The entire script, text, scenario extracted from the Paper Mario video game for the Nintendo 64 all in order. Work in progress.

Note 1: the underlines that appear under some characters names are ordinary NPCs in the area that are optional to talk to.

Note 2: All rights go to Nitendo. This is just a fan-made transcript with no intention of violating copyright.


Narrator text: Today... I'm going to tell the story of "Star Spirits and Good Wishes".

(Blank stage background rolls to isle in night sky with stars surrounding it.)

Narrator text: Far, far away, beyond the sky, way above the clouds, it's been said that there's a haven where the Stars live.

(Backdrops slides to the haven sanctuary.)

Narrator text: In the sanctuary of Star Haven there rests a fable treasure called the Star Rod, which has the power to grant all wishes.

(Backdrop slides to a closer view of Star Rod.)

Narrator text: Using this wondrous Star Rod, the seven revered Star Spirits watched over our peaceful world carefully...very carefully.

(Backdrop slides to a zoomed out view of the rod, with a taped image of Kammy Koopa overhead.)

And then... Oh dear... What the...? Who stuck that weird thing into this story?

(Back view of Bowser slides up.)

Bowser: Ha ha ha! Yeah! I did! Gwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! So I can, at long last, beat my archenemy, Mario. I'll take this Star Rod! (Flies up to the right of screen, and the backdrop changes to a closer view of the Kammy image.) Do it, Kammy Koopa!!

(Kammy's wand begins to glow, and electrifying sparks shoot out all over, startling all the Star Spirits. Bowser and Kammy Kooap appear in the story. Then Bowser uses his fire breath to stop the glowing of the rod.)

Narrator text: No, you mustn't do that!!

(Cut to Skolar and Misstar backing up.)

Bowser: Yeah! Now let's try using it!

(The rod begins to glow, and a ripple passes through the stars, making them all fly onto cards hovering around Kammy.)

Narrator text: Stop it! Cut it out, Bowser!! You're changing the story!!

Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha ha... We did it! That was a piece o' cake!! Gwaa ha ha!

(Bowser and Kammy fly to the top off the scenery, as the scene fades to black and to the outside of the sanctuary. Twink passes by.)

Narrator: Now Star Kids may rise to the Star Haven to deliver people's wishes......but those wishes will not come true. Whatever can they do?

(The stage backdrop fades to white, and the game's title card appears.)


(After the player starts a file, the scene then fades to Mario's house. Parakarry flies down and puts a letter in Mario's mailbox.)

Parakarry: Mail call!

(Parakarry flies off and Luigi comes out of the house to grab the letter inside the mailbox.)

Luigi: Hey, Mario! We got a letter from Princess Peach! (Mario walks into the dining room where Luigi is at.) I'll read it to you, OK? (Opens letter) Alright, let's see...

(Scene cuts to letter with Peach's Castle in the background.)

I'm throwing a party at my castle today!

Mario and Luigi, I would be honored if you both could attend.

Many guests from distant towns are hoping to meet you.

There will be tasty sweets and all kinds of entertainment!

I hope to see you here soon!

Sincerely, Peach

(Mario and Luigi leave their house and take a pipe to Toad Town, then they walk inside to Peach's Castle.)

Peach's Castle-Main lobby

Luigi: What a magnificent castle! I never get used to this place. It looks like lots of guests are already here.

(Talking to him again.): Say, Mario, why don't you go see princess Peach? I'll go later. I'm thinking I'll mingle for now. If you press "A" in front of the door up there, you can open it.

(If Mario attempts to leave.)

Luigi: Mario! Where are you going? The princess is expecting us! You'd better at least say hello!

Red toad standing on right side of Mario: Mario, you're looking well! Please enjoy the party, OK?

Red toad walking around: Wow! I've never seen so many guests from different parts of the world in one place! I'll bet you could hear some stories about places you've never been to, huh?

Red toad guard: Welcome to Peach's Castle!

Light green Toad: Hey...urp...Mario! I hope you brought an appetite! There's so much good food here! I already ate too much...I'm taking a breather. Well, that's enough of a rest! I'm hungry again! Let's eat! To the buffet table!!!

Russ T.: Ah! Salutations, Mario! Do you know Frost T. here? He's come all the way from the Shiver region, which lies far to the north of here.

Frost T.: Princess Peach is such a generous and wonderful lady, just as I was told. It was worth coming to visit. Mario, please come visit us in the Shiver region someday!

Pink female toad: I think Princess Peach has been looking forward to seeing you since this morning, Mario. She's been restless... hee hee hee... How cute...

Light green female toad: Oh! Welcome, Mario! The last party was lovely, wasn't it? Oh! By the way, Princess Peach has been waiting for you.

Bumpty: Wow... This castle is absolutely breathtaking, don't you think? I wish I could stay at Peach's Castle forever!

Blue toad guard: Princess Peach went into her private chambers just now. She must be a bit tired.

Peach's Castle-Kitchen

Tayce T.: Oh, hello there, Mario! I'm Tayce T. I really love to cook! ❤️ You may not know this, but I cooked all the food for this big party. I made all of my most delicious dishes! ❤️ But... Oh dear... I got so into my cooking that I used up all my ingredients! Now I have to go shopping!

Red toad: I've been practicing cooking. I hope that someday I get good enough to cook food as delicious as Tayce T.'s. Do you know how to cook, Mario? You really ought to learn! Personally, I think cooking is exceptionally fun!

Peach's Castle-Second floor

Minister: Greetings, Mario! I am the Minister of Princess Peach's Castle. It's good to see you here. When you're around, I feel like our kingdom is secure. Yep, our future looks bright!

Dryite: I come from a desert town called Dry Dry Outpost. This castle is really lovely, isn't it? Truly gorgeous. So cool and comfortable... I even got a chance to talk to the beautiful Princess Peach. What an honor! When I return to Dry Dry Outpost, I'm going to tell everyone about it.

Nomadimouse: I'm a Nomadimouse, and I come from Dry Dry Desert. Everyone I've met in this town seems incredibly nice. I think I'll make this place my home away from home.

Orange female toad : Hello, Mario. I am always on the cutting edge of fashion, and I must say......your outfit is just fabulous. It really suits you! ❤️

Blue toad: Well... Today, we have guests from Dry Dry Outpost, the Shiver region, Koopa VIllage... There're so many folks here, I can't keep track of them all. And where might you be from? Oh... You're Mario? I... I'm sorry! Excuse me!

Green toad: Does Princess Peach have a special man in her life? She's such a lovely lady... whoever she loves must be very special indeed...

Red toad: Do you know of a place called Shooting Star Summit? It's near this castle. It's such a romantic place... It's definitely the best place for a date. Trust me. Maybe you ought to, you know, ask the princess to go there...

Mayor Penguin: I'm here on behalf of lovely Shiver City. I'm the Mayor there, you know! My goodness, look at the time! I have to go shopping for souvenirs with Frost T.!

Koopa troopa: I come from Koopa Village, which is just down the road from here. Ohhh.. I just had the honor of talking with Princess Peach! What a wonderful lady she is! ❤️

Green toad guard: This is Princess Peach's room. But I'm afraid she isn't in here at the moment.

(Talking to him again.): Huh? Oh no! Absolutely not! I don't think it's very polite to go into her room without asking her first, Mario!

(Talking to him again.): I said NO, and that means NO. You are simply not allowed to go in there! (Said twice when you talk to him yet again and again.The third time):

Boy, you're persistent! I guess I have no choice... Hurry up in there, though-- and don't touch anything! (The Toad Guard steps aside to let Mario in her room.)

(When Mario exits) How was it? To tell the truth, I've never seen the inside of her room...

(Talking to him): I envy you, Mario...

Red toad guard: I... I'm just a trainee, sir. So many guests... My heart's been beating like a bass drum ever since this morning... Thump thump thump thump...

Stair hallway

Red toad: It's nice and quiet here with no guests around. Ahh... so pleasant.

Red toad guard: Princess Peach went into her private chambers just now.

(Mario walk into Peach's "private chambers".)

Peach's Castle-Private chambers

Peach: Oh, Mario! You came to the party to see me! You're so sweet! Thank you!

I was just resting a bit. It gets tiring, greeting all those guests out there! Nobody will bother us here. Shall we relax and chat, just the two of us?

(Mario nods)

It was a lovely day today, so I'm sure it's comfortable out on the balcony right now. Would you accompany me, Mario?

(They start to walk to the right until the scene begins to shake. Fade to outside, and the ground begins to crack and the trees fall. Peach's castle begins to rise, with Bowser's floating castle below it. The scene goes back to the inside with Mario and Peach running in panic. Now Peach's castle was all the way in space.)

Oh! Are you all right, Mario? What in the world was that? (She turns to window) Oh my! Look, Mario! It's still daytime, isn't it? ...But I can see stars outside!

(Bowser and Kammy crash through the window.)

Bowser: Gwaa ha ha ha ha ha! Long time no see, Princess Peach!

Peach: ... Bowser! But this can't be! It was you who made the ground shake just now, wasn't it! Whatever did you do?

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha! Yeah, that was me! I've lifted your castle up into the sky! It's sitting on my castle now! Weren't expecting that, huh? Ha! This castle's under my control now, my dear! Now you will obey ME!

(Mario runs in front of Peach.)

Bowser: Huh!? What? It's...Mario!! What a shock! Ha! Not really! I expected you to turn up, right on cue. You're just as annoying as ever. Unfortunately for you, there's nothing you can do this time.

Peach: Haven't you learned your lesson by now, Bowser? You can never defeat Mario! Why don't you give up already?

Bowser: True, true, I have had my problems in the past... But this time is different! This time I'm gonna win! OK, tough guy! Let's go!

Battle Sequence

(Mario runs into the battle stage.)

Peach: Mario, you can do it!

(3 turns later..)

Bowser: Good old Mario...always fighting. You're a thorn in my side. But today, your pathetic little attacks won't beat me!

(He pulls out the Star Rod.)

Bowser: Take a look at this! Look what I stole from Star Haven! It's the Star Rod! This fine piece of work has the power to grant any wish in the whole world! And when I use the Star Rod to increase my strength, even you can't beat me, Mario!

(Orange star outlines come to the star tip of the rod, making it shine. Then, Bowser turns rainbow with stars appearing around him.)

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha ha ha! How do you like that, Mario?!

(Mario is now in danger. A jump attack is done again on Bowser, but this time he doesn't get hurt.)

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha ha ha! Is that all you've got? How sad! You'd best take some vitamins, 'cause that didn't hurt at all!

(Bowser and Mario attack respectively. Again, Mario's attack does nothing.)

Bowser: Yup, just as I expected. Mario's no match for the new me. It's not even worth my time to toy with you anymore, Mario. It's time to end this! Here we go, Mario! Good night!

(He uses fire breath on Mario, which maxes his HP out and makes him spin and collapse onto the floor. End of battle.)

Peach's Castle-Private chambers

Peach: Oh no! Mario! Get up!

Bowser: Yes! Oh, yeah! I did it! I finally did it! I beat my old rival Mario! Yessss!

Kammy Koopa: Congratulations on your victory, Your Viciousness! That's why you're the King!

Bowser: As long as I have this Star Rod, everything I wish will come true! No one can stop me now! Well, well, well... I guess I might as well get rid of Mario. He's no good to anyone now, that's for sure.

(The Star Rod shimmers, then a lightning bolt zaps Mario, sending him out the window and falling.)

Peach: Oh, no! Mario------!!

(Two Koopatrols walk onto the scene as it fades to black. Fade into a starry sky with many multicolored stars. Mario is seen still flying down in the sky, and he flies into a large flying batch of clouds. Fade into a Paper Mario logo.)

Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

Forest clearing

(Fade to Mario on the ground in a jungle-like setting. The lighting dims and the seven Star Spirits appear, floating around Mario's head. Mamar and Kalmar fly down.)

Mamar: Oh, thank heavens! He's been gravely injured, but I think he'll recover.

Kalmar: But Bowser has the Star Rod! Now he's mightier than Mario! It's Hopeless! All is lost!

Eldstar: Everybody just calm down. As long as we keep it together there's always hope. Now... Our fates are in Mario's hands. We must try to revive him. Gather round, everyone. Send Mario your power!

(They all "squirt" their power on Mario)

Phew...that's it. That's all we can do for now. Mario... Please get up... Please...

(The Spirits disappear, and the light shines again. Goombaria then walks onto screen.)

Goombaria: It really sounded like something fell somewhere around here... Oh... Who could that be?

(She walks over to Mario)

This red shirt, this hat, and this mustache... You know, this really looks like the one and only Mario! It couldn't be...could it? The real Mario? Hey! Hey! Wake up! C'mon!! Up and at 'em!! Oh no! He won't wake up!!! Oh, oh, what am I gonna do!? (She runs off-screen)

(Off screen) Dad!! Goom-pa!! Goom-ba-rio!!!

Goomba Village

(Next scene is the Toad House, where Mario is lying in bed, still unconscious. Eldstar appears.)

Eldstar: Mario... Can you hear me, Mario...? I'm Eldstar, a Star Spirit... I have something very important to tell you... It concerns the princess...and all of the Mushroom Kingdom... But sadly, I haven't the strength to talk to you here... Mario... I need to have you come to Shooting Star Summit. Please... Mario... We Star Spirits will be waiting for you at the summit...

(He disappears. Just then, the lighting brightens, and Mario hops out of bed looking around. A red toad enters.)

Red toad: Oh...Mario! I'm so happy to see you awake! You haven't opened your eyes for days and days! Everyone's been worried sick! This place? This is Goomba Village. It's a tiny Village that's just west of Toad Town. The only residents are me and a single family of Goombas. The Goombas in the family are just the the nicest folks you'll ever meet. They're the ones who found you unconscious in the forest and carried you here to get better. Huh...? A Star with a mustache? You're saying a star told you to go to Shooting Star Summit? No, I saw nothing like that. And I sure didn't see anyone come in or out of this house. I wonder, Mario... Maybe you just had a dream? Although maybe not... It could have been some sort of message from a Star Spirit. They live in Star Haven. Shooting Star Summit is the nearest place to Star Haven, so that would make sense... Who knows? In any case, I'm glad to see you've recovered. I know the Goombas would be happy if you paid them a visit.

(Talking to him again): Please feel free to come here anytime you feel tired. A good nap will work wonders when you're feeling weak.


Goombario: Hey Mario! I'm Goombario. I'm your biggest fan! You don't know what this means for me to meet you! Seriously!

(Talking to him again): Mario, I know all about your adventures around the world. You've been everywhere! And you always get the best of the bad guys. Every time! You're the coolest! I wanna be just like you!

Goomama: Oh, land shakes! Mario! So nice to meet you! My! I'm so glad you woke up! I can't tell you how worried I was when you were just lying there asleep for so long.

(Talking to her again): You should know that my son, Goombario, is a big fan of yours. All he does the livelong day is train and tell people how he wants to be great like you. I tell him, "Goombario! It's all well and good to train, but don't you go getting into danger."

Goompapa: Howdy, Mario! Feeling better? Feel free to set in our house.

(Talking to him again.): You what? You have to leave right now? Oh shooting star summit. Sometihng important, no doubt. Well, I believe that the summit is near toad town. You'll have to wait a bit. I have to fix this gate before you can head out to the east. That earthquake the other day really did a job on it. Didi you feel that quake? Shoot! I thought the sky was falling. Just relax and don't worry. I'll have this fixed in a jiffy.

Goombaria: Mario, you look better. I'm so glad... I was really worried about you, because you were lying there in the forest and you didn't open your eyes at all the whole time.

(Talking to her again): I was the one who found you, you know, Mario. Me! Goombaria! I was in the forest and I found you and then I called dad and Goompa and Goombario. And then they came and got you and I'm glad you're better!

Inside the house

Gooma: Oh, Mario. Hello dearie You may call me Gooma. I'm a Goomba grandmother, so that's where I got the name. Ho ho ho ho ho. Have you already met my lovely grandchildren. Aren't they sweet? Especially little Goombaria. Why, she looks just I did when i was young. Ho ho ho ho ho.

(Talking to her again): You're quite a looker, aren't you? Why, if I were just 10 years younger, and single, of course...

Goompa: Ooh, you startled me. Hmm, yes, Mario, isn't it? So you've awakened at last! Good! Knew you'd pull through! Call me Goompa. I'm the Goomba grandfather, so... I'm Goompa. I'm sorry, but would you mind giving me the details later? I'm pretty busy fixing the verada.

(Talking to him again.): Did you feel that earthquake the other day, young feller? It caused all kinds of damage. But little by litte, Goompapa and I are fixing it all up. Folks are saying the centre of the earthquake was right at princess Peach's castle. Boy, I sure hope not.

Goomba village

(After Mario leaves the house, goombario approaches him.)

Goombario: Oh, Mario... My dad was looking for you. He said to tell you that he finished fixing the gate. So I guess now you can travel east to Toad Town and shooting star summit, huh?

Goombaria: I wanted to go with you, too, you know, but daddy told me it was too dangerous, so I have to stay here instead. Hmmph.

Goompapa: Hoo! what a job! Sorry to have kept you waiting. The gate is finally fixed. If you take this road straight ahead, you'll eventually reach Toad town, the home of princess peach's castle. I believe that shooting star summit is just beyond there. It's too bad you can't stay... I feel like I just met you! But duty calls, I know! Come back and visit if you can.

Goombaria: Best of luck Mario.

???:Heee!!! Yee hee heeee!!!

(Kammy Koopa appears on her flying broom. She stops right above the gate, looking at Mario.)

Kammy Koopa: Bleah heah heah heah... Ah, my insticts were right... Mario, I can't believe you're on your feet after taking such a beating from king Bowser. You're a hardy one, all right. I was smart to come here to check on you.

Goomaria: Whuh.. What? What's that daddy? What's that weird flying thing?

Kammy Koopa: Weird? You rude little... I'm a beautiful koopa with a beautiful name: Kammy Koopa. Hmmph!! I wish I had time to teach you a lesson brat! but no. Mario! hear this! It is useless for you to try and save princess Peach. Ridiculous! laughable! As you have seen king Bowser is more powerful that even you can deal with this time. Here's a gift from him.

(She creates a big yellow block and crashes it on the gate, destroying it and blocking the way to Toad town.)

Kammy Koopa: Nyeah he he he! Mario! You will kneel amd weep when you see the wonderful changes king Bowser's made! Your world is ours now! Bleah he ho hyuck he he HA!

(She flies away)

Goompapa: Ummmmmmm... i just fixed that gate... Nobody say "gate" to me... Kammy Koopa, that fiend! Did you hear what she said about the princess? That didn't sound good. I hope nothing's happened to her. Wha... Wha... What? Bowser went and kidnapped princess peach?! Again?! Oh, unbelievable. And now you have to go to shooting star summit and help save her, right? Ummmmmmmmmmmmm... this could be a problem.

Goombaria: Dad, we've just gotta do something, right? Mario's gotta save the princess! Nobody else can do it!

Goompapa: Ummmmmmmmm... Oh, here's an idea. maybe we can break this block with Goompa's big hammer. I think he's using it now to fix the veranda. Go ask him for it, will ya?

(Talking to him again): I think Goompa is fixing the veranda on the house. I'm thinking his hammer may be able to break to break this block.

Goombaria: Goompa! Come out here! Mario's in trouble!

Goomama: Goompa...? I thought he was fixing the veranda. I think... Most likely, he had the hammer you're looking for, too.

Goombario: Hey...I know that ol' koopa! That was Kammy Koopa! She's way up in the ranks of the koopa clan. Some people call her the brains behind Bowser. Boy, she sure looked like one mean koopa, didn't she?

Inside the house

Gooma: Are you looking for Goompa? He was just on the veranda.

(Mario goes through the door to the veranda, but the veranda is gone and as a result, mario falls down. He lands below where the remains of the broken veranda are. He gets up and finds Goompa nearby.)


Goompa: Oh, my back.... Hm? Who's that? That you Mario? I remeber a great crashing noise and then the veranda collpased and I fell. You fell too? just stepped out of the door into thin air, did you? Well, we're both OK. Problem is, we can't get home because that block is in the way. This block... This block shouldn't be here. Well, this is a problem for us. Huh? A hammer? Oh, of course. Ummmm... where did it go? I was using it to fix the veranda, so it's likely around here somewhere. Hmm! Nowhere to be seen. It must have fallen somewhere over there. Mario, we'd better look for it.

(They take the path to the left and reach the next segment of the area.)

Goompa: The hammer has got to be somehere clsoe by. It looks just like this (Image of the hammer appears.) Look for bushes that might cover it up. If "!" appears above your head, you can press "A" to search.

(Mario starts searching and eventually finds the hammer in one of the bushes.A message appears: "You found the hammer! Mario can do the hammer attack now. You can smash a yellow block with this hammer.")

Goompa: Oh!! There we go! That's it! Thatt's the hammer! I'll wager that if you use that hammer, you can break the block that's in our way. You can also use it to hit trees and make them sway. Sometimes stuff will fall down. You can use it by pressing "B"

(If Mario hits the right most tree in the area, it will drop a doll that looks like princess Peach.)

Goompa:Oh! Well now! I believe that's the door Goombaria said she lost! She'll no doubt be overjoyed if you give it back to her. So many people lose things all over the place. It almost makes one feel like looking around everywhere.

(Mario heads to the end of the area.)

Goompa: Well, we found the hammer, so we may as well head home.

(He leaves the area.)


(Goompa comes back rolling. Jr. Troopa, a little koopa who's still half inside his egg, appears)

Jr. Troopa: Who are you guys?! This is my playground idiots! Nobody sets foot in here without my permission! Nobody! Prepare to start crying at the feet of master Jr. Troopa.

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Jr. Troopa.)

Goompa: Mario, this is Jr. troopa. He's the boss of the neighbourhood gang. A bit of a bully, obviously. He's more bark than bite. You can beat him easily. Just boost yourself up and don't take any lip. I'll stay right here, behind you and watch your progress.

(After Mario does the first attack.)

Goompa: Oh, excellent! Good move! Go on!!

(After a few more turns)

Goompa: Mario, you've almsot got him! Keep it up! Go on!

Jr. Troopa: All right. You asked for it! Say hello to Jr. Troopa's special attack! Full power!!

(After a few more attacks, Jr. Troopa is defeated.)

Goompa: Mario, that was wodnerful fighting. You got star points. Every time you defeat an enemy, you get star points. If you reach 100 points, you'll go up a level. Always try hard to get star points.

(The battle ends.)

Goomba village

Jr. Troopa: Shooooooooot! I was winning too! I'll be back, Mario! (He leaves and after a few seconds returns.) I mean it, I'll be back! (he leaves again.)

(Mario leaves the area with Goompa. He reutrns to the pevious area and breaks the yellow block. He accesses the next area.)

Goompa: Heads up,Mario! I see bad Goombas ahead. They're loyal to Bowser. if they see you, they'll attack you without hesitation. if you can successfully attack an enemy in the field with a jump or hammer, you'll get the first strike when you enter the battle. Striking first really helps when it comes to battling.

(When battling a spiked goomba.)

Goompa: This is a spiked goomba. See the spike on its head? Be careful not to jump on him. Youi'll definitely get hurt.

(When battling a paragoomba.)

Goompa: Listen up mario. The enemy is flying. Your hammer won't reach enemies in the air. To attack airborne enmeies, use a jump attack. You can jump over one enemy to attack one behind it, too. This is good advice. Remember it!

(After crossing the area and battling a few enemies, Mario and Goompa make it back to goomba village, but there's a gate in the way.)

Goompa: Never worry kids, here I am. Thanks to young Mario here, i made it back all right. Is this thing locked? let me open it for you.

(He unlocks the gate and enters Goomba village with Mario. There they see Goombario and Goombaria. The latter is crying.)

Goombario: Goompa! Where have you been? I looked outside and... wow! Both you and the veranda were just plain gone!

Goombaria: Goompa, I was very, very worried about you! Really worried!

Goompa: Sorry kids, I apologize. I didn't mean to make you fret. You take it easy, now. I'm back safe and sound.

(He and the others move to the centre of the village.)

Goompa: Now! Before I forget, I've decided to give you something, Mario. Wait a minute..

(He goes inside the house.)

Goombario: Huh? Hey... That dolly you've got.... That's the one Goombaria lost! She was looking all over for it. Will you give it back to her?



(If yes is chosen.)

(Mario gives Goombaria the dolly.)

Goombaria: It's my dolly! Dolly, dolly! You're back!! Thank you so much!♥ I'm so happy... My sweet dolly! Don't you ever get lost again! (To Mario) Here's a present from me! Look at the pretty glitter!

(She gives Mario a star piece.)

Goombaria: And take this, too!

(She gives him a kiss.)

(If no is chosen)

Goombario: Aw, that's just mean Mario... I guess you can just give it back when you're done with it.

(Both lead to...)

Goombario: You always seem to beat up your enemies... Do you work out? i study self-defense by reading books by the masters and listening to dad and Goompa. And, I exercise every day so, I can be strong like you! it's starting to show, too. I'm getting big muscles!

Goombaria: Yeah. Goombario's head is hard as a rock now! Tee hee! When he does his headbnk move, it really, really hurts!

Goombario: Oh, be quiet Goombaria! You're embarassing me! Of course it IS true...

(Goompa comes out of the house.)

Goompa: Sorry to have kept you waiting, Mario

Goombario: It's Ok Goompa! We're just rapping with Mario...

Goompa: Oh. "Rapping", huh? Sorry. I wanted to give this to Mario.

(He gives Mario the power jump badge.)

Goompa: This is called a badge. If you wear this, you'll be able to do a power jump, which means you'll be able to do a lot more damage with your jump attack. But lsiten here, and listen well. You'll only be able to do it, if you're wearing the badge. You'd better try it first. Putting badges on and taking them off is a vital skill. Woudl you like a quick lesson on how to use the badges you collect during your travels?



(If yes is chosen)

Goompa: Ok, then. Press "start". The menu will open. Here's how you put on or take off badges. use the control stick to point at the badge tab. Press the "A" button to enter teh badge screen. press "A" again to go to the list of all badges. Wearing badges often takes badge points. This one takes 1 BP. teh badge is on now. Press the "A" button again to take it off. The badge is now off , and 1 Bp is returned to your total.

(if no is chosen)

Goompa: You'd better listen, Mario. This is really important! Could I please give you a brief lesson in badges?



(If no is chosen again.)

Goompa: All right, I trust you. Now remember, you need FP ( flower points) to use this power jump technique. You remeber that block we saw on the way back to the village? Well, these blocks will restore not only your HP, but also FP. They're lifesavers, Mario! Use them whenever your HP and FP reserves are getting low. By the by, Mario, I heard from Gooma... You're taking it upon yourself to try to rescue the princess form Bowser's clutches.

Goombario: Oh yeah! mario can beat Bowser with one hand tied behind his back!

Goompa: Hush, now, Goombario. Mario, please take this hammer. It should serve you well. If I were just a bit younger, I'd acompany you on your trip. I'd have done some damage! The years have started to weigh on me, though. I tell you, this lower back pain...

Goombario: Adventure... you're so lucky! princess- rescuing is so cool! I really want to be an adventurer, too, someday!

Goombaria: Me too!!

Goompa: Oh! here's an idea! Goombario... perhaps the timing is perfect. You're no longer a child, and evil times are upon us. I'm sure Mario will agree... You should accompany Mario.

Goombario: What?! Really?! May I go Goomba?! May I really go?! Yes!!!!! Oh yeah!! Mario! You won't regret this!

(A message appears: Goombario joined your party!! Press "down" to have him tell you about people, places or things nearby. When you're interested just ask him! Goombario is also helpful during battles! He can attack with headbonk or he can tell you about an enemy's features and HP with his tattle ability!)

(From now on, Mario can use tattle on every person he meets and every place he visits.)

Goombaria: Way to go, Goombario!

Goompa: Mario, I know Goombario will prove to be a worthy companion. Well, I think it's about time for my nap. I'll be in the house.Good-byes have a way of making this old goomba get weepy. (He goes inside the house.)

Goombario: This is so cool! Mario! Let's go!! (If Mario's HP is low he says:) But wait... your HP looks a little low. Maybe you ought to rest at the toad house.

Goomba village-Outside

(Goombario's tattle: This is Goomba Village. My family lives here. There's also a Toad House, which, as you probably know, is a good place to take a rest. That big tree near my house is a great place to get Goomnuts.)

Goombaria (Talking to her before giving her the dolly): Please take care of Goombario, OK? That dolly you are holding is mine, I know it! Give it back! Pretty please?



(If no is chosen)

Goombaria: You meanie, Mario!

(If yes is chosen)

(Mario gives her the dolly.)

Goombaria: Oh, thanks mario! You're so sweet! Here, you can have this. Isn't it pretty, the way it glitters in the sun?

(She gives him a star piece)

Goombaria: And take this too.

(She gives him a kiss)

Goombaria (talking to her after having given her the dolly): It's not fair! Goombario always gets to do all the fun stuff! Mario, when I grow up, can I go on an adventure, too?

(Goombario's tattle: She's my sister, Goombaria. She's a spoiled girl, but still, everyone's always nice to her. Why?)

(Talking to Goomama.)

Goombario: Mom! I get to go with Mario! I promise when I come back, I'll bring home souvenirs.

Goomama: Oh, my little baby! I can't believe you're going out into the world with Mario! Now you listen! You be a good boy, you hear! Don't cause Mario any trouble!

Goombario: I know, mom, sheesh. I'll be good.

Goomama: Goombario, you mind your mom! Wear a sweater when it's cold! Don't be picky about your food! Don't start fights! be polite! Don't boast about all the things Goomap taught you as if you already knew them!! And remember... And...

Goombario: Urgh... Mom always nags me...

Goomama: Now hush! Mario, please take good care of my sweet, little Goombario.

(Goombario's tattle: She's my mom, Goomama. She sometimes gets on my nerves when she worries too much about me, but I still love her lots. Don't tell her what I just said! Seriously, Mario! Promise me!)

(Talking to Goompapa.)

Goombario: Dad! Did ya hear? I'm going out adventuring with Mario! I'll make you proud, dad, I swear it! Just wait!

Goompapa: Do your best, son. You've grown into a strong boy. I know you'll be a great help. It's a good thing you've spent so much time training, huh? Now do your old Goompapa proud!

(Goombario's tattle: He's my dad, Goompapa. He's willing to do anything for us. We can always count on him. He doesn't really look like it, though. But did you see him fixing stuff after that earthquake? That's when I knew he was cool.)

Inside the house

Gooma: Good health is all that matters! Stay healthy no matter what. Don't overwork yourself and take a rest when you're weary.

(Goombario's tattle: She's my grandma, Gooma. I hope she lives forever! She's the greatest! When she starts telling old stories, she always says, "When I was young, I was very popular with the boys.)

Goompa: Ah, Goombario. I expect that you'll become a fine, upstanding, young goomba by the time you return.

(Goombario's tattle: He's my grandpa, Goompa. He knows oodles of stuff. Ever since I was a kid, he's been telling me fantastic stories of his youth.)

Toad house

Red toad: The toad house's slogan is "Refreshing your body and mind!" Anytime you feel a litle tired, a little rest will fix you right up. Woudl you liek to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your stay.

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? Take care now!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a regular Toad. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle. He's the manager of this Toad House.)


(Goombario's tattle: According to Goombaria, this is where you landed. Something about this clearing feels weird. I can't really say exactly what, though...)

(A star piece can be foudn udnr s secret panel there.)


(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: These are the woods behind my house. Careful! There are many bad Goombas around here. Sorry... I'm sure that you can probably take care of yourself, huh?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: These are the woods behind my house. Until a little while ago, Goombaria and I use to play hide-and-seek here... but there

Goomba village

(Mario breaks the block with his hammer, opening the way to Toad town)

Goompapa: There we go! Problem solved. I have a feeling your road will be lined with difficulties, so try not to overdo it. Be watchful, yet stay cool. A calm mind is the wisest. (If Mario is not wearing the badge, he says:) Oh, hang on, Mario! I noticed you aren't wearing the badge Goompa gave you. You know, that badge won't do anything if you don't wear it. I think you'd better put that thing on before you go.

Goomba road

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: There are lots of bad Goombas around these parts.)

(Gombario's tattle-Part 2: Did you know... ...there are good Goombas and bad Goombas? A bad Goomba will try to pick a fight with us the second it spots us.)

(Goombario's tatte-Part 3: Look, Mario! There's a Save Block. Might be a good idea to use it, don't you think?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: If we go east a bit farther, we'll find a bridge. Once we cross it, we'll be a hop, skip and a jump away from Toad Town.)

(Mario and Goombario leave Goomba village and start following Goomba road. When they enter the first battle:)

Goombario: Hey Mario, during the battle, you can change the order we attack in with "Z". I can attack first if you want. I don't mind at all! just keep it in mind, OK?

(After following the road for a bit and fighting a few enemies, Mario and Goombario arrive in an area wtih a spring and a high cliff. There, they hear a voice.)

???: Hey hey! Hold it right there! You! Yeah, you suspicious guy! Don't move!

(A red and a blue goomba appear.)

Red Goomba: Aha, you're Mario! I knew it. You can't go past here, Mr. big shot. It's a direct order from the Goomba king. That's right! I'm sorry, but the only way by is through the Goomba bros. That's me, Red Goomba and my brother, Blue Goomba. Let's get him, Blue Goomba

Blue Goomba: Yeah! Let's do it, my red brother.

(Mario enters battle against the Goomba bros.)

Battle sequence

Blue Goomba: Mario, how'd you like some of this? ( When the Goomba bros get their first turn)

Red Goomba: Blue, Blue Goomba!!!!! Gaaah! my little brother! You'll pay for that, Mario! (If Mario defeats Blue Goomba first.)

Blue Goomba: Re... Red Goomba, my brother... Nooooooooooo! You meanie, Mario! (If Mario defeats Red Goomba first)

(In the end, they are both defeated.)

Goomba road

Red Goomba: Geeaaaah!!! I... I'll let you go for now!

(The Goomba bros. use the spring and run away.)

Goomba king's fortress

(Goombario's tattle: I think there was a bridge between Toad Town and Goomba Village. If we head east, we'll get to Toad Town. If we head west, we'll come to my house in Goomba Village.)

(Mario and Goombario continue their way and eventually reach Goomba king's fortress. Red and Blue Goomba arrive there, still crying.)

Red Goomba: King Goomba! Help us!

Blue Goomba: Mario beat us up!

(The doors of the castle open and the Goomba bros. go in. Mario and Goombario arrive at the fortress)

Goombario: Hey, look, Mario! See that building over there? I'm pretty there used to be a bridge on the other side. I wonder what happened to it.

(The ground starts vibrating. Soon the Goomba bros. alognside the giant Goomba king appear at the top of the fortress.)

Goomba king: So, Mario, it's true! You made it this far. I respect your for that. Unfortunately, this is as far as you'll ever get. Because I, the great and powerful king Goomba, will see to it that you advance no further.

Red Goomba: You hear that, Mario! No farther! Not one step! Are you scared, little man?

Blue Goomba: Bah ha ha!!! Yeah, you're scared all right. You wanna say you're sorry?

Goombario: Wow... That king Goomba is... really huge! I'm sure he's no match for you, though Mario! Let's get him!

Goomba king: Ready to meet my wrath, Mario? You'd better be!!

(The Goomba king and the Goomba bros. jump down and attack Mario, starting the battle.)

battle sequence

Red Goomba: Beat him up, king Goomba!!

Blue Goomba: We've got your back!

Goomba king: Leave him to me!

Goombario: Hey Mario! I think maybe we ought to take out the Goomba bros. first, don't you think? They must be pretty weak since we just finished beating them up back there.

Red Goomba: I don't believe it! He beat our king Goomba! (If Mario defeats the Goomba king first.)

(In the end, all of Mario's opponents are defeated.)

Goomba king's Fortress

Goobma king: Wh... wh...what?! How could I lose?

(He and the Goobma bros. retreat inside the fortress.)

Goombario: Yeah! I knew we could do it! Cooool! Victory!!

(If Mario gets close to the doors, he can hear them wispering.)

Goomba king: Red Goomba, you're positive that you hid the switch well, right?

Red Goomba: Of course, king Goomba! I hid it in the grass outside the fortress.

King Goomba: Outside the... You idiot! You didn't hide it in here? Mario will find it for sure!

Red Goomba: Oh! Do you think? You know... you might be right,

Blue Goomba: King Goomba, maybe we ought to try to trick Mario before he tries to...

(In the bush next to the fortress, Mario cna find a blue switch. When he presses it, the Goomba king comes out of the top of the fortress.)

Goomba king: Uh... Mario! Good fight and all that! I must warn you however... If you happen to find a strange switch somewhere, yo ushoudl definitely not press it. it's dangerous. Understand? You what? You already pressed it?!

(The ground starts shaking.)

Goomba king: Oh noooo!!!

(The fortress starts breaking apart and evenutally part of it comes out and creates a bridge for the trench behind the fortress. This causes the goomba king to be sent flying far off into the sky.)

Goombario: Look! The bridge!! Now we can cross it and continue our journey. All right!

(They cross the bridge, make it to the other side of the trench and continue their journey, without noticing Kammy Koopa who was on her flying broom, spying on them. She then flies away.)

End of segment (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Peach's Castle

(Kammy Koopa makes it back to Peach's castle, which is now under Bowser's control. She enters the room Bowser's in.)

Kammy Koopa: Mighty king Bowser... I've been looking for you. A report, Your Evilness: Mario defeated the Goomba king. He's headed for Toad Town now.

Bowser: What? Unbelievable? What was Goomba king thinking? I used the star rod to make him a king because he begged me... And Mario whimps him so easily? What a wimp!! Uh... Kammy Koopa! You ARE sure that Mario can never defeat us, right?

Kammy Koopa: Please, please. Your Vileness! Try to be calm. Goomba king is small-time. I had a feeling he'd fail. it doesn't matter, because while you hold the star rod you are definitely invincible. You could beat Mario with one claw tied behind your back.

Bowser: Yes, yes. Very good! Gwaaa ha ha ha ha!! By the way, Kammy Koopa, those star spirits we captured don't have any way of sending Mario their power, do they?

Kammy Koopa: PLease, don't worry yourself. Each is held seperately. And each is carefully guarded by your handpicked subjects. Even Mario can't save all seven of the star spirits

Bowser: Hmmmm... Who's the closest star spirit to Mario? It's that one at Koopa bros. fortress, right? if Mario somehow reaches there, can the Koopa bros. defeat him?

???: King Bowser, you mustn't worry...

(Bowser and Kammy Koopa look around confused, wondering who said that.)

???: Hi-yaa!!

(Four Koopas dressed in red, black, yellow and green respectively appers in the room and give thumbs-up.)

Koopa bros.: Here come the Koopa bros.!! Uh-huh! Oh yeah! We're the coolest of cool!

Bowser... Pssst! Kammy Koopa. Are you sure these guys can get the job done? That Goomba king was gigantic, and even he couldn't beat Mario.

Red koopa: Pssshaw! Get real king Bowser! Yeah, the Goomba king was huge, but he was a total wimpola! We're nothing like him! See, what we've got going on is the power of teamwork... Together, we can the hurt on Mario in seconds flat!

Kammy Koopa: Excellent! That's the spirit! Sell it, Koopa bros.!! Show our king that special attack you do so well!

Red Koopa: Yes, ma'am. Ready everybody!

(They do their attack off-screen.)

Bowser: Ohh... OHHH! That... this is.... Ohhhhh!!!!

Red Koopa: how'd you like it? King Bowser? How was it?

Bowser: Oh, yeah! Excellent!! Really!! I'm not easily impressed, either! Mario won't have a chance if you finish him with that attack!

Red Koopa: We'll take him, king Bowser!

Bowser: By the way, my Koopa bros.... About the captured star spirit I've locked up in your fortress... Who's guarding him right now?

Red Koopa:...Uh...Nobody, sir... You know, we're here and so...

Bowser: You idiots!! use your heads! Get back to the fortress and guard that star spirit!

(The Koopa bros. run away.)


Goomba road

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: Ah, the outskirts of Toad Town. To the east is Toad Town. If we go west, we'll reach my hometown, Goomba Village.)

The game goes back to mario and Goombario, who after a while finally make it to Toad Town.)

Toad Town-west area

(Goombario's tattle: This is the west entrance to Toad Town. In case you couldn't tell, it's the main gate.The fancy gate and the star emblem on the ground are symbols of this fair town. Goomba Village, where my house is, is a brief journey west from here. You'll find a very smart toad named Russ T. living in this town. He knows lots of useful information for adventurers. You'll also find shops that sell various items. Oh yeah! There's also a dojo.

(A red toad aprpoaches Mario when he enters.)

Red toad near the entrance: Mario! I'm so glad you're OK! The town is in an uproar! The princess kidnapped! The very castle uprooted! It's bedlam! I really don't know what we can do about all this... Please, Mario! Save Her Highness!

(Goobmario's tattle: This toad is always standing in front of the gate. Is it his job, maybe? He looks as if he's asleep on his feet, but actually knows quite a bit about the town.)

Light green toad walking around: Oh no! Doom! Danger! Princess Peach's castle has flown away, up into the sky! No castle! Horrors! Only a hole remains! Our beloved castle! Where is it? Spread the word! Outrage!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is always very excited about whatever news he has. He's a little crazy. Even so, it's a good idea to listen to him. He may be a litttle exciteable, but he always has news.)

Mario's house

(Goombario's tattle: It's your house! Cool! Nice landscaping! I like my house, but yours is even nicer. Did you do the decorating yourself?)

(If Mario goes through the pipe nearby, he'll go to his house. There Luigi is sitting outside, whistling.)

Luigi: I wonder what my brother Mario is doing right now...

(Mario and Goombario come out of the pipe, surprising Luigi.)

Luigi: Whoa! Mario! It's you! Good to see you! And you're all right! After all that castle craziness, I was really worried about you. I ran outside just as the earthquake started, so I managed to escape in time

(Luigi notices Goombario and looks at him in a weird way.)

Luigi: Oh? And who are you?

Goombario: I'm Goombario. Nice to meet you!

Luigi: I see. Great, just great, You're on an exciting adventure wtih Mario. Talk about unfair. See, someone has to look after this house, so I can't leave. Oh, well. Take care of Mario, OK?

(Talking to him again.): Good luck, Mario. You just have to save that princess!

(Goombario's tattle: He's Luigi. I don't have to say anything about him, do I? He's your brother!)

(Mario takes the pipe back to toad town.)

Russ T.'s house

Russ T.: Oh, salutations. You are Mario, are you not? Of course I know who you are. I' m the wise toad, Russ T. Pleasure meeting you. As you can probably tell, I love books and read all the time. Because I'm so well read, I know all sorts of interesting facts. Whenever you visit with me, I'll be happy to share all of my knowledge with you.

(Talking to him again.)

Russ T.: Are you talking to me because you crave knowledge that only my intellect can provide? Then, how about this... So it is told that far away, at the top of the sky, there exists a star haven, where stars make their home. In star haven, there's a treasure called the star rod. According to legend, it was made with ancient magic. There are said to be stars that are particualrly strong and good-hearted. They are called star spirits. Using the magical star rod, these star spirits grand the wishes of everyone in this world. That's why when we make a wish to the night sky and it comes true, it's all thanks to the star sprits and their star rod. if there's anything else you wish to know, please feel free to ask me.

(Goobario's tattle: He's Russ T. Everyone says he's the smartest toad around. He's always happy to share his vast knowledge with people. He's filled me in on things plenty of times. He knows a lot of things I can only guess at.)

Nearby house

Toad dad: The earthquake when the castle flew away was terrifying! Everythin was shaking. The ground... the houses... I fell right over! It was horrifying... that I'd like to forget it ever happened.

(Goombario's tattle: This family man ordinarily works at Peach's castle. He was on his day off when the castle disappeared. Talk about your basic luky coincidence! Wow! He's a very reliable worker at the castle...but he never does chores around the house.)

Toad mom: Oh, busy, busy! The room doesn't get tidied up when my darling's at home.

(Goombario's tattle: She's the homemaker here. She's ordinarily very relaxed and easygoing. Since her lazy husband is home, she's working harder than ever right now. The houseowork piles up every day, but somehow she manages it all with no help. Where does she get the energy?

Toad kid 1: My dad works at the castle, so he's not at home usually. But now the castle's gone, so he's at home. When I said I'm glad 'cause dad's home, I got scolded... What's up with that?

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the toad kids. He likes his father so much that he always tries to sneak into the castle. He's about the same age as I am. We sometimes play together when I come to Toad Town. I guess he's a pretty good friend of mine.)

Toad kid 2: Princess Peach was kidnapped! So I'm going to save her! But...Mom told me I had to be a good boy and stay home. How come?

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad kid who wants to be really powerful. He thinks that having power solves everything. His way of think is a little bit different from mine. He's a good enough guy, though, when we play together.)

Toad town-west area

Blue toad near the pond: The castle was taken away and pricness Peach was kidnapped. These are dark days. Everyone in town is suffering, and yet my heart cares for nothing but you, my sweet. Does that make me wicked?

Pink female toad: My heart is the same, my love. It cares for you, none other. We are both wicked toads.

(Goombario's tattle-Blue toad: This toad claims that he and his girl are in love. But just the other day, he told me that he liked a different girl! What a cad!)

(Goombario's tattle-pink female toad: Those toads are in love. They're so in love, they don't even notice what's going on. Unless you like seeing public displays of affection, I wouldn't talk to them. They're shameless.)

Red toad near the shop: Hey, Mario, did you know you can carry up to 10 items? When you can't carry any more items, it's a good idea to go to a shop like this and ask them to hold items for you. You can even claim the items at any other shop. Pretty convinient, huh?

(Goombario's tattle: This toad always stands in front of the shop. He knows all about items. He never moves, as far as I can tell. Maybe he's trying to get a tan.)


Shop owner: Welcome to shroom grocery. How can I help you?





(If buy is chosen): If there's anything you want to buy, stand in front of it and press the "A" Button.

(Mario chooses an item)

Shop owner: You need (Number of coins) coin(s) for (Name of item.) Want to buy it?

(If Mario buys the item): Thank you very much.

(If Mario doesn't have enough coins.): You don't have enough coins!

(If Mario has too many items): You can't carry any more items right now. Please come back after selling, checking, or using some items.

(If sell is chosen): Which item would you like to sell?

(Mario choses an item)

Shop owner: I'll buy (Name of item) for (Number of coins) coin(s). Do we have a deal?

(Refusing to sell): Oh, OK.

(Refusing to sell, more items): Oh, OK. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(Item sold): Thank you very much.

(Item sold, more items): Thank you very much. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(To sell, no items): You don't appear to have any items.

(If check is chosen): We can check (Number of items) more item(s). What would you like me to check?

(To check, no items): You don't seem to have any items.

(To check, full storage): I'm sorry, but we can't check any more items.

(Item checked): OK, we'll take good care of it.

(Item checked, more items): Is there anything else you'd like us to check?

(If claim is chosen): Which item would you like to claim?

(Item claimed): This is the item.

(Item claimed, more items): OK, this is the item. Is there anything else you'd like to claim?

(To claim, empty storage): Oh? I'm sorry--we aren't holding anything for you.

(To claim, full inventory): You can't carry any more items right now. Please come back after selling or using some items.

(Leaving): Please come again.

(Goombario's tattle: That toad runs this shop. He buys, sells and checks items. If you don't manage what you're carrying well, you may not be able to hold everything. Check items when you can. )

Toad town-west area

Light green toad near the dojo: (When Mario doesn't have any cards from the dojo.) Oh? Ha ha ha! You don't have it? The Degree, Mario. The Degree shows how strong you are. Ha ha ha. I have it. I fought at the dojo over there and got it from the master. I'm one bad toad!

(When Mario has the first-degree card.) Hey, that's... a First-Degree Card! I have one, too. See? A First-Degree Card!! That means I'm as strong as you! Cool! I'm bad! Yeah!!

(When Mario has the second-degree card.) Hey, that's... a Second-Degree Card? Whoa! Cool! You fought your way to a Second-Degree Card? Mario, you're awesome!!

(When Mario has the thord-degree card.)Hey, that's... a Third-Degree Card? Whoa! Wow! Whoop! I knew you were strong!!

(When Mario ha the fourth-degree card.) Hey, that's... a Fourth-Degree Card! Whoa! Amazing! You rule, Mario! You must be crazy strong!!

(When Mario has the diploma.) Whoa! Can it be? That's... a Diploma??? Whooooopeee! It's real, isn't it? You defeated The Master! Wow! You're the best, Mario!! Aargh!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad had tried his skills at the dojo. That takes guts... Someday I'm gonna try it all by myself.)

Blue toad near the dojo: Mario, have you gone back to your house yet? Luigi was wondering how you were doing. You can go home through that pipe in front of the main gate over there. You can enter the pipe by standing on the edge and pushing down the control stick. Say, why don't you give me a tour of your house someday?

(Goombario's tattle: He doesn't seem to have any particular reason to be at the dojo. He's not fighting. He just loiters around, checking out the fighters. Maybe he just likes watching tough guys. I bet he'll cheer for us if we challenge the master.)

Chan: Above us, on the top floor, there is a Dojo. We are here! Always! Training at the Dojo! Unless our master isn't here, in whicch case the Dojo's closed. A letter just arrived saying the master will return soon. We'll train soon!

(Goombario's tattle: That's Chan. He's one of the trainees who seem to always be here at the dojo. He workships the masters. I mean, it's all well and good for Chan to admire the master, but I prefer Mario!)

Lee: Our master is wandering the world to purify his mind and train his body. Our master was a strong man. He's going to come back a very, very strong man. We will wait here, right here, until our master returns. Waiting is part of our training.

(Goombario's tattle: He/s one of the trainees who's always at the dojo. His name is Lee. He's like an older brother to Chan. Lee respects the master above all else and hangs on every word he says.)

Kris T.: Peach's castle flew away!

Miss T.: How could such a thing happen? What... What'll become of pricness Peach and the others who were in the castle?

Felissa T.: I'm scared, I'm scared... I, Felissa T., am so scared!

(Goombario's tattle-Kris T.: She is the oldest of these three Toad sisters. Apparently, they call themselves the "Three Beautiful Sisters." I personally don't think they're that attractive, but I guess for Toads, they are. Goombas and Toads think about beauty in different ways, I guess. What do you think, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-Miss T.: She is the second oldest of these three Toad sisters. Apparently, they call themselves the "Three Beautiful Sisters." She obviously works pretty hard with makeup to look gorgeous. I guess... kind of cute... What do you think, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-Felissa T.: She is the youngest of these three Toad sisters. Apparently, they call themselves the "Three Beautiful Sisters." She says she's cute. I definitely think she's the cutest of the three.)

Toad town-central area

(Goombario's tattle: This is the central area of Toad Town, a plaza in front of princess Peach's castle. Pleasant path begins to the east of here. This used to be a bustling area before Bowser's attack. Guests at the castle were always in and out. And tourists came from all over to see the castle. The wizard Merlon also lives around here. If you get stuck, his fortune-telling might just help you out! There's also a toad house here you can take a short rest and a post office where you can pick up mail for your party members. Also, over by the flower garden, there's a guy named Rowf who's opening his own specialty shop.)

Green toad: The theft of our castle caused great destruction here. the worst of it happned in the center of town. It seemed to rain wood. As a result, we can't get to the southern part of town.The train station, the port... Many important things lie south. Not being able to get there is a great inconvenience to me and to everyone.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad who often thinks about going south. Maybe his girlfriend's there. Or maybe he has a lot of friends from that area. He's pretty chatty.

Light green toad walking around: Hey! Mario! Word is you're needed up on shooting star summit. You never been? Just go through that blue gate there and bear right at Peach's castle... Oops! I forgot... Peach's castle is... gone.....

(Goombario's tattle: This guy often knows rumors. He's counting on you, Mario. You won't let him down, will you?)

Merlon: (Knocking on his door before going to shooting star summit.) Merlon is out!

(Knocking again): I said Maerlon is out, so he must be out!

(Knocking again): I'm telling you, Merlon is out!!! Ouuut!!!

Red toad in front of Merlon's house: The building with the spinning roof is Merlon's house. He's weird. He also happens to be as stubborn as a mule. He rarely comes out. As weird as he is, though, his talent is no joke. He can read the stars. He even predicted that you'd come back safe and sound!

(Goombario's tattle: This friendly toad loves to run his mouth. He's a bit of a gossip.)

Red toad walking around: Up on shooting star summit, there are these two siblings named Merluvlee and Merlow. Merluvlee tells fortunes. She's really good at finding badges or star pieces. When you take star pieces to Merlow, he'll trade them for badges. These two could help you, no? You ought to go meet them.

(Goombario's tattle: This guy knows tons of gossip. His favorite subject is the brother and sister who live on shooting star summit. Sometimes it's tough dragging information out of him. But then again, sometimes it's worth it if you're curious.)

Light green toad near the gate to Peach's castle: Do you see that blue pole in front of the post office? That's a road sign. You can find out what's where in Toad town by checking out the signs. What am I telling you this for? I'm sure you know it's smart to read all the signs you see.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad... I'll tell you a secret. He's a huge fan of the princess. He told me once that he has a big collection of her photos. What a lovesick fool...)

(If Mario heads towards pleasant path which leads to Koopa Village, four colourful toads- red,black, yellow and green- with dark heads are blocking the way.)

Red dark toad: It's dangerous out there. I wouldn't go.

Black dark toad: Yeah, you shouldn't go.

Yellow dark toad: Nope, No go.

Green dark toad: Sorry, but no.

(Goombario's tattle-Red toad: He's a funny color for a toad. I've never seen him before.)

(Goombario's tattle-Black toad: He's a funny color for a toad. He reminds me of someone, though... But who?)

(Goombario's tattle-Yellow toad: He's a funny color for a toad. You know, i don't think I want to know this guy. He looks like bad news.)

(Goombario's tattle-Green toad: He's a funny color for a toad. He looks...a little off. He's trying to be cool, but he's failing big time.)

Minh T.: Water and dirt, sunshine power, beautiful blooms, beautiful flowers. Hello! My name is Mihn T. Please enjoy the beauty of this flower garden. I've heard there's a lovely flower we don't have here. Supposedly, Bub-ulbs have the only known seeds. This is what a bub-ulb looks like.(Image of a bub-ulb appears.) If you find a bub-ulb, could you get seeds for me? I'll plant them in this garden and raise them lovingly.

(Goombario's tattle: She takes care of flowers. Her name is Minh T. Nobody can match her skill at growing flowers. She must have a green thumb. Flowers feel Minh T.'s love and show it in their blooms.)

Blue toad: Look at Minh T.! Always with the flowers... She's as pretty as a rose. Just watching her from a distance makes me happy!♥

(Goombario's tattle: It seems like this toad is always in love with someone. Right now, he likes Minh T. I think he's in good spirits. A long as he can be near her, he'll be happy.)

Rhuff: Hey, mister. You are a customer, aren't you? Dad's preparing to open the shop soon, so I guess you gotta wait a little while.

(Goombario's tattle: This is Rhuff. He's Rowf's kid. He looks just like Rowf, right? He's supposed to be helping, but it looks like he's a pain... Hmmm, well, it's Rowf's problem.)

Rowf: Hey, what's up? Good to meet ya, bud. Rowf's the name. I'm starting me up a little business in Toad Town. I'm still setting up, though. I wanna see you back in here when we open, all right?

(Goombario's tattle: This guy is pretty funky. His name is Rowf. He sells badges. He travels all over the world, buing and selling things. I'm a little jealous.)

Toad house

Red toad: Hello, Mario! The toad house's slogan is... "Refesh your body and soul!" Would you like to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If Mario's HP is full.): ...Really? You seem to be in fine shape. Are you sure you want to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If not now is chosen): Please come again!

(If Take a nap is chosen): Sleep well!

(Mario goes to bed and his HP recovers. He then wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? Now that your body and soul are refreshed, your travels will seem much easier.

(Goombario's tattle: This is the manager of a toad house. These Heavens are all over the world, ususally manned by a toad. When you're exhausted, you should stay at one and recover.)

Toad Town-South part

(If Mario goes to the South area, there is a blue toad and the way is blocked by wood and crates.)

Blue toad: These building materials used to be stacked by the road, but they all came down when that earthquake hit. Unfortunately, it's impossible to go to the south side of town with all this scattered wood.Don't worry. We are restacking it as quickly as possible. I know it's inconvenient, but please bear with us while we get everything in order.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is diligent and very hard working. He has a great work ethic. I heard he has a bit of a crush on Merluvlee who lives on shooting star summit.)

Post office

Parakarry: Greetings. The name's Parakarry. I deliver letters.

(Goombario's tattle: His name is Parakarry. He's a Paratroopa who works for the post office. He's well known for being the slowest mailman around. A slow mailman? That can't be good.)

Postmaster: Yes, hello... This is the post office. You can read any letters that arrive for you or for your other party members. Please drop by now and then to check and see if you've reveived any mail. (Mario can read any letters for his partners throught the game in the post office.)

(Goombario's tattle: This Paratroopa looks extremely serious. And stubborn. And hardheaded. If you have a letter coming, he'll give it to you. I wonder if he has one for me.)

Peach's castle area

(Goombario's tattle: Peach's Castle... used to be here. There's not even a trace of it now. How awful!)

Muss T.: I can't believe that princess Peach's castle was here just a little while ago. Wow! I was in the castle when it started to shake, but my lightning-quick feet got me out. I know Luigi made it out along with maybe a few others... But everyone else was taken.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad. He never fails to go out for a walk, even if it's nasty out. he also loves cleaning for some reason. He cleans like crazy!)

Merluvlee's place

(Goombario's tattle: This is the house of an amazingly gorgeous woman, the fortune-teller Merluvlee. Merlow, who collects Star Pieces, also lives here. This house pulses with psychic power. Can you feel it? It feels...weird. It feels like I'm floating on some kind of spiritual cushion.)

Merluvlee: Ah... My... my! Hello there, Mario! This spot is a little tight for fortune-telling. If you want your fortune read, talk to me over the counter.(If Mario is standing next to her.)

(Talking to her over the counter.) Ah... My... my! I foresaw your arrival, Mario. Merluvlee. I'm a stunning fortune-teller. My noble cause is to read fortunes whiel looking absolutely ravishing. I can help you find what you seek. My twinkle star here will show me all that's hidden. My, my.... Tell me. Shall I read yiur fortune? (Mario can pay her to learn the locations of super blocks, badges or star pieces.)

(Goombario's tattle: She's a gorgeous lady named Merluvlee. I can't believe I'm in the same room with her! She foresees events and uses her magic powers to find what you're looking for. She's very accurate. I think I'm in love... She's incredible! Pinch me, will you, Mario?)

(Predictions-Star pieces): -I see...a Star Piece. Between Goomba Village and the back forest the path splits. One route goes up, the other straight ahead. You take the one that goes up. After you pass a tree, you descend a few steps and find the piece on the ground.

-I see...a Star Piece. Near Goomba Village there is a peaceful clearing. It was here that you landed when you fell from the sky. You shake the ground up and find a hidden chamber. The piece rises from below.

-I see...a Star Piece. You go to an open space near the steps behind Goomba Village. A secret hole hides between a jump pad and a stone block. You Spin Jump on the grass and find the hidden panel. The piece flies out of the hole.

-I see...a Star Piece. Between Goomba Village and Toad Town, there is a stone bridge where Goombas make their home. A tree grows on the near side of the bridge, hiding what you seek in its branches. You smash the tree.

-I see...a Star Piece. Just beyond the bridge where you defeated the Goomba King is an open area with a hill that can't be climbed. You Spin Jump in front of the hillside, causing a hidden panel to shudder. The piece explodes into view.

-I see...a Star Piece. It rests by a waterfront house in Toad Town, near the gate that leads to Goomba Village. You cross the pond and easily pick it up.

-I see...a Star Piece. You cross the road in front of the Dojo in Toad Town and see three sisters. You Spin Jump beside them and find a hidden chamber. The piece you seek hides there.

-I see...a Star Piece. There is a lush lawn in front of the forest guard's cabin in Toad Town. You Spin Jump in the grass to make a hidden panel appear. The piece hides below.

-I see...a Star Piece. There is a brown path that borders the railroad. You walk on it toward Mt. Rugged. You Spin Jump around the area and find a hidden chamber. The piece you seek is there.

-I see...a Star Piece. You go left from the Club 64 entrance and stop before you reach the lamppost. You Spin Jump in the open space between the docks and the club and find a hidden panel. The piece comes to you.

-I see...a Star Piece. You smash the tree beside the bulletin board near the house with the spinning roof. The piece tumbles down to you.

-I see...a Star Piece. In the gloom below Toad Town, you walk across platforms that sink if you step on them. In the next room, you ride up to the high ledges and a Paratroopa totes you to the platform on the far right. You find the piece there.

-I see...a Star Piece. You cross a small bridge just before you begin the climb to Shooting Star Summit. You Spin Jump around there and find unstable ground. The piece springs up to you.

-I see...a Star Piece. It is in the middle of the wide platform that is exactly one step up from the entrance to Shooting Star Summit. You Spin Jump around there and find a hidden chamber. Inside it is the piece you seek.

-I see...a Star Piece. To the right of the door to this house is a lovely display of potted flowers. You Spin Jump in front of them and find a hidden panel. Beneath it lies the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. You don't go up the steps when you enter Shooting Star Summit. Instead, you go left. You see the piece on the ground.

-I see...a Star Piece. You cross the first bridge between Toad Town and Koopa Village, which appears when you press a switch. You go down the steps after crossing the bridge. Soon enough, you glimpse the piece on a small island. A Koopa Troopa pal helps you reach it.

-I see...a Star Piece. As you walk along Pleasant Path, you find an area with three blue Candy Canes. You Spin Jump between them and find a hidden chamber. The piece leaps up to meet you.

-I see...a Star Piece. As you walk along Pleasant Path, you find a grassy area with coins on the ground. You Spin Jump around there and find a secret chamber. That's where you find the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. As you walk along Pleasant Path, you draw near the Koopa Bros. Fortress. You smash the tree that grows by the first stone arch you see. The piece drops.

-I see...a Star Piece. In Koopa Village, there is a section of grass between a block and several Bob-ombs. You Spin Jump around the area and manage to find a hidden panel in the grass. The piece lies below it.

-I see...a Star Piece. There is a movable block in front of Koopa Koot's house in Koopa Village. You see the piece on the brick block there.

-I see...a Star Piece. You jump from the upper path on Mt. Rugged and find the piece on a wooden platform.

-I see...a Star Piece. At the base of a short slide on Mt. Rugged, you see an area beneath an overhanging cliff. You Spin Jump around there and find a hidden chamber. The piece springs from below.

-I see...a Star Piece. On Mt. Rugged... you return to the jump pad you used to find a letter. The piece lies across a short gap, surrounded by coins. Only a Paratroopa can help you across.

-I see...a Star Piece. It is beside the path in the desert, to the south of the stone cactus. You Spin Jump around there and find a hidden panel. The piece lies below it.

-I see...a Star Piece. It is in the city of Dry Dry Outpost. You climb to the rooftops and find a roof that resembles an "L". You Spin Jump on the roof and find a secret chamber. The piece launches up to you.

-I see...a Star Piece. There is a room filled with loads of sand in the ruins hidden in the desert. You press a switch to empty it. When all the sand is gone, you instantly see the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. You walk on the rug in front of the sofa in Boo's Mansion. You Spin Jump upon it and find a hidden chamber. The piece rises from within it.

-I see...a Star Piece. Behind the glass cabinet in Boo's Mansion there is a door. You enter it and walk down the stairs. You notice a clock. You Spin Jump in front of it and find a hidden panel. The piece rests in peace there.

-I see...a Star Piece. In the room where you found the Boots in Boo's Mansion, a Boo appears in the back-left corner. You speak to it. You then walk between the Boo and the vanished door. You Spin Jump around there and discover a hidden chamber. There you find your piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. It hides upstairs in Boo's Mansion, in the room where you found a record. You Spin Jump on the rug and find a hidden floor panel. The piece jumps out at you.

-I see...a Star Piece. You break the wooden boxes in the basement library of Boo's Mansion. You leap off the top of the bookshelves and Spin Jump.

-I see...a Star Piece. Behind Boo's Mansion, a back gate leads to the wasteland known as Gusty Gulch. Immediately after you pass through the gate, you stand on a sandy open space. You Spin Jump around the area and find a hidden chamber. The piece is inside it.

-I see...a Star Piece. As you go east from Boo's village in Gusty Gulch, you see a ? Block and a brick block near some rocks. Between the blocks you see a dead tree and two boulders. The piece is behind them.

-I see...a Star Piece. You enter Tubba Blubba's Castle, turn left and keep walking until you find a room with a big table. The piece rests atop the table, but you can't get up there to retrieve it. Instead, you jump down from the upper floor to claim it.

-I see...a Star Piece. When you enter Tubba Blubba's Castle, you walk through the left door and into a small door at the end of the corridor. You instantly spot the piece on a table inside the room. You use wooden boxes and a chair to jump up to it.

-I see...a Star Piece. Just after you enter the Toy Box, you go right. You eventually climb up onto blue buildings. A Paratroopa hoists you over to the left. The piece awaits you there.

-I see...a Star Piece. In the Toy Box, there is a worker standing in front of the Blue Station. You Spin Jump in front of him and find a loose panel. The piece lies beneath it.

-I see...a Star Piece. In the Toy Box, there is a worker standing in front of the Pink Station. You Spin Jump in front of him and find a loose panel. The piece lies beneath it.

I see...a Star Piece. In the Toy Box, there is a worker standing in front of the Green Station. You Spin Jump in front of him and find a loose panel. The piece lies beneath it.

-I see...a Star Piece. In the Toy Box, there is a worker standing in front of the Red Station. You Spin Jump in front of him and find a loose panel. The piece lies beneath it.

-I see...a Star Piece. Just after you enter the Toy Box, you go right. The piece is hiding behind a building block that rests beside a light blue box.

-I see...a Star Piece. You go right from the green station in the Toy Box. You go over the elevator blocks and through the lower entrance of the far building. The piece awaits, surrounded by coins.

-I see...a Star Piece. After arriving on Lavalava Island, you make your way across a sandy beach, passing palm trees as you go. You smash a tree on the right side of the spinning flower, and a piece drops down to you.

-I see...a Star Piece. After journeying to Yoshi's Village on Lavalava Island, you approach the Raven statue, which sits in the middle of a small island. You Spin Jump in front of it and find a hidden chamber. The piece pops out from there.

-I see...a Star Piece. After passing behind the Raven statue, you continue trekking deep into the jungle. Eventually you come to a place where many vines hang. You pull one and continue. You notice two Heart Plants growing and an open area to the right. You Spin Jump in this area and find a hidden panel. Beneath it is the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. You enter the jungle from Yoshi's Village, part the bushes and go right. You sail to the isle where the piece lies.

-I see...a Star Piece. In the depths of the jungle you find a spinning flower. When you see it, you sail on the water to the left. Instead of jumping onto the dock, you continue to sail to the left. You dive deep to grab the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. Inside a volcano, you come to a trapeze that goes to the right. Instead of jumping on, you fall off the platform and walk right. You Spin Jump at the dead end on the right and find a hidden panel in the floor. The piece is hidden below.

-I see...a Star Piece. Far inside the volcano, a spiked ball rolls and smashes through a wall. Once you go through the opening, you find an open space between the recovery block and the stairs leading down. You Spin Jump around there and find a secret chamber. It contains the piece you seek.

-I see...a Star Piece. You walk on the path to the right of the Wise Wisterwood in Flower Fields. You and a Lakitu solve the platform puzzle, then you find a jump pad hidden behind a gate. You jump to the upper level and a Paratroopa totes you over to the right. You slam the bushes with a Spin Jump to find the piece. The Hammer finds other pieces, but it doesn't work here.

-I see...a Star Piece. It is where the flower spirit, Petunia, is growing. To the left of Petunia is a tree, which drops berries, and an open grassy area. You Spin Jump in the grass between the tree and a green bush to find a hidden panel. The piece lies below.

-I see...a Star Piece. You pass the yellow gatekeeper and come to a spring where a bubble tree lives. On the other side of the spring, you see pink flowers growing by the white fence. You Spin Jump in front of the flowers and find a hidden panel. The piece is below it.

-I see...a Star Piece. You take the path to the left of the Wise Wisterwood in Flower Fields. You spot it on a platform above the bubble plant but cannot quite reach it. Once you cross the thorny patch you cross over to it.

-I see...a Star Piece. Once you pass the red gatekeeper in Flower Fields, you see a tree. You Spin Jump in front of it and find a hidden chamber. Within it lies the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. You pass the yellow gatekeeper in Flower Fields and cross over the thorny patch. A patch of pink flowers grows to the right of the tree that drops berries. The piece is nestled amid the tall flowers.

-I see...a Star Piece. You see penguins gossiping next to the house of Mayor Penguin in Shiver City. You Spin Jump around there and find a hidden panel. The piece waits below.

-I see...a Star Piece. Between Shiver City and Starborn Valley six snowmen stand in a line. They are looking toward a short tree. You Spin Jump to the left of the tree and discover a hidden chamber. The piece is inside.

-I see...a Star Piece. You climb a very cold mountain and ascend stairs toward the Crystal Palace. You turn left and jump from the Save Block on the stairs. You land next to the piece.

-I see...a Star Piece. It's in the cave that you see behind the glass at the entrance to the Crystal Palace. You reach the cave by walking around inside the palace and backtracking outside. You think it is impossible to reach? Trust me.

-I see...a Star Piece. There is a giant statue of an Albino Dino in a room in the back of the Crystal Palace. There is a ? Block near the door of this room. You Spin Jump under the block and find a hidden panel. The piece is just below.

-I see...a Star Piece. There is a small statue of an Albino Dino in a back room in Crystal Palace. You Spin Jump in front of the wall on the left side of the room to find a hidden area. The piece is inside it.

(Predictions-super blocks): -I see...a Super Block. You descend below Toad Town and head left through several blocks and a pipe. You go right after the pipe until you can ride a platform up through the ceiling. You walk right and fall through the floor to find the block.

-I see...a Super Block. Deep down under Toad Town, you break the floor, fall, and then go left. Beyond the Dark Koopas' gate, you stand on a movable block and jump to find hidden blocks. You cross them for the prize.

-I see...a Super Block. In the dark below Toad Town, under the platform that sinks if you step on it, is a pipe leading farther down. Powerful metal blocks stop your progress, but with a powerful Hammer, you smash them to get through.

-I see...a Super Block. In the tunnels below Toad Town, in a frozen room on the path leading to a very cold, frostbitten city... You move to the right and find the pipe to the town above. You move to the left first and find the block waiting.

-I see...a Super Block. You ride over the water to the island in the Toad Town pond and climb into the pipe. In a secluded chamber beneath the water, you find the block.

-I see...a Super Block. You climb the mountain just above Mt. Rugged station, and you break the big block on the left side. You walk forward and find what you seek.

-I see...a Super Block. In a place of rest in the cruel desert, is a lush oasis unknown to most wanderers. You find the block along the edge of the refreshing, life-giving waters.

-I see...a Super Block. You find a jump pad in the dusty depths of the hidden ruins in the desert. The block lies beside it.

-I see...a Super Block. You climb to the upper level of Tubba Blubba's Castle and keep going left. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you find it near the door.

-I see...a Super Block. It is in the Toy Box in the room that has a Ferris wheel and platforms that move up and down. You jump to the highest green block to find it waiting.

-I see...a Super Block. In a jungle you navigate the water on the back of a fishy friend. You find the block on an island across a bridge.

-I see...a Super Block. You ride down a trapeze in the volcano and go right into a room with fire bars. You avoid touching the rotating arms of flame. Your reward is a Super Block.

-I see...a Super Block. Deep inside the volcano, when you see the second rope, you turn right and see another one. You ride that rope instead. When the rock wall pales behind you, you let go. The block's on a rock platform.

-I see...a Super Block. There is a yellow gatekeeper in Flower Fields. You go through its gate, over the thorny patch then up the stairs to the left. You fight your way left to find the block.

-I see...a Super Block. You explore Flower Fields to the right of the big tree that grows at the entrance. You move ! platforms by jumping on them, so with Spin Jumps and hovering help, you continue. You use a jump step hidden on the roadside and find the block up above.

-I see...a Super Block. On Shiver Mountain you see stairs going up to the left as you climb to the palace. The Super Block waits in the cold for you.

Merlow: I'm the famous Merlow of shooting star summit. I collect star pieces. I have the biggest collection! Mister! You have any star pieces? If so, I'll swap some cool badges for them! How 'bout it? Let's swap!



(Mario can swap any star pieces he has for badges.)

(If no is chosen)

Merlow: Later!

(When yes is chosen and then Mario changes his mind)

Merlow: Ah...Did you change your mind? I see...

All right then, mister. Why don't we swap some more? (After exchanging star pieces for a badge.)

All right! These star pieces really help round out my collection! Please come back and swap some more with me sometime. (When exchanging all of Mario's star pieces.)

You don't want to? Oh well. At least I was able to add to my radical collection of star pieces. Please come back and swap some more with me sometime. (When refusing to exchange more star pieces.)

Oh, you want to trade star pieces for badges, do you? But I don't have any more badges! You tapped me out! I'm sorry. See you! (When having bought all of his badges.)

(Goombario's tattle: He's Merlow. He's about the same age as I am. I wanna play with him when we finish our adventure. I guess he trades Star Pieces for Badges. Merluvlee, who's downstairs, is his sister. He's so lucky!)

Shooting Star Summit

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: This place feels strange and mysterious, doesn't it? If we go east from here, we'll eventually get to Shooting Star Summit.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: This is Shooting Star Summit. Stars are really...uh, shooting. People say that this place, like no other, reaches up and embraces the sky.)

(Mario and Goombario make it to the end of Shooting Star Summit and climb on a platform where they see Eldstar.)

(Goombario's tattle: He's an old Star Spirit. His name is Eldstar. He reminds me of my grandpa. He's a revered person who lives in Star Heaven, way up beyond the sky. Uh...a revered star, I mean. I wonder why he's here. He should be in Star Heaven. And why does he look so...dim? I can see right through him.)

(He moves on one of the seven circles in the platform and the other six star spirits appear on the other circles.)

Eldstar: Welcome Mario.... we've been waiting for you.

We are the 7 star spirits. Our job is to grant the wishes of good people from our home in Star Haven, a place high beyond the sky. We're going to tell you something incredibly important. Please listen carefully. The other day, Bowser and his followers invaded our peaceful Star Haven. They stole our prized treasure, the Star Rod which we've cared for since the beginning of time.

Mamar: The Star Rod... is powerful beyond belief. It can grant any wish. For as long as we can remember, Bowser has been making wishes like, for instance... "I'd like to trounce Mario or I want princess peach to like me." Of course, stars ingore such selfish wishes. As a result, his wishes were never granted.

Skolar: Bowser... that fiend... When he found out that we were ignoring his wishes, he came and stole the Star Rod so that he could grant his own wishes. He seems content right now, mainly because he defeated you and captured the princess. Soon enough, though, I fear he will wish for more... And then terrible things will happen.

Muskular: It is the responsibility of the 7 Stars Spirits to keep the Star Rod safe and use it properly. We msut get the StarRod bakc from Bowser and return it to its rightful place! In order to do this Mario, we need your help!

Misstar: Saddly,,, right now you are not strong enough to challenge Bowser... he has made himself all-powerful by making wishes with the Star Rod. He is terrible to behold!

Klevar: Once we 7 star spirits are reuntied in Star Haven, we can give you the power to fight Bowser even with his newfound strength. With our help, you can prevail!

Kalmar: Mario... we are... Alas... we've nearly exhausted our power to talk to you. Although it looks like we're there besdie you, it is only an illusion. We are using all of our strength to communicate with you over a great distance. But even now, our strength is fading... We've been caught and are being held by Bowser's followers in different places throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Please, mario, first of all, you must rescue us!

Eldstar: In order to take the Star Rod back from Bowser... and save pricness Peach... we need your help... Please Mario... you are our last hope... and we will...

(They all disappear.)

Goombario: Mario... it looks like things are a lot more serious than I thought... Do you think the pricness is going to be all right? I'm really worried about her.

End of segment (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Peach's castle

(Meanwhile, Peach is locked up in her room and is really sad.)

Peach: Sniffle...Mario's probalby hurt... Everyone's in prison... the Mushroom Kingdom will be destroyed if things continue the way they're going. Something must be done... If only somebody could help me...

(The door opens and Bowser with Kammy Koopa enter.)

Bowser: Gwaa ha ha ha ha!! My dear princess Peach, how are you doing this fine day? I

Kammy Koopa: It's no use waiting for Mario this time, my dear! We are soooooo high above the sky right now. Even Mario doesn't have any chance fo reaching us up here!

Bowser: You know, princess, as long as I have this Star Rod, no one in the Mushroom Kingdom can touch me. You know the power that grants everyone's wishes? It's mine! Isn't that just wonderful?

Kammy Koopa: Nyeah hee hee hee! Imagine what's it's like down in your kingdom! Your subjects must be so upset because their wishes aren't being granted! Oh, how delightful! They deserve it for the way they've treated us koopas over the years!

Bowser: If you, you know, want anything, all you need to do is ask me, princess. I can grant wishes. Of course, I will only grant requests that I like... Anyway, think about it. You take care, princess Peach! Enjoy your stay here!

Kammy:You watch yourself, princess. You'd better not cause trouble. Bleah heh heh ho ho ha....

(Bowser and Kammy Koopa leave the room.)

Peach: Oh... please...if only somebody could help me...

(She suddenly hears noise.)

Peach: Huh?

(She looks around and sees Twink, a star kid knocking on the balcony door. She opens it and Twink comes in the room.)

Twink: Hello princess peach! Pleased to meet you! My name is Twink.

Peach: But you're... You're a star kid, aren't you? How did you get here?

Twink: I came from Star haven to grant your wish! It's our job to grant wishes. you know.

Peach: Oh! You came because I wished that somebody could help me?

Twink: Yes, of course!

Peach: Oh, that's just great! Thank you so much for coming! Here's my wish: Go right now and take that Star Rod back from Bowser, OK? Think you can do it?

Twink:....Uh...sorry... that's a little much for a novice star like me... Maybe one of the honorable Star Spirits from Star Haven could grant a wish like that. I'm so sorry. Please, ask for something easy, something a small star can do.

Peach: Then...can you take me away from here? Everyone in my castle has been captured and I have to save them all as soon as possible.

Twink:...Oh....I"m sorry. I can't grant that wish either, I'm afraid. Actually, I just got called up to the sky a day ago, so I can't do big wishes yet... if i were a more splendid star, maybe I could actually help...

Peach: It's all right.... Don't be sad, Twink. Mario will definitely do something to save us all. He's probably coming right now! Oh! Twink! Do you think you can find Mario? I want you to give this to him.

(She gives Twink the lucky star pendant.)

Twink: This is a lucky star, isn't it? OK! I'll do it! princess Peach, I'll fly to the Mushroom kingdom just as quickly as I can!

(Twink prepares to leave.)

Peach:Oh! Wait, Twink! Wait one second! Can you also... Tell mario that... I'm fine and he shouldn't worry.... OK? Can you tell him that?

Twink: Of course! I'll tell him your exact words, princess Peach! Definitely! Now, don't despair... I'll be back soon, so stay safe until I return, OK?

(Twink leaves the casle flying and Peach goes out on the balcony.)

Peach: Mario... where are you...

End of segment (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Shooting Star Summit

(Mario and Goombario leave shooting star summit. As they are leaving, Twink flies by and accidentally bumps on Mario's head.)

Twink: OUCH! I'm sorry, sorry, so sorry! I'm in a huge hurry!!

(He realises that the guy in front of him is Mario)

Twink: Oh.... it's...?! You are Mario, aren't you?! Thank the stars I found you! (Starts flying around in excitement.) How do you do? I'm Twink. Princess Peach asked me to bring something to you. Ahhh... Yes, here it is! (Takes out the lucky star.) here it is! Take it! (He gives Mario the lucky star.) That's the lucky star from princess Peach. Now that it's yours, you can use the action command. May i take a moment to explain what the action comamnd is?



(When choosing no.): This is important Mario. I think you'll want to know about this.



(When choosing no.): Oh! OK! Great! I don't even have to explain.

(When yes is chosen.): OK. Let me explain. Let me see. Hang on.You! Behind Mario! Would you mind helping me demonstrate something?

Goombario: Me? The name's Goombario. Of course I'll help!

Twink: Well, Mario and Goombario. Let's begin! (The explanation begins in the form of a battle.)

Action command

First, Mario, choose the jump command and then decide which enemy you want to attack. Once you decide on the enemy, the explanation of the action command will appear. (Mario begins a jump attack. Right before he lands:) Right now! Just before stomping the enemy. Press "A' at exactly moment. (If done correctly, Mario deals two attacks on Goombario .) When you see "nice" appear, it means you've succesufully used the action command! When you do, you'll increase the amount of damage you do. OK, now this time, Goobmario, you try to attack Mario.

Goombario: OK! Here it comes, Mario!

Twink:(Right before Goombario lands on Mario.) Right now! Press "A" right before the attack strikes you. (If done correclty, Mario blocks the attack and doesn't receive any damage.) Yes! Yousuccessfully used the action command. This will reduce the amount of damage you receive. Often you'll have to use different techniques to make use of the action command. It depends on the attack Try attack by hammer. Once you choose an enemy to attack, move the control stick to the left. (Right before Mario lands his attack.) "Star emoji" lights as soon as your power reaches its maximum. That's when you let go! (if done correctly, Goobmario receives two damage.) All right! You successfully used the action command! Well, Mario, do you understand the ins and outs of the action command? Let's practice a bit to make sure you've mastered how to use it properly.



(if yes is chosen): The action command will serve you well, so practice it.

(If no is chosen): You don't need to practice anymore..? That's our Mario! You're a quick lerner. Well, I guess that's about allI can teach you.

Shooting Star Summit

Twink: Once you understand how to use the action command properly, you'll be even more powerful.

Goombario: Terrific! You'll be much tougher in battle now.

???: Here you are!

(A magikoopa shows up, riding his flying broom.)

Twink: What?! it can't be... Were you following me?!

Magikoopa: What a foolish star kid!! I knew that if I followed you, I'd find mario! if I defeat Mario right now, I'l l be famous! I'll tell Kammy Koopa! She'l l shower me with prais! She'll give me a raise! Here I come!

(Mario enters battle against the magikoopa and after a while, defeats him.)

Twink: Well done, Mario! You're as strong as they say. I know that you'll be able to defeat Bowser! I'm going to return to princess peach's side. I'm not strong enough to really help her, but at least I can tell her you're OK. Well mario... see you later!

(He flies away and almost immdiately comes back.)

Twink: Oh dear! I almost forgot to tell you the message from princess Peach. "I'm all right, so don't worry about me..." That's exactly what she said. I get the feeling though... that she's very lonely. Anyway, I'll do my best to help the both of you! But please be brave! You must save princess Peach!

(He flies away.)

Goombario: There he goes...Back to Bowser's castle. What a brave little guy... Ok, Mario, let's get down to business!

Toad town-Central part

(As soon as Mario and Goombario return to the centre of the town, a red toad approaches them.)

red toad: Oh... Mario! Merlon was looking for you. He leaves in that house with the spinning roof. He asked me to tell you to go to his house. I was just about to go look for you, but here you are! It's rare for Merlon to call someone to his house... He's a bit eccentric. Even when he has visitors, it's rare for him to come out of the house at all.

Merlon (When knocking on Merlon's door): Merlon's out!!

Merlon (If Mario knocks again.): Why do you keep knocking? I'm telling you he's out!!

(Merlon opens the door and hits Mario in the face, knocking him out. He then comes out and looks at mario lying on the ground.)

Merlon: What the...? Why is someone sleeping in front of my house? Wait a minute...that face seems verrry familiar to me... (Mario gets up.) Oh! Maybe... No... Yes! It must be! You're Mario! I've been waiting for you! You should've come earlier! Well, you're here now. Come in. (Mario follows Merlon in his house.)

Merlon's house

Merlon: Where to begin...? My name... is Merlon. I am a wizard. When I was reading the stars the other day, an oracle came to me. What I discovered is very important, and it concerns you. But, before I tell you about it, there are other things of which I must speak. it isa very logn story, but I'll try to shorten it. Where should I start...? It was in the old days. One of my ancestors was up on shooting star summit and as usual...but one day it happened...suddenly... a great......appeared and I... standing face to face with....Then the faraway... the pious...was...raised me up...was amazing...I was still so young then...I believed in...But... our hearts were..........and..............then............so.........................................................................(Eventually, mario fell asleep and much later...) ...............................................................and that is all that matters. Huh?! Hey, Mario! Were you listening to me? (Mario wakes up and pretends to have been paying attention.) Oh... all right... So anyway, that is why I am able to help you. If you get lost during your advenure, you can come to me. I can predict the path you should take for a small price. Right now, your main goal must be to rescue pricness Peach as quickly as humanly possible, but...according to my second sight, your path must first take you to the great fortress of the Koopa bros.To reach the Koopa bros. fortress, head east on the road in front of the Toad house.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a stubborn and mysterious old man. His name is Merlon. He uses magical powers to look into the future. I've listened to his stories before and they're really long. I try to pay attention but... sometimes I fall asleep. Still, his fortune-telling is supposedly right on. I don't know personally, but Goompa told me.)

(If Mario attampts to follow that path, it's still blocked by the four toads.)

Red toad: You don't wanna go out there. It's way too dangerous.

Black toad: Going to Koopa bros. fortress would be a huge mistake.

Yellow toad: Definitely! Definitely don't go!

Green toad: Most of all, though, you shouldn't go ask old man Merlon for help. That would be really bad new for us.. I mean, for you! Don't even think about it!

(Mario goes back to Merlon.)

Merlon: Come again? Strange toads blocking the east side of Toad Town? That shouldn't be... That's ridiculous! Such a thing has never been heard of! never! I'll get to the bottom of this. Follow me over there. I'll see what's going on.

(Mario and Merlon go together to the four toads.)

Merlon: Are these the strange toads you were talking about?

Red toad: I told you that you can't pass!

Black toad: Take off!

Merlon: Hmmmm! You aren't toads, are you?

Yellow toad: ...Um.... we don't know what you're talking about.

Green toad: Yeah, what gives? Ask anyone! We're just cute, ordinary toads hanging out.

Merlon: Reveal your true selves.(He throws lightning on them and breaks their diguises. They're revealed to be the Koopa bros.)

Koopa bros.: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

Merlon: Hmph! Just as I thought. You're the Koopa bros.!!

Red ninjakoopa: How... How'd you guess it was us? We were perfectly disguised!! Shucks! Black! Yellow! Green! We retreat!! ... For now...

(The koopa bros. run away.)

Merlon: Mario ,those imposters were none other than the Koopa bros. You must pursue them to their hideout, the Koopa bros. fortress.(He turns around to leave, but he stops.) Oh, Mario, there's one part of your fortune I haven't revealed. To get to the Koopa bros. fortress, you'll need help from a blue-shelled Koopa. This is a strange portent. In Koopa village, you might find something that will clear it up. I must return home now. (He leaves.)

(Mario can complete any side quests or errands he want before departing for Koopa bros. fortress. When he does, chapter 1 begins.)

End of interlude

Chapter 1: Storming Koopa bros. fortress.

Pleasant Path

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: To the west of here is Toad Town, and to the east is Koopa Village. If we go even farther east, we'll eventually reach Koopa Bros. Fortress.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: It's always pleasant around here. That's why we call this place Pleasant Path. It's nice and warm today, too. Incidentally, lots of Koopas live around here.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: Koopas like to live around Pleasant Path because there's plenty of water for them to lounge in. Koopa Village is down this way. If you want to go to Koopa Bros. Fortress, we should take the upper path and just keep going straight.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: If we continue along the pass, we should reach Koopa Bros. Fortress. Many Koopas and Paratroopas live around here. If they're loyal to Bowser, they'll definitely attack us.)

(Mario and Goombario begin walking on Pleasant Path. After fighting a lot of enemies, like koopas and paratroopas, they find the way to Koopa bros. fortress unaccesible due to a river without a bridge. Because of that, they make their way to the nearby Koopa Village. When they arrive, they realise something is not right.)

koopa village-Part 1

(Goombario's tattle: It's Koopa Village. Big surprise! Koopas live here. Recently it seems like some Bob-ombs have moved here, too. They must have run away from the fortress, huh?)

Koover: Can it be...? Are you Mario? Welcome to Koopa Village! I wish we could really welcome you, but we're in big trouble. Can't you see what kind of madness is going on? This village is in an uproar because of the Fuzzies. You.... do know what Fuzzies are, don't you Mario? They look like this.(Image of a Fuzzy appears.) Mean guys. They're really naughty.

(Suddenly, a Fuzzy attacks him and steals his shell.)

Koover: Oh, no! Stupid Fuzzy! Get back here with my shell!

(Mario can attack the Fuzzies to save the shells of the Koopas. After he hits a fuzzy once, it drops the shell and the Koopa wears it happily)

Koover: Oh, thank you, Mario! I owe you one. I just can't walk around without my shell on. Talk about embarassing! Mario, be sure to keep your shell safe from Fuzzies, all right?... Oops. You don't have one. Well, watch your overalls.

(Talking to him again): ...Say again? You're looking for a koopa with a blue shell? I bet you mean Kooper. I think he's at home, now. Look for a house with a green roof, OK?

(Goombario's tattle: A koopa troopa from scenic Koopa Village. He's like the welcome wagon. He seems to be a pretty jolly koopa troopa. Just look at his face! )

Koopa troopa near the bushes:(Before getting his shell.) Oh, woe! My shell's up there! What'll do...? I can't reach that high!

(After getting his shell.) Oh, you're the best! Thank you very much!

(Talking to him again) Oh, yes I'm much more comfy inside my shell. Without it, I feel every little breeze!

(Goombario's tattle: Is it only my imagination or did koopas used to walk around on four legs? I guess that was a really long time ago, huh?)

Koopa troopa near the tree: (Before getting his shell.) Curse those stupid Fuzzies! They put they put my shell in the tree! How can they be so mean for no reason? That was my best shell!

(After getting his shell.) Thanks, Mario! This shell was made to order. That's why it fits me so well. I mean, how cool do I look?

(Goombario's tattle: Koopa troopas sunbathe in their shells when it's sunny out. Supposedly, a lot of koopa troopas set trends and are totally fashionable. I guess they have different tastes from mine...)

House with the blue roof

Koopa troopa: Supposedly, these bob-ombs recently ran away from the Koopa bros. fortress. Of course, things aren't much better here in the village. The Fuzzies are running wild! Poor little bob-ombs... Huh? Me? I don't leave my house, because I couldn't bear it if the Fuzzies made a fool of me. They'd probably take my shell and play with it. I know I don't look cool without my shell. Nope. No, thank you. I'd rather just stay here and listen to music.

(Goombario's tattle: This koopa troopa obviously loves the radio. He's always listening to it. He seems to prefer music to the news reports. Who wouldn't? I like music, too. How about you, Mario?)

Red bob-omb 1: We're bob-ombs. We just ran away from the Koopa bros.fortress. We thought we'd at least find some peace here in the village. Boy, were we wrong. The Fuzzies are running wild around here. All we want is a little peace...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a bob-omb. He's from inside the walls of Koopa bros. fortress. Even if he explodes, you'll be fine as long as you stay a good distance away. You never know when these bob-ombs might go off!)

Red bob-omb 2: You must listen! The Koopa bros. in the fortress worked us too hard. As far as they are concerned, laborers have no rights. I will never, ever go back to work in such a terrible place.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a bob-omb. He used to work inside Koopa bros. fortress. Now he lives here among the koopa troopas. He sometimes blows up at inappropriate times. Not that it's such a big deal, but somebody might get mad.)


Koopa troopa: Welcome! This is the reliable and credible Koopa's shop! Well, what do you want?





(If buy is chosen): If you came here to shop, stand in front of the item you want to buy and press the "A" Button.

(Mario chooses an item)

Koopa troopa: (Name of item.) costs (Number of coins) coin(s). Are you buying?

(Item bought): Thank you!!

(Not enough coins): Hmmm. Sorry. You don't have enough coins. Come again after saving up a few more coins.

(Too many items): I think you have too many items with you. You need to sell, check, or use some items.

(If sell is chosen): So, which item do you want to sell me?

(Mario choses an item)

Koopa troopa: I'll buy (name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). Do you want to sell it?

(To sell, no items): Hey, you don't have any items at all!

(Refusing to sell, more items): So... are there any other items you want to sell?

(Item sold): Thank you!!

(Item sold, more items): Thank you!! Are there any more items you want to sell?

(If check is chosen.): I can check (Number of items) more item(s). What do you want to check?

(Item checked): OK, I'll hang on to it for you.

(Item checked, more items): Do you want me to store anything else?

(To check, no items): Hey, you don't have any items at all!

(To check, full storage): Sorry, but I can't possibly store any more items.

(If claim is chosen): What do you want to pick up?

(Item claimed): Then here it is.

(Item claimed, more items): Do you want to pick up anything else?

(To claim, empty storage): Yes? You didn't store anything.

(To claim, full inventory): Hey, you couldn't possibly carry anything else. Come back after selling or using some items.

(Leaving): I hope to see you again.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Koopa Troopa merchant who sells goods. He also checks and buys stuff. You might want to buy some stuff from him if we're going somewhere dangerous.)

Toad house

Mort T.: Welcome to our Toad house! Our slogan is, "Refresh your body and soul!" Would you like to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): have pleasant dreams.

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Mort T.: Did you sleep well? Great! Have a good adventure!

(If Mario climbs on the table): Where are your manners Mario? You shouldn't climb on the table.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Toad House employee. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle. He runs this Toad House. He looks kind of bored.)

Koopa village-Part 2

(Goombario's tattle: The house with the yellowish roof is the home of the famous archaeologist and explorer, Kolorado. Kolorado's always running from one mysterious place to another in order to do research. He's really well respected in his field.)

Koopa troopa in the brown circle:(Before getting his shell.) That Fuzzy took my shell! I ran after it, but it just laughed and taunted me!

(After getting his shell.) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical Mario style! You're just as cool as I heard you were!

(Talking to him again): I can't help, but think that fuzzies will steal my shell again. I can't relax. Just being outside makes me nervous.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a koopa troopa from Koopa Village. You know, when koopa troopas are in a hurry, they slide on the undersides of their shells. You wouldn't see anyone do that around here. These guys are never in a hurry.)

Koopa troopa standing near the bushes: You Fuzzies won't beat me! Behold my power! Goahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (He starts running around super fast and then stops.) Wheeze... How was that? Super power, wasn't it?

(Goombario's tattle: He's a koopa troopa from koopa village. He's easygoing, but he seems to have a sense of justice, too. Sometimes the fight for justice is dangerous, you know. Goompa told me that we must always be strong inside, or else we could get hurt. I'm trying to be strong, just like this koopa. I respect him for that.)

Kolorado's house

Kolorado's wife: These Fuzzies! Wiil their mischief never end? My husband is never here when there's trouble. My husband? Oh, his name is Kolorado. You've heard of him. He claims to be a famous explorer. Who knows if it's true or not...He runs his mouth a lot.

(Goombario's tattle: She's the wife of Kolorado, who's a an archaeologist and explorer. She always worries about him. You know, I like adventure, too. I can totally see my future wife being like that. Always worried about brave Goombario.)

Koopa village-Part 2

Koopa troopa near the blue block: (Before getting his shell.) Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What a world! My favourite shell! I just washed it. A Fuzzy put it up there! How will I ever get it? Please tell me! Help, somebody!

(After getting his shell.) I might have know! You're so clever, Mario!

(Talking to him again) I'll be careful not to let anyone near my shell ever again!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a koopa troopa from Koopa Village. As you can see, most koopa troopas are easygoing but a little bit shy. There are some exceptions, but he seems to be typical. You gotta love the easygoing types, huh, Mario?)

Koopa troopa walking next to the tree: I put a high-teck lock on my shell so that the Fuzzies can't take it. They'll never mange to pry it off me now! Ha ha! I'm not sure if I can even get it off, to be honest.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a koopa troopa from Koopa Village. He's very mellow. He doesn't even care if he's surrounded by all kinds of noise. As long as nothing interferes with his personal space, he doesn't care what goes on in town. It must be nice to have such a stress-free personality.)

Koopa Koot's house

Koopa Koot: What's the world coming to when a koopa can't even step outside for fear of Fuzzies? I've lived many, many years and this is the first time I've seen anything like this!

(Goombario's tattle: This is the oldest koopa in the village. His name is Koopa Koot. He's famosu for being selfish, stingy and impatient. He doean't ask fro things that are impossible, but you can bet the tasks will be hard and time-consuming.)

Koopa village-Part 2

(The house with the green roof is shaking. If Mario knocks on the door:)

???: Who's there? I'm kind of busy right now!

(Kooper the koopa comes out without his shell.)

Kooper: What?! Wait... Could it be?! Aren't you Mario?! You are! My name's Kooper! Oh, I'm so psyched to meet you! Us meeting her has got to be fate or something. I need a huge favour... I hope you'll help me out. This wild Fuzzy took my shell, which, next to my life, is the most important thing I have. I can't go out without my shell, period. Way too embarassing. The problem is, the Fuzzies are too fast for me to catch alone. So if you don't mind, can you help me get my shell back? I'm begging you!

Goombario: Hey, Mario. It looks like he's in a bad way. We ought to help him out.

Kooper: The Fuzzy that took my shell is just inside my house. I'll guard the door while you grab him like: Whump!

(Talking to him again): I've got outside covered! Catch that fuzzy!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a pity that he's missing his shell. How embarrassing! His name is Kooper. I wonder if he'd be our friend for life if we got his shell back for him.)

Kooper's house

(Mario goes inside the house where he finds a Fuzzy with Kooper's lue bshell.)

Fuzzy: Meoooooooooooooooooork!

(When it sees Mario, it escapes from the back door.)


