Nova Prime: …This is a priority alpha! All Nova Crops… can anyone… hear me? …We are under siege… alert! …Kang is attacking… anyone?
Star-Lord: Okay, anyone else see a giant sword in the sky?
Drax: I can! It’s right there.
Nova Prime: Guardians?! Kang the Conqueror is attacking. We’ve nearly evacuated everyone but our last rescue ships are pinned down. We can’t hold out much longer!
Star-Lord: Relax, Nova Prime, the Calvary’s here. No problem we can’t punch, no payment we won’t accept. Rocket, you’re on stick. Groot… Don’t touch anything! Let’s go kick some Kang!
Gamora: Everything okay up there?
Star-Lord: Honestly, it’s best not to think about it.
Rocket Raccoon: Hey, I heard that! Keep your opinions about my flying to yourself, Quill!
Gamora: Let’s just get out of this pig sty and make it to the air lock.
Drax: Pig sty? I do not see any pigs…
Star-Lord: Uh, Rocket? Think you could take a break from crashing my ship and open this hatch for us, please?
Rocket Raccoon: What, it’s not already open? Must be jammed or somethin’.
Star-Lord: Great… we’ll need to use the emergency manual override I told you guys about.
Gamora: There is nothing I can do about this… I still can’t believe that’s your "emergency" manual override.
Star-Lord: Hey, I admit it’s a little on the complicated side but least it works, right? There’s our exit. Just gotta use a gravity mine to get the stuff out of the way.
Gamora: Why is there a reinforced plate over the controls?
Star-Lord: Well, you know how Groot likes pressing buttons? I kinda don’t want him anywhere near that one.
Gamora: Hmm… An actual, sensible precaution.
Star-Lord: Yeah, don’t be too surprised.
Gamora: If we survive this, I vote we have trial runs for future emergencies.
Rocket Raccoon: Alright, guys, we’re almost in position… get ready!
Star-Lord: Okay, let’s jump…
Star-Lord: …as soon as we’re low enough!
Gamora: Was he wearing a rocket pack?…
Star-Lord: You’re kidding right? he doesn’t even wear a shirt. Okay, new plan: We jump now.
Gamora: Urgh, Drax, you must learn to look before you leap.
Drax: I did look, then I leaped.
Star-Lord: Yeah… Wild guess here, this Kang the Conqueror is big on time travel?
Nova Prime: (hologram) I said "The Guardians of the Galaxy"… yes, I know they’re a bunch of… oh! Hello, Guardians. Thank you for your assistance. A rescue boat should be arriving to pick up the last of the civilians now. Please do everything you can to help clear the area keep an eye out for Kang’s forces.
Drax: An eye out? How does she expect us to see if we…
Star-Lord: Figure of speech, Drax! Alright, Guardians. Looks like we’ve got work to do. Star-Lord… Legendary Outlaw! It’s not looking good. There’s chaos everywhere.
Gamora: Those civilians aren’t going anywhere unless we put those fires out. Perhaps there’s something on the upper level we can use.
Star-Lord: I don’t get it. Who is this "Kang" guy and what does he want, anyway?
Drax: Stand aside! My mighty strength shall destroy this moderately wall!
Star-Lord: Alright, team! That did it! Now we’ve got our very own fore-extinguishing drone! Yeah, I probably jinxed that. Sorry, guys.
Gamora: The people are running to safety. Good work. Watch out! Incoming!
Star-Lord: Whoah!
Drax: You’ll pay for that, you cowards!
Star-Lord: Okay, that was weird. But look! There’s the gravity mine booster we need! Whoo! I knew that’d work!
Drax: I shall assist with the opening of the door.
Star-Lord: Congratulations, folks! You’ve been just saved by the legendary… Hey, where’s everyone going? Nobody wants a "Star-Lord" autograph?
Rocket Raccoon: Hey, you guys doin’ okay? We’re coming in to land now! Oh, you’re not gonna believe what happened! We ran one of Kang’s buddies and found a little future technology! Wait until you see! WHOOAAAAHHH…!!!
Groot Small: WHOOAAAAHHH…!!!
Gamora: Rocket, do you have anything that can destroy this reinforced metal?
Rocket Raccoon: Of course! Unlike summa you guys, I’m always prepared for situations for this!
Gamora: Nice work. Now we just need to help them reach the boat.
Star-Lord: Whoah! How did Groot just do that?
Rocket Raccoon: That’s what I just trying to tell you before, that little time gizmo we found let’s him grow and shrink any time he wants… or get older and younger, if wanna get technical about it. Doesn’t seem to work on anything else though.
Groot: I am Groot!
Drax: We have done well, this day.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, once *I* showed up!
Groot: I am Groot!!
Nova Prime: (hologram) Quill, come in! We’re under attack our shields are almost gone, we need you to hold off the attacking ship while we repair them.
Rocket Raccoon: Guess we’re doing a little overtime, huh?
Star-Lord: Hey! Is that thing attacking my ship? Not cool!
Gamora: Let’s move before it does any more damage.
Rocket Raccoon: Urgh! The Milano could explode at any minute it’s too dangerous to get inside.
Gamora: Rocket, is it possible to access the defense systems remotely?
Rocket Raccoon: Maybe… It’s worth a shot, in any case. Oh, this is gonna be too easy! Okay, that did it. Now we just need to get up there and fire the thing!
Groot: I am Grooooot!
Star-Lord: I think it’s working! Just need to keep firing!
Gamora: A few more shots should do it!
Star-Lord: That’s the last of them. Good job, team.
Star-Lord: Nice shot, Rocket!
Drax: We are victories!
Star-Lord: …Okay, yeah, thanks.
Kang: There is no great satisfaction than that of triumph on the battlefield. Isn’t it glorious, my dear Ravonna?
Ravonna: Such devastation… your might is unsurpassable! My Kang…
Kang: Oh, I like that! Say it again!
Ravonna: Such devastation… your might is unsurpassable! My Kang…
Kang: Hmmm, just as pleasing a second time.
Ravonna: The new arrivals fight with spirit.
Kang: Insignificant, ants. They pose no threat. But still, let us put them against a more formidable challenge.
Gamora: A celestial, here? But why?
Rocket Raccoon: Who knows? But he don’t like he’s looking to make friends!
Ravonna: My Kang, E’Son the Searcher is that overkilled?!
Kang: Too much? I found him at the end of time, fading and broken. So he shouldn’t destroy them too quickly. Hahahahahaha!
Rocket Raccoon: Hey, is that thing waving at us?
Drax: I believe so! Hello, giant misunderstood creature!
Rocket Raccoon: No, wait. It’s attacking! Watch out, guys!
Gamora: This day just gets better and better! Did you do something to get on this thing’s bad side, Peter?
Star-Lord: Why does everyone keep asking me that? No!… Not this time.
Rocket Raccoon: Wait… What the heck just happened?
Gamora: Best guess? More of that Kang the Time Ravel Technology.
Rocket Raccoon: Huh… Hadn’t counted on running into something like this…
Gamora: We need to put a stop to that laser beam. Any ideas?
Star-Lord: A gravity mine might work if I another booster.
Rocket Raccoon: Too bad we don’t have anything to build one with!
Gamora: What about using pieces from the ship over there?
Rocket Raccoon: We’d need to break it apart first maybe our new pal can help us out?
Star-Lord: Hey, I think it’s working!
Rocket Raccoon: Wait… what the heck just happened?
Drax: The ship… it re-made itself! How is that possible?
Star-Lord: So much for the gravity booster. At least we’ve got something attack it with now. Yeah! That did it! Hey, I think see a weak spot on his shoulder.
Drax: Leave it to me! Nothing shall stand in my way!
Rocket Raccoon: Guys! I think we just took out his power!
Gamora: Okay, while we’ve got the chance look for a weak spot!
Star-Lord: Yeah, what she said Do that!
Rocket Raccoon: Hey, Quill! You see what I see?
Star-Lord: The big, scary robot wants to destroy us? Yeah, I noticed that already.
Rocket Raccoon: Nah, I’m talking about the gravity booster in his chest. Think you could use that?
Gamora: You mean attach a gravity mine to something as powerful as a celestal? There’s no telling what might happen!
Rocket Raccoon: Good point. We should definitely use it! Yeah, you better run!
Drax: We are victorious! …Again!
Nova Prime: Thank you! You’ve bought us enough time for our evacuation ships to clear Kang’s forces.
Star-Lord: Hey, no problem. The bigger they are the… the more they hurt you.
Rocket Raccoon: Hey, Quill. Ask them what our reward is!
Star-Lord: Umm, what are those?
Gamora: Our cue to leave. Come on!
Groot Small: I am Groot!
Rocket Raccoon: Hey, don’t count your seeds yet, Pal. That giant sword is still out there.
Drax: It just left?
Groot Small: I am Groot!
Rocket Raccoon: An emergency broadcast from Terra?!
Gamora: Earth? Surely Kang isn’t there already?!
Star-Lord: That’s impossible! Either way we gotta get there and warn them!
Rocket Raccoon: Pffft, why do we gotta help them?!
Star-Lord: ‘Cause we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy!

(At Manhattan, Earth)
She-Hulk: You can rely on the Avengers to host a great victory wrap party!
Daredevil: Great job they did on Loki.
Captain Marvel: The brie is fantastic.
Giant-Man: Could you pass me some more nachos?
She-Hulk: Sure, Giant-Man!
Iron Man: Welcome, Wasp, enjoy the spread! Although I’d steer on the Asgardian vol-au-vents.
Thor: Food of the Gods, my friends!
Wasp: Where’s Banner?
Iron Man: He enjoys his quiet time.
Wasp: Well, I guess the Hulk not being here you’ve saved on the catering.
Jarvis: Incoming call from Nick Fury!
Wasp: Another emergency… did you get the those doors to the command center, fixed, Tony?
Iron Man: Erm… Yeah, of course! Okay, guys, we’re gonna have to wrap this up!
Thor: A great pity. The hors d’oeuvers were outstanding.
She-Hulk: You wash, I’ll dry.
Wasp: C’mon, we’d better head to the command center!
Captain America: What’re the chances that door is actually fixed…?
Jarvis: Incoming call from Nick Fury…
Iron Man: So, I got some bad news, wanna hear it? Come on, the news isn’t that bad. I do need you to hear it though. The entrance mechanism is still busted. Guess I don’t fix it after all whoops. It’s gonna take some extra parts to fix it but I’ve kinda got oil on my hands so… if I told you the items I need, d’you think you could go find some and bring ‘em to me’? Okay, great. These are parts you’re looking for. If you check the rooms on this floor there’s bound to be a few components lying around.
Captain America: Those parts Tony needs have to be around here somewhere.
Wasp: Hey, I think we might have an incoming call from Nick Fury…
Captain America: Who what gave it away?
Wasp: We’d better see what Nick Fury before we head out.
Iron Man: You might find something back in the lounge, we were partying pretty hard in there… y’know, until the "fun alarm" went off. Great, that looks like it should be enough. Let me take those off your hands and we can finally get this thing open… Okay, now to finish putting this thing together. There, now that wasn’t so difficult, was it?
Wasp: If it was so easy, why don’t you fix it when I asked you the first time?
Captain America: (sighs) … C’mon, we’ve still got to answer that call.
Iron Man: First thing I’m doing after we answer this call is putting that thing on silent.
Nick Fury: Avengers, sorry to break up the party… I have new missions for you. Siberia. Massive radiation spikes around a remote research faculty. Attuma’s forces have been spotted out in the ocean. A prison breakout, headed for Brooklyn Bridge. Fury out!
Wasp: Three teams. Grab Spider-Man in your way out.

J. Jonah Jameson: I’m moving with the times to bring you the Daily Bugle Livestream, a web cast hosted by me, J. Jonah Jameson! Don’t be fooled by the term *webcast*, I’ve not gone Spider-Man, web as in interweb… or something… Enough technobabble! Prepare to be informed! Super-villain activity across the globe has increased dramatically in the last few hours. The Avengers have assured the world’s media this is just run-of-the-villany. Nothing they can’t handle, and it is no way connected with earlier reports of a strange disturbance detected on the far side of the galaxy. Hah! Like you can trust anyone who wears a mask and tights. Right now get outta here. I got a paper to run too you know.

  • (In a remote area of Siberia…)
  • Captain America: We’re going to land as close to that facility as we can.
  • Thor: What's alls this place? Doth everything not look peaceful and calm to thee?
  • Captain America: We’ll see when we get a bit closer. The Winter Guard were unable to get this far.
  • She-Hulk: Sure is beautiful. Sure was beautiful - what is that thing?
  • Captain America: The source of the radiation spike. According to Wasp the researchers have vanished.
  • Thor: Let us sally to their ad.
  • Captain America: Okay, team. Let’s move out.
  • Thor: Yes, and with great haste!
  • She-Hulk: Absolutely… nice jacket by the way, Cap.
  • Captain America: Uh, thanks.
  • She-Hulk: Cap! Care to give me a boost with your oh-so shiny shield?
  • Captain America: You got it... Wait, what? I'd better take care of that fire. My shield should be able to smother the flames. Hey, there's a electric socket up here. Thor, do you think you could use your lightning to restore the power?
  • Thor: Hmm... Let me see. It seems we are not welcome.
  • Captain America: Yeah, it might be a little tricky getting inside. Let's take a look around and see if we can find some sort of an override switch.
  • Thor: There. We should be able to get to use this to open the door now.
  • She-Hulk: Sure hope everyone inside is okay.
  • Computer: Warning! Radioactive materials detected. Lockdown in progress.
  • She-Hulk: That doesn't sound good.
  • Captain America: I see someone... excuse me? Are you alright? What happened here? Where's the rest of the team? What the heck?!
  • Thor: By father's beard! What madness is this?!
  • She-Hulk: It... it must've been the radiation or something!
  • Captain America: Agreed! We need to contain this situation now! Let's move!
  • She-Hulk: You think you can open that door, Cap?
  • Captain America: Urgh... I can't hit the switch from here. We'll need to find a way to rebound the shield towards it from suitable angle.
  • She-Hull: Whoah... Did we do it?
  • Thor: I know not...
  • Captain America: Welll we did... something.
  • She-Hulk: Cap! ... Cap, are you alright?
  • Captain America (Radioactive): Hisssss...!!!
  • She-Hulk: Uh-oh... Steve...?
  • Thor: He must be consumed by the cloud!!
