(We see the "In the deepest reaches of space..." title, then we see orange meteors coming to Earth, then we see Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob and Squidward are going to work)

SpongeBob: Ah, Squidward. What a day.

Squidward: Pffffft.

SpongeBob: What a life.

Squidward: It would be if I didn't have to go to work.

SpongeBob: Isn't it just a great day? Hey, Squidward, what's...

(orange splat thing falls on Squidward, revealing to be a Morphoid)

SpongeBob: ...that stuff?

Squidward: (controlled by Morphoid) SpongeBob. SpongeBob.

(SpongeBob runs away and hides behind a building)

SpongeBob: I think we're going to be late for work.

(Patrick comes)

Patrick: SpongeBob, what's happening? What is this stuff?

SpongeBob: I don't know, Patrick. But whatever you do, DON'T LET IT TOUCH YOU!

Patrick: Well, I'm trying not to. Why?

(points at Squidward)

Squidward: SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: That's why.

Patrick: What are we gonna do?

(Jimmy Neutron comes out of the portal)

SpongeBob: Jimmy Neutron!

Jimmy: Quick! Through the portal!

SpongeBob: Wait! What about Squidward?

Jimmy: You can only help by coming with me to Volcano Island. Now!

(SpongeBob, Patrick, and Jimmy go through the portal, then we see the Morphoids falling on the whole Bikini Bottom. Later, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Jimmy are on Volcano Island)

SpongeBob: The Mawgu Lair!

Jimmy: (to Patrick) Don't touch that! (Patrick turns around and gasps) I haven't figured out what it does yet. I've established our makeship headquarters here.

SpongeBob: How come we need headquarters?

(Danny Phantom comes)

Danny: We're all under attack. Jimmy's home in Retroville, mine in Amity Park.

(Tak comes)

Tak: Even Pupununu.

(Technus, Beautiful Gorgeous, Plankton, and Traloc come)

Technus: All of us are threatened.

Danny: Technus! Beautiful Gorgeous!

Tak: Traloc!

SpongeBob: Plankton?

Beautiful Gorgeous: Yes, yes. You know us.

Jimmy: Okay, let's be civil. I invited the Evil Syndicate here for a reason.

Tak: But they're evil.

Patrick: How can you be so sure the Evil Syndicate are evil?

SpongeBob: I'd say the "Evil" part of the name is a dead give away.

Technus: All our homes are threatened. The only way to defeat this enemy is to join forces.

Jimmy: We've all gotta work together on this one.

(Invader Zim and Dib come)

Zim: Me and Dib will help too.

(Zim comes to Nicktoons)

SpongeBob: You're joining our side?

Zim: I am a superior life form from the planet Irk. I'm not evil.

(Dib goes to villains)

Plankton: (to Dib) You're joining our side?

Dib: I fight aliens. If Zim's over there, then I'm over here.

SpongeBob: Okay, so we're all working together to stop this stuff. What do you got?

Technus: We've been tracking them for a while now. They're called Morphoids.

(The Old Hermit Crab comes)

The Old Hermit Crab: Oh, visitors. I didn't hear the doorbell. You don't know how this thing works, do you?

Jimmy: Mawgu technology. It's old. But if I can get the sequence right, I think I can adapt it to help us fight the Morphoids.

Beautiful Gorgeous: (to Tak) So, what do you do when you're not being a hero?

Tak: On my off time, I practice the ancient art of Juju.

SpongeBob: Sounds like you've got it working. (SpongeBob is scanned and gets a weapon) A bubble blow wand. I'm ready!

Jimmy: With irradiating bubble solution. Impressive. It scans your molecular make up to create a custom weapon embedded with Mawgu technology.

Beautiful Gorgeous: A personality scan with the weapons to match? I'm next! All right. Hit it, hair boy. (Beautiful Gorgeous is scanned and gets a megaphone) A megaphone? Ha! I get a megaphone? What do you think I look like? A cheerleader?

(Jimmy scratches his head. Tak walks up to Jimmy)

Tak: This is some powerful Juju. Light me up. (Tak is scanned and gets a staff) Whoa! Mawgu Juju!

SpongeBob: Well, boo-hoo for the goo. Come on! I'm ready! I'm ready, I'm ready! Let's save Bikini Bottom!

Bubble Bass: Ah, I love Krabby Patties.

(the orange slime falls on Bubble Bass' Krabby Patty)

SpongeBob: Noooo!!

(Bubble Bass eats the slimed Krabby Patty, then he gets hypnotized and growing bigger)

SpongeBob: Bubble Bass must be headed straight for the Krusty Krab.

