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June 18th, 2005
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Mother Mae-Eye


(Opening shot: the exterior of Titans Tower in the morning. Zoom in slowly and dissolve to a wall filled with photographs of Cyborg; coaching a Little League team, posing with the T-Car, goofing around with Beast Boy, running the football downfield in his pre-Titan days. This is his room, as evidenced by the loud snoring that soon makes itself heard; dissolve to his trophy case, all of whose shelves are full to capacity. From here, cut to him asleep on his inclined table and zoom in on a small computer console nearby as it starts to beep.)

Computer: Sleep cycle complete. (He is tipped upright and wakes up with a yawn.)

Cyborg: Aw, yeah! Another good morning, another great day to be alive!

(A bell rings off to one side, drawing his attention; pan in that direction to a wall panel. It slides open, revealing an oven that produces a jumbo plate of bacon and eggs in very short order. Beaming and drooling eagerly, he lifts it and breathes in the aroma.)

Cyborg: (eyes watering) Hello, bacon! (Close-up of the plate; he continues o.c.) Hello, eggs! (Pull back again; he plies a fork.) Nothing personal.

(When he has scooped up perhaps half the food, he shovels the forkful down in one bite. Cut to the other side of the room; still chewing and carrying the plate, he walks up to a panel, which opens to show a grid of programs behind it.)

Cyborg: All right, Cyborg, what's the plan for today?

(Close-up of the grid, tilting down through the selections to stop on "Day Planner." He reaches into view and taps this spot, whereupon the top half of the screen flips down over the bottom half as of pages being turned in a book. Now the view is entirely black, with "8:00 AM" in white text; the following two words wink in below.)

Cyborg: (voice over) Combat practice!

(Cut to the obstacle course he ran in "Terra." As he races across the rocky straightaway, shots rain down all around him from pole-mounted lasers. He dives under a barrage, then comes up with a yell and returns fire with his sonic cannon to destroy the installations. Now he rushes on, looking grimly back over his shoulder, but soon finds a huge guillotine-style gate popping up in his path. Four hundred pounds of titanium and muscle slam into the support and bring the whole thing down in a cloud of smoke, from which he emerges triumphantly. Freeze frame.)

(Another flip transition shows the next time, underneath which the entry appears: "9:00 AM-Stomp BB at Video Game." Cut to two robots, one blue and the other green, slugging it out on an alien landscape: this is the sort of game Cyborg was playing in "Only Human" before Atlas crashed the party. Blue dodges a punch and blocks a long spin kick from Green, then counters with a flip kick that knocks it to the ground. A thumbs-up is accompanied by the word "WINNER" appearing in big red letters; cut to Cyborg and Beast Boy on the couch in the operations center, GameStation controllers in hand. One is grinning ear to ear, the other's face has gone so slack that it might fall off, and no points for guessing which is which.)

(Flip transition: "10:00 AM-Wax T-Car." Cut to a close-up of Cyborg's hand, which he has configured into a buffer and is using on one of the vehicle's body panels. When he finishes, he pulls the tool away and leans close to inspect his work. Now polished to a high shine, the surface throws his reflection back in full detail, and he grins broadly at the beauty of it. Pull back to frame him and the impeccable T-Car.)

(Flip transition: "11:00 AM-Shoot Hoops With Robin." Cut to an overhead view of the Tower's upper stories and zoom in. A basketball goal has been set up on the roof, and the two boys are playing one-on-one. Cyborg has possession; he and Robin eye one another for a long moment, during which the camera cuts to a close-up of each in turn. The Boy Wonder smirks a bit, but the big man keeps his game face on and finally starts to make his move. Before he has barely finished the first dribble, though, Robin darts across and steals the ball, spinning it on one finger just to rub this in.)

(Flip transition: "NOON-Lunch!!!" Cut to him, both hands wrapped around an enormous hoagie, the end of which disappears in one swift bite.)

(Flip transition: "1:00 PM-Lift Weights With Star." Cut to him in the gym, straining to hoist the massive weight sled that got the better of him in "Only Human." Tilt up briefly to frame all of it, then cut back to him; he gets it up as high as his arms will allow and throws a cocky smile off to one side. This soon gives way to a look of genuine confusion.)

Cyborg: Huh?

(Pull back slightly to show Starfire next to him. She effortlessly pushes a second sled up with only one hand, and the camera shifts again, revealing that it is loaded with at least twice as much weight as his.)

(Flip transition: "2:00 PM-Chess With Raven." Cut to a close-up of a chessboard; Cyborg eases his queen forward, keeping one finger on it, and the camera pulls back to show the game set up on the coffee table in the operations center. The tip wavers back and forth as he tries desperately to decide whether he wants to commit to the move, and Raven just throws him an impatient stare while a vein throbs in her forehead. A close inspection of the board gives way to his big grin and removal of that finger; now her mouth twists up into a wicked smile and one of her castles slides ahead under her control, capturing his bishop. The smile stretches out as he gapes at her deft countermove.)

(Flip transition: "2:30 PM-Stomp BB at Video Games Again." Cut to the video game from five and a half hours earlier; Cyborg's robot stands its ground as Beast Boy's rushes in, then pummels it with a flurry of punches and finishes with a leaping uppercut to end the match. "WINNER" appears again, and now Cyborg flexes his muscles over Beast Boy, who looks ready to make him eat both controllers. Sight gag: the loser shatters as the victor laughs heartily.)

(Cut to the exterior of the Tower. The sun slides up and o.c. while the moon rises from the horizon and the sky darkens into night. Now the windows glow with light.)

Cyborg: (from inside, dejectedly) Aw, man...

(Cut to just inside his room; the door opens to let him in.)

Cyborg: ...the day's already over and I barely got through half the stuff I wanted to do!

(During this line, cut to a close-up of a remote control, which he picks up, then pull back to frame him crossing to his "bed." Arranging himself on it, he is tilted back into the sleep position.)

Cyborg: (yawns and works the remote) There's got to be some way I can do more.

(His perspective: he has switched on a big-screen television and found a wrestling match. A channel change brings up a pitchman doing a commercial.)

Pitchman: Wishing you could do the maximum?

(He leans close to the camera on this last word; now Cyborg is fully awake.)

Cyborg: Uh...yeah.