(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: We'd better be careful. There are supposedly lots of Fuzzies around this area. Usually they stay hidden, but lately they're more aggressive.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: This part of the forest is the Fuzzies' main stronghold. The woods would actually be quite beautiful if not for the Fuzzies. The light's nice... Do you think Koopas do the logging around here?)

(Mario and Goombario chase the fuzzy all the way to the forest. It jumps on one of the nearby trees.)

Fuzzy: Meeeeeeooooork! Meork! Come get it if you can! Nyeah, nyeah! Meeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooork! Guess where I'm hiding?

(The Fuzzy with the shell and three other Fuzzies start jumping from tree to tree. When they're done, Mario must hit the tree the Fuzzy with the shell is hiding in.)

Fuzzy: Mee-ooh? Not bad chump! But that was just a warm-up!

(After doing it a second time.)

Fuzzy: York?! Meeeork? You got me twice?! Must've been luck! Now I'm serious!

(After doing it third times.)

Meeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooh, nooooo!!! I give! Uncle! Here, take the stupid shell! You're too tough for me. I won't be bad anymore, I promise.... Maybe. (He leaves.)

(Mario and Goomario prepare to leave. Suddenly, Kooper shows up, determined)

Kooper: Mario! There you are! I realised I have to take a stand against these Fuzzies! If I can't get my own shell, I'll lose my reputation! I don't even care that I have no shell on! I'm gonna show these Fuzzies what's what!

Goombario: We already got the shell back.

(If Mario doesn't want to give Kooper the shell)

Kooper: What? You have my shell, but you won't give it back? What's the matter with you?

(If mario still refuses to give back the shell.)

Kooper: That's just plain cruel. Please give it back to me! A koopa without a shell is like...a really unhappy koopa!

(Mario gives Kooper the shell.)

Kooper: Oh, yes! Yes! This is my shell, all right! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Got my shell back! Uh-huh! You're the greatest, Mario! I owe you big time! (He wears it.)

Goombario: Good to hear you're happy.

Kooper: Say, Mario.... I have an idea.... Do you happen to know professor Kolorado?

Goombario: Naturally, he's a koopa who's a professor of archaeology. He's also known as an explorer.

Kooper: Right! Well, I live next to him. I've been admiring professor Kolorado ever since I was in my egg! Nothing would make me happier than traveling the world, solving mysteries like he does. So... Do you think.... Could I... Please take me with you, Mario! I'l l help! C'mon, lemme go!

Goombario: What do you think Mario?



(If no is chosen)

Kooper: Oh, c'mon! You gotta! I have lots of skills! I work well with others! Really, please take me along.



(kooper keeps saying the same thing if Mario keeps choosing no.)

(If yes is chosen.)

Kooper: Oh, yes!! Yes!! I'm on my way! I swear, I, Kooper will follow you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth!

(A message appears: Kooper has joined your party!! Press "Down" to make him throw himself and reach an item or a switch in the distance. While in battle, he can attack an enemy on the ground with Shell toss or attack all enemies on the ground with power shell! When you want to switch your partner, press "Right" and select the member you want to use.)

(As Mario and his friends are about to leave, they hear a voice.)

Fuzzy: Meeooreeeeeeeeeeeeork!

(They turn around and see the fuzzy which had stolen Kooper's shell.)

Fuzzy: I changed my mind sucker. How about a fight?!

(Mario enters battle against the fuzzies and, with the help of his friends, defeats them.)

Fuzzy: Meeeooooooorkooooooooooooono! We'll be good! We'll be good! (They all run away.)

(Mario and friends return to Koopa village.)

Koopa village-Part 2

Koopa troopa near the blue block: Those Fuzzies were a real pain in the shell, but it seems too quiet without them. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they came by once in a while... Don't tell anyone I said that.

Koopa troopa walking near the tree: The Fuzzies are gone. You know, I didn't hate them, even though they were naughty.

Koopa troppa in the brown circle: The Fuzzies are gone now. Phew! To tell you the truth, though, it's a bit boring here now.

Koopa troopa standing near the bushes: Mr. Kolorado is a famous archaeologist from here. He hasn't been back here to his house since he went to Dry Dry Desert. Mr. Kolorado's wife is always worrying about him. They live in that house over there with the yellow roof.

Koopa village-Part 1

Red bob-omb 1: You must listen. The Koopa bros. in the fortress worked us to hard. It was a long road, but I'm still glad I ran away. I'd rest easier if I knew those Koopa bros. had been punished.

Red bob-omb 2: Finally.. Without those Fuzzies it's so peaceful here. But what good is peace for us if our friends are still stuck in jail inside the fortress?

House with the blue roof

Koopa troopa: Hey! We can go out again because the Fuzzies are gone! Stupendous! Spectacular! it's time to bask in the sun! A little music on the radio, a little sushine on my shell... Does it get any better?

Koopa village-Part 1

Koover: Hey, did you already go see the elder of the village? He was looking for you. He said something about needing something from you. His house is at the far end of the village. You really should go visit him.

Koopa troopa near the bushes: Is it true that Kooper is joining your adventure, Mario? That's terrific! Come back as a hero, Kooper!

Koopa troopa near the tree: The Koopa bros. of the fortress used to live in this village. They left, though, because they said it just wasn't exciting enough around here.

Kolorado's house

Kolorado's wife: Oh, little Kooper is going to go on Mario's adventure? How cute... take care!

Koopa Koot's house

Koopa Koot: Oh, welcome, young fella! I'm the elder of Koopa village. Folks call me koopa koot. Say.. might you do me a favour?

(If Mario accepts:)

Oh!!! How very kind of you! I guess the yougner generation isn't so bad after all. Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... perhaps just one little one? Could you borrow the book "Koopa legends" from Kolorado? I'm certain if you were to ask Kolorado's wife, she'd lend it. if it isn't a trouble, pelase go there as soon as possible. You promise young fella?

(Mario goes to Kolorado's house and talks to his wife.)

Kolorado's wife: Oh, do you need something? You're doing an errand for the elder, are you? Mmmm... right. "Koopa legends." Yes, my husband owns that one. Of course you can borrow it! Don't let that old koot work you too hard, OK, Mario? He's known to do that. He's also a bit short-tempered. Well, anyway. Wait here for just a moment. I'll go poke around my husband's bookself. (She goes to another room and she soon comes out.) Found it! You're talking about this book, right? It's all yours. It was behind the bookself. (She gives Mario the book.) it's strange... that book... it has all these pictures of shells... and exercises... "firmer shell in 30 days?"

(Mario takes the book to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Great galloping Goombas! You're a lifesaver mario! This is just what I needed! Hee hee hee hee... To show my gratitude, I'd like to make a gift of this. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin. There are a lot more favours Mario can do for him throughout the game.)

Pleasant path

(Mario and his friends leave Koopa village. Thanks to Kooper, Mario is able to press the switch that activates the bridge of the river. After crossing it and fighting more enemies, they finally arrive at Koopa bros. fortress.)

Koopa bros. fortress-Outside

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: Just east of here, we can see Koopa Bros. Fortress. Actually, we're probably already on fortress grounds. That arch certainly looks like part of it. And there are lots of bad guys, too.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: Here's Koopa Bros. Fortress. This used to be ruined, but I guess the Koopa Bros. rebuilt it. It looks pretty huge, huh? And solid, too. This fortress was originally built around the same time the Bob-ombs took up residence on Pleasant Path.)

(As they are about to enter, Black ninjakoopa, one of the Koopa bros., comes out.)

B.ninjakoopa: Whoa! Mario!! What the...! Oh, we're in a world of hurt! Mario's here already! I gotta tell the leader! Red Kooooooopaaaa!

(He runs into the fortress in panic. Mario and the others go after him.)

Koopa bros. fortress-Inside

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1 It's pretty chilly inside this fortress, isn't it? It must because there's so much water inside.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: This fortress stays cool all the time because it's built entirely of stone.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: This seems to be the central area of the fortress. This area looks extremely suspicious to me. I wonder what all those gates guard, don't you, Mario?)

(Goobmario's tattle-Part 4: I heard there are many tricky parts of this castle. I wonder who built it. It's pretty curious looking.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: It seems strange to keep so much water in the building. Do you think it's here to keep Bob-ombs from burning the place down? Or maybe it's just for Koopas to bathe in. I mean, it's nice that it keeps the place so cool, but I'm still suspicious... Mario... Let's keep moving, huh?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: These fire bars are a menace! They're hot to the touch. They'll hurt you if you touch 'em. Somebody said there's a way to destroy 'em. How do you think we do that?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: This place is pretty huge. Before the Koopa Bros. came here, this place used to be filled with Bob-ombs. I don't think the Bob-ombs built it, but they became its caretakers. Of course, they explode all the time, so you can see why there are so many cracked walls.)

(In the fortress, they explore many corridorrs and rooms and fight enemies like Koopa troopas and black bob-ombs. They defeat them all and proceed. There are also big pools of water. After a while, they arrive in another room. Green ninjakoopa, another one of the Koopa bros., is in that room and has just locked a key in a cell. )

G, ninjakoopa: Ha! Let's see the great Mario get any further now!

(The door opens and Mario comes in with his friends.)

G. ninjakoopa: Yeeeek! mario! You, uh...Don't try any... You'll still never find your way through this fortress! Umm...It looks like there might be some fighting her. How exciting! See ya! (He runs away. After mario and his friends are able to defeat all the nearby enemies and get the key, they make their way further into the fortress. Using the key, they unlock a giant room with a big set of stairs. At the top, yellow ninjakoopa, another member of the Koopa bros., is bulding some sort of platform with a ? block above it.)

Y. ninjakoopa: OK! This is perfect... I think. (He hears Mario coming.) Whoa! Looks like Mario's here! (He leaves. Mario and the others enter the room. They make their way to the top and Mario hits the ? block. This triggers a trapdoor and they all fall down. Yellow ninjakoopa returns.)

Y. ninjakoopa: bah ha ha ha ha! Loser! Serves you right! You fell for it!

Kooap bros. fortress-Dungeon

(Goombario's tattle: It looks like they turned this large chamber into a prison cell.)

(Mario and the others land in the dungeon, where some bob-ombs are also imprisoned. Those include a red one, a blue one named bruce, two green ones and a pink one named Bombette, the only female bob-omb there.)

Bombette: Oh, what was that? Where did that fall from?

(Mario and the others get up.)

Bombette: Oh... I wondered what just fell, but... aren't you... Mario? I never in a million years thought I'd meet such a famous guy in place like this.... who, me? My name's Bombette. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a bob-omb. Pleased to meet you!

(Goombario's tattle: She's named Bombette. That pink is adorable! She does seem to be pretty strong willed. Her future boyfriend might be in for some trouble!)

Bruce: I'm sorry, I simply will not obey tyrants anymore! Those Koopa bros. can't squash the pride of a bob-omb! So... I'm using all my energy, thinking of a way to break out of here. hmmmmmm... The angles... vectors.. oooooooooooog.. it's so complicated... my head's going to explode!

(Goombario's tattle: That bob-omb's been jailed. Do the Koopa bros. have short tempers, you think? If we had a bob-omb on our side during battle, it would really catch the Koopa bros. off-guard.)

Red bob-omb: All of us bob-ombs got locked up in here by the Koopa bros. Nothing we could do about it. The Koopa bros. used to be cool, but they got cocneited because Kammy Koopa likes them. Before, they were just typical young guys from Koopa village. They were nice enough. I think maybe the desire for adventure corrupted them.

(Goombario's tattle: That bob-omb's been jailed. I wonder what he did to the Koopa bros.? I thought that bob-ombs and Koopa bros. worked togetehr in harmony...)

Green bob-omb 1: Those stinking Koopa bros. worked us way too hard. They were making us work for 25 hours a day! Unreal! Nobody's life should be all work, right? I need free time to make my mark in the world. BOOM!

(Goombario's tattle: That bob-omb's been jailed. I wonder if they get hurt when they blow themselves up? I mean, they blow up all the time, so they must enjoy it. Once they start exploding, they can't stop! It blows my mind!)

Gree bob-omb 2: Oh, how long do we have to be locked up here...? I'm losing hope... And I'm so hungry... So sad... and mad... angry... I'm filling with rage! I'm really angry now! I want out! OUT! Right now, you hear me, Koopas!

(Goombario's tattle: That bob-omb's been jailed. It really seems to dislike the Koopa bros. Say, I wonder who'll live here if we manage to boot out the Koopa bros.?)

Bombette: What's that...? Why am I locked up in here? because I'm a menace! At lease to these guys.... Those uncouth Koopa bros.! I was just one of many bob-ombs working here. But those Koopa bros... Once Bowser took over, they started working us into the ground! I couldn't take it anymore, so I exploded next to them. Yeah, that was a mistake. The Koopa bros. didn't like it. So they locked me in here. And then they locked up the rest of the bob-ombs because they thought they might rise up. You know, a bob-omb rebelion! What do you think about that? ... Oh, sorry... It's a long story, I know. Anyway, Mario, we want to get out of here. Do you think you could help spring us form this place or what? Pretty please? If you help us... I promise I'll return the favour.



(If no is chosen.)

Bombette: Oh, you... won't... We're really hurting here, Mario. And you won't help us? I guess I was wrong about you.

(She remains in the same place. She is necessary to procced further on to the game, so Mario has to talk to her again.)

Bombette: You changed your mind, Mario?



(If no is chosen)

Bombette: Oh...how depressing...

(If yes is chosen)

Bombette: Oh, how nice!♥ We'll be good friends from now on, I can feel it! We'll make a super team, Mario!

(A message appears: Bombette joined your party!! Press "Down" to make Bombette walk for a short time and then explode! She can desttroy cracked wall or rocks and activate switches.While in battle, she can attack an enemy on the ground with her body slam ability or damage enemies on the ground with her bomb attack!)

Bombette: Now, Let's think of a way to get out of here. Oh, gee, I almost forgot! I haven't even told you about what I can do. Silly me! My specialty is exploding. Check this out. (She spots a crack on one of the walls and approaches it.) See, if there are any cracks in a wall, I can probably break it. Let me try this one. Puff, puff, puff.. Take cover!

(Mario throws bombette near the crack and she blows up, creating a way out of the dungeon.)

Bombette: See that? You see what I bring to the party, Mario?...? Oh! An escape route! Well, I... I guess I never thought about doing that before... I was so mad, I just blew up over and over in one place! Tee hee! OK, that was a little silly! Well, anyway, we can get out now, right? And so can everyone else! Thank you, Mario! From now on I'll tag along and help out wherever I can! You just ask, and I'll be there for you!♥ Now enouh chitchat! I have a little score to settle with those Koopa bros.!

Red bob-omb: Don't worry about us Mario! We'll find a way out!

Bruce: All that thinking, and I never thought of blasting the wall. You're pretty darned smart!

Green bob-omb 1: I was sad, mad... But now glad! Freedom! Yahoo!

Green bob-omb 2: Let's get out of here!

(Mario and his friend leave the dungeon. As they do, a Koopa and two black bob-ombs come in the room.)

Koopa troopa: What's all this noise?! In case you bob-ombs forgot, exploding is prohibited inside the fortress except in the case of emergencies!

(They all approach Mario.)

Koopa: What in the...Mario?! What are you doing here?! Nothing good, I bet! Everybody, get him!

(Mario enters battle against the koopa and the bob-ombs and defeats them all with the help of his friends.Then they continue their way through the fortress. After defeating more enemies and overcoming more traps and tricks, they arrive to an outside area of the fortress.)

Koopa bros fortress-Outside bridge

(Goombario's tattle: Boy, the air is refreshing up here, huh? And look at the view! Isn't that Pleasant Path way down there?)

From a door at the other end, the Koopa bros. come out, including Red ninjakoopa, the leader.)

R. ninjakoopa: Well, well, well! Mario!I wouldn't have bet you'd make it this far. Pfffft... Don't get smug, pal! You just caught us off guard! Trust me, we'll mop the floor with you if we get serious! We're as cool as they come! (Approaches his brothers who are standing behind some cannons.) Yeah, boys!! Open fire!

(They activate the cannons, which start firing bullet bills. While Mario and his friends cross the area, they have to fight all bullet biils they run into. Evenutally, they reach the cannons and battle them too. After finally defeating them, they go into the room the Koopa bros. are in to challenge them.)

Kopa bros fortress-Final room

(Goombario's tattle: This is the room where we fought the Koopa Bros. Those guys weren't so tough! They certainly weren't a match for us, huh, Mario?)

(*In that room, they find themselves on a bridge above a giant gap. As they enter Black ninjakoopa approaches and panics when he sees Mario.)

B. ninjakoopa: You guys ready?!

R. ninjakoopa: Hey, Black! What are you doing?! Hurry, man! Shake a leg!

(They both go off-screen.)

G. ninjakoopa:(off-screen): Ow! My shell! Get off!

B. ninjakoopa: (off-screen)Wait... Wait a minute...

Koopa bros.:(off-screen) WHOA!!!

R. ninjakoopa:(off-screen) Oh, for the love of... What are you doing yellow?! This doesn't look cool at all!

Y.ninjakoopa: (off-screen) OK, hang on... OK! I' m ready, Red!

R. ninjakoopa: (off-screen)Finally! Let's do this! Remember to look cool, guys!!

Koopa bros.: (off-screen) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

(A wierd papercraft machine that looks like Bowser comes on screen and engages Mario in battle)

Battle sequence

Bowser???: Gah ha ha ha!!!! I've been waiting for you, Mario! Bwa ha ha ha har! The strongest! And the coolest! Behold the glory that is the great evil king Bowser!! It's time for me to beat these foolish ideas out of you! Saving Peach? Please!! Watch this and weep!!

(After doing his first attack.)

Bowser???: Gah ha ha ha!! I am invincible! You are powerless before me!

(After a few more turns.)

Bowser???: Gah ha ha ha!!! Oh...ha ha... you're so weak...ho ho... I can't stop laughing...

G. ninjakoopa (From inside.): Heh heh heh... Mario really thinks that we're king Bowser!

R, ninjakoopa (From inside.): Shhhh! Mario'll hear us!

(After taking a lot of damage, Bowser??? starts smoking. When his HP reaches 0:)

Bowser???: Oh, no!! That costume was perfect!! Bowser loved it!!

(Bowser??? explodes and it's parts fall down the bridge. Then, the Koopa bros. land safe and sound on the bridge and give thumbs-up.)

Koopa bros.: Here come the Koopa bros.!

(They create a tower with Green at the bottom, then Yellow, then Black and Red at the top.)

(When it's their turn.)

R, ninjakoopa: OK, Mario! Have a taste of this!

R. ninjakoopa: The Koopa bros. special: Super spinning attack!

(Their attack deals 4 damage.)

Koopa bros.: Whoaaaaaaaa.... We're going over!! (When causing them to lose their balance. When they fall on their backs, they can be attacked, like normal Koopas. Following this tactic, Mario and his friends easily defeat the Koopa bros. After their defeat, they also fall off the bridge)

Koopa bros fortress-Final room

Koopa bros.: WHOA!!!

Koopa bros. fortress-Dungeon

(They land in the dungeon Mario, his friends and the bob-ombs previously were. Now they're all gone and the escape route Bombette opened before has been sealed by the Bob-ombs, trapping the koopa bros. in there with the remains of Bowser???.)

R. ninjakoopa: Hey! Helooooooooooo? Somebody, let us outta here!

Koopa bros fortress-Final room

(The card the first Star Spirit, Eldstar, is trapped in appears and Mario and his friends are able to save him.)

(Storyline text: And so Mario and friends beat the Koopa bros. at their fortress and rescued the first star spirit. Still, six Star Spirits remain impriosoned, and they must save them as quickly as they can. The future of the Mushroom Kingdom, Star Haven and, of course, princess Peach... lies in the hands of Mario... and his new friends. Their adventure has just begun.)

End of chapter (The can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Interlude 1

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(The games goes back to Peach's castle, where Peach and Twink are in her room.)

Peach: I wonder what Mario is doing right now... I wonder if he's hurt.... I'm so worried about him!

Twink: He'll be all right, princess. Why, I bet he's saving some Star Spirits right now!

Peach; Yes... You're right, Twink. I must be strong. I need to concentrate on finding a way out of here.

Twink: But there are tons of guards just beyond your door... And it's impossible for you to escape through the window...

Peach: Oh! Wait a minute! I remeber the minister telling me that there was a secret passage out of this room! Twink! Help me look for it!

Twink: Cool! Great idea!

(If Peach attemps to leave through the door, the guards stop her.)

Koopatrol: What?! Princess Peach! You know you're not allowed to leave the room! I'm sorry, but I have to take you back.

(Two Koopatrols carry Peach back into the room and throw her on the floor. Then, they leave.)

Twink: Are you all right, princess? Did they hurt you?

Peach: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, Twink. That was just plain stupid! I've got to be more careful!

(if Peach looks at the bed):

Peach: This is no time to sleep.

Twink: Yes, let's keep looking!

(If she looks at the flowers):

Peach: Beautiful flowers, aren't they? They smell so good...

Twink: Sure. I guess.

(If she looks at the photo of Mario):

Twink: Oh! A photo of mario!

Peach: Don't look at that!

(if she looks at he dresses):

Twink: So many dresses...and yet they all look exactly the same!

Peach: They're not the same! The designs are all slightly different and very fashionable!

(If she looks at the fireplace):

Peach: The fireplace... Quite nice... So big...and so warm...

Twink: Hmmm... A warm fireplace? Don't you find that suspicious?

Peach: Do you really think so, Twink?

(If she looks at the painting next to the fireplace):

Twink: Oh! Look! There's something behind the drawing!

(They find a switch behind the painting. They press it and suddenly the fire in the fireplace goes out and the secret passage appears.)

Twink: Yes!! Cool!! Now we can get out of this room!

(Following the secret passage, they find a wall with another switch. Peach presses it and the wall starts rotating.)

Peach: Ohhhh!!!

Peach Castle-room with secret passage

(They find themsleves in a room in the castle.)

Twink: Where are we...?

(If Peach attempts to open the door)

Twink: Looks like it's locked. Oh no... We can't get out!

Twink: Hey! Look at this! It looks like somebody left a private diary just lying around. Should we read it?


-Only a little

(Both lead to:)

Twink: Ohhhh... You like doing this sort of thing, do you? Tsk, tsk! OK, then... very quietly.... Let's see....

"Day: O/O. month: "Star". Sunny. Today I went to Star Haven and stole the Star Rod. Now I'm invincible! Cool! I also captured those Star Spirits, so they won't annoy me anymore. It was a hard day's work and I'm feeling pretty bushed. Dinner was nice, but a bit bland."

Twink: ......I feel like I might know the person who wrote this... Should we read more?


-Only a little more

(Both lead to:)

Twink: OK, let's continue.

"Day X/O. month: "Star". Cloudy then sunny. Today was great, diary! I used my castle to lift Peach's castle way up into the sky! Then I barged into Peach's castle and beat up mario! Yeah! Unbelievable, I know! So fun! And there's more! After that, I kidnapped princess Peach! I couldn't be happier, diary! I hope she likes me...

Twink: .....!!! Princess Peach! This is Bwoser's diary! Ugh! what'll we do? Should we read more?


-Don't read

(If don't read is chosen)

Twink: What? Really? You're stopping now? There might be a hint that can help Mario in here!


-Only for Mario

(Both lead to:)

"Day X/X. Month:"Star". Sunny. Well, the Koopa bros. got beaten by Mario, diary. He even set free that stupid Star Spirit I kept there. I'm so mad I can barely write! "Oh, I'm Mario, I'm so big and strong and good and helpful..." I hate him! But I'm not worried. There's no way Mario can save the Star Spirit being held in Dry Dry Ruins. To do that, he'd have to solve the mystery of the sands andthen find Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert. How would he even know to go to the desert, anyway? So I'm not worried at all. In fact, I'm so calm, I'm gonna go to bed now."

Twink: !!!!!! Dry Dry Ruins in the middle of Dry Dry Desert. One of the revered Star Spirits is beign held there!

Peach: Twink, do you think you can find Mario and tell him that?

Twink: Yes, of course, princess Peach! I'll find Mario right away....???

(The door opens and Bowser comes in the room.)

Bowser: Oh no! I can't believe Ieft my secret diary lying out! It would be so embarassing if somebody read that thing...

(He come closer to the table and sees Peach while Twink is hiding behind a chair.)

Bowser: Whuh... Wha... Whaaaaaaaat? What's the princess doing here? Aahhhh!! You little sneak! You read my diary!

(Two koopatrols come running in the room.)

Koopatrol 1: King Bowser! Is there a problem?

Bowser: You're the worst guards ever! Take princess Peach back to her room! Immidiately!!

Koopatrol: Yes, sir! Straight away! Forgive us, sir!

(They both grab princess Peach and lift her in the air.)

Peach: Nooooooooo! Put me dooooown!

(They leave the room with Peach. Twink waits until Bowser looks the other way and leaves the room.)


Koopa bros. fortress-Outside

(Meanwhile, Mario and his friends are outside Koopa bros. fortress with Eldstar.)

Eldstar: Mario, I believe you'll save us all... From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all you've done. Thank you. Since you have freed me from my prison, the seal on my power is broken, and I will recover it little by little. As long as an ounce of power remains in me, I shall help you.

(Eldstar transfers mario his pwoer. A message appears: "Mario can now use the Star Spirit's power in battle!)

Eldstar: Using a Star Power requires Star Energy. Would you like to listen while I tell you how to use Star Powers and Star Energy?



(If no is chosen.)

Eldstar: I suggest that you listen. It's very important. Do you want to listen?



(If no is chosen)

Eldstar: All right, if you say so.

(if yes is chosen.)

Eldstar: Allow me to explain. (The explanation begins in the battlefield.)

Star Energy

Eldstar: Now, Mario. This is your gauge for Star Energy. (He points to the gauge under Mario's HP status.) See? You can check to see how much Star Energy you have. See how there's a star on the right side of the gauge? Each star marks one unit of Star Energy. So, you have one unit now. Next, allow me to explain about Star Powers. First, let me tell you about refresh, all right? This power enables you to restore five points of both HP and FP at once. Why don't you try out refresh right now?

(Mario uses refresh. Eldstar appears above him and replenishes five points of both his HP and FP.)

Eldstar: See? Both HP and FP have recovered 5 points each. You used one unit of Star Energy, so you're empty now. Watch your Star Energy gauge carefully during battle. Usually, your partner's turn would come next, and then it would be your enemies turn. But we're just practising now, so let's assume it's Mario's turn again. OK, it's Mario's turn. Now, pay attention to the Star Energy gauge. (He points to the Star Energy gauge which has a bit of energy in it.) Did you notice that the amount of Star Energy increased a little bit? Star Energy increases little by little every time it comes around to Mario's turn. Remember this, because it'll become very important! Next, I'm going to teach you about another Star Power: Focus. Focus is a Star power that enables you to increase Star Power a little more than usualy during a turn. Right now, your Star Energy is almost empty, even though you're slowly refilling it. All right, try the Star Power Focus now.

(Mario uses Focus and his Star Energy increases.)

Eldstar: Did you notice how much the Star Energy increased? Focus helps you increase your Star Power much more quickly. You should also remember that you can replenish your Star Energy by taking a nap at the Toad house. Well, that wraps up my explanation! I earnestly wish that you'll make good use of these Star Powers during battle.

Koopa bros. fortress

Eldstar: Mario... listen carefully....You must save the other Star Spirits quickly! If the seven of us come together, we'll be able to bestow upon you a Star Power called the Star Beam.The Star Beam is the only thing that counteract the Star Rod that Bowser wields. I have to go back now... back to Star Haven. I must leave immediately. But I'll always be watching you! Save us all, Mario! (He flies away and goes back to Star Haven.)

(Mario and friends leave and go back to Koopa village)

Koopa village-Part 1

Koover: How're things, Mario? Going swimmingly, I hope.

Koopa troopa near the bushes: By the way, I heard a rumor that princess Peach was kidnapped recently. I hope she's OK.... How many times has been kidnapped in her life, anyway? Seems like a lot.

Koopa troopa near the tree: I remember Kooper used to always talk about traveling the world as an explorer. Going with Mario is a great chance to travel, isn't it? Make us proud Kooper!

Red bob-omb 1: Bombette! You're safe?! Oh, joy!! I was so worried about you!

Bombette: Mario rescued me. So I figured the least I could do was help him even the score with Bowser, king of the koopas!

Red bob-omb 1: Good luck Bombette! We Bob-ombs will all be wishing you luck! Bombs away! (He makes an explosion.)

Red bob-omb 2: I decided to stay here with my friends for a while. It's a nice place.

Red bob-omb 3: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Way to beat the Koopa bros.! Now we can all live in this village in peace and harmony. Freedom is glorious!

Red bob-omb 2: (When talking to Bob-omb 3): I feel... so very happy...surrounded by friends...

Red bob-omb 1: (When talking to Bob-omb 3): We salute you! Buh-bomb! (All three of them make one explosion each.)

(Goombario's tattle-Red bob-omb 3: He's a bob-omb. He used to be stuck in the jail at Koopa bros. fortress. He must have escaped. Now he lives with his friends in Koopa viillage. Kooap village is quite the popular place now. I wonder how they're with the population boom.)

Koopa village part 2

Koopa troopa standing near the bushes: Mr. Kolorado is a famous archaeologist from here. That house with the yellow roof is his.

Koopa troopa in the brown circle: What'll we do if those Fuzzies come back sometime! They might take our shells again! Those rascals! How strangely thrilling...Oh... my heart...

Koopa troopa walking near the tree: Mario, everybody's saying that their wishes aren't coming true these days. Aren't our wishes getting through to the stars anymore?

Koopa troopa near the blue block: Do you know Mr. Kolorado? He's one of the bright lights of Koopa village. He's a professor of archaeology, don't you know. We haven't seen him back here since he went to Dry Dry Desert to study some ruins.

Green Bob-omb: I don't see why we can't live in this vacant house. It'd be awesome! We've wanted our own house for the longest time! But I guess we might have a problem if the owner of the house comes back, huh? We could always go back to the fortress, I suppose.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a bob-omb who was in jail at Kooap bros. fortress. He made a home in Koopa Village. I always thought all bob-ombs did was continually blow each other up, but... I guess I was wrong.)

Kooper's house

Green bob-omb: He's in love with Bombette. But she doesn't like him because he's so persistent. Love is complicated...

(Goombario's tattle: This bob-omb was in jail at Koopa bros. fortress. He decided to settle here. With his friends are roommates, it's bound to be noisy.)

Bruce (If anyone but Bombette is out): Sigh... Bombette... I worry about you constantly. Double sigh....

(If Bombette is out): Bombette...you're...you're joining Mario's adventure? It's really lonely without you. My heart will break if you go. Please! I beg you! Take me with you wherever you go!

Bombette: One bob-omb is enough. You should stay here instead. Take care of the village!

Bruce: Oh, you're so cruel, Bombette...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Bob-omb. He was jailed at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He probably came here after escaping. The kind Koopa Troopas welcomed him with open arms. How neighborly! He must be overjoyed.)

Kolorado's house

Kolorado's wife: I think my husband went to Dry Dry Desert, but who knows? I wonder what he's doing now. I swear! I send him letters, but has he written back even once? Of course not!

House with the blue roof

Koopa troopa: Aw, I love this song! Doesn't it remind you of a tropical island? Get down! Yow!

(If Mario switches the radio to the golden oldies station): Aw, I love this song! Golden oldies remind me of the good old days. Sing it!

(If Mario switches the radio to the hot hits music station): Oh, this song always brings tears to my eyes... So moving...

(If Mario switches the radio to the information station): Hey, hey! Hands off the dial! that's my jam, right there! Don't turn off the funk! I was getting my groove on!

Pleasant path

(Mario and his friends start making their way back to Toad town. They battle some enemies on the way back. Suddenly, they hear a voice behind some bushes.)

???: Hold it right there, Mario! I've been waiting for you!!

(Jr. Troopa comes out of the bushes.)

Jr. Troopa: I told you I'd be back. Now I'll get my revenge! here it comes baby! Check this out!

(He attempts to attack Mario, but trips.)

Jr. Troopa: Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

(He falls into the nearby river. However, he climbs out.)

Jr. Troopa: Mario! I'm talking to you! I promise you, this fight will be much different from before!

Goombario (If he's out.): Hey...you're Jr. Troopa! Are you following us? You need to mellow out!

Kooper (If he's out.): Who is this crazed guy? What a nut..

Bombette (If she's out.): Who's this kid...? Let me get this straight... He wants to challenge you? He's got to be kidding!

Jr. Troopa: Shut up!!!!! You! Mario!! Of course you remember me?!



(If no is chosen)

Jr. Troopa: Whaaaat! Darn it! You don't remember me? Listen, you...you big lug! My name is Jr. Troopa! Remember it and tremble! After this beating, you'll definitely remember it!

(If yes is chosen)

Jr troopa: That's right! Darn tootin'! I'm Jr. Troopa! This time, you're really gonna see some fireworks!

Battle sequence

Jr Troopa: Get ready to hurt, Mario! I'm gonna show you a new skill I just picked up! (He gets in his egg increasing his defense.) Yeah! Check that out! You've never seen anything like it before, have you? Your attacks are useless now!!

(After taking the first damage.) Yeeowch!! Who knew that Mario had such battle skills? Grrr...it's not over yet, though! Yaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!

(He has some strong attacks but he's still weak.)

(After he is defeated, he falls on the ground and the battle ends. Jr troopa is left lying on the ground.

Jr. Troopa: Aaaaaaaaaaaah! (If Mario talks to him or attacks him.)

(Goombario's tattle: That's Jr. Troopa. He used to boot us out of the forest near Goomba Village. He thinks he's pretty tough. As far as I can tell, he goes around picking fights with people who are stronger than he is. Talk about dumb! His hobbies are working out and ordering stuff by mail.)

(Mario and friends leave and continue their way. Soon, they arrive at Toad town.)

Toad Town-Central area

???: Mario!!

(Twink appears.)

Twink: Mario! Mario! It's me, Twink. Remember me? I hear you saved the honorable Star Spirit who was captured by the Koopa Bros.! Bowser and his gang are so angry about it! I knew you could do it, Mario! You're on your way! But enough celebration for now. I come bearing important information for you. It seems that one of the Star Spirits is being held captive in Dry Dry Desert. Bowser wrote it in his diary. Some place called Dry Dry Ruins. The princess braved the dangers of the castle to get you this clue, Mario! If we find anything else, I'll hurry back to tell you. i have to go back to Her Highness now. She's so brave! I hope this news helps! (He flies away.)

Light green toad walking around: Hey, by the way, if you were to cross Dry Dry Desert, you'd reach Dry Dry Outpost. It's a small town, but they have a shop and a toad house. Never been there myself. I'd like to, but that heat...

Red toad walking around: Are you taking a trip to Dry Dry Desert? Take the train. There's a station South of town. After getting to the station at Mt. Rugged, you'll have to hike over the mountain. Dry Dry Desert is just on the other side of the mountain.

Red Toad near Merlon's house: Some guy named Rowf started a a bdge shop in the square over there. I haven't been, but it looks like he's selling rare badges. You been there yet?

Light green toad near the gate to Peach's castle: Do you see that blue pole in front of the post office? That's a road sign. You can find you what's where in Toad Town by checking out the signs. What am I telling you this for? I'm sure you know it's smart to read all the signs you see.

Green toad near the news board: So much broken wood, scattered all over town... We could no longer reach the south side, and yet...now we can. Excellent. We can once again reach the port and the train station.

Blue toad: Ah, lovely Mihn T.! The most beautiful flower in the garden! She's ever so cute!♥ I overheard her wishing that this town be filled with flowers. My wish is to become a Star Spirit so I can grant Mihn T.'s wish, Seeing her happy is alll that matters!

(As Mario passes by Rowf's shop, Rhuff comes out.)

Rhuff: Hey, mister! My dad's opened his shop. Don't you wanna take a look? it's really cool! It's a badge shop. For badges. Come on, check it out.

(Mario and friends follow him in the shop.)

Rhuff: We have lots of rare badges, so take a verrrrrrry close look.

(When Mario chooses buy a badge.)

Rowf: Uh-huh! I knew it, Mario. I knew you had a keen eye for badges. That's a good one. You need (prize) coins for (name of badge). the BP you need in order to use this badge is (BP). Would you like to buy it?



(If yes is chosen)

Rowf: Thanks. I change my stock of badges now and then, so please check back occasionally.

(Mario can buy badges from this shop dyring the game.)

(Now the way to the South part of town has been opened.)

Toad town-South part

(Goombario's tattle: Miss Tauce T., a famous local cook, lives around here. I'm pretty sure my mom wants to learn cooking from her. Tayce T. will cook for you if you take ingredients to her. Oh yeah! Forever Forest lies to the east, so a Toad watchman stands guard there and prevents people from wandering in.)

Little light green toad: When I grow up, I'm gonna learn to be a train conductor. Train condactors are so cool. Station stop! All aboard!

(Goombario's tattle: He always talks about what he wants to be when he grows up. He's constantly changing his mind. I guess that's natural. It's good to have a dream to chase, don't you think? I have a couple of dreams. I'm living one of 'em right now! Who'd have thought I'd actually have an adventure with Mario?!)

Purple female toad: Doesn't something smell good? Tauce T. lives in this house. She's an incredibly good cook. She just taght me the recipe for delicious fried shroom. You make it with a mushroom. Someday, if I keep practising, maybe I'll become a master chef.

(Goombario's tattle: She workships Tauce T. because she really loves to cook. She's usually right here. I guess she's kind of Tauce T.'s cooking apprentice right now. My mother also admires Tauce T. She always says that she wants to learn how to cook from her.)

Blue toad: Toad town station is just south of here. The train there is the only way to reach Dry Dry Desert. You aren't thinking of goign to the Desert, are you, Mario? Be careful if you do....

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is diligent and very hard working. He has a great work ethic. I heard he has a bit of a crush on Merluvlee, who lives on shooting star summit.)

Light green toad: Dry Dry Desert is huge. Wherever you go, all you see is sand. Many a wanderer has gotten lost, so travelers shoudl use extreme causion. Oh, and you should avoid any wirlwinds you see. Accoridng to my sources, if you get close to a wirlwind, it'll blow you away. Chances are, you'll get lost.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is pretty smart. I wonder where he gets all his inofrmation. There's a rumor that this is the toad who writes the Toad Town Times. There's also a rumor that Luigi is the one who writes it. I wonder which rumor is true?)

Fice T.: Beyond here lies dark and gloomy Forever Forest. You'll get lost for sure, so I'd advise you not to enter.

(Goombario's tattle:This toad guards the path to Forever Forest. He looks timid. Isn't that a bad trait in a guard? Not only does he scare easily, I hear that he's especially afraid of ghosts. Seeing as Forever Forest is supposedly haunted, he must be completely freaked out.)

Tauce T.'s house

Tayce T.: Oh, my goodness,it's Mario! My name isTauce T. I looooooove to cook!♥ if you bring me ingredients, I'd be happy to fix you oneof my energy-giving dishes! Would you like me to cook you something?



(If no is chosen.)

Tayuce T.: Oh, that's too bad. I was so excited to show you my cooking skills. You don't know what you're missing!

(If yes is chosen.)

Tauce T.: Which ingredient would you like me to use?

(Mario chooses an ingredient.)

Tauce T.: Then I shall cook with (name of ingredient.). I'll whip something special for you, honey. It'll be fabulous! Just a moment!! (She goes nearby and starts cooking a dish.)

Tauce T.: Tra-la-la-la-la!♥

(She goes back to Mario)

Tauce T.: Here you are! This recipe's not too bad. Here, please! (She gives him a dish.) Come back anytime, hon. I look forward to it!

(Goombario's tattle: She's Tauce T. By far the greatest cook around. Trust me, my mom is is a really great cook, but even she admits that she could learn a thing or two from Tauce T. Tauce T. will cook for you if you take ingredients to her.C'mon, let's ask her!)

Toad town-South part

Green toad: Mario, Mario, Mario. Have you ever met Merluvlee of Shooting Star Summit? That lady... She's so lovely...and mysterious.... Oh, I'm crazy for her!♥ I heard that her hobby is cultivating bonsai trees. Maybe I shoud ltry that, too... By the way, did you know that Merluvlee has a twin sister? Her sister must be pretty gorgeous and charming, too.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad can't keep his mouth shut. He's a incurable gossip. I have to wonder what he says behind our backs... To be honest, I'd love to find out.)

Red toad: People say that there's a big, dangerous creature living deep inside that pipe over there. But when people tell you not to go in, it kind of makes you want to even more! Of course, you'll be all right if you carry lots of items. Probably...

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is constantly running his mouth. When I'm with Gooma, he boasts about his pet a lot. He's a huge gossip. You can't believe everything he says.)

Bub-ulb 1 (Buried on the ground): P... Ppppppppppppppp... (He comes out of the ground.) PUFFFFFF! Well, hello there. My name is Bub-ulb. I came from Flower Fields, the wonderful land of flowers. I'd love to spread the wondrous flowers of Flower Fields al lover your land! You like flowers, don't you? Of course you do. Who doesn't? For that reason, I'll entrust this to your care. (He gives him a pink magical seed.)That is a flower seed. If it's well cared for, a beautiful flower will bloom. These flowers are delicate... Only one with a loving heart can make them bloom in beauty. Please take good care of it, for beauty is fragile.

(Goombario's tattle-Before the bub-ulb comes out of the ground: It's a flower. I guess that's pretty obvious... It doesn't seem to move like an ordinary flower, though.)

(Goombario's tattle-After the bub-ulb comes out of the ground: Oh! A Bub-ulb. Talking flowers seem weird... Didn't I hear tha bub-ulb live in Flower Fields?)

Toad Town-Central area

(Mario can give the seed to Mihn T. in the flower garden. It'll be important later.)

Minh T.: Oh! You'll give me this seed? Thank you! I really appreciate it. I'll plant it right away. (She plants the seed and a few flowers appear.) (Tallking to her again.) These seeds relate to an age-old story. If you plant all four of the different-coloured Bub-ulb flwoers, a miracle will occur. I wonder what will happen? I can hardly wait for that day to come!

Toad town-West area

Kris T.: I heard that the three maid girls of princess Peach's castle are going to go on a trip. I guess they don't have work, but really! The princess was kidnapped, and times are bad! What on earth are thoese maids thinking?

Miss T.: Yeah, I agree with you. Going on a trip in a situation like this? Have they lost it?

Felissa T.: Totally, girls. I, Felissa T., agree. I think they should think especially hard about which souvenirs to buy.

Blue toad near the dojo: The master of the dojo came back from his training. Before he left, he said he wouldn't return until he was incredinly strong. He must be pretty tough by now.

Red Toad in front of the shop: Hey... I bet you didn't know that there's another shop here in Toad Town. The merchandise they carry is slightly different. You might want to check it out sometime.

Blue toad near the pond: Whatever obstacle comes, our love will see us through. The power of my love could blow up any roadblock!

Pink female toad: Oh! You're so romantic! Our love is explosive...

Light green toad walking around: Oh, ill news! Dry Dry railroad is not running! The horror of it all! A giant rock has made travel impossible. The train won't move! We can't go to Mt. Rugged! Oh, no. Oh. ruin! Big problem. people!

Red toad near the entrance: I hear that the train can't move. Folks are saying that a giant boulder is blocking the tracks. If only there were some way of destroying it, we could travel by rail again.

Nearby house

Toad mom: I used to love the annual cooking contest at the castle, but it looks like we won't have one this year... I was sure this was the year I'd beat Tauce T.!

Toad dad: Since I worked at the castle, I have nothing to do for a while. You'd think that'd be relaxing. But this house isn't exactly restful during the day. My wife doesn't even spare time to spend with me. She works all day cleaning stuff up and dealing with the kids. It must be tough, doing all that work.

Toad kid 1: Since the castle is gone, dad is really bummed, and mom seems a little frazzled. I'm kind of happy that dad's at home now, but I wish we could get him to play with us.

Toad kid 2: I started going to the dojo so I can get stronger and save the beautiful princess Peach. But...my mom tells I have to behave and stay home. Why is that?

Mario's house

(If Mario goes back to his house, he'll find Luigi sitting on a cracked rock, whistling. Mario can blow up that rock with Bombette, causing Luigi to fall down.

Luigi: Hi, Mario. I figure I'll have an adventure sooner or later, so I'm training. What's that? Dry Dry Desert? Oh, sure. There's a train that goes there from Toad Town. Hey, maybe I'll tag along... No? You sure? Just gimme a chance!

(If Mario hadn't visited Luigi before, he's sitting in front of the house whistling.)

Luigi: I wonder what my brother Mario is doing right now...

(He gets up when he sees Mario come out of the pipe and approaches him.)

Luigi: Whoa! Mario! It's you! Good to see you! And you're all right! After all that castle craziness, I was really worried about you. I ran outside just as the earthquake started, so I managed to escape in time

(He notices Mario's partner and looks at him or her in a weird way.)

Luigi: Oh? And who are you?

Kooper (If he's out): You're Luigi, right? My name's Kooper. Pleasure meeting you!

Bombette (If she's out): You’re Luigi, huh? I’m Bombette. Nice to meet you!♥

Luigi: I see. Great, just great, You're on an exciting adventure wtih Mario. Talk about unfair. See, someone has to look after this house, so I can't leave. Oh, well. Take care of Mario, OK?

Toad Town-Residential area

(Goombario's tattle: This is the residential area of Toad Town. It's mostly homes. But there's also a shop. For Toad Town, this area is pretty quiet.)

Green toad near the road sign : If you want to get to Dry Dry Dessert take the train from Toad Town station. You dig?

(Goombario's tattle: I think this toad is a guide. He wants to be a tour conductor, whatever that is. He's also interested in unique shops and items.)

Chet Rippo: Yo, little man. Name's Chet Rippo. Pleasure meeting you. Say, man, don't you want to upgrade your status? Heh heh... Yeah, I know you do. It's usually 390 coins, but for you and only you, I'll do it for just 39 coins. If you gimme 39 coins, I'll upgrade you HP, FP OR BP. I'm not lying or cheating you. Come on... you know you want it.



(If no is chosen.)

Chet Rippo: Too bad.. your loss. Another time, maybe.

(If yes is chosen.)

Chet Rippo: There you go! Good call! Here's your current status. (He tells Mario his HP, FP and BP.) Choose the one you want to upgrade.

(Mario chooses the one he wants to upgrade.)

Chet Ripo: All right. So you want (Status.) to be upgraded. Here goes!

(He upgrades the one Mario has choosen.)

Chet rippo: All right, now you (status) have been upgraded. Oh, yeah... Another status might have dropped a bit, but I can't do anything about that. Heh heh... se ya! (He disappears into thin air. The one Mario choose has received has been upgraded, but one of the other two has been downgraded.)

(Goombario's tattle: He claims that he can upgrade your point levels...but there's something suspicious about him. I don't know... I just don't trust him for some reason. Who knows, though? I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.)


Harry T.: Welcome to Harry's Shop. How can I help you today?

-To buy

-To sell

-To check

-To claim

(If buy is chosen): If there's anything you want to buy, stand in front of it and press the "A" Button

(Buying): You need (Number of coins.) coin(s) for (Name of item.). Want to buy it?

(Item bought): Thank you so much.

(Not enough coins): You don't have enough coins!"

(Too many items): You seem to have too many items. Please drop by again after selling, checking, or using some items.

(If sell is chosen): Which item would you like to sell today?

(Mario chooses an item.)

Harry T.: I'll buy (Name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). Is that OK with you?

(Refusing to sell): Oh, all right.

(Refusing to sell, more items): Oh, all right. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(Item sold): Thank you very much.

(Item sold, more items): Thank you very much. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(To sell, no items): You don't seem to have any items.

(If check is chosen): We can check (number of items.) more item(s). What would you like to check?

(Item checked): We'll store it with extra care.

(Item checked, more items): Is there anything else you'd like us to check?

(To claim, empty storage): You do? But we're not keeping anything for you.

(To check, full storage): I am sorry, but we can't check any more items.

(if claim is chosen): Which one would you like to claim?

(Item claimed): Here's the item.

(Item claimed, more items): Is there anything else you'd like to claim?

(To claim, full inventory): You can't carry any more items right now. Please drop by again after selling or using some items.

(Leaving): Please drop by again.

(Goombario's tattle: He runs a shop. He buys, sells and checks items. Checking is very convinient if you have a lot of items.)

Toad Town-Residential area

Little red toad: Here comes Red Ranger T.! Pow!

Little light green toad: Here comes Yellow Ranger T.! Boom!

Little green toad: Here comes Green Ranger toad T.! Donk! Look, look, Mario! We three are heroes like you!

(Goombario's tattle-Little green toad: He's a toad kid who follows the other two. He's a little shy. When they pick on him, though, he always fights back and he never, ever loses. Despite that, I think those three are really good friends.)

(Goombario's tattle-Little light green toad: They're just some toad children, having a good time outdoors. You have to be careful when they're quiet. You know kids. They're probably up to some mischief.)

(Goombario's tattle-Little red toad: Look at these cheerful kids! Everything is just fun and games to them. Boy... I feel like a grown-up when I look at kids having such carefree fun!)

Blue toad in the middle of the road: By the by, Mario, if you can't hold any more items, you should leave them at the shop. You can pick the items up again at any shop in the world. so it's a useful system.

(Goombario's tattle: He talks a lot, this guy. Say, since I travel with you, do you think I'll be famous, too? I wonder if there's any gossip about me yet.)

Nearby house

Green female toad: Hi! I'm new to the neighborhood. I never expected it to be so nice and quiet in the big city. It cost me a small fortune in coins to get this place, but I think it was worth it. It's such a lovely house, isn't it? It sure is!

(Goombario's tattle: These toads just moved here. This is the first time they've lived in an actual town. I think they were worried that it'd be too noisy in town. This quiet area seems to suit them well.)

Purple female toad: Hey, you're Mario, right? We just moved in! We've only just unpacked! It's like a dream come true. A quiet and gorgeous house all to ourselves!♥ Ah, I'm so happy! Of course, happy as I am, I know these are sad times. I try not to act too jolly when I'm out and about.

(Goombario's tattle: These toads just moved here. They like peace and quiet. They said they're enjoying living here so far. They think it's quite comfortable. Well, you could just listen to them yourself, Mario...)

Toad Town-Residential area

Blue toad next to the tree: I've heard a rumor about this great big hidden ruin somewhere in Dry Dry Desert, but I don't believe it. Well, I've never seen it. Once I see it with my own eyes, then I'll believe it.

(Goombario's tattle: This guy is pretty wary. He doesn't believe most of the rumors that people spread. But he wants attention, so he listens well and keeps the rumors alive.)

Green toad in the group of three toads: Do you know postman Parakarry?

Red toad: He delivers letters to many towns in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Light green toad: But he's easily distracted, so more often than not, the mail runs a little slow.

(Goombario's tattle-Green toad: He's part of the great gossip trio. he can't get enoguh gossip. They've dedicated their lives to listening to gossip, so they should know everything.)

(Goombario's tattle-Red toad: He's part of the great gossip trio. I wonder when they're gonna get bored with all those rumors.)

(Goombario's tattle-Light green toad: He's part of the great gossip trio. I wonder how they keep on top of it all? So much gossip! I'd say your name comes up pretty often, Mario.)

Orange female toad: This neighborhood is the quietest place in Toad town. That's why I ofter come here to walk and think. Oh, I try to put on a glad face. The castle won't come back just because we stay home and mope, now will it?

(Goombario's tattle: She's always taking a walk around here. She's elegant, don't you think? She's almost too nice to be really elegant, though. Maybe she needs to learn to be more snobby. Then she'd seem really elegant.)

(There's another house in the area, but it's empty. it'll play an important role later.)


(Goombario's tattle: This is Toad Town's port. It's home to the only restaurant in town. I like to stand at the end of the pier and gaze at the sea.)

Blue toad at the entrance of the port: This is the port. Welcome! If you want to go to Dry Dry Desert, you can't get there from here. Go to the train station instead.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad. I think he's a guide at the port. He goes like this: Welcooooome! Pretty good, huh? Anyway, he knows this area pretty well. You can asks him all about it.)

Fishmael: 'Tis true, big fish I be getting when'er I fish here. Yar, I hear caterpillars be makin the best bait. Ye Fuzzipede! Yer my bait!

Fuzzipede: Jest cuz y'all are fishin' I go to be bait? Nuh uh! Yore a plumb fool! I may be a catterpilla, but I've still got some rights!

(Goombario's tattle-Fishmael: I really hate eating fish. But fishing does look fun... Fishing in the harbor must be pretty relaxing. My dad goes fishing, too. I wonder if he knows this guy... But seriously, I hate fish.)

(Goombario's tattle-Fuzzipede: He's a Fuzzipede. What a weird little creature! People often use Fuzzipedes as fish bait, but they often manage to cut the line. He's pretty robust for such a little guy.)

Light green toad: (Singing) O, memories of younger days!♪ River runs with sunlight rays!♪ We ramble as the music plays!♪ (Not singing) Phew! What is it about the ocean that makes me want to sing?

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad. He seems to be taking a walk and singing off key. Great tune, though! It kind of makes me want to hang out and sing, too. I'm a terrible singer, but this guy might make me sound good!)

Blue toad near the sea: Oh! Bountiful, beautiful sea! When I behold the ocean, I feel peace and serenity. When you feel sick in body or in heart, nothing heals you better than the sea.

(Goombario's tattle: Whenever I talk to this toad, he tells me he wants to go "somewhere by the sea." Sure, it'd be great if there were an island to go relax on, but what if he got out there and there was only ocean?)

Red toad: Hello, Mario. I heard that you went over to Koopa village recently. A long time ago, I went to Koopa Village, too. I remember it like it was yesterday. There were all sorts of people...uh, that is koopa troopas there. One koopa loved the radio, I recall...those four rowdy brothers...that giant Kent C..... Oh yes, there was also that world-renowned explorer and archaeologist, Kolorado. If I recall correctly, his wife was always worrying about him. I suppose she wanted him to stay home a bit more. I often wonder how all these koopas are holding up....

(Goombario's tattle: This toad's been all over the place. He'll tell you lots of old stories. I heard that he knows lots of stories about Goompa and Koopa Koot. Were they really that famous?)

Club 64

Chanterelle: Mmmmm... Hi. I'm Chanterelle. I'm known around here as the pop diva of Toad Town. Oh, I used to be able to sing every song perfectly, each note a masterpiece. Those times are behind me now... perhaps forever. The sight of Peach's castle flying high into the sky was such a shock... I haven't been able to sing since then. And now... Now I am a pop dova who cannot sing... Cruel irony, isn't it?

(Goombario's tattle: She's a singer, the Pop Diva. She...is...so...beautiful! That big earthquake scared her so badly that she forgot how to sing. It's such a pity. Her voice is truly amazing.)

Simon: I'm Simon. I'm rhymin'. To folks who know it, I'm the master poet. Poor pop diva cannot sing, but my lyrics are just the thing. If my lyrics really rock, our pop diva will be cured of shock. I'm tragically stuck, though, 'cause my last line's a no-show. later, plumbinator!

(Goombario's tattle: He writes songs. They call him Master Poet. He's a pretty cool guy. He's in love with Pop Diva. He's really worried about her. I know just how he feels... Mario, don't laugh!)

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! How do you like the club, dude? Pretty posh, right? Yeah, my buddy there and I opened up last year. This club was broken here and there in that earthquake, but, no problem. We'll get it all fixed up in no time.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a waiter at this restaurant. He said he's working here because he longs to be near pop diva. He's really working hard! I bet he's working hard to try to impress her.)

Bartender: Yep. We lost a whole mess of glasses around here when the earthquake hit. Been cleaning ever since. It's a shame. Lots of fond memories in those glasses.

(Goombario's tattle: He runs this restaurant. He just opened it. He also plays a mean guitar. I'm sure he's popular around here. I'd like to come here one day with my whole family. I don't like fish, though.)

The dojo

The Master: Oh, you must be... mario. Welcome to my dojo. I am The master. I am the head of this dojo... cough hach cough... Wheeze... Please pardon me. My health is rather delicate... Every day we train in this dojo to improve body and mind. If you have the purpose and desire, you may challenge us. Tell me, what business have you here today?... cough hack...


-Only drop in

(If only drop in is chosen)

The Master: Very well. Feel free to observe our training. Wheeze...

(Goombario's tattle: He's the master of the dojo. He's been training students at the dojo for years. My grandpa told me he's incredibly strong. He doesn't look like it, though. I think he just got back from a journey where he trained with fighrers stronger than he is. What dedication!)

Lee: A wise fighter knows that sometimes the best tactic is not to fight at all. There is no cowardice in choosing to run away from a superior foe. Of course, you'll find some enemies that impossible to escape, once in battle. Face them with bravery.

Chan: When fighting, you must try many tactics. A good fighter does not use the same simple attack each time. Each enemy has its own character and weak points. Sometimes you use your body... Sometimes you use your items... But always, ALWAYS, you must use your mind. Sometime's you'll be surprised by what's effective.

(Mario can optionally battle at the dojo to prove his strength.)

Train station

(Goombario's tattle: here's Toad Town Station. It's a station for the Dry Dry Railroad. From there, you can take the train to scenic Mt. Rugged. And there's also Oink-Oink Farm, where they raise Li'l-Oinks. Raising Li'l-Oinks costs coins. My dad said there's a Playroom here, but I don't see it...)

(If Mario hits the first tree on the right, a pipe will appear and it will take Mario to the playroom. Mario can play games here by getrting a silver and a gold credit for doing Koopa Koot's favors.)

The playroom

(Goombario's tattle: This is the reception area for the Playroom. You should ask what kind of games they have, Mario.)

Red toad: Hello there, mario! Welcome to the playroom! To play here, you need a member credit. The kind of game you can play depends on the kind of member credit you have.

(If Mario has the silver credit.)

Red toad: Cool! You have a silver credit. In that case, I'll make a pipe appear that will lead down to the jump attack floor. (A pipe appears.)

(If Mario has the gold credit.)

Cool! You have a gold credit. In that case, I'll make a pipe appear that will lead down to the smash attack floor. (A pipe appears.)

(Goombario's tattle: He's the receptionist toad for the playroom. He'll tell you what games there are to play.)

Green toad: Y'know, I haven't seen that old koopa troopa lately. He came here often, but he always lost a bundle.

(Goombario's tattle: He seems to be a customer at the playroom. I bet he comes here all the time.)

Blue toad: Grrr... I was so close today!

(Goombario's tattle: He seems to come to the playroom often. He's probably one of their best customers.)

(Mario can play at the playroom to win money.)

Train station

Red toad: I love Li'l-Oinks! Love 'em! You... you want to learn about them?



(If no is chosen)

Oh, Ok... if you want to learn about the different types of Li'l oinks, just ask me, OK?

(If yes is chosen.)

Li'l-Oinks are timid and mysterious creatures that hatch from eggs. They spook easily, and will run away if you appraoch them. Observe them from out here. There are many breeds of Li'l-Oinks. They're very easy to tell apart. White ones, black ones... Even gold and silver ones! If you're curious about the breed of a newborn Li'l-Oink, come over to talk to me. i wish the world were full of Li'l-Oinks! That would be grand! (You can buy eggs from the nearby building with the pig on it wih Li'l-oinks and hatch them.)

(If a white Li'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a white Li'l-oink! So pale and dainty!

(If a black Li'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a black Li'l-oink! They're known to be wild!

(If a flower Li'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a flower LI'l-oink! Nice floral design!

(If a pink Li'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a pink LI'l-oink! Such coloring!

(If a tiger LI'l-oink hathces): Oh, it's a tiger Li'l-oink! Look at those stripes!

(If a question mark LI'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a question mark LI'l-oink! How wierd... Uh, I mean how int.... interesting.

(If a mushroom LI'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a shroom LI'l-oink! They're the cutest

(If a star Li'l-oink hatches): Oh, it's a star LI'l-oink! The stars...so mystical!

(If a silver LI'l-oink hatches): Oh, wow! It's a silver Li'l-oink! Look at it's silver hide! Glittering in the sushine... What a gorgeous creature!

(If a gold LI'l-oink hatches): Whoopee!! It's a gold LI'l-oink! Look at its golden hide! It glows like a treasure of ancient times!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad loves LI'l-oinks. I always see him near Li'l-oink farm. He keeps an eye on the Li'l-oinks from outside the fence. Obvisouly, he really likes 'em.)

Purple female toad: Mario, you do keep an good sypply of items on hand, don't you? If you get attacked when you have nothing, you'll be in a pretty tight fix, huh? My advice is whenever you're going on a long journey, you should stop by a shop and load up with supplies.

(Goombario's tattle: She's a very caring toad. Just by the way she talks, I get the sense that she's generous and carefree.)

PInk female toad 1: The girls and I can't work because Peach's castle flew away. Oh, well! I guess there's nothing to be done! The girls and I have always wanted to go on a long trip. How lucky for us!♥

PInk female toad 2: At first, I said let's not go because there's so much trouble going on. But... Eventually I came around!♥ We're ready to roll! But now the train can't move. Great.

Pink female toad 3: Our first stop was going to be the desert town. I wish we could go! Right now!

(Goombario's tattle-Pink female toad 1: This toad is one of the castle maids. Seeing as the castle has up and disappeared, I guess they decided to take a holiday. Traveling does have a way of refreshing the body and mind.)

(Goombario's tattle-Pink female toad 2: This toad is one of the castle maids. They're all traveling together. They're quite good friends. I've never seen 'em apart!)

(Goombario's tattle-Pink female toad 3: This toad is one of the castle maids. She's always been very curious. I wonder what kind of trip they're taking. It's definitely not going to be as dangerous as our journey, but I'm kind of curious.)

Green toad: Ever been to Dry Dry Desert? It's a really scary place. I've seen packs of cactus monsters, thieves who prey on travelers' coins and even whirlwinds! It's a lot safer to stick to the path, so you don't get lost. It goes on a direct line from Mt. Rugged to Dry Dry Outpost.

(Goombario's tattle: He's just an average toad. He apparently knows a lot about Dry Dry Desert. He goes there a lot. For work...? Oh, I don't know.)

Blue toad: I love trains, don't you? I love to come here and watch it come and go, but it doesn't seem to move at all now. It's really a lot more fun to watch when it's moving. The problem must be that gigantic rock on the tracks.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad never seems to leave the station. He loves trains, so he makes excuses to travel all over. When he's not on one of his trips, he watches the trains at the station. Did I mention he loves trains?)

Train conductor: I'm ruined... Done for! A huge rock is blocking the train tracks! When Peach's castle was uprooted, one of the boulders from that stack rolled off and landed here. What bad luck! If we can't do something about that boulder, I can't make my run to Mt. Rugged!

(Goombario's tattle: He's the stationmaster of Dry Dry railroad in Toad Town. The motto of Dry Dry Railroad is, "We are generous, polite and safe." yeah, that's catchy!)

Dane T.: What up, Mario? Like slides? The slides on Mt. Rugged are the coolest!

Mini T.: Yeah! Some are kiddy sized, but there are also huge ones that launch you way out! I wanna go there again!

(Goombario's tattle-Dane T.: This toad kid acts like an adult. He's always talking about his travels. His favorite trip so far has been on Dry Dry Railroad.)

(Goombario's tattle-Mini T.: These toad kids always seem to be together. They share all their secrets with each other. They're really good friends.)

(Mario can blow up the boulder that is blocking the track with bombette, allowing the train to move.)

Blue toad: You're the best, Mario! It's nice to see the train up and running once again. It really wasn't a whole lot of fun watching it just sit there.

Pink female toad 1: We're finally departing. On the train, girls!

Pink female toad 2: Do you girls have all your bags and everything? I hope I didn't forget anything. I bet I did, though.

Pink female toad 3: Okay, okay! Let's go to Mt. Rugged! Except... Let me just check my bags one more time real quick.

Train conductor: Oh, thank you, Mario!! The train's back on track! All aboard!! This train is bound for Mt. Rugged. Are you coming Mario?



(If no is chosen)

Train conductor: We hope to see you again!

(Mario can complete any errands or sidequests before leaving.)

(If yes is chosen)

Train conductor: The train is about to depart. Please board quickly.

(Mario and friends board the train, which is really small and only has room for the train engineer, Mario and his active partner.)

Train engineer: Sit tight, folks. Now departing for Mt. Rugged.

(The train leaves Toad Town. A small cutscene follows in which the train crosses a desert-like area with many rocks and fences and one big wooden water tank while smoke shaped like stars is coming out of the train's chimney. After the cutscene is over, chapter 2 begins.)

End of interlude

Chapter 2: The mystery of Dry Dry ruins

Mt. Rugged-Train station

(Goombario's tattle: This is the Mt. Rugged station on the Dry Dry Railroad line. Not much grows around here or on the barren mountain.)

(The train arrives at its destination. Mario and friends get off.)

Train conductor: Mt. Rugged! Mt. Rugged! Passengers heading for Dry Dry Desert of Dry Dry Outpost, should proceed directly over Mt. Rugged from this station. (Talking to him again.) We still have a little time before our next departure. Come back in a while.

(Goombario's tattle: He's the stationmaster at the Mt. Rugged station. He looks just like the one in Toad Town. Why is that? Is it because of his uniform... or the pattern on his head? Pretty cool uniform, huh?)

Red Toad: The train's running again. Phew. About time! I can finally go back to Toad Town.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad works at the local travel agency. It's called Toad Town Tours. They like to personally inspect sites for future tours. I wonder what people could possibly wamt to see in the desert or on Mt. Rugged?)

Dryite: If you want to go to Dry Dry Desert, you'll have to hike over Mt. Rugged. Follow the arrows on the signboards so you don't get lost. There are a lot of scary creatures around here. If you are not careful, you'll get hurt in a big way. If things are looking desperate, you'd better run away really fast. At least I would...

(Goombario's tattle: A dryite. He hangs around this station all the time. He must like traveling by train, I guess)

Green female toad: I saw a creature called a Whacka on Mt. Rugged! It was extra cute!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad loves to study the creatures of the world. She's really into conservation. She doesn't want anything to become extinct.)

Mt Rugged-Mountain

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: What a steep mountain!)

Goombario's tattle-Part 2: Watch out for the sneaky Monty Moles that are common to this area. They're dirty fighters. They pop up from underground and chuck rocks at people. The cowards!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: Phew! Maybe we ought to take a break! I didn't realize the road up would be so rough! Of course, as nice as it would be to take five on a rock, you have to watch yourself. Enemies disguise themselves as rocks. They're nasty and spiky, so keep your eyes open.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: Oh.. I'm exhausted. Do we have to keep going? Can't we chill for a bit? Why'd this mountain have to be so huge?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: Whoa! We're pretty high up! Ooog... I feel a little faint. I never told you this before, but I have a fear of heights.)

(Goombario's tattle-Passage to Dry Dry Desert: This is the gateway between Mt. Rugged and Dry Dry Desert. If we head due east from here, we'll eventually reach the town called Dry Dry Outpost.)

(Mario and friends start climbing Mt. Rugged to make their way to the desert. As they are walking, they hear a voice.)

???: Ah... No...Confound it! Where could it be...?

(Mario starts looking around, wondering who said that. Then, Parakarry the postman flies on-screen looking around really worried and accidentaly bumps into Mario. They both fall on the ground. Parakarry gets up and approaches Mario)

Parakarry: Oh! Sorry, folks! Very sorry! I was looking for something and not watching where I was going. What now? Aren't you Mario? Why, you are! You're THE Mario! Hello there! The name's Parakarry. I deliver letters. Um.... I'm normaly a letter-perfect postman, but I'm having a bit of trouble with a lost letter. Wouldn't you know it--I dropped it on Mt. Rugged and now I can't find it... If you happen to stumble upon a letter anywhere around here, please tell me, all right? My job could depend on it! I'll be searching this area thoroughly for a while...

(Goombario's tattle: He's Parakarry, a paratroopa who delivers letters. He's got some problems. It must be nice to have wings. He can fly anywhere. All postmen should have wings. You know, some people say that if you help someone in trouble, good things will happen to you. You know, karma. What? You've never heard that?)

(The letter can be found across the gap in the area with the save block. Mario then takes it back to Parakarry.)

(If Mario doesn't give him the letter)

Parakarry: Uh…? That… looks like the letter I'm looking for… My mistake, perhaps…?

(If Mario gives him the letter)

Parakarry: Oh! That's the one! Aw, thanks for finding it! I'm so relieved! Uh... actually... I'm also looking for two other letters I may have lost. It wasn't my fault, really! If you find them, could you...? Thank you so much.

(The second letter can be found on the upper left ledge after the sledge. The third letter can be found in the area with the broken bridge. Mario takes both of them to Parakary.)

(When Mario gives him the second letter.)

Parakarry: Oh! There we go! That's one of the letters I dropped by accident! Thanks so much! Really! Of course, there's still one more letter left... If at all possible, could you please find it, too? I'm really scouring this area down here, but so far, I haven't had much luck....

(When Mario gives him the third letter.)

Parakarry: The last letter! You found it! Now I've got all the letters I've lost... today. Oh, thank you so much! You're a lifesaver! I wish there were some way I could repay you for your help. Actually... To be honest...I haven't just lost letters on Mt. Rugged.... I may have sort of dropped some all over the Mushroom Kingdom while I was flying. Heh heh.. yeah. You know, you're good at finding letters. Do you think you could keep an eye out during your travels? In return i would offer you whatever help I can.



(If no is chosen)

Parakarry: I see. May I ask Why not? Please, Mario, I'm in a bind! You'd really save my shell!



(If no is chosen again)

Parakarry: Oh...I understand. I suppose I'm asking too much. You're a big hero with big goals. Sigh...I have to face the music. Of course, if you change your mind, let me know. I'll follow you in a heartbeat!

(He remains in the same place. He is necessary to proceed further on to the game, so Mario has to talk to him again.)

Parakarry: Hello again! You changed your mind? Can I go with you?



(If no is chosen)

Parakarry: Oh...I understand. I suppose I'm asking too much. You're a big hero with big goals. Sigh...I have to face the music. Of course, if you change your mind, let me know. I'll follow you in a heartbeat!

(If yes is chosen)

Parakarry: Oh, praise the stars! I wasn't looking forward to having to find those letters all by myself, no sir. I'll do my very best to help! You shall not regret this!

(A message appears: Parakarry joined your party!! Press "Down" to have him carry Mario and fly for a short time! He can carry Mario over short gaps that he couldn't jump across by himself. While in battle, he can attack with sky dive or smash into enemies using his shell shot ability!)

Parakarry: Now! Onward! Oh, but hey... By the way, if you want to deliver a letter to someone, just speak to that person. I have to be next to you at the time for it to work, though. Keep it in mind, all right?

(Mario can optionally deliver the letters he finds for small rewards.)

(Now Mario and his new friend Parakarry carry on their journey. More enemies are foguht and more obstacles are surpassed. A guy named Whacka, a blue mole-like creature, can be found in an area blocked by a yellow which is easily broken by Mario's hammer.)

Whacka: Whaaaack-hoo! I'm Whacka!! Another picture-perfect day atop Mt. Rugged! Wooo! The sunshine! The fresh air! So refresing, whack-a-do!

(Talking to him again): Whaaaack-hoo! I'm Whacka!! Another picture-perfect day atop Mt. Rugged! Wooo! Of course, yesterday was also pretty nice!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Whacka. When you hit Whackas, they get Bumps that fall off. I heard that they're yummy. You know, I'm not normally into hitting Whackas, but once I heard of their tasty Bumps... I got the urge to whack' em!)

(If Mario attacks him wth his hammer.)

(A big bump comes out of his head and falls on the ground.)

Whacka: Whack-OW! Don't hit me!

(He disappears into the ground. Mario can takes the bump which restores 25 HP and FP.)

(If Mario attacks him with Kooper): Whack-a-BYAAARGH! Quit it!

(If Mario attacks him with bombette): Whack-OOOG! That really hurts!

(If he's attacked with Bombette, he disappears into the ground and doesn't leave a bump behind.)

(If Mario leaves and returns, Whacka reappears.)

Whacka (Second and third time): Whaaaack-hoo! I'm Whacka!! Another picture-perfect day atop Mt. Rugged! Wooo! Tomorrow will be beautiful, and the day after, too!

(Fourth and fifth time): Whack-huh-ooo? I'm Whacka... Aren't I? I feel like I'm getting a touch forgetful nowadays. Did I remember to eat breakfast this morning?

(Mario can attack him for bumps five times. The sixth time:)

Whacka: (singing) Whack-hoo, yack-a-do... Whick wick wack.... Aah-hooo...... ♪

(If Mario hits him again.)

Whacka: Whack-a-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I can't take this abuse!

(He disappears for good, leaving a few coins behind.)

(A bub-ulb can be found across a gap which can be crossed by Parakarry. He is buried on the ground. If Mario talks to him, he comes out.)

Bub-ulb: Huh...? You're talking to me? I don't see anyone else here... All right! You are talking to me! It's been a long while since I first came here from my home in flower fields, but you're still the very first person to even speak a word to me. Nobody ever notices me. The few people I actually see just think I'm blooming. I love a good conversation! Here, take this as thanks! This is a precious seed. keep it well and remember me. (He gives Mario a purple magical seed.) Please grow my seed with care. It'll help you one day...

(Goombario's tattle-Before he comes out of the ground: A flower, I think. But... Do most flowers move like that?)

(Goombarioo's tattle-After he comes out of the ground: Oh! A Bub-ulb. I don't know why, but they give out Seeds. Boy, if there are lots of these guys in Flower Fields, it must be a hopping place!)

(Mario takes the seed and continues his adventure. After a while, they all arrive at a bridge and start crossing it. Nearby, Buzzar the vulture is sitting on his nest, watching. As soon as they cross the bridge:)

Buzzar: Hey there! Hold up a sec, pardner! Jest a dern minute....I've seen you somewhere...(He flies off his nest and stops in front of Mario and co. He then takes out a piece of paper and looks at it.) Yep, verrrrrry similar! You look a lot like this feller Mario who's on Bowser's wanted poster... Now give! What's her name?



-Princess Peach

(If Luigi is chosen.)

Buzzar: Hmm... Well... Luigi, eh, pard...? You do look like this dude... Well, yer not Mario, I guess. I reckon you can pass. (He returns to his nest and Mario leaves.)

(If Mario is chosen)

Buzzar: Mariooooooo?! Well, I'll be! If yer Mario, I reckon I've got to bust you up! (He engages mario and friends in battle.)

(If princess Peach is chosen)

Buzzar: What's that?! Princess Peach?! You take me fer a fool? Princess Peach is captured up there in Bowser's castle! You reckon I don't know that? Yer askin' fer it, you big fibber! I'm thinkin' yer Mario! Prepare fer yer whuppin! (He engages mario and friends in battle.)

(Mario and his partners battle Buzzar who has many attack like grabbing mario with his claws and flapping his wings to damage Mario and his partners. However, he is defeated in the end.)

Buzzar: Yow! I got whupped! (He falls off the bridge.)

(Mario and his friends leave. Soon, they finally cross Mt. Rugged and reach Dry Dry Desert.)

Dry Dry Desert

(Dry Dry Desert is seperated into 49 panels/areas. The tattle section is organized tile-style with A1 being the northwestern corner and G7 being the southeastern corner. Alphabetical characters run north-south and numbers run west-east.)

(Goombario's tattle-A1: So hot... I feel dizzy... Where are we going again? Who are you, anyway?)

(Goombario's tattle-A2: So...very...hot! Anyone smell roasting Goomba? Must...concentrate... Many dangers in the desert... Keep eyes open...)

(Goombario's tattle-A3: We're going to get lost... This desert seems endless.)

(Goombario's tattle-A4: Dry Dry Desert never ends. How big is it, anyway? I'm beat. My feet hurt. This sand feels like it's a thousand degrees.)

(After the Dry Dry Ruins rise out: It's Dry Dry Ruins. Weren't you totally blown away when it rose out of the sand? That was awesome! I wish we could make it happen again!)

(Goombario's tattle-A5: You know what I just realized? I hate the desert! Yup! Sand gets in my eyes so I can't see. I feel like I've eaten a couple pounds of sand, and my feet itch. I'm freaking out here!)

(Goombario's tattle-A6: Ah, yes! Some more sand and some more cacti! How do you stand such a boring landscape? Look, when I signed on for this adventure, I was under the impression that there would be no boredom involved.)

(Goombario's tattle-A7: It's scorching, Mario! I'm turning to charcoal!)

(Goombario's tattle-B1: I feel dazed... So thirsty... The cacti seem to be moving...)

(Goombario's tattle-B2: You know what? Traveling in the desert is really hard. Just moving my feet in the sand is exhausting. I feel like I'm stuck in quicksand. Are we even getting anywhere?)

(Goombario's tattle-B3: Hey, Mario! Did you know that... cacti save water inside? That's the only way they can survive out here.)

(Goombario's tattle-B4: Does it ever rain in a desert like this? I seriously doubt it.)

(Goombario's tattle-B5: If there's too little rain, the cacti will dry up. Did you know that?)

(Goombario's tattle-B6: So blue...the desert sky... They ought to call it... "Big Ol' Super Blue Sky"! I think I'm delirious. It's so hot out here, I can't think straight.)

(Goombario's tattle-B7: This looks almost exactly the same as everywhere else. Fine, so there are a few trees growing here. Big deal! I still hate this place!)

(Goombario's tattle-C1: It's hot. The desert is hot. I can't imagine that people would actually choose to live in a place like this. Don't they get hot? I guess some like it hot...)

(Goombario's tattle-C2: I'm spent, Mario. No shade, no water, no nothing. I hate this place.)

(Goombario's tattle-C3: All this blowing sand would cover up most paths. I don't even know which direction we're moving. If we find that big path again, let's stick to it so we don't get lost again.)

(Goombario's tattle-C4: Is there nothing here but sand, rocks and cacti? I guess we should be happy that we're not in a sandstorm. I did see a whirlwind, though.)

(Goombario's tattle-C5: Mario... I'm so tired... If we find a shady tree, let's take a rest for a while...)

(Goombario's tattle-C6: How do trees grow here? When we find a big one, let's take a rest for a while. You wouldn't think that anything could grow around here. These must be a hardy kind of tree, huh?)

(Goombario's tattle-C7: We should be near Dry Dry Outpost. Boy, after the endless sands of this desert, it'll be nice to put our feet up in a town for a while.)

(Goombario's tattle-D1: Kolorado is searching out mysteries, as usual. He seems to be looking for ruins here.

(After Kolorado leaves: Here... I remember this spot. It's where that explorer, Kolorado, used to have his base camp set up. Do you think he found what he was looking for?)

(Goombario's tattle-D2: As long as we stick to the path, it's easy to go from Mt. Rugged to Dry Dry Outpost without getting lost. Since so many people use this path, the desert sands can't cover it up.)

(Goombario's tattle-D3: Traveling through places like this desert really makes you appreciate water. I'm pretty thirsty right now. Aren't you, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-D4: In an area like this, it's tough to find things that can serve as landmarks. But that rock in the shape of a cactus is a pretty good one.)

(Goombario's tattle-D5: Just putting one foot in front of another is hard here. Whenever I take a break, I feel like I don't want to move again.)

(Goombario's tattle-D6: Ah, a couple of trees are growing here. It might just be my imagination, but the air feels a bit cooler right here.)

(Goombario's tattle-D7: Just east of here is the desert town, Dry Dry Outpost. We'd better remember how to get back here.)

(Goombario's tattle-E1: The desert is filled with bandits who love to steal coins from travelers.)

(Goombario's tattle-E2: More rocks and sand! It'd be really easy to get lost around here.)

(Goombario's tattle-E3: Wow! There's a whole lot of nothing around here. Any idea which direction we should take, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-E4: You know, it's smart to take a nap when it gets too hot. That reminds me of something my mom used to say: "Take a nap, will you!")

(Goombario's tattle-E5: Look, it's unbearably hot out. I'm getting pretty fed up with it, if you want to know the truth... Isn't there somewhere we can stop for a rest?)

(Goombario's tattle-E6: Look at that rocky plateau. It looks like it's too high to climb, but I can almost see something good up there...)

(Goombario's tattle-E7: Look! Look, Mario! There's actually some grass growing around here!)

(Goombario's tattle-F1: You know, there sure are a lot of rocks in the desert. Before I came here, I thought there was just sand. But there are rocks, too. Whoopee.)

(Goombario's tattle-F2: Cacti also have flowers, did you know that? I haven't seen any, though... Do people eat cacti?)

(Goombario's tattle-F3: The desert wind constantly builds up and tears down the sand dunes. They say it constantly changes, but it pretty much looks the same to me all the time.)

(Goombario's tattle-F4: There are big cacti around here.)

(Goombario's tattle-F5: Hey, Mario? Are you thirsty at all? I'm parched. Really thirsty. Totally dried up. Wait a minute... My mouth is really dry! Maybe that's why they call it Dry Dry Desert!)

(Goombario's tattle-F6: Look! Look, Mario! There's actually some grass growing around here!)

(Goombario's tattle-F7: Oh...thank heavens! At last, we've found an oasis! It's not a mirage, is it? The trees are so green! The water, so blue! Hurray!)

(Goombario's tattle-G1: So hot...so very, very hot... This desert trip... I can't take it anymore! Hey, Mario, let's find some shade and relax for a while, huh?)

(Goombario's tattle-G2: If we get lost in the desert, we'll dry up and turn into mummies. How about it? Let's rest by that small rock. Maybe there's something unusual about that rock...)

(Goombario's tattle-G3: Mario, aren't you hungry? How about thirsty? Tired? I'm all of those things.)

(Goombario's tattle-G4: W... Water... Must have water... I'm so thirsty I could bite a cactus...)

(Goombario's tattle-G5: Do you think there are any other mysteries in this desert besides the ruins? It'd be nice if we stumbled upon some treasure or something.)

(Goombario's tattle-G6: No matter where we go, all I see is sand. That's what this is like. A sea of sand.)

G7: We're lucky we have hats on. We'd probably have come down with sunstroke by now if we hadn't had our hats.)

(Upon entering the desert, they find a tent. Professor Kolorado, the archaeologist and his two assistants are there)

Kolorado: Well, hello there, old boy! How goes the travels, eh? I'm known as Kolorado. I'm an archaeologist, you know. I travel the world. At the moment I'm turning Dry Dry Desert upside down to find the Dry Dry ruins. My assistants have attempted to gather information in Dry Dry Outpost, which is near hear. Sadly, as of yet, we're having little success. All I need's a clue and we'll be golden!

(Goombario's tattle: He's an archaeologist, Kolorado. He's famous a both a scholar and an explorer. Unfortunately, he's also renowned for his carelessness. He's wild about treasures and anceient secrets, so he's always taking off aroudn the world on some adventure.)

(Talking to him with Kooper out:)

Kolorado: Well, hello there, old boy! How goes the travels, eh? I'm known as Kolorado. I'm an archaeologist, you know. I travel the world. At the moment I'm turning Dry Dry Desert upside down to find the Dry Dry ruins. My assistants have attempted to gather information in Dry Dry Outpost, which is near hear. Sadly, as of yet, we're having little success. All I need's a clue and we'll be golden!

Kooper: What?! Whoa! You're professor Kolorado!! It's Kooper! I live next to you! It's so great to see you! I never would have expected to meet up with you out here! I'm right in the middle of an expedition with Mario. I wanna be an archaeologist like you.

Kolorado: Hello there, Kooper. It's been ages! So... If you're serious about taking up archaeology, you and I should go exploring someday. Anytime, really! ...For now, you concetrate on your adventure with Mario. You'll never attain such fame in archaeology as I have if you don't finish one task before starting the next.

Kooper: Whoa! OK! As soon as we're done saving the pricness and Mushroom kingdom and everything, you and I'll go exploring!

Kolorado's assistant 1: To get to the desert town, Dry Dry Outpost, just go due East on this path. I'd be careful not to stray from the path if I were you. You may face some trouble, and you'll definitely get lost. Even the path isn't that safe, so watch out for enemies.

(Goombario's tattle: This is a koopa troopa from the excavation team. The team is assisting Kolorado. People say that excavations are about as boring as you can imagine until you find something. I bet that's true.)

Kolorado's assistant 2: We're assisting prof. Kolorado. Right now we're waiting on the guys who hiked over to Dry Dry Outpost to try to bring back some information. Did you know the people of Dry Dry Outpost are descendants of the makers of Dry Dry ruins? What a cool thought, huh? People have been leaving here, watching over the ruins, for many generations.

(Goombario's tattle: This is a koopa troopa from the excavation team. The team is assisting Kolorado. That looks like hard work. I wouldn't want to do it. Doing chores in this heat? Ugh!)

(Mario and his party start crossing Dry Dry Desert. They face many enemies like pokeys, bandits who try to steal Mario's coins and wirlwinds that will send Mario and the others to a different part of the Desert if they catch them, causing them to get lost. They overcome all these obstacles and continue their way. Somewhere in the Desert, a blue Nomadimouse can be found sitting under the shade of a palm tree.)

Blue nomadimouse: Hello, fellow travelers. I'm in the middle of a journey, just as you appear to be. Other travelers I meet are like brothers and sisters to me. if a town is what you seek, follow this path to the east. A desert town called Dry Dry Outpost waits at path's end.

(Talking to him again): Go straight east on this path to reach Dry Dry Outpost, a desert town. I'm having a rest in the shade. Rule #1 when traveling through a desert: never hurry. Deserts, especially this desert, are vast and confusing, and if you wander too far afield you'll definitely get lost.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a nomadimouse. It looks like he's in mid-journey. I bet he has some amazing stories to tell... A wandering Nomadimouse... Roaming the world....no respondibilities... So lucky!)

(An oasis can be found in the desert. It has a lake, grass and a lot of palm trees with lemons and limes. The importance of this place will be explained later. Evenutally, Mario and his team arrive in Dry Dry Outpost.)

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 1

(As they enter, they see a purple nomadimouse come out of the store, look around suspiciously and start running. If they try to get in the shop, there's a sign that says "Temporarily closed".)

(Goombario's tattle: It's Dry Dry Outpost. Lots of Dryies and nomadimice live here. I'm so happy to find civilization after crossing that desert. Despite the climate, lots of travelers seem to come here. Still, they can't get that many tourists. It's too hot!)

Blue nomadimouse: Welcome travelers! You must have had a long, hot journey getting here. Welcome to Dry Dry Outpost. Moustafa is the leader of this entire town, so... You'd better keep it in mind... Although you probably won't ever see him....

(Talking to him again.) There's no question that Mr. Moustafa is the boss if Dry Dry Outpost, but.... It's incredibly rare for him to actually be seen in public. His peronality is a mystery. He's surrounded by secrets. Even so, as long as you behave yourself he won't mees up with you. He's not a tyrant or anything. Please enjoy yourself during your stay at Dry Dry Outpost.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a nomadimouse who lives in this town. He seems to pay special attention to strangers, like us. He belongs to some kind of shady organization. The organization rules Dry Dry Outpost. So mysterious and dangerous... I can feel my skin crawling! Mario, isn't this exciting?)

Green Dryite near the entrance: (Singing) Master Mr. Moustafa is the main man, yeah!♪ Master Mr. Moustafa is the main man, ooh!♪ Where's the man? No one knows!♪ He stays hidden from his foes.♪

(Goombario's tattle: That's a dryite. The wind out here in the desert is full of stinging sand, so he protects himself by wrapping his face in a cloth. Since their faces are covered, it's tought to tell them apart. I'm pretty sure they're all adults, though.)

Yellow Dryite walking around: (When Mario doesn't have any cards from the dojo.) Are you aware that there's a Dojo in Toad Town? There is! A while ago I took one of the Dojo challenges and did pretty well, I must say. I got a Second-Degree Card. You look pretty strong, so... Huh? You haven't earned any Cards?!

(When Mario has a first-degree card) Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a First-Degree Card? Hee hee! It just so happens, that I have in my possession a Second-Degree Card! Know what that means? I'm stronger than Mario! Yeah!

(When Mario has the second-degree card) Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Second-Degree Card? Hey, I have Second-Degree Card, too! Oh, awesome! I can't believe that I'm as strong as you are, Mario!!

(When Mario has a third-degree card) Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Third-Degree Card? Whooa! That's great! Seriously, that's great, Mario. You must be a powerhouse!!

(When Mario has a fourth-degree card) Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Fourth-Degree Card? Whooa! I wouldn't want to tangle with you, Mario!!

(When Mario has the diploma)Sayyyyy... Is that... ...a Diploma...!? Whoa! WHOOOAAA! You defeated The Master!! That's unbelievable, Mario! Great! Seriously great! I mean, really great!!!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a dryite. I've seen him in Toad Town. He earned himself a degree at the Toad Town dojo.)

Nearby house

Blue dryite: Hey! Guess what! hey! Somewhere in the desert, there's a stone cactus. If you move 3 South and 2 West from there, you'll find something special hidden. I'm not sure how to find it exactly, however. you should go there, huh? Yeah! Hey! Wanna hear something else? I know lots of other stuff! Useful stuff! Hey!

(Talking to him again.) Hey! Did you know? The desert is dangerous! if you get caught in a desert whirlwind, it'l lblow you away and you'll get lost. Bandits are out there too! They appear all of a sudden running really fast and they steal people's coins! There are many tales. You'd better pay attention to them, too, because the desert in an unforgiving place. Hey! Wanna hear more!

(Talking to him again) Hey! Guess what! here's something not a whole lot of people know. If you go South just after leaving town, you'll find an oasis. It's amazing... A paradise! I go there sometimes. If you want to take a rest, it's the best place to go. Wanna hear something else? You'll be sorry if you don't! I know lots of stuff!

(Talking to him again): Hey! Know what I heard? There are these three trees growing in a triangle somewhere in the desert. The rumor is that if you jump in the centre of the triangle, you'll find something good. Only... I don't know where the three trees are... I mean, the desert is hugr! I can't know everything...Hey! You wanna hear something else or what? I'm loaded with tons and tons of useful information!

(He starts from the begining if Mario talks to him again.)

(Goombario's tattle: These dryites look like they have big heads because they're wrapped in cloth. It's hard to tell them apart since we can only see their eyes.)

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 1

Yellow dryite walking near the shop: Have you seen the old fortune-teller in Toad Town? He's always right, so his fortune telling is famous. if you hit trouble in the middle of your adventure, it'd be a good idea to see him.

(Goombario's tattle: This dryite has been seen in Toad Town. Why does he look like he's worried about something? Whenever I worried, my Goompa always told me... "When you're feeling lost, ask Merlon to show the way." Merlon's fortune-telling is surprisingly accurate.)

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: Are you from Toad Town? Wow, that's a ways away! Dry Dry ruins?... Nope, never heard of it. it sounds like a local fairy tale or something.

Green dryite near the red palm tree 2: ...

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1 : Hey, if you're serious about looking for Dry Dry whatever, you should go and ask the information trader. Supposedly this information trader lives in town and swaps information for items. Or something along those lines.... That's what my friend says. My friend? This guy? Nah, he's way too shy to be an information trader.

(if Mario tries to talk to the other green dryite, he'll constantly keep avoiding mario and not say a word because of his shyness..)

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: (Second time.): My friend is the shyest guy. He can't talk to strangers at all. He just clams up. That's why I usually talk for him, you see.

Green dryite near the red palm tree 2: ...

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1 : What's that, buddy? You want to see the princess? Whuh-ho! That's a toughie! For that wish to be granted, I think you'd better wish to the stars, buddy. Hey, you travelers! Am I right or am I right?

(The other green dryite will keep shying away if Mario approaches him.)

(Goombario's tattle-Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: Dryites look like the heat doesn't even bother them. I wonder why? I'm boiling! And they're all wrapped up in clothes! What gives? Maybe it's because their clothes are wrapped loosely. I could use some threads like that.)

(Goombario's tattle-Green dryite near the red palm tree 2: This dryite is really quiet. He's shy, I guess. But... I don't see any reason for him to be so timid.)

Nearby house

Toad in the desert: Mm? Are you addresing me? (Singing) A composer am I♪ writing songs, well, I try♪ (Not singing) Sigh... I wish I could find some lovely, heart-moving lyrics. I want to compose music filled with beautiful lyrics. It's my fondest wish!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Toaaad in the Deserrrt♪...Sorry. This guy's music moved me to song. How about some karaoke! ...Just joking. This composer seems pretty jolly, doesn't he? He makes me wanna dance!)

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 2

(Goombario's tattle: I heard that this town was originally founded by thieves from the desert. It's a pretty mysterious town, don't you think? There are all kinds of stories and legends about this place. The residents around here love all those old tales.)

Green dryite near the wall with some posters : A brother and sister who are very close live atop shooting star summit. The brother, Merlow, collects star pieces and will trade badges for them. The sister, Merluvlee, is a fortune-teller who will tell you where to find badges.

(Goombario's tattle: This dryite has been to shooting star summit. I bet he was pretty impressed. And cold.)

Kolorado's assistant: Hey, hello. I'm assisting an archaeologist, professor Kolorado. I came to Dry Dry Desert to excavate Dry Dry ruins, but... It's hot as blazes every day and I'm cosntantly thirsty... I want to quit and go home.

(Goombario's tattle: This is a koopa troopa from the excavation team. The team is assisting Kolorado. That looks like hard work. Doing chores in this heat? Ugh!)

Blue Nomadimouse : Long ago, in this very land, there was a Kingdom called Dry Dry Kingdom. King Mousta ruled over it. One dark day, he was betrayed by his subjects. In the uprising that followed, Dry Dry Kingdom was ruined. King Mousta escaped and vowed vengeance on his enemies. He gathered thoese faithful to him and defeatd his betrayers. King Mousta's supporters were the original robbers who built Dry Dry Outpost.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a nomadimouse who likes telling old tales. He knows much of the history this town. The legend surrounding this town is very mysterious. I wish my hometown had such a cool legend! Then I could act mysterious.)

Mr. E.: I heard an archaeologist named Kolorado is around here looking for Dry Dry ruins. You know what? Even if he digs up the entire desert, he won't find them.

(Goombario's tattle: That's a dryite. It's hard to tell whether he's old or young because of that cloth that's wrapped around his face. What do you think? Young or old? I'm betting young...)

Green dryite near the alley with the wooden boxes: Dry Dry Outpost was built by robbers long ago, you know. The boss of the robbers was the descendant of a king. The king hid the entrance to the ruins of his Kingdom and the robber boss guarded them. Legens has it that even now, the descendant of that boss hides in this town and keeps the ruins safe from prying eyes.

(Goombario's tattle: That's a dryite. This guy looks to be pretty easygoing. Who can be easygoing in this heat? I'm cooking!)

Toad house

Red toad: The toad house slogan is, "Refresh your bodυ and soul!" Would you like to take nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): Pleasant dreams!

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? Good luck out there!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad. He was sent here from princess Peach's castle. I telll you, there's nothing like a quick, refreshing nap! Plus, it's free!)

Dry Dy Outpost-Part 2

(If Mario jumps behind a pile of boxes in an alley, he will find Merlee's tent.)

Merlee's tent

Blue nomadimouse: Keep this quiet... If this woman casts a spell on you, it might help you during battle. For instance, your attack power might get stronger or you might get more coins for winning. other, stranger, things may happen, as well. But do not rely on this spell. By no means will it take effect in every battle. The spell can be beneficial, but it's also unpredictable.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a nomadimouse who never strays from the back street in Dry Dry Outpost. He loves to stay near the lovely wizard. Ah, a rival for her affections! Just joking. He's obviously fond of Merlee. Maybe he just doesn't have anywhere better to go. He's always just sitting here. There's no reason to move... His beloved is here.)

Merlee: Hello, welcome, how are you? Feeling jolly? Feeling blue? I'm Merlee you see? That's me! A cuter gal you'll never see. I do magic, but not for free. You luck has steered you well for I'm a master of the spell. When my spell upon you glows you might get lucky, but who knows? Do you dare to take a chance? Want to watch my cards dance?



(If no is chosen)

Merlee: Oh, how tragic, what a loss! Well, I guess you're the boss. Bye bye! Don't forget to floss!

(If yes is chosen)

Merlee: Oh, how lovely! Very good! Pick just one now, if you would. I'd pay as much as I could...

-Special course

-Ordinary course

-Petit course

(If Mario doesn't have enough coins)

Merlee: Oh! Of coins you lack a few! What a pity. Oh boo hoo! Come again some other day. Bye bye! Come back soon, OK?♥

(Mario picks one up.)

Merlee: Well, we're ready! Tally-ho! And here we go!

(She casts a spell on Mario. After the spell, she will sometimes appear in battles and increase Mario's attack, defence, star points or coins.)

Merlee: I think you'll find this power will get your foes to cower. It will light your darkest hour. Even should you meet a beast... Do not fear! Not in the least! My spell makes a famine feast. See you, then. Please come again. Good-bye my friend!

(Goombario's tattle: She's a wizard, Merlee. She casts spells. If you let her cast a spell on you, it may affect you in battle. She's one of the pair of twins. The other one is Merluvlee, from Shooting Star Summit. When I look at a woman as beautiful as this, it makes me feel all strange!♥)

Dry Dry Outpost-part 2

(Mario arrives in front of the town's last house. The purple nomadimouse he saw before finishes saying something with the guy who is standing in front of the door and then he runs away again. The guy is covered in a brown burnoose. All Mario can see is his green nose and his eyes.)

Sheek: Someone who gives stuff is nice, yes, very nice. Nice guys get told nice stuff.

-Give something

-Don't give anything

(If don't give anything is chosen)

Sheek: Well, good-bye!

(If give something is chosen.)

Sheek: Ah! You give me something! You might be nice. if you're a very nice guy, you'll give me something more.

-Give something

-Don't give anything

(This is repeated once more until:)

Sheek: You give me many things. Very nice guy, yes, very nice. My name is Sheek. I trade in information, things others do not know. So, nice guy..... what would you like to know?

-Not necessary

-About Dry Dry Desert

-How to get to ruins

-Favorite food

(If how to get to ruins is chosen.)