(Bubble Bass is seen from the back, walking away)

(The Old Hermit Crab almost stepped on Plankton)

Plankton: You blasted crustacean! Watch where you're walking!

Old Hermit Crab: Sorry, little one! You're so small, I hardly saw ya.

Plankton: Little one? Outta my way! You will bow to Plankton. Eventually. (Plankton is scanned and gets a hammer) A hammer? I don't want a hammer.

Jimmy: Don't be so one-eyed about it. The Mawgu enhancement means that you've got something you've always wanted.

Plankton: But this isn't a Krabby Patty secret recipe.

Jimmy: No. Size.

(Plankton gets bigger)

Plankton: Yes! Now I can crush my enemies and take over the world! Ahahahaha.

(We see Plankton's still shorter than others)

Plankton: Hey, what gives?

Dib: Move it! It's time to let the paranormal expert to show you how it's done.

(Dib walks up to Jimmy and is scanned. He gets a balloon launcher)

Beautiful Gorgeous: Ha! A balloon launcher. After you save the universe, you can make a living doing kids' parties.

(Zim walks up to Jimmy)

Zim: Inferior human, give me my weapoooooon.

(Zim is scanned and gets a plunger)

Technus: A plunger?

Zim: Not just any plunger. This is the PLUNGER OF DOOM!

Plankton: Come on, the Chum Bucket's in danger.

Traloc: Yes!

SpongeBob: Yes!

(Bubble Bass vomits the Orange goo)

SpongeBob: I mean, nohohoho!

(The goo lands on SpongeBob)

Danny: The goo's all over you but you're not mutating.

(SpongeBob wipes the goo off of him)

Jimmy: It has to be your unique sponge-like characteristics that somehow make you immune to the goo's mutating effects.

SpongeBob: Yuck. Now I know how a pancake feels under all that syrup.

(Later on the Volcano Island)

SpongeBob: Nohohohoho! Look! (in trance) Your world will end. My globs of doom will rain over your world and take control. Daaaaaaaah!

Zim: Good voice.

Tak: SpongeBob, are you okay?

SpongeBob: I think so.

Old Hermit Crab: Follow me. I have something to show you. (tries to use the feather as a key) Ooh. Sorry. Don't know what I was thinking. (He uses a key and opens the door. He and the Nicktoons enter the room and see a giant spaceship)

Plankton: What's that?

Jimmy: It looks like a giant robot.

Old Hermit Crab: That's the Vessel of Portentia. (Punches the door, but it doesn't open. Punches it again and it opens) There are four pieces missing. If you collect them and get this thing working, you can stop the Morphoids.

Traloc: He's as crazy as a coconut, but I like how he's thinking.

Jimmy: Come on, then! We've got a robot to build!

(Everybody is near Zim's skool. GIR comes playing with a taco)

GIR: Taco, taco.

Zim: GIR! Unhand that taco! We need it.

(The Morphoid falls on GIR. GIR runs away from the Nicktoons)

GIR: Ahaha! Ahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!

Jimmy: He's under the control of the Morphoids!

Dib: You know, I've always wanted to say this. Attaaaaaaaaack!

(The slime from Zim's house comes out of the window and falls on SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Hey. Do I have a sign on me that says 'goo sponge'? What's happening?

(Later on Volcano Island)

SpongeBob: We've got it. The first piece of the Vessel of... (SpongeBob is in trance again) But it will not be enough to stop me from smothering your insignificent planet.

Zim: Hey! You will not imitate me!

Jimmy: His absorption of the goo is creating a wavelength with whoever is controlling the Morphoids. It's speaking through him.

Patrick: SpongeBob! Snap out of it! (Patrick gives SpongeBob a Krabby Patty) Mmmm. Smell that Krabby Patty. Breathe it in, SpongeBob. Breathe it in.

SpongeBob: Where am I?

Danny: It's where we're going that's important. Amity Park. The second piece of the Vessel of Portentia has got to be there somewhere.

Danny: If we don't stop them, they'll destroy Amity Park.

(the Morphoid falls on the Ghost Dog)

Danny: Ghost Dog!

(the Ghost Dog digs out something metallic)

Beautiful Gorgeous: It'll take more than a squeaky toy to fix this, Danny. The Morphoids control him now.

Zim: Yes. This squeaky toy will do you no good. You need the Plunger of Doooom! After him!

Beautiful Gorgeous: Aw. You're so brave and cute for such a green guy.