  • She-Hulk: Buy why would the gas turn him against us? Something doesn't add up! Okay, hopefully that'll keep him down long enough for us to figure out...
  • Thor: Wait! Someone else is here... I can almost feel a strange...
  • The Presence: Ahh... my distinguished guests! I've been expecting you...
  • Thor: The presence?! You are the vile fiend behind all of this?!
  • The Presence: Oh... you wouldn't you like to know, Thor... The Mighty Thunder God?! Get them, my radioactive minions! Weak fools! You are no match for the Presence!
  • She-Hulk: The shield's gone! Now's our chance!
  • The Presence: Agh! No, this is not right!
  • Thor: This maybe our only opportunity to defeat him!
  • The Presence: Your resistance is meaningless! Join me willingly while allow it... No... This cannot be happening! You shall not defeat me! Oof! You dare defy me?! Bow! Before your new master!
  • Thor: It might have a little but we will save you, Captain! Ha! The collective mind of the Pressence is no match for Mjølnir!
  • Captain America: I didn't much care for being part of it... Uh, excuse me? Threat's neutralized.
  • The Presence: Hu he ha haha... Pitful Fools. Don't you see? This is just a test. My powers are in thrall to a higher command... You will see, in time...
  • She-Hulk: Or how about now?
  • Red Guardian: Greetings, Avengers! Is good to see you.
  • Captain America: Red Guardian! Glad we could be of assistance.
  • Crimson Dynamo: This is very unusual technique.
  • Darkstar: Da...
  • Captain America: She-Hulk? Can you take some time out from that to radio the quinjet?
  • She-Hulk: Awww! Do I have to?
  • Thor: By Mjølnir!
  • Captain America: What is that?
  • Black Adam: I, Black Adam, am free!
  • (Meanwhile, in the depths of the ocean...)
  • Captain Marvel: It's strange, last intel on Attuma suggested he didn't have the resources to be any real threat...
  • Iron Man: Looks like he's sorted out his cash flow problem. There's enough weaponry there to attack the whole eastern seaboard... Roxxon!
  • Captain Marvel: Those corporate criminals! But why would they back Attuma's invasion plans? Unless they know something we don't?
  • Iron Man: Only one way to find out. Let's give them some real bang for their buck!
  • Captain Marvel: Alright, Tony. Let's find out the generators and plant the charges.
  • Iron Man: Got it. I'm guessing those differently-colored pipes will lead us to them?
  • Captain Marvel: Yeah... probably lead u right into trouble too.
  • Iron Man: Well, aren't *we* the optimist? Huh... so much for our "covert operation".
  • Captain Marvel: Hey, who said anything about being "covert"? Wait. A laser grid...? You were saying, Tony?
  • Iron Man: I stand by my previous statement this shouldn't be as difficult to get past as the door.
  • Captain Marvel: Oh, I'll make sure of that. Let me try.
  • Attuma: What are you doing?! Get out of here, you insignificant worms!
  • Iron Man: Whoah! Where did he come from? The Generator's on the upper level. Just need to find a way to reach it.
  • Captain Marvel: There's a hatch on the ceiling. Think we can destroy it?
  • Iron Man: Good call. Leave it to me. Right, that's the second one. One more should be enough.
  • Attuma: You again!? Stop what you're doing! Attuma commands you!
  • Captain Marvel: You "command" us? Yeah, good luck with that...
  • Attuma: Argh! I'll get you for that! Peasants! This is an outrage!
  • Iron Man: Uh! Hello? Is there a better person to do this? Probably not.
  • Captain Marvel: I don't get it. How could anyone justify all this stuff to Attuma?
  • Iron Man: Some people can "justify" anything if the price is high enough. You forget talking to?
  • Captain Marvel: Oh, I wasn't thinking sorry, Tony.
  • Iron Man: That's Attuma's invasion plans and truly sunk!
  • Captain Marvel: Still doesn't add up. What was Attuma planning? Why attack now? What was-
  • Iron Man: Watch out!
  • Captain Marvel: Huh?
  • Attuma: Fools! You will pay for this insult!
  • Iron Man: That was a close o-
  • Black Manta: There can only be one ruler of the seas, Attuma! And that's me! Black Manta!
  • Iron Man: Ouch. I don't want to worry you, but I think I may have just invalidated my warranty.
  • Captain Marvel: Let's get back and debrief; there's something bigger going on here...
  • Iron Man: Gently, gently...
  • (Meanwhile, back in New York...)
  • Spider-Man: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man at your service.
  • Ms. Marvel: No way! We get Spider-Man in our team! Ah, this is so cool.
  • White Tiger: Urgh! We could have done without him.
  • Spider-Man: Hey, easy, White Tiger, I wore brand new threads and everything. Who are these guys, anyhow?
  • White Tiger: Escapees from the raft. Which means there are probably a few super villains up ahead too.
  • Ms. Marvel: The tremendous trio versus the bridge of anarchy! This would make an awesome fan-fiction!
  • Spider-Man: Let's focus on saving the civilians first. Team names come later. Oh, man. What happened to the bridge?
  • Ms. Marvel: And who's behind all this?
  • White Tiger: I dunno but we'll need to find a way to cross that gap.
  • Spider-Man: There we go! See? I have my uses!
  • Shocker: Let's see how you match up against me!
  • Spider-Man: Super Villains escaping from the raft, huh? Well, there's a "Shocker"!
  • Shocker: Hmph! Very clever, Spider-Man but you won't be making fun of me for long!
  • Spider-Man: But there's just so much material to work with! And speaking of material... what's that costume made out of, anyway? Are you a fan of fashionable cushions?
  • Shocker: Hey! What did I just tell ya? Don't mock the Shocker! Ow! Hey! Watch it!
  • White Tiger: Hey! What's going on?
  • Mysterio: Hahaha...!!! Care to test me, you weak-minded fools?
  • Spider-Man: Mysterio?! What's "Fish Bowl features" doing here?
  • Shocker: I'm the Shocker! I ain't no joke! Urgh! I said cut it out! You're gonna get it for trying to ruin my day! I ain't done yet, ya lously do-gooders!
  • Spider-Man: That was definitely not a career highlight.
  • Mysterio: Are you enjoying our little party? My friends would love to meet you!
  • White Tiger: Those other Mysterios are just illusions, right?
  • Ms. Marvel: I dunno... they seem real enough to me!
  • Spider-Man: Well, no Shocker's real so let's find a way to get to him.
  • Ms. Marvel: Gotta be something around here we can use to fight Shocker... Skadoosh!
  • Shocker: Okay, now you're really asking for it!
  • Ms. Marvel: Oh, you want some more, do ya? Happy to oblige!
  • Spider-Man: C'mon, Shocker. It's three against one. Give it up!
  • Shocker: Argh! You're getting' on my nerves! You know that?
  • Mysterio: Curse you, heroes... Currrrssse... yooouu...!!!
  • Vulture: Surprise! Hahaha!
  • Spider-Man: Vulture?!
  • Vulture: Grr...! Stay still, you little trouble-maker!
  • Spider-Man: Ow... talk to an uplifting experience... Hey, what's with the jungle?
  • Kraven: Ah! What do we have here? Some fresh prey fro Kraven the Hunter?
  • White Tiger: Spidey, are you alright? Where'd Vulture go?
  • Kraven: First, let us see how you "heroes" survive in the wild!
  • Ms. Marvel: Uh-oh... nice kitty... Ah! Careful with the drool... huh... Guys! Maybe there's something we can build to get the lion's attention.
  • White Tiger: Huh! What do you know! Guess our new friend was just hungry!
  • Kraven: So you think you can out smart Kraven the Hunter? You "heroes" are about to become an endangered species!
  • Spider-Man: Careful, guys! We're fighting someone who actually chose to wear that costume! There's no telling what he might do!
  • Kraven: Ow! Grr...!! You cannot hope to defeat me! I've hunted bigger game than you!
  • Spider-Man: The only "big game" around here is the one you're talking, Kraven! Too bad you won't be able to back it up!
  • Kraven: Ha! Let us see how you deal with this!
  • Ms. Marvel: Here he comes! Look out!
  • Spider-Man: Fellas... can't we just talk this out?
  • Kraven: Argh! This cannot be! I am Kraven the Hunter!
  • White Tiger: This guy sure seems to like saying his name! Does he think we've forgotten it or something?
  • Ms. Marvel: Ha! I wish!
  • Kraven: Argh! What... just.. happened...?
  • Spider-Man: Your little "safari trip" is over.
  • Vulture: Guess who! Hahahahaha! Urgh! Impressive... but not impressive enough!
  • Doctor Octopus: Hahaha...!! Your luck has just run out you meddlesome pests! Now you face an altogether "superior" adversary!
  • Spider-Man: Doc Ock?! I had a feeling something "sinister" was going on!
  • Doctor Octopus: Stay back, you insignificant imbeciles!
  • White Tiger: Those tentacles are gonna make it hard to reach him. Better keep our distance until it's safe to attack.
  • Doctor Octopus: Hahaha! This is it! There's no escape!
  • White Tiger: Quick! Keep moving while he fires!
  • Doctor Octopus: No! How is this possible? My genius knows no limit! Let's shake things up a little shall we?
  • Ms. Marvel: Uh... I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you!
  • Doctor Octopus: Let's see you survive this!
  • White Tiger: Webs, that was so epi-! Well, timed.
  • Spider-Man: Hey, that was a team effort.
  • Ms. Marvel: Wow, what a rush! And even *more* fun than how I'd have written it! I mean, taking down five super villains in...
  • Doctor Octopus: Urgh, wittering halfwits, you've no idea of the machinations in play. He's coming, and you will all suff... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • Spider-Man: Hey, Ock, no-one likes a sore loser, seriously. You two head back to HQ and give a full report to Wasp. I'll stay with this until authorities arrive.
  • White Tiger: Pffft, you just want to dodge the paperwork.
  • Nick Fury: I appreciate your answering our distress call but the Avengers and their allies defeated Loki's master plan. And we're on top of all the usual planet-wide villainy.
  • Star-Lord: No, there's something else... ...that.
  • Nick Fury: That's one big sword!
  • Kang: People of New York. I am Kang the Conqueror. Thousands of civilizations have fallen to my forces, and your city will fare no better. Let your fabled try and stop me. No one, throughout time. In all of space, has ever been to best me! All Hail Kang!
  • Nick Fury: Hey, you yeah! You might have just missed it, but the last purple-hated cosmic tyrant that came here didn't fare too well against us. Can't see any reason why you might do any better! I need to check on S.H.I.E.L.D., well... ...what's left of it.
  • Gamora: Guys?!
  • Spider-Man: Aaaaaaaargh!
  • Spider-Gwen: Spider-Woman, but you can call me Gwen.
  • Spider-Man: 'Gwen?! Okay, I think there's some dimension distorin' going on here.
  • Kang: Ah ha hahahah! People of Manhattan! Welcome to Chronopolis! Those who bow to me, do my bidding shall be rewarded, but those who fail me will be cast aside. As for your so-called heroes, they shall find life a challenge in my world of worlds! Ahh ha hahahaha!
  • Spider-Man: 'Chronopolis'?
  • Spider-Gwen: 'World of Worlds.' What do you suppose that means?
  • Green Goblin 2099: Heeheeheehee!
  • Spider-Man: It'll have to wait. We've still got bad guys to catch. Is that your Goblin?
  • Spider-Gwen: Nope, looks like from the future!
  • Spider-Man: So what's the story here - did a convention just let out? You guys really missed a few marks on those costumes, but the swinging seems dead on!
  • Vulture: No! This isn't right! You... What are you doing?
  • Spider-Man: Hold on! We just want some autographs! Hey, what's the rush?
  • Vulture: Argh! You pathetic pests!
  • Spider-Man: That'll slow him down... I hope!
  • Vulture: Get away from me! Ow! Stop that!
  • Spider-Man: That's how it's done!
  • Vulture: Urgh! I don't believe it! Where's that Infernal Goblin?! Time to return to the nest! Hahaha!
  • Green Goblin 2099: Hmph! You're starting to get a little too close from comfort!
  • Spider-Man: Not so fast!
  • Green Goblin 2099: Ooh! Almost got me! I'm impressed! Ooh... having a little chase, are we? What fun!
  • Spider-Man: Tag! You're it! This isn't really something I saw myself doing today! Huh... It wasn't enough. Gotta try again.
  • Spider-Gwen: Yeeuch, gross... Goblin from the future... Knights from the past...? What's going on?
  • Spider-Man: I'd better head back. Wasp? Are you getting this?
  • Wasp: Yeah, it looks like they came through some kind of portal... Picking up another one! What's Klaw doing in Manhattan? Are those villains we've never seen before?
  • Captain America: The rest of the Avengers need to work out why Kang's brought us here. Luckily we've got help.
  • Spider-Man: Hey - This is quite a gathering!
  • Star-Lord: Yeah, I should have brought my mixtape.
  • Captain America: Save it for later, guys! We've got work to do! What do you know about Kang?
  • Star-Lord: All I need to: He's one seriously bad dude.
  • Wasp: And his accomplice?
  • Gamora: Ravonna Renslayer. When Kang Conquered her kingdom. She became his bride.
  • Captain America: Doctor Strange, could, Kang be attacking multiple time eras at once?
  • Doctor Strange: Possibly. It needs further consultation...
  • Wasp: Two Teams: To chase down those knights, the other check out where Klaw went.
  • (Team Captain America [Captain America, Star-Lord, Gamora and Groot] follow the knights through the portal.)
  • (Team Spider-Man [Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk] pursue Klaw and unknown villains throught the portal.)
  • Star-Lord: Alright! Let's go jump through some mystical portals! Woo!
  • Captain America: Everyone! Stay on your toes. We don't know what might be waiting for us on the other side.
  • Gamora: Shouldn't we be on our way through that portal right now? I got the impression this whole situation was pretty urgent...
  • Groot: I am Groot.
  • Star-Lord: Ah, we've got a little time to look around... It's not like whatever's on the other side is going anywhere.
  • Captain America: Given what's happening lately, that's a very real possibility...
  • Star-Lord: Okay, it's do or die time!
  • Gamora: Let's hope it's "do".
  • Groot: I am Groot...?
  • Black Knight Percy: I say! Brave Heroes! Might I request some assistance?
  • Star-Lord: Uh, is that Tin Head talking to us?
  • Captain America: Looks like he's in trouble... better go see what the problem is.
