling sound. - May I finish? No. You're lucky. Wish I was hung. - Kill the filthy pirate, I'll wait.. - The witch is first. I'm not a witch. Did not you listen? Quite hard to listen when you have the mind of a goat. Enough! Kill them both. Yes! Guess another news. Did you think you could defeat us boy? No sir, I'm just a diversion. Fire! I still rather be stoned. Reload! Thank you. Come here. You Pirate Scum! Hey! What do you do? No, no, no, no! Horses? - Thank you. - You're welcome Mi lady. Got you! Who you'd come tolling back traitor? The Turner boy gave us.. 10 pieces of silver to save your neck. From this moment on we're to be allies. Considering where your left hand is. - I'd say we're more than that. - We'd find the Trident together. Do I have your word? You're holding everything but my word. Then I bestow upon you the honor of saving me. For a small donation. You expect us to pay you to save you? Yes! For a mere 10 pieces. Madness! - We won't more than 5. - Well, then. 8 it is. Perhaps we could discuss this later. As I am having trouble here wasting your... - That is my stern. - Are you sure? - Positive. - Well, look at this. If I kill the coward. The witch hangs. - Two for the price of one. - Please don't let go of me. It might be difficult once he kills me. Gentlemen, these two prisoners will lead us, to the trident. Captain. Do you really think we can find the trident? Master Gibbs, you're worrywart. There is nothing to be concerned about. - What could possibly go wrong, right? - So this was your plan? To be tortured and killed by pirates? You said you needed a ship. - You call this a ship? - Cut the string! Prepare them. My dear beloved crew. Finally... Today is.. DYING GULL. Something's gone wrong. She floats! Ship dead ahead. Sir. We would never question your reason as a captain. But, however.. Is there a reason as captain, you've chosen.. To sail in this unreasonable direction? Tell the men to prepare to be boarded. To stand their ground. And show no fear. Capitan! A ship sails towards us. Captain Salazar. I hear you've been looking for Jack Sparrow. Hold point! And await orders. My name is Captain Barbarossa. And I stand before you, - with cordial intent. - I don't need any cordial intent. Do you hear that? This pirate wishes to be cordial. So let me show you what my cordiality is. Every time I tap my sword. One of your men will die, So I suggest you speak quickly. Might want to go a bit faster Captain. - Where is Jack Sparrow? - Jack be sailing for the trident. - No. The sea belongs to the dead. - The Trident controls the seas. No, no. There is no treasure. There is no treasure. I can't save him. He'll die with you. I be the only one that can lead you to him. I declare you should have Jack's life by sunrise tomorrow. Or you can take me on then. Do we have an accord? Tail me to him. And you will live to tell the tale. You have my word. I thank you on behalf of my crew. Okay. You can take what's left them. The living come aboard. Carina, we haven't got much time, the dead are sailing straight for us. - Is that so? - Yes, I've spoken to them. You spoken to them? Have you spoken to the Krakens and the mermaids as well? Krakens don't speak, everyone knows that. Of course, I never should have saved you. Last night there was a blood moon, just as you described. Tell me what to reveal. And why should I trust you? You trusted me to hold your porch, remember? It was my stern. Clearly you need to spend more time at sea. Tell me what you found and I promise to help you. I don't need any help. Then why did come to me Carina? Why are we together in the middle of the sea.. Chasing the same treasure? The moon revealed a clue.. To release the power of the sea. - One must divide. - Divide? - What does it mean? - I'm not sure yet. Then we'll find out. - There is no map in this map. - Give me my diary. Give me the map no man can read. If you could read it. Then it wouldn't be call the map that no man can read. I beg you please, don't argue with her. Most of the men on this ship can't read. Which makes all maps. Maps that no man can read. Well if you can't read it, then you've no use for it, or me. Let me start again. Show me the map. I can't. It does not even exist. - She's a witch! - I'm an astronomer. - She breeds donkeys. - What? No. - An astronomer contemplates the sky. - Yay, on a donkey. - No, there's no donkey! - Well then how do you breed then? Allows me to simplify this equation. Give me the map. Or I'll kill.. him, or kill him. Go on then. You're bluffing. And you're blushing. Throw him over. We call this keel