• Robin: Your machine can't take any more!
    Dr. Light: Illuminating theory - but I have the definite advantage!
    [At that exact moment, his synthetic diamond disintegrates]
    Dr. Light: Or not.
  • Cyborg: He should have landed somewhere over... Oh boy!
    [A pack of red Utahraptors corner the Titans]
  • Starfire: Beast Boy, perhaps you can communicate with them.
    Beast Boy: [timidly] Um ... nice dinos?
    [Raptors growl]
    Raven: Hey, genius, I think she means try it in their language.
    [Beast Boy turns into a raptor, exchanges a few yips and hoots with them and then returns]
    Robin: What did they say?
    Beast Boy: Well, they want to eat us.
  • Kole: Sorry, Gnarrk's not so good with people from the upper world.
    Beast Boy: Neither is Raven.
    [Raven looks menacingly at Beast Boy and Starfire laughs]
  • Kole: So what brought you here?
    Beast Boy: Er ... Gravity?
  • [After Dr. Light has been defeated]
    Raven: You're a sad little man, aren't you?
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