  • Black Knight Percy: Welcome to England, travelers! My name is Sir Percy of Scandia. I wish your visit could be under brighter circumstances, but as you can see, that Fearsome Kang has turned my castle into a den of evil! I beseech aid me in overthrowing this villain so that I might reclaim my kingdom and put an end to his tyranny! Wonderful! The castle is this way... follow me!
  • Gamora: What exactly are we up against?
  • Black Knight Percy: Kang is a warrior, of the most fearsome ability... my knights and I didn't stand a chance against his might!
  • Gamora: That doesn't bode well...
  • Black Knight Percy: Watch out! These fiends are Kang's allies!
  • Groot: I am Groot!
  • Star-Lord: Yeah, that was a little easy, now that you mention it. I guess the real bad guys are waiting for us in the castle.
  • Black Knight Percy: Beware, my friends! More villains approach! We have arrived! Our foe awaits us inside so please ready yourselves and let me know when you wish to storm the castle.
  • J. Jonah Jameson: So there's a new doughnut of a super villain running around my city in thigh boots calling himself Kang! Who is this clown? I never heard of him. What's also bad is that two new villains called Black Adam and Black Manta have appeared and in Manhatten that went into a weird time vortex thingamajigger are two evil clowns! What... Joker and Harley Quinn along with Riddler, Clayface and Scarecrow who have also appeared and are looking for their *toys*. Never heard of ‘em either. Those other newly arrived space cowboys... The Guardians of the Galaxy? Well they seem to be clueless too. Given one of them... is a talking tree what do you expect? That Raccoon thing did say Kang has an over inflated opinion of himself, and a huge sword-shape space ship. Kang also *claims* to have transported Manhattan to his personal battle arena called Chronopolis. Moved Manhattan! It was perfectly fine where it was! Where was I? *Chronopolis* Is apparently made up from the greatest realms across time and space. The Avengers are currently investigating these *claims* of Kang and if it's possible to leave Manhattan...
  • Star-Lord: Merry olde England is a little merry olde quiet...
  • Captain America: Something's not right... Enchantress!
  • Black Knight Percy: Madam... I have returned with allies! What witchcraft can you muster now? I can offer doom, destruction and dark magic.
  • Enchantress: I can offer doom, destruction and dark magic.
  • Black Knight Percy: You must attack!
  • (Captain Avalon and Doctor Strange arrives)
  • Captain Avalon: There is the pretender of whom I speak!
  • Doctor Strange: ...Nathan Garrett!!
  • Captain Avalon: The Black Knight!
  • Doctor Strange: I met Captain Avalon on the way here; he confirmed my suspicious.
  • Black Knight Garrett: Soon I will prove to Kang that I am fit to rule at his side! Guards!
  • Doctor Strange: A classic diversionary tragic from Kang!
  • Black Knight Garrett: Ah ha hahahaha! Enchantress... Do your worst! Ha hahahaha!
  • Captain America: We've gotta stop him!
  • Captain Avalon: Tarry, sire, for it is folly to rush in!
  • Gamora: We're trapped!
  • Doctor Strange: We need to get inside.
  • Enchantress: You fools dare to face the Enchantress? Such a pity...
  • Captain Avalon: Quickly! We must find a way inside. I fear your friend is in great danger!
  • Star-Lord: Woo! Castle siege! What thinkest thou, Lady Gamora?
  • Gamora: Why are you speaking so strangely?
  • Star-Lord: Just trying to fit in...
  • Gamora: We'll need Groot to operate the controls for the gate is there any way this cage could help?
  • Doctor Strange: Hmm... What goes up eventually come down. If I can increase the time flow of the cage, it should fall. There. One and old broken cage.
  • Star-Lord: Great... So, what now?
  • Doctor Strange: Now we simply reverse the time flow.
  • Star-Lord: Oh. That easy. Huh?
  • Enchantress: Ooh... hoe very clever! I'm almost slightly impressed! Let's see how you handle a little magic shall we?
  • Star-Lord: Uh-oh... What's she doing now?
  • Gamora: Whatever it is, it doesn't look good.
  • Captain Avalon: She has summoned some new foes. Take care, friends.
  • Groot: Hmph! I am Groot!
  • Doctor Strange: What happened? Is this a kind of magic?
  • Enchantress: Ugh! Get away from me... Fools! Did you forget with whom you're dealing?
  • Doctor Strange: It's as I thought; her appearance is merely illusion. Kang must have given her the ability to cloud the vision of Agamotto...
  • Star-Lord: Aga-what now?
  • Gamora: Come on! We have to get inside and find the captain.
  • Groot: I am... Groot! I am... Groot! I am... Groot! I am... Groot!
  • Star-Lord: Uh-oh! Everybody, out! Man... Who saw that coming, huh?
  • Gamora: I think Enchantress did. The path inside is now completely blocked.
  • Doctor Strange: Yes but perhaps there's another way. Look at the area below. Ah, I believe Enchantress' magic extended to this small recess. I might be able to create a portal to reach her... stand back!
  • Enchantress: So nice of you to join me. I was starting to get lonely.
  • Doctor Strange: I sense an immense power coming from that chamber above the door is that...?
  • Enchantress: A "Golden Apple of Idunn"? Behold it in all of its glory, for it is a true relic of Asgard. A source of power so strong no mere mortal possib...
  • Doctor Strange: Right. I thought so. Thanks for confirming... so we get rid of the apple and her power is gone. Look for a way to get to it.
  • Star-Lord: Hey! A gravity booster! That might work!
  • Doctor Strange: Unfortunately for you, an apple a day won't keep this doctor away.
  • Star-Lord: Ha! How often do you get the chance to say something like that?
  • Gamora: Doctors and apples? Is that supposed to be a terran expression?
  • Groot: I am Groot?
  • Enchantress: No! This cannot be! You'll pay for this!
  • Doctor Strange: So we get rid of the apple and her power is gone...
  • Gamora: After you...
  • Groot: I am Groot!
  • Star-Lord: Hey, uh, Doc... You think it's a bit, uh, quiet? I mean, no traps.
  • Doctor Strange: No traps?
  • Star-Lord: You'd expect some traps in a place like this, right? You know, with the medieval thing going on?
  • Captain Avalon: Indeed, Sirrah. In mine own castle we have traps aplenty.
  • Black Knight Garret: Ah ha hahahaha! Welcome friends, to my dungeon of doom!
  • Captain America: Guys... erm... rescue time? Take care coming down the corridor...
  • Star-Lord: Yay! There are the traps! Whoah! You think they'd put a signup about that...
  • Doctor Strange: (Sighs) As curious as I am to see how *you'd* attempt to get past this, a simple movement spell should do the trick.
  • Black Knight Garrett: Hmm... What shall I pick today? A sword? A mace?
  • Captain America: You guys get distracted at the gift shop?
  • Star-Lord: Ha! Look at you! How did this even happen?
  • Captain America: It's a long, embarrassing story... just help me get free, please.
  • Doctor Strange: Bear with me a moment...
  • Captain America: Who-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa...! Think I'm gonna be sick!
  • Star-Lord: Hey! Glad you're back with us, Cap.
  • Capain America: Urgh... Thanks, guys.
  • Doctor Strange: We can't reach the Black Knight from here but your shield might be able to help.
  • Captain America: Sure... once the room stops spinning. Whoah.
  • Star-Lord: Aw, c'mon, man! Seriously?
  • Black Knight Garret: Huh? Oh, I see you let yourselves in! It is so kind to you to come along, the witch and the tree put up a quite a struggle.
  • Gamora: Hey! Who are you calling a witch?
  • Groot: I am Groooot!
  • Black Knight Garrett: Have at you! Haha!
  • Captain America: Every setback is a chance to learn.
  • Black Knight Garrett: Ow! Who put those spikes there...? Oh, that's right. It was me.
  • Star-Lord: I'll show you what happens when you mess with my friends!
  • Black Knight Garrett: I've got you now! You'll never escape my dungeon of doom! Garrrrgh!
  • Star-Lord: You're gonna make this easy or do we have to get medieval?
  • Black Knight Garrett: Kang's plans are way beyond you... You have no idea...
  • Captain America: Try us!
  • Black Knight Garrett: What sort of-
  • Enchantress: You dare insult Enchantress with such nonse-
  • Black Adam: Give my regards to the Rock of Eternity! Kerchunga! That felt more satisfying.
  • Captain America: Thanks for sending Garrett and Enchantress into the cosmic rock.
  • Black Adam: You’re welcome, blue person. Or should I say... Captain America. I am an archenemy of my foe Shazam. I’m also a member of the Legion of Doom.
  • Captain America: Despite your evil ways. You're coming with us to stop Kang.
  • Black Adam: Very well, Cap. I agree. But can we stop for drive thru? I haven't eaten for an eternity.
  • Black Knight Percy: Greetings and a thousand thanks, fair yeomen. I am the one true Sir Percy!
  • Captain Avalon: Hail Sir Percy, well met!
  • Doctor Strange: What of Kang, my lord?
  • Black Knight Percy: His portals allowed Garrett to storm my keep, and Enchantress to enslave this kingdom!
  • Captain Avalon: There is another portal you have yet to discover - where it leads I know not.
  • Doctor Strange: Farewell, my lord!
  • Black Knight Percy: Farewell, fair heroes. May your helm protect, your magic provide and your shield prevail.
  • Gamora: You're telling me you could have done that all along?
  • Groot Small: I am Groot!
  • Kang: Ha! The so-called Avengers and their Guardians friends are just beginning to see the full extent of my genius.
  • Ravonna: Your genius is not in question, my Kang of Kangs, so, perhaps, you might show some mercy on this occasion?
  • Kang: Mercy?! A fanciful suggestion, my little morning star... That, I Kang the Conqueror, should perhaps be, Kang the Merciful... a ha! Ah ha haha ah ha! Get these windows cleaned. A conqueror should be able to see who he's conquering!
  • Ravonna: Of course, your kangnificence, I'll call the maintenance.
  • She-Hulk: You think that "Kang" guy has his eye on this place too?
  • Ms. Marvel: If we catch up to Klaw, maybe we can "coax" an explanation out of him.
  • She-Hulk: What the...? Where are we?
  • Spider-Man: Hmm... giant rock panther in the middle of a city... we've gotta be somewhere in Wakanda.
  • Ms. Marvel: So that weird portal bought us to Wakanda, huh? Hey, maybe well run into...
  • She-Hulk: What about that guy?
  • Heat Wave: Don’t call me fool, green and strong girl, I’m Heat Wave! There’s my ride. I’ll see ya guys later.
  • Spider-Man: Heat Wave? That’s weird.
  • She-Hulk: Wait a second... look! It's Klaw!
  • Spider-Man: So it looks like Wakanda's got one of those barriers up as well...
  • Ms. Marvel: Welp. That is one strudy-looking door. Think we can break it down?
  • She-Hulk: Listen, I'm strong but not giant-vibranium-door-smashing strong.
  • Ms. Marvel: Not gonna lie. I was hoping for a super sneaky secret entrance there.
  • She-Hulk: Sorry, nothing here but a bunch of computer stuff.
  • Spider-Man: Computer stuff, huh? That I can work with... And we're in!
  • She-Hulk: Alright!
  • Ms. Marvel: Now we can catch up with Klaw! Let's go!
  • J. Jonah Jameson: Yes, new goon in the block Kang, claims to have stolen Manhattan and added it to other regions he has conquered from across time and space... And another universe. This New-Time City or "Chronopolis" has Kang's citadel at its centre and is said to exist "out of time". Kang also *claims* our escape from the big apple's is currently impossible. But my sources temll me some of Earth's Super Villains have been seen exiting Manhattan. The Nefarious Klaw as a case in point. The sonic scoundrel has being spotted heading out Manhattan into, well who knows where! Joining the heroes is Black Adam, are they crazy?!. Note to self, trademark name "Chronopolis" it could be a money spinner.
  • Spider-Man: There goes my spider-sense again. Something's not right!
  • Ms. Marvel: You mean aside from the Wakandan jungle being a reasonable commute from downtown Manhattan?
  • Black Panther: Rrrrraaaarrrrrrghhhh!!
  • Spider-Man: Aaaaaagghhhh!!!
  • Black Panther: Avengers? It is I, Black Panther, ruler of Wakanda. It is good to see you, my friends. I am sorry if I startled you.
  • Spider-Man: Startled me? Noooo.
  • Ms. Marvel: I hate to break up this reunion but Klaw is probably halfway across the jungle by now.
  • Black Panther: Klaw? I too am on that villains trail.
  • Ms. Marvel: We followed him as far as here. Can you unlock this?
  • Black Panther: Certainly.
  • Spider-Man: Ugh! Thanks for the warning, Tiddles.
  • She-Hulk: What would Klaw and his big ape buddy want with that much vibranium?
  • Black Panther: Come, let us find out.
  • She-Hulk: How are we going to get in there? Those doors are ipenetrable, even for me!
  • Spider-Man: Not exactly. The explosives in those carts are designed for vibranium mining, they could blow that door open easily.
  • Ms. Marvel: So just push one of those things all the way up there? Great!
  • Black Panther: The fruit grown of the hardest toil, often taste the sweetest. Hmph... I am uncertain of how to use this.
  • She-Hulk: Hey, we can use these to get across now!
  • Ms. Marvel: Just watch your step, it's a long way down. You'd have to read a book before you hit the bottom.
  • She-Hulk: The mine cart's blocked. We need to find a way to clear the stuff.
  • Black Panther: Look around. Solutions present themselves when you approach on things with an open mind.
  • Spider-Man: I'm learning so much! You should put these on posters! Wow! The tech in here is amazing!
  • Black Panther: Yes. Thanks to the vibranium we mine here, it has advanced far beyond the world you know.
  • Spider-Man: It's incredible! Do you guys do summer camps or anything?
  • She-Hulk: The missing pieces of the tracks, they're in that?
  • Black Panther: Molten vibranium... we should proceed without caution, it is dangerously hot.
  • Spider-Man: Hey, just like me!
  • Ms. Marvel: Let's look around. There must be a way to clear this up.
  • Spider-Man: That was different not a career highlight.
  • She-Hulk: So what's the deal with the gorilla dude?
  • Black Panther: His name is M'Baku, though he goes by the name of Man-Ape. He has always wanted to take the throne of Wakanda.
  • Spider-Man: But, how'd he end up looking like that?
