This is the transcript for "Nurture".


Steve: Hi out there! It's me Steve.  Have you seen Blue my puppy?

Viewers: There she is!

Blue: Bow-bow! Bow-bow-bow-bow-bow!

Steve: Come on in.

Blue: (barking.)

Steve: Oh hi, come on in, I'm so glad you here!  Blue and I we're just about to take care of our plants. And... And It looks like we're really gonna need your help.

Blue: Bow-bow!

Steve: Hey Blue, look who's here. 

Blue: (She cries) Bow-bow.

Steve: Yeah, I know Blue these sunflowers. Are kinda droopy.

Blue: (She cries) Bow-bow.

Steve: (He sighs.) Do you wanna help take care of these sunflowers?

Viewer: Yes!

Blue: Bow.

Steve: You do. Great.  Well, what should we do?  I mean there'll all kinda hanging over like their dry or something. Hmm, what should we do?

Viewer: Water them.

Steve: Water them. Great Idea. Yeah. We can help water them with these... (He is holding a watering can with Blue.) with these your watering cans. Thanks Blue. 

Blue: (barking)

Steve: Come on sunflowers. Grow. Grow. Grow.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: (GASPS) Did you see That! That’s Exactly What they needed.

You sure good about are taking care of plants. 

Hey Blue.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: You get the feeling there's something we need to do today. Do you Remember Blue?

Blue: (barking) leaving a clue on the screen.

Steve: Oh Of Course. Will Play Blue’s Clues to figured Out What do we need to today? What a Great Idea? We are gonna play blue’s clues Cause it’s a really great game. Yeah. So remember blue’s pawprints will be on the clues Blue’s Clues. Let’s Go. 


Steve: Oh. Will maybe you should take care of this Pawprint. Bless you Pawprint.


Steve: Do you need a tissue?


Steve: Okay I Got it. Go ahead.


Steve: Cool. Heh. Hey, you know what we need for Blue’s Clues, Our?

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Right. And take cares of our notebook?

Viewers: Sidetable Drawer.

Steve: Right. Sometimes I wonder If I even Ask. Come on.

Side table Drawer: Hi Steve, Ready for your Notebook. 

Steve: I am. And Uh, thanks for such ing me to take care of our notebook Side table drawer.

Side table Drawer: You’re Welcome Steve.

Steve: Here it is. You Know 

I can already tell i'm really going need your help today trying to figured out What what we need to do today? 

Will you Help me? You will, Great.

Steve: Oh So To play Blue's Clues, we've gotta find a...

The Viewers: Pawprint!

Steve: Pawprint Right. Cause that's the 1st...

The Viewers: Clue!

Steve: Yeah! Then we put it in our Notebook!

Because they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Steve: We've gotta find another pawprint,

That's our 2nd clue!

We put it in our notebook,

'Cause they're whose clues? Blue's Clues!

We've gotta find the last pawprint,

That's the 3rd clue!

We put it in our notebook

'Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit down in our Thinking Chair

And think, think, think!

'Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time,

We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: That we want to do!

Okay On to our finding clues. But uh, did you see which way Blue went?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: That Way.

Steve: This way. Thanks.

We Are Looking for Blue’s Clues.

We Are Looking for Blue’s Clues.

We Are Looking for Blue’s Clues.

I Wonder where they are.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Oh. You wanna sing too. Okay. (He conducts)

Viewer: No A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Oh, oh no no no, it’s really not very hard. It’s just, We Are Looking for Blue—

Viewers: No A Clue.

Steve: Oh! You See A Clue. Oh, heh. And there it is. Our 1st clue and it’s on this, Bowl. Sure. Okay you Know what to do? We Need Our handy dandy..

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. So Our 1st clue and is a bowl. We draw an oval shaped for the top then a half circle Like this. And we have a bowl. So What could we need to do today with a bowl? Yeah I think we better for some more clues to figured this out. Was That a— A— What is it? 

Viewer: A Butterfly.

Steve: A Butterfly. Let’s Go. We are following the butterfly.

Blue: Bow-bow-bow-bow-bow-bow.

