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Pacific Rim
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My generation, born in a state of war. Giant monsters attack our world. We call it Kaiju. They enter through a hole, a bridge to another dimension. At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Sent by another race from another world. Precursor. To fight it we make our own monster … Jaeger. The giant robot, so big that it takes two pilots to control it. My father is one of them. He sacrificed himself, to save the others. I … I’m not my father. It’s been 10 years since we won the war. And close the hole. Most of this world has been rebuilt. But some cities can not do it. And the world is still picking up the pieces. Some of us live better on broken boats. And living in a half-lived mansion, much better than a bad apartment. And to live here you have to be creative. You have to cheat others to get breakfast. And a new pastry. And for the fraud, you know how to do it? You create a different value on the stuff. The Pacific Defense Corps usually look the other way. So long as you do not break the law. For example … Jaeger Metal Disposal Commission. Santa Monica, California Big risk means, great results. And no one gets more money than taking Jaeger technology. Some crazy people try to to build their own Jaeger. But they need us to make it. So … if you can steal in place that no one else can steal … You can live like a king. Are you sure the item is here? Dad, redistribute everything here when dismissed … Sometimes they are incorrect sending Plasma Capacitors. And the price is very expensive if you can pick it up. You better hope so. Okay. Take it easy, do not be too eager. I’m here just looking at the possibilities. And I do not want any to spoil it, and steal from me. In my own backyard. Now I see you actually. Circle of life. Are we okay? If you manage to get it, yes. Good. Let’s get rich. Good. Plasma Capacitor does not exist. Where is it? Hey, Mack, there’s a bit of a problem. Here it says it should be there. But you know what, let me finish this. Somebody please kill this guy for me. Complete target. No, no. Calm down. You guys, wait, wait … It’s upstairs, we can find it, come on. - Come on. - Jake! - Jake. - Hey, wait! Capture him! Come on, fast, fast! Slowly. Capture him! Come on, hey! Let’s go down there! Hurry up. Jake. Good effort. Yes. Jake. We’re fine. - (WARNING DO NOT STAND IN THE DOOR) - Hey, do not run. Goal … Hey! Return here! Goals stopped. The Kaiju war is over! Shao Company Takes Technology Transfer How old are you? Enough ages to beat you. Wait a minute, backwards, backwards. You made this Jaeger alone? What do you think? I think I can sell it for a very high price. Scrapper is not a toy. And he is not for sale. The person holding the pipe says he can be sold. So listen … You brought them here? That’s not possible. Hey! Oh, whatever! Come on. This works! Okay. Wow, wow … Hey, get out! What are you doing? No, no, no. - Quick. - Stop. Do not do that. Hey! What are you doing? - Where is the other one? - What else? The other pilot, Jaeger takes 2 pilots. Scrapper has only one main nervous system. Well, then you’re out, let me be the pilot. Get out! Fuck with it! Run, smart boy. You’re gonna get us killed. I can get us out of this. I just did that. Dear God. WARNING It was November Ajax. Pilot Jaeger unknown… This is the Pacific Defense Corps. Raise your hands and give up. No, no, do not give up. You give up too easily. That’s what they think. Stop. You are violating Code 10 Section 14, operate an unregistered Jaeger. - Hold on. - I’m holding on. Hold on more tightly. Right. Stop. See, I just won from November Ajax. No, you do not win. I won. No. Okay, what’s your suggestion? And I will not go out. - Will the Ice Protector work? - No. Now they can be in use. - But we need it. - Attack all of a sudden. - What? - Just do it. - Strength is only 20 %%. - I told you we need that! And it works right? Computer, can we reboot the system? This is bad. Stop now. This is your last warning. All right, let’s go. What are you doing to my Jaeger, asshole! You should have let me control it. So this is my fault? You broke into my control center. Well, your control center? - Yes. My control center. Yes! - Sorry, I did not hear you. Your control center? First of all you have no right to enter without permission and try to tell me what to do. - If there’s no me, you’ll get caught faster. - And it works fine, right? - See where we are? - You should know you are high and what your opponent is. - True, that’s the problem. - You should be closer. Shut up. - Shut up. This conversation is over. - Yes, I can do it. Good. Baby scavenger. Why did you make it? What happens with closing the mouth? You said you do not want to sell it, so what do you want to do? Rob a bank or something? I made it because a day they will come back. The Kaiju. When that happens, I