Mickey and the Roadster Racers



Season 1 (Roadster Racers)

  1. Mickey's Wild Tire!/Sittin' Kitty
  2. Goofy Gas!/Little Big Ape
  3. Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon/Roaming Around Rome
  4. Agent Double-O-Goof/Egg-aspersting

Season 2 (Super Charged)

Season 3 (Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures)

  1. Mickey's Mixed-Up Motor Lab / Wishy Washy Helpers
  2. One Unicorny Day! / The Happy Horse Helpers!
  3. Animal Antics / Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!
  4. Mickey's Monstrous Truck! / Minnie's Vacation Home!
  5. Mixed-Up for a Day! / Princess Clarabelle!
  6. A Gollywood Wedding! / No Dilly Dally in New Delhi!
  7. Mickey's Thanksgiving Family Fun Race! / Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!
  8. Caution: Kids at Work! / The Snoozy Doozy
  9. Pet and Breakfast! Where's Mickey? / Cuckoo in Hot Dog Hills!
  10. Campy Camper Day! / Founder's Day
  11. Flounder! Goofasaur! / Teahouse Helpers
  12. Papa Pluto/Happy Valentine Helpers
  13. Old McMickey Had a Farm/Happy Lab Helpers
  14. Petey O'Pete/Daisy Does It!
  15. Mickey's New Mouse House/Millie and Melody's Sleepover!
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