Fade into a close-up of Sam’s face.
Sam Guys, come on! We’re gonna be late for school!
[Zoom out to reveal Sam, arching one eyebrow and her hands on her hips.]
Sam Guys?
[Zoom out further to reveal Tucker and Danny with blank, happy expressions far in the foreground. Sam looks exasperated.]
Sam Guys!
Danny: Isn’t it everything I told you it would be and more?
Tucker You did not lie, dude. You did not lie.
Cut to an aerial shot of a yellow monster truck.
Danny and Tucker The Gi-normo Six-Thousand.
Sam pulls herself up to read the specification card in the truck's window.
Sam Seats made of owl leather? Interior wood paneling made from the Amazon rainforest? (angrily) 12 gallons to the mile?! This car is an environmental nightmare! I know what you should do!
Danny No.
Sam You could totally haunt this place! Scare people away from here and make them buy something else!
Danny No.
[Zoom out as Tucker comes to Danny’s side.]
Tucker Cut it out, Sam. It’s a cool truck! Besides, this would not be the first time one of your bad ideas got Danny into trouble.
Sam What are you talking about?
[The explanation comes as it’s about to happen in a wavy flashback. Wave to FentonWorks. Zoom in. Fade to Sam, in the basement lab.]
Sam Smile!
[She holds up an instant camera to her face. Cut to Danny by the deactivated and empty chamber that is the Fenton Portal, with white corners around it as if seen through a camera scope. There’s a console next to it. Danny is hunched by it and holding up a white suit. A flash engulfs the screen as a picture is taken.]
[Fade to the printer of Sam’s camera. An instant shot of Danny by some gauges plugged to the deactivated Portal and holding the suit in his hands rolls out.]
[Cut to Danny holding the shoulders of the white suit with a black neck collar. His eyes are closed and bubbles pop around him, showing he is clearly dazed by the flash. He opens his eyes halfway.]
Danny Okay. (puts down the suit) I showed you the Portal, (looks to the Portal, hoping this is over) can we get out of here now?
[Cut to Danny holding the suit, looking back warily as Sam walks up with her camera, and Tucker is right by her side.]
Danny My parents could be back here any minute. (looks back to his friends) Besides, they say it doesn’t work anyway.
[Cut to the Fenton Portal chamber interior. Wires are strewn on the floor. Sam walks to the center of the doorway with her camera in hand.]
Sam Come on, Danny. A Ghost Zone? Aren’t you curious? You gotta check it out.
[Cut to Danny walking up to Sam with his suit in his hands, looking up. The suit has a picture of Jack Fenton’s face on the chest.]
Danny You know what? You’re right. Who knows what kind of (looks up) awesome, super-cool things exist on the other side of that Portal?
[Cut to Danny’s legs as he slips on the white suit over his clothes, pulling it up so the black boots are nice and tight, but the arms are limp.]
Danny puts on the jumpsuit, which has an image of Jack Fenton's face on the chest.
Sam walks towards Danny.
Sam Hang on...(She rips of the image of Jack) You can’t go walking around with that on your chest.
Cut to Sam and Tucker’s legs in the foreground as they watch Danny next to the Portal. Danny turns to it.
Cut to Danny looking into the interior of the Portal. He steps in slowly with some fear, the greenish light from the chamber changing the lighting on the suit.
Cut to Danny walking in the Portal, looking behind him knowing he can’t turn back. Pan right as he absently touches his hand to a console with a green button and a red button.
Cut to the console. The green button reads “ON” and the red one reads “OFF”. Danny’s palm presses the green one, and it beeps.
Cut to Danny’s silhouette from outside the Portal. It tips back, standing up as green light comes out of it and engulfs the room, zapping Danny with enormous amounts of energy. Danny screams in terrible pain.
Cut to Danny in the explosion of electricity. He opens his eyes and holds up his hands with fingers curled in serious pain and suffering. The electricity runs past him, changing his color scheme so he now has a black suit with white accents, and white hair with green eyes. Zoom in until the shot goes into Danny’s screaming mouth, until the screen turns black.
Fade back to the present. It’s an aerial shot of the two yellow trucks. Sam has her hands on her hips to disregard it, while Danny’s arms are crossed and Tucker’s hands are on his hips, both opposing her.
Sam How’s it bad I was there? If it wasn’t for me, he’d be flying around with his dad’s face on his chest. Know how you can say thank you? By crushing a few trucks!
Danny Sam, I’m the good guy! So unless these super-awesome trucks are being used for evil, I *can’t* do anything.
Tucker Except wonder if it’s got a GPS satellite guidance system.
Danny And rims.
Danny and Tucker Big, spinning rims.
Sam turns away, incredulous and sullen.
Sam Oh, I give up.
She walks off.
Cut to Sam, walking away but looking back angrily.
Sam I just wish somebody would destroy these stupid trucks!
Pan down as Sam walks off the sidewalk where there is a grate. Zoom in on the grate. Desiree floats up so her eye looks out of it.
Desiree Well, it’s about *time* you made a wish.
Pan up as she floats up from the grate.
Desiree And so you have wished it, (lifts her hands and they glow pink with magic) so shall it be!
Pan up to the right as she puts her hands together into a pink beam of magical energy.
Cut to a restaurant called “DAISY’S DAIRY DINER”. There’s a giant cow on top and a board with an ice cream cone on the side. A beige car is parked by it. The pink energy hits the cow and powers it up.
Cut to the hooves and body of the cow with pink magical energy. One of the legs shakes and unhooks itself from the plate its attached to as it bends up. Pan up to the smiling face of the cow. It becomes angry and its eyes flash red. Zoom in as it turns its head and growls.
Cut to Danny and Tucker from behind admiring the truck.
Danny I wonder what this button does.
He holds up a finger to find out.
Cut to the doorknob of the car. Danny presses one of the five buttons beneath it.
Cut to Danny and Tucker admiring the car. Suddenly they are flung back screaming as it is stepped on by a giant cow hoof, bending the metal and shattering the windows.
Cut to Danny and Tucker landing on the ground on their backs. They bounce once and land by a tire of another car, looking up in shock as a yellow metal shard lands next to them.
Cut to the head of the angry, ghost-infused cow. Zoom out to show it standing over three yellow trucks, including the one is smashed. Danny and Tucker look up at it with another truck in the foreground next to them. The cow moos.
Cut to Danny and Tucker creeping back to another truck. They stand up and lean against it, frightened.
Cut to Danny and Tucker. Danny points up.
Danny Get away, fiend! Whatever you do, leave this truck alone!
Cut to Danny looking up at the giant cow. It moos as it turns to the side of him, lifting up its leg to reveal its udder. Danny looks in shock.
Cut to Danny and Tucker, leaning against the truck and looking in total shock as a wave of milk is squirted out at them.
Cut to Danny and Tucker, dripping with milk.
Tucker Aw, man! I just became lactose intolerant!
Another wave of milk dumps on them as we fade to black.
Fade in to a street by a blue house. Danny, Tucker and Sam enter the shot walking down the sidewalk. Danny and Tucker appear to be splattered with white milk stains from the fight before.
Cut to the trio. Tucker and Sam look proudly to a smiling Danny.
Tucker Good job beating the big cow, Danny.
Danny looks annoyed.
Danny Yeah, well, it hasn’t stopped Sam (looks to Sam with scorn) from busting my chops about cruelty to un-living plastic animals.
Cut to Sam.
Sam I had to choose between fake cows and evil trucks. The cow won. (She stops suddenly) Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!
Cut to a movie ad for Trinity of Doom on the side of a bus stop, featuring a reptilian female with pigtails and sharp teeth, an attractive cyborg female with a pony tail, and a female with a red-and-black striped shirt, claws and green hair. Sam walks up, seen from behind.
Sam Trinity of Doom is out this Friday!
Cut to the poster for Trinity of Doom. It says “Femalien vs. Terminatra”
Sam (offscreen) Femalien--
Pan down do to reveal the third female monster.
Pan down so “NIGHTMAREICA” is shown.
Cut to Sam, her fists clenched as she is so excited.
Sam All my favorite female movie monsters, (clasps her hands in glee) in *one* film!
Tucker and Danny walk up, covered in milk. Pan left to them.

TUCKER: So it’s a chick flick?

Cut to Danny, looking down at his milk-covered self with disgust.

DANNY: Oh, duh!

Danny turns invisible, his eyes turning green as he does. Pan down as the milk oozes off him into a puddle on the sidewalk.

Cut to Danny, happy as he resumes color, and his eyes go back to blue. He looks to a Tucker that’s bored of waiting as he crosses his arms.

TUCKER: Hello?

Cut to Tucker. Danny’s invisible arm pokes in, touching Tucker’s shoulder with a finger so Tucker turns invisible as well and the milk oozes off of him. Danny removes his hand and Tucker resumes his color. He looks down with satisfaction.

Cut to Danny and Tucker standing in a puddle of milk while Sam looks at them with her hands on her hips, reminding them what’s so important by pointing.

SAM: Not just *a* chick flick, (points up proudly) *the* chick flick.

Cut to Sam in front of the poster as she curls up her fists.

SAM: The three biggest--

Zoom out as Sam refers to the poster.

SAM: --female box office monsters battling it out in a big-budget special-effects (raises her arms really high) bonanza!

I wouldn’t watch that, it sounds like a trap for me to spend my cash, especially with the words “three biggest female box office monsters” and “big-budget special-effects bonanza” in it. If I wanted to watch a cool battle, I would’ve been happy with Skulker and Sampson’s cage match in OoaK. I’d probably wait for the DVD to come in the library.

Cut to Danny from behind, looking to a Sam that’s pointing at him.

SAM: And since you promised we’d all go on Friday, (leans back proudly) I bought us tickets.

Danny and Sam turn suddenly when a voice is heard.

PAULINA: (offscreen) Danny?

Cut to Paulina crossing the street with a piece of paper in her hands.

Cut to the trio by the movie poster on the bus stop. Sam looks apprehensive, Tucker seems to be the only one that looks happy as Paulina approaches.

PAULINA: You never told me whether or not you were coming to my (lifts up a stack of papers) Quinceañera (looks at her papers) on Friday.

Cut to Danny, confused.

DANNY: That’s because--

Paulina holds out a paper, Danny takes it and looks at it.

DANNY: --when you invited me, (looks forward) I thought you were joking.

Pan right to Tucker, smiling.

TUCKER: And that you (puts a hand on himself) forgot to invite me.

Pan right quickly to Sam, irked to see Paulina and has her arms crossed tightly.

SAM: And remembered not to invite me.

Dennis would probably fall into Sam’s category of people not inviting her, but this is likely as she doesn’t care about going in the first place, much like Sam would as she despises Paulina with every fiber of her being. A Quinceañera is pretty much the same thing as a part of the avalanche of bar and bat mitzvah invitations one might get in 7th grade, only this one takes place a couple years later.

Cut to Paulina, surprised.


She giggles and holds up a palm to flick it down.

PAULINA: --no, silly. You’re *all* invited!

Paulina shrugs, showing what’s on her invitation. It reads “Paulina’s Party, 15th Birthday Meteor Shower”.

Cut to Tucker and Sam, taking invitations. Tucker is happy, but Sam is just ticked.

Cut to Tucker, holding his paper in his fist as he pumps it up in satisfaction.


SAM: No!

Cut to Paulina in the foreground, looking at Danny to see his reaction.

DANNY: Really?

PAULINA: Really.

Cut to an overhead shot of Paulina looking at the trio with all their different reactions.

PAULINA: I knew Danny wouldn’t come if I didn’t invite (gestures to Tucker and Sam) you two, but I especially want (lowers her eyelids dreamily) Danny to be there.


PAULINA: Of course. My Papa is throwing the party at the country club, and it’s happening on the same night as a meteor shower. (looking to Danny, whispering the truth) And I really want that ghost boy to be there. And since the ghost boy seems to show up wherever you do,--

Cut to Paulina looking to a conflicted Danny. Tucker and Sam have their invites rolled up in their hand, looking at Paulina’s ulterior motive.

PAULINA: --I figured I had no choice but to invite you and your loser friends!

TUCKER: Hey, we’re right here, you know.