do not want to wait for someone to save my life. Not like before. Well … You … Come on. Hello, Jake. Violate the law again. This is just no luck, I will find a way out. My father always said, we who govern our own destiny. Dad says a lot of things. You’re caught in an unregistered Jaeger. Wait a minute. That’s not my Jaeger. This has a kid this high … … You have criminal records before, this is serious. That’s why I need my brother, to help me out of here. For the last time. They will not just let you go. But there may be another way. Okay. Listen, that’s what I want to hear, let’s talk about other ways. Tell me. What should I do? Reapply, and complete what have you started. I do not want to do that. I’m too old to be a cadet. I do not want you to be a cadet. I want you to help train them. Train … train what? I do not want to train children. There is a transport waiting for to take you here. For what? You and your new recruits. Mako. I can not believe he just spoke through the hologram to me. Akedemi Pilot Shatterdome, China. Look, I have no other choice. I know. I already know this, but why me? Why do they want me for this program? You make Jaeger and drive it own, people like that kind of thing. Okay, but why am I becoming a cadet and you’re a Ranger? God. God, that’s Valor Omega. Scrapper. Hey! You must be kidding. I do not believe they come to you not me. How are you, Nate? Now Ranger Lambert. You made it. Well, this military headquarters you remember how it works right, Ranger Pentecost? You must be Amara Namani? Yes, sir. Ranger, sir. Well, let’s prepare yourself. Oh, and try not to steal anything when you’re here. The man just called you Pentecost? Like the Stacker Pentecost’s Whiz? Pilot Coyote Tango, a hero for the whole world … It’s just a name. Yes, a cool name. The training begins at 6 o’clock in the morning, you’re late you do not go to practice all day. Be left behind and you’ll be at transport out of here back to the place where even they found you. That, Titan Redeemer. And Bracer Phoenix. He’s Mark 5 Jaeger. Saber Athena? I like Saber Athena. He’s the best when flying, you know that? Attention, clear the path. Hey, who are you anyway? Gipsy. Are you a Gipsy Avenger pilot? Formerly. Until the co-pilot gets a better bid . Jules Reyes. Ajax Pilot. Amara. Cadet. Jake, Ranger. Hi. I heard a lot about you. - Yes? - You know you still hold his record? What record? Shut your mouth. So how did you get back here? The story is long. But if you want to hear it, we can meet … He’s my beloved. Ranger. Eyes staring forward, Pentecost. Come on, just hit my face. Sorry, man. I won. You owe me 2ribu. Cadet Ilya, you have to bathe as often as you can, mate. The smell of musk, which you smell is the smell of musk … Get ready! Cadet. This is Amara Namani. He will join your , in Jaeger practice. This is a Pentecost Ranger. He will help me be your coach, until I get Ko Pilotku to replace Ranger Burke. Is there anything you want to ask? You guys know you can. Malikova went to headquarters and prepared to practice with me. Ready pack! Disband. Pentecost. We will be trained by Pentecost. Then? Moreover, it is not him who dies save the world by closing the hole. He has not even been in a fight. Viktoria. Leave us. Hey. So … - I have to sleep where … - You make your own little Jaegermu? Yes. In fact. Scrapper. I am also the one who controls it. - So … - If you can just unify the garbage. Be a mechanic. This is for the pilot. Hey come on, I bring your stuff. Thank you. Jin Hai, Ouyan Jin Hai, have you got a friend huh? - Me? - You’re friends with Viktoria, do not call him that. Yo, what’s the problem? He did not pass 3 selection 3 times. Yeah, he does not like you to suddenly be here. Not my fault, recruiters do not come to my place. Hey, do you speak Russian? - No. - Learn a little, it can make it calm. Come on, let’s prepare yourself. - Warning. - We have to reconnect. I know, trying. - The simulation is terminated. - I can not do this. - That sucks. - Simulation ends. You know, when you avoid Jaeger I’m so sure. I think we have something here. Now I’m not too sure. How should I move with this object. It smells like urine. I’m not asking you to reason, cadet. Are you interrupting a snow that almost kills the pilotjaeger? Maybe he’s the only one who does not belong here. Oh, I know you have a problem with me. - But come on, he’s just a kid. - We used to be so. lu the point. We make a strong relationship as a child. And that’s what makes a pilot a good one. Yes, I remember his speech. thanks. Ryuji, Renato, you & apos; re up. Show this new kid how to do it. What the fuck is that you wear? Many people love it. Yes, he told me that I need style around here. I know I’m fit, I’m sexy. - Yes. - Do you want a drink? Sure. Thank you. - Ice cream is at the top. - Yes. So again yes? Fun your father? No, I just avoid jail only. Yes, I think you’re fit to be here. Yes, I think it fits