Season 1 (2005-06)

27a Show n' Tell After BG embarrasses herself by accidentally bringing her teddy bear to school, she rashly decides to throw it away - and quickly lives to regret it. 3 September 2007 27b Shooting Star BG's defense of Kayla in front of Brittany-Ann makes Kayla BG's new best friend. But the new friendship threatens Alex and Bg's secret plan to assemble a telescope for Gad. 4 September 2007 28a Pocket Garden BG and her friends learn that there's strength in numbers when they all compete to see who can make the best pocket garden. 5 September 2007 28b Hand and Foot BG sprains her hand and foot in a soccer game and a guilty Gad and Alex wait on her hand and foot - long after BG has secretly recovered. 6 September 2007 29a Pool Party BG persuades her parents to buy an inflatable swimming pool for their backyard, but her impatience causes a big splash. 7 September 2007 29b BG's Paranoia BG thinks her friends are planning to exclude her from a party and decides a cutout figure is her new best friend. 10 September 2007 30a Height and Fright[22] (alternately Height and Freight[23]) BG suddenly discovers she has vertigo. 11 September 2007 30b A Charming Hostess BG is horrified when Brittany-Ann must spend the night at her house. 12 September 2007 31a Mom's Vacation BG wants her mom to bake a clafoutis so that she - BG - can win a cake contest. 13 September 2007 31b BG's Audition BG drops Gad and Alex because she is determined to win a dance contest. 14 September 2007 32a Not a Word BG takes a vow of silence for three days when Brittany-Ann accuses her of talking too much and wanting to be the centre of attention. She makes an interesting discovery when she forfeits her speaking role in the school play and plays a tree. 17 September 2007 32b Bump in the Night BG plays a trick to scare Gad and Alex with a mechanical monster. But she ends up scaring Ouma too. 18 September 2007 33a The Pants Aunt Alice finds an old pair of her beloved childhood pants and gives them to BG. BG takes them, even though they are not her style. But when other kids make fun of the garish pants, BG gives them away to a charity sale. But BG must quickly get them back, when Aunt Alice turns up unexpectedly at the neighbourhood picnic. With a little help from Aunt Alice BG learns that style is individual.

19 September 2007 33b BG's Mysterious Past BG thinks her real parents are royalty! She lets her new 'princess' status go to her head, but ends up missing her real friends and family, even before she realizes she's not a princess. 20 September 2007 34a Class Representative BG uses her role as class helper to snoop, and ends up accidentally ruining Brittany-Ann's science project, a volcano. 21 September 2007 34b Share and Share Alike BG, Gad and Alex are supposed to share a special prize they won together. 24 September 2007 35a Snow Day BG promises George she'll help him make a snowman. But Brittany-Ann makes a bigger, more impressive snowman. 25 September 2007 35b Snow Sculpture When BG is teamed up with Billy for a school project to design an original snow sculpture, she is convinced he will bully her into doing it the way HE wants. 26 September 2007 36a Holiday Tree House At Christmas time, Brittany-Ann's Mom convinces the City to cut down the tree house and put up a tennis court. Horrified BG and her friends try to sell Brittany-Ann on the idea of keeping the tree house by inviting her up to play with them, so that she will convince her Mom to save it. But the plan backfires, until BG learns that the unexpected support of a community on Christmas Eve can save the tree. 24 December 2007 36b Best Christmas Ever BG fights to keep Alex in town for an important hockey game on Christmas Eve when he finds out he must leave for his Dad's house early and miss the game. BG learns that being a divorced kid can be difficult over the holidays. 25 December 2007 37a My Fair BG Favors are exchanged to maintain a soccer team and a fashion show while siblings Kayla and Billy travel with their father. When BG and the boys agree to be models in Brittany-Ann's fashion show, BG is horrified to find she actually likes it. 6 March 2008 37b Dad's Birthday BG tries to make a special surprise dish for Dad's birthday, but gets so busy with it, Dad begins to think she doesn't want to spend time with him. 12 March 2008 38a IQ When BG takes an IQ test, the results reveal she's a genius, and the idea of being a "big brain" goes to her head. 13 March 2008 38b George's Allergy George suddenly starts sneezing every time is he around BG, who fears that he has grown allergic to her and is on a mission to find out why. 14 March 2008 39a Picture Perfect BG wants to take the "perfect" family photo, so she agrees to follow Brittany-Ann's advice. 17 March 2008 39b George's Painting BG mistakenly hands in one of George's paintings as her own work for a class project. Then the teacher wants to exhibit it in public. 18 March 2008 40a Gift Swap When Brittany-Ann comes down with a stomachache, after BG unwittingly gives hamster food, BG thinks she's poisoned her and does everything she can to make amends. October 9, 2007[24] 40b Favourite Aunt Aunt Alice gets a job at Mr. Mansours' store, and BG thinks she'll have lots of time to play with her. October 10, 2007[25] 41a A Pet Is Not a Toy BG warns George not to treat Albert the way Brittany-Ann is treating her new poodle - like a toy. But then George stops playing with Albert altogether. 11 October 2007 41b Night with Ouma When Ouma volunteers to babysit BG and George, Gad worries that Ouma will show BG his embarrassing baby pictures. 12 October 2007 42a Teacher's Pet BG feels "weird" when her parents strike up a friendship with Mr. Grant, her gym teacher and principal. But, the situation only gets worse when he substitutes for her usual teacher. 15 October 2007 42b Boys and Girls Billy's boys only sleepover in the clubhouse, and this inspires BG's girls to only sleepover in a tent. 16 October 2007 43a Mother's Day BG's class plans to throw a Mother's Day party to read their poems, but BG is worried that Gad is upset because he doesn't know his mother. 17 October 2007 43b Crystal Ball Desperate to figure out what Alex and Gad are up to when they start doing things without her, BG tries to get them to 'fess up by using a "crystal ball" to convince them she's got psychic powers. 18 October 2007 44a Doctor BG While her veterinarian dad is away, BG and her friends find an injured bird. 19 October 2007 44b Fishing Trip BG is thrilled to be included on one of her Dad's fishing trips. But her delight is spoiled by the last-minute addition of George to the party. 22 October 2007 45a The Creature BG convinces Dad to let her and her friends go camping with him in the hopes they can secretly capture a photo of a mysterious forest creature, or so they think. 23 October 2007 45b All About BG To her great thrill, BG and her family are the subjects of a documentary Terri is doing for school. But things go wrong when BG starts letting 'fame' go to her head. 24 October 2007 46a Jumping to Conclusions BG doesn't study, and isn't prepared to win a camping badge she desperately wants. When she and Brittany-Ann cheat, BG realizes that it is better to pay attention and work for what you want. 25 October 2007 46b Forest Badge When BG mistakenly thinks Gad is moving, she and Alex are forced to go to great lengths to stop it from happening. Embarrassing herself at a supposed farewell dinner, BG finds out she is mistaken, learning the folly of jumping to conclusions. 26 October 2007 47a Piano Lessons When Brittany-Ann’s Mom overhears BG’s Dad playing Chopin on the piano, she mistakenly thinks it is BG playing. BG is too embarrassed to tell her the truth, that she is just learning to play, and gets caught up in a game of deception when she agrees to play a difficult duet with BA. BG learns that there is no shame in being a beginner at a new skill – all it takes is hard work and commitment.