PAULINA: (gleefully unfazed) Yeah, I know.

She walks off. Danny leans in, surprising Tucker and Sam.

DANNY: The ghost boy?

Danny smiles and calls after her.

DANNY: Oh, he’ll be there, Paulina! I promise!

Cut to the movie poster. Sam marches up to it and stands in front of it with her invitation rolled up in her hand.

SAM: Uh, guys?

She points behind her with her thumb.

SAM: Movie? Friday?

She holds the invitation tightly in her fist.

SAM: Non-refundable tickets?!

Cut to Danny and Tucker. Danny has the invite in hand so it faces the camera.

DANNY: Oh, come on, Sam, (looks to his invite) we never get invited to (gestures to the paper) these parties.

…And when you do, you and your friends are made fools of while you’re the only one attending. Did we learn nothing from AotKGS?

You did once without Tucker and Sam, but it wasn’t very fun as it was more like extra mocking bait. If anything good came out from that party, it was that you were allowed to trash Dash’s room in the line of duty!

Danny looks to Tucker.

TUCKER: And I don’t get to go if (points to Danny) he doesn’t go!

Cut to Sam, blinking.

Cut to Tucker and Danny, begging in unison.

DANNY AND TUCKER: Pretty please with those dark licorice sprinkles--

They lift their hands to simulate balls in unison.

DANNY AND TUCKER: --with the black frosting you like (making desperate pinching gestures) with those little gummy bats on top?

Cut to Sam, tiring of this.

SAM: All right, all right!

Cut to Danny and Tucker, sharing a high-five and jumping in the air, saying “Woo-hoo!” in unison. Then they land on their feet and walk away the way they came.

Cut to Sam, leaning on the bus stop with her arms crossed as Danny steps in to point a finger at her.

DANNY: You’re coming to the party too, right?

Cut to Sam, half-hearted to keep Danny happy.

SAM: Yes, (looks up to the back) I’ll be there.

Cut to Danny looking extremely pleased with Sam as he turns and runs off. Pan right to Sam by herself.

SAM: I’ll be there, (smiles, figuring out a loophole) unless something should happen to Paulina, (looks evilly smug) and then the party got cancelled. (walks off, pleased) Not that I’d wish that.

Cut to Sam walking away from the bus stop. A swirl of pink mist spirals in when she’s gone, materializing into Desiree.

Cut to Desiree, taking advantage of her wording.

DESIREE: Well, she did say “wish”.

Cut to Desiree from behind as she turns to the right, laughing mischievously and holding out a pink-glowing hand, panning right to it zapping out magic.

Cut to the movie poster. The magic beam comes in contact with it and it flashes black and white.

Zoom in on the black-and-white flashing poster.

Fade to a picture of the planet Earth on a gray background. A rock peeks into the corner of shot and stops there.

LANCER: (offscreen) Thousands of meteors will be visible in the skies of Amity Park this Friday.

Cut to Lancer teaching, holding up a rock in his hand to hover over the globe on his desk. The blackboard reads “Meteor Shower Friday!”

LANCER: People tend to wish upon these--

He raises his hands up to give them their so-called name.

LANCER: --“falling stars”--

Cut to Lancer, looking at his rock.

LANCER: --without realizing,--

He tips his rock so it is horizontal, and lowers it a little.

LANCER: --that at the speeds they’re falling, (becomes serious) they could drill through your tiny skulls--

He closes in on the screen for emphasis.

LANCER: --like they were wet toilet paper!

Lancer looks rather surprised, blinking a couple times.

Cut to three kids in the front of the class. One of them is a blonde girl with a red tank top and green pants. The second is a blond boy with glasses and a pronounced Adam’s apple. The third is a husky red-headed girl with a purple cat shirt. This all goes over their heads. The girls blink.

Cut to Sam with papers on her desk. She sighs “Oy”, and puts up her fist to support her head while she doodles.

Cut to Sam’s paper. There are various doodles on it. One looks like a triangle with a smaller half-triangle and a P-shaped one next to it. One looks like a P-shaped ghost with a jaggedy ghost tail. There’s a ying-yang with ghost designs in it. There’s a square with a reversed D in it. There’s a lowercase, not even bubbled d and p. Sam is doodling a weird ghost on her paper. She removes her pencil.

Pan right to the other page. There’s a D with a P in it that resembles a keyhole. There’s a D with a P in it and a black dot in the P. There’s an oval ghostly face and a weird ghost next to it. There’s a D and a P in two squares looking blocky. Sam’s pencil circles the design that looks like a slanted D with points jutting from the back and has a negative space implying a P.

And this was how the emblem was chosen, as Steve Marmel wrote. Even if people don’t like Sam’s idea to put the emblem on (hey, executive decision), at least she picked the one the crew preferred as best. I can’t imagine a Danny with any of the other designs on his chest, especially the ones that look like ghosts or are triangular or square in nature. Of course, there’s an entire gallery of cooler, more complex emblems that never made the cut because they just didn’t fit right on him to the crew that makes his show. Worth a meep.

Cut to Paulina at her desk. There’s an Asian kid with a tall hairstyle and a letter jacket sitting in the background with a pencil to some paper.

PAULINA: Papa says the stars are falling--

She leans on her hands that she clasps together dreamily.

PAULINA: --on my birthday just for me. (raises her palms gleefully) And I’m going to wish to meet the ghost boy,--

She curls her fingers and puts her knuckles together.

PAULINA: --and if one of the meteors flies towards me, (raises her hands in ecstatic joy) the ghost boy could save me!

I don’t know if the whole meteor shower would be a problem that requires a hero to help. Usually falling stars look that way because they burn up in the atmosphere. And if any MLaaTR fans out there know, our XJ9 unit that was designed to protect the earth from calamities such as alien invasions and other nonsense from space in a near future, Jenny, complained that her alarm always went off on meteors but by the time she arrived to respond, all she’d saved the world from was a charred pebble she could hold in her fingers so she grew sick of them. But it’s a nice thought for Paulina.

Cut to Dash, his chin buried in his hands. He’s bored. He suddenly comes to attention.

DASH: Huh? Uh yeah,--

He leans forward to give out his comment.

DASH: --you know what I’d wish for?

Zoom out to reveal Danny looking to Dash who sits next to him as Dash flexes his arms out.

DASH: Extra arms to catch more footballs!

He crouches and turns to Danny, pointing.

DASH: And to wail on you, Fen-ton.

Dash stands up straight, smiling simply while Danny looks up at him.

DASH: But that doesn’t technically count as a wish because, (holds up a palm) I can do that anytime.

He curls his hands into fists to get ready to punch.

DASH: Watch!

Dash punches Danny. Danny winces back in pain, crying “Ow!”. He looks at Dash angrily as he rubs his hurt arm.

Cut to Danny, rubbing his arm. The room turns all dark blue as Danny’s ghost sense goes off.

Cut to the ceiling with two fluorescent lights. A rumbling is heard as one of the monsters from the poster, Femalien, busts down through the ceiling feet-first and roaring.

Cut to the class, looking forward blankly as rubble from the ceiling falls to the ground and Femalien lands on the front of her feet in the foreground, her tail swishing. The class runs away and shrieks in horror after she lands.

Cut to Femalien’s large, green, reptilian feet. She has black ankle bands and a black loincloth. Pan up to show her in her black tube top with the neck in metal, her right wrist has a jagged blade and her left wrist has a shooter of some sort, her left shoulder protected by a half-sphere shoulder pad attached to a giant shoulder spike-shield. She has two upwards-pointing tusks, one on each cheek, lipstick, and two black pigtails with pink bows. She leans into the camera, parting her arms in an aggressive stance.

I wonder why this show seems to have so many left-handed ghosts. Sure, Dennis can only think of two others off the bat, but there’s a definite correlation if the shoulder plate is usually on the left side.

FEMALIEN: (hissing menacingly) Paulina!

Cut to Paulina, with Dash and Sam standing next to her, all in shock. Tucker is on the other side of Paulina, also shocked. Femalien’s leg and hand is in the foreground.

DASH: Uh,--

Dash looks down to Paulina, who looks back to Dash.

DASH: --did it just say your name?

Paulina holds out her fists to her sides gleefully while everyone looks to her, confused.


Cut to Lancer, ready to defend.

LANCER: War of the Worlds creature!

Zoom out into a purple action background as Lancer holds up a fire extinguisher in both hands.

LANCER: Get away from my youthful charges!

Cut to Femalien, looking down. She looks back unfazed as Lancer jumps up and clonks the fire extinguisher to her back, futilely doing nothing to her. Lancer lands back down and looks at the fire extinguisher with uncertainty.

Cut to Lancer from behind, looking up in a fright to Femalien, who looks down at him over her shoulder. She turns to the side, lifting her claws out and roaring. She bares her teeth as she turns and leans down to Lancer, clearly predatorily.

Cut to Lancer, meekly holding the extinguisher.

LANCER: Well, (smiles in the face of doom) I tried.

Lancer drops his extinguisher to shout.


He turns and runs off.

Cut to a fire alarm on the wall by some hanging files next to the chalkboard. Lancer runs in and pulls it down with both hands, causing the alarm bell to ring. Dash and Paulina run past him screaming, Dash is looking forward but Paulina is looking back. Lancer follows after them. Femalien marches after them.

Just as a question, if the school runs ghost drills and a female reptilian movie monster that was created by ghost magic attacks, is pulling the fire alarm part of the response or was Lancer just under enough pressure to commit a felony because he didn’t remember how to respond in a traumatic case?

Cut to Danny hiding against a wall by the staircase next to a closed classroom door and a drinking fountain as a red-haired girl with glasses, Dash, Lancer, Tucker, Sam, and someone with green pants in the foreground all run past him.

Cut to Danny, pressed against the stairwell wall as he looks back. He assumes a fighting stance and with a flash of light, two rings form around his waist to transform him into Danny Phantom.

Cut to Danny’s legs. They become tight black leggings with white boots.

Cut to Danny’s arm and torso. They become the rest of his ghost-fighting suit.

Cut to Danny’s head from the front. The eyes become green and the hair turns white. Zoom out to show Danny Phantom standing by the stairs. He bends his knees down low and jumps up to take flight.

Cut to Paulina running down the hallway. She’s looking back, but looks forward.

Cut to the hallway. Paulina, from the back, grows smaller as she runs down it. Femalien busts through a wall filled with lockers, bending her knees and putting a hand on the ground in a stance as she roars, proceeding to chase Paulina.

Ouch. A ghost trashed quite a number of lockers just now, so several students will now have to get re-assignments. Hopefully those are ones that aren’t uncharacteristically rusty or have 50-year-old mirrors lying untouched in them.

Cut to Femalien chasing Paulina with both her clawed hands up like some zombie. Pan right rotating as the chase continues. When they run offscreen, Danny intangibly phases through the wall of lockers and takes off after them.

Cut to an aerial shot of Paulina from behind, running. Femalien closes in. She holds out a claw, ready to grab her quarry.

Cut to Danny, intangible on a blue action background, fearing for the safety of Paulina. He looks determined to stop this as he speeds off.

Cut to Paulina tripping and falling as Femalien behind her shrieks in surprise, being pushed by Danny. Pan right and down as Danny phases the monster through the floor. Paulina runs in urgently with a piece of paper in her hand.

PAULINA: Ghost boy, wait! (smiles, holding up her paper) I have an invite for you.

Cut to an office below. There is a chair at a desk by a file cabinet, and lots of empty boxes. Femalien invisibly falls through the ceiling and lands on her arm and stomach, panning right as she slides past a shelf of school supplies, knocking over a wastebasket with Danny resuming color as he floats in place.

Cut to the floor. Femalien slides up, resuming color in a push-up position. She whips her tail and growls as she turns on her side to look up and back menacingly.

Cut to Danny floating. He cries out as he is whipped away by Femalien’s tail.

Cut to a desk next to a shelf full of glass beakers and flasks. Danny flies backward, panning right and rotating as he slams with his back against the wall, cracking it. There is a basket that reads “MAPS” next to him.

Cut to Danny’s feet against the cracked wall. He grunts as he lands on his butt, tired. He gasps in shock.

