• Charlotte: Look out, George, be careful.
  • George: Ooh.
  • Jeffrey: Ow.
  • Charlotte: Oh, are you alright, did you hurt yourself?
  • Jeffrey: No, we're fine, honey.
  • Charlotte: We're tried to tell you, sweetheart.

  • Charlotte: You see your feet are too small.

  • Charlotte: I'm sorry, honey.

  • George: Hi, Daddy.
  • Jeffrey: What on earth?

  • BG: I explain that it was all my fault. But George still wouldn't it forgive me. He didn't want his blades back and Mom and Dad weren't happy either.
  • Charlotte: There you go. Won't that be nice.
  • BG: Hi, everyone. I've clean your shoes, Dad. I've even put them back in your closet.
  • Jeffrey: Thank you, BG.

  • Charlotte: I don't know, BG.

  • Charlotte: Hmm.
  • Jeffrey: Hmm.
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