hauling. Young Henry will be tossed over. And he will be dragged under the ship. Alright. - What're you waiting for? - He doesn't appear to be. No. Not bluffing me. He's trying to say something. No, no, we don't have any food on board. Sorry. If he's lucky, he'll drown, before the barnacles shred him to ribbon. - Bernacles. - Like a thousands knives, across your back. And of course, the blood attracts sharks. Sharks? - Shark of the bow! - Where? I would say that swimming is no longer his primary concern. The map is there. - Where? - On the tip of your finger? No. In the heavens. That dairy will lead me to a map, hidden in the stars. Let him up, I'll find it tonight. Sorry, can't bring him up. Look for yourself. As I said.. Blushing! Filthy pirate! The sea has turned to blood, a sailor washed ashore.. Talking about the Trident. He was looking for Jack Sparrow. The same pirate who saved a witch from the gallows. - She's no Witch. - But you are. - And you're going to help us. - You afraid, Lieutenant? As ships burning the night, you want to know if you can save your own. - If the trident is real? - You are going to read that wall for me. Or you will die. The British Empire will have.. The trident and rule the sea. I want to know where that pirate is going, with that witch. Your destiny is in these stars. I will set your course. No Spaghetti walls. Why did I bother coming to you? The dead are haunting us down and you do nothing. - Nothing, You call this nothing? - You're drunk and you're sleeping. My point exactly, I am doing two things at once. You can't save the unsavable mate. Like it or not Jack, you're going to help me. I will break my father's curse. Next time you raise a sword, boy. Be the last to die. Might I suggest you entice her with a bit of flattery. I am here for my father, nothing more. I knew it, absolutely smitten with that. Now, bit of discretion when goes into brunette. Never presume her sister. But if you can not avoid the charming sister. Kill the brother, savvy? No, I do not savvy. Who hurt you? By the way that little slim of knowledge. - Has cost you five pieces. - I am not paying you for that. Never say that to a woman. Just because you can't see something does not mean it's not there. Like the map? We have to find it. It's the only link to who I am. Who my father was. So we both spent our lives, searching for our fathers. Perhaps you and I are closer than you think. The sun is up. And so is up time. I'm not to disagree, but the precision of our accord, Ends at sunrise. This be will light, far from a fully rising sun. - And I know you to be a man of honor. - Honor, you know nothing of me. I know what it likes to be bested by Jack Sparrow. - He's an enemy to us both. - You don't know who I am. I've heard stories of a mighty Spanish captain. El Matador Del Mar. A man who skirts the sea. Hunted and killed thousands of men. No, no, no. Men, no, no. No. Pirates! Eh? Pirates. Pirates had infected the seas for generations. Taken the life of my father and his father before. So I vowed to end this plague once and for all. And that's what I did, I destroyed dozens of ships. The last ones joined together to try and defeat me. But they soon realized it was hopeless. Nothing could stop the Silent Mary. Hit them below the water line. Vamo, vamo! Hang on tight! The sea was finally.. pure. Their wretched flags will no longer stain the sea. They are begging for mercy. Mercy? There's no mercy. Make ready. - Adios! - Fire! It's up to you now Jack. This compass.. points towards what you want most. Never betray it. The Devil's Triangle. The last of their ships were burning before my eyes. And in that moment of... Victori. It's when I heard it. Hey! Hold on, One ship was trying to escape through the smoke. It's a lovely day for a sail, ain't it? And there. In the crow's nest, there was this young pirate boy. The way I see it, it just the two of us left. If you surrender to me now, I'll let you live, simple. He stood there, looking like. A little bird.. And from that day he earned himself a name that would... haunt me for the rest of my days. Jack de "Sparrow". Right, you surrender to me now, and I'll let you live. I shall let you live. This boy. This boy was mocking my power. So I test him. Knowing that I would run.. My knife along his neck, and when he was dead, I would finish finally.. With pirates's life. Follow him men! To the gutholes. Thread some lines. Prepare the boot leg! Port side. Throw it now. They're turning around. What's all this? Tribute... Sir. He took everything from me. And filled me with.. rage. And pain. And