perfectly here, do not like it. Jake, these children, they respect us. We have to show them that we can work together. Well, for the past 10 years I’ve learned to talk about something. You must understand that … You have to … Sorry guys. We must understand the purpose of enemy to defeat them. We still do not know. No, I can help you with this. I think it has to do with sending huge monsters to destroy our city. No, no, the precursor will not send some monsters if it wants to destroy us … Listen buddy, I do not have a problem with you guys. But I have to make a choice between your handsome face and the prison. I choose your handsome face. Oh touch once. How many toppings do you want? Forget about my topics, do not interfere. So the kids have a few months to graduate? - 6 months. - Okay. I’m telling you, when you’re talking about stuff that smells soldier, I’ll nod. I will say & apos; & apos; Yes, as per said & apos; & apos ;, and they will be pilots. And I can get back to my life. - Very good. - Okay. It will probably be faster than you think. - How can it be? - They plan to replace us. Shao and his team are currently presenting this new Drone program. Could make our work lost. It looks like a ticket got out of here quickly. You know, you can pretend all you want. But we both know we will miss him right? Miss Shao, Quan marshall. It’s an honor to meet you. Sorry, he did not do a handshake. Dr. Newton Geizler, head of research for Shao Industries. It’s a tight shake from you. A tight grip. - Stop this stale speech. - Please follow me, lady. The uniform is perfect for you. I think it’s better than prison clothes, it seems. I’m sorry, is this him? His son Stacker would not you? I’m Newt, I’m your dad’s fan. Great speech by the way, do you hear how he talks doomsday? - Newt. - My friend! Tell me you have time, I need your help. Sorry I’m wearing your time for a while, I hope you’re not busy. - I’m not busy. - Yes thank goodness then. I’m also not busy, I mean … we better help each other right? Let’s see … the morals! We’ve been in Kaiju’s brain, you know? We find that way, way into the Kaiju brain. And that’s thanks to you and me. Technically thanks to me, but … can you speed this up? - Placements. - Hah? Jaegernya, placement into battle takes a lot of time, the longer and more Kaiju make the damage. Ah this. I think I have a solution. Hermann, you know I can not read your writing … The booster rocket huh? Yes … no. No, there is no fuel on earth that has such a strong burning ratio. From this world. - It is not. - Is that Kaiju’s blood? Exactly. I found that Kaiju blood is very reactive when touched with a rare element, Celium. - That’s what makes… - Okay, you can not go your way with that. You can blow yourself up. I know better about Kaiju than you. Take a look at this. No Hermann, I have to stop you. It makes no difference to this. When my boss drone is accepted, placement is no longer a problem. In 1 year we will have Drones everywhere. So you do not want to help me? Listen, why do not we talk at dinner in my place? Okay, you can eat well there. I do not need food, I need a solution. There is an obvious problem in this case. That’s my boss friend, I’m sorry, calling duty. Nice to meet you guys. Newton! I … I still have nightmares. Upon what we witnessed. When we join the disgusting brain of kaiju. Yes. But… That’s very exciting right? Dr. Geizler, called the boss. Yes, yes. I saw you met with your colleagues at work. Yes, we work together in lab … Use English, your Chinese language mandarin like a fool. I know my language is lousy, we work in lab … What do you know about Dr. Gottlieb? Oh sort of crazy idea put a rocket in Jaeger. You know how important your position is in this project right? I do not want any errors. I do not tolerate the presence of a traitor in my place. I assume he is a dangerous person. Oh, that person is very harmless. [SPEAKING MANDARIN LANGUAGE] Okay, can you repeat the word again 18 percent slower? I said do not make me doubt your loyalty, understand? Hey, what’s the question? Look, I barely even talked to that person. Then there is no problem. You are also better to learn Mandarin again. I do not like to repeat my sentence, in any language. My drone is the next step in Jaeger’s evolution. The system I design receives commands in a quantum data center. That means a pilot can control the drone from afar. From any location in the world. As soon as the board approves the placement, is based on the final report of Secretary General Mori, days of struggle to find and train a suitable pilot will only be history. And you think your simulator players will be better than us? We are not here to shut down your operation. Cooperation between our organizations never harms each other. Is there any question? We are a pilot, not a desk worker! Be calm, no need to shout. That went well. Why not just close just so I can go? I can not believe them, at least for