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Joe: (singing) Come on in!

Joe: (singing) What did you say?

Viewers: A clue, a clue!

Joe: (singing) You see a clue?

Viewers: We see a clue!

Joe: (singing) Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! Do you want to play...

All: Blue's Clues!

Joe: So count to three!

Pail, Periwinkle & Shovel: One, two, three!

Joe: (singing) And clap your hands!

Tickety, Slippery & Magenta: (singing) Clap your hands!

Joe: (singing) Learn something new!

All: (singing) Something new! Join our Blue's Clues band today!

Mailbox: Right this way!

All: (singing) It's another Blue's Clues day!

Mr. Salt: "Love Day".

All: (singing) It's another Blue's Clues day!

Blue: Bow, bow!

Joe: Hi!

Blue: (Barks "Hello!")

Joe: Guess what today is? Today is... (with Blue barking.) Love Day. (himself.) Oh, wow! Blue made you Love Day card.

Blue: (Barks "Yes!")

Joe: It says, "Blue Loves You".

Blue: Bow, bow, bow! (Barks "Yes!") Bow, bow, bow!

Joe: Ooh. Go ahead, take it!

Blue: (barks "here!")

Joe: You got it? Good!

Blue: (barks excitedly)

Joe: Ahh! Love. (singing with Blue) It’s love, love, love!

(a heart shaped Love Day card comes and blows in)

Blue: (barks in surprise)

Joe: Whoa! What’s that?

Blue: (barks "I don't know!")

(The card then blows around again)

Blue: (barks excitedly)

Joe: Oomph! Ooh! (picks up the card) It looks like another Love Day card!

Blue: (barks "Oooooh!")

Joe: (gasps) And it's for me! (Blue barks excitedly) I can't believe it! I got a Love Day card.

Blue: (barks "A love day card!")

Joe: Will you help me read it? (clears throat) It says "I love Joe."

Blue: (barks "I love Joe!")

Joe: Somebody loves me!

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Joe: But. It Doesn’t Say “Who Sent It?”

Blue: (Barks)

Joe: Blue, Do You Know Who Sent Me This Love Day Card?

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Joe: Well, Who Sent It?

Blue: (Barks Excited)

[Blue leaves a pawprint on the right side of the screen]

Joe: Will Play Blue’s Clues To Figured Out.

I Love Blue’s Clues.

We Are Gonna Play Blue’s Clues

Cause It’s A Really Great Game, Yeah!

Clue: (Squeaks) (Kisses)

Joe: Oh!

Clue: (Squeaks)

Joe: Wow!

Clue: (Squeaks)

Joe: You Know What We Need To Play Blue’s Clues?

Our Handy Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Joe: Notebook, Right.

Hey, Sidetable Drawer.

Did You Send Me This Love Day Card?

Sidetable Drawer: Nope Not Me.

But I Do Something We Need To Else To Would.

Joe: You Do. Well What Is It?

Sidetable Drawer: Ta-Dah!

Joe: Oh, It’s The Handy Dandy Notebook.

Shaped Like Her Heart.

Thanks Sidetable.

Sidetable Drawer: You’re Welcome.

Joe: So, To Play Blue's Clues, We Gotta Find 3…

The Viewers: Pawprint!

Joe: Pawprints! 1, 2 3! And Those Are Our...

The Viewers: Clue!

Joe: Our Clues?

The Viewers: A Clue!

Joe: Then You Put Them In Our...

Viewers: Notebook!

Joe: Cause They're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do!

Sit Down In Our Thinking Chair

And Think, Think Think...

'Cause When We Use Our Minds,

And Take A Step At A Time,

We Can Do Anything...

Blue: Ba-Bow!

Joe: That We Want To Do.

Are You Ready To Play Blue’s Clues 

To Figured Out Who Send Me This Love Day Card? 

You Are. Lovely. Come On.

We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

I Wonder Where They Are.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Joe: You See A Clue. Where It Go?

