Narrator: Behold, this scroll without a name. Within it is recounted an as yet unfinished tale. If thy heart be drawn to its contents... take up the scroll, and unfurl its aged parchment. I see thou art keen to know more. In that case, allow me to spin for thee a yarn... A tale spanning the history of the ninja.

Developed by

Produced by
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Narrator: The story of a never-ending chain of battles... raging ceaselessly since creation itself, before even the days of the Otsutsuki. Even as ninja formed clans and villages, and settled into prosperity… unfettered did burn the fires of conflict, and hatred did spread its steely grip. Amidst this strife, two warriors faced one another, and continued their fight...

Hashirama: Wood Style Hidden Jutsu... Deep Forest Emergence! Summoning Jutsu! H-Huh?! (I need to disable its movements first...) Wood Style: Wood Dragon Jutsu!


Madara: Nine Tails!

Hashirama: No! Nine Tails...!

Madara: Attack!

Hashirama: Wood Style: Wood Golem Jutsu! Huh?! The Tailed Beast and Susano'o?!

Madara: I would say we're both plenty warmed-up, wouldn't you?

Hashirama: Indeed...

Hashirama & Madara: Prepare to fight!!


Hashirama: You leave me no choice... Sage Art! Wood Style! Shinsu Senju Veritable 1000-Armed Kan'on! Madara!

Madara: Hashirama!

Narrator: The battle will never end… But still the ninja keep up the fight. They fight for what they believe in… To follow their own true path.

Narrator: And so, time passed... But the cycle of battle never ended. And as the violence of the ninja world continued to grow more severe, two shadows walked down a "path". What will they find? And what new "path" will lead them toward? In the next chapter... Two Unparalleled Warriors.

Naruto: This world…

Naruto: ...isn’t gonna end here!

Tobi: going to end here!


Deathmatch of Creation
Ninja history has ongoing since ancient times... Without so much as a glimpse to the end of the chain of battles. The ninja have never stopped fighting. Midst these wars, two powerful warriors Hashirama and Madara, who were once close friends, found themselves on opposing sides. They rocked the earth, grit their teeth, and let their anger and sadness swirl together as they fought for their lives.


Yin Path

Sasuke's storyline

The Taka Flies Again

In the present, the curtain has risen on the Fourth Great Ninja War, and the furious battles raged on. Behind the scenes, Sasuke Uchiha reunited with his older brother Itachi and questioned himself about his own path. What are ninja? What is a village? What is a clan? Behind the lone Sasuke, old allies drew near…

Narrator: Land of Fire - Hidden Leaf Village. There stood a boy whose clan had been eradicated by his own elder brother. A boy by the name of Sasuke Uchiha. He lived for a period of time in peace, but as soon as he began walking down the path of revenge, he slipped into darkness… And finally succeeded in conquering his brother, Itachi Uchiha. But his brother's words had all been lies, The Hidden Leaf was the real enemy. Soon, the tiny flames of hatred grew into the inferno that was the Fourth Great Ninja War. And as the terrible conflict erupted… As he dashed toward the battlefield. Sasuke Uchiha saw someone completely unexpected… His brother had been revived into the physical world. Over time, the two came to terms with each other. and were finally "brothers" once more… And then, after succeeding in what he came to do, Itachi disappeared into the light.

Itachi: "I will always love you."

Narrator: Leaving just one line of truth with his little brother...

Sasuke: What am I?

Suigetsu: THERE you are!

Sasuke: Suigetsu? And Jugo...

Suigetsu: We've been looking all over for you.

Sasuke: What do you want with me? Why did you come all this way to find me?

Suigetsu: Oh, well, the thing is… we just happened upon a mind-blowing scroll in Orochimaru's hideout. Take a look! Well? Pretty amazing, huh?

Sasuke: Yes… They're the ones with all the answers. There's someone I need to see now.

Suigetsu: Who’s that?

Sasuke: Orochimaru.

Suigetsu: Huh?! Wh-what are you talking about? You iced his ass!

Sasuke: You know Orochimaru. You really think that'd be enough to vanquish him? Jugo. Bring that woman too.

Jugo: Who is she?

Sasuke: A Hidden Leaf ninja Kabuto kidnapped. The seal absorbed Orochimaru's chakra. We'll just use that to summon Orochimaru back.

Suigetsu: Whoa, hold on! Reviving Orochimaru is way too dangerous! (Huh?!)

Sasuke: Curse Unsealing!

Orochimaru: Kah ha ha ha hah!


Sasuke: Had enough?

Orochimaru: I've limbered up, yes. That'll do for now. (Fighting him made me realize… that he's a "bit different" from before…) So...

Sasuke: There's something I want you to do for me, Orochimaru.

Orochimaru: Yes, you really don't need to explain all that, I've been watching him the whole time, remember... And when you meet them, then what?

Sasuke: I... know too little. I want them to tell me everything.

Orochimaru: You needn't trouble yourself with all that. You're still just a child, after all.

Sasuke: No… I'm not a child. Not anymore. I can't be a child. I need to know how it all began. I need to know who I should be. What I should be doing… I want to know everything. so I can decide what it all means for myself. I want to make my own judgments. Then I'll decide what needs to be done.

Orochimaru: I think I quite like you now. Very well. I'll help you. Come with me.

Sasuke: Where to?

Orochimaru: Heh heh... Oh, to a place you know very well indeed. Come, let's go...


Those Who Know All

After resurrecting Orochimaru, Sasuke enlisted his help and headed to the place where those who know all' wait Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke's old home, and the place where he had spent time with his old friends. At an Uchiha clan shrine far off the beaten path, he and Orochimaru began a certain ceremony.

Suigetsu: Wow, who knew there was all this going on under the Leaf shrine?

Orochimaru: Now, let's begin. Gwooooah! "Reaper Death Seal: Release"… This mask is necessary in order to use the jutsu written in that scroll… Using this calls out the reaper, which then possesses the user. Then, we can release the things that were sealed by the reaper. Jugo, Sasuke, Suigetsu, get ready! Now Jugo, use your chakra to make the extraction from Sasuke. That should draw out the spores of the Zetsu that Tobi set as Sasuke's watchdog. They'll serve as the sacrifices to summon the "four"… Reanimation jutsu!

Zetsu: Uwaaaaaagh!

Orochimaru: Come now! Come! The ones who know everything… The former Hokage!

Suigetsu: The… The First Hokage... Hashirama Senju, feared as the god of all ninja. In the flesh...

Hashirama: What's going on here?

Sarutobi: The Reaper Death Seal... They must have released it somehow. And then used Reanimation...

Minato: It looks like we've been brought back to life, First Hokage.

Tobirama: Reanimation again? Everyone seems to have no trouble using the jutsu I invented...

Orochimaru: There's a reason for this. I simply prepared all this to grant his wishes.

Sasuke: My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I have some questions for you Hokage.

Sarutobi: What? Sasuke!?

Sasuke: First of all, 3rd... Why did you make my brother do what he did?

Sarutobi: I see... So you know.

Sasuke: I still want to hear it from your mouth. Everything about Itachi.

Sarutobi: He killed his fellow clan members, and stopped a coup... The man single-handedly prevented a war. He even installed himself in the Akatsuki as a spy after that to keep the village safe. All under the condition that I protect you, his younger brother...

Sasuke: So it was really true… Now, 1st, I ask you… What is the village? What does it mean to be a ninja? Itachi - my brother - was prepared to protect the Hidden Leaf with his life, despite knowing he'd been used by the village, And he was proud to be a shinobi of the Leaf. What does it mean to give up your own life to protect a village? And what about the ninja that create such a situation… and believe that it's OK? I want to hear it from you, I want to hear the truth, so I can decide for myself. Should I take revenge on the village… or... Revenge on the village?

Tobirama: You think I'm just going to let you...?!

Hashirama: Tobirama. Lower your hand.

Tobirama: Fine.

Hashirama: Gah ha ha hah! Well, excuse me! You want to know about the village, you say. I'd be glad to tell you what you want to know, but it might take some time.

Orochimaru: No... please just tell the boy what he wants to know as quickly as possible.

Sarutobi: What do you mean?

Orochimaru: We're in the middle of a war here, Madara Uchiha has come back to life, and is trying to destroy every last ninja in the world.

Tobirama: Yes... I can sense a powerful chakra presence, at two o'clock.

Minato: (The Second Hokage is right. I'm picking up some intense chakra, too. But it's not just that… No. I think… Aha… This feeling… Naruto! You're fighting too, aren't you?!)

Sarutobi: If Madara’s back, talking will have to wait! We can't afford to sit around here and do nothing!

Orochimaru: I’m sorry, but if you want to head to the battlefield, I must insist we finish our conversation first. If you can’t provide Sasuke with the answers he desires, I wouldn't put it past him to use you all to destroy the Hidden Leaf.

Sarutobi: Damn you, Orochimaru!

Hashirama: Don't worry, Orochimaru. We understand. Our first priority should be finding a way to ease up what's binding him. Where should I begin? Well, in order to explain what a village and a ninja are… I must first explain about the two clans, the Uchiha and the Senju. We fought and fought. Both of us were at the very end of our ropes. And we both knew the end had to be in sight... for one of us.


Hashirama: It's over... Madara...

Madara: Then finish me. Can't do it? That is your problem. Hashirama… You’re soft! Ggh!

Hashirama: I'll do anything to protect our… No, to protect MY village. No matter what happens… I believe that protecting the village means protecting the people of the Hidden Leaf. The ninja. The children! I don't care who it is - my friend, my brother, or my own child… I won't forgive ANYONE who threatens it!

Madara: You have your priorities mixed up… That will create darkness… in the village… Someday…

Hashirama: Urgh… That's when I found my resolve. My resolve to protect the village to the bitter end. I don't know how he resurrected himself now, but... I buried my friend for good that day… for the sake of the village. Which brings me to the village itself. What Madara and I envisioned at first was a place for clans to come together and connect. A way to bring order out of chaos, and keep it that way. It was a place where our children could be safe. Where no pointless battles were fought. A place of peace. But the fact is, it created a darkness like the one that your brother Itachi bore. Perhaps Madara was right. Perhaps he saw all that coming. I'm the one who created that situation. I'm the only one who gave it the OK. You see to me… A ninja is... someone who bears anything necessary to achieving his goal. However, a ninja is also shaped by what sort of goal he strives for. Just like Madara and I…

Sasuke: A ninja is... someone who bears whatever it takes… to reach his goal?

Hashirama: That's what I built the village on. But Madara had a different ideal. I don't know about Madara's current resurrection. I don't know what's behind this idea of his to wipe out the world's ninja, But...

Sasuke: Infinite Tsukuyomi. Regardless of clan, creed, country, or anything… He wants to trap everyone in a genjutsu so he can make things happen exactly as he desires. Everything my brother-- and you-- fought so hard to protect… He wants to destroy it all…

Sarutobi: Then we can't afford to stay here a moment longer!

Orochimaru: Now that you've heard the First Hokage's explanation, what do you intend do with it? Will you turn your blade toward the Hidden Leaf? Or…

Itachi: Sasuke… Forgive me… I always lied to you... I asked you to forgive me, even as I kept pushing you away. I didn't want… to pull you in. But now I think of it this way. Maybe you could have changed Father, Mother… the Uchiha Clan… If I'd faced you honestly from the very beginning… if we'd told each other the truth, as equals… I failed. I won't put myself above you and tell you this and that. It's too late. So this time, for once… Let me tell you one small truth… It’s all right if you never forgive me. But. No matter what you become… I will always love you…

Sasuke: I'm going into battle! The village… Itachi… I won't let it all be in vain!

Hashirama: Well said! Come then, there's no time to lose!

Orochimaru: (So that's the path you’ve chosen… Now... Show me what you're capable of… Sasuke Uchiha… Your new wind…)


The Path of Separation

Hashirama and Madara... Their bonds had been deep ever since they were children. They chased the same dreams and searched for ways to realize them. They created a village in order to rip down the walls between their clans. As the two heroes of Hidden Leaf Village, their legacies should have both been passed down to future generations. However…

Hashirama: Do you remember what we talked about here when we were kids?

Madara: Yes. Although. at the time. I really thought you were joking.

Hashirama: How cold! I'm not the kind of man who makes a joke about something like that.

Madara: You really were a strange one, though... What was it now? A school for the children. A safe village for your brothers...

Hashirama: Mmm.

Madara: I remember thinking that you had some pretty grand plans for a little kid.

Hashirama: Oh?

Madara: But they weren't bad dreams. They are the same as mine. Which is why I am here with you today.

Hashirama: Yes.

Madara: The Hidden Leaf Village... This village has become precious to me, and I must protect it.

Hashirama: So, have you thought about my Hokage idea some more?

Madara: What? You were being serious about that? I thought you were just pulling my leg.

Hashirama: What? No, I was being deadly serious! You would be perfect for the position. You'll be the leader of the village and guide everyone forward. And we'll carve a model your face in the cliff here. as an emblem of the village!

Madara: Hey, I never agreed to that! It's not my style!

Hashirama: It's not up to you. The more embarrassed you are, the better!

Madara: You're just trying to torture me here, aren't you?!

Hashirama: Ha ha ha hah!

Madara: Very smart. It is a fine outfit...

Hashirama: Well, it was supposed to be yours. I still think you'd make a better Hokage than I will.

Madara: Well, it was a democratic decision. The villagers chose you. You are the Hokage.

Hashirama: Madara...

Madara: This stone... This stone has been passed down through generations of the Uchiha clan. It can be deciphered only by those with special eye abilities. This is as much as I can read so far... "Seeking stability, there was a god who split into two halves, light and dark. Bringing the two halves together again grants the user the power of all creation." In other.words, bringing two opposing forces together as one will lead to true happiness. But you can take it another way, too. Never mind, there is no point in talking to you about it now.

Hashirama: What do you mean?

Madara: Hashirama... I am leaving the village. We are history.

Hashirama: Wh-why?!

Madara: I do not have any allies here. No one looks up to me.

Hashirama: But I can't do this without you! I need you as my right-hand man. As a brother! The people will soon come to see you for what you are. And when they do, you can be the 2nd Hokage.

Madara: I should think Tobirama will be your successor. If that happens. my clan will be doomed. I have tried to warn the other Uchiha of the danger and get them to leave the village... Save your breath. I am leaving. I have found another way.

Hashirama: Wait! They're just misunderstanding you!

Madara: Let us just say it comes down to how you perceive reality. Anyway, enough with the groveling. It is far healthier to see this world as a playground.

Hashirama: Hey, are you listening to me?!

Madara: You are the only one who can stand up to me.

Hashirama: Mada--

Madara: Until I reach the path to my true dream... I shall enjoy fighting with you.

Hashirama: (What is your true dream? Why wouldn't you explain it to me?)


Hashirama: What is it?

Ninja: It-it's Madara Uchiha! He's coming!

Hashirama: Really? He's come back?!

Ninja: He's attacking the village! He wiped out the vanguard unit. We sent a second and third, but we've had reports of heavy casualties! We're working on evacuating the villagers. We just can't stop Madara's advance! What are we going to do? Hokage?!

Hashirama: (What's the meaning of this? Why would...? Madara. we built this place together, you and me. Why would you...? It doesn't make sense. I can't understand you anymore. I can’t... understand... )

Narrator: Ambitions and machinations swirled in the dark night… Had the emotions of yesterday already run dry? Was despair the only thing that awaited? With unspeakable pain in his heart, Hashirama Senju challenged his friend. Believing that in this deep abyss… there was one last sliver of hope...


To the Battlefield

After meeting the Hokage and finding his 'answer' Sasuke turned his eyes to the battlefield. Far off, a furious battle capable of shaking the entire planet was unfolding. It was time for Sasuke to head to war.

Hashirama: Ah… Now THAT'S a sight for sore eyes.

Karin: I knew it was you, Sasuke!

Sasuke: Karin.

Karin: I thought I sensed your chakra. So I busted out of jail to come and check! How dare you betray me like that?!

