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Open Season 2 Open Season: Scared Silly

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Whoo-hoo! One day to guys' trip! Hey, Boog! When are you gonna bring your fine self down here to fix up our habitat, huh? Just as soon as I finish helpin' Reilly with the dam. [Tree pulled] [Tree thrown] There we go. You all set for tomorrow? It's gonna be awesome! Sorry, Boog.  I gotta build this dam. No guys' trip for me. What? No guys' trip? No guys' trip?! Have you lost your mind?! I gotta finish this or O'Grady will tan my hide. Yeah. That's okay, it's cool. We'll think about you while we're makin' s'mores and talkin' trash. I'm not sure that you can fit in there, jerky!

Boog: Hey, I don't know. Maybe the whole batch?

McSquizzy: All right, ya troops! Let 'em fly! - Oy! [Throwing acorns] Hey, you need anything else, just let me know. We gotta get on the road bright and early tomorrow, baby. Uh, about that, Boog. I got a wee problem. With all the new kids, I'm not done collecting me nuts. Believe me, lad. I'd rather be skittlin' with you, than gettin' my minds with these boffin goons. Yeah. Right. - Ian! Guys' trip? - No can do, Booger! I got too many... responsibilities. No problem. - Buddy? - Sorry, Boog. Great. Serge, Deni? Let me guess. Oui! Uh, we cannot go suddenly. That's what I thought. That's okay. At least I've got Elliot. He won't let me down. It'll be like old times. Me and him. The original partners. Shh. Quiet. Koo-koo! Koo-koo! [Laughing] Gisela! Giselita! I was just lookin' for your dad! Shh. Rabbit fight, huh? Yeah, count me in. Where's your little bro? They'll never find me here.

Elliot: All right, let's see. Where to hide? Ahhh, X marks the spot! [Tree hit] [Yelling, and bumped] - Got you! - Gotcha! You're out! You gotta work on the landing. Great game, dad. Yeah, great game, you guys. That was awesome. All right, when your mother asks, we'll say I lost for protecting you from a wild boar. Huh? And a sidekick ferret. Ah ha ha ha! Mom's gonna kill you! I was attacked by a ferret. - No you weren't!  - Dad. Stop telling Elvis to lie. Mom says you're not supposed to do that. That wasn't a lie! It was uh, it was a reverse! A stretch of a non-actual... Boog, buddy, back me up here. Just tell the truth. It's the only way to roll. Exactly what I was saying. And stay in school. And don't talk to strangers and never run with scissors. So Boogster, you wanna take the kids fishing? Actually, Elliot. - I'm kinda gettin' ready for guys'--  - I see where you're going with this. It's time to teach survival skills. - I was hoping to. - Grab a baseball. - Well I.. - Acupuncture? Origami? - Elliot. Elliot. - Yoga? Sumo wrestling? - Elliot! - Pods. What happened to pods, right? - Elliot! - I tell you what. Just take them. Do whatever you want. I'm tryin' to get ready for guys' trip! Oh, yeah! So are you definitely goin'? - How could I miss it? - Yeah, I knew I could count on you. Elliot! Remember to tell Boog that you can't go on guys' trip. I meant to say I have to babysit the kids. 'Cause Giselle's going to see her mother. "That's okay, E. Don't sweat it. You've got family obligations. And sometimes, you've gotta cancel." Sometimes? Don't you mean always? How long have you known about this? - Two weeks? - Two weeks? Oh, just forget it. - I don't know why I even bother. - Boog! Oh, he'll get over it. Just like he did when I cancelled the fishing trip. I guess rabbit fight's over. Pretty much. Mother! I was attacked by a ferret! I guess me and Elliot ain't as tight as I thought we were. Oh, hey. You're not gonna cancel on me, too, are you?  'Cause bears gotta stick together. You know what I like about you, Dinkleman? You're always there when I need you. And don't worry. We're gonna have a blast tomorrow. This'll be the best guys' trip ever. You'll see! Elliot. Three meals a day. And everyone in bed by sunset. I know. And make sure to apologize to Boog when he gets back. - Okay? - For what? For some things you said yesterday. And for some things you forgot to say two weeks ago? Kids. Keep an eye on your dad. - Bye, Mom! - We love you! - Safe journey! - Have fun! Have fun with the old dadillacs. What was that, Elliot? I love you. - Say hi to your mother for me. - I will. What are we gonna do first, hmm? Father? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? Father? Don't worry, kids. I've got a tons of things planned. Right. When does Uncle Boog get back again?

Boog: [Panting] it's gonna be fun! Then he realized, that his best one horn friend in the world had abandoned him. And worse than that? All that was left on his hand was. A hook! [Screaming] This is very fun. Well, I guess it could be worse. [Thunder rumbled] [Raining] [Lighting strike] [Lighting strike] Who am I kiddin'? This whole thing was a bad idea. It's not a guys' trip with only one guy? I mean. It's not like I changed? He's the one who changed. He's the one who flakes all the time.

