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Season One

  1. Totally Teen Genie/Angel's Flight
  2. Music Baby/Wanted Audience
  3. Game Over/Phony Ponies
  4. Hello Puppy/G, This Is Awfully Deep
  5. Baby's Birthday/Labor Of Love
  6. Bad Boy and Little Girl/Yummy Bear Nado
  7. Drums of Doom/Adventures in Housesitting
  8. The Kawaiifier/Super Kawaii Sunday
  9. Delectabubbles/Kablooey Chewie
  10. Water Baby/Music Zoo
  11. The Dotted Line/Life is But a Dream
  12. Oh, G/Greenhouse
  13. Control Plus Alt Plus Dimension/Angel Hair
  14. Inside Job/Sea Monkeying Around
  15. Trust Your Inner Uniphant/Starr Power
  16. Zero G/Angel Food
  17. Happy Slam/Retro Fiasco
  18. HJ10/Wave of Love
  19. Sand and Deliver/Moods Meow
  20. Yeti in the House/The Young and the Restless
  21. Brodie on Board/Womzilla
  22. Emotizoms/The Big Time
  23. Un-Bear-able/Snowy the Frostman
  24. Kawaii Cake Mix Up/Angel Fever
  25. Candy Blossom Flower Festivel/Princess Power
  26. Hark! A Quarkle!/The Ends of the Earth

Season 2

Season 3

  1. Kawaii to the World Tour/Minds Games
  2. Bye Bye Baby/Super Awesome Galacto Rudie
  3. Family Affair/It's All About Mimi, Me
  4. Monkey Business
  5. Southern Sparkles/Monster Pets on the Bus
  6. Kawaii-Saurs/Oh, Boya
  7. Rudie's Law/The High C
  8. Aller G/Groovy Beach Goes Bonkers
  9. Smart Phone/Hotel Kawaii-fornia
  10. Boo Boo Harajuku/Future Tense
  11. Pamperlona/My Way or the Kawaii Way
  12. Tinselfest/Planet of the Rudies
  13. Fan Fun Day/Happy 100th
  14. The Sweet Life/The Show Must Go On?
  15. Lights! Camera! HJ5!/Marshmallow Madness
  16. Social Media/That's So Five Minutes Ago
  17. Messy Magic/Lather, Rinse, Repeat
  18. Sing Thing/Baby Rudie
  19. Rock Your Socks/What's In A Name?
  20. Joy Ride/The Fabulous Baron Von Rudie
  21. Mappy Birthday Music/Hologrammed
  22. Good Old ROD/Teen Genie Strikes Back
  23. Clueless in Sweetropolis/Rumor Has It
  24. The Princess and the Rocker/G-Whizz
  25. Mind Over Manager/Razzle Dazzle
  26. Project Runaway/Run to the Sun
  27. That Sinking Feeling
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