Karin: Wh-why. Sasuke…

Sasuke: Once he took you hostage, you became a burden.

Karin: I'm never going to forgive you for what you've done!!

Sasuke: Sorry.

Karin: Ugh… You, you, you… You think "sorry" is gonna cut it? After everything you've put me through! I, I, I… You good-for-nothing,..!

Orochimaru: I see you're as weak as always when it comes to Sasuke, Karin.

Hashirama: Judging from the color of her hair, she must be from the Uzumaki Clan. Haha… Sure brings back memories. My wife was from that same clan…

Tobirama: Much as I enjoy hearing my brother reminiscing, save it for later,

Hashirama: Mm, yes, you're right. We must get to the battlefield as soon as possible.

Tobirama: No. There's something we need to do first.

Hashirama: Hm?

Tobirama: We can head to the battlefield. However, I'm doubtful as to whether we should be taking this lot along with us.

Orochimaru: What do you mean by that?

Tobirama: I mean, if you're going to get under our feet, you should just stay away.

Orochimaru: That's how you see us, is it?

Tobirama: Not you, Orochimaru. You're fine. But the others...

Orochimaru: Then why don't you put them to the test?

Tobirama: I intend to.

Hashirama: Hmmm… Very well, I'm in too! It will do me good to move my limbs a bit before the battle! Sarutobi, join us! Let's all fight together! It's been too long!

Sarutobi: Understood...

Orochimaru: Then it's decided, Sasuke, Jugo and… Suigetsu! Show them what you can do.

Suigetsu: WHAAAAAAAT? Wh-Why me?!

Orochimaru: Karin's a healer. You men are the combat specialists, aren't you? And where is this test to take place? Surely not here.

Tobirama: Don't be ridiculous. We'll go to the place Hashirama and I used to use for training.

Hashirama: Ah yes, we shouldn't be disturbed here. Good.

Tobirama: So… The three of us have decided to test your strength as fighters. If you fail to impress us--

Sasuke: Save the explanations. Let's just do this.

Suigetsu: (H-hey! Stop taunting them!)

Hashirama: Suits me. We don't have much time. (Ho ho, impressive! He's covering himself perfectly. This should be fun!)


Hashirama: Nwoah!

Tobirama: What are you playing around for?! Water Style: Water Shockwave!!

Sasuke: Suigetsu!

Suigetsu: I knew it’d be me… Urgh! I won’t be able to hold on forever!

Sasuke: Jugo!

Jugo: Got it!

Sasuke: Amaterasu!

Tobirama: Ggh…

Hashirama: Not bad!

Sasuke: Grohhhh!

Hashirama: Wood Style: Wood Expulsion Jutsu!

Sasuke: Tch!

Hashirama: Now, what will it be?

Sasuke: Gwooooaaaarrrrgghhh! Here!

Hashirama: What?! Nngh!

Sasuke: Wooooaaaarrrrgghhh!

Hashirama: Hahh… hahh… Yes. that will do.

Suigetsu: (So, how did we do?)

Hashirama: I imagine Madara will be surprised to see such powerful ninja arrive…

Suigetsu: In other words...?

Sarutobi: I suppose… this means you passed.

Tobirama: Yes. I admit that you're stronger than I imagined.

Suigetsu: Whoa!

Hashirama: Now then! The other group is waiting, Back to the village!

Karin: Ah-ha! Sasukee!

Tobirama: Sorry to keep you waiting!

Minato: How did they do?

Hashirama: Oh yes. Excellent. We'll all be heading straight to the battlefield! Hokage! It's time at last. As we stand atop the mountainside images that have long watched over the Hidden Leaf… Let the sight of the village be imprinted in our minds as we charge into battle to defend it!

Minato: I'll be able to see my son at last. Naruto, I haven't been able to be much of a father to you, so I'm going to try to make it up to you now. I'm bringing a big present with me!

Sarutobi: I haven't fought a war in a long time. I'd better keep my wits about me!

Tobirama: Madara. I'm going to defeat you once and for all!

Hashirama: I know it's inappropriate, but I can't deny that I'm excited about seeing my old friend again. There's always fighting in this world! But this is going to be the last war!

Hokages: To battle!!!


Yang Path

Naruto's storyline

Behind the Mask

In the present, the curtain has risen on the Fourth Great Ninja War, and the furious battles keep going on and on. The Allied Ninja Forces vs. "Akatsuki." Naruto Uzumaki vs. the masked man, Tobi. Colliding tists and screams, over and over... For one's future. For one's allies. For one's dreams. For one's ninja way... In order to stop Tobi's Project Tsuki no Me, Naruto continues to fight alongside his allies.

Narrator: Land of Fire - Hidden Leaf Village. Here lives a boy who dreams of becoming the village leader - the Hokage. That boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki. In his body dwelled the Nine-Tailed Fox, the mighty tailed beast that once attacked the village. But the strong will that he was born with allowed him to run down the path of growth. However... there was trouble brewing in the ninja world. An organization known as "Akatsuki" had set out to collect the nine Tailed Beasts, including the Nine Tails, and declared war on the ninja world... releasing the flames of a massive conflict. Once they were ignited, the flames continued to burn on and on. But Naruto Uzumaki just kept staring straight ahead… Having forged new bonds. he kept his eyes fixed on the future. and let loose a roar. That roar grew stronger and spread out… And as if they were echoes… His many "allies" leapt into action.

Sakura: (Naruto!!)

Narrator: All for his sake, as he keeps on fighting…

Tobi: This world... is meaningless now.

Kurama: The Gedo Statue, here?! Don't tell me he's ready to begin?!

Tobi: Now... time for chaos.

Narrator: The roars from the splitting earth herald the "end"... as this battle to save the ninja world enters its "final stage"… The ultimate deathmatch...

Tobi: The world no longer needs hope, a future, or any famous heroes! When this reality ends, all that will remain is a single, endless dream!!

Naruto: I had a dad. A mom. And Old Man Sage. Kids look up to heroes! So I'm gonna keep charging ahead without losing my way! I'm gonna become the best Hokage there's ever been! That's my dream, you idiot!


Naruto: Now!!

Ninjas: Alright!! Wohhhh!!

Kakashi: Kamui!

Naruto: Got you!

Tobi: Oh, a shadow clone? Hit your limit, Kakashi?

Naruto: Tailed Beast Bomb!

Tobi: You're too late. You're wasting your time… Wha?! Impossible!

Naruto: Nowhere to run now, Tobi!

Tobi: (I-I get it! My attack isn't what erased that shadow clone. It was Kamui! Damn Kakashi! He figured out that we're connected to the same space...)

Naruto: This is it… Who are you?!

Kakashi: You’re… Obito…


The Boys’ Battlefield (part 1)

The bloody battles of the Third Great Ninja War got worse and worse as time went on. They were cruel days, in which even young boys and girls were drawn in to battle. Kakashi Hatake belonged to a small team led by Naruto's father, Minato, and was sent to the battlefield along with Obito and Rin. Alter becoming a Jonin, he received his first mission, and a strong sense of duty began to bum in young Kakashi's heart…

Kakashi: (I knew it. But I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to be wrong… I mean, back then, you… You were a hero.)

Narrator: It was during the Third Great Ninja War. An age when men and women… young and old-- anyone who was known as ninja -- flew headlong into battle. They drew blood, shed their bond, stole thing, and lost their own… This cycle of hatred spread like wildfire, endlessly… And in the center stood three fledgling youths. They too were ninja, embroiled in this terrible war, putting their lives on the line.

Kakashi: How are you always so late?! Ninja have rules. You need to stick to the plan! A good ninja sticks to the rules and does everything by the book!

Obito: Rules, doing things by the book! That's all you ever talk about. Don't you have any compassion?

Kakashi: Any ninja that breaks the rules sullies their name. You can at least understand that, right?

Rin: Okay, okay, you two! Give it a rest. We're on the same team, remember…

Kakashi: Rin, you're too soft on Obito. Today's a very important day for us,

Rin: Ha ha ha... Y-yeah, that's true.

Obito: Huh? What’s going on?

Minato: Let's talk about it on the way to our destination. As of today, Kakashi's become a jonin like me. We'll split into two units led by Kakashi and myself in order to give us the best chance of success. We're suffering from the biggest lack of manpower that the Hidden Leaf Village has ever seen, remember.

Rin: Actually, Obito… Remember our talk about giving Kakashi a present? I already gave him a medkit. And Sensei's also...

Minato: I gave him a custom made kunai knife… Just like the one I carry.

Rin: What about you, Obito?

Obito: Sorry, I forgot.

Rin: WHAT?

Kakashi: Well, I wasn't expecting anything from you anyway. It probably would have just been a piece of junk. Useless crap like that would just be excess baggage.

Obito: Hey!

Rin: O… come on! Don't start fighting!

Minato: Now, let me run through the mission. You're all aware that the Land of Earth has launched an invasion against the Village Hidden in the Grass, right?

Rin: Yes. They're coming very fast. It's only a matter of time before they cross into the Land of Fire.

Minato: That's why we need to stop them as soon as possible. As such, our mission this time is to infiltrate enemy territory and destroy the Kannabi Bridge, which is part of their supply route.

Kakashi: So we're going to cut off the enemy's support network.

Obito: What about you, Sensei?

Minato: I'm going to tackle them head-on and act as a diversion for you. For today, Kakashi is your leader. We'll stick together until we hit the border, but after that, your unit's on its own.

All: Got it!

Land of Earth Ninja: (They noticed me, did they? Impressive)

Minato: Careful now, everyone. There's twenty of them, although there's a good chance they're using shadow clone jutsu.

Kakashi: I'm going in. Cover me.

Minato: Not so fast, Kakashi. You should act as backup.

Kakashi: What about what you said before Sensei? I'm the leader today. That means I call the shot… doesn’t it? That's the rule.

Minato: Okay, everyone, follow Kakashi's lead.


Rin: Are you okay, Kakashi?

Minato: Good, no sign of any reinforcements. Kakashi's really worn out. Let's retreat for now and regroup.

Kakashi: I'm. I'm fine...

Obito: Fine my ass! That's what you get for ignoring Sensei and doing whatever you like!

Kakashi: That's some talk… coming from a ninja who was too scared to be of any help.

Obito: I-I wasn't scared! It was just… you know. I-I had a tummy ache! I'll be fine next time!

Kakashi: That's all that ever comes out of your mouth… Excuse...

Minato: Enough already, you two! You're going to have to work together from now on if you want to complete your missions. Right now, you're pulling in opposite directions. Yes. Kakashi… rules and the ninja code are important… but they aren't everything. It's like I taught you. Sometimes you've got to adapt to the situation you're in and bend the rules. And Obito… you still haven't truly prepared yourself to be a ninja… Your spirit is weak. That's why you feel scared when you actually face the enemy. I've got faith in you all, though… I know that you squad complete this mission on your own. But if you cannot work together and function as a tea… you're going to fail. Before I go, one more thing. The most important thing any ninja has to master is teamwork… Got it?

Narrator: With heartbeats racing… Without a clear vision of what was really right and wrong… Trapped in a battle with no exit, the boys just kept moving forward… Running as fast as they could.


The Boys’ Battlefield (part 2)

Midst the uneasiness following Kakashi and Obito's split, Team Minato broke Into two groups and hurried to complete their mission. In a deep, dark forest, Kakashi and his allies raced through the trees, behind which ninjas of the Hidden Stone Village lurked.. Without any Inclination of the cruel tate that awaited them, they kept moving straight ahead…

Narrator: And then…

Minato: Okay, time to split up. Good luck, everyone. Disperse!

Narrator: After parting with Minato. Kakashi's team headed straight for their target, Kannabi Bridge. Sometimes arguing, sometimes working together.… moving ever forward. Finally, several days later… With their target in sight, the three took their final break. Moving into enemy territory‘ had made them extremely tense… That was when… "It" happened.

Land of Earth Ninja: Tch…

Rin: Ggh!

Obito: Rin!

Land of Earth Ninja: She's coming with us,

Obito: Hey! What did you do to her?!

Land of Earth Ninja: Don't worry, she's just asleep. We'll be able to get a lot out of her.

Obito: Let her go! Come on, Kakashi,we got to go after them! Hey! Kakashi! Kakashi?

Kakashi: The two of us need to carry on with the mission by ourselves,

Obito: Wh-what?! Do you know what you're saying?

Kakashi: Yes.

Obito: But Rin! What about Rin?

Kakashi: We'll think about Rin later. They want to know what our plan is, so they won't kill her straight away. We should be more worried about them learning our tactics. To a ninja, his mission is everything. That's the ninja code.

Obito: The ninja code? There's something way more important than that stupid code!! What about Rin?! She's one of our comrades! She's helped us time and time again with her medical ninjutsu. She supported us the entire time! She's… She's a priceless friend!

Kakashi: She did that because it was part of her mission.

Obito: Forget it! You and I just don't get along. There's no point discussing it anymore.

Kakashi: You don't get it. You don't know what happens to people who break the code.

Obito: Sure… maybe in the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum… But you know what? Someone who doesn't care about their friends is even worse! I'm going to help Rin!

Obito: Rin!!

Land of Earth Ninja: She's trapped in a genjutsu. If you want to free he… you'll need to defeat us. But there's no way you could do that,

Obito: (Rin! I promise!!)


Taiseki: Whoa!

Land of Earth Ninja: C'mon, quit playing games. Taiseki.

Taiseki: I will… Camouflage Jutsu!

Obito: Ggh! Aagh! Gwahh! Ack… (I… Rin...)

Rin: You can do it… Obito! I'm rooting for you!

Obito: I… won't give up…

Taiseki: Die!

Obito: Ka-Kakashi? What… are you doing here…

Kakashi: Well, I couldn't leave a weakling like you on his own, could I?

Land of Earth Ninja: He's pretty tough for a kid. I think I'd better join you, Taiseki. Just in case.

Kakashi: I'll take the lead here. Back me up. Obito. Let's do this!


Kakkou: Grr… (The little brat is really tough…)

Obito: Kakashi!

Kakashi: I can handle it. Obito!

Kakkou: See ya!

Kakashi: Gaaagh!

Obito: Kakashi! Dammit! Kakashi! Are you okay?

Kakashi: Ggh… Ugh…

Obito: Your… eye...

Kakashi: I'm not dead yet. Just stay focused, Obito.

Taiseki: We can use this to our advantage. I'll finish both of them now.

Obito: (I can never back up what I say… I always rely on everyone for help… But still… There's one thing that I want to make sure I can back up…)

Taiseki: (Die!) Your… your eyes…

Kakashi: Obito! You've awakened your Sharingan!

Obito: I'm… going to save my friends!

Kakkou: Woah. Woah… Seriously?

Kakashi: Ready… Obito?

Obito: You bet!


Kakashi: Release!

Rin: Kakashi… Obito…

Obito: We're here to save you. Rin! You're safe now!

Land of Earth Ninja: You rescued the hostage and let your guard down… Don't you think it's a bit early to relax… you little leaf brats?!

Land of Earth Ninja: Earth Style - Rock Breaker!!

Obito: This is bad! Run to the exit!

Kakashi: Gwahh!

Rin: Kakashi!

Obito: Are you… okay? ...Rin? ...Kakashi?

Rin: Obito!

Kakashi: No!

Obito: Don't bother. It's no use, Kakashi. I think... I'm done for…

Kakashi: Obito!

Rin: No… But... Why...

Obito: Ahurgh!

Rin: Obito!

Kakashi: Dammit! Why? If I had listened to you when you first said we should go after Rin… Then this would never have happened! Some leader… some jonin I am!

Obito: Oh yeah… I forgot… I… never gave you a gift… to congratulate you… on becoming a jonin… Kakashi… I've… been trying… to come up with something good. And just now… I got an idea… Don't worry... It's no… some lame gift… you can't use… I want you… to have my Sharingan… I don't care… what people back home say… You… are a great jonin… I truly believe that… Take this… please… I'm going… to die now… But… I'll become one of your eye.… I'll see… what the future hold… Kakashi… Hurry and take Rin… and go… M-more… reinforcement… are coming…

Rin: But… Obito…

Kakashi: Rin!

