• Charlotte: Oh, sorry, sweetie. I'll see them after lunch.

  • Jeffrey: Oh, hi, Alex.

  • Jeffrey: Well, is the best monster. Did you make it by yourself?

  • Jeffrey: Well, that was quick. You done helping Alex already?
  • BG: Um, yeah for now. Come on. I want to show you something.
  • Jeffrey: Well done, BG. It's splendid.

  • Charlotte: Well, I'm glad to see your enjoy yourself, George.

  • BG: Look, Mom.

  • BG: Dad, Mom, come quick!

  • George: It was me.

  • George: I'm sorry.

  • Jeffrey: Alright, Georgie, now why were you running in the bath last night without asking anyone for help?

  • Charlotte: Oh, BG.
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