Disney's Pete's Dragon - 2016 Theatrical Teaser Poster

(SOLEMN MUSIC) This is a story of a little puppy. - His name is L-A... - Elliot. Elliot! - His name is Elliot. - You got it! He is going on an adventure... - An adventure? - What's that? An adventure? You don't know what an adventure is? What we're on right now. Out here in the wild. Not another souls in sight for hundred of miles. - Just the stars to guide us. - Isn't that scary? Well, that's the other thing about adventures. You gotta be brave. - Are you brave? - Of course you are. I think you are the bravest boy I've ever met. (CHUCKLE) (CLATTERING, TIRES SCREECHING) (SOUND MUFFLED, SOLEMN MUSIC) (BANGING IN THE DISTANCE) (SMOKE HISSING) (BOY CRYING) Elliot Gets Lost (SOLEMN MUSIC CONTINUES) (GASP) (HOWLING IN THE DISTANCE) (GROWLING) (BOY PANTING) (LOUD SNARLING) (BOY CONTINUE PANTING) (HOWLING IN THE DISTANCE) (GROWLING) (WHINES) (BIRDS FLAPPING WINGS) (TREES CREAKING) (SOLEMN MUSIC) (GRUNTS) Are you gonna eat me? (SNIFFS) (MAKING LOW GRUMBLING NOISE) (WINGS FLAPPING, TRIUMPHANT MUSIC) (GUITAR STRUMMING) Go north, go north, with wings on your feet. Go north with the wind, where the three rivers meet There's a clearing of sorts in the circle of trees Where the wild constellation shine one, two and three Look all around you and see Deep in the forest there dragons will be MAN: As long as people have been going into these woods... ...there been stories about the Millhaven Dragon. How's that song go again? They come from the north, right? Way up there in the mountains where few people have ever been. But sometimes a dragon gets lost from it's family. And winds up very, very far from home. They say it lives in this very woods. That you can hear it's roar at night. They say this, they say that, but... As far as I know, not one soul has ever actually seen this dragon. - Except me. - (CHILDREN GASPS) - You saw a dragon? - I sure did. Whoo. I sure did. - What it look like? - Well, it was green. Green all over. Except for it's eyes. His eyes were red, like hellfire. Before I could even blink, it rears back it's head, open it's mighty jaw and shoot out... - (FIRE ROARING) - (CHILDREN GASPING) (CHILDREN CHUCKLING) So I wasn't gonna waste my breath. I rolled out of the way, scrambled up my feet, ready for the fight that was gonna come. But, as I raised my rifle, the dragon comes to me with one swipe of it's claw knocks the gun right out of my hands. Now... now what? Things are really not looking good here. But, I wasn't gonna be done. Not yet. I just took out my pocket knife. And as the dragon set upon me... - (KNIFE RINGING) - (CHILDREN GASPING) - I drove it home. - Wow. WOMAN: Scaring the kids again, dad? No, no. I was just giving them a leg up on what's out there in those woods. Wow. I'm out in those woods every day. And while I have seen bears and bobcats, and just about every type of birds you can imagine... ...I have never seen a dragon. Just 'cause you don't see something, doesn't mean it's not there. And just because you say it's true, doesn't mean it is. CHILDREN: Ooh. But, I'm headed out there right now. I'll let you all know if I see anything big and green and breathing fire. - Mr. Meacham, I believe you. - Well, I'm glad you do. See, my daughter, she knows a thing or two, but only if it's staring at her in the face. If you go through life only seeing what's right in front of you, you're gonna miss out on a whole lot. That's why you guys have the upper hand. Because mark my word, that dragon is still out there. (GROWLING) And if you are to go out there to those woods, where no one ever goes, then you might find it. Unless... he found you first. (LOW RUMBLING NOISE) (INCIDENTAL MUSIC) Gotcha! (GROWLING FROM THE BACK) (SIGHS) (GROWLING) (SHOUTING) (WHINES) (SNICKERS) Hey, Elliot! (INCIDENTAL MUSIC) (BOY CHUCKLING) Come on, Elliot! (PANTING) Elliot? (WIND BLOWING) (INSECTS CHIRPING) (CHUCKLES) Elliot... Come on! (SHOUTING) (INCIDENTAL MUSIC) Whoa! Higher! (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) (BOTH SHOUTING) (CONTINUE SHOUTING) (SLOW INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, CRICKETS CHIRPING) What are you looking at? (LOW GRUMBLING NOISE) (WIND HOWLING) This way? We're pretty far from home. (HUMMING) (BIRDS CHIRPING) (OWL HOOTING, GASPING) There you are. What is he done now? (LEAFS RUSTLING, GASPING) You're ready to go, Grace? Yeah. Just a second. Oh, come on, Grace. Not again. GRACE: I'm just settling a score. - MAN: One