Drake: Hey! Get your hands off my sister's shoulder... I don't want her clothes infested with Mindy germs.
Mindy: Wow, Drake. I'm just impressed you knew the word "infested" and used it properly in a sentence.
Drake: Let's go, Megan. To burn your shirt.

Mindy: Oh, Josh. Don´t you ever learn that I can outsmart you at anytime I want?
Josh: Oh yeah?
Mindy: Yeah. Say Fort.
Josh: Fort.
Mindy: Say fort three times.
Josh: Fort, fort, fort.
Mindy: Spell it twice.
Josh: F-O-R-T, F-O-R-T.
Mindy: Say it two more times.
Josh: Fort Fort.
Mindy: Now, what do you eat soup with?
Josh: With a Fork! Ha!
Mindy: Really? Because I eat my soup with a spoon.
Drake: Yeah, cause if you eat soup with a fork, all the liquid would just fall down from the-
Josh: [screaming] I KNOW!
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