But he has a family. You have to be more understanding. Yeah. Understandin' my butt! You're better off without that under privileged broken horn plan canceller.  But you guys are partners. Partners? Who cares, baby? That deer ain't got nothin' on us. Yeah! You know you right! You know what would be great to eat just about now? Another Woo-Hoo bar. And I know just the place to get it. Beautiful. Now all we need are the balloons and you'll be ready to go! Don't worry, baby. I'll never let anything happen to you, ever again.

Boog: Hello. Ladies! Don't you all love my finest evenin'? Hooty-O's? Hoo-Hoo! Coco Dingbats. My favorite! Honey? Now that's more like it. There you go, buddy. Don't worry. Nobody's drivin'. Hey, rabbit! You ain't leavin' 'til you eat those Coco Dingbats. This is the best guys' trip ever! Me and Dinkleman agree with you a hundred percent! Rabbit loves Dinkleman. Dinkleman loves rabbit. What's that, Dink? Can't go on guys' trip 'cause you're married? Ha ha ha!  No deer on guys' trip. Bla bla bla guys' trip. Dink? We gotta go somewhere where folks don't let us down. Place where we fit in. A real home. Wow. A place like that. With other bears who totally get us. If only we knew what that was. Wait a minute. A place where no one lets you down. You stay here, rabbit. Keep your eye on the stash. Doug. Why do you always let me down? Circus in two days. You could at least pretend to care. Oh, was I supposed to catch you? [Door slammed] How classy. Rehearsals over! I'm tellin' you, Alistair. One of these days, I'm gonna give that diva a piece of my mind. I'm sure you will. I mean. Back where I came from--  I know. The zoo. No.. No.. No... For the last time. It's the Wild Animal Park. There's a difference, you know? Anyway. When I was in the Wild Animal Park. No one treated me like that. All the animals worshiped me. There was one grizzly. One king of the jungle. Me. Oh... See.... Just as soon as we get out of here. We're gonna find a place just like that. And I won't forget your help. I'll be king. And you'll be. Well, we'll find somethin' for you to be. - Huh? - Okay, here's the plan. You lift the car and we'll both squeeze through it. Go on. Give it a try. You want me to pull something? Have I ever done you wrong before? Hmm...  [Panting] [Fallen] You promise to take me with you? Of course I will. - You're the Yin to my--  - Yang. What? No! What kind of word is Yang? I was thinkin' more like you're the 'Yin' to help me get 'Yout'! Now let's hurry up before someone sees us. Come on. What are you waiting for? A little help? Please? Now you're supervising, that's good. You want something done? You gotta do it yourself. [Panting] Too heavy! Doug! Ssshh. Someone will hear you. Yeah, I know. We need another set of arms. Hey, I'm upset too. You can't take this on personal? We all have our limitations? Oh, hey! That wheel's on your hoof. Doesn't that hurt? Now where were we? Oh yeah. We need another set of arms. Question is. Where to find it? Protect me! What in the world? Ho! Another grizzly in the flesh! You don't know how long I've waited for this day. Yo, you got some kind of thing going out of your neck.

Doug: I know. It's called Alistair. Hola! Comme es ta? What do you want, bear? The name's, Boog. Man! Another grizzly? This will be so great! We'll go fishing, have rabbit fights. Be best friends! Wow. Oh-ho! She's here too? Hold up. Are you talking about Ursa? She's difficult to catch. Bear-vana? Listen Boog. We're busy here. Go back to where you came from, okay? Back where I came from? Back there. I'm the only bear. - The only bear? - Yeah. - All the other animals? They. - Worship you? What? Oh yeah, that sounds fantastic. Didn't you hear me? I said I'm the only bear. You must be so lonely. The only lonely bear. That's very sad. I promise I wouldn't do this but. Right. Right. Sounds terrible. - I'm fighting this one. - Give me just a second. What are you doing? Don't you see this is our chance? We get the bear to help us move the carts and we're out of here! But the circus will miss us! They'll send a search party! You're right. I'll go. - But you. But you. - Trust me. I got it all figured out. Listen, Boog. You and me? We're gonna do all those things you talked about. Fishin', campin'. - Oh, and rabbit fights? - Sure! Girls, rabbits, whatever you want. So here's what I'm gonna do for you! I'm gonna find a place where we can all be best friends together. Really? You'd do that for me? In a bear-minute. We're grizzlies Gotta look out for each other. So, here's the thing. We gotta swap places so the circus doesn't know I'm gone. But I come back tomorrow night. And you, me, and Ursa, we'll go on a kind of.. - Bears' trip? Sure. Bears' trip. Together. All right! I'm in! Great.  Now hold still for just a second. Keep it down and stop movin'!  Oh, yeah. It's gonna work.  Now what about me? Hey, like you said, if they figure out you're missin', they'll send a search party. Don't worry. I'll bring someone back tomorrow night to swap with you. When I say three, lift as hard as you can. Got it? Got it. One, two, three. [Panting] Eh, you'd better hide that doll so nobody gets suspicious. - What doll? - That one. In your hand. You mean Dinkleman? He ain't no doll! He's my bro! My boy! My BFF!  Hey, so where's that all for only bear place you were talkin' about? You know, just so I make sure I stay away from it. Over the mountain, pass forest and down by the stream.