Steve: Hello, Madame Butterfly. She is so beautiful. But what are you doing in the kitchen. What's wrong butterfly.

Blue: (cries) Bow. Bow-bow-bow-bow.

Steve: Yeah. Blue it does look like she needs something. Well where do you think this butterfly belongs?

Viewers: Outside.

Steve: Oh, of course this butterfly belongs Outside. What should we do?

Viewer: Open the door.

Steve: Right. We should open this door so that butterfly could where she belongs.

Blue: (barking)

Steve: Did you see how that butterfly flew.

Blue: Bow-bow.

Steve: She waved, right at us.

Blue and Steve: (SIGHS)

Mr. Salt and Mrs Pepper: Steve. Steve!

Blue: (barking)

Mr. Salt: Hi Steve. Hi Blue. We’re have to go and prepare our afternoon Snack. Could you take care of Paprika for us.

Steve: Um, Take Care of Paprika. Will You Help? Oh great, Sure we'd be happy too.

Blue: (barking yes)

Mrs. Pepper: Oh Thank you it will only be a couple of minutes.

Blue: (barking no)

Steve: Oh, no no no no Take care of your time. We can do this Right Blue.

Blue: (barking yes)

(Mr. Salt kisses and Mrs Pepper kisses, until, leaves the kitchen.)

Steve: Hello, little Paprika. (tickling her.) It’s Your Favorite Uncle, Steve.

Paprika: (She cries.)

Steve: Um, Paprika.

Paprika: (She cries.)

Steve: Will you help? Oh, great maybe we can figure out together why Paprika's crying?

Paprika: (She cries.)

Steve: Oh The baby Bag. Great Idea Blue. Maybe she needs something. Um, well she’s opening and closing her mouth. Like this.

Blue: (barking) and Steve: (Popping)

Steve: Can you tell what paprika needs?

Viewer: A Bottle.

Steve: A Bottle. A Bottle of milk Yeah. Maybe crying cause she’s hungry.

Blue: (barking yes)

Paprika: Paprika hungry.

Blue: (barking)

Steve: There we go Paprika. A bottle of nice yummy milk.

Blue: Bow. Bow.

Steve: She's so cute.

Paprika: (She cries.)

Blue: Bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Oh, Um… Guess That Wasn’t All She Needed.

Blue: (no barks)

Paprika: (She cries.)

Steve: Mr. Salt? Mrs. Pepper?

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow.

Steve: We can do this right? 

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Right.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Oh no. What should we do? She’s Got her milk all over the face. Can you tell what paprika needs Now?

Viewer: The Napkin.

Steve: Oh The Napkin. Of Course. Paprika Needs the napkin. Cause she’s messy.

Paprika: Paprika messy.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Well, looks like we did it. Now we all have to do is sit here and wait for Mr. Salt and Mrs Pepper to get back. So, can we tell us what a great job we've...

Paprika: (She cries.)

Steve: But We Just Wiped Your Face. What More Can You Need?

Blue: (no barks)

Paprika: (She cries.)

Steve: It Looks like Paprika’s Shivering.

Paprika: (She shivers.)

Steve: Can you tell what paprika needs Now?

Paprika: (She shivers.)

Viewer: The blanket.

Steve: Oh, the blanket. Do you think Paprika's shivering cause she's cold? Let's try it.

Paprika: Paprika cold.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow.

Steve: (whispers) Wow! Would you look at that? Paprika wanted the blanket, because, she was shivering and cold. You're really good at this baby sitting stuff.

Mr. Salt: Hi Steve.

Mrs. Pepper: Hello Steve.

Steve: (He whispers.) Shh! We've just got here to go to sleep.

Mrs. Pepper: You did a very good job.

Mr. Salt: Looks like she's one more thing to do now.

Steve: What?

Mr. Salt & Mrs Pepper: Her teddy bear.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow.

Mr. Salt: Thank You Steve.

Steve: You're welcome. Bye.

Blue: Bow, bow.

The Viewers: (shouting) A CLUE!!!!!

