(It starts outside and Steve’s brother Joe comes in)

Joe: Steve?

(Joe leaves, and then Steve comes in)

Steve: Joe? Joe? (Steve leaves, but then he comes back when he spots the viewers) Hi, it’s you! Um, I can’t find my brother, Joe. Blue has something to give him. Have you seen Joe? Really? Which way did he go?

Kid: That way.

Steve: That way, thanks.

(Steve goes to look for him, and then Joe comes through the front door and spots the viewers)

Joe: Oh, hi. It’s me, Joe. You remember me?

Kid: Yes.

Joe: Uh, I can’t find Steve. Which way did he go?

Kid: That way.

Joe: That way? Oh, great, thanks. Hey, will you help me find Steve? You will? Great!

(Joe and the viewers go looking for Steve)

Joe: Steve, where are you? (Joe goes to the backyard) Where could he be? Steve?

(Joe goes inside and Steve comes in)

Steve: Still can’t find him. Where’s Joe?

Kid: Right there, inside.

Steve: Oh! Oh he’s in the house. Now I’ll find him.

(Steve goes inside but Joe comes back outside)

Joe: Where is Steve?

Kid: He’s inside!

Joe: Oh he’s inside? But I was just inside.

(Joe goes to the window to peek but Steve comes back out)

Steve: Hm, where could he be?

Joe: I don’t see him.

(Steve thought he heard Joe)

Steve: Was that Joe?

(the brothers come back to back)

Kid: Behind you!

(they both go around each other back to back and then bumped into each other)

Both: Hey!

Joe: Steve!

Steve: Joe!

(they both hug each other)

Steve: I was looking for you.

Joe: I was looking for you too. Thank you for helping us.

Steve: Yeah, thanks. It’s a good thing we found you, because Blue has something she wants to give to you. Hold on. (calls) Blue! (Blue comes in) We found Joe.

(Joe goes over to Blue)

Joe: Hey, Blue.

Blue: Hello, Joe.

Joe: So, you really have something to give?

Blue: That’s right! I do!

Joe: What is it you wanna give me?

(Blue leaves paw print on the right side of the screen)

Steve: Great idea! We’ll play Blue’s Clues to figure out what Blue wants to give Joe. I love Blue’s Clues.

Joe: Blue’s Clues? Blue’s Clues! That’s the game you were telling me about. I’ve always wanted to play.

Steve: That’s right! Joe has never played Blue’s Clues. You know you’re really good at Blue’s Clues. Could you help me teach Joe, how to play?

Kid: Yeah!

Steve: This, this is gonna be great, Joe. You’re gonna love this.

   We are gonna play Blue’s Clues

   Cause it’s a really great game

Joe: Yeah?

Steve: Oh, yeah. So remember, Blue’s paw prints will on the clues:

Joe: Blue’s Clues!

Steve: Preciously! All right. So, this the part where we get rid of the paw print. Now in past we’ve bounced it away, we’ve wiped it away, there was a squeegee.

Joe: Ooh! Have you ever tried this?

(Joe snaps his fingers and the paw print disappeared in sparkles)

Steve: Whoa! You’re good. Okay so uh, you know what we to play Blue’s Clues, our handy-dandy..

Kid: Notebook.

Joe: Notebook?

Steve: Yeah, come on.

(Steve and Joe go to Side Table Drawer)

Side Table: Hi, Steve. Hi, Joe. Joe, are you playing Blue’s Clues too?

Joe: Yep. It’s my first time.

Side Table: Well, here’s your notebook.

Steve: Ooh. (gets notebook out) Thanks, Side Table.

Joe: Whoa, cool notebook. So, what do we do next?

Steve: We’ll show you. Will you help explain how to play Blue’s Clues? Great. Let’s do it!

(music begins)

Steve: To play Blue's Clues, you got to find a...

Kids: Paw print!

Joe: Oh, a paw print. Right. 

Steve: And that's our first,

Kids: Clue!

Joe: A clue?

Kids: A Clue!

Steve: Then we put it in our...

Kids: Notebook!


   Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

Joe: Blue’s Clues!