Pitchman: Then you need STAR Labs' hottest upgrade ever! The brand new, leading-edge, blazing fast Maximum-7!

(On the second half of this line, he backs o.c. and a microchip spins into view. Once he has finished, "MAX-7" appears above this in big red text and a lightning flash turns the tail of the 7 into a bolt. Below the component, the words "Call Now-Rush Delivery!!!" begin to flash. Cut to an extreme close-up of the wide-eyed Cyborg, who can only voice a shaky, ecstatic moan at the prospect of getting his mitts on it, and fade to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: the exterior of the Tower, seen from ground level. It is now the following morning. Zoom in toward the upper stories to the sound of a doorbell.)

Cyborg: (from inside) It's here! It's here!

(Cut to the operations center. The rest of the Titans are on the couch and have turned away from the horror movie playing on the window/screen.)

Robin: What's here?

(Cut to Cyborg at the door; a delivery man wheels a large crate up alongside.)

Cyborg: (with mounting enthusiasm) My super-new, super-fast, super-powerful Maximum-7! (Hearts float up from his head on the end of this.)

(The crate is rolled in a little farther and then set down with a thump. Letterbox view, top half of the screen; as the man exits, the other four zip over in an instant.)

Starfire: Please, what is a Maximum-7? (Fullscreen.)

Robin: It's a new computer processor, eight times faster than the Maximum-6. So, I guess we're upgrading the Titans' computer?

(On the end of this, cut to a close-up of the very happy customer, who has begun caressing the side of the crate.)

Cyborg: No, we're upgrading me! With the Maximum-7, I'll be able to do more, see more, and get more out of life than ever!

(During this line, snap to blue, which is then tiled in with four pictures of "Super Deformed" Cyborg reading magazines, playing football, fishing, and enjoying a drive in the T-Car. The vehicle's headlights have become hearts in this last photo. On "see more," he slides into view, peering through a huge pair of binoculars. Finally on "get more," he tears through the display from behind to restore the operations center background. Now he is back to normal style, and he pats the crate.)

Beast Boy: Dude! You actually want to do more stuff?

(Sight gag: an armchair and footstool slide up behind him, and he makes himself comfortable as the background goes blue.)

Beast Boy: My goal in life is maximum couch time. (Gag ends as Robin pushes the whole scene to one side.)

Robin: I understand wanting to live life to its fullest, but...putting a chip in your brain?

Cyborg: (taps his head) My head's already full of chips. And I ran a complete diagnostic before I ordered it.

(He pulls a schematic of himself into view, covering the entire screen.)

Cyborg: (voice over) The Max-7 is fully compatible with all my systems.

(Back to him.)

Cyborg: Totally safe.

(He bangs an elbow into the crate, which falls apart right on cue, and the camera cuts to a close-up of the chip within and pulls back. It floats in midair, rotating slowly as the other four lean in for a good close look.)

Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire: (awed) Oooooh...

Raven: Yeah, that looks safe.

(Cut to the hall, just outside the closed door of Cyborg's room, then to a close-up of him within.)

Cyborg: (holding up a chip) Okay. I'll get this baby installed fast and zoom through the rest of my day.

(Pull back; on the desk before him are stacks of manuals that came with it.)

Cyborg: (eyeing/tossing a few) Just take a second to read the instructions...and this warning... (gets fed up) ...and the disclaimers, another warning, something in German, aw, man, I don't have time for this!

(Extreme close-up of the component, whose circuit pathways begin to glow bright red of their own accord, then back to him.)

Cyborg: Okay. Time to take life to the maximum!

(The panel on his head flips open and the camera cuts to an extreme close-up of a row of open slots just above his ear. The chip is plugged into one of these, whereupon all his circuitry glows more intensely with the power boost and he flashes the world's biggest grin. Now his head has closed up again. Cut to the exterior of the Tower.)

Cyborg: (from inside) BOO-YAH!!

(The entire building shakes with the force of his yell. Dissolve to an overhead view of the waterfront carnival, zooming in, then cut to the nearby beach. Sunbathing, building sand castles, beach ball play, all the usual things one does in this sort of setting. A man and woman are standing in the waves; she has an inner tube around her waist.)

Man 1: And then I said--

(Cut to an area that has been set up with weights and workout equipment and pan across the musclemen going through their paces. One man heaves a barbell overhead, then stares forward in sudden surprise as a sweat drop pops out on his temple.)

Man 2: Huh?

(Cut to the source of his puzzlement: a car sailing through the air. The weightlifter yells in fright, drops his barbell, and runs for cover just in time. A huge cloud of sand is thrown up by the impact; as it clears, cut to a pair of massive legs clad in red/gray armor and tilt up to frame their towering owner in full. He brushes dust from his hands, exposing the gray A set in the breastplate: it is Adonis, who first took on the Titans in "The Beast Within.")

Adonis: Now this is a good workout!

(Ground level, panning from his feet to a knot of suddenly scared volleyball players. They give up the game in a hurry and scatter; now he seizes a couple of barbells and hefts them easily. His derisive laughter rings out over the bay as the camera cuts to a long shot of the beach and the weights are hurled far out past the pier. Back to him; a sonic cannon blast plows him off his feet and sends him sliding far across the beach to smash into a parked bus. When he looks up with a very angry glare, Cyborg is on the scene, and the camera pulls back to frame the other Titans as he powers down.)

Robin: What's the matter, Adonis? Starting to feel the burn?

(Cut to just behind the overmuscled hooligan and pan slowly to put the team in frame, then cut to a close-up of him.)

Adonis: You weaklings don't stand a chance!

(With a mighty roar, he lifts the bus over his head; dissolve to a longer shot and pull back.)

Adonis: Adonis has upgraded!

(He hurls the vehicle like a javelin, and all but Cyborg scatter before its approach. It slams down, flipping end over end and sliding toward the lone Titan; he brings out his cannon and fires one shot that makes it disappear in a mighty flash and smoke cloud. When the view clears, we see that the blast has ripped the bus in two down its length and stopped it cold just short of Cyborg's position. The halves tumble over to either side.)

Cyborg: So have I!