Steve: (He shushes. Until, telling the kids try to whisper.) You know, maybe we should whisper. What with the baby... (He's snoring.) ..napping at all. So, shh.

Viewer: (whispers) Clue.

Steve: (He whispers.) What was that? Just a little louder. I can't. 

Viewer: (whispers) A Clue!

Steve: Oh... (He whispers.) see a clue? And there it is. On these carrots. You Know what to do? We Need Our handy dandy.. 

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. Okay, so, carrots. A carrot is a cone shaped like this, with a stem on top. Then we draw a chopped up pieces, like this. There. Carrots. So what was our first clue?

Viewer: A bowl.

Steve: A bowl. Right. And now our second clue is carrots. Heh.  So What could we need to today with a bowl and carrots?  Do you Know? Yeah, maybe I— I Think We need to find our last clue to figure this out.

Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime!

Steve: The Mail’s Here. Let’s Go.

Here's the mail. It never fails.

It makes me want to wag my tail.

When it comes I wanna wail,


Mailbox: Mail's here, mail's here. 

Steve: Heya Mailbox.

Mailbox: Hey Steve You Know What?

Steve: What?

Mailbox: I What Know what you Need to do today?

Steve: You Do. What

Mailbox: You need to Read This Letter. (LAUGHS)

Steve: (LAUGHS) That's a really good one mailbox.

Mailbox: I Got a million of em. Whoo-hoo. Here’s Your Letter.

Steve: Thanks.

Mailbox: You’re Welcome.

Steve: We Just Got A Letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

I wonder who it's from

Hey Look, It’s a letter from our friends. 

This is Steve. She Says “Hi”.

Next Cleaner Please.

I’ll Guess See someone food. Heh.

I’ll Making some fresh water. Um.

Now we good taking care of.

I Like him.

All: Bye Steve.

Steve: Bye. Wow. 

Guinea Pig, very cute, very fuzzy. 


What do you Say Blue. 


Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Ooh.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow! Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. Bow, bow.

Steve: Did you See That! 

Blue Just Skiddoed. 

Well, You Know What That Means.

Blue Skidoo, we can too. 

Wow, We’re on Safari. 

It’s Almost like, 

A lion, or, 

or a tiger, 



will a wildebeest.

Come out at any minute.



Steve: Hi.

Elephant: We’ve Been playting together all Day.

Lion: And Now we’re kinda dirty.

Monkey: But to take our bathes. We have to go home first. Will You Help Us.

Steve: Um, Sure Will You Help? You Will Great. It’s Definitely Bathtime.

Elephant: Me 1st. I Wanna Go Home so that My Mom can give me a bath.

Steve: Okay, Let’s See. Wow. Where should Elephant Go?

Viewer: Over There.

Steve: By the Pond. 

Oh Yeah. 

Over there by the pond. 

Look, there’s mama elephant. Let’s Go.

There you go elephant.

Mama Elephant: Ready for you bath.

Elephant: Yep.

Steve: You Know I Don’t see any bathtub or anything or um, No Soap Either.

How is this elephant take a bath?

Whoa! What is mama elephant Doing?

Viewer: Spraying Her.

Steve: Oh, Right, Spraying Her. That’s So Cool.

Elephants take really fun baths by spraying each other like a shower.

Elephant: Thanks For You Help Steve.

Steve: Hey, No Sweat. We better go get back to help the others.


Steve: Okay Who’s Next?

Lion: Will You Help Me Get home so my dad can give me bath.

Steve: Sure. Where does this Lion Live?

Viewer: In the Den.

Steve: Oh, Of Course, In the den. Lions Live in a den. Let’s go.

Ahh. Here you are.

Lion: I’m ready for you bath.

Steve: Hmm. How do you think lions take baths?

Whoa! What’s Papa Lion Doing?

Viewers: Licking her fur.

Steve: Oh Licking her fur Right. The Way Lions Take their Baths by Licking their fur That’s Amazing.

Lion: Thanks Steve.

Steve: My Pleasure.

Monkey: Is It My Turn? Steve i really think i should get to go home and take that bath.

Steve: Yeah. The Bath would be good. Heh. So, What do you think Monkey Lives?