Obito: Just… GO!

Land of Earth Ninja: Earth Style - Earthquake Slam!

Kakashi: Rin! Grab onto me, quick!

Rin: Obitoooo!

Obito: (Just when Kakashi and… finally started getting along. But I never managed… to tell Rin… how I feel… I wish… I could've stuck around a little longer…)

Rin: Obito…

Kakashi: Dammit!

Obito: Kakashi… Protect… Rin…

Kakashi: (Dammit, dammit, dammit!)

Land of Earth Ninja: Let’s go!

Kakashi: UwaaaaaaAAAAAARGH!

Kakashi: (Am I… dead? Wait…)

Minato: Hm… Looks like you're awake.

Kakashi: Sensei! Why?!

Minato: This kunai is a marker for my Transportation Technique.

Kakashi: What about… the enemies....

Minato: I took care of them.

Kakashi: What about Rin? Where's Rin?!

Minato: I'm sorry I didn't make it in time, Kakashi… Rin told me.… everything.

Narrator: The Third Great Ninja War… This long, drawn-out conflict came to an end after taking the lives of many nameless ninja. At the same time, it carved the names of a number of heroes into ninja history, The Battle of Kannabi Bridge. On that day… two heroes were born in Hidden Leaf Village, each with their own Sharingan. The name of one is carved on a tombstone… While the other is known far and wide as Kakashi of the Sharingan. However… With the passage of time… even tales of heroism can unfold into cold, heartless reality. The fighting, the pain, the hatred… It goes on and on, forever…


In Hell

In the darkness he awoke... Obito Uchiha. He should have been dead, but a ghost had saved him and given him a new path to walk down. Would this path lead him back to his allies... or somewhere completely different?

Obito: (Am I… dead?) Wh-Where am I?

Madara: Somewhere halfway between life and death… Child of Uchiha...

Obito: Your eyes... It can't be… You're from the Uchiha clan, too? Ugh!

Madara: Well, if you can feel pain, it means you are still alive.

Obito: So you saved me? Thank you!

Madara: You can thank me later. You see, I intend to make you pay me back in full.

Obito: OK, what do I need to do? I need to get back to the Hidden Leaf Village. We're in the middle of a war. And now I've finally awakened my Sharingan, I'll be much better at protecting my allies.

Madara: Protecting your allies?

Obito: What?

Madara: You will not be able to go on working as a ninja with that body… Wake up. Nothing in this world goes the way it should.

Obito: Would you shut up already? I don't want to stay here forever! Urgh!

Madara: Enough… Neither of us can get out of here. Not with these bodies.

Obito: Just who are you?!

Madara: I am… The ghost of the Uchiha… Madara Uchiha.

Obito: (M-Madara?!) But Madara already died! Ages ago!!

Madara: Then I suppose… I am a relic from the past, It is true. If I was not receiving a steady supply of chakra from that statue back there, I would be dead in an instant. I am cheating death.

Obito: Why would you capture a half-dead kid like me?!

Madara: We are going to break the cycle of cause and effect. Create a world with only victors. With only peace. With only love… A world that contains nothing but those things.

Obito: Why should I care?! Look. I just want to go back to my village, okay?

Madara: If you want to die, that is your choice. But I shall take that eye of yours before you do,

Obito: Why do you want my eye? You already have your own!

Madara: And I am still missing a right eye. The Sharingan's true power is unleashed when the left and right come together, you see.

Obito: (So… That means if I stand shoulder to shoulder with Kakashi, I'll get even stronger! Then we'll really be able to keep Rin safe! Just another reason why I need to get out of here! Just wait, you two! I'm still alive!)

Madara: I leave the rest to you.

Rin: It's no use trying to act tough and hide your injuries. I've already seen them all.

Obito: Rin...

Guruguru: Ha ha! He said her name again!

Obito: Aaaaaagh! Wh-wh-what the heck are you doing?

Guruguru: I just saw that you had started mumbling about Rin again, so I got curious as to what kind of dream you were having… Teheh!

Zetsu: He always looks like such a loser when he's doing that, It's quite funny.

Guruguru: He even drools sometimes! Ha ha ha hah!

Obito: Hey, quit laughing, Guruguru!

Guruguru: Sorry!

Obito: It's been a while since I first got here. The first time I saw you, I was scared to death. You're puppets who were created from the statue, right?

Guruguru: To us, you look like the real puppet.

Zetsu: Yeah. You're human, yet half of your body is artificial just like ours.

Guruguru: Worried about Madara? He went on and on about breaking the cycle of cause and effect or whatever, and then he goes to sleep forever! Oh, didn't you understand what Madara was talking about? Basically, his idea is to chuck out all the bad stuff in the world and run away to a dream world where everything's good. Since it's a dream world, you can do whatever you like. You can even bring dead
people back to life.

Obito: What? Now that just sounds ridiculous,

Guruguru: Ha ha ha! Maybe to you!

Obito: Shut up! You’re way stupider than me!

Guruguru: Bingo! Ha ha ha ha!

Obito: Geez… I don't know if you're making fun of me, or if you're the idiot! (But I guess there's no point worrying about that now, I just need to get used to this body as quickly as possible!) Come on, you guys, time to get to work!

Guruguru: Okaaay. More rehab, right?

Obito: I take it you're ready?

Guruguru: Of course!

Obito: (All right…) Let's fight!


Obito: (It feels good… I've gotten more used to it than before! I really feel at home in my body now. No more awkwardness. Rin… Kakashi… We’ll be together again soon!)

Zetsu: Oh nooooo!

Obito: Huh?

Zetsu: I just went outside for a minute and saw that Rin person you keep talking about! She's in serious trouble!

Obito: What happened?!

Zetsu: She and that Kakashi guy are surrounded by a bunch of Hidden Mist ninja!!

Guruguru: You still can't break that rock yet.

Obito: But I've got to go help Rin and Kakashi!

Guruguru: Wear my body, then.

Obito: But you work for Madara. right? Are you sure you're all right with this?

Guruguru: You want to help your friends, don't you?

Obito: Thanks, Guruguru! Haaaa! Okay!

Madara: You are leaving?

Obito: I'm grateful to you for helping me, but yes. I'm leaving now! I have to! Okay, take me straight there!

Guruguru: OK! Leave the navigation to me. My allies are standing guard all over the world, It'll be a cinch,

Obito: How does it look?!

Guruguru: Uhh… pretty bad. They keep talking about Hidden Mist experiments. I don't really get it. But there are a couple of dozen of them surrounding Rin and Kakashi!

Obito: What is Minato Sensei doing?!

Guruguru: Who?

Obito: I said, what do you think you're doing, Yellow Flash of the Leaf?!

Guruguru: I think he's wrapped up in another mission, He's nowhere nearby.

Obito: Just when we need him most… (Kakashi!You promised You've got to protect Rin! I'll be right beside you soon!)

Obito: Rain?

Guruguru: No, That's spray from the collision. Rin and Kakashi are in there. What's your plan?

Obito: Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna charge straight in! Ugh! (What the--Why am I seeing things?! There's no way that actually happened! Kakashi and I were supposed to… protect her!)

Rin: Ka… kashi...

Obito: (Wait… What's going on?! What?!) UwaaaaaaAAAAAARGH!

Ninja of the Mist: Backup?

Ninja of the Mist 2: What an idiot! He's all alone! Take him out!



Ninja of the Mist:Was that… Wood Style?! Only the first Hokage of the Hidden Leaf can use that jutsu, right?

Obito: I get it… I’m in hell.

Madara: Nothing in this world goes the way it should.

Obito: Ugh… Ugggh...

Garugaru: Since it's a dream world, you can do whatever you like. You can even bring dead people back to life.

Obito: Rin… We'll be together again. I'll make a world where we can be together again (I’m… going to break… the cycle!) That's why I decided to come back.

Madara: Do you think that anyone saw you?

Zetsu: I'm the only witness. Obito annihilated every last one of them. But it looks like he spared Kakashi. He was unconscious, though, so he didn't see anything.

Madara: Still attached to your old ally, are you?

Obito: No. I just didn't care about him. It doesn't matter to me whether he lives or dies in this world. He'll join us in the new world we create… And so will Rin. Madara, show me how to create the dream world.

Madara: You do not need to thank me anymore… As of today, you are our savior. The dream world… is extremely simple to create. All you need to do is take everyone into the genjutsu world I've created. But… you need to use the moon to magnify the scale of the jutsu. Yes, let us see… First I need to educate you about the Sage of the Six Paths and the Ten Tails. And then, about my Project "Tsuki no Me". In a previous battle. I obtained some of Hashirama's DNA and transplanted it into my own body. And then, when I was on the brink of death… I awakened my Rinnegan. At the same time, I also broke a certain seal. I summoned the Gedo Statue, the empty vessel of the Ten Tails, from the moon… Then. I quickly used the statue as a medium to cultivate more of Hashirama's DNA. The result… I transferred my will into these beings. They are half me… Now, get to work… Until… I can be… reborn… You are… Madara Uchiha.


A Pitch Black World

After assuming Madara Uchiha's name, Obito began walking in the darkness, in order to make his dreams come true. His darkness swallowed up the Hidden Leaf Village, leading him to sacrifice his soul in order to capture the Nine Tails and raise a blade against his old Sense... as the Hidden Leaf Village burned, accompanied by a symphony of bloodcurdling screams and the roars of the Nine Tails…

Kushina: What… do you want…

Obito: I'm going to extract the Nine Tails from you and crush the Leaf. Now… come on out, Nine Tails!

Kurama: Gwaaaaaargh!

Minato: Did you notice me...?

Obito: I am your opponent. And you're done for.

Minato: Rrgh…!

Obito: He got away… so fast… (My old sensei is still powerful. But… I'm faster now.)

Minato: Ugh!

Obito: ...You shall not escape.

Minato: ...Who are you? Why are you attacking the Leaf?

Obito: ...What good would it do if I told you? You'll all be finished in no time anyway… There is no hope for you!!


Minato: Ugh…

Obito: Is the village distracting you, or the children? Either way, since you can't seem to concentrate on the battle, you're going to… Die! I won--! Gak!

Minato: Flying Raijin, Level 2!

Obito: Guuurgh! I expected no less of you, Fourth. You actually managed to damage me… But in the end… everything will bend to my will. I shall rule this world. There are plenty of ways to go about it.

Obito: Ugh!

Zetsu: The Nine Tails came out completely uncontrolled… ls that a problem?

Obito: The Hidden Leaf has been completely devastated. For a while, they'll be too busy fixing up the village to do anything else.


Obito: We have a lot to prepare for Project "Tsuki no Me". We could do with the Great Nations looking the other way for the time being. Let’s go.

Voice of young Obito: (This world is pitch black… Minato Sensei… I'm sick of this… I don't care… about this world anymore.)


The Battle Intensifies

Before Obito and his darkness, despite his misgivings, Kakashi hardened his resolve and continued to fight. As Madara Uchiha, the source of it all arrived on the battlefield, the battle proceeded to its next stage, and the roars of the Gedo Statue, the husk of the Ten Tails, finally ceased. Moonlight poured down on the silent battlefield until something broke through the tense air…

Guy: Obito? Is it… really you?

Kakashi: If you survived… then why didn't you…

Obito: My survival doesn't matter now. But… if you truly want a reason… It's probably because you… let Rin die.

Kakashi: I’m…

Madara: This should be fun. Obito…

Guy: Who the hell is this?

Naruto: Madara Uchiha!

Obito: You're rather late.

Madara: This is the first exercise I've had in a while. It took some time to get used to it again. But that's all over now.

Naruto: But I thought you were fighting with that grandma's team!

Madara: Didn't you hear me? I said it was "over."

Kakashi: Impossible…

Naruto: Dammit!!

Obito: Here. This is yours.

Madara: Hmph...

Naruto: No dead guy's gonna boss me around!

Madara: I'll capture the Eight Tails and the Nine Tails. You deal with the other two.


Madara: See? You are just another Jinchuriki.

Guy: Come on, Kakashi, pick up the pace!

Kakashi: Why would you team up with someone like Madara...

Obito: Why don't you just shut up? You're nothing but talk.

Kakashi: Is this all about Rin? I know… I failed to keep my promise to you. You're right… I am trash… But… You're a hero of the Hidden Leaf. You don't need to sink to the same level.

Obito: This is reality. Whatever side you're on, every ninja who survives ends up as trash. You and I are perfect examples of that! No one can escape the cycle that the garbage in this world produces. So I'm going to rebuild it!

Naruto: No…

Kakashi: Naruto...?

Guy: A Shadow Clone?

Naruto: You guys are so annoying, I can't even put it into words! So… I'm gonna teach you something instead. I am NOT garbage! And I'm never gonna be garbage! I won't let it happen… I won't let you kill any of my friends! I'm not gonna let anyone kill a friend of mine!

Kakashi: (Sorry, Naruto… I'm the one who taught you that what Obito taught me. But… I was about to lose it again!) Obito… The ideals you carried are still here… Right next to me! All I need to do now is protect Naruto! Come on, Guy, Naruto. We'll defeat Obito… For the sake of the future!

Kakashi: Protecting Naruto will connect us to the future! Which means…!!

Kakashi: Okay, time to chase him down!

Guy: On it!

Obito: What the--

Killer Bee: Let's blow him to hell before he can recover!

Naruto: Yeah!

Killer Bee: Fire!

Naruto: Yeaaaah!

Kakashi: Is that it?

Obito: Yes… That's it… for this world...

Naruto: Whoa!

Guy: What?!

Kakashi: That’s…

Naruto: Don't tell me...

Kurama: (Ah… It's here. The Ten Tails!)


Roar of the Ten Tails

The Ten Tails... the crux of Project Tsuki no Me, and the ultimate threat which possesses the power of every Tailed Beast, had been revived on the battlefield. Belore this overwhelming being, Naruto and his allies stood frozen with vexation. But... behind them, an army of hope drew near.

Kakashi: That's the Ten Tails…

Naruto: I thought the statue's bad chakra disappeared!

Kurama: (It has no emotions or ideas. It's the very embodiment of the nature energy that flows through the world.)

Madara: I intended to capture them by the time the Ten Tails was resurrected… But they are stronger than I expected. Hmph…

Ten Tails: Kiiiyaaaaaaaaagh!

Gyuuki: Look out, it's kicking off!

Kurama: Naruto, pull in Kakashi and Guy!

Naruto: OK!

Kurama: Listen up. First you need to keep away and watch it. Coordinate your attacks with how it moves to do as much damage as possible! Now let's move!


Gyuuki: Let's gooo!! Take this!

Kurama: Dammit! It's time...

Gyuuki: Sorry, Bee! This is it for me!

Kakashi: Stop, Naruto! Shadow Clones are useless now!

Madara: You're all just a bunch of headless chickens.

Naruto: Who's a chicken now, huh? What you're looking at here is… the Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu! This jutsu is gonna smash you!

Naruto & Obito: This world…

Naruto: ...isn't gonna end here!

Obito: going to end here!

Shikaku: (Orders to Allied Shinobi Forces fom HQ… This is there the battle really begins, everyone! Carry out the missions planned and corner the Ten Tails!)

Naruto: Come on, everyone! Let's go!

Ninjas: Yaaaaaaaaargh!

Earth Ninjas: Earth Style - Vast Mobile Core!

Ninja 1: Lava Style - Quicklime Jutsu!

Ninja 2: Water Style - Water Bomb Jutsu!

Ninja 3: Fire Style - Majestic Flame Jutsu!

Ten Tails: Kiiiyaaaaaaaaagh!!!

Shikaku: (Naruto! Yes, now's the time for your--)

Allied Shinobi Forces Technique!!!

Madara: You… You don't really think that was enough to end this, do you?

Ninjas: Guuugh!

Naruto: Ugh! Dammit!

Sakura: What IS that?

Obito: Well… It's time to show them… Despair!

Kakashi: Huh? Look at the range that thing's got! (Obito!!)