  • Black Panther: He gained his powers by killing one of our rare white gorillas and bathed in its...
  • Spider-Man: Forget I asked!
  • She-Hulk: Klaaaaawwwww!
  • Black Panther: Stand and fight, you cowards! Man-Ape! I thought I could smell your unique... ...odour.
  • Man-Ape: You are a shadow of the man of your father was, T'Challa... and you will end up just the same!
  • Black Panther: You're overconfidence has always been your weakness, M'Baku!
  • Man-Ape: It's Man-Ape! And Man-Ape has no weaknesses, only strength! Ah, your precious vibranium. How fitting that it will be the end of you!
  • Ms. Marvel: Whoa! Keep moving, guys! This stuff's a bit warmer than your average shower!
  • Spider-Man: I miss when villains didn't use giant death machinery...
  • Man-Ape: It' that the best you have? I was hoping for a challenge!
  • Spider-Man: How about looking at yourself in the mirror without laughing?
  • Man-Ape: Let's see if your feet are as quick as your mouth! Fools! The reign of panther is over! It is time for the reign of the gorilla! Kang has promised me Wakanda!
  • Black Panther: Wakanda will never submit to you or Kang... not as long as I draw breath!
  • Man-Ape: Than I shall draw it from you! You will end now, T'Challa!
  • Ms. Marvel: Err, we're here, too, guys!
  • Man-Ape: I'll get to you!
  • Black Panther: Kkklllllllaaaawwwww! This is the last time you will defile my land with your presence, I will have you just for my father!
  • Klaw: Ahh, the pussy cat lives! Unfortunately as much as I'd like to catch up, I have pressing business attend to. Time for a little cat nap! Ahhhhhaahahahaha ha...ahhh... eh? Shoo... get off... ...stop fussing... Thanks for your patience. And now, for the... crescendo!!
  • Spider-Man: Now, that's what I call a boombox!
  • Ms. Marvel: Are you okay?
  • Black Panther: Apologies, my friends. A foolish error. Quickly, while the trail is fresh. Have you seen Klaw and his men?
  • Star-Lord: No, we just arrived.
  • Black Panther: The Hydra Empire - all that's wrong in the galaxy can be found in the place.
  • Captain America: We should keep it down... we don't want to arouse suspension...
  • Doctor Strange: That could be any number of portals connecting areas of time and space.
  • Ms. Marvel: Let's look for a portal back to Manhattan!
  • All: Shh.
  • Black Panther: We need to pursue Klaw and seek out the vibranium. Kang must have a purpose for it.
  • Spider-Man: Hey - it's Klaw!
  • All: Shh.
  • Captain America: Panther, Star-Lord and I can head for that airship. The rest of you should head back if you can.
  • All: Shh.
  • Ms. Marvel: Cap, why did you scare them?
  • Spider-Man: It’s that truck being piloted by weird villaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiins!!!!
  • Star-Lord: There goes Spider-Man.
  • Captain America: Black Adam, who are they?
  • Black Adam: Those villains are Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Catwoman and Clayface.
  • Star-Lord: Where's Ms. Marvel?
  • All: *Laughing*
  • The Riddler: Here you go, Chuckles!
  • The Joker: You got it back for me! Put it there, pal!
  • Harley Quinn: That's all you wanted?
  • The Joker: Well, I just felt so under-dressed without it.
  • Ms. Marvel: Can I add all of you to my fanfiction? It's going to be so awes-
  • The Joker: Gah! Harley, the wipers!
  • Harley Quinn: Puddiiiiiin’!!!
  • The Joker: Hmm, I thought I fixed that.
  • Ms. Marvel: Uh-oh!
  • The Joker: Oh, fish.
  • Star-Lord: Alright, guys, let's get up there and nab that sucker!
  • Black Panther: Easy for you to say... not all of us carrying jetpacks.
  • Black Adam: Not all of you can fly with and without jetpacks.
  • Captain America: That's true. But we can always call in a quinjet, assuming it works out here, that is...
  • Vibranium Deposit Receptacle: Please deposit vibranium into the vibranium deposit receptacle.
  • Klaw: Yeah, yeah... it's a little less than we planned thanks to those interfering Avengers... Now, open up! We need to bump the next phase of the plan up in the schedule...
  • Vibranium Deposit Receptacle: Insufficient vibranium detected in receptacle. Door mechanism not engaged. If you have misplace your vibranium samples, say *yes* to initiate vibranium search protocol. Otherwise, say *no* and wait retribution from your immediate supervisor.
  • Black Adam: Does this contraption not know why we’re here?!
  • Star-Lord: So the door only opens with enough vibranium in the tub? What a pain...
  • Black Panther: The crate is only small. We should be able to find enough scraps of vibranium in this area to fill it.
  • Captain America: I think I saw a few scraps of vibranium scattered around the streets... if we can gather enough, we should be able to get in. I'll be honest, I didn't expect to be on trash duty for Hydra today...
  • Arnim Zola: System now entering "sleep mode". Not that I'm dropping hints or anything but... you know... hurry up.
  • Vibranium Deposit Receptacle: Scanning vibranium deposit... Deposit accepted. Engaging door mechanism. Hail Hydra.
  • Star-Lord: And we're in! Break out in the vibranium, Klaw... you've got company!
  • Captain America: "Hail Hydra", huh...? Anyway, now maybe we can finally catch up to Klaw...
  • Black Panther: Quickly! Let's head inside before they realise something is wrong...
  • Black Adam: I came here for a fight, Avengers! Let's go!
  • J. Jonah Jameson: Just when you thought it couldn't get any odder around here with Knight's Kingdom and Jungles are being our neighbouring districts. I can exclusively reveal a new, dark side to Chronopolis: A twisted, tyrannical, totalitarian Hydra version of our beloved Manhattan! How and when this happened who can say, all J. Jonah Jameson knows is this corrupted, Hydra run Big Apple, is collaborating with Kang. Any friend of Kang though faces a red, white and blue pasting from a real New Yorker... ...who also happens to be an Avenger... Captain America! Who, along with Black Panther is hot on the heels of Klaw and the stolen Wakandan Vibranium while Black Adam helps them take down Hydra, as they press on the Hydra Airship for answers. Hydra still use airships? Yeah balloons real scary!
  • Hydra Soldier: You know, I never thought I'd end up working for a totalitarian regime. Funny how things turn out.
  • Hydra Soldier 2: Yeah... but it's not all bad. Look at this logo, that's pretty cool.
  • Hydra Soldier: Pretty cool, I guess. Although it should have eight arms, surely? Being an octopus.
  • Hydra Soldier 2: Hey, you know what, you're right... I never thought of that. Ooof!
  • Black Panther: Klaw must be around somewhere, along with that Vibranium.
  • Arnim Zola: Ah, Captain America! Nice of you to join us! You ceased to exist, in the glorious world of Hydra, but the meddlings of Kang mean I must put up with your star-spangled nonsense once more!
  • Captain America: Giving Klaw a hand, Zola?
  • Arnim Zola: Ah ha hahaha! A little joke, very good. Soon you will be laughing on a different side of your face! Alert! Intruders detected in lower Sector 5! Hail Hydra!
  • Black Adam: Go! I'll hold them off!
  • Captain America: Come on, let's move out before the "welcoming committee" arrives.
  • Arnim Zola: Going somewhere, Captain Rogers? There is no place for you can hide on this ship!
  • Captain America: Someone else is gonna have to handle this.
  • Arnim Zola: All available Hydra Agents report for duty! Now!
  • Star-Lord: Hey! Whoah! What was that?
  • Klaw: Ah, there you are! I have expecting you!
  • Star-Lord: Oh, you have not! Quit trying to be cool! Okay, maybe he was expecting us.
  • Black Panther: Perhaps we can use Klaw's lasers to our advantage...
  • Klaw: Urgh! You win this round!
  • Captain America: We're clear! Quickly! After him!
  • Black Panther: Hmph! It appears that our path is blocked yet again...
  • Star-Lord: Gotta admit; These Hydra guys are pretty good at making barricades outta random junk.
  • Captain America: Stay focused. Look for something we can use to get past.
  • Star-Lord: Hey, those crates look kinda useful.
  • Captain America: You're right. A well-aimed throw of my shield should get them down.
  • Black Panther: An impressive throw, Captain Rogers.
  • Captain America: Hey, thanks.
  • Star-Lord: Alright! A gravity booster! Here we go!
  • Captain America: Well... that worked.
  • Star-Lord: Probably should have given you guys a little "heads up" about that. My bad.
  • Black Panther: There appears to be a control panel for the gate on the platform above.
  • Captain America: I see it. Need a lift?
  • Black Panther: Yes. Thank you, Captain.
  • Captain America: Okay, team... get ready. Klaw's just up ahead.
  • Black Panther: He will pay for his treachery...
  • Star-Lord: Why do I suddenly have a really bad feeling about this?
  • Klaw: You made it this far but no farther! I will eliminate you all!
  • Black Panther: Stand down, Klaw! You are only making this more difficult for yourself!
  • Klaw: Oh, you think so, T'Challa? We shall see about that?
  • Arnim Zola: Attention all agents! Deploy more reinforcements to assist Klaw. More, I say!
  • Klaw: Argh! You fools are testing my patience! Grr...!!! You are starting to get on my nerves!
  • Black Panther: Uh-oh! Look out, guys!
  • Arnim Zola: Say 'guten tag' to our latest creation: Vibranium Troopers!
  • Captain America: You're all hot air, Zola!
  • Black Panther: We need to land this bird before they can convert the rest of the Vibranium!
  • Captain America: Baron Zemo!
  • Star-Lord: Another friend of yours?
  • Captain America: You could say that... Panther - get after Klaw... we'll fix this guy.
  • Black Panther: Got it.
  • Captain America: Zemo!
  • Baron Zemo: Captain America! It's been too long! Kang said you'd come calling!
  • Captain America: Did he now...
  • Star-Lord: Good news for rocket power!
  • Captain America: Got a parachute? Good...
  • Star-Lord: So you know how to fly this thing?
  • Captain America: Um... sure, no problem...
  • Star-Lord: Zemo's just up ahead.
  • Captain America: I see him.
  • Baron Zemo: Take this!
  • Captain America: Star-Lord! Shoot down those missiles!
  • Star-Lord: Got it! Watch out, Cap! Incoming fire! Uh-oh! We got company!
  • Captain America: Gotta try and shake them off, somehow...
  • Baron Zemo: Hmph! A lucky shot...
  • Star-Lord: Lucky, huh? We'll see about that.
  • Baron Zemo: Argh! Get away, you fools!
  • Captain America: Looks like we're getting somewhere. Keep firing!
  • Baron Zemo: No! No! This is not possible!
  • Captain America: It's nearly over...
  • Baron Zemo: Haha! You didn't spot my little friends, did you?!
  • Captain America: Where did these guys coming from?
  • Baron Zemo: Araaargh!
  • Captain America: He's going down!
  • Baron Zemo: Curse you!
  • Star-Lord: Nice flying!
  • Captain America: Nice shooting!
  • Black Panther: Nice mess...
  • Black Adam: Nice color.
  • Black Panther: Thank you, Black Adam.
  • Black Adam: Thor!
  • Thor: Greetings, friends. Ms. Marvel gave tell of your peril. Captain Marvel and I will pursue Kang.
  • Captain America: Agreed... all head back to Avengers Mansion when you're done.
  • Black Adam: Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom are waiting for us, we’ll see you back at the Mansion.
  • Captain Marvel: After you!
  • Thor: No, after you...
  • Both: After her!
  • Thor: By the Gods, what is that foul stench?
  • Captain Marvel: A swamp?
  • Harley Quinn: It's not me, that's for sure. Hey... Aren't you the same Avengers from Hydra?
  • Captain Marvel: I've got this!
  • Thor: Looks like someone has beaten thee to it. Have at thee!
  • Captain Marvel: Thor, noooooo!
  • Thor: My apologies, I mistook thee for some hideous swamp-creature... I mean... I... er. Obviously a very attractive hideous swamp... creature... I... have you had your hair done?... It looks... em, it looks very swampy, I mean swanky... Oh, thank the Gods... a fight!
  • She-Hulk: Man-Thing? You're working with Kang now?!
  • Harley Quinn: Does he remind me of Swamp Thing?
  • Captain Marvel: Another one of Kang's goons? That guy just won't let up!
  • Thor: Then nor shall we! What matter of attack is this?
  • Captain Marvel: Look out... below us!
  • Harley Quinn: Look! He's under there!
  • She-Hulk: Under where?
  • Harley Quinn: Hahahahahaha!!!
  • Thor: Unhand me, creature! That tree's branches... Are they illuminating?
  • Harley Quinn: Ooh... Pretty!
  • She-Hulk: Yeah, I see it too! What is that...?
  • Captain Marvel: Worry about it later! Right now, we've got to deal with this Man... Thing. He's below us! Man, this guy's tough!
  • She-Hulk: But I think we're starting to wear him down! What, you drop your keys or something?
  • Harley Quinn: Nah, I dropped my phone... Wait, found it.
  • Captain Marvel: What in the name of...
  • Thor: By Odin's bristly chest hair! The nexus of all realities. The gateway to every era!
  • Harley Quinn: Then that means the big guy is...
  • Kang: It's Guardian! Man-Thing; A veritable thorn in my side since I dragged his festering swamp into Chronopolis. And the final defiant standing the way of my master plan.
  • Harley Quinn: YOU! You won’t get away with this! I have proof that you and your ex-wife zapped the Justice League! You’re a no good excuse for a king!
  • Kang: Bravo, you have accomplished what an army of Vibranium Soldiers could not.
  • She-Hulk: Dive!!!!
  • Harley Quinn: Holy Kang-aroni!! Where's Mr. J when you need him?!
  • Wasp: Code Red! Code Red! Everyone back to the mansion ASAP!
  • (Meanwhile in Hydra Arkham Asylum...)
  • Mercy Graves: You need some fresh pies?
  • The Joker: Ooooh, what flavor filling?
  • Lex Luthor: Hello, Joker.
  • The Joker: Lex! Are you a ghost?
  • Lex Luthor: Urgh! No. I'm not a ghost. This might sound very bad for all villain kind, but I need you and as many of your Hydra Arkham cell mates as you can muster to meet me at the Avengers‘ Mansion.
  • The Joker: Well, I am out of pies. You get me out and I'm all yours.