now. Oh, that seems pretty good to me. The remote system is so hacked. Or tricked. You have a voice right? So you can decide. I hope I can refuse their plans. You have to help me speak up on the board. They will not like my decision. Who cares what they like and they do not like. Then I will come with you. Tomorrow. Plus I want to get away from this place. I’m glad you volunteered, because I’ve asked Gipsy Avenger … as a respectable keeper in the board summit. You know I’m impossible with Nate. The co pilot now works for shao. He needs a new partner. The one you know is yourself. All right. I will do it, I will support you. But I want to be there when he’s upset, because I know I’ll eat it. He will stand there and say … & apos; & apos; No, I think you’re not worthy in Jaeger, Jake. & apos; & apos; Out of Jaegerku, I’m handsome and sexy. & apos; & apos; He is handsome and sexy. Thanks Jake. Sydney, Australia. Welcome back, a sunny day. [TV NEWS VOICE] So far the police say at least 49 officers were injured. This is really a big mess, throwing stones and objects, PPDC gets overwhelmed. Gipsy Danger, this is Marshal, All you have to do is stand and be quiet. Stay focused and look cool. - Well sir. - Get ready for disposal. In 3, 2, 1. Remove! Jake! Relax, I can handle this. Are you sure? And hey, we are inside each head okay? And stop thinking about Jules, it will not happen. How about you still thinking about beating me? That will not happen either. This could be a long day. Stable synchronization pack. Not full, but powerful enough. Transport approaches. - Warning. - Gypsy to center, have you seen this? Gypsy, come on. Beware, there is a wild Jaeger. To wild Jaeger, turn off Jeegermu and handing yourself. I warn, turn it off and leave it to you. Rudak is fired! Backward! We are losing power! Jake, that Jaeger … He turns off our communication. - Nate! - Full power! Oh shit! - What should we do? - Follow me! Mako hit! He will fall! Activate the pulse weapon! Mayday! Mayday! We got a shot, maybe we will fall! - Mako! - Jake, wait! Come on, do something, you stupid brain basics! - Hey. - Hey. So … not very good with his moves, but … I’m really sorry about your sister. step sister. Yes, his family died because of a kaiju attack. My father adopted him. He is my sister, my family. Why do not you wear a uniform? Just to be comfortable after Sydney. So I feel comfortable. Do not let Ranger Lambert see you. He may be very angry. I think I’m safe, he’s on holiday. So you’re still using Sarah’s brain. Yes, but I can not connect with him either because of what. All cadets have been practicing years and I … - I hate to feel this way. - Enjoy. - If you want to practice, I can help. - Okay coach. - Do not call me a coach. - OK. Concentration. We have to make a good connection. I can not do that if you do not concentrate. - Are you ready? - Ready. This is it. Let’s see as you can. Jennifer. Stay focused, Amara. Remember. The stronger your connections are, the better the way you fight. That’s it. - Hold my hand, jump. - Amara! Do not fight the memory, just let it flow like a tree. Amara! Amara, come here! Yes, come on. Gathered, yes. One, two, smile. Already in the photo. Want to see? Nice. Amara, Amara, leave it alone. Amara! Just listen to my voice. Amara! - Amara! - Dad! Father! - Jump! - Amara! - Stay with me! - Jump to me! - Come on! - I’m scared. Do not be afraid, let’s jump, I promise to catch you, come on! - Amara! - Jump, come on! Jump! Amara! Remove it! Hey! GuavaBerry Are you okay? I’m scared. I’m so scared. Yes. I also feel it. All right, hear me. - Yes, I’m here. - Come immediately to the lab, - Marshal wants to meet us. - OK. I’m headed there. Are you okay? - What’s up? - All messages. For months. He tries to send from the top spot which has been destroyed. It’s a big package in parts. Sending here with Jenny’s airplane. How did the message come in? It did not work. And the message is not in part. So, what happened? So this is difficult. I checked it out. Using different algorithms. I might be able to connect some. This is it. That … It’s not Kanzu. I checked. Of several types. Nothing matches in the database. Keep checking, whatever this is. This is unusual. I want to know why? And want to know who is named Royager? INDUSTRIAL SHAO SHANGHAl, CHINA Hey, sorry, I’m late. I got your message. Certainly. In an emergency, the Council approves the drone deployment. Good. Yes. It was great. A little more hurry if in my opinion. Yes, no, I agree. This is great. With time and everything. - Assault and feel … - I was there. I know what’s going on. And it will not happen again. If our drone is in the field. Warning, there was an error. Now, everyone understands it. Yes, they understand. Which means the attack is something positive, considering everything. If you check that fail here, and maybe you can say that. I’m sorry, why, what is going on here? The Board expects completion everything