Neji: (That's the direction of…)

Shikaku: Here it comes…

Inoichi: It's aiming to take out our HQ? That sounds like one of your tactics. So? There's not enough time to escape. What should we do?

Shikaku: We just keep doing everything we can until the very end. Inoichi, make contact with everyone on the battlefield. (Everyone, listen up...)

Madara: Now we have crushed their head. Basic combat strategy. Now? What next?

Obito: We continue. We continue showing them despair… In minute detail. Wood Style: Cutting Sprigs Jutsu!

Ninja 1: There's... There's too many!

Ninja 2: What can we do!?

All ninjas: Uwaaagh!

Hinata: (NO!)

Naruto: Sto…

Naruto: MEDICS!

Neji: No… It's… too late…

Hinata: N-Neji… No…

Neji: Naruto… You know… that Lady Hinata… would die… for you… Which means… Your life is… part… of a bigger… picture… I think… my life… was part… of that picture… too…

Naruto: Why you… why here… Why… would you go that far…

Neji: Because you… said I… was a genius…

Hinata: Neji!

Naruto: Neji! Come on, Neji! Don't give up on us! Nejiii!

Hinata: Ugh… uh… uh…

Naruto: No. It can’t be…

Obito: I thought no one was going to kill your friends? This is going to happen again and again. All the things you casually said, all your ideals will turn into lies. What do you have in this reality, Naruto? But who said we have to live in reality? Just come over to our side already.

Hinata: Do you remember what Neji said to you? About your life being part of a bigger picture? Do you know what he meant by that? He meant never letting an ally die. There were no lies in his words or his ideals! Neji made it true… in his heart. It's not just you, Naruto. We're all connecting our lives through the same feelings that are in our hearts. That's… what makes us friends. But if we give up on that ideal now, everything Neji's done will have been in vain, That's what it really means to let an ally die. So come… Stand tall with me, Naruto. Stay strong, and don't break your word. I won't either… That's my ninja way.

Naruto: (I knew that. It isn't just mom and dad…) I'm not alone at all! Hinata, thank you. It's all thanks to you standing by me.

Obito: Okay, enough.

Naruto: (Watch this.) Let's do this, Hinata!

Hinata: Okay!

Kakashi: What's that?

Sakura: The Nine Tails' chakra!

Madara: Well well. That little brat can pass off chakra from the Nine Tails?

Obito: Not like it's going to change anything…

Naruto: Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Obito: You've learned nothing from your ally's death, have you? You're nothing but a child!

Naruto: Yes. Neji's gone. Neji's still alive, inside of us!

Obito: Allow me to let you in on a little secret… I'm the one who created that bond! You should also know that it's a powerful curses!

Naruto: Chaarge! Unlike you, I don't wanna break the bonds I've forged with my friends. And I don't want them broken!

Obito: You really are a child… If you consider the pain of your allies' deaths to be ‘bonds,’ then what's the use in protecting them?

Naruto: Quit trying to be a smart-ass! When it comes to my friends, I'm prepared to bear any kind of pain! I'm never gonna give up on them! Yeah, maybe it's selfish… But the thing that would hurt me most… is if my friends weren't here with me!! Period!

Madara: So? What exactly is your point?

Naruto: Huh?

Madara: I commend you for pulling us down, You did well. It doesn't change anything in the end. Just makes things "trickier".

Obito: The one and only bond between myself and the Ten Tails has been broken. It's out of control now.

Kakashi: (Okay, time to finish that thing!!)

Obito: Ah, I see you had the same idea as me.

Kakashi: Naruto! Hold the fort here!

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei!

Madara: Yes! This is where the real fun begins…



Summary: The Ten Tails was revived. Along with the sacrifice, a new determination was born. The Hokage were revived, and along with them, a new goal. The two paths eventually overlapped… and the Fourth Great Ninja War entered into its final stage...

Narrator: The time has come. For the sake of the ninja world, some fight with their allies… For the sake of the ninja world, some run together through darkness… While two men gaze at the "future"… In the next chapter… The United Front.

Naruto: Sakura, Sasuke… Let's go!

Sakura: Okay!

Sasuke: Got it…

Team 7 United

As Madara and Obito began their violent assault, the Ten Tails roared. The earth quaked and the ground split. Clad in expressions filled with pain and suffering, the ninja who survived the Cataclysm gradually began to lose all means of resistance. The Allied Ninja Forces were on the brink of defeat, and Madara and Obito were only growing stronger. But Naruto's eyes still burned, and a rising premonition even made him smile a bit.

Naruto: Nothing's working!

Ten Tails: GwooooooOOOOOHHH !!

Madara: It's actually going all-out now.

Minato: Did we make it in time?

Naruto: Yeah… Perfect timing, Dad!

Sarutobi: Minato… Fast as usual, I see!

Tobiama: Fourth… You're a faster teleporter than even myself.

Hashirama: Okay! Time to begin, everyone!

Sakura: What?! What?! Th-the Hokage?! But… how?!

Sarutobi: Orochimaru summoned us. We need to stop this war at once!

Sakura: Then… you really are…

Naruto: Yeah! They're the four Hokage we know and love!

Ninjas: Yeaaaaaaah!!

Madara: I never thought even you'd come back to life! I'm so happy. Hashiramaaaaaaa!

Hashirama: I'll deal with you later! First, we'll stop the Ten Tails!

Ten Tails: GwoooooooRGGGGH!

Minato: Naruto, you did well. Take a quick rest. Your friend will be here soon. He's on our side as well. Now…

Sakura: What?! That looks just like Naruto's…

Kurama: I didn't want to believe it… but it looks like even Minato…

Naruto: See? See?! My dad's awesome!!

Kurama: I know that even better than you do! He's the man who split me apart and sealed me, after all!

Hashirama: Hokage! It's time to move! Ninja Art!

All Hokages: Four Crimson Ray Formation!

Hashirama: And now for me to add a little extra… Sage Art - Gracious Deity Gates!

Ten Tails: GwoooooooRRRGGGH!

Naruto: He's here… Took you long enough… Sasuke.

Sakura: Sasu-ke…

Sasuke: Sakura.

Sakura: Wh-what's going on?! Is that really Sasuke?!

Kiba: What the hell did you come here for?!

Sakura: Wh-why are you here, Sasuke?

Sasuke: A lot's happened… But I've decided to protect the Hidden Leaf. And I am going to become… the Hokage!

Everyone: Whaaaat?!

Sasuke: I don't care how you people feel about me. The previous Kage are the ones who created this situation. That's why I need to become the Hokage and change the village.

Itachi: Simply becoming Hokage won't make everyone accept you. Everyone's acceptance is what gets you there. I'm leaving Sasuke up to you.

Naruto: (Leave it to me…) I'm the one who's gonna become the Hokage!

Hashirama: I'm happy that you all admire the position of Hokage, but you all need to hurry up! Now's the time to charge your chakra! We're going to crush it with a team attack!

Naruto: Yeah!

Ten Tails: GwoooooooAAAARRRGGH!

Sakura: (I… was always hiding in the back, walking behind those two… But… that's all over now,. And from this day forward…)

Naruto: Okaaay… Sakura?

Sakura: Do you think I'm a weak woman who'll never be able to attack them?

Naruto: Yeah!! Team 7 is finally back from the dead! Sakura, Sasuke… Let's go!

Sakura: Okay!

Sasuke: Got it…

Hashirama: Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu! My clones will create openings in the barrier! Shinobi! Unleash all of your power! Annihilate it!!

Naruto: Let’s gooooo!!

Ninjas: Yeaaaaaaah!!

Tan Tails: GwooooooRRRGGGH!

Sakura: Clones?!

Naruto: In that case…

Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura: Summoning Jutsu!

Naruto: Chaaaarge!!


Naruto: Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!! Sasuke.The Tailed Beasts are inside that big thing! Once it gets weak, stop the black flames! Then Kurama and I will pull the Tailed Beasts out!

Sasuke: No, I'm going to keep burning it all away.

Naruto: H-hey! Sasuke!

Sasuke: Incinerate…

A Battle Across Time And Space

As the battle of Madara and Obito vs. the Allied Ninja Forces took a new turn, Kakashi and Obito moved into an alternate dimension and began matching blades. Their wills were once allied, but would never join hands ever again. In order to stop his best friend, who had thrown the world into chaos, Kakashi prepared himself to defeat Obito once and for all.

Madara: (it's about time)

Kakashi: Obito… Your dream was once to become the Hokage. That's what Naruto still dreaming of. Unconsciously, you saw yourself in him… And drew out his words, listing to them as if... as if they were you own. You want to b denied by your old self, don't you?

Obito: Ha ha ha ha! Heh heh heh… it's because I know exactly how Naruto feels deep down… that I want to hear it all, and deny it all! And one more thing. It's presumptuous for you to feel any “guilt” towards me. If you think the only reason I started this war was because of you and Rin… Then you've got it all wrong. I know about everything… I also know that she was kidnapped by the Mist who forced her to become a Jinchuriki for the Three Tails… And… Afraid that the power of the Tailed Beast would go berserk… Rin chose to die by your hand…

Kakashi: You knew that... so then why…

Obito: To me, a Kakashi who wasn't able to protect Rin is just a fake. Also… To me, Rin was a person who shouldn't die. Which means that the Rin who died must have been a fake. The shinobi system, that created this situation… along with the villagers, and the shinobi themselves… This world itself is what truly filled me with despair. These fake world.

Kakashi: Don't you remember what Naruto said? Not having real friends in your heart is the most painful thing of all! Right now… You’re actually trying to erase the real Rin!

Obito: Kakashi… I'm completely empty now… There’s nothing but a void in my heart now… I don't feel pain anymore!

Kakashi: Is that why you are trying to fill that hole with you own delusions?! You really think that stuff is actually going to fill it?!

Obito: But how else would I fill it in this world?!

Kakashi: Obito… holes of the heart are for other people to fill.

Obito: Nothing but idealistic nonsense… Only when one abandons reality and the feelings of their friends do they find real happiness!

Kakashi: Any ninja that breaks the rules sullies their name. But… Someone who doesn't care about their friends is even worse! And someone who doesn't care about the friends’ feelings is the worst of all!

Obito: And? So what if I’m trash? How could trash like you fix trash like me?

Kakashi: Unfortunately… I can't find something capable of changing you. All… I can give you now… is “death!”

Obito: Come at me.

Minato: Okay then… Shinobi Sparring… begin!


Obito: Fine… You can win this one… But… I'm still… going to win the war!

Kakashi: Ggh…

Obito: Ggh… Uuahh…

Madara: I have been waiting. (It's about time I used Rinne Rebirth on myself.)

Obito: ?! Ggh! Gwaaahhh!!

Madara: Obito… you were just a resource that I tame in order to assist me in the revival… From this point on… it is my time.

Obito: Gwaaahhh!! Gwohh! Aahh… Ri… Rin… Gghhh! Ohh… Woooooorrrrrrgggghhhh!!

Minato: (This feeling…) So that's it!

Obito: Gwaaahhh! Urrggh! Sen… sei…

Minato: Obito… It… was you?

Madara: So… Fine…

Minato: The Flying Raijin mark never disappears. I never taught you that… Obito… Why…

Sasuke: Well, that was quick. Now we just need to seal Madara and the war will end!

Obito: Gwaaahhh!! Gwohh! Aggh.. aggh.. aggh! Ri…

Rin: Do your best Obito. I'll always be cheering you on!

Obito: Ggh… Uugghh! Woooooorrrrrrgggghhhh!! WiiaaaAAARRRGGGH!

Kakashi: He’s…

Obito: Heh heh heh…Heh heh heh! Ha ha ha! You really thought that was it?! My traitorous comrades!

Minato: What is this?! Ggh!

Sasuke: Tch!

Naruto: Be careful, Sasuke! He isn't the same person anymore!

Sasuke: What's going on?!

Naruto: He shook off Madara’s control! He was preparing to complete the seal from the very beginning! It's probably a jutsu to absorb the Ten Tails’ power!

Sasuke: What?! If what you’re saying is true…

Naruto: He’s… As of now, Obito… is the Ten Tails Jinchuriki!


The Ten Tails Jinchuriki

At long last, a Ten Tails Jinchuriki who had absorbed the power of the Ten Tails appeared in the ninja world. Surpassing his human husk, Obito had acquired the power of the Sage of the Six Paths himself, and was finally capable of making his dreams come true. Regardless of the impending threat, Naruto and Sasuke kept their eyes focused straight ahead.

Hashirama: Fine! Then I'll just have to…!

Madara: Your time is up, Hashirama.

Hashirama: (This is bad… At this rate… Yes!) Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu!

Naruto: Let's do this, Sasuke… Are those… the Hokage?!

Sasuke: They are trying to take him on?

Minato: Yeah. First, the elders will investigate the situation using clones. What we need to focus on how is properly analyzing our foe.

Hashirama: Let's go! Tobirama! Sarutobi!


Obito: (I see... Since the Ten Tails is inside me, I can’t weave my way through… That's no problem, though…)

Sarutobi: He took that many attacks and he's still and unscathed?

Obito: The dead have no right to talk about the future. You should simply…

Hashirama: (Oh no…)

Obito: …go back to sleep in the past.

Naruto: The old guys!!

Sasuke: What was that?

Tobirama: He made that black ball on his back explode in size.

Naruto: The Second?!

Tobirama: Relax. The ones that got hit were all clones.

Naruto: Oh, right! I forgot!

Minato: But that guy… He's dangerous…

Obito: Right now... I have the same power as the Founder of Shinobi. I am incomparable to anything you've experienced.

Minato: Obito! I thought you wanted to become the Hokage!

Obito: You’re trying to preach to me at this stage of the game? Don't you feel it's a bit too late? ...Sensei. You’re always… too late, when it counts the most… I'm glad my master was the Hokage. Thanks to that, I was able to give up on becoming one.

Minato: (He's right… If I had only noticed that it was Obito back then… I might have been able to stop him! The shinobi world might not have ended up like this!)

Obito: You were my master, yet you don't even notice it was me. That's the hard truth… in the end, the path you walked was nothing but a total failure.

Naruto: You weren't even able to become one… What gives you the right to make fun of a Hokage? And he became the Hokage… Don't you dare make fun of him! It's all right. I know what the truth is… more than anyone from the Hidden Leaf, more than anyone in the world… More than Obito… You didn't make a single mistake, Dad! I know that better than anyone else! So come on. Let's go, Dad!

Minato: Yeah… Let's go!


Naruto: It doesn't matter how much you recover. I can still damage you! If everyone works together, we can beat anyone, no matter how strong they are!


Battle of the Ancestors

As the fight between Naruto's group and Obito became more and more intense, Hashirama and Madara fought each other one-on-one. Normally, there should have been no way for them to ever get a rematch with each other, but somehow they had been both brought back to the material world to fight once more, which filled Madara with ecstasy. Meanwhile, Hashirama suffered alone, unable to find the reason why Madara decided to walk down a different path...

Hashirama: Stay out of the way, Madara!

Madara: But at this point, there is something I must do.

Hashirama: What?!

Madara: I need to take a little more of you.

Hashirama: Ggh…


Madara: Now it truly feels like a battle with you… And since we have both been reanimated, we can enjoy this semipermanently.

Hashirama: I know that you didn't just come here to fight with me! What are you really after?!

Madara: Fine… let me feel you an old story… Hashirama, do you know about the Divine Tree?

Hashirama: Divine Tree?

Madara: Long ago, before people even any concept of chakra, and just kept fighting with each other, over and over… But the Divine Tree never took part of the battles. It was merely worshipped by them as a secret pillar. One day the Divine Tree bore a fruit that only appear once every thousand years. Tradition said that no one was ever supposed to touch it, but a princess decided to eat it in order to achieve victory on the battlefield. Her name was Kaguya Otsutsuki. She became the first person ever to possess chakra. …Kaguya gave birth to a child who also possessed chakra in his body. His name was Hagoromo Otsutsuki. He taught people about chakra, and became the Founder of Shinobi. He was also known as the Sage of the Six Paths. Do you need me to explain what happened afterwards to the person who took the forbidden fruit in order to stop the war? Ever since someone reached out of their hand to take that fruit, humans have been cursed to hate each other even more than before! Would you not agree that shinobi are the very symbol of that foolishness?! In which case, would you not also agree that moving into a world that can be remade through genjutsu is the best plan of action?