29 October 2007 47b Oh Brother BG fears George is Mom's favourite kid, so she starts competing with him for Dad's affection before learning her parents love both their children equally. 30 October 2007 48a Alex's Glasses When BG accidentally breaks Alex's glasses just before a school outing to a dinosaur park, she tries to make amends by giving him a fake pair to wear so that Mr. Grant won't keep Alex home. But Alex is so near-sighted that he gets into big trouble on the trip, and BG learns that it is better to admit a mistake right away, rather than try to hide it. 31 October 2007 48b Mommy's Girl When BG's Mom and Brittany-Ann's Mom accompany the kids on a school trip to a wilderness reserve, BG and Brittany-Ann compete to see who's got the coolest mom. But BG's attempts to show off how cool her Mom is keep getting wrecked by George. BG tries to keep George away from Mom but ends up thinking she lost him in the forest and when BG and Brittany-Ann go looking for him they end up lost! BG learns that being cool isn't always the most important thing. 1 November 2007 49a Super Secretary Mom is sick in bed with the flu, but she has an important deadline at work. BG quickly volunteers to help, but when Aunt Alice arrives, BG has some unwanted competition as Mom's "super secretary". 2 November 2007 49b Ants and Trouble Inspired by Dad, BG sets out to be a great animal rescuer. Her first mission- to save an anthill from Ouma's garden, even if it means transporting the ants to her bedroom! Meanwhile, Mom's cartons of eggs keep disappearing mysteriously. It doesn't take long for Mom and Dad to realize something's up when the house is covered in ants and the eggs are nowhere to be found. 5 November 2007 50a Broken Telephone When BG learns that her Mom's taking a short business trip to Africa, she uses the exciting news as an excuse for not doing her homework. The ruse backfires when her slightly exaggerated version of the trip passes from person to person and gets blown way out of proportion! BG needs to fix the 'broken telephone' and set things right. 6 November 2007 50b Luckie Scrunchie When Terri chooses BG, Brittany-Ann and Kayla for a television interview about "Girls Of Today", the latter two think BG looks too childish for such a mature interview. BG gets rid of her hair scrunchies in favor of a Brittany-Ann approved outfit. With a little help from Terri, who loves wearing scrunchies BG learns she's the most mature just being herself. 7 November 2007 51a Trendiest Trend Yobi-Bobo cards become the latest trend at school and BG trades her (and George's) marbles to get her hands on some. But when a new trend becomes more popular, BG is not sure what to do. Gad and Alex help her realize it is more important to do what you like, not follow the latest trend. 8 November 2007 51b A Friend for George Mom suggests that BG let George play with her and her friends while they build their Karpla design for a competition, BG quickly convinces Mom that it would be better for George to invite a friend over. BG thinks the two friends will keep each other entertained, and away from her plans with Gad and Alex. BG quickly learns that babysitting TWO kids is a lot more work than she thought, especially with a fragile Karpla design to protect! 9 November 2007 52a Community Spirit BG and her friends put their community spirit to the test when they compete for a chance to paint a mural on the community centre wall, that they all must agree on. 12 November 2007 52b Neighbourhood Fair BG learns that helping out can be as important as winning when she agrees to help Dad with the neighbourhood street fair, and gets so busy helping everyone with their displays, she does not have time for her own. 13 November 2007

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