Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?

Kids: There she is!

[Blue comes out of her hiding spot and barks happily]

Steve: Come on in!

[Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door]

[Steve opens the door]

Steve: Oh, Hi This Is Steve Reporting Live From The Front Door.

This Just In Our Friend Has Just Been Arrive.

Ha! See. I’ve Been An Investing Of Reporter.

My Job Is To Investigate Things.

Report I Wanna To Find Out.

So Everyone Can Know.

Right Now. My Job Is To Investigate You.

You’re Big News Around Here, You Know.

Ahem, May I Ask You Some Questions?

Viewer: Yes.

Steve: Who Did You Come Over See Today?

Viewer: Steve And Blue.

Steve: I See. I See. And Why Did You Come Over?

Viewer: To Play Blue’s Clues.

Steve: That’s Amazing! You Come Over To Play Blue’s Clues.

This Just In, You Came Over To Play Blue’s Clues.

I’m Steve, That’s The News Now Everyone Knows.

Ha! Better Go, Report This News To Blue. Come On.

Blue? Blue?

Blue: (Barking)

Steve: Our Frankly Story Is Reporting By The Snack Table.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Our Friend Puppy Blue Decided To Be Someone Today Too.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Let’s Investigate.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Repair To Be Is Sort Of A Restaurant.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: And There’s Blue. Let’s Take A Closer Look.

Blue: (Barking)

Steve: So, Who Should Being?

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Viewer: A Cook.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Oh Yeah. A Cook Or A Chef.

Mmm. Delicious.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Well, There You Have It Folks.

Our Puppy Blue Is Being A Cook.

If You Look Closely You Can See Your Cooking Utensils.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: She Uses Those. To Make Food For People.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: So, Blue. This Is Fastening. Is That Who Do You Want To Be Today, A Cook?

Blue: (Barking No)

Steve: No? No That’s Not Who Do You To Be.

Well, Who Do Wanna Be Today?

Blue: (Barking) Leaving Pawprint On The Screen.

Steve: Oh, This Just In Blue Wants To Play Blue’s Clues.

I Love Blue’s Clues.

We Are Gonna Play Blues Clues. Cause It’s Really Great Game Yeah.

Will Play Blue’s Clues To Figured Out Who Blue Wants To Be Today.

So Remember Blue’s Pawprints Will Be On The Clues, Blue’s Clues.

So, How Should We Get Rid Of This Pawprint.


Hello, Window Washer Steve Here.

Washing Windows And Pawprints.

That’s My Job.

Ooh. Wow. Spit Spot.


There You Have It Folks Window Washer Steve.

Just Cleaned Up The Pawprint.

That’s What He Does.

That’s The News Now Everyone Knows.

Hey, What Do We Need Is Started Play Blue’s Clues…

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Our Notebook. Right. Come On.

Sidetable: Hello, Ahem. You Wanna Help You.

Steve: Hey, Sidetable, Are You Being Someone Today Too.

Sidetable: Yup, Steve. I’m Being A Security Guard.

I Want You To Keep Them Procreative.

Here’s Your Notebook, Steve.

Safe And Sounds In My Drawer.

Steve: Thank You Security Guard, Sidetable. Ahem. Keep Up The Good Work.

Sidetable: You’re Welcome.

To Play Blue’s Clues, We’ve Gotta Find A...

The Viewers: Pawprint!

Steve: Oh, A Pawprint. Right. And That’s Our 1St...

The Viewers: Clue!

Steve: A Clue?

The Viewers: A Clue!

Steve: Then We Put It In Our...

The Viewers: Notebook!

Steve: Because They’re Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Clues!

Steve: We’ve Gotta Find Another Pawprint,

That’s Our 2Nd Clue!

We Put It In Our Notebook,

’Cause They’re Whose Clues? Blue’s Clues!

We’ve Gotta Find The Last Pawprint,

That’s The 3Rd Clue!

We Put It In Our Notebook

’Cause They’re Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit Down In Our Thinking Chair

And Think, Think, Think!

’Cause When We Use Our Minds,

And Take A Step At A Time,

We Can Do Anything...

Blue: Ba-Bow!

Steve: That We Want To Do!

So, We’re Heater By In The Living Room.

And Will Investigating 3 Clues That Tell Us Who Blue Wants To Be Today?

Will You Help Find Them?

You Will. Great.

Let’s Go.

Uh, Which Way Did Blue Go?

Viewer: That Way.

Steve: Oh, That Way.

I Sort To Say Blue Went That Way.

You Sure Are Good Are Covering News.

Now Let’s Go On Cover Some Clues.

Excuse Me Sir. Have You Seen Any Clues?

Hmm. Could Be.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Ooh! An Eyewitness!

Viewer: A Clue! Right There!

Steve: We Heard About We See A Clue.

One More You Tell Us.