Hashirama: Is… Is that the dream of the future you've been speaking of?

Madara: Yes… It's just a little different…

Hashirama: What do you mean?!

Madara: I would be a fool to explain it all right here. There is one thing I can say… Obito will not be the one to complete it… I will.

Hashirama: Why… Why did you end up like this?!

Madara: My own way of life. No one has any right to order me around. I might as well give it to you straight. What “dream time” we shared, when we could discuss the future together... is over. For now… Let us just enjoy this moment.

Hashirama: GrrrrrroooooooOOOOHHHH!!


Filling a Hole of the Heart

Naruto Uzumaki chased his dream of becoming Hokage, and is still working hard to move forward and achieve that goal. On the other side. Obito Uchiha gave up on his dream of becoming Hokage, and had pulled the ninja world into darkness. These two, who once held the same dream, were now in the process of finishing their violent battle. One embraced his dreams, while the other ran from them. Who will be the one to achieve victory?

Minato: Are you okay? if it looks like it'll be too hard, go behind me for a bit while I buy us some--

Obito: There you go, acting like you are about to “protect something” again… You won't be able to save anyone at this time. You couldn't save your own wife… or your subordinates… You'll never be able to protect anything else. Naruto, do you know what day tomorrow is? Yes… the anniversary of the day that Minato and Kushina died. The day your parents died. When that time comes, no matter what source of dreams you have… Once you die, they all end... in this world.

Naruto: ... your parents. Then that means tomorrow it's my birthday! It wasn't the end at all… Because I’m in this world now!

Obito: So, you are here in this world, huh? Just sounds like more childish logic…

Naruto: I'm fine with being a child! But one day, I’m going to grow up! But not in one of your dreams! On my path to the future… After I beat you!


Naruto: He's so tough…

Obito: (Their actual attacks aren't anything to worry about, but I can't let them get any more of out of hand…)

Sasuke: What?

Obito: Let's begin!

Sasuke: This is…

Obito: Fly away.

Ninjas: What is it?! Ruuuun!! Uwaaaarrgh! Aaaaaargh! Heeelp!! Gyaaaaagh! Noooo!! Aaaaaargh! Uwaaaarrgh!

Jugo: Sasuke… are you okay?

Obito: Just… stay still… You all… withstood quite enough.

Naruto: Ggh…

Obito: That's it… Just like that… Now this world will--

Sasuke: Naruto… are you done? I'm going in.

Naruto: (Again… He's going off alone again… No… I won't let him go… ever again.) Wishing I had don't something I didn't! Sasuke! I'm going too!

Sasuke: Hmph… Jugo.

Jugo: I know.

Orochimaru: (Jugo’s power is basically Sage Jutsu… Are they going to use that?)

Obito: Repentance always come too late… This is what you want?!

Naruto: It may come too late for me, but if I let this end without doing that I need to do, then I'll really be left with nothing but regret!

Sasuke: Let's go!

Naruto: Yeah!


Obito: This is the Sword of Nunoboko, in which the strength of my will is manifested! You can no longer defeat me!

Naruto: Sasuke!

Sasuke: Let's finish this!

Naruto: Goooo!

Obito: Ggh!

Obito: (Why am I… seeing that now…)

Naruto: There it is! The Tailed Beasts’ chakra! Pull it out!

Obito: Ggh?!

Naruto: Yeaaaaahhh!! Okay, everyone! All at once now! One, two!!

Obito: (I… Am I… regretting what I've done?!)

Naruto: You told me… that you were “no one.” That you “didn't want to be anyone.”

Naruto: Who the heck are you?!

Obito: No one. I don't want to be anyone…

Naruto: Remember? But you are actually just like me… You wanted to become the Hokage…

Obito: That's… the past that I threw away! My naive self!

Naruto: Putting a mask on doesn't change anything. No matter what words you use… the fact that you’re “Obito Uchiha” will never change!

Obito: There is no meaning in that name anymore… I’m not the person anymore. I’m a guide who will lead people to the next level… The second Sage of the Six Paths.

Naruto: No. You're Obito Uchiha… Obito Uchiha… someone just like me. You never knew your parents, and lost someone who was precious to you… And you know what solitude is… That's why you wanted to become the Hokage and earn people's acceptance! Same as me! But now… Look at yourself! We had the same dreams once, but now you become the exact opposite of the Hokage!

Obito: No… What I'm doing is no different than the job of the Hokage. In fact, I've gone a step further… I can make a peace a reality, after all.

Naruto: Is that really what you think?

Obito: Yes, that's true… There is no reason to force yourself to walk down a dangerous path what doesn't even have an end in sight. You’ll end up trampling over the corpses of your allies. If there were another path that was faster, with a clear end, everyone would choose it.

Naruto: What are you talking about… I don't want to know how to walk down some easy path! I want to know how to walk down the dangerous one!

Obito: Would you still say the same thing… if they both ended at the same point?

Naruto: Who taught you that one path was dangerous in the beginning? You won't really know for sure until you walk down it! The Hokage is the person who walks in front of everyone and bears all the pain! He'll never have to walk over the corpses of his allies! There is no such thing as an easy path for someone who becomes the Hokage! Once you become one, there is no turning back!! Right?! The path you’re walking down is the path of running away! That's why I can't let you keep going and drag everyone else into it! Come over to my path, as Obito Uchiha as a ninja of the Hidden Leaf, and make up for what you've done!

Obito: No. I abandoned Obito Uchiha. I’m…

Naruto: Stop trying to hide yourself! You’re you! Stop running! Come over to our side!

Obito: Wh… What are you?! Why are you confusing me?! I… finally got this far… I'm not running… I’m not in the wrong…

Naruto: Stop trying to hide yourself!

Obito: I’m not hiding… I’m… I’m… I’m…!


Young Obito: What are you afraid of?

Naruto: You should get it by now! You've already found the answer inside of yourself!

Obito: I’m…

Naruto: Stop trying to act tough! Stop hiding yourself!

Obito: I’m…

Naruto: You are Obito Uchiha from Hidden Leaf Village, who wanted to become the Hokage! My dad, Kakashi Sensei, and I won’t abandon you! We've…

Rin: …been watching you the whole time! What did you push yourself when you’re this hurt? Come on! You can't just act tough and hide your wounds! You can't be so stubborn all the time.

Obito: Ri…

Rin: Obito… You said you were going to become the Hokage, right? Then… saving you means saving the world! Right? Do your best, Obito! I believe in you! Become the Hokage and save the world in a really cool way!

Rin & Naruto: Let's go.

Naruto: Don't betray that's really important to you… what's still there, deep in your heart… Whatever’s connected to that… isn't the you that's here right now… You get it now, don't you?

Rin & Naruto: You’re… Obito Uchiha!

Naruto: Bring it on already, you idiot!

Obito: Naruto…

Naruto: And stop underestimating… our power!!

Obito: (Did I… lose?) Rin…

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei?!

Kakashi: I'll tell you the details later. For now, let me finish things with him.

Naruto: Dad?!

Minato: Naruto, can you leave this to us and head over to Madara's seal? Kakashi and I need to speak with Obito…

Naruto: Let's go, Sasuke!

Minato: Do you remember all the missions the four of us completed? As a medical ninja, Rin did her best to protect you two. She never wanted this to happen. But… I'm responsible for this outcome. I'm sorry I couldn't protect her.

Obito: Rin… Rin was the only light I had. After I lost her, my view of the world changed. It became a pitch-black hell. There was no more hope in the world. I began walking again on the guise of Madara… which only reinforced about I already realized. Even with this Sharingan, I couldn't see anything. Nothing…

Kakashi: I don't know the truth either. I'm not really sure how to say it, but I looked really hard and tried to see something. And with your Sharingan and your words… I felt like I could see it.

Obito: See what? Naruto? Why do trust him so much?!

Kakashi: Because I’m positive that he won't fail any worse than you did.

Obito: Why?!

Kakashi: Because when he falls down, I'll help him.

Obito: Wh-why would you help him…

Kakashi: Because he doesn't give up on the world or on his dreams. That's just the kind of guy he is. And that way of living draws others to him. When it seems like he's going to fail, we naturally want to help him.

Obito: Could something like that actually exist in this hell?

Kakashi: You would have been able to see if you're really tried to. We have the same eyes, after all. It may be that once you got friends that you can trust, hope become something you can actually see. At least, that's what I think… Obito.

Rin: You can't be so stubborn all the time. Let's go!

Obito: ...Maybe… I feel…

Naruto: Bring it on already, you idiot!

Obito: ...the same way…


Madara's Pulse

Guided by Naruto's voice, the man who was able to touch his dreams once more and remember that he was ‘Obito Uchiha' tell to the ground. Cheers sounded through the battlefield, the sealed Tailed Beasts were released. and it felt like victory had arrived. However… Madara Uchiha, the true puppet master, who had controlled even Obito, continued to show an invincible smile. Yes.. The battle was still tar from over.

Hashirama: Now I just need to seal you!

Kakashi: Obito...

Obito: To think... I'd come all this way... just to switch paths... (But I've switched paths now... I might as well figure out what I can do...) And do it...

Kakashi: Obito?! What are you doing?!

Obito: A man who I once tried to use... Nagato... betrayed me with this... Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth!

Kakashi: If you use that, then you'll...

Obito: Why did Nagato betray me? I think I understand now... Human emotions, stacked up and linked together... can truly become a powerful thing...


Obito: Gggh?!


Madara: Time to switch out.

Obito: B... black Zetsu...!

Black Zetsu: GEDO ART...

Black Zetsu & Madara: ...OF RINNE REBIRTH!

Madara: Heh heh... ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Now I can fight for real! No other body will do! It is only a real battle when I can feel my blood boiling, and my flesh dancing!

Hashirama: Madara... You were waiting for this the whole-- Ggh!

Madara: So this is Sage Jutsu Chakra. Seems easy enough to use.

Hashirama: Urgh... Madara... What are you... after...

Madara: Hashirama, do you remember when I spoke to you in front of the Uchiha monument? It said that true happiness can be found when two opposing forces are brought together... But I also told you there was a different way to interpret that. Uchiha and Senju... Only the one who acquires the power of both clans will achieve true happiness. Do you not think that would make sense too?

Hashirama: Ggh... (This is bad... His next target will be...)

Madara: Now it's your turn, you wild beasts!

Naruto: I knew he was going to go after the Tailed Beasts!

Gyuuki: Hurry up and transform into your Tailed Beast State!

Naruto: I can't right now! I don't have enough of Kurama's chakra! I'll just have to keep him busy in this form until my chakra fills up! Wait for an opening, and then attack him all at once!

Madara: You're all mine... I'll put a collar on each and everyone of you!

Naruto: I don't think so!


Naruto: Now!!

Kurama: Gather your tails!!

Sakura: Eek! W-wow...

Naruto: Yeeeeh!

Gyuuki: That should do it--

White Zetsu: Sorry I'm late. Lord Madara.

Madara: Did you bring it?

White Zetsu: Of course.

Madara: Now things will really get fun... Summoning Jutsu!

Naruto: That's...

Gyuuki: The corpse of the Ten Tails!

Madara: What about the left eye?

White Zetsu: Looks like it'll still take them a while longer. Although... the same goes for this.

Madara: Do not compare me to some brat who took years to get his pet back. This will take seconds. Watch. Limbo - Border Jail!!

Gyuuki: He might try something! Watch out--

Naruto: (Wh-what did he do?!)

Madara: Now then... Back into your cages, beasts.

Gyuuki: Wh-what power!!

Kurama: Urgggh...!!

Gyuuki: Ggh! I-I can't go on... Gwowaaahhh!

Naruto: G-guys! Ggh...

Kurama: Na... Narutoooooooo!!

Madara: Now all the Tailed Beasts are together. Next comes...

Sakura: Narutoooo!! (These pitter patters...)

Tobirama: He lost his Tailed Beast.

Sakura: What?!

Tobirama: Naruto is on the brink of death right now. We can still save him. Go to the Fourth at once. Part of the Nine Tails is inside of him too.

Sakura: But… what about you?!

Tobirama: I'll keep him busy. Go! There's hardly anytime left!

Sakura: Please wait for me!

Madara: What do you intend to do with that child? Now that he's lost his Tailed Beast, he's done for.

Tobirama: But we still... need to save him! Naruto is the hope of all shinobi... I feel the same way.

Madara: You've changed. You used to have a much harder heart...

Tobirama: It was all for the village. I simply hardened my heart to help the village.

Sasuke: Receiving "life" was your downfall. You should have stayed reanimated. You should have stayed reanimated. That's what you'll regret as you die!!


Sasuke: It's over.

Tobirama: Be careful! He's aiming for something... Ggh!!

Sasuke: (What was that?!)

Madara: Hashirama filled this world with hypocrisies. In order to protect something, you must sacrifice something.

Sasuke: (Dammit! What is this?!)

Madara: Even if that may be your friend, your brother, or your child... I have given you more than enough time... How unfortunate. So this is the power of the Sage of the Six Paths... Now I just need my left eye.

Suigetsu: What's wrong?

Karin: Sa… Sa... Sasuke's chakra...

Sakura: You're… strong... You can't lose... You... Ahh! Urggh...

Karin: I said I'm going!!

Suigetsu: H-Hold on! Where are you going?!

Karin: To Sasuke!! We need to hurry, or we won't make it!!

Sakura: Ggh! (I won't let him die!)

Sakura & Karin: (No matter what! How could I let him die here?! I'll never let him die!!)


Narrator: Naruto and Sasuke walk toward "death"... What do they see in the rift between material world and the afterlife? And so… time takes a sudden turn... In the next chapter... The Final Showdown.



Yang Path

Naruto’s Storyline

Fading Wind

Without Kurama, Naruto stood helpless in the face of Madara's overwhelming power. His dreams, allies, bonds connections, and everything else floated up and began to disappear... And then...

Sakura: You're... strong... You can't lose...

Young Naruto: My dream is to surpass the Hokage!

Kakashi: Someone who doesn't care about their friends is even worse!

Young Sasuke: Naruto... I want to fight with you, too...

Young Sakura: Bring back Sasuke...

Young Sasuke: Just what are you?!

Young Naruto: If that's what it means to be smart… then I want to be an idiot for the rest of my life!

Jiraiya: I'm glad I made you my student!

Young Sasuke: Why are you so obsessed with me?!

Reanimated Itachi: Never forget your friends.

Kushina: I love you.

Hinata (offscreen): So come... Stand tall with me, Naruto. Stay strong, and don't break your word. I won't either... That's my ninja way.



Their connections should have been broken. But despite how much time had passed, their bond was still there. Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha. The old allies had faced each other and become best friends once more... Despite standing before Madara Uchiha, who now possessed the power of the Sage of the Six Paths, there wasn't the faintest glimmer of fear in their hearts.


Kakashi: If he gets that left eye, Madara will become even more dangerous. Which means... There's no way we can let that happen.

Minato: Kakashi... He's...

Kakashi: We don't know much about him, other than the fact that his name is Black Zetsu. But it looks like he was working on something secret while he was doing Obito and Madara's bidding...

Minato: Now... after all this time, he betrayed Obito.

Kakashi: Yes... Which means he must have only ever accepted Madara as his true master.

Sakura: Kakashi Sensei!!

Kakashi: Sakura?! What's--

Minato: Naruto?!

Sakura: The Nine Tails got yanked out of Naruto!! If we don't do something... That's why I'm here, Lord Fourth! I need your...

Minato: If I give my Nine Tails to Naruto, he'll survive?!

Sakura: Yes!

Minato: (It's okay... I'll be right there to save you...)

Black Zetsu: NAIVE.