   We got to find another paw print,

   That's the second clue

   We put it in our notebook

Joe: Cause they're whose clues?


   Blue's Clues!

   We got to find the last paw print,


   That's the third clue!


   We put it in our notebook


   Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Joe: And then what do we do?


   Sit down in our Thinking Chair

   and think, think.




   Cause when we use our minds,


   Take a step at a time,


   We can do, anything,

(Steve ducks down and pushes Joe down then Blue jumps to the screen) 

Blue: Ba­-Bow! 

(Steve but Joe get back up)

Steve: That we want to do! (does jazz hands. Then he brings Joe back up, then they both do jazz hands) You know, I can tell we’re gonna need your help today, trying to figure out what Blue wants to give to Joe. You will help, right?

Kid: Yeah. 

Joe: You will? Great! What do we do now?

Steve: Oh! Now we start looking for those clues. So, Joe, remember, keep your eye out for a blue paw print.

Joe: Ahh. A blue paw print. Right.

Steve: Let’s go.

(they both start looking for clues)


   We are looking for Blue's Clues


   We are looking for Blue's Clues.

Joe: Hey! Look at that.

(Joe goes over to what he thought was a clue)

Joe: I think I found one! Is that a clue?

Kid: No.

Steve: Nope. Nope, that’s not a clue.

Joe: No? But it’s the color blue. Why isn’t it a clue?

(Steve asks the viewers to tell him why it's not a clue)

Kid: It’s not a paw print. It’s a block.

Steve: Yeah, exactly. See, Joe, a clue is a blue paw print. That’s not a paw print. That’s a block.

Joe: Oh! A blue paw print! Right.

Steve: Come on.

(they both go back to looking for clues)


   We are looking for Blue's Clues


   We are looking for Blue's Clues


   We are looking for Blue's Clues

Joe: I wonder where they are. 

Kid: A clue!

Joe: You see Blue?

Kid: No, a clue.

Steve: Oh. You want me to tie my shoe. Right. This happens a lot. (Steve bends down)

Kid: No, it’s a clue. Over there.

(Steve comes back up and then Joe spots the clue on some sheets of paper)

Joe: Oh. It’s a paw print and it’s blue. So, that means it’s a clue, right?

Steve: Yeah! Now you’re getting it! There’s a clues on this, paper.

Joe: So, now what do we do?

Steve: Now, we need our handy-dandy... 

Kid: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook, right. (gets ready to draw) Oh and now we draw this clue: paper in our notebook, like this.

(Joe comes to Steve and watches him draw)

Steve drawing: So, first a square for one piece, then another square behind it and another. There, paper.

Steve: So, we’re trying to figure out what blue wants to give Joe. And our first clue is paper. So, what could Blue want to give to Joe with paper?

Joe: Paper!

Steve: Huh?

Joe: Maybe Blue wants to give me paper. Or a paper airplane, or, or a paper doll.

Steve: Oh. Great ideas, Joe. Those are all things that Blue could give you, with paper. But, I think would should find two more clues, get some more information to figure this out.

Joe: Oh, right. More clues. I’ll look this way.

Mail time Men: Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, MAILTIME!

Steve: Cool. We can look this way. But first, let's get the mail. 

   Here's the mail, it never fails.

   It makes me want to wag my tail,

   When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”

(Mailbox comes in and Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Mailbox: Hey, Steve. How’s Joe's first game of Blue’s Clues?

Steve: He is doing great. He found his first clue.

Mailbox: His first clue?! Woo-hoo! Here’s your letter. 

(Mailbox opens and Steve gets his letter out)

Steve: Thanks, Mailbox. We just got a letter.

   We just got a letter

   We just got a letter

   We just got a letter

   Wonder who it's from?

Steve: It’s a letter our friends.

2 sisters: Hi, Steve, come on in.

Keirstin’s sister: We’re playing Kerstin's Clues. You take these and find them.

(then her sister closes her eyes and Keirstin hides the clues)

Keirstin’s sister: Are you ready?

Keirstin: Ready.

Keirstin’s sister: A clue, a clue!

Keirstin: You found it.