(the Ghost Dog is running away)

Tak: My Juju powers are telling me something.

Technus: That you're not wearing a shirt?

Tak: That thing in the dog's mouth is the missing piece we need. Come on!

Traloc: There is no way I'm wiping off the drool.

(the Ghost Dog crashes into the wall, causing his orange slime to fall on SpongeBob again, but the action pauses just before this happens)

SpongeBob: I'm no shaman, but I can guess what's gonna happen next.

(SpongeBob is covered with orange slime again, later on Volcano Island we see Old Hermit Crab holding the piece)

Old Hermit Crab: Hey, where'd you get this stuff? Very soothing on the joints.

SpongeBob: (in trance again) Little yellow one. You are soft and squishy and highly absorbent. I am Globulous Maximus, ruler of the Morphoids. I speak through you.

Beautiful Gorgeous: Ah, there goes porous puppet again.

Patrick: I know how to fix him.

(Patrick gives SpongeBob two Krabby Patties but it doesn't work, then Technus twangs SpongeBob's nose)

SpongeBob: Ah, that's better.

Jimmy: SpongeBob! What did you see?

SpongeBob: It wasn't pretty.

Danny: Sounds like the sponge has a story to tell, and I guess we can't stop him.

(Technus makes a fire from electricity)

SpongeBob: I saw evil... and his name is Globulous Maximus. Older than time itself. A giant ball of goo. It absorbs everything in its path and it's headed our way. It is doom, but I sense too that it is gloom. It is evil. It is doomy and gloomy and evil.

Patrick: That's not good.

Tak: I agree. (Tak put the fire out with his staff) All done without electricity.

Patrick: Evil, doom and gloom can only lead to one thing...

Plankton: And that would be...

Patrick: Kaboom!

Dib: If you know so much, how come you're not out there fighting with us?

Patrick: When the Mawgu machine scanned me, it gave me this. (whips out chocolate bar and takes a bite)

Jimmy: There's no time to waste. We've got to find the next piece of the Vessel of Portentia.

(in Retroville, we hear a scream)

Jimmy: What is that?

Plankton: Sorry, sometimes I scare easily, okay?

(we see giant girl-eating plant)

Jimmy: My girl-eating plant! It's grown to the size of a building.

(we see the plant has swallowed the piece and is holding Cindy)

Beautiful Gorgeous: And you really need to get control of yourself.

Jimmy: We've got to get that piece it just swallowed.

Beautiful Gorgeous: Can you make her stop screaming?

(the girl-eating plant threw up the orange slime at SpongeBob, but it missed)

SpongeBob: Yeah! Whew. Glad it missed me that time.

(then another ball of goo hits SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Oh, tartar sauce.

Tak: Come on. We nearly have all the pieces. (Danny pulls SpongeBob offscreen)

(later on Volcano Island)

Old Hermit Crab: The third piece. Only one more to go. (while exiting the portal, SpongeBob crashes into The Old Hermit Crab) Mother.

Traloc: He doesn't look good.

Zim: (notices SpongeBob) Neither does he.

SpongeBob: He's here. He's here. The evil one. Globulous Maximus is here. Fish paste, are we doomed. Look.

Patrick: SpongeBob's right. Here comes the jelly and we're the toast.

Jimmy: Not quite. By my calculations, we have just enough time to get to Pupununu and find the last piece.

(the heroes and villains are in Pupununu)

Plankton: What? You live here?

Traloc: It beats living in a bucket.

Tak: Come on. We've got to find Jibolba.

Technus: Jib-who?-what?

Tak: My mentor. He may know where the piece is hidden.

SpongeBob: May the Juju be with you.

(somewhere in Pupununu, SpongeBob finds the last piece, later on Volcano Island)

Old Hermit Crab: (to Patrick) Hey. Stop that. No greasy fingerprints on the screen.

Patrick: SpongeBob. What are we going to do? The Glob thingy is nearly here.

SpongeBob: (in trance again) Square yellow creature of happiness. You are unlike anyone I have met before...

Dib: How true.

SpongeBob: (in trance) ...I have grown tired of my gooey life. And for the first moment since the beginning of time, I, Globulous Maximus, choose to become something else. Someone else, actually. I choose to become... you. (SpongeBob gets back to normal) Me? (in trance again) Yes, you. I like you. You are good. You are happy. You are wholesome. Like homemade bread.

Plankton: Sheesh! And I thought this Maximus guy was smart.

SpongeBob: No, no, no! There's already enough of me! Uh, Jimmy, have we got all the missing pieces?