Doug: Cool! Thanks! See you tomorrow night! So. [Speaking in Spanish]? Hm? When can I meet Ursa? Perhaps it's better to do that in the morning. When you're a little more. Awake. No? I don't know why I'm so tired. Oh.. Si... Could it be the chocolates? So, what are you? - Some kind of Iama? - I'm an Argentinian Carnelian. What's an Argentinian Carnelian? It's a kind of Iama. Nice digs. I just want you to know. That I [Speaking in Spanish] That you came all this way. Just to meet another grizzly. Oh, Mr. Weenie, mommy's going to miss you so much. I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Now remember. Play nice with everybody. Ready for your third dinner? Yumm. Mommy and Bob are going to look for Bigfoot, okay, sugar plum? Remember, Mommy loves you! Wow! Is she always like this? Yeah, but it's not so bad. Mein friends! It's so good to see you all! - Hey, you too! - You look great!  Weenie! It's been ages! Stinky foot! Why?Who is our new friend? I'd like you to meet Nate. Nate, meet Mr. Weenie. He's the strong, silent type. You! Are trying my patience! Come on! Work you! Work! Work! Work! - Was he...? -Yeah? - Nine? - Yeah? - Nine? -Yeah. - You know, some animals are much kinder once they've been. - Fixed! Oh. Hi. Mr. Weenie. Come and sit with me. We can watch the television together. He's not still mad at me, is he? I think his angry days are behind him, if you know what I mean. One night only! The great Maslova Family Circus! Hey! That's Boog! I don't remember Boog's fur being so light and spiky like that. Listen, I know Boog as 'Zat' guy Boog! Wow, if that is Boog, he sure looks terrible. Of course he looks terrible! They're trying to kill him! This is horrible! Look out, Boog! Poor Boog. We have to do something! Let's go save him! Oh, I wanna go save him. Oh please, please, please, please. We must hurry! How? Have you noticed? We're in the air stream. There's no way out of here. How are we gonna save him? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? No. But if we climb out of that vent. I could track us to the circus. To save Boog. Yeah, the coast is clear! Keep it moving, keep it moving! Keep it moving. Relax, Fifi. Remember what the vet said about staying calm? You stay calm! With 500 pounds of animal on your back! Nice stitches! Marshmallows? Slightly burned. Mixed with enoki. Robust poop! What's with you always with the poop? Ah-ha! The circus! This way! I'm okay. I'm okay. Come on. Who's up for a rabbit fight? Can't we wait for uncle Boog to get back? He was supposed to be home last night. Yeah! Do you think he's still mad at you for ditching him on guys' trip? He can stay on guys' trip forever as far as I'm concerned. What does he think? That I can just, you know. Leave the kids alone while Giselle visits the mother-in-law of doom? Hmm?  - Dad. - Children needs constant attention. - You ignore them for one second. - Dad! Come here, Lil' E. No goin' rogue, son. Dad, let's just play, okay? Good idea. We don't need uncle Boog. Rabbit fights are way more fun without him anyway. You're out!  Gotcha! You're out! Uh, new game? Well, that's enough fun for one day. Now can we wait for Uncle Boog to come back? Boog, Boog, Boog!  From now on, we will no longer mention his name!  Okay... so... what do you wanna play next? Well, how about a game of. Shrub.. Jump? Diving? Where we jump into the nearest shrub. And, uh... come on Elvis, I'll show you. Dad! No! That's poison ivy! It's part of the game. Whoever scratches first... loses! I win!  Ooh, that has gotta hurt. Well played, Lil' E. Okay, who's hungry? Dad. We need Uncle B--  I mean. We need someone taller to reach a branch that high. - Not so. Who knows more about getting honey than a deer, huh? Come here, Lil' E. Spine so frail. Dad? Quiet, Gisela. The slightest sound could wake the bees. Bees! At least getting stung will take his mind off the itching. Yeah. Hey! Keep it down! Too much chocolate. Hey, why did you do that? Just hold still. Give a little poof over here. A tease over there. A pull, a tug. A comb. Wow! [Speaking in Spanish] Get a camera, because you are. Perfecto! The spitting image. They will never know the difference. Now, let us go dance. Doug is here everybody! Remember what they say about not talking. If you don't have something nice to say? Wow. She's beautiful. I see what's going on here. What are you talking about? Nothing's going on here. Okay. I'm serious. Hm-hm? Hey, I'm just happy to meet another grizzly. That's all. Whatever you say. Tiger. Show me your strength. So uh... Hey, Ursa. - I thought I'd introduce myself, because you know. - Doug? Why is voice low? Are you again. To be sick? Oh! Um. - I'm not actually. -You'd better not be. No! I mean, um.. Hey! Watch it with that stick, little dude! Come on, Doug. Arms up! Why must we go through this everyday? A little bribe, perhaps? It's chocolate! You love chocolate. - Come on, arms up! - Please. Now, we are ready. Let's begin. Right foot up! Left foot up! - Slower. - Faster. Jump! Squat leg! Hey! Oh! Oh! Ahhh! - Stop! - Wildly bear! Hit it! Wow. You can really move. You ready? Hey, I was born ready, baby. Wait, I'm not. I'm not ready for. [Sound of cat] Why can't you just once be there when I need you? Oh wait! Ursa, let me explain. - I'm not. - Doug! I don't want excuses. Maybe if you just. Cut the lift. - That's all. - No, wait! I could've caught you. It's just that I'm not. - Doug. Thanks a lot! -Yeah, thanks Doug, okay? He only thinks all about himself. - Listen, I'm not. - Doug. That was worse than yesterday. Oh, wait! Ursa. Uh.. Give her some time to cool down maybe, okay? But I have to tell her who I really am. There will gonna be plenty of time for that. When we are all living in Bear-vana. Trust me. If there is one thing I know. It is women. And. Musical theater. But that is not important right now. What is important. Is that women. Do not like to be rushed. Look, Alistair buddy. I wait in here until Doug is back at sunset And everything is gonna be fine. All right, Alistair. If you say so. All right ladies, buckle up. - One two three four. - Look, I'm flying!