Viewer: There’s A Clue. Right There.

Steve: Oh, There Is A Clue Is On This A Wooden Stick.

This Just In We Just Discover A Wooden Stick Clue.

Thanks To Your Amazing Investigators Skills.

So A Wooden Stick Is Our 1St Clue.

You Know We Need To Write It. Our Handy Dandy…

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. Okay, A Wooden Stick.

We Start With A Line A Curves Up And Around.

There. A Stick.

So Our 1St Clue Is A Wooden Stick.

Well, Who Could Blue Wanna Be Today With A Wooden Stick.

Do You Know.

Oh, Maybe But I Think We Better Find Some More Clues. Don’t You Think.

Slippery: Raise For The Nets.

Steve: Hey, That Sounds Like More News.

Let’s Investigate.

We Just Enter The Bathroom And Slippery Is Wearing Puzzling Clothes.

Slippery: Steve, Who Am I Being Today.

Steve: Will You Help Figured Out What Slippery Is Being?


Slippery: I Drop This Net Over The Size Of My Boat. To Catch Fish.

Steve: So, Who Is Slippery Being?

Viewer: A Fisherman.

Steve: Oh, A Fisherman. Are You Being A Fisherman Person Fisher Soap.

Slippery: Yup, I Went To Catch All Over The World.

So People Can Something To Eat.

Steve: Fastening. Slippery Is Being A Fisher Soap.

That’s The News Now Everyone Knows.

Slippery: Whoa! I’m Gotta Go Check On The Nets.

Bye, Steve.

Steve: Hey, We Better Investigating More Clues To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Be Today.

Mrs. Pepper: I’m Ready To Go To Our Pilots.

Steve: Do You Hear That?

Mrs. Pepper: To Being A Pilots.

Steve: It Looks Like Something Else To Report.

Mrs. Pepper: We Am Listening Too.

Hello And I Welcome Aboard.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Mrs. Pepper: Will Be Flying High Into The Sky Today.

And I’ll Be Driving The Plane. Fly For Tenants. Repair For Take Off.

Mr. Salt: Will Have To Shave Above Went To.

Please Fasten Your Seat Belts.

Steve: Who Is Mrs. Pepper Being Today?

Blue: Bow?

Viewer: A Pilot.

Steve: A Pilot. Let’s See. Mrs. Pepper, Are You Being A Pilot Today.

Mrs. Pepper: That’s What I Am Being Panzers Steve I Fly Land This Plane All Over The World.

Steve: Incredible.

Blue: Bow! Bow!

Mrs. Pepper: We’ve Landed.

Paprika: We Did.

Steve; Before We Go. Captain Pepper, Would You Like To Say The Audience.

Mrs. Pepper: I Hope You Enjoy Flight. Thank You For Flying The Come Cord The Great Airline.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Thank You Captain Pepper.

Mrs. Pepper: You’re Welcome.

Shovel: I’m On My Way.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Shovel: Hmm. Uh-Huh.

Pail, Take A Look.

Pail: Trouble Shaking Tail. And Getting Better.

Shovel: We Think You Need A Bandage.

Pail: There You Go.

Steve: Hey, Shovel And Pail.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: What Are You Doing?

Shovel: We Extend All Kinds Of Animals. When Your Feel Better When They Are Sick.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Well, Who Do Your Shovel And Pail Are Being Today?

Do You Know?

Viewer: A Doctor.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Oh Yeah. Doctors. I See. What Kind Of Doctors Only Take Care Of Animals?

Viewer: Veterinarians.

Steve: Veterinarians. Right. Their Doctors Only Take Care Of Animals?

Pail: Veterinarian Shovel, This Giraffe Needs A Check Up.

Steve: Wait, Hold Everything These Look Like 2 Veterinarians About To Perform Very Delicate Medical Procedure.

Let’s Watch And See What Happens.

Shovel: Please Say ”Ahh!!”

Pail: Uh-Huh.

Shovel: Doctor Pail. This Giraffe Needs A Bandage Will Help Feel Extra Okay.

Pail: I See, There You Go How Is That?

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: I Know I Kept Everything Seem To Be Like Him.

Viewer: There’s A Clue.

Steve: Right. They Put On The Bandage Right On The Boo-Boo.

Viewer: No. There’s A Clue Right There.

Steve: Oh, I Get It. There Is A Clue On This Bandage.

This Just In A Bandage Is Our 2Nd Clue.

You Know We Need Our Handy Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. Okay. A Bandage.

We Draw A Long Rectangular Shape Like This.

2 Lines

Add Some Dots For The Holes.

A Bandage.

So, Do You Remember What Are 1St Clue Was?

A Wooden Stick, Right.

And Now Our 2Nd Clue Is A Bandage.

So Who Could Blue Wanna Be Today With A Wooden Stick And A Bandage.