Kurama: You?! Gwohhhh?!

Minato: Ggh?!

Black Zetsu: HEH HEH!

Sakura: What? What?!

Kakashi: Sensei, what's going on?!

Minato: I... I'm sorry... He stole... the Nine Tails...


Madara: My time has come.

Black Zetsu: LORD MADARA...

Madara: You are late, Black Zetsu. I had to come out here on my own.

Minato: Kakashi... That's...

Kakashi: Yes. Just like Obito, it looks like he's acquired the power of the Six Paths...


Madara: Good. Bring it over here with the left eye.


Obito: Madara...

Madara: You were able to regain consciousness in that state?

Obito: I… can't go to sleep yet... There's something I need to talk to you about...

Madara: Me? What could we possibly have to talk about now?

Obito: What am I... to you?

Madara: What a stupid question. To me, you are nothing but... "Madara." The being who rejects this world is "Madara." All those who keep that ideal in their hearts and work to complete Infinite Tsukuyomi are nothing but "Madara." You should have completed your mission and ended your existence as Madara. As the messiah who saved the world... I thought you understood how things worked. Just as the Sage of the Six Paths showed us. this world... is a failure. The Sage of the Six Paths' work merely promoted the hypocrisy of the human race. Chakra only gives birth to war and false hope. While you and I sought peace. we also simultaneously sought war. That is the reality. Infinite suffering is forced upon this reality by the "power of chakra." That is why... I am going to create a new world! Through the Infinite Tsukuyomi, I am going to create a dream world free of all that sinister chakra! As the last one, and the one who possesses the greatest chakra of all. I shall lead everyone! And you are me, too! Not Obito!

Old Madara: This way.

Madara: You are "Madara!"

Old Madara: As of today, you are our savior.

Madara: You are still the messiah!

Minato: Rrgh...!

Madara: You…

Naruto: The Hokage is the person who walks in front of everyone and bears all the pain! He'll never have to walk over the corpses of his allies!

Obito: A certain shinobi… enlightened my idiotic brain... Apparently, even if leaders have to make people walk over their own corpses… they never walk over the corpses of their allies. I'll never let you walk over me again. Now, I finally understand... Creating a false name and leaving everything to other people… is different from entrusting something to your friends. I’m not you. I’m… Yes, right now I’m… the one who wanted to be Hokage…

Naruto: You get it, don't you? You're…

Obito:Obito Uchiha! I’m… taking this!

Madara: Ggh!

Obito: Kakashi! Take Naruto into the spacetime dimension!!

Kakashi: (So that's his plan!)

Obito: Me too!

Madara: Not so fast!

Obito: (If I try to leap without the proper planning, he could come for me when I'm wide open…)

Madara: I was wondering what you were planning... You were actually aiming for the Tailed Beasts inside me? You're trying to save Naruto? But all you pulled out were fragments of the One Tail and Eight Tails... And you cannot jump back into that spacetime dimension. Not while I am here. In the end, you failed to accomplish anything. You are just a powerless shinobi now.

Obito: Yes… if I were on my own. But I remember what you taught me once... The Sharingan's true power is unleashed when the left and right come together. With both Sharingans together, we're strong. At least… way stronger than someone who only has one Rinnegan! The goal is simple. I'm going to buy you time to leap to Naruto... That's all.

Kakashi: Got it. And that'll be enough to save Naruto?

Obito: Yeah. Leave it to me. And... I'll be the leader this time.

Young Kakashi: I'll take the lead here.

Obito: You're my back-up. Kakashi.

Kakashi: It'll be our first time teaming up in a while. Don't screw this up, Obito.

Obito: Let’s go!!


Kakashi: Obito!

Obito: Yeah!

Madara: I don't think so!

Minato: Urgh! Kakashi! Obito!

Kakashi: You actually had perfect timing. Guy!

Guy: Looks like I made it in time!

Madara: (How… The jump should have been impossible at that speed… I see… They both used Kamui to double the speed. You put a lot of thought into this… Kakashi Hatake...)

Kakashi: (Take care of the rest for me… Obito!)

Obito: It's okay… I'm going to save Naruto.

Sakura: Can we trust you?

Obito: I could never walk in a straight line… But now… I've finally reached my goal…


The Crimson Beast

After Obito was sent to Naruto, the only ones left on the ground were covered in wounds. Then, as they prepared themselves for death, a hot, blazing ninja alighted. It was Might Guy. As a Hidden Leaf Village Jonin, he possessed a powerful will that would naught quell to any foe. In order to take on the In Madara, Gay shed his own humanity and risked his life... roaring into the future!

Minato: Guy's here?

Guy: Now... Kakashi... Where's Naruto? He was fighting here, wasn't he?

Kakashi: Naruto's getting healed in another spot right now. Now... Until Naruto gets back here... We need to buy as much time as we can... Listen up, Guy--

Guy: No, I'll take this. From here on out, the blue beast will take charge!!

Madara: You have got spirit, I'll give you that... but that's all you've got.


Madara: Finished already?

Kakashi: Guy!!

Lee: He is fine!

Kakashi: Lee?!

Minato: Whew... That was so close.

Madara: Looks like you can dance a little, but it still won't work on me. What will it be? Surely you must be out of options by now.

Ninjas of Leaf: Ggh!

Guy: If the "current" me is out of options... Then I just need to bring out the "next" me.

Kakashi: What is he talking about?

Guy: It's time for the noble Leaf's Blue Beast to say goodbye... and transform into the Crimson Beast!

Lee: Guy Sensei! You are not gonna open up the Gate of Death?!

Minato: N-no! you can't do that! No one wants you to go that far! It'll end up taking your life...

Guy: No... This is what I want.

Lee: Guy Sensei... Has the time really come, Guy Sensei?!

Guy: Remember... You already proved it to me...

Lee: What?!

Guy: "I want to prove that even if I can't use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, I can still become a great ninja!" Ha ha ha!! Yes! It's a fine goal! A fine goal worthy of pursuing! So you just need to trust in your own path and keep running! Become strong so that just watching you makes me smile!

Young Lee: Guy Sensei... Please accept me. This time... I am going to make my ninja way shine once and for all!!

Guy: My mother gave me this strong body... and my father gave me the flames of youth. I received the pain of defeat from my friends... Also... I received the ability to treasure the act of protecting my own ninja way from you! I'm satisfied. Now... I just need to protect it 'til the very end! Lee! Watch my back! This will be your very last... lesson!!

Lee: Yes sir!!

Madara: Just give it up already...

Guy: (Burn, heart, burn! Roar, soul, roar!!) The time has come... for me to protect what I love... even if it kills me!!! Eight Inner Gates: Gate of Death... Open!!! Eight Inner Gates Released Formation!!

Madara: Interesting!!

Guy: Wooooohhhhhh!!


Madara: I withstood it... This victory is mine... Heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! (What is this feeling..)

Kakashi: (That was Guy's final move...)

Lee: Guy Sensei!! Guy Sensei!!

Kakashi: (What is that...? Wait a second... Even though he opened the Gate of Death, his wounds aren't getting worse...) !! He's alive!

Lee: What?!

Kakashi: Guy isn't dead! He's still...

Lee: Really?!

Kakashi: Lee! Hurry up and take Guy to the medical team!

Lee: Yes sir!!

Kakashi: (Someone saved Guy. But who?)

Madara: There aren't many people who can make me feel even the inkling of a threat... That is why... was easily able to notice you... Over and over... How many times do you need to hinder me before you are satisfied? Naruto... Uzumaki!


Yin Path

Sasuke’s Storyline

Falling Lightning

Madara's overwhelming power had dealt a critical wound to Sasuke, who was now sinking into the abyss of death... His memories of his older brother, his own footprints, the connections he still had with people... It all floated up and began to disappear... And then...

Sasuke: Urggh... I can't... die here... Ggh! This is… what Itachi lived for... I can't... let it end here... I'm...

Young Itachi: Sorry Sasuke. Another time.

Young Naruto: You aren't hurt, scaredy-cat?

Itachi: You're weak...

Young Sasuke: Hey… you brain-dead loser...

Young Naruto: We're friends!! You think someone who can't even save a friend could become the Hokage?!

Itachi: This is the last time...

Tobi: To him, your life… was worth more than the entire village...

Young Sasuke: We're going to crush the Hidden Leaf!

Itachi: I will always love you.

Sasuke: I'm going to create... a true village... Until the real... "shadow" appears... I... can't...


The Taka Soars Ahead

Orochimaru and the members of the Taka could immediately feel Sasuke's death. Paralyzed by fear, they hurried to him, only to be stopped by something mysterious. As the ninja began to panic, Orochimaru kept his cool and smiled. Next to him stood his old teacher, the Third Hokage, Hiruzen.

Karin: Don't get in my way!! I'm going to Sasuke!!

Guruguru: Yes, you've mentioned that, but... Lord Madara ordered us to let no one pass.

White Zetsu: Also, that Sasuke guy? I don't think you're going to save him. He's as good as dead by now.

Karin: How dare you?!

Orochimaru: (Karin looks panicked... Something must have happened to Sasuke...) Sarutobi Sensei. Let's take care of him. I'll leave Zetsu... to you.


Guruguru: Owwww...

Sarutobi: Leave the rest to me!

Orochimaru: Well then, I will.

Karin: Sasuke! Wh-who are you?! What are you doing to Sasuke?!

Orochimaru: I see... So it was you... Kabuto...

Kabuto: I sensed you all hurrying here... I knew it was you, Lord Orochimaru.

Karin: Huh?! This is Kabuto?!

Kabuto: What did you come here for?

Orochimaru: That's my line.

Karin: And what are you doing to Sasuke?! Get out of the way!!

Orochimaru: Calm down, Karin. Take a moment and actually sense him.

Karin: But, he...! (Huh?) I can feel his chakra?! Why...

Kabuto: I'm... not who I was before. I have no intention of harming Sasuke.

Karin: Then... Kabuto... You...

Kabuto: Yes... I used my medical ninjutsu... and the Hashirama cells that I've done extensive research on... to save his life.

Karin: Sasuke... I... I'm so glad...

Orochimaru: But Kabuto… if you're here, then that means Itachi's Izanami must have worn off.

Kabuto: It did. I refused to accept myself. I didn't know who I really was. But Itachi used Izanami to help me realize it. I'm "Kabuto," and no one else... (Itachi wanted to protect you, even if it meant his life... I won't let his wish go unfulfilled... And now... It's my wish as well!)


The Man Named Kabuto

The one who saved Sasuke was Kabuto, who had been trapped in the infinite genjutsu 'Izanami' by Sasuke's older brother, Itachi. How did he break out of the jutsu, and why had he come to the battlefield? Just what had Itachi caused to happen?

Suigetsu: Umm, Lord Orochimaru... The jutsu that helped Kabuto to change his mind... Izanami? What kind of a jutsu is it?

Orochimaru: It's one of the Visual Jutsu passed down by the Uchiha clan. Once you get stuck inside it. you'll never be able to get free until you change how you think... No, until you change your heart itself. You'll be stuck in the same infinite loop until you accept your mistakes.

Kabuto: I've been in the wrong for so long. I foolishly believed that I could do anything as long as I transformed into something other than myself. But then Itachi taught me that was a mistake. But I was afraid of my own failure, so I just kept running away, never accepting it... Still, it wasn't something I could accept immediately. After going through that loop... over and over and over again...

Kabuto: I... I'm perfect...

Itachi: Don't you see...? You're nowhere near perfect.

Kabuto: Itachi Uchiha!!


(Finish Scene)

Kabuto: I won! No... Don't tell me this is a loop?!

(Kabuto defeats Itachi)

Kabuto: I... I... What am I...?


Kabuto: (I thought I defeated him... It's looping again?! (What did I do wrong? I… thought was perfect...)

Itachi: Don't you see... ? You're nowhere near perfect.

Kabuto: (If the perfect me is the real me... then an imperfect me isn't me... So what am I right now?)

Kabuto: After going through the loop over and over, my mind started to deteriorate... I was unable to come to a conclusion, and lost all confidence...

Kabuto: (I don't understand... I...)

Kabuto: It felt like various memories... were spilling out from inside me... But... there was one memory that never faded away. A memory... from when I was a child, when I truly felt at peace. At that moment, in that place, I... really existed as "Kabuto." No matter how much my appearance changes... that memory will never change. And neither will my name... I've always been the same... ever since then... I've always been "Kabuto." It was so simple, yet I couldn't understand it, and just kept "repainting" myself with other people... Then... when I finally realized that...

Orochimaru: ...I was freed from the jutsu. (I see... Heh heh... Wonderful...)


Wind Rages, Thunder Races

The Fourth Great Ninja War had finally reached Its final stage, After acquiring new power on the brink of death Naruto and Sasuke returned to life and sent shivers up Madara's spine. Basiting in the sharp, bright moonlight three superhuman ninja stood at the base of the Divine Tree. Was It time to tum a new page in history, or would everyone sink into the dreams of the Infinite Tsukuyomi?!

Kakashi: (Is that… Naruto?!)

Madara: That man is gone. Did he burn up into ash and disappear?

Naruto: I saved Bushier Brows Sensei!

Madara: Saved him? What are you talking about.…

Naruto: I don't quite understand it myself... I feel like I can change everything now!

Madara: Seems like… something happened to you... But in the end, nothing will change. You cannot defeat me. I have the power of the Six--

Naruto: I'm not gonna defeat you, stupid! WE'RE gonna defeat...

Sasuke: YOU… Madara.

Madara: Sasuke… you too? (What's with them? How... How can they go this far...)

Naruto: This is… Am I… dead?

???: You aren't dead. This is the world of your mind... Just consider yourself in the space between reality and the afterlife.

Naruto: Uhh… Who are you, old man?

???: I am a monk who's come to watch and see how Ninshu ends, surpassing all generations, traversing this world with chakra alone... My name is Hagoromo Otsutsuki… the founder of Ninshu, also known as the Sage of the Six Paths.

Naruto: What?! The guy who created Ninjutsu?! Uhhh... If you're the Sage, then I have a lot of questions for you!

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: The questions can come later... First, you should listen to what I have to say. No... You must. As the reincarnation of Asura, it's also your duty.

Naruto: Huh?! Asura?! What the heck are you talking about?!

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Allow me to explain everything from the beginning. About my sons... and my mother... My mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, came to your land from a very distant place. She came to harvest the fruit of the Divine Tree. In this war, you saw the Divine Tree as well, didn't you? She harvested its chakra fruit. She ingested the fruit, acquired its power, and then came to rule this land. But a power that's too strong creates conflict. In the end, people both worshiped her as the Rabbit Goddess, and feared her as a devil... Then, Kaguya gave birth to two sons. One of them… was me. In order to atone for the sins that our mother left behind, we fought with the Ten Tails, the incarnation of the Divine Tree... The Divine Tree had gone berserk, and was trying to reclaim the fruit that had been taken from it. It was a violent battle... We were both wounded, but we persevered, achieved victory, and sealed the Ten Tails inside me. Then, some time passed... and I fathered two sons. I named the elder one Indra, the younger one Asura, and taught them about Ninshu. They were both my sons, but there was one big difference between them. One possessed genes that had strongly inherited my chakra, while the other's was rather weak... Indra was truly a genius. He could do anything on his own, and took pride in how he was "different" from other people. In contrast, Asura never seemed to succeed in anything, and he wasn't able to achieve anything on his own. Therefore, he always put forth effort and depended on help from his allies. They also answered Asura's calls for help, which created "harmony." Through watching how Asura lived… I caught a glimpse a new possibility. That's when decided to entrust Ninshu to Asura. But… Indra wouldn't accept it. And thus began a long, long battle... The feud didn't end between Indra and Asura. Even after their bodies died, their chakra never disappeared… and over time, they were reincarnated. Over and over again... Naruto... Earlier, I told you that you were the reincarnation of Asura. ...Now do you understand? And the current reincarnation of Indra... is…

Naruto: Sasuke…

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Exactly, Indra's chakra dwells within Sasuke. My sons' chakra moved from Hashirama and Madara to you two... Even now, after decades and centuries, the brothers' battle continues...