Cut to Femalien, standing up. She thrusts her arm forward, shooting darts from her wrist-shooter, each taking off with a puff of red smoke.

Cut to the darts flying on a blue action background. They all are pointy with red tips, and red smoke trails after them.

Cut to Danny, sitting in front of the cracked wall. He stands on his hands and lifts his arms to dodge the first two darts that vanish into red smoke, then ducks to the side with one leg out to avoid the next few, but quickly changing sides in surprise as the last one nearly hits him.

Cut to Danny from the side on a blue action background. In slow motion, one final dart flies in, Danny turns in pain screaming as it tears the sleeve of his suit and flies onward.

Cut to Danny looking at his torn sleeve. He tightens his face and quickly applies pressure to the area with his other hand. He opens his eyes, determined to get back at this monster. Pan left as he takes his hand off his arm and charges a ball of green energy in his hand, shooting off a ghost beam.

Cut to Femalien. She roars as she is knocked back by it.

Cut to Femalien from behind, falling on her back onto the floor. Danny is standing far in the background, his hand blazing green. When she lands, Danny floats up to her, his sleeve still torn.

DANNY: All right, gruesome. What do you want?

Cut to Danny with his torn sleeve, continuing his interrogation.

DANNY: Who sent you?

Close-up on Femalien.

FEMALIEN: (hissing) Saaaaam…

Cut to Danny, looking with astonishment at Femalien as she fades away into nothing.

Cut to Danny just floating there with his torn sleeve after he witnessed this event. Pan right to an open basement window. Desiree flies up into the shot, clearly pleased and glowing with a heavy pink aura of magical energy. She turns invisible and phases upward through the ceiling.

Fade to Danny, Tucker and Sam on a wooden park table. Danny’s backpack is leaning against the table’s leg next to him, Sam’s backpack is on the table. A bag of chips is sprawled out in front of Tucker. Next to an orange tree is a wastebasket. Zoom in slowly.

TUCKER: It said “Sam”?

Cut to Tucker from behind, looking at Danny and Sam. Sam’s looking at Danny as he recalls what happened, his head resting on his hand. The bag of chips is on the table and in front of Danny is a red and white striped cup with a straw in it.

DANNY: (putting his hands on the table) Actually, it was more like,--

He lifts his hands wiggling his fingers and talking in a spooky manner for effect.

DANNY: --“Saaaaam…”--

He puts his hands back on the edge of the table.

DANNY: --but you get the point.

Cut to Sam, incredulous.

SAM: You can’t really--

She puts a hand on her chest, angry at the accusation.

SAM: --blame *me* for this; (narrows her eyes) can you?

Cut to Sam in the foreground, looking at Danny.

DANNY: Well, it’s got (smiles explaining this) something to do with you,--

He leans back and puts out a palm to Sam.

DANNY: --but don’t worry.

He leans his palm downward and closes his eyes.

DANNY: I saved Paulina, so--

Close-up on Danny, smiling.

DANNY: --you don’t have to apologize.

Cut to Sam, her hands on her hips.

SAM: Good. (arches her eyebrows, bothered) ‘Cause I’m not gonna.

Cut to Danny, fishing for something in his backpack.

DANNY: You’re just gonna--

He holds out the Specter Deflector in his hand and puts down his backpack.

DANNY: --have to wear this Specter Deflector--

Cut to Sam’s waist where she’s sitting as Danny affixes it to her.

DANNY: --and stay out of the way.

Pan up to Sam looking down at the belt. She looks forward, offended.

SAM: What?

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Sam, something weird is going on and you’re clearly the cause of it.

Surprisingly, even with as little proof as one name called out after an interrogation, Danny’s totally right. Even if Sam didn’t directly do it, she was involved as the means to make it happen.

Danny closes his eyes, calming down.

DANNY: It’s probably better for all of us--

He lifts up both his palms and flicks them down.

DANNY: --if you just lay low.

Pan left to Tucker on the other side of the table, the bag of chips in front of him. He’s smiling in agreement.

TUCKER: Yeah, Sam.

He lifts his arms and lowers them down, mocking Sam.

TUCKER: You should just lay low.

Close-up on Danny, the sky now a spooky green. His ghost sense goes off as screaming is heard.

Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker sitting at the table with Danny in the front. He turns with alarm to the source of the screaming.

DANNY: Paulina? (eyes widen) Again?

Cut to Sam from behind looking to Danny, who is looking to the side.

DANNY: This is going to have to wait.

Pan up as Danny stands up from his seat at the ready. Sam looks up to him.

DANNY: I’m going ghost!

With a flash of light, a ring forms around him and transforms him to Danny Phantom.

Close-up on Danny. He looks down, giving an order.

DANNY: Stay here.

Cut to Sam wearing the belt with her backpack on the table, She holds up her hands looking innocent.

SAM: Oh, I will. (parts her arms) I promise.

Cut to Tucker and Sam looking at Danny as he turns away and takes flight. Sam angrily picks up her backpack by the top and jumps out from her seat, shouting after him.

SAM: The same way you kept your promise about (walks off, Tucker turning to look at her) going to the movies Friday!

Cut to Tucker with the bag of chips. He smiles.

TUCKER: Aw, well. (takes the bag) More for me.

He hugs the bag to himself gleefully.

Cut to the live, ghostly manifestation of Terminatra running forward on a blue action background. Servos whir as she runs. She wears a black body-suit of all leather with a high collar and part of her face is shaped with a cybernetic, one of her eyes a normal purple and the other a technological red. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail with a long, red binding. One of her hands is flesh with a glove that covers everything but the tips of the fingers, and the other is a cybernetic prosthetic.

Wait a minute… Terminatra’s cybernetic is also on the left! Is there some form of left-handed favoritism that I’m now currently aware but previously was unaware of? At least I know for a fact that at least one ghost I know it right-handed. Ember usually strums her guitar with her right as that’s the one she wears her glove on.

Cut to an overhead shot of Terminatra, in her red boots, running down the wall of a building.

Zoom out and rotate to show her running on the buildings in a line as Paulina is riding away on a white moped with the headlights on, clearly in a panic. She is wearing a pink driving helmet and is holding a pink dress in a plastic bag on a hanger in one hand. Terminatra is in hot pursuit.

Dennis questions how Paulina could operate a motorized personal vehicle in a public park, as most parks tend to forbid those, usually only allowing non-motorized vehicles on the premises like bikes. Meep!

Cut to Terminatra running on the wall in a blue action background. She points a finger barrel on her prosthetic and her red eye glows to target. Her finger fires a pink laser.

Cut to an overhead shot of Paulina driving on a blue action background, her dress trailing after her. The laser beam doesn’t hit Paulina, but tears a smoldering hole in the plastic wrap her dress hangs in, not harming the dress.

PAULINA: (turning up to the side) Hey, I just got this back from the cleaners!

Paulina turns to the road and drives off, her engine revving.

Cut to Terminatra sideways as she is running on the walls of the buildings toward the camera. She closes in.

Cut to Paulina speeding fast as Terminatra runs after her on the buildings, the hole in the plastic wrap over her dress. As soon as Paulina is gone, Terminatra jumps off the building onto the street, where she crouches down and slams her flesh-fist into the street, cracking it and sending up lots of rubble.

Cut to Terminatra from behind, standing up. A cybernetic jetpack somewhat forms from jelly on her back as one big rocket. Red flame blasts out of it.

As a weird opinion from Dennis, while she’s never had problems believing in jetpacks on action shows, her major confusion with them is that if they are blasting out flame, how does one prevent their pants from catching fire while flying? Fire is… well, hot. And having a flaming butt doesn’t sound comfortable.

Cut to Terminatra standing in the cracked hole in the street with her jetpack blazing. She crouches down and blasts off into the air, panning right as she flies off.

Cut to Terminatra flying toward the camera on a green-air and blue-ground action background, her fists forward as red flame trails after her.

Cut to a fountain in the park. Two boys are standing in front of it. An empty park bench sits next to it. Paulina skids to a stop just before it, turning her moped to the side while holding her dress as she looks back where she came, one foot on the sidewalk.

PAULINA: This is the like, the worst birthday week (dramatizes) ever!

Paulina turns to the side as Danny intangibly floats up from the ground in front of her, smiling with his arms crossed.

DANNY: Well, let’s see--

Cut to Danny, resuming color.

DANNY: --if we can’t change that a little.

Close-up on Paulina, quickly cheering up.

PAULINA: And now it’s *not*!

Cut to Danny in the foreground looking to Paulina, holding up her fists near her shoulders in joy as she holds the hanger where her pink dress is in one hand. Danny turns in front of her, grunting with effort as he thrusts out a palm and blasts a green ectoplasmic energy blast out.

Cut to Terminatra flying on the green-sky blue-ground action background. She stretches her fists to her sides and crouches in mid-flight as a hole forms in her abdominal area and Danny’s energy blast harmlessly passes through it. When it passes, Terminatra morphs into a square net of metal with her head on top.

Cut to Paulina off her moped, bending over as she reaches into the compartment next to her seat with both hands.

PAULINA: Wait,--

She stands up and holds up a piece of paper.

PAULINA: --let me give you this.

Pan left and zoom out as Paulina steps toward Danny, too concerned with the fight to care.

PAULINA: If I invite you, I can un-invite--

Danny looks to Paulina.

PAULINA: --Danny Fenton and his loser friends!

Danny’s confused by this.

DANNY: *What*?

Cut to Danny and Paulina standing under some trees next to Paulina’s moped on the path. A park bench sits nearby. Paulina looks with surprise as Danny grunts in pain, having been shoved away with the solid metal net of Terminatra snagging him.

Cut to some more trees. Pan left as Terminatra in her square net form flies toward the fountain with Danny’s arms in two separate squares and both his legs sprawled in a single one. Danny is slammed with his back to the fountain’s stonework, causing the two boys standing next to it to turn and run.

Cut to a pleased Terminatra looking at Danny entangled in her network of curvy and bent metal pipes. Pan down to Danny as he glows all white, screaming in pain at the shockwaves being run through him.

Cut to Terminatra shocking Danny by the fountain. Terminatra untangles Danny so one of her pipes holds him up by the shirt on his chest.

Cut to the water in the fountain. Terminatra’s flesh-hand has a firm grip on Danny’s shirt as she splashes him into the water, he lands sitting down. She lets go as Danny is now very tired, his hair is drooping and wet, and his feet and hands are in the water. A flash of light forms a ring around him and he transforms back to Danny Fenton, defeated.

Cut to Danny in the fountain, tired. Terminatra is crouched on her boots on the rim of the fountain with her knees bent deep and her hands on her legs as she observes the defeated boy. Pan up as she stands up.

Cut to Terminatra’s cybernetic arm by her black bodysuit. The forearm morphs gelatinously and with some glowing white light, it becomes a lot stronger with spikes on the wrist. Pan up as Terminatra holds her cupped cybernetic hand in front of her.

Cut to Danny, with water all over his hair. Zoom in as his eyes open wide with fear.

Cut to Terminatra, her hand cupped in front of her. She holds her three-fingered cybernetic out and it glows white with energy. However, she’s interrupted as she turns to the right to locate the source of a voice calling out.

SAM: Leave him alone!

Cut to Sam wearing a purple helmet and backpack while driving on her motor scooter on the green and blue action background.

Cut to Sam, driving. She taps the button on the front of her belt and it charges up, causing her and her scooter to glow with green deflecting energy as she puts her hand back on her handlebar.

Cut to Terminatra looking back as she stands on the rim of the fountain. Sam slams her scooter right into the fountain’s stonework, glowing all green. Terminatra falls forward.

Cut to Terminatra, shocked as she’s falling. Pan down as she passes Danny when she splashes down hands-first into the water.

Close-up on Danny, looking determined, his hair now dry. He looks surprised as some droplets splash him.

Cut to Terminatra in the water on her hands. She turns to the camera, her red eye glowing as she talks in a half-robotlike voice.


Terminatra glows with a red aura as her full robotic skeleton is revealed under her humanlike exterior. Then she fades away leaving nothing but red smoke billowing from the water as the lighting resumes to normal day.