Ooh, Maybe, Stay Tuned Folks We’re Gonna Have To Find Our…

Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime!

Steve: 3Rd Clue Just To Be Sure. That’s The News Now Everyone Knows.

The Mail’s Here.

Here’s The Mail. It Never Fails.

It Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail.

When It Comes I Wanna Wail,


Ahh! Hello. Welcome To Our Mail With Us Today.

To Very Important The Household.

The One Who Suppose To Bring In The Mail.

Mailbox, Welcome.

So, Tell Us, What’s Like Having People Depend On Each And Every Day?

Mailbox: Did Some Big Responsibility, But I Do My Best.

Steve: Fastening. And How Did You Start?

Mailbox: I Just I Being A Postcards, Then Move To Letters, And Even Packages.

Steve: I See Mailbox, A Simple Box Who Started Out Small And Worked Hard.

Tell Us Mailbox, You Did Even Vice Who Made Just Starring Out To Be Self.

Mailbox: If You Worked Hard You Can Do Anything That I Wanna Do.

Steve: Thank You, Mailbox.

Mailbox: You’re Welcome. Here’s Your Letter.

Steve: Ooh.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

I Wonder Who It's From

It’s A Letter From Our Friends.

Hi Steve. And I Am Reporting I Am Reporting For The Music Stand.

(Mom Singing): Making Music.

She’s A Singer.

(Mom Singing): And We Are.

And I Was Drummer.

(Mom Singing): And We Are, Making Music.

And That’s The Harmonica.

Should We Try Again.

I Think A Great Job.

He’s The Composer.

He’s The Great Song.

(All Singing)

See How, That To Make Our Song.

Practice To You Steve.

All: Bye.

Steve: Fastening Story.

Door: Oh, No. Who Should I Call?

Steve: This Just In. There Intreating Voice Is Coming From. That Way.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: There’s Definitely Story There.

Follow That Puppy.

Blue Skidoo, We Can Too.

Hi Steve Here Reporting Live. What Appears About Our Construction Site.

Hi, Do You Mind Ask You Some Questions.

Door: Oh, Not At All.

Steve: What Is Your Name And What Are You Doing With All These Supplies?

Door: I’m Door And I’m Building My House.

Steve: Wow!! Doesn’t It Take To People In The House.

Are You Building All By Yourself.

Door: Nope, I Have To Call Him Right Here To Tell Me. But I Can’t Figured Out Who.

Steve: Hey, Do You Wanna Help Door To Figured Out Who To Call To Build His House?

Great. Don’t Worry Door. Will Help.

Door: Well, 1St Of All These Ideas.

I Need Something To Turn The Other Ideas. Do We Need To Exciting.

Who Should I Call For That.

Steve: Who Should Door Call To Design The House Will Look Like.

Should He Call A Librarian, A Farmer Or An Architect.

Viewer: An Architect.

Steve: Oh Yeah. An Architect. Because Librarian Checks Out Books.

And A Farmer Works On Farm.

Door, An Architect Is What Will Need.

Door: Hello, I Would Like An Architect Please, You Said You’re…

Architect: Architect, Here.

Door: Perfect.

Architect: I Can Design Of Our House.

Their Called Blue Prints.

What Are Your House Is Gonna Look Like.

Door: I Like A Big House With A Willow Like A Blue.

A Triangle Shaped Window.

And Around The Grouch Door.

Architect: Here We Go. Follow These Blue Prints Carefully.

And Then A House Will Be Fine.

Door: Great. Thanks.

Steve: Well, Let’s See We’re What Happens Next In This Building Stuff.

Door: Steve, Now That We’re In The Blue Prints.

Now We Need To Build Of The Frame For The House. Who Should I Call For That.

Steve: Well, Who Should Door Call To Build Of The Frame Of The House.

A Painter, A Builder Or An Atomic Mechanic.

Viewer: A Builder.

Steve: Oh Yeah. A Builder. Because A Painter Paints Things.

And An Atomic Mechanic Works On Cars.

A Builder Is What Will Need To Build Of The Frame Of Your House.

Door: Hello, I Would Like A Builder Please.

Builder: Builder, Here. Building Houses Frames I Do.

Can I See Your Blue Prints.

Steve: Oh, The Builder Is Reading A Architect’s Blue Prints.

And Now He Is Building Of The Frame Of The House.

Huh? Woah.


I See You Using Your Wood.

Door: Steve, I Need To Use The Running Water Around The House So The Sink & Bathtubs Work. Who Should I Call For That.

Steve: Well, Who Should Door Call So The Running Water Around The House.

A Plumber, An Lightrtion Or A Landscaper.

Viewer: The Plumber.

Steve: The Plumber. Yeah.

Plumber Is Using Running Water In Our House.

Door: Uh Hi. Can You Seen That…

Plumber: Plumber, Here. Let’s Add Those Pipes.

