• (Interrupting the usual standard intro)
    Jinx: We're the H.I.V.E. Five and this is our show now!

  • Billy Numerous: (While stealing mummy jars) Hoo wee! Them some fancy jars! (Duplicates)
    Duplicate: I agree. I believe these should be the property of Billy Numerous!
    (Billy Numerous duplicates into four copies)
    Duplicates: Start grabbing!

  • (After their museum robbery is foiled and Jinx has been left with a rose)
    Jinx: I wanna know who did this. I wanna find them and I wanna make them pay. (Destroys rose)
    Gizmo: Somebody has a boyfriend!
    (He laughs. Jinx causes his chair to break)

  • Mammoth: So we got busted. What's the big deal? We get busted all the time.

  • Gizmo: Who needs 'em?
    Jinx: Suit yourselves! But when I'm playing in the big leagues and you're still robbing parking meters, don't ask me for any favors!
    (Jinx exits.)
    Billy Numerous: Ya all wanna build a fort outta sofa cushions?
    (The other boys eagerly join in)

  • Billy Numerous: Yeeeaaahhh! It's time for crime!

  • Billy Numerous: Run run run as fast as you can! You can't catch me... catch you... I'm Billy Numerous!!

  • (Mammoth opens candy bar, but Kid Flash takes it before he eats it)
    Mammoth: Hey! I paid for that!

  • Kid Flash: Wait, wait, wait, wait! If you're called the "H.I.V.E. Five", how come there are six of you?
    See-More: (Unsure) 'Cause i-i-it sounds c-cooler?

Billy Numerous: Ah, this is boring! (He leaves as he leaves a duplicste behind)

Duplicate: We're going to go watch wrassling! (He leaves as well)

Gizmo: You dweebs better not hog the sofa! (He flies away as Mammoth eats the rest of his chips and runs off. Jinx just puts her head in her hand, exasperated.)

  • Jinx: Why are you so interested in me?
    Kid Flash: There's something about you that's different. I think you can do better. (Pauses. Produces a sandwich) Can I get some mustard? This looks a little dry.
    Jinx: (Makes sandwich explode in Kid Flash's face) Have your fun, in a minute you're gonna wish your were never born.
    Kid Flash: Oh right, you wanna see what makes me tick.
    Jinx: You're an idiot. I'm turning you in to the Brotherhood of Evil.
    Kid Flash: You're joking, right? (The Brotherhood of Evil symbol appears on computer screen) You're not joking.

  • Gizmo: Who's the loser now?

  • (Kyd Wykkyd appears suddenly behind Kid Flash, startling him)
    Kid Flash: Someone should put a bell on you.

  • Kid Flash: Ooh, what'cha making?
    Gizmo: Oh, you'll find out! (Realizing it's Kid Flash) AAAH!!!

  • Kid Flash: (Going through Jinx's drawings) I never took you for the unicorn type.

  • Madame Rouge: (Threatening Kid Flash) You like to play the games? This is the one called "Stay Alive"!

  • Kid Flash: Why do you wanna be like her?
    Jinx: I'm bad luck! Good was never an option for me. At least with the Brotherhood of Evil I can be somebody. I'll get respect.
    Kid Flash: You don't need to hurt people to feel good about yourself.

  • Jinx: I wanted someone to look up to. I thought you were cool.
    Madame Rouge: Life is full of disappointments. You are one of them.

  • (Madame Rouge tries to hit Jinx, but Jinx blasts her back)
    Jinx: I don't care who you are! Nobody messes with me!
    Madame Rouge: (Seemingly impressed) Hmmm. Ve'll be in touch.

  • See-More: The research lab's having a special on computers: Steal one, get one free!
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