Sheek: You must see Mr. Moustafa to find the resting place of Dry Dry ruins. Mr. Moustafa is a descendant of the great robbers who built Dry Dry Outpost. He is somewhere in the town, yes... but where exactly, only his closest followers know. I could tell his secret, but only to the nicest of nice guys, yes. If you still seek knowledge, you must give me something more, yes, you understand?

-Give something

-Don't give anything

(If give something is chosen.)

Sheek: I thank you for giving things. To show I am truly thankful, allow me to tell you something. What would you like to know?

(If about Dry Dry Desert is chosen.)

Sheek: Dry Dry Desert is a vast and everlasting sea of sand. Under this sea, many secrets lie buried. More secrets than there are stars in the sky. The legens of Dry Dry ruins is one of these secrets. Only Mr. Moustafa knows knows where the legend rests. If you still seek knowledge, you must give me something more, yes, you understand?

(If favorite food is chosen.)

Sheek: My favorite food starts with an L and ends with an N. It's a yellow fruit... so sour. Such a nice fragrance. It's tree grows only in the desert oasis outside town. if you were to go to the oasis and get one for me, I might believe you're a true nice guy. For, of course, only the nicest of nice guys can meet Moustafa. If you still seek knowledge, you must give me something more, yes, you understand?

(if not necessary is chosen)

Sheek: You're obviously the nicest of nice guys....but you haven't let me repay the favor. If you still seek knowledge, you must give me something more, yes, you understand?

(If Mario is out of items)

Sheek: You have nothing to give. Then I have nothing to say. Maybe another time.

(Goombario's tattle: This is Sheek. You'd think the guy could shake the dust from his clothes! If I didn't know he was an information trader, I'd say we should steer clear of him. Still, he's our best soure for gossip... As adventurers, we have to deal with all kinds!)

(The food Skeek likes is a lemon. It can be found in the oasis. So Mario has to go there.)

Dry Dry Desert

Blue nomadimouse: Hello, fellow travelers. I'm in the middle of a journey, just as you appear to be. If you go Southeast from here, you'lll reach a beautiful desert oasis where lemon and lime trees grow. It's nice and cool. It's really the best place to have a rest, but many enemies plague the surrounding area. If you plan on reaching the oasis in one piece, be careful.

(Mario gets to the oasis, gets a lemon from a tree and takes it to Sheek.)

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 2

Sheek: Oh, heavenly! A lemon!! The nicest of nice things! You have proven you're nice by giving me my favorite thing. And since you're so nice, yes, I'll tell you something really nice.

(A new question is available)

-Not necessary

-About Dry Dry Desert

-How to get to ruins

-Favorite food

-How to see Moustafa

(If how to see Moustafa is chosen.)

Sheek: To find Mr. Moustafa, go to the shop in this town. First buy a dried shroom. Then buy a dusty hammer. You must buy them in the correct order, yes? Remember, dried shroom first and then dusty hammer. This is a secret sign known to those loyal to Moustafa. If you buy these things in the correct order, the owner of the shop will let you see Mr. Moustafa. Remember, you must not buy them in the incorrect order! If you still seek knowledge, you must give me something more, yes, you understand?

(As Mario and his friends turn to leave:)

Sheek: I wish you luck in finding Mr. Moustafa, nice guy.


(Mario goes to the shop and meets the owner, the purple nomadimouse he had seen earlier.)

Purple nomaidmouse: Welcome, traveler! This is the renowned Little Mouser's Shop of Dry Dry Outpost. What can we interest you in?

-To buy

-To sell

-To check

-To claim

(If to buy is chosen): All right! So you want to spend some loot. Stand in front of the item you want to buy, then press the "A" Button.

(Buying): (Name of Item.) will be (Number of coins.) coin(s), but are you sure you want it?

(Item bought): All right! Thanks!! I'm proud to offer quality items at low, low prices! No other shop can compare with my prices!

(Not enough coins): Hey, hey, hold up. You need a few more coins to buy that one.

(Too many items): You're already carrying a full load. Come back after using, selling, or checking some items.

(If sell is chosen): Which one do you want to sell?

(Mario chooses an item)

Purple nomadimouse: I'll buy (Name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). Are you sure you want to sell it?

(Item sold): Thanks!

(Item sold, more items): ! Is there any other item you want to sell me?

(To sell, no items): What? You can't sell me items that you don't have!"

(Refusing to sell): Okay.

(Refusing to sell, more items): Okay. Is there any other item you want to sell me?

(If check is chosen): I can check (Number if items.) more item(s). What do you want to check?

(Mario chooses an item)

Purple nomadimouse: All right. I'll stash it for you.

(Item checked, more items): Do you want to leave anything else?

(To check, no items): What? Hey, I can't check items that don't exist.

(To check, full storage): I can't check any more. Sorry. The storeroom's packed.

(If claim is chosen): So, which one do you want back?

(Item claimed): Here you are.

(Item claimed, more items): Do you want anything else back?

(To claim, empty storage): Hang on there! I'm not holding anything. Don't try to claim things you haven't checked.

(To claim, full inventory): You're already carrying a full load. Come to me after selling or using some items.

(Leaving): I look forward to seeing you again.

(Goombario's tattle: He runs the shop here in Dry Dry Outpost. I don't know... He acts kind of strange. Is he nervous...? Well, he may be suspicious, but he still runs the shop. His stock seems to be made up of pretty normal stuff. I think it's normal...)

(Mario buys a dried shorrm and then a dusty hammer. Then the owner of the shop appraocehs him, surprised.)

Purple nomadimouse: What ho! Bying a dusty hammer after a dried shroom.....is a secret sign that only friends of Mr. Moustafa know! ....That means.... You're in with Moustafa! Hey! Brother! Good to meet you! Have any questions you need answered? ....You want to see Mr. Moustafa? He's usually up on the highest part of Dry Dry Outpost. Just keep going up, my man!

(Mario goes to the highest part of town, where Sheek was. However, now Sheek is gone and the door he was standing in front of is open. He goes in and through another door, he ends up in the yard which has a pile of boxes. He climps up these boxes and gets on the roof. After jumping from roof to roof, he finds a door on one of them. He goes in and finds a room. Sheek is in there.)

Dry Dry Outpost-Moustafa's hideout

Sheek: Hey, nice guy. We meet again. I'm glad you found me. (He throws off his burnoose and reveals himself to be a green nomadimouse.)

Moustafa: I'm Moustafa. I'm the one you've been seeking all this time. When I'm out and about in Dry Dry Outpost, I use the name Sheek. It's always good to meet a genuinely nice guy. I meet people all the time, but you're by far the nicest guy I've met so far. Your name is Mario, yes? I heard that you want to go to Dry Dry ruins. I have a feeling you're on a important journey, so I will tell you the secret. Dry Dry ruins is a very important place. My ancestors have watched over it for many generations. If I do not keep evil folk out of the ruins, who will? You must promise me that you will tell no one this secret! I'll give you this. (He gives Mario the pulse stone.) This pulse stone is the key to finding Dry Dry ruins. Take it to the desert, yes? The pulse stone will flash above your head as you get close to the ruins. The closer you get to the ruins, the faster the pulse stone will flash. Follow where it leads you! Find the place where the pulse stone flashes the fastest and use it to open the way.

(Goombario's tattle: Da Da Da Duuum! Sheek reveals his true self! ...I guess that means he's the boss everyone talks about. Oh... I was expecting Moustafa to look a lot cooler.)

Dry Dry Desert

(Mario and friends go to the desert. Following the pulse stone, they eventually find a suspicious rock with a round hole on it. Mario puts the stone in the hole and the rock sinks in the sand. Suddenly, it gets dark, the ground starts shaking and the sand starts lifting. Then a giant old building comes out of the sand. It's Dry Dry ruins. Kolorado and his assistants as well as the residents of Dry Dry Outpost feel the vibration and panic. Moustafa also feels it and realises the ruins have been unearthed. The ruins are massive and have a few chain chomp statues on them. Wheh they come completely out of the sand, a staircase appears and an entrance opens. Mario and his partners go in.

Dry Dry ruins

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: That's the entrance to Dry Dry Ruins. It's called the illusion ruin. Nobody could find this place for ages. But we did!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: Legend has it that there are many traps and puzzles in these ruins. When this was a great palace, the keepers set all the traps up to keep looters from stealing their treasures.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: Compared to the desert, it's cool in here.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: There's a great view of the desert from the upstairs floor. The farther down we go, the cooler it'll get. It'll get darker, too, though. Should we go down there?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: It's a bit sandy, huh? Well, when you're buried in the desert, you pick up some sand.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: Now that I've helped you find Dry Dry Ruins, will I become famous, too? You don't care. You're already a household name. Hmmph. Hey, a picture of some Chomps. Maybe there are Chomps guarding these ruins.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: It's amazing that these ruins still have moving parts. Haven't they been buried here for ages and ages? And yet, when we push switches, stuff moves... Amazing craftsmanship. You've gotta applaud the designers.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 8: My mouth is so dry... I feel like I ate dust. I feel like my skin is cracking off and my eyes are turning into sandpaper. D'you have any moisturizer?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 9: Look at these stairways! How do they make 'em revolve? Whoever built this place must have been brilliant.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 10: Look at the Chomp statues! Even though I know they're just statues, they still scare me. This seems to be the very center of the ruins. In case I haven't mentioned it before, the architects of this place were geniuses. Moustafa's ancestors must have been amazing people.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 11: I'm pretty beat. Phew... Well, heroes don't take rests, I guess.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 12: It's pretty dark around here. We'd better be careful not to get lost or ambushed.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 13: I'm sure that ruins like these are full of hidden rooms. We should keep our eyes open for anything suspicious.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 14: I knew this place would have lots of hidden areas. Ancient palaces always do! It's like a law of ancient architecture, I think. And by the way, there's always supposed to be treasure, too. I wouldn't mind finding something nice...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 15: I feel hungry for some reason. Did you hear that? My belly is making sounds like a Chomp! Boy, a cold drink and a hot sandwich would taste good.)

(As they enter, they hear an unearthly voice.)

Tutankoopa: Bleeag, Blooooaaaagh!! I'm the huge, scary Tutankoopa! Remorseless king of the desert! Who dares set foot in this, my palace of the sands? Speak and be known! Begone from this place! Now! Or disaster will befall you!

(Mario and his friends explore the ruins solving riddles, battling enemies like pokey mummies and buzzy beetles, finding keys for locked doors and feeling rooms with sand to access entrances to other rooms. After a while, they manage to make their way to a room with some stairs leading to different rooms.)

Tutankoopa: Fool! You have ignored my warning, haven't you? You fool! You will fall to my legions and become a mummy of the sands!

(Mario and friends keep going and after some exploring and puzzle-solving arrive in a room with some revolving sets of stairs.)

Tutankoopa: Uh...? Wait! C'mon, don't go into that room! ... Oooos. Ahem! I mean... Flee now while you still can! If you continue...uh...you'll feel a horrible curse!

(Mario has to hit switches to make the staircases spin and set them right to get in a part of the room blocked by a stone block. Mario can also optionally use the stairs to gain an artifact. After finally getting in the room with the stone block, he finds a big chest and when he opens it, he gets the super hammer.)

(A message appears: You got the super hammer! The attack power of Mario's hammer increases! On top of that, You can now destroy stone blocks!)

(Using the hammer, Mario breaks the stone block and leaves the room. While exploring the ruins, Mario finds the diamond stone, the pyramid stone and the lunar stone, which he obtains after breaking the stone blocks in their rooms and defeating the stone chomps guarding each one of them. When he gets all three of them, he finds five stone chomp statues and a mural depicing they way the stones must be placed in the statues. A soon as they do, they hear the same voice.)

Tutankoopa: Turn back, thief! Your time is running out! If you do not retreat, you'll be in grave trouble! I do not lie! You will regret it!

(Mario ignores him and puts the stones in the pedestal. After placing them correctly, a staircase appears leading to a secret room. Mario and his friends go in there and end up in a little room with a save block.)

Dry Dry ruins-Room with save block

(Goombario's tattle: We'd better get ready for a fight!)

Tutankoopa: This is your final warning! Enough of this foolishness! Leave at once!

(Mario and his friends go into the next room which covered in darkness.)

Dry Dry ruins-Final room

(Goombario's tattle: It's Tutankoopa's old lair. That guy wasn't so tough. You're much tougher, Mario. I can't believe Tutankoopa was the master here. This kingdom was originally built by Nomadimice, many generations ago. I'll tell you, Tutankoopa didn't look much like a Nomadimouse.)

Tutankoopa: Bleah heh heh heh...

(A floating pharaoh's hat with a pair of eyes appears. A few torches light up the room and the floating hat goes on a platform in the room. Then small bits appear floating in the room and they assemble Tutankoopa's body. He is a koopa dressed like a pharaoh.)

Tutankoopa: You!! You ignored all thoese very scary warnings! Don't you have the common sense to get scared and run away? What's wrong with you?! You shouldn't mess with Tutankoopa, a faithful follower of king Bowser! Ooops... I mean... You shall regret this!

(Mario enters battle against Tutankoopa.)

Battle sequence

(Mario and his friends begin attacking Tutankoopa, When it's his turn:)

Tutankoopa; Bleah heh heh heh... Come, chomp! Come! Bite this intruder!

(A metal door opens and a chain chomp comes in the room. Now Mario and the others must defeat that too. Every time a chomp is defeated, Tutankoopa is likely to summon a new one. Some times he uses magic tricks that throw rocks on Mario and his friends. If by accident the rocks fall on him, he'll become dizzy and fall off his platform. When he overcomes his dizziness:)

Tutankoopa: Ouch! What are you doing? That hurt! I'm king of the desert! You rude, rude man! Take this! (He uses his magic to lift himself in the air and lands back on his platform.) Come!! Chomp!! (Another chomp comes in the room.)

(Evenutally Tutankoopa is defeated. If there are any chomps with him, they die instantaneously. Mario gets star points and the battle is won.)

Dry Dry ruins

Tutankoopa: Noooooooooooooooooooo!! (He falls off his platform defeated. Then another chomp comes in the room.) Aw... C'mere, Chompy...

(The chomp approaches, but instead of attacking Mario and his friends, it starts chasing Tutankoopa.)

Tutankoopa: Waah! What're you... ow! Help!

(The chomp chases Tutankoopa out of the room. Then the card the second Star Spirit, Mamar, is trapped in appears and Mario and his friends are able to save her.)

(Storyline text: Thus Mario and party unearthed the legendary Dry Dry ruins deep within Dry Dry desert. They smashed Tutankoopa the wizard and freed Mamar, the second of the wish-granding Star Spirits. But the enemies awaiting Mario grow ever stronger.... and the challenges more difficult. What's in store for Mario and friends.... Where will their adventure take them next?)

End of chapter (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Interlude 2

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(The game goes back to princess Peach's castle. There, Bowser enters Peach's room.)

Bowser: Gwaa ha ha ha... hello. How're you feeling, princess? Nothing makes me happier than a smile from you, Peach.

(Peach turns her back to him angrily.)

Peach: Well, tough luck! I'm in a very bad mood, you monster! You've imprisoned all the guests from the castle! You are the single greatest disaster to ever befall the Mushroom Kingdom! I'll tell you what: I'll smile when you make everything as it was before you showed up!

Bowser: Gwaa ha ha! Oh, that's rich! You know I can't do that! That jerk Mario just beat up the Koopa bros. and Tutankoopa! Sure, they were total wimps, but they were loyal to me. I can't forgive mario for disrespecting me! I'm nipping this in the bud right now. I'm going to use invincible Tubba Blubba on him. He's the strognest creature I know... after me. You'd best forget about Mario...

(Kammy Koopa bursts into the room.)

Kammy Koopa: Your Nastiness! We have a problem!

Bowser: Why, Kammy Koopa! What's got you so riled up? You look upset.

(Kammy Koopa gets close to Bowser and whispers something in his ear.)

Kammy Koopa: Psst... Psst...Psst...

Bowser: Whaaaat?! The Star Spirit flew away from Tubba Blubba's castle...?!

Kammy Koopa: Ki...King Bowser! Keep your voice down! Princess Peach will hear you!

Bowser: Mmmm.... Yes, right... Tell me the details over there.

(They both leave the room. Twink comes out.)

Peach: Twink, did you hear that?

Twink: Yes! I sure did! The Star Spirit must have escaped... Did you hear him call that Tubba Blubba thing "invincible"? That doesn't sound good! Do you think Mario can win?

Peach: We'd better try to find out about Tubba Blubba. If we could find something, ANYTHING, about a weak point... it mgiht just save Mario!

Twink: Good idea!

Peach: Then... There's no time to lose. We won't get anything done if we stay in this room.

(They leave the room again through the secret passage and arrive in the same room they were last time. This time Bowser's diary is not there, but the door is unlocked.)

Twink: There are still guards outside. Be careful not to get caught.

(They get out of the room. It is pretty dark, due to the castle being too high in the sky, so the guards are using flashlights. If they spot princess Peach, they'll take her back to her room.)

Peach's castle-Room next to right staircase

(In that room are a lot of stuff including a mysterious chest with a star on it.)

Twink: Oh! Look there! What a beautifully crafted treasure chest!

Peach: Yes, do you like it? This is a mysterious treasure chest that has been passed down through generations of my family here at the castle.

Twink: Really? How mysterious. A mysterious treasure chest....

Peach: That's right. This chest is connected to another mysterious chest somwhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. They say you can put things in this chest and take them out of the other chest. Isn't that, well, mysterious?

Twink: Yeah! Wow, that's really cool. So, where is the other treasure chest, anyway?

Peach: Err... Where IS it...? You know, I can't remember!

(Peach can put any badges or items she finds while exploring the castle in the chest and Mario can take them from the other chest which is at Merluvlee's place.)

Peach's castle-Library

Twink: There are guards here, too. Probably lots of them. We'd better be extra careful

(Peach starts exploring the library, careful not to get spotted by the guards. At the end of the room, a koopatrol and a hammer bro are having a conversation behind a chest of drawers. Peach and Twink decide to eavesdrop.)

Hammer bro:...Hey... Have you heard about master Tubba Blubba? i heard a rumor that he loves eating ghosts!

Koopatrol: Ugh... Ghosts, huh? Master Tubba Blubba... He lives deep inside Forever Forest, doesn't he? I think he's guarding one of the Star Spirits right now.

Hammer bro: Yeah, Master Tubba Blubba lives in the castle at the top of Gusty Gulch. i heard that somewhere near his castle is a mansion and a vilalge full of ghosts. I guees Master Tubba Blubba sometimes goes there to catch boos. And then, when he catches one, he gobbles it down starting with its head! Chomp!

Koopatrol: Brrrrrr... Oh, man, that's so scary... Now I won't be able to walk to the bathroom alone at night... And I'm gonna have nightmares, I know it! Why'd you tell me?

Hammer bro: I also heard that Master Tubba Blubba is invincible. They say he can't be hurt. Nobody can even scratch him! He might even be stronger than king Bowser...

Koopatrol: Stronger than king Bowser? Come on! That's impossible! Even master Tubba Blubba has to have some weak points. It's just common sense!

Hammer bro: Yeah... You may be right... There's another rumor that Tubba Blubba's got a secret that would ruin him if it ever got out. I bet it's about his past. I heard he didn't used to be strong at all...

Koopatrol: Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! What if Tubba Blubba hears you? He might gobble us up! ...Still.... What do you think his secret could be, anyway?

Hammer bro: i don't know. No one knows. That's why it's a secret you half-wit!

Peach: Twink.... It sounds like Tubba Blubba has a weak point, after all.

Twink: If only we could find out...

Hammer bro:...Huh? Hey... Did you hear someone talking just now?

Koopatrol: Gasp! Do you think someone knows we're goofing off in here?

(They spot princess Peach while Twink barely manages to hide.)

Hammer bro: Oh! Whoa! Princess Peach!! How'd you get here?

Koopatrol: I'm sorry to do this, but... You have to go back to your room. Right now.

(They grab princess Peach and leave the room)

Peach: Oh! Nooo!

(Twink makes sure nobody is watching and leaves the room.)


Dry Dry Desert

(Meanwhile, Mario and his friends are outside Dry Dry ruins with Mamar.)

Mamar: Thank you, Mario. At last I can head home to Star Heaven. My name is Mamar. So nice to meet you in person! You've still got a long way to go, but I just know you can save princess Peach! I'll do my best to help you! Here's a present for you.

(Mario transfers Mario her energy. A message appears: Mario's Star Energy goes up to 2! Mario can now use Lullaby, a new Star Spirit power! With Lullaby, you can make all enemies fall asleep!)

Mamar: Call on me when times are bad. Believe in this, Mario: My powers are strong... I'm a Star Spirit, after all! Hm hm hm... Our powers are growing all the time. Keep up the good work, Mario! You must save the other Star Spirits as soon as possible! For now, I'm going back to recover back in Star Heaven. Who knows how my dear old Star Heaven is faring without the Star Rod? Good-bye, Mario! I'm off! (She flies off and goes back to Star heaven)

Blue nomadimouse: I recently saw a billow of smoke over the northern part of the desert. There was a big thud, as well. I wonder what it was. Hm? Do you have any idea?

Dry Dry Outpost-part 1

Blue nomadimouse: Welcome! You must have had a grueling trip getting here. Please enjoy Dry Dry Outpost.

Green dryite near the entrance: (Singing) Dry Dry Desert is a desert, very dry♪ Winds of change blow sand in your eyes♪ (Not singing) ...Oh yeeeeah. That's right! Don't I rock?

Yellow dryite walking near the shop: Have you seen the old fortune-teller in Toad Town? He's always right, so his fortune telling is famous. if you hit trouble in the middle of your adventure, it'd be a good idea to see him.

Pink female toad 1: This is sure different from our jobs at the castle. We came all the way here to look for mystery and excitement and adventure! Buit it's too hot. I feel like I'm drying up.

Pink female toad 2: Quiet, girl! The heat of the desert is nothing compared to our passion for adventure! As long as we stick together, we can take anything! We can go from one end of the Mushroom Kingdom to the other!

Pink female toad 3: I've bought many rare goods here at Dry Dry Outpost. And later we're totally stopping at the legendary Dry Dry ruins. We're gonna be filled with stories when we get back home!

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: My quiet friend here just adores princess Peach. He's making a wish to the stars to meet her, but I'm thinkiing he needs to deal with some issues before that can happen. As he is now, if he meets the princess, he won't be able to speak a word!

Green dryite near the red palm tree 2: OXXO!!!!

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: See... Look at this guy... He's only imagining seeing her and he's completely wigging out!

(The other green dryite still can't talk to Mario because of his shyness.)

Dry Dry Outpost-part 2

Green dryite near the wall with some posters: A brother and sister who are very close live atop shooting star summit. The brother, Merlow, collects star pieces and will trade badges for them. The sister, Merluvlee, is a fortune-teller who will tell you where to find badges.

Kolorado's assistant: Somebody just said that the ruins rose from the desert! Can it be true?

Blue nomadimouse: One of the descendants of king Mousta still lives here in Dry Dry Outpost. No one knows who he is, but... You can be sure that everyone secretly wishes to be that one special person... It would be pretty cool to be related to the great robbers of yesteryear.

Mr. E: I love This town. I don't care that the desert's so harsh. There's no place like home. I was born in Dry Dry Outpost and that's where I'll stay!

Green dryite near the alley with the wooden boxes: People are saying that the ruins that were hidden long ago have appeared in Dry Dry Desert. Amazing. That means that the legend about the boss of the robbers in the desert was...actually true.

Moustafa's hideout

Moustafa: How were dry dry ruins? What?! it cannot be! Followers of that evil Bowser had already entered the ruins? ...Oh... You scared them off! Mario, you have earned the eternal thanks of Moustafa. You are nice as it gets. I wish you great success!

Dry Dry Desert

(Mario and his friends head back the way they came, battling the same enemies. On their way out of the desert, they meet Kolorado again.)

(If Mario hasn't found the artifact in the ruins.)

Kolorado: Well, how goes it, old man? I'm still neck deep in this blasted Dry Dry ruins search. We at least have a lead now. According to the local in Dry Dry Outpost, there's an information trader named Sheek somewhere in Dry Dry Outpost. Apparently, this chap knows the desert well. Of course, he's proving rather difficult to track down.

(Talking to him again): You know, old bean, gossip can be one of the most vital resources for archaeologists. Without fail! That is why I must seek this Sheek as soon as possible.

(If Mario has found the artifact in the ruins.)

Kolorado: Well, what ill luck! No clues about the ruins! I'm getting so frustrated I just might have to give up the excavation for now...How very sad... I say...? Mario, that artifact you hold in your hand... it looks like... It looks quite important! Do my eyes deceive me or is that a clue to Dry Dry ruins? Mario! Old chum! I beg of you! Could you possibly part with it?

(Mario refuses to give it to him.)

Kolorado: Hmmm...Hmmm... Are you quite sure?

(Mario refuses again)

Kolorado: Oh, bother. Well, I can't force you. I'll just suffer...

(Talking to him again)

Kolorado: Mario, if you could see to it to have a change of heart, please give me that artifact!

(Mario gives him the artifact.)

Kolorado: Cheers, Mario! Smashing, really, old boy! Soon now, the mysterious Dry Dry ruins will rise from the sands that conceal them! As a brilliant archaeologist, I say it must be so! I suppose a thank-you gift is in order, eh, old boy? here you go, then! (He gives Mario a star piece.) You now know a bit of the magic of the desert. Cherish the memory, old boy!

(Talking to him again): Archaeology is about mystery. And you know, without mystery life is rather bland, hm? Maybe you should write this stuff down, Mario.

(If Mario hasn't given Kolorado the artifact)

Kolorado assistant 1: Professor Kolorado told me to look everywhere for clues about Dry Dry ruins, but I'm a little nervous 'cause I haven't found anything yet.

Koloraod's assistant 2: Researching Dry Dry ruins is incredibly difficult. Everyone on the dig is completely exhausted. Sometimes I wonder whether Dry Dry ruins is truly hidden there or just a local myth.

(If Mario has given Kolorado the artifact.)

Kolorado's assistant 1: We found a clue! Yeah! I'm motivated again! We're gonna find those ruins!

Kolorado's assistant 2: Wow, the professor's really excited now that he found a clue to Dry Dry ruins. He's starting a full exploration immediately! Finally, our research is starting to move forward! Maybe it'll be less boring...

Mt. Rugged-Mountain

(Mario and party make it to Mt. Rugged and cross it again. If mario had previously told Buzzar that he was Luigi, he has to face him again and either say he's Luigi again or battle him. He can also get more bumps from Whacka if he hadn't kiiled him before.)

Mt. Rugged-Train station

Green female toad: I saw a creature called a Whacka on Mt. Rugged! It was extra cute!

Green Dryite; Someone told me that Dry Dry ruins just rose from the sand! No way! Do you believe it?

Train conductor: Hello, sir. This train is bound for Toad Town station. Are you coming aboard?



(Mario replies yes.)

Train engineer: All aboard for Toad Town!

(Mario and his friends take the train and return to Toad town)

Toad Town-Train station

Train conductor: Toad town! Toad Town!

Blue toad: I overheard someone saying that there's been a boo sighting at the edge of Forever Forest. Boos never come to Toad Town. Most unusual... By the way, Mario, did you know that this here blue pole is a road sign? There are road signs all over Toad Town, so check them well. Road signs could even lead you to Forever Forest.

Green toad: Ever been to Dry Dry Desert? It's a really scary place. I've seen packs of cactus monsters, thieves who pray on travelers' coins, and even whirlwinds! It's a lot safer to stick to the path so you don't get lost. It goes in a direct line from Mt. Rugged to Dry Dry Outpost.

Purple female toad: Mario, you do keep an good sypply of items on hand, don't you? If you get attacked when you have nothing, you'll be in a pretty tight fix, huh? My advice is whenever you're going on a long journey, you should stop by a shop and load up with supplies.

Dane T.: What up, Mario? Like slides? The slides on Mt. Rugged are the coolest!

Mini T.: Yeah! Some are kiddy sized, but there are also huge ones that lauch you way out! I wanna go there again!

Toad Town-South part

Bub-ulb: It's a beautiful day, today. The sunshine is pouring down on us from the sky... it feels ever so nice. Now that I think about it, yesterday and the day before were also fine... Is it just my imagination or does the weather never change in this town? Nah, I must be imagining things.

Red Toad: When you get you get lost in Forever Forever, you find yourself back at the beginning in an instant. I guess that's why they say it's almost impossible to find your through there.

Light green toad: I just saw an odd thing: a gray boo with a mustache. He seemed to be looking for someone. He was wandering all around here. According to my sources, there's a boo's mansion deep within Forever Forest. Perhaps he came from there.

Blue toad: People around here think that there's a huge ghost mansion deep within Forever Forest. Full of boos, people say. And get this: According to the rumors, there's even a cute princess-like ghost in there! people will say anything! How would they know if this ghost princess was cute?

Purple female toad: Tauce T. just taught me how to make spicy soup! Hot stuff! have you ever tried it? A fresh fire flower is the key to a good spicy soup. I just made one at home, but it nearly fried my taste bubs off! Tauce T's is much yummier. I've got to keep practising.

little light green toad: Oh, hi, Mario. Y'know I used to want to be a train conductor when I grow up, but... I decided not to 'cause... i decided I wanna be a hero like you instead. I'm going to beat up bad guys, then I'm going to save princess Peach. Is it hard to do?

Green toad: Mario, mario, mario. have you ever met Tauce T.? She lives in a house just over there. She always cooks greas dishes for the townspeople. I heard that when Tauce T. used to live in the dojo, a powerful goomba teacher was training the Master. Tayce T. learned to cook from the goomba teacher's wife. What? You don't know why Tayce T. lived in the dojo? The master and Tayce T. are brother and sister. Everybody knows that!

Toad Town-Residential area

Green toad near the road sign: If you go to the West, you'll reach the port. if you want to go to Forever Forest, head East. Got it?

Little red toad: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh...They got me....

light green toad: Come on, Red! Shake it off! Get up!

Green toad: We must avenge Red! ...mmm...It doesn't feel the same without a bad guy. Mario, you aren't busy, are you? Why don't you be the evil king Bowser?

Nearby house

Purple female toad: It's so quiet... It's actually kind of unsettling. I miss all the hustle and bustle that was here when we first moved in.

Green female toad: Oh. Hi, Mario! Thanks for coming to visit me! It's so quiet around here. I've been really bored... I know I just moved here, but I kind of wish I'd moved somewhere more...happening.

Toad Town-Residential area

Blue toad in the middle of the road: By the by, Mario, if you can't hold any more items, you should leave them at the shop. You can pick the items up again at any shop in the world, so it's a useful system.

Blue toade near the tree: I've heard a rumor about this dark, scary boo mansion deep in Forever Forest... I don't believe it. Well, nobody's ever seen it. It must be a lie.

Green toad in the group of toads: The guard of Forever Forest is really chicken. He's especially afraid of ghosts.

Red toad: I know, I know. He's a riot. Sometimes even I scare him.

Light green toad: That guy will run for the hills if he ever sees a real ghost.

Orange female toad: I often come here to walk. It's nice and quiet, is it not? On sunny days, I even head on to the port sometimes.


Blue toad near the entrance: This is the port. Welcome! Isn't it relaxing to sit and just listen to the waves?

Fishmael: Stay still, curse yer hide! On the hook with ye! 'Twill hurt only a minute, ye blasted little wriggler!

Fuzzipede: Cut it out now, you hear? I ain't gonna be bait! Leave off! C'mon, now!

Light green toad: (Singing) An unknown town--Ooh!♪ I travel down--Oh yeah!♪ The locals frown--Get down!♪ (Not singing) Oops, I started singing again! What is it about the ocean that makes me want to sing?

Red toad: Hello, Mario. I heard you hiked over to Dry Dry Desert recently. A long time ago, I went to Dry Dry Desert, too. Sadly, I got lost in the desert. A noble soul by the name of Moustafa saved me. The way the locals referred to hum, I assumed at first he was a firce, stern person. But once I spoke with him, it became clear that he was quite a nice guy. A secret surrounded this Moustafa... I was let in on it. Moustafa is actually... No, I can't tell you! Well, Mario. Because it's a secret. That's that.

Blue toad near the sea: I wish I could travel across the waters to some other land. Oh! How wondeful would it be to go ashore some warm and uninhabited island and lead a life without cares!

Club 64

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! How do you like the club, dude? Pretty posh, right? Yeah, my buddy there and I opened up last year. We lost a lot of glasses in that earthquake, but, hey, no problem. We'll get it all fixed up in no time.

Bartender: Ever since Bowser skedaddled with the castle, we haven't had near as many customers. Well, people try their best to act like everything's still normal, but deep down, they're all real worried. Who can have a good time partying when times are sad?

Toad Town-Central area

(Giving Mihn T. the seed you got in Mt. Rugged.)

Minh T.: You've got a seed for me? Thank you! I'm really happy. (She plants it and a few flowers sprout.)

(Talking to her again.) If all four colours of Bub-ulb's flowers bloom, this garden will become magical. I still need two more colors. Please bring me the seeds when you find them!

Blue toad: Ah, lovely Mihn T.! The most beautiful flower in the garden! She's ever so cute!♥ I overheard her wishing that this town be filled with flowers. My wish is to become a Star Spirit so I can grant Mihn T.'s wish, Seeing her happy is alll that matters!

Red toad walking around: Have you met the wise toad? He lives over by the western gate. The big one. That guy seems to know something about everything. He's really popular at parties, what with his knowledge and everything. You'd be surpirsed.

Red toad near Merlon's house: I've been hearing good things about the badges over there at Rowf's badge shop. Have you been there recently?

Light green toad walking around: Hey, you've been to shooting star summit, right? Did you meet Merluvlee and Merlow? I heard that Merluvlee uses her psychic powers to find star pieces and badges. Her little brother, Merlow? He's crazy about star pieces. Trades badges for 'em.

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle: How about going to the post office from time to time? The mail doesn't stop just because you're out gallivanting around. Everybody in your party might get letters... Isn't getting mail the greatest?

Green toad: The toad who guards the entrance to Forever Forest is a timid lad named Fice T. Word is that Fice T. got had grown tired of being timid, so he requested and got the job of guard of the forest. Still... His fear remains. He's terrified of ghosts, and does not look into the forest.

Peach's castle area

Muss T.: To think! When the castle was here, it was always bustling. Now no one walks here... I can't believe it, but I actually miss the crowds...

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: The master of the dojo came back from his training. Before he left, he said he wouldn't return until he was incredibly strong. He must be pretty tough by now.

Miss T.: Hey, don't you think there have been fewer stars in the sky lately? You know, with so few stars, everybody's wishes aren't going to come true.

Kris T.: Yeah, totally. You think that Bowser found a way to steal our stars?

Felissa T.: Oh, no. I hope not! I have soooo many wishes. Mostly I want some cool boots! Please give me cool boots. Please give me cool boots. Please give me cool boots! I won't wish for anything else! Tee hee!♥

Red toad near the shop: I didn't ever think our town would have ghosts in it. How scary...Of course, I'd heard there were lots of them deep within Forever Forest, but not here! I'd never go wandering in there, not for a million coins. Brrrrrr...

Blue toad near the pond: I do not fear ghosts. The only thing I fear is the thought of losing you.

Pink female toad: Uh... I'm sorry, but I think... I'm more scared of ghosts. Oh, forgive my errant words!

Red toad near the entrance: People are saying that the train started moving again. Folks can go to Mt. Rugged! I'l tell you, it's tough to travel if the train won't move.

Nearby house

Toad m: My darling's spirits seem to have improved lately. Maybe he realised there was no sense in staying home and grieving all the time. My darling is a bit timid, but he's such a good-nautred person at heart.♥

Toad dad: I think it's time I stopped moping around about the castle being stolen. My wife is busy working, so... i guess I'll go for a walk with my children.

toad kid 1: We've been playing with dad. He's terrible at our games, so I'm teaching him how to play. You never realise how much work it is to take care of grown-ups.

toad kid 2: I'm not afraid of ghosts! Eee...What if a real ghost heard me and shows up? Oh, no...

Mario's house

(If Mario goes to his house, Luigi is nowhere to be found. Howeve,r someone is heard whistling under a panel in the bedroom, but Mario can't do anything yet.)

(If Mario hadn't visited the house before, Luigi is sitting outside whistling.)

Luigi: I wonder what my brother Mario is doing right now...

(He gets up when he sees Mario come out of the pipe and approaches him.)

Luigi: Whoa! Mario! It's you! Good to see you! And you're all right! After all that castle craziness, I was really worried about you. I ran outside just as the earthquake started, so I managed to escape in time

(He notices Mario's partner and looks at him or her in a weird way.)

Luigi: Oh? And who are you?

Parakarry (If she's out): The name's Parakarry. I'm helping Mario out on his adventures.

Luigi: I see. Great, just great, You're on an exciting adventure wtih Mario. Talk about unfair. See, someone has to look after this house, so I can't leave. Oh, well. Take care of Mario, OK?

Toad Town-South area

(If Mario heads towards the entrance to Forever Forest, he will hear a scream.)

???: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!

(Fice T. is trembling while a grey boo with a mustache is barely seen before going off-screen. Mario and his friends approach Fice T)

Fice T.: Brrrrrrrrrrr...Juh...Just now, a ghost passed right in front of me... Uhhh...You saw it, didn't you?


-Didn't see

(If saw is chosen)

Fice T.: I...I'm not the only one!!

(if didn't see is chosen)

Fice T.: No...You must have!!!

(The ghost appears behind Mario, making a scary face with its tongue out.)

Fice T.: Over there----!!!!!

(Mario turns around, but the ghost has disappeared. Mario is confused. The ghost reappears behind Mario.)

Fice T.: No, no, the other way---!!!

(Again the ghsot disappears before Mario can see it. Then it reappears and goes into the forest.)

Fice T.: It went into the forest!!!

(Mario doesn't see anything and he is more confused.)

Fice T.: Ma...Mario, this madness has to end. Will you go into the forest and see what's going on? I'm ashamed to say it's my job, but I just can't go. I'm too frightened of ghosts! Puh...Please, I'm begging you.

(Talking to him again) Forever Forest is dangerous. Children are strictly prohibited. There are...ghosts...in there!

(Whenever Mario wants, he can head into the forest.)

Forever Forest-Entrance

(Goombario's tattle: Boy... The forest is really dark and spooky. People say that if you don't choose exactly the right path, you'll get totally lost. I can believe it. This looks like the type of place where you get lost and then monsters come out of the grass and... Hey! Did you notice that grass over there rustling? I swear I saw it move!)

(As soon as Mario and friends go in, everything gets dark and the ghost with the mustache appears in front of him.)

Boo with mustache: Pardon me, sir... Would you happen to be mario? How do you do, sir? My Master wishes to see you. If you would, please call on us at the mansion on the far side of Forever Forest. My master would also like me to add that she has in her possesion important news regarding the Star Spirits. Please make haste! We shall await your arrival with a warm welcome. (He disappears and suddenly reappears doing his scary face.) And if you don't come... we'll get you!! BOOO! (He disappears again.)

(Mario and his friends head into the forest. Then, chapter 3 begins.)

End of interlude

Chapter 3: The "invincible" Tubba Blubba

Forever Forest

(Goombario's tattle: Mario... Don't look now, but I think I saw an eye shining deep inside the hole in that tree.)

(Goombario's tattle: The flowers in this forest are unusual, huh? They're strangely colored, and they look creepy when they move. I think I saw some that were a slightly different color over there. Did you see 'em?)

(Goombario's tattle: The trees in this forest are weird, aren't they? I've heard sometimes they smile wickedly... I'll tell you, if I see a tree smiling, I'm gonna run in the opposite direction!)

(Goombario's tattle: Is it just my imagination or is it getting darker? Are we going the right way? I'm getting a little worried. There seem to be a lot of strange glowing mushrooms around these tree trunks. Boy! They're everywhere! Must be an infestation... It kind of looks like one mushroom patch is slightly different from the others. My mind may just be playing tricks on me, though.)

(Goombario's tattle: Look, I'm sick of this forest, all right? Let's get out of here. I don't care how many important things are hidden in this forest. I can't stand another instant in the freaky place! Look, I know I saw a beehive. Let's make the beehive a landmark, OK?)

(Goombario's tattle: What kind of evil flowers would grow in a place like this? When we approach, some seem to shrink, while others just grin... But...but I'm not scared. I mean it, Mario! I told you that they don't scare me! All right?)

(Goombario's tattle: Where are we? After making so many turns on different paths, I'm getting confused as to which way is up. Aren't there any signs?)

(Goombario's tattle: This all looks the same to me. Gloomy trees that seem to go on forever. Seems like they found the perfect name for this place. By the way, did you hear something in that bush?)

(Mario and his friends arrive in Forever Forest. There are multiple paths, each with a wooden gate. If they take the wrong path, they somehow end up back at the beginning. When They find the right path and proceed further into the forest, they find another wooden gate and an creature called Oaklie standing on it.)

Oaklie: Hmm... What do you think you're doing? This is Forever Forest... (He jumps down, in front of Mario.) The path ahead of here is extremely dangerous. Didn't you know that? You'd better go back...

(Goombario's tattle: This is Oaklie. He lives in Forever Forest. He guards the entry to Forever Forest to prevent wanderers from getting lost. He helps any townsfolk who get lost inside. That beard... For some reason, I feel like yanking it.)

(He stands there, blocking the way. Mario has to speak to him again.)

Oaklie: Um-kay. So that's your story. You're invited to Boo's mansion. You may pass, then. (He jumps on the gate.) Listen carefully... If you want to get through this forest, you have to pay really close attention to your surroundings. If you choose the wrong paths, you'll end up back at the forest edge before you know it. The areas around the correct paths will always look slightly different from the others. Watch carefully for clues. For example, in this area, take a good look at the inner trees as you walk around. In one of them, you'll spot strange, glowing eyes. The exit near that tree is the path you want to take. These clues will be different in other paths of the forest. Watch the inner forest very, very closely as you go. (He disappears in the forest.)

(Mario and his friends start exploring the forest. They have to find the right paths and at the same time battle some enemies like forest fuzzies. During their search, they can find a bub-ulb buried in the ground and talk to him. He comes out of the soil.)

Bub-ulb: Heey! Hello there! I'm a bub-ulb from the land called Flower fields.... A flower seed? Heh heh hm hmmf...Should I give it to you...? Or shouldn't I? Welllll..... I suppose I'll give it to you. Here you go. (He gives Mario a light blue magical seed.) Please plant it somewhere nice and take extra good care of it. If you plant it somewhere bad and I find out about it, I might place a curse on you... Heh heh ho hm hm hmmf...

(Talking to him again): If you lose your way in Forever Forest, it means you're not looking carefully enough. I know.... it's often confusing. It's not an easy task. It takes guts to look really closely at this scare scenery...

Boo's mansion-Outside

(Goombario's tattle: It's Boo's Mansion. Great name for a haunted house, don't you think?)

(Eventually, after a lot of trying, they get out of the forest. There stands a big, spooky mansion. Mario and his friends stop in front of it.)

Goombario (If he's out): Hey, we made it, Mario! We got out of the forest! It's about time... Say, don't you think that's the mansion the old boo was talking about?

Kooper (if he's out): Phew! Well, it looks like we finally made it out of that spooky forest. Heyyy... Mario... What do you bet that's the mansion that the old Boo was talking about before?

Bombette (If she's out): Oh, finally! I couldn't stand being in that spooky forest for another minute! Hm? Mario! I'm positive that's the mansion the creepy old ghost was telling us about...

Parakarry (If he's out): Ugh... I'm certainly glad we're out of that forest. Talk about creepy...What's this? Mario, I have a feeling that this is the mansion we're looking for.

(They open the gate and get in the yard. As they do, it closes behind them and the boo with the mustache appears again.)

Boo with mustache: Welcome, sirs and madam! I'm pleased you made it through Forever Forest. My master awaits you in the room highest up in this lovely mansion. Please go to the third floor. There you will hear all the news of the Star Spirits... I'll see you there.... (He disappears)

Boo's mansion-Back yard

(Goombario's tattle: This is the back gate to Boo's mansion. As far as I can tell, this is the edge of Gusty Gulch. Tubba Blubba's castle is up on the hill. It's amazing how the scenery changes from forest to gulch so quickly.)

(There's a path next to the mansion. If Mario and friends follow it, they find a gate. If Mario Tries to open it:)

(You can't open it!)

(Mario and his friends go into the mansion.)

Boo's mansion-First floor

(Goombario's tattle: What a magnificent mansion! Being haunted must hurt the real estate value, though. I like the old-fashioned yet eerie style. The chandelier and the display case look like they're valuable antiques. Even the sofa in the foyer looks like it's pricey, even though it's a bit worn. I love antiques. I wouldn't mind taking a good look at those things.)

Boo's mansion-Room on the first floor.

(Goombario's tattle: This room does have a lot of space, but it's still a shame to use it for storage. That pot and those wooden boxes look suspicious... There's also a weakened spot on the floor. Look...under the chandelier. Hey, check it out! A real old rocking chair! These things rule! It rocks back and forth when you sit on it. I love napping in these.)

(In this mansion they must face a series of riddles and puzzles. For example, if Mario jumps on the orange pillow on the sofa, he will bounce and grab on the chandelier. This will move the glass case and will reveal a secret passage. However, it closes again when Mario lets go of the candelier.)

(If Mario jumps in the pot in the room, he comes out as 8-bit Mario while "Mario theme" plays. If he jumps back in the pot or leaves the room, he turns back to normal. There's also a wooden panel on the floor, but he can't break it yet.)

Boo's mansion-Room on the far right of the second floor

(Goombario's tattle: Wow! What a gorgeous chandelier! If they actually cleaned it, it would brighten this place up.)

There, he finds three closets. If he opens teh left or the right one, it falls and flattens him. If he opens the closet, a bunch of boos come out. One of them is holding a record.)

Boo: Mariooooo... You have come....If you want this record, you must guess who holds it. The Lady Bow will be very angry if we let him get it too easily, fellow boos! Do your best, like we practised! (He gives the record to one of the boos and they all start moving in a circle. Mario has to keep track of who is holidng the(Ifrecord.) Hey, hey, boos and boos! Who's got it? Choose, choose!

(Mario attacks the one he thinks has the record with his jump or hammer.)

(If it's the wrong one, the one who has the record goes in the middle of the circle and shows it.)

Boo with record: Hee hee hee hee... Wrong! This is so much fun.. Kepp it up. boos, or Lady Bow will make us sorry!

(They start again)

(If it's the right one, it drops the record.)

Boo: Nooooo! Boo hoo! You.... you guessed right. Go on, take this. Oh boo... Laby Bow's really going to flip out on us...

(They all disappear and Mario takes the record. He goes to another room on the second floor.

Boo's mansion-Room on the far left of the second floor

(There are a gramophone and a boo guarding a chest in the room.)

(Goobmario's tattle: Hey, that strange contraption at the back of the room is a phonograph. You know, a machine for listening to records. Have you seen any records around here? I wouldn't mind doing a little adventuring to the timeless classic, "Mario's Theme"!)

Boo: I am so bored!! Boo-ored! I know the Lady Bow ordered my to stay here.....but for how long?

(Goombario's tattle: This boo is guarding a treasure chest. Bow told him to, I guess. She must be pretty scary to command such obedince! Say, don't you think that boos have the funniest expressions?)

(Mario puts the record in the gramophone. A message appears: Tap "A" to play the record. You've gotta have rhythm! Don't press it too fast or too slow! If you press "B" while it's playing, the record will stop.)

(Mario starts playing the record. If he keeps up the rhythm long enough, the boo will leave the chess and will start dancing to the song. Mario can then open it and take the weight.)

Boo: Oh! Noooooo... Lady Bow gave me one job... to guard that treasure chest. She is gonna punish me so bad if she finds out about this! Oh....well.... I may still be OK. Heh heh heh heh... It's not like you can get anywhere without knowing how to use that weight. (He disappears)

Boo's mansion-second floor

Picture frame: Hi! Did I startle you? You want to go up to third floor, don't you? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to go find whatever's missing from this frame. If you manage to find it, I'll let you go upstairs. Mmwaah ha ha ha! Bow is such a harsh boo, testing her guests like this...

(Mario has to find the picture frame to proceed.)

(Mario can now use that weight on the chandelier and enter the hidden room behind the glass case.)

Boo's Manison-Secret room

(Goombario's tattle: The blue light is spooky in here, but you can tell that this room is really nice. It feels like something is watching us. It feels like that everywhere. It's almost as if this haunted mansion is...haunted.)

(There he will find a chest. however, if he opens it, the chandelier above will fall and almost crush him before stopping and rising up again. He goes down the stairs in the room and arrives in a basement.)

Boo's mansion-Basement

(Goombario's tattle: A storage room... isn't it? You'd think those candles would provide a bit more light.)

(There he sees a lot of stuff in the basement like piles of boxes and a pendulum clock. Mario explores all the nearby rooms, but when hs goes in the last storage room, the door disappears, trapping him and his friends there.)

Boo's mansion-Storage room

(Goombario's tattle: Another storage room, I guess. Not a whole lot here, as far as I can tell. Hey, incidentally, what happened to the door...?)

(Mario opens a big chest in the room and a bunch of boos comes out of it. One of them is holding a pair of boots.)

Boo: Marioooo...Welcoooooome... If you want these boots, you must guess who holds them. The Lady Bow will be very angry if we let him get it too easily, fellow boos! Do your best, like we practised! (He gives the boots to one of the boos and they all start moving in a circle. Mario has to keep track of who is holidng the boots.) Hey, hey, boos and boos! Who's got it? Choose, choose!

(If it's the wrong one, the one who has the boos goes in the middle of the circle and shows it)

Boo with boots: Hee hee hee hee... Wrong! This is so much fun.. Kepp it up. boos, or Lady Bow will make us sorry!

(They start again)

(If it's the right one, it drops the boots.)

(A message appears: You got the super boots! The attack power of Mario's jump increases! And now you can do the spin jump by pressing "A" again while in the air!)

Boo: Nooooo! Boo hoo! You.... you guessed right. Go on, take them. Oh boo... Laby Bow's really going to flip out on us...

(They all disappear except for one who stays in the room.)

Boo: There's a hidden floor panel very near here. A star piece is underneath the floor panel. Press "A" while jumping. Boo-st of luck! Can you find it?

(Goombario's tattle: This boo appeared as soon as you took those boots. He looks to me like he might have some useful information. It can't hurt to have a listen, Mario. Why don't you lend him an ear?)

(Mario can use the super boots to break the wooden panel in the room and fall in a secret room below. In that room is a shop run by igor)

Boo's mansion-shop

Igor: Lady Bow told me not to sell any items to Mario. You're him.

(After finding his way out of the basement, Mario goes to the room on first floor that has a wooden panel. He breaks it and lands on a bookself in the library.)

Boo's mansion-Library

(Goombario's tattle: There certainly seem to be a lot of books. I didn't know Boos liked books.)

(After landing on the opposite bookself with Parakarry, he finds boo's portrait.)

(He blows up the wall with Bombette and leaves. He goes to the third floor and puts the boo's portrait back in the frame.)

Picture frame: Ah! That feels better! It's nice to be back inside my frame after so long! All right, then. I'll help you go to the third floor, OK? Jump toward the drawing and I'll take care of the rest. (Mario jumps into the portrait and it warps him to the third floor.)

(If Mario finds the portait and puts it back in the frame without talking to it.)

Boo's portrait: Phew... Ah, that feels better! It's nice to be back inside my frame after so long! But I didn't even tell you to go find the drawing! You solved the riddle on your own! Are you just lucky or what? Mweh heh heh... Maybe it's just a coincidence... In any case, you've managed to stumble on the secret way to the upper floor. Jump toward the drawing and I'll take care of the rest. You've earned your way up to the third floor. (Mario jumps into the portrait and it warps him to the third floor.)

Picture frame: Say hello to Bow for me.

Lady Bow's room

(Mario and his friends go through the main doors and enter a big, posh room, almost entirely painted in blue.)

???: Gwah hee haha! You've finally arrived! You took your sweet time, huh? I was testing you to see if you live up to your reputation. How were the tests? Tough?

(Two boos appear. A male and a female. The female is light green and is wearing bows on her head and the the male is the one with the mustache Mario and his friends had seen before.)

Bow: My name is bow. I'm glad to finally meet you.

Bootler: I'm Bootler, the butler. I'm Lady Bow's humble servant.

Bow: The reason I asked you here is that I need a favor. Bootler, give him the rundown.

Bootler: Of course, my Lady. Mario, do you know the area near here called Gusty Gulch? A hill rises at the top of the Gulch and upon it sits the castle of Tubba Blubba. He's a mosnter....and he eats...us! Ghosts!! Boos are his favorite food. Many friends have been eaten! We've tried attacking the evil fiend to save our friends, but Tubba Blubba is far too strong for us boos to slow him down even slightly. He seems invincible. That's why he's known as the invincible Tubba Blubba. There is hope, however. if the rumors are true, then Tubba Blubba has a secret that he closely guards. And that secret is...probably something that relates to his weak point.

Bow: So, Mario, I want you to find his secret and defeat him. You'll do it, won't you? Of course, you'll get a reward for doing us this service. If you beat Tubba Blubba up, I'll let you have this.

(A cage lowers from the ceiling. In it is the card with the third Star Spirit which is using its power to communicate through the card.)

Skolar: Mmmmmm... Mario. I'm sorry we must meet in such a dire situation. My name is skolar. I escaped from Tubba Blubba's castle, but... I was in quite a weakened state when i made it outside. As a result, I couldn't go back to the castle at first. I tried to head for shooting star summit to make the leap to Star Heaven, but I became lost in the forest. While hunting for a way out, I was captured by boos. And now here I am....i don't know what to say...

Bow: What do you think, Mario? Not such a bad deal, is it? You would have had to fight Tubba Blubba to save this Star Spirit anyway, right? This way, you'll help us boos, too. Besides, I'm going with you. I'll help you like no one else can.

Bootler; ...My Lady! What did you say just now? You? At Tubba Blubba's castle? Quite out of the question! I simply cannot allow you to put yourself in such danger!

Bow: Still your tongue, Bootler! I've seen too much suffering caused by Tubba Blubba! I wish to seem him punished with my own two eyes. Besides, Mario will need me. There is no way he can reach the castle without my powers.

Bootler: Oh...alas...Then, Lady, I, Bootler, wil accompany you. It is my sworn duty to see that no harm befalls you. The ancestors demand it! I'll be at your side always.

Bow: You stop that nonsense! I'm not a child anymore! I'll be fine by myself! You wait here fore my return.

Bootler: La...Lady...sigh...

Bow: is this all right, Mario? I'll join up with you until we oust Tubba Blubba.

(A message appears: Bow joined the party--Like it or not!! Press "Down" to have her make you both transparent so no one will notice you! While you're transparent, objects go right through you. But if you move or press "Down", you won't be invisible anymore. You'll return to normal. While in battle, she can slap enemies silly with her slap attack or use outt sight to make you both become transparent so you can elude enemy attacks.)

Bow: OK, then! Tubba Blubba's going down! Gwaah ha haaa!

Bootler: Good... Good luck. Please take care of our lady...

(If Bow is out): Lady Bow, please come back to us as soon as possible.

Bow: Hush up, Bootler! You be quiet and take care of the mansion while I'm gone!

Bootler: Sigh....sigh.....

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Boo called Bootler. He's the manager of the mansion and the personal assistant of Lady Bow. Ordinarily his title would be "butler." Being a butler is hard work. Hmm... Maybe I'm just imagining this, but doesn't it look like he's enjoying himself? Maybe he likes hard work??)

Boo's mansion-Second floor

Boo: This mansion has been passed down through the years by lady Bow's ancestors. It's so comfortable...So nice and gloomy... The dirt on the walls...The splintered floorboards...It's really one of a kind.

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who works at Boo's mansion. He seems to really like this gloomy place.)

Boo's mansion-First floor

Franky: Our Lady is joining Mario to defeat Tubba Blubba... Such courage... Such brave beauty....You will need help to defeat Tubba Blubba, so please use the shop beneath the mansion.

(Goombario's tattle: The boos in this mansion are big fans of Bow. This Boo is no exception, but he's also interested in the outside world.)

(The shop is available for Mario after acquiring Lady Bow as an ally.)

Boo's mansion-shop

Igor: Welcome to Boo's Shop. How can I scare you today?

-To buy

-To sell

-To check

-To claim

(If buy is chosen): If there's anything you want to buy, stand in front of it and press the "A" Button.

(Buying): You need (Number of coins.) coin(s) for (Name of item.), but are you sure?"

(Item bought): Boo you very much.

(Not enough coins): You don't have enough coins!

(Too many items): You're carrying too much as it is. Why don't you come back after selling, checking, or using some items?

(If sell is chosen): Which one would you like to sell?

(Mario chooses an item.)

I'll buy (Name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). How does that sound?

(Refusing to sell): All right, all right.

(Refusing to sell, more items): All right, all right. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(Item sold): Boo you very much.

(Item sold, more items.): Boo you very much. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(To sell, no items): You don't seem to have anything, so...BOO!

(if check is chosen): We can check (Number of items.) more item(s). What would you like to check?

(To check, no items): You don't seem to have any items so...BOO!

(To check, full storage): I'm sorry, but we can't possibly keep any more items.

(Item checked): OK, we will keep it safe.

(Item checked, more items): Is there anything else you'd like us to check?

(If claim is chosen): Which one would you like to claim?

(Item claimed): Here you go.

(Item claimed, more items): Is there anything else you'd like to claim?

(To claim, full inventory): You're carrying too much as it is. Come on back after selling or using some items.

(To claim, empty storage): Say what? We aren't keeping anything for you, so...BOO!

(Leaving): Come back anytime.

(Goombario's tattle: This Boo runs the shop. Nice selection, huh? I'm sure he's cornered the Boo market around here. Maybe he was a merchant before he became a Boo. I bet Bow orders most of this.)

Boo's mansion-Back yard

(Mario and his friends leave the mansion. On the back, they find the gate which was previously unable to be opened.)

Bow: Go ahead, open it.

(Two boos appear and open the gate. Mario and his friends go through and find themselves in a totally new desert-like scenery that is well-lit and arid. It is Gusty Gulch. The boos close the gate and disappear.)

Bow: So, Mario, we're on our way. Are you scared?

Gusty Gulch

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: There's a windmill. Those vanes are turning really slowly. The sound of it turning is sort of lonely.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: It's Gusty Gulch. Watch your step on the rocky slopes. You also have to beware of strange creatures. My dad would say that going through here builds character...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: It's Gusty Gulch. It looks like there's a gap over there that won't be easy to cross. You'll need some help. Let's be quick but careful. I don't like the looks of the creatures around here.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: We've reached the top of Gusty Gulch. That building is Tubba Blubba's Castle, isn't it? The land here is totally barren. Was it always like this?)

(Mario and his friends continue. On the way, they encounter many enemies, stronger than previous ones, like huper Goombas and hyper clefts. After a while, they arrive in a village inhabited by boos.)

Boo village-Part 1

(Goombario's tattle: Somebody told me that if a house is dilapidated, it means it's crumbly and deserted. That sounds like this place. Goompa said Boos love this sort of place.)

(As soon as they enter, a boo approaches them.)

Boo near the entrance: Oh! Lady Bow! What a surprise, seeing you! You know, Your Ladyship, you really shouldn't come around here. It's dangerous. Tubba Blubba could come here at any time!

Bow: I know! I came here to teach this Tubba Blubba a lesson! Bring him on! When was the last time he came through here?

Boo near the entrance: Why, just yesterday, Lady. It was horrible....He...ugh...This time, he... ate herbert. Oh, it was gruesome! Poor herbert! He was so dark and depressing! What a terrific boo!

Bow: Oh, no! Not herbert! Oh, Tubba Blubba...he must be stopped... Listen, everyone! Don't fear! We're on our way to defeat this Tubba Blubba once and for all! That monster has eaten his last boo-meal!

Boo near the entrance: Oh! Lady! Your bravery is inspiring! But you know he's called the invincible Tubba Blubba....Please be careful, OK?

(talking to him again.) When you come across Tubba Blubba, don't fight! He's invincible! Although someone who claims to have no weaknesses must have at least one. If you could find it somehow....

(Goombario's tattle: He's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. He's in love with Bow. If he can occassionally Bow, his life is complete.)

Boo near the save block: Psst! Buddy! Did you know you can walk slowly and stealthily by moving the control stick a little bit? You can use this technique to walk slowly and avoid waking sleeping people.

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Have you ever looked closely at boos? I think they have really charming faces. Just like other creatures, there are some that are cute and some that just aren't. Which is which, though...?)

Boo floating around: You've gotta watch out when you fight hyper Goombas. They charge up their attack power and then unleash it. The best thing to do when they get charged up is to get outta sight with Lady Bow!

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. You know, boos can't be attacked if they're invisible, Isn't that convinient? Whenever trouble appears, they can just disappear until the coast is clear again. I guess they're only in danger if they're taken by surprise.)

Boo near the end of the area: I had a friend who escaped from Tubba Blubba's castle the other day and he said... "The key to solving the secret is inside the innermost room. Pay attention to both the heart and body, and don't..." Then, just as he was finishing, Tubba Blubba ate him. I wonder what the rest of his message was...

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. This land is totally barren. I wonder what boos find to eat around these parts. Oh yeah. They're ghosts i guess maybe they don't need to eat anything.)

Boo village-Part 2

(Goombario's tattle: The way that house leans is bizarre, isn't it? Why do Boos like homes like these?)

Boo near the heart block: Oh. Hello. Boo, I guess. Poor effort. Sorry. I had a weird dream last night.... This dream voice said.... "Sometimes you must turn and run away. You must run and run until you reach the tower with the spinning vanes." Something like that anyway. What could it mean?

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Consider this: Is this place lonely because boos make their home here, or do boos live here because this place is lonely? .... That riddle's gonna keep me up all night)

Boo across the big house with the broken door: My friend escaped from Tubba Blubba's castle. He claims that Tubba Blubba hides something incredibly important right next to his bed. I wonder what it could be.

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Boos live in this wasted land and scare people. They also take scare-trips to Forever Forest for fun. It must be fun having nothing to do except scare people.)

(While they're walking, a boo named Stanley approaches them.)

Stanley: Hello there! You're going up to beat Tubba Blubba, right? Yeah! Get revenge! He'll never eat another ghost! never! Especially not... (He's interrupted by the ground that starts shaking.) Oh... Oh no! Tubba Blubba's coming! Everybody, hide!! Lady Bow! You have to hide Mario!

Bow: (If another partner is active.) You! Switch with me!

Bow: Mario! We have to hide! Use my power! Immidiately! Press "Down"

(Mario presses "Down" and Bow makes both of them invisible. The other boos barely manage to hide before Tubba Blubba, a giant purple spike, arrives. However, Stanley forgets to hide as he's looking at invisible Bow and Mario and doesn't notice Tubba Blubba is standing behind him.)

Stanley: Everything's cool lady! He can't see you! Nope, there's no way Tubba Blubba can see you right now! (He turns around and sees Tubba Blubba) Er....

(Tuuba Blubba grabs him.)

Tubba Blubba; Mmmm...looks yummy! I needed a snack! (He eats him right before his invisible friends' eyes.) Urp...A little tangy, but good. (He leaves and returns to his castle. The other boos reappear.)

Boo floating outside the crooked house: Oh!! Stanley!! Oh, the horror of it all...

(Talking to him.) Stanley, no! Ah...Why you, too?

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Don't you think boos have expressive faces? They must do special face exercises to be able to stretch them so much. Pulling a face muscle would hurt.)

Boo near the heart block: Stanleeeeeeeey!!! He ate Stanley! I can't believe I just saw Stanley get eaten! Oh, I'm gonna be sick... Oh, cruel destiny!

Boo across the big house with the broken door: Buhh....Uhhh....Tubbbba Bbblubbbbba....ate....

Gusty Gulch

(Mario and his friends leave the village and continue their way through the ares, crossing more obstacles and battling more enemies. Eventually, they reach the top of Gusty Gulch and Tubba Blubba's castle.)

Tubba Blubba's castle

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: What a huge hall! Looks like it's crumbling, though. Boy, if this main hall collapses, the entire castle will follow. This whole place looks like it's falling apart.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: t's a corridor. I'm sure it was really magnificent before Tubba Blubba let it get filthy. You can barely see the beauty beneath the dirt.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: Filthy as it is, this castle has surprisingly little dust.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: Ooh! The dining room set here is fantastic! If they got curtains that weren't so old, they could really bring the room together.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: Wow! This room is huge! I guess Tubba Blubba's pretty big, though, so it's probably just the right size. High ceilings really make a room feel luxurious.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: There're the stairs. Ugh! A cobweb! I just can't stand creatures that don't tidy up...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: There're the stairs. Even the staircases are big. This place is monstrous.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 8: This castle's too big... I'm so tired. All we ever do is walk...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 9: You know, even the huge cracks in the walls don't bother me that much. But spiderwebs? C'mon, a little housecleaning, people!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 10: You think Tubba Blubba likes this castle? If he did, you'd think he could spend a little time fixing it up. I mean, an occasional cleaning... What a waste.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 11: Whoa! Spikes in the floor! Don't try to jump over 'em! There are too many! How can we get through without being hurt by the spikes?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 12: Oh, here we go! A chair tipped over, a drawer left open... Doesn't anyone ever clean around here? While we're here, though, let's take a closer look at that drawer.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 13: Ugh...more stairs... Up and down, up and down... Will it never end? It's just a little tiring, that's all.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 14: We've been in here a while. I wouldn't mind having a house this huge. Of course, it's kind of a pain to have to walk so far between rooms. We could get an excellent game of hide and seek going in here, but I guess kids might get lost pretty easily. Well... I wouldn't get lost, of course.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 15: What is this, a Clubba nap room? If we don't disturb 'em, maybe they won't wake up. But sshh... We must go slow and be quiet...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 16: This is only a corridor but it's as big as an ordinary room. Is that necessary? This area alone might be bigger than my entire house. That makes me mad for some reason.)

(When they enter the giant castle, they see some sentinels, small flying creatures that act as Tubba Blubba's guards. Mario cannot fight them, but when he gets near them, they start flashing and making noise like sirens. If they catch Mario, they'll throw him and his party out of the castle.)

Goombario (If he's out): Mario....If they catch you, they'll carry you out of the castle. Don't you think you can hide from them by using one of your party member's abilities?

Kooper (If he's out): Can't we do something so these things don't chuck us out of the castle? Doesn't anyone in our party have an ability that'll help us avoid them?

Boombette (if she's out): Mario, they'll throw us out of the castle if they catch us. Can we use a party member's ability so we don't get caught?

Parakarry (if he's out): This is not good. We'll be thrown out of the castle when they catch us. Can't we get around these creatures by using the ability of one of our party members?

Bow (If she's out): These things will try to catch us and throw us out. Use my ability to turn invisible and we'll fool them.

(Using Bow, Mario can get in the castle without getting spotted by the sentinels. He and his friends explore the castle and find useful items while fighting enemies like clubbas who patrol in the castle. Clubbas always fall asleep at work and can be avoided if Mario is stealthy and doesn't wake them up. Eventually, after breaking a wooden panel in the castle, Mario ends up in a basement without any guards or patrols. there he finds a key for a room in the castle and a boo.)

Tubba Blubba's castle-Basement

(Goombario's tattle: This is a basement, isn't it? Yup...and a big one, too. This makes a great hiding place. I don't think Clubbas patrol down here, so it's probably safe to rest for a while.)

Boo: Oh...You're Mario! Nice place, huh? As a matter of fact, I came to this castle with my friends to try to find Tubba Blubba's weak point. We managed to find out that there's something important hidden in Tubba Blubba's room on the highest floor. But once I got seperated from my friends, I just had to hide. ...But you could go. First, you need to get to the uppermost floor, then keep going unti you find his room. If you run into Tubba Blubba, don't, I repeat. DON'T fight with him. He's invincible! Really! Until you find out his secret weakness you'd better just run away. You got that?

(Talking to him again): Here's what my friends and I managed to find out... Supposedly there's something really important hidden in Tubba Blubba's room on the highest floor of the castle. It's so precious to him that he never lets anybody else even touch it. ...See? Really suspicious, isn't it? First, you need to get to the uppermost floor, then keep going until you find his room. If you happen to run into Tubba Blubba, don't, I repeat, DON'T fight with him. He's invincible! Really! Until you find out his secret weakness, run away.

(Goombario's tattle: This Boo's hiding in Tubba Blubba's Castle. The castle is terrifying for Boos, so this guy has guts. He must have come to try to find the secret of Tubba Blubba. That monster must have some weakness hidden here! This Boo is willing to risk his own life! So brave... You know, no other Boos will dare come here because Tubba Blubba eats any Boos he finds.)

(Mario and his party leave the basement and continue searching the castle. They cross more hindrances, including a room with a floor filled with spikes that requires Bow's abilities. At some point, they run into Tubba Blubba in a hallway.)

Tubba Blubba: Mmmm! What's this? Sniff, sniff... I smell something very fishy...

(Since Mario can't fight Tubba Blubba, Bow makes him invisilbe. They wait until Tubba Blubba is gone and start running. At last, after crossing a bridge between two rooms, they make it to the castle's innermost room. Tubba Blubba's bedroom.)

Tubba Blubba's bedroom

(Goombario's tattle: Hey look! A table, a bed, a chest and a drawer. This is the only tasteful room in the place! Everything is so elegantly coordinated.)

(There, they find a chest lying next to his bed, but beofre they can open it, They start feeling a vibration and then Tubba Blubba comes in the room.)

Tubba Blubba: Hmmm, I might be in trouble. That Star Spirit run away...And now I think someone suspicious is in the castle.... I sure don't want to make king Bowser mad. He's scary. He did make me invincible, but if I screw up, he might change me back to normal. (He gets next to his bed.) ...Time for some beauty rest! (He jumps on the bed and immediately falls asleep. Mario, careful not to wake Tubba Blubba up, opens the chest. Then, a floating key comes out.

Yakkey: Hi there! I'm Yakkey...a faithful and catty follower or Master Tubba Blubba! My very important job is to guard his valuables! But...? You don'r look like Master Tubba Blubba at all!...That means you've come here to steal me, the magical key that unlocks the door to windy mill at the foot of Gusty Gulch? And furthermore, your goal is to find out if there's a secret inside that windy mill?



(If yes is chosen)

Yakkey: ...You're a very honest person, aren't you?

(If no is chosen)

Yakkey: ...You're a terrible liar.

(Both lead to:)

Yakkey: ..... Heeeeeeelp! Master Tubba Blubaaaa!! A thieeeeeeef!!!

(Tubba Blubba wakes up.)

Tubba Blubba: Grrrgh? Hmmmph? What's all the noise? Five more minutes, mom...

Goombario (If he's out): Tubba Blubba's waking up! Let's get outta here!

Kooper (If he's out): Oh-oh. We're in trouble! Tubba Blubba woke up! Let's go!

Bombette (If she's out): Tubba Blubba's up! Let's get away!

Parakarry (If he's out):Marioooo! Acckk! Tubba Blubba woke up! We'll never make it if we stay here! Run! Run!

Bow (If she's out): Oh no, he's awake! We have to run!

(Mario grabs Yakkey before leaving to be able to unlock windy mill. Thankfully, Tubba Blubba is still bleary, giving Mario and his friends time to run away. However, as they are crossing the bridge, Tubba Blubba comes out of the room and he's really angry.)

Tubba Blubba: Hey, you! Thief! Stop!

(He ground pounds the bridge, destroying it. Mario and his friends are able to survive this and land on the floor below. They start running with Tubba Blubba hot on their tails. They are able to make it to the hall, where all the sentinels have been crashed by the by the broken bridge parts, so they don't cause our heroes any trouble. Mario finally makes it to the door. Meanwhile, six boos have gathered outside the castle.)

Tubba Blubba's castle-Outside

Boo leading the group: At last, we've arrived at Tubba Blubba's castle! Are you ready, everyone? Be brave! We must do all we can to help the Lady Bow!

Boo at the back of the group: But...What can we do?

Boo leading the group: This is no time to lose our nerve, fellow boos! Our dear lady is fighting against Tubba Blubba himself! We mustn't hesitate!

(Noise is heard from inside the castle)

Tubba Blubba (Inside the castle): Come back here!!

(Mario and his friends come running out of the castle. Five of the six boos try to keep the door shut.)

Boo leading the group: Wha...Wha...What's that noise? Tubba Blubba's chasing you?! And he's right on the other side of the door?! Gulp! What? You might be able to find out Tubba Blubba's weak point? Oh, of course! The windmill at the foot of the hill... You must hurry! Run as fast as you can to the windy mill! We'll hold Tubba Blubba here!

Goombario (if he's out): No! You'll all be eaten when he comes through that door!

Kooper (If he's out): Are you nuts! That Tubba Blubba will make a meal out of you guys!

Bombette (If she's out): No! You'll all be eaten when he comes through that door!

Parakarry (If he's out): I can't agree to that! You're all in grave peril of being eaten! You must run with the rest of us!

Bow (If she's out): It's too dangerous! He's a madman! He'll eat every last one of you!

(Tubba Blubba tries to open the door, but the boos keep it shut.)

Tubba Blubba (Inside the castle): Grruuuurg!! Why won't this door open?!

(The boo leading the group tries to keep the door shut along with the other boos.)

Boo leading the group: I...don't know how long...we can...keep holding this. Don't worry about us! Go, for all our sakes! Don't look back!

(Until Mario leaves the area, Tubba Blubba will be heard saying:)

Tubba Blubba: I smell delicious ghosts! Open the doooooooooor!!

(Mario and his friends start running until they reach the village of the boos.)

Village of boos-Part 2

Boo near the crooked house: Windy mill? Just keep heading down along the Gulch. You'll see it before you reach boo's mansion.

Boo across the big house with the broken door: Buh? Whyh? What? Tubba Blubba's coming?

Boo near the heart block: Huh? Some boos just went to help you. What happened to them?

Village of boos-Part 1

Boo near the end of the area: What? Whaaaaat? Tubba Blubba's behind you? Noooo! I don't want to be eaten!

Boo floating around: You what?! You discovered Tubba Blubbba's secret? And now he's chasing you?! Oh no...Oh... I've gotta hide somewhere!

Boo near the save block: Tubba Blubba is coming?! Oh no! Quick, hide! Aaagh!

Boo near the entrance: Windy mill? It's just over there.

Windy mill

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: I haven't been in many windmills, but this one seems weird. Isn't this a well sitting in the middle of it?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: I guess the well's dry. Lucky for us.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: You can tell from the dampness that there used to be water in this well. The rocks are also moist to the touch.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: You wouldn't expect there to be such a nice walkway in a place like this. It's so neat. It doesn't look like it's a natural path. Someone must take care of it...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: Something important has just got to be back here. Nobody would dig such a long tunnel for nothing. What do you think it could possibly be, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6:This is the very end of the tunnel in the well. It seems to be a big dead end. This really is the perfect spot for hiding something really valuable.)

(After leaving the village, they arrive at windy miil and unlock the door with Yakkey. In the mill, they find a well and jump into it. Following the tunnels, they cross three different rooms. Each room has a hyper goomba and a sign in it:

"No entry allowed."

"Really! No entry allowed!"

"Absolutely! No entry allowed!!"

(After going through all the tunnels, they arrive in a big room. There, they find something shocking. Tubba Blubba's heart.)

Tubba's heart: Who are you? What?! Mario?! Did someone....tell you that I'm the secret strength of Tubba Blubba?! Someone spilled the beans that the Tubba Blubba in the castle is just a shell and...I'm controlling it from here? You can't trust anybody! I can't let you out of here knowing the secret of my "invincible" body! Sorry, but here we go!

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Tubba's heart.)

Tubba's heart (If Bow is out): Hey, you! Lady ghost! You look quite tasty. Stick around after the battle. Fighting makes me hungry.

Bow: Blech! You wish! You don't have a chance, you ghost-gobbling freak! Mario! Now I'm really mad! Let's beat this thing up! Gwaaah ha ha ha!

(After one or two more turns.)

Tubba's heart: Heh heh heh heh.... I'm gonna do this great attack. It's impossible to avoid. I just have to prepare a bit, so hang on for a second.

(He charges up. He will unleash his attack on his next turn. That attack does 12 amount of damage. The only way to avoid it is to do outta sight with Bow. He might use this attack two or three times during the battle.)

(The battle continues until the HP of Tubba's heart reaches almost 0)

Tubba's heart: Owwwweeee! Oh, I'm hurting! I have to get out of here!

Windy mill

(The battle ends and Tubba's heart opens the door of the room and runs away. Mario and his friends chace it through the tunnels. It exits the well and the windy mill and so do Mario and his team. When the heart gets out, Tubba Blubba's body, which has caught up to Mario and the others, is waiting nearby.)

Gusty Gulch

Tubba's heart: it's time to reunite!

(The heart Jumps in Tubba Blubba's mouth and he swallows it. At that moment, Mario and his freidns come out of the windy mill.)

Tubba Blubba: Oh yeah! Now I'm feeling good! With my heart and body united, there's no way to beat me!

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Tubba Blubba. However, Tubba Blubba's "invincibility" is gone. Thus, Mario and his partners can damage him and despite his strong attacks, he is easily defeated.)

Tubba Blubba: Eeeeoooow!!

Gusty Gulch

(Tubba Blubba is crying in defeat.)

Tubba Blubba: Oh...Oh...Nooo! With my heart and body united, I'm not invincible anymore... Now I'm back to "Not Invincible" Tubba Blubba.... That's so lame. I give uuuup! Look, I'll give back all the ghosts I ate! Forgive me! (He opens his mouth and all the ghosts he had eaten come out safe and sound.) I'm actually a really sensitive guy trapped in a huge body. I don't wanna be invincible anymore if it means I have to fight guys like you! (He runs away crying.)

Bow: Gwaaa ha ha ha. Serves you right! And everyone who got eaten has returned safely! Hooray! ...But I guess I'd better tell everyone not to scare old Tubba Blubba anymore. We used to love scaring Tubba Blubba night and day because he was such a coward. Oh, well. We're not sorry for it! Scaring folks is what ghosts do, so boo on him... Ha! Besides, that was a pretty invigorating experience. I've never felt so full of excitement before! And...Ahem...It was also a good learning experience. I think I'd better experience some more of the outside world. So...I think I'll accompany you a little longer. Is that OK, Mario? Of course it's OK, right?



(If yes is chosen)

Bow: Done. You're so lucky to be able to to travel with me. Gweaah heh ha!

(If no is chosen)

Bow: You don't have to be polite. You won't have to worry about anything anymore as long as I'm with you. Gweaah heh ha!

(Both lead to:)

Bow: Here you go, Mario. I'm giving you back the Star Spirit, as I promised. Bootler! Snap to it! Come over here!

(Bootler comes on screen)

Bow: Here, Mario. He's free now.

(The card with the third Star Spirit, Skolar, appears and Mario releases him.)

(Storyline text: After solving the secret of "invincible" Tubba Blubba, Mario and party set free Star Spirit Skolar. Now, with Tubba Blubba just a bad dream, the boos are free to haunt to their hearts' content. Even the lonely wind echoing through Gusty Gulch seems to be celebrating the victory...at least for now. With newest party member, Bow, in tow, Mario and friends are ready to take on their next challenge.)

End of chapter (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Interlude 4

Peach castle-Peach's room

(The game goes back to Peach and Twink.)

Twink: I wonder how Mario is doing... Do you think he found a way to beat that Tubba Blubba?

Peach: I wonder, too. I'm so worried...What if mario got hurt...?

Twink: Well...Um... No use wondering! Why don't we go out and try to eavesdrop again? If Mario managed to beat Tubba Blubba by now, Bowser and his followers will be really, really mad! ...Don't you think?

Peach: You may be right, Twink! There's no use just sitting around worrying like this. Let's see what we can find out.

(They use the secret passage again. However, in the room that it leads, Bowser and Kammy Koopa are discussing.)

Peach's castle-Room with secret passage

Bowser: It can't be! No! No! No! Explain that again! Slowly!

Kammy Koopa: Your Wretchedness, I keep trying to tell you. Tubba Blubba was...gulp...defeated by Mario

(Peach and Twink arrive in the room. Twink hides, while Peach remains unnoticed by the two villains.)

Bowser: Well, that's strange because...YOU TOLD ME HE WAS INVINCIBLE! How can you beat someone who's invincible? (He starts hitting his foot on the ground.) Grrrr...Stupid Mario...I guess maybe he found out the secret that made Tubba Blubba not quite so invincible... And then he beat him... Gah!!! I despise Mario! Really!

Kammy Koopa: Your Filthiness...We have to come up with another tactic, and quickly. Mario will most likely go to shy guy's toy box next.

Bowser: Yes...So we should prepare something there for his arrival. I won't be satisfied just having him beaten up anymore! What we need to do is find his weak point and completely humiliate him! Yeah! Kammy Koopa, you've gotta find what Mario hates, and... (He turns around and notices Peach.) Unh...? Gaaaah! For the love of... Why.... Why is princess Peach here?! What'swromng with those guards? No...Wait, hang on. This is actually good timing, my mischievous princess. We're just discussing the weak points of our mutual friend, Mario. So...princess Peach... What do you know about his weaknesses, huh? And listen. You must be honest! Which one of these things does Mario hate the most?




(Peach can choose any answer she wants. This will become relevant soon enough.)

Bowser: Mmm...I see! Excellent! Is there another thing that fills him with dread?


-Hammer bros.

-Thunder rage

Bowser: Good, good... And how about these things? Whic of these does he hate?



-Super soda

Bowser: Oh, excellent! Perfect! Thanks, princess! Gwaa ha ha ha ha!!! Be sure Mario can't avoid these things that he hates! We'll beat him for sure! Did you get all that Kammy Koopa? Get going immediately!

Kammy Koopa: Bleah heh nyeah heh ho! Of course, Your Gnarliness! Mario's really in for it now...or is he....? Hmmm.....I started to wonder for a second there... But, then again, king Bowser's ordered this so I have no choice but to obey him... I guess we'll see!

Bowser: Of course you will. My tactics are brilliant. They are pure art! So...Kammy Koopa, have princess Peach taken back to her room immediately. Finally, we will witness the end of Mario! At last! Gwaa ha ha ha ha ha!!

Kammy Koopa: Guards! Attention! Take princess Peach back to her room at once!

Koopatrol 1 (Off-screen): Yes, ma'am!!

(Two koopatrols come in the room and lift princess Peach in the air.)

Peach: Noooo! Not again...

(They leave the room with Peach. Twink waits until Bowser and Kammy Koopa look away and leaves the room.)


Gusty Gulch

(Meanwhile, Mario and his friends are with skolar outside the windy mill.)

Skolar: Hello again, Mario. I knew you could do it. I don't know how to thank you. I knew it was the right decision to ask you to help us. You're a great man. Now that I'm free, I can help you. Ha!!

(He transfers Mario his power. A message appears: Mario's Star Energy goes up to 3! Mario can now use star storm, a new Star Spirit power! With star storm, you can attack all enemies!)

Skolar: ...Mario. I have one bit of bad news. Unfortunately, Bowser's life force seems to be getting stronger all the time. Most likely it's the Star Rod that's giving him more power. We're not even sure if he's noticing or not, but there's no question that it's making him stronger than before. We will have to be much more careful in the coming trials. Ah...I'm sorry to leave, but I must go back to Star Heaven. The other Star Spirits are waiting for me there. Oh...and if you could.... Please keep it a secret that I got lost in Forever Forest. Thanks, Mario. Bye! (He leaves and goes back to Star Heaven.)

Windy mill

(Yakkey can be found in there, next to the well.)

Yakkey: Hi! You again! Once Tubba Blubba's secret got out, I became just an ordinary key!

(Goombario's tattle: This is Yakkey, a magical key. It was lucky for us that it spilled the beans about Tubba Blubba's secret. But I wonder what it's going to do...)

Village of boos-part 1

Boo near the entrance: I heard from one of the boos eaten by Tubba Blubba that his belly was literally packed with ghosts for a while. He never felt full, though. Of course not. We're ghosts!

Boo near the save block: That naughty boo Tubba Blubba ate came back! He was always a troublemaker, but it was weird with him gone. But now, everything is back to normal again... Thanks for saving him!

Boo floating around: Oh. Mario, how's lady Bow doing? She's a fine, upstanding boo and is very delicate, so be sure to take care of her.

???: Excuse me, Mario?

(A boo appears behind Mario and does a scary face, scaring him.)

Boo: Bleeeahhhhh!!!

(He disappears again)

Boo floating around: Oooh! Excellent! What technique! What perfect delivery! There's always something new I can learn from that guy. What a boo master! I've got to work on my scaring skills, too!

Boo near the end of the area: My friend came back! I couldn't be happier! Now it's time to get back to scaring people senseless. I can't wait...

Village of boos-Part 2

Boo near the heart block: Tubba Blubba ate up my dear, lovely Victoria...but now she's come back safely! Victoria... So coy... She's never even given me the time of day...

Boo across the big house with broken door: Boos are saying that Tubba Blubba took off. Phew! This area will once again be a ghost paradise. Not only that... Tubba Blubba returned all the ghosts he'd eaten! And here we thought they were gone for good.

Boo floating outside the crooked house: I'm really happy that all the ghosts are back, but... with so many of us around, people might get used to us and not get scared anymore. That would be a tragedy, huh? Maybe we'd better find a quiet place with fewer ghosts so we're not so conspicuous.

Boo across the crooked house: I never thought I'd be back in dear old Gusty Gulch again. I swear, when Tubba Blubba ate me, I thought that was the end for this boo. But now it looks like everything might work out. And now I've got a great story to tell youngsters.

(Goombario's tattle: That's a boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. It's hard to tell if they're male or female. They should all wear bows like Bow does. That'd male it easier.)

Herbert: Since Tubba Blubba left, this hill seems so quiet. It's almost like a... ghost town or something. Chilling and desolete... Heh heh...♥

(Goombario's tattle: That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. You know, I think it's possible for a ghost to be cute and scary at the same time. It all depends on the person they're scaring. What's cute to one may be horrifying to another. This Boo doesn't look that scary. He looks too nice.)

(There's special dialogue if Mario goes there a least after chapter 4)

Windy Mill

Yakkey: You know what I need? A new secret to guard. Except this time, I want to guard some happy secret, like a present or something. Wouldn't that be the best? Guarding a gift... That's my new wish.

Village of boos-Part 1

Boo near the entrance: Hi, Mario. You're looking good, as usual. You'd need to be paler if you want to be a proper ghost. Take my face, for example. It takes a lot of work, but look how pale I am! Whuh...? You've seen paler? Really...?

Boo near the save block: Has my naughty friend played any tricks on you yet? It'd be a shame if you came all the way out to Gusty Gulch and didn't get messed with...

Boo floating around: Hey, Mario, have you saved all of the Star Spirits yet? I wonder why I care... I don't even know if Star Spirts listen to the wishes of ghosts. I certainly hope they do...

???: Pardon me, Mario?

(The same boo as before appears and scares Mario again.)

Boo: Broooaagh!!!

(He disappears)

Boo floating around: Oh Yeah! Another score! Boy, nobody scares people like that boo! Wow! Such a flawless appearance! It takes my breath away. ... Actually, if we're splitting hair, I'm a ghost so I don't actually breathe.

Boo near the end of the area: Now then... What to do, what to do? who should I scare? I want to hear people shriek and watch them run away yelling! That's what makes boos happy. So, if you could, when a boo scares you, try to be as terrifed as possible, OK?

Village of boos-Part 2

Boo near the heart block: Oh...sweet Victoria... Please give me a sign! You're the object of my fondest nightmares!

Boo across the big house with the broken door: Everyone is so crazy about the lovely Victoria. But the way I hear it, she's already got someone specific in mind. Sigh... Love is so painful. Not all wishes can be granted, I suppose. How sad...

Boo floating outside the crooked house: It seems like fewer people are getting lost and coming around here recently. I haven't even tried my new way of terrifying people yet. I've been practising for ages. Maybe I should start wishing to the stars for people to lose their way more often. Then we'll be in business.

Boo across the crooked house: My dear Victoria has also come back safe and sound. I was desperate when she was first eaten by Tubba Blubba, that's for sure. Now I'm by her side again... What? You can't see her? Ha ha ha... Of course not! She's a ghost, Mario! I finally made up my mind. I'm going to confess my feelings for the lovely Victoria. But how to tell her... First, I figured I'd express my feelings by giving her a present like, you know... "Here's a fire flower to show how hot the flame of my passion burns." or... "Are you shocked to know of my love? Here's a volt shroom." or... ... Gaaah!! I can't decide! Which line do you think would work better?

-Fire flower

-Volt shrrom

-No idea

(If no idea is chosen)

Boo across the crooked house: Oh... ... Thanks for nothing...

(If either of the other option is chosen.)

Boo across the crooked house: Oh...OK. Thanks. I'll do it.

Herbert: I'm a ghost named Herbert. Isn't that a great name? My grandmother named me. My ancestors lived in that castle for many generations. They were great ghosts. I wanna be that great. I wanna be so scary that no one will ever forget me.

(If Mario wants to learn the result of his advice, he must talk to the same boo after leaving the entire area and going back later.)

Boo across the crooked house: Victoria loves me back! We're going to get married when Lady Bow returns here! So...hurry up and come back as soon as possible, OK? Seriously! Soon!

(Back to the main game, Mario and his friends leave and go back to boo's mansion.)

Boo's mansion-First floor

Franky: Lady Bow is the very definition of grace, beauty and dignity! No other boo could fill her shoes as master of the mansion. If she wore shoes, that is. When I behold the Lady, my heart goes pit-a-pat!♥

Boo's mansion-Second floor

Boo: Mario, please take care of our Lady Bow! She brings the darkness to our lives!

Boo's mansion-Bow's room

Bootler: dear sir... Lady Bow is very, very, very important to us boos. Please don't let her get in any dangerous situations. If harm befalls our lady, the boo ancestors will be horribly displeased. I shudder to ask this, but I must beg you to protect her whenever danger arises!

(If Bow is out): Lady Bow, please come back to us as soon as possible.

Bow: Hush up, Bootler! You be quiet and take care of the mansion while I'm gone!

Bootler: Sigh....sigh.....

Tubba Blubba's castle

(If Mario goes back there, Tubba Blubba and all the clubbas are gone. There's only one left, sleeping by the stairs to the second floor.)

Clubba: h...huh? How long was I asleep? Where is everyone? .......Oh well. (He falls asleep again.)

(Goombario's tattle: Everyone left while this Clubba was sleeping. He must be really tired.)

Forever Forest

(Mario and friends go back in Forever Forest. There, they hear a voice.)

???: Nooooo! Waaahh! Bugs! Get 'em off me! I'm lost in a freaky Forest! S-s-so s-scared...

(Mario and friends go to the direction the voice came from.)

???: Eeeeek!

(They run into Jr. Troopa again.)

Jr. Troopa: Oh, Mario! Oh, thank... ...I mean. ah HA! Boy, are you unlucky to run into me again!

Goombario (If he's out): Why, it's Jr. Troopa! Have you been crying? Did you get lost in there?

Kooper (If he's out): Hey, Mario. It looks like this kid is lost.

Bombette (If he's out): This little boy is filthy! What happended to him? Is he a lost child or something?

Parakarry (If he's out): Oh dear. This poor child looks very upset. Was he lost in the forest?

Bow (If she's out): Who is this kid? What a dirty little urchin... He must be lost...

Jr. Troopa: Hey! Shut up! Shut uuuuup! I'm not a lost child! I'm your worst nightmare! Here comes the pain!

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Jr. Troopa)

Jr Troopa: Don't think I'm as vulnerable as I was before. Check this out! More Power!!

(He gets wings and starts flying in the sky)

Jr Troopa: Ha ha! Yeah, that's right! Let's see how you like the new, improved Jr. Troopa

(The battle begins. Since Jr. Troopa is flying, Mario and party can only attack him with air attacks. In the end, he is defeated. Again.)

Jr. Troopa: Nooooo! Darn it! Darn it!! Darn iiiiiit!!! (He runs away. )

(Oaklie from before can also be found in the forest.)

Oaklie: You probably think that this forest is unpleasant, but it's always been home to me, and I think it's just perfect. The forest teems with life and and tells many secrets. Even as many stars cry out in the distance...my friends cry out deep within this forest.

When Mario and the other reach the edge of the Forest, they see Jr. Troopa again.)

Jr Troopa: Oh! I made it out of the Forest! I could kiss this ground! Yaaaaahoo! (He runs away)

(Mario and his friends exit the forest.)

Toad Town-South part

Fice T.: Shy guys have been raising a ruckus all over town. But compared to ghosts, shy guys are nothing.

(If Bow is out): Ma... Mario, behind you! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!! G....... Gho...... Ghost------!

(As soon as Mario enters Toad Town)

???.: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...NO! My favourite frying pan!

(A shy guy comes running out of tauce T.'s house with a frying pan)

Light green toad: The recent invasion by these shy guys has everyone reeling There's no end to their mischief. I just saw shy guys run over toward the station. What could they be up to now? Unless I miss my guess, it's bound to be something bad. Wouldn't you agree? You may be the only one with the strength to repel them.

Blue toad: Yow! A big group of shy guys just ran off to the north! There's all sorts of trouble they coudl get into up there....At the post office...the shop... Look, Mario, would you mind going to check out the scene?

Purple female toad: Did you hear? Tauce T.'s best frying pan was stolen! It was the work of shy guys! I'm a huge fan of Tauce T.'s. It really gets me steamed that they'd do such a thing! Please, Mario! Try to get her frying pan back!

Little light green toad: It's shy guys, it's shy guys! Let's get 'em! ...Oh! Mario! Sorry, I was just practising beating up pretend shy guys.

Tauce T.'s house

Tauce T.: Oh...Hello there, hon. Thank you for coming to visit, but I'm afraid I can't cook now. I'm so sorry. My dear old frying pan was stolen by a shy guy. It really burns me up...

Toad Town-South part

Red toad: it seems like all the shy guys come from just West of here. I wish we could find where they're coming from and get rid of them! Rapscallions!

Bub-ulb: Either there's not enough sun, the people here are too loud, or it's too boring becauset the place is too quiet.. You may not know this, but it's natural for some flowers to complain all the time or flip-flop on issues. Who's to say that's wrong? There's a saying: "The soil is always browner on the other side."

Green toad next to the blue house: Mario, Mario, Mario. Have you ever met the wise toad, Russ T.? He has more books than you can shake a shroom at! People say that some books are very old and rare. I also heard that Kolorado, that explorer, sometimes uses those books to do research. But, I heard that Kolorado doesn't treat the books with care, and Russ T. is secretly pretty mad about it.


(A shy guy is running on the tracks, blocking the way to Mt. Rugged.)

Blue toad: That shy guy on the tracks has stopped the train schedule again. This is no good. Can you scare him off?

Train conductor: What'll do... I'm ruined! There's no hope for me! We can't get the train moving because of the pesky shy guy on the tracks. I told him to scram, but he won't listen to me, and he won't move at all. What am I gonna do?

(Mario attacks him and he runs away.)

Blue toad: The sound of the wheels when the train is running... Psshhh! The loud hissing... And the WHOOO-WHOOOOOOO! Just listening to trains makes me feel at peace. I want the train to keep on running today, tomorrow, the next day... That's my wish, all right.

Train conductor: Oh, thank you, Mario!! We're rolling now! All aboard!! Are you coming along?

Green toad: Shy guys always play pranks, but they never seemed so wicked before this. You don't think that Bowser could have something to do with this, do you?

Dane T.: Yippee! See you later, shy guy!

Mini T.: You're so tough, Mario!! I'm going to get stronger 'til I can beat shy guy's, too!

Purple female toad: Aw, thanks, Mario! The train's back in business!

Red toad: Ha... Li'l-oinks are so cute! Aren't they the most adorable things you've ever seen?

Toad Town-Residential area

(When Mario enters)

???: Mario!

(Twink shows up)

Twink: Mario! mario! Good to see you! We found out that you defeated Tubba Blubba! I knew you could do it! I just knew it! When we heard the news, the princess was very relieved. Oh, yes...I've got new information about the honorable Star Spirits who are still imprisoned. Have you ever heard of shy guy's toy box? It seems that one of the honorable Star Spirits is being held there. ...But where on Earth is shy guy's toy box? I have no idea...Oh, time is short! I have to go back to the princess now. Good luck, Mario! Princess Peach and I are always cheering you on. (He flies away)

Green toad bext to the road sign: I'm positive that the shy guys are coming from somewhere in Toad Town. But where...Where could they be hiding around here? Unless I miss my guess, they must be in a house. Dig me?

Little red toad: Shy guys! After them, rangers!

Little light green toad: No...! Retreat!

Little green toad: The shy guys are after us! Hide---------! Playing shy guy battle is our favourite game right now. It rules!

Blue toad in the middle of the road: Eek! Mario! Some shy guys just run into the shop over there! There's no way they're gonna do anything good in there! Get 'em! Please!


Harry T.: Hey, you! Thief!!

(A shy guy runs out of the shop with a key)

Harry T.: Oh, Mario. It's you. A shy guy stole my storeroom key! I can't stay in business if I can't get into my storeroom! What in the world will I do?!

Toad Town-Residential area

Blue toad in the middle of the road (After going to the shop): I tried to chase the shy guys, but I fell and lost their trail. I was busy holding my toe and shrieking, but I think maybe they went to the port.

Nearby house

Green female toad: Hi, Mario! Hey, by the way... Did you know the house next door is supposed to be vacant?...But you know what? I heard lots of noises coming from there. Maybe it's a thief's hideout....Oh, how scary! Right next door!

Purple female toad: Somebody's really been raising a racket next door, that's for sure! It sounds like a bunch of kids bouncing off the walls. And I thought that house was vacant....How creepy!

Toad Town-Residential area

Blue toad next to the tree: I've heard a rumour that Shy guys are hiding in somebody's house in Toad Town. Here! Shy guy's in Toad Town?! What rubbish! I think that people would notice a huge group of shy guys living in one of the houses in the neighborhood. There's no way that's true.