Doug: This must be the place. Bear-vana. Finally. I'm the only bear. And all the animals are gonna worship me. Just like they did Boog. Boog's back, everybody! - Boog! - Boog! - Thank goodness, he's back! - Yes. - About time. Yeah, I know. It's good to finally be here. You look terrible! And your voice seems worse! Yeah. Complete caca, girl. What are you talking about? My voice is as smooth as silk. Must have been rough out there. Rough? Yeah, it was rough alright. That's why I look terrible. My voice sounds like caca. Now why don't you all run along and fetch me some goodies? Goodies smoothies. Boog! Here. Hold these for a second. How dare you show your face around here? After what you've done? Ohhh... Gotta go polish my horns. Me, too. Me, three. Yeah. Dad. I thought you were going to apologise? Apologise? If anyone should apologise, it's him. To me. For. For. This! And this! Then this! Well? Uh .... The silent treatment. Well, I too can play at that game. Only I'm not playing. I was fine before I met you. Oh, sure, I was tied to the hood of the car. Sorry uncle Boog. Dad hasn't been the same since you've been gone. Now look at me. A pathetic shell. And all because of you! - Uh. - It's too late now, Boog. This deer. Has sailed. Sorry uncle Boog. I hope you guys can work things out. Dad! We're all glad you're back, uncle Boog! That is one seriously messed up deer. Ooh. That's better. Good to be myself again. Time to hit the road. Doug? He's not coming back. Give him a chance. It's still early. Besides, he's a grizzly. We're family. It's all a lie. There is no Bear-vana. Come on, Alistair. He'll be back. Grizzlies hate each other. It's in their genes. What are you talking about? Grizzlies don't hate each other. The mens do! They are. [Speaking in Spanish] Doug lied so you would help him escape. And I... I was his partner in crime! In crime! Who have I become? If Doug's not coming back. Then Ursa won't talk to me. What am I doing here? This one goes to my girlfriend. Out on the Pampas. I'm all alone. My heart. Has crushed to nada. I'm all alone. It won't work. Don't bother trying. ??? If you try that. You'll go flying. What are you looking at? Nothing. That was. Well, you were. That was beautiful. You are making fun. No! No! Really! Uh... Listen, Ursa. I know you've got no reason to believe me. But I gotta tell you the truth! I'm not Doug. I'm Boog! You are right. I have no reason to believe you. Look. I never should've come here. I know that now. This was all a big mistake. Why is fur dark? Like I told you. I'm not Doug. I'm Boog. I was just, you know, looking for a place where I belong. So, if you just give me a hand moving one of the carts. I'll be out of your hair. Oh, now I see truth. You want me to help you escape. And ruin circus! - No! - You are pathetic, Doug. No, Ursa, seriously. I just. You twanged? No. Okay, 'cause I thought I heard my name. It doesn't matter. I. Just want you to know that. I am sorry. I really thought Doug was my best friend. That's okay. I suck at picking best friends too. Are we good? You and me? Yeah! We're good. Excellente. I promise I will never tell you I'm coming back when I'm not. And I promise I'll make time for you.. Even when I got a bunch of important things going on. - Amigos? - Yeah! Amigos. Oohh. This is nice. Talking like this. We will do this every night. A kind of. Guys chat. Si? Guys chat? I like that. Good, okay, so... Since you're stuck here. A little advice, okay? The way to a woman's heart. Is through. Her. Art. The circus is coming! How can a circus be coming? A circus is a tent. With posts, stuck in the ground! This is a highway! Oh no! No! Thank you. We made it. Uh. That wasn't easy. - This still doesn't look like a circus. - Strange. It sure smells like it. No! I need those! I need those! I need them! There you go, baby. Just like new. - Hi, how's it going, Stew? - So far so good. I got your balloon order. How could you have been so wrong? I don't know? Maybe it's allergy. Wait a minute. Look in the window! The circus poster will tell us where to find Boog. Quickly! Before we are seen! There you go, baby. Wait 'til you see the super balloon bouquet I whipped up for ya. Nice exploration of negative space. Hurry up! I should be on top! - I should be on the top! - A little closer! - Don't wave! - Nine, a little closer. Ooohhh. Meat Snack. Look, they're colored. It's perfect replacement. I need those. Hey! Stop that! We have been discovered! You just. Hey! Come back here! No! I'm gonna get you! Get back here! Gotcha! Meat Snack! Meat Snack. Come back here! You knew you were going to this guys' trip. For two whole weeks before you told him. Maybe I should go talk to him. Hold it right there, big fella. So you forgot. If he was a real friend. - He'd understand. - You're absolutely right! Boog is a real friend. Your life is a mess without him. By mess you mean awesome! No, I mean mess! - Awesome! - Stop that! - Enough! - Dad? Girls. I was just... not important. So, is it breakfast time again? Lunch? Dinner? Play time? Is it a doe problem? What's a doe problem? Nothing. What's up? Mom always says that if a friend is upset with you, you should try and work things out. You're upset with me? Oh, you're right! I've been a complete failure!  