he is where the tale ends. Not yet Capitan, there. Found as promised. So she's saying she's got the map, but she's the only one who can follow it? - So we should...? - Leave her be. - She will take us to the Trident. - You've been saying that for hours. Two things we know are true, the stars don't shine by day. And she forgot a donkey. How can we go to a spot, where no land exists on any map? This chronometer keeps the exact time in London. I'm using it to make an altitude measurement.. To determine longitude. Only then will we find our exact spot to see. So you expect to find the trident with a timepiece? Yes. My calculations are precise and true. I'm not only an Astronomer. I am also a horologist. No shame in that dear. We'll all have to earn a living, eh? No, I'm a horologist. So was my mum. But she didn't cry a bad as lad as you. You saying your mother was academically inclined? More like a horizontally, reclined. Horology is the study of time. And she was always looking at watch. I can vouch for that. So no one can find the X, but you, right? No. - And the donkey? - Ship to the f! Salazar. Jack, the dead will not rest until they get their revenge. Dead? No, no, the dead. - Were never part of this deal. - We should've never follow. A luck less pirate and a witch to sea. Right, that's it. Kill them all. Kill me and, and.. I will be dead. And then the other dead won't be able to have the revenge. Against me, - I'd be dead. - What? - Which will anger them even more. - He's right. That's right. Are all pirates this stupid? Yes. What are we going to do? As Captain. Might I suggest. Mutiny? You had to suggest a mutiny? Carina, the dead are coming. Well. I choose not to believe in supernatural nonsense. Do you not see what's behind us? - Drop them! - Si. Drop them! What are you doing? Men on that ship are looking for Jack. And Jack is on this boat. I'm going to swim for it. How dare you do exactly what I'd do if I were you? - Carina stop! - No, no, no, don't stop. - This has gone far enough. - No, it has not. Listen not to him, carry on, carry on. - Why, she was almost finished. - I saw her ankles. You'd have to seen a lot more, if you kept the cakeholes shut. Kill the sparrow. That's not good, is it? Keep rowing man. Faster! No, that's it. I'm going with her. You would leave me for some horologist in her knickers? Yes. You men are all alike. Shark. Henry! Doesn't seem to be working. No, we'll be fine, we'll be fine. - How did they do that? - We have to swim. I will distract him. Now! Henry! Hi.. Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow. Spanish? - Ghosts. - Ah-ow. They are unable to step on land. - I knew that. - Ghosts! - Carina! - You will soon pay for what you did to me. No no no. There is no need to bother really. - Carina! - I have no time to chat. - Because mi map just ran away. - I'll be waiting for you. Why would you be waiting for me? Why would he be waiting for me? Pirates! Scrum. Captain? Jack always told me that if anything should ever happened to him. - He wanted you to be captain. - Yes, but the men voted for you, yes? Well, you've got a captain's hat! "Be that as it may" them were his wishes. So be a good lad and take the wheel. And.. you, - Take the captain's hat. - Perish my rhythm. We will beat your captain to death. Until he reveals where they are heading. - Carina! - I know what's ailing you boy. You've got the unstretchable itch. Carina is the only one who can help us find the Trident. - And I'm not in love with her. - Love? Who said anything about love, what are you talking about? The unstretchable itch. Scabies, I'm talking about scabies. Small mites that burrow under the skin. Certainly annoying me, has done for years. Oh, no! Hangman's Bay, STRANGERS NOT WELCOME. Help! - Help me! Help! - Carina! - Henry, help me. - Help her! By rule of the King. I sentence you all to death. I think we should tell each other where our treasures are buried.. Just in case one of us survives. Oh, good idea. - You go first. - My treasure is buried.. Between two cross palm trees in an unmarked grave in Aruba. What about yours? I haven't got any. You promised me Jack's blood. But Jack is trapped! - He can never escape the island. - Piece of land. Hello. I upheld our deal. Mi men and myself will go ashore. The traitor will be yours. - On mi honor. - Honor? What honor, hombre? What honor? - You don't know what the honor is. - Spare mi my life. And I'll fetch you little Sparrow. An accord? Wake up Sparrow. Wake up Sparrow. Wake up, Sparrow. - It's time to pay your debt. - Pig? Pig Kelly? - Mi old mate. - Mate? Do