Green toad in the group of toads: My keen intuition tells me that shy guys must be hiding in a house somewhere. What do you think about finding their hideout and taking them on ourselves?

Red toad: Yeah! There's a plan! But have you ever seen those guys run? They're way too fast. If they see us, they'll bolt....Wait! I know! Why don't we turn invisible? If we do, the shy guys will be off guard and reveal themselves to us.

Light green toad: Uh...One problem, guys. How do we turn invisible?

Orange female toad: I saw them! The scoundrels! Shy guys just went into that empty house right there. Do you suppose...Could that be the shy guy hideout?


Blue toad near the entrance: This is the port. Welcome! Excuse me? Shy guys? Oh yes, shy guys. We sometimes see them at the port, but they usually behave themselves. They come from the east. Who knows why they come here.

Fishmael: Hur? Blimey! The little wiggler's gone! Whar'd that Fuzzipede go? A fish took 'im, p'raps! Curse me foul luck!

Light green toad: Heyyy... Do you see something floating over there? See what I'm talking about? Well, if you go straight and walk onto the pier, you'll be able see it. It bothers me for some reason. I think I just saw it move!

Red toad: Hello, Mario. I heard you braved Forever Forest recently. I got lost in Forever Forest a long time ago. I wandered around and around in circles for a good while, utterly lost, then at last I came to a mysterious mansion. It was there I met a boo by the name of Boolter. This Bootler used to travel the world having advenures with a pair of his friends, a goomba and a koopa troopa. We spoke of many things, he and I. He even told me of his undying love for the misstress of the mansion. There was a little girl boo there then, the granddaughter of the mansion's misstress. She was headstrong and very spoiled. Still, she was cute. I wonder how she's doing now. She must be beautiful.

Blue toad near the sea: Hey, do you see that strange island-like thing over there? I've been watching it and it seems to move sometimes. Spooky. I wonder what it is...

Club 64

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! Huh? Shy guys? Nah, dude, haven't seen any. Just relax here, OK? We've got a no shy guy policy.

Barmtender: Good thing none of those shy guys come here. 'Course, neither do customers. Most likely folks don't feel up to a night on the town in such troubling times. I tell you, I'm tired of polishing glasses no one uses.

Toad town-Cetral area

Rowf: Hey! You! You little scamp! Get your hands off... Give me back my calcualtor!

(A shy guy runs away from the badge shop with a calculator.)

Rowf: Sorry, bud. I had to close up shop. Some idiot shy guy stole my calculator. You believe that? I need that thing to calculate sales, bud! I'm not a genius! When I find that little punk...

Rhuff: A shy guy just stole my dad's calculator. You should have heard what my dad said! We can't open now! Stupid shy guy! Give back dad's calculator!

Minh T.: Shy guys are trampling all over my flower garden! Oh! The poor flowers...They were so beautiful... It was my dream to fill Toad Town with beautiful flowers... I'm so sad...

Blue toad: Oh, Mario! Do something! Those shy guys are trampling all over Mihn T.'s precious flower garden! Look at her! She's so sad! I can't bear so see her in such pain!

(Mario defeats the shy guys and they leave from the flower garden.)

Minh T.: Oh, thank you! The flowers give you their thanks as well, Mario!

(Mario can give her the magical seed he found in Forever Forest.)

Minh T.: You brought me a seed? Thanks! I'm so pleased! (She plants it and a few flowers bloom.)

(Talking to her again): If all four colors of bub-ulb's flowers bloom, this garden will become magical. I need just one more color. Please bring me the seeds when you find them!♥

Blue toad: Now that you saved the flower garden, there's a lot of cleaning up to do. Is this my chance? I... Maybe I should go help Minh T. fix the garden...

Toad house

(There's a shy guy jumping on the bed.)

Toad house toad: The toad house slogan is..."Refresh your body and soul!"...But... it's impossible to get refreshed with this shy guy jumping all over the place. Sorry.

(Mario kicks the shy guy out.)

Toad house toad: Now that the shy guys are gone, you can stay here. Would you like to take a nap?



Toad Town-Central area

Light green toad walking around: Hey, hold up! Shy guys just ran into the post office! You know that isn't good. Mario, check it out, will you?

(Talking to him after going to the post office): Oh, drag, some mail was stolen? Maybe we should have warned you earlier about the shy guys... They've always been a problem. I guess I just tuned 'em out.

Postmaster (From inside the post office): Stop, thief!

Post office

(As Mario enters, a shy guy leaves with a bag.)

Postmaster: A shy guy just stole a bag full of undelivered letters! I'm sure there were tons of important letters in that bag! Bills, cards, packages...What are we going to do?

Peach's castle area

Muss T.: To think! When the castle was here, it was always bustling. Now no one walks here... I can't believe it, but I actually miss the crowds...

Toad town-central area

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle : Now shy guys stole a mailbag from the post office. a mailbag! What's the world coming to? What could they possibly want with a mailbag? Think about how many important things travel through the mail! those shy guys have really done it this time!

Red toad near Merlon's house: I tried my best to catch that shy guy when he bolted from the post office, but he was way too fast. Maybe I need to work out more on my "Toadinator".

Red toad walking around: Shy guys stole the mailbag from the post office! It all happened so fast that I didn't have time to react! They were gone in an instant!

Green toad: Mario. Bad things are afoot. Shy guys just run to the West, toward the main gate. They're no doubt up to something. There is a shop over that way. Perhaps it is there that they have set their sights. No good can come of this.

Merlon: Oh, it's you, Mario. What fortunate timing. Hmmm...? The town appears to be pretty active today, but it's none of my concern. I had a dream last night and another oracle spoke to me. Its voice was heavenly... "If you keep going around and around the red palm tree in the desert distant town--Dry Dry Outpost--something good will happen" So said the vocie in my dream. it doesn't seem to make any sense at all to me. In fact, thinking about it makes me so uneasy that iI can't sleep at night. If you find out what it means, please tell me. (He goes inside his house.)

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 1

(If Mario keeps running around the red palm tree as Merlon told him, eventually:)

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: Excuse me... Can I talk to you for a sec? What exactly are you doing walking aroudn that tree? You're making me dizzy! What? You're joking. You believe some crazy dream? Well, OK... I guess... I mean, I got a message in a dream a long time ago but it didn't mean anything. It said, "There's a house with a whirling roof in a large town near a castle. If you spin jump three time inside the house, something good should happen to you..." Ha ha ha! A house with a whirling roof! As if that existed! Ha! I don't take dreams seriously.

Toad Town-Merlon's house

(If Mario spin jumps in the house 3 times, a bagde falls from the ceiling.)

Merlon: Huh..? Oh, this badge is quick change! I had no idea such a useful badge was in my attic.. Mario, you are a very lucky man.

(Mario takes the badge. With it, he can swap his partners and attack with them in the same turn.)

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: Two shy guys just ran by! One seems to have invaded the shop over there. The owner was not happy! I have no idea where the other one went. Those guys can disappear in the blink of an eye. I bet they're still around here...

Kris T.: Yaagh! I've had it! Why do shy guys have to be such pains?!

Miss T.: Yeah! Really! I used to think their tricks were cute....but this is too much. I sense something fishy. Something weird is definitely going on around here.

Felissa T.: Huh?! Something fishy?! Sniff-sniff-sniff! I don't smell any fish.

Red toad near the shop: I just saw some shy guys go by. I'd bet anything that they're up to no good again. Who knows where they went, but wherever they are, I'm sure they're causing trouble.

Shop owner: A shy guy took over my shop! My precious shop...Please, Mr. Mario! Get the shy guy out of my shop!


Shy guy: Tee hee hee hee! Welcome to shy guy's shop. Too bad I'm not gonna sell anything to you, Mario!

(Mario hits him with the hammer.)

Shy guy: Oh, no....poor me...

(He runs away and the shop owner comes in)

Shop owner: Mario!! Way to show that little hooligan a thing or two! Hooray! Thank you so much! I'm strill giving great deals at rock-bottom prices, so don't be a stranger around here!

Toad Town-West area

Russ T. (From his house): Aargh! Words are mocking me! I need that dictionary!!

(A shy guy comes out of Russ T.'s house holding a dictionary.)

Blue toad near the pond: I heard that shy guys are causing trouble all over town. But as long as you're with me, you will always be safe!

Pink female toad: As long as you stay with me, I shall have nothing to fear but too much love!

Light green toad: Oh, cruel fate! Mischievous shy guys are running loose in Toad Town! It is a plague! Your precious treasures are in peril! Danger!

Red toad near the entrance to town: Oh, that wily shy guy! He stole Russ T.'s dictionary! Russ T. really loved that dictionary, too. LOVED it. Poor Russ T....You're his only hope, Mario! Get it back for him!

Toad dad (From inside the house.): Take off, you lousy shy guy! I don't care how convincing your Mario disguise is! You aren't getting in! Stay away from my family!

Toad kid 1 (From inside the house): Dad, you're so coo!

Russ T.'s house

Russ T.: Curses! Mario... A shy guy stole my dictionary. Please get it back from him! I'm...I'm losing IQ points!

Mario's house

(Luigi is seen chasing a shy guy.)

Luigi: Huff huff.... You wouldn't believe it....Shy guys were everywhere...They moved...like the wind! Huff huff...All I managed to do was get really upset and yell.

(Mario chases off the shy guy.)

Luigi: Huff Huff...I'm a great jumper, but my running really needs some work. A little, more trainind and I'll be vital to your team... All right, take it easy. I know I can't go. You go on your adventure. I don't even want to anymore. I know it's up to you to save princess Peach, so hurry up for my sake!

Toad Town-Residential area

(Mario gets in the empty house. If he just stands there, a shy guy will walk in and see him.)

Shy guy: Oh, no! It's Mario!! (He runs away.)

(Mario has to turn invisible with Bow. Then the shy guy comes in, whistling and totally unsuspecting. He then exposes the secret passage in the wall. Mario and his friends go through it and find a toy box with a spring next to it. They jump on the spring and go into the toy box. Then, chapter 4 begins.)

End of interlude

Chapter 4

Trials in the toy box

Shy guy's toy box

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: This seems to be a playroom for Shy Guys. They don't have to answer to anybody down here. I envy these guys...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: Look at all the doodles on the walls! Did Shy Guys draw all these? They're kind of cute. I didn't know that Shy Guys had a cute side.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: Over, around, up and back... It's like a maze in here. Still, since we're inside a Toy Box, I'm enjoying myself.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: The walls here are so fancy and fun to look at. What a cool place!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: Look! There are moving panels on the walls and even a railroad crossing. What a fun room! I wish I could play here!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: Somebody told me... Bow can easily avoid all kinds of enemy attacks. What a cool skill! I wish I had that kind of useful talent.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: The walls here are made of gigantic colored blocks. Luckily, there also seem to be several elevators. What do you think we'll see if we ride them? I say we find out.)

Shy guy's toy box-Blue Station

(Goombario's tattle: Say...are we actually inside the Toy Box right now? How could all this be inside that little box? Best not to think about it too much... Looks like this is Blue Station. It's a train station. I think if we use that jump pad we can get back to Toad Town whenever we want.)

(They land in the toy box, which may seem small from the outside, but when you enter, it's really big. That is because you magically shrink when entering and return to normal when exiting. In the area, they see a blue train station, two toads and two paths leading to different directions.

Train conductor: Usually I work here at Blue Station. But since there's no train, I'm pretty much unemployed now.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a employee of the toy box station. The employees drive the trains from one station to another and announce the destination. Don't you think he looks like the stationmasters at Toad Town and Mt. Rugged stations?)

Train engineer: Welcome to the Blue Station. Umm....Unfortunately, I can't take you to the other stations. We have the station and the tracks and everything...but the train's missing!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a employee of the toy box station. The employees drive the trains from one station to another and announce the destination. Don't you think he looks like the stationmasters at Toad Town and Mt. Rugged stations?)

Shy guy's toy box-shy guy playground

(Goombario's tattIe: wonder who made this Toy Box. I assume Shy Guys made it. They have such cool toys... I wish I could befriend 'em, but I guess they're too mischievous.)

(If Mario and his friends take the left path, they enter an area with many shy guys and they have to battle some of them. At some point, they find a chest that is guarded by an anti-guy.)

Anti-guy: Hm? What do you want? Get away from that Treasure Chest, pal! It's mine, see? Don't mess with me!♥

-Don't fight


(When choosing not to fight)

Anti-guy: Good. You're a smart boy!♥

(When choosing to fight)

Anti-guy: You wanna fight? Are you nuts? You don't wanna mess with me!♥ Are you sure ya wanna fight

-Don't fight


(When confirming to fight)

Anti-guy: What?! Well, all right... I do love a challenge!♥ Here it comes, pal! Don't say I didn't warn you!

(Mario and friends battle the Anti-guy who has 50 HP and 10-12 attack power, which is why he is also called deadly guy. If they manage to defeat him, they can get the chest which contains a power plus badge. Mario can also get it without fighting. If he talks to the Anti-guy while having a lemom candy in his inventory, which Tauce T. can make with a cake mix found in the toy box and a lemon, the following dialogue occurs:)

Anti-guy: Sniff sniff.. Sniff? Do I smell Lemon Candy? Hey! Pal! You have Lemon Candy, and you didn't tell me? Please! I love that stuff!♥ Lemme have some Lemon Candy! Please! C'mon, pal! Take the treasure--just gimme the Lemon Candy, will ya?!

(If Mario refuses to give the lemon candy)

Anti-guy: Grrrrr!!! You stingy, candy-hogging punk! Well, you can forget about getting my treasure now! You want it? You're going to have to fight me for it.

-Don't fight


(If Mario doesn't want to give the lemon candy he has to fight the Anti-guy for the chest.)

(When giving the lemon candy:)

Anti-guy: Yeeeaaaah!♥ I got some Lemon Candy!♥ (He goes nearby and starts eating it, leaving the chest unguarded.)

(Talking to him again)

Anti-guy: Oh...so good...tart... So yummy...♥♥♥

(Goombario's tattle: He's a guard named Anti Guy. He's all by himself! And he looks totally weak! Although...you never know. Appearances can be deceptive. Just look at me! Hmm... Weak? Or really strong?)

(If Mario takes the right path from the station, a cutscene shows Kammy Koopa on her flying broom, stopping in front of another chest. She then uses her magic wand and places the thing Peach choose previously in front of the chest.)

Kammy Koopa (If the mushroom was chosen): Nyeah heh heh...Perfect. Mario hates this thing, so he'll surely turn back. Uh... I think... Tha doesn't look like the sort of thing that'd bother Mario. I wonder if I should really trust what Peach says... Well...it doesn't matter. King Bowser ordered it. And he's the boss! (She flies away.)

(If the goomba was chosen): Perfect... Mario really hates these guys so he'll run. Will they really scare him? They seem pretty weak... I'm getting a little suspicous of what Peach tells us... Well...it doesn't matter. King Bowser ordered it. And he's the boss! (She flies away.)

(If the clubba was chosen): Nyeah heh heh heh!!! Ooh, I can't wait until Mario gets here! He's gonna get beaten so bad! He'll probably start crying! Then King Bowser and I will laugh and laugh! Come and get it, Mario! Nyeah heh heh ha!!!!! (She flies away.)

(Mario and his friends keep making the way through the toy box by defeating and outsmarting all their opponents and obstacles. Evenutally, they find the chest. If Kammy Koopa put an enemy there, they have to fight him. If it's an item, Mario can pick it up.)

Goomba (If he was chosen): Oh... Mario?! I have to fight Mario?! By myself? Why me? I'm toast...but I have to try! Feel my, uh...wrath, I guess! (Mario has to battle him.)

Clubba (If he was chosen): Oh, it's Mario!! See this fine club I have? I'm gonna introduce you to it. Club...meet Mario!!! (Mario has to battle him.)

(After defeating the enemy, he opens the chest and gets the storeroom key. He returns it to the shop)


Harry T. (If Mario doesn't give him the key): Why, Mario! Is… Isn't that… my Storeroom Key?

Harry T. (If Mario unlocks the storeroom himself): Ahem...Uh, Mario? Please don't open the storeroom without my permission, all right? Huh?! Hey! You got back my storeroom key! Oh, thank you, thank you! You saved my business!! Tell you what. Take anything you want from the storeroom. It's just a little thank-you for getting my storeroom key back.

Harry T. (When Mario gives him the key): All right, Mario! You did it! You got back my storeroom key! Thank you so much! You saved my livelihood!! (He unlocks the storeroom.) Tell you what. Take anything you want from the storeroom. It's just a little thank-you for getting my storeroom key back.

(In the storeroom, Mario can get some items and a toy train. He and his friends return to the toy box.)

Shy guy's toy box-Blue Station

Train conductor: You gave the storeroom key back to the storekeeper? He must've been super happy! Happier than I am, anyway. There is still no train, so I still don't have a job.

Train engineer (Showing him the toy train.): Look, we can't very well ride on a tiny little toy train! That'd be impossible. Put that back in its toy box.

(Mario gets out of the toy box and throws the train in. The magic of the toy box makes the train big and it's lands on the tracks, shaking the ground a few times. Then, he and his friends go back in the toy box.)

Train conductor: The train's running again! We can leave anytime!!

Train engineer: Yaaaahoo! We're back in business! This train juts dropped out of the sky and onto the tracks! Public transit's up and running! (Talking to him again) You can use the switches in front of the station to choose the trains direction. Just let me know when you've decided which direction you want to go, OK? All aboard!!

(Pressing the switch for the Red Station.)

Train engineer: Oh, there's a track problem! We can't go that direction. Do you see that level way behind us on the left? If you can get there and push it, we'll be able to continue.

(Pressing the switch for the Pink Station.)

Train engineer: Where would you like to go?

-Pink Station

-Don't get on

(Mario and friends get on.)

Train engineer: We're leaving! All aboard! (The train departs for Pink Station.) Next stop: Pink Station! Now arriving at Pink Station! Piiiiiiink Station! (The train arrives at Pink Station and stops.) Sation stop: Pink Station! Welcome to Pink Station, passengers!

Shy guy's toy box-Pink Station

(Goombario's tattle: Pink Station! Pink Station! There's the switch to change the tracks. I have to admit, this Toy Box is a pretty cool place. If I told Goombaria about this, I'm sure she would be so jealous.)

Train conductor: Some shy guy just ran off to the right with a frying pan! Ooh, I just bet that he stole it from some poor soul! And you know he doesn't really want to cook anything with it. Shy guys are so obnoxious....

(Goombario's tattle: He's an employee of the Toy Box station. The employees drive the trains from one station to another and announce the destinations. Don't you think he looks like the station masters at Toad Town and Mt. Rugged Stations?)

(Mario can find the mailbag in a chest. He then goes to the right. In that area, Kammy Koopa places the second thing Peach had chosen in front of another chest.)

Fuzzy (If he was chosen): !!!!!!!! Meeeoork! Mario! This'll be fun!

Hammer bro (If he was chosen): Nyuck yuck yuck... What took you so long, Mario? Ready to taste my hammer? Here it comes!!! (Mario has to battle him.)

(In that chest, after battling more enemies and finding it, Mario can find Tauce T.'s frying pan. He then heads to the left. he battles more shy guys. When he reaches then end, he sees that the way is blocked by gourmet guy, a massive, obese shy guy who really loves food.)

Gourmet guy: Everybody calls me gourmet guy. I don't know why. I'm just an ordinary, food-loving shy guy. Sigh...I'm hungry...

(Gooombario's tattle: That's Gourmet Guy. Woow! He's huuuuge! Does this guy ever stop eating? He looks like he'd eat until his stomach blew up!)

(Mario needs to get him out of the way, so he returns to Toad Town. While there, he can return the things he has found.)

Toad Town-Central part

(If Mario doesn't give Rowf his calculator)

Rowf: Hey! That wasn't my Calculator? It looked just like mine…

(Mario gives Rowf back his calculator.)

Rowf: Hey, buddy! Isn't that my calculator?! You're telling me... you got it back from the shy guys? Yeah! In your face, shy guy! i can open my shop again! Oh, man, how can I repay you? I know! Take this! This is a special badge, bud, so use it with care. (He gives him the "I spy" badge.)

Rhuff: Dad says we would have gone out of business if we hadn't gotten that calcualtor back. We can open the shop again! All because of you! Thank you, mister!

Rowf (Second time): Thanks to you I can finally open up my shop again. I'l be up and running in no time flat. Come back soon, bud.

Post office

Postmaster: Shy guys stole a full bag of mail from us. We've failed in our duty..."Come rain or sleet or snow or shy guys..." We're supposed to deliver no matter what! Whatever can we do?

(If Mario doesn't give him the mailbag)

Poastmaster: Was that the stolen mailbag? Oh, I guess I'm mistaken.

(If Mario gives him the mailbag.)

Postmaster: Oh, that's it, that's it! The bag! Thank you, Mario! You'll never know how many people will be happy to get mail. Let me give you a small thank-you gift.(He gives him a star piece.)

Tauce T.'s house

(If Mario doesn't give Tauce T. her fryign pan pack.)

Tauce T.: But…you aren't going to give me back my Frying Pan? Mario, how could you…?"

(Mario gives Tauce T. her frying pan.)

Tauce T.: Oh, Mario! My dear, dear frying pan!♥ You saved it from the shy guys! Thank you so much, Mario!♥ For that, I'm going to make you something extra special!♥ (She starts cooking.) Tra-la-la-la-la!♥ (She finishes.)

(If Mario's inventory is full): Oh, my… You're carrying too much. You can't possibly take this Cake with you right now. Come back when you have fewer things, OK, hon?♥

(If Mario's inventory isn't full): Here's the cake! (She gives him a cake!) This is my most delicous cake. One taste of it won my late darling's heart....♥ I swore I would never make it again, but you're very special, Mario.♥ Just one bite will make anybody go ga-ga!♥

Shy guy's toy box-Pink Station

(Mario takes the cake and goes back to gourmet guy.)

Gourmet guy: I'm too hungry to move. I'm famished! I must eat! I need a sweet, sweet cake! Sweet cake ...with frosting....and cookie crumbles...

(If Mario gives him anything but the cake.)

(Gourmet guy eats it and spits it out)

Gourmet guy: Aw, ickthpth! Bleah! That's the worst tasting food I've ever eaten! Ick! My delicate palate is too refined to eat this stuff! I can eat only food of the finest quality, or I might gag. I'd rather starve than eat such inferior food as this!

(If Mario gives him the cake, he eats it.)

Gourmet guy: Oh..... ohhh, mmmm... Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Deeeliciouuuuuuus!!! This is lip-smacking good!!!! (He loses control and starts running all over the place, super fast.) Yuuuuummmm!!!!!!!! (He jumps in the air and disappears, but he also drops a cook book. Mario can give that to Tauce T.)

Tauce T.'s house

Tauce T.: Oh, my! Oh, good heavens!! That book you have! It looks like a cookbook!♥ I could increase my repertoire in an instant with that book. Mario, if it's OK with you...may I have it?

(Mario refuses to give her the book)

Tauce T.: Oh...OK. Why'd get my hopes up? It's your book after all. You can do whatever you want.

(Talking to her again)

Tauce T.: Oh, hello, hon. You know, I still wouldn't mind having that cookbook.... I could increase my repertoire in an instant with that book. Mario, if it's OK with you...may I have it?

(Mario gives her the book)

Tauce T.: Ooh! I can have it?♥ Oh, how delightful!♥♥♥ With this cookbook, I can use two kinds of ingredients at once and make even more fabulous dishes for you! Please bring me different ingredients so I can try out some new recipes!♥

Shu guy's toy box-Pink Station

(Following the path gourmet guy was blocking before, Mario is able to press the switch that fixes the broken tracks, opening the way to the Green Station.

Shy guy's toy box-Green station

(Goombaerio's tattle: Hey, it's Green Station! This train takes us to all the stations. Boy, if we could go anywhere by just pushing a button, traveling would be a dream, don't you think?)

Train conductor: This is Green station. I'm certainly feeling green. Shy guys hid our tracks! How're we supposed to move? Oh, by the way, a shy guy with a book ran of to the right toward the slot machine. I'm sure the little rogue stole that book from someone. It'd be impossible to catch him unless you figure out how to get through the wire fence.

(Goombario's tattle: He's an employee of the Toy Box station. The employees drive the trains from one station to another and announce the destinations. Don't you think he looks like the station masters at Toad Town and Mt. Rugged Stations?)

(There, Mario finds four boxes -red, green, yellow, blue- that he must hit in a certain order. If he hits them in a different order, one shy guy comes out of each box and Mario has to battle them. He and his friends then go to the right. In that area, Kammy Koopa places the last object Peach had chosen in front of the last chest. Mario can also obtain a note from a yellow shy guy after chasing him through the area and defeating him. However, the note is written on a language that Mario and his friends cannot understand. Mario then finds the chest.)

Pokey (If he was chosen): !!!!!!!!

Koopatrol (If he was chosen): Yes!! I thought you'd come! Now I get to defeat you and win admirastion from king Bowser. (Mario has to battle him.)

(After opening the final chest, they get Russ T.'s dictionary and return it to him.)

Russ T.'s house

Russ T.: To think of my lovely Dictionary in that Shy Guy's hands… Please get it back for me!

(If Mairo doesn't give it back to him.)

Russ T.: No? Mario, how could you?!

(If Mario gives it to him.)

Russ T.: My dictionary! Oh, wonderful words! Many thanks, Mario! (He gives him a star piece.)

(Mario then gives him the mystery note.)

Russ T.: You'd like me to translate this note for you? Let's see... Ah ha! It seems to be written in the language of the shy guys. Let's see here...yes....accents.....mmm....silent "d", hmmm.... Yes. It says "Hit yellow, green, red and then blue." What an odd thing to write down. Any idea what's it about?

Shy guy's toy box-Green Station

(Mario hits the boxes in that order -yellow, green, red, blue- and the tracks to the Red station are fixed. Then, he and his friends take the train to the Red Station)

Shy guy's toy box-Red Station

(Goombario's tattle: It's Red Station. First Blue, then Pink, then Green and finally Red. It's a pretty cute touch, naming stations after colors. By the looks of this place, I'd say that Shy Guys like cuteness. They even look like cute kids!)

Train conductor: The other day, I saw a gang of shy guys carrying a sparkling card of some sort in a cage. They headed off to the right....Do you think I ought to go check out what they were doing?

(Goombario's tattle: He's an employee of the Toy Box station. The employees drive the trains from one station to another and announce the destinations. Don't you think he looks like the station masters at Toad Town and Mt. Rugged Stations?)

(Mario and party go to the left first. They cross series of gigantic blocks using elevators that they find. When they reach the end, they enter an area covered in darkness. Suddenly, they hear a demonic voice.)

Shy guy's toy box- Dark area 1

(Goombario's tattle: Uh... I do believe it's dark. Isn't there a light switch in this place? I can't see anything at all.)

Big lantern ghost: Wee hee hee hee...Someone...has come... Someone is here in the dark...

(The ghost lights its lantern and lights up the area a bit)

Big lantern ghost: Wee hee hee...Oh...Could it be...? Wee hee hee hee... It's Mario!! (It gets near Mario.) Looks like you're mine, Mario! Wee hee...I won't let you go...anywhere...

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against the big lantern ghost)

Big lantern ghost: Wee hee hee...I'll take care of you quickly, then return to my darkness. I hate the light...So...I'll take you with me... ...to the deep dark...

(In this battle, Bow is the most useful partner. Mario and his friends cannot attack the ghost in darkness, so they need to increase the light of the lantern by attacking it. Bow can do that better than anyone with her slap ability. Then, Mario can attck the ghost before he extinguishes the lantern again.)

Big lantern ghost: I hate light!!! I'll make it darker...then even darker than that...

(In the end, he is defeated and the battle ends.)

Shy guys toy box-Dark area 1

Big lantern ghost: Nooooooooo!! (He runs away and drops his lantern that remains there)

(Goombario's tattle: Say... This is the lantern that belongs to the Big Lantern Ghost. There's something inside. Do you think it'd come out if we broke it?)

Lantern: Hi, mister! I'm Watt. Can I, um, get out of here?

(If Mario attempts to leave the area:)

Watt: Wait, wait! Don't leave me, please! Let me out, mister, OK?

(If Mario breaks the lantern with his hammer)

Watt: Hm hm hee hee...Yay! I got out! Yay for me! Thanks, mister!

(If Mario uses Bombette to blow it up.)

Watt: Cough cough... You're crazy, mister! Did ya have to, um, blow it up to get me out? Jeepers!

(Both lead to:)

Watt: Hey! Aren't you, um, Mario!? You just saved me like a hero! You're a hero, aren't ya? You're the coolest!! You saved me from the mean guy who laughed like, "Wee hee hee!" I gotta make it up to you! I'll go with you, Mario, OK? I heard the, um, Shy Guys saying that you're trying to save the princess from Bowser. You're super great! You're the greatest great guy! I think you're the best! So, um, I really want to help. I'll be good, really!

(A message appears: Watt joined your party!! Press "Down" to have her illuminate the area around you! With her light, you can see invisible blocks, too! While in battle, she can shock enemies with electro dash or paralyze them with power shock!)

(Suddenly, the darkness covers Mario and his friends)

Watt: Ooh, it's pretty dark, huh? I kinda like the dark... But, um, now I can show you how helpful I can be, OK? Use my power, OK?

(Mario presses "Down" and uses Watt to illumiante the room.)

Watt: Wow, pretty cool, huh! Look! It's so bright now! Tee hee hee... I bet nobody else can help out like that, huh? Can they? Nope! Now! Let's go! Hm hee hee hee...

Shy guy's toy box-Room with brick walls

(Goombario's tattle: Wow! Just like a real toy box. Look! There are building blocks lying around everywhere.)

(Mario and friends, then go to the right. There, they see a shy guy. When he sees them, he panics, runs away and jumps above a brick wall with a crack. Mario blows up the brick wall with Bombette, causing its parts to fall down. A bunch of shy guys standing behind the wall get scared and run away. The last of them trips and falls down. He then gets up and follows the others. Mario and friends battle more shy guys and eventually reach another dark area.)

Shy guy's toy box-Dark area 2

(Goombario's tattle: It's really dark in here. I can't see a thing. I feel like somebody could be right next to me and I wouldn't even know it. Yikes!)

(Using Watt, Mario lights up the area and sees the shy guys trying to run against a wall, desperate to escape.)

Shy guy 1: Run! Run for it!!

Shy guy 2: Waaah! Help me!!

(Suddenly, the wall breaks and they all go through the hole. Mario and his friends follow them and find themselves at the end of the toy box.)

Shy guy's toy box-End

(Goombario's tattle: This is quite an open space. It kind of resembles a toy arena, don't you think? Remember those Shy Guys we fought here? They were tough. Of course, they weren't as tough as us.)

???: So, you came, did you?

(The camera shows a shy guy dressed like a general and an army of shy guys.)

General guy: I'm general guy. We're following the orders of king Bowser by guarding a Star Spirit. As long as we keep it secure, we have permission to do what ever we want. You hear!? I don't care for you, sir. You are rude, and furthermore, you're trespassing in here. Our Toy Box is off limits for the likes of you! The treasures inside this box are for Shy Guys only! And that Star Spirit's fate is none of your business! Prepare to fight me, sir! TASTE DEFEAT! CHARGE!!

(His sends his shy guy army to attack Mario and the battle begins.)

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against the shy squad.)

Shy guy 1: OK, guys! All together now! Let's rush him! Chaaaaarge!!!

(The shy guys of the squad attack all at the same time. Their attack power drops with each member that falls. So, an attack that does tons of damage is the best strategy. In the end, the entire squad is defeated.)

General guy (Off-screen): Mercy, he beat 'em all up! That surely isn't good....Guess it's up to me!

(A shy guy with marshalling wands comes on-screen and starts making sgnals. General guy comes on-screen on a weird, big toy tank with a lightbulb. He knocks down the shy guy with the marshsalling wands who cries and runs away.)

General guy: Mario! You, sir, will pay! You beat my infantry, but that's all you'll do! Prepare for the next wave!

(Pieces of paper fall from the sky and form two stilt guys, shy guys on stilts.)

General Guy: Go! Attack, my stilt guys! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Stilt guys: Yes, sir! Right away, sir!

(Mario and friends battle the stilt guys. They can knock them down by shaking the ground and make them normal shy guys. After that, they're easily defeated.)

General guy: Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Unbelievable!! I guess it's time for my special battalion...

(Four shy guys fall from the sky and land on one another creating a shy stack. Three other shy guys come on-screen running and jump on one another creating a second shy tack. Then, a fourth shy guy comes from inside general guy's toy tank and jumps on top of the second stack.)

General guy: Ho ho ho ho ho ho!! I pity you, sir!! It's time you paid, Mario! Attaaaaaaaack!

Shy stacks: Yes, sir!!!!!

(Mario can knock down each shy guy of a stack if he has the spin hammer. As the number of shy guys in a stack decreses, their attack power drops. Soon, the stacks are defeated.)

General guy: ........... Gah! Grrrr...! Fine! I'll beat you myself! Nobody embarrasses the brave shy guys of my army! Nobody!

(Mario and friends reach the final face of this boss battle. General guy gets in the tank for safety. He only comes out to throw bombs at his opponents. He also uses the lightbulb for electrical attacks. Normal attacks are ineffective due to the tank's high defesnes. However, Watt can pierce through its defense with her electrical attack. If she attacks the lightbul, it'll be destroyed, decreasing the tank's attack power.)

General guy: Grrr! My high-tech tank defenses don't seem to stand up to that electric attack! Quit doing that! It's... it's too powerful! You're breaking the rules of war!

(With Watt's help, Mario is able to defeat General guy and his tank, which breaks to pieces and explodes. General guy flies in the air and lands on his back.)

Shy guy's toy box-End

(General guy and his shy guys run away in defeat, screaming. The last shy guy trips and fall. He then gets up and runs away too.)

Watt: Yay! Yippeeee!! We beat the shy guys! Hm hm hee hee hee!!! You weren't so tough, you silly old shy guys! I beat 'em up! ...Didn't I, Mario?

(The card with the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular, appears and Mario is able to release him.)

(Storyline text: To save the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular, Mario and team disbanded the gang of shy guys toughs. Slowly, it seems as if the life force is returning to the once bleak night sky....But the stars won't truly shine until the Star Rod is wrested from Bowser's evil grasp. Three Star Spirits still await rescue. Where in the wolrd are they being held?

End of chapter (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Interlude 4

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(Princess Peach is in her room with Twink.)

Peach: Hey...Twink. Those guards have stopped paying attention to us again. Let's sneak out of here. We might be able to find some news to help Mario.

Twink: Do you think it's still safe to use that secret path? Don't you think Bowser's figured it out by now?

Peach: It's still all right, Twink. Bowser hasn't noticed anything. He looks scary, but he's basically a major bonehead. Let's get out of here. C'mon!

(They leave the room through the secret passage. While wandering through the castle unnoticed, they enter a room. It's the dining room. However, it is not empty.)

Peach's castle-Dining room

???: Urp...Huh? Who are you?

(Peach and Twink walk towards the person who said this and he soon comes on-screen. He is revealed to be gourmet guy from the previous chapter.)

Peach: Why, I'm princess Peach. And who might you be?

Gourmet guy: Oh! You're princess Peach. Everyone calls me the gourmet guy for some reason. I guess I'd better report you to king Bowser. You aren't supposed to leave your room. But I AM really hungry...Tell you what...I'll keep this a secret if you make me something really yummy. So, princess Peach, what do you say? Will you cook me something or what?

Peach: I'd love to cook for you, Mr. gourmet guy, but... I have no ingredients and no utensils.

Gourmet guy: Aw, that's no problem. There's a kitchen one floor below us. It's five-star! You can go cook there! Here, you'll need this. This key will open the door that leads downstairs. Now you can get to the kitchen. (He gives Peach a key) So! I'll just sit here and wait for my yummy meal, OK? Oh yeah, I forgot... There are plenty of guards downstairs, so be careful.

(Talking to him again.)

Gourmet guy: Oh...I can't wait...♥

(Peach and Twink exit the dining and unlock the main doors with the key. Then, they make their way downstairs. still watching out for guards)

Room at the end of the right staircase

(That room is a bedroom and has a bed, a desk and a closet. The closet is shaking as if someone is inside. There is also a chest from which Peach gets the last stand badge.)

Twink: Hello? Is anyone in here?

(If Peach opens the closet, a red toad comes out, scared.)

Red toad: Oh noo! I'm caught for sure! ...Huh?! Princess Peach! You're OK! Thank the stars!

Peach: You're a toad from the castle? How long have you been hiding in here?

Red toad: Well, since Bowser took over. I was so scared of being caught that I jumped into this closet. I'm hiding here until Mario comes and saves us all. Princess Peach, you ought to hide too! It's risky out there! Please don't take any chances!

(He jumps back in the closet.)

(Talking to him again)

Red toad (Through the closet): Nobody's in here! Go away!


Peach: Well, here's the kitchen. So...What shall we do first?

(Twink goes to the bookcase and looks in one of the selves.)

Twink: Princess Peach! This looks like a good cookbook. Let's use it, OK? (He takes it and starts flipping through the pages.)

Peach: How's it look ? Twink? Anything look really yummy?

Twink: Hang on a second...Oh! How about this? "Special strawberry cake."

Peach: ....Sounds good!♥ Let's whip one up! OK, Twink, read me the recipe.

Twink: Well..... OK. Please listen carefully. First... put sugar and eggs in a bowl. Go ahead, princess Peach. When you've finished, let me know and we'll move on to the next step.

(Peach puts sugar and eggs in the bowl.)

Twink: Done?



-Start over

(If no is chosen)

Twink: Please tell me when you're done.

(Peach has the opportunity to start over after each step if she makes any mistakes.)

(If yes is chosen)

Twink: OK. Let's move on to the next step then. Now.... Mix and whip the ingredients in the bowl.

(Peach grabs the bowl.)

Twink: All set? When i say "start," press "A" as fast as you can for 10 seconds to mix the batter. Are you ready? Start

(Peach presses "A" for 10 seconds and mixes the batter. When she's done:)

Twink: That's it! Great job! Did it go well, princess Peach?



Twink: OK. Let's go on to the next step then. Now.... Put flour and butter in the bowl. Go ahead, princess Peach. When you've finished, let me know and we'll move on to the next part of the recipe.

(Peach puts flour and butter in the bowl.)

Twink: Done?



-Start over

Twink: OK. After you've mixed the ingredients in the bowl, pour it into the pan.

(Peach mixes the batter a bit more and pourts it into the pan.)

Twink: On to the next step! Now....Bake the batter in the oven for 30 seconds. OK. Head over to the oven.

(Peach takes the pan and goes to the oven.)

Twink: You can put the cake in the oven with "A". Press "A" again when you think 30 seconds has passed, then take the cake out of the oven. You can't redo this part, so be extra careful. OK. Please put it in the oven.

(Peach puts the cake in the oven. After 30 seconds have passed, she takes it out.)

Twink: Done?



Twink: OK, put the cake on the table to cool.

(Peach puts the cooked cake on the table.)

Twink: OK. This is the last thing to do. We're going to decorate it with cream and strawberries. Let me know when you're all finished decorating.

(Peach decorates the cake with cream and strawberries. The cake is ready and looking good.)

Twink: Done?



-Start over

(If yes is chosen)

Twink: Yes!! We made it! It looks great! OK! Let's take this to gourmet guy!

(Peach takes the cake and leaves the kitchen. She then automatically returns at the dining room.)

Peach: Here you go!

Gourmet guy: Oh! I've been waiting for so long! I've wasted away to nothing!

(Peach puts the cake on the table in front of him.)

Gourmet guy: Thank you!♥ (He eats the cake in one bite.)

(If the cake was made with the incorrect ingredients, gourmet guy will spit it out.)

Gourmet guy: Nooooooo! Haaaaackpth! Aw, disgusting! This is awful! Where'd you learn to cook, Truck Driving School? Go back to the kitchen and follow a recipe or something! What ingredients did you use in that monstrosity? Whatever they were, I think they were seriously wrong!

(Talking to him again): I'll never eat such a nasty creation again, I tell you! I swear...trying to poison me... Go back down there and make something good, will you?

(Peach and Twink go back to the kitchen)

Twink: OK, princess Peach. This time, we're gonna make a delicious cake, right?

Peach: We sure are! I know we can! Tis is going to be the best cake Gourmet guy's ever eaten! OK, Twink, if you please, read me that recipe again.

Twink: Well..... OK. Please listen carefully. First... put sugar and eggs in a bowl. Go ahead, princess Peach. When you've finished, let me know and we'll move on to the next step.

(Starting from the begining, Peach makes the cake again and goes back to gourmet guy.)

(If the cake was cooked for the wrong amount of time, he spits it again, but the dialogue is different.)

Gourmet guy: Nooooooo! Haaaaackpth! Aw, disgusting! This is awful! Where'd you learn to cook, Truck Driving School? Go back to the kitchen and follow a recipe or something! Cough...gag... Pbbbbth! This wasn't baked for the right length of time! Listen, baking is the most important part of cake making! You have to time it properly!

(If the cake is perfect.)

Gourmet guy: Oh... Ohhh, Ohhhhhh!!!!! Deliciooooooous!!! This is way too DELICIOUS!!!! (He loses control and starts running again back and forth, super fast. He then stops in front of Peach.) Phew... That was really good. I haven't felt this way since... well, ever! To show you my gratitude, I'll tell you a secret. One of the Star Spirits is inside Mt. Lavalava on Lavalava island. This island is to the South. You should tell this to Mario. But you'd tell him that there's also a nasty lava piranha guarding the Star Spirt. He'd better be careful. I really don't dislike Mario. That's why I'm telling you this. (He leaves the room.)

Peach: Twink, did you hear that?! Mt. Lavalava! Lavalava island. The Star Spirit is being held inside that volcano!

Twink: Mario could really use this information, huh?

Peach: Yes, he could.... Twink, I'm sorry that I keep asking you to do this stuff, but...can you go tell Mario?

Twink: Of course I will. I'll do it right now! (He goes next to the window.) I'll be back soon, princess Peach! (He opens the window, leaves and closes it behind him.)

??? (From outside): What's with all the shouting? Keep it quiet in here!!

(The door opens and Kammy Koopa comes in the room and gets close to princess Peach.)

Kammy Koopa: So! It was you, princess Peach! You've got to keep it down! You're a prisoner, and as a priosner you need keep... Whuh?! What are you doing out of your room, anyway! Guards!! Get the princess!

(Two koopatrols come in the room and lift princess Peach in the air.)

Peach: Nooooo!!

(They leave the room with Peach.)


Toad Town-Residential area

(Meanhwile, Mario and his friends are with Muskular outside the house with shy guy's toy box.)

Muskular: Phew! Ahhh, fresh air! After being cooped up in there for so long, I could really use some outdoor exercise. My name is Muskular. Mario, I must thank you for saving me. Now it's my turn to help you. Behold! (He transfers mario his power,)

(A message appears: Mario's star energy goes up to 4! Mario can now use chill out, a new Star Spirit power! With chill out, you can lower the attack power of all enemies!

Muskual: Call on me whenever you find yourself in trouble. I'll always come quickly to aid you in battle. Now....I'm going back to my dear old Star Heaven...

Twink: Mario!

(Twink comes on-screen.)

Twink: Mario! Mario! I have news...News from the castle... (He notices Muskular and backs off in surprise and respect.) Gasp! Honorable Star Spirit!

Muskular: Hi! Hmmmmmmmmmm... I believe you're... Twink, no? You're that youngster who recently acsended form Starborn Valley up to Star Heaven.

Twink: What?! You remember my name?!

Muskular: Ha ha ha! Why, of course! We're like family!

Twink: I... I.... I'm so touched!!

Muskular: Ho ho ho! Don't make such a fuss, lad. I'm sure you'll go on to do great things! I must take my leave now. Good-bye! Twink, Mario! (He flies away.)

Twink: Wow! I talked with Muskular, the honorable Star Spirit! I rarely have such a chance, even at Star heaven. I'm shaking! Oops, I'm sorry! have some important news from the castle. According to the infromation princess Peach and I got... It seems that one of the honorable Star Spirits is being held at Mt. Lavalava on Lavalava island. You wouldn't believe what the princess went through to get this information. I hope it will be of help... I'm going back to rejoin princess Peach now. Mario, as always, good luck. The princess and I will keep looking for useful information. (He flies away.)

Orange female toad: The local gossip is that there's something like an island afloat at the port. Other say it's a monster. How frightful.... It looks like I won't be walking there for some time.

Green toad in the group of toads: What's that, Mario? You want to go to Lavalava island? Yeah, Lavalava island...I'm pretty sure that's an island way south of here.

Red toad: There aren't any ships that go there from Toad Town... You'd better have strong arms, 'cause you'll have to swim there.

Light green toad: That's impossible. If there's one person who can swim there, I'll eat a fuzzy.

Blue toad next to the tree: Huh...? Mario, you're trying to go to Lavalava island? Good luck. You're completely wasting your time, though. Lavalava island only exists in rumors spread by idiots. It's a figment of imagination.

Blue toad in the middle of the road: If you're going to travel far, you really should get healthy at a toad house first. Oh, and you should stop by a shop and get some items. And brush your teeth. Maybe comb your mustache. Don't forget to save, too.

Nearby house

Green female toad: Those shy guys really seem to have quieted down recently. Too quiet...I get lonely when it's so dull. I wish those shy guys weren't so bad. I bet we could be really good friends if they shaped up.

Purple female toad: Toad Town's back to being quiet now that the shy guys are gone. Yup.... Reeeeal quiet. Nothing going on at all. Ugh... I need some excitement. I can kinda understand why the shy guys were running wild. This town is sort of stifling.

Toad Town-Residential area

Little red toad: My grandpa said that far away in the southern sea is an island called Lavalava island. He says yoshis live there. He's really smart.

Little light green toad: There are yoshis?! Yiiippeeee! Real live yoshis? I wanna go to Lavalava island! Right now! Right now! Maybe we can swim there from here. C'mon, rangers!

Little green toad: No------! None of us know how to swim, dummy!

Green toad: Hey, Mario. About Rowf's badge shop...I've heard it said that there are lots of badges there. Might be a good idea to go there often, you dig me?

Toad Town-South area

Green toad: Mario, Mario, Mario. Have you ever met the postmaster? I just had lunch with him at the reastaurant at the port. He told me that the postman who just started working for them is awlays making mistakes. He said he's pretty worried. But do you know what? He didn't look worried. He was smiling when he said it! He must be happy that he's finally found a successor to take over his job. Maybe he can retire soon.

Light green toad: Well, the shy guys are gone. Strangely enough, I feel kind of lonely when it's so quiet.

Blue toad: Aaaah...Nothing like a day without hordes of galloping shy guys running about! Thanks for dealing with those mischief-makers, Mario.

Red toad: There are lots of rumors about that pipe over there. One is that huge monsters live there. Another one claims that the pipe somehow connects to many distant towns. They're only rumors, though. Who knows if they're true?

Purple female toad: I heard Tauce T. increased her repertoire of recipes! I wish I had her skills! Of course, even she doesn't always know how a dish will turn out. When she uses a mystery? ingredient, it's anybody's guess as to what will appear. Sometimes the result is good. And sometimes not...

Little light green toad: Now I've decided to become a ship captain. Because trains have to stay on the tracks, y'know. You can go anywhere on the sea! Ahoy! Full steam ahead!

Fice T.: Ever since I was a child, I've been easily frightened. My wish, above all else, is to become a brave toad. That's why I took this job as guard of Forever Forest. I must not be afraid! Only by facing our greatest fears can we grow courageous.

Toad Town-Central area

Blue toad: Mario, Mario! I'm bursting! I helped Mihn T. fix up the flower garden! She thanked me! And smiled! I've never been so happy!♥ OK... I should calm down! I shouldn't get so worked up when everyone in town is having such a hard time.

Red toad walking around: I have this friend who really loves to fish. Every time I go to the port, there he is, fishing. Ever met him?

Light green Toad walking around: I'm keeping my eyes open for any little movement on the shy guy front. They won't catch me off guard.

Red toad near Merlon's house: I've been hearing good things about the badges over there in Rowf's badge shop. Have you been there recently?

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle: Somebody was just saying there's a monster at the port. I could almost believe it. Lots of weird stuff's been going on since Peach was taken. i wonder where Her Highness is now? I hope she's OK... I worry about her constantly.

Green toad: The town has grown peaceful once more. The shy guy menace is at last halted. We owe you a debt. Those shy guys... I'm not usually that emotional. I must calm down.

Toad-Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: Have you heard about the monster at the port? Everyone is pretty shook up. But I'm not. I know you'll take care of it!

Kris T.: I heard that someone saw a huge monster at the port. I think it's some kind of giant, scary fish that rose from the deep sea.

Miss T.: Kris T., you're priceless. I bet you're right.

Felissa T.: Oh, you think? I, Felissa T., thought it was just a poor troubled whale.

Red toad near the shop: Do you keep on using one favourite item all the time? It's fine to have favorites, but you really should experiment with other items. You might just find one that's even cooler.

Light green toad: Big news, people! Huge news! Mario taught those shy guys a lesson they won't forget! Our town is peaceful again! (Except for people shouting!) It's big news, people. We're talking massive news!

Red toad near the entrance to town: Lavalava island? It's an island in the sea way south of Toad Town, isn't it? Folks say there's a volcano on the island that could erupt any time now. If it does, you'll sure see some lavalava!

Blue toad near the pond: I want to take you to some far-off land. Perhaps to a southern island where we can be all alone...or perhaps to some distant and undiscovered world.

PInk female toad: You're so sweet! How about the legendary Lavalava island? I will go anywhere in the world as long as you're beside me.

Nearby house

Toad dad: We've been cooped up too long for fear of thoese dastardly shy guy troublemakers. We need some exercise. It's high time we went on a family walk, I think. The kids should stretch their legs. There's nothing like a bit of fresh air and exercise to revitilize the spirit!

Toad mom: It looks like the shy guys won't be pestering the town anymore, will they? I know they're just pranksters, but I still feared for the children while they where loose. But... My sweetie-pie protected the family! And he looked so cute being brave!♥ Oh, sorry! How embarrasing! Don't tell my darling I said that, all right?

Toad kid 1: When the shy guys came, dad protected us. so we had nothing to worry about. Who knew dad was so cool? He was like a raging animal!

Toad kid 2: The master of the dojo is really, really strong! Who's stronger, you or the the master? Seriously, who?

Peach's castle area

Muss T.: Sometimes I feel confident that the castle will be back here soon and that these days will seem like a dark dream. Pure fantasy, perhaps. But that doesn't stop from wishing from the bottom of my heart that it'll happen someday.

Train station

Green toad: A lot of people claim that hidden treasure is spread all over Dry Dry Desert. If you get to know the area pretty well, it might not be a bad idea to check around a bit and try to find some. As for me, I'm too scared of getting lost out in that heat. I just stick to the path and go right to Dry Dry Outpost.

Dane T.: You know what? There are whilrwinds in the desert. They swallow you up, then spit you somewhere else. I know 'cause I've heard it's true.

Mini T.: Yeah! Whirlwinds always happen in the same places, too. My friends says that where you end up depends on where you meet up with the whilrwind. Nature's a mystery, huh? I'd avoid 'em. Who'd climb into a whilrwind on purpose?

Purple female toad: Say, Mario, you do always carry items when you travel, don't you? Don't be overconfident. You never know when you might get caught off guard.

Blue toad: The sound of the wheels when the train is running.. Psshhh! The loud hissing! And the Whooo-Whooooooo! Just listening to train makes me feel at peace. I want the train to keep on running today, tomorrow, the next day... That's my wish, all right.

Mario's house

(If Mario enters the bedroom, he sees Luigi reading something next to the mail box. Luigi notices Mario and runs out of the room in a panic.)

Luigi: ...Hi, Mario. Ar you doing OK? Don't worry, bro. I'll watch the house until you get back.


Blue toad near the entrance to the port:This is the port. Welcome! Doesn't the sound of waves soothe your nerves?

Light green toad: That thing that looks like an island has been floating in the port for days. But just recently, it moved right next to the pier. Brr... I wonder if one day it'll come ashore... Ma...Mario, could you possibly go see if it's dangerous?

Fishamel: 'Tis is no use, tryin' ter fish with no caterpillar... Gar, what a fix I be in! Well, there's nothin' for it but to find me diff'rent bait.

Nearby club

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! What's up with no customers? Isn't that shy guy epidemic over with already? We need some good press... Maybe some attraction to draw people to the area... I mean, times are hard, you know what I mean, dude? People need a reason to grin!

Bartender: Word is, something strange is floating at the port. Well, that's even more bad news. Now poeple just have another reason to stay away from here. What a a fine how-do-you-do!


Red toad: Hello, Mario. Do you happen to know the owner of the badge shop that recently opened? Rowf? I met that Rowf in a different town a long, long time ago. Back then, he was selling rare foods, not badges. I recall that he had a beautiful wife at the time. They worked so hard together to build a business up from nothing in that town. His wife doesn't seem to be here in Toad Town, though. I wonder what happened...

Blue toad near the sea: An odd fellow's been hanging around the port lately. All he does is stare out at the horizon and mumble about trasures and the like. Look, he's here again today!

Kolorado: Hmmm...Who am I, you say? Why, my dear chap, I am none other than Kolorado, famed adventurer and archaeologist. I'm touring the world! And you're Mario, yes? What are you doing here? Well, I for one am traveling bravely to lavalava island in the sotuhern sea to solve a diabolical mystery. It would seem that there are ancient treasures waiting in a volcanic cave. I'm in a bit of a fix, though. No way to get there, you see. Hmmm... Think now, Kolorado! How to cross the sea...

(Mario walks on the weird island on the port and hits it with his hammer or ground pounds it. The island starts shaking and Mario is thrown back on land.)

island: Ouch! Yeeowch! What are you doing!

(The island comes out of the water and is revealed to be a big whale.)

Kolorado: Oh, good heavens! I was wondering what this was. It seems to be a huge tuna!

Whale: Ooooog... I'm not a tuna. I'm a whale.... And I have problems. It feels like something's jumping around in my belly! Ow ow ow... Help me!

Kolorado: Hmm...I say... Old boy, this great tuna seems to have a bit of a bellyache. Mario, what say you lend the fish a hand, hm?

Whale: Ugh... I told you I'm not a tuna... I'm not even a fish... And I have a headache from you jumping around on me, too! Do you think you could check my belly? I'm begging you, please... (It opens its mouth and sticks out its tongue.)

(Talking to it again) Did you see what's going on in my stomach? What is it? Do something--fast!

(Goombario's tattle: Some folk are calling it a tuna, but it's obviously a whale. Pretty huge isn't it? I wonder how many Goombas would fit inside one whale? He may look scary, being so big, but his eyes seem kind.)

Whale's stomach

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: This whale tongue is squishy. It makes it hard to walk. It's also kind of dark...)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: It's completely dark. I can't see a thing. Mario! What's up ahead? You know, being inside a whale belly is gross... Damp... Squishy... Let's never do this again.)

(Mario and friends go in. Due to the darkness in there, Mario needs to use Watt. When they reach the stomach, they see a bunch of glass bottles and wooden crates, but they also see Fuzzipede, the guy that was arguign with Fishmael earlier.)

Fuzzipede: Waaaah! Who dat!! What d'you think you're doin' with that light? (He starts jumping around. Mario must catch him to initiate battle.)

Ouch! That hurt! What are you doing!? (If a first strike is performed)

Battle sequnce

Fuzzipede: Hey, fella! You wanna piece o' this? You got it! I'm ornery as all get out! Prepare for some pain!

(The battle must be done with Watt or else it'll be too dark to attack your opponent. In the end, he is defeated.)

Whale stomach

Fuzzipede: Awwwww... Shucks! First I think I get away from that ol' fishin' man... and then I get all swallowed up by some huge fish... and then this fella with the mustache goes upside my head. I've just been fallin' outta fryin' pans into fires since I was just a grub. Talk about a lousy lot of life

Whale: Mario, it's me! You know, the whale! Can you hear me? That stomachache seems to have cleared right up! I feel fantastic!

(Water gathers in the whale's stomach and it spits Mario, Watt and Fuzzipede from its blow-hole.)

Whale: Wooooosh!

Fuzzipede: Hey, it's you, boy! You're that dumb ol' fish that ate me all up and such! You plumb idiot! You know, I thought I was a goner for sure!

Whale: I'm awfully sorry. I was just having a nap with my mouth open.

Fuzzipede: Well, I suppose I can see my way to forgivin' you this time, but you just watch it. Er... I reckon I owe you some thanks, after all, Mr. Mustache.Y'all take care, now. (He leaves.)

Whale: Whew! I feel much better now! They should call you doctor Mario! There must be some way to express my gratitude! I've got it! I, the tuna, am... I mean... I, the whale, am quite good at swimming. To expresss my thanks, I'll take you anywhere you want to go.

Kolorado: Pardon the eavesdropping, but did you just say "anywhere"? Mario! You old tuna tamer! Accompany me to the shores of lavalava island! What a trip it'll be! The island will be wonderful! You must trust my insticts!

Watt: Mario, um... I think the star kid said a Star Spirit was...um, caught on Lavalava island. We...um, we should go. Big whale give us a ride! Wheeee!

Whale: Huh? Lavalava island? Yes, of course I know where it is, but... There's a big volcano on the island and it's on the verge of erupting. Very dangerous. Do you still want to go? Welll... OK, then. It's your call. Just let me know when you're ready to go.

Kolorado (Talking to him again.): Mario, old boy, you must remember to take me to Lavalava island with you!

Whale: Do you want to go to Lavalava island?



(When yes is chosen, Mario and friends jump on the whale.)

Kolorado: Ulp. Sure this is safe, then? Make some room, hm? (He jumps on the whale.)

Whale: OK! We're off to Lavalava island! The sea is calling! (It sprays water from its blow hole, turns around and leaves for lavalava island.)

Kolorado: I can't believe we're on a tuna. Mario, do you ever think about how strange life can be? I do.

(A small cutscene follows in which the whale crosses the sea with Mario, Watt and Kolorado. A big seagull fleis above their heads and then leaves.)

End of interlude

Chapter 5

Hot, hot times on Lavalava island

Lavalava island-shore

(Goombario's tattle: This is where the whale comes and goes! Riding the whale sure was fun! This is where all travelers first set foot on the beach of Lavalava Island. Beautiful water... Deep, lush jungles... A huge volcano... There's something for everyone!)

(The whale arrives at the island. Kolorado gets off, followed by Mario and Watt.)

Whale: If you want me to take you back to Toad Town, just ask.

Kolorado: Yes, well. Finally made it, eh? So this is Lavalava island... Smashing! Gracious! Behold, Mario! There! Off in the distance! The top of Mt. Lavalava! Triumphant! We must hurry! Make haste! (He runs off-screen)

(Mario and friends also make their way to the nearby beach.)

Lavalava island-Beach

(Goombario's tattle: These beaches seem to go on forever, don't they? I've never seen some of these flowers. They're sure pretty! I should look for some shells if we have time later. I'm going to take flowers and shells back to Goombaria. She'll be happy...and she'll also be jealous. Ha ha ha!)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Yaaaaaaargh! Help, I say! Heeeeeelp!

(Mario and friends approach and see Kolorado being attacked by a jungle fuzzy.)

(If Mario attacks him too): Ow! Mario! Your'e supposed to attack the other guy, old bean! Dou you have issues with me? A bit of jealousy, perhaps?

(If Mario leaves the area and comes back.)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Yaaah! Get off! Aaaaaah!!

(If Mario defeats the fuzzy the first time he enters the area.)

Kolorado: Phew... You saved me! Many thanks, old chum. Well, enough of that! Let's pull ourselves together and press on, what say?

(If Mario defeats the fuzzy after he leaves and re-enters the area.)

Kolorado: Dear me! I barely got away… That was rather rude, Mario! Leaving me like that! Hmph! Well, we can't all be heroes… Let's press on, hm?

(Kolorado leaves. Mario and his friends go after him and eventually reach a village. It is Yoshi's village.)

Yoshi's village-Entrance

(Goombario's tattle: Yoshis seem to love the beach. Just looking at those guys basking in the sun makes me feel very relaxed. And yet, even though I'd love to just sleep on the beach, I'm excited to move on. Nothing compares to adventure, that's for sure!)

Red yoshi: Hi! Hello. Howdy! This is Yoshi's village. Mt. Lavalava, you say? Well, the volcano is just to the east of our village, but there's no way to reach it. Besides, the village leader said it's best not to get too close because it looks like it might erupt any day.

(Goombario's tattle: A Yoshi. This Yoshi always hangs out around the village entrance.)

Brown yoshi: The village leader is my friend. I mean, hello! How are you? But anyway, ever since he was a child, the village leader has had a very strong sense of peronal responsibility. When I heard he was going to be the village leader, I wasn't surprised at all.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Yoshi who is an old friend of the Village Leader. They've known each other since they were kids. I hear they've pulled many a prank together! They must be really close pals if they've been friends for so long.)

Village leader: Hello to you, Mario. I am the village leader of yoshi's village. ...Ah, you come seeking help. You wish to go to Mt. Lavalava, do you? Mmmm... The entrance to the volcano is in the jungle, but it's very difficult to get to it. The volcano has awakened, as well. I think it may be too dangerous for you to go there.

(Goombario's tattle: He's the Village Leader. He's very dignified. Doesn't he look thoughtful and perceptive?)

Blue yoshi: Hey there, Mario. Have you met the ravens yet? They leave at the top of the biggest tree in the village. There are lots of them, but they never come down. They speak a different language from ours, too. Pretty mysterious, huh? Everyone says they're the disciples of the master of this island, Raphael the Raven, but... Do you really think so?

(Goombario's tattle: He's a blue Yoshi. He's just hanging out here. Maybe he's a Marine Yoshi! You know, because he's blue? ...OK, maybe not.)

Purple yoshi: Well, well... Hello! If it isn't Mario! Welcome to Lavalava island! This island's almost entirely covered by a thick jungle. Stiil, how can you beat leaving in this tropical climate?

(Goombario's tattle: This Yoshi is really easy to talk to. I bet everybody likes him. He's so friendly! My Goompa once read me a book that had a Yoshi in it, but I never really thought that they existed. It's so exciting to see 'em!)

Yoshi's village-Inner part

(Goombario's tattle: There's a real tropical resort atmosphere here, isn't there? There's a nice Toad House with beach access, and you can go to the volcano or Jade Jungle.)

Little yellow yoshi: We're the fearsome 5! When we arrive, it's live at 5! We always stick together! Even when we're being bad... Speaking of which, today's the day we put out secret plan into action. It's so cool! Only we 5 know the plan, and that's the way it has to be. Sorry, can't tell you... Oh, man, I'm so excited! I hope I can find a lot of tasty fruit in the jungle...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a yellow Yoshi kid. Whoa! He's cheery, huh? This kid is full of pep. I was the same back in the days when I was small. What? I'm still small? Well, yeah, compared to you, I guess I'm still wet behind the ears.)

Little green yoshi: We're the fearsome 5 of Yoshi's village! We play hide-and-seek together. We can't leave the village, though, so it's sorta boring. I wanna play somewhere bigger and more exciting! And i wanna see the jungle! It's dangerous, y'know! Now that'd be exciting!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a green Yoshi kid. He's an excitable rascal, huh? Yoshi kids get pretty big. All he wants to do is explore beyond his village. I know how he feels.)

Little purple yoshi: Oh, it's Mario! You're on an adventure or something, right? Wow, cool! Who's that with you? Is that your partner? Man, I wish I could be... That'd be a dream come true. The grown-ups won't let us out of the village, because they say it's too dangerous. That meddling old cheep cheep is always watching us, and she won't let us enter the jungle. Heh heh. We'll see about that. Us guys? The fearsome 5? We aren't afraid of anything.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a purple Yoshi kid. Not a care in the world! Very cute. He seems to like you, Mario.)

Little blue yoshi: We're the fearsome 5 of Yoshi's village. We're all best friends, y'know. We're together when we play and when we get in trouble. We're always together! Of course, now we won't be. We're playing hide-and-seek and I'm "it". I hate being "it". Hmmmph...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a blue Yoshi kid. He thinks he's different from other Yoshi kids. What a cute little guy! I can see how he might get on your nerves, though.)

Little red yoshi: Oh, it's Mario! Hey, Mario. Are you looking for adventure? If you want, we'll go with you. You won't have to worry at all. The fearsome 5's got your back! Let's go to the jungle! We're not scared! We just can't ever go 'cause that meddlesome ol' cheep cheep stops us.

(Goombario's tattle: Yoshi kids are so cheerful. This red Yoshi kid, though, looks pretty mischievous. He looks like a little scamp. I bet he gets into all sorts of trouble and doesn't regret it a bit. What? That's like me? Marioooo! C'mon! Take it back!)

Yellow yoshi: How are you, Mario? Hey, have you talked with the cheep cheep over there yet? She's famous around here for being a great baby-sitter. Her name is Sushie. She watches over the kids. What would we do without her? Sometimes the kids complain about her, but kids are kids. By the way, an arhcaeologist named Kolorado or something went into the jungle alone. He said he was making for Mt. Lavalava, but the path ends halfway there. I wonder how far he got...

(Goombario's tattle: his Yoshi loves food like nobody's business! I wonder what he'd do if we gave him some food made by Tayce T.? He'd freak out!)

Green Yoshi: Oh, welcome! We don't get visitors to this island very often. You should know that the jungle beyond here is dangerous. Our kids are forbidden to go in. Oh, and by the way, I just saw a koopa guy who calls himself an archaeologist running in the opposite direction... He was saying something about finding a way to the volcano. Now there's a guy who's heading for danger...

(Goombario's tattle: A Yoshi. I've seen pictures in books of these guys. I want to ride on one's back! It's always been a childhood dream of mine...)

Sushie: Oh, it's so rare to have visitors these days. I'd love to stop and chat, but I have my fins full. I'm watching these boys who are very, VERY naughty, so they don't do anything dangerous. I can't prove it yet, but I bet they're planning something... Well, if they think they can fool Sushie, they'd better think again!

(Goombario's tattle: She's a Cheep Cheep. Her name is Sushie. She's sort of meddlesome. At least that's what the Yoshi kids say. According to them, she tries to control their lives. I think she's just trying to take care of them, but she doesn't seem to be succeeding.)

Raven 1: Caw.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Raven. Ravens are short and chubby. They're pretty fluffy, too. And somewhat cuddly. And soft.)

Raven 2: Caw? Are you the Mario that master Raphael the Raven was telling us about?

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Raven. He looks good in black. Can we take him with us, Mario? He doesn't want to go? What a bummer...)

Raven 3: Oracle of the stars...Mario comes to thsi island...Mario is fated to meet master Raphael the Raven...Caaaaw...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Raven. Ravens only say "caw" unless they think they have something really important to tell you. They only tell important stuff to people they trust. I wish they'd tell us something.)

Raven 4: Cawcawcaaaw?

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Raven. Ravens are really cute. I told Kooper that, and he said I had weird taste. What's so weird about that? Aren't they cute, Mario?)

(There's also a fifth raven, but it's too high and thus inaccessible.)


Blue yoshi: Welcome to Yoshi's Cabana. What's your pleasure?

-To buy

-To sell

-To check

-To claim

(If buy is chosen): If there's anything you want to buy, stand in front of it and press the "A" Button.

(Mario chooses an item.)

Blue yoshi: You need (Number of coins.) coin(s) for (Name of item.). Sound OK to you?

(Item bought): Thank you very much.

(Not enough coins): Aw, you need more coins!

(Too many items): You can't carry any more stuff. Please come again after selling, checking, or using some items.

(If sell is chosen): Which one would you like to sell?

(Mario chooses an item.)

Blue yoshi: I'll buy (Name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). Sound OK to you?

(Item sold):Thank you very much.

(Item sold, more items): Thank you very much. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(Refusing to sell): OK, fair enough.

(Refusing to sell, more items): OK, fair enough. Is there anything else you'd like to sell?

(To sell, no items): Uh...it doesn't look like you have any items.

(If check is chosen): We can check (Number of items.) more item(s). What would you like to check?

(Item checked): OK, we'll store it carefully.

(Item checked, more items): Is there anything else you'd like us to check?

(To check, no items): Uh...it doesn't look like you have any items.

(To check, full storage): I am deeply sorry, but we can't keep any more items.

(If claim is chosen): Which one would you like to claim?

(Item claimed): There you go!

(Item claimed, more items): Is there anything else you'd like to claim?

(To claim, empty storage): Oh? You must be mistaken. We don't have anything of yours.

(To claim, full inventory): You can't carry any more stuff. Please come again after selling or using some items.

(Leaving): Please come back often.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Yoshi who's set up a little shop on the island. He sells, checks and buys items. Remember, shops are different in different parts of the world. I see items in this shop that you can't get anywhere but here.)

Toad house

Red toad: The toad house's slogan is... "Refresh your body and soul!" Would you like to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): Have a pleasant rest.

(Mario sleeps, his Hp recovers and he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you get some rest? Good luck on your adventure!

(Goombario's tattle: He's the Toad of the Toad House. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle. This Toad House is kind of a Resort Hotel. The Toad here seems to like his job. It's one long vacation!)

(After Mario is done in the village, he goes into the jungle.)

Jade jungle

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: The entrance to the volcano is very near here. A green jungle, a massive volcano and red-hot, flowing lava. What a view! It probably wouldn't look so good if the lava were coming toward us.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: I can't imagine what those Yoshi kids were thinking... ...playing in a place like this... I'm not surprised, though. Kids! Always up to something! Besides, it's natural to want to go on an adventure.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: This is where we saved Sushie when she was caught up in that tree. Waa ha ha ha... I just can't help laughing when I remember that! Please don't tell her I laughed about it, Mario!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: We're in Jade Jungle. Quite a lot of water, huh? Since there's no bridge, we'll have to find another way to get around.

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: That rotating flower down by the ledge? Locals call it a Spinning Flower. If you spin around on top of that flower, I hear that you can float upward.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: For a jungle, there sure aren't many trees around. It gets brutally hot here whenever the sun shines directly on me.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: There's a big Raven's statue. You gotta figure... A big statue this deep in the jungle... I bet it's important.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 8: My, it's bright here! This must be on the outskirts of the jungle, huh? Incidentally, I have no idea how these Yoshi kids could come this deep into the jungle.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 9: Ooh...it's darker in here. The trees are much thicker and that bizarre ivy seems to be growing everywhere.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 10: What cool little fountains! Must be an underground spring.If we push these blocks over the holes to seal 'em, what'll happen to the water? Do you think it'll come out from another hole?

(Goombario's tattle-Part 11: Looks like some of the ivy is hanging off the trees here. I wonder what would happen if you pulled on it?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 12: What part of Jade Jungle are we in? I'm thinking we're deep in the inner jungle. I think I hear something. From just ahead, I can almost hear mysterious voices...)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Yaaaaaaargh!! Yeeeeek! H---E---L---P... HELP!!

(Mario and friends appraoch and see Kolorado being attacked by a spear guy.)

(If Mario attacks him too.): Ow! Get ahold of yourself! What do you say you attack the enemies instead of me, hm?

(If Mario leaves and comes back.)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Yow! Off me, you brute! Aargh!

(If Mario defeats the spears guy the first time he enters the area.)

Kolorado: Phew... You saved me once more. You're top notch, Mario! Now, I feel that our destination, the volcano, is quite near. Let's press on while our spirits are high, eh? (He leaves.)

(If Mario defeats the spears guy after he leaves and re-enters the area.)

Kolorado: That was frightful… Have you no manners, Mario?! Going on without me!! You boor! …Well, not everyone is noble. It would seem that our goal, the volcano, is quite near. Let's press on, hm? (He leaves.)

(Mario and friends continue and after a while arrive at the volcano. However, the entrance is too high and the way is blocked by a river of lava.)

Kolorado: Ah! Mario... Have a look at this! Looks like the entrance to the volcano, eh, old boy? Somewhere in that volcano are the treasures I'm looking for! I know it! The secrets of an ancient civilization! And yet... I can't find a way in... Bit of a sticky wicket, hm? But I shall not give up! A good explorer never stops gathering information. Let's go back to the village to look for clues. There must be a way in there. There simply must! Come now! (He leaves.)

(On the way back, Mario and friends hear the same noise.)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Ugh... Geaargh!! S--T--O--P! STOP IT!!

(Mario and friends approach, but this time, they find Kolorado just standing.)

Kolorado: Oh ho ho ho! Did you think I was beset by enemies again, old boy? Just a bit of a joke! Explorers mus t have a sense fo humor, don't you know. At any rate... Let's move on, hm? (He leaves)

Yoshi's village-Inner part

(Mario and friends arrive back at the village, but they realize something is not right. The yoshis of the village are panicking and running back and forth.)

Village leader: Oh, such ill fortune! The children are missing! They seem to have secretly slipped off to the jungle. They don't know it's dangers! We must get them back here to safety! Mario, could I ask you to look for these children? As you can see, the yoshis of my village are panicking. They aren't thinking straight. I'l ltry to calm them. You must find those kids!

Yellow yoshi: The kids are gone! The only place they could have gone is... gulp!...the jungle! I had a feeling they were up to something lately, but I thought it was just mischief! I didn't think they'd go into such a dangerous area! What do we do?! How will we find them?!

Green yoshi: It's terrible! Just terrible! The kids are all gone! We told them a thousand times never go into the jungle! Sushie went after them! She's a cheep cheep who always takes care of the kids. How could this have happened! There must be a reason! Mario, please! Please help! Look for the kids!

Kolorado: I swear, all of these natives are so panicky that we can't get any information! I guess someone had better solve their problem so we can quiz them, eh, old boy?

Yoshi's village-Entrance

Purple yoshi: Oh! We have a huge problem! The children have disappeared! Well! What should I...? Hmm...oh...what'll...no... Village Leader...should... Auuugh! I can't explain!

Blue yoshi: Oh, man! What're gonna do? The kids have disappeared! Aw, what shoudl we do? We gotta do something! Ok, calm down... Get ahold of yourself... We should consult the village leader...Yes, the leader'll know...

Red yoshi: Oh, no! Someone help! Emergency! Eeeemergency! The kids are gone! I looked along the shore, but there no trace of them! Oh, where could they be? What if they're in trouble in the jungle somewhere?

Brown yoshi: Oh, Mario! Please! Find those poor children! The yoshi kids from thise village are like grandchidlren to me. OH, those poor babies.

Jade Jungle

(Mario and friends go in the jungle and search for the kids. The jungle is indeed dangerous and they face and battle a lot of enemies, most of which camouflage and then ambush their victims. While searching, they hear a voice.

???: Hey, you! Down there! Look up here if you hear me!

(Mario and friends look up and see Sushie the cheep cheep stuck in a tree.)

Sushie: This is so embarassing... I'm stuck in this tree. Can you help me out somehow?

(Mario hits the tree wit his hammer.)

Sushie: Come on, now! Try harder!!

(Mario hits the tree a couple more times and Sushie falls down.)

Sushie: Oh, phew... I'm saved. I feel like one big ache. Thanks for getting me out of that tree. I think I'll be okay now. Oh! Oh...those little... I was chasing those naughty little yoshi boys, and I fell into their trap. Don't they know how dangerous it is to go into the jungle? I have to find them before they get in too deep! As for you, you'd better get back to the village, too. It's dangerous out here. Why on earth did you come into the jungle, anyway? Well! So! You're looking for those little rascals, as well. Then, I don't see why we don't just look for them together. They reall ydon't understand teh dangers of the jungle, so we have to find them soon... Oh, my! How impolite! I haven't even asked your name. What is it, pray tell? Mario, huh? Hmmm. Well, I've never heard of you before. You must be from far away or something. Enjoy lovely Lavalava island! ...That's what I'd usually say to a visitor, anyway, but first could you help me find these boys?

(A message appears: Sushie joined your party!! Press "Down" on platforms at the water's edge to ride her across the water. If you press "Down" again while riding her, she'll dive deep for a short time. While in battle, she can jump attack with belly flop or douse enemies with her squirt ability! )

(Mario along with his new friend, Sushie, heads into the jungle and they all start looking for the yoshi kids. A bub-ulb can also be found in the jungle, buried in the soil. Mario talks to him and he comes out of the soil.)

Bub-ulb: Yo, what's up? Thanks for waking me up. This island's so nice, isn't it? It's the perfect place for napping. Perfect temperature. I'm a bub-ulb. My job is to fill this world with flowers. Nice, huh? I want you to take this seed. ...Or rather, that's what I want to say to you. Unfortunately, the seed isn't quite ready yet. Don't worry, though. it'll be ready anytime now. Waiting in such a warm, comfy place can't be all bad, right? Come grab the seed later. I'm pretty generous, so I'll be here giving stuff to people.

(Goombario's tattle-Before he comes out of the ground: It's a flower. I guess that's pretty obvious... It doesn't seem to move like an ordinary flower, though.)

(Goombario's tattle-After he comes out of the ground: Oh! A Bub-ulb. I don't know why it's growing here. It's a very strange flower, don't you think? This Seed... I bet it's something very important. Important to Bub-ulbs, anyway.)

(Mario and friends continue exploring the jungle. While they're searching, they're hear a child crying. They follow the crying and arrive in a little island. Suddenly, they heae a sound.)

???: Buh-buh-boooo huh-hoooo!

They search and, suddenly come up against a M. Bush, a creature that pretends to be a bush to trap its prey. After defeating it, they find the red yoshi kid crying behind a real bush.)

Little red yoshi (If syshie is out.): Aiigh! Thay was so scary! We were playing hide-and-seek and there was this weird plant and it trapped me here! Sushie, you were right! This jungle's really dangerous! I'm sorry I disobeyed you. Thanks for coming to get me. I'm going home now.

(If another partner is out.): Aiigh! Thay was so scary! We were playing hide-and-seek and there was this weird plant and it trapped me here! Sushie was right... We should've just stayed inside the village to play hide-and-seek. We should've obeyed her. Thanks for coming to get me. I'm going home now.

(After a lot fo searching, Mario and party discover a hidden pipe and go through it.)

Dark cave

(Goombario's tattle: I bet only jungle explorers know about this hidden underground chamber. It's so dark in here I can't see a thing.)

(They end up in a dark cave and they hear a cry. Mario sees the green yoshi kid and gets near it.)

Little green yoshi (If anyone but Watt is out): Whaaaah! It's dark! I'm scared!

(If Watt is out .)

(Mario lights up the area and the yoshi kid sees him.)

Green yoshi kid: There was this flower that spun around and I thought it was way cool so I got on it. And then I spun around and around and then I was up in the air and flying and then I ended up here! I didn't know how I got here. It was so dark...and scary... and I couldn't find a way out. Thanks for coming to get me out of here! I can see how to get out now, so I'm going straight home! (He leaves the cave.)

(Mario and friends leave the cave and continue their way. They arrive at a river. Mario can swim around with Sushie. After hiting a log almost entirely buried in the ground wit his hammer, it comes out and creates a bridge to the other side. There mario finds the blue yoshi kid, crying.)

Little blue yoshi (If Sushie is out.): Wuh-huh-waaaaaaa! Sniff sniff... We were playing hide-and-seek. I had to be "it", but I couldn't find anyone at all. I was wandering around, and then I got lost. You were right, Sushie. The jungle's really scary. Thanks for coming all the way out here to look for me. I'll be a good boy from now and listen to you... Mario, will you be "it" for hide-and-seek isntead of me? I'm going home now. (He leaves.)

(if another partner is out.): Wuh-huh-waaaaaaa! Sniff sniff... We were playing hide-and-seek. I had to be "it", but I couldn't find anyone at all. I was wandering around, and then I got lost. Thsi jungle is way too scary for kids like us, I think. Maybe we should have listened to Sushie's advice... Mario, will you be "it" for hide-and-seek isntead of me? I'm going home now. (He leaves.)

(Mario and friends continue their search. Suddnely, they hear another cry. Following it, they find the yellow yoshi kid, cornered by two putrid piranhas)

Little yellow yoshi: Yeeeeeeeek! Somebody, help me!! I'm so scared... I wanna go home!

(Mario and friends get close. The putrid piranhas notice theem and initiate battle. However, they are easily defeated.)

Little yellow yoshi (If Sushie is out): Whuh-waaaa! Are they all gone? I'm sorry for disobeying you and going into the jungle... I'll be a good boy now. When you say stuff, Sushie, I'll listen. I swear. Thanks for saving me. I'm going straight home now! (He leaves)

(If another partner is out): Whuh-waaaa! Are they all gone? I thought those things were going to eat me right up! Thanks for saving me, Mario! I'll do what you grown-ups tell me to do from now on. I don't even wanna do bad things anymore. I just wanna be a good boy. I'm going home now. Bye! (He leaves.)

(The last yoshi kid, the purple one, is found sleeping on a tree. Mario hits the tree and it falls down.)

Little purple yoshi (If Sushie is out.): Ugh... Morning. Hey, it's Mario. What's the matter with you? You were looking for me? Oh? Sushie, too? We were playing hide-and-seek, and I got real sleepy. I figured I'd take a nap here. There's nothing to worry about. The jungle's not so bad. I'm starting to get a little bit lonely, though, so maybe I ought to head back home. Bye now! (He leaves.)

(If another partner is out): Ugh... Morning. Hey, it's Mario. What's the matter with you? You were looking for me? We were playing hide-and-seek, and I got real sleepy. I figured I'd take a nap here. There's nothing to worry about. The jungle's not so bad. I'm starting to get a little bit lonely, though, so maybe I ought to head back home. Bye now! (He leaves.)

Yoshi's village-Entrance

(After rescuing all the Yoshi kids, Mario and friends head back to Yoshi's village.)

Red yoshi: Thanks to you, the kids are all back, safe and sound. Oh, thank you so much! Our village elder said he wants to thank you personally. Ge see him, please!

(Talking to him after talking to the village leader): I'm glad the kids are back, but... they're causing mischief again. Chidlren can be troublesome!

Brown yoshi: I don't know how to thank you for saving the children! You've done a great thing. The village leader said there's something he wants to give you, you know. He's waiting for you over there.

(Talking to him after talking to the village leader): Hello, Mario. We owe you a deep debt for saving our sweet children. Please think of this village as if it were your home. We will always welcome you.

Blue yoshi: Those boys promised they'd never go into the jungle alone... Little troublemakers... This could have turned into a serious situation if you hadn't found them, Mario. You wouldn't believe the scolding I gave them. They ought to behave themsleves for a while. At least I hope they do.

Purple yoshi: I'm so glad the kids are safely back from that dangerous jungle... We owe you, Mario! They kids seemed like they got scared by the experience, but they still didn't learn anything. Sigh...

(Talking to him after talking to the village leader): The kids looked shaken up when they first got back from the jungle, but they're OK now. They didn't learn their lesson. Those little scamps. Still...I can't be angry at them. I'm so happy they're safe. It's all thanks to you.

Yoshi village-Inner part

Green yoshi: Everyone has finally calmed down since you found the kids. Thank you, thank you! Children are treasured by everyone in the village. That reminds me... The village leader wishes to thank you. You should go see him.

(Talking to him after talking to the village leader): Everyone has finally calmed down since you found the kids. Thank you, thank you! Children are treasured by everyone in the village.

Yellow yoshi: The kids are all back! I was heartbroken thinking of how scared they must have been, but as soon as they got back, they just said they were hungry. Pfff! Kids! How typical. I suppose it's natural for children to be energetic, but they need to be safe, too. They never learn.. Oh, byt the way, our village wants to thank you. You'd better go see him.

(Talking to him after talking to the village leader): The kids are all back! I was heartbroken thinking of how scared they must have been, but as soon as they got back, they just said they were hungry. Pfff! Kids! How typical. I suppose it's natural for children to be energetic, but they need to be safe, too.

Little green yoshi: The fearsome 5 are baaaaack! We got scolded, so we'll be good...for now. Heh heh...But we'll be back doing exciting things again soon! Yeah! Hey, Mario, what're you doing now, huh? Something fun? What? You're gonna go inside the volcano? Oh boy, that sounds awesome! I wish I could go, too.

Little red yoshi: The fearsome 5 are baaaaack! When all of us are together, we fear nothing and nobody! Sure, the jungle was scary, but did we have fun? Oh, yeah! I think it's time for another adventure of the fearsome 5!

Little blue yoshi: The fearsome 5 are baaaaack! Back from the depths of the wild jungle! There was danger! Intrigue! Yoshi-eating beasts! I was a little scared! But I wanna go there again! Tee hee... Oh, no! Just kidding. Hey, Mario, are you really going to the volcano now? It's really hot. And dangerous. Grown-ups always tell us not to go to dangerous places, but you're allowed to go? That's not fair! Kids get no respect!

Little yellow yoshi: The fearsome 5 are baaaaack! Boy, there was a lot of tasty food growing in the jungle! That adventure was both thrilling and filling! Ha! Everyone gives me flack for eating all the time, but what else is there to do here? If you go on an advenutre, you've gotta take snacks. Even grown-ups know that.

Little purple yoshi: The fearsome 5 are baaaaack! There's nothing to be afraid of when all of us are together. We aren't scared of the jungle. We aren't scared of anything! 5 friends 4-ever! Even after we're grown-ups, we'll still be friends!

Kolorado: Mario, old man, the village leader was looking for you. I'd say he wants to thank you. better hyrry, hm? He might just tell you where the treasure is if he's feeling thankful enough!

(Talking to him after talking to the village leader): Well, well...finally. Everyone's calmed a bit. Now we can get some good information about treasure from these locals. Well... Where to start...

Yoshi's village-Entrance

(Mario approaches the village leader who is standing near a statue of Raphael the Raven.)

Village leader: Mario, I must thank you. You have saved the children of rthe village. I feel that no expression of our gratitude could be enough. You truly are a hero. We deeply appreciate your valor. At least I can do this... You still wish to go to Mt. Lavalava, don't you? I have remembered a good way to reach the volcano. Please come this way. (They all get closer to the statue and the village leader starts looking for something.) Huh...? I thought it was... somewhere around here... Oh, yes. I found it. Here it is. Take it, please. (He gives Mario a jade statue of Raphael the Raven.) Whenever events beyond our control occur on thi island, we ask the help of Raphael the Raven, the island's master. If anyone can help you reach the volcano, it's definitely Raphael the Raven. He lives in the depths of this jungle. If you place that jade raven into the statue of Raphael, the way into the depths of the jungle will appear. I haven't been able to see Raphale since I was but a young yoshi. I remember that it was incredibly difficult to find him because the jungle's trees and shrubs covered the way. I'm sure you'll find the path. May all your wishes come true.

Sushie: Wait just one minute... You must have one heck of a story behind you, Mario. Why in the world would you want to go to Mt. Lavalava? It's VERY hot and VERY dangerous in the volcano! If you aren't extremely careful AND lucky, you'll be roasted to a golden brown. But you do not care. You guys are going there anyway! I do NOT approve of this! Uh-huh... Oh... Oh! You're going to the volcano, because you want to save the princess, from some bad guys? What...a touching story! Romantic stories like that... just touch a soft spot in this heart of mine. That does it! I can't let you go alone! I, Sushie, will be by your side until the end! You needn't worry, Mario! I love tsking care of others! If you plan on getting through this jungle, you'll need me anyway. Come, Mario! That volcano isn't getting any cooler!

Jade jungle

(Mario and friends go in the jungle. The Bub-ulb can be talked to again.)

Bub-ulb: Did you come for the seed? Sorry, but it's not ready yet. Don't be in such a hurry. Time flies when you chase it. Come back after a while. And try to relax, OK?

(Mario finds the staue of Raphael the Raven in the jungle and puts the jade raven in it. The staue starts shaking and it moves, revealing another passage. Mario and friends go on and get deeper into the jungle. After battling more enemies and solving puzzles like using some vines to find the way behind some bushes and using a water spriing to move a rock out of the way, they discover a giant tree.)

Raphael's Tree

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: What a huge tree! This definitely must be the biggest tree in Jade Jungle. How old must it be?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: It's so spacious in here! I can't believe we're inside a tree right now.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: Whoa! We're way up high! The jungle floor looks so tiny from here! Gulp! Have I mentioned before that I hate heights?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: I can't get over how huge the inside of this tree is! It's enormous! It's mammoth! And another thing, it's giant!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: This appears to be the nest of Raphael the Raven. He's the guardian of Jade Jungle. This nest is really sturdy. It won't budge, even if Raphael jumps up and down on the branch.)

(Mario and friends go in it. After climbing countless stairs, they reach the top. There they find a giant raven on it's nest. It's Raphael the Raven.)

(Goombario's tattle: He's Raphael the Raven, the guardian of this jungle. Look at the size of this guy! He's enormous! I bet there's nothing he can't do. Doesn't he seem trustworthy?)

Raphael the Raven: Oh! Welcome! Sorry I'm so surpirsed, but I can't even remember the last time someone came up here. It's sure been a while. What? Oh, yes! Affirmative! I'm the master of the island! Call sign: Raphale the Raven! If you have any problmems, at all, just let me know, OK? Go ahead, out with it! Ah. Oh, so you're Mario. I see. Roger that. You can't find a way to reach the volcano, is that it? Yeah, that's a problem. Not for me, though. I'll help. To be honest with you, I knew you'd ask something like that. I got a message from the stars, so i knew you were coming. I've got something exceptional to give you that ought to help you on your way...But that's for later! Right now, let's take care of that volcano problem, OK? Caw caaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!

(After he makes that noise, five ravens land on the tree.)

Raphael the Raven: Cawcaawcaw. Excellent response time, ravens. We've got work to do. I'll brief you olny once, so I want you full attention. (He tells them a plan to help Mario and his friends. What he said is not shown.) ...and it must be done just as quickly as possible. Got it? I should hope so! Let's move, ravens! Follow me! (He gets off his nest and jumps off the tree, followed by his ravens. Mario and his party get down either by the stairs or by jumping. Either way, they get next to Raphael the Raven.)

Jade Jungle

Raphael the Raven: Heave-HOOOOOOO!! (He ground pounds and lifts one of the tree's roots, opening the way.) Come on, then. (He moves on. Mario and friends follow him and end up in another part of the jungle with Raphael and his ravens.

Raphael the Raven: Aye, aye, all right, Is everyone ready? Now, ravens! Get to work!! (They jump on a nearby tree and start building something. One of them falls down and immediately gets back up again.)

Raphael the Raven: This won't take long.

(Kolorado comes on-screen.)

Kolorado: Hmm?! What is blazes...?

(The ravens finish buidling and one of them jumps down.)

Raven: Caw caw caaaw!

(He gets back up on the tree where they have made a rope with a big coffin tied to it.)

Raven; Finished! Caw!

(They lower the coffin with a raven in it.)

Raphael the Raven: Roger that! You can reach the volcano now.

(Three more ravens jump down.)

Kolorado: Ooh! top notch, really!! it would appear that we can enter the volcano, dear boy! What luck, eh, Mario? I shan't delay another moment! The ancient treasures are calling me! Onward! (He jumps in the coffin and it lifts him up. Then the empty coffin comes back down.)

Raphel the Raven: That koopa! What a maverick! Charging into the volcano like that... He's bold, I'll give him that! Bold and certifiably nuts... But enough about that! I want to give you that important item I was talking about. Here, take it. (He gives him the ultra stone.) That's an ultra stone. I found it a long time ago in the depths of this jungle. Now that you have this stone, when you find a super block, you can upgrade one of your party members form super rank to ultra rank. Strengthening the members of your party will be the key to your success. Trust me. That's what a Star Spirit told me in a dream. Use it and prosper! I've got to go now. Over and out.

(He and his four ravens leave. Mario and party get on the coffin and go up. There's still a raven on the tree.)

Raven: Caw cawcaw caaaw...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Raven. Ravens are short and chubby. They're pretty fluffy, too. And somewhat cuddly. And soft.)

(Mario and friends use a zip line the ravenes also built on the tree and cross the lava river, landing in front of the entrance to the volcano. They go in.

Mt. Lavalava

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: This is definitely the entrance to the volcano. What do you say we explore deeper inside? The scenery around here is unlike anything I've ever seen. I wish we had time to inspect it!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: Now that...is a lot of lava. Did you know it'd be this hot? And we have to cross here, don't we? I knew it.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3:This is a big cavern. I've heard that some volcanoes have caverns that go down for miles and miles!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: These Fire Bars are a huge pain, aren't they, Mario? We can get by 'em. Don't worry.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: This is a steep slope. We have to press on, but I'm getting a little tired going over over[sic] such rough road.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: You know, if it weren't for that lava, it'd be dark in here.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: Boy, this lava is everywhere! How are we gonna cross it?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 8: Boy, we're real spelunkers, aren't we? My Goompa told me that means cave-explorer. Kind of like Kolorado! I wonder how he manages, exploring all by himself? At least we have each other.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 9: This is a pit if I ever saw one. It's a big one, too. If we're not careful, we could get lost.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 10: This is a really steep slope. If we dropped something here, gravity would make it roll down.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 11: It's like a sea filled with lava. Welcome to the Lava Sea! Wanna swim? I'm just joking, Mario.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 12: We need to go east from here. It's a good thing that it's just light enough to see.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 13: This cavern is lit by the lava below, so the upper level is slightly darker.)

(As they enter, a piranha plant comes out of the ground.)

Piranha plant: IDENTIFIED AS... MARIO! ALERT! REPORT TO BOSS! ALERT! ALERT! (He disappears in the ground.)

(Mario and friends proceed further and find Kolorqado who is standing in front of lava with some floating stones.)

Kolorado: Hmm... I sense danger here... All adventures are dangerous, though, so what of it? We must press on toward the glory of an unknown treasure!

He jumps on the first one, but he stands on it too long and it sinks in lava. Kolorado gets burned and lands back at the beggining.)

Kolorado: Yaaaah!!! What's wrong with thsi rock? It sank right into the lava!

(Talking to him again): Please...er....after you. Do go ahead, old boy. Rather stifling in here....

(Mario and friends cross the lava by jumping on the stones and make it to the other way safe and sound. They also have to battle a few lava bubles, but they make it through. Soon, they arrive in a cavern of the volcano. Using another zip line, they progress and start going deeper into the volcano. However, the way is blocked by a metal block. As such, they need to take a different way, avoiding some fire bars and battling more enemies. After a while, they discover a big chest and after Mario opens it, another hammer comes out.)

(A message appears: You got the ultra hammer! The attack power of Mario's hammer increases!! On top of that, you can now destroy metal blocks!)

(Mario breaks a metal block nearby and carries on. He goes back to the area with the metal block and finds Kolorado there.)

Kolorado: My finely honed intuition tells me that great discoveries lie just beyond here... But there's this mysterious block in the way. Curses! What to do...

(Mario breaks the block with his hammer)

Kolorado: Yes! Excellent! Now, Mario! No time to hang about! Oward to glory!

(Mario and friends go in and find themselves on a ledge with a zip line. Kolorado rushes after them.)

Kolorado: Hm? It smells like treasure! Treasure, old boy! Make way--I'm going ahead!!

(He starts running and doesn't stop on time. As a result, steps into thin air. He tries to go back to the ledge but fails and falls down.)

Kolorado: GyaaaaaAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

(Mario can jump down and talk to him. He is lying on the ground with a painful expression)

Kolorado: Er... Don't mind me, Mario. Just investigating this floor a bit more closely. You go on ahead. Oh, my aching...

(Mario progresses with the zip lin and enters a steep slope. As he starts going down, a spiny tromp falls down and starts rolling towards him. He runs and barely makes it to the next room which is also filled with lava. He crosses the lava and arrives at another room. However, the way is blocked by a big rock. There is also a small blue block.)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Mario! Wai... Wait one moment! (He comes on-screen) Huff huff huff... Accoridng to the information I've gathered...the hidden treasure should be right around here. But I need to get a little farther!

(Using the blue block, Mario accesses a series of metal blocks and breaks them all. This cause the spiny tromp to start rolling towards him. Mario and friends avoid it, but it crushes Kolorado and breaks the rock, opening the way. )

Kolorado: Aiigh!

(Mario gets close to Kolorado who's still alive.)

Kolorado: Barely nicked me...old boy...Oh...my poor shell...ow...

(Mario and party go through and arrive in another part of the volcano. Kolorado appears and runs ahead of them.)

Kolorado: Close! So very close!! My treasure-hunting senses are going simply mad right now! My intuition tells me... It's over here!! (He goes through another tunnel. Mario and friends follow him and end up at a dead end where the spiny tromp and Kolorado are.)

Kolorado: Oh...Huh? There seems to be nothing... Alas... Even my finely honed intuition can be wrong on occasion. I shall not give up. Let's head back the other way. Perhaps the treasure is a bit deeper down the volcano.

(Mario and friends head deeper down the volcano. Suddenly, the same piranha from before comes out of the ground.)


Battle room

(Goombario's tattle: It's hot, hot, scorching hot! It's like being slowly cooked from the bottom up! In hot grease! On a hot day! I can't take it anymore!)

(Mario and friends continue and end up in a huge area. They stop in front of a pit of lava. The lava starts shaking and a giant lava piranha comes out.)


Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against the lava piranha. He and his partners attack it with everything they've got. It attacks by spiting fire. In the end, it is defeated and sinks into the lava pit. At first, it seems like the fight is over, but suddenly, the ground starts shaking and the lava piranha comes out again. This time, it is on fire, preventing Mario and team from attacking it directly. Sushie is very useful in this battle with her water abilities. At some point:)

Kolorado (Off-screen): Mario! You shan't fight alone! Kolorado to the rescue! Hii-yaaaaaah!!!!!! (He comes in the battle and attempts to attack the lava piranha, but he gets burned by the lava.) Ow ow ow!! HOT!!!! Oh, it burns! Really! So sorry, old chap, but that's all I can at the moment! Good luck with all this! (He leaves.)

(Mario and friends stand strong and crush the lava piranha, ending the battle.)

Mt. Lavalava

(The laval piranha sinks in the lava for good and Kolorado comes close.)