within 48 hours. - 48 hours? - I have worked all my life for this. Complete it. Good. Yes. - No problem. That’s enough … - 48 hours? We will not solve it. Yes, you do not think there is a way? Ah, then you’re fired. Well, how about that? Oh, maybe you forgot. I do not know. Let’s see how it goes. Just get it done! Give it to me. Hey, baby. I am home. Sorry I’m late. I think we … Today is crazy over what is happening in the city. All these guys … Not good. The boss was almost killed, could have been worse. Honey, I guess I do not know. This is great, really. I mean … I can not stay away from him. I grumbled about the job, stopped talking about it. Really, I have to focus on you. I feel we have the greatest … How was your day? That’s good, yes, that … That’s fun. What is that? Want to tell me a little bit? Yes, okay. What can I say? You read my mind. I’m sick of sitting and looking at this. I will never control this. New species give new movements, and agility. Once I ride the robot, bid farewell to me. Your father will make you work with breasts when you lose. Yes, he will come here with big breasts. Wait, your dad has breasts? He is a plastic surgeon. Does not work with … I will not lose, I will be a pilot. Still, if we die. I will give one to you. Then we are happy for you. I heard there will be tomorrow. And Yeager is happy. All Yeager. They all held massive. Victoria. Bigger is definitely better. You die. What did you just say? You die. - Did I say it right? - Yep. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - Comrade! - Every day of my life to make sure … You are not doing anything, you just take whatever is left out, rubbish! - You want to know? On the street, you’re a whore! - Captain comes! - He’s choking me! - You’re wrong here! I do not care! You know, when I first joined in unity, I was like you. Worse. I am a nobody. The woman is the greatest. Mako Mori. He says whoever you are, some of you follow the program, you join the family. And no matter what. No matter how stupid sometimes they act. You forgive them. And you continue. So you started to believe that. Here. And you begin to trust in Yeager. Hey. Marshal is looking for you. Says she found something. This is not something, But somewhere. Severnaya Zemlya which is in the Siberian mountains. - What’s there? - I can say … The difficult location is where core of the Yeager power. Not even exist in this world. That’s deep inside. Why Mako would tell us about a factory abandoned somewhere or somewhere. Pak… Mission to bring beginners to see what’s out there. SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA SIBERIA Scans. It seems that Mako’s message is a dead end. This place is abandoned. Wait a minute. I get a weak signal. Attack! Incase his legs! We must get out of here! Plasma Cannon! I think we make him angry! Good! Remember the way we move? Yes, of course! - He looks angry! - Seek the core of its power! Towards Obsidion Fury. Get out of your ward! What is that? This is definitely Kaizu. Second brain to control movement. How do they understand how we work? If there is a breakthrough, sensor will know it. I do not think there’s a breakthrough. Kaizu Meat has very complexity. Especially against us. This one is not protected. Look, you said that this is from Alex Lucas? The genetic expert makes this complicated. With modification techniques, it’s possible to be redesigned with Kaizu meat. Done before the war. You say, deeper than this. Human use. My Lord. That carcass will be here. I’m curious to see the inside. The inside? The robot is known by Kaizu. Come on, man. When do we have a chance to see something like this again? Never will. Never a good thing. You can be here. I go there. Amara, come on … Amara! Friend, buddy! We should not be inside here. Wow. This joins the entire system. Here, the muscle. That’s how it moves. - Cool! - Yes. Cool. Can we see which is better than this? Try to light the part here. What is it? I think this is silver acid … - Ryoichi? - I told you not inside Yeager! Go find help! Go! My note is broken! Is he going to be okay? I’m thinking there will be scars, yes, he will survive. Marshal says you are all exposed to probation. And all of you. I think better … No, not their fault. - I am trying … - I have talked to Marshal But … You are freed from the program. Moreover I volunteered. Really? How did you say it the same thing from the first? But… I really do not want to be here. Still do not want to. Why did you register? We are at war. My father is responsible and I think … I can meet more of him. Maybe even fight with him. But one day I woke up, that was the stupidest thing I did. So, I’m declaring it’s my fault. To prove to him I need not be the best pilot. - That’s stupid. - Yes. How much do you get? - Eh, 7 steps. Some … - How far are you? About 2 steps, then I lost power. The best thing to look at when I wake up is my father standing in front of me. - Stare