This Way.

I Just Don’t See It. Do You?

Viewer: Right There.

Joe: Aha! There’s A Clue, And It’s On This Mop.

You Know What We Need Now?

Our Heart Shaped Handy-Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook!

Joe: Notebook. Right. 

Ooh. By The Way, Mop.

This Floor Looks Great.

Mop: I’m A Mop. Swish, Swish.

I Wonder Who Can Send Us To Love Day Card With Me.

A Mop. Swish, Swish.

Mr. Salt: Time For A Snack.

Joe: Hey, Mr. Salt.

What’s Shaking?

Mr. Salt: Ahh! You’re Just In Time.

I Made Special Love Day Cookies For Cinnamon And Paprika.

Cinnamon: I Love You.

Mr. Salt: Aw! I Love You Too Cinnamon.

Paprika: Wait. What About Me. Do You Love Me Daddy.

Mr. Salt: But Of Course. I Love You Too Paprika.

Paprika: No, you said you love Cinnamon. You can't love me and Cinnamon.. (starts sobbing)

Joe: It looks like Paprika's upset because she thinks her dad can't love her and her brother.

Paprika: (continues sobbing)

Joe: Wait, maybe he can love them both!

Mr. Salt: Do you love more than just one person? Yes, and I love Cinnamon AND Paprika!

Paprika: You can love both of us!

Cinnamon: Love.

Mr. Salt: Aww!

Joe: Ah, love. (sings) It's love, love, love! (speaks) Oh, by the way, did any of you send me this love day card?

Paprika: No.

Mr. Salt: Not me!

Cinnamon: Sorry.

(Mr. Salt, Cinnamon and Paprika leave the shot)

Joe: Oh. Well if it wasn't them, who could it be? I guess we'll have to keep looking. (goes outside to the sandbox where Shovel and Pail are playing) Hi Shovel! Hey, Pail!

Both Shovel and Pail: Hi, Joe!

Joe: Great sandcastle!

Shovel: Thanks. Oops.

Pail: Shovel! You Knocked Down The Sandcastle!

Shovel: Sorry. I Didn’t Meant Too.

Pail’s Mad At Me.

Do You Think She’s Still Loves Me?

Um, Pail? Do You Still Love Me?

Pail: Well, You Mad At You Right Now.

But I Still Love You.

Joe: Pail’s Still Love Shovel.

And Love She’s Mad At Her.

Shovel: Maybe, We Could Build A New Sandcastle.

Pail: Okay.

Joe: Ahh! Love. It’s Love Love Love. Ooh.

By The Way, Did Everyone Who Send This Love Day Card?

Pail: Not Me.

Shovel: Me Either.

Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime!

Joe: The Mail’s Here. Maybe Mailbox Sent It.

Happy Love Day.

Shovel And Pail: See Ya Joe!

Blue: (Barks Excited)

Joe: Here's The Mail. It Never Fails.

It Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail.

When It Comes I Wanna Wail,


Hey, Mailbox, 

Did You Give This Love Day Card?

Mailbox: Nope. But I Do Something Else To Give You.

Your Letter.

Happy Love Day.

Joe: Happy Love Day You Too Mailbox.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

I Wonder Who It's From

Oh Look, It’s A Letter From Our Friends. 

Girl: Hi Joe. I’m Making A Love Day For My Grandma.

I’m Taking Pictures To Do With Her.

And Glueing Them In This Giant Heart Card.

I Love To Feed Her Fish With Her.

To Cook With Her.

And To Culled With Her.

All Done. Bye Joe.

Joe: Bye. Mmm… What’s This?

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Joe: You See A Clue. Where?

Viewer: Right There.

Joe: But, It Just Look Like A Blank Piece Of Paper To Me.

Where’s The Clue?

Viewer: On The Other Side.

Joe: Over There.

Viewer: No, On The Other Side Of The Paper.

Joe: Aha! There Is A Clue.