Kolorado: Well! That's that's that, then! Now there's nothing between us and some treasure, eh? Let's go!

(He goes in the next room. The card with the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar, appears and Mario is abel to rescue her.)

(Storyline text: Venturing deep into the steaming Mt. Lavalava, Mario and friends plugned the lava piranha...and rescued the fifth Star Spirit, Misstat, from a fiery fate. But the "treasure" Kolorado is looking for is yet to be found. Wherever could it be? What's that...? Something...strange...is going on around here...)

(Suddenly, the ground starts shaking and the lava starts covering the ground.The volcano is about to erupt.)

Misstar: Mario, this way! We must hurry!!

(She goes in the next room, followed by Mario and friends. Kolorado is also there.)

Dead end

(Goombario's tattle: This place is shaking itself to pieces! This is not good!)

Kolorado: The treasure doesn't seem to be anywhere around here... Gad, where could it be?

(Mario and friends climb up the stairs in the room, followed by Kolorado who notices Misstar.)

Kolorado: Ah ha! Treasure!! ...Er, no, it's...some sort of starfish...??? Mmmmm. This won't do. The adventure's never over until the treasure is found! Ah! Yes, of course! Perhaps that horrible fiery mosnter had it and was hiding it somewhere! Yes, that's it! I'll just run back and check! (The ground starts shaking excessively) Hm...Hmm? What's this trebling, then?! ...Probalby nothing! Kids with fireworks, no doubt! Now after that treasure! (He goes down the stairs.)

Misstar: No! Wait!

(Kolorado jumps back up, burned.)

Kolorado: Yaaargh! HOT!! So hot!! (Lava is shown to be rising super fast.) Thuh... that's lava, isn't it? It's coming near! We must flee! N... Nooo! The treasure is still here! I just know it!

Misstar: Mario! This volcano is going to erupt any time now. It's far too dangerous to go back the way you came. We have to escape another way! (Kolorado climbs up. Misstar notices a crack on the wall.) I feel a slight wind coming from this cracked wall... There could be a room beyond. Mario, can you blow this wall? (Talking to her again) Now! Hurry! We must get out of here!

(Goombario's tattle: She's the Star Spirit, Misstar. She was imprisoned by Bowser in Mt. Lavalava. Her life must've been really tough recently. But she still looks pretty. ♥♥♥ Boy, she makes me see stars!)

Kolorado: Mario!! Old chap! We should forget about the treasure! I'm of the mind that we perhaps should escape with our lives.

(Mario blows up the wall with Bombette. Kolorado goes through the hole.)

Misstar: Mario, hurry! The lava is getting higher!

(They go through the hole and barely escape from the rising lava.)

Final room

(Goombario's tattle: The lava's overflowing... We're never gonna make it! What are we gonna do??)

(THey all keep runnign away, desperate to get away from the lava. Mario and friends are the last to arrive at the top.)

Top of the final room

(Goombario's tattle-On the stairs, before Mario reaches the top: Lava has filled in the floor down there, so we can't go back down. Too bad! Well, I guess we should be moving on--with any luck to someplace a lot cooler!)

(They make it to the end and see Kolorado jumping up and down to catch a chest on top of a high piece of land.)

Kolorado: Ah! I knew it! At last! The treasure is right there! So close... Can't resist... By the Stars, I'll risk my life for that treasure!!

(Misstar grabs him. Then she grabs Mario and his party and flies through the crater with the lava close behind.)

Kolorado: My treasure! Noooooooo!

(Misstar barely makes it while the lava comes through the crater. The chest also flies out and lands intact in Jade jungle.)

End of chapter (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Interlude 5

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(Meanwile, Peach and Twink are in Peach's room. Peach seems restless)

Peach: ......Hey, Twink... How would you feel about sneaking out of here again? Shall we try?

Twink: Princess Peach! You've gotten so bold! And here I thought you were gentle and delicate...

Peach: Oh...... I... I am delicate! I'm behaving like a delicate princess, just like the ministers taught me to! I love to be delicate!♥

Twink: OK, OK... ...I believe you, Peach. You're the princess... Anyway, let's go for it.

(They leave the room through the secret passage. There's nothing on their floor, so they go downstairs and look there.)

Room at the end of the left staircase

(When Peach enters, a koopatrol is in the room, facing the other way. He turns around and sees Peach. Twink has hidden behind a vase of flowers.)

koopatrol: Oh! It's princess Peach! How'd she get out?! King Bowser's really gonna flip his wig if we don't take her back to her room!

(A hammer bro comes on screen)

Hammer bro: Now, hang on just a second. Get a grip on yourself, OK? No need to panic. She can't get out of the castle, anyway. And besides... What do you think about asking princess Peach to participate in our little game? She'd be ideal, and we need a third person...

Koopatrol: Hmmm... Yeeeeah. Yeah! You might be on to something!

Hammer bro; OK! Let's do it! Princess Peach, have you been listening? Come this way. We won't tell king Bowser abotu your escape if you help us with this little game we're playing.

Koopatrol: We're set up right over here.

(They go off-screen, followed by princess Peach. Twink comes out of his hideout.)

Twink: Oh no... Princess Peach!

(He flies next to her. She and two koopatrols are set up in some sort of quiz show. The hammer bro is standing in front of them.)

Hammer bro: Koopa corps. presents... The 64th trivia quiz-off!! I'm your host, Mr. Hammer!!

(Peach is confused and not sure what's going on. Mr. Hammer takes his place as the host in front of a microphone.)

Mr. Hammer: Let's get right to it, hey! I'm gonna ask you 10 questions and the contestant who gets the most right is our winner! Press "A" when you think you know the answer, OK, folks? The winner will get a gorgeous, fabulous prize! Good luck to all of you! Oh, and I gotta tell you... We're also giving prizes just for participating, so everyone will be a winner! That's just the kind of show we are! Ready?

(The game show begins. If Peach presses "A" first, she can choose between three possible anwers. If spiky Tom or spiky John press it first, they immidiately give the correct answer.)

Questions Answers

1 What's the name of the boss inside the volcano on Lavalava Island? -Koopa Bros. -Lava Piranha -Goompa

2 Where did Master Huff N. Puff imprison the Star Spirit? -Flower Fields -Toad Town -Goomba Village

3 What's the name of the scary round monster living in Dry Dry Ruins? -Koopa Troopa -Goomba -Chomp

4 How would you get to Flower Fields? -Pass Flower Gate -Pray -Cry

5 What's the name of the person who King Bowser really loves? -Kammy Koopa -Mario -Princess Peach

6 What thing is most deeply related to Flower Fields? -Flower -Goomba ? Block

7 What's the name of the most admirable, invincible, most downright cool guy around? -Koopa Bros. -Bowser -Mario

8 What's the name for the ghosts who live in and around Forever Forest? -Raven -Boo -Tubba Blubba

9 What's the name of the area just to the south of the post office in Toad Town? -The Flower Garden -Koopa Village -Windy Mill

10 Where is Peach's Castle now? -On Bowser's Castle -In the Ground Water -Farthest Shiver City

Mr. Hammer (If Peach presses "A") : All right! Princess Peach!

(If spiky Tom presses "A"): All right! Spiky Tom

(If spiky John presses "A"): All right right! Spiky jonh!

(If Peach gives a right answer): That correct!

(If Peach gives a wrong answer): I'm sorry... that's wrong! The answer was "(Correct answer.)"

(Between questions): Let's go on to the next question, OK, folks?

OK! Next!

You've still got a chance to make a comeback!

It's still anyone's game!

Careful now!

This next question is an easy one, folks.

Think carefully, now.

Use your memory on this one!

Now for the final question!

(Eventually, the game show is over.)

Mr. Hammer: So the 64th trivia quiz-off has ended... in great success! The winner is... Wow! Our unexptected guest, princess Peach!! Congratulations, Peach! Here's your prize. (He gives her a jammin' jellly. She can put it in the magic chest and Mario can pick it up.) Thanks you for coming, everyone! It's been grand! We'll see you at the next trivia quiz-off!!

(Spiky Tom and Spiky Jonh leave. Princess Peach gets next to Mr. Hammer)

Mr. Hammer: Oh... princess Peach. I almost forgot! Here's your prize for participating. (He gives her a sneaky parasol.) This is a sneaky parasol. If you face someone and press "B" you can transform into that person. You just have to promise me not to use it to sneak around. I mean, nobody would know you were princess Peach! Imagine! Sorry for giving you such a little prize, princess. Heh heh heh... hey, it's only a prize for participating...so what do you expect?!

(The door opens and Bowser comes in.)

Bowser: Huh? What are you all doing? Hey! It looks like fun! I'm gonna join in!

(He appraoches and talks to Mr. Hammer and spiky Tom while princess Peach and Twink try to sneak out of the room.)

Bowser: What? You've already finished? Aw, all of the rotten luck (He turns around and sees Peach) Gaaaah!! princess Peach? What's she doing here? She sneaked out again! Grr! You!! Take princess Peach back to to her room! Now!!

Mr Hammer (Off-screen): Yes, sir!! (He and the koopatrol come on-screen. and get next to princess Peach.) Sorry, princess Peach! (They lift her in the air.)

Peach: Nooooo!!

(They leave the room with her.)


Jade jungle

(Meanhwile, back in lavalava island, Misstar lands in the jungle with Mario, his partners and Kolorado. The latter is really sad.)

Kolorado: Oh, woe is me...My beautiful treasure..

Misstar: Listen to you! No treasure in the world is more valauble than life! Be thankful you escaped! To think! This island was put in terrible terrible peril because of the meddling of Bowser's men. I think it will work out OK. The eruption will subside, and Lavalava island will be just the same as it used to be.

Kolorado: But...Sigh...

Misstar: Dear Mario! You have saved five of us Star Spirits now! Just a few more to go! My name is Misstar! Let me grant you power that will help you along! (She transfers him her power.)

(A message appears: Mario's Star Energy goes up to 5! Mario can now use smooch, a new Star Spirit power! With smooch, you can restore mario HP!)

Misstar: I have to go back to Star heaven for now, but if you need me, please call on me at any time. I will be watching you and wihsing for your success. I know you'll see the princess soon enough, Mario. Have faifth. Thank you again for saving me. See you soon!

Kolorado: Oh...I was so close...The treasure...right there... And then to get saved and yelled at by some sort of blooming great starfish... (He leaves, still depressed.)

(Mario and friends leave the jungle and go back to Yoshi's village.)

Yoshi's village-Inner part

Yellow yoshi: The eruption of Mt. Lavalava really threw me a loop.. I think I lost my appetite.

Green yoshi: Oh, Mario, you're OK! After that huge explosion, we wondered if you made it out. The village leader claims that Bowser's men heated up the volcano too much and it blew. I could do without scary, natural disasters, thank you.

Little yellow yoshi: Wow! What a huge explosion! It went Kaaaa-BLOOOOIE! I swear I saw something fly out of there into the jungle. Maybe... I wonder if it was something delicious. I told the grown-ups that they ought to go check it out, but they just scolded me. You know, kids have a hard time. I'm gonna be a grown-up soon, and I'm gonna be nice to kids. And I'm gonna have adventures. Come back sometime, Mario!

Little purple yoshi: Mario! Mario! Oh, it was totally cool! what a crazy eruption! Dynamite!! Does it get any cooler than the volcano on lavalava island? I don't think so! What IS beyond this island? Anything cool? I wanna go see! Mario! C'mon! Come back to the island and tell us about your travels!

Little green yoshi: Kwwaaaaaa-yaaaaah! Radical! Eruptions are awesome! I was so scared and excited that I couldn't sit still! Hey, Mario! Were you inside the volcano when it erupted? Huh? Were you? Wooooowee! What was it like? Huh? What? You're in a hurry? Oh, man. What a bummer. You've gotta promise me you'll come back here someday!

Little blue yoshi: Did ya see that eurption? The other 4 were surprised, but I wasn't. Not too much, anyway. I'm different from the others. A little braver, you know. So, you're leaving now? Uh-huh... You could drop by every now and then if you wanted. I mean, I don't care, but the other 4 might miss you!

Little red yoshi: Hoooooo Waaaaaah!!! All right! Grrrrrrreat!!! Did you see that fire blow out of the mountain? Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling!! Something else flew, too. Looks like checking it out is a job for the fearsome 5! But... I guess we can't. Until I get bigger, I guess I'll just listen to the stories of your adevntures. So that means you have to come visit us all the time and tell us stories, Mario!

Kolorado: I must get my hands on the volcano's treasure! My keen intuition tells me that there must be a way! Hmmm... i suppose there's a slim chance it was blown clear in the eruption... I'd best check around the village for some clues.

Raven 1: Caaaw!

Raven 2: Cawcawcaw

Raven 3: Caw. Cawcaaaw!

raven 4: Caw?

Yoshi's village-Entrance

Purple Yoshi: I was taking a nap and all of a sudden I heard a KAABOOOOM, and the earth started shaking like it was gonna split open! I never believed any of the eruption rumors, so I thought the entire island was moving somewhere. That was no fun at all.

Village leader: Mt. Lavalava just started erupting, Mario! It's my belief that the volcano got angry because Bowser's men were fiddling about inside. I'm glad you made it out!

Brown yoshi: It's really rare for Mt. Lavalava to erupt. It really caught me off guard. It once erupted when the village leader and I were kids. I was surpirsed then too. I thought that the sky and earth were trading places. ...Hey! Don't tell anyone, but the village leader couldn't even move because he was paralyzed with terror. Ha ha!

Red yoshi: That eruption was terrible! It went... KA-WHOOMP!! I've never seen anything like that before, that's for sure! I don't think the lava will come near the village, but it's still kind of unnerving.

Blue yoshi: I remember there was this huge sound like KER-FWAANG!.... and then the earth shook... I never really believed that mt. Lavalava would erupt. I guess i should have listened when the village leader said it looked likeit would erupt. I hope it never does again!

(Mario goes in the jungle and after a while he finds the chest and in it he finds the treasure. A volcano vase. He can also talk to the bub-ulb in the jungle.)

Bub-ulb: Oh, hello. How are you doing? What? You want the seed? Aw, I completely forgot about you! I just gave it to a guy named Kolorado or something. Sorry about that. I'm so generous that I just have to give something to everyone.

(Mario returns to the village and approaches Kolorado. If he doesn't give him the vase.)

Kolorado: Hm? You know, dear boy, I couldn't help but notice you holding something resembling treasure.

(If he gives him the volcano vase)

Kolorado: Mario! Good heavens! It's the treasure! How on earth did you.....well, I suppose that's of no consequence right now. You're giving it to me? You...you are giving it to me?! Oh. glory! Marvelous!! Dear man, you are simply the cat's meow! Yes, hm! I suppose...It's only proper that I give this to you as thanks.

(He gives him a yellow magical seed.)

Kolorado: A bub-ulb gave it to me while I was off exploring. I'm sure it's quite a valuable seed, but I'm not interested in it at all. Now that I've got the treasure, I prolcaim thsi adventure to be a complete success! What a stupendous expedition! It will be forever recorded in the history of archaeology! Well, old boy, let's away! Back to Toad Town with us! (He lives the village.)

(Mario and friends go back to the shore where they meet Kolorado and the whale.)

Kolorado: Well, well. Mario, old boy! Certainly took your time, eh? Let's head back together, hm?

Whale: Do you want me to go back to Toad Town?



(Mario chooses yes. The whale lowers and Mario and friends jump on it. Kolorado follows.)

Kolorado: What a heady adventure! Adieu, Lavalava island! perchance someday I shall return to your shores!

???: Wooooooooooooooooooooooh!!

(Jr. Troopa arrives at the island, having swam all the way. At the moment he reaches the shore, the whale with Mario, his party and Kolorado leaves.)

Jr. Troopa: Wheeze wheeze wheeze... Yes! I... cough...did it! I...swam...all the way! All right, Mario! Now I'm going to give you a beating you'll never... (He notices the whale is gone.) What?! Wait! Where are you going! Wait! Mario, wait up!! Come back here, you chicken! (He jumps back in the water and starts swimming all the way back.) Shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!

(A cutscene follows. The whale swims while a segull is flying above our heroes' heads. Close behind, Jr. Troopa is swimming and the seagull flies above his head when he comes on-screen. Soon, the whale arrives in the port of Toad Town. Kolorado, Mario and friends get off.)

Toad Town-port

Kolorado: Thank heavens we've arrived! Now, tuna-ferrying is one experience I shan't do again.Cheers for the ride, though! I'm in your debt. For now, I'm heading back to Koopa village to relax. My wife must be waiting for me. Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future, old boy! Cheerio! (He leaves.)

Jr. Troopa: Wooooooooooooooooooooooh!! (Jr. Troopa arrives in the port. He is really exhausted by all the swimming.) Wheeze wheeze wheeze... I...will never...swim... again... for the rest... of...my life! (He approaches Mario.) Now, Mario! You're mine this time! (He attacks Mario) Ayaaaaaaaaah!

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Jr. Troopa)

Jr. Troopa: Wheeze wheeze wheeze... Here it comes! You... you'd better be ready! (His HP bar appears and his HP drops from 40 to 20.) Gasp! Oh no!! All that swimming! My HP is almost gone! Well, I'll make up for my low HP by using my new skills! Check this out! More power!!

(He tranforms again. This time he is flying with his wings, but he also has a spike on his head, making it impossible to jump on him or use a hammer attack.)

Jr. Troopa: I know all of your fighting patterns now, Mario. See my gear? The spike, the wings... You can't attack me now! I'm the smartest fighter alive! I can't be defeated! Wa ha ha!

(Mario can jump on him if he's wearing the spike shield badge. Also, Bow and Watt are the best partners for this battle.)

Jr. Troopa (After being attacked for the first time.): Yow! What in the...? I didn't think you'd do that! Is that even legal?

(Despite his combined powers, he is defeated again.)

Toad town-Port

Jr Troopa: Oh, you know what? Now that I think about it... I have wings... If I had just flown to the island, I wouldn't have wasted my HP. Then I probably would have beaten Mario in no time! Stupid! stupid! stupid! Sigh..... (He stays there, unconscious.)

Jr Troopa: Aaaaaaaaaaaugh--- (When talking to him or attacking him.)

Blue toad near the water: Hey Mario, the woman who tends flowers. Minh T.. is looking for you.

Red toad: Hey, Mario, I heard you went over the sea to Lavalava island recently. I went to Lavalava island a long time ago, too. The folks's of Yoshi's village took really godo care of me. What a wonderful place it was! Such a mild climate and some of the tastiest foods! I remember eating picnic lunches on the beach, sea breezes... It was just fantastic. Oh, it's been so long! I must go again sometime.

Light green toad: Where did you go on a whale? Lavalava island? Sweet! Of course, I've heard of it, but I've never gone there. It sounds like paradise.

Fishmael: Eh, little matey! Looks like I had the wrong bait before! I'm reelin' in huge hauls!

Blue toad: This is the port. Welcome! Our tourist trade is booming! People have been flocking here to see the whale.

Club 64

Barman: Tell you what, son. That whale turned out to be a blessing. It's an attraction, if you catch my drift. People are finally starting to come back here for entertainment.

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! You believe this? That whale's been really good for the biz. All these people come for the whale and stay for the food! This joint's been jumping!

Toad town-Residential area

Orange female toad: I'd love to walk alone in a park full of flowers. It would be quitet and relaxing. Flowers don't chatter endlessly like people are prone to do.

Green toad in the group of toads: You know, guys. There's a girl I kind of have a crush on. But I'm terrible at expressing my feelings. Know what I mean?

Red toad: Really, I never knew! Way to go, man! Just let me know if you need any advice. I'm the master! To start with, you can never go wrong with flowers.

Light green toad: Yeah right, flowers! Flowers! Girls love getting flowers like nobody's bussiness!

Goomama (If Goombario is not out.): Well, well. If it isn't Mario! How wonderful to see you! I came to go shopping today. It was a long walk to get here form Goomba village...but it was worth to see you! I was hoping to see Goombario.

(If Goombario is out.): Goombario, you're looking fine, aren't you? You be careful not to be a burden on Mario's adventure.

Goombario: Hey! No way I'm a burden! I help out all the time!

Goomama: Well, well! Our dear Goombario is helping out the great Mario! I'm so proud!♥ I'm going to tell dad and Goompa! Mario, you must come over to our house again someday!

Goombario: Come on, stop it, mom! You're embarassing me. I'm not a kid anymore.

Goomama: Oh, don't be silly, punkin! I'm not saying anything embarrassing at all. I just love you, that's all. Can't a mother be proud of her children?

Goombario: Aw, mommmmm... You always treat me like a kid.

Goombaria: Nyeah, nyeah! Goombario's getting scolded!

Goombario: Shut up, Goombaria!

Goombaria: Waaah! Mom! Goombario's being mean!

(Talking to her again)

Goomama: Goombario. Good luck and take care of yourself. Don't forget to visit us. The whole family worries about you, so you should be sure to stop by our home every once in a while.

(Talking to Goombaria.)

Goombaria: Mario... ♥ Please take good care of my brother, OK?

Goombario: Come on, we're in a hurry. Goombaria! Seriously! You're so obnoxious sometimes.

Goombaria: Be quiet!

Blue toad near the tree: You went to Lavalava island? Yoshi's? Ravens? Erupting volcanoes? Wow, that's amazing! ...You know something, Mario? It's also a big, fat lie! I don't believe it for a second!

Blue toad in the middle of the road: Hey there, Mario! Did you recently go some place tropical or something? You look like you came back with a little tan. I didn't think you could possibly look any cooler, but you do.

Nearby house

Purple female toad: When we first moved in here, Toad Town was hopping! Now it's just depressing. Even when I wish to the stars, my wishes don't come true anymore. This place is really getting me down.

Green female toad: My wish was to leave a peaceful, fulfilling life in this lovel, she lovedy, quiet house. But recently, I've been feeling very blue inside. My wish may have come true, but the princess was kidnapped and all... It's tough to feel happy when everyone around is suffering.

Toad Town-Residential area

Little red toad: Hey! Hey! Hey! Wanna play hide-and-seek in Forever Forest? It'll be really scary!

Little light green toad: No, we can't. Don't you know it's dangerous? There are ghosts in there! Mom says I should never, ever go in Forever Forest.

Little green toad: Yeah, yeah... You and your mom...

Green toad near the road sign: Hey, Mario. About Rowf's badge shop... I've heard it said that there are lots of badges there. Might be a good idea to go there often, you dig me?

Toad Town-South part

Green toad: Mario, Mario, Mario. Have you ever met the master of the dojo? I used to want to learn at the dojo, so I went over there once. Want to hear what he said? "Come again after you cultivating yourself more...cough..."

Blue toad: If you are looking for any particular objects, you should ask Merluvlee of shooting star summit ot read your fortune. She's famous for the accuracy of her predictions.

Light green toad: Minh. T was looking for you in the flower garden, Mario. Reports are scetchy but I've heard that a flower-filled place called is in a world of trouble. Mario, you'd better go talk to Mihn T.!

Red toad: Mario, you're really good at climbing down that pipe! You roll like paper and spin on down! That's so cool!

Purple female toad: My wish was to become a good cook and to work as a chef at princess Peach's castle... Right now, it doesn't look very likely...but I believe the castle will return one day, and everything will be fine. So I'm going to keep on practising cooking! You have to chase your dreams!

Little light green toad: Oh, hi, Mario. Do you know... what do archaeologists do? I heard they travel around the world and look for treasures. Doesn't that sound like fun? Maybe I want to become an archaeologist now. Will the stars make my wish come true, you think?

Fice T.: I've thinking about courage recently. I don't think fearing nothing is courage. In fact, standing up to a thing you're scared of is what true bravery is about, right? I've run from my last ghost! I am the brave Fice T.!

Toad town-station

Purple female toad: You know, if you're out in the field and need an item, there may not be a shop around. You should always be prepared for the worse. They have lots of good stuff at the shops here in Toad Town...

Dane T.: Is it true that there was a huge, scary, fire-breathing, flower-like monster somwhere here in the Mushroom Kingdom? And you beat it up, right? Did you really?

Mini T.: How can something that looks like a flower be scary? Will the flowers Minh T. is growing also turn into scary monsters someday? That won't happen, will it?

Green toad: The people in Dry Dry Outpost look different from us Toad Towners, don't they? Well, variety is the spice of life, you know. I love that town... I'd go there all the time if the desert weren't so dangerous.

Blue toad: I like watching the train from here than actually getting on it. If I get on it, i won't be able to see the train.

Toad Town-Central area

Red toad walking: Up on shooting star summit, there are these two siblings named Merluvlee and Merlow. Merluvlee tells fortunes. She's really good at finding badges or star pieces. When you take star pieces to Merlow, he'll trade them for badges. These two could help you, no? You ought to go meet them.

Light green toad walking: What should I do if something goes down in Toad Town while you're off adventuring? Well, I'm worried, Mario! We haven't had much luck solivng problems on our own.

Red toad near Merlon's house: I asked Minh T. to make a bouguet so I could give it to my mother. Minh t.'s the absolute best at growing flowers. She senses flowers' feelings. My mother was so pleased to get pretty flowers that she made me a pie. Yum!

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle: Princess Peach... Oh.... if only I could see her smile once again...

Blue toad: Mario... Minh T. seems to be troubled.

Kolorado: What-ho, old boy! Ahead is pleasant path, but...Kent C. Koopa is blocking it. It appears he's quite strong. I say, a strong brute indeed! This is a bit of a sticky wicket! There's naught I can do... The only course fo action is for me to search for a secret passage to Koopa Village.

Pleasant path

(Mario and friends decide to deal with Kent C. Koopa. They go to pleasant path and meet him. A giant koopa trooopa with a red shell, red boots and glasses.)

Kent C. Koopa: Hey, you in the hat! Wait! It's fine weather, isn't it? My name is Kent C. Koopa. Please remember it, OK? If you want to use this road, you need to pay me 100 coins. So sorry, but that's how it is. You don't pay, you don't pass. Coins make the world go round. It's all about the money!


-Don't pay


(When Mario doesn't have enough coins.)

Kent C. Koopa: Oh, you don't have any coins? Then you can't go through. Bring some coins next time.

(When refuing to pay)

Kent C. Kooopa: Then you can't go through here. Tough luck. Take off.

(Talking to him after refusing)

Kent C. Koopa: Oh, you changed your mind, and now you'll pay the coins?

(When paying)

Kent C. Koopa: Good doing business with you! Oh, the jingle of coins is so very beautiful. Here, go ahead. See you again sometime!

(When choosing to fight)

Kent C. Koopa: You want to fight? You're nuts! Look at me! I'll cream you! Because, to be frank, I'm very, very, very strong. Are you sure you want to fight?


-Don't pay


(When choosing to fight again)

Kent C. Koopa: Well, I have no choice... I warned you, though. This may hurt a little bit...

(Mario and friends battle Kent C. Koopa who is a very strong opponent and has several special moves like a stamp attack and a shell toss. His defesne will drop is he's flipped over, like all koopas. In the end he is defeated.)

Kent C. Koopa: Wow. You must be really strong. I mean, beating a guy my size? I guess I have to give up. See you later... (He runs away crying. When Mario returns to Toad Town, Kolorado is gone. He can be found in Koopa Village for the rest of the game.)

Toad Town-Central area

Green toad: Mario. Calm my nerves. Princess Peach will return safely to us, is it not so? She must or I may faint. This town was once peaceful and carefree. My wish is to see it peaceful once more.

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: May I ask you something, Mario? Why don't you just go save the princess right now? I thought you had a long history of beating up Bowser...

Kris T.: You know girls, something's been bothering me... Why was I born so beautiful? Ooh, beauty is a sin!♥

Miss T.: Nice ego, Kris T.! Really! Way to be in love with yourself! Sometimes you make absolutely no sese at all!

Felissa T.: You know, people like me because I'm always cheerful!♥ Who cares about looks?♥

Red toad near the shop: Do you keep on using one favourite item all the time? It's fine to have favorites, but you really should experiment with other items. You might just find one that's even cooler.

Blue toad near the pond: You are like the sun to me! Gazing down on me with warmth and loveliness, heating up my heart. Oh! Without you I would wither up and be no more!

Pink female toad: Oh! Your flowery praise! This sun will never set upon you, my love!

Light green toad: Alert! Big news people! Minh T., our kind citizen who tends to the flower garden, has word of trouble brewing. Flower Fields, a land peopled with fair flowers, is mired in grave danger! Someone must gather special seeds to help Flower Fields!

Red toad near the entrance: Hey, Mario, Minh T. would like you to lend her a hand. She runs the flower garden. Flower Fields, a land covered in flowers, is supposedly in grave danger. I told her I'd send you over to her to learn more.

Nearby house

Toad dad: I've begun helping my wife with the chores. ...I'm thinking that the work I did at the castle was much easier than this. I had no idea... I have to get down on my knees and thank my wife for all the work she does every day!

Toad mom: You're in my way, sugar! Scoot over! Oh, gracious! Mario? Tee hee... How embarrassing! I'm awfully sorry. I thought you were my darling. That's why I shouted. Even with all that going on in the world, you can't stop cleaning your house. It sure is tiresome, though...

Toad kid 1: When I grow up, I'm going to be just like my dad. It's not a bad idea to be like you, Mario, but my dad's cooler... Sorry, Mario!

Toad kid 2: You gotta tell me, Mario. How can I get stronger? I wanna be super muskular. The master at the dojo says: "Those who desire only strength will always be weak." Huh? Say what? Whaddaya think that means?

Mario's house

(If Mario goes back to his house, he finds Luigi on a metal block and breaks it with his ultra hammer. Luigi lands on the ground.)

Luigi: Boy, hanging out way up high sure was nice... Such a great view and everything...Uh...never mind! Say, that's a cool hammer you got there! I bet you can even beat up enemies with hard shells now!

Toad Town-Central area

(Mario finds Minh T. and a bub-ulb in the flower garden.)

Minh T.: Bub-ulbs come from a flower-filled land called Flower Fields. They say the flowers in Flower Fields are in trouble! To get to Flower Fields, you need four kinds of seeds that only bub-ulbs posses. But where are the bub-ulbs? Please, Mario, you must look for bub-ulbs and get the seeds from them! Maybe Merlon's fortune-telling could help you look... (Mario gives her the final seed.) Wow! You brought me the seed! Thanks you so much! (She plants it and more flowers bloom. Suddenly, the gate at the centre of the garden starts shining and a door magically appears.) Kyaaaaaaaah!!♥♥♥ At first, it just looked like the flowers were blooming, but suddenly a door appeared! It must be... You must be able to go to Flower Fieds from here. Mario, Flower Fields need your aid! Please help!

(Talking to her again): I can just imagine the dropping flowers in Flower Fields... Mario, Flower Fields need your aid! Please help!

Bub-ulb: Flower Fields is in a state of depsair becasue of Bowser's minion's. Please! Save us!

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the Bub-ulbs. Bub-ulbs are a type of talking plant. Aren't they hilarious? I think they come from Flower Fields.)

(When Mario is ready, he goes through the door and chapter 6 begins)

End of interlude

Chapter 6: Dark days in Flower fields.

Flower Fields-Main area

(Goombario's tattle: This is the portal between the flower garden in Toad Town and Flower Fields. The Wise Wisterwood, who's the elder of this fair land, watches over the area. Talk about a big tree!)

(Mario and friends come out of the other side of the door, which is on a big tree's log.)

??: What ho...? Now who might that be?

(Mario looks around confused. The camera zooms out, showing a big tree with eyes.)

Wise Wisterwood: Ho ho ho ho! Up here, son! They call me Wise Wisterwood. I am the oldest tree here in Flower Fields, the land of trees, flowers, grasses and plants. And you must be Mario. I've heard a lot about you, son. You're trying your best to save the Star Spirits and teh rest of your world, aren't you? Very noble. if tha is true, then youe arrival means a Star Spirit is here in our land. I would help you in your quest, but alas....I cannot right now. Flower Fields is in trouble. A creature named Huff N. Puff and his followers inavded our fair land not long ago. These creatures brought clouds to our sunny sky. It has been dark and cloudy ever since. The sun doesn't even bother to rise in the sky anymore. We are all weak and fading... Oh! I remember something! The rumor is that Huff N. Puff is holding somebody captive...Of course! It must be teh Star Spirit that you're searching for! ...Oh ho? You're going to defeat the wicked Huff N. Puff, then? Well, that would make the wishes of Flwoer Fields come true... But it's not that easy. Huff N. Puff is up in the sky, on what we call the cloudy climb. There's no way up there now. Well, ...You might be able to to reach it if you find a magical bean or something that grows high... Now, wait a minute... I think there IS a flower that has a magical bean...somewhere. Umm... I believe... Her name is Petunia. Perhaps she is off to the east. It wouldn't hurt to go visit her and ask about it. The other flowers and bub-ulbs aroudn here might have some useful information as well. I'd say talk to everyone!

Bub-ulb with pink flower: You want to meet petunia? That flower seems a little strange to me, you know. She collects beans and seeds, but she never grows them. She just likes seeds. I call her the seed maniac.

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Bub-ulb. It's one of many talking flowers in Flower Fields. Boy, it seems like as soon as creatures learn to communicate, they learn to gossip.)

Bub-ulb with purple flower: Petunia? The seed maniac, Petunia? The one who collects seeds like a crazy flower? I know her. She's growing due east from here.

(Goombario's tattle: You know, a lot of the flowers in Flower Fields will answer you if you talk to 'em. They're probably our best source of news around here.)

Tolielip: Hey, guy! Where you going? Oh, Petunia...? Yeah, Petunia's straight west from here. Yup. West. ...Heh heh heh heh... Sorry, guy, I can't tell you more, not even if you ask.

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Tolielip. He definitely knows a lot about Flower Fields. Unfortunately, he's a liar. You can figure out his riddles, can't you, Mario?)

Bub-ulb with yellow flower: The sun can't come out becasue a thick cloud is compeltely covering the sky. We bub-ulbs can live just about anywhere if there's sun, but now there's none at all! I'm not saying that having some clouds is bad. Of course not! But there should be some gaps for a little precious sushine! Sigh... I hate that cloud.

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Bub-ulb. The flowers around here hate cloudy weather. They need the sun's rays! I don't like the rain, either, because I can't play outside.)

Bub-ulb with sea green flower: I'm sick of this weather. Flower fields is always cloudy. It never used to be like this. That Huff N. Puff's the cause! Plants like us can't live long without without the light of the sun. Everybody aroudn here is losing hope and starting to wither...

(Goombario's tattle: A lot of flowers live here, huh? They're so...so very... uh...beautiful, I guess.)

Flower Fields-East

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: There's another platform up there, but I don't think we can get up there. I hate these flower patches! They totally cover me! Those three trees seem to be important to me. If we hit them right, something might drop.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: Petunia makes her home here. But I didn't know that Monty Moles did, as well.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: A tree's been cut down here. And there's a well. Do you think we can get water from there? You never know, something might be living in there... What if something weird jumps out at us? Well, it could!)

(Mario and friends go east. They have to battle enemies like crazee Dayzees and Amazee Dayzees that give a lot of star points, but tend to run away. After defeating them, they arrive in the area Petunia lives. The red berry tree can also be found there. Petunia looks mad. There are also several monty moles around.)

Petunia: Do you have a second? Then listen to my sad tale! Ever since the sun went away, I've begun to droop... I have no energy at all. Without the sun, it just seems like the whole world is sad. Now these monty moles dig into the groud and bite my roots! Oh, woe is me! My beautiful seed colelction will become a monty mole banquet if thsi keeps up... Please, sir... You look strong and capable. Could you get rid of those monty moles for me? In case you are wondering, the monty moles I'm talking about are... (Points to the first one.) this guy... (Points to the second one.) and this jerk... (points to the third one.) and this troublemaker... (Points to the fourth one.) and this wicked creature! (Points to a crazee dayzee behind the red berry tree.) This guy is... Well, you probably don't need to be concerned with that one. Please don't fail me! My seeds and I are counting on you to save us!

(Goombario's tattle: This flower is named Petunia. She's obsessed with Seeds. She's pretty talkative. She says she doesn't do anything with the Seeds. She just collects them. Collecting Seeds? Talk about a boring hobby! Don't you think so, Mario?)

(Mario and friends fight and defeat all the monty moles. After they are done, Petunia becomes happy.)

Petunia: Oh, yiipppeee!! Hooray! Hurrah! Yahoo! Whee! You got rid of the monty moles! Oh, thank you! Thank you!! To show you how grateful I am, I'll give you this magical bean! Here you are!♥

(She gives him a magical bean.)

Petunia: Hmm? Yes, my name is Petunia. They call me the seed maniac. Hee hee! Nice to meet you.♥ By the way, about that magical bean that I gave you... You shouldn't plant it. Why not? Because as a seed, it will always enjoy freedom! After it's planted and it sprouts up, it won't ever be able to move again. Don't you think that's sad? Please don't plant it with, oh, for instance, fertile soil and miracle water! I don't want to think about a sprout growing out of my cute little seed! No!!!!!!!!!!

(Talking to her again.): Are you really going to plant my magical bean? Oh...sigh...OK. I've already given it to you. It's your choice.

(If Mario keeps going east, he finds an abandoned area with a well. When he enters, he hears somebody crying.)

???: Sniffle... Sniffle.........

(Mario gets close to the well and can throw something in it.)

???: (If he throws a blue berry.) Sniffle!!!!! Who's throwing stuff down into my well? Huh...? This is a blue berry... I love these... Thank you... I'll give you this in return. (He throws out a flower saver badge.)

???: (If he throws anything else.) Sniffle... Who's throwing stuff down into my well? Whoever it is, you deserve this for your rudeness! (He throws out a crazee dayzee or a bzzap and Mario has to battle it.)

Flower Fields-Main area

Bub-ulb with pink flower: I heard that some of the trees in Flower Fields drop berries if you hit them hard enough.

Bub-ulb with purple flower: There are so many beautiful flower in Flower fields. It would be a mistake to judge them by their beauty, though. Not all of them are gentle flowers, that's for sure.

Bub-ulb with sea green flower: Every flower needs good soil in order to grow big and healthy. The more nutritious the soil is, the bigger plants can grow. And then, plants that grow really big give nutrition back! They drop their leaves, and the leaves become feritlizer. We grew with the nutrition of Wise Wisterwood's fallen leaves. So Wise Wisterwood is kind of like our father, huh?

Bub-ulb with yellow flower: Without sunlight, the seeds we have can't sprout, and we can't make new ones, either. If the sun never rises again, all of Flower Fields will wither up completely. Do you have any ideas?

Tolielip: Hey, Mr. Big shot! You looking for something? The only thing that Posie's got is soil, guy. Just soil. Yup. She definitely doesn't have anything beautiful. No way. ...Pfff...ha ha ha... Sorry guy, I can't tell you more, not even if you ask.

Wise Wisterwood: Have you met Posie, by chance? She's a wonderful flower. The soil is very nutritious and rich where she is. As a result, Posie's flowers always grow and grow...

Flower Fields-South-west

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: Since it's called Flower Fields, you know there have to be lots of flowers around here. But there are also a few trees.

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: What crystal clear water! Just looking at it refreshes me! I feel like a new Goomba!)

(Mario and party find a gate and a red flower guarding it.)

Red Flower: Hello, stranger... What do you think of my bright red colouring ? Isn't it nice? What's that? You want to pass through here? Ha ha ha... No, I'm sorry. I couldn't possibly let you through. Although, perhaps I could make an excpeption if you gave me something delicious to eat...

(If Mario doesn't give him anything): You don't want to give me anything, is that how it is? Then sorry, but no. You can't go through.

(If Mario gives him anything but the red berry.): Chomp chomp munch chomp... (He spits it out.) Aw, yuck!!! Disgusting! That was awful! No way you're going through!

(If Mario gives him the red berry): Munch chomp smack... Ooh, delicious! This is it! Great colour! Full flavor! It's perfect! You are a champ for bringing me such a tasty snack. Of course you can go through!♥ (He opens the gate.)

(Talking to him again): Go on through!♥ For you, the gate's always open!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a red flower that guards a gate. Red is a passionate color. Goombaria knows a lot about the subtle language of flowers and colors. She talks and talks and talks until I can't take it anymore! As a result, I've learnt a lot of what she knows.)

(Mario and friends cross the area, fighting more enemies, including ruff ruffs. They also find the yellow berry tree. At the end, they find a magnificent tree with crystals instead of leaves. There is also a flower with a big nose next to the tree.)

Posie: Look at this crystal tree. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in the whole world? ...Oh, excuse me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Posie. Hm? What's wrong with my mouth? This is my nose! Oh, how rude! Anyway, it was thsi fertile soil that made my nose grow so long. I happen to like it! Hee hee... Your nose is pretty nice, too. It could stand to be a little longer, so why don't you take this fertile soil with you. (She gives him fertile soil.) Your nose will be perfect soon. ...Hee hee hee...

(Talking to her again.): You and I are... plant pals!♥ ...Hee hee hee!

(If Mario hits the cyrstal tree.): Ouch! Be gentle with this tree! The tree and I are connected at the roots, so it hurts me when you hit the tree.

(Goombario's tattle: She's Posie. A lily. She looks generous and kind, doesn't she? Of course, sometimes the kindest looking characters turn into the scariest when you make 'em mad.)

Flower Fields-Main area

Wise Wisterwood: The spring water that flows where Lily the flower spirit grows is so refreshing. Is that spring still gushing? I wonder how's LIly's doing...

Bub-ulb with pink flower: I heard that some of the trees in Flower Fields drop berries if you hit them hard enough.

Bub-ulb with purple flower: LIly is very beautiful, but I've heard that she's more than a little bit strange. They say she always floats in the water, dreaming of things that could never happen.

Bub-ulb with sea green flower: Have you seet the crystal tree near Posie's place yet? I've heard that tree bears the most wonderful berries... If you believe what folks say, those berries are the most beautiful things in the world.

Bub-ulb with yellow flower: Are you looking for water? You might try LIly's spring. But if you want water to plant something, it's hopeless. There's no use planting now. Even if you water them, plants won't grow without the sun.

Tolielip: Hey, super star! Let me fill you in on something! You can get yourself one fine gift if you hit the three trees in a row in this order: Left, right, then middle. Yup. Hee hee hee... It's true! I swear! Oops, I've told you too much! No more secrets out of me!

Flower Fields-South-east

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: I guess they couldn't call it Flower Fields without flowers. Me, I'd rather have some tasty fruit than pretty flowers. As short as I am, when we walk through flowers, I can't see a thing! And I have allergies! It's not a whole lot of fun.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: Boy, if you like flowers, this is the place to be. Look at all the foliage! Hey, by the way, blue trees produce Bubble Berries.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3-before Mario fills the spring with water: It looks like there hasn't been water here in a while. And there's just one flower. How very sad.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3-after Mario fills the spring with water: Lily looks happy in her replenishing spring, huh? It's so much more beautiful here when there's water flowing. Do you think this water flows to all parts of Flower Fields? I've heard that this water is absolutely bursting with healthy nutrients.)

(There is a gate and a yellow flower guarding it.)

Yellow flower: Good day, Mario! It's great to see you. I'm the guard of this gate. I must tell you, though, I don't let many people through. I have excellent taste in foods, so you must bring me something sufficiently tasty to get by. Well...? Do you have anything?

(If Mario doesn't have anything.) Oh, nothing tasty, eh? Well, that's unfortunate... I understand it's hard to meet the standards of such a cultured flower as me. I suppose you weren't up to it. Sadly, it also means you can't pass through here.

(if Mario gives him anything but the yellow berry.) Chom smack chomp... (He spits it out.) Haaaaack! Pbbbbth! What is this garbage?! This is decidedly substandard! I' m a connoisseur! It's downright ungentlemanly to eat anything but berries while in Flower Fields!

(If Mario gives him the yellow berry.): Munch chomp chomp... Bravo!! Magnificent!! A sweet, subtle favor with a delicate finish! And such marvelous coloring! It reminds me of the warm sunlight I so yearn for. I'm truly taken aback by your cultured taste! Of course you may go! (He opens the gate.)

(Goombario's tattle: It's a yellow flower thtat guards a gate. Yellow is a friendly color. Yellow also means "Caution!" in many cultures, though. Maybe we should be more careful...)

(Mario and friends avoid more spiked vines, battle more enemies and get some blue berries from the trees before arriving at a dried-up water spring with a sad water lily in the middle.)

Lily: Gaaah!! Oh, how horrible! The spring went dry! What a tragedy... Oh! This can't happen to me! No, it can't! Not to Lily! Somebody! The horrible thing that rides the clouds...took out precious water stone! Water flows from that magical water stone... Without it, the spring will never recover... Oh! And I'll wither up if I can't float on the water! I'll be crushed by my own weight and wither... Poor Lily! Oh, no! Don't give up, Lily! Perhaps a handsome prince will arrive and help you soon...! (She turns around and sees Mario.) ..........................................................Oh..........! A prince... Well, he actually looks more like a plumber, but beggars can't be choosers! Hello, my name is Lily. I'm a beautiful, fragile flower who lives in this spring. Um... To tell you the truth, I have to ask you to do me a favor. Could you pelase take my water stone back from that horrible cloud creature?



(If no is chosen.)

Lily: Oh, how awful... You weren't my prince... Well...I knew you must not be. ...After all, you don't look anything like a prince... In case you care, the water stone looks like this. (Image of the water stone appears.) If you find it somewhere, please bring it to me! I'm withering as we speak!

(If yes is chosen)

Lily: Oh, you're a dream come true! Thank you so much! The water stone looks just like this. (Image of the water stone appears.) Please find it!♥

(The water is necessary to procced further on to the game, so Mario has to find the water stone either way.)

(Talking to her again): Oh... I feel terrilbe. My condition will only get worse if the spring's water never comes back. Am I being punished for being too pretty...?

(Goombario's tattle: That's Lily. She says she's guarding the spring. I get the sense that she's easily distracted. She's off in her own little world a lot of the time. It's kind of a problem if you want to get any information from her. She seems to drift off even while you're talking to her.)

Flower Fields-West

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: Look at all the flowers. Even the flowers blooming along the road are beautiful here in Flower Fields.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: It's a hedge maze. I hope we don't get lost. I'm not very good at mazes. Still, I know you'll get us through all right. You're Mario!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: Oh, I love rose gardens! Roses are just the best. Although they do have thorns, don't they? All of the most beautiful flowers have thorns. At least that's what they say.)

(There is a blue flower guarding another gate.)

Blue flower: Ahhh, I'm so hungry... I'm tired of guarding his stupid old gate... I'm, so, so hungry... Hey! You there! I don't suppose you have anything good to eat that you'd like to give me? Listen, if you give me something succulent, I'll let you through here, and I won't tell anybody...

(If Mario doesn't have anything): Nothing? Not even a bite? Aw, shoot... Then I can't let you go through. I'm sitting here starving, and you won't spare a lousy... Ever since the sun disappeared, nothing's gone right for me. I feel so blue...

(If Mario gives him anything but the blue berry): Chomp smack munch... (He spits it out.) Oh, bleah!!! This is totally icky! Listen, I can't eat anything but berries from around here. Yeah, I guess maybe I should have told you that first, huh? Stupid old me. Now I feel even more blue... Please...just leave me alone.

(Giving him the blue berry): A blue berry? I' m sure this'll be gross. Munch chomp munch... Oh, how delicious!♪ Such a splendid taste! There ARE good blue things! I'm filled with hope again! Go! Go and never feel blue! I'll never forget you! (He opens the gate.)

(Talking to him again.): Head through there! I'll never forget you!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a blue flower that guards a gate. Blue... It's the color of the sea and sky. It's supposed to calm you. I also heard that it can ruin your appetite for some reason. yoo you think that's true?)

(Mario and friends head through the head and soon arrive at a big hedge maze filled with red pipes. There are also two lakitus flying around in their clouds.)

Lakitu 1: Hey! Where'd you drop it, idiot? Huff N. Puff will have our clouds if we don't find it!

Lakitu 2: Ohhhh, man. I'm so clumsy... That stone gave out an endless supply of water! Without it, we can't increase the power of the puff puff machine! It's just gotta be around here somwhere! it's just gotta be!

Lakitu 1: ...What? is that...Mario? Look, man, it's Mario! Let's look for the stone later. Let's go rough this dude up!

Lakitu 2: Oh, no! Mario? Are you sure? I'm not sure I'm, you know, in the right mental state... Aw, forget it! I'll fight anyway! Here it comes, Mario! (They engage Mario in battle. However, they are easily defeated and fly away in defeat. Mario and friends get in the maze and try to find the exit. After a while, they sycceed and find themselves in an isolated rose garden. There is only one rose there.)

Rosie: Oh, hello. It seems like ages since I last saw a visitor here. I'm Rosie, a rose spirit. I'm ever so glad to meet you. Here I am in full bloom, and there's nobody to look at me. Please, admire me all you like. Breathtaking, aren't I? Aren't I just incredible?



(If yes is chosen.)

Rosie: Really? I'm that beautiful? You're so honest and charming. And underneath that scruffy mustache, I bet you're handsome. I like you. And because I like you, I'll show you this.

(If no is chosen.)

Rosie: Oh, you don't think so? Tee hee hee... You don't have to be so coy. I can tell you're too shy to compliment me to my face... OK, praise this instead.

(In both cases, she shows Mario the water stone.)

Rosie: This stone! Isn't it beautiful? I found it just the other day. Some strange creatures on clouds dropped it. I couldn't resist its gorgeous glitter, so I made it mine. I could look at it all day... Huh? What did you say? I should give you this stone? Oh dear... You're saying Lily's in trouble without this? ...How very sad. Oh, well. It can't be helped. The stone is mine now, you see? You mean Lily will wither up without this stone? Huh... How sad... Really... How very pitiful... As hard as it is to believe, that Lily sometimes acts as she's prettier than I am. She's dumb, but she's not evil. And if she's gone, there'll be no flowers to set off my beauty. ...Let's see. Tell you what... If you bring me something more beautiful than this stone, I'll think about trading it. So let's wait 'til then!♥

(Talking to her again): You'd better bring me something more beautiful in a hurry, before I change my mind. My beauty may never change, but my mind easily does.

(Goombario's tattle: What do you know? A rose called Rosie! She loves it here in the garden. She's pretty full of herself. I guess she thinks she's the prettiest of all flowers. She is quite beautiful... She has a strange way of expressing herself, though...)

Flower Fields-Main area

Tolielip: Hey, you! Everyone's hero! You want to know the inside scoop of something good? If you find a well in the place with lots of dead trees, you can throw something in it to get a cool reward. Whatever you do, though, don't through in a blue berry! Ha ha ha! Yeah! I'm serious! Do you beleive me? Huh? Do you believe me? Do you? I've also gotta tell you... Oops, sorry. Everything else is a secret. Sorry, guy.

Flower Fields-South-west

(Mario goes back to the crystal tree and talks to Posie.)

Posie: Oh? Rosie told you to bring her something beautiful? Rosie really loves beautiful things above all else. She's a little self-invovled. Have you noticed? You really need help, huh? OK, I'll help you. This tree and I are connected by our roots, so maybe one or two crystal berries will fall down if I shake the root. (She starts shaking the tree.) Hmmm... Rrrrrrghh........ Hyahhhhhhh!!! (A crystal berry falls down.) Phew.....Oops. That was a bit unladylike. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! Rosie should be more than satisfied with that berry.

(Talking to her again.): Rosie wanted that crystal berry, didn't she? Shouldn't you give it to her? That Rosie's so selfish. All she cares about is beauty. Even though Flower Fields is in terrible trouble, she only cares about how she might make herself more beautiful. It's appalling, really.

(Hitting her tree): Ouch! That hurts! What's the matter with you? I gave you a crystal berry, didn't I? Don't tell me that you want another one! You shouldn't be so greedy. Do you think it was easy shaking that root? I can't just do it over and over!

(Hitting her tree again.): Youch ouch ouch!!! Don't you hear me...OUCH!! ...Ooh, I shouldn't be so loud. Hee hee hee hee. Please don't hit the tree!

(She keeps saying the same thing. However, if Mario hits the tree five times.)

Posie: Ouch! What are you...OW! Stop it! I...OUCH! OUCH! I said stop it!! Aren't you listening to me? Don't ever come back here again!! Do you understand me?! Out! (She throws Mario out. If he goes in again:)

Posie (Off-screen): Don't come back here!!! Get out and stay out!!

(If Mario keeps going back in five times:)

Posie: Sigh...You keep coming back...You've got guts. I like that! I guess you can keep hitting the tree if that's what you want... But you're not going to get any more crystal berries by hitting the tree, so quit it! ...Get a hold of yourself, Posie. You're losing control. Hee hee hee hee hee hee...

(If Mario hits the tree again, the aforementioned dialogue occures, but this time, Posie keeps throwing him out an infinite number of times.)

Flower Fields-West

(Mario takes the crystal berry to Rosie.)

Rosie: Have you found anything?

(Mario gives her the crystal berry.)

Rosie: Oh, how pretty! I love it! That's much nicer than this ugly old stone. You'd better hurry back and give this stone to Lily. Make sure she knows that she was saved because of me!♥ (She gives Mario the water stone.) Oh...♥ Such loveliness... I've gotten so beautiful that I'm starting to scare myself!♥ Who is the most beautiful flower in all of flower fields? That is me, of course!♥

Flower Fields-Main area

Tolielip: Hey, Mr. Highy and Mighty! Great weather isn't it? An ideal day for gardening! You know, it's the perfect season for growing giant beanstalks. They're simple! All you need's a magical bean, some soil and some water. Yeah, that's it. You don't need anything else at all. Nothing. Heh heh heh... Sorry, guy, I can't tell you more, not even if you ask.

Flower Fields-South-east

(Mario takes the water stone back to Lily.)

Lily: Oh, it's the water stone! Quckly! Put it in that hole there!

(If Mario doesn't put it in.)

LIly: What? Why won't you put the Water Stone back and fix the spring? Huh? You're a…flower hater! I hope you dry up! I hope your petals all fall off!

(Mario puts the stone in the hole and a big jet of water starts feeling up the spring, lifting Mario in the air. He then falls down. The water fills both the spring and a nearby dried-up pond with Sushie paltforms.)

Lily: Oh, it's water! Sweet water!! The spring is full of water. I'm floating again.... Oh, this is paradise... Thank you so much! I'll give you some miracle water from this spring. Here you are!♥ (She gives him miracle water.) This is the most nourishing water around! It's water with a little Lily extract!♥ If you use this water on any plant, it'll grow like gangbusters! ...Uh...but not right now. Because there's no sun... Oh, yes! Great idea! You should go see about getting the sun back into the sky. A resourceful guy like you must have some idea about how to get the sun back up again! I bet you'll do it!♥ You saved me, after all!

(Talking to her again.) The water in the spring is back to normal. Aaaaah! It feels so good to float... But if the sun doesn't come up, we'll wither up anyway. Oh...that'd be terrible. If only I could go all the way to the sun tower and give the sun an little support... Nobody ever thinks of the sun's feelings... It's probably sad! Oh, Lily, you're so caring! I could almost cry!

(Using the Sushie platformsin the pond, Mario is able to access the bubble tree and get a bubble berry.)

Flower Fields-Main area

Wise Wisterwood: The lack of sunshine completely robs us of our vigor. If these clouds continue, we'll all likely wither up. If only I could move around... I'd take a journey to the sun tower to cheer the sun up.

Bub-ulb with pink flower: Have you met Mr. Sun before? I heard that Mr. Sun lives on top of the sun tower.

Bub-ulb with purple flower: Mr. Sun can't rise because so many clouds are in the way. He used to be burning hot, but now he's cooled way down. I've never heard of a sun that wasn't burning hot before.

Bub-ulb with sea green flower: Without beautiful sunlight, we plants are doomed. We can't live in Flower Fields if it's always cloudy. I never thought I'd start withering at such a young age! I wish I were blanketed in warm, rejuvenating sunlight like I used to be...

Bub-ulb with yellow flower: You mean you're thinking of doing something to that thick cloud so the sun can rise again? You think that'll work? Oh, it would be so nice if the sun rose up again! I hope your plan works...

Tolielip: Hey, super star! Lemme fill you in on something! You can get yourself one fine gift if you hit the three trees in a row in this order: left, right, then middle. Yup. Hee hee hee... It's true! I swear! Oops, I've told you too much! No more secrets out of me!

Flower Fields-North-west

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: Look, a flower blowing lots of bubbles! Will wonders never cease?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: This area is full of flowers. Red flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers... even orange flowers are blooming. It looks like there are a lot of Lakitus in bloom, too.)

(There is a ditch filled with spiked vines and there's also a plant blowing bubbles.)

Bubble plant: Hi! My name's bubble plant! You wanna know why my name is bubble plant? I'll tell you if you give me a bubble berry.

(If Mario doesn't give him a buble berry.)

Bubble plant: You don't have a Bubble Berry? Not even one? That's too bad. You're really missing out!

(If Mario gives him a bubble berry.)

Bubble plant: Oh, awesome! Good going! OK! Get a load of this! Ummmm... Hrrrrrrrrr.... (He creates a big bubble.)

Bubble plant: There! Isn't it great?!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Bubble Plant. It looks like blowing bubbles makes him really happy.)

(Mario and his friends jump in the bubble, it carries them over the ditch and then pops. They explore the new area, fighting more enemies like magikoopas and lakitus. They soon arrive at the sun tower and Mario, using Bombette, activates the staircase and makes it to the top where the sun is.)

Sun Tower

(Goombario's tattle: It's the Sun Tower. This is where the sun comes to rest. Do you think it's waiting here or being forced to stay?)

Sun: Hey... Hello. I never thought anybody would come all the way up here. I'm the sun. No... that's not entirely true. I should say, I WAS the sun. The clouds that came out of the puff puff machine that Huff N. Puff built... Those clouds keep me from climbing into the sky. I'm a complete failure as a sun. All of those flowers and plants in Flower Fields are suffering... Where is it? You mean the puff puff machine? I think it's east of here. The clouds seem to come from over there, anyway. Why do you want to know? Do you think you can break the puff puff machine? Naw...there's no way... Don't strain yourself. You might as well go home.

(Talking to him again.): Where is it? You mean the puff puff machine? I think it's east of here. The clouds seem to come from over there, anyway. If those clouds were gone, I could rise right into the sky and bathe all the poor plants with sunshine.

(Goombario's tattle: It's the sun. Some people call it the "Blessed Sun." It's the source of life for flowers and trees. If it doesn't come out, eventually all plants will wither away. Sunshine makes me happy, too.)

(Mario and friends leave the sun tower and head out to find the puff puff machine. However, on the way:)

Flower Fields-North-west

???: Hey, hey, hey! Hold up! Wait, man!

(A lakitu with sungalsses appears riding his cloud.)

Spike?: Hey, man! I don't think we've ever met, have we? I mean. you're Mario, right? My name is Lakilester... Er, no it's Michael... No, um... Oh, yeah... Spike. Yeah, yeah, I'm Spike... Well, whatever. Never mind. Look, I don't have a problem with you personally, but I've got orders from Huff N. Puff.Sorry, man, but I have to give you a bit of a beat down. Like I said, man, sorry! (...Did I sound cool?) (Ha... Yeah, totally cool!) Here it comes man!!

(Mario and friends battle Spike? who attacks by throwing spiny eggs. He is soon defeated and the battle ends.)

Spike?: Uuurgh!! Man, you're tough as nails! I give up, man! Go on...do your worst. I'm not afraid of it. Do whatever you do to guys you've defeated...fire flower in the eye...POW block...

???: Wait!!!!!

(A female lakitu appears riding her cloud.)

Spike?: Aw no, Lakilulu!!

Lakilulu: No! Please! Please have mercy on my poor, sweet lakilester!

Lakilester: Aw, don't call me Lakilester! It's Spike, remember? I told you I changed my name last month! C'mon now! Man... I mean, gee whiz... You're always embarassing me like this... Although...for some reason it makes me like you even more... I mean, what? No!! Did I say say that out loud? Forget that I said that! ...Anyway! I lost a challenge man-to-man, so we have to settle this. I have to face the music.

Lakilulu: Mario, please forgive him! My Lakilester was just following Huff N. Puff's orders!


-Don't forgive

(If "don't forgive" is chosen.)

(Lakilulu takes out a spiny egg.)

Lakilulu: He's really sweet! Please don't take my sweety away from me! (She throws the spiny egg at Mario.) Mario, please forgive him! My Lakilester was just following Huff N. Puff's orders!

(The same thing happens if Mario keeps choosing "don't forgive")

(If "forgive" is chosen.)

Lakululu: Really?! Oh, for real? You'll forgive him? Oh, thank you!

Lakilester: Stop calling me Lakilester! It's such a stupid name! My name is spike! SPIKE! Don't you ever listen to me? Sigh............,.. I'm beginning to think that this whole deal is stupid. I was working for Huff N. Puff to be part of something big, but all I've been doing is picking up pointless fights... This isn't what I wanted in life. What I wanted was... Hey, man. I've got a question. What in the world are you doing all this fighting for?

-For myself

-For wolrd peace

-No particular reason

-Why Spike?

(If "For myself" is chosen)

Lakilester: .....Huh. Yeah...fighting for yourself... That's the way to go, man. Walkin' your own path with honor. I can get behind an ideal like that! I'll go with you! I'm completely fed up with the pointless jobs that Huff N. Puff threw my way, anyway. With you, I can improve my skills by taking on the enemies that challenge us along the way!

(If "For world peace" is chosen)

Lakilester: World peace, huh? Isn't that a bit melodramatic? Still, I must admit there's a certainly manly charm to having such a noble purpose... Yeah! That's the way to go! I'm going with you, man!

(If "No particular reason" is chosen.)

Lakilester: Man, you're a cool customer. You're out there every day risking life and limb just because you feel like it? Wow. Talk about a tough guy. You know what? I wanna fight just because I feel like it! I'm going with you!

(If "Why Spike?" is chosen.)

Lakilester: Why? Because Spike is a million times cooler! Lakilester is the dumbest name ever! It just doesn't fit the image of a dangerous rebel like me. The name doesn't matter, man! What matters is this... I've decided I'm going with you! You're the real deal! Traveling around with you has gotta be as cool as it gets!

(All lead too:)

Lakilulu: Oh, no! Lakilester! You can't leave me! Please take me with you!

Lakilester: Aw, Lakilulu, chill out. You've gotta undertsand... I'm doing this for you, don't you see? I'm going. I've gotta be a man! Wait for me! I'll return a much more manly Lakitu!

Lakilulu: ...Oh...Ok. I'll wait for you, Lakilester. But you'll be sorry if you don't come back to me in one piece! I swear, if you make me worry, I'll take a spiny and...

Lakilester: OK! Enough of that! Heh heh... I guess I'd better make sure I'm tougher than you by the time I come back, huh? See me off with a smile, now! You're so much cuter when you show me thoese pearly whites! Bye for now!

(A message appears: Lakilester joined your party!! Press "down" to ride Lakilester over spiks and lava. While in battle, he can attack by throwing a spiny egg with is spiny flip ability or attack many enemies by throwing many spiny eggs at once with spiny surge!)

(Lakilulu stays in the same place.)

Lakilulu: How're you doing, Lakilester? Are you becoming a better lakitu by helping people? Hmm?

Lakilester (If he's out): Darn it, I told you not to call me Lakilester! Gah! You never listen to me! ...But that's why you're so cute.

(Goombario's tattle: This is Lakilester's girlfriend, Lakilulu. When they have arguments, she never backs down. What a cute couple!)

(They start leaving.)

Lakilulu: Oh, my Lakilester!! Come back to me soon! I'll be waiting with a smile! (She flies away.)

Lakilester: Aghhhhhh!! Come ON! Call me Spike!!!

Flower Fields-North-east

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: Green, purple and red... the platforms are all different colors. If you jump on them hard, they'll move up and down. We need to figure out the right order to move them in.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: There are flower patches bordering this path. It looks peaceful, but there are lots of briar patches and enemies around, so be careful.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: What happened to the wall here? It looks like it collapsed. This place seems very different from the rest of Flower Fields.)

(Mario finds a puzzle with some stone blocks in a ditch with spiked vines. Mario can lift or lower them by ground pounding on them and he must use them to make it to the other side. The puzzle was impossible before, but using Lakilester to cross the spikes and ground pound different blocks, Mario manages to solve the puzzle. He and his friends cross an area filled with enemies that they trounce. In the end, they arrive in an area with a collapsed wall. There they find the puff puf machine producing clouds with a yellow magikoopa and three lakitus guarding it.)

(The third guy Mario talks to realises who he is.)

Yellow magikoopa: Let's go!! C'mon! We need more clouds! I wanna see this land covered! We'll make them fear the power of my puff puff machine!

(Goombario's tattle-The same with all three lakitus: These followers of Bowser run the puff puff machine. They're continuing their evil scheme to fill this fair land with clouds. Boy, Bowser and his goons think up the strangest ways to mess with our world, huh? They're really quite creative.)

(If he is the second guy to talk to): Go away! Don't disturb me! I'm completely absorbed in my work right now, can't you see?

(If he is the third guy to talk to): Huff N. Puff is making a name for himself as an evil genius. This cloud-covering scheme is pretty high on the wicked scale. I bet king Bowser's overjoyed at the suffering we're causing. Don't you think so, too? ...Oh, my... You're...! Mario! You're a wanted man! C'mon, lakitus, get him! Protect the puff puff machine at all costs!

(The magikoopa and the lakitus attack Mario)

Lakitu 1: Quit it! Leave me alone, man! Can't you see I'm busy working right now?

Lakitu 2: ♪ Aw, fluffy fluffy great puff puff machine, spewing out the clouds, making brown outta green! Wither 'em all up! Yeah!

Lakitu 3 (Whoever Mario talks to third.) : Master Huff N. Puff is the man with the plan, all right. I mean, I love clouds. Love 'em. And so covering the world in clouds seems pretty cool to me. How about you? You like clouds? ...Eeeek! You're... that wanted man! Mario! You guys, it's Mario! We gotta get him before he breaks the puff puff machine!

(The magikoopa and the lakitus attack Mario)

(If Mario attempts to break the puff puff machine while near the magikoopa.)

Yellow magikoopa: Hey! Stop that! The puff puff machine is extemely delicate! You might break it!

(If Mario hits it again.)

Yellow magikoopa: I said don't hit it! Don't you realize that if the puff puff machine breaks, we won't be able to make clouds, and blue skies will return? You think it's easy to fill the sky with clouds? ..Oh, my... You're... Ma... Ma... Mario!!!

(The magikoopa and the lakitus attack Mario)

(If Mario attempts to break the puff puff machine while near the lakitus.)

Lakitu 1: Hey! What're you doing! The Puff Puff Machine's delicate, man. Didn't you know? If you break it, we're gonna be in a world of hurt!

(If Mario hits it again.)

Lakitu 1: Didn't you hear me? Stop it! If you break that machine, how are we supposed to keep filling the sky with clouds, huh? You ever think of that, genius? You think clouds just appear out of thin air or something? …Wait a minute… You're… Ma… Ma… Mario!!!

(The magikoopa and the lakitus attack Mario)

(The lakitus and the magikoopa battle Mario and friends with everything they've got, but they are still defeated.)

Yellow magikoopa: Ahhhh, retreat, boys!! He beat us, but good! (They all fly away.)

Lakilester: Baah ha ha! Look at those chumps run away! All right! Now, Mario... We'd better do something about the puff puff machine, huh?

(Mario breaks the puff puff machine with is hammer. It stops making clouds and the sky clears up.)

(The game transtions to each of the characters below in the order they're listed.)

Sun: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! The clouds are gone! It's time for a little sunshine! (He rises in the sky and bathes all of Flower Fields in sunshine.)

Wise Wisterwood: Oh, precious sunlight! Ho ho ho ho ho!!! Mario did it! He saved Flower Fields!

Posie: Ohhhh, yes!! The sun!!! Yay, yippee!! The sun's back!!! Oops... Tee hee hee! Losing control like that... It's so unlike me...

Lily: Ah, the bright rays of the sun... Once again I can gaze at the sparkles of light on the water...

Rosie: Ohh, it's about time. The sun! Flower Fields is saved! And, of course, the sunlight can only add to my beauty...

Petunia: It's the sun, it's the sun!!!!! Oh, that heat feels so good! Maybe being stuck in one place isn't so bad after all. I feel full of life again!

Lakilester: Helping folks feels...good! I could get used to this, man. Mario, what are you going next? I'll follow you anywhere.

Flower Fields-South-east

Lily: The sun is shining. And I am floating. Oh..., I'm...so...happy!♥

Flower Fields-South-west

Posie: Now that the sun has returned, the crystal tree and I are filled with new life. I heard that it's all because of you. Thank you.

Flower Fields-West

Rosie: The sunlight glittering on this crystal berry is really quite striking, you know. i love all things beautiful. And yet, no one realizes how hard it is to be so gorgeous...

Flower Fields-East

Petunia: After basking in this lovely sun for a while, I've noticed...that it feels good to grow! Even though I can't move, I'm completely happy right here!

Sun tower

Sun: Hey!!! I heard you're the guy who broke the puff puff machine! Thank you so much! Thanks to you, Flower Fields has blue skies again. And I can shine once more! Speaking of shining, I'd better get back into the sky! All those flowers are waiting! See you! Bye! Good luck!!

(He goes back up in the sky.)

Flower Fields-Main area

Bub-ulb with purple flower: Oh, the sun's back! he's burning hot again! Way to go Mr. Sun! Everything's back to normal! Just gimme my soil, water and sun and I'll be happy. I don't need anything else.

Bub-ulb with pink flower: (Singing) ♪The light of the sun is back--ooh, yeah! Feels good, so good, uh huh!! Flower flower shower power shoo-bee-do-waa ooo-waaaa Dooo waaa!♪ (Not singing) I feel like singing and dancing all day long!

Bub-ulb with sea green flower: Oh, the land's full of sunlight! I wish I could kiss this whole world right now! As long as I have sulight like this on me, I could live here for the rest of my life.

Bub-ulb with yellow flower: Oh, it's the sun! The sun has come out! I knew you could do it! It's all because of you! I can't believe I made it through those sad, cloudy days!

(Mario can't talk to Tolielip for some reason.)

Wise Wisterwood: Oh, thank you, Mario. You did a tree-mendous job. You cleared off those clouds so the sun could rise once more. It's so nice seeing my dear Flower Fields full of light again after such a long time. There's nothing like sunlight! Oh yes, of course! You should plant that magical seed, don't you think? It should grow well now. I'd the say the best place for you to plant it would be over there where you can see the soil.

(If Mario attemps to use the items in the incorrect order)

Wise Wisterwood: Ho now! What are you doing? Haven't you ever grown a plant? When you're planting something the order is soil, then the bean, then water.

(Mario puts the fertile soil on the ground, then he plants the bean and then he waters it with the miracle water. Suddenly, a giant beanstalk starts growing. It goes through the clouds, some of which are shaped like an apple, a donut, two cherries, a lolipop, a croissant and an ice cream. Then, the beanstalk makes it all the way to the cloudy climb, Huff N. Puff's hideout.)

Wise Wisterwood: Ho ho ho! Success! Look at that sprout! Now you can go up to cloudy climb. Best of luck, son. ...Hmmm. My spot seems to be getting less and less sunny. ...How disappointing.

Cloudy climb

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: Wow! We're in the clouds! We're floating! It feels comfy, but I just don't quite trust it. Mario, am I sinking? Am I?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: We're way up in the air. Since we're on a cloud, we must be close to Star Haven. Do you think the Star Spirits are OK?)

(Mario and friends jump on one of the beanstalk's giant leaves and it starts spinning around the benastalk, raising them up. Soon, they arrive att he cloudy climb and start exploring it. They evenutally arrive at the end and find Huff N. Puff lying in the clouds.)

Huff N. Puff (If anyone but Lakilester is out.): Are you a man named Mario? And did you or did you not break one Puff Puff Machine? What possessed you to do that? You completely ruined my plan to cover Flower Fields in clouds. You see, I was going to turn this sunlight-blasted place into a cloud-covered paradise. But I can't expect a man of your intellect to understand… I must tell you, King Bowser ordered me to defeat you if you showed your face…but I'd take you down even if it weren't a direct order! You cloud-destroying pest! You can't save the Star Spirit! Gahh ha ha ha ha ha!!! Here comes the storm!

(If Lakilester is out): Are you a man named Mario? And did you or did you not break one Puff Puff Machine? What possessed you to do that? You completely ruined my plan to cover Flower Fields in clouds. You see, I was going to turn this sunlight-blasted place into a cloud-covered paradise. But I can't expect a man of your intellect to understand… Is that you, Spike!? So! You have betrayed me! You will be punished. I was given this Star Spirit by king Bowser. I'll never give it to the likes of you. You will both pay dearly for your crimes!

(In both cases he comes out of the clouds and challenges Mario and friends to a battle.)

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Huff N. Puff. Every time he is attcked, small cloud creatures called tuff puffs come out of him. Their amount depends on the damge Mario does to Huff N. Puff. If he deosn't defeat them, Huff N. Puff absorbs them and replenishes his HP.)

Tuff puff: Master Huff N. Puff! I wish to pummel Mario, too! Permission to attack?

Huff N. Puff : Yes, take him!

(The tuff puffs attack Mario. He has to repel them before they do too much damage.)

Huff N. Puff (After receiving a lot of damage.): You asked for it... Now you'll witness the full power of my storm!

Tuff puff: Master Huff N. Puff! Leave him to me!

(The tuff puffs attack Mario again. Huff N. Puff charges up. He will do a massive electrical attack in the next turn. If Mario is unable to avoid it, he will receive a lot of damage.)

Huff N. Puff (If his lightning attack is successful): Gaaah ha ha ha ha!!!! How do you like that?!!

Tuff puff: Whoa!! Master Huff N. Puff, you are truly the mightiest!

Huff N. Puff (When his HP is almost down to zero): We seem to be in trouble. Hmm... I guess I'd better stop messing around and fight hard!

Tuff Puff: Will you be all right, master?

Huff N. Puff: We're not done!!! Here I come!!!!

(He and his tuff puffs fly off-screen and ground pound on the ground. This attack will also do a lot of damage if Mario doesn't avoid it. In the end, Huff N. Puff and his tuff puffs are defeated and the battle ends.)

Cloudy climb

Huff N. Puff: No!! I cannot lose!!

(He explodes into tuff puffs that are sent flying off into different directions. Then the card with the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar, appears and Mario is able to save him.)

(Storyline text: So it is that Mario and friends defeat cruel cloud Huff N. Puff and set free the sisth Star Spirit. The thick clouds that once cast dark shadows have gone, and Flower Fields is bathed in sunshine again. A single Star Spirit waits to be rescued, waits to take its palce in the Star Sanctuary. Perhaps you will see princess Peach soon... Perhaps... Just wait and see. Kammy Koopa, who watches impatiently from Bowser's castle, is waiting, too... for you to try to save them...

End of chapter (The player can save and continue, save and quit or continue without saving.)

Interlude 6

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(The game goes back to princess Peach and Twink)

Peach: Hey... Twink. You know that sneaky parasol I got on that quiz show? I can change into someone else when I use it, right? So don't you think I can use it to get out of here?

Twink: Yeah... I bet you can... Why don't you try it out? Press "B' while facing whover it is you want to transform into.

(Peach uses the secret passage and gets out of her room. She is able to use the sneaky parasol to transform into one of the koopatrols patroling outside. Then she can talk to the other Bowser minions.)

Peach's castle-second floor

Koopatrol near the left staircase 1: Hey. How goes it? Phew.... They've been working me like a dog lately...

Koopatrol near the left staircase 2: Sayyyy... I heard that Kammy Koopa is building some big thing above princess Peach's castle. I bet you it's a secret weapon designed to defeat Mario.


Hammer bro going around the chest of drawers: What are you doing here? Get back to your station! Kammy Koopa will chew us both out if she finds you here instead of at your post!

Hammer bro across the two parallel bookcases: Why do we bother patroling? I mean, don't you agree? Sure, I know, princess Peach got out a couple of times... But this castle is hovering in the middle of the sky! Where's she gonan go? Huh? I think king Bowser's nervous. He hides it well, though.

Hammer bro. looking in a bookself: Wha... What're you looking at? I... I'm not looking for the book you think I'm looking for! I swear! No fooling! I'm trying to study...something! Now take this and go away! (He gives him a shooting star.)

Peach's castle-Second floor

Kooaptrol guarding Peach's room: On patrol? Very good, then. You can pass through. (He steps aside and lets her in.)

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(If Peach looks at herself in the mirror while looking like a Bowser's minion)

Peach: Oh.. Eeew! I look frightful!

Twink: It's not real, princess...but... I must say... That's not a very good look for you.

Peach's castle-first floor

Koopatrol patroling near the main staircase : Hey! You! Stop loitering around here!

Koopatrol patroling near the kitchen: Why'd you leave your station? Oh... You're looking for yoru relief, huh? Well, get a move on, then.

Peach's castle-second floor

Koopatrol guarding the main door: On patrol? Very good, then. You can pass through. (He steps aside and lets her in.)

Stair hallway

Kooaptrol walking around: All quiet here! ...Me? Nervous? No, not me! You surprised me, that's all.

Koopatrol guarding the door: Where's my relief, already? My shift has been over for ages now! Listen... Could you go find that slacker and get him up here? Please! I'm exhausted! He loosk like this. (Image of a clubba appears.) He's probably goofing off outside the castle somewhere. Here. Take this to find him. (He gives him a key.) It's the key to the entrance of the castle. You won't be able to get downstairs without it.

(Peach gets downstairs and unlcocks the main entrance with the key. She gets outside)

Peach castle-Outside

Clubba: Zzzz...

(She finds the clubba sleeping. There is also a door, probably leading to Bowser's castle below, but if Peach tries to open it:)

Twink: It seems to be locked. You can't open it.

Clubba (Talking to him as anyone of Bowser's minions.): So sleepy... So very sleepy... Just lemme catch a quick nap...but don't tell anyone... Zzz... mumble... mumble...

(Talking to him as princess Peach): Uh...nnnn.....princess peach....somewhere around here...close by... Zzz... mumble... mumble..

(Talking to him as himself): Hey, it's you! Oh no, it's just me. Hello me! Zzz... mumble... mumble...

(Peach uses the parasol to transform into the clubba.)

Stair hallway

(Transformed as the clubba, princess Peach goes back to the stair hallway.)

Koopatrol walking around: Where have you been? You took your sweet time!

Koopatrol guaridng the door: Ah, finally! About time! You're so late! Again! Don't you know how to read the shift schedule? Well, i guess I'll let it slide this time, but watch it, OK? OK. Have a good shift. I'm shovin' off. (He starts leaving. He stops and turns around.) Don't goof off, either! You're on thin ice, buddy! (He leaves.)

(Peach goes through the door and crosses the rest of the castle, including the area with the broken window where Bowser defeated Mario. She soon arrives at a bridge in the outside area of the castle. There are two koopatrols next to a door.)

Koopatrol 1: Hey, you! Yeah, you! Entry is prohibited for unauthorized people. But...you're already up here, so I guess it's too late. It's a stupid restriction, anyway.

(If Peach gets too close to the door, it opens and kammy Koopa comes out. Peach gets in line with the two koopatrols.)

Kammy Koopa: OK, OK. everything's is finally ready. Even if Mario shows up with all of the Star Spirits, we'll still be all right! It pays to expect the worse.

Koopatrol next to the door: Absolutely! Affirmative! You're right, Kammy Koopa!

(kammy Koopa starts leaving. She stops and looks at Peach.)

Kammy Koopa: Mmm! You there! You're doing a fine job. (She turns around to leave, but suddenly she stops.)

Kammy koopa; Keep up the good... Wait... Something's weird about you... You smell...too nice... Yahhhh! (She casts a spell and throws lightning on Peach, breaking her disguise.)

Peach: Uh-oh!

Kammy Koopa: You... Why you little... Princess Peach! Unbelievable! Out again!! Guards! All of you! Catch this little runaway and take her back to her room!

(The koopatrols grab princess Peach and lift her in the air.)

Peach: Noooo!

(The leave the area, while Twink who was hidden nearby, flies away unnoticed.)


Flower Fields-Main area

(Meanwhile, Mario, his friends and Klevar are in front of he Wise Wisterwood.)

Klevar: What a pleasure meeting you. My name is Klevar. Thank you for saving me. Huff N. Puff is gone, so the flowers in Flower Fields can live peacefully once more. I feel that if you hadn't come, Flower Fields would never have seen the light again. Now there is only one of us Star Spirit still trapped. Just one more, Mario! Here... Please use my power as you continue your fight. (He transfers Mario his power.)

(A message appears: Mario's Star Energy goes up to 6! Mario can now use time out, a new Star Spirit power! With time out, you can stop time--and stop all enemies in their tracks!)

Klevar: Now, you are able to use the powers of six Star Spirits. If you use mine well, it should prove to be extremely helpful in battle. Don't become overconfident, though. You must be careful. Bowser has power, as well. Remember that even stronger enemies await you... I hope our power will help you so that you will help us... We're all depending on you! I'll go back to Star Heaven now. I can't wait to get there! I've been terribly worried about everyone... (He flies off.)

Wise Wisterwood: Congratulations, young Mario! You saved the Star Spirit! Because of your efforts, Flower Fields is beautiful again. Thank you, Mario. It was worth living so long to meet a man of your stature. Please come and see me again. I'll be looking forward to it.

(Talkign to him again.): Thank you from the bottom of my trunk, Mario. It was worth living so long to meet a man of your stature. Please come and see me again. I'll be looking forward to it.

Bub-ulb with pink flower: Rosie and Lily are always arguing about which one of them is more beautiful. They're both beautiful! Why compare?! Every flower is beautiful!

Bub-ulb with purple flower: I've heard rumors about many flowers, but I've never heard any rumors about me. What do they think of me? Are they talking about me? I wonder how it would fell to be the centre of attention all the time...

Bub-ulb with sea green flower: Hello there! How are you? Are you enjoying the sunshine as much as I am?

Bub-ulb with yellow flower: Now I'm going to grow and grow and produce lots and lots of cute little seeds! You know, Mario, as long as you're around, I think the world's going to be OK.

Tolielip: Hey, guy! By the way, do you even know what my name is? They call me Tolielip. I persοnally think it's kind of a rude name. I mean, I never lie! Never! ...Heh heh heh, ha ha ha!! Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Baaaaah ha ha ha ha!!!

Lakilulu (if anyone but Lakilester is out): Please take care of Lakilester. He acts like he's really tough, but he's a bit of a pushover.

(If Lakilester is out): How're you doing, Lakilester? Are you becoming a better lakitu by helping people? Hmm?

Lakilester: Darn it, I told you not to call me Lakilester! Gah! You never listen to me! ...But that's why you're so cute.

Sun Tower

Sun: Hey... We meet again! Hey, did you know? The sun is the sun only when it rises to light the skies. Today I am once again spreading sunshine, so I an be called Mr. Sun again. Anywaυ, see you again! Good luck! (He flies up into the sky.)

Flower Fields-Main area

(Mario and friends go through the gate and return to Toad Town.)

Toad Town-Central area

Minh T.: I can imagine all those flowers! So colourful and happy, turning their face to the sun. Mario, you saved them! Flower power! You are a true hero!

Blue toad: I've always been content just to watch Minh T. at work. ...At least that's how I used to feel, but lately I've grown restless... What good is looking at her? If I never get up the nerve to talk to her, she'll never know my true feelings... Oh... Mihn T... Maybe I could talk to her up on shooting star summit.

Red toad walking around: Have you met the wise toad? He lives over by the western gate. The big one. That guy seems to know something about everything. He's really popular at parties, what with his knowledge and everything. You'd be surprised.

Light green toad walking: What should I do if something goes down in Toad Town while you're off adventuring? Well, I'm worried, Mario! We haven't had much luck solivng problems on our own.

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle: Bowser! You hear me?! Give up our princess Peach! Sniffle sniffle... Mario...you gotta save her...

Red toad near Merlon's house: Mario! Grea timing. Somebody was looking for you. He's over at Merlon's house.

Green toad: Shiver City is far from here, in the northern lands. There is snow there always. If I ever had to live in such a place, I'd never go outside. The people up there should wish for warmer weather. Maybe it's none of my business.

Peach's castle area

Muss T.: Even now, I still take walks to shooting star summit. I have so many beautiful memories of trekking up there to see the stars. Now, though... Now we can't see any stars at all. How I miss them....

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: Mario, I heard you're going to the far north. Bring a sweater or something. And be careful! It's dangerous!

Kris T.: It's been quite a while since princess Peach and the others in the castle were abducted. I wonder how they are doing?

Miss T.: I hope they're treating princess Peach OK. Do you think Her Highness has enough to eat? I'm really worried.

Felissa T.: I want to take something for those people to eat. If I could somehow float up to the sky and.....no, it's impossible! Waaaaah!! I, Felissa T., am so useless!

Red toad near the shop: Do you keep on using one favourite item all the time? It's fine to have favorites, but you really should experiment with other items. You might just find one that's even cooler.

Blue toad near the pond: Let's wish to the stars that we'll stay together forever. I hope that you and I need never be apart again.

Pink female toad: Your heart echoes mine! Life without you is just a pale illusion.

Light green toad: Big news, people, wow! Mario beat the pollen out of Bowser's henchmen! Flower Fields is saved! Big news, folks. Great news!

Red toad near the entrance: I wonder how princess peach and the others in the castle are doing? You think they're...suffering? I wish things would go back to normal again so that we could all live in peace. Mario...you're the only one we can truly rely on.

Nearby house

Toad dad: I've been playing this strange game with my children. It's pretty difficult. The kids say I stink at it, too! Those rascals... They have a surprise coming... I've been practising at night! Don't tell! I can't wait to show them all up!

Toad mom: My dumpling's always playing games with the children. When he used to go to the castle every day for work, I would sometimes wish to the stars that the family could be together more often. I didn't think it would be like this! It's like I have three children instead of two!

Toad kid 1: Dad told me about you. You're trying to save princess Peach and the people in the castle, aren't you? That's pretty cool... You're the second coolest guy after my dad.

Toad kid 2: Dad says he's more afraid of mom than of anything else in the whole world. But mom's such a sweetheart! She's totally kind! You think... Dad's a scaredy-cat?

Toad Town-South part

Little light green toad: Mario, I'm thinking of becoming a detective when I grow up. There's this really cool detective in this novel my mom's reading right now. I wanna be like him.

Purple female toad: I'm trying my hardest to make Kooky cookies. I'm going to give them to the object of my affection. To make them, you need cake mix and... You just wait!♥ I'm going to bewitch my love with these cookies. He'll fall head over heels.

Light green toad: My sources tell me that deep inside that pipe over there, lie many hidden treasures. What kind of treasures? Inquring toads want to know!

Blue toad: If you're looking for any particular objects, you should ask Merluvlee of shooting star summit to read your fortune. She's famous for the accuracy of her predictions.

Red toad: Mario, you're really good at climbing down that pipe! You roll up like paper and spin on down! That's so cool!

Green toad: Mario, Mario, Mario. Have you ever met the wizard, Merlon? I went to him to ask what could I do to "cultivate myself." And Merluvlee was there! Merlon's her granpa, of course. I was so lucky...and happy... My heart started beating a mile a minute... She said "hello" to me. ...Tee hee!♥

Fice T.: I got really into reading scary novels recently. They're good, but... I wish I could forget some of the things in those books! When I think of them I get really scared just standing here!

Toad Town-residential area

Green toad: Hey, Mario. About Rowf's badge shop... I've heard it said that there are lots of badges there. Might be a good idea to go there often, you dig me?

Blue toad in the middle of the road: The stars used to make wishes come true for the citizens of Musroom Kingdom. Supposedly, they only grant good wishes, but who's to say which wishes are good?

Blue toad next to a tree: A lot of people around here say that there's something inside that pipe in the town, but... I don't believe one word of it! Well, think about it... If there really were something... That'd be really creepy!

Little red toad: Hey, guys. My mom's... She's really into this book she's reading. I guess it's really interesting. She doesn't play much anymore.

Little light green toad: My mom's reading it, too. It was written by some guy named Herringway. Mom says it's a real page-turner but it's not for children. I tried to sneak a peek, but she caught me.

Little green toad: Who'd want to read it anyway? Grown-up books are boring.

Green toad in the group of toads: Even when you're out of town, Luigi is still around, so we feel safe. With two local heroes, we have nothing to worry about.

Red toad: I've noticed that Luigi looked a little down in the mouth, though, since you've been out. You should go visit him.

Light green toad: I'm sure I know what his problem is. He probably just wants to go on advenutres, too.

Orange female toad: People often ask me if I don't get bored going for walks in the same place every day. But I don't get bored at all. It seems like something changes a little bit every day.

Nearby house

Green female toad: Hey, Mario. Are you good at saving up your coins? I still have lots of coins in my saving. I have no idea how to spend them all! You don't know any smart investments, do you?

Purple female toad: My sister's thinking of a good way to spend her coins. I think she should spend it for the good of others...


Blue toad near the entrance: This is the port. Welcome! I used to come here at night to watch for shooting stars out over the ocean. I haven't seen one in a while. I wonder where the stars where?

Fishmael: I'd love ter sail the seven seas fishin' fer diff'rent fish.

Light green toad: That whale... It seemed like it was hurting before, but it looks fine now. Anything that big is bound to be scary at first, but now that I'm used to it, it's actually really cute! It makes me want to write a serenade for it.

Club 64

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! You believe this? That whale's been really good for the biz. All these people come for the whale and stay for the food! This joint's been jumping!

Barman: I may not be one of those mystical stars, but I know people's wishes, all right. Seems like every customer I have bends my ears for a while. I've been hearing people's wishes ever since I first opened this place up.


Red toad: Hello, Mario. I heard you went over to Flower Fields recently. I've never been there myself, but the elder at Koopa Village, the esteemed Koopa Koot, told me once about the time he journeyed to Flower Fields in the days of his youth. Accoridng to his tale, he valiantly saved a nig tree called the wise wisterwood. Old Koopa Koot... He's told me a million stories about his travels. He was a famous explorer when he was younger. Proably the most famous koopa in the land. Perhaps it was Koopa Koot's influence that led Kolorado into the adventuring life.

Blue toad near the sea: I often wonder what Star Heaven is like. Do you think it could be that different from Toad Town? Sailing on a sea of stars... How glorious that would be!

Fuzzipede: I decided that, in my next life, I'm gonna be a fish. And all I'm gonna do is drive that Fishmael nuts all day long. Hoo wee!

Train station

Purple female toad: You know, if you're out in the field and need an item, there may not be a shop around. You should always be prepared for the worse. They have lots of good stuff in the shops here in Toad Town...

Dane T.: What up, Mario? You ever read mystery novels? My pal says there's a guy in Shiver City who writes really interesting mysteries.

Mini T.: I guess mysteries are all right, but I think that funny and exciting stories are better. I'd rather read a story about one of your adventures, Mario. That'd be the best!

Green toad: Mario, I really admire he fact that you're so well traveled. If I had one-eighth of your strength, I think I'd travel the world haivng adventures, too.

Blue toad: I get really excited when I hear the train chugging along and watch the smoke puffing. I wish that someday, in a far-away land, I'd find someone who loves trains as much as I do.

Toad Town-Sewers

(Mario goes into the sewers. Now that he has Lakilester, he is able to cross some spikes and go through another pipe. After crossing some areas with more enemies like spinies and dark koopas, he find a spring that allows him to get to a chest. He opens it and takes out a pair of boots.)

(A message appears: You got the ultra boots! The attack power of Mario's jump increases!! On top of that, you can now do a tornado jump by pressing "A" again while in the air!)

Mario's house

(If Mario goes back to his house, he finds Luigi sitting on a block. He can break it with his torande jump.)

Luigi: Boy, hanging out way up high sure was nice... Such a great view and everything... Uh...never mind. Say, are those new boots? They look really flashy! Now you'll be a better jumper!

Merlon's house

(Mario enters Merlon's house and finds Merlon with a ninji.)

Merlon: Oh, it's you! you came at such a good time. There's a guest waiting for you.

Ninji: Nice to meet you. I come from Starborn Valley. Starborn Valley is in the Shiver region, a chilly place far to the north, at the very end of the Earth. Merle, who hails from there, said that he had something important to tell you, Mario.

Merlon: Merle of Starborn Valley is my son, Mario. It seems he's calling for you. If he's searching for you, you can be sure something important is afoot. You must go to Starborn Valley! Do not delay!

Ninji: Yes, please hurry! I will run ahead and get tidings of you to Merle. (He leaves.)

Merlon: I think somewhere deep below Toad Town is a pipe conencted to Shiver City. Starborn Valley is located quite near Shiver City. Mario...hurry to meet my son. He waits in Starborn Valley.

(Mario and friends go to the sewers. With his new boots, he is able to find the way. He takes a pipe, goes through it and ends up at a dead end. After blowing up the wall with Bombette, he finds a room with another pipe and a guy named Rip Cheato.)

Rip Cheato: Well, well. Looky here. Hello, hello, hello! Rip Cheato at your service. You're quite an enterprising fellow, finding this place. What am I doing here? Just a little business...and minding my own. You my friend, have just stumbled into great fortune, for I have a deal for you. I have something special, and it costs only 64 coins. Deal? Trust me... It's a bargain.


-Don't buy

(If "Buy" is chosen, Mario gets a star piece.)

Rip cheato: Well done, my good man! I thank you deeply. Now, if you thought that item was good... I have something even better at the same price: 64 coins. But I warn you, this offer's only good right now. You'll be kicking yourself if you miss this opportunity! So how about it? do we have a deal or nor?


-Don't buy

(If don't buy is chosen.)

Rip Cheato: Okay...pinch your pennies. It's a shame, really. This item's so amazing... And, well...it could be gone whe you come back...

(Talking to him again after refusing): A ha... So you cannot resist the temptation of my goods! I knew you would return! If you miss this chance, you'll never again find this item at such a low price. Right now--Just for you--I'll let it go for a mere 64 coins. Do we have a deal or not?


-Don't buy

(This is a list of items Rip Cheato sells to Mario for 64 coins each.)

-Star Piece

-Life Shroom

-Bump Attack Badge

-Repel Gel

-Star Piece

-Super Shroom


-Dried Shroom

-Dried Shroom

-Star Piece

-(and onwards) Dried Shroom

(Goombario's tattle: He's a merchant by the name of Rip Cheato. Who knows why he set up here... I guess it doesn't matter. People can sell stuff wherever they want. It's their choice. I actually kind of like it here. It's like a secret fort!)

(If Mario takes the pipe in the room, it leads to the inside of a house and there's a key there. Mario uses it to unlock the door and get out. It turns out to be the blue house in the South part of Town. He then goes back in the sewers.)

(Evenutally, Mario finds a door in the sewers and behind it is a room with a pipe. He and his friends go through it and it leads to some frozen sewers.)

Tunnel beneath Shiver City

(Goombario's tattle: The tunnel is freezing! I should've worn a sweater! What do you say we go someplace a bit warmer?)

(They go through another pipe to get out and chapter 7 begins.)

End of interlude

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on ice

Shiver City-Central part

(Goombario's tattle: This is Shiver City. It's usually completely covered with snow and ice. It's perfect for penguins. It's a bit cold for me. You seem to be fine, though. How do you do it, Mario?)

(Mario and friends come out of the other side of the pipe and find themselves in Shiver City, a snowy place inhabited by bumpties.)

Bumpty near the shop: Yah, hello! This is the northermost burg, Shiver City. You come from Toad Town? Very, very far away, yah? Welcome to Shiver City.

(Goombario's tattle: THis penguin gossips, but at least he takes the time to confirm rumors that he hears. He can still be wrong, though. It doesn't matter if he confirms his sources if the entire basis of the rumor is false.)

Bumpty near the nearby house: This city is becoming pretty dangerous lately. I saw this totally suspicious stranger wandering around just a short time ago. He seemed to be searching for someone. I didn't like his looks. I wonder where he got off to.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a pretty easygoing penguin who always gossips. I mean, I like gossip, but... don't these guys get bored recycling all the same rumors?)

Bumpty at the left of the pipe: (When Mario doesn't have any cards): Mariooooo!!! Did you know that there's a Dojo in Toad Town? I go there all the time. I finally got my Third-Degree Card the other day. I'm sure you have a much higher ranking than I do, though. What? You don't have anything?!

(When Mario has a first-degree card): Hey... You have... ...a First-Degree Card! Heh heh heh. A beginner, huh? I've got a Third-Degree Card. Looks like I'm stronger than you!

(When Mario has a second-degree card): Hey... You have... ...a Second-Degree Card! Heh heh heh. It's a start. I've got a Third-Degree Card. I must be tougher than you!

(When Mario has a third-degree card): Hey... You have... ...a Third-Degree Card! I've got a Third-Degree Card, too!! Cool! We have the same ranking! We're equals!!

(When Mario has a fourth-degree card): Hey... You have... ...a Fourth-Degree Card! Wow, you're strong! I wish I were that strong... I'd better train harder!!

(When Mario has the diploma): Hey... You have... ...a Diploma... Wooow! I mean, woooooow! You beat The Master!! How'd you manage that? You're the strongest guy ever!!

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin's been to the dojo in Toad Town. He likes to show off his certificate and compare it to ones other people got at the dojo.)

Bumpty near the toad house: ...Starborn Valley? Oh. Sure. Go east from this city. But you have to be careful! I have it on good faith that there's lots of scary monsters between here and there. The thought makes me shiver... It seems like all I hear these days are frightening rumors. What's Shiver City coming to?

(Goombario's tattle: He likes rumors. He doesn't look like the adventurous type at all. If he wants some excitement instead of just gossip, he should eat a volt shroom. That'd give him a jolt!)

Bumpty near the end of the area: I saw this really bizzare guy around here the other day. He was shouting like... "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" or "It's freeeeezing!!!" And he was also going... "Nooooo!! Marioooo!!!" Who was that nut?

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin likes to gossip. He never goes outside the city, though. He just wanders around here, where it's safe.)


Bumpty: Welcome to Shiver Shop. How can I help you today?