silently. - What he is looking at. Saying I was removed from the program. He says I do not deserve to be in Yeager. He says about everything. On the day my father was gone. I did not get a chance prove him wrong. I mean … I failed to prove to myself. You listen to me. Do not let people think to you reflect on you. You will not let that bother you. Do you understand? Set your head on. Which will be much in a deadly situation. Seriously. Face. Well organized. Beauty is a burden. You will be fine. Cells are still alive. What? I said Fury must have a relationship. I do not think it’s possible. Team Josep has checked every detail on the Yeager. I see a bad material, that is mounted upside down in a cable. The cell is the only one that moves like that. Amara, are you sure of what did you tell me? Yes! Yes! He deliberately messed him up. I’m thinking it might be important. Yes. Thank you. Shoa get involved in this? They do not even have rights. Without us knowing it. Yeager attached like Yeager example. There will be more than that connect Fury to Shao. What about Mute? He has access and delivery to it. All right, let’s meet him. Do not exaggerate. Make sure to find it! We will tell Marshal. INDUSTRIAL SHAO Expect caution in work. The building has been secured, lady. Do not provide visits when without full identification. I do not want anyone to interrupt the completion schedule. What’s up? I will be in my office. Good. This is not fair. I’m sorry. You do not deserve this. This is my fault. This is all my fault. Amara? See you again on another occasion. Increase even greater opportunities. Come on! GuavaBerry And we have 100 %% members around the world. 100 %%, that’s how it’s done. Good? I can tell this can, and we succeed. I’m losing control. Why? Why? Try another one. We will bring one that we know. What about transportation? Give me a minute. Rewarding the damaged Drone! Do not spread to the rest of the other drones. To Yeager, hurry up! All units, drones must be destroyed. Stay calm. - Doctor Geiszler! Shao looking for you? - I know. Hermann. What are you doing? How can you be here? Are you happy here? Because you’re all so messy. You have to stop everything. - No. Will not. - Think about it. The more you damage it the more will destroy you. Help me stop it. Help me save the world as usual. You really are ridiculous, do you know? Are you aware? Good. Help me to help you save the world. What do you think? In my opinion, um… I said do not shoot! Perfect. Shit, why I always have trouble with you. What’s happening? - What is Jaeger? - No, they are drones. - What are they doing? - I do not know, they are crazy. Go back now! Go back to headquarters right now! Shit, let’s go! Quickly run. Hurry up! Really? Currently? Hermann … please help me. This person does not know how to use weapons . I do not need this. I told you we do not need to think about them. All right. - We’re just the two of us. - Let’s save the world. Turn off the whole system! Hurry up! Everything comes out of this lab , or I’ll shoot you guys! I will shoot you guys. I thought you were going crazy. You’re fired. Exit. What should we do? How to stop it? There is another way to… - For what? - To the drone system. I’ve sneaked something if anything like this happened. Fucking bastard. I know. What did you just do? Something I’ve been planning for the past 10 years. I will end this world. HONOLULU UNITED STATES Where are my pilots? Inform the situation! There are breakthroughs in various locations. All done by that drone, sir! All pilots, there is an open door. Go immediately to the place where they did the breakthrough. Why? Why are you doing this? Why would I want to do it? Because I want to. I know this is not my style. But I do not know, I may hate you all for treating me like this. Maybe that’s why, Hermann. That’s why I did it. But uh… so it is. That’s the problem. These days I feel very healthy. You… Gosh… Great you can realize it. You can not be underestimated. That… You’ve been the mastermind behind. You have to stop him. - No, I will solve all this . Please… - Are you crazy? - I’m not strong enough. - You have to… stop this all… Look at you. Enough is enough. I’m sorry. But you must be killed. Remove him. I will not let you ruin my work. Oh, hey boss. What are you doing? You can be killed. - I had to. - What are you doing? How can you do it without my knowledge? I guess 38 %% your company it is machine controlled. It’s really not hard to get me to come in here. And there to make a surprise kaiju. Especially since you always think… that you are the smartest person in this place. In a moment, it will come true. No! Wait! We need him. Hey… listen, they affect his mind. Shut up! Security, locate and stop Doctor Geiszler. If he fights, kill it. Better we go up to Jaeger. Any ideas? No. You? No. - In the third count. - Good. 1… - 2… - Hello there are people there? Yes. Jake. Thank God. We were attacked. We need you to stop it. We are working on it. This is Newt’s work, they invaded his mind. Could you ask him to stop the drone? He got away. - Hurry up. - Entering the subroutine. We’ll be able to stop it soon. We must be fast. They are in front of us. Quick… Turn them off or we will die. Now! Success. We managed to stop the drones. The connecting door is closed. Oh, no. What’s wrong? 