Cut to Danny sitting in the fountain and Sam with her hands on the rim. Both of them look at the smoke rising. Sam smiles as Danny stands up, putting his hand on the rim.

SAM: Man, you’re right!

Cut to Sam, taking her hands off the fountain and looking at her belt, which sparkles.

SAM: That Specter Deflector works like a charm.

Cut to Danny, smiling as he walks off.

DANNY: Nice save!

Cut to Sam with her hands on the edge of the fountain as Danny walks up.

DANNY: Although, to be fair, I probably (puts out his hands to explain) wouldn’t’ve needed it--

Sam reaches out to help Danny out.

DANNY: --if it weren’t for you in the first place.

Danny takes Sam’s hand with both of his climbing one foot out of the water.

Cut to Sam, confused. Pan down to her belt. It activates, glowing green.

Cut to Danny, holding Sam’s hand. Suddenly, he screams out in pain as he glows green, being pumped full of Specter Deflector energy trying to shock him out.

Cut to Sam and Danny. Danny, in contact with Sam, is still glowing green and crying out with the jolt he’s getting. He breaks contact with Sam by falling back into the water, his hair all disheveled and shocked. Sam puts her hands on her hips defiantly.

SAM: Uh, excuse me?

Cut to Sam, leaning forward.

SAM: I save your butt and you’re giving (points to herself with her thumb) me grief?

Cut to Danny sitting in the water, equally annoyed.

DANNY: Welcome to my world, remember?

He smiles as he puts out a palm as an example.

DANNY: “We should make the menu recyclo-vegetarian!”

He points upwards with more seriousness as if protesting.

DANNY: “We should let the gorilla out!”

He smiles and shrugs again.

DANNY: “We should sell all of your dad’s stuff at a garage sale!”

Danny crosses his arms, making his point.

And now it’s time for Dennis to get the facts straight. Yes, the first one was all Sam’s fault. The second was also Sam’s fault, even if Danny can’t prove it and it did technically help Danny by temporarily distracting Skulker, but Sam gets no credit as that wasn’t her intent, only thinking about her personal agendas. The third was all Danny’s idea, and he’s clearly forgotten as in that episode, Sam would’ve offered to loan Danny the cash instead (she actually almost hated to offer, she admitted) but she was interrupted.

What she said. The third was entirely Danny’s idea. But, as I pointed out earlier, clearly Danny learned nothing from AotKGS.

Cut to Sam looking down, putting her hands on her hips.

SAM: Anything else you want to blame me for? (looks back to the right) World hunger? (looks down to the left) The ice age? (leans toward the camera) Puberty?

Cut to Sam from behind looking at Danny sitting in the water.

DANNY: Sam, both monsters knew your name. (arches his eyebrows) Either there’s another Sam involved in ghost fighting--

Close-up on Danny.

DANNY: --or it’s you.

Cut to Danny from behind looking at Sam standing by the fountain.

SAM: How about a “thank you”, huh?

Cut to Sam, standing up straight and crossing her arms.

SAM: You think Paulina would’ve saved your butt back there?

Cut to Danny in the fountain addressing Sam with her arms crossed next to the fountain. Danny stands up and puts his hands on his hips.

DANNY: She would if she wanted me to come to her party!

Dennis will add that Paulina didn’t have any ghost fighting equipment with her at the time, as she was clearly the victim. And the weapon Sam used to ward off Terminatra? Danny just put it on her a few minutes earlier. So if Danny is thanking Sam, Sam would thank Danny in turn for handing her the deflector just in time, if both weren’t so steamed at each other.

Cut to Sam. She sighs, sick of all this, then she turns and walks off.

SAM: Danny, I swear.

Cut to Danny standing in the fountain as he watches Sam walk away to her scooter, putting one foot on it and her hands on the handlebars as she revs it up.

SAM: There are days I wish I had never even--

Close up on Sam, looking back.

SAM: --met you!

Cut to Danny looking at Sam, with Danny far in the background. Sam speeds off.

Cut to Danny. He looks down, guilty.

DANNY: Way to go, Fenton. (looks to the side) You just ticked off one of the only two--

He holds out his arms, showing importance of the situation.

DANNY: --real friends you have.

Oh goodie. You learned your lesson. Not that this will matter in less than five minutes.

Danny slumps back. He reaches for something behind him and looks at a dripping wet piece of paper.

Cut to Danny, reading the invite. It says “You’re invited to PAULINA’S Birthday” with a pink border, two purple balloons, and two blue stars.

Cut to Danny. He puts down the paper.

DANNY: Sam! Wait!

Close-up on Danny. The sky turns dark again as his ghost sense goes off.

Cut to Danny standing in the fountain by the edge. Behind him, pink bubbles rise and pop from the water. Danny looks over his shoulder at it. He turns to face it, then looks up in shock as the bubbles unleash smoky streams of pink that turn into a swirling river, panning up as it loops around. Desiree is heard laughing as the pink smoke materializes into her, tall and very powerful with her blue ghostly tail flowing down. She has her fists clenched by her face in satisfaction.

DESIREE: (leaning in so her head fills the shot) Finally!

Cut to Desiree floating above Danny from behind, her hair flowing in tresses. Danny looks to her, responding quietly.

DANNY: Desiree?

Cut to Danny, confused.

DANNY: You look--

A ring forms around Danny’s waist to transform him back into Danny Phantom.

DANNY: --different.

Cut to Danny from behind looking in trepidation to the giant Desiree.

DESIREE: More powerful?

She looks gleeful, standing up and clapping her palms together.

DESIREE: Why, yes! (looks down to Danny) The more wishes I grant,--

She spreads her arms to the sides, and arches her eyebrow.

DESIREE: --the more--

She curls her hands into fists by her breasts.

DESIREE: --powerful I get!

Desiree resumes her evil laughter.

Close-up on Danny, frightened.

DESIREE: (offscreen) Oh,--

Zoom in on Danny slowly.

DESIREE: --and only days away from the meteor shower--

Cut to Desiree, widening her eye in excitement.

DESIREE: --where *everybody* will be (looks as she’s revealed her plan) making wishes!

Desiree laughs as she pumps her fist.

Cut to the giant Desiree standing outside the rim of the fountain where Danny looks up at her. Danny screams out as Desiree whips out her ghost tail and coils Danny in it. Pan up to the left as Desiree flings him away.

Cut to a sidewalk near a park bench. Danny lands making a hand-stand, then tumbles in the air with a few cartwheels as he eventually grunts in pain, landing on his chest and face-planting on the concrete.

Cut to Danny. He gets up on one hand and one forearm, widening his eyes in alarm.

DANNY: What do you want?

Cut to Danny lying on the ground as he looks up at Desiree floating in front of him.

DESIREE: You, out of the way. (closes her eyes) By Friday night.

Desiree leans in toward Danny.

DESIREE: But it’s not about what I want.

Cut to Desiree.

DESIREE: It’s about what your--

She arches her eyebrow, evilly and thrilled with the circumstances.

DESIREE: --little friend wants.

Close-up on Desiree.

DESIREE: And she just wished she never met you!

Not technically, so this is the second time she took advantage of Sam slipping up and saying “wish”. But whatever she can twist to her cause works, as previously she’d grant desires without the word “wish” in them.

Cut to Danny, tired and realizing what’s going to happen.

DANNY: Oh. Oh no!

Cut to Desiree, in a stance ready to grant.

DESIREE: And so (sweeps her hand) she has wished it, (stands up, turning to the side) and so it shall--

She thrusts out her hand unleashing a beam of pink ghostly magic.

DESIREE: --*be*!

Cut to Danny, engulfed in a pink glow as he screams, falling backward into a black screen and spiraling around due to the effects of the magic performed on him. He falls farther and farther away until the screen fades to black.

If Danny hadn’t been caught too off guard by his realization, he probably could’ve unwished Sam’s wish before Desiree had a chance to cast it, but…if that had happened, where would our episode plot be then? Ah well. See you in part two!

-Cut to commercial-




Fade in to an outdoor shot of the front of Casper High. A school bell rings.

Cut to two nerdy-looking boys sitting (uncomfortably) inside of an open locker. A hand shoves another nerdy-looking boy into the locker. The boy whimpers.

Cut to a shot of Dash and Kwan in front of the nerd-filled locker admiring their handiwork.

DASH: This *could* be a new record.

Dash turns to look over at Kwan in the left-hand side of the screen.

DASH: But there’s still room for more!

Cut to a larger shot of the hallway scene.

Dash points to Kwan who’s standing next to him in front of the nerd-filled locker.

DASH: Go get Mikey.

skyechan transcripting segment done!

Now we’re clear. Resuming visual.

Pan right as Kwan marches past Danny and Tucker. Danny is hunched and holding his backpack strap while Tucker leans against the lockers, holding his PDA.

DANNY: So, what do you want to do tomorrow?

Tucker looks to his PDA.

TUCKER: I don’t know.

Cut to Tucker reading his PDA. It says “MONDAY NOTHING” He taps it with his thumb so it beeps to “TUESDAY NOTHING”.

TUCKER: According to my PDA, (he beeps it to “APRIL NOTHING”) we’re free every night (he beeps it to “NEXT YEAR NOTHING”, then “YEAR AFTER NOTHING”) through college.

Dennis understands that Danny lacking his ghost powers means he wouldn’t have a bunch of busy nights having to stay up late and catch ghosts, but without Sam are he and Tucker truly as socially lacking as I am to the point where they have so much free time they might as well transcribe a few of their own episodes that they don’t have? I mean, they can go to the movies without Sam. They can go to the mall without Sam. They could go to the carnival or anything like that without her suggesting it, can’t they?

Cut to Danny and Tucker peering into the PDA. Zoom out to reveal Sam, happy as ever, standing behind Tucker. Danny and Tucker look at her self-consciously.

SAM: Hi.

Sam looks confused with Danny’s response.

DANNY: Do I know you?

Cut to Sam, lowering her eyebrows as she expects Danny to be sarcastic.

SAM: Oh, very cute. (looks back to what happened) I said I’d wished we never met, (tilts her head the other way) and now you’re pretending we didn’t meet. (scoffs) You’re hilarious.

Cut to Danny looking forward in confusion. Tucker, in the foreground in front of Danny, looks over his shoulder.

DANNY: (genuinely confused) No, seriously, do I know you?

Tucker smiles with the opportunity.

TUCKER: And more importantly--

Cut to Sam as Tucker leans toward her.

TUCKER: Would you like to (lifts up a tube of breath spray) know me?

Sam looks surprised as Tucker sprays his mouth. Tucker puts his hands on his hips and stands up to address Sam.

TUCKER: Hi. (lifts a palm) I’m Tucker. Tucker Foley. (points to himself with his thumb) That’s TF.

Sam gets annoyed with him. Tucker points up his fingers and then points them at Sam.

TUCKER: As in “Too Fine”.

Sam cowers back.

SAM: Oh, gross!

Cut to Sam, bringing her curled fist to her chin.

SAM: Are you hitting on me?

Sorry to say this, Tucker, but that’s precisely the sort of thing that scares away and disgusts girls that aren’t interested in dating. Much like me. You’re just lucky that was Sam you were talking to, and Sam knows you as a friend and is used to that fault. Had it been Dennis, you would’ve found yourself ridiculed and possibly slapped depending on how well I could get a shot at you.

Cut to Dash holding up Mikey by his arms as he stuffs him into a locker with three other nerdy-looking kids with glasses and collared shirts. Mikey screams.

Cut to Dash’s hands smothering Mikey’s face while the other three watch. When Dash removes his hands, Mikey gets mad.

MIKEY: I wish somebody would show you what this feels like!

My, is that how you treat the kid that does your homework for you? I think it’s most likely that they are in the band hallway, as from experience I know that most lockers in high school are half-size (and if the horizontally divided ones don’t hold anything, think of how the vertically divided ones don’t fit any books). However, the lockers in the band hallway are a lot bigger to accommodate large instruments so it’s likely they could cram four small kids in there. Man, why are nerds always so small and wiry in cartoons except for the few that happen to be rather obese? I’m living proof that a nerd can be both tall and in good shape!

Cut to Dash and Kwan, proud of what they did. Pan up to the left to an air vent.