(If buy is chosen): If there's anything you want to buy, stand in front of it and press the "A" Button.

(Buying): You need (Number of coins.) coin(s) for (Name of item.). Is that cool with you?

(Item bought): Many thanks.

(Not enough coins): Hey! You can't afford that!

(Too many items): You're packed a little heavy. Please come again after selling, checking, or using some items.

(If sell is chosen): Which one would you like to sell?

(Mario chooses an item.)

Bumpty: I'll buy (Name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). Is that cool with you?

(Refusing to sell): All right, chill out.

(Refusing to sell, more items): All right, chill out. Is there anything else you want to sell?

(Item sold): Thank you very much.

(Item sold, more items): Thank you very much. Is there anything else you want to sell?

(To sell, no items): You need to own items in order to sell them.

(If check is chosen): We can check (Number of items.) more item(s). What would you like to check?

(Item checked): OK, we'll put it in deep freeze.

(Item checked, more items): Is there anything else you would like us to check?

(To check, full storage): I am sorry, but we have no more room for items.

(To check, no items): You have to own some items in order to check them.

(If claim is chosen): Which one would you like to claim?

(Item claimed): Here it is!

(Item claimed, more items): Is there anything else you want to claim?

(To claim, full inventory): You're packed a little heavy. Please come again after selling or using some items.

(To claim, empty storage): Excuse me? But we aren't keeping anything for you!

(Leaving): Come chill out anytime!

Toad house

Red toad: The toad house slogan is... "Refresh your body and soul." Would you like to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): Sleep well..

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you have a good nap? Good luck to you!

(Every time Mario Mario sleeps in the toad house, he will find an iced potato on the table when he wakes up.) (

(Goombario's tattle: This toad of the northern lands runs the toad house. He was sent here from princess Peach's castle. It must be tough to work in such a cold place. I wonder what he does to keep his spirits up.)

Nearby house

Bumpty: Starborn Valley and Shiver mountain are both near here. But you'd better dress warmly if you plan on reaching them.

(Goombario's tattle: These penguins love rumors. They gather together just to gossip. Especially about other people. The tiniest little rumor will spread like wildfire around here if they hear it. Their gossip stays in town, so that's something, at least.)

Shiver City-East part

(Goombario's tattle-before breaking the ice on the lake: It looks like we could go skating on that frozen pond. Skating is tons of fun! I don't know, though... Do you think that ice might break? Oh, you might also notice that gate over there. It leads out into the highlands. The path from that gate leads all the way to Starborn Valley.)

(Goombario's tattle-after breaking the ice on the lake: It's too bad we broke the ice in that pond, huh? Now we can't go skating! What a pity! That gate is the way between the village and the cold hills beyond. A guard is always stationed there. If you follow the path from that gate, eventually you'll come to Starborn Valley.)

Penguin patrol: I'm the city guard around here. I'm investigating a report of a suspicious character wandering around the city. You... You're not him, are you?

(Goombario's tattle: He's the penguin patrol! Guardian of the city! He does an adequate job as an investigator, but I wouldn't count on his skills too much. When trouble arises, I think that Mario is the best man for the job!)

Bumpty guarding the gate: We're on alert because a stranger appeared in the city. So I can't let you pass without the permission from the mayor.

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin is the gatekeeper. He guards the city gate night and day. He keeps track of anyone coming or going through Shiver city.)

Bumpty outside the nearby house: Starborn Valley is a little ways off from this city. It's a very mysterious place. They say that star kids rise up to the sky from there. But I haven't seen any stars rising to the sky lately...

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin's camped out by Herringway's house. What's he staring at? Is he even awake? He really enjoys looking up at the night sky.)

(Mario enters the house. it has one floor, no stairs and is seemingly empty so he leaves.)

Pink female toad 1: When you hear about Shiver City, ice skating is the first thing that comes to mind!♥

Pink female toad 2: Well, skiing's nice, too, but not when a monster's loose!

Pink female toad 3: It's scary out in the snow, so city-scating we will go♪ Yeah, yeah!♥

Bumpty on the frozen lake 1: I love sliding on the ice. Wiiiish... So much fun! How about you? You wanna join me?

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin has mastered many ways to play with snow and ice. He looks like he could have fun anywhere cold.)

Bumpty on the frozen lake 2: I really love sliidng around in the snow. Pingy, pangy, pengy song♪ Snow is falling all day long♪ Skate or spin or sing a song♪ Waah ohhhhh...hey!♪ Doo beeeee...say!♪ Way vonnnce...yay!♪ Oh! I think I'd better practice.

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin likes skating, but he likes rumors even more. Boy, penguins sure do love their rumors, huh?)

Bumpty outside the locked warehouse: This building's a warehouse. Nobody can get in because some careless guard managed to lose the key to the door. Actually, I'm the one who lost it. I had it just a little while ago.

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin is guarding the warehouse. But he lost the warehouse key. ...Not the best job of guarding. I guess he figures that he'll jjst stand there staring and pretend he's doing a good job.)

Bumpty near the frozen lake: I heard that a horrible monster lives at the end of this path. Everyone is so scared of it that they don't leave the city. ...Why can't we have peace? I wish there were no monsters...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a timid penguin. He's terrified of teh unknown and is constantly jumping. i wonder who's a bigger coward, this guy or the toad at Forever Forest? My money's on the toad.)

(If Mario attempts to break the frozen lake with his tornado jump or Bombette, the penguin patrol approaches him.)

Penguin patrol: What are you doing? Stop that! Have you lost your wits? What if the ice breaks? (He goes back to his spot.)

(If Mario does it again.)

Penguin patrol: No! Are you a complete idiot? I told you not to do that! That's really dangerous!

(He drags Mario away from the lake)

Penguin patrol: Don't you ever listen? You're a public nuisance! Take a hike! (He kicks him back to the central part. When Mario goes back, the ice has been restored.)

Shiver City-West part

(Goombario's tattle: I heard from Goompa that Shiver City is covered with snow all year round.)

Bumpty near the entrance to the area: Pengy pengy penguin pop♪ Feel the rhythm, stop 'n' bop♪ Do the pengy penguin hop♪ All the snowmen in a line♪ A bucket hat fits super fine, Eyes and noses, looking cool♪ Bring a scarf, you pengy fool!♪

(Goombario's tattle: He's a cheerful penguin. He looks fun, but a bit reckless.)

Nearby house

Bumpty: Anyone for a shaved ice treat? Starwberry flavor?♥ Maybe watermelon?♥♥ ...Or my personal favorite, tangy tangerine...?♥ Ho ho!♥ I love frozen treats!♥

(Goombario's tattle: There aren't many non-penguins, so we stand out in this city. I wonder what this penguin thinks about us.)

Shiver City-West part

Bumpty on the snow: People who travel here from other towns must think that this city is freezing cold. I'm used to it. I heard, though, that somewhere in the world is a hot town covered in sand. Now THAT would be intolerable. I don't believe it even exists.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a friendly penguin. He seems to be very fair.)

Bumpty near the Mayor's house: A really shady individual came to the city recently. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and running around... It was reeeeally odd... I think something strange is going on in our peaceful city.

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin who likes gossip. He wanders around the city.)

Mayor's house-Hall

Mayor's wife: Oh, we have a guest! Welcome! You poor man, you must be freezing! If you'd like to see my husband, he's in the other room. Please, go right in.

(Goombario's tattle: She's the wife of mayor Penguin, who's the mayor of Shiver City. She has a bit of a problem with exaggeration. She loves mysery novels and longs to be a great detective. The way I see it, she's a bit ot flighty to be a detective. You, however... I think you'd make a great sleuth, Mario!)

Mayor's house-Next room

(Mario and friends go in the other room and find mayor penguin lying on the floor, not moving. There is also a present next to him.)

(Goombario's tattle: This is the mayor of Shiver City, Mayor Penguin. He's a good friend of Herringway, another penguin. Everyone in the village relies on him. He's a little absentminded, but he does his job well. I know I've seen him in Toad Town before. I wonder if he's been to the castle? Ever seen him before, Mario?)

(Mario checks the body to see if the mayor is alive or dead and if there are any clues.)

(A message appears: No reply... Mayor penguins's body doesn't budge an inch. What's this? He has a memo in his hand that says, "Herringway.")

(The mayor's wife comes in the room.)

Mayor's wife: Darling, would you like a cup of tea? ........ Hmm? Oh... Dear, you know you'll catch a cold if you sleep there! (She approaches and looks at her husband's body.) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (She runs out of the house.)

(Off-screen): Help! Somebody! Anybody! My husband is dead!! He's been murdered! It's a penguin murder mystery!!!

??? (Off-screen): What's going on here, madam? Just calm down, now. You need to speak slowly so I can get to the bottom of this.

(The penguin patrol comes in the room with the mayor's wife)

Mayor's wife: My husband is dead! Look at him lying there! Oh, my darling husband!!! Somebody clipped his flippers!!

(The penguin patrol approaches the body and examines it.)

Penguin patrol: By puffin, you're right! The mayor's been murdered! This is like a mystery novel! Except it's real! How tragic! But madam, if I may ask... Who on earth would have reason to put this penguin on ice?

Mayor's wife: Him! Right there! That man with the suspicious mustache. I told him not to come in the house, but he barged right in! My husband was alive right up until this man showed up! He must be the murderer!

Penguin patrol: Hey you... Mustache! Are you listening? This good woman's accusing you. What do you say for yourself? Don't try to play ingorant with me, buddy. I'm a professional. We've got a witness here. Isn't that right, madam?

Mayor's wife: Yes! That's right! He did it in cold blood! I, uh...saw it with my own eyes! Besides, he's the only one who came into this room! It all adds up!

Penguin patrol: So you're sticking to your story, claiming you're not the culprit.

Goombario (If he's out): What's your problem? You don't actually think Mario did it, do you?

Kooper (If he's out): Are you crazy? Do you really think Mario would do something like that!?

Bombette (If she's out): Don't be ridiculous! Mario didn't do it!

Parakarry (If he's out): Mario didn't do it! He's obviously innocent!

Bow (If she's out): I was with him the whole time. I swear on my own grave! Mario's innocent!

Watt (If she's out): Mario, um, didn't do it! It's mean that you're treating him like he's a bad guy, even though there's no, um, evidence!

Sushie (If she's out): Hey, use your head! Do you really think Mario is capable of such a thing? Think about it.

Lakiletser (If he's out): What! Are you nuts, man? Mario's not a murderer! That's completely ridiculous!

Penguin patrol: Hmm... If you are telling the truth, then we're dealing with a backroom murder case. Oh, I never trained for this... A backroom murder case... A high-ranking penguin slain... How could such a horrible plot twist hit our peaceful city? You! Mr. mustache! Once more for the record! You swear you didn't do this? OK... I think I believe you. But that means we have to find the true murderer........ Ah! Perfect! I'll give you a chance. Since you claim that you are not the guilty party, then you must bring me the murderer yourself! If you do that, I'll believe you. It's the only way... All right, off with you. You haven't proved that you are innocent yet, so I must forbid you to leave the city.

(Talking to him again): Hmm? Got any leads yet? You're still our main suspect, so I'd advice you to find the real criminal. And fast.

Mayor's wife: You killed him, didn't you? I knew my insticts were right. When I saw a stranger like you out here in such a remote place, I knew you must be up to no good! Oh, the horror! My poor, poor penguin-kins! Please forgive me for letting this murderer in the house!

Shiver City-West part

Penguin outside the mayor's house 1: Mayor penguin was murdered! In his back room! And no one has the slightest idea who did it!

Penguin outside the mayor's house 2: Oh! It can't be! It's like we're in one of Herringway's mystery novels! How could such a terrible thing happen in such a small, peaceful city? Who could do such a thing?

Penguin outside the mayor's house 3: The mayor's wife said the man with the mustache did it! And he seemed a gentleman, too. Still, I guess you shouldn't trust anyone who carries such a huge hammer.

Penguin outside the mayor's house 4: Brrr! How terrifying! It just goes to show you that you should never trust your first impression of people.

(Goombario's tattle-all of them: There aren't many non-penguins, so we stand out in this city. I wonder what this penguin thinks about us.)

Nearby house

Bumpty: Herringway? Yes, of course I know him. Everyone in this city knows about him. He's a world-famous mystery novelist. ...You think Herringway killed mayor penguin? Hmm... That sounds nuts, but... you might be on to something. Herringway does know everything about crime and criminals. And he seems to have mysteriously disappeared...

Shiver City-West part

Bumpty near the Mayor's house: Ha! I'm not going to help you. I don't socialize with murderers. Get away from me!

Bumpty on the snow: Herringway? Why, he's a mystery novelist who lives in this city. You suspect Herringway? Nah! It couldn't be him! He and the mayor are friends!

Bumpty near the entrance to the area: You! Penguin killer!!!! You just keep your distance! What's with that gleam in your eye?! Noooo!!! AIIIIGH! I'm gonna be a murder victim! Please, somebody help me!!!

Shiver City-Central part

Bumpty near the nearby house: Herringway? Yeah, sure. He lives right next to the lake. His house is always empty, though. Who knows where he is... Whaaat?! ...Herringway might be a murderer? No! That can't be... He's a really good friend of the mayor's. He'd have no reason to off him! ...Unless there was some super-secret reason! Ever since I started reading Herringway's mystery novels, I suspect the unsuspected!

Bumpty standing on the pipe: You'd better show some evidence if you're really not the one who murdered mayor penguin! Until you do, I'm sorry, but I can't let you leave the city. I won't budge from this spot, oh no sirree! I'm serious now! There's no use trying to move me! ...Am I being too rude? Sorry.

Bumpty near the end of the area: There's a rumor that you murdered mayor penguin. Did you really do it? I don't think you did it. I bet it was that crazy guy I saw running around here the other day. He was weird. You don't look so weird.


Bumpty: Look, I'm not selling anything to mayor Penguin's killer. Get out of here, will you?

Shiver City-East part

Bumpty outside the nearby house: This is Herringway's house. He's a novelist. Herringway should be in there, but I haven't seen him lately... It's very peculiar...

Bumpty outside the locked warehouse: This building's a warehouse. Nobody can get in because some careless guard managed to lose the key to the door. I can't believe I lost it... I ought to retrace my steps... Hey, listen, if you find a key anywhere, let me know, OK?

Bumpty near the frozen lake: ... I SAID, "..."! I don't talk to penguin-killers.

Bumpty guarding the gate: Uh, hello? You are the number one suspect in the mayor's murder! You can't leave the city! Not until you prove you're innocent!

(Mario starts breaking the ice with his tornado jump or Bombette. The ice breaks and Mario bounces and lands on the snow. He dives in the lake with Sushie and grabs the warehouse key.)

Pink female toad 1: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! The ice on the lake broke!!

Pink female toad 2: We were just about to go ice skating!!

Pink female toad 3: Nooo! This is totally unfair! I was looking forward to skating all day long!

(Mario uses the key and unlocks the door of the warehouse.)

Bumpty outside the locked warehouse: Thanks for finding that key! I would've have been in deep trouble if I couldn't get inside.

(Mario and friends go in the warehouse and climb up the stairs. Using a spring, they get out of the chimney and slide to the roof of the next-door house. They jump in the chimney and land in the fireplace. Mario comes out, completely black by the smoke and the ashes, and sees a bumpty with white hair. He clears off the dirt.)

Herrringway's secret room

Herringway: What in the...? Why are you in my fireplace? You found my secret room....through the chimney....ingenious...

(Goombario's tattle: This penguin made a secret room in his house to hide in. What a cool idea! He's a friend of Mayor Penguin. His name is Herringway, and he writes mystery novels. His secret study, where he writes his novels, is on the second floor. I imagine that he has lots of fans in the city, so I can see why he'd need a secret room. I wouldn't mind reading one of his novels someday.)

(The room is filled with pieces of paper and novels. There aren't any stairs. Mario talks to the bumpty.)

Herringway: Me? I'm Herringway. The novelist. Haven't you heard of me? Whaaat?! Mayor penguin was murdered? And I'm the chief suspect? You must be joking! That's ridiculous! I did no such thing! You're very suspicious, huh? Well, I suppose I would be, too. It appears as though I should drop at the mayor's house. (He moves in front of the fireplace.) Engage stairs! (A bunch of stairs appear and connect the room with the rest of the house.) All right then, come on. Let's go to the mayor's house. (He goes down the stairs, followed by Mario and friends. They leave the house and follow Herringway to the mayor's house. He stops at the hall, giving them time to catch up.)

Mayor's house-Hall

Herringway: Let's get to the bottom of this case right now!

Mayor's house-Next room

(Mario and friends go in the room and Herrignway follows them.)

Penguin patrol: Oh, you again. Have you come up with anything? Hmm...?! Say, isn't that penguin behind you the mystery novel writer named Herringway? What-what?! Mayor penguin was clutching a piece of paper that had "Herringway" written on it? Bah! If that were true, I most certainly would have noticed it. (He checks the body.) Hmmm... He definitely does appear to be holding a piece of paper. Yes, of course! It's a message about his death! With his last breath, the mayor told us the murderer's identity! (He turns to Herringway.) So... Mr. Herringway... You cold-hearted murderer! It all makes sense now! No wonder your novels are so exciting and suspenseful! You live out your own plots!

Herringway: Dear man... Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? You actually think I would do this to the mayor? He's a great friend of mine!

Penguin patrol: Mmmm... Yes... Yes, you were good friends... Ah ha! But that was just a cover so that no one would suspect you of this heinous crime! That's it, isn't it? I've solved this crafty mystery!

Herringway: Oh, come on. Really. You simple, simple penguin. I would never be so predictable. Besides, I'm completely innocent. I've been working in my house on my new novel for weeks. I didn't have time to sneak over here to kill mayor penguin.

Mayor's wife: I'd just like to say that I still think the man with the mustache is the murderer.

Penguin patrol: Hmmmm... This penguin murder mystery is getting more intriguing all the time...

(Mayor penguin's body starts twitching.)

Mayor penguin: Uuhhh...

(He suddenly stands up, alive.)

Mayor penguin: Oh, my aching... Ouch...

(His wife jumps in the air, scared.)

Mayor's wife: Eeeeeeek! My husband's returned!!! He's a ghost! Eeeeek!

Mayor penguin: Oh, good gracious! Hello, everyone! What going on here?

Penguin patrol: What-what?! Mayor! We thought you were dead! Our backroom murder mystery is a wash! What a plot twist!

Mayor penguin: Huh...? What are you talking about? Umm... I think... I seem to remember going to the shelf to get this souvenir for Herringway. Oh, yes, of course! I reached up, slipped, and then whacked my head on the floor. Yes, that's what happened! (He picks up the present from the floor and takes it to Herringway.) Here you are, Herringway. This is what I was reaching for. Toad Town was great fun. So many interesting sights... Wish you could've been there. Some time after all this hubbub settles down, I'll give you a full account of the big city. (He gives him the present)

Herrringway: Well...uh, thank you, old friend. That's very thoughtful...

Penguin patrol: But mayor! Here we were thinking that you'd been murdered! The whole city was up in arms! Next time be more careful! (He leaves the house)

Mayor penguin: Ah... Yes. So sorry.

Herrringway: Ha ha! I thought it rather entertaining, actually. Besides, everything's OK now. The mayor's just fine. I must return home now. I believe I've just had an idea for the sequel to my new novel. (He leaves with the present.)

Mayor: Ummm... I have the best intentions, but for some reason I always end up causing a ruckus. (To Mario) Hello. Sorry about all that. I must apologize... ...Say! You're Mario, aren't you? Well, let me welcome you to Shiver City, jewel of the north! ...What's the matter? Oh, you want to hike over to Starborn Valley, do you? I see... Of course. I'll tell the gatekeeper to allow you out of the city. You'd better bundle up!

(Talking to him again): Please come back anytime. These northern lands aren't much for scenery, but there's always plenty of suspense! Ha ha! Only joking, only joking. You'll always get a warm welcome around here.

Mayor's wife: Uh... I knew you were innocent the whole time! A backroom murder case? Please! How completely silly! That over-zealous guard must read too many mystery novels. Ha ha ha ha ha...aaanyway...

Shiver City-West part

Penguin outside the mayor's house 1: The mayor wasn't murdered! He just whacked his own head on the floor and fainted.

Penguin outside the mayor's house 2: But that means.....the man with the mustache wasn't evil, after all.

Penguin outside the mayor's house 3: Yeah, you're right! Hey, I solved the case! The criminal was a box of souvenirs from Toad Town!

Penguin outside the mayor's house 4: Waaaa ha ha ha ha! Who would've believed we'd have a mystery in this sleepy city? It's quiet, peaceful... I love it. I'm going home now. I'm gonna read a novel

(They all leave)

Bumpty near the mayor's house: So...you weren't the criminal after all, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha.... Sorry. The mayor's wife raised such a stink that I believed it. I'm just happy that the mayor's doing fine.

Bumpty on the snow: Boy, thank goodness the mayor is doing OK. He really does seem to be as careless as they come, you know.

Bumpty near the entrance to the area: Whoa ho ho ho... It's a good thing that murder case got settled. Um... I'm really sorry that everyone called you a criminal. Really sorry!

Nearby house

Bumpty: The case has been closed, huh? I'm really happy that Herringway wasn't guilty. What? Me? I thought it was him? Oh, ha ha ha ha... That was just me being silly!

Shiver City-Central part

Bumpty near the nearby house: I saw a crazy guy in the city the other day. He was shouting "Mariooo! Mariooo!" and running around. What a freak. I steered way clear of him, that's for sure.

Nearby house

Bumpty: It's really rare that we get visitors from other towns. You may have noticed everyone gets nervous around strangers. It seems like recently we've had several visitors from other places... Do you think it means that Shiver City is getting to be popular?

Shiver City-Central part

Bumpty near the shop: Oh! Such a fuss the mayor's wife made, yah? Her exaggeration was the beginning of all this trouble, that's for sure. She reads too many of these mystery novels, I think. ...Although, to be fair, I suspected you, too. Ha ha ha ha ha....... Oops!

Bumpty near the toad house: That backroom murder case was the greatest mystery in the history of Shiver City! Although it was kind of a joke... I'm glad the case got solved. It's a good thing that the mayor turned out to be OK. You certainly got a raw deal for a while there, Mario.

Bumpty near the end of the area: I knew you weren't the criminal. The mayor just fainted, right? So who was that weird guy I saw the other day? No relation to the case at all? Well, that's...unexciting...

Shiver City-East part

Penguin patrol: For puffin's sake... The mayor's wife is an alarmist. Although I bet everyone involved in that case would agree that my detective work was perfect.

Bumpty outside Herringway's house: Starborn Valley is a little ways off from this city. It's a very mysterious place. They say that star kids rise up to the sky from there. But I haven't seen any stars rising to the sky lately...

Herringway's house

Herringway: That's just like the mayor, hitting his head on the floor and knocking himself out. I was really worried there, and all for nothing! At least it wasn't a complete waste of time. Now I have material for a new novel. You know... Maybe I could write a story about you, too... How about that? Ha ha! Don't worry, I'd write about you as a hero, not a criminal.

Shiver City-East part

Bumpty outside the warehouse: Now I've got to be sure to keep the warehouse in order. I keep a lot of precious things in there, you know. Very, very precious...junk.♥

Bumpty near the lake: A horrible monster lives somewhere along this path. Penguins talk about hearing strange screaming, too. No one can confirm what kind of horrible monster it is because everyone is too scared to go check it out. Of, course, you won't see me volunteering for that job!

Bumpty near the gate: Oh, OK... The mayor said it's OK for you to go on through.

(Talking to him again): Basically, what I do is watch this gate to see if stranger go in or out of the city. It may sound simple, but it's incredibly important. By and large, it's a good job. It is a bit chilly, though.

(Mario and friends leave the city and carry on.)

Shiver Snowfield

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: This path is pretty clear of snow, don't you think? Do you think people clear it off, or does the snow just melt? Bit of a mystery, eh, Mario? I wonder if the good citizens of Shiver City have an answer for it...)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: Look at all those snowmen standing in a line. I wonder who made them... And why. They kind of look like they're watching the path. They look pretty cold, too...but I guess snowmen like cold.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: I think we're still on the path, but it feels more wild here. If we travel east from here, we'll hit Starborn Valley. Shiver City is way off to the west.)

(Mario and friends start making their way to Starborn Valley. Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice.)

???: Hey hey hey hey hey!

(Jr. Troppa comes on screen.)

Jr. Troopa: Brrrraaah ha ha ha! Brrr! I've been waiting for you, Marioooooooooo! I've been here forever! I was getting desperate! I thought I was gonna freeze! This place is freezing, and cold, and nasty and icy! I hate it! I can't take it anymore!! I gotta get out of here! I'm going to beat you up in record time and head back to some place warm. You ready, ice-boy? Let's do it!! (He engages Mario in battle)

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Jr. Troopa.)

Jr. Troopa: Oh, I've been busy, Mario! I learned cooool techniques! Check this out! Aah hahhhhhhh! (He takes out a wooden wand.)

Jr. Troopa: Look at that piece of work! I've been taking a little magic course on the side! And now, you're gonna be my final exam! Yeah! I've gotta win this time!

(Mario and friends battle Jr. Troopa who tries to defeat them with his magic tricks.)

Jr Troopa: Mario! You like magic tricks? You won't like this one!

(He does a strong attack that deals 6-7 damage)

Jr. Troopa: Ha ha ha ha!! That felt fantastic! I just keep on getting better!

(Despite his attacks and his tricks, he loses again and the battle ends.)

Shiver snowfield

Jr. Troopa: Nooooo!!

(He stays on the ground. If Mario leaves the area and goes back, Jr. Troopa has frozen and is trapped in a big ice cube. Mario and friends carry on. At some point, they find five snowmen standing in front of a big wall. They all have a scarf and a bucket, except for one missing the scarf and another one missing the bucket. Mario can't do anything yet so he just leaves. On the way he and hia friends face more enemies like frost piranhas and Gulpits. After dealing with all the enemies in their path, they arrive at the end of the area.)

???: Boooooaaaaahhhh!!

(The creature making that noise is a big shiny ghost with colorful spots. It is called Monstar.)

Monstar: Tuuuuurn back. Coooome no further. Tuuuurn away, or I'll eat you! Whaaaaat do you think? Scaaaary monster aren't I? Youuu know you want to run...

-Go back


(If go back is chosen)

Monster: Yeeeeees. Veeeerrrry good. Veeeeerrry smart.

(Mario leaves the area and when he returns the ghost is still there and it the same dialogue as before occurs.)

(If fight is chosen)

Monstar: Whaaat! Youuuu will regret this!

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Monstar. All star Spirit attacks and the shooting star item are ineffective. Monstar attacks Mario with shooting stars.)

Monstar: Are you scaaaaared yet? (After his first attack)

Monstar: Ho ho ho ho! Your puuuuny attack doesn't hurt me at all! Giiiiive up or suffer (After his second attack.)

(Monstar is a relatively easy boss and he is eventually defeated.)

Shiver snowfield

Monstar: Noooo! Ruuuuun away!

(He is revealed to be just a bunch of star kids in disguise. They all run away scared. Mario and friends follow them and arrive at Starborn Valley. As they enter, they see Merle.)

Starborn Valley

(Goombario's tattle: This is Starborn Valley. Merle makes his home here, along with Ninjis and Toads. They look after Star Kids until they go up to the sky. It must be a hard work.)

Merle: Ah. You're Mario, yes? Thank you for coming. How do you do? I'm called Merle. I care for the star kids born here in Starborn Valley. There are many things I must tell you...but not here. Come, let's go to my house. I cannot concentrate out here in the cold. This way. Please follow me.

(Mario and friends follow Merle to his house.)

Merle: I must apologize for the rude reception of the star kids. None of us excpected that you'd come here so quickly. They frighten strangers to try to keep this valley safe from Bowser's followers. Please...you must forgive them.

(They arrive outside Merle's house)

Merle: Come in, please.

(Mario and party follow Merle in his house.)

Merle: Now. Mario. You must heed well what I'm about to tell you. This frozen area is called Starborn Valley. It is named this because it is here that Stars are born and raised before rising to the sky. But now... Ever since Bowser stole the Star Rod from Star Heaven... The power of that place has weakened and star kids have found themselves unable to rise up into the sky. I sent a ninji to my father, Merlon, hoping that I could coax you to come here... Because I have found out where the last Star Spirit is. It came to me in a dream... A vision of the last Star Spirit begging me for help. If my vision speaks truly, then the last Star Spirit is being held atop Shiver mountain, which lies to the north. Up top sits Crystal Palace. The Star Spirit waits there. The Crystal Palace was originally built to honor the stars... But as time passed, it slowly faded from the memories of local people... and now, no one can remember how to reach the palace. There is a way, though, and it involves items that have been passed down in this lands. Here, take this. (He gives him a scarf.) This scarf has been passed down through many generations in Starborn Valley. I wish I knew how to use it...but I do not. According to the legends... You must use this and another item that has been passed down in Shiver City if you hope to open the way to the Crystal Palace. Sadly, that's all I know. If things remain as they are, star kids will never again be able to rise to Star Heaven. Such a fate would be awful. Please! Help them! And expel Bowser from the sky!

(Talking to him again): Mayor penguin of Shiver City should have the other item you need. If you use it and the scarf, it is said that the way to the Crystal palace will open. First, you must go to Shiver City and visit mayor penguin.

(Goombario's tattle: He's Merle, the person who controls this valley. He's the one who called you. He's the son of Merlon. That means...Merle must be the father of the fortune-tellers Merluvlee and Merlow.)

(Mario and friends leave the house. Immidiately, Merle comes out after them.)

Merle: Oh, yes... Mario! I'd almost forgotten! There is supposed to be a small shrine somwhere along the path to the Crystal Palace. A legend has been handed down in this Valley regarding the shrine's secret: "Truth lies not only in the eyes. Sometimes, even walls may lie." Confusing, yes, but you must find this shrine and solve its mystery to reach the Crystal Palace. Please don't forget it! (He goes back inside his house.)

Star kids near the entrance to the area: I wanna go to Star Heaven. When I go there, I wanna deliver lots of people's wishes, and I wanna become a great Star Spirit someday. When I do, I'll grant your wishes, Mario! Of course I will! I promise!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a star kid who's isn't allowed to go up to the sky. It doesn't seem to have affected his spirits, though. It's no use worrying about these guys now, Mario. We'll help 'em soon!)

Ninji walking nearby: I've never been so busy. These Star Kids are as hyper as the day is long.

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the ninjis. Because the ninjis are so small, it must be hard for 'em to keep the star kids in line.)

Frost T.: One of the star kids seems to be playing hide-and-seek. You haven't seen him, have you? I swear, the second I take my eyes off him he always runs off somwhere... What a naughty little star kid.

(Goombario's tattle: his Toad is taking care of the Star Kids. Some people say that taking care of kids is like fighting a war every day. I think these Star Kids are OK, though. I'm sure they're grateful for their baby-sitter's hard work.)

Ninji near the nearby house: One of the star kids is hiding somwhere! Hmmmph! Could you tell me if you find him? I suppose it's natural for youngsters to be full of energy to be full of energy, but they're trying my patience! I don't have time for this...

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the ninjis. The ninjis are excellent baby-sitters for the star kids. Of course, they have to run around cosntantly, but hey. They're working really hard.)

Star kids in the middle of the area: I wonder how Twink is doing? He was the last one ot rise up to the sky. He went just before Bowser took the Star Rod. He was such a great kid. He looked after everybody. Do you think I'll ever get to see Twink again?

(Goombario's tattle: It's one of the star kids. Hey, maybe if we make friends with the star spirits now, they'll grant us tons of wishes later!)

Red toad in front of the toad house: Please get the Star Rod back from Bowser, Mario! The Mushroom Kingdom deserves to be at peace. Good luck...

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is taking care of the star kids. He's dressed for the weather. I don't know why he needs to dress in such warm clothes. His head looks like it'd keep him warm all by itself.)

Ninji near Merle's house: I've got my hands full with these Star kids. They're all so active!

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the ninjis. Thje ninjis are taking care of the star kids. Merle is in charge. He seems really busy, though.)

Star kid sitting sideways (It turns back to normal when Mario talks to it.): You found me! Hee hee hee hee... What, did you see me glittering? Hey, do you think I can rise into the sky soon?

(Goombario's tattle: This star kid thinks he's made himself invisible. He wants to go up to the sky. OK, but, it's hard to imagine this little prankster granting anyone's wishes...)

Blue toad next to the nearby house: Along with the ninjis, we're taking care of the star kids under the instruction of the mystic, Merle. It's very rewarding to think that one of these kids might grow up to be a Star Spirit! Oh, can you imagine it? What a happy day that'd be... But unless things get better around here, it'll just be a fantasy that never comes true.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad is taking care of the star kids. It must be tough running after such rascals in deep snow. I mean, star kids can fly! It's gotta be tough for a toad tp keep track of 'em while walking on the ground.)

Nearby house

Ninji: I'm cooking for the star kids. They're behaving pretty well. That's a relief. It's probably because they believe you'll get the Star Rod back. I certainly hope you do.

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the ninjis. The ninjis take care of the star kids. I hear they're great cooks.)

Star kid 1: Tell me a story! Tell me the story about the time you saved a Star Spirit!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a star kid--just a baby. Star kids are full of life, aren't they? I always wanted a little brother you know, It would be fun to get into hijinks with a little bro.)

Star kid 2: I wonder what Twink is doing. Do you think Twink's doing fun stuff up there?

(Goombario's tattle: She's a star kid. She's so cute! She reminds me of Goombaria.)

Star kid 3: Somebody read me a story. It was all about how stars in Star Heaven grant people's wishes.

(Goombario's tattle: It's a star kid. He wants a younger brother. Hey, so do I! I hope he becomes a great star someday!)

Toad house

Red toad: The slogan of toad house is... "Refresh your body and soul!" Would you like to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): Pleasant dreams!

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? I wish you luck!

(Goombario's tattle: He's a toad. He was sent here from princess Peach's castle. He runs the local toad house. He doesn't have to take care of any star kids. He has his own job.)

(Mario and friends go back to Shiver City.)

Shiver City-East part

Penguin patrol: Pardon me. I'm on patrol. There have been rumors of a screaming monster appearing. Penugins scare easily, so I have to keep the city's borders extra safe.

Pink female toad 1: Cold... It's cold here! It's too cooooold! Brrrrr! No ice-skating. Monsters about. Nothing to do but shiver... What did we come here for?! It's not like we can just zip back to Toad Town!

Pink female toad 2: Hey, didn't you hear? That monster's gone now! Let's go to star valley and hit the slopes!

Pink female toad 3: That'll be great! Skiing in a world of snow, ice, and stars... How perfectly marvelous! Sounds lovely!♥ Let's go! Let's go right now!

Mayor's house

Mayor penguin: Oh, Mario! Did you reach Starborn Valley? Did you see Merle? ...Oh, excellent. He said what? An item that has been passed down in this city? Um... Oh, right! There was something like that. Just a minute, I think I've got it somwhere. (He opens a cupboard in the room and takes out a bucket.) Yes, I found it. Here it is. This bucket has been passed down through the years in Shiver City. As Merle must have told you, there's a legend associated with it. If you use this and the scarf together, the way to the Crystal Palace will open. Who knows what that means, though! Ha ha ha! I don't have the slightest clue as to how to use them together. Sounds like those star kids in Starborn Valley are in trouble. I hope you do your best for the little tykes. They're just kids. Best of luck to you!

Mayor's wife: Oh, hello there, Mario! My husband tells me you're looking for the Crystal Palace. What an exciting adventure! You're like a hero in a novel! Imagine that, being in a story...

Shiver snowfield

(Mario and friends go back to the area with the snowmen. They put the scarf on the one missing it and the bucket on the one missing it.)

Snowman 1: A cool bucket hat!♥ Thank you!

Snowman 2: A warm scarf!♥ Thank you!

Snowmen: What a kind man you are! We thank you. As a reward for you kindness, we shall tell you our secret. (They all bounce aside, shaking the ground and Mario and his friends. Then, the wall behind them lifts and reveals a door. The door then opens.)

Snowmen: Please pass through here... With many thanks and blessings from the snowmen!♥

(Goombario's tattle: It's a snowman. There're so many of snowmen! They don't melt because it's cold here. The way they're standing...they remind me of gatekeepers.)

Shiver City-Toad house

(If Mario sleeps there after givign the items to the snowmen and opening the way, he will find four mushrooms and one ultra shroom.)

Red toad: Mario! I took a nap, and when I woke up there were all these items! And it was the weirdest thing... The floor was wet, as if snow had melted everywhere... Do you think someone left these as a present for you, Mario? But who would do that???

Shiver mountain

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: This is Shiver Mountain. This is a very cold, dangerous climb. Be careful. OK, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: I feel like we're on the edge of the world up here. Seriously! This is a really remote place to go adventuring!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: Boy, climbing this mountain is really hard! You'd think the path to a palace dedicated to the Stars would be a lot less trying on the legs.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 4: Walk carefully up here or else you may slip, Mario. That would be a long, long way down, huh?)

(Mario and friends got through the secret passage and start crossing the Shiver mountain. They face more enemies and have to solve some puzzles. As some point, Mario finds a switch that is out of reach. He throws Kooper and hits it, but when Kooper comes back, there are somehow two Koopers. Both of them and Mario are confused.)

Kooper 1: Mmm??

Koopers: Nooo!!

Kooper 1: What's wrong with my eyes? You look just like me! Impostor! Who are you really? Tell me your name!

Kooper 2: I'm Kooper... Yeah, that's it. The question is, who are you?

Kooper 1: Wha... Wha... Whaaat?! That's impossible! I'm the one and only Kooper!!

Kooper 2: You're talking cray-talk now. You're making no sense! I'm the geniune Kooper! Really! C'mon, Mario! You know me. This guy's a big liar.

Kooper 1: I'm not lying! Mario...you know I'm kooper, don't you? Don't you recognize your buddy?

Kooper 2: Shut your mouth, goody-goody! I'm his buddy! Yeah, that's it.

Kooper 1: Why you... You're the one who should shut his mouth! I'm his buddy!

Kooper 2: Listen, moron...er, Mario. You have to decide who's lying. It's the only way. Pick the one you think is lying and whack him really hard with the hammer.

Kooper 1: Fine! Yeah, fine with me! If you think you'll get away with a trick like that, fine! I know Mario knows who I am. I believe in you, Mario!

Kooper 1 (Second time): I'm not worried... You and I go way back, Mario. I know you know who I am.

Kooper 2 (Second time): Don't listen to this idiot! Look at him! He's a liar! Go on, hit him! Hit HIM! This guy thinks he can pull the wool over your eyes, Mario! Don't let him get away! Hit him as hard as you can!

(If Mario hits Kooper 2, his disguise disappears and he's revealed to be a duplighost.)

Duplighost: Yeeeow! What made you think I was the one lying, huh? It must've been luck. No one has insticts that good.

Kooper: Don't be such a crybaby! You lost! What were you thinking, trying to trick Mario like that?

Duplighost: What? Shut up! I'll trick YOU...

(He battles Mario and friends. Duplighosts mainly attack Mario by tranforming into his partners and using their attacks.)

(If a duplighost transforms into Goombario, it can use tattle on Mario)

(Fake Goombario's tatte: It's Mario, silly! He's here to save Princess Peach, who was kidnapped by Bowser. Remember? He fights until the bitter end, no matter what enemies attack.)

(However, the duplighost is still defeated and runs away.)

(If Mario hits Kooper 1)

Kooper 1: Ow! Unbelievable! You don't even recognize me?

Kooper 2: Baaa ha ha ha! You simpleton, Mario! I completely fooled you! Ha!

Kooper 1: You deceitful monster! How dare you try to trick Mario!

Kooper 2: What are you gonna do about it?

(Kooper 1 attacks Kooper 2. They have a short fight while lifting a cloud of dust. Then they get separated and land on the two sides of Mario.)

Kooper 1: You're talking cray-talk now. You're making no sense! I'm the geniune Kooper! Really! C'mon, Mario! You know me. This guy's a big liar.

Kooper 2: I'm not lying! Mario...you know I'm kooper, don't you? Don't you recognize your buddy?

Kooper 1: Shut your mouth, goody-goody! I'm his buddy! Yeah, that's it.

Kooper 2: Why you... You're the one who should shut his mouth! I'm his buddy!

Kooper 1: Listen, moron...er, Mario. You have to decide who's lying. It's the only way. Pick the one you think is lying and whack him really hard with the hammer.

Kooper 2: Fine! Yeah, fine with me! If you think you'll get away with a trick like that, fine! I know Mario knows who I am. I believe in you, Mario!

(Now Mario has the chance to hit the real impostor. The aforementioned dialogue occurs and the duplighost runs away after it's defeated. Mario and friends carry on.)

(Soon, they find three rocks with one opening each. Each opening contain a shooting star, a snowman doll and a thunder rage respectively. If Mario takes them out, ice walls block the way forward. However, Mario can take the items and continue by putting a pebble, found on the mountain or an iced potato, obtained by sleeping at the Shiver City toad house in the openings. He then finds a set of stairs and climbs it. At the top is a star-shaped hole. Mario doesn't have anything to put in it. He discovers a secret passage, behind the stairs and after following it, he finds a wall with a crack. He blows it up using Bombette and gets in. It is a small shrine.)


(Goombario's tattle: What a strange place this is! It's bright even in the cave... This must be the small cave that Merle told us about. There's something strange about this place... Even the walls seem suspicious to me for some reason.)

(It seems to be a dead end but Mario accidentally goes through one of the walls. There he sees a frozen star-shaped stone. Suddenly, a light comes out of it and a ghost appears.)

Madam Merlar: At last...it is Mario! I'm glad you found this place. I've been expecting you. Hm hm hm ho ho! Do you find it strange that I know of you? My name is madam Merlar. I am a messanger of the stars. You know Merlon and Merle well. I am their ancestor. The stars spoke to me of you through my dreams... They said you would come here to the shrine on Shiver mountain. It is here that I guard the way to the Crystal Palace. We have little time to waste, so listen carefully. You may not know this, but the followers of Bowser have invaded Crystal Palace, where stars are honored. Now, what I have to tell you is very important. Listen to every word I say! I can't tell you the whole tale. In the interest of time I'll be brief, so pay attention to the key points. The story begins a long, long time ago... I was still a yougn woman back then... A horrible thing happened on the mountain one day... I ran there immidiately and.......but it was actually.... Oh! Such a sight! I.....was....and...it was so......It was.....none other........so...........than.........then I................................................................................. (Mario falls asleep and the game skips to the end of the story) .......................................................................so that's why you must get Bowser's men out of the Crystal Palace. But... Hey! You! Were you even listening to my story? (Mario wakes up and pretends to have been listening.) Well... OK, then. As I was saying, you need the Star Stone to reach the palace. I'll give it to you. (The Star Stone comes out of the ice.) With this stone, you can open the way to the Crystal Palace. Go on. Make haste! ...Hmmm. Do you think you understood my shortened version of the tale? It really doesn't do the story justice, you know. Perhaps one day I'll tell you the full story. Until then, good luck. (She disappears)

Shiver mountain

(Mario takes the Star Stone and goes back to the star-shaped hole, He puts the Star Stone in it. Suddenly, the ground rises and creates a giant staircase. Mario and friends climb it. They fight a few more enemies and finally reach the entrance to the Crystal Palace and they go in.)

Crystal Palace

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: This is the door to the Crystal Palace. We can get in from here. It must've been tough to get building materials up here! Don't you think it would've been more convenient if they had built it at a lower elevation?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: So spacious! You gotta love the high ceilings, huh, Mario? You could set up a basketball court in here! The rich really know how to live!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: This room is pretty cramped. I wonder what it was used for. Servants quarters, maybe?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 4: I never trust polished floors because they're often slippery. I really don't want to fall and bump my head.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 5: Even though we're indoors, it's still freezing in here! I mean, seriously, the floor's frozen... I hate it.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 6: It looks like your basic passage. Since we're in a palace, I'll call it a palatial passage.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 7: Strange... The reflected room looks slightly different... Funny, huh...)

(Goombario's tattle-part 8: Ah-ha! It's a cave, isn't it? It's nice to get a breath of fresh air, but I must say that it's even colder out here than in there. Unbelievable!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 9: Is this like a waiting room? I don't know how people could deal with so many rooms. It's totally confusing.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 10: My reflection is weird. Seeing myself in the floor is starting to freak me out.)(

(Goombario's tattle-part 11: Boy, these rooms all seem to look alike, huh? It seems symmetrical. You know, the left side is a mirror image of the right side. It'll be really easy to get lost in here. Continue with care. OK, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 12: This is a long corridor, huh? Hey! That's our reflection in the floor! It's like a mirror! This place almost makes me miss the desert. I'm freezing! How can you stand it?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 13: Talk about cold! My knees are knocking! My teeth are chattering! Don't you have any problems at all, Mario? Let's keep moving so I don't freeze into a Goombsicle. I've had all I can stand... ...must leave this fridge...)

(Goombario's tattle-part 14: This is a long corridor, huh? Even the wallpaper around here looks frozen. Although I do very much like the star pattern.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 15: Mario, have you noticed our reflection on the floor? I don't trust a floor this shiny. I bet it's slippery.)

The architecture of this place is really bizarre. We pass back and forth through these glass walls. Not knowing what's a mirror and what's not really bugs me.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 16: An indoor bridge? Now I've seen everything!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 17: I thought you already knew that you could activate switches by giving them some sort of shock. You can use Kooper or Bombette to do it, you know. Don't forget!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 18: All the rooms look alike around here. Did they design this area to intentionally confuse us?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 19: The official line on this palace is that it's temporarily closed because of the snow and ice. Do you think Kolorado would research this place? I wonder if he's already planning a trip here... Maybe he's never heard of the palace at all. Or maybe he just has no clue how to get up here.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 20: It's easy to believe that this place was originally built as palace to honor the Stars of the sky. Merle said that, didn't he? It's terrible that people have forgotten it and don't come here anymore. What a waste. Maybe after we clear it, the tourist trade will start anew.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 21: That's one big stone statue. Even you couldn't budge a statue that massive, Mario. If it were just a bit smaller, we could probably push it.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 22: Hey, Mario! You can reach far-off objects by jumping and kicking Kooper's shell, isn't that right? So he can activate switches that are across wide gaps or even in reflections, right? I wish I could do that, too.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 23: Well, I've determined that there's nothing here but cold, and I don't like it at all!!!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 24: There's a mysterious stone statue. This palace seems to have cornered the market on mysterious stone statues, huh? Brrr... It's so cold. This cold is gonna give me a cold...)

(Goombario's tattle-part 25: I think my body temperature has dropped about ten degrees since we've been here. I should've kept that scarf we gave to the snowman. Mario, you don't look cold. Is it just because I'm a Goomba or because you're a fine-tuned adventuring machine?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 26: I wonder how far we've gone. I really can't say enough good things about the star decorations here. I mean it. It's such a pity that people don't visit here.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 27: The blue decorating scheme makes this place feel so cold. Some warm tones would help. ...So...very...cold...)

(From the moment thwy enter, begins a massive series of riddles, illusions and battles. Mario has to find keys to unlock doors, discover hidden rooms and not fall for the tricks of Bowser's minions. There are mirrors everywhere and Mario and partners can see their reflections following them. However, something is not right. The mirrors are simply ice walls and duplighosts fake the reflections of Mario and friends. At some point, Mario uses Bombette to blow up a crack on a wall and procced. However, their reflections don't do anything. In the next room, Mario finds a gap in the mirror and passes to the other side. He blows up the crack and goes to the previous room. There, he sees the reflections of him and Bombette.)

Fake Mario: Yikes! Mario's here!

Fake Bombette: Whoa! We'd better beat him!

(They both reveal themselves to be duplighosts and attack Mario and friends. However, they are both defeated.)

Duplighost 1: No!! The real Mario's so strong!

(They both run away. Mario and friends keep exploring the Palace. Mario finds another crack on a wall and uses Bombette to blow it up. However, five Bombettes appear after that.)

Bombette 1: What? Who are all of you?! You're all trying to look like me! Mario... Don't tell me you can't tell which one is the real Bombette! You can tell, right?

Bombette 2: Hey, I heard that!★ You're spreading lies, you impostor!★ I'm the real Bombette!★

Bombette 3: Oh, no, no!♥ Mario. Look at me carefull and you'll know.♥ I'm the real Bombette.♥ It can only be me.♥ These others are all liars.♥

Bombette 4: I'm the one!!!! Mario!!!! Me!!!! Don't fall for these tricks!!!! I'll blow you up if you do!!!!

Bombette 5: I... I'm the real Bombette... Puh... Please... Trust your eyes and look at me... I... I'm not lying...

Bombette 1: Noooo! I can't bear this! Mario! Smash the impostors with your hammer! All of you pretending to be me! I can't take it another second!

Bombette 3: Oh, that's a nice idea.♥ That'll clear all this up.♥

Bombette 4: Yes, good idea!!!! I just hate impostors!!!! Mario!!!! I'm the real Bombette so don't you dare hit me!!!!

(If Mario attempts to leave the area, the Bombettes grab him and take him back.)

Bombettes: So! Choose the impostor!

Bombette 1 (Second time): Mario, I'm Bombette! I'm not ever going to forgive you if you mess this up.

Bombette 2 (Second time): I'm Bombette!★ You know it!★

Bombette 3 (Second time): Mario.♥ I am Bombette.♥

Bombette 4 (Second time): There's no way Mario will make a mistake!!!! We've journeyed so very far together!!!! Isn't that right, Mario???? You know which one of us is teh real Bombette, don't you????

Bombette 5 (Second time): Thuh... This is terrible... It... It's so clear that I'm the real Bombette...

(If Mario hits Bombette 1)

Bombette: Oh! Mario! You're terrible! You don't even recognize me! Oh, I can't bear it!

(The other Bombettes reveal themselves are duplighosts and attack Mario. After he defeats them, he can go on.)

(If Mario hits all the other Bombettes)

Bombette 2: Ohh!★ Somehow you managed to see through my disguise.★ (He turns into his real form.) Darn it! I thought I was doing so well! (He runs away.)

Bombette 3: Oh!♥ You must be very smart to figure out I was an impostor.♥ (He turns into his real form.) Curses! I thought we were doing a great job of confusing you! I'll be back! (He runs away.)

Bombette 4: What!!!! Why did you hit me!!!! (He turns into his real form.) Blast! You found me! What's wrong with my disuguise? (He runs away.)

Bombette 5: No... Noooo.... I... I should have worked harder on my Bombette disguise (He turns into his real form.) I... i won't forget this. (He runs away.)

Bombette 1: If you'd hit me with the hammer, Mario, I was going to bomb you the next time you napped. But you didn't! I'm so happy that you new I was the real Bombette!♥ (He gives him a kiss.)

(Mario and friends carry on. However, the path they need to take is blocked by stone clubba statues. As a result, Mario has to go to the other which has white clubbas instead of statues.)

White clubba 1: Who're you? The great and honorable Crystal King said that I can't let anyone pass! You're up to no good! I'm going to have to hurt you! (He attacks Mario but he is defeated. After he is defeated, his corresponding statue disappears. Mario then moves on to the next one.)

White Clubba 2: I won't let you! I won't and I won't and I won't! You can't! You'll have to go through me if you wanna get past! (He battles Mario and is also defeated. His statue disappears. Mario moves on to the last one.)

White clubba 3: Hey, didn't you hear me? I said I'm not budging, you got that? Do you have any idea how mad the Crystal King will get if I let you pass here? I don't want him mad at me, so I have to teach you a lesson! (After he is defeated, the last statue disappears and the other passage is clear.)

(Mario and friends go deeper into the Palace. In a room, they see a refelction of Mario throwing Kooper through an opening on the wall. Mario throws Kooper in the opening of his side of the mirror, but unlike the reflection, he doesn't come out. Mario is puzzled. Suddenly, the wall breaks and Kooper comes out along with Kolorado, Goompa, Koopa Koot and Luigi.

Fake Kolorado: Mario, I'm the real Kooper. But of course you know that, don't you, old boy?

Fake Goompa: Mario! Look at me! I'm the real deal! Nobody else looks like Kooper.

Kooper: Mario, come on! I'm Kooper! I mean, this is ridiculous.

Fake Koopa Koot: I'm the real Koper, sonny. You believe me, don't you?

Fake Luigi: I'm the real Kooper. There isn't any doubt in your mind, is there? Brother?

Fake Kolorado: OK, old bean... You'd best smash these imposters one by one.

Fake Goompa: That's a good idea.

Fake Luigi: Brother, smash them all except me, OK?

Fake Koopa Koot (Second time): I'm the real Kooper, youngster. You're not saying you suspect this old koopa, are you?

Kooper (Second time): Mario, open your eyes! I'm Kooper! I mean, seriously! Look at me! Is it really that tough to see through these "disguises"? Please!

Fake Goompa(Second time): Mario, listen. I'm the real Kooper. These others are impostors.

Fake Kolorado(Second time): Listen, old chap, I'm the real Kooper. It's rather obvious to anyone with a bit of sense.

Fake Luigi(Second time): Brother! I'm the real Kooper! As my brother, you must be able to see that, right?

(If Mario hits Kooper)

Kooper: Mario! Ow! You did that on purpose didn't you?! That's just plain mean!

(The others reveal their true forms and attack Mario. He defeats them and moves on.)

(If he hits all the others.)

Fake Luigi: Brother! I said I was the real Kooper so many times... So mean. (He turns into his real form.) Just joking. I definitely thought I had you going there, though...

Fake Goompa: Ouch! That hurt! Still, good job. You must have some incredibly keen eyes to spot me. (He turns into his real form.) Darn it!

Fake Koopa Koot: You must have some sort of sixth sense, sonny. (He turns into his real form.) Grrrr! Remember me! I'll return!

Fake Kolorado: Hm! Mario! Well done! I don't know how you did it, but you found me out! (He turns into his real form.) Good-bye!

Kooper: Yes! Yes! Good call, Mario! I knew you'd get it right! Those were the worst disguises ever!

(They keep solving the riddles and crossing the palace. Eventually, they arrive in a room three albino dinos and one statue for each for them.)

Albino dinos' room

(Goombario's tattle: Those Albino Dinos... They seem to turn and face us when we talk to 'em.)

Albino dino (They all say the same.): You can't go through here unless you solve the puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, we'll let you through.

(Goombario's tattle-the same for all of them: This is an Albino Dino. He looks exactly like that stone statue over there. He's a guard for this palace. I never thought you could talk to these creatures! Wouldn't it be something if we made friends with these guys? You know, it seems that they like facing us when we talk to 'em.)

(Mario has to move the statues on the three colorful tiles on the floor. He can only push them towards the way they are facing. Mario has to talk to the real albino dinos to change the way they're facing. This way, the statues turn too and Mario is able to put all of them on the tiles. Then, a door appears and a staircase leading to it. They all go through the door and reach a room with a heart and a save block.)

Room with save and heart block

(Goombario's tattle: It looks like we can take a break here, doesn't it? If only we had some hot cocoa, we could take a real rest.)

(They leave and arrive at the end of the Palace.)

Battle platform

(Goombario's tattle: Hmm...a back door. You think it's going to be a dead end up ahead? Hey, by the way... What do you think the Star Spirits are up to right now? I was just thinking of 'em.)

(It's a platform covered with snow and ice. As they get on it, they hear a voice.)

???: Who comes to my palace?!

(A mysterious figure appears. He has a coat and a pair of floating eyes without a face. He's also wearing a floating crystal crown. It's the crystal king.)

Crystal king: Mario...You finally arrived! Heh, heh, heh, heh... I know you believe you can save this Star Spirit, but I'm afraid I won't let you. First I shall defeat you, then I shall present Bowser with an iced Mario gift!

(Mario battles the crystal king for the last Star Spirit. The crystal king has many attacks. He can summon crystal bits that Mario has to defeat as well or else the crystal king will throw them at him for extra damage. He wiil also try to freeze Mario whenever he gets the chance. His biggest trick is dividing into three crystal kings. Only one of them three is real. The others are illusions. If Mario attacks a fake one, the attack fails. Since he cannot tell them apart, the best tactic is to attack all of them. Despitehis best efforts, the crystal king is defeated.)

Crystal king: Oh no! The last Star Spirit!! King Bowser, forgive meeeeee!! (He spins around and disintergrates into snowflakes. Then, the card with the last Star Spirit, Kalmar, appears and Mario releases him.)

(Storyline text: Mario has saved the last Star Spirit, Kalmar, from the Crystal Palace at the edge of the world. Now, with the Seven Star Spirits together, he has the power to challange Bowser....and the Star Rod. At last, it is time for Mario's showdown with evil king Bowser. Can Mario rescue princess peach and recover the Star Rod? Or will wishes forever go ungranted?)

End of Chapter

Interlude 7

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(Peach and Twink are out in the balcony.)

Peach: Oh, Mario... I wonder what's he's doing now? I wish I knew if I was helping him at all...

Twink: Of course you are! Mario will be fine! You should be proud of your efforts! Mario knows all you've done. And don't you worry, princess! You'll be able to talk to him in person before long!

Peach: ...Tee hee hee... I hope you are right, Twink. Thanks for cheering me up. Let's go back inside the room, shall we?

(They go back in the room. At that moment, Bowser walks in.)

Bowser: Oh, princess Peach! Your cuddly old Bowser's here!

(He approahces Peach while Twink hides.)

Bowser: Can't we have a friendly conversation for a change? C'mon! Lemme see a smile!

(Peach turns her back to him.)

Peach: I have nothing to say to you.

Bowser: Oh, don't be such a pill. You're stuck with me for a long, long time, beautiful. You'd better get used to it.

Peach: Mario is coming, Bowser. And you can't stop him.

Bowser: Gwaa ha ha ha!! Oh, you poor, silly girl! I'm invincible with this Star Rod, didn't you know? Mario's no match for me! He's history. Get over it

Peach: ..........

(Kammy Koopa rushes in.)

Kammy Koopa: You Raunchiness! We have an emergancy! (She comes closer.)

Bowser: Grr! It'd better be important! I'm right in the middle of a friendly chat with the princess.

Kammy Koopa: Uh... Mario has now saved all of the Star Spirits! There...IS a chance he coudd come here using their power... We must make ourselves ready in case he shows up.

Bowser: What! Gah! Mar-i-ooooo! OK. Listen, Kammy Koopa. Send everyone to their posts! We'll ambush him the second he enters my castle!!

(He turns to Peach.)

Bowser: Princess Peach, why don't you come with me to watch... You can have a front-row seat to see Mario get crushed. You! Yeah, you! Tie her up immediately! If she gets out this time, heads will roll!

(Two koopatrols come on-screen and start tying up princess Peach.)

Peach: No! Please!

(They finish tying her up. Twink comes out of his hideout.)

Twink: You big...Koopa! Show some respect to the princess!

(He tries attacking the Kooaptrols.)

Bowser: What is this whining little glittering thing? Confetti? Gah! Buzz off! (He hits Twink with his claw, throwing him out of the window.)

Peach: Twiiiiink!

Bowser: Take the princess! Now! Let's move!

(The koopatrols grab princess Peach.)

Peach: Noooo!

(They leave the room with her.)


(Meanwhile, Mario, his friends and Kalmar are outside the Crystal Palace.)

Kalmar: My name is Kalmar. Mario, well done. Thank you for coming. You have successfully rescued all of us Star Spirits. We are in your debt. Now all that is left for you is to challenge Bowser. My power should help you... to bring back the Star Rod, to beat Bowser, to bring peace back to the Mushroom Kingdom, and...to save princess Peach.

(He transfers Mario his power.)

(A message appears: Mario's star energy goes up to 7! Mario can now use up & away, a new Star Spirir power! With up & awya, you can turn all enemies into stars!)

Kalmar: Mario, you must make your way back to shooting star summit. From shooting star summit, we'll prepare the route to Star Heaven. The name of thsi route is Star way. Once you travel Star Way, you'll finally reach Star Heaven. My only wish is for you to save this precious world. You can do it, Mario. Good-bye for now. (He flies away.)

(Mario and friends leave and they return to Shiver City.)

Shiver City-East part

Bumpty near the gate: The sky was filled with so many beautiful stars last night. It was really incredible. I don't think it's quite as beautiful as it was when things were peaceful in the world, but some of the brightness is back.

Bumpty near the frozen lake 1: We never have problems in Shiver City anymore. We have one guard and one gatekeeper. That's plenty.

Bumpty near the frozen lake 2: Penguins are saying that the monster is gone for good. Phew! Finally, we can safely travel outside the city. I can only hope the rest or the world becomes peaceful as well.

Bumpty outside the warehouse: Don't you just love junk? When I'm beak-deep in junk, time just flies on by. I don't even care what goes on in the outside world. Anyway, I... You're WHAT?! You're fighting Bowser? Are you crazy?! What in the world's going on?!

Bumpty outside Herringway's house: When the world is at peace, you an see the star kids rising to the sky from Starborn Valley. It's really a beautiful sight. You should check it out one day.

Penguin patrol: How are you holding up? I fight for peace and justice too, you know. In Shiver City. Good luck saving the world.

Bumpty near the end of the area: It snows pretty much every day here in Shiver City. Each day's a fresh power day! You really ought to come back here once peace has returned. I'll show you how to make the perfect penguin snow angel!

Herringway's house

Herringway: You saved the last Star Spirit! Everybody's talking about it! You know, I never thought about you as the famous Mario. It's so exciting to meet a hero! I'm a huge fan! I'm pulling for you! Good luck to you!

Shiver City-Central part

Bumpty near the end of the area: I didn't know you were the world-famous Mario. So you're going to duke it out with Bowser, are you? Good luck! You'll need it! Before you do, could you find out who that stranger that I saw before was? I figure it must have been a monster made of snow and ice. If that's true, this city is in big trouble! What'll we do if it runs amok in our streets?! Mariooooo!!

Bumpty near the toad house: You adventures are already more thrilling than any novel I've ever read! Aren't you afraid to take on that monster, Bowser? Boy, I would be. Good luck!

Bumpty near the shop: Mario! You're heading to Bowser's castle to try to save princess Peach and all the others, yah? A friend of mine followed the mayor to Toad Town and I haven't seen him since. Do you think he was captured? So many people were caught... I wonder if they're all OK. I'm so worried.

Bumpty near the nearby house You're THE Mario?! Oh... But... You look totally normal. You're just some ordinary person in real life?!

Nearby house

Bumpty: Your visit here will go down as one of the most important times in Shiver City history. When I heard about your legendary deed, I imagined you as this ultra-strong guy... You turned out...ahem...much more normal than I excpected.

Shiver City-West part

Bumpty near the entrance: The last Star Spirit was held near this city, wasn't it? So, our humble frozen home is the setting for a great story! Ohh! How exciting! I bet people in Toad Town will start giving Toad Town some respect now!

Nearby house

Bumpty: Herrignway was writing a new novel in his secret room. No wonder nobody could figure out where he was! By the way, Mario... You've read some of it's manuscript, haven't you? Tell me the ending! Pleeeease!

Shiver City-West part

Bumpty on the snow: So, Mario, you're finally going to fight against Bowser! Trust me--we'll all be cheering for you to beat him! Once peace returns, I wanna go visit Toad Town. I wanna visit the great Mario's house, too!

Bumpty near the mayor's house: I've heard that all the Star Spirits made it back to Star Heaven. Fantastic! That means soon all our wishes will once again be granted. Right now, we're all wishing that you'll beat that evil Bowser and restore the peace.

Mayor's house

Mayor's wife: My husband says that you're preparing to fight Bowser so you can save princess Peach. Ah! It's like a romantic novel! I'm on your side. I want there to be a happy ending! Good luck! Save the princess!

Mayor penguin: Mario, I do believe you've saved all seven Star Spirits! Now all you have to do is defeat Bowser and bring back the star rod so that the world can be peaceful again. And all those poor, kidnapped people can come back! I wish to the stars you'll win!

(Mario and friends take the pipe and go back to Toad Town.)

Toad Town-South part

Green toad: Mario, Mario, Mario. Have you ever met the lovely princess Peach? ...Well, of course you have. What a silly question! Sometimes I think that it would be pretty nice just to sit and gaze at the princess all day long. Is it just me? Have you ever felt that way?

Light green toad: I have a hunch that very soon now, princess Peach will come back to us. The castle and our friends will all come back safely and everytihng will be just like it used to be... I never ignore a hunch.

Blue toad: If you're looking for any particular objects, you should ask Merluvlee of shooting star summit to read your fortune. She's famous for the accuracy of her predictions.

Purple female toad: Because I've been practising, I'm well on my way to becoming a better cook!♥ I heard that princess Peach is a good cook, too. I hope the princess will be back soon. Of course she will! You're saving her, right? Then it's settled. The princess will definitely return soon. I'll be supporting you. Good luck!

Red toad: Mario, you're really good at climbing down that pipe! You roll up like paper and spin on down! That's so cool!

Little light green toad: Oh, hi, Mario. Y'know, I've thought i I wanted to be a lot of different things when I grow up. But I decide that I'm just gonna be myself. Although maybe I'll imitate you a little, if that's OK...

Bub-ulb: The people in the town say that you are going to save a person called princess Peach. I don't even know who she is, but best of luck anyway.

Fice T.: mario, I hear you're finally going to take on Bowser! You're so brave. I wish I could find courage as deep as yours...

Toad Town-Residential area

Green toad near the road sign: Hey Mario. About Rowf's badge shop... I've heard it said that there are lots of bagdes there. Might be a good idea to go there often, you dig me?

Little red toad: Hey, guys! Mario's off to beat up Bowser! Cool! Ker-pow! I'm gonna be just like Mario when I grow up.

Little light green toad: But... Mario... You actually have to fight the real Bowser. Yikes! That's so scary!

Little green toad: Mario, will you be all right? Of course you will! Good luck! Save the princess!

Blue toad in the middle of the road: I know this wish is a good one. I wish the princess and everyone else will come back safely. I wish, I wish, I wish! Good luck, Mario!

Nearby house

Green female toad: Hi, Mario! Are you ready? I heard you're off to take on the evil Bowser! If you can beat him, I'm going to spend all my coins on one huge celebration. Just to show how much you mean to this town, I'm going to fill the sky with booms and pops and bangs amd zings! All for you! I won't tell you more... It'll ruin the surprise! Hee hee hee hee...

Purple female toad: I guess my sister decided what she's gonna do with her coins. She won't even tell me! Can you believe that? Her own sister! Aren't you just dying to know what she's gonna do?

Toad Town-Residential Area

Blue toad near the tree: Mario... I heard a rumor... It was about you going to fight Bowser and save the princess. I don't believe it. Well, for one thing, it's scary. You could get hurt, you know. I can't believe a sane man would willingly do such a thing. I won't believe it! No! I don't believe it! I'll never believe you! Neveeeer!

Green toad in the group of toads: Mario! Good luck, big guy! I know you can beat Bowser!

Red toad: We're behind you 100 percent, Mario, old pal! With you on the job, Peach is as good as saved!

Light green toad: We all believe in you, my man! Good luck! Give it up for Mario!

Orange female toad: People often ask me if I don't get bored going for walks in the same place every day. But I don't get bored at all. It seems like something changes a little bit every day.

Train station

Purple female toad: You know, if you are out in the field and need an item, there may not be a shop around. You should always be prepared for the worst. They have lots of good stuff at the shops here in Toad Town...

Dane T.: So, you're going to save princess Peach, huh?

Mini T.: We're all rooting for you! Yeah, Mario! Yeah!

Green toad: Best of luck, Mario! You're the only hope for princess Peach and the other captives of that evil Bowser. You can do it! Here we go, Mari-o, woo woo! Here we go, Mari-o, woo woo!

Blue toad: So! I hear you're off to fight Bowser. Princess Peach and everyone from the castle will finally come back, won't they? Mario... When peace returns here, I want to tell you something, OK?


Blue toad near the entrance: This is the port. Welcome! Oh, Mario, Mario. Don't push yourself so hard. Relax and just go at your own pace, like the sea does. Good luck turning the tide!

Fishamel: I'd love ter sail the seven seas fishin' fer diff'rent fish.

Light green toad: That whale... It seemed like it was hurting before, but it looks fine now. Anything that big is bound to be scary at first, but now that I'm used to it, it's actually really cute! It makes me want to write a serenade for it!

Club 64

Red toad: Welcome to club 64! You believe this? That whale's been really good for the biz. All these people come for the whale and stay for the food! This joint's been jumping!

Barman: I may not be one of those mystical stars, but I know people's wishes, all right. Seems like every customer I have bends my ear for a while. I've been hearing people's wishes ever since I first opened this place up.


Red toad: Hello, Mario. In all your travels, have you ever been to Star Heaven? As far as I know, nobody has been there. It's too far off, way beyond the clouds. If I could have one wish, it would be to open a toad house in Star Heaven. Don't you think it would be amazing living with the stars surrounding you? You could stay for free, of course, whenever you came.

Blue toad near the sea: I often wonder what Star Heaven is like. Do you think it could be that different from Toad Town? Sailing on a sea of stars... How glorious that would be!

Fuzzipede: Hey y'all.. I'm not gonna be caught by that Fishmael fella agin, you kin believe that...I bet he ain't catching diddly without me! Hoo!

Toad Town-Central area

Mihn T.: I can imagine all those flowers! So colorful and happy, turning their faces to the sun. Mario, you saved them! Flower power! You're a true hero!♥

Blue toad near the flower garden: I've always been content just to watch Minh T. at work. ...At least that's how I used to feel, but lately I've grown restless... What good is looking at her? If I never get the nerve to talk to her, she'll never know my true feelings... Oh... Mihn T... Maybe I could talk to her up on shooting star summit.

Red toad walking: Up on shooting star summit, there are these two siblings named Merluvlee and Merlow. Merluvlee tells fortunes. She's really good at finding badges or star pieces. When you take star pieces to Merlow, he'll trade them for badges. These two could help you, no? You ought to go meet them.

Light green toad walking: So. The time has come. You're gonna take him on. ...Doesn't Bowser scare you? You've got guts, Mario. That monster's pretty huge! Of course, maybe you are afraid but you're going anyway... That's even more courageous!

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle: I have a feeling that our beloved princess Peach will return to us soon. And all because of you. You...sniffle...work so hard... Mario...you're the greatest, man! Only you can save her, so get up there and do it!

Red toad near Merlon's house: Mario, do you collect badges? I've heard that there are badges for almost everything! I bet adventuring is a whole lot easier if you have lots of badges, huh?

Green toad: I have a wish... A simple wish that Toad Town would return to its peaceful ways. Perhaps this time it is you, and not the stars, that will grant my earnest wish. I am filled with excitement. Go forth. And good luck.

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: Mario, I heard you're going to storm Bowser's castle. There's not much I can do, but I'll be cheering you on. I wish i were a hero like you.

Kris T.: I heard that Mario is going to take on Bowser! Let's cheer him on!

Miss T.: Yeah, Mario! You rock! Good luck!! The stars are now in reach, so save our princess Peach!

Felissa T.: I'm cheering you on, too. M-a-a-r-r-i-o-o-o! Gooood luck! Woo! I'm rooting for you! I, Felissa T. will cheer for you without rest!

Red toad near the shop: Do you keep on using one favourite item all the time? It's fine to have favourites, but you really should experiment with other items. You might just find one that's even cooler.

Blue toad near the pond: I heard that you are going to defeat Bowser so our fair land will once again find peace.

PInk female toad: Please succeed, Mario! So we two toads can stay together forever...

Light green toad: Rally, people! Big news! Our hero Mario is finally going to Bowser's castle! Bring back good news, Mario! Good luck! Bowser's going down! Fight hard! Be strong!

Red toad: You always help us during hard times, Mario. When you're in trouble, who's there to lend a hand. ...Mario... I know there's not much we can do to help, but we'll be rooting for you always.

Nearby house

Toad dad: Mario... My family means more to me than anything in the world. I can't be a hero like you, but as a father and husband, I'm doing my best. Good luck to you, Mario! My entire family is cheering for your success!

Toad mom: So, you're finally on your way to save the princess! Hurry to her! But don't be rash or reckless. Her Highness would be worried!

Toad kid 1: Dad told me about you. You're trying to save princess Peach and the people in the caslte, aren't you? That's pretty cool... You're the second coolest guy after my dad.

Toad kid 2: I wished to the stars that I'd become a strong boy. But then dad said I should wish for you instead. He told me to wish that you would beat up Bowser. I'm gonna wish really hard.

Mario's house

Luigi: Princess peach is still caught way up there in the sky... C'mont, Mario! You are a hero, bro! You have to save her!

Peach's castle area

Muss T.: I beg of you, Mario! Save all those poor captives in the castle!

Goomba village

Goompapa: (If Goombario is not out.): It must be really dark and gloomy around the castle, huh? I'm sure the people there are depending on you, Mario. The only way to help them is ot save princess Peach. Please hurry!

(If Goombario is out.): Goombario, do your best to help Mario, OK? I'll make a wish to the stars for you to have good luck.

Goombaria (If Goombario is not out.): Everyone in the world is counting on you, huh, Mario? How do you deal with the pressure all the time? Well, if it helps at all, you can depend on me, Mario. I'll grow up extra fast so I can help you out!

(If Goombario is out.): Goombario, do you actually do anything? I never hear about anything you do. Only Mario.

Goombario: Of course you don't hear!! My role is to assist Mario, not to be the hero.

Goombaria: Huh...? Really...? You fibber...

Goomama (If Goobmario is not out.): I do love to shop, but the problem with Toad Town is that there are just too many things. Still, it's nice to be in a busy area now and then. I think the next time I shop, I'll bring Goobmaria.

(If Goombario is out.): Goombario, good luck, sweetie!

Inside the house

Goompa (If Goombario is not out): Even out here we hear stories of your remarkable deeds! Keep up the good work!

(If Goombario is out.): Goombario, your family misses you. Come back to us soon!

Goombario: Goompa, I'll do my best!

Gooma (If Goombario is not out.): I'm sure our little Goombario is trying his best and is doing all sorts of great deeds. But I still miss him when he's gone, you know. Goombario... When will you be able to stay home for a while?

(If Goombario is out.): Is Goombario leaving? I miss you when you're not here, little goomba! You hurry up and finsh this trip and come home to Gooma!

Koopa village-part 1

Koover: It's been a while since I've been shopping in Toad Town. I bet I could read about all your adventures in the newspaper there!

Koopa walking near the bushes: i wonder what princess Peach is doing right now. I'm wishing to the stars that she returns home safely.

Koopa near the tree: ... Oh, did you say something?

Red bob-omb 1: Bombs away, Mario! We wish you the best of luck! Bomb-bomb, ker-BOMB! (He makes an explosion.)

Red bob-omb 2: I'm a bob-omb. I love to bomb-bomb! (He makes an explosion.)

Red bob-omb 3: It's not fair that bad guys' wishes always come true, and good guys' wishes don't! By the way, we get really angry just before we explode.

Koopa village-Part 2

Koopa near the bushes: You can trust me to keep the peace in this village! But others need your help! Good luck, Mario!

Koopa in the brown circle: The stars are begining to appear more clearly. Maybe our wises will come true again, and everything will turn out just fine. I can only hope that we won't see such bad times again. A quiet village...a little peace. That's all I need to be happy.

Kolorado: Well, I'm back in the village. It's rather nice, eh, old boy? Adventure is all well and good, but one's home is really tops!

Kolorado's wife: So stay here for a change! I've had just about enough of sitting worrying and waiting for your return!

Kolorado: Hmmm...? Ah... Yes...Of course... Well... ..........ahem! Psssst... To tell the truth, old bean, I'm itching to search for the lost palace in the north. But tut-tut! The mum's the word as far as the wife's concerned!

Kolorado's wife (Talking to her): Oh, Mario, my husband came home! He sits around the house and reads books about all the treasures out there waiting... It's so nice to have him home, I can't even tell you. Phew... My husband... What a difficult man...

Green bob-omb: Please hurry up and beat Bowser, OK, Mario? Say, you don't know when the owner of this house is coming back, do you? We could always go back to the fortress, I suppose.

Koopa near the blue block: To me, pure happiness is a life of peace. Once in a while, though, I like a little excitement.

Koopa near the tree: ... Oh, hi there! Feel free to relax, OK?

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 1

Blue nomadimouse: Welcome! You must have had a grueling trip getting here. Please enjoy Dry Dry Outpost.

Green dryite near the entrance: I'm out of new songs. I can't sing a song some composer wrote, either. I have to rock in my own style! I made a wish to the stars that I'd be inspired to write a ripping tune but so far, zilch. Nothing.

Yellow dryite walking near the shop: Have you see the old fortune-teller in Toad Town? He's always right, so is fortune-telling is famous. If you hit trouble in the middle of your adventure, it'd be a good idea to go see him.

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: Hey, someone said you're on a quest to save princess Peach! I never even realised you were Mario! Imagine that!

Green dryite near the red palm tree 2: Mario... Ahem... Good luck. Please save princess Peach!

Green dryite near the red palm tree 1: ..............! Buddy! You spoke out loud! It's a miracle! Whoopee!

(After that, he keeps shying away if Mario talks to him.)

Nearby house

Toad in the desert: (Singing.) A composer, yes that's me♪ I write songs, as you can see♪ Hummahumma♪ Chuchuchuu♪ Wheee-oooo♪ (Not singing.) I like making up songs as I go along.

Dry Dry Outpost-Part 2

Green dryite near the wall with some posters: A brother and a sister who are very close live atop shooting star summit. The brother, Merlow, collects star peices and will trade badges for them. The sister, Merluvlee, is a fortune-teller who will tell you where to find badges.

Blue nomadimouse: Those rebels who rose up against king Mousta... Do you know what they wanted? They wanted to live without rules in the desert and use all the treasures of Dry Dry Kingdom as their own. The great kign Mousta had no patience for such selfishness. Because he had such high ideals, king Mousta is the hero of the Outpost to this day.

Green dryite near the alleay with the wooden boxes: I took the train to Toad Town. I can't tell you how many things were different there from here in the desert. The people were so different and...just plain weird.

Mr. E: I haven't seen rain in ages. I know it's a desert, but it should rain once in a while. We made a wish to the stars for a little moisture, but I guess it didn't help. If this weather continues, it'll get...dry...around here.

Moustafa's hideout

Moustafa: Hello, Mario. Do you need anything of me? It's obvious that you've attained great power. It's clear to me you'll be victorious one day.

Boo's mansion-First floor

Franky: While Lady Bow is absent, it's our duty as boos to keep scaring people. How would it look if the boo mansion stopped being spooky?

Boo's mansion-Second floor

Boo: Mario, please take care of our Lady Bow! She brings the darkness to our lives!

Boo's mansion-Bow's room

Bootler: dear sir... Lady Bow is very, very, very important to us boos. Please don't let her get in any dangerous situations. If harm befalls our lady, the boo ancestors will be horribly displeased. I shudder to ask this, but I must beg you to protect her whenever danger arises!

(If Bow is out): Lady Bow, please come back to us as soon as possible.

Bow: Hush up, Bootler! You be quiet and take care of the mansion while I'm gone!

Bootler: Sigh....sigh.....

Yoshi's village-Inner part

Yellow yoshi: Hello again, Mario. Great to see you! Eat anything tasty lately? Everyone seems jolly when they have something good to eat.

Green yoshi: Hi, Mario! Welcome back! How are things on the mainland? Our children love to hear stories from afar...and I guess I kind of do, too.

Little purple yoshi: Yippee! Hooray! Welcome back! What adventures have you been on so far?! Tell us, tell us!!

Little yellow yoshi: Mario! How's your adventure? Eat any good stuff so far? I wanna hear your stories. Hey, hey! Come on! I wanna hear some stories!

Little blue yoshi: Hey! It's Mario! Are you back for another exciting adventure? I didn't miss you, but the other 4 really did. If you want, you can hang with me for a while. You know, just chill. I won't even talk to you or anything. Tee hee... You could even tell me about your adventures if you want.

Little red yoshi: Whoopee! Yippee!! Hooray!!! You came back, Mario! You came to hang with the 5! Tell us about your adventures over the sea! If you do, we'll tell you all the tricks we played while you were away. Hee hee...

Little green yoshi: Yes! Mario is back! We've been waiting for you. Tell us your story now! What exciting adventure are you on right now? Huh? Tell us, tell us, tell us now!

Raven 1: Caaaw!

Raven 2: Cawcawcaw.

Raven 3: Caw, Cawcaaaw!

Raven 4: Caw?


(Paper Mario contains a series of sidequests thow!at the player can optionally do for rewards or just fun. If the player wants to complete the sidequests, he has to do it before he goes to the final chapter as the game doesn't save after Mario defeats Bowser. This is a list of the side quests.)


(Letters play multiple roles in the game.)

Letters for Mario

(Letters addressed to Mario can be found in the mail box in his house.)

Little T.

-The first letter Mario receives is from Little T., a young Toad who trains at the Toad Town Dojo.

-The letter is received after Kooper joins the party.

Dear Mario,

How do you do?

I'm Little T.

I'm just a little Toad.

I live in Toad Town.

I've been training at the Dojo so I can save Princess Peach!

I'll write to you again later.


Vanna T.

-The second letter Mario receives is from Vanna T., Chuck Quizmo's assistant. It is the second letter in the coding of Paper Mario, but Mario doesn't receive this letter if he hasn't participated in Chuck Quizmo's quiz show.

-It is received after Mario correctly answers the first Chuck Quizmo Quiz.

Hello, Mario.

I'm Vanna T., Chuck Quizmo's lovely assistant.

Thanks for participating in our quiz show.

Our ratings are through the roof!

Are those Star Pieces helping you?

Please keep coming back until you answer the last question!

I'll cheer you on!

Vanna. T

Koopa bros.

-The third letter Mario obtains is from the Koopa Bros.

-It is received immediately after the end of Chapter 1.

You rat, Mario!

How dare you embarrass us!

I'll never forget what you did!



Watch your back when you walk at night!


I'm gonna make you cry!


You'd better sleep with one eye open, pal!


We shall return!!

Koopa Bros.

Koopa troopas

-The fourth letter Mario obtains is from the Koopa Troopas living in Koopa Village.

Dear, Mario,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Fuzzy problem.

We, the Koopa Troopas in the village, really appreciate what you've done for us.

We must apologize for not rewarding you with anything. We are but simple Koopas...

Please drop by the village whenever you like. Anytime. It'd be our honor.

Best of luck from all of us!


Koopa Troopas at Koopa Village


-The fifth letter Mario obtains is from Moustafa.

Hey, wanderer! I have heard many stories about your deeds. People speak very well of you.

If comforts me to know that Bowser's creatures no longer loot the ancient ruins.

Unfortunately, some relics are missing. This is a shame. I've heard that a Koopa was wandering around the ruins... That sounds very suspicious.

You should be careful if you meet any suspicious types. Anyway, I must go! I look forward to hearing great tales of your adventures!



The sixth letter Mario obtains is from Kolorado.

How are you, dear boy? I've just finished my exhausting research of the ruins found by my unwavering efforts.

Sadly, I did not find any treasures as valuable as I had hoped.

I will press on, though, old chap! There are treasures hidden all over the world!

I hear them calling my famous name, asking me to dig them up!


-The seventh letter Mario obtains is from Goombario's little sister, Goombaria.

To Mario,

Are you and Goombario doing OK? I'm fine. Oh! This is Goombaria, by the way.

Are you having an exciting adventure? Is Goombario being a hero? Or is he just goofing off?

You know... I sometimes go shopping in Toad Town with Mom. Maybe we'll see you there. I'd really like to hear some of your exciting stories. I can't wait! Really!

You can beat up Bowser--I know it!♡


Tauce T.

-The eighth letter Mario obtains is from the Toad Town cook, Tayce T.

Hi there, Mario. Are you eating regularly? You know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The Cookbook you gave me really comes in handy.♡

I already knew a lot about recipies, but with this book, I can cook a world of new dishes!

I want to tell you about the latest dish I've been cooking. It's unique!

It takes a Fire Flower and an Egg to fix it. When I first made it, it blew me away!

It might help you on your adventures. Please come visit me with those ingredients!♡

Tayce T.


-The ninth letter Mario obtains is another from Kolorado.

How are you, old bean? Smashing, I trust. I'd just like to thank you for helping with that nasty volcano business.

Of course, I'm sure you're well aware of my own heroic role in the final fracas.

I've lately worried about my dear wife. How she must worry about me as I brave danger!

Perhaps it's time I returned home for a while. Feel free to stop by for a spot of tea!


Yoshi kids

-The tenth letter Mario obtains is from the kids of Yoshi's Village known as the Fearsome 5.

Dear Mario, The volcano stopped erupting! Please come back and visit!

The village leader wants to see you, too. Everyone does! And we want to play with you!

We bet you've been on all kinds of wild adventures! Remember to bring your stories!

The Yoshi Kids


-The eleventh letter Mario obtains is from the Badge seller Rowf.

Hey, big guy! How're you doing? Rowf of the Badge Shop here.

Thanks a bunch for shopping at my place. You're a cool customer!

To show you my gratitude, I'll be waiting for you with all my stock 0% off!


Wise Wisterwood

The twelfth and final letter Mario obtains is from the Wise Wisterwood of Flower Fields.

Dear Mario, How are you holding up?

It's so sunny in Flower Fields. Peace has returned here.

Lily's in her own little world, as usual.

Rosie is spreading a rumor that you're interested in her.

I hear that Petunia is singing your praises across the land.

As you know, I can't move from this spot, but I'm content to watch the Bub-ulbs frolic.

Good luck to you, Mario.

All of Flower Fields is wishing to the Stars that your dreams will come true.

Wise Wisterwood

Letters for partners

(Letter adressed to Mario's partners can be found in the post office.)


Red and blue goomba bros.

-The first letter Goombario receives is from the Red & Blue Goomba Bros., the Goomba King's servants.

It can be read as soon as the player reaches Toad Town.


You were a lot stronger then you looked. We figured you were just some punk Goomba hanging around with Mario.

Anyway, you proved yourself to us that being good is as important as being strong. So...

When you come back, do you think maybe we could be...friends?

Please say yes!

We'll be waiting!

Red & Blue Goomba Bros.


-The second letter Goombario receives is from Goompa, his grandfather.

Dear Goombario,

How goes the adventure with Mario? Is it fun?

Are you being a brave Goomba?

Remember to relish your time out in the wide world.

Grow wise from your travels.

I wish to the Stars that your adventure will prove to be a fruitful one.

If you can, drop in on us old folks now and again.

Gooma misses you terribly

I'm looking forward to seeing you as a grown-up.



The third letter Goombario receives is from Gooma, his grandmother.

Dear Goombario,

How are you, my cute Goombario? We're all doing fine here.

I hope your Tattle ability has finally become useful.

Stop by whenever you get the chance. We all miss you.

Good luck, my little Goomnut!

I'll be thinking of you.



Kolorado's wife

-The first letter Kooper receives is from Kolorado's wife.

-It can be read after beating the Koopa Bros. in Koopa Bros. Fortress.

Kooper, how are you doing?

Your mother dropped by for a visit the other day.

We had a really nice talk over some Koopa Tea. She did seem a touch disappointed that you were still on the road.

She said that she's going to cook a delicious dinner when you come back, so you have something to look forward to.

Oh yes! If you happen to see my wayward husband, please tell him to come home more often.

Take care.

Kolorado's wife


-The second letter Kooper receives is from Koover.

Dear Kooper,

How goes the adventure?

I can't believe you're hanging with Mario! I'm so jealous!

Koopa Village is the same.

Kolorado's wife is impatiently awaiting Kolorado's return.

You and Kolorado...You guys have so much excitement in your lives. You're so lucky!

Anyway, good luck, buddy!

Koover of Koopa Village

Kooper's fan

-The third letter Kooper receives is from a fan.

Dear Mr. Kooper,

I must apologize for sending a letter out of the blue.♡

But I had to! I saw you walking in Toad Town with Mario.

You seemed so strong and brave.

So dashing...♡

If it's OK, I'd really love to have a talk with you.

(Oh♡ How embarrassing♡)

I'll write to you again soon.

Good luck, brave Koopa!

Your Fan


Dry Dry Railroad

-The first letter Bombette receives is from the Dry Dry Railroad Transportation Department.

-It can be read after revealing the Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert.

Dear Miss Bombette,

We write this letter as a humble request to you,

the most worthy and explosive

of all Bob-ombs.

It's still a long time off,

but later this year we will be staging an opening event for a new Dry Dry Railroad route

We feel the event would be a gala bash if we could enlist your bomb-bursting help.

Crowds love fireworks! Anyway, we'll get in touch with you

after your adventure ends to confirm the dates.


Dry Dry Railroad Transportation Department


-The second letter Bombette receives is a love letter from Bruce.


You must return to me, oh fair and combustible Bob-omb!

My heart awaits you in Koopa Village. It burns like a fuse!

I will love you forever! Even if you reject me, my love will endure!

If I don't see you soon, I'll surely explode, so please hurry!

You've ignited my passion! Come back to me, my love!

Your Bruce


-The third letter Bombette receives is another love letter from Bruce.


I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Please understand how I feel!

I love you!

Your Bruce


Frost t.

-The first letter Parakarry receives is from Frost T..

Dear Parakarry,

Thank you for always delivering my mail, despite snow and ice.

Because I live in this cold valley so far from my family, the letters I receive are my greatest pleasure in life.

Kind words from my wife and daughter give me the strength to continue my work

My heart lips with joy every time I hear the sound of your wings

May you never molt!

Your Fan, Frost T.


-The second letter Parakarry receives is from Whacka.

It can be read after talking to Whacka with Parakarry. This one can be missed if Whacka leaves during chapter 2.

Whaack-oo! This is Whacka!

Mr. Parakarry, from my place in the shadows, I always see you flying above Mt. Rugged.

It looks like so much fun, flying on a sunny day! Tell me about it sometime.

My wish to the Stars is that you never fall from the sky!

Whacka of Mt. Rugged

Lady Bow


-The first letter Bow receives is from Bootler.

To Lady Bow,

Please return as quickly as possible.

I cannot shake the image of you in some sort of danger.

It so worries me that I can no longer sleep.

When you went with Mario, you told me not to go with you...

But now I regret my obedience!

I should have gone anyway and protected you from harm!

Now all I can do is wish to the Stars with the other Boos that you return safely.

Please take care.


Boos in Gusty Gulch

-The second letter Bow receives is from the Boos in Gusty Gulch.

Dear Lady Bow,

Thank you for rescuing us from that horrible Tubba Blubba up on Gusty Gulch.

We'd never dreamed we'd meet a Boo of your stature!

The sight of you alone would have been enough to keep us going, but you went ahead and defeated Tubba Blubba too!

We thought that our friends were done for when they were eaten, but they've all returned.

Many thanks! When you're done with your quest, we're throwing you a party. Please come!

Oh! And please say "Hi" to everyone at Boo's Mansion!

Boos in Gusty Gulch



-The first letter Watt receives is from Fuzzipede

Dear Watt,

Well, I'm still kickin'. I ain't gonna be bait no more.

I reckon I 'preciate the help of you and your buddies. This here letter'll be my thanks, so we're even, all righty?

Anyhoo, good luck doing what y'all do. And don't be botherin' me if we meet up agin.



-The second letter Watt receives is from her mother

Watt, thank the Stars that you're safe! I was so worried!

When you first disappeared, we were completely baffled.

Nobody would help us and we couldn't find a clue!

Then we went to Toad Town and heard about the Toy Box.

I was pretty sure you'd be OK in there for a while, but...

...I was still worried! Please give my deepest thanks to those who saved you! Come home soon!

Your Mother



-The first letter Sushie receives is from Sashimie, her daughter.

Dear Mom,

First I heard you were lost in the jungle, then I heard you were traveling with Mario!

Don't do anything dangerous. Come back as quickly as you can. I'm waiting for you.

You're gonna be a grandCheep[sic]! I want you to see the small fry!

Your daughter, Sashimie

Raphael te Raven

-The second letter Sushie receives is from Raphael the Raven.

Dear Sushie,

You followed Mario, didn't you? How are you doing? I never expected you'd go with him.

I want to hear about you, Mario and everything else, so why don't you come to see me when you finish traveling?

If you have a hard time climbing the tree, I'll come down for you.

Raphael the Raven

P.S. Is there anything you want to eat? I'll make anything.



-The first letter Lakilester receives is from Lakilulu, his girlfriend.

Dear Lakilester,

Where are you? You'd better be a good Lakitu and return soon.

I'll be faithfully waiting for you near the Wise Wisterwood.

If you don't come back, I'll search for you 'til the end of time. I'll give you such a Spiny Storm you'll...

I'm sorry, love...

I get mad when I worry...♡

Your Lakilulu


-The second letter Lakilester receives is from Flight, of Team Lakitu.

Dear Spike,

You turncoat!! You're hanging around with Mario! I'll never forgive you, you big traitor!

I heard that your real name is Lakilester, too! I never heard such a silly name! I'm gonna call you Lakilester from now on.

The only way you could earn my respect now would be to beat...

Lord Bowser! Yeah, right!

Do that and I'll forgive you!

Flight, of Team Lakitu

Normal letters

(Mario also finds letters along his journey. He can deliver them to their recipients with Parakarry. There are 25 letters: 12 are found throughout the world, with one of them part of a 14 letters chain that results in getting the Lucky Day Badge. Delivering each of the other 11 letters awards Mario a Star Piece. Mario has to talk to the characters with Parakarry out.)

Parakarry (Every time he delivers a letter.): You're (Name of character), correct? The name's Parakrry. I deliver letters. I believe I have one for you. Hang on a moment. (He takes out the letter and gives it to the character.) Another letter, duly delivered. A postman's job is never done.

Letter 1: Location found: Mt. Rugged--Mario should toss Kooper across the gap in the area with the Save Block.

Reciepent: Merlon

Location: Toad Town

content: A letter from Merlee in Dry Dry Outpost

Letter 2: Location found: Mt. Rugged--Upper left ledge after the slide.

Reciepent: Kolorado

Location: Lavalava Island, Toad Town, Dry Dry Desert, Koopa Village.

Content: A letter from Kolorado's wife

Letter 3: Location found: Mt. Rugged--In the area with the broken bridge.

Recipient: Goompapa

Location: Goomba Village

Content: Start of a series of chain letters, first about fishing, then a shop order, a few invitations and family correspondence.

Letter 4: Location found: Dry Dry Desert--Mario should hit the tree near Dry Dry Outpost.

Recipient: Mort T.

Location: Koopa Village

Content: A letter from the recipient's wife

Letter 5: Location found: Dry Dry Outpost--On one of the rooftops near Moustafa's house.

Recipient: Nomadimouse

Location: Dry Dry Desert

Content: A letter from Moustafa

Letter 6: Location found: Dry Dry Desert--Mario should hit the tree at Kolorado's excavation site after Kolorado removed his camp.

Recipient: Goompa

Location: Goomba Village

Content: A presumably gossipy letter from Koopa Koot

Letter 7: Location found: Gusty Gulch--In front of a tree branch.

Recipient: Fice T.

Location: Toad Town

Content: A spooking letter from Bootler

Letter 8: Location found:Lavalava Island--On top of a rock on the beach leading to Yoshi's Village.

Recipient: Igor

Location: Boo's Mansion

Content: An order list from Gusty Gulch

Letter 9: Location found: Jade Jungle-Northeast island where the player meets Sushie.

Recipient: Russ T.

Location: Toad Town

Content: A letter from a curious kid on Lavalava Island

Letter 10: Location found: Flower Fields--Northeast screen.

Recipient: Minh T.

Location: Toad Town

Content: A thank-you letter from Wise Wisterwood.

Letter 11: Location found: Shiver Snowfield--Mario should hit the big tree four times.

Recipient: Mayor Penguin

Location: Shiver City

Content: A letter from Yoshi's Village

Letter 12: Location found: Shiver Road--Behind icy rock just before the area where the player fights Monstar.

Recipient: Merlow

Location: Shooting Star Summit

Content: A letter from Merle in Starborn Valley

Chain Letters

-Deliver to Goompapa in Goomba Village

-Deliver to Muss T. near Peach's Castle

-Deliver to Koover at the Koopa Village entrance

-Deliver to Fishmael at Toad Town's port.

-Deliver back to Koover

-Deliver to Mr. E. in Dry Dry Outpost's Toad House

-Deliver to Miss T. near the Toad Town Dojo

-Deliver to Little Mouser inside Dry Dry Outpost's Item Shop

-Deliver to Franky near Boo's Mansion's stairs

-Deliver to Dane T. in front of Toad Town's railroad

-Deliver to the red Yoshi Kid near the item shop in Yoshi's Village

-Deliver back to Dane T.

-Deliver to Frost T. in Starborn Valley

-Deliver all the way back to Goompapa

(The following is a list of what the recipients say upon receiving the letters, which sometimes reveal the content of the letter.)

Merlon's response: Hm? Who's it from? Hmmmmm... Oh, my granddaughter, Merlee! She recently entered the family business. Umph... Is that so? Oh, I see. Interesting... She opened up her business at Dry Dry Outpost, deep in the desert. It's located somewhere quiet off the main drag. She seems to be keeping busy. That's good to hear. Thanks so much for bringing this letter. I'll give you this. (He gives him a star piece)

Kolorado's response:

(Dry Dry Desert) Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was immersed in the dig around here. (He gives him a star piece)

(Toad Town dock) Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me strength for the trip. ...I know! I'll pass this along as my most sincere thanks. I came across it while I was researching my latest project in Dry Dry Desert. (He gives him a star piece)

(Yoshi's Village) Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me the strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was wandering about the jungle researching things. (He gives him a star piece)

(Mt. Lavalava) A letter? For me? All the way out here on Lavalava Island? How very rare... Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me the strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was wandering about the jungle researching things. (He gives him a star piece)

(Mt. Lavalava when hurt) Yeeow ow ow...! The treasures are waiting for me over there, I know it... Oh, a letter... Oh, good show! It's a letter from my wife. Thank you ever so, old chap. This is just what I needed to give me the strength to go on. ...I know! I'll pass this along as a spot of thanks. I came across it while I was wandering about the jungle researching things. (He gives him a star piece)

(Pleasant Path entrance) Good gracious! A letter from the missus! But when did she send this? Well, in any event, cheers for delivering it. Take this, old boy. I came upon it during my incredibly important research on Lavalava Island. (He gives him a star piece)

(Koopa Village) Oh! Good heavens! A letter from the wife! I say... ...when did she write this? Well, in any event, cheers to you for bringing it with such speed, eh? You simply must take this. Go on, then! I found it on scenic Lavalava Island. (He gives him a star piece)

Goompapa: Hey, thanks. Much obliged, Mr. Postal Worker! ...Oh, great news! Fishing is one of my hobbies, and this is from a friend who's planning a fishing trip. I can't wait... ...Oh... Sorry to pile work on you, but could I give you a letter? If it's at all possible for you, could you deliver this to a Toad named Muss T.? He hangs around the castle garden. I'd really appreciate it.

