Let's Write is an Season 5 episode of Blue's Clues.


(Joe opens the door with a black hat on his head)
Joe: Oh, it's you. Hi. I'm writing. Watch this: (Joe gets out yellow sticky notes) A line that goes down, another one just like it, and a line across that connects them. What letter did I just write?
Kid: "H".
Joe: I wrote the letter H. Check this out. (Joe then writes the letter A) The letter A… (Joe writes a T) ...and the letter T. H, A, T: Hat.
(Joe peels off the label)
Joe: Look. I made a label that reads "Hat" for… (Joe puts the word "Hat" on his hat.) hat! (laughs) Ta-da! We have been writing words and making labels for things all over the house. See? (Joe points to the word "Frame" on the yellow Picture frame.)"Frame"...(Joe points to the word "Chair" on the Thinking Chair) "Chair"... (Joe points to the word "Snail", across the living room) "Snail".
(Blue barks off-screen)
Joe: Come on. Hey, do want to write some more labels with Blue? (removes his hat) You do? Great.
(Joe sits next to Blue, who is writing a label also)
Joe: Ooh. Blue wrote the letter B and the letter L.
(Blue then writes a U)
Joe: What letter is she writing now?
Kid: 'U".
Joe: Blue wrote the letter U. Let's write it too. Uh... We could write it using our finger. Like this; ready? The letter U is a line that goes down and curves up. Kinda looks like a smile.
(Blue then writes the letter E)
Joe: The letter E. Let's write that too. Finger ready?
(Joe then shows how to write the letter E as the marker squeaks)
Joe: "E". Wow. Look at all the letters we wrote. B, L, U, E.
(Blue barks the letters she wrote)
Joe: Yeah, Blue, we could put these letters together and read the word we wrote. B-LUUUUUE. Blue. We wrote your name Blue. This is great.
(Blue puts the label on her head.)
Joe: Do you wanna write something else?
(Blue nods)
Joe: Well what else do you wanna write?
(Blue leaves a paw print on left side of the screen)
Joe: Oh. We'll play Blue's Clues to figure out what else Blue wants to write.
  We are gonna play Blue’s Clues
  Cause it’s a really great game, yeah!
Joe So, remember, Blue's paw prints will be on the clues: Blue's Clues.
(Joe scratches off most of the paw print, then blows it off.)
Joe: You know what we need to play Blue's Clues: Our handy-dandy...
Kid: Notebook.
Joe: Notebook, right.
(Joe goes over to Side Table, who writes on a label as well)
Joe: Um, excuse us. Side Table, what are you doing?
Side Table: I'm writing. See? (turns the label around to show an "S')
Joe: Ha, ha, ha, look at that! Hey, let's write an "S" too. Finger ready. OK. The letter S is a really curvy line, like a ssssssnake.
Side Table: Sssssssuper! Here's our notebook.
(Joe gets out his notebook)
Joe: Thanks, Ssside Table Drawer. Keep writing.
(music begins)
Joe: To play Blue's Clues, we got to find a...
Kids: Paw print!
Joe: Oh, a paw print, right. And that's our first...
Kids: Clue!
Joe: A clue?
Kids: A clue!
Joe: Then we put it in our...
Kids: Notebook!
  Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues
  We got to find another paw print,
  That's the second clue
  We put it in our notebook,
  Cause they're whose clues?
  Blue's Clues!
  We got to find the last paw print,
  That's the third clue
  We put it in our notebook
  Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues
  You know what to do
  Sit down in our Thinking Chair
  And think, think, think
  Cause when we use our minds,
  And take a step at a time,
  We can do anything...
Blue: Ba-bow!
Joe: That we want to do! (does jazz hands) Are you ready to play Blue's Clues, so we can figure out what else Blue wants to write? You are? Great. Hey, (Blue goes to the right direction, with the label on her head.) did you see which way B-L-U-E went?
Kid: That way.
Joe: That way. Thanks, come on.
(Joe goes to the bedroom)
  We are looking for Blue's Clues
  Wonder where they are
(Joe passes a tower of blocks on the bedroom desk)
Kid: A clue, clue!
Joe: You see a clue? (Joe searches for the clue, but the viewers see his face through the blocks) Where?
Kid: On that letter.
(Joe sees the clue on the top block)
Joe: Oh, there is a clue on that letter. What letter is that?
Kid: "J".
Joe: The letter J. You know what we need now. Our handy-dandy....
Kid: Notebook.
Joe: Notebook, right.
Joe drawing: Let's draw a long line down that curves up like this.
Joe: The letter J. Well, what else could Blue want to write, with the letter J? Yeah good idea. Let's find two more clues to be sure.
Mail Time Men: Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, MAIL TIME!
Joe: The mail's here. Come on.
(Joe runs back to the living room)
  Here's the mail, it never fails.