you hear that boys? This pirate owes me a blunder of silver. And luck has brought him to Hangman's Bay. Where he can settle his debt, here and now. And I will, I will Pig. Name your price. Her name is Beatrice. And she is my poor widowed sister. What, what is that? She's been looking for a respectable man. - But you'll have to do. - Royce, let's get on with this. No why? Why..? To make an honest woman of her, Jack. Congratulations, it's your wedding day. Let us begin? We will honeymoon in the barn. No, no, no. Pig. How can I honestly make an honest woman out of it? That, her. I mean. Her. - What are those things? - Our children. Best not look them in the eye. Bring the best man and the bridesmaid. I looked it in the eye. Place your hand on the Bible. - I have got scabies. - So do I. Place your hand on the Bible. I'm a bed wetter. Say I do. - Or I'll put a bullet in your skull. - Jack, they are going to kill us. - I don't care! - Just say I do. - Last chance Jack. - Wait. Surely.. - This is not legal. - This is not legal. He's right. Does any man here object to the nuptials? - I do. - Congratulations. You may kiss the bride. Do you like seafood, do you? Jack. We meet again. Hector! This is mi best as my in the whole world. I always knew you'll settle down, eventually. Did you bring me a gift? That'll do. You look marvelous. Got quite a spring in your step. Has your leg grown back? Captain, shouldn't we be getting back to Salazar. Trade Mr. Sparrow's life in for our own? I know that we could. But I've come for the Trident Poseidon. You're gonna double cross the dead? You did promise! And with it I'll gut the dead that stole my command of the sea. As much as I love this plan. No vessel can outrun that wretched haul of the ship. But there be one, Jack. The fastest ship I know. The pearl, trapped in that bottle by Blackbeard. Five winters ago. By the power of that blaggerd sovereign blade.. I hereby release the Black Pearl, to her former and rightful glory. Get rid of the.. It's coming. It is coming! It is coming! Coming! Set aside. It's coming! It's shrunken. Why doesn't it unshrink? Maybe it's cold. She needs the sea. She was a fine ship. There be room for only one captain. - Filthy beast. - Time to race the dead. The only safe place is the land. Why are we going away from the land? Nobody knows? Captain, your map is incomplete. I can take us to the Trident, if you'd only trust me. Did you not hear anything I just said? So you be saying. Is that star pretending to be a map? Sir, there is no island, on any map, to support what the woman says. Captain, you don't have to understand her. Just believe her. Any one? We had something sharp, I could pick that lock. You are not gonna find anything sharp in here. Release them. Sir, you wouldn't allow a woman to steer your ship? She will follow her star. Or we'll all die together. The Black Pearl. She sails again. Yeah! This ship. Those ghosts. There can be no logical explanation. Myths of the sea are real, Carina. I'm glad you can finally see you were wrong. Wrong? Perhaps I had some doubts. This is the worst apology I've ever heard. Apology? Why would I apologize? Because we've been chased by the dead, sailing on a ship, raised from a bottle. Where is your science in that? Fine, I will apologize. Go on, then. Well then, one could argue that you owe me an apology. As my life has been threatened by pirates and dead man. Which you now believe in, sorry to say. Apology accepted. I am going to the lookout. I'm glad you see it my way! - Ready the guns. - Aye. Ready the guns! These pirates are going for the trident. Where did you get that from Missy? I know this book, stolen from an Italian ship, - many years ago. - Stolen? No, you're mistaken. There was a Ruby on the cover... I would not soon forget. This was given to me by my father. He was clearly a man of science. He was clearly a common thief. The memory of my father will not be befouled... by the tongue of a pirate. This diary is my birth right. Left to me on the steps of a children's home. Along with a name and nothing else. Oh, so you are an orphan? What be you called? Brightest star in the North gave me my name. - That would be Carina? - Carina Smyth. - So, you do know your stars? - I'm a captain. I know which stars to follow home. Smyth? Smyth is quite an unusual name. Did we not once know someone, old Smyth? Shut your trip. What was her name. It's right on the tip of mi tongue.. Do you wanna loose that tongue? Margaret Smyth. Aye, so we making accord then? Or, Shall I tell you know who.. What we both know it's the truth. We both take the secret to our grave. You mean, it is true? I was bluffing. I am not! You kill me, you got nothing to bow to the deadness. So you need me. I will have to frank Hector. You are very, very ugly. So how could you produce a fetching creature such as that? Margaret died. That worthless blaggerd ever could. I placed the infant in an orphanage, never to see her again. I thought the ruby might afford her some easy life.. But I never imagined she would take those scribblings.. Make a life of her own. Life that's led her back to me. I would say this puts me in a rather favorable position, Daddy. - Tell me what you want. - I want mi compass. 