Keirstin’s sister: We need our handy-dandy notebook. Our first clue is a blanket. It’s a clue, it’s a clue! Another clue, a pillow. It’s the third clue! Our third clue is a teddy bear. Let’s think. I know: nap time.

(The two kids get ready for their nap)

2 sisters: (sleepy) Bye, Steve.

(The two sisters fall asleep)

Steve: Bye. (he puts the letter away)

Joe: Okay, Blue. Here I come.

(Steve goes to the bedroom and sees Joe looking under the bed on the right side)

Steve: Hey, Joe.

Joe: Oh, hi, Steve.

(Steve goes to look under the bed on the other side)

Steve: What are we doing?

Joe: Trying to find Blue, she’s hiding.

(they both look under the bed. And then they hear Blue calling)

Joe: What’s that?

Steve: Sounds like Blue, come on.

(they both got up and start searching for Blue)

Joe: Tell me if you see Blue, okay?

Kid: There she is.

Joe: Where?

(they turn around and saw Blue in a picture with colored block shapes)

Joe: Whoa! She’s in the picture with all the shapes! Hi, Blue.

Steve: Yeah, Blue just skidooed. Hey, maybe she’s hiding in there, come on.

   Blue skidoo, we can, too

(Steve skidoos into the picture of shapes)

Joe: Wow! This is my first skidoo. You ready?

   Blue skidoo, we can, too

(Joe skidoos into the picture)

Joe: Whoa, haa! We are inside the picture. Look at all these shapes!

(Joe taps an orange rectangle and it slides open. Joe steps right inside then it slide closed. While behind the wall, he comes to some other shapes; a red rectangle, a blue half circle,a purple triangle, a yellow square that he opens to peak, a red circle, a big green rectangle, a blue rectangle, a yellow trapezoid, and an orange oval. Then he opens the green rectangle)

Joe: Steve? Blue? (he steps out and it closes) Umm, Steve?

Steve & Blue: (in the distance) We’re hiding!

Joe: Oh, Steve and Blue are hiding. Hey, will you help me find them? Excellent. Come on.

(Joe comes to some other shapes; an orange rectangle, a purple square, a blue triangle, a green circle, a red circle, and a big yellow diamond)

Steve: Here’s a hint: we’re hiding behind the shape that’s closest to the red circle.

Blue: The red circle.

Joe: Oh. So Steve and Blue are hiding behind the shape, that’s closest to the red circle. Um, where are they hiding?

Kid: Behind the yellow diamond.

Joe: The yellow diamond. Because that’s the shape that’s closest to the red circle. Let’s look.

(Joe tiptoes to the diamond and opens it)

Joe: We found you!

Steve: You found us! 

(Steve and Blue step out)

Steve: That was great!

(the yellow diamond closes)

Joe: Good thinking. Now, I’m gonna hide. Let’s go.

(Joe and Blue go hide)

Steve: So now Blue and Joe are gonna hide, and we’ll try to find them.

Joe: We’re hiding!

Steve: Come on. 

(Steve comes to some other shapes; a big blue triangle, a yellow circle, a green circle, a big purple circle, an orange rectangle and a red trapezoid)

Joe: We’re hiding behind the shape that’s farthest away from the biggest circle. 

Blue: Biggest circle!

Steve: Okay. So, Joe and Blue are hiding behind the shape, that’s farthest away from the biggest circle. Where are they hiding?

Kid: Behind the blue triangle.

Steve: Oh, behind the blue triangle. Because that’s the biggest circle, and the blue triangle is farthest away.

(Steve tiptoes to the blue triangle and opens it and then stands next to it)

Steve: Hey, Joe.

Joe: Hey, Steve. You found us!

Steve: We found you! 

(Joe and Blue step out)

Steve: You figured it out.

(the blue triangle closes)

Joe: You are so good at this game.

(Blue leaves and sings we are looking for Blue’s Clues)

Joe: Oh. We still need to find more Blue’s Clues.

Steve: That’s right, come on. 

(then they come to some other shapes)

Steve: Ooh. Maybe we find some clues behind here.

(Steve opens a red rectangle and then a purple one opens showing us a crayon with a clue on it)

Kid: A clue!

Joe: A clue?