Jimmy: Affirmative. Vessel of Portentia is fully operational.

SpongeBob: Then it's time to chew bubble gum and blow.

Danny: And we're all out of bubble gum.

(the Vessel of Portentia is blasting off the Volcano Island and goes into space, the heroes and villains reach the Globulous Maximus)

SpongeBob: Hey, goo guy. You are gooing down.

Traloc: (to Technus) Hey, Sparky. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Technus: Depends. If you're thinking evil thoughts.

Beautiful Gorgeous: That we could capture Globulous Maximus.

Technus: And use him for our own future evil plans?

Plankton: Now that's awfully tempting.

Technus: And you know what I like about being evil?

Beautiful Gorgeous: Heavy black eyeliners?

Technus: We always give in to temptation. Let's do it.

(Danny, Jimmy, SpongeBob, Patrick, Tak and Zim are ejected from spaceship)

Globulous Maximus: I don't want to be used for evil.

SpongeBob: Is it just me, or does anyone else feel sorry for the big fella?

Jimmy: Well, he did attempt to take over the places we call home.

Globulous Maximus: Before I go, I want you to know something. Something important. I was created along with the beginning of the universe.

Jimmy: You mean during the Big Bang?

Globulous Maximus: No, during the Big Sneeze.

(in the flashback, the stars creating a head sneeze and Globulous Maximus comes out)

SpongeBob: You mean, you're not evil then? You're a giant booger?

(Globulous Maximus nodded)

Tak: Then why are you trying to take over the worlds?

Globulous Maximus: Well, how would you feel if you were born a booger? You'd be upset too.

SpongeBob: No, I would be proud. Embrace your gooiness. It's what you are. Or, is it who you are? Well, I'm not quite sure, but it's "snot bad". Hahahaha.

Globulous Maximus: You're right, SpongeBob. I want to change my ways. But what's the point? Time, the very thing that created me, is slipping away.

SpongeBob: Not if I can help it.

(everyone gives Globulous a Krabby Patty, except Zim who throws a hanky)

Globulous Maximus: Oh, hardy har. Very funny, guys. I may be a booger but... (Buuuuuurp!) Ah, that's better.

SpongeBob: Great. so what are we going to do?

Globulous Maximus: I have an idea.

(Globulous spins around and gets the shape of SpongeBob)

(the Vessel exploded)

Plankton: I know what happens now.

Dib: Yeah, this is where all you evil doers retreat with your tails between your legs.

Plankton: No! One of us has to pound their fist and say 'Curses! Foiled again!'. Like this. Curses! Foiled again!

Dib: Oh, puhleese.

Technus: Come here, little fella. I'm with ya.

Plankton: Well, I'm glad someone understands how to finish the story.

Technus: Curses! Foiled again!

(Technus squishes Plankton with fist)

Plankton: Ow!

(we see Globulous in shape of SpongeBob taking the heroes back to Earth to Volcano Island)

SpongeBob: Thanks, Globby baby. Everything is safe at last.

Tak: What are you gonna do now when you're not evil?

Globulous: My friends, you have taught me to be proud of who I am. And that is SpongeGlob.

SpongeBob: SpongeGlob?

SpongeGlob: I will right the wrongs of my past and make amends throughout the universe. Goodbye.

(SpongeGlob flies away into space)

Jimmy: If he was born a giant booger, that means something with a nose THAT BIG created him... and think how big you'd have to be to have that big a nose.

Spongebob: Old Hermit Crab, we couldn't have done it without ya. We owe you a big... ah, ah, achoo!

(SpongeBob sneezes at everyone with orange slime he absorbed.)

Patrick: Hey, you think this is just like when time began? You know, like... like the beginning, early on?

Old Hermit Crab: No, Patrick, feels more like the end.

