• BG: There's nothing to do.
  • Charlotte: You could help me clean.

  • Ouma: Hello, BG. Come on in.

  • Ouma: Oh, hi, BG. Hi, Alex. I always just coming to get those. You saved me for the trip. Thanks.

  • Charlotte: BG, are you calling me? Aah!

  • Gad: Oh, hi, BG. Oh, about the other day?

  • BG: You know, Gad. We're friends. You could tell me everything. It's there something you could tell me.
  • Gad: There is.
  • BG: Finally.

  • Mr. Mansour: Ah, finally Gad and BG. We've been waiting for you. Please sit down. I guess you all wondering about the big announcement? Unfortunately, my surprise guest has been delayed. She's someone very special.

  • Jeffrey: BG, Mr. Mansour was speaking.
  • Mr. Mansour: Ha, ha, ha. No, no. Go ahead, BG, I'm always interested what you have to say.

  • Ouma: Go on, BG, don't be shy.

  • Gad: What? How come nobody told me?

  • Jeffrey: Well, Ahmond, let be the first to congratulate you.
  • Mr. Mansour: Thank you. BG, where did you get an idea with that?
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