(Cut to the uppermost reaches of a towering pile of junk; the remains of the bus, and tilt down to show Adonis holding it aloft. He heaves the mass toward the Titans; Raven and Starfire fly away from the shower of parts, Beast Boy gets knocked away as a turtle, and Robin leaps toward the attacker. One steel boot sole is brought up for a kick, but before it can find its target, Cyborg rushes in and nails Adonis blindside with a shoulder charge. Robin touches down just after both have fallen o.c.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Whoo! (He steps in and offers a...) High five for the assist!

(The Boy Wonder tentatively lifts his hand and just barely touches Cyborg's palm before the latter whisks it away. Adonis, meanwhile, has not yet gotten all the way to his feet after that last hit, and he gets a new problem in the form of a starbolt shower. Cut to Starfire, flying low and firing on all cylinders, as Cyborg catches up to her.)

Cyborg: Hi there.

(Much to her great surprise, he races ahead and lets Adonis have it in spades. A string of crushing punches drops the red-armored bully into the weight area, but he soon comes up with a giant barbell in hand and hurls it.)

Raven: Azarath Metrion-- (Cyborg pops up in front of her.)

Cyborg: --Zinthos!

(He catches the projectile and flings it right back, driving Adonis to the sand again and knocking him silly for a moment. When he comes to his senses, his eyes pop.)

Adonis: Huh?

(Cut to Beast Boy, now a charging tyrannosaurus rex with Cyborg leaping ahead off his back.)

Cyborg: AIR MAIL!!

(He comes down with a smashing punch that sends Adonis flying one more time, higher and farther than any other hit he has taken so far, and races off after him. The sand thrown up by his sudden acceleration fills the screen and clears to leave Beast Boy back in human form and rubbing his eyes.)

Beast Boy: Dude! Cyborg is more...Cyborg-y than ever! (Starfire comes up.)

Starfire: Agreed. He now opens even larger cans of the butt-whoop.

(Close-up of Adonis, semiconscious on the sand, as Cyborg reaches into view to seize both shoulders. The other four Titans watch, flabbergasted, as torn-off pieces of the red armored suit go flying past them; when the bombardment stops, cut to a ground-level view of Adonis' legs, skinny and knock-kneed. The jerk crumples to the ground a moment later, and the camera pans to the Titans, with Cyborg in the fore.)

Cyborg: All right! We beat the bad guy! (checks his forearm panel) Just in time for dinner.

Robin: So, I guess that chip works.

Cyborg: (laughs and points at head) Oh, yeah, with this thing driving my circuits, I can do more than ever!

(He taps a control; in response, the T-Car sails up over the dunes and skids to a stop in front of the group.)

Cyborg: Hop in. We're going for pizza.

(Three Titans head for the car doors, Beast Boy and Starfire grinning and laughing, but Robin does not budge. One eyebrow cocks in sudden puzzlement.)

(Flip transition, as in the prologue: "8:00 AM-Combat Practice." Cut to Cyborg, running the obstacle course and returning fire against the fusillade of laser fire that comes his way. Just as before, he blows out the guns with his cannon, then smashes through not one but three gates that come up in his way. Back on the straightaway, he goes up for an incredible leap and a thundering cannon salvo that takes out a cluster of ground targets. Finally, he touches down in front of the smoking bullseyes and the control panel that sits on a ridge; the other four Titans are up here, staring in total bewilderment at his newfound prowess.)

(Flip transition: "8:45 AM-Stomp BB at Video Games." Cut to the robot fighting game; Cyborg's character immediately drops Beast Boy's with a low kick, then stomps it into junk. "WINNER" appears, and on the couch, Cyborg kisses his controller while Beast Boy looks as if he might blow his top at any moment. Steam shoots from the latter's ears.)

(Flip transition: "9:00 AM-Supe Up T-Car." Cut to an engine being lowered from an overhead hoist in the Tower's garage, then pull back to frame Cyborg hard at work. As the thing drops into place, he zips here and there to do various bits of super-high-speed maintenance work. He finishes up, closes the hood in a motion too fast too follow, and stands proudly by his baby with a giant grin.)

(Flip transition: "9:45 AM-Build Game Room." Cut to an empty room within the Tower. Within seconds, Cyborg has hauled in a big-screen television, foosball table, pinball machine, couch, dartboard, and wall painting. He looks around at his work, fists on hips.)

(Flip transition: "10:30 AM-Shoot Hoops With Robin." Cut to an overhead view of the Tower's roof, zooming in, then to the basketball court. Cyborg and Robin face off, the former having possession and charging in after a moment's face-off. This time, the ball is not stolen away and he goes up for a slam dunk; a flash, and he is hanging from the rim as the Boy Wonder stares dumbfounded.)

(Flip transition: "11:15 AM-Surfing Lessons." Cut to the big man, riding the waves on a board with a fair bit of success, and pull back as he straightens all the way up. It is a towering crest, and it crashes down over his head, but even though he is thrown from the board, he comes up smiling.)

(Flip transition: "NOON-Lunch!!!" Cut to him, once again holding a jumbo hoagie and chomping into its end. This time around, though, the camera pulls back to show stacks of dirty dishes piled up on the kitchen table. His appetite has been upgraded along with his systems.)

(Flip transition: "1:15 PM-Coach Little League." Cut to a baseball diamond, where a game is in progress and he is the home-plate umpire. The batter gets a hit and heads for first, and in close-up, he is seen to have a prosthetic right hand; it is the same boy who approached Cyborg in the park during "The Sum of His Parts." He runs flat out, the wind blowing his cap off, and goes into a slide; cut to an extreme close-up of the plate as he gets his hands onto it, then pull back. The dust clears to show the catcher holding the ball but just short of tagging the runner.)

Cyborg: Safe!

(Flip transition: "2:25 PM-Win Spelling Bee." Cut to Cyborg on a stage, with a line of kids behind him and a microphone in his face. He taps it, producing a whine of feedback, and leans in close.)

Cyborg: Autochthonous. A-U-T-O-C-H-T-H-O-N-O-U-S. Autochthonous. (Big grin.)

[Note: This word, which he has spelled correctly, refers to something that was formed or created in the place where it was found.]