Cut to the vent. Hot pink smoke wafts out of it with sparkles of magic.

Cut to the hallway. The smoke wafts around and materializes into Desiree, with a heavy pink aura. Pan up to show her top with her arms raised up high.

DESIREE: So you have wished it…

Cut to Desiree, happy.

DESIREE: So, (grows bored and rushes through it) you know the rest.

I still miss “Your heart’s desire is my command”.

Pan right as Desiree thrusts out her hand and zaps out a beam of pink, ghostly magic.

Cut to the locker with the four nerds inside it. The lighting darkens to blue as the pink beam of magic hits all four of them, turning them pink. When it is done, only Mikey starts to grow into a green-skinned beast, zooming out as he grows out of the locker, standing and towering over them while flexing his arms and roaring to the ceiling.

Cut to Dash and Kwan popping up in a red action background, screaming in total fright.

Cut to Desiree floating, feeling pretty good about her work. Zoom out as she leans back, pulsing with pink energy in her aura. She grows larger, then leans forward as her pink aura disappears. Pan right as she flies forward.

Cut to Danny and Tucker, observing all this. Danny leans back afraid when Desiree leans in toward him, and Tucker just screams and runs off.

Close-up on Desiree.

DESIREE: (just as a perk) Boo!

Cut to Danny, terrified on a red action background as he panics.

DANNY: (cowering his arms covering his head for impact) Ghost!

Cut to a pleased Desiree hovering over a cowering Danny. She turns and flies off.

Cut to Desiree flying away. She looks back at what happened, feeling that it is an optimal situation.

DESIREE: (to herself) No memory, no powers. Perfect.

Cut to Danny cowering as Sam steps up. Danny’s eyes widen.

SAM: That’s Desiree! The Wishing Ghost!

She turns to Danny and raises her hands in urgency, but Danny only stops cowering in confusion.

SAM: Danny, you’ve gotta do something.

Sam grabs Danny by the shoulders and forces him to turn to her.

SAM: Why aren’t you going ghost?

Danny pushes her away.

DANNY: Look, kid. (removes his palm from her arm) I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about. (shrugs) All I know is,--

Cut to Danny and Sam far in the hallway.

DANNY: --I am--

Danny runs off closer to the camera, Sam turns to him.

DANNY: --outta here!

Dennis knows this is a normal response from someone raised by a family of ghost hunters and is incapable at the moment for fighting back. Without your powers, you’re just as afraid of ghosts as anybody else. With your powers, well, if it wasn’t you you’d probably be afraid of your own ghost half except it supports you. Meep!

Cut to Kwan in a locker. Mikey’s giant green arm stuffs Dash in. Mikey growls as he retracts his arm, and Dash gives his supplication for mercy.

DASH: We’re sorry!

Cut to the green beast that Mikey has turned into looking at Dash and Kwan in the locker. Its clothes are torn and it also has a black tail.

DASH: (desperate to the verge of tears) We’re sorry!

Suddenly, the lighting returns to normal as Mikey shrinks back to his normal self. He quickly jumps up to slam the locker on Dash and Kwan in defense.

MIKEY: (raising his arms in a cheer) I rock!

Pan left as Mikey runs away past Sam, who leans against the lockers. Sam carefully looks to the lockers.

Cut to the dark inside of the locker. Sam opens it up, shocked. There are two burgundy books on one side, a blue math book on the other, and a baseball in there with some pictures taped to it.

SAM: Oh no.

Cut to a picture at the back of the locker. It has Tucker and Danny, but there is a giant gap between them and they are looking in different directions. Sam takes it.

SAM: Last night I wished--

Cut to Sam’s backpack on the floor. A sea-foam green book with the word “DIARY” on it protrudes from it. Sam fishes it out.

SAM: --Danny had never met me.

Cut to Sam looking at the photo. She holds up her diary to compare.

SAM: And Desiree must’ve made it so we never met!

Cut to a picture in Sam’s photo diary that displays the trio. Danny is on one side with his hands on his hips, Sam is in the middle holding the shoulders of both her friends, and Tucker is on the other side crossing his arms and leaning back. There appears to be a flash by-product in the center, making it look a little washed out.

Dennis will now take note of Sam’s photo diary as an answer to her earlier question about Sam lugging her instant camera around with her. It could be useful intelligence.

SAM: Which means he never--

Pan left to compare to the picture in Danny’s locker. It’s exactly the same, but Sam is not there. There also is no lens flare.

SAM: --got his powers!

Coincidentally, this doesn’t and shouldn’t affect Desiree in any way. Danny getting his ghost powers activates the Fenton Portal. But Desiree is a Terran ghost and was released when some girl’s balloon string accidentally tipped her lamp off of Babazita’s counter. The weird thing is that Danny and Tucker were there when that happened, and Sam conveniently was sick so she never had any contact with Desiree earlier. If she knows about her, it’s because Danny and Tucker might’ve told her about their ordeal later on.

Cut to Sam comparing photos. She looks up from the book.

SAM: (calling out) Danny!

Cut to Sam at the far side of the hallway alone. She closes the book and holds it and the photo in each hand while she runs down the hallway.

SAM: You’ve got to listen to me!

Fade to FentonWorks. Pan left and zoom in a little to show a far aerial shot of Sam following Danny home. Danny is just minding his own business, and Sam has her arms up and out, serious about her explanation.

SAM: Why won’t you believe to me?

Cut to Danny walking down the sidewalk looking back and holding his backpack straps. Sam catches up beside him.

DANNY: Believe what? (grows incredulous) That I had super powers?

He turns to Sam and points to her.

DANNY: You and I are best friends--

He makes his finger a palm and then retracts it back to his strap.

DANNY: --even though I never met you?

Cut to Danny, truly disbelieving to the point of being bugged.

DANNY: And you’re the only one that knows it?

Cut to the stoop of the house as Danny and Sam walk in. Sam’s arms are still up and out, trying to tell an obvious truth.

SAM: Yes!

Danny turns without stopping to walk up his stoop, and Sam turns to the stoop but stops there.

SAM: Isn’t that crystal clear?

Rather unfortunately, Dennis sides with Danny in this case. No offense, but Dennis has had her fair share of people claiming to be her best friend even though she hadn’t met them or only went to the same school as them or was in class with them but never cared too much about them. Surely half of them don’t mean wrong, but Dennis doesn’t like people trying to associate with her when she feels they aren’t, which is mostly why she doesn’t and will never have a Facebook. The worst one was one time when I stepped into the Young Adult room in the library minding my own business when some boy sitting at one of the study tables proclaimed to everyone else in the room that I was “his girl”. In turn I ridiculed him and said I never met him previously so he clearly had no girlfriend. The lesson is that you don’t mess with the Dennis.

Cut to Sam from behind in the foreground. The front door to FentonWorks is slammed shut in front of her.

SAM: (panicked with urgency) I’ve gotta do something--

Pan left as she turns away from FentonWorks.

SAM: --to get him to listen to me.

She looks to the side, thinking.

SAM: But how do I get through the thick head of a fourteen-year-old boy?

Sam’s eyes pop open as she realizes what she has to do. She sighs, really not wanting to but knowing she has to.

SAM: Oh, darn it.

Fade to the pharmacy. Danny and Tucker are sitting at a table and both are enjoying pink ice cream cones with chocolate sprinkles. They look self-conscious as the shadow of Sam descends upon the table, apparently wearing a bow.

SAM: (half-hearted) Hi.

Cut to Sam’s lower half, her hands on her hips. She has pink sneakers, purple leg warmers, a white skirt with pink polka dots, and a pink turtleneck sweater. Pan up to show the rest of her. She also has a pink bow tie on and is wearing a garish amount of purple eye shadow and pink blush.

SAM: (half-hearted) Mind if I join you?

Cut to Danny and Tucker, flabbergasted as they hold their ice cream cones. A drop of ice cream on both their cones melts and splatters on the table in unison. Danny just chucks his ice cream away and smiles, rudely shoving Tucker out of his seat so he loses his grip on his ice cream and screams at the sudden push. Impact stars fly in from the side of the screen as Tucker’s cone slams ice cream first on the table. Danny then grins broadly with pleasure as he curls his fingers on the edge of the table.

Cut to Star and Paulina, each holding paper red-and-white striped soda cups. Paulina has her arm on the back of chair, looking over it as she sees what’s going down.

PAULINA: She surrendered her individuality for a boy!

She and Star take their hands off their sodas, curling them into fists and gleefully shaking them.

PAULINA: I’m so proud of her!

Not for the reason Paulina thinks, but Dennis only hopes that Paulina’s dream doesn’t come true. Surely Sam’s a strong individual for individuality. She wouldn’t really sacrifice herself to please Danny in the long run. At least, she shouldn’t and Danny will probably call her out on it if she does, if he can think straight past her efforts that please him so much. Danny’s immature like that.

Cut to Danny, dreamily gazing at Sam while leaning his head on his fist, his elbow on the table. Sam sits down next to him in a no-nonsense manner, her backpack on the table as she reaches inside it.

SAM: So,--

She takes out two photographs and puts them on the table.

SAM: --this is a photo I have of the three of us.

Danny looks down that them, confused and no longer distracted by Sam’s looks.

SAM: From eighth grade.

Cut to Sam’s photo of the trio. She points to it.

SAM: This is the same one--

Pan left as Sam points to Danny’s photo without her in it.

SAM: --you have in your locker.

Close-up on Sam. She rolls her eyes forward.

SAM: (trying to make her point) Notice anything?

Cut to Danny, taking this as unexpected.

DANNY: Yeah. (rolls his eyes downward) You broke into my locker and doctored an old photo of me.

He dreamily lifts his hand up to rest his chin on it.

DANNY: You must really like me.

His eyes widen, considering another option.

DANNY: Or you’re nuts.

He removes his hand and looks forward.

DANNY: You’re not nuts, are you?

Just in the sense of heckling the two of you, I’ll say that Sam’s a little bit of both. Maybe she’s nuts about you, Danny. Which Sam probably would resent and try to attack me in turn, which is why I deliver all my nasty jokes with my rotten sense of humor from the safety of my transcriber’s booth well out of hitting range and in orange text you characters can’t see or hear.

Cut to Sam with Danny, her hands on the photo diary on the table by her backpack. Sam groans. She stands up and grabs Danny by the shoulder, pulling him into her seat and forcing him to look into her diary.

SAM: Focus!

Close-up on Danny. He rolls his eyes to read.

Cut to the photo diary. There’s a picture of Sam and Danny laughing together, a picture of Sam, Tucker and Danny in a line, a claustrophobic shot of Sam and Danny laughing, and one cut-off showing Danny’s hair and Sam’s pigtail.

Pan right to a picture of the Fenton Portal, the doors shut. Tucker stands in the back on one side, with Danny standing with his hands on his hips on the other, and Sam is in front of him in the foreground.

DANNY: (offscreen) Wait a minute. That’s my parent’s lab!

Dennis would be slightly skeptical of that Portal picture. Sure, he, Tucker and Sam are in it, but then who exactly was there to take the photo as Sam is the one that normally takes them? At least the pictures of Danny and Sam together look like they were taken in an arcade photo booth or something.

  • shrug* Maybe she had a timer on the camera and a tripod or something.

Cut to Danny, looking down. Sam stands behind him. Danny lifts up Sam’s diary, turning a page.

Cut to a photo of Danny Phantom with his fists up and his ghost tail behind him on a turquoise action background. Danny turns the page back. There’s the picture of him and Tucker on the floor of the zoo, sleeping and in each other’s arms. Danny turns the page back again to show the very shot Sam took during the flashback in the opener, the one of Danny holding his jumpsuit in front of the deactivated Fenton Portal. Zoom in on that picture.

This is undeniable proof that Sam is telling the truth, however bizarre, as they look a little too hard to create by doctoring alone. Of course, Danny does have to understand that due to this alternate timeline he lives in right now, none of this ever happened so he has no memory of any of this in his personal experience. Especially of the OoaK shot, as Sam was the one that dragged him and Tucker to the zoo for the purple back gorilla, and she’s not in the picture because she was the one that was present to take it.

Cut to Danny reading the book. Sam is reading it behind him. Danny turns to Sam.