How can you ever forgive me? Uh, we were talking about you and Uncle Boog? You should go talk to him. Or maybe we should go and get Uncle Boog and bring him here. And you're not a complete failure. You're our dad. We love you no matter what. Father? It's okay. All for the takin'. Hey Boog! Can you help me with my diggin'? - Uh. - Can you help me get my wife unstacked from the pine? - What. - Can you help me with my nuts? - I mean - Thought we were gonna mark the perimeter? - Hold on! - What about our habitat? - Yeah! - Hey Boog, can you help me with thing? Do you think dad and uncle Boog will ever forgive each other? What's going to happen if they don't? Enough! Enough! Enough! I'm not your servant! I'm king of the jungle! Well, technically the lion is the king of the jungle. And this is the forest. A jungle tends to be denser and hotter. - Deer! - What? I travel. Fine! Then I'm king of the forest! Either way. Things are gonna change around here. You! Go get me some nice ripped berries. And you two. Find me a good waterfall where I can have a nice soak. And you, Doily! Reilly. Whatever! You and your guys go build me a nice comfortable bed. Up on that hill. Don't you mean in your cave? Oh. Yeah. My cave. Move! Better do what he says. He's gone blarney crackers! He has really lost it. - Yeah. - Could be stress. Big mad bear disease. It could be stupid deer disease. Seriously? Is that going around? Maybe we've all been taking him for granted a little too much. Oh! Hello, girls. How long have you two been standin' there? We just, uh... got here? [Clapping hands] What is that? Some kind of nervous tick? Oh, uh...  Nervous? Who's nervous? What do you girls want? We just wanted to say... how glad we are that you're back! Bye! [Footstep go further] Hey. Perhaps Boog is uh... changing, huh? - That's not it. - We change all the time, huh? Why, just yesterday, Deni, he's in love with foie gras. Then I tell him what it is and he can't talk, he can't sleep. He saved me.  Can you just go and find our mom? Please? I'll be your best friend. All right, all right, you twist my wing. But only because the two of you are so good. Thank you, Serge! - You guys rock! - Deni, follow my tail! What do you think? Your tie is a smart bow tie. Perfecto! Aahh. I see you're sweating. Nervous anticipation. What are you talking about? - I'm not sweating? - Yes, you are. I see a little drop of moisture on your upper brow. Right there. - Hello little sweat. - Yeah, sweat. Right. Nothing to worry! You're gonna knock her out with the real you! She'd be like. Doug! Who is Doug? I'm all about Boog, baby! There is something different about Doug. Looks like someone got a hair brush for birthday. [Playing flute] [Meow] - Still think I'm Doug? - Yes. [Gasping] How about now? What are you trying to prove, Doug? That I'm Boog! Let's try the ladder. Oh, forget it. - Well, can you ride. - Unicycle? Check this out. See? I'm Boog! Look, I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. But once you get to know me. The real me. - You might like me. - Leave me alone! [Music playing] Doug was afraid of heights. If you're really Boog. Why don't you come up here and prove it? Don't give up. Follow her. She wants you to. That's. Pretty high. You're probably right. That impressed a pretty girl. - Hmm. - Just go! One can't help but be moved, no? Wow. Now you believe me? I believed you when you ride the unicycle. Doug couldn't do that either. You mean you made me climb all the way up here for nothing? Not for nothing. You need to be punished for juggling the dog. Huh? Boog. What a nice name. If you want to practice the dance. Meet me outside. You put a girl in grizzly! Cats, tonight, you're gonna play your little whiskers off. And a one and a two. Miaw, miaw, miaw, miaw... Miaw, miaw, miaw, miaw... Miaw, miaw, miaw, miaw... You dance very well, Boog. I practiced. I figured you might trip me or something if I messed up. Me? I would never do that. Yeah, but I might. So you'd better watch yourself. Oh, definitely looking good. You are not like other bears. Why is this? I don't know. Maybe it's because I grew up with humans. Really? Me too! I grew up in circus! Me too! Well. Kinda. I mean, I used to do this show back in Timber Line. It wasn't a whole circus. But I juggled and stuff. You and me. We are not like other grizzlies. We are not like. Anybody else in the world! [Music Playing] Ooh, that was so inspiring. So moving. So. So prof undo. Let us retire to the caravan. For our end of the day talk. We should practice the lift. I'd like that. Come. We will hook. Over to the trailer. Time to share. Like the amigos we are! I pulled something. If just once I could perform the dance. The way it was meant to be. I would never need to perform it again. Boogie! What about the guys chat? Huh? Yeah. Ursa and I need to practice. [Sneering] [Fly flies] [Clapping hands] [Thud the flies] [Clapping hands] [Eat meat] [Clapping hands] [Clapping hands] [Clapping hands] [Clapping hands] Doily! Make sure you get that spot right by my third Ooh! Yeah! That's it! Sorry, Boogster. Just a little cramp at my neck. Seriously? Six pack, take some pride in your work! Any chance we can take a little break? A break? You all just had a break. Like. Six hours ago. What is going on here? Giselle! Thank goodness! You're back! Now you can vent him. Excellent! Re-enforcements. You two! Go get me some more berries. And you! How about you start massagin'  my paws? All this clappin' is makin' me sore. Now! - Who are you? - What are you talkin' about? Boog would never yell like that, especially at fawns. So who are you? Who am I? - If you haven't noticed, I'm--  - Boog! I'm so sorry I let you down. - Can you ever forgive me? - Does that answer your question? Giselle! Oh, thank goodness you're back. See? Even the crazy broken deer knows I'm Boog. Do you even know his name? Of course I do. It's... uh... Starts with an E. E... Emily? Edward. Followed by two L's? Eleanor? Oh, whatever. It doesn't matter what his name is. All that matters is that I'm a grizzly. And I'm king of the jungle. First of all, this is a forest. I tried to tell him. And second of all. What have you done with Boog? - Yeah! - Where is Boog? What have you done? What difference does it make?! You'll all do what I say! I'm your Boog now! Boog! Boog, now that we're best friends again. What do you say we go on guys trip? Just the two of us? He's not Boog! Ow! Oops. You're not Boog! That's not Boog! Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were mad at me. But now I know that you weren't 'cause you're not even you! What a relief. - Elliot? - Yes, dear? - Elliot! - Oh, right. What have you done with Boog? He's locked away somewhere. You'll never find him! Especially after tonight, when they take him back to Russia. Russia? - Who's Russia? - It's not a 'who'! It's a 'where'. And believe me. You could walk for the rest of your life and never get there. You won't get away with this! No? Who's gonna stop me? [Panting] Okay! Okay! Okay, I'm ready to talk! I'm listening. He's at the circus. Just follow the search lights and you'll find it. That's a good one. What search lights? Oh! Now let's go save Boog! 'Cos I owe him a big apology. And because we miss him And we want him to come home before they ship him off to Russia! Yeah! Impostor! Sorry. That Boog sure is one lucky guy. I Wish I had a friend like that. Wait. I do have a friend like that. Thank goodness, that nice man at the Punimart called us. You poor dear's. Must have been hungry to go all that way to find food. But don't worry. Mommy won't make that mistake again. [Push button] That's enough, isn't it, Bob? Maybe we should stay. No, no, you're right. My snugly, woddly and I need this time apart. Kick me out, Bob, before I change my mind. Well, we might as well dig in, since all hope is lost. Wait for it, wait for it! Oh, Meat Snack! Excuse me for a moment. I hate cats. So do I. Fi! Look! The circus! I've seen of these lights before. Wait! You mean the circus is just behind those trees? Yes! My new old friend! Boog is closer than we ever imagined. Huh? Alistair? What's wrong? And once again. I have been tossed away. Hey, hey, Alistair. Come on, buddy. Don't bother me! I sat in my trailer all night. Waiting for the sweet sound of paws. Knocking on my [Speaking in Spanish] But no. All I hear. Is the sounds. Of loneliness. What are you talking about? Have you forgotten? Already? Do I mean so little to you? It's time for guys chat Just us on guys chat. You blew off guys chat! You blew it! Oh man! I totally forgot! See, I was with Ursa and. Well, you know how it is when you're all caught up and. Look, Alistair. Sometimes it's hard to find time for everything. And everyone that's important to you. Alistair. [Exhale] Alistair. You're right. I've been a bad friend. You might not believe this, but... I know exactly how you feel right now. And I'm sorry. It's okay. I forgive you. Seriously? That's what friends do! Amigos! Don't worry! We're gonna have plenty of time for guys chat. Once we get back to Russia. Huh? Russia? Oh, sure! Oh, you're gonna love it there. All the snow and the ice. You're gonna love the way it pierces your skin. And makes your. Oh, I get excited just to think about it. Plus, it's only 5, 000 miles away. So you can visit home every year or two. Or three. Maybe four. You're gonna be a polar bear. That's what you're gonna be. Let's go, troops! Look alive! Uncle Boog never took us on a rescue mission. Yeah, I know. This is way cool! You should go out of town more often, Mother. Elvis, I don't think so. Release the emergency break. We are moving! Hang onto your little horses. Steady. Steady. Alright everyone, steady. I can't see a thing! - Why? - Out of the way! Out of the way! [Barking] Steady. Steady. Oh no! Oh no! - They're gone! They're gone! - What's gone? - Turn left, right? - Right! No! Nine! I said left! No! No! No! [Yelling] Oh. [Glass break] I'm calling it a day. It's worse than I thought. They strap him to wheels and light him on fire. Then point and laugh! It's torture at its worst! We have to rescue Boog before. They make him wind into tiny, whiny rope of death! Let's go! Yeah! [Cheering] Wait! Their fortress is in-penetrable. [Mumbling] it's hard to break into. So here's what we're gonna do. McSquizzy and Buddy, you work on the left flank. Kids, you run the charging maneuver on the right. Ian, Giselle, you find a chisel, a toothbrush. And as many maracas as you can carry. - Then. - Or. What about this instead? Serge and Deni, you find the exits. Mom and Ian, you stay and look out here and here. While the rest of us sneak in here. And rescue Boog. Yeah! That's ridiculous! The tent's too big. We need at least 6 more of us. To pull that off. Oh, my friends! Mr. Weenie? What are you guys doing here? We are here to safe Boog! - Kick some pals! - So are we! It's destiny!  Ladies and gentlemen! I'd like to welcome you To the great Moslova Family Circus! Everyone clear about what to do? - Yes! - No problem. Uh, what was the middle part again? Dad .... Everyone spread out and try to find Boog. When you see him. - Go get him. - All right, let's move it out. - Be careful, girls. - Okay, Mom. So. Come here often? Don't even think about it. Stop acting like such a choob. I really missed you guys. Yeah, me too. A full house! This is fantastic! - Are Ursa and Boog ready to go? - They're ready. Boog. Where did the rest go? You! You must be the new recruits! Yeah, yeah. That's what we are. [Foreign language] Come on, let's go. - Any sign of Boog? - No, I can't see him from here. We need to get to higher ground. Like that. Man, I can't wait to get back and see Alistair. Back to my own cart. Home cooking. Three meals a day. I don't know, Bob. This expo is a bust. When we head back to the air stream. Did you hear that? He's close by. I can smell him. Let me try the bathing call. Big Foot! Ladies and gentlemen. The miraculous balancing [Russian language] Stanley! Do you see him? I'm not seeing him. Please. Welcome. The juggling pugs. Fifi! Do you see him? Great! Boog! Come on. Let's find a different spot. You'd think we can't miss a 1, 200 pound fat bear! Ursa! - Wait! - Come on, Boog! Let's show them what you got. I can't see a thing from back here. Any sign of Boog? Ursa! You're doing great, Boog.