3 kaiju got in. South Korea, Russia, and the East China Sea. 2 categories 4 and 1 category 5. I understand. Back to headquarters, we will need a lot of help. - Are you all right? - Yes ma’am. - What do we have? - The report is still entered, and there is Jaeger that can be fixed. All right. How much can we use? To operate only two. - That’s it? - Yes. Well, we need Jaeger as much as maybe or we will be extinct. Although it can, the pilot is not there. One by one. Let’s focus on Jaeger. You, come here. I need you to hack, can you do it? They have updated it. Can you get back in? He’s quite an expert on hacking even young. Do you mind? - Sure. - I’ll try to take care of it here. Attack! I have some help. I’ve analyzed it. There are 3 kaiju that burst in. Well, there must be a purpose why they are apart. What do you think? Maybe they try to connect something to make their world open. I’m sure you know their plan. If they succeed then doomsday. We oppose them first. Is there a Jeager who his position is close to them? I’ve tried contacting them but nil. I think we are alone in this fight. We have to stop them here to thwart it. Maybe that’s where they’re headed. Show the map where the kaiju appeared. Displaying data. You know something? We must understand their purpose to defeat them. What if the kaiju did not attack blindly to all cities in the world? What if we just hinder them? Here. Mount Fuji, Japan. Show lines across the points of chaos. Mount Fuji? Why? Rare elements on earth. What? Under mount Fuji there are rare elements. The kaiju were eyeing the rare element . Wait, it does not sound good. - That’s not good, & apos? - But Mount Fuji is active. If the black magma is attacked by by kaiju, its reaction will be serious… it will start a fire ring across the pacific. Billions of tonnes of toxic gas and dust will fill up to the atmosphere… and destroy all life. And the earth will be doomsday. For the living creatures in it. We can not let they approach Mount Fuji. We do not have enough Jaeger. Even though we have hundreds of Jaeger, we will not get in the way of them. What about your launcher? No, no. Still not ready. Can you prepare? Are you serious? Even with your help, in theory I can not… What do you mean by theory? But… I think I can. Yes. Just a little preparation again and we are ready to go. Good, are you sure? We will do it as best we can. Hey, take everything you can. Okay. Hope you survived. You too. That’s confusing. Let’s stay focused. We have 4 Jaeger against 2 categories 4 through 5. Are you afraid? We’re the only pilots. Not really. My father would not like to see me giving a speech. But you deserve it. I’m not my father. Or your hero. Like Ronny Beckett and Montgomery. But they did not start it that way. They start from cadets, just like you guys. We remember them with big name because they are fighting. Because they struggled together. It does not matter who your parents are. Where are you coming from? Who believes in you and who does not. Now we are family. And we are the last defenses of the earth. This is our time, this is our chance to make a difference. And it is my goal to to finish this well. - Do you understand? - Yes, Sir. Pilot Jaeger, do you understand? Yes, sir. - Do you understand? - Yes, Sir. Now help me save the world. Let’s do it. I’m ready to do it. Start a connection. The connection is complete and ready. So, what does it feel like to be a Jaeger pilot? Not bad either. Do not be careless. Stay alert. We are ready. We are ready. Let’s start this. All right. Control center, we’re ready. All right. The mission starts in 10 seconds. 9… 8… 6… 5… 4… 3… 1… Start! What the fuck… My grandmother used to play it for me. Keeps me calm. But I do not. I’m not calm, man. No. This will work. TOKYO JAPAN Stay in command. Look for the right one. Well, the refugees are already entering the shelter of protection. You are free to fight. Understandable. We’ll start. Follow my cue. We are looking for the right one. Understandable. The rest against the others. Understand. Time to save the world. Let’s get started. After my cue. 3… 2… 1… Start! Shoot! Gipsy, the creature can absorb energy and use it back as its weapon. Then I will attack using another way. How many buildings are needed, Jake? - What should we do? - Comrades, we need help here. - Right now! - Accepted, Saber. - Nate, take care of the Cyclop. - Good. Saber Athena, according to the sensor he comes from the back. Enable Earthquake. Yes, that’s right. You ought to run away. You think he ran away? Bracer Phoenix caution