  • Lex Luthor: Good clown. All you need to do is tune the guard‘s tv from Hydra News to channel 52.
  • Captain Cold: Did I just hear you're ready to spring this joint? I've just finished fashioning a cold-gun out of bed springs and soap.
  • The Joker: This'll be no problem for the Clown Prince of Crime!
  • J. Jonah Jameson: Back at Hydra-styled Manhattan, Joker and Captain Cold are breaking out of someplace called *Arkham Asylum*. They've been told by the bald-headed pot washer called Lex Luthor! He kinda reminded the Avengers about Egghead. Who’s calling?! Mr. White?! I’m J. Jonah Jameson! I work at the Daily Bugle! I have things to do! Now go! Lois Lane? Who is she, exactly?
  • Lois Lane: The Justice League should’ve been here, but they’re not.
  • Jimmy Olsen: We’re in a whole heap of trouble!
  • Lois Lane: This sounds crazy, but I think these heroes called the *Avengers* are teaming up with villains from our universe!
  • Jimmy Olsen: You mean the Legion of Doom? But aren’t they villains?
  • Lois Lane: Mr. White has a new phone number. That’s strange... Hello? Mr. White? Who? *J. Jonah Jameson*? I’m sorry, Mr. Jameson, I must’ve dialed the wrong number.
  • Jimmy Olsen: Mr. Jameson? That must be Peter Parker’s bad tempered boss. He was always a “hot head”. Hahahahaha.
  • Lois Lane: C’mon, Jimmy. Let’s get back to work.
  • Captain Cold: Hey! You got it working.
  • The Joker: Now that show had explosive drama! Hahahaha.
  • Arnim Zola: Prisoner escape! Repeat! Prisoner Escape! Hail Hydra!
  • Captain Cold: Come on, Joker. This leads down to the lower levels. Okay, that takes care of the easy part. Now where do we go?
  • The Joker: No idea, "mon frozen capitaine", but I'm sure our criminal buddies will help us break outta this Hydra dump. Let's go ask ’em shall we?
  • Livewire: Ooh... Is someone letting Livewire out to play? Hehehe... Let's have some fun!
  • Reverse-Flash: Ahh... It was WAY too cramped in there! Time to stretch my legs a little.
  • Captain Cold: This seems to be our way out, boys and girls. Do your thing!
  • Livewire: Hmm... I could deal with that fuse box, but we'll need to find a way to reach it first.
  • Reverse-Flash: I believe MY powers should be able to help with that.
  • Captain Cold: This way! Follow me!
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Not interrupting, am I? Hahahaha!
  • Reverse-Flash: Well, that depends, Merlyn. You here to help us or just slow us down?
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Oh, please, Thawne. Just because YOU spoiled our little trip to Alchemax...
  • The Joker: I exactly don’t wanna say this.. But where are the Justice League when you need ‘em?!
  • Captain Cold: Guys! This isn't the time! Merlyn, did you see anything that could help us escape?
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Well, since you asked SO nicely, I think there's someone behind that security gate that could be persuaded to aid our cause.
  • Hydra Soldier: Send reinforcements! Hail Hydra!
  • Solomon Grundy: Zzz... Zzz...
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Well... There he is!
  • Reverse-Flash: Solomon Grundy? You sure it's safe to let him out?
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Nope, but I don't see any reason why we should let THAT stop us.
  • Solomon Grundy: Zzz... Zzz...
  • Captain Cold: It would seem our zombified friend is a heavy sleeper.
  • Livewire: No surprise there. Maybe I can do something about that...
  • Solomon Grundy: Agh! Argh! Agh-agh-agh-agh-agh-agh-agh... ARGH!!!
  • Livewire: Ha! I knew that'd work!
  • Solomon Grundy: Urgh... Grundy having such nice dream...
  • Captain Cold: Good. There should be enough parts up here to build what we need.
  • The Joker: Exit‘s ahead, guuuuuuuuuuuys!!!
  • Livewire: Argggghhhhhhhh!!!
  • Hugo Strange: Welcome. Seeing as you're here, you can all assist me with my experiments.
  • Livewire: That's Doctor Hugo Strange! His experiments don't end well for those who assist him.
  • Hugo Strange: My thanks to you, Joker. This breakout is the perfect opportunity to get more volunteers for my work...
  • The Joker: You're welcome!
  • Hugo Strange: Volunteers like Robert here...
  • The Joker: Huh? Oooh... Bobby! (Laughs)
  • Hugo Strange: I'm looking forward to seeing how you fare against my latest creation. Please, try your best to survive for as long as possible.
  • Livewire: We're not taking that thing down without a plan, Joker!
  • The Joker: Hmph! I don’t like “plans”! I prefer schemes and stratagems! Plots and ploys! Malevolent, mischievous machinations...
  • Livewire: Sure, sure! Whatever you say. Let’s just think of one, quick!
  • Hugo Strange: Enough delays! Get them! Get them now!
  • The Joker: Ooh-hoo-hoo! I do love a trap I can sink my teeth into! Hahaha!
  • Livewire: Uh-oh. I think we made him mad! Run for it!
  • The Joker: Phew! Not exactly MY idea of a “fun run”! That’s MY exercise through for the year!
  • Livewire: If we can find more distractions, we should be able to wear him down.
  • Hugo Strange: I grow tired of this time-wasting tomfoolery! Get them!
  • Livewire: Oops! Did we do that? Haha!
  • The Joker: Hahaha! Take THAT, you overgrown... Wuh-oh! Time to make like lightning and BOLT!
  • Livewire: Hey! That should’ve been MY line! *Gasp* This thing doesn’t let up! I’m not sure how much more of this we can take.
  • Hugo Strange: They’re vulnerable! Finish them, my beautiful creatures! Make me proud!
  • The Joker: Ooh-boy! Seems like our fun’s not over yet!
  • Livewire: Ha! How’d you like THAT one, huh? Let’s get him, Joker!
  • Hugo Strange: No! You can’t defeat my monsters! My magnificent Monster Man! Noo-ho-hooo...!!
  • The Joker: Nice work, bright spark.
  • Livewire: Now we just need a way to get out of here and head to the Avengers’ Mansion.
  • The Joker: Relax! I’m sure something will turn up. I’d like to say I knew that would happen... Ha ha ha!
  • Hugo Strange: Poor Robert. Perhaps some sort of rubber shoe...
  • The Joker: Thank heavens for small mercies. He he he! What’s this? A party?
  • Captain Marvel: What’s that?
  • The Joker: Need a lift, Pumpkin?
  • Harley Quinn: Mistah J!
  • She’s-Hulk: “Mistah J?”
  • Harley Quinn: That’s the Joker!
  • The Joker: Livewire! Get us to the Mansion!
  • Livewire: Sure thing, Joker!
  • All: ...Kang, Kang, Kang... ...Kang, Kang, Kang... ...Kang, Kang, Kang... ...Kang, Kang, Kang...
  • Kang: Silence! Now is the time for tooth and claw! Now is the time war! Let the mightiest rise up, step forth and face me! For then! I shall prove... That, I, Kang the Conqueror, am the greatest! For surely, there is no one who can stand in my way!
  • Cosmo: Huh?
  • Rocket Raccoon: Thanks, Wings, that guy was giving me a headache.
  • Wasp: It wasn't me... Something is interfering the signal. From... from beyond Chronopolis! It's too weak. I can't lock on.
  • Tony Stark: If we redirect the signal through the mansion's comms matrix we can do more than double the strength, Hank, hand me that spanner. No. The other one. But we'll still need a Negative Ion Emitter to clear up the distortion, and that kind of tech isn't easy to find.
  • Wasp: I wonder... we sent Star-Lord and Drax to take bioreadings with a couple of scanners earlier. Could those devices not be reconfigured to locate a suitable emitter?
  • Giant-Man: Yes, and with the amount of future tech in Chronopolis, I'd say our chances are good.
  • Wasp: Oh, Hank, don't talk with your mouth full.
  • Giant-Man: Mmmmh... sorry!
  • The Joker: That was quite a mouthful! Hahahaha.
  • Wasp: Gamora, think you can track down your buddies?
  • Gamora: My pleasure, Rocket, Groot, let's go.
  • Groot Small: I am Groot!
  • Rocket Raccoon: Get movin', ya bag of sticks, you need the exercise.
  • Gamora: Wasp gave us "The Old West" as Quill and Drax's last known location. Let's catch up to them and start looking for that... whatever it was called...
  • Rocket Raccoon: A Negative Ion Emitter. And we are just acting like strolling down from Manhattan to the Old West is just normal thing we do now?
  • Groot: I am Groot!
  • Wasp: Goons, bad guys, villains, crooks, enemies. Whatever you wanna call them. So take'em down!
  • Gamora: Wow... Kang might be a few stars shy of a galaxy, but I have to admit... This is quite a view...
  • Groot: I am Groot...
  • Rocket Raccoon: No kidding... almost a shame to try and fix it, huh? This is the place, right? So where are those guys? And more importantly, where's my power source?!
  • Gamora: I think I saw a salooon over there... Let's head over and ask around.
  • Rocket Raccoon: This the town saloon? Then let's mosley on in, see what we can find! Maybe whet our whistles while we're at it, eh?
  • Groot: I am Groot!
  • J. Jonah Jameson: Nexus detroyed by Kang! Helped by the Avengers my sources tell me! Sure they didn't know they were helping Kang, but that's not the point, people! Because the heroes beat the Guardians of the Nexus, Man-Thing, Kang was able to blast it into fragments enabling him to bring him to bring Chronopolis into a single time zone. That's good news and bad news. The good news is we can now get outta Manhattan and see if the rest of Chronopolis has a decent golf course! The bad news is now every creep in Chronopolis can get into *our* city and slug it out with each other to see who's worthy of facing Kang. Okay Avengers, you broke it so what are you gonna do to fix it? Hmm. Seems they've sent a *team* to the Old West to secure a power source to help boost a strange, beyond Chronopolis signal of some kind.
  • Star-Lord: Snap!!
  • Cowboy: We ain't playing no... snap! You lowdowndurdycheatin' swine.
  • Star-Lord: Now just hold on a minute! Gamora!
  • Gamora: Give me your scanner. You two are supposed to be taking readings.
  • Star-Lord: Oh yeah, I totally was but then Drax found this place and it had music and...
  • Drax: And tacos!
  • Gamora: (Sighs) We have to find the Negative Ion Emitter. Your scanner should now pick it up. Now get out there and start searching.
  • Drax: How does it work?
  • Rocket Raccoon: See that blinky light? If it don't flash ya don't have it. If it does...
  • Drax: Your blinky light lies, I do not have it.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Outlaws!!
  • Rocket Raccoon: What is that?
  • Gamora: That, my fuzzy friend, is our power source.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: I am M.O.D.O.K.! The ultimate human machine interface and, more importantly... the law!
  • Wild West Captain America: Not in my town!
  • Gamora: Isn't that...?
  • Rocket Raccoon: Don't ask. This place gets weirder by the day. Bring it!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Well looky here! Got us some outlaws! Fifty-thousand big ones to the first cowboy to put these criminals in chains! Nyahahahaha!
  • Drax: "Cow-boys"? I do not see any half-human bovine creatures...
  • Rocket Raccoon: Huh! Guess looking for the emitter will have to wait...
  • Wild West Captain America: Excuse me, good folks but did I just hear that raccoon talk?
  • Rocket Raccoon: Urgh! Why am I always singled-out? There's two aliens here as well, ya know!
  • Gamora: Don't mind him. He's having a rough day.
  • Wild West Captain America: Oh... my apologies.
  • Rocket Raccoon: Ah-ha! That electric gizmo looks right up my street!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: What the...?! Ladies, I... Argh! Stop! This is very delicate machinery!
  • Gamora: Now's our chance! Let's get him!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Ow! What was that? Grr...!!! Who dares attack the Mighty M.O.D.O.K.?!
  • Rocket Raccoon: Whoah! What the heck happened just now?
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Argh! You'll regret it! Time for brief intermission! But don't worry, my little friends will help keep you entertained! Argh! Why must you be so annoying?! Now I'm really mad! Nnnyaaargh!! You cannot defeat M.O.D.O.K.! No-one can! Ugh! You're going to pay for that! Nothing can penetrate my psionic force field!
  • Gamora: As much as I hate to admit it. M.O.D.O.K.'s force field *is* pretty strong.
  • Wild West Captain America: You're right. Ah, reckon, we'll need something special to take 'm out.
  • Drax: I believe we have found something!
  • Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, looks that way. Think that sword of yours can help us out, Gamora?
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Curse you! My doomsday chair! Do you know how hard it is to fix this? Grr...!!!
  • Wild West Captain America: Whoo-ee! I think we got 'm on the ropes, partners!
  • Gamora: But we can't get close to him. Unless... What's that on the balcony above him?
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Arghhhh!!! Get your filthy beaks off! Get off! Ngghhhhh... ah! Aaaaarrgggghh!... Be gone, you foul fowls... Not the face... You... monsters.
  • Gamora: We've lost the signal!
  • Drax: What happened to fancy Captain America?
  • Rocket Raccoon: Ah, who cares? Probably mopping-up the last bad guys. Let's find that emitter.
  • Groot Small: I am Groot!
  • Rocket Raccoon: Great! Okay, you guys keep searching, I'll go rescue the log.
  • Gamora: Agreed. We'll rendezvous back at the mansion.
  • Rocket Raccon: Ha ha hahahahahahah! Ha ha hahahahahahah! Ha ha hahahahahahah!
  • Kid Colt: I knew I recognized that train. Come on, Arizona Annie, we got us some villains to catch.
  • Arizona Annie: We sure do, Kid Colt.
  • Star-Lord: (Coughs) Emmmm? Mind if I tag along? They just kidnapped my raccoon and his house plant.
  • Arizona Annie: Why sure, Sugga', if y'all don't mind sharin'.
  • Star-Lord: Mind? Why it would be my pleasure, Ma'am.
  • Arizona Annie: Hold tight, Sugga'... Heeeeeyyyaaaaa. You okay, Sugga'? Here. Let me help you.
  • Kid Colt: Glad you could make it, partner!
  • Star-Lord: Yeah... me too! This'll be my first train journey in a little while...
  • Kit Colt: Ah, you more of a stagecoach man, huh? Aw, dang it! We'll need to find another way round!
  • Star-Lord: Looks that way... Uh, sorry, I didn't catch your name before.