And It’s On This Castle.

You Know What We Need?

Our Lovetasic Handy-Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook!

Joe: Notebook.

Castle: Hi I’m The Castle.

Mop: Hi, Castle.

I’m A Mop. Swish, Swish.

Castle: And I’m A Castle.

Mop And Castle: Who Do You Think Sent Joe The Card?

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: The Book Of Love.

Blue: (Barks Excited)

Joe: I Wonder Who Wrote It?

Blue: Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow!

Joe: Hey, Blue Just Skidooed Into Book Of Love.

Maybe, Who Sent Me  This Love Day Card.

It Is In There. Come On.

Blue Skidoo, We Can Too.

Blue: (Barks)

Joe: Wow!

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: Looks Like Lot Of Stories In The Book Of Love.

Prince: Hello There Friends.

I Am A Prince.

Blue: (Bark Excited)

Princess: And I Am A Princess.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow, Bow!

Joe: Nice To Meet You Prince And Princess.

Blue: (Barks)

Princess: Can You Help Us Write Our Love Story?

Joe: Do You Wanna Help The Prince And Princess Write Their Love Story?

Great. We Would You Help.

Prince: Wonderful.

Now Listen Closely.

So We Can Write Down Everything That Happens.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Princess: Once Upon A Time There’s Was A Prince And A Princess Who We’re In Love.

Prince: Until One Day. The Magic Spell Turn The Poor Prince Into…

Princess: A Heart. Oh, No!

Joe: We Should Write This Down.

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Joe: Okay, So The Prince And A Princess We’re In Love Until One Day The Prince…

What Happened To The Prince?

Blue: Bow?

Viewer: He Turn Into A Heart.

Joe: Oh, Yeah. A Magic Spell Turn The Prince Into A Heart.

Did You Hear That, Blue?

Blue: Bow! (Barks Yes)

Joe: Then What Happens?

Princess: Well, The Prince Floated So High And The Princess Could Reach Them.

No Matter Hard She Try.

Then All The Sudden A Strong Wind Came And Started Blown The Prince Away.

Joe: Whoa! We Should Write This Down.

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Joe: So, The Heart Floated Way Up Into The Sky.

And Then…

Uhh. What Happen Next?

Viewer: The Wind Blew It Away.

Joe: Yeah. The Strong Wind Blew The Heart Away.

Then What Happened The Princess?

Princess: The Princess Bravely Followed After Her Prince.

Blue: (Barks)

Princess: She Followed Prince Through The Forest.

Blue: (Barks)

Princess: She Followed Up A Mountain.

Blue: Bow! (Barks)

Bow! (Barks Excited)

Princess: And When She To The Top.

The Princess Was Finally High Enough To Reach Them The Prince.

Blue: Bow! 

Princess: So She Stretched Out Her Arms.

And That One Hug That…

Joe: What Do You Think Is Gonna Happen Next?

You Really Think So. Let’s See.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Princess: The Magic Spells Was Broken.

The Heart Turn Into A Prince Again.

Prince: The End.

Joe: Wow! What A Story.

Now Everyone Can Read It.

And Remind It. Always Followed Their Hearts.

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Joe: Yeah.

Blue: (Barks)

Joe: Did Either Sent MeThis Love Day Card?

Princess: Sorry, Joe. It Wasn’t Us.

Blue: (Barks Excited)

Joe: And Guess What? Our Last Clue To Figured Out Who Did?

Blue: (Barks Yes)

(Barks Bye-Bye)

Joe: Buh-Bye. Have Fun At Happily Ever After.

Prince And Princess: Happy Love Day.

Joe: 3Rd Clue? Where Are You?

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Joe: Do You Know Where Clue Is?


Viewer: Back There.

Joe: Back Here?

You Helped Me Found The Clue. You Loved Me.

You Really Love Me.

And A Clue Is On This Glass Slipper.

You Know What We Need?