Viewer: In the Tree.

Steve: Oh Yeah. The Tree.

Monkey: Yeah, Let’s Go.

Steve: There you Go Monkey. Safe and Sound. Ahh!

Monkey: That’s my Big Brother.

Brother Monkey: Boy Are You Dirty. Good thing i'm here to give you a bath,

Steve: Hmm. I wonder how monkey's going to take his bath? 

Do you know?

Whoa! What Is He Doing?

Viewer: Picking his fur.

Steve: Picking his fur. Oh that must be, how monkeys take their baths. Heh.

Brother Monkey: Okay Buddy. You’re All Clean Now.

Monkey: Thanks Steve. For My Helping Me get home.

Steve: You’re Welcome.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Hey Blue. We Did It! Everybody’s All Clean Now.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Yup. That’s Right We Still Need to find our last clue. Let’s Go.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow! Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow!

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yeah. Yeah. Our 3rd Clue. That’s All We Need.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yeah. So Close and yet, so far away,

Viewer: No It’s A Clue.

Steve: Oh. Oh! You See A Clue.

Viewer: Behind You!

Steve: And There It Is. Our 3rd clue is on It’s Blue’s Turtle Turquoise. Hey Turquoise, Guess What? You’re our 3rd Clue! Heh. Hey Turquoise You Know What to do? We Need Our handy dandy.. 

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. Our 3rd Clue is Turquoise. Turquoise is a shell like this, with some shapes for her spots, Around shape for the head, her little feet and tail, then her 2 eyes and that smile. There. Turquoise. Our 3rd Clue. Yep. Our 3rd Clue. What are you Ready for?

Viewer: Thinking Chair.

Steve: Our Thinking Chair. Let’s Go. 

Okay Now that we’re Our Thinking Chair Let’s think 

you will help me, 

You Will great, 

So Were trying to figured out What we need to do today? 

and our clues are,  

A bowl,

some Carrots,

and Turquoise.

So What could we need to do today with a bowl, carrots, and Blue’s Turtle Turquoise?

Let’s See What could we need to today? 

Ooh, ooh do you think

Maybe we could put the carrots in the bowl,

and then we give it to turquoise.

Then What would she do?

Viewer: Eat Them.

Steve: Eat em. Right. So If we gave turquoise the carrots to eat?

Then What would be doing?

Viewers: Feeding Her.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow! 

Steve: Feeding Her. Yeah. We Need to feed her. That’s It! That’s Brilliant! We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

Because we're really smart!

Blue Is That What do we need to today, Do we need to feed turquoise.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow! 

Steve: Great! Do you Wanna Help us Feed Turquoise? Well Let’s Go.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow! 

Steve: Oh Look, The Carrots of all chopped up in a little tiny pieces

Just the right size for turquoise.

Mrs. Pepper: Hello Steve.

Blue: Bow.

Mrs. Pepper: Is it Time to feed turquoise.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Yes it is. It’s Time for Turquoise Snack. Hey, Remember how we helpd Take care of our Paprika.

Hello Little Paprika.

Paprika: (COOS)

Steve: She Won’t Just Woke Up or a nap.

Whoa. Look It’s the Butterfly.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Hello.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Remember how we helped to get back to where she belongs.

Blue: Bow, bow.


Steve: And It’s Elephant. Hello. It’s Good thing we’re gonna get back home cause she’ll Take a Bath.

Elephant: I like being clean. But I Can’t wait to get dirt tomorrow.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Alright.

Blue: (barking)

Steve: Wow. Looks Like that hit the spot. You Know.

I’ve couldn’t have done it without you everyone is happy and it’s everything they need.

Right Turquoise.

Blue: Bow. Bow.

Steve: Great. Let’s Go.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Now it's time for so long,

But we'll sing just one more song!

Thanks for doing your part!

You sure are smart!

You know, with me and you and my dog Blue

We can do anything that we wanna do!

Bye. Thanks. See Ya Later. Bye.


Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. Bow, bow. Bow.

Tickety Tock: (rings her bells)

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