for Jack, one for you, huh? - Yeah, something like that. (CHUCKLES) Aren't you two supposed to be getting hitch? Yep. Just keeping him on his toes. (ENGINE STARTING) (ELLIOT SNIFFING) Look. Eww! Elliot! Hmm... (RAIN POURING, THUNDER RUMBLING) Pete and Elliot are going... (MIMICKING ENGINE NOISE) And then... (MIMICKING EXPLOSION NOISE) And then down and down and down! And then... (FIRE CRACKLING) Hmm... I wonder where that lady came from. Don't worry. I won't let her hurt you. (YAWNING) Good night, Elliot. (ELLIOT SNORING) (LOUD BANGING IN THE DISTANCE, GASPING) Elliot. (RUMBLING) (CHAINSAW REVVING) (GRUNTING) (TREE CREAKING) (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Hey, Gavin. Did Jack give the okay to cut this deep? Don't worry about Jack. Just keep cutting. - GRACE: Where's Jack? - MAN: There he is. This is so out of line, Jack. You're not supposed to be cutting anywhere near this deep. Don't talk to me, it wasn't my call, Grace. Well, then whose was it? Of course. Hey, I have to get to school. JACK: Could you wait in the truck, sweetheart? We'll just be a minute. Hello? (TWIG SNAPPING, GASPING) Wait! Where are you? Whoa. How did you get up there? Come on! Slow down! You're pretty good at this. (INCIDENTAL MUSIC) (SCREAMING) (SCREAMING IN THE DISTANCE) Help! (PETE GRUNTING) (GIRL SCREAMING, PETE GRUNTING) (GIRL SCREAMING) Don't let go! Don't. I'm hurt. How old are you? - Five? - You're pretty big to be a five year old. - What's your name? - Pete. Pete... You look like a Pete. My name's Natalie. - Daddy! - Natalie! Daddy! - You can't run away like that. - What happened to you? - I fell out of a tree. - You fell out of a tree? - What were you doing in the tree? - Following him. Oh. His name is Pete. Hey. Pete? Is that your name? Pete? Wait, wait, wait. Where's your come from? Do you know where your parents are? Your family? Hey... Where did you get that? - Wait! Pete! - Elliot! Whoa, there, little buddy. Where are you going so... Hey! Hey, kid, come back here. Hey. Come on, kid. (SNIFFING) (CONTINUE SNIFFING) (WHINES) (TRUMPETING) Doesn't matter. Sheriff, the Rangers, everybody else is gonna be locking this site down until they figure out where that kid came from. - Hey, you hear that? - Don't change the subject, Gavin. MAN: Out here, who knows how to find that kid in the first place. - We need a big score to help us compete. - What about a few years from now when we have nothing left to cut down because you keep jumping the gun? - Where are you going? - Where do you thing? (ENGINE STARTING) You're not the only family I got to worry about. Well, let me know how Pete's doing, will you? What's wrong, Gavin? Jack giving you a hard time? You know Jack. He just sore because his girlfriend stepping on his toes. You're right, man. - (TREE CREAKING) - Holy... What was that? (COCKING RIFLE) Let's go hunting. Pete... Time to wake up, Pete. Mama... (PANTING) Elliot? (FOOTSTEPS PASSING BY) - MAN: How's he doing? - WOMAN: Pretty well, all things considered. No signs of malnourishment or serious exposure. He might have a bump to the head, but.. - Lucky kid. - Super lucky. I just... How did he get out there? My guess he was on a picnic or a camping trip. He wandered off from his family, got himself lost. Sure, but when? I mean, it looks like he's been out there for who knows how long and... - ...he had this. - You sure that's yours? - Pretty sure. - Here we are. - All fixed up. - Hey, there. - How are you feeling? - It was just a scrape. Where's Pete? I'm gonna take Natalie home then head back out to the forest. Maybe there's something out there, some clue. - Could you call me when he wakes up? - DOCTOR: Of course. Now, when he wakes up, I think it would be best to take things slowly. One step at a time. Let him know he's safe. We don't know what he's been through. SHERIFF: We put a call in the social services. They know exactly how to handle this. For the time being, he'll be just fine right here. - Umm, actually he's gone. - Who's gone, sweetheart? Pete. (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Elliot! (PANTING) (THE LUMINEERS - NOBODY KNOWS) Nobody knows how to say goodbye It seems so easy 'til you try Then the moments passed you by Nobody knows how to say goodbye (DOG BARKING) - WOMAN: Oh, my goody. - MAN: Lacey, stop! - (PETE BARKING) - Don't you bark at our dog. - (GROWLING) - (DOG WHINES) (TIRES SCREECHING) (POLICE SIRENS WAILING, TIRES SCREECHING) Kid, stop! Wait, wait! Dammit, stop right there! I