  It makes me want to wag my tail,
  When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”
(Mailbox comes in and Joe sits in the Thinking Chair)
Joe: Hey, Mailbox. Did you write your name?
Mailbox: Yep, "Mailbox". My name has my favorite letter in it, the letter X.
Joe: The letter X. What a great letter!
Mailbox: And here's another great letter. (opens up. Joe laughs at his statement. Joe gets out his letter.)
Joe: Thanks Mailbox. (Mailbox leaves) We just got a letter.
  We just got a letter
  We just got a letter
  We just got a letter
  I wonder who it's from?
Joe: Oh, look it's a letter from our friends.
Kids: Hi, Joe.
Boy: We're writing our names. (begins writing) A is the first letter of the alphabet and my name "Alex".
Girl: My name is Elizabeth. Z is like a ziggly line.
Girl: Wow, you did a really good job, Elizabeth.
Girl: Thank you.
Girl: This is my name Kennedy. and this is how I write it.
Girl: You have two Ns in your name Kennedy.
Kids: Bye, Joe!
Joe: Bye.
(Joe gets up from the Thinking Chair, and goes over to a staircase leading to another room in the bedroom. He hears a voice in the distance)
Joe: It sounds like something's going on upstairs.
(He heads up the stairs leading to the house attic. He sees Marky)
Joe: Look! It's Marky the Marker.
Marky: Hey, Joe.
(Joe kneels down to Marky)
Joe: Yo, Marky. What's in all of these boxes?
Marky: If you help me write these labels, I'll show you.
Joe: Okay. We love to write.
Marky: Great! I'm writing a letter. See if you can tell which one.
(Joe looks closely, and Marky begins to write.)
Joe: What letter is Marky writing?
Marky: It's the letter T.
Joe: Yeah. Let's use our fingers (gets his finger ready) to write the letter T. First we write a line down, and a line across the top, like a hat. Hey, (stands up) be a T with me, okay? (Joe puts his legs together and poses as a T.) "T"! Nice letter T. (laughs. He then knells back down to Marky. Marky writes another letter O.)
Joe: What letter is Marky writing now? The letter O. (Joe gets his finger ready.) Finger ready? Let's write the letter O. It's shaped like a ball. Let's be Os.
(Joe bends his arms in a circle to form an O)
Joe: (deep voice) Ooooooo. (gives two thumbs up) Marky, are there any other letters.
Marky: Two more: The letter Y and the letter S.
Joe: T-O-Y-S. What word is that? T-ooo-yyyyy-ss. (realizes what the word is) Toys.
(Marky opens the box revealing old toys.)
Joe: Toys!
Marky: Yep. This is a box of toys.
(Marky closes the box and puts it away somewhere. Marky gets out another box.)
Joe: I can't wait to see what's in the next box.
(Marky writes a C.)
Joe: What letter could this be? The letter C. (gets his index finger ready) Ready? We'll write a curve like this. And now… (Joe stands up to form the C.) …let's be Cs!
(Joe forms his muscles to form the C)
Joe: "C"! Oh that is great.
Marky: There's more! (Joe goes back to Marky, who writes the other 3 letters) A, R, S. There.
Joe: C-A-R-S. Let's read it. C-aaaa-rrrrr-sss. Cars? (Marky slides up open the box, revealing toy cars.) Cars!
Marky: Ride on! There are cars in this box. (Marky closes the box and gets out one more box.) And now, I'm going to write one more label. (writes his last word) C-L-U-E. (to Joe) Bye!
Joe: (waves) Bye, Marky!
(Marky leaves. Now alone, Joe reads the word Marky wrote)
Joe: C-L-U-E. C-ll-uuu-e. Clue? Hm, says "Clue"...(Suddenly, an "O" pops out of the box) ...right here. (chuckles)
Kid: A clue, clue!
Joe: Yep. Says "clue" right here.
Kid: No, it's a clue!
Joe: Oh? Oh. Oh! You found a clue and it's on this letter..."O"! We need our handy-dandy...
Kid: Notebook.
Joe: Notebook, right. Clue, clue. (laughs)
Joe drawing: For a letter O, we'll make a big circle.
Joe: Hmm, so far, our clues are the letter J and the letter O. What else could Blue want to write with the letters J and O? Yeah maybe. But, we better find one last clue just in case. 
(Blue barks and Joe runs toward the attic exit and goes over to the window set area. Blue skidoos into a paper with a set of paints)
Joe: Blue just skidooed. Let's go too.
  Blue skidoo, we can, too
(Joe jumps into the painting world wearing a painting apron over his shirt. Blue touches a giant paintbrush to see how big it is.)
Joe: (amazed at the giant paintbrush) Whoa! (he picks it up.) This is the biggest paintbrush I've ever seen. (Joe uses it to paint a bit) Yeah, Blue, it really works.
Palette: Hi, Joe. Hello, Blue. I'm Palette. And I need to write a word, but I'm not sure how to write the letters. Will you help?