  • Kid Colt: It's Colt. Kid Colt, folks know me as something of an outlaw!
  • Star-Lord: What? The Kid Colt?! Wow! I've read so many stories about you man! You know I'm something of a "Legendary outlaw" myself, they call me Star-Lord.
  • Kid Colt: Uh, sorry... who?
  • Star-Lord: Well... that figures.
  • Kid Colt: Whoo! That's some toy you got there, Mister Star-Lord!
  • Star-Lord: It definitely has its uses. Let's get across. Uh-oh... This doesn't exactly look safe!
  • Kid Colt: Careful you don't fall into those burning rings of fire, Star-Lord!
  • Star-Lord: Aw, c'mon, man! Seriously? Man, who even designed this train? It's crazy!
  • Kid Colt: What are you talkin' about? Now stand back while I lasso the doohickey!
  • Captain Corbett: Hahaha! This is the end of the line for you, Kid Colt!
  • Kid Colt: S'funny, Corbett... 'Cos I reckon I'm about to stop you in your tracks!
  • Star-Lord: Ooh! Train puns! Can I...?
  • Kid Colt: No. Where are you runnin' to now, Corbett? You can't hide from us!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Ah, how nice of you folks to round up my bounty for me! Why, it's practically gift-wrapped! Now I just need to complete the collection... Nyahaha!
  • Star-Lord: Hey! Whoah! What was that? Aw, man! A bear in a cage?! Who even does that? Aw, look! The bear helped us!
  • Kid Colt: Ha! Thank you kindly, President Bear!
  • Star-Lord: President Bear?
  • Kid Colt: Never mind him for now. Get in that cannon. I gots me an idea!
  • Star-Lord: Aw, man. This is gonna hurt isn't it...? I don't like how this is going.
  • Kid Colt: Quit your yankin' and hold still, Partner!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: You cannot defeat me! I am M.O.D.O.K.! There is nothing you can do to stop me and my minions! Nyahahahaha!!!
  • Beast Boy: Maybe not but a pack of superpowered teenagers and a member of the Legion of Doom might even things up!
  • Mirror Master: That wee exoskeleton is a real pain in the glass, eh, laddie?
  • Killer Frost: I’ve brought Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Merlyn, Reverse-Flash and two more intergalactic outlaws with me to help you and the Titans take big head down, Mirror Master!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Who dares mock the Mighty M.O.D.O.K.?!
  • Star-Lord: What?! Then you’re actually the legendary Teen Titans?!
  • Kid Flash: Raven, Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Starfire, Beast Boy and me! Kid Flash! The fastest kid alive! Try to keep up, Outlaws!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Arrrrggghhh! Curse you Guardians!
  • Groot Small: I am Groot?
  • Kid Colt: Nice folk, funny lookin'.
  • Arizona Annie: They sure were... ...but real sweet. Heeeyaaah.
  • Beast Boy: Hey... Aren’t you those Guardians of the Galaxy dudes?
  • Gamora: I’m Gamora. This is Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and this is-
  • Star-Lord: Star-Lord! Legendary outlaw.
  • Beast Boy: Cool! Robin may be a kid, but he’s a leader of the Teen Titans!
  • Groot Small: I am Groot.
  • Star-Lord: Glad to have you back. I just wish we'd managed to get that device before we sent it south covered in chickens.
  • Rocket Raccoon: You mean this?
  • Star-Lord: Rocket, my man, if you didn't smell like that I would so kiss you right now.
  • Raven: See you back at the Mansion. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
  • Star-Lord: Okay, so how are we getting back? Oh, no nonono...
  • Tony Stark: How are we holding up out there?
  • Captain America: We don't have the strength to take the flight to Kang yet.
  • Thor: Aye, and Kang's citadel be protected by a mighty barrier.
  • The Joker: Ooh! What do these do?
  • Wasp: Don’t touch that.
  • Beast Boy: Sup, everybody!
  • Star-Lord: Woaahhhh, heads up. We got it!
  • Rocket Raccoon: That end is radioactive, yah genius!
  • Giant-Man: Hey! Careful, you can't just...
  • Rocket Raccoon: Look, big guy, if you couple your dynamic resonators with a sub neutron accelerator...
  • Giant-Man: ...but that could lead to lethal magnetic containment failure, which then...
  • Rocket Raccoon: Awwwboo-hoo, you worry too much. Voila, one boosted receiver...
  • Cosmo: Hallo...
  • Star-Lord: Cosmo! Good boy! Are you calling from Knowwhere?
  • Cosmo: Cosmo pickzed up chronical distress kall... ...prittelady needed help.
  • Captain America: 'Pretty lady'?
  • Tony Stark: Doesn't that dog live on that giant head of dead celestial? (Sighs) Something with that much energy could help take out Kang's defenses.
  • Giant-Man: We're outside space and time. And I don't see a door into Chronopolis.
  • Doctor Strange: No Hank, but I could make one, using the Nexus of all realities. I may have an ancient spell that could unify this energy and tear a hole into Chronopolis. Though I'd need to consult the tomes in my library.
  • Captain Marvel: Neat idea, Doc, but that Nexus explosion was huge. Any remaining shards would have been shattered all across Chronopolis, it would take months to find them.
  • Thor: Aye, or mere moments, if we had the infinite sight of Mighty Heimdall!
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Who cares about ‘Slime-dall’?! Kang and his army are worse than the Justice League! They don’t play fair!
  • Reverse-Flash: Mysterio trashed my lair!
  • The Riddler: Shocker broke all my henchmen!
  • Captain Cold: M.O.D.O.K. broke my favourite cold gun and interrupted my evil monologue! It was a really good monologue.
  • The Joker: Hydra almost turned me and Livewire into Monster Man munchies!
  • Cheetah: Doctor Octopus stood on my tail!
  • Clayface: Kraven tried to use me as a casserole dish!
  • Penguin: I hear, that futuristic Green Goblin got all the loot from the Batcave and all the gems and money from both banks in Gotham and Metropolis!
  • Harley Quinn: It’s worse, that Kang of toilets released those Crime Syndicate bozos from Earth 3!
  • Catwoman: You gotta hand it to ‘em. They’re better at being villains than we are.
  • Lex Luthor: I beg to differ, Catwoman, no one is better at being a villain than Lex Luthor.
  • The Joker: Lex!
  • Lex Luthor: Get off me, you painted buffoon! I didn’t bust you out to play patty cake! I’ve been spying on Kang and his new forces, the Crime Syndicate. If they helped the Avengers’ archenemies, it’ll be bad news for Chronopolis. And more importantly us!
  • Harley Quinn: But, Lexy. With the Justice League out of the picture, who’s gonna stop them?
  • Heat Wave: Ooh! Us! If we work together with the Avengers, we can stop Kang, his army and rescue Ravonna!
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Indeed!
  • Reverse-Flash: And then we can bring back the Justice League!
  • Lex Luthor: Precisely. Whatever Kang’s game is, if he and his army wants to play at being better superpowered beings... Then we’ll give them the greatest bunch of bad apples ever assembled.
  • The Joker: Do apples come in bunches?
  • Lex Luthor: We need to show him how we do things our way.
  • Gorilla Grodd: We’ll need more than just the Avengers, Lex.
  • Lex Luthor: You don’t say. Then we’re just going to have to recruit some of the most strongest most devious most sneaky super villain team this world of worlds has Ever seen. Who’s with me? Excellent. First up, let’s go get Sinestro on our team. Thor, pick those who are most useful.
  • Thor: Aye, Ice-Woman.
  • Scarecrow: Ooh! I can find out where Sinestro is! I’m his biggest fan!
  • Thor: *Sighs* I shall recruit thee. That means you’re in.
  • Scarecrow: Yes!
  • Lex Luthor: Take Captain Marvel and Captain America with you. Any thoughts where to start looking?
  • Scarecrow: Agh! He’s been captured by one of Kang’s minions! And taken to Asgard!
  • Wasp: Scarecrow’s right. Asgard is out there, but it's not of our Thor's time. It looks practically apocalyptic.
  • Thor: Then, let us hope Heimdall still holds guard over the Bifrost Bridge.
  • Captain America: Okay, let's form up two teams and start to turn tide on Kang.
  • (Team Thor; Travel to Asgard and request Heimdall's ad.)
  • Thor: I pray that Heimdall and my father safe. I've heard tell of much destruction my homeland.
  • Captain Marvel: Is it technically still your homeland? I thought *this* Asgard was from a different of time and space?
  • Captain America: Wherever it's from, let's hope we find at least one version of Heimdall who can help us. This place has definitely better days.
  • Killer Frost: Better move quickly. Scarecrow is very excited to see his *celebrity*.
  • Scarecrow: Whoever captured Sinestro is going to have me as their worst nightmare!
  • Captain Marvel: Looks like the palace entrance has caved in. Any thoughts how are we gonna get in there? We're gonna need to find a way to break through... Looks like the remains of some kinda heavy-duty weapon. Shame it's not in one piece...
  • Thor: We should hurry inside! If this is the situation out here, I dare not think what dangers may lurk inside the palace!
  • J. Jonah Jameson: As you can hear, Kang's Chronopolis has descended into a mad melee. It looks like it's curtains for us, for sure! Our one silver of hope is a plan to get into Kang's Central Citadel and take him down. Sources tell me Wasp has secured contact with an ally on the distinct of Knowhere! That's a giant head of celestial for those of you not paying attention. Don't get too excited though as the offer of help has come from a dog! That's how desperate the Avengers are, folks! Cosmic Canines aside, this space head could contain enough energy, or tech, or magic beams to put a dent in the differences of that citadel. What our *so called* heroes need are a pair of sharp eyes to find the fragments of the Nexus they had a hand in shattering. These villains called the *Legion of Doom* are working together with the Avengers to stop Kang and bring back another team of heroes called the *Justice League*! I heard that one of them is dressed like a bat.
  • Heimdall: Odin, my King. The kingdom is lost, our forces scattered...
  • Odin: Enough! This distraction was brought about by those fools the warriors three defying Kang. We had a deal...
  • Thor (Jane Foster): Odin, I still know not why thou made such a pact?
  • Sinestro: This is going to take forever.
  • Odin: Broth... I mean, son! you're alive?!
  • Thor: Father, what is this madness?
  • Thor (Jane Foster): Thor?! Is it really you?
  • Heimdall: All-Father!
  • Thor (Jane Foster)/Thor: Heimdall!
  • Sinestro: Free!
  • Thor: Loki! How? We banished you into the Abyss!
  • Loki: (Laughs) Kang plucked me from that demise. With his help, I sent father on a fool's errand to find you after Manhattan was lost an age ago. Leaving me to finally take my rightful place on the throne.
  • Scarecrow: Sinestro! It is I, Scarecrow! We need your help to take down Kang and his army! Lex Luthor has sent us to find you!
  • Sinestro: I owe Lex a debt. So be it, let all of Kang’s forces fear me!
  • Captain America: Thor! It's coming down!
  • Surtur: (Roars) Asgardians! Finally I will exact my vengeance.
  • Thor: Surtur! Foul Beast!
  • Surtur: I'm going to take to your realm, Thor!
  • Thor (Jane Foster): We shall see about that, Surtur!
  • Thor: I, uh, believe he was talking to me.
  • Loki: Actually, it's my realm at the moment.
  • Thor: Not now, Loki...
  • Surtur: Sons of Muspell, Daughters of Fury, Monsters of the Flame, our time has come! Sound the battle cry that all who live may heart it and despair! March to the destruction! March to the fall of Asgard!
  • Captain Marvel: What the heck are those things?!
  • Thor (Jane Foster): Surtur's minions! Pesky Beasts but they are no match for us!
  • Scarecrow: Thor, Killer Frost can’t handle apocalyptic Asgard. She has ice powers!
  • Killer Frost: It’s very hot here!
  • Thor (Jane Foster): Don’t worry, once we...
  • Scarecrow: I’m talking to your boyfriend, Girl Thor.
  • Surtur: Nothing can dim the Flames of Muspell! You will fall!
  • Loki: What did I do to deserve that?
  • Thor: Broth! The best Asgard has to offer! It would be a shame to waste them.
  • Loki: We'd be poor hosts if we didn't offer Surtur a drink now wouldn't we, brother?
  • Surtur: Feel the might of Surtur in his glory!
  • Thor: Such a clumsy attack! This is why I don't normally use swords. You can't use swords. You can't miss with a hammer!
  • Loki: There! That should hold him for a moment.
  • Thor (Jane Foster): A moment may be all we need!
  • Loki: This is obviously designed for lesser beings...
  • Gwenpool: Alright! Boss Battle Time! Let's do this! Ha! Nailed it! In your face, everybody!
  • Captain Marvel: Wow, that's a speedy fire department!
  • Thor (Jane Foster): Fastest in all the realms!
  • Gwenpool: Yes! I completed the mission! My reputation as a totally legit super hero continues!
  • Captain Marvel: Nice teamwork!
  • Thor: Aye, see, brother, when we unite forces? ... Brother?!
  • Captain America: He's snuck out on us!
  • Thor: Urgh, families.
  • Heimdall: Thor!
  • Thor: Heimdall, thank the world tree you survived.
  • Heimdall: (Coughs) Mere rocks won't break me.
  • Thor: We have much to discuss. And we require your aid locating Shards of the Nexus.
  • Heimdall: Curious, Odin - I mean Loki - was asking of the same.
  • Thor (Jane Foster): Then go with them! I will keep vigil here, should Surtur return.
  • Thor: You make a most worthy Thor.
  • Captain Marvel: Let's regroup back at the Avengers’ Mansion.
  • Killer Frost: Hurry! I think I’m starting to melt!
  • Scarecrow: Haha! I think you and I are gonna go quite nicely, Sinestro!
  • Sinestro: Sure thing, Scarecrow! Back to Manhatten.
  • Heimdall: Finally, I've always wanted to visit broadway.
  • Kang: It's looking wonderful out there, Ravonna... Chaos... Carnage... and all at my hand. Ravonna, my little siege tower? I thought we'd arranged the window cleaners to come on a Thursday! What have I told you? Get out of the... ...otherwise you'll find yourselves looking for a new round!
  • Ravonna: Yes, it's looking quite devastated already. Thought the Avengers have yet to yield...
  • Kang: It's almost as though they've been given a new hope...
  • Ravonna: That can't be, your Kangship. Who in this Chronopolis would be so foolishs to dare plot against you?
