• Jeffrey: BG, is there anything you wanna tell us?
  • BG: Well, um? Oh. look Albert's cage is open.

  • Jeffrey: Where's Albert now?

  • BG: It was accident, George.

  • George: You're not my friend anymore, Albert.

  • Jeffrey: Well, you better look after Albert until George cools off. Just in case he breaks something else.

  • Jeffrey: Hey, Miss BG, have you seen my barbecue tongs?

  • Charlotte: Oh, dear. I'm sorry, BG. Why was your homework in Albert's backpack?
  • BG: It wasn't.

  • George: I can't believe you did that.

  • George: No way. I'm still mad at him.

  • BG: I have to tell them a truth. I'm going to clean Albert's cage for a month?

  • BG: Mom and Dad we're not happy. But, George forgive me. Because he could have Albert back. I'm still had to be punish for fibbing to make George feel bad. From now on, I will always tell the truth.
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