(Flip transition: "3:41 PM-Stomp BB at Video Game." The fighting game appears again; now Cyborg's robot gathers its energy and fires a beam at Beast Boy's character. Only the legs and the top of the head are left when it subsides. Cyborg: "WINNER." In the operations center, the amped-up big man walks like an Egyptian as his opponent cries a waterfall.)

(Flip transition: "4:20 PM-Learn Tamaranian". Cut to a blackboard on which some words have been written in Starfire's language. She points from one to the next as the camera pulls back to frame them both; he is seated in front.)

Cyborg and Starfire: (in unison) Aug lobnarg zon flooglebork. (Cut to him on the end of this.)

(Flip transition: "5:42 PM-Get Rich Quick." Cut to a rack of ribs cooking on a grill; they get brushed with barbecue sauce.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Remember... (Pull back to frame him in a chef's hat.) ...if you're not grilling with Cy-B-Q Sauce... (leans close and holds up a bottle of it) ...you just ain't cooking.

(Pull back to show this commercial running on the window/screen in the operation center. Beast Boy and Starfire are on the couch, watching.)

Announcer: Cy-B-Q Brand. Official marinade of the Teen Titans.

Starfire: I thought our official marinade was Zorbrian spider juice.

(The camera shifts to point toward the kitchen tables, where both are now looking and Cyborg and Raven have started up a new chess game.)

Cyborg: Yeah, but that's because you slopfar ug mopzorn!

Starfire: (giggling) Mopzorn.

(His foreign-language studies are coming along quite well, judging from this reaction. Raven just slides a pawn forward with the help of her powers; close-up of the board as he captures it with one of his own.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Checkmate! (Cut to him.) Ooh, gotta go. Places to be, things to do.

(He is gone in a flash, leaving Raven's startled face temporarily blanched by the glare of his departure.)

Beast Boy: Dude, I'm getting tired just watching you! Slow down! (Cut to Cyborg at the door.)

Cyborg: No way! Thanks to the Max-7, I'm having the time of my life!

(Alarm and red flashers go off; pan slightly to the door as Robin comes in.)

Robin: Trouble!

(Cut to a group of buildings in Jump City, then to the entrance to a jewelry store. Night has fallen. The entrance has been smashed in and an alarm is screaming out, and the reason for both races out with a bag of stolen goods in hand. Red bodysuit with hood; black arm/ankle bands, belt, and goggles; large division sign in a white circle on the chest. This is Billy Numerous. The sound of a revving engine draws his gaze off to one side; cut to point down that street as the T-Car roars up over a hill and screeches to a stop. Billy lowers the hand he has put up to shield his eyes from the road dust and fumes and finds all five Titans staring him down.)

Cyborg: All right. I've got a skydiving class in fifteen minutes. Let's handle this one fast.

(Billy's voice tells us right away that he did his growing up in the Deep South.)

Billy: Y'all might be able to handle one Billy Numerous, but let's see how you handle ten!

(Before anyone can react, he has created nine copies of himself and positioned them around the T-Car.)

Raven: (to Cyborg) You're gonna be late for class.

(Fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: an overhead view of the Titans gathered near the T-Car. Pull back slowly to frame the multiple Billy clones, then cut to a ground-level track around the group.)

Billy 1: Face facts, compadres.

Billy 2: Y'all may have a heap of fancy powers...

Billy 3: ...but Billy Numerous has gotcha outnumbered!

Robin: Great. He can be in ten places at once.

Beast Boy: Not even Cyborg could do that. (Close-up of him; zoom in.)

Cyborg: Watch me.

(Snarling with rage, he charges straight at a Billy, who stands pat and divides in two to show a lamppost behind him/them. A double sidestep leaves the juiced-up Titan racing straight at it.)

Cyborg: Huh?

(A flash of impact, after which the camera cuts to a from-the-ground view of the light, which wobbles back and forth from the hit at its base. Tilt down to show the post severely bent out of shape and Cyborg badly dazed, with the two Billys watching from across the street. Cut to them and pan across the pavement; several others pop up here, and all laugh nastily at the cheap trick.)

(Cyborg has time for a shocked gasp before one Billy charges in, cloning himself on the run to attack Robin from both sides at once. The Boy Wonder has his hands full for a moment before dropping both with a low kick. Cut to one of them as he gets up, then pull back; on the next line, he copies himself five times over.)

Billy: Bubba...

Billys: ...you just opened up a sixpack!

("Bubba"'s face falls at this pronouncement, and an instant later, it, along with the rest of him, is borne to the pavement by a five-man dogpile while the sixth jumps on a bit late. Tilt up from the seven figures, putting them out of view; now a mass of green tentacles snakes up and starts yanking Billys away. Pull back to show three yelling thugs held by Beast Boy, who has become an octopus. Four others run up and grab a free tentacle apiece, stretching them up to the shape-shifter's great discomfort, before two more start jumping on his head as if it were a pulpy trampoline. These are blasted away by a an overhead shot from Starfire; cut to the Titan, whose burning eyes and hands show just how little she thinks of this carbon-copying hick.)

(She shoots two Billys away with a couple of well-placed eye beams, then looks up in alarm; just in time to see a new gang leaping down from the rooftops.)

Billys: Yee-ha!

(She disappears under the mass of red suits and a cloud of dust as the battle rages on the other side of the street. One Billy gets knocked across the screen, while another skids to a stop and replicates twice. All three charge back in, the camera panning to show them headed straight for Cyborg, who already has a few clinging to him. One mighty heave throws off all but one of them, and he tries to pry a red-clad arm off his neck.)

Cyborg: Gotcha!

Billy: Is that a fact?

(In no time, he has created enough clones of himself to form a pile that reaches all the way to the rooftops and beyond. The sheer combined tonnage is too much even for Cyborg; his knees buckle and he collapses under the horde of Billys. Elsewhere, Raven backs up in midair and fires off a spell that levitates a dumpster from its spot in an alley. This is swung around and chucked at a Billy trio, which becomes a sextet to catch it easily and return it with equal force.)

Billys: Right back at you!

(Close-up of her on the end of this. She gets off one wide-eyed gasp before being smashed down to the street. Meanwhile, the other four Titans, Beast Boy back in human form, back up toward each other, stopping near the dumpster as Raven bucks it away. Overhead view of the area; they are gathered on the sidewalk, hemmed in by the buildings and a thick ring of Billys. Cut to a few of these.)