Close-up on Danny.

DANNY: Who *are* you?

Cut back to Danny with the book open, looking at Sam. Danny puts down the book as Sam steps closer, taking his shoulder in her hands.

SAM: I’m Sam Manson.

Danny turns to look down as Sam puts one of hers down and the other curled on his shoulder.

SAM: A few months ago, I convinced you to go into this.

Cut to a picture of the activated Fenton Portal, open and green. Danny Phantom floats in front of it, his arms crossed and smiling. Sam points to the Portal.

SAM: You went in there, there was an accident, and you got--

Cut to Danny staring down into the book as Sam is turned the other way, pointing down in it.

DANNY: (finishing) Super powers?

Sam turns to face Danny. Danny turns to Sam.

SAM: Actually, ghost powers.

Sam lifts her arms to the side to explain, regretfully.

SAM: But we had a fight, and I wished we’d never met--

Close-up on Sam.

SAM: --and that ghost in the school made it happen!

Cut to Danny, in the foreground looking at Sam. Sam holds up the Specter Deflector in her two hands.

SAM: I was wearing this, which is why I think the ghost didn’t affect me…

Adding to the proof. There’s no way she could break into his house and steal one of his family’s own inventions, even though it’s likely Jack hasn’t built it yet, as in MI he gutted the ghost shield to make it for Maddie while she and Danny were going on their trip to Florida. And that wouldn’t likely happen as even though the college reunion in Wisconsin might have, Vlad’s not technically his arch enemy in this timeline and is possibly a family friend now, and Dennis is unsure if Vlad would pull such a stunt for Maddie if Danny didn’t have his powers. Danny himself put the Specter Deflector on Sam, and she really should have said so. Meep!

Cut to Danny, blinking in surprise with this new knowledge

SAM: (offscreen) But you don’t have your powers anymore!

Cut to Sam in the foreground from behind, looking at Danny. She turns around suddenly and Danny looks in shock as well as the lighting becomes dark, signaling a ghost attack.

NIGHTMERICA: (offscreen) Paulina…

Is Dennis legally allowed by transcriber’s protocol to use the name of someone that wasn’t yet seen but is known due to general process of elimination? That’s a question I’d leave for the mod of transcribing.

  • waves hand* Doesn’t bother me.

Cut to the wall of the pharmacy. Green metal claws dig into the wall and saw a circle in the wall. It falls forward, zooming out to reveal Nightmerica. She wears gray gloves with green claws. She’s a husky woman with a black fedora, green hair, pale reddish skin with spots all over it, a black and red striped sweater that’s frayed on the bottom and black pants.

Cut to Star and Paulina on a red action background, shrieking in fright. The background resumes as Paulina and Star curls their hands into fists, Paulina putting hers by her cheeks, cringing. They turn and run off.

Cut to Sam with Danny behind her. Sam is holding the Specter Deflector in one hand. Teens scream as they run past in the background past some freezers.

SAM: Danny, (turns back to him) you gotta--

Cut to Danny, clearly without a clue as to how to respond to this. He looks around nervously, perspiring a little.

Close-up on Sam, looking with realization.

SAM: Actually, (turns forward with determination) *I* gotta!

Cut to Sam’s pink turtleneck sweater and her white, pink polka-dotted skirt. She puts the belt on, clasping it together so the center part activates, glowing green and powering up. Pan up to Sam’s face. She assumes a battle stance.

Cut to Nightmerica holding the neck of a teenage boy with red hair, a black shirt, a white over-shirt and green pants. Nightmerica’s claws are pointed at him and she carelessly throws him aside.

Cut to Paulina and Star by the back door. Paulina’s looking back to the monster, and Star is leaning against the wall and perspiring heavily. Paulina panics as she puts her hands on the bar and rubs it.

It’s a push, Paulina.

Cut to Tucker lying on the floor, his knees bent up. Sam steps in and leans toward him, stealing his red beret and rushing off.

And Tucker didn’t think to get off the ground all this time?

Cut to a table. There is a blue soda cup reading “ELMER’S” with a spoon, knife and fork. Sam reaches in and takes the knife.

Cut to Sam, the belt on her glowing.. She turns to the right, holding the beret from the bottom and holding up the knife. She lowers both of them offscreen as little red cloth shreds fly up, implying she’s shredding it. She then holds up the beret again, but this time it has a pair of eyeholes. She slips it on, covering her whole head.

Cut to Sam’s backpack on the table. Sam reaches inside and pulls out another Fenton invention shaped like a pole.

Cut to Sam, holding up the pole. A net grows out of it and starts to spin around like a helicopter.

Cut farther to Sam with the spinning net. She holds it up and whips it, only to hit someone behind her offscreen with some yellow and red impact stars.

BYSTANDER: (offscreen) Ow!

Sam turns to the back.

SAM: Sorry!

Pan right as Sam whips the device forward. It is the Jack-O-Ninetails, with Jack’s head in the center and ten tails with green claws reach out and spark with electricity.

Cut to Nightmerica, pinning Paulina with the girl’s back to the door with her claws. She stands up and holds up her claw to reveal Star with her in response. Suddenly, she grunts as the tails all wrap around her tightly and keep her bound in a mummification of ropes. She is pulled forward. Star and Paulina look to there in relief and slight puzzlement at what saved them.

Cut to Danny and Tucker standing behind Sam, Tucker without his hat. Sam pulls the Jack-O-Ninetails back to herself dragging the towering Nightmerica to her, she leans back and grunts with effort as she does.

Cut to Danny and Tucker. Danny is smiling and pointing.

DANNY: That, (puts down his hand) might just be the coolest girl on the planet.

Tucker is unfazed.

TUCKER: Or she’s nuts. (lowers his eyelids) Really, really nuts.

Cut to Nightmerica in the electrified ropes. She breaks free roaring with her claws tearing the ropes, leaning back onto a pink-purple action background.

Cut to Sam’s backpack on the table, a green and yellow book visible inside. Sam walks up and reaches inside, pulling out a Fenton Thermos. Pan right to the thermos, charging up with blue energy as it shoots out a beam of capture light.

Cut to Nightmerica in the blue beam, shouting incoherently as she is pulled into the beam.

Hmm. Another Fenton device in Sam’s arsenal? But this is the first time the Thermos was employed. For Femalien and Terminatra, they disappeared back into nothing.

Cut to the thermos applying the beam, neatly sucking Nightmerica inside, leaving it to smolder blue. Zoom out to reveal Sam holding it. It stops steaming as Danny and Tucker walk up. Sam puts her hand on Tucker’s hat to pull it off.

DANNY: That happen a lot?

Sam pulls off the hat.

SAM: More than you remember.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Okay, you got my attention.

Cut to an ecstatic Sam standing in front of Danny and Tucker.

SAM: Finally!

She rips off her clothes, leaving her wearing her normal black ones underneath but still with the sneakers, leg warmers, makeup and the bow. She grabs Danny by the wrist.

SAM: Come on.

Sam turns and runs off, dragging Danny with her. Tucker runs after them.

Fade to FentonWorks, but the sky is dark, meaning it’s night.

TUCKER: (offscreen) All clear, Danny.

Cut to Tucker in the lab by a giant console, peering up the staircase as he peeks around the corner. Pan left to the deactivated Fenton Portal, Danny stands in front of it with his hands on his hips. Danny’s white suit is hanging on a hook next to Sam. Sam is shown by a console next to the portal, holding up a photograph. Cables run all over the floor.

Cut to Danny in front of the Portal.

DANNY: Cool. (looks to the Portal) How’s it going over there?

Cut to Sam looking up at the gauges while holding up her photo. She puts her hand on one of the red dials to turn it.

SAM: Pretty good.

Cut to Sam’s photo of Danny holding the suit in front of the Portal. Zoom in to the settings of the gauges.

SAM: I’m guessing if we set everything the way it was--

Close-up on Sam, the photo blocking the lower half of her face.

SAM: --when it happened--

Cut to Sam’s hand on the gauges. One is in the proper 2:00 position, Sam turns the one in the 4:00 position to 2:00, a bell dinging with the setting. She then turns the last one in the 7:00 position to 2:00, and a clinking sound is heard.

SAM: --it’ll happen again.

Cut to Sam holding the photo looking at the gauges with her hand on the dial.

SAM: Are you sure--

She turns to look forward with uncertainty, putting down her arms.

SAM: --about this?

Cut to Danny looking into the chamber of the Portal, a hand in his hair on his forehead considering it.


He puts his hands behind him to refer to something in the past.

DANNY: But you saw those things, those--

He curls his hands into fists looking for the word.

DANNY: --monsters,--

He spreads his arms out downward and leans toward the chamber of the Portal.

DANNY: --ghosts!

He points behind himself with his thumb.

DANNY: Those ghosts were attacking our school.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Besides--

Cut to the inside of the chamber of the Portal looking out. Danny smiles with curiosity as he looks inside.

DANNY: --I always wanted to go in here.

That somewhat adds to Dennis’s apathetic bothering of how Danny could have done this by himself without Sam pushing for him to do it, but otherwise this episode would have no logical plot.

Cut to Danny from the front, looking up.

DANNY: Who knows what kind of awesome, super-cool things exist on the other side of that portal?

Precisely verbatim of what he said in the flashback. But Dennis already answered this rhetoric. She won’t do it again.

Cut to Sam and Tucker by the gauges. Sam holds Danny’s white jumpsuit with Jack Fenton’s face on it by the shoulders. She throws it offscreen.

Cut to Danny standing on a cable snaking into the chamber. He catches the suit by the shoulders, looking down at it.

Cut to some dials on the console. Sam presses a square, blue button on it. It lights up and beeps.

Cut to Danny in the jumpsuit, his hand on the zipper.

DANNY: Well, (zips it) here goes everything.

Cut to Sam, holding a white sticker of the emblem she circles earlier. Tucker stands behind her.

SAM: Wait a minute.

Cut to Jack Fenton’s face on Danny’s jumpsuit. Sam peels it off and sticks her black emblem on.

Cut to Danny, looking down.

DANNY: Uh, what is that?

A last minute stick-on Steve Marmel was forced to put inside an episode he wrote single-handedly due to executive decision and consensus by the producing crew. Dennis was too late to participate in the “Emblemgate” conflicts, but she won’t take a side. She’ll just laugh at the by-products created because the best, most humorous artists drew political-type cartoons of it reflecting both sides of the Emblem argument.

The cries of a million fangirls during the Emblemgate crisis; that’s what that is Danny. (Personally, I never really minded, and now it’s become odd to see him without it.)

Cut to Sam holding up a palm. Tucker stands behind her.

SAM: (reassuring Danny by putting her hands on her hips) Just trust me, okay?

Cut to Danny. Zoom out with a whooshing sound to show Danny’s body facing away from the Portal, he is looking over his shoulder into its depths.

Cut to Danny. He turns his body around and walks up to the camera.

Cut to the floor. Danny’s black boots with white leggings step inside carefully and slowly.

Cut to Sam and Tucker. Zoom in as tension builds.

Cut to Danny inside the chamber, everything illuminated in eerie green light as he walks in, panning right as he reaches the red and green buttons, holding his palm up to the green “ON” subconsciously, looking away from it.

Cut to the ON and OFF buttons. Danny presses the green one. It beeps.

Cut to Danny’s silhouette crouching in the center of the Portal’s chamber from the outside. The whole chamber fills with green light, zapping Danny and spilling the extra light into the lap. Danny screams with hideous amounts of pain.

Cut to the portal from the side. The gauges are visible, but Tucker and Sam are absent. Light spills out of the portal in white photons and makes the lab all green.

Pan right quickly to reveal Tucker and Sam, their eyes shut tight due to all the light. They brace themselves.

Cut to Danny in the wave of radiation, his hands up. He flickers, showing his internal skeleton as he flickers back, showing that he is now Danny Phantom, his suit colors reversed, his hair white and his eyes green, but that hasn’t stopped him from screaming any. Zoom in to the pupil of his green eye.

Cut to a slow-motion purple DNA strand spiraling onscreen. Some green ectoplasmic thing with red eyes and a mouth dives onto it, smothering the strand in its ectoplasmic influence as the strand ends and spirals offscreen.