Mr. Weenie: Oh, you see him? Good! Let's get him!

Mika! You have returned! Time to go back into space.

Mr. Weenie: It's dark in here! Let me out! I'm coming, Buddy! Mr. Weenie! Look, Bob, proof aliens do exist! - Keep up, handsome. - Ursa! Where are you, uncle Boog? Hi Fifi! Ursa! - Pretty! - Oh no! [Serene Wailing] [Audience laughing] [Yelling] I hate dogs. Uncle Boog! Tell Dad he's right there! Ursa! - Ursa! - Boog! What are you doing? You need to get to your place. I need to talk to you about Russia. It's so far away and. - I'm not sure if I.. - Boog, we need to focus here. It's almost time for the big lift! - I know, but.. - Come on, Doug! Please don't make this difficult. Dad! Dad! Dad! Giselita? Uncle Boog is right there! What are you saying? Right? Left? Left? Right? Left? Boog! Elliot! Wait, what are you doing here? Thank goodness, I found you! We're here to rescue you. Elliot, I can't go! Doug! Pay attention! Ready? Go, Doug, go! Boog! It's worse than I thought. He's been brain washed. And now, Ursa. The great bear in disguise. Featuring the flying nano plates. Boog. Are you sure you can do this? I don't know. Russia's a big step and. No, I mean the lift. I've never been able to do it before and. If you are not 100 percent sure you can do it. I'll be ready. Plan B. Smash and grab. Smash everything and grab Boog. Don't bother with me. Just another circus dancer. You ready? Come on, Ursa! Go for it! I got you! Boog! Okay guys, smash and grab! Please hold me. He did it! Oh, she finally did it. You got me. Boog! - Uncle Boog! - You're safe! We're here to save you! Rescue accomplished! Yes! What are you all doing here? Come on, let's get moving before your captors return. Wow, hold up, Elliot! I appreciate you all trying to rescue me, but. I need to talk to Ursa. Ursa? Who's Ursa? I am. So. What? She like your new best friend or something? No, I am. What? You have 2 new best friends? I cancelled one guys trip and the next thing I know. I've been replaced. Twice. Elliot, buddy. I'm sorry. You haven't been replaced. You'll always be my BFF. Are you apologizing? Yeah. I forgive you. But only because you forgave me first. Now, let's ditch the goat and the babe and hit the road! I am not a goat! I am a llama. Really? 'Cause you look more like an Argentinian camelid.  And now. Ladies and gentlemen. The musical scaling of Alistair! Come on, Boog. - Without me? - No. We gotta get out of here. - Elliot, Alistair. - Do it! - Guys.. - Come on. Hold on, come on you guys. - I'm not letting go: - Alisa Stop! Everybody just hold up! Ursa. My beautiful Russian bear. I came here looking for a place where I belong. But what I found was so much more. What I found. Was you. Oh, Boog. Come with me. Come to the forest, make me the happiest bear on earth. Oh, Boog. I really want to. But I can't. A Russian circus without a bear is like. No circus at all. I could never do that to them. You should go. I can see that they are more than just your friends. They are your family. And family should always stick together. Come. I will help you move the carts. Boog. You should stay. I learn something too! That friends want each other to be happy. So if she makes you happy. Then you should be with her. Elliot. That was really nice. You're awesome, dad. Yeah! I know.