Steve: Oh, Plumber Is Using Pipes All Through Door’s House.

Plumber: Now I Can Connect Part Of Pipes So That Water Will Into The House.

Door: Oh, What About The Lights.

I Need The Electricity.

Lightrtion: An Lightrtion Here.

I Can Wire The House So That You Can Have Lights.

Steve: Look, An Lightrtion Is Running Wires.

Door Can Have Lights At Night.

Builder: Now That Everything Is Hooked Up.

Let’s Finnish The Walls.

Landscaper: And I Can Help You Fix You Yard So That Looks Nice.

I’m A Landscaper You Know.

Door: Excellent.

Steve: Landscape Is Planting Shrubs And Trees In Door’s Yard.

Looks Nice.

Ahem, Well Door. Your House Is Seem Be To Completed.

Looks Alright.

Door: Ahh! The House Is Always Wanted.

But Where Did I Go?

Viewer: Right There! 

Door: Home Sweet Home.

Steve: There You Have Folks Door’s House Is Finished Is Last And Happy.

That’s The News Now Everyone Knows.

Hey We Gonna Get Back To House.

And So We Can Find Our Last Clue.

Let’s Go.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow, Bow, Bow.

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Viewers: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yeah. I Know All That Building And Give Stuff Of Ideas 2. I Think Of A Drawing.

Viewer: A Clue. Right There.

Steve: Ooh. A Whirlpool. That’s Good Thinking. I Have Been It’s Much Someone.

Viewer: No A Clue.

Steve: Oh, You Saw A Clue. Where?

This Stethoscope Is Our 3Rd Blue’s Clue.

You Know We Need To Put This Clue In Our Handy Dandy…

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. Okay, A Stethoscope.

1St We Draw A Half Circle

Then A Squiggly Line Here.

A Triangle On The Bottom

& 2 Circles That Go In The Ears.

There. A Stethoscope.

A Stethoscope Is Our 3Rd Blue’s Clue.

We Have All 3 Clues.

We’re Ready To Sit In Our…

Viewers: Thinking Chair.

Thinking Chair. Let’s Go.

Okay, Now That We’re In Our Thinking Chair. Let’s Think.

You Will Help Me. Right.

You Will. Great.

So, We’re Trying To Figured Out Who Blue Wants To Be Today.

And Our Clues Are…

A Wooden Stick,

A Bandage,

And A Stethoscope.

So Who Could Blue Wanna Be Today With A Wooden Stick, A Bandage, And A Stethoscope.

What Kind Of A Person Uses All These Things.

You Know A Wooden Stick To Check Your Throat.

And A Bandage To Help Made Me Feel Faster.

And A Stethoscope To Check Your Heart. Dum Dum, Dum Dum, Dum Dum.

Who Can She Be Wanna Be Today?

Viewer: A Doctor.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: A Doctor. Blue Is That Who Blue Wanna Be Today A Doctor.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: That’s It Folks. Who Wants To Be Doctor.

Uses A Wooden Stick. Blah.

A Bandage Help Us Feel Faster.

And A Stethoscope To Check Our Hearts. That’s The News Now Everyone Knows.

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues,

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues,

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues,

Because We’re Really Smart!

Blue, Why Don’t You Go To Your Office To Our Waiting Room And Uh You Can Get Ready To Give Us Check Up.

Hi, We’re Waiting In The Waiting Room.

Doctor Blue, To Call Me Appointment.

Beside Me Is…

Slippery: Slippery, Fisher Soap.

Mrs. Pepper: Mrs. Pepper, Pilot.

Shovel And Pail: Shovel And Pail, Veterinarians.

Steve: Remember How We Figured Out Who Are We Being.

Pail: Is Blue Being An Animal Doctor Like Us.

Steve: Nope, A Doctor Who Only Care Of People.

Hey, Look It’s Door. Remember How Helped The Call The Right People Of Our House.

How Was The New Vole.

Door: It’s Winning.

Blue: (Barking ”It’s Time Check Up”)

Steve: Doctors Already Wait And See.

Blue: Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Blah!

Blue: Bow!

Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow!

Steve: Hey, Do You Wanna Hear It?

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: I Hear It.

So, Blue, Am I Okay.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Bow, Bow!

Steve: Thank You Doctor Blue.

There You Have It Folks.

I’m Okay.

That’s The News, Now Everyone Knows.

Great Investigating. Thank You So Much For All Your Help Today.

Now It's Time For So Long,

But We'll Sing Just One More Song!

Thanks For Doing Your Part!

You Sure Are Smart!

You Know, With Me And You And My Dog Blue

We Can Do Anything That We Wanna Do!

This Is Steve And Blue Signing Off. Until Next Time.

See Ya.

[The camera pans away from the house as the door closes, Blue appears from the window as she waves goodbye]


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