Billy 1: Well, this here has been a humdinger, y'all--

Billy 2: --But it's time for old Billy to split!

(The entire crowd clears out in less time than it takes to say "xerography," leaving five confused Titans alone in the street.)

Beast Boy: Which way'd they go?

Cyborg: Not "they," "he."

Robin: The original Billy is long gone--

(Ground level, panning away from his feet down the block a bit; Billy has hit not only the jewelry store seen at the end of Act One, but the neighboring electronics store as well.)

Robin: (from o.c.) --with all the loot. (Cut to the others.)

Cyborg: Come on. We're wasting time.

(Scene transition, as of a second hand sweeping around the screen, to a stretch of the moonlit Jump City skyline. Tilt down to frame the Titans' favorite pizza joint at the end of the block; the T-Car roars up the hill away from it, and the camera cuts to one very grim-faced bionic hero at the wheel. A street-level shot shows him now somewhere else in the urban center, and the next cut brings Raven into view, floating through a warehouse and on the lookout. Now we see Starfire in flight above the city; as she works her way down the block, something zips across the street below her. A close-up shows it as Beast Boy, now a leopard sprinting past Cook's Electronics. Cut to roof level and pan to keep Robin in view as he races from one to the next, leaping across the gaps with ease. There is no sign of Billy throughout this entire sequence.)

(After Robin has passed out of view, the camera tilts down to ground level and all five Titans trudge/float over a hill and into view. Beast Boy has resumed human form. Close-up of Starfire, who yawns widely and is so exhausted that she does not notice the lamppost in her path; she runs into its light and bends the whole thing double, all the way to the ground, before conking out. This brings the others up short to look back at her, whereupon she bends the light over to use as a pillow and begins to snore. The camera tilts to point straight up into the sky, her Z's following it, as the others lean into view.)

Raven: Um, is she okay?

Robin: She's just tired. (Pull back out of the huddle.)

Beast Boy: Well, she's not the only one. If I don't go to sleep before sunrise, it seriously messes with my afternoon nap.

(On the end of this, he points out the dark circles that have formed under his eyes due to fatigue. The other three Titans who are still on their feet cast worried looks down at Starfire, now dead to the world. Close-up of Robin.)

Robin: Even if we did find Billy tonight, we'd be in no condition to fight him. We need to rest.

Cyborg: (from o.c.) No thanks. (Pan to him.) I'm not letting some hillbilly human copy machine throw me off my whole schedule for tomorrow. I've got the Maximum. I can keep going. (This concerns Robin and Beast Boy.)

Robin: Just don't push yourself too hard.

(Cyborg nods determinedly. Cut to a from-the-ground view of the block; a Raven-generated energy platform rises up and away, ferrying all but Cyborg toward home. After they have gone, tilt down to him, alone in the quiet streets. He takes a few steps, then stops for a good yawn and stretch before checking his forearm panel. It seems that he, too, is running out of steam at long last.)

Cyborg: Come on, Cyborg. You don't have time to be tired.

(Close-up of the panel, which shows five fluctuating bar-graph readouts labeled "Emotion," "Recreation," "Appetite, "Sleep," and "Max-7.")

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Maybe the Max-7 just needs a little more juice. (Pull back to frame him.) Hmm...already drawing all the power I can spare. Unless...

(He taps a button, stabilizing the first three graphs, draining "Sleep," and diverting its power into "Max-7." All his circuits flare up, just as they did when he installed the chip, and his voice perks up.)

Cyborg: Sleep's a waste of time, anyway.

(The panel now shows a map of Jump City, on which a certain spot is marked with a flashing red arrow-Billy's location. Seeing it makes Cyborg grit his teeth in renewed determination. Cut to an ATM's smashed front panel lying on the sidewalk; money is scattered all around, and the multiplying thief's feet are planted nearby while a full sack of cash hangs down in view. A few more bills flutter down as the camera tilts up to frame all of him, dipping into the machine's till and laughing crazily to himself. In close-up, his face goes slack upon hearing something power up close by.)

Billy: Huh?

(He turns to look over his shoulder; the movement exposes Cyborg standing directly behind him. Left and right hands have both been replaced by energized sonic cannons, which he fires in a blinding double-barreled blast. The robber dives for the concrete and just barely avoids being blown to smithereens, but the ATM is not so lucky. The shot throws up a dense curtain of smoke, which clears to show the remains of the cash dispenser and no trace of Billy. Cyborg, his mind absolutely blown by this failure to hit a target at point-blank range, lowers and deactivates his weapons. The sound of Billy's laughter draws his attention, and the camera shifts to point down the street at the fleeing felon.)

(Cyborg races off after Billy, who triples himself and goes in three different directions. The split leaves the Titan momentarily at a loss.)

Cyborg: Huh?

(He looks back and forth and does not immediately notice the honking big rig that rolls up fast behind him. When it finally registers in his brain, he whirls around, gets a brief flash of Billy at the wheel, and has barely enough time for one panicked yell before taking a hit that launches him high over the street. The truck zooms down the block as he crashes down hard; as soon as he lifts his head, he finds the back doors open and three more Billys grinning at him among the hijacked shipment items within. A little wave from one of them spurs Cyborg into working his forearm panel and diverting the juice in "Hunger" over to "Max-7.")

[Animation goof: In this shot, "Recreation" has become "Fun," while "Appetite" is now "Hunger." "Sleep" is gone, but that is understandable since it has been drained.]

(Cut to a close-up of a load of gold bullion and tilt up to show it as one of several within a bank vault whose door stands open. Several Billys are here, having broken in to go over their daily withdrawal limit; they finish loading their sacks and head out only to stop short when Cyborg's foot plants itself near the door. Again the sound of his charging weapon is heard.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Freeze!

(Pull back; he has both cannons ready to fire, and the Billys drop the gold and reach for the sky. In close-up, a hand taps his shoulder.)

Cyborg: Huh?

(He looks that way, the camera panning to show two more who have managed to sneak up on him. One has dragged out a fire hose that is about to burst from the water pressure; cut to an extreme close-up of the nozzle as he opens the valve, then to Cyborg's face. He voices a small gasp of surprise before being driven, yelling, across the vault by a high-velocity stream; it then subsides to leave him tumbling down to the floor. When he stands up, spitting out water and growling in frustration, he finds that the vault is now bare of bullion and Billys alike. A tap at the forearm reroutes power from "Fun" to "Max-7," leaving the former graph empty. "Hunger" has vanished, being entirely drained.)