Naruto: So this whole time, Great Grandpa, you've been watching your kids fight with each other?

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Yes, I suppose you could say that...

Naruto: Huh…

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Through Ninshu, I tried to explain that chakra was here to connect individuals... But Kaguya used chakra only for herself, and unified the world with its power. But unification through power is nothing but a rampage. Therefore, she became a being to fear. The same could be said for Madara now. If he continues to acquire power… then eventually… I want you to stop Madara. The circumstances, your will... I feel something special in you compared to all the other vessels so far... That's why, I'd like to place a bet on your potential.

Kurama: I've already placed that bet myself.

Naruto: Kurama!

Gyuuki: Me too.

Naruto: Eight-T--?! Why are you inside me?!

Gyuuki: Obito pulled a part of Shukaku's and my chakra out from Madara. He knew that there were a few Tailed Beast powers that you were lacking!

Naruto: Lacking?

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Did you forget? You've been receiving chakra from sources other than Shukaku and Gyuki for some time.

Naruto: Oh! You mean from back then?! You're right! The other Tailed Beasts did share their chakra with me earlier!

Gyuuki: It took a while, but now all the Tailed Beasts are together.

Kurama: Which means the promised time has come.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Naruto… it really seems like you do have a certain charm that invites others to help you. Shukaku! Matatabi! Isobu! Son Goku! Kokuo! Saiken! Chomei! Gyuki! Kurama! Naruto, what do you want to do? How do you hope this battle will end?

Naruto: I'm an idiot, so don't really get all that Asura reincarnation stuff… ...but... I know what it means to have friends. And want to protect that! That's all!

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: So that's your answer...

Sasuke: Yeah…

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: Entrusting everything to Asura is what created this calamity. Now, I'd like to entrust my power to you, as the reincarnation of Indra. Whatever happens beyond this point... Naruto, Sasuke… that's up to you.

Naruto: Sasuke isn't my real brother, but I know that we can come to an understanding. After all… we’re really good friends!

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: (to Naruto and Saske) Now, raise your dominant arm.

Madara: (I never thought they would be able to push me back…)


Madara: (A voice?!)


Madara: Urgh?! Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Heh heh heh heh heh… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I never thought the Divine Tree itself would bestow me with power... Naruto Uzumaki... Sasuke Uchiha... I have now acquired perfect immortality… for all eternity! No matter how strong you get, you will never be able to stop me!

Naruto: Heh… We haven't even fought yet, and you're already jumping to conclusions?

Madara: So be it... Then this shall be our final battle!


Madara: Ggh...

Naruto: He moved?!

Sasuke: (He switched places with the shadow?!)

Naruto: This is bad!! Kakashi Sensei's... ...over there!!

Kakashi: !! Gwaaahh!! Ggh... Ggggh...

Madara: Finally!

Sakura: ...Are you sure about this?

Obito: Yeah... Hurry up and take my left eye and--

Madara: I don't think so!!

Obito: (Kamui!)

Sakura: Ggh!

Kakashi: Sakura...?

Sakura: Where... Kakashi Sensei? Sensei! The left eye!!

Kakashi: Where's Obito? I thought Madara jumped over too...

Sakura: Yeah... He did, but then Obito let me escape...

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei!! Can see that left eye for a minute?

Sakura: Huh?

Naruto: Okay... Kakashi Sensei… open your eyes!

Kakashi: !!

Sakura: No way! How did you do that?!

Naruto: Hmmm... Well, it's kinda hard to explain...

Kakashi: So that's how you saved Guy...

Naruto: Yeah.

Sasuke: Enough talking. He'll be here soon. He must have both Rinnegan eyes now. He won't be like he was before. Prepare yourselves.

Naruto: Yeah!!

Kakashi: You haven't forgotten what taught you during your first bell training, have you?

Naruto: Of course not! Teamwork!!

Madara: Then... Dying together is also a special type of teamwork, is it not?

Kakashi: Obito...


Madara: I gathered up the Tailed Beast chakra, and acquired the power of the Divine Tree. And now, I have acquired both Rinnegan eyes... You could even say that I have surpassed the Sage of the Six Paths himself... I have reached the realm of the gods! Heh heh heh... Through a god's eyes, you look like nothing but a bunch of tiny, brittle creatures... Planetary Devastation!!

Naruto: Sasuke!!

Sasuke: Naruto! Did you figure it out?!

Naruto: Yeah! He has four shadows now!

Madara: Planetary Devastation, and the shadow's Susano'o... Quite the combo. Now… writhe. Keep dancing for me!


Madara: Enough already...

Naruto: Let's finish it with this next move, Sasuke...

Sasuke: Yeah.


Madara: Heh heh… Heh heh heh heh heh... I cannot believe it… you have pushed me this far… Amazing… There is no other word to describe it… But… I am the one who will get to see his "true dream" come true!

Naruto: Sasuke!


Madara: (According to that stone monument… When the one who possesses the power of the Rinnegan nears the moon… An eye will open in the moon in order to activate the infinite dream.)

Sasuke: (This is bad! No...)

Naruto: Sasuke?!


Madara: (Shine over the world, Infinite Tsukuyomi...) Now!! Become one!!

Sarutobi: What's going on?!

Madara: It is finished. Divine Genesis: World of Trees!!!

Hinata: (...Naruto...)

Naruto: Wha--?!


Madara: I should have expected as much. But this battle is over now. As the messiah, I have severed the connection between cause and effect in this world with my own hands, and all people have been freed from the futility of pain and anguish... Right now, your friends are enjoying the happiness of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, as they drown in its sweet dreams... This is the "true dream" I have always wanted... I changed hell into heaven! You should understand by now... It's all over.

Naruto: I'm not gonna let things end here! We're still here! And as long as we are, there's no way this is gonna end!!

Madara: Maggots... Black Zetsu... This is your last mission. Help me crush them.


Madara: B...Black Zetsu?! How dare you...


Madara: Wh-what are you talking about?! I am the one who created you! You are my very will… and nothing more!


Madara: Ka... Kaguya?! Urgh... Gwaaahhhh!!


Madara: Y… You ingrate!!

Black Zetsu: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Madara: Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

Sakura: Wh-what?! What's going on?!

Naruto: Sasuke! That guy...

Sasuke: Yeah! He just said Kaguya!

Kakashi: Kaguya?!

Naruto: The Sage of the Six Paths' mom!

Sasuke: Don't tell me he...

Sakura: Kyah!!

Naruto: What the…!

Sasuke: This is chakra!!

Madara: Gwaaaaaaaargh! Gyaaaaaahhhhh!! Urrrrrghaaaaaahhhh…

Hagoromo Otsutsuki: But a power that's too strong creates conflict. In the end, people both worshiped her as the Rabbit Goddess, and feared her as a devil…

Naruto: Sasuke…

Sasuke: Yes... I'm sure of it now...

Naruto: This is… the one who Great Grandpa was talking about...

Naruto & Sasuke: Kaguya Otsutsuki!


Kaguya, the Violent Goddess (part 1)

Black Zetsu's betrayal left Madara dumbfounded, and his scream echoed across the land. Then, all the overflowing chakra was quickly compressed as the mother of all chakra, Kaguya Otsutsuki, was reborn. Gritting their teeth through the painfully tense air, Naruto and his allies watched as the greatest enemy they had ever seen rose before them. Kaguya, an incomparable force, a woman equal to that of a goddess, quietly, slowly focused her eyes on the ninja...

Kakashi: (Kaguya Otsutsuki… This… is the mother of the Sage of the Six Paths?)

Kaguya: These two are... Hagoromo and Hamura... No... Indra and Asura...

Black Zetsu: No, Mother... They're Naruto and Sasuke. The two vessels of reincarnation…

Kakashi: Black Zetsu…

Sasuke: (He’s… changed somehow?)

Black Zetsu: Heh heh heh heh heh… Finally… Now, Mother has been resurrected. I can return to her side...

Naruto: Just… who are you?!

Black Zetsu: A child… of my mother, Kaguya...

Sasuke: What are you talking about?

Black Zetsu: You probable don’t know this…but my mother was sealed… the hands of the Sage of the Six Path Hagomoro, and his younger brother Hamura. Just before she was sealed, I was born from the very last ounce of her power… Born with a mission to revive her...

Naruto: Why would Great Grandpa do that?! I thought he sealed the Ten Tails!

Black Zetsu: Looks like you don't quite understand what the Ten Tails really is. That thing isn't really the Divine Tree. It's my mother, herself.

Sasuke: What?

Black Zetsu: Not even Hagomoro knows this. He didn't even know that I've been working to revive her this entire time.

Kakashi: The Ten Tails was Kaguya... If that's the truth... Then that means you must have gotten close to Madara and used him all for the sake of unsealing and reviving her...

Black Zetsu: That's right. I made him think that he “created me,” then worked as his shadow to enact the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Since the Infinite Tsukuyomi is capable of gathering so much chakra, it was the sole way of reviving her. Of course... Madara wasn't the only one I used. I used everything I could get my hands on. I fed the fire of Indra’s jealousy toward Asura, through his descendants... I even controlled the Uchiha clan as it suited me.

Kakashi: People...wills...traditions...history... You really did…use all of that?!

Black Zetsu: Remember, it's the whole reason was born. While my mother was gone, I wrote down everything and created history. In other words, the path that you all walked… The story of the shinobi… ...was merely a story that I created in order to resurrect my mother! Naruto... it doesn't matter how hard you glare at me. Right, Mother? Oh, that's right... You've been sealed for so long… Did you remember the faces of your children? They're your enemies, though. The ones who stole your chakra…

Kaguya: Yes… That’s right… I… hate them…

Naruto: Here she comes... This is insane...

Sasuke: Yeah…

Kaguya: Hagoromo... Hamura... you belong to me! It’s time to gather up all my chakra… And unity it once more!

Sasuke: Naruto! You know what to do?

Naruto:Yeah! We can just seal her again!

Sasuke: Let’s do it!


Naruto: Now!! Woooooohhhhh!!

Kakashi: Ggh!

Obito: Urgh…

Kakashi: Obito... You're awake?

Obito: Kakashi? I'm not dead?

Kakashi: Let me give you a quick run-down...

Naruto: Ggh...

Black Zetsu: This is our chance, Mother!

Naruto: Waaaaaaahhhh!!

Obito: Oh... So that's what happened… But how are we going to stop Kaguya?

Naruto’s Clone: Sasuke and I will figure--

Sakura: He disappeared?!

Kakashi: Something must have happened to the host that made it impossible to retain the clones!

Naruto: (Ggh... I can't move! Grr... Dammit!)

Obito: You're not allowed to touch them.

Black Zetsu: Him…

Kakashi: Obito!

Black Zetsu: They just keep coming out...

Naruto: (E-everyone…)

Sasuke: (Amaterasu!)

Obito: (Escaping will take some time… I need to keep her busy until then…) Ggh…

Kakashi: I can’t let you go out there alone. Let me help.

Sakura: I-I'll help too. I can spare a little chakra.

Black Zetsu: Mother... If we don't stop them, they're going to keep annoying us. Let's take them out first.

Obito: (I need to withstand this until Naruto and Sasuke can escape the ice... That's all I can do right now... This…will be my final repentance…) Kakashi... Sakura… Back me up!


Naruto: Yeaaaahhh!!

Black Zetsu: Tch... They got past?

Naruto: Thanks, Obito!! We’ll take it from here!!

Black Zetsu: How can dying maggots be this persistent? Mother... Let's just kill them right there.

Kaguya: Yes...

Sasuke: Ggh... The gravity here… is super strong...

Naruto: My body… feels so heavy!

Kakashi: (But it looks like she's used up a lot of chakra as well...)

Black Zetsu: Are you all right, Mother? Let’s hurry up and finish this, then leave this dimension!

Naruto: Ggh!

Obito: (I no longer have the power…)

Kakashi: ( defeat her…)

Obito: (Which means... The only thing I can do now…)

Kakashi: (I must protect Naruto and Sasuke… even if it kills me…)

Obito & Kakashi: (I must protect them!)

Kakashi: Obito! You...

Obito: Kakashi… Just stay here for now...

Black Zetsu: Him...

Kakashi: Wh-why…

Obito: Look at your face… Now I get to be all alone with Rin! You'd only ruin things... Kakashi...

Naruto: Obito…

Obito: You really…taught me a lot… And you probably still have a lot of suffering left waiting for you. But…just make sure you stick to your ninja way, all the way to the end… Stay strong…and don't break your word... Is that how it went? Yes... That's it… Naruto… I just know...'ll become the Hokage!

Naruto: Yeah!!

Obito: And... Kakashi...

Kakashi: Obito...

Obito: You'd… better not come and join me... for a while… Survive until… ...the very… ...end… (What? C'mon, Kakashi. Don't give me that face... Don't make a face like that…for trash like this… Ha ha… Ha ha ha… What's this feeling...? It feels like it's…bubbling up from inside me… Oh, that's it… I'm…happy. At the very end…I got to stand right next to my friend… I get it... That's why… I’m smillng… You don't need to be merciful toward someone who's this guilty… Kakashi... I just want you to send me off… Thank you... ...for everything...)

Rin: (to Obito) Let's go...

Black Zetsu: Heh heh… Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Why are you getting so desperate? The only thing you can change is the order that you die in! You're all such fools!

Kakashi: Don't laugh… at my friend!!

Black Zetsu: The Sharingan?! But how?! Your eye was stolen!

Kakashi: This is the power that Obito left to me at the very end.

Black Zetsu: That little worm... He kept screwing with my plans right to the very end… But it's fine, Mother. They're all just--

Kaguya: ...Mine.

Black Zetsu: ?

Kaguya: That power…is mine...

Black Zetsu: M-Mother?!

Kaguya: My power...

Black Zetsu: Calm down, Mother! (Oh no! She really must have used up too much power! She's starting to lose her mind!!)

Kaguya: Who said you could use that? I will not permit any more foolish actions committed… ...with my chakra!!


Kaguya, the Violent Goddess (part 2)

Obito was dead... But his will had been inherited by his best friend and those of the next generation, he had given them power. And so, for their dreams and for their friends, Naruto and his remained strong and kept their eyes focused on what lied ahead of them... As they took on the violent goddess!

Naruto: Woaaaaah!! What?!

Kakashi: (Obito... Thank you... I'll use the power you lent me to protect them... ...and the world!)


Kakashi: Ggh!

Sakura: Kakashi Sensei?!

Naruto: You okay?!

Kakashi: Looks like I'm nearing my limit... But…not even she can withstand all that damage...

Sakura: Wh... What is that?!

Naruto: Is that one of those balls that have behind me?!

Sakura: But…it's way bigger than those!

Sasuke: That's...

Kaguya: Ggh...

Black Zetsu: A-are you okay, Mother?! (She can't even hear me anymore... I never thought I'd see her like this...)

Kaguya: the mother of all chakra... Pieces of my chakra cannot stop me...

Sakura: Wh-what?

Kakashi: Above you!!

Sasuke: It's starting to fall!

Kaguya: The chakra must be unified... The chakra must be...unifiiiied...

Black Zetsu: You're going to die, and she's going to absorb you. It's the "final path" that remains for you. This is it... The end... ...of shinobi history!

Kakashi: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura... Do you have an intention of following the final path he's talking about?

Sakura: Not at all.

Sasuke: Of course not.

Naruto: Shinobi history... something that's super heavy...and it's been going on for a long time... Defined by the way that all those shinobi lived and died... It isn't something that you two can mess around with... ...and I'm not going to let it end! We're going to protect... ...the history of shinobi!!

Black Zetsu: Stupid ninja! No matter how much you howl, you'll never get another future!

Kaguya: Now disappear!!

Naruto: This is the end!! Let's do this!! Sasuke! Sakura!!

Sakura: Yeah!!


Kakashi: Let's go!


Black Zetsu: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Kaguya: Gwaaaaaa...

Sakura: Wahh!