216 barrels of rum. And a monkey. - You want Jack? - Dinner. I want to eat him. I want to eat that monkey. No deal Jack. A clever young woman such as that, would never believe that a swine like me could ever be her blood. And the Tridente will be mine. Redcoats. Redcoats! Prepare to fire! Prepare to fire. She comes starboard. We shall fight to the last. The pearl will not be taken from me again.. Sir. Only the British Empire will hold the power of the sea. What ever happens, stay your course. Jack Sparrow? I've come with the butcher's bill. Where is he? Defend yourselves men! Till again! Hurry up man, what did you... sharpen it with butter? There is nowhere to hide. Let's be brave, save the Pearl. This has to be it. - It has to be here. - Sail that land. Oh mi Lord's eye. We're nearly there. It's here somewhere. Have you found what you were looking for yet, miss? I'm trying! The stars will soon be gone. Carina! Henry! Look, the island is there. You found it! The island. Land! Get to the.. Carina! Carina! Henry! They took Henry! The trident be all that can save him now. Then we have to find it. Where is it? It has to be here. Look at it Jack. It's most beautiful thing I've ever seen. This is what my father wanted to find. The rocks? No, no. Not rocks, stars. This is the map no man can read. This island is a perfect reflection of the heavens. One star's missing, quickly. We have to find the trident to save Henry. Hector. I think you should know she's a horologist. Why is not it glowing? Finish it, Carina. The missing star. For my father. Aye.. Do it for him. There. - Posiedon's tomb. - This way. Capitan. You know the danger. Don't do it! We have no choice. Jack is on land going for the trident. Capitan, there must be another way. Once you possess the living, there is no coming back. You will be trapped in his body. Forever. The Tridente will set me free. - Time to kill a sparrow. - No! - Look Jack, there it is. - The trident. Jack! You cut me, you cut the boy Jack. - Henry! - No. Hola, Sparrow. No. Sparrow, Sparrow. No. Henry, you've woken him up Please. Henry wake up! Oh, piss off! Henry wakes up, he is killing Jack. Henry! - Power of the sea. - What? - The power of the sea. - To release the power of the sea.. All must divide. If the trident holds all the power, then. Then every curse is held inside. As I told you before. Surrender to me now. And I will let you. - Live. - Do you want me to surrender? - Maybe. - This is where the trail ends. No! Divide. Henry! Divide. Break. Break the trident and you'll break off the curses of the sea. Adios, Sparrow. All curses have broken. Yes! - The Pearl! My Pearl! - Climb. Move, fast! Hold it steady boys, don't let it slip. Jack! Faster! Lift, anchor! Get the anchor up, quick! Stop, stop, bring it up. Bring it up! Capitan! Oh, crap! I've got ya. Who am I to you? Treasure. Hold on! Hector! Go to starboard! Pirate's life, Hector. You were right? I don't know. For a moment I had everything Henry. Now it's all gone again. It's not all gone, Smyth. Barbarossa... My name is Barbarossa. - Maybe Jack was right. - About what? You unstretchable itch. Why did you do that for? Just checking it's truly you. That you are not still cursed. - It's me. - Then I was.. - Wrong. - Slightly an error. Although one. Apology accepted. The Dutchman. - Henry? - Yes father. Oh, look at you son. How did you do it? - How did you break the curse? - Let me tell you a tale. The tale of the greatest treasure known to man. That's the tale I wanna hear. What a silly revolting sight. Make way! Captain Jack Sparrow on deck... Indeed. Welcome back, Captain. I thank you very much, coming through. - Captain! - Thank you, I remember you. - Cheers, thank you. - Oh good! Master Gibbs. The ship is yours Captain. Aye, thank you! Monkey. Thank you! What be aye heading captain? We should follow the stars, Master Gibbs. Aye.. aye, Captain! I have a rendezvous beyond my.. Beloved horizon.