Nature Cat is an American-Canadian children's animated TV series that airs on PBS Kids.


Season 1

  1. Heartthrob Hamster/Astronuts
  2. Muck Amok/Follow Those Footprints
  3. Breezy Rider/Swamp Thing
  4. The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart/Pet Sounds
  5. Cave Conundrum/Daisy's Colossal Fossil
  6. There's Gold in Them Thar Hills/Nature Cat and Mr. Hide
  7. Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?!/For The Birdies!
  8. Stream and Shout/Hal's Day Off
  9. Tally Ho! A Rainbow/Travelin' Seeds
  10. Ant's Revolution/Tide Pool Tough
  11. Hooray, It's Arbor Day!/Goodnight, Gracie
  12. Love You, Michael Bluejáy/Ze Worm Whisperer
  13. Happy Halentine's Day!/The Groundhog Way
  14. Star Gazers/A Jump to Remember
  15. Earth Day Today/Earth Day Every Day
  16. Kingdom of Rotting Log/Can You Dig It?
  17. Mud Love/Call It a Night
  18. Woodpecker Picks A Place/Here Comes the Sun
  19. The Great Grasshopper Race/Fall for Hal
  20. Playground-Palooza/Small But Big
  21. Slime Time/Rock Stars
  22. Gimme Shelter/Goin' Batty
  23. The Legend of Gold Gardens/Winter Dance Party
  24. Ice is Nice/Bird's Eye View
  25. Runaway Pumpkin/Lady Bug Tough
  26. Stop That Squirrel/Onward and Pondward
  27. Appily Ever After/Sound Off
  28. The Shell Game/Heron Food Blues
  29. Spring Hunter 3000/The Case of the Missing Moon
  30. Mighty Mountain Climbers/Bugs Eating Plants
  31. Flight of the Firefly/Thunderstruck
  32. Plants Got The Moves/Magnet Mania
  33. Return to Mighty Mountain/Welcome to the Vernal Pond
  34. Ocean Commotion
  35. The Queen of the Night/Space Rocks
  36. Croak and Swagger/Puddle Pool Party
  37. The Glow Games/Have a Grape Day
  38. Flamingo-A-Go-Go/What a Tangled Web
  39. The Shellersons/Only the Shadow Knows

Season 2

  1. Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune Patrol
  2. Stop and Hear the Cicadas/Cold-Blooded
  3. Lights Out for Sea Turtles/Nature Art
  4. Houston's Outdoor Adventure/Hotel Hal
  5. Let's Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: Nature
  6. Enter the Dragonfly/Water Woes
  7. Garden Impossible/Agents of the Great Outdoors
  8. The Return of Bad Dog Bart!
  9. Bunyan Trouble/Foggy Feat
  10. Rights or Wrong/Amazing Animals
  11. Backyard Bigfoot/Imperfect Produce
  12. Man-Oh-Mangrove/Northern Lights Sights
  13. A Prickly Problem/A Shedtime Story
  14. The Big Bath Brouhaha/Fossil Hunt
  15. Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up/A Party for Squeeks!
  16. Are You My Egg?/Sos (Save Our Salad)
  17. Snow Way to Keep Warm/So You Think You Know Nature?
  18. The Deal with Eels/Skip It!
  19. Wild Batts!/No Bird Left Behind!
  20. Soil Turmoil/Wisteria Hysteria
  21. Nature Cat's Nature Stories/Pattern Problema

Season 3

  1. Animal Rescue Crew/Nature of Dreams
  2. Freezin' in the Summer Season/Total Eclipse of the Sun
  3. Onward and Song-ward/Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?
  4. Secrets of the Old Prairie/A Sticky Sweet Tree Treat
  5. Amber Rocks/The Big Stink
  6. Magical Mushroom Mystery Tour/A Midsummer Day's Dream
  7. Nature Cat: A Nature Carol
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