(Cut to an empty stretch of road and pull back. Headlights and a screech of tires mark a car's approach from a side street; here come not one but three of them, after which the camera cuts to another row of cars as they peel out. Each is driven by a Billy, now grand theft auto is the crime of the hour, and the camera cuts to inside one of them. Sacks of cash are in the back seat, and in short order Cyborg leaps down into the headlights' glare.)

(Out in the street; he throws his full weight against the front bumper and digs in his heels, bringing the hot car to a stop at last. A little way down, the T-Car screeches into view and stops, showing a knot of Billys inside.)

Billy: Howdy, Bubba! How do you like my new wheels? (Laughter.)

Cyborg: My car!

(He lets go of the one he has stopped and runs off after his own, which leaves him in its dust, and then the robber peels out as well. In seconds, he is the only one in the street; gritting his teeth in pure fury, he throws a punch at a nearby lamppost and bends it quite badly before turning to the forearm panel once again. This time, "Emotion" drains in favor of "Max-7," boosting it to full capacity; now the empty "Fun" bar is gone. Extreme close-up of his eye implant, showing a pupil that gets washed out as the red light blazes its brightest so far in this episode.)

(Cut to the exterior of the Tower. It is now the following morning.)

Robin: (from inside, sighing contentedly) Looks like a good day to catch Billy.

(Inside the operations center, the door opens to admit him, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire.)

Beast Boy: Um, has anybody seen... (All stop short, surprised.) ...Cyborg?

(Cut to behind them, showing a spaghetti tangle of cables on the floor, and tilt up to the sound of a computer in top gear. Cyborg sits at one of the consoles; the wires connect him to two others, and a detailed map of Jump City is projected on the window/screen. His fingers fly on the keys as he switches his level, unsmiling gaze between this display and the small one on the console. A series of quick pans across the big map shows one spot after another lighting up with red arrows, after which we see an extreme close-up of Cyborg's wooden face. Pan slightly to bring the other four into view behind him, smiling hopefully and waiting for a reaction, but none is immediately forthcoming. Finally, Starfire breaks the silence.)

Starfire: Friend! Did you not have any of the sleep?

(His voice retains something of its normal tone, but with a robot-like quality overlaid-underscoring the changes wrought in him by the Maximum-7.)

Cyborg: Sleep is no longer required.

(Huge question mark above four very surprised faces, after which the camera cuts to an extreme close-up of one marked spot; the park. Pull back; the newly minted insomniac unplugs a cable from the back of his head and turns around.)

Cyborg: Billy Numerous.

(He walks evenly past the foursome rather than charging out with his usual enthusiasm, leaving them to stare uncomprehendingly at his back. Wipe to a close-up of a broken padlock and chain lying in the grass, then pull back to show it in front of a bicycle rack in the park. The snapped links and empty slots give away the handiwork of a well-prepared thief-one guess who. Cyborg's shadow extends into view toward the hardware; cut to him.)

Cyborg: He was here.

(Radar and satellite dishes extend from his shoulders and begin to scan the area as Robin and Raven make the scene.)

Cyborg: Find him. (Beast Boy and Starfire arrive; he starts to head out.)

Robin: Cyborg, it's great that you're working so hard, but...I think there may be something wrong.

Raven: You just don't seem like...you.

Starfire: Your joyful smile is gone, you have ceased the "boo-yah"s...

Beast Boy: ...And you haven't made a joke all day. You're totally Cy-boring. (Cyborg stops.)

Cyborg: I deleted my sense of humor to power the Maximum.

(He turns on his heel and strides off, all his faculties bent on accomplishing the one goal that has taken over his life.)

Beast Boy: You know, Cyborg's always had chips for brains, but he's turning into the one thing I never thought he could be.

Raven: What's that?

Beast Boy: A robot.

(Cut to an overhead view of a canal in Jump City; the traffic-jammed ends of a bridge jut from the banks, but only the caissons supporting it are visible in the water. It is now nighttime, and the camera rotates to point over the skyline. The missing bridge is seen here, and it begins to move slowly along as the sound of many marching footsteps asserts itself. A roof-level pan keeps the structure in view while the clomping grows steadily; in the street, a crowd gasps in shock, watching the span proceed slowly through an intersection. Cut to a view of the roadbed from below and tilt down to the sound of Billy's nasty chuckling multiplied a thousandfold; he has created an army of duplicates who are carrying the span away.)

Billys: Whoo-hoo! Yee-ha!

(Beast Boy, as a pterodactyl, hauls Robin toward the low-speed getaway, while the two girls bring up the rear.)

Robin: Numerous! What are you doing? (They reach the street; many other Billys are waiting.)

Billy: Nothin', and if y'all believe that, I got a bridge to sell you!

(The gang looks, puzzled, off into the distance; the four Titans do likewise, and a dust cloud races toward them all from the horizon. It resolves into Cyborg, the shoulder radar/satellite dishes retracted, all his circuits blazing, his face frozen into a soulless, single-minded glare. He flashes down the street, leaping from one vehicle to another before going up for one superhuman bound. With a savage yell, he brings out his usual, right-arm cannon and powers it up to a degree not seen at any point in the series so far; the fingers spreading out around the muzzle, at which a blinding glare gathers as the Billys stare dumbstruck.)

(Cut to a quick rove through the Titan's crackling circuitry, starting at the Maximum-7 and finally pulling out through the pupil of his narrowed eye implant. The sparks and overloads have spread throughout his entire body, and his attempt to fire the super cannon trails off into a scream of agony as a spasm pulls his limbs in all directions. After several unbearable seconds, the overload dies away, his circuit lights dim, and the now-inert big man drops out of the sky like a ton of bricks. A camera shift shows just how far the street is below him, but he has shut down entirely and can do nothing to save himself. The crash, when it comes, throws parked vehicles everywhere and scares the daylights out of the other Titans; Beast Boy is back in human form.)

Robin: CYBORG!!