Meepy. As a biology student, Dennis always took the “molecules rearranged” concept (with a grain of cartoon salt) to mean that Danny’s internal DNA hasn’t changed in protein synthesis information any and the nucleic acids are all still in the right places, but that his full chemical makeup somewhat morphed into something ectoplasmic at the sub-atomic level. So, in Dennis’s world, Danny is both a full-ghost and a full-human and can switch between forms, but he can’t be both at the same time.

Zoom out of Danny’s eye. He flashes from full color to monochromatic green as he spirals into the black further away from the camera while green shock waves assault him in the background.

All those shots of Danny’s accident were deliberately made to not show any emblem on him until this part after the accident is done. Meep.

This all fades away to a cloud of green smoke. It clears to show Danny’s chest, which now has a white, DP logo on it that Sam stuck on. Zoom out quickly to show Danny Phantom in front of the now active and open Fenton Portal, the back of his neck and both of his boots steaming with white. He opens his eyes, not knowing what happened. He looks down at himself. Then he puts his hand together in front of him to observe them.

Cut to Danny’s hands. The gloves flicker for a full, long second to show Danny’s skeleton beneath it, then fade back to solid gloves.

Cut to the Portal. Danny scrambles out, putting his hands on the metal rim. He’s panting heavily.

Cut to Danny with his hands on the rim of the Portal. He is smoking. He bends his knees and sits on the floor, then puts his hand down to support him bending over as he puts his other hand on his face. The smoke on him clears. Sam runs up and turns to him, concerned.

SAM: Danny, are you--?

Cut to Danny, his hand covering his face. Sam puts her hands under his armpits and supports him up. Danny yawns. He unconsciously turns intangible and Sam’s hands wisp through, she steps out of the shot as Danny resumes his color.

Cut to Sam, stepping back as the intangible ghostly wisps fade from her hands.

SAM: You’re a ghost! (puts her arms out and smiles) Again!

Cut to Danny looking at himself in front of the portal. Sam’s legs and skirt frame him in the foreground.

DANNY: You’re right! (looks up) I am a ghost!

Close-up on Danny, amazed.

DANNY: Cool!

He seems confused if he should think that way.

DANNY: Is this cool?

Cut to Danny’s chest. Sam pats her hand on the emblem she put there.

SAM: Oh, it’s very--

Zoom out to reveal Sam looking to Danny, pleased.

SAM: --cool.

Sam removes her hand and both she and Danny’s eyes widen in shock at a voice calling out to them.

JACK: (offscreen) What’s going on down there?

Cut to Sam.

SAM: Oh man, (looks to the side) your dad!

Cut to Sam and Danny in front of the Portal. Sam raises her arms in urgency.

SAM: You’ve got to change back to normal!

Cut to Danny, not knowing how to do this.

DANNY: Change back? (arches his eyebrows) How?

Get into a really bad fight and end up roughed up enough to lose all your ghostly reserve energy so you have to revert to your stable, human form?

Cut to Sam.

SAM: I don’t know, (raises her arms) you just think about it or something!

Cut to the stairs leading up to the kitchen. Jack peeks in. He marches downward. Zoom out as he’s in the lab, Tucker beside the stairs hidden from Jack’s view. Jack and Tucker turn to the left. Jack gasps.

Cut to Danny Fenton holding a totally confused Sam by the arm so she’s leaning under him. Their lips are touching. Zoom out to show the Fenton Portal behind them swirling in to a heart shape.

Cut back to Danny and Sam making out. Danny stops, whispering to her.

DANNY: I call that a “fake-out make-out”.

Because kissing is the least suspicious action teens do instead of messing around activating a Portal clearly working behind them. And no one wants to interrupt them because they seem to be minding their own business, and it’s also rather distracting from the real thing, the Portal which I said is working when it wasn’t before.

Sam blushes. Danny stops smiling.

SAM: Yeah, I know.

Cut to Danny holding Sam. Danny lets go so they both stand up and turn, zooming out as Tucker and Jack walk in.

JACK: You’re in a lot of trouble, mister!

Cut to Jack.

JACK: And who the heck are you?

Right. Because Sam never was supposed to meet Danny, Danny never introduced her to Jack. And now we have a hormonal fourteen-year-old boy kissing a random girl wearing all black in the basement. Fake-out-make-outs are supposed to be distractions from any real plans kids have that break authority rules when they accidentally get caught, but this seems to have the opposite effect.

Cut to Danny and Sam. Sam has a finger on her chin, thinking.

SAM: Uh, I’m--

She holds out a palm to answer, Danny turns to her.

SAM: Paulina?

Cut to Jack.

JACK: Then Danny Fenton is never, ever allowed to see you, Paulina.

Close-up on Sam. She smiles gleefully.

You do realize that Jack will recognize your face better than your name, as the real Paulina looks nothing like you. And that it’s only temporary, as when Danny gets his memory back Jack won’t remember that he forbid a “Paulina” that is really you to see him. Meep!

Fade to Casper High, the next day.

DANNY: (offscreen) So--

Cut to Danny and Sam in class sitting at adjacent desks. Danny leans to talk to Sam, putting a hand on her chair and holding up his other palm.

DANNY: --now what?

Cut to Danny’s hand on Sam’s chair. It flickers intangible.

SAM: I don’t know. I’m--

Danny’s hand sinks through the chair.

SAM: --sorta making this up--

Pan up to Danny’s panicked face by the sudden intangibility of his hand.

SAM: --as we go along.

Danny falls away with a cloud of dust.

Cut to the floor. Danny lands on the side of his head, grunting in pain in his upside-down position. His shirt hangs down and exposes his skin. Zoom out to show the whole class, including Sam, looking down at him with his legs hanging in the air. Everyone except Sam bursts out laughing.

Cut to Danny on the floor by Sam’s seat. Pan left as Lancer’s legs walk up.

LANCER: Mr. Fenton,--

Pan up to the top of him.

LANCER: --I know astronomy can be dull--

Cut to the class. Lancer is standing over Danny. Sam looks up at Lancer. Everyone else is smiling at Danny.

LANCER: --but I’d appreciate it if you’d not--

He puts his hands on his hips and leans down to Danny, scolding.

LANCER: --take a nap in my class!

But Danny loves astronomy! Oh well. Dennis did once take an astronomy class when she was Danny’s age, but she took it as more of an elective to fill her schedule and found out it was filled with seniors that were slackers and needed an easy science credit to graduate. She was the smartest one there and everyone tried to milk her for answers because she listened and didn’t skip classes to buy snacks at the school store.

Lancer turns pointing up a finger.

LANCER: And remember--

Danny puts his legs on the floor, crouching right-side up.

LANCER: --the meteor shower tonight.

Danny stands up and rubs his hair. Lancer turns and puts out a palm, smiling.

LANCER: Don’t forget to watch. (walks off) And wear a helmet.

Cut to Lancer, walking proudly.

LANCER: It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Cut to the class. Lancer walks to his desk and takes a blue-green book in his hands. Danny is still standing up. Everyone jumps from their seats and takes off from the class in clouds of dust, leaving Sam and Tucker in their seats and Danny standing behind, all three of them in the second row. Sam and Tucker stand up.

Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker. Star, Paulina, and Dash walk past them, holding blue books. The trio turns their heads as they pass.

DASH: What are *you* gonna wish for?

Cut to Paulina talking to Dash.

PAULINA: I don’t know. (looks back to him) But I’m sure with everybody wishing at the same time, (gleefully lifts a hand) somebody will give me an idea.

Without her adoring the ghost boy, what does she have to wish for? She’s got everything and she knows it. Meep!

Cut to Sam, looking after them with worry.

SAM: Oh no. That’s what Desiree wants! (eyes widen in alarm) To grant all those wishes at the same time!

Zoom out as Sam turns to an invisible Danny with green eyes, slowly sinking through the floor, unfazed.

SAM: This is bad.

Sam looks concerned as Danny calls out to her, his head sinking through the floor.

DANNY: And this is worse.

He has sunk offscreen.

DANNY: (offscreen) Hey, why is there all this meat down here?

Umm… to feed the children? The school cafeteria menu is somewhat meat-centric as they emphasize an importance of protein nutrients.

Gotta love references to previous episodes.

Fade to night. A sign shaped like a ribbon over a shield reads “AMITY COUNTRY CLUB” on a building shaped like a castle. Teens stand outside it. Pan right to a pink stage with a DJ and his turntable. Lanterns are strung above it. Teens sit at pink tables by the stage.

Cut to Paulina and her father. Paulina has a pink dress, a golden tiara and a gold amulet with a green jewel at the center.

PAULINA: Let’s get this party--

Zoom out as Paulina spreads her arms, revealing that she is wearing white gauntlets and is holding up a golden scepter.

PAULINA: --started!

Cut to the turn table. A disc jockey bends over behind the table to take out a record and put it on the table. His friend stands behind him. Dance music plays.

Pan left quickly to show teens in evening wear of many colors dancing on the grass beneath a disco ball.

Cut to this scene from afar in a view of binoculars.

Cut to Sam sitting on her knees in the grass by a rock. Tucker stands behind her.

SAM: Wow. (removes her binoculars) She almost seems human. (sits up straight) *I’m* going to have to forget that.

A shooting star streams over them. Sam and Tucker look up.

SAM: A falling star!

Cut to Sam, her eyes on the skies.

SAM: All right, Danny. Do your thing. (looks over her shoulder) And remember, nobody make a wish!

Cut to Danny, standing by a tree. He looks around.

DANNY: Okay.

Cut closer to Danny as meteors fall in the sky.

DANNY: I’m… going to--

Zoom out as he points to the sky.

DANNY: --become ghostly!

Cut to Sam looking in her binoculars. She removes them, correcting Danny as she’s disappointed with his battle cry.

SAM: It’s “going ghost”.

Cut to Danny. He holds up his hand, expressing disagreement.


Cut to Danny in the field. He strains, surprised when the blue ring of light forms around his waist. Zoom in as he transforms to Danny Phantom. He crosses his arms over his face as if bracing for impact. He then opens his eyes and looks down in shock. He screams.

Zoom out to show Danny hovering, his legs a ghostly tail.

DANNY: Where’d my legs go?!

He stretches out his legs so they come back. Danny slumps his shoulders and breathes a sigh of relief. Then his arms float up to his sides becoming two ghostly tails with white ends. He leans back in the air, screaming in distress at this.

Cut to the meteor shower. Pan down to the left to show Paulina gazing at it. She turns, using her hands to frame her mouth as she calls out.

PAULINA: Hey, everybody! (points to the sky) Falling stars!

She closes her eyes and clenches her fists gleefully.

PAULINA: Close your eyes and make a wish!

Cut to the crowd of teens amazed at the sky. They all do as Paulina does.

Cut to Tucker, sitting in the field with his eyes closed and his fists tight.

TUCKER: I wish I had one of those sweet monster trucks.

Tucker opens his eyes as Sam scolds him.

SAM: (offscreen) Do you pay attention?

Zoom out to reveal Sam sitting on her knees with her binoculars in hand and looking back at him. Danny is floating on the side, looking at both of them.

SAM: To anything? At all? (raises her arms) Ever?

Cut to Tucker, speechless. Behind him, Desiree floats out of the ground.

Cut to Desiree. Zoom out as she outstretches a glowing pink hand.

Cut to the trio. One of the yellow Gi-normo 6000 trucks appears out of nothing next to them. They all look at it.

Cut to the truck. Tucker runs up, putting his hands on his hips, unsuspecting.

TUCKER: This doesn’t seem very monstrous.

Cut to Tucker with the truck. Suddenly, the hood of the truck roars, opening its mouth of jagged teeth and revealing an engine in it. Tucker jumps up in terror and screams. He speeds off in a cloud of dust. The monster truck leans down and pounces after him.

Cut to Sam and Danny on a precipice. Desiree is floating over the edge of it.

DESIREE: Keep wishing, fools!

Zoom out as she grows larger, glowing all pink.

DESIREE: Keep wishing!

Cut to Danny, in an urgent panic.

DANNY: What do I do? (looks to the left for a cue) What do I do?

Cut to Sam, stepping up and pointing up a finger.