Muss T.: Oh, it's from Mr. Goompapa. That old codger! We think alike, he and I. It's been ages since I saw him. Too long, indeed! This reminds me... I was just thinking about sending a letter to one of my other friends. Your timing is perfect. This letter is to my friend. His name is Koover, and he lives in Koopa Village. I'd like you to deliver this to him. I'll bet he's near the entrance to the village. He usually hangs out in front of the Toad House that's right on the edge of town. No big rush, but it would be nice if he got it soon.

Koover (1): Hey, thanks! You came at a good time. I was just about to send a letter myself. Oh, would you look at this! It's a letter from Muss T.! The two of us are always thinking along the same lines. He's one of my fishing pals. I'll tell you, if you don't fish, you should! What a hobby! And to think, I was just about to send letters to all my fishing buddies about a trip! Once we have a good place set up, I'll write a letter back to Muss T. So... ...could you send this along for me? Thanks so much. It's to a friend of mine who's always fishing at the Toad Town port. He's easy to find. Thanks again!

Fishmael: Hm? What's this, then? Shiver me timbers! Word from Koover! Muss T. said he wrote a letter, too. Everyone's got the fishin' bug! Time fer a fishin' trip! Ye should come along, Mario. Yar, that reminds me... I got a favor ter ask. Could yer deliver this to 'im? 'im? Why, the Koopa Troopa who asked you ter bring this letter to me! Koover's the name. Yar, and take good care, fer the luvva fishes!

Koover (2): Oh, thanks! Cool! It's from my pal! This must be the answer to my last letter. Thanks for the speedy delivery. Now I can send letters to the whole gang. It'll be great meeting up with all the guys and fishing up a storm. I've already written one. Here, can you take it? It's to Mr. E, who lives in the desert. He'll most likely be hanging out in front of the Toad House. He wears a blue turban. You'll probably notice him right off the bat. Thanks for everything!

Mr. E: Gee, thanks! Oh, looks like an order from Koopa Village. My job is delivering things from Dry Dry Outpost. This guy's a great customer. He's always ordering stuff. Hey, by the way. Would you do me a favor and deliver this letter the next time you're in Toad Town? It's to Miss T. She lives there. She's one of three amazingly beautiful sisters. She's normally chatting with her sisters in front of the Dojo. Thanks a lot!

Miss T.: Who is this from? I don't think I recognize the return address. Oh, well. I'm always getting love letters from strangers. I'm super popular. But enough about me. It's so lucky you came just now, Mr. Postman! Will you do me a favor? I want you to deliver this letter to the shop owner at Dry Dry Outpost.♥ I order lots of things from the desert. They have so much good stuff! It's not easy staying this beautiful. It takes work! Will you please deliver this? Thanks!

Little Mouser: Oh, thanks. Yeah, this is an order sheet from one of my regulars. Good deal. She's one of my best customers. She orders things all the time. If health and beauty are what you're after, you can't beat desert Lemons and Limes. You can find them in the oasis. Oh, if you make a juice with those things... Mmmm mmm! Oh, hang on. Almost forgot. Can you do me a favor? Please deliver this letter to a Boo called Franky. Franky lives in a mansion way out on the far edge of Forever Forest. It may be tough to find him. Thanks.

Franky: Oh, thank you! ... Oh, great, it's finally in! This is from a guy I know who deals in useful items from all over the world. He has a great eye for items. He just got something in that I've wanted for a long time. Oh, it's the coolest thing! Oh, wow, I almost forgot! Could you deliver this for me? Sorry if it's a bother... There's a Toad child in Toad Town named Dane T. Please deliver it to him. He always seems to be playing by the station with his pals. He must like trains. Thanks a Boo!

Dane T. (1): Thanks, Mister! Wow! I mean, wow! It's an invitation to the haunted mansion! I didn't think it would really come... All the kids in Toad Town have been talking about this invitation, wondering if it was for real. But... now that it's come, I guess I have to go... Mini T., are you brave enough to go with me?

-Mini T.: Uhhhh... You know, I'm really kind of busy and... Oh! Yeah! I just had the greatest idea! Let's ask that Yoshi Kid from Yoshi's Village to come. You just got a letter from that kid last week, didn't you? You know! That letter you got from the island? Let's send a letter back to him and tell him about the scary adventure we're gonna have. Hey! Mr. Postman! Take this letter to the red Yoshi Kid in Yoshi's Village!

Red Yoshi Kid: Thanks. I wonder what it is. Oh, my pal made up a new game! I've gotta play this later! He also wants me to come over to his town and play with him sometime. But how can I get there? ...Oh well. Maybe someday I'll be able to cross the sea and hang out. It's really funny, 'cause I was just writing him a letter about a game I made up! Mr. Parakarry, will you help? Here. Deliver my letter to the Toad Kid who asked you to send this one to me. Could you? Thanks!!

Dane T. (2): Wow! Thanks a lot! You're much faster than the old postman, that's for sure. That Yoshi Kid is a really good pen pal, huh? He writes really long letters. It sounds like there's always something fun going on over where he is. Lucky Yoshi... We should write back again. Hmmmm... What do you think we ought to write about?

-Mini T.: Hmmmm... I don't know. Let's think about it later. By the way, I wanna ask you for a favor, Mr. Parakarry. Can you deliver this? It's a letter for Uncle Frost T. of Starborn Valley. He's my uncle. He's up there taking care of lots of Star Kids. It sounds like a hard job. He has to chase 'em around all the time. At least that's what he says in the letters he sends. Anyway, I wrote him a letter to take his mind off work. I know it's far from here, but I'd really appreciate it.

Frost T.: Oh, thank you. Ah! How nice! It's a letter from little Dane T. and Mini T. Those naughty little rascals... When I visited their home, they were always up to something. They do write me letters often. It's nice to get letters... Their mail makes me as happy as mail from my wife and daughter. Oh yes, I almost forgot! I need a letter delivered. I'd like you to take this letter to Goompapa in Goomba Village. It's actually a reply to little Goombaria, but I think her dad could explain it to her better. Drop it off whenever you have a chance, all right? Thank you so much.

Goompapa: Thank you, sir. What would we do without postal service? Oh, how interesting... A letter for Goombaria. I guess I could open it... I remember she wrote a letter just the other day and I was wondering what it was. I see. I guess it was a question. And this seems like the answer. It looks pretty complicated... but I think I understand. I'll tell her all about it. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery. Here, take this! (He gives him the lucky day badge.)

Mort T.'s response: A letter? For me? Oh, it's from my wife! How sweet! I love her so... .......... Phew... Oh, pardon me. I got really wrapped up there. That wife of mine! She's so cute! She makes me crazy! Thanks for bringing me joy! Here, take this, OK? (He gives him a star piece)

Nomadimouse's response: A letter to me? From Moustafa? I've heard the name, but... I can't remember who he is. Anyway, thank you for delivering it. I'm surprised that you found me way out here. It's extremely hot traveling in the desert, so take care. Oh yeah! Take this as my thanks! Don't hesitate. Please take it. (He gives him a star piece)

Goompa's response: Now what could this be...? Koopa Koot...? Eh...I have a bad feeling about this, so I'll read it later. It's probably the old Koot's usual backstabbing gossip. He really needs to get out more. What's the point of sending all of these gossipy letters? Huh? I know you're pretty busy, so thanks for delivering this. Why don't you take this as a token of my thanks? (He gives him a star piece)

Fice T.'s response: I wonder who "Bootler" is. ... Ugh... Oh, no... No--------!! This is from that ghost! It says, "I'll creep up on you while you're sleeping... Boo!" He loves scaring me! You think...he'll really...? Creeping...darkness... Oh, woe is me! I'll never sleep... Get a hold of yourself, Fice T.! Stand tall! Fear not! I'll be OK. Here, take this. (He gives him a star piece)

Igor's response: A letter? Oh, right, an order list. Weird. This order's from ...Gusty Gulch. That's right around the corner! Can't they just come here? Oh, well. My motto is, "From Boo to you with a smile." Take this for your trouble. (He gives him a star piece)

Russ T.'s response: Now what could this be about... Hm! How exceedingly strange. It's from Lavalava Island. ...Yes, yes. It's a question from a curious kid there. My mind is quite in demand. Thank you, Parakarry. I thank you for your quick delivery. I don't usually accept questions, but oh, well... It's from a kid, and we must educate the younger generation. When I was a child, I had a curious mind as well. Still do! I'll get right on the answer. Thanks again for bringing this letter such a long way. Please take this as thanks. (He gives him a star piece)

Minh T.'s response: To me? Who's it from? The Wise Wisterwood? Who's Wise Wisterwood...? "Thank you for making the flowers bloom so beautifully"? ...Oh! It's a thank-you note!♥ It says, "Please drop by Flower Fields sometime." Wow! How delightful!♥ But how does Wise Wisterwood know about me...??? Oh, excuse me. I'm rambling. This is a small gift to say thank you for delivering the letter. Please take it!♥ (He gives him a star piece)

Mayor Penguin's response: For me? Oh... It's from Yoshi Village! I don't know where that is, but I bet it's pretty far away. I'll read this later. Thanks very much! Oh, hang on! I'll give you this. (He gives him a star piece)

Merlow's response: A letter for me? From Merle in Starborn Valley? Wow! News from my dad! Thanks, Mr. Postman! My dad writes all the time because he worries about me. My sisters and I are totally bad about writing back, though. Maybe I oughta write him a little more often, huh? This is a treasure that I've kept for a long time. I'm gonna give it to you as thanks. You could always come back and swap me something for it... (He gives him a star piece)

Luigi's diary

(After Mairo acquires the super boots during chapter 3, he can go through a secret panel in his house and discover a hidden room. There, he can find Luigi's diary and read it. It describes Mario's adventures during the game and shows Luigi's opinion. If Mario returns to his house immediately after acquiring the super boots in chapter 3 an enter the secret room, he'll find Luigi in there.)

Luigi: I wonder how ol' Mario is doind in his quest. (He turns around and notices Mario. He is shocked.) Ma... Mario! (He grabs the book on the table.) Uh-oh... I mean, never mind. How did you find this place? (He runs out of the room.)

(If Mario checks the table.)

(There's nothing on the desk.)

(Mario can talk to Luigi who's in the dining room.)

Luigi: Anything wrong? Nothing suspicious in the basement, was there?

Page 1

Once again, my brother went on an exciting journey. Once again, he went alone. It's so unfair! I remember the carefree days when we played Golf and Tennis and had Parties. I remodeled the house and made a secret basement my brother has no idea! It's the perfect place to write in you, my secret diary.

Page 2

I heard that a ghost appeared in Toad Town today. It was big, really big. And it had red eyes, a giant, gaping mouth and a mustache. .......... Because you're my secret diary, I'll tell you the truth: Yaaaah! I hate ghosts!! What will I do if it appears at night! Come back, Mario! I'm scared! Yikes! I can feel something behind me. Ahhh! I'm sure it's there, but I can't look back! No! No! Get away! I think I'll be safe if I don't freeze with fear. I'll just shut my eyes and take five steps back, and then I'll jump and dash into bed. Here I go!

Page 3

A Shy Guy appeared at my house the other day. I found it asleep in my bed! Can you believe it? I ran after him, but he was way too fast for me. I heard that a lot of Shy Guys also appeared in Toad Town. Supposedly, they came from Shy Guy's Toy Box. It must be somewhere in town. A Toy Box... I wouldn't mind seeing that. Maybe they have a Nintendo 64!

Page 4

The whole Goomba family visited me today. They said that Goombario is in the care of my brother, then they gave me a souvenir! It was a Goomnut, a special treat from Goomba Village. It looked so yummy I ate it without telling my brother! My FP increased by 3. .........You think he'll notice?

Page 5

I heard that my brother went to Lavalava Island on a tuna. Unbelievable! So unfair!! I... I... I wanna ride on a tuna, too!

Page 6

I heard that some Yoshi kids on Lavalava Island got lost and my brother saved them. I bet Yoshi kids are just about the cutest things around. I'm a bit jealous of my brother.

Page 7

I heard a rumor that I actually have lots of fans. Wow! What great news! To live up to their expectations, I want to play the lead in an adventure! Of course, my name would have to be in the title. That'd be sweet... But I know it'll never happen...

Page 8

I heard that a door appeared in Toad Town. They say it leads to Flower Fields. I guess lots of Flower Spirits live in that flowery place. Flower Spirits... I bet their souls are as beautiful as the prettiest flowers...

Page 9

Somebody said to me that a way will open when you use a scarf and a bucket... What? A scarf for a snowman? Wouldn't it melt him?

Page 10

Yesterday, I got stuck in the trapdoor when I was entering my secret room... Have I been using it too much? Or am I putting on weight? I'd better oil it to make it open easier.

Page 11

When I looked up at the sky tonight I saw a shooting star racing across the sky toward Peach's Castle. I made a wish to the Stars right away, but I wonder if it will really be granted... What I wished was............... I can't write it even though this is a secret diary. Aargh! You can see it even though I erased it! (My wish is to sleep in the top bunk bed.)

Page 12

I heard that my brother finally saved Princess Peach! Bowser increased his power with the Star Rod but my brilliant brother beat him anyway! I guess he'll be coming back home pretty soon. I'm looking forward to listening to the story of his adventure. Anyway, I'm going to finish this diary for now. I have to seal this room off before he notices that I remodeled without telling him. Now I'm going to prepare a dinner to celebrate Mario's return!

Star pieces

(During the game Mario can collect star pieces. There are 160 star pieces in total. Most are found by uncovering hidden panels with the ground pound ability, by hitting trees or going behind objects like rocks. Some can be found scatterd in the overworld while some other are obtained in different ways. Mario can get star pieces by delivering letters, doing Koopa Koot's favours or correctly answering Chuck quizmo's questions. Mario can trade these star pieces with Merlow for badges.)


(Bagdes are found all over the game. They can be collected from blocks or bought by Merlow for star pieces. The more Mario has, the easier the game is. Each badge has its unigue abilities that help Mario. Mario needs BP to equip badges. Every times he goes up a level, he can upgrade his HP, FP or BP. The to level for the BP is 30.)

Super blocks

(Super blocks are found throughout the game. Every time Mario finds one, he can use it to upgrade one of his partners to super rank and later ultra rank, after obtaining the ultra stone from Raphael the Raven. There are 16 super blocks in the game, enough to upgrade all partners to ultra rank.)

1. Mt. Rugged-In the entrance scene, there is a stone block on the path in the northwest. The Super Block is at the end of the path.

2. Dry Dry Desert-In the oasis, there is a Super Block to the south of the pond.

3. Dry Dry ruins-In the area with two floors of stairs, go left from the first floor, and the Super Block is down there.

4. Toad Town tunnels-After entering Toad Town Tunnels, go west, and take the pipe to sublevel 2. Use the two-tiered elevator to go right and through the doorway. To the right of the entrance scene is an elevator. After taking it to the ceiling, walk right and fall down. The Super Block is in that room.

5. Tubba Blubba's castle-Go left from the first-floor entrance and there are stairs at the end. Go down the stairs to see the Super Block before the door to the basement.

6. Toad Town tunnels-After entering Toad Town Tunnels, break the wooden floor, fall down, then go west. After passing the Dark Koopa gate, there is a room with a movable block and a few hidden blocks. Hit them for a bridge to the Super Block in the high place.

7. Shy guy's toy box-Go left from the red station and there are two walls that form a closed area. The Super Block is above the platform in the middle of the north side.

8. Jade jungle-After entering the jungle from Yoshi's Village, ride Sushie to the left and land at the island at the center of the next screen. To the southeast path is a Super Block.

9. Mt. Lavalava-In the first trapeze area, take the highest trapeze and go right. The Super Block is at the end of the path.

10. Mt. Lavalava-n the second trapeze area, where there is a trapeze in the air, take the trapeze, fall down at where the rock wall in the back pales, and you'll fall on a high platform with the Super Block.

11. Toad Town-In the entrance scene, dive with Sushie and enter the pipe at the center of the pond in the south. The Super Block is at the end of the path below.

12. Toad Town tunnels-After entering Toad Town Tunnels, go west, and take the pipe to sublevel 2. In the entrance area is a pipe leading further down. The Super Block is in the next room, guarded by two metal blocks.

13. Flower Fields-Go southeast from the center of Flower Fields. After passing the thorny path, there is a path to the north. The Super Block is at the end of the path.

14. Flower Fields-Go northeast from the center of Flower Fields. After solving a puzzle, there is a bridge on the north side. The Super Block is above the bridge.G

15. Shiver City tunnels-In the icy scene of The tunnels that leads to Shiver City, there is a Super Block in the left.

16. Shiver Mountain-In the second screen after the snowman entrance, there is a path up to the top. The Super Block is at the end of that path.

Toad Town Tunnels

(The Toad Town Tunnels are the sewers of Toad Town, which can be accessed via a pipe in the south part of town. Thye are filled with enemies like gloombas and dark koopas, stronger than those in the surface. Badges, super blocks and the utlra boots can also be found in there. A pipe in there is connected to Shiver City. In addition, a blooper, an electro blooper and a super blooper can be optinally be fought there.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: Ah, Toad Town Tunnels! Visit its scenic filthy streams that lead to who-knows-where! It's spectacularly disgusting! Come stay awhile! If you're not totally grossed out the first night, you stay for free!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 2: You know, even though these tunnels have many sections you can always count on one thing: filthy, stinking water. Would it be too much to ask to get out of here before the stench knocks me out? Seriously! I'm about to wig out!

(Goombario's tattle-Part 3: Ugh! I wonder where the filthy water is going? This'd better not drain into the sea or the river! I may have to alert the Goomba Environmental Board!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 4: We're in Toad Town Tunnels. Eew... I wonder what's making the water drip from up there? At best, I guess this place could be called "damp". Although "dank" is more like it.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 5: Let's see...disgusting flows of water...dripping ceiling... Yup, it's gross down here! Can we leave now? I... I'm really uncomfortable.

(Goombario's tattle-Part 6: That's a strange platform. What do you think'll happen if we climb on board? Are you worried about where the platform will end up? That's never stopped you before...)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 7: You know, I really don't like foul water dripping on me. Ugh! That one hit the back of my neck! Blech! Where's it dripping from? Can we get out of here or what? I hate it here!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part8: This is a strange, dark place. Who'd think that a place like this could exist beneath lovely old Toad Town?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part9: The cool air is certainly nice and refreshing... but it's too dark, it smells awful and I have a bad feeling about this place. Let's move!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 10: Uh... I think this is a sewer. You know...the Toad Town sewer. Under Toad Town. What am I saying? You know! You're a plumber, after all!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 11: Oh, gross! I've never seen so much sewage in my life! Eew... floating garbage, too! Talk about disgusting!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 12: I'm sure that some nasty things live down here in the dark. We should be ready to defend ourselves in case of a surprise attack.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 13: Oh, gross! Look, Mario! The water's filthy! And look! Garbage! These tunnels are a total nightmare. Let's keep moving and get out fast.)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 14: Still Toad Town Tunnels... We've been in these tunnels so long that it's starting to feel like... I'm becoming a mole... haha!)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 15: It looks like just another passage in the tunnels. I get the feeling... that something valuable rests around here... Can't you feel it in your bones? Do Goombas have bones? Anyway, something big is near... I'm almost positive.)

(Goombario's tattle-Room with ultra boots: "It smells of treasure here." How was that? That was my Kolorado imitation. Any good? Mario? Hello?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 16: It just keeps getting grosser down here, huh, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-Part 17: Where are we...? Are we lost or what? We've been down here so long... You know, I didn't know that adventuring would be this gross.)

(Goombario's tattle-Room with Rip Cheato: Boy, who could live down here? What a crazy dude!)

(Goombario's tattle-Tunnel beneath the pond.: It's a room beneath the Toad Town pond. I don't think anyone's been here for a long time.)

(Goombario's tattle-Room with pipe to Shiver City: It's a small room with a single pipe in the center. Don't quote me, but I'm betting that the pipe goes somewhere.)

Toad Town news

(Near Merlon's house is a notice board. On it, citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom write various stuff that Mario can read. On the front, Mario can read the Toad Town news which mention Mario's adventures and the areas he visits. On the back are scribbles, secrets and gossip written by various characters.)


Toad Town News Flash

Princess Peach Kidnapped!!

Castle Uprooted!!

A few days ago, Princess Peach's Castle was stolen. She was inside and is presumed kidnapped.

The whereabouts of the princess are unknown, and where the castle once stood there is now a gaping hole in the ground. According to witnesses, the castle rose into the sky.

As soon as we get new information, we'll post follow-up reports on this board.

Toad Town Underground News

I'm scribbling on the back of the Notice Board. How naughty!

I heard Mario was defeated by Bowser... How ominous...

A gossip-loving Toad

Toad Town News

Frantic Fuzzies Conquer Koopa Village

Recently, it seems that Fuzzies have invaded Koopa Village and and are causing mayhem. Please exercise extreme caution when visiting Koopa Village...

Toad Town Underground News

Did you hear the gossip about Princess Peach?

I can't write it down here because it's unbelievable!♥♥♥

A gossip-loving Toad

Chapter 1

Toad Town News

The Explorer Kolorado Challenges the Mystery of the Desert!

Mr. Kolorado of Koopa Village, an explorer and archaeologist, has just started his search for the legendary ruins rumored to lie beneath Dry Dry Desert.

As of this writing, he has yet to come across a single clue. Morale, however, remains high!

Secret Message Corner

Koopa Koot of Koopa Village is trying to recruit people to do him favors.

Word is, if you grant his requests, he rewards you. He's a pretty self-centered old Koopa, though, so who knows if anyone will be willing to help him.

If you're reading this and have a kind heart, why don't you do an old Koopa a favor?

An anonymous Koopa

Toad Town News Flash

Mario More than a Match for the Koopa Bros. Fortress!

Our hero, Mario, has vanquished the Koopa Bros. who lived in the great fortress to the east.

The Koopa Bros., longtime underlings of Bowser, had been left to guard one of the kidnapped Star Spirits. That Star Spirit has returned to Star Haven, all thanks to our hero.

Huzzahs for Mario!

Toad Town Underground News

The train parked at the station at the south of town is pretty spiffy, isn't it? It's called K64.

Unfortunately, a huge boulder has fallen on the track and the train can't go anywhere.

Talk about a crying shame!

A railroad lover

Chapter 2

Toad Town News

Dry Dry Railroad's Grand Reopening!

The massive boulder problem plaguing Dry Dry Railroad has finally been solved. The tracks are as clear as the desert sky!

If you plan to visit Mt. Rugged or Dry Dry Desert, climb aboard the luxurious, convenient Dry Dry Railroad!

...paid for by Dry Dry Railroad

........ (No title)

Don't scribble here.

Public Works Dept.,

Mushroom Kingdom

Toad Town News


Gala Radio Giveaway!

If you listen to the radio, you have a chance to win some fabulous prizes! You have three chances to win!

C'mon! Tune in to the radio or these prizes'll tune you out!

Listen to the Radio Information channel for more details.

DJ Toad-rock

Toad Town Underground News

Princess Peach Gossip

I heard from this friend of mine whose sister heard Peach likes ♥♥♥♥ ★★★★.

Anyway, my cousin ××× said that ○○○ told her ♥♥ said it's true. You think it is?

A gossip-loving Toad

Chapter 3

Toad Town News

Ancient Ruins Discovered in Dry Dry Desert

Our resident archaeologist, the esteemed Mr. Kolorado, has finally discovered the legendary Dry Dry Ruins.

Although it could not be confirmed at press time, Mario may have played a key role. Details are sketchy, but if the early reports are true, a Star Spirit languishing in the ruins has been rescued.

Let's hear it for Mario!

Toad Town Underground News

Miss Tayce T.'s cooking class will be canceled for a while.

Miss T. is very sad to make this announcement. Her beauty has faded because of her sadness. You'd better not eat dishes cooked by Miss T. or you might just turn pale.

A gossip-loving Toad

Toad Town News

Ghost Sightings Slowly Fade

The rash of ghost sightings in the area seemed to be reaching epidemic proportions.

Lately, though, we've seen a marked decrease. And now, we likely know why. The Forever Forest path guard tells us that Mario has entered the forest.

As soon as we can, TTN will interview Mario to get a first-hand report on this bold move. Stay tuned to this board for our follow-up to this breaking news.

.....(No title)

So sleepy... Please... Don't make me work so hard.

Toad Town News

Princess Peach's Cooking Contest

Postponed Due to Lack of Castle

The annual Cooking Contest sponsored by Princess Peach has been postponed indefinitely.

Besides sponsoring the annual affair, Peach also hosted the culinary contest at her castle. The disappearance of the castle itself presents some perplexing problems for the contest planners.

To those who are pulling their hair out in frustration, we say: Keep the faith, champion chefs! Mario will save the day!

Toad Town Underground News

You read this underground newsboard a lot, don't you?

You must have a lot of free time, huh?

Underground news writer

Chapter 4

Toad Town News

Shy Guy Invasion!

Robbing Rogues Run Roughshod!

A squad of scurrilous Shy Guys has beset Toad Town, leaving our fair citizens in a daze. The thefts are too numerous to name here, but suffice it to say residents are urged to guard their possessions.

It's still unclear where the Shy Guys are hiding out. We'll post news as it breaks.

Righteous Message Corner

How many Koopa Troopas have been beaten up by Mario?

It's shameful...

An anonymous Koopa

Toad Town News

Ghost Story, Part Two

Mario's Coup de Boo

Breaking news on our continuing ghost coverage:

It seems that a single Boo was responsible for all of the sightings in town. This Boo was merely looking for a brave soul to help vanquish a Boo-eating monster.

Mario, of course, took the challenge and punished the great beast, freeing another Star Spirit in the process.

Afterlife has returned to normal for the Boos, so the town hauntings should cease.

Next week's editorial: Why Mario is The Man!

......(No title)

Scribbling here is so fun!

Toad Town News Flash

Shy Guys Still Stealing

Toad Town in Trouble!

Look around, folks! Shy Guys still run rampant in our town.

Miss Tayce T., our resident master chef, recently lost a vital frying pan to the pests. These scoundrels came upon Minh T. in her flower garden and gave her quite a fright.

By the main gate, they drove a well-meaning shopkeeper from his very own store. They've even been seen bouncing on the bed in Toad's House.

Reports are pouring in from all over town about these miniature menaces. They're everywhere! Please take care, folks!

Secret Confession Corner

To tell you the truth, I'm crazy about Miss Bow.

She's so arrogant...so very headstrong... I love it! I can't believe I'm writing this... If Miss Bow sees this, what'll I do?

Just thinking about her gives me chills...♥

A scary Boo

from Boo's Mansion

Toad Town News

The Very Latest Tour Information

Toad Town Tours are planning many types of trips for your holidays this year.

There's a Pleasant Path and Fortress Tour, an Exploration Tour of Dry Dry Ruins, a Cruise Tour in the South Sea by luxury liner, and a full selection of Winter Sports Tours in the Shiver region. We have a tour to fit every preference, and our reservation agents are standing by.

For further information, please come by our office or request a brochure. Thank you.

Toad Town Tours

Underground Message Corner

I hate fighting Mario! I won't do it anymore!

Somehow he always gets the best of us in the end.

A Bowser underling

Toad Town News

Volcano Wakes from Slumber

The once dormant volcano in the South Sea has officially been classified as active. As molten lava can be lethal, travel there is now forbidden.

TT Meteorological Agency

......(No title)

Say hello to Spike! I'm gonna be big in this town!

Don't listen to this idiot! This is my turf!

The true Nash T.

Toad Town News Flash

What Shy Guy Problem?

Mario Trounces Thieves

The little larceny-lovers known as Shy Guys have finally quit terrorizing the town. Mario tracked them to their Toy Box hideout, valiantly dispersed their ranks, and managed to rescue an imprisoned Star Spirit.

To those who would prey on the innocent and weak, we say this: Mario will prevail!

......(No title)

I've come back! I'm sure you missed me!

I've got a foolproof plan for coins. See you on the road!

Kent C. Koopa

Chapter 5

Toad Town News

A Whale of a Story

The small island that appeared recently in the harbor has turned out to be an ailing whale from the deeps.

Apparently the whale was floating there, trying to quell a stomachache caused by a hairy caterpillar it swallowed.

Mario saved the caterpillar, which had been used as bait by a fisherman. Both whale and caterpillar felt lots better.

All's "whale" that ends "whale"!

Secret Sale

We'll send you beautiful photos of Princess Peach.

To inquire about this special offer, please send a letter to the following address:

Toad Town Post Office

P.O. Box 7144

Secret Toad

We will accept no complaints or returned goods.

Toad Town News

Flower Days are Blooming!

Take one look in front of the Post Office or in the garden of Minh T. and you'll see that Flower Days are here.

Let's make this town bloom! Grow flowers in your home garden or plant a few in the town flower garden!

Toad Town Underground News

Bowser's Castle Infiltration Report

I sneaked into Bowser's Castle, pretending to be one of his underlings.

Braving the dark, I managed to avoid Koopatrols and Hammer Bros.

It wasn't easy to climb up the castle, but spying was a piece of cake.

Anyway, I thought the castle was quite well decorated. Isn't it supposed to be gross?

I don't want to go there again.

A curious Koopa

Toad Town News

Pleasant Path to Become a Toll Road?!

An enormous Koopa Troopa has parked himself on Pleasant Path between Koopa Village and Toad Town.

The huge creature, who is apparently calling himself Kent C. Koopa, demands coins from every passing traveler. If the traveler refuses, this brute blocks the way with his enormous body.

We must stop this extortion as soon as possible! Any ideas would be welcome... For now, we would suggest that you take some coins with you when you go to Koopa Village.

Angry Corner Message

I bought Princess Peach's photos by mail order, but they were a total rip-off!

I paid 100 coins, but I got only three photos, all of which were horribly out of focus!

They sure as Sushie weren't beautiful! Give me back my coins, you swindler!

A big fan of Princess Peach

Chapter 6

Mysterious Events File

Door to Another World Opens In Center of Toad Town

Behind an unremarkable door that appeared in the center of Minh T.'s flower garden, a flower world seems to exist.

Toad Town officials are considering a scouting team but there's probably no point, as Mario has already stepped through. We await word from him.

Where did the door come from? And why? And how?

Mysterious Events Investigation Team

.....(No title)

Flowers can speak, you know. I heard Mario talking with them. Then he went through a magical door to their land.

I'd love to go there.

A scribble-loving little Toad

Toad Town News

Volcano Blows its Lid on Lavalava Island

Mario Escapes Molten Magma

A little while ago we reported on new volcanic activity erupting on an island in the South Sea. Mt. Lavalava on Lavalava Island was the volcano in question.

We recently received a report from Kolorado, the famed archaeologist who journeyed into the volcano with Mario. He states that Bowser's minions were behind the seismic tremors that caused the volcano to violently erupt.

At great risk to life and limb, Mario made a daring rescue of the Star Spirit that was held in the fiery depths.

Mario...he's on fire!!!

.....(No title)

Mr. Nash T. and his gang rule the streets... Nobody is safe from us, NOBODY!!!!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Mysterious Events File

Reports from the Bizarre Interdimensional Door

Another World, Same Story

A world populated by flowers lies on the other side of the mysterious door in Minh T.'s flower garden.

It should come as no surprise to learn that Bowser's goons were causing trouble there. But guess what? Our own Mario did a little extermination of the pests in that garden!

By kicking Bowser's underlings out of the world, he also saved another Star Spirit! Now that's flower power!

Toad Town Underground News

××× and ○○○ are ♥♥♥♥.

Did you know that?

Now their secret's out!

A gossip-loving Toad

Chapter 7

Toad Town News

!!Breaking News!!

Peach's Castle Spotted?!

On fine days, some keen-eyed observers have reported seeing a tiny black dot way up in the sky.

It is only a faint shadow, but even that is enough to fill the people of our fair town with hope.

Although the shape is fuzzy, popular opinion holds that it is Bowser's and Peach's Castles, linked together.

Perhaps there is hope after all! Princess Peach! Come home!

The TTN staff

Toad Town Underground News

A few days ago, I ate some of Miss Tayce T.'s homemade food. They say she loves to cook, don't you know.

Unfortunately, we were served Mistakes.

The guy I was with really liked his but mine was so disgusting I almost barfed. It was that foul.

I guess I was just unlucky but I'm nervous about trying again...

Unlucky guy

with an upset stomach

Toad Town News

Safety Week

Let's Prevent Accidents!

As the inside of pipes may be dangerous, do not let children enter them. You never know what sort of creatures might hide within. Even adults should think twice before exploring.

Toad Town

Crime Prevention Office

......(No title)

Both the people who read and write these messages must have nothing to do but gossip.

Of course, I'm one of 'em.

Toad Town News

Shiver Sensation!

Mario Masters Crystal Palace

Mario went to the Shiver region to look for the last Star Spirit and discovered the legendary Crystal Palace at the top of Shiver Mountain.

This Palace is said to have been built and dedicated to the Star Spirits. Bowser's evil followers, however, had taken it over.

Mario put those goons on ice and saved the the last Star Spirit!

Now, with all of the Star Spirits together, they're on their way to Shooting Star Summit. It's finally time to head for Bowser's Castle! Good luck, Mario!!

.....(No title)

★ Stars ★

♥ It's a heart.

Now I can draw a ♪

I love scribbling!

A little Toad!

Chapter 8

Toad Town News

Spirits at All-Time High

Now that Mario has found a way into Bowser's Castle, local folks cannot help but expect that our princess and her castle will soon return. Several shops even appear to be planning "Welcome Home" sales for the return.

Everywhere you look, hope shines in people's eyes. Will our fair town return to normal soon?

Underground Message Corner

Lord Bowser, We were beaten... Don't get mad, please.

We all did our best... I swear it....

Bowser's underling

Toad Town News



Commemorative Party to be Held

Just like we knew he would, Mario defeated Bowser and rescued our dear princess.

Bowser was badly beaten and will likely never return. We're sure of it. Almost positive.

Princess Peach's Castle has been perfectly restored to its original position, and it even sports fresh paint!

A grand party celebrating the victory is planned at the castle, with everyone who's anyone in attendance.

Hooray for Mario! Hooray for our hero!!

From all the reporters, with many thanks! We owe you one, Mario!!

Toad Town Underground News

Hurrah for Princess Peach! Hurrah for Mario!! Mario was as strong as legend said he was!

He fought beside Goombario, Kooper, Parakarry, Bombette, Lady Boo, Watt, Lakilester and Sushie!

We're gonna party like there's no tomorrow! Come on!

Tauce T.'s recipes

(Tauce T, is a cook who lives in Toad Town. Mario can take her items he finds and she will cook dishes for him. If Mario gives her non-edible items like a hammer she will cook a mistake. After Mario gives her the cookbook he got from Gourmet Guy, she can use two ingredients at a time. There are many different combinations that make the same dish. There are fifty recipes, not counting the mistake. When Tauce T. cooks certain dishes, like a bland meal, she mentions it is one of her specialties.)

Tauce T. (The first time Mario talks to her.): Oh my goodness, it's Mario! My name is Tauce T. I looooove to cook! If you bring me ingredients, I'll be happy to fix you one of my energy-giving dishes!♥ Would you like me to cook you something?



(Every other time): Oh, it's Mario! Hi there! Would you like me to cook you something?



(If no is chosen.): Oh, that's too bad. I was so excited to show you my cooking skills. You don't know what you're missing!

(If yes is chosen): Which ingredient would you like me to use?

(Mario chooses an ingredient.)

Tauce T.: Then I shall cook with (Name of ingredient).♥

(Mario agrees)

Tauce T.: I'll whip something special up just for you, honey. It'll be fabulous! Just a moment!♥

(She goes to the kitchen and starts cooking.)

Tauce T.: Tra-la-la-la-la!♥

(When she's done, she goes back to Mario.)

Tauce T. (If Mario had given her an edible item): Here you are!♥ This recipe's not so bad. Here, pelase!♥ (She gives him the dish she made.) Come back anytime, hon. I look forward to it!♥

(If Mario had given her a non-edible item like a dusty hammer): Oh... I'm sorry. This recipe didn't work out. Oh well! Tee hee!♥ Here, please!♥ (She gives him a mistake.) Come back anytime, hon. I look forward to it!♥

(When she cooks a special dish like a bland meal): All done! It smells delicious!♥ Here, please!♥

Merlon's predictions

(Mario can visit Merlon at any point in the game and pay him 5 coins to read his fortune. Merlon's fortune-telling is always correct and it can help Mario on his quest.)

Chapter 1

You must journey to Koopa Bros. Fortress. You can travel there by following Pleasant Path to the east of town. The path begins right next to Toad's house. If you have any problems getting started, please don't hesitate to ask for my help.

I can see you stuck on the way to Koopa Village. You try to continue, but there is no bridge. A tree grows near where the path ends. You smash this tree. Something drops to aid you.

I can see Koopas in trouble. These must be the Koopas in Koopa Village. You are kind, and you help them with their troubles. One of the Koopas you help tells you the location of the house where the Koopa with the blue shell lives. Only that blue-shelled Koopa can help you overcome the difficulties that lie in wait on the road ahead.

The four Koopa brothers are holding a Star Spirit hostage. They lurk in the stone fortress at the end of Pleasant Path, to the east of Toad Town. It is a long journey east, even from Koopa Village, and the road is full of enemies.

The stone fortress is locked, and it's guarded by Koopas. You wander its depths, hunting for a key. A pink tomboy with an explosive personality is locked in the basement jail there. You help her escape. She ends up helping you, too.

The noble Star Spirit is imprisoned on the top floor of the stone fortress. Your blue-shelled Koopa and explosive Bob-omb are the keys to cutting the Koopa brothers down to size. You move with haste now. The Star Spirit has many important things to tell you.

You go to the south of Toad Town and find a station that is the departure point to a far-off land. The red train at the station cannot leave. Somehow, you destroy the obstacle blocking the track.

Chapter 2

You reach a mountain by train but the crevasses there are too difficult to cross. A winged Koopa is fussing about, waiting for help on the steep, stony mountainside. You help him out and earn some help yourself.

I can see you climbing over a mountain in search of a desert. Braving great dangers, you cross the mountain and descend to the mouth of an ocean of sand. Your true goal lies hidden within.

At the end of the path in the desert, there is a dusty town where travelers rest. It is there where you will find some answers you seek. When you leave the desert path, you are quickly swallowed up by the trackless desert. For now, you stick to the path and end up in the town.

I can see you handing something to a strange Nomadimouse that resides in a desert town. The Nomadimouse waits in the back of the desert town, hiding its face with a cloth. To find that which you seek, you give up something you have already found.

(If Mario doesn't give Moustafa a Lemon) The strange Nomadimouse I spoke of...he does not tell you what you want to know, even though you've given him gifts? Well, perhaps you have not given him what he desires. You go south as soon as you leave the desert town and soon you find a lush oasis. A fruit ripening on the tree is what you seek. You find it and give it to the Nomadimouse. For this treat, he breaks his code of silence and gives you the clue you need. Beyond this, I can see nothing.

The one who knows the mystery of the desert hides on top of an old building. A strange Nomadimouse at the far end of town once waited by a door. You check this door. From there, you climb upward. On the rooftops, you meet the mysterious leader of the desert. You find him over to the left from where you climb up.

I can see you putting a bright, flashing stone on a small rock after wandering around the desert. Hmm... Mmmmmmmmm...! I cannot see exactly where it is, but the flashing stone is pulsing rapidly and there is just one rock in the area. Wait...something else... It is on the opposite side of the desert from the oasis.

I can see you entering the ruins that used to be buried deep in the desert sand. There are many surprises inside the old buildings. First you find a way to strengthen yourself, and then you find three precious stones. Deep inside, you set the stones in the correct places on statues. This is the correct way: the Pyramid on the left, the Diamond in the middle and the Lunar on the right.

You go down the new stairs that appear in the deepest depths of the ruins. You descend further, drawn by the imprisoned Star Spirit imprisoned below you. A Koopa wrecks the ruins, trying to destroy you. You fight off this magic-wielding menace and save the Star Spirit.

Chapter 3

Deep inside a strange forest, someone waits in the darkness for you to arrive. He floats through the air, appearing and disappearing. He shows you the way.

In the dangerous gloom of Forever Forest, I can see you talking with a creature who lives there. You turn your back to the moving bush and go into the depths of the forest. You find him waiting.

In the shadowy Forever Forest, you must take the right path to get out. One path always looks different from the others, and that path is the one you always take. You look carefully at the scenery to find your way. A wise member of your party may well give you an important hint.

When you escape Forever Forest, you find a spooky mansion hidden in the trees. Someone who is waiting for your help appears in front of the mansion. Inside, you gather some important information. You enter without fear.

I can see you wandering in Boo's mansion, trying to find the way to get upstairs. At every turn, Boos play tricks and set puzzles. You wisely solve them all. Now...I can see you standing with a record in your hand in front of a phonograph. You distract a Boo by playing the record then quickly open the treasure chest.

You climb onto the sofa on the first floor of Boo's mansion. You launch into the air and pull down the chandelier, which moves a glass case. In order to enter the door hidden by the glass case, you hang a heavy weight from the chandelier. Somewhere beyond the door, a powerful item awaits.

In Boo's Mansion in Forever Forest, I can see a staircase leading downstairs. You go down to the storeroom and through several doors. In a back room, you challenge Boos for a new pair of Boots. You Spin Jump on the boarded floor and break through, finding a new path.

You return a Boo to his empty picture frame, and he helps you go upstairs. When you enter the room upstairs, you find a pair of Boos waiting for you. They tell you many things. You realize that not all Boos are troublemakers.

There's only one thing that has the power to scare Boos. I speak of a castle-dwelling monster that can never be hurt. There are many stories about this immortal creature. The Boos living on the windy hill have heard them all. You listen carefully to these tales then bravely head for the castle on the hill.

Although you enter the castle on the windy hill, you are stopped by a locked door. You begin your search for the door key. In a room containing a large table, you open a small door and see stairs going down. Once you descend, you notice a boarded piece of floor that you can break. Down in the basement, you find the key that you seek.

In the castle on the windy hill, a much-needed key waits in the room with the spiked floor. With your Boo companion, you run out onto the floor when the spikes retract. Before the spikes return, the lady Boo helps you to turn invisible. While invisible, you are not hurt. The key you find inside the treasure chest helps you continue your quest.

In the castle on the windy hill, you find a room off the main corridor on the top floor. The key to the locked door is at the end of this room. You sneak through the room without waking any guards and claim the key. You unlock the door and step into the heart of the mystery.

I can see you running away as fast as you can. You open the treasure chest next to the bed where the immortal monster is taking an afternoon nap. You find a magic talking key inside the chest. This key unlocks a tower with a turning windmill. The immortal monster keeps a secret deep below it. You run there as fast as you can and teach him a lesson once you learn his secret.

I can see a Star Spirit that can't return to where it is supposed to be. Help it find its way back to Star Haven and then come back to Toad Town.

Chapter 4

I can see mischievous folks playing tricks and bothering the citizens of Toad Town. You walk west from the southern shop and see these small people entering and leaving the second house from the shop. They don't enter the house if they see someone inside because they're cowards. You turn invisible to trick them.

You go into the house second from the shop in the south of Toad Town, and find a hidden door that leads to a Toy Box. The mischievous thieves and all of their stolen goods are inside the box. You leap in after them. Inside the Toy Box, you use jack-in-the-boxes to move on. The jack-in-the-boxes with stars on their sides make you go higher and farther. They help you out mightily. You find a key and return to Toad Town.

The owner of the shop in the south of Toad Town is sick with worry about a stolen key. You return it to him. He offers you a reward, so you take something that you noticed was missing inside the Toy Box.

You get a train, but you don't carry it into the Toy Box. Instead, you put it in the box from outside. The train is a welcome addition inside the Toy Box, and now you are able to move on.

Building blocks and a fence block your way in the Toy Box. You have to make good use of the jack-in-the-boxes and a revolving wall to continue. When the revolving wall turns, you slip through the opening. Only perfect timing gets you to the other side.

You have tracked down a precious frying pan. You give it back to a Toad Town cook, who gives you something useful in return. You re-enter the Toy Box with your new reward. It will help you on your way.

I can see you standing beside a huge Shy Guy who is too hungry to move. You give him a fabulous Cake made by a very talented cook. He finds it so delicious that he goes away. That talented cook makes the Cake again when you give her the Cake Mix.

You hit a dead end on the moving walkways of the Toy Box. Instead of trying to jump over, you turn invisible and slip through the net. Soon enough you reach some blocks that move up and down but you cannot jump to your goal. You jump to a high spot near the platform and hitch a ride with a Paratroopa. An illegible memo is the key to continuing through the Toy Box. You give the dictionary back to the scholarly Toad. With it, he is able to decipher the Shy Guy's language. He tells you the answer to a puzzle. He says that you must smash the four colorful boxes in a certain order to open the way. If you remember the clue, you'll know the right order.

The path you choose might be completely dark. When you can't see a thing, it's a good idea to take a different path. When you enter another dark room, something carrying a light appears. You defeat this scary creature and make a new friend.

You find the light that gleams in darkness and discover a glittering child in a lantern. The way ahead is often dark, and you cannot go forward without light. You save the sparkling child imprisoned in the lantern. When you break the lantern, the child is freed. This bright child often lights up what is hidden.

When you bring light to darkness, Shy Guys flee from it. They are running toward the thing that you seek. You follow them with the light. A difficult test awaits you. The Star Spirit can only hope for your victory.

Chapter 5

There is a strange island floating by the port docks. You jump on it and smash down to get a rise out of it. Soon after, I can see you with a light amid warm darkness. ...You do know where the port is, don't you? I suppose I'll tell you, just in case. Go straight in the direction opposite Forever Forest.

A journey to a faraway island is your destiny. I can see you crossing the sea with one who is indebted to you. I can also see a Star Spirit waiting for you in the heart of a volcano.

On the jungle island to the south, I can see an erupting mountain. You must find a path to this volcano. Ohhh...! I can see Yoshis. Many Yoshis. The Yoshis know something, so you talk to them to learn the answers you seek.

The baby Yoshis are at a mischievous age, and they play hide-and-seek on the jungle islands. You help the fish baby-sitter when she loses them and asks for help then you are helped, as well.

The Yoshis' hiding places seem impossible to reach. You find them all by moving bushes out of your way, crossing the water, and hitting the tree stumps. Underground...on top of a tree... behind a bush...on a distant island...deep in the jungle... ...that's where all the baby Yoshis are hiding.

I can see you looking puzzled in front of a big stone statue in the depths of the jungle. You talk to the chief of the village, who is pleased to have the children back safely. As a reward for finding them, he gives you something beautiful, which is the key to your continuing quest. You put what you received on the big stone statue in the depths of the jungle, then you follow the path that appears.

In the deep, dark jungle, you shake the bushes, plug the geysers, and pull the vines to move ever deeper. You reach the base of a gigantic tree. You see a black shadow perched atop this huge tree. It watches over the jungle... and it is glad to help you.

The giant jungle guardian helps you by building a bridge. You cross it. Your destination is the erupting volcano. Somebody is waiting for your help in the depths of its superheated caves. You ride across the molten lava to enter the bubbling depths.

A flood of magma is blocking your way. It's too wide to cross. You climb to a nearby platform and use blue blocks to slow down the flow of lava. A powerful item awaits you on the other side.

Deep below the earth, you hammer a line of blocks to dust. A spiked boulder opens a path. You go deeper and sense that a Star Spirit cries out just ahead of you. A massive fire flower stands in your way. Water beats fire, you know.

A treasure chest blows clear from a violent eruption. It lands deep in the jungle. It waits for you. The chest has fallen to earth near the spot where you met your aquatic companion. A treasure-hunting Koopa in Yoshi's Village finds a magical seed. Why is that important? The seed is vital to your quest! You hand over your new-found treasure and get this seed.

Chapter 6

There is a lot of empty space in the Toad Town flower garden. A door opens when enough flowers bloom. You need seeds. You find the special seeds in Toad Town, Forever Forest, Jade Jungle and on Mt. Rugged. Once you find seeds from four different colored flowers, you take them to a girl who tends the Toad Town flowers. You need all four seeds. I can see a Star Spirit waiting for you in the cloudy sky of a different world. This world lies just through the door.

You search for a Magical Bean that grows a vine into the sky. To the east of the big tree, I can see a flower being pestered by creatures who dwell under the ground. The annoyed flower really loves seeds. You help her out. Your reward is the precious Magical Bean.

In order to grow the Magical Bean in Flower Fields, you first search for Fertile Soil. You give a starving red flower a Red Berry. This tasty berry falls into your hands when you smash the tree near Petunia. The red flower lets you through its gate and you continue on your way. Soon enough, you meet another flower. This flower is only too happy to give you Fertile Soil.

I can see you talking with a flower at the bottom of the dry spring in Flower Fields. The waterless spring is beyond the gate that the yellow flower stands guard over. You give the yellow flower a Yellow Berry, and it repays you by opening the gate. By smashing the tree beyond the red flower's gate, you find the Yellow Berry you need.

The precious stone that the flower of the spring seeks is in the garden beyond a confusing hedge maze. The keeper of this garden has many thorns but is very beautiful. You hang on every word she says. A sparkling berry from a crystal tree is the only treasure beautiful enough to match the Water Stone. You talk to Posie and she gives you what you need.

You take the sparkling berry to the rose in the flower garden. She finds it irresistible and trades the Water Stone for it. When you put the stone in the dry spring, water begins to flow like magic.

I can see you trying to clear the air of clouds. You search in vain for the sun, hurrying beneath dark clouds. The sun, trapped by the menacing sky, cannot rise. He tells you important news. A cloud rider stops you as you travel from your visit with the sun. He will join you. With his aid, you stomp on the colored blocks in the correct order: green, purple, red, green, green, purple. When you find the cloud-making machine, you smash it to bits and bring the bright sky back.

I see you planting a magical vine that you hope will grow higher and higher until it pierces the clouds. When planting it, you do everything in the right order. First, you prepare the soil. Next, you plant the seed. Finally, you give it water. Only the right order will do. The Star Spirit is being held in the clouds. You climb your magic beanstalk up and up.

The Star Spirit is waiting for you on a cloud in the sky. You battle a giant cloud monster, destroying the smaller clouds as they appear. The greatest danger comes from powerful bolts of lightning.

Chapter 7

You travel to a far-off land, a frigid place covered with snow and ice. You find new strength in the deepest place under Toad Town. Using your new ability, you are able to enter a new path. A blue door on a high ledge beckons, but you can't reach it. There are several things invisible to the naked eye near the door. With the help of your sparkling companion, you see the way.

I can see you visiting the most important penguin in a cold city.

You travel on the snowy path to the west of Shiver City. A glittering town lies in the frosty valley. It is here that you learn some vital information and receive a gift to help you on your way.

The cities in the frozen land have been friends since times long past, and each holds an ancestral treasure. You already hold one treasure, and you receive the other from the most powerful penguin in the city.

I can see some snowmen in a row in front of a cliff. You add decorations to them until they all look the same. The way to the frozen heights opens soon after.

You climb up a steep mountain and break the cracked wall beyond the stairs. You enter an icy cave. The room is filled with crystal pillars, and your eyes deceive you. You think for a moment that it's a dead end. You don't trust your eyes. You keep moving forward. You find something helpful once you break the illusion.

Someone needs your help in the Crystal Palace that perches atop the mountain. You have received a gift. You use it as a key and climb to the mountain's top. Once you've scaled the frozen heights you spot the palace you need to reach.

You think that you're looking at your reflection in a mirror, but no! Something mischievous is imitating you. You enter the blue door and walk through the columns to reach the other side of the glass.

In the Crystal Palace, often what you do on one side of the glass affects what happens on the other side. You break a boarded piece of floor in the back, then go back to a room in the front. Where there once was a red X, there is now a hole.

You enter the red door and beat the guards on the bridge. Their statues disappear. You place your explosive friend by a red switch and go through a revolving door. You find a large stone statue in a room. It doesn't budge even when you push it. Your Koopa friend helps you hit a switch in the reflection. You cross the bridge and make your way around to its twin. Eventually you find a smaller stone statue and push it aside. You discover that the large statue has moved as well.

I see creatures that change direction when you talk to them. I also see identical stone statues that you can move by pushing them from the rear. By talking to the creatures, you get them to face the right directions. You then push them to cover the pads on the floor. Once you solve the puzzle, stairs appear that lead to the door high up on the wall. You continue into the palace.

A frozen king rules in the palace on the snowy mountain. He seems to split into three kings, but two of them are phantoms. To be sure, you attack all of them at once. The last Star Spirit is freed once you defeat him.

Chapter 8

I can see the Star Spirits gathering and waiting on Shooting Star Summit. They are waiting for you, of course. You need only to walk up there and a route to the sky will be made clear.

The power of the Star Spirits and the strength of your wishes lead you to the castle. The root of all this evil misfortune awaits in the floating castle in the sky. You must fly there. The way up leads from Star Haven.

I can see a long corridor of flowing lava. A speaking statue makes your journey more difficult, but you survive with your friends' help. After cooling the lava flow, you continue your journey to the top of the castle. Your quest's end awaits you on high.

I can see two rooms with high ceilings. When you pull chains in these rooms, water flows. You use these to continue. After climbing higher and higher, you come to a room that seems to be a dead end. You move a stony face of Bowser to find the entrance. In the first room, you push the Bowser on the right. In the second room, you push the Bowser on the left. In the third room, the Bowser in the middle is already open, but it is a fake. You push it to the right. The path opens for you.

Either your Koopa friend or your explosive companion helps you when you find a red switch. A repeating series of high and low paths confuses you. The blue torches behind the wire fence give you a clue. You go forward in the same order as the torches: up, down, down, up, down, up. The princess is just beyond this final puzzle.

I can see you fighting with the evil king on the highest ramparts of the castle. The Power of the Star Spirits helps you in your fight. You never give in, even when the battle looks dire. The small star and the princess give you all the help they can. Do not delay, Mario... You must win the final battle... ...to return hope to the world!

Russ T.

(Russ T, is a clever toad who knows a lot of things. If Mario talks to him, he will share his knowledge with him.)

Russ T (The first time Mario talks to him): Oh, salutations. You are Mario, are you not?Of course IA knwo who you are. I'm the wise toad, Russ T. Pleasure meeting you. As you cna probably tell, I love books and read all the time. Because I'm so well read, I know all sorts of interesting facts. Whenever you visit with me, I'll be happy to share all of my knwoledge with you.

(Every other time): Are you talking to me because you crave knowledge that only my intellect can provide? Then how about this...

(Talking to him when he doesn't have knowledge available): Ah... Yes... Well... It seems I've told you all I know right now... I used to know a lot more, but I suppose I've forgotten some. I'll try my best to recall some more, so come back in a little while.

(Talking to him after he has told Mario everything): Seeking information again, are we, Mario? I once told you about this, but perhaps you've forgotten (He goes back to the begining of the list and repeats the same things everytime he's asked.)

Star Rod

So it is told that far away, at the very top of the sky, there exists a Star Haven, where Stars make their home.

In Star Haven, there's a treasure called a Star Rod. According to legend, it was made with ancient magic.

There are said to be Stars that are particularly strong and good-hearted. They are called Star Spirits.

Using the magical Star Rod, these Star Spirits grant the wishes of everyone in this world.

That's why, when we make a wish to the night sky and it comes true, it's all thanks to the Star Spirits and their Star Rod.

Basic controls

Now, if you will, how about a little timely information on how to operate the controls.

Move the Control Stick and press the Z Button Button to spin and run. That, my friend, is a Spin Dash.

Also, when you talk to somebody, you can press Z Button to go back and read the previous message again.

Hmm, let's see. Ah! If you press Camera up Button while out and about, the amount of HP, FP, Star Points, and Coins will be shown.

And what else... If you move the Control Stick slightly, Mario walks slowly and quietly.

Sometimes it's good to walk slowly rather than always running, don't you know.

Shooting Star Summit

If you go east from the place where Princess Peach's Castle used to be, you'll find a place called Shooting Star Summit.

At the foot of the summit live Merluvlee and her brother, Merlow.

The older sister, Merluvlee, can see things you're looking for by fortune-telling.

The hobby of the younger brother, Merlow, is collecting Star Pieces.

If you take him Star Pieces, he'll swap them for Badges.

In point of fact, these two are the granddaughter and grandson of Merlon, who tells fortunes in Toad Town.

Message board in Toad Town

There is a message board on the side of Merlon's house that posts news.

It would appear that many people enjoy scribbling on the back of the message board.

Indeed, various things are always written on it.

You may want to take a quick look occasionally. Sometimes you'll read interesting news.

Candy Canes in Pleasant Path

Have you seen any Candy Canes? They're those striped objects growing beside Pleasant Path.

They're mysterious objects. Nobody knows anything about them. Even I don't!

There are rumors, though... Many believe that if you do something for the Candy Canes, you'll be rewarded later.

Why don't you investigate?

Koopa Koot

In Koopa Village, there lives a selfish village senior named Koopa Koot.

This old Koopa Koot stops passers-by and asks them for favors. Or so I've heard, anyway.

And yet, they say that even if you meet his requests, he gives you only one coin.

But it's been rumored that every once in a while, he gives out something good. Who knows what he might have...

Blocks in Pleasant Path

I remember reading something interesting in a book recently.

It seems there are three blocks laid on the ground somewhere on Pleasant Path.

And then...what was it? Ah! When you do something to the blocks, supposedly you can receive something good.

Unfortunately, the book was quite vague on what to do.

Fire Bars

Do you know about Fire Bars? You know, those flaming obstacles that spin round and round?

They're terribly dangerous and you'll be burned if you touch one.

According to a brilliant book I read some time ago, there's a way to beat them.

But if you can't touch them, how do you beat them? Maybe the book wasn't so brilliant...

Radio stations

In our fair land, there are several radio stations to listen to.

If you occasionally check the radio, you might just hear some useful information.

I've heard that someone in Koopa Village has a radio, so why don't you ask if you could have a listen?

Actually, one of the radio stations, FM Shroom, will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Sounds exciting!

Chet Rippo

Have you seen that Chet Rippo character around Toad Town?

I've heard rumors that if you talk to him, he will increase one of your point levels.

But be careful, because when he increases one of the point levels, the other two levels will go down a wee bit.

So I would suggest giving the matter a lot of thought before committing to the deal.

? Blocks in Dry Dry Desert

There are tales of long ago, when thieves ruled the far-off land of Dry Dry Desert.

These robbers collected things from all over the desert and hid them in various places.

I've heard of one of these hiding places, a block lying somewhere in Dry Dry Desert.

When you hit the block once, a ? Block appears.

But that's not all. Oh no! When you hit it ten times, another ? Block shows up!

This is but one of the rumors about hidden loot in the desert. Thieves thrived there, and I bet they had many hiding places.

If you find yourself in Dry Dry Desert, I would suggest that you take the time to look around for treasures.


At the edge of Dry Dry Desert, there's a dusty old town called Dry Dry Outpost.

Somewhere in this Dry Dry Outpost, there's supposedly a female wizard.

If she casts a spell on you, something good may happen during battles. Why don't you give it a try?

By the way, this wizard is said to be the twin sister of Merluvlee, the fortune-teller from Shooting Star Summit.


There's a place called Mt. Rugged. Trust me, there is.

On this mountain, a very rare creature called Whacka lives.

If you hit a Whacka, something called a Whacka's Bump will appear. It's very valuable.

It's been said that if you eat one, you'll be instantly filled with energy. But...

It's rather sad, actually... Even though Whackas are kind, people keep pummeling them to get the Whacka's Bumps.

That's why the number of Whackas on Mt. Rugged has been declining.

In fact, there's a rumor that there's only one left. The last Whacka...how tragic.


Near Toad Town Station, there's supposed to be a Playroom.

But it's apparently closed to non-members, which seems pretty rude, if you ask me.

On top of that, even if you find the place, you still need a membership card to play the games in there!

I like to play games as much as the next Toad! But I have no idea how to get a membership card.

Hmm...You know...

I've heard that Koopa Koot of Koopa Village is a member of the Playroom...

That old Koopa Koot might know something more about it.

Mysterious Treasure Chests

I once read that a so-called Mysterious Treasure Chest lies in Princess Peach's Castle.

Apparently it's one of a pair.

When you put something in one of the treasure chests, someone can take it out of the other one.

That's a pretty exceptional treasure chest, isn't it?

A long, long time ago, this chest was given to one of Princess Peach's ancestors by the Star Spirits.

According to the book I read, there's only one treasure chest in Princess Peach's Castle.

Where in the world could the other one be?

Forever Forest

You do, of course, know that Forever Forest is east of town.

It's a bit of a weird place. I've heard that ghosts have been known to haunt it, so you may want to steer clear.

If you do want to go through the forest for whatever reason, it's vital that you find the correct path.

To find the right one, look for scenery that differs a bit from the other scenery in the area and follow the path nearby.

According to a rumor I heard, there's sometimes a hidden path in addition to the right one.

Star Piece chambers

Throughout the world, I've heard, there are chambers hidden in the ground.

If the ground near one of the chambers gets a big shock, a hidden panel pops up

and a Star Piece shoots out from the ground below. You ought to keep an eye out for these chambers, Mario.

Say, that reminds me... I heard that there's a Badge with the power to warn you when you're near a secret.

If you found this Badge, it'd be easier to find the chambers.

Anti Guy

There's a grim guy called Anti-Guy who guards a special treasure chest...

According to a book I read a while back, he absolutely loves Lemon Candy.

If you take one to Anti-Guy, he might mellow out a bit.

Partners defending

Some enemies will attack the party member who's with you, Mario. Remember, your friends are in the battle, too!

In a battle, you can defend your friend by pushing A Button at the right time, just like you do to defend yourself, Mario.

It's a simple technique, but it helps protect your pals.

First Strike

Did you know that when you attack enemies in the field, you'll get in a First Strike during the battle that follows?

When you strike, if you Spin Jump or attack with Bombette or Kooper, you'll hurt enemies more than usual.

Sure, it's a minor technique, but every little bit helps.

Status ailments

You may see symbols above enemies in the battle sequences.

These mean that the enemy can make you dizzy, put you to sleep, or call in some reinforcements.

When you see those enemies, you should try to paralyze them or put them to sleep before they do it to you.

The battle will be much easier if you can make it so your enemies can't move.

Smart shopping

Prices for goods go up and down depending on which shop you go to.

Of course, it's smarter for you to buy items at a cheaper shop. Be a bargain hunter!

You know, if you're a real go-getter, you can even sell items you buy at one shop to another shop.

If you have good business sense, you may just make a profit.

Li'l Oinks

Ever been to Li'l-Oinks Farm, near Toad Town Station?

On that Farm, no more than ten Li'l-Oinks can be in the pen at one time, so

when the 11th comes, the first Li'l-Oink runs away and leaves the farm.

Whenever a Li'l-Oink runs off, it drops an item. The item dropped depends on what kind of Li'l-Oink it was.

Of course, whenever you take one of these items, other Li'l-Oinks will also leave the farm.

To grab the item or not to grab the item... that is the question.


If you take a Koopa Leaf and Dried Pasta to Ms. Tayce T.,

she will make some scrumptious spaghetti for you.

That dish is actually a traditional one, a classic handed down in Koopa Village through many generations.

Why don't you try it once, Mario? Come on! You'll love it!

Yellow Yoshi

Do you know of the Yoshis that live on Lavalava Island in the South Ocean?

Perhaps because their tropical island is so colorful, the Yoshis themselves are of many different colors.

It seems they have different personalities, depending on their body colors.

They all love food, but Yellow Yoshis seem to really delight in delicacies.

Next time you see a Yellow Yoshi, try giving it something delicious. Trust me--it'll be happy.


You know a Koopa called Mr. Kolorado, the famous explorer and archaeologist?

I have nothing but respect for him. Solving the riddle of the Candy Canes on Pleasant Path,

investigating Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert, discovering many new facts...these are but a few of his accomplishments.

Recently, he found a treasure that proves an ancient civilization once existed on Lavalava Island.

According to Mr. Kolorado, a long time ago, people once lived on Lavalava Island.

I heard that these people used to live in the holes dug out of the side of the volcano on Lavalava Island.

But they they were forced to flee the island because the volcano became very active.

Even he couldn't find out what kind of people they were or where they escaped to.

Long after these mysterious people left the island, Yoshis and Ravens arrived, and they've lived in harmony ever since.

Kent C. Koopa

Do you know a giant Koopa called Kent C. Koopa?

A long time ago, it seems this gent lived in Koopa Village.

At the time, they say Kent C. Koopa often trained with four village Koopas.

Kent C. Koopa was amazingly strong, so he always beat the team of Koopas.

Strong as he was, I've heard from some village residents that even Kent C. Koopa had a few weak points, though.

Amazy Dayzee

There should be a place called Flower Fields hidden somewhere in the world.

A very rare Crazee Dayzee, called an Amazy Dayzee, is said to live there.

I heard that this Amazy Dayzee is so timid that it runs away when it sees anyone.

If you glimpse it, count yourself lucky. I'd sure like to see it once.

Even if you miss it the first time, you might see the Amazy Dayzee if you visit the same place again.

Yoshi Cookie

It's a known fact that Miss Tayce T. is the best cook around. Everyone says so.

I've had the good fortune to try many of her dishes, and believe me, they're heavenly.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be her Yoshi Cookie.

According to Tayce T., the recipe calls for Cake Mix and a Melon.

Try it if you get the chance. I highly recommend it.

Toad Town Tunnels shop

I just heard a rumor... Apparently, there's a shop somewhere under Toad Town.

I can only wonder what kind of goods they sell there.

Some folks are saying you can find real bargains there, while others have been ripped off. Who's telling the truth?

Profits with hot/cold items

In hot climates, Snowman Dolls seem to sell very well. It makes sense that warm folks want cold goods, right?

On the other hand, people who live in cold areas pay dearly for Fire Flowers.

One could make quite a profit if one bought and sold wisely.

Koopa Leaf

Koopa Village folk adore any food that has a bit of Koopa Leaf mixed in it.

Koopa Leaf is an extremely delicate ingredient, so unless you cook it correctly, it won't taste very good.

In these dark times, there are only a couple of people in the world who can successfully make Koopa Leaf dishes.

I recall a shopkeeper at Koopa Village complaining about this...

Koopatrols and Bony Beetles

According to the vast stores of information I've gathered,

there appear to be soldiers called the Koopatrol guarding Bowser's Castle.

They're nasty. And moreover, you can't jump stomp on them because they're fitted with special spiked armor.

There are creatures called Bony Beetles as well. They can also extend sharp spikes.

When you head to Bowser's Castle, I would recommend that you take along a Spike Shield Badge, if you have one.


You know a fellow called Goompa in Goomba Village?

In olden times, he used to be a famous fighter.

His name is all over the copy of the Fighter's Almanac that I happen to own.

He was an unrivaled champion. He'd knock out his enemies one after another using his greatest move, the Multibonk.

When he was younger, he traveled the world, looking for someone to challenge him.

In fact, Goompa taught the Dojo Master here in town.

Shiver Mountain

In the frozen heights of the north, there's an icy peak named Shiver Mountain.

Legend has it that deep in the mountain is a mystical fortress called the Crystal Palace.

The existence of the Palace has faded from people's memory.

In this day and age, nobody remembers where it is or how to get there.

You can see why folks call it a phantom palace.

There is hope, though... According to my sources, the famed archaeologist Kolorado

has immediate plans to search for and rediscover the legendary crystal structure.

How exciting! Ah, to be young and adventurous again!

Book of the Hero

Just the other day, I was fortunate enough to read the most fascinating book. This book said, and I quote...

"...the Evil King chortles, and a sacred rod and seven lights fade into darkness. A lovely maiden rises to the heavens.

"But lo! A hero clad in red appears and travels the world. He gathers around him eight who are pure of heart.

"This hero restores the seven lights, and they raise him high into the sky.

"On the airy heights, the hero clashes with the Evil King. The lovely maiden wishes..."

That's how it ended! Somebody had torn out the rest of the pages! Now I'll never know the ending! What kind of no-good tears up books!?! I think I have heard of this kind of story but I'm not sure where I read it...

The dojo

(After chapter 1 the dojo becomes available. There Mario can fight Chan, Lee and the master. It is completely optional and he doesn't earn any star points, but he gets the degree cards and eventually the diploma, which show his strength. He can also brag to a toad in Toad Town, a dryite in Dry Dry Outpost and a bumpty in Shiver City about them.)

The master: Oh, you must be...Mario. Welcome to my dojo. I am the master. I am the head of dojo. ....Cough hack cough...wheeze... Please pardon me. My health is rather delicate... Every day we train in this dojo to improve body and mind. If you have the purpose and the desire, you may challenge us.Tell me, what businnes have you here today? ...Cough...hack...


-Only drop in

(If only drop in is chosen.): Very well. Please fell free to observe our training. Wheeze...

(If try is chosen): Very well. Chan will fight you. Now Chan. It is time for you to fight Mario.

Chan: As you say, master!

Battle sequnece

(Mario enters battle against Chan.)

Chan: Mario! Here comes Chan the man!

(Chan is an easy boss and is easily defeated.)

The dojo

The master: Enough! The winner is Mario. Chan, you must train harder. Very well. I give you this, Mario. (He gives him a first-degree card.) You are welcome to train here with us anytime. Cough...wheeze...

(Second time)

The master: Cough...hack.. Ah, Mario, welcome to our dojo. For what purpose did you come here today?


-Only drop in

(If try is chosen): Very well. This time, Lee will fight you. Now, Lee... Let me see how you handle Mario.

Lee: Certainly, sir! I wll defeat him, master!

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Lee.)

Lee: I bet you've never seen a move like this before!

(He transforms in the partner mario has out. He is stronger than Chan, but he's also defeated easily.)

The dojo

The master: Enough! Mario is the winner. Lee, you have much training to do. Very well. I give you this, Mario. (He gives him a second-degree card.) You are welcome to train here with us anytime. Cough...wheeze...

(Third time)

The master: Cough...hack.. Ah, Mario, welcome to our dojo. For what purpsoe did you come here today?


-Only drop in

(If try is chosen): Very well! It's time you fought the master.

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against the master:)

The master: To battle!!

(After some of Mario's attacks.)

The master: Hmm! Excellent move.

(The master is strong, but he also loses to Mario.)

The dojo

The master: Hm... I see why you're so famous, Mario. You are truly a masterful fighter. Very well, worthy adversary. I give you this (He gives him a third-degree card) You are welcome to train here with us anytime. Cough...wheeze...

(Fourth time)

The master: Cough...hack.. Ah, Mario, welcome to our dojo. For what purpsoe did you come here today?


-Only drop in

(If try is chosen): Very well! Mario... I will fight you again. I wiil go easy in you this time however. You must concentrate fully if you hope to compete.

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against the master.)

The master: To battle!!

(He transforms into a more powerful form, surrounded by a golden aura.)

The master: Mario, you will fall!

(After some of Mario's attacks:)

The master: Hm! Nice maneuver.

(Despite his powerful attacks, the master is defeated again.)

The master: Hm... That was a solid fight. Very well. I give you this. (He gives him a fourth-degree card.) You are welcome to train here with us anytime. Cough...wheeze...

(Fifth time.)

The master: Cough...hack.. Ah, Mario, welcome to our dojo. For what purpsoe did you come here today?


-Only drop in

(If try is chosen): Very well! I will fight you once more. This time, I will hold nothing back at all. Do you beleive you are ready?

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle agianst the master)

The master: To battle!!

(He transforms again into a golden form, but this time he seems stronger and apppears to be bursting with power.)

The master: Kwaaaaa! Behold my fury, Mario!!

(What he says during the battle.)

The master: Hm! You have great hidden strength for one clothed like a plumber.

The master: Now...it is time I've stopped being so merciful.

The master: Hyaaahhhh!!! Mario! Survive this if you can!!!!

(This is one of the most difficult battles in the game as the master has atatcks that do massive damage. Nevetheless, Mario prevails in the end and the master is defeated once more.)

The dojo

The master: Hmmm! Noble Mario! You have bested me, the Master, the strongest of fighters! Since you have beaten me at my full strength, I give you this with respect. (He gives him the diploma.)

(This completes the dojo sidequest. The diploma proves Mario's the strongest, so he doesn't need to fight there anymore.)

Trading event

(The trading event is a sidequests initaited by a pink toad called the trading event toad. He appears in three different locations during the game. Toad Town, at the main gate on the west side of town, Dry Dry Desert, in front of the entrance to Dry Dry ruins and Toad Town, inside club 64. Mario must listen to the third station, the information station, at the radio in the third house in Koopa village to learn the item he has to give to the trading event toad and where he is. He then has 5 minutes to get there with the item. If he wins, he gets a maple syrup, a marple super and a yummy meal respectively.)

(First radio message): Infomration station...but moving on, folks. Ta-da-da-dum! Attention, listeners, 'cause here's your big chance to win! Anyone who takes a koopa leaf to the front of the main gate in Toad Town will receive a surprise gift! Right in front of that main gate, there'll be a toad who looks a bit eccentric. Hand teh kooap leaf to him! That's right, folks! You heard me right!! The big gate on the west side of Toad Town. That's the one! You've got only five minutes! Hurry up, everyone!

(Second radio message): Information station...but seriously, folks... Ta-da-da-dum! Attention, listeners, 'cause here's your big chance to win! Anyone who takes a nutty cake to the front of Dry Dry ruins will be in the running for a valuable prize! Look for an eccentric-looking toad hanging out in front of Dry Dry ruins. Give the nutty cake to him! Time is tight and the clock is ticking! Hurry up, everyone! Let the game begin!

(Third radio message): Infomration station...but moving on... Ta-da-da-dum! Attention, listeners, 'cause here's your big chance to win! Anyone who takes a coconut to the restaurant by the port in Toad Town will be eligible for a fantastic prize! Look inside the reastaurant for a toad who looks just a bit eccentric. Give the coconut to him! Time is tight and the clock is ticking! Hurry up, everyone! Let the game begin!

(Before Kooper joins Mario's party): Information station. News flash! Fuzzies are running rampant in Koopa Village. Officials advice extra caution when traveling in and around the village.

(After Kooper joins Mario's party): Information station. News flash! The koopa village madness has calmed down.

(When Mario has completed the trading event): Information station...in other news... The trading event is over! Congratulations to the person who got the prize!

(Mario must go to place he heard on the radio, find the pink toad and give him the item in 5 minutes.)

Trading event toad (If Mario is too late): Aargh! No more time! Too bad!! Please try again next time. See you at the next trading event, all right? So long! (He disappears)

(When Mario makes it on time): Hello! I'm the toad of the trading event. How are you? Did you bring the item?

(If Mario gives him the correct item): Congratulations! This is the item for today! (He gives him the item that corresponds to the item he gave him) Use it wisely! See you again at the next trading event! (He disappears)

(Goombario's tattle: That's the Toad who hands out prizes at the radio Trading Event. If you take the item mentioned on the radio, he'll hook you up with a rare item. You really should participate in the Trading Event, Mario.)

(Goombario's tattle: That's the Toad who hands out prizes at the radio Trading Event. If you take the item mentioned on the radio, he'll hook you up with a rare item. You really should participate in the Trading Event, Mario.)

The playroom

(The playroom is a place where Mario can play games to win coins. The entrance is found by hitting the left tree in the train station. To play, Mario needs a silver or a godl credit. He can get those by completing Koopa Koot's favors. There are also two toads in the playroom, a green one and a blue one. Their dalogue changes after each chapter.)

After chapter 1

Green toad: Y'know, I haven't seen that old koopa troopa lately. He came here often, but he always lost a bundle.

Blue toad: Grrr... I was so close today!

After chapter 2

Green toad: It was never fun when that old koopa troopa lost. He'd blame it on everyone but himself then raise a big stink. Phew! It was a crazy scene.

Blue toad: Ugh. Double ugh. Talk about rotten luck...

Afetr chapter 3

Green toad: It was never fun when that old koopa troopa lost. He'd blame it on everyone but himself then raise a big stink. Phew! It was a crazy scene.

Blue toad: I won a little today. Good luck, Mario.

After chapter 4

Green toad: Hey, are you having a good time here at the playroom, Mario? I heard the 9-blocks option in jump attack is really hard to clear successfully. Maybe I'll have better odds playing the 5-blocks option.

Blue toad: I'm winning big, baby!

After chapter 5

Green toad: Hey, are you having a good time here at the playroom, Mario? I heard the 9-blocks option in jump attack is really hard to clear successfully. Maybe I'll have better odds playing the 5-blocks option.

Blue toad: I won a little today. Good luck, Mario.

After chapter 6

Green toad: It was never fun when that old koopa troopa lost. He'd blame it on everyone but himself then raise a big stink. Phew! It was a crazy scene.

Blue toad: I'm winning big baby!

After chapter 7

Green toad: It was never fun when that old koopa troopa lost. He'd blame it on everyone but himself then raise a big stink. Phew! It was a crazy scene.

Blue toad: Grrr... I was so close today!

(When Mario doesn't have any cards.)

Red toad: Hello there, Mario! Welcome to the playroom! To play here, you need a member credit. The kind of game you can play depends on the kind of member credit you have.

(When Mario has the silver credit.)

Red toad: Hello there, Mario! Welcome to the playroom! Cool! You have a silver credit. In that case, I'll make a pipe appear that will lead down to the jump attack floor. (A pipe appears)

(Talking to him again): Hello there, Mario! Are you enjoying the game? Did you know there's another game in this playroom? If you get a gold credit, you can play the other one, too.

(Mario goes down the pipe and arrives in a small room with a red toad)

Jump attack room

(Goombario's tattle: This is jump attack. If you win the game, you'll collect lots of coins. If you lose, you won't get a thing. Too bad!)

Red toad: Greetings, my good man! Thsi is the floor for jump attack. Gimme a second, and I'll explain the rules for you. Eleven blocks will appear in the air. When you hit one, a panel will come out of it. there are four kinds of panels. The number of coins you get depends on the order you hti the panels in. This is a 1-coin pane. It will give you one coin. (A 1-coin panel image appears.) This is a 5-coin panel. It will give you 5 coins. ( A 5-coin panel image appears.) This is a 5-times panel. Your coins will be multiplied 5 times. (A 5-times panel image appears) This is a Bowser panel. If you find this panel, unfortunately, it's game over. (A Bowser panel image appears.) If you clear the 9-blocks option, as a special bonus, your coins will be doubled. The rules are written on that board over there. I think you'll catch on quickly once you start playing. Anyway, you might as well try it at least once. You need ten coins to play. How about it? Wanna Try?

-5-block option

-7-block option

-9-block option

-Don't play

(If don't play is chosen): Whatever suits you. Come again sometime! See you.

(Mario automatically leaves the room.)

(If any of the other options is chosen): Try to hit (5, 7 or 9) blocks. Get ready to... JUMP... ATTACK!!!

(If Mario gets a Bowser panel)

Red toad: Oops... Bummer! Game over. Too bad. Better luck next time.

(If Mario successfully completes the game)

Red toad: (5-, 7- or 9-block) option cleared! You get (Number of coins earned) coins! Come again sometime!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad both explains and judges the playroom games. This game is jump attack.)

The playroom

(If Mario has the gold credit.)

Red toad: Hello there, Mario! Welcome to the playroom! Cool! You have a gold credit.. In that case, I'll make a pipe appear that will lead down to both the jump attack and smash attack floors. (Two pipes appear.)

(Talking to him again): Please enjoy the game

Smash attack room

(Goombario's tattle: They said this is called smash attack. The idea is to whack the blocks placed on the floor. Let's get in there and smash all of 'em! But... Actually, it may not be a good idea to hit them all.)

(It is a giant room with five corridors and a red toad.)

Red toad: Hello, Mario! This is the floor for smash attack! Let me explain the rules to you, OK? When the game starts, blocks will appear along the ground. When you hit a block, something will come out of it. You'll clear the game if you get ten of these Peach panels before time runs out. (Image of a Peach panel appears.) If you hit a block where a fuzzy or bob-omb is hiding, it'll slow you down a bit. The time limit is thirty seconds. You need ten coins to play. Would you like to try?


-Don't play

(If don't play is chosen): Another time, perhaps.

(Mario automatically leaves the room.)

(If play is chosen): Ready to get ten Peach panels? Get set to... SMASH... ATTACK!!!

(A bunch of blocks appear. Mario has to break them to find the Peach apnels. They will frequently jump ouit and Mario can see where they are. The same applies to the bob-ombs and fuzzies in the other blocks. If he gets a bob-omb, it blwos up in hsi face and covers him in black smoke. If he gets a fuzzy, it attacks hi mand he has to press "A" quickly to get rid of it. Both slow him down.)

(If Mario runs out of time): GAME OVER

(All the blocks disappear and Mario goes back to the red toad.)

Red toad: No more time! Too bad. Please come again.

(If Mario completes the game succesfully): GAME OVER

(All the blocks disappear and Mario goes back to the red toad.)

Red toad: Game cleared! The remaining time is (Remaining time in seconds)... So, well... You get (Time in coins) coins! Please come again.

Chuck Quizmo's quizes

(Chuck Quizmo is a character that appears in many locations during the game and offers Mario the chance to participate in his quiz. He asks him a question and if Mario answers correctly, he gives him a star piece. He has a total of 64 questions.)

Chuck Quizmo (The first time Mario meets him): Kaaaa-wiiiizzz! Chuck Quizmo's the name, and quizzes are my game! You want quizzes, I got 'em! If you can manage to answer my brain-busting questions correctly, then... Y... Yaa... Yaaaaaahooo! I'll give you a Star Piece! Want to try a quiz?

(Every other time.): Kaaaa-wiiiizzz! It's everyone's favourite quizmaster, Chuck Quizmo! Want to try the quiz?



(When he only has one question left): Kaaaa-wiiiizzz! It's everyone's favourite quizmaster, Chuck Quizmo!I know it's a pity, but this is our last quiz show.Time for the grant finale! I'm a man of a million questions, but this is the last one! Want to try the quiz?



(If no is chosen): Uh, oh. Not up to it, huh? Maybe another time! Well, well...so long, farewell. 'Til we meet again! (He disappears.)

(If yes it's chosen.): Then let's go to the question! (He trasnfers Mario and friends as well as himself and his assistant, Vanna T., to his stage There is a big audience watching.) Question.

(If Mario chooses the wrong answer): Oops! Tough luck, pal! Wrong answer! Better luck next time. Well, well...so long, farewell. 'Til we meet again! (He disappears.)

(If Mario gives the correct answer): Correct! Congratulations! Here's your star piece! (He gives him a star piece.) You have correctly answered (Number of correct answers) questions so far. Good luck next time! Well, well...so long, farewell. 'Til we meet again! (He disappears.)

(After Mario answers his final question.): Congratulations! This is my final prize! A final star piece for you! Thanks for playing! (He gives him a star piece) You've managed to correctly answer all 64 questions. Incredible!! Never in all my years did I think I'd find someone who had all the answers! This is truly a momentous and exciting day! I no longer have any regrets. I've reached my peak. I cannot retire as quizmaster. Hee hee! Really? You flatter me! Perhaps our paths will cross again someday. 'Til then... So long, farewell. Bye! (He disappears.)

(Goombario's tattle: He's Chuck Quizmo. He tries to quiz anybody who speaks to him. He pops up in various towns and villages, but that doesn't mean he's easy to find. What do you think his deal is? Personally, I'm a little more interested in his assistant. She's cute!)

Areas Chuck Quizmo can be found

-Goomba Village, southwest of the Toad house.

-Koopa Village, near the Save Block.

-Koopa Village, near the blue Warp Pipe.

-Toad Town, under the tree next to Harry T.'s Shop.

-Toad Town, near Merlon's House.

-Toad Town, southeast of Club 64.

-Dry Dry Outpost, near the Entrance.

-Dry Dry Outpost, near the Toad House.

-Yoshi's Village, to the left of the Yoshi Leader.

-Yoshi's Village, south of the Toad House

-Shiver City, between Herringway and the warehouse buildings.

-Shiver City, to the right of the mayor's house

-Shiver City, in front of the item store

-Star Haven, under the first archway near the entrance.

Questions and answers

1 What is the name of Goombario's younger sister? Goombette-Goombalina-Goombaria

2 What is the color of the block you can break with the first Hammer you got? Red-Yellow-Gray

3 What ability does Goombario frequently use? Jump-Tattle-Dive

4 What color of pants was the Goomba King wearing? Blue and White-Red and Blue-Red and White

5 Which of Mario's battle commands is on the far left? Jump-Item-Strategies

6 How many windows does the Goomba House in Goomba Village have? One-Two-Three

7 What's the name of the leader of the Red and Blue Goomba Bros.? Dr. Goomba-Big Goom-Goomba King

8 What color are Luigi's pants? Blue-Green-Yellow

9 How many members are there in Goombario's family? Four-Five-Six

10 What will you receive when you get the right answer in a quiz? It's me♥-Star Piece-Mushroom

11 What is the name of the smart Toad living in Toad Town? Russ T.-Smarr T.-Toace T.

12 How many buildings are there in Koopa Village? Four-Five -Six

13 Of the following, who is NOT a member of the Koopa Bros.? Red Ninjakoopa-Blue Ninjakoopa-Black Ninjakoopa

14 How many coins are needed to buy a Mushroom at the shop in Koopa Village? 2 coins-4 coins-8 coins

15 Where does Merluvlee, who tells fortunes about special things, live? Shooting Star Summit-Toad Town-Bowser's Castle

16 What is the name of the character who joined you at the Koopa Bros. Fortress? Goombario-Kooper-Bombette

17 What color is Bowser's hair? Red-Green-Yellow

18 How many Star Spirits do you have to save? One-Five-Seven

19 What's the name of the elderly Koopa Troopa who always asks for errands to be run? Koopa Krab-Koopa Koot-Old Koop

20 How many Bob-ombs besides Bombette were imprisoned in the jail at the Koopa Bros. Fortress? Four-Eight-Twelve

21 Where is the house of the explorer, Kolorado? Koopa Village-Toad Town-Goomba Village

22 What is the destination of the train which departs from Toad Town station? Goomba Village-Koopa Village-Mt. Rugged

23 What is the name of the fellow who sells Badges in Toad Town? Merlow-Rowf-Kolorado

24 What treasure did Bowser steal from Star Haven? Star Rod-Twink-Princess Peach

25 What is the color of the roof of the house in Koopa Village where you can listen to a radio? Red-Yellow-Blue

26 Who does Kooper idolize? Mario-Kolorado-Koopa Koot

27 What does Merlee of Dry Dry Outpost specialize in? Fortune-telling-Casting spells-Cooking

28 Who hides inside a coffin in Dry Dry Ruins? Mummy Man-Moustafa-Pokey Mummy

29 What can you get when you take Star Pieces to Merlow at Shooting Star Summit? Cards-Coins-Badges

30 Who knew the location of Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert? Kolorado-Moustafa-Goombario

31 When you want Tayce T., who loves cooking, to make Lemon Candy, what do you have to give her besides a Lemon? Star Piece-Cake Mix-Mushroom

32 Who among the following lives in Forever Forest? Jr. Troopa-Oaklie-Cleft

33 What are Boos, exactly? Ghosts-Thieves-Sheets

34 What appears when you hit the Whacka living on Mt. Rugged? Heart-Mushroom-Bump

35 Other than Lemons, what fruit drops when you hit a tree in the desert oasis? Coconut-Apple-Lime

36 What is the name of the strange person in Toad Town who can increase Mario's status? Rat Cheepa-Diz Onnest-Chet Rippo

37 What ability does Bombette frequently use? Sing-Dance-Bomb

38 What does Gourmet Guy like? Cake-Mushrooms-Kooper

39 Who was the second companion to join your team? Bombette-Kooper-Parakarry

40 Who tried to steal coins from you in the desert? Pokey-Bandit-Nomadimouse

41 What is the name of the Star Spirit who can use Star Storm? Eldstar-Muskular-Skolar

42 What are addressed to your companions and sent to the post office? Parcels-Letters-Handbills

43 Among the following, which building is NOT in Toad Town? Shop-Station-Mayor's House

44 What kind of book did Gourmet Guy drop? Gardening-Cooking-Fishing

45 Who am I? Sir Quizzby-I. Q. Testa-Chuck Quizmo

46 Where do I show up? In towns and villages-On the street-In the jail

47 What is the name of the plant that grows in Jade Jungle and blows out stars? Trumpet Plant-Hurt Plant-Bellbell Plant

48 What color was the leader of Yoshi's Village? Blue-Green-Pink

49 What is the name of the elderly man who tells fortunes in Toad Town? Merlow-Merlon-Merluvlee

50 How many colors of Yoshis did you see in Yoshi's Village? Six-Eight-Ten

51 How would the Yoshi Kids in Yoshi's Village describe Sushie? Easygoing-Bossy-Sleepy

52 What building is across from the Toad Town post office? Shop-Station-Merlon's house

53 What kind of card do you get when you defeat Lee at the Dojo in Toad Town? First-Degree-Second-Degree-Third-Degree

54 What color is the brooch that Princess Peach wears? Blue-Red-Pink

55 Who gave you Miracle Water in Flower Fields? Posie-Rosie-Lily

56 What is the name of Lakilester's girlfriend? Landolaki-Lakitofu-Lakilulu

57 How do you make the Pipe leading to the Toad Town Playroom come out? Jump-Hit a tree-Hit a switch

58 Among the following, who is inside Club 64? Dancer-Composer-Pop Diva

59 Which of the following do Shy Guys never do? Sing-Dance-Run

60 What best describes the relationship between Mario and Luigi? Neighbors-Friends-Brothers

61 Among the following, who is found in Starborn Valley? Penguin-Lakitu-Ninji

62 How many companions do you travel with? Seven-Eight-Nine

63 What is the name of the Star Kid who's always with Princess Peach? Gleem-Twink-Glo

64 How many Star Spirits have you saved in total? Five-Seven-Ten

Pop diva's sidequest

Club 64

(Chanterelle is a pop diva who's always found at club 64 at the port. The master poet whose real name is Simon is also found there. These two are part of a sidequest. It is first avaialble after Mario can access the port after chapter 1.)

Chanderelle: Mmmm...hi. I'm Chanterelle. I'm known around here as the pop diva of Toad Town. Oh, I used to be able to sing any note perfectly, each note a masterpiece. Those times are behind me now....perpaps forever. The sight of Peach's castle flying high into the sky was such a shock...I haven't been able to sing since then. And now... Now I am a pop diva who cannot sing... Cruel irony, isn't it?

Simon: I'm Simon. I'm rhymin'. To folks who know it, I'm the master poet. Poor pop diva cannot sing, but my lyrics are just the thing. If my lyrics really rock, our pop diva will be cured of shock. I'm tragically stuck, though. 'Cause my last line's a no-show. Later, plumbinator!

Dry Dry Outpost

(During chapter 2, Mario can find the toad in the desert in Dry Dry Outpost.)

Toad in the desert: Mm? Are you addresing me? (Singing) A composer am I ♪ writing songs, well I try ♪ (Not singing) Sigh... I wish I could find some lovely, heart-moving lyrics. I want to compose music filled with beautiful lyrics. It's my fondest wish!

Club 64

(If Mario goes back to club 64 later.)

Simon: Oh, that final "right" line just jumped into my mind! Sit tight...O plumbing kinght. The race is won, now I'm done! I'm not really one to boast. but talent? I've got the most. Now to my lyrics, raise a toast! Cha-ching! Pop diva now will sing!

Pop diva: Ah... But... I'm afraid I just can't sing without any music.

Simon: ?! Ooooh! Drat and drear! My mind wasn't clear! Lyrics aren't the only thing pop diva needs again to sing. Without music, it's quite clear, the diva's voice, none will hear. Hmmm, what shall I do...what shall I do... Who can pair my Lyrics and music, too? ...I knwo who!! I heard a rumor that somewhere is a composer beyond compare. Special power his music brings. Can it help the diva sing? Mario, I'm on my knees! Won't you help me, pretty please? Here, take this and go! Find the music, save our show!

(Talking to him again): I heard a rumor that somewhere is a composer beyond compare. Special power his music brings. Can it help the diva sing?

Chanterelle: My sweet voice! I love to sing! Please, help me, Mario!

Dry Dry Outpost

(Mario goes back to Dry Dy Outpost and finds the toad in the desert.)

Toad in the desert: (Singing) A composer, yes that me♪ I write songs, as you can see♪ Wind in the desert, some old rock♪ Free mind sister♪ uh...singing blister♪ La de dah di...♪ (Not singing) I'm terrific at writing music, but I think perhaps I'm not so good at writing lyrics.

(Mario gives him the lyrics.)

Toad in the desert: Mm? What's this, then? Well... Un-huh... Fantastic... These are incredible lyrics. The wording is simple, yet whoever wrote them packed them with powerful feeling. It's been a long time since I was moved by something so deeply. They move me so much, I just thought of of beautiful music to accompany them. Wait just a second... (He writes music along with the lyrics.) Phew... I've written the perfect musci for these lurics. I caution you, though, that this music can be sung only by an expert. I know of no one up to that task. Here, take my masterpiece! (He gives Mario the melody.)

(Talking to him again.): I wonder if there's anyone with a voice pure enough to sing my soothing mysic. My heart leaps at the thought!

Club 64

(Mario takes the melody back to Simon.)

Simon: Oh! Say it's so! That's music, no?

(If Mario doesn't give it to him)

Simon: Please! It's time to sing. Come on, now, don't be so mean! You don't want to cause a scene!

(Mario gives him the melody.)

Simon: ...Hmmm... Oh yes, yes, yes! It's the best!! With this music we rejoice, for it will give pop diva voice! Now., Chanterelle. Please do tell. Will you sing this new song? Come on, we can't wait long!

Chanterelle: Oh! It's perfect! So beautiful! ...But... What if I can't sing it?

Simon: Hey, hey, it'll be OK. You can do it. Nothing to it. Be courageous! Sing it loud! Warble it, sweet and proud!

Chanterelle: ...Yes.... I will try to sing. Aaaaa aaaaaaaa OK.....

(She gets to the centre of the club and everyone gathers around. She starts singing with a beautiful, angelic voice while the barman is playing the guitar. When she's done, she returns to Simon and Mario.)

Simon: Bravo! Hear, hear! This sweet song has brought me tears! To Mario, our greatest thanks! Because of you, pop diva cranks!

Chanterelle: I can sing! Laaa-diiiii! I'm overjoyed! Thank you! You saved me, Mario! I wish I could do more...but here's a small gift. Please treasure it! (She gives him an attack FX D badge.)

(After completing her sidequest, she has a different tattle.)

(Goombario's tattle: She's a singer, the Pop Diva. She...is...so...beautiful! Oh! That voice! That voice will haunt me! I feel like I could listen to it forever!)

(Talking to them again)

Chanterelle: Oh, thanks to you, I have found my voice once more! Please let me sing to express my deepest thanks!



(If no is chosen)

Chanterelle: OK. Perhaps another time.

(If yes is chosen)

Chanterelle: You've made me so happy!♥ Let me begin...

(She starts singing again)

Simon: Mmmmmm.... Chanterelle's voice is even more beautiful and tenderous than before. Her trials of these past days most likely helped her, in a way.

Koopa Koot's favours

(Koopa Koot is an old koopa living in Koopa village. He has a series of favors that he ask Mario to do for him. He reawards him with one coin, three star pieces every now and then and a silver and gold credit for the playroom.)

Koopa Koot (The first time Mario talks to him.): Oh, welcome, young fella! I'm the elder of Koopa Village. Folks call me Koopa Koot. Say...might you do me a favor?



(Every other time Mario talks to him.): Oh, what luck! You came at the perfect time, young man! Could you see your way to doing me another favor?



(Both have the same reactions.)

(If no is chosen.): Oh!!! Such rudeness! The younger generation is is so cold and heartless! You're all good for nothing! Get out! Get out! Get out!

(Talking to him again): Oh, Mario, is that you? Have you decided to do this old koopa a favor?



(If yes is chosen.): Oh!!! How very kind of you! I guess the yougner generation isn't so bad after all. Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but...

(Talking to him when he doesn't have any favors available:): Oh, it's Mario, is it? Nice weather we're having, hm? I can't think of any favors I need at the moment... I bet I'll need one later, though.

List of favors

After Kooper joins Mario's party

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... Perhaps just one little one? Could you borrow the book "Koopa legends" from Kolorado? I'm certain if you were to aks Kolorado;s wife, she'd lent it. If it isn't a trouble, please go there as soon as possible.You promise, young fella?

(Mario goes to Kolorado's house and talks to his wife.)

Kolorado's wife: Oh, do you need something? You're doing an errand for the elder, are you? Mmmm... right. "Koopa legends." Yes, my husband owns that one. Of course you can borrow it! Don't let that old koot work you too hard, OK, Mario? He's known to do that. He's also a bit short-tempered. Well, anyway. Wait here for just a moment. I'll go poke around my husband's bookself. (She goes to another room and she soon comes out.) Found it! You're talking about this book, right? It's all yours. It was behind the bookself. (She gives Mario the book.) it's strange... that book... it has all these pictures of shells... and exercises... "firmer shell in 30 days?"