got him. He's on the corner of... He was on the corner of... I've lost him. (MUSIC CONTINUES) Hey, look. BOY: What is it? (CHUCKLES) Love is deep as the road is long (CHILDREN CLAMORING) It beats my heart when you are gone Love is deep as the road is long Hey, sit down! (POLICE SIRENS WAILING) - Whoa! - Awesome! Nobody knows how the story ends (PETE GRUNTING) Pete! It's okay. It's okay. We're not gonna hurt you, I promise. Alright? Come here. - (PETE SHOUTING) - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, hold on. It's okay. Hold on. - (PETE GRUNTING) - Breathe, breathe, breathe... (SHUSHING) (HOWLING) (CONTINUE HOWLING) (MAN TALKING INDISTINCTIVELY) Hey, guys. Come check this out. Fresh. Not even a day old. What do you think? A bear? - You ever seen a bear that big? - I did once. - As big as Bobby's sister. - (MEN LAUGHING) (BIRD CHIRPING) (MAN TALKING INDISTINCTIVELY) MAN: Catch me some rabbits. So, we'll bring him home tonight. Okay, thank you so much. - I appreciate it. - Alright, you too. Bye. - Remember, any problems, call the guy. - We will. (PETE GASPING) Hey, Pete. Don't worry. You don't have to go back to the hospital. We'll go to my house. (RADIO WITH STATIC NOISES) (LEONARD COHEN - SO LONG, MARIANNE) I used to think I was some kind of Gypsy boy Before I let you take me home Now so long, Marianne It's time that we began to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again Here we are. Need a little help? - Pete! No, wait! - Wait! Wait! Wait. Wait. Wait. (SIGHING) You are fast! Oh, my goodness. What's wrong, honey? Are you hungry? Let's go inside. Let's go get something to eat. I wanna go home. I know. Where's your home? Can you tell me? How about this... If you come inside with me now, and tomorrow I'll take you back out to the woods and you can show me exactly where you live. How does that sound? You know, when I was a little girl... ...I wanted to live in the forest more than anything. I love being out there. It was so fun, with the squirrels and the birds and the trees... So, when I grew up, I made it my job to protect the woods, and everything in them. Which I supposed includes you. - And Elliot? - Who's Elliot? JACK: Grace? You sure about this? It's just until we find out where he belongs. Who knows, maybe being around someone his own age will help him open up. - Maybe he'll tell us where he came from. - You don't touch it, you eat it. Like this. I got to admit. Living out in the woods, doing things his own way... He's like a boy after your own heart. You put the needle on and... (PEGGY LEE - IT'S A GOOD DAY) Yes, it's a good day for singing a song (VOICE DISTORTED) - and it's a good day for moving along - Let it play. Yes, it's a good day, how could anything... So that's me and that's my dad. And that's his brother. There's Grace. - That's my family. - Family... That's what we are. Everything to gain and nothing' to lose A good day from morning' till night Put your head here. Scooch down. And... Now you're 5 years old. There's 6 and there's 7. There's 8 and there's 9. Now you're 10. (VOICE MUFFLED) (CHUCKLES) So take a deep breath and throw away the pills 'Cause it's a good day from morning' till night I was out here at the eastern path. That's the last time I remember having my compass. - But that's... - 50 miles east. ...from where we found him. Good morning sun, good morning sun, rise and shine today You know you've gotta get going, if you're gonna make a showin' And you've got the right of way Oh. I haven't read that book in forever. Someone gave it to me when I was learning how to read. (PHONE RINGING, PETE GASPING) - (PETE PANTING) - It's okay, buddy. It's just the phone. Is this Elliot, Pete? Is Elliot a person? No. - Well, what is he then? - Grace, it's the Sheriff. He wants to talk to you. - Hello? - Hey, Grace. - How's our mystery boy? - Still a mystery. Any news? Well, Pat went digging through our missing person's files. He had to go pretty far back, but... It's not good news. - Poor Pete. - I know. I just got off the phone with social services. They're gonna take custody of him tomorrow morning. Pete, is Elliot your imaginary friend? What's imaginary? Well, it's when you make someone up in your head so that you have someone to talk to. It keeps you from being lonely. - Are they funny? - Sure. Do they fly? I guess they can do whatever you want them to. That's what make them imaginary. Are you my imaginary friend too? I'm real. So is Elliot. (CHUCKLES) Good