(As all rush toward the spot, the camera tilts down slightly to frame him-flat on his back and apparently ready to have a chalk outline drawn around him. Cut to a close-up, zooming in slowly on his face, and fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: a street jammed with honking traffic and hopelessly confused onlookers. Pull back a bit and cut to a close-up of a BRIDGE OUT sign that has been put up in the roadway, then tilt up to show the canal and the missing bridge just beyond. At an intersection, a pedestrian signal shows the red hand for "don't walk," but the sound of footsteps betrays a jaywalker or several. It is a crew of Billys, hauling away a pallet of bullion from the bank they hit in Act Two.)

Billys: Whoo-hoo!

(Laughter as the camera pulls back to show other squads making off with various ill-gotten gains, including a few cars, safes, and even an elephant. One of them, guitar in hand, stands atop a truck as others empty the cargo; he speaks next.)

Billy: Attaboy, Billy! Steal it all! Cain't nobody stop you! Yee-ha!

(Dissolve to an extreme close-up of Cyborg's dark eye implant, which comes back to life as the camera pulls back to frame more of his face. He groans weakly, whereupon the camera cuts to his still-blurry perspective of Robin standing over him. When the image is back in focus, pull back to frame both in the room that served as his holding cell in "Crash." He is laid out on the inclined table, and he begins to sound like himself again.)

Cyborg: (rubbing his head) Huh? (He raises his head.) Did we stop Numerous?

Robin: (reprovingly) No. We had to break off the attack to take care of you.

(Pan across the room to bring the other three into view among the stacks of instruction manuals that came with the Maximum-7. Starfire is reading one of them, while the thought balloon over Beast Boy's head shows the step-by-step origami he is doing with another on the floor.)

Raven: We're actually reading the instructions.

Starfire: This microchip was indeed compatible with all of your systems.

(The green goof-off has made a hat, which he plunks on his head as the balloon evaporates.)

Robin: (as Cyborg gets up) But when you started shutting those systems down to feed the Maximum, (Cut to Cyborg; he continues o.c.) your core operating hardware was stressed beyond its limits.

(Back to Robin, who holds up the chip as he continues.)

Robin: To save your life, we had to remove it from your brain.

(Extreme close-up of it as he holds it higher, putting Cyborg slightly out of focus. The latter is understandably put out, the focus shifting to him.)

Cyborg: But...how am I supposed to beat Billy without the Max-7? (Pull back to frame both.) I could barely keep up with him before. (Beast Boy stands up, still wearing the hat.)

Beast Boy: Maybe you don't need to keep up with him. I can turn into the biggest, strongest, fastest animals on Earth. But you know what, dude? Sometimes, it's best to be a slow, tiny turtle.

(On the end of this, the camera shifts to emphasize his extended left fist, which he uncurls to expose an origami version of this reptile on the palm. The camera then tilts up to frame his beaming face.)

Raven: (crosses behind Beast Boy) That would have been a lot more profound without the hat.

(Beast Boy throws a dirty look in her direction, but Cyborg has taken the lesson to heart with a smile. Cut to the exterior of the old stadium in which he and Atlas slugged it out in "Only Human"; one Billy rides a motorcycle into view toward it, with a second one in the sidecar.)

Billy: Yee-ha!

(They race up the steps. Cut to an overhead shot of the clock above the main entrance and move in past it to show the field, now littered with all the goodies swiped by the army of thieves, including the bridge. They are milling around among the loot. Cut to the upper levels of a pile of double-wide trailers and tilt down to show a cookout going on in front. One Billy mans the grill, while three others are lined up with plates in hand. As the cook starts to serve it up, cut to another Billy decked out in a sombrero and poncho, both festooned with division signs.)

Billy 1: (laughs and pulls off the sombrero) Hey, Billy!

(Pull back. He is standing atop one of many large safes, and the stolen elephant from the intersection plods past on the next line; it wears a "VOTE 4 BILLY" banner and has several others on its back.)

Billy 1: Look at this here funny Mexican hat I stole!

(Pan to follow the pachyderm past a convertible, filled with straw and its top down; another Billy lounges in the pile. One of the elephant riders speaks next.)

Billy 2: Olé, Billy! You're a good man.

Billy 3: (in a car) And a really good thief.

(Yet another one stands in a circle of full-length mirrors to admire himself from all angles.)

Billy 4: Not to mention one heck of a good-looking feller, Billy. (He does a little flexing and laughs.) Aw, Billy.

(More laughter, which is cut off by the next voice he hears.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Yo, Billy!

(The bridge is behind this one; he turns in a hurry to look, and the camera tilts up and zooms in to show the big man standing on it.)

Cyborg: Quit talking to yourself!

(His smirk is met by those of the entire multitude.)

Billy 1: One against one hundred? (Tilt up to frame others.)

Billy 2: (in the distance) Hundred? (Brief silence; cut to him.) You're all dumber than I thought!

Robin: (from o.c.) Well, if one's not enough...

(Cut to the stonework above the main entrance, where Robin stands, along with four copies of himself. The one who speaks is the only one with a fighting staff over his shoulder.)

Robin: ...how about five? (Quick pan to five Starfires.)

Starfire: Or ten? (To four Ravens; tilt up to a fifth floating above.)

Raven: Fifteen! (Cut to four Beast Boys on a ledge; one more joins them. None wears the origami hat.)

Beast Boy: Twenty!

(Cut to a pan through the flummoxed throng of Billys.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Thirty!

Starfire: (from o.c.) Forty!

Robin: (from o.c.) Fifty!

(Overhead view of the stadium, pulling back into the sky.)

Titans: (from inside) ONE HUNDRED! (Back to some of the Billys on a huge pile of loot.)

Billy: Well, butter my backside and call me a biscuit. (He jumps down.) Looks like somebody's done figured a way to duplicate my duplication powers.

(The Robins now fill an entire section of the stadium, but still only one has a staff out. Pan slowly through them, then cut to another section packed with Ravens. Clones of Starfire float above the end zone, those of Beast Boy are in front of the press box, and a field-level pan shows a backfield full of Cyborgs. Back to Billy.)

Billy: Y'all may have copied a copier, but you'll never be as good as the original! Yee-ha! (A massed charge.)

Robin: (from o.c.) Titans! Go!