The End

  • Dialogue #1

Old Hermit Crab: What was I doing? Oh, where did I put that book? (he reads the book) Ow! Impending doom? That's not good! In... case... of... emergency... contact...
(Later in Retroville)
Jimmy: Oh no!
(Old Hermit Crab calls to him)
Old Hermit Crab: Jimmy! I just found a prophecy that foretells the end of the world!
Jimmy: I think it's a little out of date. Giant meteors are crash-landing everywhere! We need to get the team together! But this time... We're going to need all the help we can get.
(Later, Jimmy, SpongeBob, and Danny team up at Volcano Island)
Jimmy: I've organized some extra help to deal with the current situation - it may be a little unusual, but it's the only way! Now, everyone, stand back!
(ZIM and villains appear)
Traloc: You mean...
Danny: We've got to team up...
ZIM: With these pitiful, inferior lifeforms?
Old Hermit Crab: It's great to have a get-together now and then.
SpongeBob: It's going to take all of us to stop whatever's coming! We have to work together!
(ZIM goes to heroes)
ZIM: What? Just because I'm planning to take over this tiny, insignificant planet doesn't mean I'm evil.
Dib: ZIM's my mortal enemy! I'm staying right here! With... (sigh) ...all the evil guys.
Jimmy: The meteors have landed in Bikini Bottom, Amity Park, Pupununu Village and Retroville! We'd better go investigate!
Old Hermit Crab: And I have just the thing! (pulls out a bundle of sticks) Lottery sticks!
SpongeBob: OH YEAH! OH YEAH! (picks up the sticks) I get... Technus!
Technus: Does anyone else see a problem pairing a Ghost master of science and electrical technology with a sea sponge?
Jimmy: You guys go check out Bikini Bottom! We'll meet back here to discuss our findings afterward!
(Later, at Bikini Bottom)
(SpongeBob gets hit by a ball of goo)
Technus: I'm glad you went first.
SpongeBob: (licks off the goo) Tastes like Tartar Sauce! But I wonder where it came from?
(a goo-covered fish walks onscreen)
Goo-covered fish: WAUUUUUUGH! (quickly runs offscreen)
Technus: I think he knows.
SpongeBob: Let's follow him!
(Technus and SpongeBob run after the goo fish)

  • Dialogue #2

(SpongeBob and Technus find themselves in a boss battle with a 4-eyed wall of goo)
Technus: Uh, yeah, I seem to have left my weapons elsewhere.
SpongeBob: Come on! It can't be that strong!
Technus: Why did you have to say that?

  • Dialogue #3

SpongeBob: Hooray!
Technus: There was no doubt... I could have beat him with both armaments behind my back.
SpongeBob: We'd better get back to Volcano Island and tell the others what happened!
(SpongeBob and Technus run offscreen)

  • Dialogue #4

(Danny, Plankton, and SpongeBob come on screen; SpongeBob get's hit by a glob and bounces offscreen)
Plankton: This is your neighbourhood? I figured you more for the family type.
Danny: This is the Industrial Zone! I don't live here!
Plankton: Whatever you say, I'm not judging. Let's find that cretin and get out of here.
(Danny and Plankton run offscreen)

  • Dialogue #5

(Danny and Plankton find themselves in a boss battle with Vlad *Controlled by the goo*)
Danny: Vlad Masters?? That's not right! That's not right at all!
Plankton: Hey, Vlad! Love your work, buddy!
Danny: That goo must be controlling him! We have to defeat him before he destroys Amity Park!

  • Dialogue #6

(Danny and Plankton defeat Vlad and he disappears)
Plankton: He was tougher than he looked! A guy after my own heart!
Danny: We have to get back and tell the others what happened!
Plankton: This is that whole working together thing again, isn't it?
(Danny and Plankton run offscreen)

  • Dialogue #7

(Tak, Beutiful Gorgeous, and Spongebob run on-screen. Spongebob gets hit by a glob and bounces offscreen.)
Tak: Oh, this is some bad Juju.
Beautiful Gorgeous: Seriously, what does that word even mean?
Tak: It means let's get going before the going gets worse!
(Tak and Beautiful Gorgeous run offscreen.)

  • Dialogue #8

(Tak and Beautiful Gorgeous enter and see the Juju Vendor *controlled by the goo*)
Beautiful Gorgeous: I'm not fighting that! It's hideous!
Tak: But it's the Juju Vendor! He's been taken over by the evil goo-that-lives!
Beautiful Gorgeous: Okay, But if kicking him ruins my shoes, I'm blaming you.

  • Dialogue #9

Tak: He acted like he had a plan - like the goo-that-lives was giving him instructions! But how?
Beautiful Gorgeous: Who cares? I need a shower! That stuff is even more disgusting up close!
Tak: You're right, let's head back. Maybe the others will know what's going on!
(Tak and Beautiful Gorgeous run offscreen)

  • Dialogue #10

(Jimmy and Dib run on-screen; Jimmy contacts SpongeBob and he gets hits by a glob, then he disappears)
Dib: If I were a genius, and I am, I'd say that goo's making things evil.
Jimmy: But that doesn't make any logical sense!
Dib: Doesn't it, Jimmy? Doesn't it? Let's go!
(Jimmy and Dib run offscreen)

  • Dialogue #11

(Jimmy and Dib enter and see a giant flower controlled by the goo)
Jimmy: Wow! The energy readout from that flower is phenomenal!
Dib: That's short for, "this is going to hurt," isn't it?
Jimmy: Perhaps, but science will prevail! Come on!