Our Lovely Tubby Handy-Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Joe: Notebook. Right.

Glass Slipper: Hi. I’m A Glass Slipper.

Mop: Hi, Glass Slipper.

We’re The Other Clues Too.

I’m A Mop. Swish, Swish.

Castle: And I’m A Castle.

Glass Slipper: I’m A Glass Slipper.

Clues Drawing: Now That We’re 3 What Will It Be?

Joe: We Have All 3 Clues To Figured Out.

Who Send Me This Love Day Card?

We’re Ready To Sit In Our…

Viewer: Thinking Chair.

Joe: Yeah. The Thinking Chair. Let’s Go.

Well, Now That We’re In Our Thinking Chair.

Let’s Think.

So, Who Can Send Me This Love Day Card.

Our Clues.

A Mop.

Mop: A Mop. Swish, Swish.

Castle: A Castle.

Glass Slipper: And A Glass Slipper.

Castle: Hmm. What Person Would That Be?

Mop: When It’s Someone Uses A Mop.

Swish Swish.

Castle: Who Lives In A Castle.

Glass Slipper: And Wear A Me A Glass Slipper.

Castle: Who Is This Person?

Viewer: Cinderella.

Cinderella (Drawing): I Dropped My Mop.

To The Castle I Ran. Lost My Glass Slipper.

I Got My Friend Cinderella.

Joe: Cinderella? That’s Who Sent Me This Love Day Card.

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We Sat On Down

Figured It Out

What Blue's Clues Were All About

Wow, You Know What?

We're Really Smart!

(Doorbell Rings)

Blue: Bow! (Barks Excited)

Joe: It’s The Doorbell. What Do Think She’s Here.

Really. Let’s Go See.

Who Is It?

Cinderella: It’s Me!

Blue: (Barks)

Joe: It’s Cinderella!

Cinderella: Hello. Can I Come In.

Joe: Yeah. Of Course. Come On.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: Cinderella Is In Our Living Room.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow!

Joe: You Are Wonderful Favorite Storybook Characters.

Cinderella: Well, You Know One Of Our Favorite Storybook Readers.

Blue: (Barks Excited)

Joe: Really? Oh, Wow!

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: And Thank You So Much For The Love Day Card. I Have No Idea. It’s For You.

Cinderella: Yep. It’s For Me. (Giggling)

Blue: (Giggling)

Cinderella: Glad You Like It.

Joe: You Like It.

I Love It.

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Joe: Oh, And A… I Think Someone Other Friends Wanna Meet You.

Hey, Everyone.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: Cinderella’s Here.

All: Wow! It’s Meet Your Cinderella.

Cinderella: Hi. Happy Love Day Everyone.

Paprika: Happy Love Day.

Pail: I Like Your Slippers, Cinderella.

Cinderella: Why Thank You.

Their Glass Slippers.

All: Slippers. Wow!

Shovel: Cinderella, Do You Like Sandcastles?

Cinderella: Well, Of Course I Do.

Shovel: Really? You Gotta Come See The Sandcastle That We Made For Love Day.

Cinderella: Okay. Let’s Go.

Mr. Salt: So, Was Prince Charming Alike

Blue: Bow, Bow!

(Barks Excitedly Then ”Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Blue’s Room”)

Moona: Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Blue’s Room.

(Changing Blue’s Clues Into Blue’s Room)

Blue: Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Blue’s Room. Let’s Play.

Polka Dots And Roary: (Kisses)

Roary: Hi, Blue.

Fred: Hi, Blue.

Silly Seat: Hi, Blue.

Blue: (Giggles) Hi You.

Come On.

(Gasps) Can You Believe Cinderella Came By?

She’s From One Of Our Favorite Stories.

(Gasps) See. Cinderella’s Story So Much Dreamy.

And Her Fairy Godmother Comes.

And She Against Go The Ball.

And She Meets Her Prince.

And Their Fall In Love.

Hmm? If… They We’re In Love.