  • Kang: Who indeed? No one, of course.
  • Doctor Strange: You know, you two really don't need to come with me. The Sanctum is only down the street and the Book of Vishantis is probably...
  • She-Hulk: Probably the kind of super-important magic book bad guys just can get enough stealing. It's been stolen before, right? I bet it's been stolen before.
  • Doctor Strange: Well... Maybe once...
  • Spider-Man: Then it's too important to send a one person after. Let's quit yakking and go grab the thing! This is the Sanctum, right? Remember the secret knock, Doc?
  • Doctor Strange: Yes, I think I can just about recall... There we are. Now, let's head inside and get that book, shall we?
  • J. Jonah Jameson: Just when you thought things couldn't get any *stranger* around here... Our city's *heroes* have come up with the most hare-brained idea to defeat Kang this reporter has ever heard! It involves the help Cosmo the Spacedog and the planet knowhere: An ancient head of giant space being on the other side of the galaxy. Tony Stark is convinced that there must be *something* on knowhere able to bring down Kang's defenses. But to get it into Chronopolis our heroes will need to find the shattered fragments of the Nexus. The have Doctor Strange stitch them back together. So he needs some book full of magic mumbo jumbo to help him. Why isn't he conjuring up a decent cup of Joe huh? New York is running out of coffee, people!
  • Spider-Man: Nice place, Doc.
  • Doctor Strange: Thank you. But it's Wong who has the eye for design.
  • Wong: You are too king, sir. It's mostly swedish flat pack.
  • Doctor Strange: Wong, we need the Book of Vishanti. It maybe our only hope against Kang.
  • Wong: Very good, sir.
  • Doctor Strange: Emmmm could... you please fetch it for me?
  • Wong: There is nothing I would enjoy more, sir. But... I have no idea where it is. You really should look after things.
  • Doctor Strange: I do look after... Can you just help me find it?
  • Wong: Try in the Mystical Cabinet of Nisanti, behind the vacuum. If it's not in there, then... ...try and think back to when you hid it.
  • Doctor Strange: By the all seeing... oh wait! I do remember something! I set five runic locks to conceal it! Let's go, my friends. We've no time to be lose if we wish find the Book of Vishanti... So feel free to destroy any furniture that might get in your way.
  • She-Hulk: Heh... It's cute that he actually give us permission.
  • Doctor Strange: The runes will tell us where the book is located. We must find them first. That did it. Now, let's find the rest.
  • She-Hulk: These bad guys just won't learn! Maybe I should threaten to rip up their comics...
  • Spider-Man: Whoah! What are these crazy red creature things?
  • Doctor Strange: Oh, no... Those are "Mind Maggots" from the dark dimension! I fear something is not right there...
  • Wong: Ah! That's right, I forgot to mention those. Don't know how they got here.
  • Doctor Strange: My magic appears to be well suited to deal with this. Another rune. This shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Ah, yes... that'll do. We're making progress now. I can't use this? Well... nobody's perfect. The door to the attic is locked and we don't have time to look for the key. Let's improvise, shall we?
  • Wong: Oh, Doctor. I have the key to the attic right here.
  • Doctor Strange: What? Why didn't you mention that before?
  • She-Hulk: It's fine. The portal's actually pretty cool.
  • Doctor Strange: We seem to have uncovered another rune.
  • She-Hulk: Sure beats pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Doctor Strange: There. Only a few more to go. Urgh! The Mind Maggots have been busy. Perhaps a little time manipulation could help us tidy things up.
  • Spider-Man: Messing around was time just so you can clean up your library? Isn't that a little on the frivolous, Doc?
  • Doctor Strange: It's... an emergency, Spider-Man. I can justify it.
  • She-Hulk: Not like Kang hasn't messed with time and space already, I guess.
  • Doctor Strange: There's our next rune. Our task is almost complete.
  • Spider-Man: Hey! Nice light show, Doc!
  • Doctor Strange: Just one more. Some minor re-arranging is all that's needed here.
  • She-Hulk: Yeah, except your floor's missing some tiles. We'll need to fix them up first.
  • Spider-Man: Uh, you actually have the book we're looking for... Right, Doc? This almost feels like you tricked us into remodeling your place!
  • Doctor Strange: Nonsense! This is vital work! Although, it does look a little nicer I can't deny it! The final rune is here. Well done, my friends.
  • Spider-Man: Man, all this magic stuff is crazy!
  • Doctor Strange: That's it! Quickly, everyone. Ha, I told you I put the book somewhere safe.
  • Wong: Well done, sir.
  • Doctor Strange: Gone! Mordo?
  • Mordo: You are too late, Strange. Kang shall soon bend the knee to the Great Dormammu, and Chronopolis will be absorbed by the dark dimension.
  • Doctor Strange: But how did you solve my magic locks to reach the book?
  • Mordo: Locks? It was in the cabinet of nisanti behind the vaccum.
  • Doctor Strange: Don't!
  • Mordo: You really should take better care of your magical items.
  • Doctor Strange: Not so fast, Mordo. Let's take this fight to the mirror realm.
  • Mordo: Pathetic, Strange, your mirror defense will not hold me for long. Ha! To think that anyone but Dormammu could rule this new world! Ridiculous!
  • Doctor Strange: Mordo, you're the one being ridiculous! We should fight against Kang together!
  • Mordo: You won't be able to deal with this!
  • Spider-Man: Yikes! Look out, everybody!
  • Mordo: Got you! Hahaha! Come and get me! Hahahaha!
  • Dormammu: Strange?! Are you in there, Strange? Hahahaha!
  • Mordo: Get them, Mindless Ones! Serve your master, Dormammu!
  • She-Hulk: Uh-oh! We got big... Uh... Rock things incoming!
  • Dormammu: Give up! There's no way you can possibly win!
  • Mordo: My magic is now superior to all!
  • Doctor Strange: We shall see about that, Mordo!
  • Dormammu: Nothing can stop the dread Dormammu... nothing!
  • Mordo: You're beginning to get on my nerves! Take this!
  • She-Hulk: We're beginning to get *your* nerves? Seriously?
  • Dormammu: All of existence! Shall succumb to the dark dimension!
  • Mordo: Perhaps you'd like some more friends to play with...?
  • Spider-Man: Not unless there's party games... And we all know there isn't gonna be any party games... So no!
  • Doctor Strange: By the power of Eye of Agamotto, I command you to cease the madness! It's over, Mordo! Give me the book.
  • Mordo: Never!
  • She-Hulk: Wow, that got a bit... Strange.
  • Spider-Man: Funnily enough not the weirdest thing I've seen the side of Manhhattan. But that's another story.
  • Doctor Strange: Thank you again, my friend... What would I do without you?
  • Wong: It is my honor to serve. Now go out there and kick some Kang backside. I will guard the Sanctum from any further attacks.
  • Sinestro: Fear not, n’er-do-wells of Chronopolis! I will carry you to victory!
  • Wasp: Great job, Thor.
  • Lex Luthor: Welcome, Sinestro. It’s true you will be a valuable addition to our growing forces.
  • Beast Boy: Why’re there bad guys here? We should get more heroes!
  • Ms. Marvel: And stop Kang!
  • Lex Luthor: Ms. Marvel and Beast Boy are right, Sinestro, even with our combined intellect and powers with the Avengers we need even more big hitters. We have no choice but to recruit the strongest, most heroic, most courageous superhero team this world of worlds has ever seen! I know just where to get them. Hydra Museum has artefacts from the Hall of Justice on display.
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Hall of Justice?! You’re not seriously thinking about releasing and recruiting the Justice League right now, are you?!
  • Lex Luthor: The key to the Justice League’s freedom lies somewhere in that exhibition.
  • Gorilla Grodd: An indestructible prison of some kind?
  • Rocket Raccoon: Look, Monkey-Man. Let’s just fahget those losers and-
  • Heat Wave: Grodd is an ape, you fool.
  • Rocket Raccoon: We don’t need mumbo jumbo magic to make them help us. I say we-
  • The Joker: Magic! Harley and me love magic. Can we go Lex, can we, huh? Can we, can we, can we?!
  • Lex Luthor: Sure thing, Joker. Take Sinestro with you.
  • Rocket Raccoon: What did I do?!
  • Sinestro: Are you ready to save the Justice League?
  • The Joker: So sorry to disappoint you, my fear-focused friend but I’ve got to go catch up with an old pal of mine. But, I’m sure Harley here would be happy to show you the way.
  • Harley Quinn: What? Oh, absolutely, Puddin’! If there’s one thing I love to do it’s taking weird color-obsessed aliens on trips to the Hydra museum!
  • Sinestro: Indeed... but let’s hurry. The sooner we can get to the League, the sooner we can be rid of this *Kang the Conqueror*.
  • Lois Lane: Lois Lane here, reporting live from the streets of Chronopolis. After stopping Surtur and recruiting Sinestro and Heimdall from an apocalyptic Asgard, it seems that the Legion of Doom are going to rescue the Justice League from their prisons at the Hydra Empire museum. Will Joker, Harley Quinn, Clayface and Sinestro have what it takes to save them? The Teen Titans hold their breathes for it.
  • Jimmy Olsen: Off air Lois. Hey, if Joker and the other three villains are saving the Justice League, does this mean the heroes of our world are teaming up with the Legion of Doom, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers to stop Kang?
  • Lois Lane: Worth a shot Jimmy.
  • Hydra Tour Guide: Hope you all have a happy Hydra day!
  • Sinestro: I still don’t see why we have to sneak around.
  • Harley Quinn: If we set off the alarms, the building will lock down and those Crime Syndicate creeps might show up to stop us from rescuing the Justice League.
  • Sinestro: Pah! I, Sinestro, fear nothing. Except maybe long silences.
  • Harley Quinn: Hmmm, well I don’t want to give them fake heroes any more publicity at my expense. The coast’s clear, let’s go! That’s where we needs to be. All the Hall of Justice stuff is in there.
  • Sinestro: I don’t want to know what part of you we were in.
  • The Joker: Okay, Silly-Smile Squad! There's our way in! Let's go!
  • Sinestro: Ha! That unsuspecting fool of a security guard doesn't know what fate awaits him.
  • Clayface: Remember what we talked about. We don't do nothing that'll get the attention of the Crime Syndicate.
  • Harley Quinn: Yeah, the last thing we need are those lousy, Earth-3 imposters showin’ up! Gotta be a way to get past the guard real quiet like!
  • The Joker: Ooh! I know just the thing! Let's see if the parts I need are around here...
  • Harley Quinn: You want us to help you make some of the laughing toxin, Mistah J? No sweat!
  • The Joker: Hahahaha! Time to put a little smile on that poor security guard’s face!
  • Hydra guard: Ha... Haha... Ha! Hahaha! HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Harley Quinn: Ha! Another satisfied audience! How do you do it, Mistah J?
  • The Joker: Oh, Harley... You know it’s all in the delivery. Hahaha!
  • Harley Quinn: Hahaha! Good’n... Puddin’!
  • Clayface: If you two are done, we still got a team of heroes to save!
  • Sinestro: It’s difficult to imagine of our archenemies are being contained in such an ordinary museum.
  • Clayface: Hey, there ain’t no better hiding place than in plain sight, pal! Take it from someone who knows!
  • Sinestro: This must be it. We’ll need to direct a source of light through these crystals and into the Justice League’s Hydra sarcophaguses for them to open.
  • Harley Quinn: Ooh! Sounds like SOMEONE’s been payin’ attention!
  • The Joker: Huh! Show off!
  • Clayface: I... I think we did it! Well? Why ain’t it working?
  • The Joker: Yeah! I thought we’d be knee deep in rabbits and playing cards by now. I want magic!!!
  • Harley Quinn: Of course, the magic words!
  • Sinestro: Wait... There it is! Shazam!
  • Aquaman: Our way out is opening!
  • Superman: A little more and... Yes!
  • Wonder Woman: Thank, Hera!
  • Green Lantern: Alright!
  • Flash: Yeah!
  • Cyborg: Booyah!
  • Batman: Great work, team. Joker! What are you doing here?
  • The Joker: Saving you. That’s what we’re doing.
  • Harley Quinn: Ah peanuts!
  • Ultraman: You think you could defeat us, clown?
  • The Joker: Nah... but they will!
  • Livewire: Have fun with your Earth-1 play dates! Hahahaha!
  • Johnny Quick: Play dates?
  • Owlman: I, uhh... Don’t suppose you consider a bribe?
  • Grid: Grid online!
  • Deathstorm: I always knew your Earth-1 villains are such cowards. You won’t deal with us so easily!
  • Power Ring: Us? Wait. You want me to help Deathstorm and Grid? Oh, uhh... That’s right *Justice Jerks*! You won’t defeat our new toys! Go get them boys!
  • Firestorm: What is up with the pussy cat, Hal?
  • Green Lantern: It’s his lantern ring. It’s controlling him by force due to the lack of willpower.
  • Cyborg: We have to stop the Crime Syndicate and find out what is going on!
  • Grid: Have... A nice... Day.
  • Firestorm: One down, nine to go!
  • Deathstorm: I... Can’t believe this!
  • Cyborg: Now there’s eight left!
  • Power Ring: Why me? Why do bad things always happen to me?!
  • Green Lantern: Green is my thing, Power Ring!
  • Johnny Quick: Hold on tight, little lady! This is going to be a wild ride!
  • Atomica: You know what I say, “evil things come in small packages”!
  • Flash: There must be a way to defeat our Earth-3 doppelgängers!
  • Atom: The only way to defeat them is to use the power of the Speed Force. To do that, we need to be in the Speedway.
  • Flash: Great plan, Atom! Hang on!
  • Atomica: Ouch! Beaten by a small fry!
  • Johnny Quick: I *gasp* can’t run any... faster!
  • Sea King: I never thought we’d see you again! This time, you’ll be washed away!
  • Aquaman: There can be only one King of Atlantis, Sea King! And it’s Aquaman! That’s me by the way.
  • Sea King: Defeated by the King of Atlantis!
  • Mazahs: Those who try to take over Chronopolis shall be defeated!
  • Shazam: Woah! Fighting against an Earth-3 version of me? That’s totally... Interesting. (Whispers) Okay, Billy. Be very careful while fighting against Mazahs. (Loudly) You’ll never defeat the mightiest hero and the Justice League, Mazahs! Therefore I am...
  • Cyborg: Shazam!