(Mario takes the book to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Great galloping Goombas! You're a lifesaver mario! This is just what I needed! Hee hee hee hee... To show my gratitude, I'd like to make a gift of this. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

2.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... Lately I've been sleeping poorly. I'd love a sleepy sheep to help me catch a little shut-eye. There should be a shop in Toad Tonw that sells 'em. If it isn't a bother, hurry up and get one, all right? You promise, young fella?

(Mario goes back to Toad Town, buys a sleepy sheep from the shop and returns to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: My stars! You're a veritable hero, Mario! Finallly, some peace and quiet! Sweet dreams, here I come! Hee hee hee hee... Take this as a small thank-you. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.) Oh, of course! Take this, too! Did you know that there's a playroom in Toad Town? If I remember right, it used to be around the station. It's strictly for members only, so the entrance to it is well hidden. I bet you can find it, though. This here's a silver credit. It'll let you play once you are inside the playroom. Back in my heyday I used to go there and make a lot of money. But I got tired of the hoopla. So the silver credit's yours. Good luck! Make some money! Hee hee hee...... (He gives him a silver credit.) Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this.

After Chapter 1

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I don't suppose you could go to Goomba Village and find Goompa, the grandfather? He still has a tape I lent him a whle back. Could you go get it for me? I really want it. If you say "The tape", he'll know what you're talking about. Try to keep this whole thing under wraps, would you? You promise, young fella?

(Mario goes to Goomba village and finds Goompa.)

Goompa: Hm, Mario. It looks like something else is on your mind. What?! Koopa Koot said he want "The tape" back? That old koopa... How does he remember things from so long ago? OK... Wait for just a minute. I'll bring it out for you. (He goes behind a chair in the room and soon comes back.) Here. This is it. When you see that old koopa gives him my regards. (He gives Mario the tape.) What's that? You want to know what's on the tape, do you? Oh, no no... I'm sorry... I'm afraid I can't tell you at the moment. It was great, though!

(Mario takes the tape to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Suffering shy guys! Mario, you're a real gent! Did Goompa complain? Hee hee... Take this as a gesture of my eternal gratitude. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

2.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I've got a hankering for some kooap tea. It's the very best! Fetch a bit for me, would you? Koopa tea can be made only with a fresh koopa leaf, which you can find in the village. Brewing it requires a special technique. Only a culinary master can make this tea the proper way so that it bursts with flavor. You know... I think young miss Tauce T. of Toad Town is quite a tea brewmaster. What do you say you run along and bring some back piping hot? I have your word, young fella?

(Mario finds a leaf in Koopa Village and takes it to Tauce T. She cooks a Koopa tea and Mario takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Great Growling Gulpits! You defy comparison, Mario! Wondrous! Excellent! Mmmm! This hits the spot! You know, this tea is just as delicious iced as it is hot. You're a stand-up guy for doing an old koopa so many favors. This time, I'll give you this special gift as thanks. Don't tell anybody, though. I've got a reputation to keep. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him three star pieces.)

3.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I have a secret wish to get the great Luigi's autograph. He's your brother, right? That young fella is truly super! Have you see him jump? They should call him "Air Luigi"! If you could somehow get his autograph, I'd be really happy. Could you help me, young fella?

(Mario goes to his house and talks to Luigi.)

Luigi: What's that, Mario? You need something? He what? Mr. Koopa Koot wants to get my autograph? Me? He wants me to sign something? Whoa! Cool! I'm flattered! I guess maybe I'm a little bit of a celebrity, huh? Wait one second. I'll write it right now. (He turns around and writes an autopgraph. He then turns to Mario.) Here you are, Mario. My autograph. Give my regards to Mr. Koopa Koot, OK? (He gives him the autograph and He takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Hoppin' hammer brothers! You are a wizard, Mario! Wa ha ha ha...! I have so many unique treasures now! What a lucky koopa I am! Here! Take this and now that I am very grateful. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

After Chapter 2

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... The other day, I went shopping at koopa's shop in the village, but on the way home, I must have dropped my wallet on the road. Look for it, would you? My merory is kind of scetchy, but I think I remember talking to thatg uy who listens to the radio in front of his house. I'm sure My wallet was with me then, but after I got home I realised it was gone. I'm hyperventilating. I must find that wallet! Promise me you'll help?

(Mario finds the empty wallet in one of the bushes in the vilalge, but it is empty. He takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Oh, thank Star Heaven! You've saved me again, Mario! You see to have a nose for finding things. Take this as thanks. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

2.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... If you find the time, I really do have a craving for a tasty tonic. Most shops sell it. It's my all-time favorite drink. It really clears out the old beak, yes indeed. Fetch me a cold one, would you? I'm parched over here! I have your word, young fella?

(Mario buys a tasty tonic from any shop and takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Pouring piranhas! You're like a psychic, Mario! This is exactly what I wanted! As a gesture of my gratitude and generosity, take this. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

3.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I've heard, through the grapevine that there's a beautiful fortune teller living in shooting star summit. So... if you would I want you to hike up there and ask her for an autograph. I'm too shy...Run along for me now. I can barely wait! You promise to hurry?

(Mario goes to shooting star summit and talks to Merluvlee. He has to be next to her for it to work.)

Merluvlee: Ah...my..my♥ Hello there, Mario! This spot is a little tight for furtune-telling. If you want your fortune read, talk to me over the counter. ...Excuse me me? You want... ...my autograph? My, my... Mercy!♥ Are you sure it's mine you want? You really do? Well! This is a first! What shall I do...? Ah....of course!♥ I don't mean to be a stick-in-the-mud...but I'll give you the autograph on one condition. A small favor... I want you to visit my twin sister and fetch a crystal ball from her. She lives in a back alley in Dry Dry Outpost. Her name is Merlee. Well, Mario... Would you?♥

(Talking to her again): Have you seen my sister yet? I'm sorry…but I simply can't give you an autograph until you fulfill your promise.

(Mario goes to Dry Dry Outpost and finds Merlee in a back alley.)

Merlee: My older sister? Merluvlee? What's she want? Oh, I see... Is that so? I bet I know........ oh.........ho....... OK, OK. Please give this to Merluvlee, with love from her sis Merlee. (She gives him a crystal ball. Mario then takes it to Merluvlee.)

Merluvlee: Ah...my..my♥ Hello there, Mario! This spot is a little tight for furtune-telling. If you want your fortune read, talk to me over the counter. (Mario gives her the crystal ball.) Oh! Mercy!♥ Thank you! I'll cherish this. And for you...here is my autograph, as promised. It'll be valuable someday! (She gives Mario the autograph. He takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Jumping jungle Fuzzies! You're peerless, Mario! My word! Good gracious! Ohhh... Oh, my... What beautiful handwriting...♥ Be still, my heart... Uh... That is... This will be the heart of my collection! You're a stand-up guy for doing an old koopa so many favors. This time, I'll give you this special gift as thanks. Don't tell anybody, though. I've got a reputation to keep. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him three star pieces.)

After chapter 3

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I'm not quite as mobile as I wa s in my salad days, and as a result I feel like I'm losing touch with the outside world. A newspaper would be the best way for me to catch up, no? Would you mind reading the Toad Town news for me? You could tell me the news then. My eyes aren't good, see? Don't spare the jussy gossip, either! I'm all ears! Hurry up if you can. I'm losing touch here! Promise me you will?

(Mario goes to Toad Town, reads the news on the the front and back of the board near Merlon's house and goes back.)

Koopa Koot: Creeping crazy dauzees! You're pure class, Mario! Ah...so that's what's going on in the world. I'm not sure I believe all those wild tales, but I suppose if you say so...It's nice to catch up on the current lingo. I've had a hard time understanding youngsters lately. Now I'm "hip." Why don't you take this for helping me? Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

2.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I've been ailing a bit lately. I'd like to get a life shroom, you know, to have on ahnd just in case of an emergency. I must have one! I must! Please, please find one for me! You should be able to find one at select shops. Please hurry--I'm not feeling well at all. You promise to return?

(Mario can buy a life shrrom or cook one. Either way, when he gets it he takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Oh, by the musty mushroom! You're a Peach, Mario! I feel ten times better, and twenty years younger! Maybe I'll go jog! After my nap. Here, take this as thanks. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.) Hey, by the way, have you been going to the playroom? I found this old thing since the last time I saw you. Have a look: a gold credit. They gave this to me at the playroom since I was such a frequent visitor. You can have it now. Good luck! Make money! Hee hee hee..... (He gives him the gold credit.)

3.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I do have this sudden craving for one of Tauce T.'s scrumptious nutty cakes. The secert ingredient is the goomnut, which grows on certain trees. If memory serves (which it doesn't always.) you can find them near someone's house... I don't know if that helps, but you still have to find one so Tauce T. can bake the cake. I'm gettign pretty famished, actually. Would you you hurry up? Promise?

(Mario gets a goomnut from a tree in Goomba village and Tauce T. uses it to cook the cake. Mario then takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Bouncing bob-ombs! I owe you big time, Mario! Oh... Oh, this is heavenly! I'm nutty for this cake! Here's a reward for you. . Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

After Chapter 4

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I must tell you, there's quite a racket coming from next door. It's far too loud! Say, you and Kooper are friends, no? Well, it's his house and he should keep his guests from raising a ruckus. I can't sleep with all the noise! Can you go over there and complain for me? Just tell them to put a lid on it. Go as soon as you can-- I'm the end of my rope. Tell me when they quiet down. I have your word?

(Mario goes to Kooper's house which is literaly shaking with explosions. Mario goes in the house and sees Bruce and a green bob-omb exploding at each other. The dialogue there differs if Mario goes before and after Koopa Koot asks him.)

(Before Koopa Koot asks him)

Outside Kooper's house

Green bob-omb: They're arguing in the house. I'm not going in there

Kooper's house

Green-bomb: Please hurry up and beat Bowser, will you? Then maybe Bombette will come back, and he'll be quiet!

(Talking to Bruce)

(If Bombette is not out.)

Green bob-omb: "Bombette!" Bombette" It's all he ever says! It's so annoying!

Bruce: Oh, Bombette!!!

Green bob-omb: Shut up! She probably dumped you because 'cause you never stopped talking!

Bruce: No, you shut up! My love for Bombette is deep like the Southern sea! Bomb! Even being dumped constantly won't discourage me! Ba-bomb!

(If Bombette is out.)

Green bob-omb: Did you hear this guy Bombette? He never, ever stops talking about you! Bud-a-bomb!

Bruce: Oh, Bombette!!!!!!

Bombette: Shut up! Please! Right now! Think about something else for two seconds, will ya? You're really starting to get on my nerves!

Bruce: Bombette, I'm putting my whole heart into this next explosion! Watch it and see my true love! Bomb, bomb! Bip-bomb! (He keeps exploidng and the green bob-omb keeps exploding back. Mario can't do anything yet.)

(After Koopa Koot asks him.)

Outside Kooper's house

Green bob-omb: Please hurry up and Beat Bowser, OK? Say, you don't know when the owner of that house is coming back, do you? We coudl always go back to the fortress I suppose

Kooper's house

Green-bomb: Please hurry up and beat Bowser, will you? Then maybe Bombette will come back, and he'll be quiet!

(If Bombette is not out.)

Bruce: Oh, Bombette!!!!!

Green bob-omb: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! The neighbors are starting to complain about your noise! Quit your bellyaching!

Bruce: Oh, Bombette!!!!! Please don't say that! Please! Don't you care how I feel?!

Green bob-omb: Oh, shut up!! Enough already! Stop brooding over her!

(If Bombette is out.)

Bruce: Oh, Bombette!!!!!

Green bob-omb: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! The neighbors are starting to complain about your noise! Quit your bellyaching!

Bruce: Oh, Bombette!!!!!!!

Bombette: You be quiet now! It's no use yelling my name! I'm off on an adventure, doing very important things. I have enough to think about without your puppy love! And besides, you're not my type! I told you that before! So calm down before you blow a fuse.

Bruce: Bombette... Oh don't...

Green bob-omb: Ooh, you made her angry... I feel bad for you, but man... You talk way too much. You need to play it cool, or she'll never like you at all. I'm sure she'll come around one of these days if you can just...

(They both stop exploding and the favor is completed. Mario goes back to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Galavanting groove guys! You're the man, Mario! Amazing! Stunnning! Finally, some peace and quiet! Did those punks make a fuss? Now I can finally go back to sweet dreamland. Hee hee hee hee.... You're a stand-up guy for doing an old koopa so many favors. This time, I'll give you this special gift as thanks. Don't tell anybody, though. I've got a reputation to keep. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him three star pieces.)

2. Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I've been hearing people talk recently. Appparently I'm not so popular. People are actually saying I'm cheap! The nerve! A long time ago, I used to be like you...........and..................................................................................and then............................, you know...........but can you believe...................so I said...............and then..........., you know, ..........completely unfair......................and......so very rude........................despite my............and finally......... Hey, are you listening to me? Well, the upshot is I don't need any help. Except...You know all those boos living in boo's mansion? Well, one of them has an old photo of mine. So... Well.... I'd like you to ask them if they'd give it back. And if you don't mind, could you hurry up about it? aou promise you'll go?

(Mario must go to boo's mansion and talk to Franky, the boo near the entrance.)

Franky: Hey, what can I boo for you? An errand for Koopa Koot, huh? Too bad for you. Koopa Koot's been known to use people, you know. His motto is "If it moves, use it until it drops." He got in a couple fights over he's personality way back then. After a really bad one, he started traveling a lot. This is a photo of us when he passed through these parts. Take this and say hello to Koopa Koot for me....

(He gives Mario the photo of a young Koopa Koot. Mario returns to Koopa village and gives it to him.)

Koopa Koot: Great clomping clubbas! I'm in awe of you, Mario! Oh, the days of my youth! Just look at me there, so young and vibrant! I was quite the ladies Koopa, you know. There was................this utterly gorgeous...lovely.....................the passion...................................................................maddening....................................as fast as I.....and I never looked back. Anyway, enough of that. Take this as a token of my thanks. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

3.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I really haven't had a tasty meal in a goomba's age. Miss Tauce T.'s koopasta would really hit the spot right now. Could you head to Toad Town and have her whip a batch? Did you hear my belly grumble? I'm ravenous! Please hurry up! Please don't let me starve!

(Mario takes a koopa leaf from the village. Then he goes to Dry Dry Outpost and buys some dried pasta. With these ingredients, Tauce T. cooks Koopasta that Mario gives to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Plummeting paragoombas! You're a man of action, Mario! This looks simply delicious! I swear, nobody should cook this recipe besdies Tauce T. She's perfected the recipe! Here's a little token of my gratitude. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

After Chapter 5

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I seem to have misplaced my glasses, which is vexing. I suppose I mus thave dropped them somewhere. I haven't gone beyond the borders of Koopa Village, so, logic suggests that they're somewhere in the village. Coudl you drop what you're doing and find them? I have your word, young fella?

(Mario finds the glasses in one of the bushes in the village and takes them back to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Hopping hurt plant! You're a master sleuth, Mario! My eyesight's really gone downhill these last years... Now I can once again read books withotu any trouble. Technology's great, isn't it? Here. I'll give you this to show my gratitude. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

2.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I've really been dragging my shell recently. I need a tart pick-me-up. Let's see...Oh, I know! A fresh lime should do the trick. Can you go find one? Hurry up, if you could. I feel as slow as a tortoise. Do you promise?

(Mario goes to Dry Dry Desert, finds the oasis after a lot of searching, gets a lime from one of the trees and takes it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: By spiny's spikes! Are you for real, Mario? Mind-blowing! Crazy! Mmmmm..... Yow! What a sour lime! That'll put a spring in my step. You're a stand-up guy for doing an old koopa so many favors. This time, I'll give you this special gift as thanks. Don't tell anybody, though. I've got a reputation to keep. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him three star pieces.)

3.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I recently heard about a snack called a kooky cookie. It's supposedly delicious. I must confess I have a sweet touth. So...do you think you could track one down? One of the ingredients is a kooap leaf but I have no idea what the other one is. Hurry up, if you can! I need sweets, posthaste! Do I have your word, young man?

(Mario takes a koopa leaf from the village. The other ingredient is a cake mix that can be obtained in shy guy's toy box. Mario takes them to Tauce T. and she cooks a Kookie cookie. Mario gives it to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Lines o'albino dinos! You're world class, Mario! So this is the cookie everyone raves about. It does look good! I think I'll save it for later. I'll give you this gift to show my gratitude. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

After Chapter 6

1.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... There is one thing. I have an old boo friend who lives in Gusty Gulch. Can you go and get a pckage from him? You may have a little trouble finding him, since the boos there look pretty similar. I'm sure you can do it, though. A long time ago, when Goompa, Bootler, and I were traveling, we met the boo and became fast friends. He recently sent me a letter saying there is a package there addressed to me. What are you waiting for? Go on and get it! I mean... Please?

(Mario goes to Gusty Gulch and finds the right boo after some searching and questioning around.)

Boo: Oh, hello. You're running an errand for old Koopa Koot, are you? ...Uh-oh.... Now where did I...? I wasn't really ready for this...Where'd I leave that thing? I'd better go look for it. Um... Do you think you can wait for just a second? I should find it soon enough, so why don't you kill some time by wandering around here?

(Talking to him again): Can you wait for a little while longer? I'm still looking...

(Mario has to leave the area and then go back.)

Boo: Thank you for waiting!♥ I finally found it. I can't believe it took me so long to track it down! Anyway, please give my regards to Koopa Koot, OK? And take care! (He gives him the package.)

(Mario returns to Koopa village and gives the package to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Livid lava piranhas! You rule, Mario! Ah yes! This is that package I requested! Ever since my boo friend sent me that letter, I've been dying to know what's inside. Wll, I'll find out right now! ...After you leave. Here, take this as thanks. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

2.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... People keep talking about something called a coocnut. They say they're delicious. i just have to try one! Go right away, if you can. Promise to hurry back?

(Mario goes back to Lavalava island. He gets a coconut from one of the palm trees in Yoshi's village and returns to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Great crawling clefts! You're larger than life, Mario! Mmmmm.... How do you crack thsi thing? Ah well. I guess I'll try it later. I'll give you this to show my gratitude. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him a coin.)

3.Well then, young fella! I don't usually ask for favors, but... I wouldn't mind getting one of those red jars that they say were made in Dry Dry Desert's ancient desert kingdom. According to popular opinion, you can get one if you buy things in a certain order at the shop in Dry Dry Outpost. First you buy a dusty hammer, then you go ahead and get a dried pasta, then...er... you get another dusty hammer and then... Let me see... Hang on... I've forgotten the other thing....... Aaaaa! Well, you'll have to figure out the rest. But do hurry. I really want one. Do I have your word?

(Mario goes to the shop and buys a dusty hammer, a dried pasta, a dusty hammer and a dried shroom in that exact order. Then the little mouser, the owner of the shop, approaches him.)

Little mouser: What ho! Bying goods in that order... is a secret sign! It was written in an ancient will! In keepign with the will, I'm required to give you this.Please take it!

(He gives him a red jar that Mario then gives to Koopa Koot.)

Koopa Koot: Swooping sky guys! You're a true workhosre, Mario! Incredible! Outstanding! Eew...it's a little filthy, though. I suppose I'll add it to my collection anyway. You're a stand-up guy for doing an old koopa so many favors. This time, I'll give you this special gift as thanks. Don't tell anybody, though. I've got a reputation to keep. Oh, you don't have to be so polite, young fella. Take this. (He gives him three star pieces.)

Koopa Koot: You're a good soul for helping this old koopa so many times. Now Mario! I have one last favor to ask! That cad, Bowser.... You must defeat that evil king Bowser once and for all! The dear children of this village will never sleep in peace as long as Bowser rules. I wish for nothing more than peace and a reason for my fellow koopas to hope again. Please help us, Mario!

(This completes the Koopa Koot sidequest.)

(The player can complete all sidequests, some of them or even none. When he is ready, he can start the final chapter.)

(Mario and friends go to shooting star summit as they were told. When they arrive, they hear a voice.)

Shooting star summit

Eldstar: Mario, can you hear me? I'm going to open the entrance to Star Way. Enter this path without fear. The Star Way continues all the way up here to Star Heaven. We 7 Star Spirits will be waiting for for you here. We wish to give you our remaining power. With this power, you will be able to stand up to the Star Rod Bowser holds.

(A big beam of light and stars appears at the centre of the summit.)

Eldstar: We anxiously await you.... Mario, make haste to Star Heaven!

(Mario and friends go into the beam and it lifts them all the way to a road made out of stars.)

Star way

(Goombario's tattle: This must be... Yes! This is the legendary Star Way! It's a path formed out of actual stars. It's absolutely beautiful!)

(They cross it, fighting some embers on the way. Eventually, they arrive in Star Heaven.)

Star Heaven

(Goombario's tattle: It's Star Haven. This place is so peaceful!)

Star kid near the entrance: Good afternoon, ..... or good evening, maybe? In Star Heaven you can see stars all the time. There used to be more a lot more shooting stars...but that was before the Star Rod was taken. The beauty of this place was incredible back then...

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Star Heaven resident. He doesn't look well. Doesn't he know that we rescued all the Star Spirits?)

Star kid near the stairs: When I first heard that all the Star Spirits were captured and the Star Rod was stolen, I lost it. I figured, this is it! This is the end of the world! But now, all of the Star Spirits have safely returned. It just goes to show you never give up hope.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a Star Heaven resident. He looks like he doesn't have a care, even though Bowser still has the star rod. He probably thinks he can't help. Well, to tell the truth, he probably can't, but shouldn't he at least show a little bit of concern?)

Star kid floating nearby: When the news first hit that the Star Spirits had been taken away, a friend of mine was so shocked that he got sick. His shining light faded way down to a mere flicker. Since the Star Spirits have come back, he's regaining a healthy glow. You're a lightsaver, Mario!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Star Heaven resident. It's sad that these wish-granters aren't more energetic. Only the star Spirits are lively.)

Star kid near the save block: Our precious Star Spirits have returned! Oh, happy day! It's all because of you! I guess we'll "wish upon a Mario" from now on! Every star owes you, Mario!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Star Heaven resident. These guys believe that everything will be fine since the Star Spirits have returned. There's still work to be done! I mean, I'm sure it seems great to have the Star Spirits back, but the fight's not over yet!)

Nearby house

Star kid: It gives me great joy to hear of the Star Spirits' return. Our only wish now is for the return of the Star Rod. It seems so odd....a star making a wish!

(Goombario's tattle: It's a Star Heaven resident. He's filled with hope, now that the Star Spirits are back. It must be tough to wish on a star when you happen to be a star yourself.)

Toad house

(This is the only toad house in the game that is not run by a toad.)

Star kid: Hello! Need a little rest?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): please relax.

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Star kid: Did you sleep well? Take care! Bye!

(Goombario's tattle: He's running an inn. It's just like a toad house. I never thought we'd find one in Star Heaven. This is the first time I've seen a toad house with no toad.)


Star kid: Welcome to Star Haven Shop. What is your wish?

-To buy

-To sell

-To check

-To claim

(If buy is chosen): If there's anything you want to buy, stand in front of it and press A Button.

(Buying): You need (Number of coins.) coin(s) for (Name of item.). Is that agreeable?

(Item bought): Thank you kindly.

(Not enough coins): You lack the funds. I'm sorry.

(Too many items): You seem to have too many items. Please return after selling, checking, or using some items.

(If sell is chosen): Which one would you like to sell?

(Mario chooses an item.)

Star kid: I'll buy (Name of item.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s). Is that agreeable?

(Item sold): Thank you kindly.

(Item sold, more items): Thank you kindly. Is there anything else you would like to sell?

(To sell, no items): It would appear that you have no items.

(Refusing to sell): Oh. I understand.

(Refusing to sell, more items): Oh. I understand. Is there anything else you would like to sell?

(If check is chosen.): We can check (Number of items.) more item(s), but would you like us to do so?

(Item checked): OK, we will take special care.

(Item checked, more items): Is there anything else you would like us to check?

(To check, no items): It appears that you have no items.

(To check, full storage): I am sorry, but we have reached our storage capacity.

(If claim is chosen): Which one would you like to claim?

(Item claimed): Here you are. Enjoy!

(Item claimed, more items): Is there anything else you would like to claim?

(To claim, empty storage): No, there must be a mistake. We aren't holding anything for you.

(To claim, full inventory): You seem to have too many items. Please return after selling or using some items.

(Leaving): Please stop in again sometime.

(Goombario's tattle: This star sells things in this shop. He also checks and buys items. There must be some extremely rare items here. Did you find anything good, Mario?)

Star Sanctuary

(Goombario's tattle-Part 1: This building... No, not building... This palace is incredible! Look at this architecture, Mario!)

(Goombario's tattle: part 2: Everything seems to be shining and glittering in here. I feel like I should shield my eyes or something.)

(Mario and party arrive at the Star Sanctuary and go in. The seven Star Spirits are on each on top of seven columns around a pedestal where the Star Rod once was.)

Eldstar: Mario, you finally made it. The time has come to take the fight to Bowser's turf. Now... Hold still while we 7 join together to Bestow upon you our final power.

(The seven Star Spirits trasnfer Mario all their power.)

(A message appears: Mario can now use star beam!)

Eldstar: If you use this power, you can drain the power of the Star Rod whenever Bowser uses it. Ah yes! And one more thing, I have one final gift which should come in handy.

(Some light appears above Eldstar and soon it forms a blue floating charriot.)

Eldstar: This is the legendary star ship of Star Heaven. Bowser is keeping his castle way up in the sky. With this ship, however, you can reach it. Climb aboard! On to Bowser's castle! We will always be with you. Whenever you are in need, use our powers to help you.

(Mario and friends get on the star ship.)

(A message appears: Are you ready to take off?



(If yes is chosen, the star ship rises, comes out of the ceiling of the sanctuary and flies off. All the people in Toad Town, if not in the Mushroom Kingdom, notice it and think it's a shooting star. The camera first shows a pink female toad and a little red toad, probably her kid, near shooting star summit.)

LIttle red toad: Look.... ...a shooting star! Princess.... come back... Princess... come back Princess.... come back....

Pink female toad: Did you wish for something? I hope your dreams come true.

Little red toad: Me too!♥

(The camera then goes to a red toad near where peach's castle once was.

Red toad.: I want to see the princess... I want to see the princess... I want to see the princess..

(Finally, the camera shows a red, a green, a light green and a little red toad in the residential area of Toad Town. It focuses on the little red one.)

Little red toad: I want to eat shroom cake... I want to eat shroom cake... I want to eat tons and tons of shroom cake... Oh, shooting star... Please fulfill my wishes... Pretty please...

(The star ship keeps flying and it soon reaches Bowser's castle and goes into the mouth of Bowser's giant stone head. Then, the final chapter begins.)

End of Interlude

Chapter 8

A star-powered showdown

Bowser's Castle

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: It's Bowser's castle. This appears to be the hangar for Bowser's vehicles.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: Boy! Bowser's castle. Talk about your basic eerie atmosphere, huh? Oh... I'm nervous and excited at the same time. We're heading for the final fight at last!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3: Are we still outside the castle or what? Let's hurry through here. OK, Mario?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 4: I've gotta hand it to him. Bowser's castle is amazing! Such creative use of lava flows! It's just like that volcano!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 5: It's a covered hallway in Bowser's castle. It doesn't look like anything's amiss. Let's press on, Mario.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 6: Ah! We're back inside Bowser's castle. There's a stone pedestal with Bowser's face carved on it. What poor taste! What an egomaniac! If we push that thing, what do you think will happen?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 7: It's a hall in Bowser's castle. I wodner where it leads. We have to hurry! And yet, we should aslo be careful.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 8: These stairs aren't lighted very well, are they? I wonder how deep below ground they go. Bowser should really look into some ambient lighting.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 9: It's a covered hallway. I can sum up the decorations in two words: pure Bowser! Such dark colors and drab lightinga! What terrible taste!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 10: We're somewhere inside Bowser's castle. This hall is quite large. It also looks well fortified. I wonder if there's anytihng good around here? An attack item, maybe?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 11: Look at those carvings of Bowser's ugly mug! It's really shameless! I guess he thinks he's cool. Hey, incidentally, abotu those stone pedestals... Some, move and some don't, so check 'em all out.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 12: Whoa! This corridor has much lower ceilings, huh? I guess I had gotten used to really high ceilings.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 13: In case you don't know by now, some of these pedestals can be pushed and other can't. In many cases, you can push them from either the right or left side. I wonder where I heard that?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 14: This is a hidden passage. It's a bit dark, huh? That's all right. I can sense sometihng good's in here.♥)

(Goombario's tattle-part 15: Some of these Bowser pedestals can be pushed and other can't. In many cases, you can push them from either the right or left side. If they move, you can be sure they're covering a secret passage.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 16: See! A hidden passage. This one doesn't seem to be hiding anything interesting.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 17: ...Nothing. This room's just a dead end. How worthless. Let's go back to the room where the pedestals are and check 'em out!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 18: This hidden passage looks promising, doesn't it? It must lead somewhere...You know, I hope we're going in the right direction. I feel kind of disoriented.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 19: We've certainly seen many kinds of treasure on our advenutres, haven't we, Mario? There's one that I would value above all others, though. I would keep it in the safest place I know... Mario, please give me your autograph!!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 20: It's the outside of Bowser's castle. Even the outside feels gross and ominous. Maybe he wasn't so bad until he moved here. Living in such a dank place isn't good for the soul.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 21: How many halls have we been through? I wonder what this one leads to... To bowser's room? Maybe?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 22: Know what this reminds me of? A ghost story! This would make the perfect setting for a freaky ghost story! We could have Bow and her friends play the scary parts! Remind me to do that some time back at Toad Town!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 23: I think we've come really far. But we're not in Bowser's room yet. Where could it be? This place is so complicated! That Bowser... I really don't like him!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 24: "I smell treasure!" Isn't that a good Kolorado imitation? Mario? Wasn't that right on? I wonder what Kolorado's doing?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 25: It's a covered hallway in Bowser's castle. There's no place to hide around here, that's for sure. Not that we need one, Mario! Who'd hide? Not me!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 26: Do you think those windows open to outside or to the inner part of the castle? I'm getting tottaly turned around in here. This castle really is huge.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 27: It's a room without a window. It also has a chandelier with no lights in it. I'm getting the feeling that Bowser is really going for the dark, gothic look in here. Maybe he hates bright lights.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 28: All the torches hanging over there... Doesn't their pattern strike you as sort of suspicious? It's almost as if there's a hidden meaning there. What do you say we try to remember it?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 29-the same for all the identical rooms: I think we keep passing through the same room. Do you think, perhaps, that somebody's messing with us? Well, it's a waste of time to just keep running around with no clue about what we're doing. It's kind of what happened in Forever Forest. Say...those torches might hold a clue for us.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 30: This is a corridor of sorts. I guess it's more like an elevated skyway, though. If a guy were afraid of heights, his legs would probably tremble and he'd probably freak out. Gulp!)

(Goombario's tattle-part 31: You know, If I were designing a castle, I woudln't put in so many corridors. Well, whatever. I can't expect Bowser to have good taste.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 32: Stairs again! Do you think princess Peach's castle is at the top of 'em? We're almost there, Mario! I can feel it! Onward! The princess awaits!)

(The star ship stops at the castle's hangar where some clown cars are also parked. Mario and friedns get off and go through the door. They find themslves to an outside area and see another door, but it's locked. They go through an open passage and reach an area filled with lava below. They cross the pathway above the lava while fighting more enemies and eventually get the key to the door after defeating one of the koopatrols. There is also a cell with a bunch of toads at the end of the pathway, but they can't get them out from there as that isn't the door. They use the key and get into the actual castle. At first they encounter another lava flow and cross a bridge across it. They fight more enemies and defeat all of them. At the end of the bridge is the entrance to a covered hallway, filled with more enemies. After going through there, they enter another room. It is a room that has three stone blocks with Bowser's face carved on them. There is also a stone gaurd door with Bowser face on it.)

Bowser's castle-Guard door 1 room

(Goombario's tattle: Look at the size of that stone Bowser's face! He's pretty scary looking. That face gives me the creeps, Mario.)

Guard door 1: Bloooaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Welcome, worm! I'm called the guard door of Bowser's castle. It's my job to keep suspicious types from entering. You must be Mario. Let me guess... Do you want to go through here? Hmm? You want to get to the other side of this wall, right?



(If no is chosen): Well, if you don't want to go through here, then you're wasting my time. Go away! Now!

(Talking to him again): What's the matter with you? You want to go through here, don't you?



(If yes is chosen): OK then... Heh heh heh.... Stand in front of me.

(If Mario gets bext to the stone face of the gaurd door): What's the matter with you? Are you scared or something? Quick! Come stand in front of me if you want to pass through. I don't have all day to wait for you to wander over here.

(If Mario stands in front of the guard door after refusing.): What's the matter with you? You want to go through here, don't you?



(If yes is chosen)

Guard door 1: Are you standing squarely in front of me? OK... Then....I'll let you go through.

(Instead of opening up, the guard door reveals a trapdoor. Mario and friends fall in and end up in the prison with some other toads.)

Bowser's castle-Dungeon

(Goombario's tattle: It's an underground prison cell, Mario. Are you sure you can find the way to where we were before?)

Guard door (Off-screen): Gaaaah ha ha ha ha!! You fell for it, worm! You'll never escape from that inpenetrable prison! Try all you like! All you'll do is exhaust yourself! I'll tell you what: If you make it back up here, I'll let you go through. How's that? Ahhh ha ha ha! I know you'll never make it! I hope you have a good time shaking and crying down there! Gah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Minister: Oh, Mario! You came at long last! As you can see, we're in a horrible situation! Princess Peach is who knows where and her beautiful castle is being run by Bowser's horrid staff of rejects. Nothing fills me with more joy than serving this castle with my heart and soul, but right now there's nothing I can do. We have no choice but to rely on you now, Mario. Please, at least save our dear princess Peach!

(Goombario's tattle: This is the Toad Minister. Uh... Pleasure to meet you! My name is Goombario, sir. I'm Mario's right hand, sir. Just joking. But seriously, one day I'd love to be invited to a castle party. How about it?)

Light green toad guard: This wouldn't have happened if we'd had better defenses. I don't know how I can ever apologise to princess peach... Ugh... It doesn't matter. Saving her is all that counts now.

(Goombario's tattle: He was a soldier at princess Peach's castle. He was captured in the takeover. That must have been a pretty bad scene. He looks like he's recovering.)

Blue toad: I still can't believe that all of Peach's castle was kidnapped during the party. I know it was just a means to catch princess Peach, but still.... Only an evil fiend like Bowser would do something like that. Please make him pay!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad's been captured. He looks like he's all right. I wonder where he worked in Peach's castle?)

Red toad: Mario, you've come to save us! I just knew you would! All the toads in here used to work in Peach's castle. The princess isn't with us... I think she must be confided somewhere else. Mario, don't worry about us! Saving princess Peach is the only thing that matters.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad worked in the castle. Even though he's in a fix, he's still worrying about princess Peach. What a brave soul! Doesn't he know that people are worried about him back home?)

(Mario finds a crack on a wall and uses Bombrtte to blow it up, creating a escape route.)

Bombette: There we go! It's a piece of cake to break these walls! The material's weak. These are much easier than the wall of Koopa bros. fortress.You're really lucky you have me along, aren't you?!

(They go through the hole and and find another room with lava flow.)

Bowser's castle-Lava area

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: I wonder where all this lava comes from? Don't you think it's odd?)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2-before the lava cools off: Lava, lava, lava! There's such a thing as too much lava, that's for sure. Mario, are you all right in this heat? Boy, it's hot! This adventure has just been one extreme or the other.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2-after the lava cools off: You know, walking on a newly hardened lava is not exactly something that your average goomba gets to experience.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3-before the lava cools off: The only way to cross the lava is to have somebody carry us. If we could find a way to cool the lava off, we could probably walk on it, though. And if we have to pass through lava flows, we can have Bow hide us from danger.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 3-after the lava cools off: Now we're cooking! I mean, now we're not cooking! It's still hot, but not, you know, burning hot.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 4: Here's the source of the lava. It's miserably hot when it's flowing. It's not so bad when it's cooled off, though.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 5-only after the lava cools off: There's a treasure chest. Things are looking up. The lava has even cooled.)

(In this area, Mario has to use most if his partners, since he has to hit distant swiches, cross small gaps, float over lava or become transparent. After they cross the lava, they arrive in the room it's coming from and step on solid ground. After climbing a few stairs, they find three koopatrols and a magikoopa guarding a switch. When the koopatrols see Mario, they panic.)

Koopatrol 1: Uh-oh! Ma... Mario...is right...there! Now what were we suppsoed to do in this situation? Kammy Koopa told us something, but I'm drawing a total blank. I think...she told us not to let him touch that switch... Oh...oh...no Do you think that means we have to fight him?

Koopatrol 2: No!!!!!! He'll wipe the floor with us!

Magikoopa: Stop your bellyaching!! Who says we should be afraid of Mario, huh? He's not so bad! Whatever happens, we can't let him push that switch! Don't you care that king Bowser needs our help? C'mon!! Take this...plumber!! Show him what you're made of!

Koopatrol 3: Waahh! We have no choice! Gotta be brave... Gotta be... Attaaack!

(The koopatrols and the magikoopa attack Mario and his friends, but they're all defeated. After they're gone, Mario hits the switch. This causes the flow of the lava in the entire room to stop. The lava then cools off and hardens.)

Goombario (If he's out): Hey, what do you know? It looks like the lava cooled off. It looks like it hardened enough to walk on, too. Awesome! You rule, Mario!

Kooper (If he's out): Hey! That lava hardened when it cooled off! Now we can walk across it. Let's go, Mario!

Bombette (If she's out): Ohh... How totally weird! The lava cooled off and became hard as rock! Neat! It seems cool enough for us to walk on, Mario! We can go now!

Parakarry (If he's out): The lava seems to have cooled and hardened... Maybe we can walk across it... Oh, excellent. Even I couldn't fly across here.

Bow (If she's out): Phew... Finally, that hot lava cooled off. Now you can walk on it, Mario! All the difficult obstacles in this castle are really starting to irritate me, you know. Whatever. Let's get a move on. Time for some lava-walking!

Watt (If she's out): The lava, um, got all hard. We can walk on it now, huh? Can't we? That tricky old Bowser! He can't fool us, huh?

Sushie (If she's out): What!? What is it!? The lava cooled down and turned hard enough to walk on? Oh, how convenient. I didn't really fancy the idea of becoming a fried fish...

Lakilester (If he's out): Awww. Rad! The lava totally cooled off and hardened! We can walk across it now, right, man? Yeah. Way to use the old brain! That's why you're The Man! Every day, man, I learn something new from you!

(Mario and friends walk on the hardened lava and go in previously unaccessible rooms. They are able to obtain a key for a locked door and after going in that room, they find themsleves in a really dark cavern.)

Bowser's castle-Cavern

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: It seems to be a cave. Are we below the castle? It's so dark. They must have had problems setting up lights down here. What a pain for us.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: It seems to be a cave. Are we below the castle? It's so dark. How long can this darkness possibly last?)

(Mario uses Watt to see where he's going and starts exploring the cavern, battling more enemies. After a while, they arrive at the end and go through another door. These leads them back in Bowser's castle where they find antoher pedestal with Bowser's face on it. Mario pushes it from the right to the left and it opens a secret passage on the wall. He goes through and realizes he is back in the room with the guard door.)

Bowser's castle-Guard door 1 room

Guard door 1: Blooooaa-huh?! You came back?! You escaped from that underground jail?! But there was no way you could escape! Grrrrrrrrrrr.............. Of all the dirty tricks... I guess i have to keep my word. You can...go through. Grr. But don't think I'll forget this!

Bowser's castle

(Mario and friends go through the guard door and set foot on a big hall. There are multiple paths there. If they keep going straight, they will find stairs leading down to another cell with more guests from the castle that is guarded by a koopatrol. They defeat it, take the key and unlock the cell.)

Bowser's castle-Cell 1

(Goombario's tattle: This is a prison cell where toads are being held. You know... There are toads here...and beds... It's kind of like a toad house! Do you think that I'm just an incurable optimist? Well, what's wrong with that?)

Dryite: I come all the way from Dry Dry Outpost princess Peach's party and look what happens. I've been to some lame parties, but that was ridiculous. I wanna go back to the desert as soon as possible.

(Goombario's tattle: It's a dryite. He came to the party and was dragged into this mess. He seems to be really cold. He must miss the the desert. We have to defeat Bowser as fast as we can and get all these brave folks back home.)

Light green toad: Mario, you're safe! Oh, I'm so glad. We all got captured before we knew what was happening. A few people at the party were able to get away, but they caught most of us. I wonder where princess Peach, the minister, and all the other guests are. I'm really worried about them...

(Goombario's tattle: This toad's been captured. It must've been scary to be captured, but he looks like he's all in one piece.)

Blue toad guard: Mario, your main goal is to save the princess, isn't it? She must tbe doing OK, holding on to the belif that you'll come. We soldiers should have broken out to save her by now.... But it's taken all our efforts just to protect the prisoners. ...What a shame.

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of the captured toad soldiers. These guys are counting on you! Let's not let 'em down!)

Red toad: Pssst... Psssst... The toad house's slogan is "refresh your body and soul!" ...This isn't a real toad house, but you can take a quick nap here if you feel like it. Are you going to take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If "take a nap" is chosen): These are difficult times... Please rest well, though.

(Mario sleeps, his HP and FP are restored and then he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? Then take care---and go! Oops... Shhh... I should be quiet... Otherwise, they'll find us.

(Goombario's tattle: This toad's been captured. Somehow he's been able to set up a toad house here. How lucky for us!)

(If Mario and friends go up the stairs and then left, they will discoever a storage room where a spiky goomba is running a shop.)

Bowser's castle-Storare room

(Goombario's tattle: Here's the storage room for Bowser's castle. It looks like one of hsi subjects is selling his stuff. Ha ha!)

Spiky goomba: Whuhhh? Who're you, man!? I don't know your face. Maybe you're Mario, huh? Heh heh... Just joking. I'm the guard of this warehouse. I'm really, really bored, man. Hey, you know... If you've got any coins, I'll sell you stuff.



(If no is chosen): What? You've got nothing? Lame...

(If yes is chosen, but Mario doesn't have any coins): You think I'm stupid, man? You're a terrible liar.

(If yes is chosen and Mrio has enough coins): Oh, you're loaded, man! Take a look around. I'll sell anything you see.

(Talking to him again): Yep. This is the Storehouse of Bowser's Castle. Why in the world are you here?

-To buy

-To sell

-To check

-To claim

(If buy is chosen): Go on and press the "A" Button in front of the item you want.

(Buying): (Name of item.)? I'll give it to you if you give me (Number of coins.) coin(s).

(Item bought): Heh-heh. Thanks, man.

(Not enough coins): Hey, man, you don't have the cash!

(Too many items): You're carrying too much, man. Come on back after selling, checking, or using some items.

(If sell is chosen): So, what do you want to sell, huh?

(Mario chooses an item)

Spiky goomba: I'll trade (Name of items.) for (Number of coins.) coin(s).

(To sell, no items): You can't sell nothing, pal!

(Refusing to sell): Fine. I don't care.

(Refusing to sell, more items): Fine. I don't care. Anything else you want to sell?

(Item sold): Heh-heh. Good deal, man.

(Item sold, more items): Anything else you want to sell?

(If check is chosen.): I can hold on to (Number of items.) more item(s). What do you want me to hold?

(Item checked): All right, then. I'll keep it.

(Item checked, more items): Anything else to check?

(To check, no items): Hey! You don't have anything!

(To check, full storage): I ran out of storage space.

(If claim is chosen): Which one do you want?

(Item claimed): Here you go, man.

(Item claimed, more items): You want anything else?

(To claim, empty storage): Don't try to fool me, pal! You know you don't have any items in storage!

(To claim, full inventory): You're carrying too much, man. Come back after selling or using some items."

(leaving): Hey! Don't tell King Bowser about any of this!

(Goombario's tattle: He's one of Bowser's followers. He got bored guarding the storage room and decided to start selling stuff. Wow, his job must have been really, really boring. I can imagine. You've gotta wonder, though... I bet if someone found out that he sold stuff to Mario, he'd get punished big time. Maybe he doesn't know who you are, though...)

Bowser's castle-Water area

(Goombario's tattle-part 1: I'm sure Bowser's going to be surprised. I'm sure he'd never believe that we could make it this far. I can't wait to see the expression on his face.)

(Goombario's tattle-part 2: If Bombette were about three times bigger, we could just blow all these walls up. It would certainly let us move through these areas a lot faster. But that's probably not a good idea. It would be far too dangerous.)

(Mario and friends go right and cross another hallway filled with enemies. Then they enter a big room filled with Sushie platforms. Mario has to pull a chain hanging from the ceiling to fill the room with water. Then he can move around with Sushie. After hitting a couple of switches and blowing up a wall with Bombette, he gets the key to the door. He pulls the chain again to get rid of the water and proceeds to the next room.)

Bowser's castle

(They go up the stairs and start crossing a long corridor. However, countless gold bombshell bills are being fired at them. Mario has to avoid them. Every one that hits him, initiates a battle. This part is very difficult and time-consuming. After overcoming all the bullet bills, they battle the b. bill blasters firing them. They have big defense and attack by only firing bombshell bills. Evetually, they are defeated and Mario and his party carry on. They have to face a second, a third and a fourth wave of bombshell bills and b. bill blasters. Then, they enter a room with more stone blocks with Bowser's face and some dry bones. Mario pushes the block to the far right amd it reveals a secret passage that leads to a corridor with really low ceiling. It leads to another room same with the previous one. Mario finds a secret passage behind the block to the far left and it leads him to a third room. The secert passage is open in the middle and Mario goes in after avoiding a hammer bro. However, the passage leads to a dead end. Mario goes back to the previous room, pushes the pedestal to close the passage and another passage is revealed to be behind it. In there, Mario finds a key to a door. He unlocks the door in one of the previous rooms and it leads him to a room with another guard door. Mario approaches and talks to it.)

Bowser's castle-guard door 2 room

(Goombario's tattle: Again with the Bowser faces! I'm sick of looking at hsi ugly mug! Let's find the real Bowser and show him who's boss! And then I can meet princess Peach!)

Guard door 2: Grooaaahhhhh!!! Who would've thought you could make it this far? You won't make it any farther. Becaus, unfortunately for you, I won't let you pass. Graaa ha ha ha ha ha!!! But...... I guess, if you really want, I'll give you one chance. Becasue I know there's no way you'll make it anyway. Want to give it a shot?



(If yes is chosen): Grrooaaa ha ha ha ha ha!! This is completely pointless, but I suppose I'll let you try, because, of course, I have such a kind and generous heart... Just joking worm! Grooahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Now! Mario! Do you want to know what I've got in store for you?



(If no is chosen): OK, smart guy. let's get going!

(If yes is chosen): Now for a little quiz. Several of my followers will come out here. Your job is to keep track of their numbers and colors. Then you'll have to answer my questions correctly. Quite frankly, we both know that this is impossible, but if you get five questions right, I'll let you go through here. You're allowed only two mistakes though. Grooooaaaahh ha ha! Fool that you are, you'll likely make three mistakes and suffer the dire consequences... Let's get going

(Both lead to:)

(The three stone blocks open and several of Bowser's minions come out of the holes and run around for a whle.)

Guard door 2: Time's up!

(They all go back in and the stone blocks close the holes.)

Guard door 2: Now. Tell me.

(Mario has to answer the question it asks)


1 How many Koopas were there?! 3-4-5

2 Which were there three of?! Red Shy Guys-Blue Shy Guys-Green Shy Guys

3 Who came out of the middle entrance?! Blue Shy Guys-Red Shy Guys-Bob-ombs

4 How many Goombas were there?! 2-3-4

5 How many arms did you see just now?! 4-5-6

6 Which were there three of?! Red Shy Guy-Koopa Troopas-Bob-ombs

7 You just saw some Koopas. I ask you this: What color were their shells? Green-Purple-Red

(When Mario gets a right answer):

(A square appears spinning around. Then a circle appears on it and it moves above the stone blocks.)

Guard door: Grrrr....... You're right! That question must have been too easy. Now they'll be harder! Next question!

(When Mario gets the fourth correct answer): Grrrrr...... Right answer! Aaaarghhhhhhh!!!!!!! I can't believe you've gotten four questions right! All right, enough of this! I'm gonna quit messing around and ask you a really hard one! Next questions!!

(When Mario gets the fifth right answer): Grrrraaaaaaaaghhhhhhh!!!! Cor... Correct!!! I can't believe it! You got five of my super duper brain-busters right! Greaaaghhh!!!!! I've been defeated...!! By Mario!!!! Oh, the shame...! (He lets Mario move on.)

(When Mario gets his first wrong asnwer)

(The same square appears but this time, an cross appears on it.)

Guard door 2: Grroooaaa ha ha ha ha!! Bzzzz! Wrong! What an idiot! Durrrr! You'll be hating life if you make three mistakes, Mario! Gaah ha ha ha ha... Let's go to the next questions, shall we?

(When Mario makes another mistake): Bzzzzz! Pinhead! Wrong again, worm!! Something horrible will happen if you make one more mistake! Just one more, Mario! You're hanging by a thread! Gaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Now, the next question!

(When Mario makes three mistakes): Gah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Nope, that's wrong idiot! You made three mistakes! Too bad for you, Mario! As promised, here's your horrible reward! prepare for battle! Anit guy unit! Attack!

(The stone blocks open and three anti guys come out.)

Guard door 2: I'll let you go through if you maange to beat them. But that's impossible. I guess you might as well try... Grooaah ha haha ha ha ha ha!!!

(Mario and friends battle the anti guys, It is a really difficult battle as they have massive attack power and high defense. If Mario defeats them, he can still move on.)

Guard door 2: Oh, but...no! NO!! You beat the anti guys unit?!! My last line of defense! The mighty anti guys didn't stand up...to Mario! Groahhhhhhh!!!! I concede defeat! I've been defeated by Mario!!! Why? Why? Whyyyyy? (He lets Mario leave.)

Bowser's castle

(Mario and friends keep exploring the castle and defeating more of Bowser's minions. They cross a giant outside bridge filled with enemies and arrive at another hall. There, they find stairs that lead to another cell with more guests from the castle. Mario beats the koopatrol guarding it, takes the key and opens the door.)

Bowser's castle-Cell 2

(Goombario's tattle: It's a prison cell within Bowser's castle. A lot of toads are here. It's a bit strange... Why would Bowser ever need this many prison cells? Do you think there are that many prisoners?)

Bumpty: If i'd known this was going to happen, I would have gone home with mayor penguin! I wish I'd wake up in Shiver City and never have to leave again. Sniffle... Sob... I dream of sweet shaved ice treats every single day.

(Goombario's tattle: It's a penguin from Shiver City. I wonder how he scored an invitation to the party? He must know somebody at the castle or something. Or maybe he was just wandering and got lost... I never get lost.)

Blue toad: Oh, Mario, thank you for coming. It's so good to see you. All the prisoners got split up so it's just us four...Are the other ones safe? Please don't say we're the only ones you've saved.... I hope this whole horrible mess will be over soon so we can have a reunion with everybody!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad's been captured. He spends his days worrying about other people. I guess he doesn't realize how many people are worried about him. We have to get him home to the people who miss him. We must!)

Green toad guard: Mario... Good work finding us. Thanks for coming. I can't believe I was captured so easily... How shameful. I bet princess Peach is being held under heavy security. Please! Save her.

(Goombario's tattle: He's a soldier from Peach's castle. He says he's ashamed that he failed. He and the other tried their best, but they were overcome by Bowser's troops. The fiends who follow Bowser must be tough customers...)

Red toad: This is a makeshift toad house. The toad house slogan is "Refresh your body and soul!" I know it's not a great house...but plenty of sleep will heal you, no matter where you happen to be sleeping. Will you take a nap?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If take a nap is chosen): Please get some sleep

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and then he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? Then take care--and go! Good luck, Mario! Bowser will be no match for you!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad's been captured. He's set up a toad house. We should be thankful for his sacrifice.)

Bowser's castle

(They keep exploring the castle. By going to the right, hey find a key that enables them to unlcok the door on the left and move forward. Then, they find series of stairs going up and down and they have to follow them in a pattern shown by the torches in the room. Then, they cross an elevated skyway with more enemies like magikoopas and koopatrols. Then, they find another corridor. At the end is a door and in front of it is princess Peach.)

Peach (If Mario attacks her): Oh, ow! Please don't! How could you?

(If Mario talks to her): Oh, Mario!♥ You came to rescue me! Thank you so much!♥ Oh, me? Oh, I just saw a chance to get away from Bowser and I ran! There's no need to fight him because I'm already safe. See? No need to fight.♥ Let's hurry up and go home. I'll be right behind you.

(Talking to her again): Now there's no time to spare! Let's get out of here!

(Goombario's tattle: It looks like princess Peach, but something just doesn't seem right... I mean, I've never met the princess, but I thought she was more...sweet. Hey Mario, is she really princess Peach?)

(Mario starts heading back and Peach follows him. If Mario pulls ahead too much and then go back, he'll see a duplighost instead of Peach. The duplighost will be scared and run away. Mario returns to the door and finds Peach again.)

Peach: Oh... What? What's wrong, Mario? ...A suspicious guy? I... I didn't see anything. Maybe it was your imagination... Huh? You what? You want to save the people in Peach's castle? Who cares about them?!

(If Mario attacks her): Ouch! Oh, how could you? You're so cruel, Mario! Why do you want to hurt me? I'm going to tell king Bowser you're treating me like this!

(If Mario attacks her again): No!! Stop it! Please, don't!!! Help me, king Bowser!!!!

(If Mario attacks her again): I said, cut it out!!

(She reveals herself to be a duplighost)

Duplighost: Aw, shoot! I wonder how you saw through my disguise... It was perfect...Well, I guess there's nothing I can do about it now... I'll just beat you up instead!

(He battles Mario and friends, but they defeat him and they go in the next door which has another guard door)

Bowser's castle-Guard door 3 room

(Goombario's tattle: This room is one big ego massage for Bowser. I wish we could crush all these statues to dust.)

Guard door 3: Bleeeaaaargh!! How in the world did you get so far in the castle? Congratulations...but this is the end of your adventure I'm afraid. I've got much better defenses than the other guard doors do. Your luck has just ran out! Come on, boys!

(The koopa bros come on screen and give the player thumbs-up.)

Red ninjakoopa: Here come the koopa bros.!!

(They all turn to Mario.)

Red ninjakoopa: I bet you never thought you'd see us again, huh, Mario? You do remember who we are don't you?



(If yes is chosen):Yeah, that's right! We were too cool to forget! A lasting impression, yeah!

(If no is chosen): What???!!! I just said we were the koopa bros. Mario! How can you not remember us?

Guard door 3: Now they're going to beat you within an inch of your life! Feel like running away, worm? Tell you what: If you beat them, you can go through here. Of course, you'll fail...but at least you can try. Geeaarrr har har har......

Red ninjakoopa: Don't think we're like before! We've increased our power beyond our wildest dreams! After you trounced us, we learned a new technique and trained all day, every day. We're not just the koopa bros.... We're the super mighty ultra koopa bros. the great!! Check out our coolness! Huh...?

???: Uaaaaaaaghhhh!!! I found you, Mario!!!!!

(Jr. Troopa comes on screen. He attacks the koopa bros. and easily knocks them all flying. He then turns to Mario.)

Koopa bros. (Off-screen): Dwahhhhhhhhh!!!

Jr. Troopa: At last! You're mine! It was a pain finding you, you know? Today at long last, I'll settle my score with you! (He attacks Mario.)

Battle sequence

(Mario enters battle against Jr. Troopa)

Jr. Troopa: Here it comes, Mario!! This is the final fight!!! Only one of us is walking away from this battle!

(Mario again doesn't have much trouble handling him.)

(After Jr. Troopa loses a lot of HP.)

Jr. Troopa: Darn it!!!!! OK, try this one on for size!! Ultimate power!!!

(He transforms and now has wings and a spike on his head. Mario can't jump on him unless he's wearing the spike shield badge. Most of Mario's partners can still do damage.)

(After Jr. Troopa has lost almost all his health)

Jr. Troopa: Shoooot!!!!!!!!!!! OK, maybe something else... How about this???!!!

(He transforms again and this time he has his magic wand. He uses his magic attacks on Mario and his friends, but he is still defeated for the last time in the game.)

Jr. Troopa: Darn it!! Darn it, darn it! Don't think you've won, Mario! I swear to you, I'm gonna beat you so bad next time!! (He runs away)

Guard door 3: (Off-screen): GOSH!!

(The camera turns to the door.)

Guard door 3: Ummmmmmmmmm........ So, since you beat the guy who beat the koopa bros., does that mean you beat the koopa bros.? No. You beat him, he beat them.... But you didn't actually lay a finger on....... Arrgaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! It's too confusing!! ......OK, fine! I guess there was no big difference between that guy and the kooa bros. You can go through. It's not possible for you to beat king Bowser anyway. I'll let you have the honor of being beaten personally by the evil king Bowser. Lucky you!

(Mario and friends go through and after climbing a few stairs, the go through a door and finally arrive outside Peach's castle.)

Peach's castle-Outside

(Goombario's tattle: This is Peach's castle. But we just came out of Bowser's castle! I've got a funny feeling about this... I wonder where princess Peach is being held captive. I think we shoudl brave ourselves, Mario.)

(Mario and friends explore Peach's castle, but it is seemingly empty. Even the guards seen during the interludes are nowhere to be found.)

Peach's castle-First floor

(Goombario's tattle: This is the first floor hall of princess Peach's castle. There are so many doors, though. Where on earth can princess Peach be?)

Peach's castle-Room at the end of the left staircase

(Goombario's tattle: Boy, what happened here? This is even messier than my room back home! It looks like nobody puts anything away in here.)

Peach's castle-Kitchen

(Goombario's tattle: It's a kitchen. I'm just guessing, but I bet this is where they make the meals. The castle's head chef probably cooks all the meals, don't you think? I wonder what kind of savory dishes he knows how to make. Hey, Mario... Have you ever eaten here?)

Peach's castle-Bedroom

(Goombario's tattle: That's a pretty huge drawer over there. I bet a person could fit inside! If they wanted to, that is... Hey, there's a bed, too! This must be the guest room.)

(The only one Mario finds in Peach's castle is the red toad hidden inside the closet in the bedroom. He comes out after Mario opens the closet.)

Red toad: Nothing in here but clothes! Please don't open... Oh! Huh?! Mario?! ...Oh, sweet!! You came to save me, right? Phew... I was so scared... Thanks for coming! While you're here, would you like to take a quick nap?

(If Mario doesn't have full HP): I'll wake you up if anyome bad comes in, I swear it. Would you like to take a nap?

(If Mario has full HP): Oh... Actually... You look fine. You could take a nap anyway. what do you say?

-Take a nap

-Not now

(If not now is chosen): Good luck! I'll be rooting for you, Mario....from in here.

(If take a nap is chosen): Please enjoy your rest.

(Mario sleeps, his HP recovers and he wakes up.)

Red toad: Did you sleep well? Good luck, Mario!

(Goombario's tattle: This toad was hiding out in that chest. He's gonna open a toad house here. Hey Mario, isn't that a stroke of luck? We'll be able to take a rest.)

Peach's castle-Second floor

(Goombario's tattle: This is the second floor hall of princess Peach's castle. There are so many doors, though. Where on earth can princess Peach be?)

Peach's castle-Library

(Goombario's tattle: Wow! So many books. If we weren't in the middle of such an adventure, I'd love to read some of these.)

Peach's castle-Room with secret passage

(Goombario's tattle: This is just an ordinary room. Do you smell something, though? What a strange odor...)

Peach's castle-Dining room

(Goombario's tattle: It's a dining room. It looks like someone has eaten here recently. Probably not the princess--they're probably starving her! People always say that the meals served here are delectable. I'd love to eat here sometime.)

Peach's castle-Room with treasure chest

(Goombario's tattle: This looks like a storeroom. ...! Hey! Check out that box! Let's see what's in it!)

(If Mario opens the chest)

(A message appears: It's empty.)

Peach's castle-Peach's room

(Goombario's tattle: Wow! This is princess Peach's room, isn't it? It smells great in here! It's such a cheerful room, just like princess Peach. I can't beleive she was locked up in here for so long, all by herself. She must've been so lonely... We've got to rescue her, right now!!)


(Goombario's tattle: This balkony has a great view. I'm betting that this is one of the princess's favorite places.)

Peach's castle-Stair hallway

(Goombario's tattle: It's a covered hallway in princess Peach's castle, Mario. Let's find Bowser and save princess Peach!)

(Mario and friends explore the castle without finding anyone. Eventually, they go up the stairs and reach princess Peach's private chambers.)

Peach's castle-Private chambers

(Goombario's tattle: We have to help princess Peach!! Mario! Hurry up! Let's move)

Peach (Off-screen): Oh, Mario!!! Help!!!

(Peach is shown to be tied to a rope hanging from the ceiling. Then Bowser flies between her and and Mario in his clown car.)

Bowser: Gwaa ha ha ha ha!! If it isn't my old pal, Mario! I've been waiitng for you... I'm amazed that you managed to come this far. How lucky...for me. You've been a distraction for far too, little man! It'd be a pleasure to squash you personally! Again!

Peach: Mario!!!!

(Mario and friends approach. Bowser jumps off his clown car and lands in front of them.)

Bowser: Fool! You can't beat me! I'm inviiiiincible!

(The battle begins.)

Battle sequence

Bowser: Gwaaaah ha ha ha!!! All right, Mario! Let's see your so-called power!

(Mario and friends battle Bowser with all they've got. They can easily do damage to his normal self. After a few turns, Bowser takes out the star rod.)

Bowser: All right, enough of that! Now witness the power of this fully operational star rod!

(Orange star outlines come to the star tip of the rod, making it shine. Then, Bowser turns rainbow with stars appearing around him.)

(Mario uses the star beam. Then, the seven Star Spirits appear. They form a circle above Bowser and attack him with a giant beam of light and stars that completely covers him.

(Mario uses star Bowser doesn't lose any HP, but the beam drains all his star rod power, turning him back to normal.)

Bowser: What the...OW! What in the world was that? (He realises his power is gone) Huh? Goooah? What happened to the power of that stupid star rod?

(The battle goes on. Bowser pwoers up himself two or three more times during the fight, but Mario drains the power every time with the star beam. In teh end, Bowser is defeated.)

Peach's castle-Private chambers

Bowser: Gosh, you're not bad! How'd you get so strong? Still, you're just an annoyance. This was like a warm-up for me. (He goes off screen.)

Peach (Off-screen): No!!!!! Leave me alone!!! Mario, help me!!!

(Bowser comes on-screen again. He is riding his clown car and he's got Peach with him. Before Mario can stop him, he flies out of the broekn window and disappears.)

Bowser (Off-screen): If you want to save princess Peach, you'd better follow me!

Peach's castle-Next room

(Goombario's tattle: Bowser's gone upstairs. C'mon, we have to follow him! Mario, let's roll!!)

(Mario and friends go in the next room and climb two sets of staircases. Then, they go through another door and arrive at an outside bridge.)

Peach's castle-Outside bridge

(Goombario's tattle: We have to save the princess!! Hurry up! Mario! There's no time to waste!)

(As they cross the bridge, they see Bowser in his clown car with Peach. He laughs and flies off. They go through the door at the end of the bridge.)

Peach's castle-Room with rotation stairs

(Goombario's tattle: It's a castle tower. These long, spiral stairs go up and up and around and around. Oog... I feel dizzy.)

(Mario and friends climb the stairs and after going through the final door, at last arrive at the end of the castle.)

Peach's castle-End

(Goombario's tattle: Huh? Where in the world did Bowser just disappear to?)

(There is a cardboard bridge there, connecting the castle with something else off-screen. Mario and friends cross the bridge and arrive at a big floating platform with a smiling face on it.)

Power platform

Bowser (Off-screen): Gwaaa ha ha ha ha!! Welcome to your nightmare!

(The camera shows Bowser with the tied up princess Peach and Kammy Koopa on her flying broom. There's also a big green switch.)

Bowser: You should thank me, Mario. Since you've been my rival for so long, I've arranged a special arena for your defeat! (He jumps on the green switch. The cardboard bridge then gets destroyed, trapping Mario and friends there.) Gwaa ha ha!!! Like it? You're completely trapped! How does it feel?

Peach: Mario, be careful!!!

Kammy Koopa: Bleah nyeah heh hee hah heh!! You fell right into our trap and you call yourself a hero?! Did you think we were foolish enough to just sit back and watch as you saved the Star Spirits? I've put together a little surprise for you...a devoce that increases Bowser's power! King Bowser will be so powerful than not even the pwoer of teh Star Spirits can compare! He'll now truly be invincible...thanks to my wisdom! Are you ready, my king? Then power up!!

(He charges up the platform with her magic wand. Its eyes shine and its metallic, spiky parts start rotation while purple lightning strikes them. Some if this lightning strikes Bowser, making him bigger and more powerful. He is surrounded by a blue aura of energy.)

Bowser: Uuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Yes!!! Oh, Kammy Koopa! That was icbredible! I feel like I'm exploding with power! Now I'll be able to sqaush this cheeky plumber! (He approaches Mario and friends.) Hey, you! Mario! it's not going to be like before you mustached loser! Prepare to be beaten!!

Battle sequence

(Mario and friends enter the second phase of the final battle. Bowser is strogner and has more pwoerful attacks, but Mario and firnds can still damage him. After a few turns.)

Bowser: Gwuuh huh huh huh! Time to increase my power with my good old star rod!

(Orange star outlines come to the star tip of the rod, making it shine. Then, Bowser turns rainbow with stars appearing around him.)

(Mario uses the star beam again. The Star Spirits form a circle above Bowser and attack him with their beam of light and stars. However, it doesn't cover him completely like before. Suddenly, Bowser Blocks off the beam and sends all the Star Spirits flying. He is still powered-up by the star rod.)

Bowser: Gwaaah ha ha ha!! You idiot!! That weak attack doesn't affect me anymore!

Goombario (If he's out): Oh, we're hurting, Mario! The Star Beam doesn't work!

Kooper (If he's out): Oh no, Mario! The Star Beam isn't working!

Bombette (If she's out): What's the matter? Why won't the Star Beam work?

Parakarry (If he's out): Uh-oh, this is a problem! The Star Beam's ineffective!

Bow (If she's out): Well, don't just stand there staring at the sky, Mario! The Star Beam doesn't work! Think of something!

Watt (If she's out): Oh no!! We're in trouble! The Star Beam doesn't work? Oh, that bad monster is gonna beat us up now for sure...

Sushie (If she' out): Oh, this is no good! The Star Beam doesn't work! What'll we do, Mario!?

Lakilester (If he's out): Oh man, just what we need!! The Star Beam's broken! What're we gonna do, man?

Power platform

(While Bowser has cornered and outmached Mario and friends, the tied up Peach is being wathced over by Kammy Koopa.)

Peach: Oh no! Brave Mario! What can I do...? The way things are going, Bowser will surely defeat him... Somebody... Please... Help Mario...

Kammy Koopa: Why do you have to constantly run your mouth? Keep quiet!

(Suddenly, Twink appears and attacks Kammy Koopa, knocking her out and off her flying broom.)

Twink: Oh, princess Peach, are you all right? I'll get you out of these ropes! (He starts untying princess Peach.)

Peach: Twink!! I'm so glad you're OK!

(Twink unties her. Kammy Koopa regains consciousness and gets back on her flying broom.)

Kammy Koopa: You insolent little star kid! How dare you!!

Battle sequence

(Peach and Twink enter battle against Kammy Koopa)

Kammy Koopa: You little whippersnapper... You're too young to fight me!

Twink: I... I... I'm not afraid of you!!

Peach: Oh, be careful, Twink!

(The only attack Twink can do is dash. However, it doesn't do any damage.)

Kammy Koopa: Nyeah heh hoo hah... Did I just feel a breeze? Was that really your attack?

(The only thing Peach can do is focus.)

Peach: Oh, Twink......

(She focuses on Twink and gives him more power. Kammy Koopa attacks Twink with a big yellow block and does 3 damage. Twink then attacks and deals 1 damage.)

Kammy Koopa: Ow! Why, you little... So you can fight a little...

(Peach focuses on Twink again. Kammy Koopa does 2 damage and Twink also does 2.)

Kammy Koopa: Yeeow! What's going on?! Why does it seem like this star kid's getting stronger?!

(Peach focuses on Twink again. Kammy Koopa does 1 damage and Twink does 3. After Peahc focuses again, Kammy Koopa does no damage.)

Kammy Koopa: It... It can't be.... my attacks don't work... Oh.... Oh no!!! Now I remember... The stars get all their power from ordinary people's wishes... Peach's wishes are giving this little star kid power!

(Twink attacks again, dealing 4 damage and knocking Kammy Koopa off her broom.)

Kammy Koopa: Ooooohhh... King Bowser... I have failed you...

Power platform

(Peach and Twink are near the unconscious Kammy Koopa.)

Peach: Oh, yes! We did it, Twink! Now we must save Mario! But... What can I do...?

Twink: I know! Princess Peach! Make a wish! Just like you did for me! Make a wish to give more power to the Star Spirits! Think of the Mushroom Kingdom, Star Heaven, Mario... Make a wish to the stars thinking of all those things! If your wish is strong enough, it will reach the Star Spirits and give them strength!

Peach: OK, Twink.. I'l try!

Twink: I'll go help Mario!

(Twink leaves while Peach focuses on making the strongest wish. Meanwhile, Mario and party are still cornered by Bowser.)

Bowser: Gwaah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! What's the matter Mario?! Feelings a bit under the weather? You ought to work out more!

(Twink hits him on the back of his head. It doesn't do any damage any damage, but Bowser is confused and starts looking around for the one who hit him. Eldstar appears, powered up by Peach's wish.)

Eldstar: Oh my!!! I feel power flooding into me!

(The other six Star Spirits appear, also powered up. Twink approaches them.)

Twink: Honorable Star Spirits, I'll do what I can to help!

Eldstar: Twink?! What a surprise!! I feel... The wishes of princess Peach and all of the Mushroom KIngdom are giving us power! Perhaps now we can match Bowser's strength! Now! Mario! Don't give up! Everyoen's behind you! Receive our power and do your very best! Power up the star beam!!

(They transfer Mario more power.)

(A message appears: "Star beam has been upgraded! It's now Peach beam! Mario can now use Peach beam!")

(Bowser turns to everyone else, still confused.)

Bowser: Wha... What's going on...?

(The battle resumes.)

Battle sequence

Bowsera: Mario! Are you still standing? You should just give up! You'll never beat me!

(Mario uses Peach beam. The Star Spirits appear in a circle along with Twink. They attack Bowser with the same beam as before and successfullly drain his star rod power.)

Bowser: Gwaaa-huh???! You've gotta be kidding me! My star rod's power's gone!

(Mario and friends Battle Bowser with everything they got. He uses his claw and fire attacks. He also powers himself up wuth the star rod, as well as using it to attack Mairo and friends and reprlenish his health.)

(Dyring the fight.)

Bowser: This battle's not over yet!

(He attacks Mario with the star rod.)

(After a long of tiring battle, during which Mario drains the sta rod's power with Peach beam two or three times, Bowser is defeated. He loses the strength he was given by the poςer platform, reverts to his normal size and falls on the floor.)

Bowser: Ohhhhhhh, NOOO!!!! Mario defeated me...again...he always defeats me... This time I became invincible! And I STILL couldn't beat him! Darn it!!!!!

Power platform

(The unconscious Bowser drops the star rod and Mario grabs it. It shines in Mario's hands while a victorious music plays.)

(A message appears: "You took back the star rod!")

(Mario gives the player a thumbs-up while his partner is celebrating.)

Peach (Off-screen): Oh, Mario!♥

(She comes on-screen with Twink.)

Peach: Mario.. I knew you would save me. Thank you, Mario!♥

(Suddenly, the platform starts shaking and vibrating due to small explosions all over it. This causes everyone to panic, including Bowser who immidiately wakes up because of this.)

Bowser: Whuh? Huh? I'm awake! Huh? What's going on?! This isn't part of my plan.

(While the explosions increase and everyone is scared, Bowser approaches Kammy Koopa who's conscious and on her flying broom.)

Bowser: Yo! Kammy Koopa! What's with all the shaking?

Kammy Koopa: Uh, your kingship, the battle with Mario was so intense that my device for increasing your power seems to have started malfuntioning. Uh...it's entirely screwed up, and its power appears to be heading back into your castle. I hate to tell you this, but both your castle and this spot right here are about to explode. We must flee, my evil king! We have no choice!!

(Another explosion happens, very near the two villains.)

Bowser: What...? Are you... Realy...? That's...a big problem. Let's get outta here right... Huh?...

(Both of them are hit by an explosion.)

Bowser: Aaahhh!!!!

(Bowser and Kammy Koopa are sent flying far away by the explosion. Meanwhile, Bowser's castle starts exploding in multible parts and eventually gets destroyed by a massive explosion. However, isntead of being destroyed, Peach's castle stays hoveirng in the sky, completely intact. This is due to the power of the Star Spirits who have also formed a circle around Mario, his partners and Peach, protecting them. They take them in front of the entrance to Peach's castle. There, Mario gives Eldstar the star rod.)

Eldstar: Oh, Mario! Thank you! You did it! You brought back our precious star rod! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wewill use ut to bring peace back to this world.

Mamar: Now we'll be able to grant everyone wishes again!♥ All of this is thanks to you, Mario!♥

Skolar: When you look a the night sky, you'll know that the glittering stars are praising you for your courage. Look upon their bright light and remember our thanks!

Muskular: You really took it to Bowser, Mario! Really shoked it to him! What impressive strength! I knew you could do it!

Misstar: Mario... Don't think we don't know how hard you worked for all of us. It msut have been diffiicult. We won't forget yoru efforts.

Klevar: I hope Bowser learned something from all this. Maybe he'll behave himself now... Although I'd say the chances of that are pretty slim. Tsk tsk... Ah wel...

Kalmar: No words can express completely how thankful we are for all that you've done. Hope has retuned, both to Star Heaven and to all of the Mushroom Kingdom. We're in your debt.

Eldstar: And Twink, may I say... you really rose to the occasion! You've proven yourself to be a grown-up star!

Twink: Tee hee hee... Aw, go on...

Eldstar: Well... I think it's time we returned to Star Heaven. All of the stars are waiting for us there, no doubt. It's time to say good-bye for now, Mario! May the stars forever shine brightly upon you!

(All the Star Spirits fly off one by one. Twink stays behind.)

Twink: Mario, I'd like to thank you, too. And princess Peach... It was an honor to help you in your time of need. I hope...maybe...to see you again sometime... For now I'm going to become a respectable star and make people wishes come true!

Peach: Thank you so much for helping me, Twink. You've always been a stellar friend to me!

Twink: Princess Peach... I... I... Well, no, never mind! I have to go, too! Thank you very much, Mario. I'll always remember you princess Peach! (He flies off.)

(A zoomed out view of the castle is shown. The Star Sprits are seen flying away. Twink come out last. He stops for a second, looks at the castle and flies away too. Meanwhile, the castle slowly starts descending and goes in the clouds. The game transitions to Mario's house a few days later. Mario and Luigi are sititng in the dining room.)

Mario's house

Luigi: ... Ohhh. So that's it, huh? That's how you took the star rod back from Bowser. It seems like another wild adventure's in the books, bro. The castle back in its normal place and everyone's returned home safely.... You came through in the end, just like you always do! ...I know you've been back for days now, but I'll bet you still kind of feel like you're on an adventure. Don't you? That reminds me... The pals who traveled with you.... I wonder where they're up to now...

(Goombario is shown to have returmed in Goomba village. He is outside, playing with Goombaria. He is running around, while Goombaria is chasing him.)

???: Goombario!

(They both stop running and look to the one who said this. Parakarry comes on-screen.)

Goombario: Hey, Parakarry, what's up? I thought you were back at work delivering letters.

Parakarry: Ha ha ha! I sure am! Ths isn't a social call! I dropped by to bring a letter to you, Goombario! It's from princess Peach. (He gives Goombario a letter.)

Goombario: Huh? From princess Peach?! Whoa! What's she writing to me for?

Parakarry: Read it and find out! I've got to deliver more letters! (He flies off.)

Goombario: Thanks, Parakarry! See ya! Keep working hard, buddy! Take care!

(He opens the envelope and starts reading the letter. Goombaria tries to read, too.)

Goombaria: Hey, Goombario! What did princess Peach write in her letter? Lemme see!

Goombario: Hang on, Goombaria... Jeepers! This is an invitation to a party! At the castle! It says the princess is having a party and I'm invited to go have fun! Whoa! Whoa! WHOOAAAAA!

(Parakarry is then shown to be in Koopa Village and he's talking with Bombette who lives there now, probably haivng given her an invitation to the party. Kolorado's wife approaches him and tells him something.)

(In Boo's mansion, Bootler gives Lady Bow another invitation. Bow reads it and laughs while waving her fan, excitied about going to the party.)

(Watt is shown to be in Shy guy's toy box, hanging out with some shy guys she apparently befriended. Parakrry appears and talks to her.)

(Sushie is in Jade Jungle, reading another invitation while the yellow and the red yoshi kids are sleeping under a tree nearby. The green and the purple yoshi kids run by really fat, prompting Syshie ot shout at them. The blue yoshi kid comes behind her and starts laughing and jumping.)

(In Flower Fields, Parakarry is talking to Lakilester and his girfriend, Lakilulu who are also invited to the party. He flies off, leaving the couple to prepare for the party.)

(Finally, in Shiver City, Kolorado, his two assistants and Kooper are preparing for an expedition, meaning Kooper's dream to have an adventure with Kolorado finally came true.)

Kolorado: Now then, gentlemen... It's time to scale the frosty heights to the Crystal Palace! Kooper, old boy, you're in charge of guiding us. Your prior expedition si terribly important to the success of your expedition!

Kooper: Yeah! Leave it to me! I know the palce front to back!

Parakarry: Kooper!

(Parakarry comes on-screen.)

Kooper: Huh? Parakarry? What brings you here? Phew! ...I finally made it. I have a letter for you from princess Peach. (He gives him the letter. Kooper opens and reads it.)

Kooper: Oh! Oh, wow! This is an invitation to a huge party at princess Peach's castle! It's directly from the princess herself! It's got her signature on it and everything! Cool! Oh, there's no way I can miss a bash this big! But...but I can't just turn my back on this expedition after I promised prof. Kolorado... I should stay here and...

Kolorado: Oh, Poppycock! Balderdash! Don't be daft, dear boy! Turning down such an invitation would be terribly impolite. This is a golden opportunity! Go to the party this instant! Don't spare me another thought! It would ruin the party if the hero of Koopa Village... nay, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom wasn't even there!

Kooper: Huh... I knew you'd say that prof. Kolorado! You're so kind and generous! I'lll do it! I hope you guys will be all right without me! I'm gonna party! (He runs off really happy.)

Parakarry: Oh, Kolorado, I have a message for you as well...., Don't bother coming back home, you wandering buffoon!!! What a no-good husband! ...That... was a message from your wife. Kolorado... You set out on this expedition without telling your wife again, didn't you? Boy, she was sooo furious.

Kolorado: Oh good gracious... Pa puh puh puh... Parakarry! Why in the world didn't you tell me this first! This is a crisis, old boy! I must away back home with all due speed!

(He runs away, followed by Parakarry. Kolorado's assistants look around confused and then also start making their way back home.)

(Mario and Luigi are still in their dining room. Suddenly, they hear a noise from outside.)

Luigi: Huh? Did you hear something outside?I think I did. I'll go take a good look.

(He goes to check and comes back with a letter.)

Luigi: Hey, bro, guess what? Parakarry stooped by to drop off a party invitation from princess Peach. He said that he's also invited to the party, so he took off and said he'd see us at the castle when we arrived. Now, we'd better go, too!

(Mario and Luigi leave the house and go through the pipe and arrive in Toad Town.)

Toad Town-Central part

Luigi: OK... Listen, Mario. I'm just gonna run ahead. There's something important that I have to do. What is it? Sorry, bro... It's top secret! (He leaves.)

Red toad near the gate: I love it when Toad Town is full of party-goers! I'm going to talk to as many of them as I can!

(If Mario atremps to leave from the gate.)

Red toad near the gate: Mario, where are you going? I'm sure that princess Peach is waiting for you in the castle!

Light green toad walking around: Big news, everyone, huge news! Mario, who defeated the vile Bowser, has just arrived! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!! Let's hear it for Mario!

Nearby house

Toad dad: Well, back to work, I guess... I'm not all that excited to get back to the grind, but it somehow a relief. After all, having a routine is probably for the best. At least for me it is...

Toad mom: I'm so happy that princess Peach's castle is back, but... my darling must return to work. It's going to be lonely around here...

Toad kid 1: Hey, dad! You have to go back to work starting tommorow? Aw, lame! Now we won't be able to play together every day! What a bummer...

Toad kid 2: Next time something happens to princess Peach, I'm gonna be the one to protect her! I'm gonna be a guard in the castle and I'm gonna punch the bad guys in the nose and I'm gonna tell them to GET OUT! I'm gonna do it all by myself!!

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the pond: Peach's castle has come back at last, and peace has been restored to Toad Town. Now we can spend our days together without fear!♥

PInk female toad: Oh, I'm so happy!♥ But I work at the castle...so I must return there. Such is the sweet sadness of love, my darling!♥

Gooma: I just arrived at Toad Town. What a long walk! I've been taking a little rest. Goompa must be feeling spry! He went ahead with the grandkids already!

Goomama: Oh, hello, Mario! I've never been to a party at a castle before! I'm petrified! It's really... Oh, dear! I'm so nervous! Do I look OK?

Goompapa: The kids went ahead with their dear old Goompa. Goombaria's jumping for joy! Dear, dear... Ha ha ha! Kids are bundles of energy, aren't they?

Red toad near the shop: The castle has come back! Everything's back to normal, thanks to you, Mario! Look at this place! Toad Town is hopping 'cause so many people are here to celebrate!


Shp worker 1: Oh! Hey, Mario! Taking your time on the way to the party, huh? Don't dally too long! It's going to be quite an exciting day! I can hardly wait!!

Shop worker 2: Oh! Sorry, Mario! The shop's closed today. Nobody would buy anything on a day like this anyway. The shopkeepers want to hang out and enjoy the festival, too, you know!

Toad Town-West area

Blue toad near the dojo: I wish we toads could have done more than just wish for you. But we followed your progress the whole way. Your efforts really gave us hope. All of Toad Town thanks you! It must have been gruelling...

Chuck Quizmo: Kaaaawiiiiiizzz!!! It's your old pal, Chuck Quizmo! How'd you like to take part in the quiz game? Nah... just kidding! Let's just enjoy the party!!!

Vanna T.:

Kris T.: Oh! I an just SO relieved that princess Peach and everybody else came back safe and sound! Really! Oh, and those three young maids who work at the castle...the one who went traveling? Well, they're totally back, too!

Miss T.: Yeah, I heard that, too! They had to go right back to work this morning. They've been working all day setting up for the party!

Felissa T.: It's really great that things worked out OK for everybody! And those three maids brought back lots of souvenirs for me to look at, so I, Felissa T., am so happy!!


The master: Oh! Mario, isn't it? Cough hack cough... You did a brilliant job of defeating Bowser. The whole town is celebrating your masterful battle... But even glad news shouldn't be cause for missing training! Lee and Chan want to take a day off from their training and go to the party... Truly an outrageous notion!! ...But still... Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. Well, a LITTLE fun can't hurt... cough cough cough...

Chan: Let's go to the party! I've heard there'll be a parade! Let's find a good spot to see the princess from!

Lee: Yes, today we shall forget about training and celebrate! Yahoo!!!

Toad Town-Centeal area

Green toad: Princess Peach has come back safely. Oh joy. I'm so happy. I'm ecstatic.

Red toad near Merlon's house: You made it, Mario! You're truly our hero!!

Green dryite 1: I've never seen a house with a spinning roof before. Wow... This toad Town is a pretty amazing place, huh?

Green dryite 2: Oh, Mario?! Wow! Hello! I'm so pleased to meet you! Now when I get back to Dry Dry Outpost I can brag to my friends that I met you!

Koopa Koot: Who's that? Is it Mario? Why it's me, Koopa Koot. By the way, where's the castle? I haven't been there for a while, and I'm having the darnedest moment even finding the front door!

Rowf: Hey, bud, long time no see! I made some serious dough here selling badges, so I'm gonna clear out and head for a different town. I'm kinda itching to get on the road right now, but... This festival's a big deal... and my kid really wants to check it out. So I guess we'll stay for a while longer.

Rhuff: It's a festival! Yeah!! A festival! What fun!! Wheeeee!!

Red toad near the badge shop: I hope you got your rest, Mario. There's no time to sleep today! After all, it's a celebration. It's time to party into the wee hours of the morning with all our friends! Yeeeeeah!

(If Mario attempts to leave the area from the path to the South.)

Red toad near the badge shop: Mario, where are you going? Princess Peach is waiting for you up at the castle.

Minh T.: I'm making a bouquet for princess Peach. It seems as though extra-beautiful flowers have bloomed just for this special day.

Bub-ulb: On behalf of all of Flower Fields, I came here to say thank you. This is all thanks to you, Mario. Thank you, Mario! Thank you so very much!

Simon: Hey! Pop diva's nerves are shot. Stage fright is what she's got. Will she sing well or not? Why the worry? Why the frown? Everyone's happy! Party down!

Toad in the desert: Oh, I'm feeling goooood!♪ I never realized that this Toad Town was such a hip, happening place! Sing! Dance!! Party!!! Life is so beautiful!♪

Chanterelle: Tra la la la♪ Mi mi mi miiiii♪ Oh, I'm so very nervous! What If I don't sing well enough for the princess?

Blue toad: I've been watching Mihn T.'s flower garden, you know. Everyday, it gets more and more happy and beautiful. And now that the castle's back, MInh T. looks happy as well. Just looking at Mihn T. makes me feel so...happy!

Light green toad near Pleasant path: Bowser'll be better behaved now, won't he, Mario? I hope so, because I'd just lose it if something terrible happened again.

(If Mario attempts to leave the area from Pleasant path.)

Light green toad near Pleasant path: Mario, where are you going? I'm sure the princess is waiting for you up at the castle.

Red toad near the toad house: Good afternoon, Mario. Toad house is closed for today. We deserve a day off to celebrate, don't we?

Koopa troopa: Well, Mario, I hear you defeated Bowser at last. It must have quite an adventure for you. Sounds tiring to me...

Bruce: Bombette!! Oh, Bombette! Where have you been Bombette? I followed you, but in vain!! What a coldhearted, cruel girl you are... You left me behind...! How could you?!

Kolorado: Greetings, old boy! Here for the festivites at the castle, eh?I can't say I'm terribly excited about it myself. My heart yearns to go to the crystal palace! Yearns, I say! So many mysteries await me and my dizzying intellect... Oh, the pain of it all... You understand my yearning, don't you old boy?

Kolorado's wife: I swear Kolorado, you're the living end! You're always darting here and there instead of settling down... Mario, would you believe I had to sent Parakarry to get him? I'm at the end of my rope! Please talk some sense into him!

Light green toad near the entrance to Peach's castle: Princess Peach has returned. Oh I'm so happy... I feared she was lost forever!

(If Mario tries to enter Merlon's house):

(A message appears: Merlon isn't here now! Go away!)

Post office

Postmaster: Yes, hello. I'm awfully sorry, but the post office will be closed for the festivities. Oh is that you, Mario? I haven't thanked you for looking our for Parakarry. What I don't understand... is how such an addle-brained character could make himself useful on your adventure...

Peach's castle-Outside

Bumpy near the entrance to the area: I've heard all about... the story of your adventure! It's a spectacular story full of romance, courage and thrills! Herringway said he definitely wants to write your story. He even came up with a title... What was it again? Let's see... Well... "Paper Mario"!! What do you think??!!

Little green yoshi: Oh, it's Mario! Hello again! You've gotta come back to visit Lavalava island again! Everybody's been wanting to see you, Mario! I guess maybe everyone on Lavalava island oughtta come over here, huh? There's a lot of crazy stuff around here! We could sure have some fun exploring!

Bumpty near the fountain: Being locked in that prison cell just seems like a bad dream to me now. Everything worked out fine! It's so great!! Thank you, Mario! Now all I want to do is sit down and eat shaved ice treats all day and night...until I'm completely stuffed!!

Green yoshi: Wow.. everything on this shore is so new to me. I wish the other guys could have come along, as well.

Yoshi leader: Oh! It's Mario. I thank you again for everything you did for your village. Hmmm? You wonder how I got here? I befriended a strange whale. It ferried me over here. Next time, I'd like to bring the whole village with me!

Mayor Penguin: It looks like today's party'll be even better than the last one! Lots of singing and dancing isntead of an earthquake...

Mayot Penguin's wife: Oh, Mario! How are you? Still dangerous? Ho ho ho ho ho....aaaanyway.

White boo: I came here so I could see Lady Bow dressed up in all her finery. I know princes Peach is beautiful, but.... Lady Bow is even prettier!

Yellow boo: After this splendid party, we're going to have a wedding ceremony at Gusty Gulch. it's going the most boo-tiful wedding ever! We'll scare everybody!

Light green toad guard: Welcome, Mario. Thank you for waiting, everybody! Please proceed to the castle.

(If Mario attemps to leave from the path to shooting star summit)

Light green toad guard: Where are you going, Mario? Princess Peach awaits for you at the castle.

Blue toad: Oh, Mario! Our wishes were granted! The castle has come back and things are as they were before! I'm so glad that the princess and all the other people who got kidnapped are safe! What a miracle! You know, this is all thanks to you, Mario. How can we ever thank you... We're all in your debt.

Moustafa: If it isn't the nice guy! You made it after all, yes? I, Moustafa, knew all along that you would defeat the evil Bowser. yes, I did. But you know what? You are an even greater hero than I imagined.

Purple nomadimouse: Hi! I've come here as an attendant to Mr. Moustafa. The rumors fo your great achievements have spread even to Dry Dry Outpost. You're truly amazing. Well done!

Red toad guard: Wel... Wel... Welco... Welcome to Peach's castle! To... to... to... Today we have so many special guests, so I'm very nervous... My heart's pounding... Thump thump thump thump....

Peach's castle-First floor

(Mario enters the castle and sees all the other guests, including his partners. The minster approaches him.)

Minister: Mario, welcome to the castle. Princess Peach should be here very shortly.

Red toad guard: And now... Princess Peach!

(The doors to the second floor open aνd princess Peach comes out.)

Peach: Greetings to all of you! I'm so glad that everyone could be here on this special day. The star rod stolen by Bowser has been returend to its rightful place in Star Haven. Peace has once returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. Above us, the stars shine with more beauty and power that ever before. It seems that they're sending us their thanks. (The camera shows Mario with most of the other guests in the background.) Mario... (The camera shows Goombario, Kooper Bombette, Parakarry, Goompa, a blue toad, a red toad guard, a bumpty, a pink female toad and a green female toad.) Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry... (The camera shows Bow, Watt, Sushie, Lakilester, Boolter, Frost T., an orange female toad, a bumpty, a ninji and a light green toad guard.) Bow, Watt, Sushie, Lakilester, (The camera shows Merlon, Merlle, Merluvlee, Merlee, Merlow, Tauce T., Russ T., a blue yoshi, a dryite and a green toad.) and everybody across the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom, we've regained peace because of all your efforts. (The camera goes back to Peach) Thank you very much, indeed. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I hope that the Mushroom Kingdom will enjoy peace and prosperity for a long time to come. Perhaps forever! This is my heartfelt wish. (She closes her eyes and makes her wish.) So, let's celebrate! Enjoy the festivities, everyone!

(The camare zooms out, showing all the guests in the castle before fading to white and then to black. It then turns to an empty road. Luigi comes on screen, dressed like a parade grand Marshal. He starts leading the parade while waving his stick. He's followed by tw red toads playing trumpets, two blue toads playing drums and two green toads holding flags. Afterwards, the star ship appears, carrying all of Mario's partners. Goombario is relaxing on the ship, Kooper is waving to someone to the right, Bombette is also relaxing and waving her head to someone, Parakarry is hovering over it, throwing confetti rom a bag, Bow is flying after the ship while laughing and waving her fan, Watt is flying next to it, smiling, Sushie is jumping around in the ship and Lakilester is flying in front of it with his cloud, waving left and right. Three orange female toads walk by, juggling with little stick, followed by Chuck Quizmo, who's throwing fireworks from his head, and Vanna T., who claps her hands and smiles after Chuck Quizmo throws the fireworks. The Koopa bros. come by on a float made by the remains of Bowser???. Fourt blac bob-ombs blow them up and take their place, giving the player thumbs-up. A lake goes by with the whale in it. Kolorado and his wife are on it and it lifts them in the air by spraying water from it's blowhole upon which they start waving at the camera. Moustafa with two nomadimouse come on-screen and talk with Rowf and Rhuff who are leaving with backpacks. They talk a bit and then go their seperate ways. Meanwhile, Tutankoopa comes on screen, still chased by the chain chomp. He able to trick it by sititng sideways and walks off-screen. Buzzar and his mountain pass by. He flies off while the eggs in his nest hatch, revealing three babies. He starts flying around the mntain, really happy about having babies. Tutankoopa comes back on screen, chased by three chomps and runs away, still chased by them. Meanwhile, Bootler comes on screen, followed by Tubba Blubba body which appears to be floating, but is in fact being carried by three boos. Tubba heart appears, really angry and starts chasing the boos to get his body. The boos laught at him and fly away with the body. A tree comes by with the Goobma king stuck at it and the red and blue Goomba bros. circling around it in a panic. The Goomba king falls down, shaking the ground. He immidiately gets up and walks away ith the Goomba bros. Lavalavs island comes with the yoshis on it and the lava piranha and Raphael the Raven--hardly smaller than the volcano--alternately peeking around the corner of the volcano. The green yoshi kid jumps off the island, followed by the other four yoshi kids, as Huff N. Puff and two tuff tuffs appear, followed by Gourmet Guy. The yoshi kids stare at Huff N. Puff and then at each other and have an idea. They attack them with their tongues, partially devouring Huff N. Puff and his tuff puffs, causing them to shrink, and causing Gourmet Guy to get scared. After doing that, they leave. Gourmet Guy pulls out a knife and fork and chases Huff N. Puff, trying to eat him. Crystal King appears, but another Crystal King who comes on-screen reveals him as a Duplighost, only to be revealed as another Duplighost by the real Crystal King, who is really mad at both of them, but before he can do anything, he gets carried away by his Crystal Bits. Jr. Troopa and Kammy Koopa fight using magic. some Hammer Bros. juggling with their hammers and Koopatrols holding red flags go by. Bowser is in his Koopa Clown Car and is not happy. Suddenly, he is caught in the crossfire of Jr. Troopa and Kammy Koopa's battle. The hammer bros. and the koopatrols run away scared. As Kammy Koopa and Jr. Troopa go offscreen, Bowser follows them and attacks them, burning them both as they come flying back onscreen. It is now nighttime. The seven Star Spirits appear on their own vehicle, consisting of three moving firs, and ride on it. Mayor Penguin and his wife go by, accompanied by two bumpties who are ice-skating. Next comes a moving stage, on which Simon the master poet is conducting an orchestra, consisting of three toads playing violins. Then, Pop diva appears on the stage and starts singing with her beautiful voice. Two Amazy Dayzees walks by, shining, followed by a float with the Ancients - Merlon, Merlee, Merluvlee, Merlow, Merle, and Madam Merlar-as well as Wise Wisterwood, with the Sun passing by and two bub-ulbs with pink flowers following. The Shy Guy with the marshalling wands appears and marshals another float. The float opens up and reveals a stage with General Guy, four Groove Guys, and two Shy Guys from the Shy Squad dancing. Twelve more Shy Guys follow, and next, the thirteenth Shy Guy, the straggler, who trips and falls, but then gets up and follows his friends. Afterwards, the red toads with the trumpets, the blue ones with the drums, and the green ones with the flags walk by again, but now with their spots flashing, and finishing up, a float with Mario and Princess Peach on it, who are waving to the unseen crowd. Twink briefly stops flying above them. They greet him and he leaves. Mario and Peach look at each other, get off the float and walk off as it leaves, followed by three orange female toads juggling with sticks and two green toads holding flags, all with their spots fashing. The couple walks to Mario's house where they sit and watch the fireworks. A large "The End" appears and zooms to the bottom, and the fireworks continue until the player resets the system.)


CREDITS (Warning: Non-canon content. This is an imaginary cast that would play the roles if this were a movie.)

(Note 1: The minor characetrs characters are sorted out according to the area they are during the course of the game.)

(Note 2: The unnamed characters of the game have been given names for teh skae of the credits.)

Main characters

Charles Martinet as Mario Mario (also known as super Mario): The hero and sworn protector of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is depicted with superhuman strength and Stamina as he's able to defeat every and all foes he encounters. He can also survive things like falling from a great height, getting burned and being crushed by heavy objects. He also doesn't appear to be affected by extreme heat or cold. He wears a red shirt, blue overalls, and a red cap with the letter "M". He is usually seen carrying a hammer. In this game, his mission is to save the seven star spirits from Bowser's minions. To do this, he enlists the help of people he meets alogn the way.

Charles Martinet as Luigi Mario: Marioi's younger brother. He has spent his entire life in his brother's shadow and yearns to have fame, recognision and adoring fans, like his brother. His biggest wish is to have an adventure. He is as strong as his brother, but he's a better jumper. He's slightly higher than his brother and wears a green cap with the letter "L", a green shirt and blue overalls. He's left behind again when his brother goes to save the Star Spirits and he's sad. He secretly builds a room where he writes in his secret diary. His wishes are to play the lead in an adventure with his name on the title and to sleep on the top bunk bed.

Samatha Kelly as princess Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's love interest. She has a heart of gold and always thinks of her people first as she wants the best for all o