  • Dialogue #12

Dib: Ha! Take that! You and your goo are no match for me!
Jimmy: Great work! We make a good team. (Snaps his fingers)
Dib: Sure, teamwork...
(Old Hermit Crab calls to them)
ZIM: Jimmy! Dib. The others have returned and we're waiting for your intelligence.
(Jimmy and Dib look around)
ZIM: BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! Seriously, though, get back here. NOW!
(Jimmy and Dib run offscreen)
(Later, at Volcano Island)
Plankton: We showed those chumps who's boss in no time!
Dib: But what we all seem to be saying is...
Jimmy: The goo from the meteors is turning things evil!
Dib: Hey! That's my line!
Jimmy: And there's one meteor left in orbit.
SpongeBob: Time to go into space! Into space, into space.
ZIM: This sounds like a job for a mighty IRKEN warrior! I gladly accept.
Danny: Wait a minute, no one said...
ZIM: Come along, randomly allocated magic slave.
Traloc: What'd he just call me?
(Jimmy sends ZIM and Traloc into space)

  • Dialogue #13

(ZIM and Traloc appear on a ship; ZIM runs side-by-side to see the ship)
ZIM: Strange... This mysterious vehicle seems oddly familiar.
Traloc: You watch who you're using your juju on!
ZIM: Quiet, inferior counterpart! Is is time to undertake teamwork. You go first.
(ZIM and Traloc run offscreen)

  • Dialogue #14

(ZIM and Traloc enter and see two guys "Almighty Tallest" controlled by the goo)
Traloc: THOSE are the masterminds behind all of this?
ZIM: ALMIGHTY TALLEST! But why? I clearly had the Earth invasion well under control!
Traloc: You know these guys? Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this...

  • Dialogue #15

(The Almighty Tallest return back to normal)
Tallest Purple: ZIM?
Tallest Red: You're not our tour guide! For shame, ZIM! Masquerading as an earthly public servant!
Tallest Red: We were headed off on a budget holiday when this awful, sticky orange goo boarded our ship!
Tallest Purple: Luckily we already shrunk the armada to get past customs, or those ships would've been taken over, too!
(A screen appears over them)
???: Surrender, tiny space beings!
(ZIM, Traloc, and the Almighty Tallest look around to find where the voice is coming from; From space)
Globulus Maximus: I am Globulus Maximus, and I demand you take me to the absorbent yellow one!
(Back on the ship)
Traloc: Did he just say what I think he said?
(The ship starts to shake)
Tallest Red: (Steps on a red button) Oops.
(Back from space, a beam shoots at Globulus and he shrinks)
Tallest Purple: Well, that was easy.
(All of the sudden, Jimmy, SpongeBob, and Danny appear on the ship)
Jimmy: Not as easy as it seems! Globulus isn't any less powerful, he's just smaller!
Tallest Red: I said 'oops'.
SpongeBob: We're going to have to team up to take him out!
Danny: SpongeBob's right! Let's go!

If the player selects SpongeBob and Technus:

  • Dialogue #16

(SpongeBob and Technus appear on top of the ship)
SpongeBob: (Shows the peace sign) Yeah!

  • Dialogue #17

Globulus: All I wanted was to meet the absorbent yellow one...
SpongeBob: The who?
Technus: You mean you want to meet him? That's gotta be a first!
SpongeBob: Well, I'm right here! How can I help you, my gooey buddy?
Globulus: In all my travels, I've never met anyone so happy! Teach me to be like you!
SpongeBob: All it takes is a little bit of sunshine and happy thoughts.
Technus: Yeah, great, let me know when it's time for the group hug.
(Globulus takes the form of SpongeBob)
Globulus: Hey, you're right! I feel better already!
SpongeBob: Hooray!
Globulus: And now I shall continue my journey through the stars, ever after known as... SPONGEGLOB!
(SpongeBob and Technus enter the ship; GIR and a big red button appears)
GIR: OOOO! I found a pretty red button! (Steps on it)
Computer: Self destruct commencing in five...
(SpongeBob and Technus look around with surprised faces)
GIR: I love this ship.
(SpongeBob and Technus run offscreen)
GIR: Ready or not, here I come! Wheeee!
(Later, at Volcano Island)