job, buddy. (RUMBLING, CLATTERING) Mommy, there's a monster outside. (GIRL CHUCKLES) (THUDDING) I need to get back to him. - He get scared when I'm gone. - He looks like a dragon. - What's a dragon? - That's a dragon. - Like the song. - What song? There's a song that my dad used to sing. It's about dragons and where they live. Go north, go north, with wings on your feet Go north, with the wind, where the three rivers meet Now plant yourself down, by the tallest of trees Measure the stars shining, one, two, and three Look all around you and see Deep in the forest, there dragons will be Deep in the forest, there dragons will be - What's north? - It's a direction. How do you get there? Well, you could look at the map or you could follow North Star. If you follow it as far as you possibly can, you get to the mountains. And that's where you find them. The dragons I mean. (KNOCKING ON THE DOOR) Hey. I haven't heard that song in forever. Natalie, do you think I could talk to Pete alone for a moment? Okay. See you in a minute, Pete. Hey, come here. You found this for me, didn't you? Where the trees went away. My dad gave this to me on my tenth birthday, so that if I've ever got lost, I know how to find my way back home. Pete, honey. Do you remember how you got to the woods? It's a long time ago, isn't it? We were on an adventure. You know, I lost my mom when I was not much older than you. I know how hard it can be. But I want you to know, you're not alone. - I know. - You do? I have Elliot. Can you tell me more about Elliot? Who is he? He's my friend. This is Elliot? He must be a very special friend. He doesn't like most people. - But I think he'd like you. - He would? - You'll see. Tomorrow. - Tomorrow. When I go home. You're coming with me, right? Of course. You're very brave. Did you know that? You might be the bravest boy I've ever met. (RUSTLING) (BELLOWING) (KNOCKING ON THE DOOR) Gavin? - Jack... - What happened to you? You remember those stories that Meacham used to tell us? About dragons? He wasn't make it 'em up. We track it, there was a tree-house. I tried to shoot it, but it just rip the gun right out of my hands and bend it like it was nothing. Gavin, I can't just head up to the woods in the middle of the night, because you think you saw a dragon. I think I saw... Jack, I know what I saw. Yep. You don't believe me. Tell you what we'll do. We'll call the forestry, we tell them what you saw - then they can go and deal with it. - Fine. I get the picture. Thought I could count on family. - Gavin... - Don't worry. See you in the morning. (HONKING) (DOGS BARKING IN DISTANCE) (SNIFFING) GAVIN: Elliot gets lost. This is the story of a little puppy. - His name is... - Elliot. He's going on an adventure with his family. They're going camping in the forest. - Elliot has never... - Wait. This isn't how I tell it. - Would you like me to stop? - No, I like it. Elliot has never been so excited. Elliot and his boy play while mom and dad set up a tent. He is right where he belongs. (SIGHS) - Looking for something? - (GASPS) Oh, you scared me. - Why aren't you asleep? - The same reason you're not I suppose. - I guess you heard about the boy. - I did. Word travels fast in this town. - How long is he been out there? - 6 years. 6 years? Nobody could survive in that forest for 6 years. - At least not alone. - Well, he says... He says he wasn't alone. He drew this? He said it's his friend from the forest. - And it reminded me of... - I know what it reminded you of. That one? How old was I when you drew this for me? Maybe 5 or 6, just before your mother passed away. I remember then you hung on every word I ever said. You were so full of questions. - Dad. - Hmm? What did you really see out there? And please don't tell me another story. Just tell me what you remember. What I remember? What I remember is... I was out hunting. And the sun was shining down and wind was blowing through the trees. I remember thinking, "Boy, this is exactly where I belong." I stopped by a creek to get a drink. Soon I realized I wasn't in the sun anymore. I look up to see what was blocking the sky. What did I see? A dragon. I see a dragon. I've never been so scared in my life. But when I raised my gun to shoot, suddenly there was this feeling, this... was like a magic. There's no other word to express it. It was magic. So I put my gun down and just sat there. We sat there across the creek from each other, just looking. I just sat there looking. And then the dragon