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Season 1

  1. 🔶Tommy's Big Job
  2. 🔶Father's Day Pie
  3. Foul Ball 
  4. 🔶The Cheeseman
  5. 🔶Dead Man's Curve
  6. 🔶Loose Tooth
  7. 🔶Grandpa's Night Out
  8. 🔶Coma (Mr. Pickles)
  9. 🔶Where is Mr. Pickles?
  10. 🔶The Lair (Mr. Pickles)

Season 2

  1. 🔶Mental Asylum (Mr. Pickles)
  2. 🔶Cops and Robbers
  3. 🔶Serial Killers (Mr. Pickles)
  4. 🔶Shövenpucker
  5. 🔶Fish? (Mr. Pickles)
  6. 🔶A.D.D.
  7. 🔶My Dear Boy
  8. 🔶Vegans (Mr. Pickles)
  9. 🔶Talent Show (Mr. Pickles)
  10. 🔶Season 2 Finale (Mr. Pickles)

Season 3

  1. 🔶Brain Download
  2. 🔶Momma's Boy
  3. 🔶S.H.O.E.S.
  4. 🔶Telemarketers Are the Devil
  5. 🔶Gorzoth
  6. 🔶Tommy Goes to School
  7. 🔶Sheriffs (Mr. Pickles)
  8. 🔶Bullies (Mr. Pickles)
  9. 🔶Tommy's Cartoon
  10. 🔶Season 3 Finale (Mr. Pickles)

Season 4

  1. 🔶The Tree of Flesh
  2. 🔶Hats (Mr. Pickles)
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