  • Mazahs: Argh! Defeated by Mazahs of Earth-1!
  • Superwoman: I always let Mazahs do all the dirty work. Sheesh! Can’t an Earth-3 being take a break? Right after I break all of your bones, *Wonderless Woman*!
  • Wonder Woman: Hera, give me strength to defeat Superwoman!
  • Superwoman: Ugh! Beaten by the *Dork Knight’s* stupid girlfriend!
  • Wonder Woman: Dark Knight’s girlfriend? Me?
  • Owlman: The Darkest Knight shall rise! Superwoman and I know about your relationship with Wonder Woman!
  • Batman: Beware the night, Owlman! I’m Batman!
  • Owlman: Urgh! I thought I was the only Dark Knight!
  • Firestorm: Well... There’s Superman!
  • Flash: You okay, Superman?
  • Superman: Urgh... I’ve had better days.
  • Ultraman: Ha! You won’t have to worry about having any more bad days once I’M finished with you, *Man of Steel*... Or any good ones for that matter!
  • Superman: You fiend, Ultraman! You’ll never win!
  • Ultraman: That’s what you think! In short time, your fate will be sealed, Superman! It feels so good to be bad again! Oof! You fight well... But it won’t be enough to win! Gah! You’ll regret that, very shortly! Prepare to fall at the hands of the Crime Syndicated! The Crime Syndicate will take this world of worlds by force if we have to! That’s it! My patience for you has run out! Look! Up in the sky...! Ha! Made you look! Argh! I... don’t understand how this is possible...
  • Batman: Go get the Cosmic Treadmill and send them home!
  • Flash: Welcome back to Earth-3, Crime Syndicate! Population; you!
  • Ultraman: No! You can’t! You don’t understand!
  • Johnny Quick: There’s only four shopping channels!
  • Superwoman: NOOOOOO!
  • Owlman: The wifi is terrible!
  • Power Ring: It’s over?! Oh, thank goodness!
  • Green Lantern: No more Crime Syndicate!
  • Cyborg: We better head back to some place called the Avengers’ Mansion.
  • Harley Quinn: What happened to you do-gooders?
  • Wonder Woman: It’s a long story for another time.
  • Batman: Okay Joker, what’s going on? Merging multiple universes together is a little out of your league.
  • The Joker: What! No hug?
  • Rocket RaccoonBoohoo baby bat! You worry too much.
  • Batman: Batman doesn’t worry!
  • Harley Quinn: We ain’t mixed up in this, honest. We don’t even know what the Nexus of Realities is!
  • The Joker: Okay, bad reaction. So what is this stinkers of apologies?
  • Cyborg: The *Nexus of Realities* is a magical tree guarded by Man-Thing. Anyone who brought multiple time eras and universes destroys it will bring them together into one giant battle arena.
  • Wonder Woman: Kang brought Man-Thing’s swamp into Chronopolis was part of his plan.
  • The Flash: The thing I don’t get is why Kang didn’t stop Man-Thing himself. He brought back the Crime Syndicate to trap us in the Hydra Empire museum.
  • Batman: If we are going to stop Kang, I guess we’re going to work together with the Avengers and rescue Ravonna.
  • Superman: Thanks for saving us, Joker, Harley, Sinestro, Clayface and... I don’t think we’ve probably met. What’s your name friend?
  • Star-Lord: I’m much of a legendary outlaw myself. They call me Star-Lord!
  • Superman: Well, that figures.
  • Giant-Man: Wrong fitting...
  • Heimdall: What do you need from me?
  • Wasp: We are looking for shards of the Nexus of all realities, so that we might use its power to create a gateway into Chronopolis.
  • Thor: The shards lie scattered across these lands.
  • Heimdall: Yes, I can see that. My journey to Midgard is of great importance. Doubly so, if we're able to acquire the tickets you mentioned eariler.
  • Thor: Heimdall, you must begin your task in assisting the fair Wasp. She can locate the shards upon her mapping device.
  • Tony Stark: What's all this about tickets?
  • Thor: Heimdall, added a small condition to his supporting us... The acquisition of tickets to a Broadway show.
  • Tony Stark: Seriously?
  • Wasp: So their are five Nexus Shards?
  • Heimdall: That is so.
  • Wasp: I'll set up teams to cover this.
  • (Team Spider-Man [Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk]; Search for the Nexus fragment in Kun-Lun.)
  • Spider-Man: Alright, gang, onwards to Kun-Lun! Wait, am I saying right?
  • She-Hulk: Up to the snow mountains, huh? And I left my big coat at home...
  • Spider-Man: Don't worry. I'm sure Ms. Marvel here can stretch a nice big scarf if you get too cold!
  • Ms. Marvel: Uh, don't *I* say in this?
  • Mysterious Voice: Who dares approach the cave of the dragon?
  • Spider-Man: Just a group of friendly neighborhood heroes out collecting dangerous glowing artifacts. Is your Mom home?
  • Mysterious Voice: Only those versed in the way of the Iron Fist can enter this cave. I sense that none among you possess this power but there is one in the Monochrome City who may.
  • Spider-Man: "The Monochrome City" ...? Sorry, I don't think that's quite vague enough for me. Guess that's all the information we're getting. Think I know where he's taking about though. Let's go check it out. This seems to be the place! Eyes peeled for anyone who knows Iron Fist!
  • Iron Fist: Huh? Who've we got here?
  • Spider-Man: Well, if isn't the Iron Fist himself! That makes sense. Hey, can we borrow you for some real quick?
  • Iron Fist: Sorry, but I've got something I need to take care of here first. Kingpin's gained control of this area and we need to sneak into Fisk Tower and take him down. Daredevil and Luke Cage have nearly finished their preparations. If you can give them a hand, maybe we can take care of this business tonight. After that, the Iron Fist is all yours.
  • Spider-Man: Sure, that could work. You scratch my back, I help you take down criminal mastermind, right?
  • Iron Fist: Thanks. I'm sure my other two friends will be glad for the help.Just let them know when you're ready.
  • Daredevil: So, the plan is for a group of us to sneak our way into the building inside a big shipping crate figuring out how the crate actually gets inside is Luke's job... What we need to figure out is what our fake delivery is pretending to be. The last thing we want is some nosy security guard peeking into our crate so we need a convincing cover story. I've heard that Kingpin is expecting a delivery of something but that's all I got. I need you to gather some more information from his associates on exactly what's in that delivery. Think you can do that for me? Great. A bunch of Kingpin's loose-lipped employees hang around this area. See what you can find out from them. Did you find any information about the delivery? So, what did you find out? Okay, that could be relevant... Yeah, this is good... So a bunch of diamond canes never made it to Fisk Tower... That means he should still expecting it, which gives us for the perfect story for our delivery! Nice work! Now we just need to hope everyone can fit inside that crate... There's a few more of us than in the original plan. Think you can help Luke out with this thing? I;m sure he'd appreciate it.
  • Luke Cage: You're gonna help us out, huh? I just got the job for you... Appreciate the help. Security in this place is tight so our only option is to head in through the front door. With the right disguise, one of us should be able to just stroll right in past the front desk while the others... Well... that's Daredevil's part of the plan. What I need you to do is bring me that disguise. You've got facilities in the Avengers Mansion for just that sorta thing, right? I'll show you what you need. If you can bring it to me, we should be cooking with gas. What d'you think? Awesome. Here's what we need. I don't mind if you're wearing it. Probably easiest that way.
  • Wasp: Didn't expect to see you back so soon. Huh? You need a costume? Okay... I'm not even gonna ask. You know where to go for that stuff, right? Other end of the room, door on the left, just below where you came in.
  • Luke Cage: Perfect. This should allow us to sneak in without anyone battling an eye! Yeah, no one ever suspects the delivery boy... or girl. We don't know who's wearin' it yet... Guess we'll flip a coin later. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  • Iron Fist: Thanks, guys. Now everything's set, we can spring our plan whenever you're ready. Let me know when you're good to go.
  • J. Jonah Jameson: So with the little help of the *superior* eyes of Heimdall. The Heroes now know where all the pieces of the Nexus are. They just need to get them to Doctor Strange so he can work his magic and knowhere can be brought to Chornopolis. One of the fragments is *somewhere* in K'un-Lun. The Mystic and Strange land where its all meditation and Yaks Milk and Iron Fist... Iron Fist? I remember that guy! He'll help the heroes get into K'un-Lun and get their fragment. *If* they can help him take out Kingpin who has set himself up in the New York of the roaring twenties. Okay, so who's helping Fisty? Spider-Man?! You gotta be kidding me!
  • Spider-Man: ...We had to take down Kingpin, and one man stood in the way...
  • Daredevil: Uh... Delivery for a Mr uh... Kingpin?
  • Police Chief: What is you got there?
  • Daredevil: Walking caines. Crystal tipped.
  • Police Chief: Take the elevator. 5th floor. Through the office. What... kind of... doll... are you?
  • She-Hulk: The kinda 'doll' that don't appreciate guys calling her 'doll'.
  • Luke Cage: You'd better not be calling me 'doll' either...
  • Spider-Man: I'd arranged a rendezvous with a guy who could help on the inside.
  • Ms. Marvel: So you're Spider-Man's contact... Are you guys related?
  • Spider-Man Noir: Let's just say we have a few things in common. Taking down the notorious Kingpin, Huh? Sounds Sounds like quite a caper. Count me in.
  • Spider-Man: Thanks, Turtleneck. I'm glad I looked you up!
  • Daredevil: Careful, team. Fisk and his Goon Squad will be looking for us.
  • Iron Fist: Huh? What was that?
  • Spider-Man Noir: That door... Did it just slam on its own? Are those electric locks?
  • Ms. Marvel: Seems just a little hi-tech for an office block in this era, don'tcha think?
  • Daredevil: With Kang in charge, anything's possible. Let's find a way to open it.
  • Ms. Marvel: Hmm... Maybe a little "Unembiggening" will help deal with this! Okay, bad guys! I'm updating your status to "Just made a big mistake"!
  • Hammerhead: You're after the Kingpin, huh? Well too bad! Nobody takes him down but me!
  • Spider-Man: Uhh... Was that you, Ms. Marvel?
  • Ms. Marvel: Oh, yeah... 'Cos that totally sounded like me!
  • Daredevil: Hmm... It didn't sound like Kang or the Kingpin either.
  • Iron Fist: That's a good question. Stay alert.
  • Ms. Marvel: She shrinks, she scores!
  • Iron Fist: That did it. We can get past.
  • Ms. Marvel: Yay! Problem... solved! Haha!
  • Daredevil: Good work. Let's keep moving.
  • Hammerhead: Listen up, ya no-good punks! I told ya leave this to the professionals. This is your last warning!
  • Spider-Man Noir: I dunno who it is but the cheaper the crook, the gaudier the pattier, huh?
  • Spider-Man: Well said, "Spider-Boogie".
  • Spider-Man Noir: Huh?
  • Ms. Marvel: Who's ready to face some sweet, sweet justice?
  • Hammerheard: I told you losers to stay outta my business! Now you're gonna pay!
  • Spider-Man: Hammerhead?! Shoulda known he'd feel right at home here!
  • Hammerhead: This place, the Kingpin's territory; it's all gonna belong to me! I won't let you get in my way!
  • Spider-Man Noir: Hmph! Another power-hungry villain that wants to be top of the world?
  • Hammerhead: You shouldn'ta come here! This is personnel between me and Fisk!
  • Iron Fist: You seem quite angry, Mister Hammerhead. Have you ever tried yoga? Meditation? Perhaps some herbal tea will calm your burdened soul?
  • Daredevil: I can't afford to make any more mistakes...
  • Hammerhead: I'm gonna run right through you, losers! Then I'm gonna be in charge!
  • Daredevil: When are you going to get it into that unbreakable head of yours? We should all be fighting against Kang! Not fighting each other!
  • Hammerhead: Hey, you wise guys shouldn't be tryin' to stop me! I'm doin' you a favour!
  • Ms. Marvel: No thanks! We'll handle the "Villainous Gangster Dethoring" around here!
  • Spider-Man: And Hammerhead is hammered!
  • Daredevil: This should be Kingpin's office!
  • Ms. Marvel: This is one awesome office party!
  • Iron Fist: Where's Kingpin?
  • Kingpin: Welcome to the party, friends! Kang suggested I might want to enter the race for mayor of this town - I won of course!
  • Elektra Noir: Nice suit, Matt!
  • Spider-Man Noir: You know this dame?
  • Daredevil: I don't recognize her voice.
  • Spider-Man: Another timeline twist, guys...
  • Kingpin: I'm so glad you could make it to my little victory celebration! As you can tell, my future is very bright!
  • Ms. Marvel: Man, those are some strong headlights!
  • Iron Fist: There's gotta be a way to get past!
  • Daredevil: Time to get to work!
  • Kingpin: Do you like my new car? It's a little present from our glorious new leader!
  • Daredevil: Glorious? What happened to you, Fisk? The Kingpin I know doesn't share power!
  • Kingpin: Ha! In good time, Daredevil, after all, you must first get behind someone before you can stab them in the back. I'll deal wit Kang eventually... but you first! Fools! You dare defy the Kingpin?!
  • Daredevil: Sure, I "dare"! The clue's in the name, Fisk!
  • Kingpin: Ha! Take your shot! Now that I'm the mayor, you "heroes" will soon be no more!
  • Spider-Man: But you only won because Kang programmed his robots to vote for you, huh?
  • Kingpin: Well, I... Grr...! I'll get you, Spider-Man! You civic menace! You perpetual pest!
  • Spider-Man: Seriously, what team-up name are you and Kang using? "Kangpin"? "King-Kang"?
  • Kingpin: Gah! Attack them! Attack! No! Nooo...!!!
  • Spider-Man Noir: So much for the stuff dreams are made of.
  • Kingpin: I'll get you for that! Bad things happen to people that try to embarass me! Wait! That music?! How did you know it's my favorite song?! Just wait until this song is finished! I'll show you some manners! (Tired Panting) Hang on... Just wait here... I'm warning you... nobody messes with the Kingpin... (Tired Panting)
  • Spider-Man Noir: Think I might know what to do here.
  • Iron Fist: Your reign as mayor is over, Kingpin!
  • Kingpin: Get Kang on the phone! He promised me protection!
  • Daredevil: I think we've all spent too long here...
  • Spider-Man Noir: How do you think I feel?
  • Spider-Man: Come on, guys! Live a little!