turned and disappeared into the woods. I remember thinking, "I am one lucky guy." Of course nobody believed me. I knew what people were saying about me. And I must admit there were times when I thought maybe they're right. But then, then I thought about the magic. It changes the way I see the world. The way I see trees, the way I see sunshine. The way even I see you. I wouldn't trade that for anything. So I'm not gonna try to convince you I quit that. But maybe, maybe if you could just be open of looking. I know those woods. I know those woods like the back of my hand. I couldn't have missed the dragon. You missed Pete. (BIRDS CHIRPING) (DOOR OPENS) (SOFTLY) Pete... Wake up, buddy. - Good morning. - Good morning. Hello. - You're heading out already? - Yep. Bright and early. I'm gonna head over to the mill. Talk to Gavin about something. - You can call me if you need anything. - We'll be fine. - You sure? - Absolutely. (KAREN DALTON - SOMETHING ON YOUR MIND) Yesterday any way you made it was just fine So you turned your days into night-time Didn't you know, you can't make it without ever even trying And something's on your mind, isn't it What's wrong? Social Services Agency Nothing. Nothing. I just got to turned around. Hey, Pete. I was thinking maybe we could bring someone with us? Someone who might know Elliot too. Is that okay? And something's on your mind, isn't it Maybe another day you'll want to feel another way you can't stop crying Morning. - Hey, Jack. - Hey, Kelvin. You seen Gavin? He take Chuck out to the new cut down with some of the other boys. - What for? - Something about goin' hunting. - Hunting? - Yeah. (PHONE RINGING) - Jack McGarry. - Hey, Jack. Didn't you say Grace were planning on bringing Pete by? - She left an hour ago. - She hasn't showing up yet. We've got these people standing here and nobody... Okay. Okay, thank you, Sheriff. I got to go. Something's on your mind, isn't it PETE: This way! Kids, hold on a second! Something's on your mind PETE: Elliot! I've never seen this part of the forest before. PETE: Come on! Cool. How did you do this by yourself? Elliot helped. I think he's hiding. Elliot? Pete, wait! - I'm going in there. - You have to wait. Give it a minute. Grace? (SHUSHING) (LOW RUMBLING NOISE) (GASPS) Dad... PETE: Come on. (SNIFFING) What did I tell you? Magic. - (SNIFFS) - Elliot. - We did it. - (CHUCKLES) (GROWLS) I got him! - Gavin? - Grace? (ROARS) - No! No! - Stop! Get those kids out of here! Don't kill him! Tranq's only. - MEACHAM: Gavin, what are you doing? - GRACE: He's not dangerous. He's not gonna hurt him. Stop. Elliot, no! Stop! Elliot! No! (PETE GRUNTS) MAN: Take the shoot! (PETE GRUNTING) Stop! Elliot! (SHOUTING) Fly! Come on, go! Come on! Elliot... (BELLOWS) Watch out! What is that? Daddy? Natalie? Gavin, what is this? This is the Millhaven Dragon. And I just caught it. (SLOW INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) What's the matter, boys? Ain't you ever seen a dragon before? Come on! Bring it to the warehouse! In the warehouse! You're gonna have to wait or bring him over here. Pete, Grace didn't mean for this to happen. She's a beauty, isn't she? Or he. It. Whatever it is. Just trust me. Get here as quick as you can. Natalie. I need you to wait here with Pete for a minute, okay? - What's gonna happen to Elliot? - I don't know. I'm gonna go find out, okay? I just need you to stay here, okay? Will you stay here for me? - Okay. - Thank you, sweetie. Pete, we'll fix this. I promise. Okay then, now you caught it. What do you plan to do with it? - What am I gonna do with it? - Yeah. I know exactly what I'm gonna do with it. (CHUCKLING) You don't have a clue, do you? Okay, look, I haven't got it totally figure it out yet. But I'll tell you this much. This thing is gonna put on the map. I mean, folks would come from miles to see this. Jack can have the mills. The dragon is mine. No. No, no, no. Stop. Stop. (BELLOWING) What are they doing to him? They're trying to find out what is and where he came from. They never seen him before. PETE: He came from the woods, just like I did. Why can't they just let us go? We'll go away. We'll never see anybody again. It'll be just like it used to be. But I don't want to never see you again. Are you insane? You have no idea what this thing is capable of. And you do? Yeah. He wakes up and take the whole town and everyone in it. Jack, he's a monster. He's not a monster. He's an animal. He's hurt and he's scared. Grace, wait. You