direction clock 6. Attack from below. Accepted. Come on! Okay, that’s just a giant robot. Okay, really original, guys. I’m impressed. Yes, I’m impressed. There is movement, moving quickly. - Liwen, did you accept this? - Yeah, I turned on the automatic tracker. That’s a mutant from Tokyo. - Provide location. - How do I fight it? All Jaegers prepares for contact. Attack if they make contact. Let’s go, okay. Attack, invade, baby. Where are they going? Now he’s getting bigger. All Jaegers, shoot all the you have. Wait for my cue. Attack! - Guardian resistant attack. - Cursed me. Hey, that’s a command! - Attack his eyes! All. - Which one? Reyes, last report. Did you hear me? Come on, friends standing up. Guardian Bravo, please provide a report. Are you all right? The guardian is disabled. I’m not sure I can rise again … cadet … cadet is not safe. Received Guardian. We must survive as hard as we can. Where is Phoenix? You are all right? A lot of damage but, we can still fight. Sir, stable … Saber Athena stable. Let’s gather in this coordinate. Let’s finish this. - We are behind you, do not wait. - Be accepted. Bracer Phoenix invaded. Gipsy to command, did you get scans from enemies? There is no sign of the sensor. We have Gipsy but still in recovery. - No time. Estimate the risks. - The enemy has a hard skin - your weapon will not get through it. - What about secondary weapons? - This bastard must have a weakness. - Enemy, has three weaknesses. - One of three components. - Sending data. The rocket is ready for Saber Athena. Confirmed Bracer Phoenix. Well, follow my commander do not die. We listen to theory, do you want to do it? Read my mind, colleague. Evacuation! I ordered for evacuation. Amara! Nate! Nate! Nate! Stay with me. Wake up! Nate! Draw it. Now get yourself a joker pilot! Goodbye. Liwen, is there anything you can do to help? - I need a minute. - Listen, the enemy already … I will not give up. I will not let that happen. Jake, you can not operate it without a helper pilot. I told you you can not! What will we do now? - Get together with others. - Wait! Gipsy Avenger, this is Amara Namani ready help coming. - Amara do not, you will not succeed. - You did not know. - Do not! - Shut up! I told you so. - You’re the best. - Amara, use equipment. We can do it. Get rid of him. You can do this, man. - Are you ready for this? - One way to find out. Okay. Prepare for command. Start the check. It should be a remarkable , but it is not. How do we know? - Restart. - Good. Enemy 2 Km to mount Fuji climbing quickly. Gottlieb, do we have enough fuel to traverse the atmosphere? - Atmosphere? - Yes. Probably, but the fuel will not enough to slow down the landing. We do not need to slow the pace, we will come out with a rescue capsule. I just came out from my rescue capsule. Yes, then wear mine. Jake, there’s only one plunger but enough fuel left. - Submit location. - Okay, project it. Too far. - We will not succeed. - Gipsy Avenger, will join. Most of the system is online. Sending help. Be careful. I found the plunger. Wait. - Good, hurry up. - There’s no way it can bring us. Meilin, good. I can weld it to your hands, I just upgraded the equipment. - Nate, that way we will do it? - It was not so. Yes, it was. - You’re a bastard. - Yes, let’s make a mean. - I’m stuck. - Meilin, you have to hold on. - We will not survive. - Almost there. - Not enough power. - Use Canon Fiber. Hope it works. This works. Hold on. Come on, come on! - Goals are locked. - You must exit. Disconnect. Amara disconnect. I will catch you. I promise. Come on! GuavaBerry Holding on. Gipsy to command, we will get out of here. Failure of a rescue capsule. No, no! I’m sorry Namani. For what? We must save the world. Your father will be proud. - Amara, look! - Hey, over here. - Go, you have to go! - 20 Km to the collision, get out of there! - Shit! - Go, go fast! Meilin closed the door. - Hold on! That is close. - I’m holding on. [Killed] No! No! Okay, plan B, do plan B. Whoever is listening … This is Ranger Lambert, another unit expected to be informed. Yes, yes. Glad you’re okay Nate. You are also a man. I’m sure you can do it. Well, I’m not alone. - Good job Ranger Amani. - Thank you sir. - The snow is very white. - The snow is not as white as this. - Kaiju the dead giant that has … - Okay, okay. Is this the part where you’ll give me that long stupid lecture … Others do not think is stupid, that’s just your opinion. - Just me, how many times did you give a lecture? - That’s motivation. - Okay. - So, whoever you want. - Okay, you started it. - I did not start it. - Oh, no. You started it. - Seriously? Good, nah. We made it! You think this is over? You think you’ve saved your sad world? We will always come. We will not stop, sooner or later your world will be destroyed! Yes? You think so? Listen, tell them we are not afraid. Tell them next time, they need not bother to come to us. Because we will come to them.