Joe: Sure, we can help. We've been writing all day. We can help.
Palette: Great, follow me.
(Joe and Blue follow Pallette)
Palette: So the first word I need to write is a J. But how do you make a J?
Joe: Will you use your finger and show me how to write a J? Oh, yeah. Thanks. Let's go back and then write one for Palette. A line that goes all the way down and then hooks up. Wow, the letter J look like a… (The J turns into a hook) Yeah, like a hook. Or… (The J turns into a slide) Or a slide.
Palette: You wrote a perfect letter J. Yay! Come on.
(they follow Palette)
Palette: The next letter I need to write is a U. How do you write a U?
Joe: So, how do we write (gets his finger up) a letter U? Oh. Great. Let's write. A line that goes down and then up. When it's this big....
(the U turns into a swing set)
Joe: Yeah. The letter U kinda looks like a swing.
Palette: Yeah! Come on!
(Joe and Blue follow her)
Palette: Now I need to write the letter M. How do you write the letter M?
Joe: How do we write the letter M? (raises finger) Oh, I see! (demonstrates how we write it) Thanks! First, down. Then down, then up, then down. The letter M. Like....
(the M changes into mountain peaks)
Joe: Yeah, like mountains.
Palette: All right! Just one more letter to write.
(Joe and Blue follow Palette)
Palette: How do you write the letter P?
Joe: (raises finger) How do we write the letter P? Got it. (demonstrates) The letter P: Down and then around. The letter P… (the P changes into a waving flag)....looks like a flag.
Palette: Now watch this. Over here, letters!
(the letters appear into view, boinging)
Joe: Hey. Let's put the letters together and read the word we wrote. J-U-M-P. Jump.
Palette: We wrote the word 'JUMP'! Thanks for your help! Bye!
  We wrote the letters and they came alive
  Jump! And jive!
  Letter J, has just the look
  Like a candy cane
  Or a cubby hook
  Now hang on tight
  Here comes U
  Like an upside down umbrella
  Or a swing too!
  Climb this mountain, and you will see!
  The letter M is the place to be!
  Words complete when we add the P
  J-U-M-P spells jump
Jump with me!
(Joe and Blue jump around playfully as letters make words)
  Letters make words when we're reading or writing!
  Just put some together
  It's very exciting!
(Blue runs off. Joe runs past an E with a clue on it)
Kid: A clue, a clue!
Joe: Excuse me?
Kid: A clue, right there!
(Joe comes around and sees the clue on the letter E)
Joe: Oh! You found our last clue! And it's, the letter E. You know what we need now: our handy-dandy....
Kid: Notebook!
Joe: Notebook, right!
Joe drawing: Let's draw a line across, down, and over. One more line, and there: the letter E.
Joe: We have our last clue to figure out what else Blue wants to write! (closes his notebook) You know what that means. It's time to sit down in our...
Kid: Thinking Chair!
Joe: Thinking Chair! Let's go!
(Joe skidoos back to the house, realizing that his apron is off. He looks sheepish, and he races over to the Thinking Chair and sits down in it.)
Joe: So, now that we're in our Thinking Chair, let's think! What else could Blue want to write with the letter J, the letter O, and the letter E? Maybe all these letters make a word. (he studies the word) JO-E. JO-E. What word is that?
Kid: Joe.
Joe: Yes. Oh, Joe. J-O-E spells Joe. We just figured out Blue's Clues!
  We sat on down
  Figured it out
  What Blue’s Clues were all about
  Wow, you know what?
  We’re really smart!
Joe: So, Blue, do you want to write my name? (Blue nods) That is so nice!
(Blue sits on the red pillow, with the objects label on it. Blue picks up a yellow sticky note and a black marker. Joe sits down next to Blue.)
Joe: Okay, Blue. (raises finger) Let's write. (Blue writes the three letters Joe requested) J-O-E.
(Blue barks J-O-E. She hands the label to Joe. Joe takes it)
Joe: J-O-E. Joe! I have a label! (stands up) Hey, everyone. (He sticks the label to his shirt)
(Side Table appears with separate labels of words in her name)
Side Table: Hi, Joe.
Joe: J-O-E! That's me. Joe. Hi, Side Table Drawer.
(Marky comes into the living room, with the boxes from earlier and a label with his name)
Joe: And look! There's Marky! (waves to him)
Marky: Hi, J-O-E.
(Joe sees various words around the living room)
Joe: Wow. Look at all the words we wrote today. Toys, Cars, Blue, Joe, (puts the black hat back on his head) Hat.
(then Joe goes to the front door area)
Joe: Thank you for helping us write so many words today. Hey, maybe you can write more words.
  Now it's time for So Long
  But we'll sing just one more song
  Thanks for doing your part
  You sure are smart
  You know, with me and you
  And our friend, Blue
  We can do anything
  That we want to do
  We can do anything...
Joe: That we want to do! Bye! Thanks again.
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