Alistair: These are tears of joy! So beautiful!

Doug: Alistair! You came back for me? Oh, buddy! I'm glad to see you! Oh, it's good to see you too! I'd like to breathe. Sorry, I tricked you, Boog. Sometimes you don't know what you have until you've lost it. I know exactly what you mean. - Ursa. - Doug. Come on! We're late for our show! And now! Ladies and gentlemen. The duet you've been waiting for. Looks like the circus has a bear. Looks like you do too. What are we waiting for? Let's go! Let them go. But the circus! The circus. Will be fine. Or try to work to Rome. A place that we call home.

Boog: You sure you're cool with this? Absolutely! It's important to make time for your friends. Even when you have a babe around.

Boog: Oh yeah! Punch it in, baby bear. Dinkleman! I didn't know you were a girl! Have fun, Elliot! And don't forget to keep an eye on Elvis. Let's get move on! Guys trip waits for no deer! Or buck. That's right, son. You're old enough to take part in the sacred tradition that is. Guys trip.

  1. On the road again #
  2. Just can't wait to get on the road again #
  3. The life I love is making music with my friends #
  4. And I can't wait to get on the road again #

Ian's not coming? Eh, he's gonna join us later. Maybe we'll get some answers, Bob. Like if Mr. Weenie was probed or not. Nein!

  1. On the road again #
  2. Going places that I've never been #
  3. Seeing things that I may never see again #
  4. I can't wait to get on the road again #

Hey, Alistair. Aren't you glad to be going back to Russia?

Alistair: Oh, you said it, amigo. I hope I get to see my girlfriend. Carmen, I'm coming for you!

  1. On the road again #
  2. Like a band of gypsies, we go down the highway #
  3. We're the best of friends #
  4. Insisting that the world keep turning our way #
  5. And our way #

Ooh. What is it? It's just a little something something we set up for you. This is so sweet. Thank you for making me feel welcome. Alright, ladies. Look alive! Oh, brother. Oh, arrest me, officer. - Got it. - Shake it! Shake it! To the right. Two, three, four. Who's up for a rabbit fight?! [Cheering] Yeah. [Cheering] [Grunting] [Grunting] Look out, baby. [Screaming] Guys' trip!

Boog: [Exhale] It doesn't get any better than this. Just me and my best friend in the world having a good time.

Elliot: You got it, Boog. BFFs 'til the end.

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