Do You Think Cinderella And Their Prince Got Married?

I Wish You We Can Ask Him.

Moona: You Can.

Cinderella: Hi. It’s Me Cinderella.

It’s Beautiful. Has I Something To Ask Me.

Blue: Oh, My Goodness. It’s Cinderella.

I Can’t Believe It!

Oh, Uh, Well Um, We Didn’t Wanna Ask Him To You?

Oh, Yeah. Sit Down.

Cinderella: Okay. 

Blue: Um, Well, We We’re Wondering Did You And Prince Got Married.

Cinderella: That Is A Good Question. Yes.

The Prince Is Name Is Charlie.

Blue: Oh, Didn’t Know That. Did You.

Cinderella: Well.

Blue: Me Either.

Cinderella: Charlie. I Like To Know Each Other For A Long Time They We Got Me Married.

Blue: Oh, Wow Did They Got Married. That’s What We Got To Know.

Cinderella: And Now We Lived In A Castle.

It Is Quite You Know. And Got A New Job Too.

Blue: (Gasps) I Didn’t Know That. Wow!

What Kinda Of A Job Is That? 

Cinderella: Well, Remember On My Shoe Fell Off When Left The Ball.

Blue: Yeah, I Remember That.

Cinderella: Nice. Well, I Make Sure That Shoes Fall Off.

Blue: Oh!

Cinderella: See, They Tied Off The Angle.

Blue: Oh, Yeah. Now They Won’t Fall Off.

That’s Really Smart. Don’t You Think.

Cinderella: And That’s But My Mom Told Me.

Blue: (Gasps) Did You Know That.

Me Either You Are.

You And Prince Have A Baby.

Cinderella: Yup. We Have A Baby Girl.

Blue: Hmm.

Cinderella: See. 

Blue: Aww. She’s So Cute.

Cinderella: Isn’t That So Beautiful Her Names Ella.

Blue: What A Great Name Ella. Like Cinderella. (Giggles)

Uh, Where Is Baby Ella Now?

Cinderella: With Her Prince.

Blue: Oh, She’s With Her Daddy.

Um, I Do A Lot A Question.

Cinderella: Okay

Blue: Well, In Your Story.

Your Stepsisters. We’re Very Mean You Too.

Are Very Still Very Mean To You Now.

Cinderella: Actually. They Talked To About Her Problems.

But Their Are Very Quite Nice You Know.

Blue: Oh, Good.

We Did My Get My You’re Mean You’re Didn’t Me.


(Clock Chiming)

Cinderella: Oh, I Better Get Going.

Those Are Great Questions You Know.

Blue: Thank You.

Um, Cinderella. Can I Give You A Hug.

Cinderella: Sure.

Blue: You Are So Sweet.

Cinderella: Okay.

Blue: Okay. 

Cinderella: Bye.

Blue: Goodbye Cinderella.

You Can Come Back Anytime.

Moona: Bye.

Blue: I’m So Glad You Done Your Cinderella Any Questions.

(Moon-A Come Back)

Moon-A: It’s Time To Go Blue.

Blue: Oh, Thanks Moon-A.

I Just Love Cinderella.

Do You Know Who Else In Love.

I Love You.


Well, Come On.

(Changing Back To Blue’s Room Into Blue’s Clues Then Moona Leaves Again)

Blue: (Barks Excited ”Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Blue’s Room”)

Joe: There You Are.

Guess What? Would You Are Gone.

I Made You A Love Day Card.

I Wanna Give You Because Your Love Me Your Such A Great Friends.

And I Love You, So. 

Here We Go.

It’s Yours.

Do You Like It?

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: Come On, Won't You Help Me Say So Long?

Everybody Sing The Goodbye Song!

Ready? Here We Go!

Bye! Goodbye!

See You Later, Sweet Potato!


See You Real Soon.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: And Happy Love Day.

Blue: (Barks “Bye-Bye”)

Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

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