Scene opens up with stars glittering in the nighttime skies, a streak of light flies overhead before panning down to the roof of the Fenton Works OP Center.
Danny [Sighs.] Ah!
Sam, Danny, and Tucker are on the roof of the OP Center. Tucker is laying back against the satellite tower while Danny and Sam look through two different telescopes. Sam is holding hers up while Danny is on one knee with his telescope on a tripod.
Danny Clear skies and no moon. [The focus pans to the end of the telescope, some shooting stars are seen shooting across the skies in it's lens.] A perfect night for stargazing.
Sam More like star snoozing. This music is putting me to sleep. Can't we listen to something else?
Tucker scans radio stations.
Tucker Survey says no.
A pirate ship appears and pirates go on top of Fenton Works.
Danny Survey says going ghost!
Youngblood Avast ye! Aw man, what's the word?
Youngblood's Assistant Scurvey dogs. (swkaks)
Youngblood Right. Avast ye scurvey dogs! Prepare to be boarded by Captain Youngblood and his skeleton crew.
Danny Hey isn't it past your bedtime kid?
Youngblood Don't call me kid! I'm mature beyond me years. (Sticks his tongue out at Danny)
The crew take the Fenton ghost shield generator.
Youngblood Fall back me harties! We've got, uh. Got, uh. What's the word.
Youn (Skwaks) Booty.
Youngblood Ha you said booty. Haha.
All the pirates laugh.
Danny Hey. They're stealing my dad's ghost shield generator.
Sam Nice going matey. You just got your butt kicked by short john silver.
Danny Hey considering he just took my dad's ghost shield, you think maybe your could be a little sympathetic, like Tucker. (Tucker laughs) Tucker?
Tucker He said booty.
Theme song.
Maddie, Jack and Jazz Danny!
Danny Mom, dad, fyi when you're 14 easy listening isn't that easy. Could I please turn this off?
Maddie, Jack and Jazz No!
Danny You can't possibly like this music that much.
Maddie I do dear. It relaxes me.
Jazz And me.
Jack It's much more soothing than that other song I've been hearing all morning.
Warning signal Warning. Security breach. Ghost shield not operational.
Danny Um, that would be the warning signal.
Jack And it's interrupting with the cool easy sounds of morning radio. So crank up the tunes Jazzy-pants.
Danny I don't get it. The ghost shield's gone and it barely registers a blip on the parental radar.
Sam My parents have been acting kinda flaky, too. All they do is listen to that new age vapor drone that's playing on every station.
Tucker Tell me about it. My folks crank it 24/7. Must be a generational thing.
Danny, Sam and Tucker And the worst part, I can't get it out of my head. Wait, you hear it, too?
Mr. Lancer Since we announced our new school radio station an annonymous donor has been kind enough to provide us with these promotional, and incredibly soothing, vinyl albums.
Tucker Vinyl? What is this, the stone age?
Mr. Lancer Of course you kids should feel free to, as you might say, bust out your own freaky beats. As long as they're not too freaky or too, uh, beaty.
Danny Sweet! Where do I sign up to yank this crud off the air?
Dash Fenton a DJ. Yeah right. Who would ever listen to you?
Danny I'll show you who will listen. (On the speaker) What do we want?! (Cricket chirps) Um, this is the part where you said good music. What do we want?!
Sam and Tucker (hesistantly) Um, good music?
Dash What do we want?
Students Good music!
Dash When do we want it?
Youngblood Now!
Students and Mr. Lancer run off screaming.
Danny Being ignored does, occasionally, have its advantages. (Offscreen) Going ghost!
Youngblood Avast ye bildrats! Bildrats is right isn't it? (Youngblood's Assistant nods) Our plunder lies afore!
Danny Hate to break this to you guys, but you can't build muscle tone without muscle. Another playdate with captain kid.
Youngblood Get the stuff and let's go.
Danny Oh great. Hide-and-seek again.
Tucker So what do ghost pirates want with exercise equipment?
Danny I can't help thinking it has something to do with this lousy music.
Sam We have to counteract it somehow. Send some real music out into the airwaves. (gasps) We should start our own radio station.
Danny And where would we get the equipment to do that? (Sam points to the emergency ops center) (chuckles) No way. (The trio go into the kitchen) Mom, dad! I really wanna use the emergency ops center to start a radio station.
Sam (After there's no answer) That's a yes!
Danny (Reading a note) Your mother, sister and I are on a weekend getaway fun cruise. We're sure you will take charge and act responsibly. Love mom and dad. (Pulls the note away). M.Bersback Cruise Lines. Weird. They went on a fun cruise with Jazz? Who isn't fun in the least. You know what this means.
Sam (Sam kicks open the door to the emergency ops center) Cool. They left it open for us.
Danny The music, the pirate ghosts, my parents, and now this cruise ship? Something weird's going on and we need to get to the bottom of it.
Tucker So your family's takin' a cruise. What's the worst that could happen?
Montage of parents packing up to go on the cruise.