(Starbolts flash down among the gang, scattering them everywhere as the Starfires and Ravens swoop down. Cyborg's contingent races up the field, with a bunch of Billys in hot pursuit.)

Billy: Get 'em!

(The chase snakes among the collections of stolen goods, but a Starfire cuts it short by descending to block the Billys and hurling a double starbolt that blasts several off their perch. They scatter in all directions and leap easily up a stack of trailers. Several of the Robins charge after them, followed by a singleton bringing up the rear, but a few Billys sneak up on this one. Their attempt at a flying tackle wipes out when the spiky-haired Titan jumps away; he pulls out his staff, extends it farther than he ever has before, and takes all but one with a massive 360-degree roundhouse. The survivor dodges the next swing and copies himself enough times to surround the swinger all over again. An overhead twirl, another hyper-extended full-circle strike, and the dust clears to show the enemies flat on their faces and a grim, masked countenance over them.)

(Now he plants one end of the staff in the dirt and, as the half-supine Billys stare dumbfounded, vaults himself up past the nosebleed seating levels. A flock of birds scatters into the air while he comes down on top of the wall and retracts the shaft to its "normal" fighting length. He then jumps over the edge and is pursued by a horde of Billys, but one of them is suddenly caught up in a bubble of Raven's powers and she flies over. His teeth-gritted snarl is met by a set of gray grimaces and double-bullhorn finger gestures. Rapidly copying himself, he tries to puncture the barrier but cannot do so; it just stretches to hold all of him and a satisfied half-smile comes over one of the Ravens' hooded faces as she winds down. The black bubble crackles and disintegrates leaving dozens of Billys suspended in midair.)

Billys: Huh?

(Gravity does its usual job, and they plummet screaming to land in a colossal pile of stuffed animals near the bridge. A single Cyborg stands there with arms crossed and a very self-satisfied expression. Now the Beast Boys run downfield, pursued by a handful of villains, and stop short when another Billy puts himself in his path and produces a swarm of replicas. The green teens split up; two of them are quickly cut off by a brand-new clone gang, but one dives out and the other becomes a flying squirrel to avoid being tackled. The rodent races along and resumes human form as the other pops up, sticks his tongue out at the Billys, and dives away again.)

(The chase is on again, one Beast Boy ducking away while the other leaps up onto a support column with a Billy on his tail. Within seconds, a few dozen have assembled and formed a human totem pole to get closer; once they reach an elevated platform, they create a bridge so several others can run up the body of a huge observatory telescope. A couple of tackle attempts fail thanks to some fleet-footed sidesteps, but one Billy puts himself at the top of the slope and laughs. For the moment, this Beast Boy has nowhere to go; the interloper jumps down, doubling himself and setting up a clothesline sweep at the neck, but it hits nothing and the Titan slithers back up as a snake.)

(The double Billy slides back down, having put himself back together again, and gets up just in time to see the reptile hide behind the eyepiece a the upper end.)

Billy: Hey, Billy! I got one!

(An instant later, he finds a very angry green tiger snarling down at him; a sweat drop pops out on the back of his head and he runs screaming downhill. All the Billys who took part in the chase flee before the jungle cat as another one reaches the summit of a mound of loot.)

Billy: Nobody, but nobody outnumbers Billy Numerous!

(He tries to duplicate himself, but the two new selves end up stuck together after splitting from head to waist. The two heads trade a panicked look.)

Billy 1 and Billy 2: Uh-oh.

(He has finally reached the limit of his replication abilities, it seems. The two torsos are slammed back to one body, which begins to jerk violently back and forth as other copies ram into him and reincorporate themselves. His eyes jitter uncontrollably, the hits from his alter egos continuing at all angles, and the ones menacing a Beast Boy leave him alone in short order. Ravens fly past Starfires, from whom the camera tilts down to frame more clones in full retreat, and a long shot of the stolen booty shows a brilliant light emanating from the peak as the uncountable Billys return to the source. His yell of agony is heard from within; close-up of his face, which disappears in a blinding flash that clears to show a long overhead shot of the stadium. The glare expands to white out the screen.)

(Fade in to a ground-level view of the smoking field. The view finally clears to show only the original Billy, groaning woozily and collapsing to the turf while fumes rise from him. Close-up.)

Billy: Aw, dang.

(A green-gloved hand lands on his shoulder; pull back to show it as belonging to the one Robin who has used his staff in this free-for-all. The others are ranged behind him as he twirls it.)

Robin: (retracts his staff) Holograms worked like a charm, Cyborg! (Cut to frame him, still on the bridge.)

Cyborg: I heard that! (taps his forearm panel) We brought down Billy, and I didn't even have to move.

(Close-up of the panel, headed "HOL SMM UIL8"; he switches it from ON to OFF, and all over the field, flashes of light mark the disappearance of the spare Titan images he has generated as decoys. He jumps down to the field and walks through his own vanishing clones; the extra Robins go, then the Starfires and Ravens, and finally, the Beast Boys as each genuine Titan heads in. Beast Boy has returned to human form.)

Beast Boy: Dude, turtles know wassup.

(The deflated human mimeograph is hauled to his feet as the other Titans reach the scene.)

Cyborg: Boo-yah! (rubs his hands eagerly) Now, what should we do with the rest of this beautiful day? Go fishing? Pig out on ice cream? Hang in the new game room?

(Sight gag: on the end of this line, the other four slip up close to glare, snarling, over his shoulders as flames lick up behind them. A vein throbs on Raven's forehead briefly before he takes notice of them and the gag ends.)

Cyborg: Actually, (Close-up of his face, zooming in.) I know exactly what I want to do.

(Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower, quiet and still under the moonlit sky. Zoom in slowly and dissolve to the same picture-covered stretch of wall in Cyborg's room seen in the prologue. Pan slowly along it to bring more photos into view, fishing with Robin; chomping a huge burger as Raven and Starfire gape in awe; dancing with Jinx, as briefly mentioned in "Deception", and dissolve to a close-up of the bedside computer console. From here, cut to a close-up of his legs, stretched out on the inclined table, and pan to the head end as his snores are heard. Having put in a full day's work and then some, he is sleeping so soundly that an artillery bombardment would stand little or no chance of waking him up. Fade to black.)

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