SAM: You fight her! And then,--

He holds up the Fenton Thermos to toss it.

SAM: --you use this!

Pan right as Sam tosses the thermos.

Cut to Danny, looking to the left with serious anxiety. He catches the thermos in his hands, looking down at it, then back to where he caught it.

DANNY: For what, soup?

Didn’t Sam give a demonstration earlier? Oh well. Not my fault if you weren’t paying attention.

Close-up on Desiree. She leans back laughing evilly, now exceptionally tall with her hair and ghost tail super-long.

Cut to Danny running up holding the thermos like a baton in slow motion. Zoom out and pan right as he runs up the hill. He jumps into the air off the edge of the precipice spreading his arms to take flight, only to open his eyes suddenly as he stops there. He flails his arms and legs, scrambling to stay airborne until he falls away in a dust cloud, leaving the thermos spinning in the air.

Cut to the bottom of the cliff. Danny lands prone on the ground with pink sparkles around his head, showing he’s clearly dazed. The thermos lands on his head with a clang, panning right as it bounces off and lands next to him.

Cut to Sam, her hands framing her mouth to call out.

SAM: Danny! Concentrate!

Cut to Sam between two bushes. Suddenly, they grow taller and sprout faces with red eyes, scaring the snot out of her. They wrap their shrub arms around her arms to keep her bound. Sam struggles to break free of their grip, stretching her legs out.

SAM: Who the heck wished for evil plants?

I’m sure Desiree did. A free genie can use her magic to grant her own wishes, can’t she?

Cut to Desiree from behind in the foreground, looking down at Danny, who looks to the side holding his thermos. Danny turns to the other side to face Desiree.

Cut to Danny. He lifts his arms in a fighting stance and looks more determined.

Cut to Danny in his stance by the cliff. Pan up as he streamlines his body and takes flight. He stops in mid-air as the meteor shower continues, losing his balance for a second but manages to stand back up, his hands on his hips. He smiles, pleased at success, but then tips over upside-down.

Cut to Desiree, looking at the upside-down Danny, annoyed.

DESIREE: You? (leans to get a closer look at him) You’re back? (clenches her fists, upset) But how?

Cut to Danny, upside-down. He looks back as a voice calls to him.

SAM: (offscreen) Danny!

Pan down to the left to show Sam still bound by the bushes.

SAM: Use your ghost ray!

Close-up on Sam.

SAM: You can fire a ghost ray out of your hand!

Cut to Danny, upside down.

DANNY: Ghost ray, ghost ray.

He holds out a palm to shoot out a ghost ray, but looks as his butt starts to glow green. He’s confused about it.

DANNY: Well, that can’t be right. But it’ll have to do!

Danny turns around to point his butt forward, shooting a ghost ray out of it.

Cut to Desiree, shocked. She screams as she is knocked away by the ectoplasmic energy blast.

Cut to Danny crouching in the air, his butt is smoldering green. Danny looks to it. He turns back around to face forward.

DANNY: Now, (tries to screw off the lid of the thermos) while she’s both grossed out and off-guard, I’ll…

He uncaps it, and tries to dump something out of it, but then turns back, shrugging with the thermos and cap in his hands.

DANNY: I don’t know how to use this!

Zoom out as the giant Desiree floats up while the meteor shower continues. She swats him away with the back of her hand. Danny grunts in pain.

Cut to the ground, panning left. Danny flies back, landing on the ground and bouncing off, tumbling until he lands prone on his stomach, grunting in pain. He gets up on one foot, his hand on his knee. Desiree’s giant hand just squashes him. Zoom out to show Desiree floating just next to the cliff, pleased at how she defeated Danny. She turns to the side, holding out a hand that glows pink with magic. She looks back to the sky. A purple and green dragon pops up into the skyline, then a giant pink bat. And some form of green Cyclops monster.

Cut to the crowd of teens, their eyes closed as they wish on the falling stars. Zoom out. A green hairy monster pops up roaring and smiling, then a black and red horned thing, a Grim Reaper with a black robe and scythe, a green cobra flicking out its forked tongue, and an evil purple cat beast.

And to reintroduce Sam’s question, who the heck wished for all of this stuff? Shouldn’t they be wishing for more intangible desires, like an A on one test or hoping someone will notice them or maybe to speak a dozen languages? Or something simpler, like a video game or a sudden windfall or a chance to go to an amusement park all day for free, maybe a cool apartment? I’m just saying that people don’t wish for monsters, dragons and Grim Reapers regularly. Meep?

Cut to Danny, hunched on the ground with a hand on his head as he picks up the thermos. Desiree’s giant head leans in on him.

DESIREE: You don’t remember anything, do you?

Cut to Danny, becoming serious.

DANNY: I don’t need to remember everything to know--

He stretches out his arm and points his finger.

DANNY: --I have to stop you!

Danny suddenly retracts his arm as he changes back to Danny Fenton without warning. He looks down at his current form, and then looks back.

DANNY: Although, remembering would be nice.

Cut to Danny from behind as Desiree peeks over the edge of the cliff. Zoom out as she floats up. He hand swells to the form of a sledgehammer.

Pan right quickly to Sam from behind, bound by the bushes. She feels guilty.

SAM: Oh, this is all my fault.

Close-up on Sam, truly sorry.

SAM: I wish I had never fought with Danny!

She looks with realization, smirking.

SAM: And she’s granting every single wish she hears.

But all the wishes down at the party are silent. Can she use her ultra-acute mind-reading to hear those, too?

Cut to Sam, leaning forward through her arms are still wrapped in shrubbery.

SAM: I wish--

Zoom out to show Desiree with her sledgehammer arm floating over Danny.

SAM: --Danny and I never had that fight!

Cut to Sam, adding in a quick addition.

SAM: And I wish Danny, Tucker and I remembered everything and his costume stays the way it is because I really, really like it!

Close-up on Desiree. She leans back, holding up both her hands that glow pink with ghostly magic.

DESIREE: So you have wished it…

Cut to Danny on the ground. He is engulfed by the pink magic, flexing his arms and stretching out his chest as it affects him.

DESIREE: And so it shall--

Close-up on Danny in pink.

DESIREE: --be!

Danny stops glowing. Zoom in into the pupil of his blue eye.

Fade to Danny Fenton during the accident wearing the emblem on his suit, his colors fading to Danny Phantom. Zoom in on this Danny Phantom’s green-eye into the pupil.

Fade to show a freeze-frame of Skulker on a pink background. Zoom out to show Danny giving him a spin-punch.

Cut to a freeze-frame of Danny on purple giving an uppercut. Zoom out to reveal that he is punching Vlad Plasmius.

Another freeze-frame flashes in to show Danny being held by the neck on blue-green, trying to pry a giant black-gloved hand with both of his hands. Zoom out to reveal that Walker is holding him up.

Flash to the next freeze-frame of Danny flying on purple with his ghostly tail trailing. Zoom out to reveal that Danny is in hot pursuit of The Box Ghost, who is running away with a hand on his head and another forward.

Cut to a sudden shot of a door reading “GIRLS LOCKER ROOM”. Zoom out to reveal Danny smiling as he jumps out from the door with his leg intangibly still inside.

Flash to a frame of the Fenton Thermos blasting out rings of blue light on pink, zooming out to show Danny’s gloves holding it so he recalls how to use it.

Cut back to the door reading “GIRLS LOCKER ROOM”, zooming out to reveal Danny phasing out of it happily again.

Hoyz. The memory that penetrates the deepest in the thick skull of the hormonal 14-year-old boy is the one where he gets his guilty pleasure joyriding with his ghost powers. Sure, fighting bad guys is awesome, but what are super powers for if one can’t take advantage of them for fun reasons? ‘Course, fun is relative and many females were very offended by this. Danny received his tarring and feathering later on by his many female fans that found out about this.

Cut to Danny on black, zooming out and rotating around him until it stops with him standing in the dark looking at the camera. A ring forms around his body and transforms him back to Danny Phantom, all his old memory recalled. He bends his knees low and takes flight toward the camera.

Fade to a close-up of Danny Fenton, zooming out to show him standing with his thermos in the field. He smiles broadly, transforming back to Danny Phantom. He grips the Fenton Thermos and holds it out, it charges with blue energy. Pan up as it blasts out a ringed beam of suction energy.

Cut to Desiree, regretting what she did as the blue beam engulfs her.


Cut to Danny from behind using the Thermos on Desiree.

DESIREE: Noooooo!

Her shouting echoes as she is pulled into the thermos.

Cut to Danny, holding the thermos and looking at it, satisfied with the capture. The thermos smolders blue.

DESIREE: (in the thermos) I gotta stop granting every wish I hear.

Can’t do that, dear. You’re bound by some form of genie law to obey every wish that comes your way no matter how much you don’t want to grant it. Still, I am rather disappointed that this defeat felt like a cop-out. At least in WYW, after Danny wished you into the thermos he had to deal with his Tucker problems afterward because the genie magic took a life of its own. Of course, there’s only one more minute of show left and that’s for the resolution. So Dennis can’t complain as she’s really hoping this transcript is over soon.

Danny caps the thermos.

Cut to the purple and green dragon flicking out its tongue. It pops away in a shot of pink and vanishes. Pan right to the giant pink bat. It pops away with pink, too. Pan left to the Cyclops monster, doing the very same.

Cut to Sam, her arms bound by the ghost-infused bushes. They vanish in pink, leaving Sam free.

But… those were there. You just robbed the world of two innocent bushes that were minding their own business.

Cut to Tucker, left running away from the monster truck. The truck opens its mouth to roar, but then turns into a perfectly normal truck. Tucker stops screaming and turns around as the truck skids on the ground.

TUCKER: (happy) Yes!

The truck then poofs away in a cloud of smoke.

TUCKER: (covering his eyes) No!

Cut to all the teens at the party, still wishing. The five monsters and things in the skyline all pop away in a flash of pink from left to right.

Cut to Danny Phantom, screwing on the lid nice and tight. Sam walks in. Danny looks down at himself, confused. He drops the thermos to pull at his suit where the emblem is.

DANNY: Did you do something to my costume?

Sam acts innocent.

SAM: No. It’s… (shrugs) always been like that.

Only because Sam created an alternate timeline where it was supposed to stay the way it was. Meep.

Tucker walks in, relieved.

TUCKER: Oh, man, that was close.

Danny bends down to pick up the thermos. Tucker looks scared at Danny’s butt, which is pointed in his direction.

TUCKER: Watch where you’re pointing that thing!

Fade to the Amity country club where Paulina party resumes and everyone is dancing to the music. Pan up to the right to show Danny, Sam and Tucker on the hill watching. Danny and Sam are sitting, but Tucker is leaning.

TUCKER: Um, weren’t we invited to that party?

Cut to the trio. Sam is smiling, her legs to the side. Danny is sitting in a fetal position. Tucker is leaning, supported by his arms.

SAM: Yeah. And now that everything’s back to normal, she’s sort of expecting a visit from the ghost boy. (turns to Danny) You should probably keep your promise.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Yeah, (looks up) I probably should.

Fade to a movie theater screen. Femalien steps back into the shot, but Terminatra steps in and punches her away with her robotic left hand. Terminatra turns, then jumps away as Nightmerica steps in, clawing at her but missing. She looks up with surprise.

Cut to Sam, Danny, and Tucker enjoying the movie. There is a soda cup in Danny’s cup holder. Blasting is heard from the movie.

DANNY: I never realized how different my life would have been if I (looks to Sam) hadn’t met you. (closes his eyes) I gotta say, (looks to Sam) it’s sorta cool to know.

Close-up on Sam.

SAM: Still. (turns to the right) Sorry about that stupid fight. Can we forget it ever happened?

Pan right to Danny.

DANNY: So you have wished it, so shall it be.

Cut to Sam, Danny and Tucker. Danny and Sam are blushing, and Tucker looks irked at them. Danny and Sam become self-conscious as Tucker complains.

TUCKER: Hey, I’m right here!

And we’re trying to enjoy the movie, but we can’t appreciate the carnage onscreen with you guys acting all blushy-blushy and talking so much, so shut your yaps!

Iris out on all three.

-End Title Card Screen-