Kurama: Whew...

Naruto: Hey, Kurama!

Kurama: I'm finally free? Took long enough.

Naruto: Sorry. But now... It's all over.

Sakura: !! You all seem like you're ready to celebrate, are we gonna get out of here?!

Naruto: Oh, right!

Kurama: Relax. I figured something out. We can use the Sage of the Six Paths' power to...

Sakura: Huh?

Kurama: ...take us back.

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: Looks like you're all safe.

Naruto: Great Grandpa... Wait, what? Why are you here?!

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: I borrowed a bit of chakra from both of you when we were in your mental space. I just used that to take you back to the real world. Bringing you back here was a necessity, you see. Naruto and Sasuke... Sakura and Kakashi... You did an excellent job saving the world. I doubt you would have been able to seal my mother even it one of you had been missing. Especially you two, Naruto and Sasuke... If you hadn't come together, you wouldn't have been able to stand up to her, let alone seal her. And you'll need to stay that way...

Naruto: Great Grandpa... You don't need to say anything else.

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: I see... Then... I'll leave the rest to you two. It's about time we were on our way. Now, the Reanimation Jutsu will be undone. You may have fought together with them, but I can't just leave you all here forever.

Sakura: Light...

Sarutobi: What you said to the Sage... I believe you. Take good care of the Hidden Leaf... and the shinobi world.

Tobirama: There's nothing left for us to do here. Just like Saru said, we will leave the rest to you.

Hashirama: Madara...

Madara: You're...going?

Hashirama: Yeah…with you...

Madara: In the dream was crushed...and it was connected to your dream, too...

Hashirama: You rushed things too much, Madara. There was no reason for us to perfect our dreams during our generation. We should have focused on how to entrust our dreams to those who come after us... That's the important thing. Either way, we're going to die now. Next time we meet, let's have a drink together on the other side... old war buddies.

Minato: Naruto...

Naruto: Dad...

Minato: Before I disappear...there's something I wanted to say to you. Happy birthday.

Naruto: Ahh... Ah ha ha... Uh, thanks...

Minato: I wasn't able to stay here for very long… but I was still able to see how much you've grown. I'll tell Kushina everything.

Naruto: Tell... Tell her I've eaten a lot of stuff with Granny, so I'II be fine! I eat tons of stuff! I'm never picky! I take a bath almost every day! Sometimes I go to the Hidden Leaf Hot Springs, too! But everyone says that I never stay in long enough to really soak! And made a lot of friends They're all good people! And...uhh, umm! Anyway, wasn't able to do everything she told me, but I really tried hard! I have a dream, too! I want to be a Hokage who surpasses you, Dad! And I'm gonna make it come true no matter what! Tell Mom on the other side! Tell her that she doesn't need to worry about me at all! That I'm gonna be fine!

Minato: Okay... I'll tell her everything...

Narrator (Hogoromo): And so… the Fourth Great Ninja War, which caused massive destruction and took many lives, came to an end. Some became light and disappeared... ...while others were left behind. Their various emotions created new "connections"... ...and began to turn the pages of shinobi history once more.


Naruto and Sasuke

They had both led each other to growth. They had both forced each other to walk down separate paths. They had walked together, created joy, created sadness, created panic, and created bonds. But the dreams they dreamed of began to change, and they split apart into a ninja who focused on his allies and a ninja who focused on revolution. Which path would history choose? Now, everything would be decided. This would be the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke!

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: Now... I'm returning to the other side, too. But before I leave, I want to ask you something. Naruto and Sasuke... After fighting my mother Kaguya, did you answer change?

Naruto: Mine hasn't. For a very long time, my wish was always been to protect my friends.

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: I see...

Naruto: Ahh... That reminds me, what happened to all the people who got hypnotized by Infinite Tsukuyomi?! I want to hurry up and save them all!

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: I'm Undoing the jutsu is a simple thing. With your Tailed Beast chakra, Naruto, and your Rinnegan, Sasuke, you simply need to make the "Ko" seal.

Naruto: Ohhh, that's surprisingly easy! Sasuke!

Sasuke: Yeah...

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: What about you? The answer you gave back then...

Sasuke: ...I don't mind if you free them. But only after... I execute of the Five Kage while they're still hypnotized.

Kakashi: What?! Sasuke! Still planning on getting revenge?!

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: Sasuke, what do you want? What do you desire from the end of this battle? I want to know the honest truth.

Sasuke: The previews Kage the ones who created this situation. I'm going to become the Hokage and change the village.

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: And the Hokage you become... What exactly will that be?

Sasuke: If you really want to know, I'll tell you. It's true that up until now, destruction and revenge were my only goals. But that's changed. I'm going to destroy, and then rebuild. I'm going to create a village... A world without darkness. In other words... what I wish for is... Revolution. Planetary Devastation!!

Kurama: No! N-Naruto...

Naruto: Kurama! I'm going to save you! Just hold on for a second!!

Sasuke: Now no one is left to stand in my way. Besides you... Naruto...

Hogoromo Otsutsuki: I suppose it really was too good to be true... Indra and Asura will always follow the same paths...

Naruto: No... The brothers' battle... is going to end here.

Sasuke: You know where we need to go, right?

Sakura: I know there's nothing I can do! Despite how much I care about him… how much love him! I can't follow him... I can't di with him... Even all I can do is stamp my feet and cry... But… but Sasuke! If… if you have even the tiniest spot in your heart for me... Then please! Don't go off somewhere again!!

Sasuke: You… really are annoying...

Naruto: You didn't have to use Genjutsu on her as well!!

Kakashi: Sakura… just wanted to save you… You tried to kill her once… and she still just keeps shedding tears for you… Because loving you is torturing her!

Sasuke: That... may just be a chain from our failed past...

Naruto: I… promised Sakura... a long time ago… that I'd bring you back to the villages. Sensei! You know what my ninja way is, right? Here I go!!

Kakashi: Yeah... I'm counting on you.

Young Sasuke: You don't have any parents or siblings! How could you understand?! You've been alone from the very beginning... What would you possibly understand about me, huh?!

Sasuke: I've already severed my bond with you... I told you already... You have no siblings or parents. You couldn't possibly understand… This is none of your business!!

Naruto: I knew you'd be here. This sure brings back memories, Sasuke.

Sasuke: Just like before, you're going to lose here.

Naruto: I won't let you land any of the punches you did last time. And I won't hand the title or Hokage to you either! You don't understand what it means to be the Hokage.

Sasuke: I told you. What I desire is "revolution." The Hokage I speak of is nothing like yours. Itachi Uchiha... My brother was born in the shadows, and protected the village from the shadows. You understand how he lived, right? That's the Hokage I want to become... Moving in the darkness, caring about the village, accepting all the hatred and working for peace. To that end, it doesn't matter how much have to dirty my hands. I'll accept all the hatred that’s born from that. I don't have a father, a mother, or a brother. I'm all alone. I can carry the hatred by myself. Yes... the Hokage I want to be... will burn down the darkness of all Five Kage with his own flames, then feast on the ashes to survive.

Naruto: You're completely misunderstanding how Itachi lived! There are some things you can’t do alone! Like in the battle with Kaguya!!

Sasuke: Things won't always go well... like these two statues... (And us… like us brothers...) In the end… what this world needs is revolution. I’ll take care of all the darkness from the past and restart things with a pure, unwritten future.

Naruto: Are you saying… you're going to cut off all your memories of Team 7?

Sasuke: Yes. I'm going to cut off my past.

Naruto: I won't let you do that!! I learned everything from people of the past! It's because had my friends that was able to keep moving forward!! I'm never going to let you cut that away!!

Sasuke: Then… you must know what you need to do. Narutooo!!

Naruto: Sasukeee!!


Sasuke: Heh heh… Heh heh heh… Now… Now I’m all… alone…

Obito: What’s wrong? Don't tell me you've given up already? Is it really that easy for you two to sever your connection? It isn’t, is it?

Kakashi: Just like Obito and me... Your connection with Sasuke can't be severed that easily.

Obito: Remember… You didn't just reconnect Kakashi and me... My heart was so hardened, yet you... And it wasn’t just me. You opened up a lot of other people's hearts as well. Enemies... People surrounded by hatred... People who rejected the other villages… People who were hurting inside... Even the Tailed Beasts... You were even capable of solving... the problems of the world itself! Now… there's only one person left. It should be easy for you to save a stubborn friend, right?!

Kakashi: Yeah... You'll be fine. Remember that you bear the encouragement of all those people on your shoulder. The connections you've mad with your teachers and your peers... The hopes of
your friends... If you don't have enough power, then just borrow it their hands. Because Naruto… that's all the "power" that you created!

Hashirama: Your heart isn't dead yet!

Tobirama: If he's submerging himself in darkness, then just use your hands to pull him back up.

Sarutobi: And if he tries to shake you off, then scream to wake him up.

Minato: There's no such thing as a feeling that cannot be conveyed!

Hinata: Everyone believes in you, Naruto...

Neji: You make the impossible possible!

Sai: Naruto, that's why…

Kiba: need to get back up already!

Shikamaru: Don't be afraid to look stupid as you struggle.

Lee: That is the Naruto we all know!

Everyone: You can do it, Naruto!

Tsunade: Connections don't disappear!

Jiraya: You need to harden your fists and stand up again!

???: Keep that fire in your eyes!!

???: Let out a roar!

Sakura: C'mon! Sasuke's waiting for you!

Kurama: Go to him, Naruto! This is all for your sake!

Everyone: For the sake of the future! For the sake of your friend! Forward!!

Naruto: Wooooooaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!

Sasuke: Naru… to…

Naruto: Not yet… I'm not letting you leave just yet, Sasuke!!

Sasuke: Why… Over and over… Over and over and over… Why do you keep doing this?! What’s wrong with you?! Just what are you?!

Naruto: Your friend! I told you I can't leave you alone. remember?!

Sasuke: Heh heh… Ha ha ha ha ha… You're still saying that, after all this? I told you already! I have no intention of going back--

Naruto: And I told you that I have no intention of giving up! It doesn’t matter what you say to me. I'll never change my mind. I'm just going to keep reaching out my hand to you. Until the very end! Until reach you!!

Sasuke: My will won't change either… I'm going to cut you down. In order to end the path I've walked so far...

Naruto: I won't give up on you! In order to keep path connected...

Sasuke: Neither of us has much power left... Yes… This is… the true end…


Sasuke: Urgh…

Naruto: Now do you finally get it?

Sasuke: Ugh...

Naruto: See? If you move, the wound will open.

Sasuke: Why are you so obsessed... with standing in my way? I acquired this strength so could cut everything off and enter the darkness. Naturally… everyone tried to break their bond with me at least once. But you... You never did... Why are you so determined to stay involved with me?!

Naruto: How many times do I have to tell you? Don't you get it by now?

Sasuke: Just answer me!

Naruto: Because we're friends.

Sasuke: Just what is friend... to you?

Naruto: You can't explain something like that with words. But whenever I see you trying to carry everything on your shoulders like that... It… hurts... It hurts so bad that'll just can't ignore you.

Sasuke: (Naruto... I know that you've been alone. Just like me, you felt alienated in the village... But unlike me, you did stupid things to try and get people's attention. Back then, thought you were an idiot… a weakling. But… deep down inside... I was interested in you too. Then we both grew and ended up on the same team. I did missions together with you, while you kept going on and on about how you wanted to become the Hokage, and as felt us growing stronger together... I decided that I wanted to fight you someday. Then... I started to see Team 7 as my own family. That's why… whenever saw you in pain... Yes... I also... hurt... When I understood your pain, that's when I first thought of you as a friend. But in return… as you grow exponentially strong, I just couldn't ignore you. You had a strength that I lacked... You were always walking in front of me... just like brother did... and the same is true today... You...)

Naruto: Ahh! Guess it's too soon for you to move! Just when I thought I could punch you to wake you up! Guess it's too soon for you to mow!

Sasuke: Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Naruto: Wh—what?

Sasuke: You… still want to keep fighting?

Naruto: You idiot! This isn't about winning or losing! My friend was sulking, so I just thought I'd punch him to wake him up, that's all!

Sasuke: Hey, Naruto… I accept you. If I die here, the chain of war that's been continuing since the time of the Sage of the Six Paths will come to an end. This is another type of revolution. I'II decide this issue myself, once and for all.

Naruto: How can you decide anything by dying?! You might as well live on and help me instead. if you're just going to do that! What I want to do is to cooperate with all the shinobi! Including you, of course!

Sasuke: Who says everyone else will agree to that?

Naruto: Oh, come on! Go on, spout some more crap like that! I'll punch you again!

Sasuke: There's no telling when I may stand up to defy you again in the future… You won't do this kind of thing anymore. How… can you be sure of that?

Naruto: Don't make me repeat myself!

Sasuke: Just what are you?! Why are you so obsessed with me?!

Naruto: Because we're friends.

Sasuke: Why are you so determined to stay involved with me?!

Naruto: How many times do I have to tell you. Don't you get it by now?

Sasuke: Just answer me!

Naruto: C'mon! You're the one who still doesn't get it! Now that I think about it… I guess you always have been surprisingly dense!

Sasuke: Shut up… you loser...

Kakashi: I know they'd be here!

Sakura: Kakashi Sensei...

Kakashi: Yeah. Go to them.

Young Naruto: I m not gonna lose to you!

Young Sasuke: Say whatever you want, you braid-dead loser.

Young Sakura: Enough. Naruto! Shut up already!

Kakashi: So… he's finally returned.




The battle was over. As the clashing light and shadow became enveloped in silence, they overcame their pain and awakened to their gentle bonds. Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno. Here, Team 7 was reborn.

Sasuke: (We used to be all alone... starving for love... children who were festering with hatred… We went our separate ways... and fought… But Naruto... You never cut me off. You just kept moving closer to my heart. Even though it would have made sense for you to attack me with hatred… You told me I was your friend… And no matter how much I hurt you, you accepted me as one. I was only saved thanks to you. We used to do nothing but quarrel... and now we can feel the pain of each other's hearts. And this isn't just between us. It may be something that can be said in a much larger scope.)

Kakashi: To be honest, you should have been thrown in jail for what you did. The reason you were pardoned is because you made a great contribution to stopping the Infinite Tsukuyomi. but don't forget that me becoming the Sixth Hokage and Naruto's appeals were a big part of that as well. Don't do anything too crazy anymore… or else I'll have to take responsibility for it.

Sasuke: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Sakura: Do you really have to go?

Sasuke: Now… I want to know how the shinobi world... how this world looks to me,

Sakura: Umm… What if… I asked you if I could come along?

Sasuke: This is also a journey of repentance. You have nothing to do with my sins.

Sakura: Nothing to do with them, huh?

Sasuke: See you later. Thanks...

Naruto: Hm?!

Sasuke: You... still have that?

Naruto: I'm giving it back.

Sasuke: How 'bout I keep it… until our next battle? (But I could never do things like you could it was never that easy for me. That emotion felt like a prayer… I'll just have to bear this until I can really do it. And the ones who have been tasked with that… are us...)

Sakura: Naruto...

Sasuke: (


Hagoromo Otsutsuki: There is a chain that began from creation, and continued through the Otsutsuki, never ceasing... People became shinobi, and created clans and villages. Even during peaceful interludes… the flames of war never died out, but grew ever stronger… along with hatred. And so, those two continued to late each other, fighting on and on. However… a single ninja… was able to sever that chain and cultivate a new future. He created best friends, followed them, challenged them, and connected them. His will… gradually came to encompass all shinobi, the world, and all its hatred… until it came to reveal a new path. Here, the handbook that encompasses everything about the way of the shinobi reaches its conclusion. It’s time to give that handbook a title… And so it will be named… The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki.

The New Age

And so, time passed... And as Hidden Leaf Village healed its war wounds, small ninja began to appear. Soon, the village was filled with brand-new buds that would carry the next age on their shoulders.

Sarutobi: Where leaves fall, flames burn… The shadows of the flames illuminate the village… and again… new leaves bloom.

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