need help. You need Pete. Did you see that? - Did you just see that? - I sure did. (POLICE SIRENS WAILING) Let's go. Up there. - Sheriff. Sheriff. - Jack. No, get out the way. Back up. Sheriff! Out of the way. Sheriff! Thanks for coming. Jack, what's so big I had to call out the cavalry? - You really need to come inside to see... - Let me say one thing first here. What my brother called you about belongs to me, okay? I caught him fair and square. And so if anyone tries to tell you any different, it's mine. SHERIFF: Why are we standing outside? Can we go in and take a look at it? Elliot, are you okay? SHERIFF: What's going on in there? I got to warn you. This thing is dangerous. Me and my crew are the only one who know how to deal with it. So when you get in there, just stay calm, don't scream. - Don't want anyone die on my watch. - GRACE: Gavin. Wait, listen, Grace. We're not in the forest anymore. I'm not here to talk about what's in there until you blew it in the face. I just wanna see it. Now, step aside. What's the deal up here? (CHAINS RATTLING) Okay, come on. Who's in there? (BANGING ON THE DOOR) Hey, open up! Elliot, can you fly? - I don't see anything. - He was right here. What was right here? It got out. Come on, we got to find it. - Take a haul! - What's got out? See for yourself. Come on. GAVIN: Sheriff, get your men to spread out. We need to call in a chopper, because this dragon can fly. A dragon? Jack, you drag me all the way out here for a dragon? I don't know how to explain it, but he's telling the truth. It was here. (MEN CLAMORING) It's still in there. - What? - The dragon. The dragon is still in there. We have to help them. Whoa. How do we get him out of here? You know how to drive? Sort of, but my dad's truck doesn't have this many buttons. Stop what you're doing, young lady. Your feet don't even reach the pedals. Scoot over. Wait! I don't want to hurt your friend, son. Just want to help. Get in. Okay, let's see. Get this... (ENGINE STARTING, CHUCKLES) Hey, old buddy. You better buckle up. Hold on tight! (CHUCKLES) I thought I put it in reverse. - Oh my... - Hey! That isn't real, is it? Follow that dragon! Hey! Wait, Jack. Tell that dragon to hang on. - (POLICE SIRENS WAILING) - We got company. Attention all units. We're eastbound on Millhaven Road. - In pursuit of a... - A dragon! It's a dragon! You can't say dragon over the radio! (HONKING) (ENGINE REVVING) Elliot! Fly! Come on! Faster! - That's Meacham! - Pull over! - Hey, pull over! - Not a chance! That's my dragon! (ENGINE REVVING) (TIRES SCREECHING) - He's not slowing down. - He's not stopping. - He'll stop. - The fool's out of his mind. - Stop! - I'm trying. He ain't that crazy. Okay, hang on tight. We're gonna have to do this another way. (HONKING) (TIRES SCREECHING) (POLICE SIRENS WAILING) Elliot! No! Hey, wait! Elliot! No! Jack... No! You have to stop! Jack! He's not gonna hurt us. Please, stop, Elliot! Stop! Don't hurt them! I need them! I need them. - GRACE: Gavin! - Break the glass! Come on, I got you! - Come on, Elliot! - Daddy! Dive! Let's go. Go. Come on! NATALIE: Daddy! Grace... Come on, Elliot. (SOBBING) Come on. (CHUCKLES) (WINGS FLAPPING) (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) I know. I know. Pete... Pete! Wait! (INCIDENTAL MUSIC) (WIND HOWLING) (SLOW INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) (LOW RUMBLING NOISE) We can't stay here anymore. People know you're here. They'll come looking for you. But I can't disappear. This book belongs to Pete. To Pete, love Mommy and Daddy. But I don't wanna leave you. (SOBBING, SHOUTING) Honey, look. (CHILDREN LAUGHING) MEACHAM: No one ever saw that dragon again. And I never told another tale about it. I didn't have to. Not after that day. Folks look high and low, but it was nowhere to be found. Some said he flew to another forest, far, far away. But, those are just stories. Time march on, children got older. Trees go taller. Tales grow taller to. By the by, even the best ones come to an end. But I know someone who would tell you otherwise. There's one little boy who could tell you the whole story. He could even tell you what happens next. He knows that the North Star shines brightest of all. He knows that there's magic in the woods. If you know where to look for. He knows his dragon is still out there. And maybe, if you're lucky, that same boy, the bravest boy I've ever met, he could tell you where to find them. (BELLOWING) (BELLOWING) (ALL BELLOWING)