(the red rectangle closes. Joe spots the second clue)

Joe: Our second clue.

Steve: Nice work! There’s a clue, on that crayon.

Joe: I remember, now we need write the clue down in the handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook.

Steve & Joe: Notebook!

Steve: Right! You got it! All right.

(Steve gets ready to draw the second clue and Joe watches)

Steve drawing: Let’s start with line that goes around and up for the tip, and down for the rest the of the crayon, some lines for stripes, and we have a crayon.

Steve: So, we’re trying to figure out what Blue wants to give to Joe.

Joe: What was our first clue?

Kid: Paper.

Joe: Yeah, paper.

Steve: And now our second clue is a crayon. So, what could be want to give to Joe, with paper and a crayon?

Joe: I know, a drawing, or a coloring book, or a card. Those are things Blue could give me that uses paper and a crayon.

Steve: Good thinking. But, we only have two clues.

Joe: Oh! Yeah we need to find the third clue so we can put all the clues together and figure it out.

Steve: That’s my brother. Come on.

(they go back to where they started. Then Steve skidoos back to the bedroom, and then the green rectangle opens revealing the third clue)

Kid: A clue!

Joe: Yeah. I’m about to skidoo.

Kid: No a clue. Right there.

(Joe sees the clue on a spiral)

Joe: Oh, my! There’s a clue, right there on that spiral. But I don’t have the notebook. (He knew what to do) (calls) Steve! Steve! We found a clue! Come back!

Steve: Okay, I’ll be right there!

(Steve skidoos back and Joe shows him the clue)

Joe: We found a clue!

Steve: Great job! There is a clue. You know we need.

Joe: Our handy-dandy...

Joe & Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Our notebook yeah. Okay. (Steve gets ready to draw, but then he gets an idea) Hey, Joe, why don’t you draw this clue?

Joe: Really? 

Steve: Yeah. 

Joe: I’d love to.

(Joe takes the notebook. He holds the notebook in his right hand and the crayon in his left hand)

Steve: Go for it.

Joe: I get to hold the notebook. Okay so, a spiral.

Joe drawing: Let’s make a line that loops around and around and around like this. A spiral.

Steve: Good drawing, Joe.

Joe: Um, (flips pages backwards) Steve, I think we have all three clues

Steve: All three clues! You what that means.

Joe: Actually, I don’t.

Steve: Oh, right. It means, we’re ready to sit in our...?

Kid: Thinking Chair!

Steve: Right, our Thinking Chair. Come on.

(Steve and Joe skidoo back to the bedroom and then they go to the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Hey, Joe, why don’t you sit in the Thinking Chair?

Joe: Really? 

Steve: Yeah.

Joe: I’d love to.

(Joe sits in the Thinking Chair and Steve kneels down on the right side)

Joe: Wow! I’m in the Thinking Chair. Well, now that we’re in the Thinking Chair, what do we do?

Kid: Think!

Steve: Yup, exactly. Now we need to think about all three clues to figure out what Blue wants to give to Joe. So what are our clues?

(Joe pulls out the notebook)

Joe: Our clues are: paper, a crayon, and a spiral.

Steve: So, what could Blue wanna give to Joe with these clues?

Joe: Well, I was thinking, maybe we can use the crayon to draw on the paper.

Steve: Ooh, that’s good. But what about the spiral?

Joe: Oh, yeah the spiral. Because, we need figure all the together, right. Maybe, maybe the spiral could the pieces of paper together.

Steve: Yeah.

Joe: So if we used a crayon to draw on paper, that’s held together with a spiral, what would that be?

Kid: A notebook!

Joe: A notebook!

Steve & Joe: Right!

Steve: With paper for pages.

Joe: And a crayon to draw with.

Steve: And a spiral..

Joe: To hold the paper together.

Steve: Yeah!

Joe: We put all the clues together!

Steve: So, so Blue wants to give Joe, a notebook.

Joe: We just figured out Blue’s Clues!


   We just figured out Blue’s Clues


   We just figured Blue’s Clues


   We just figured out Blue’s Clues


   Cause we’re really smart!

Steve: We did it! Nice job! Okay, Blue, let’s go get Joe's notebook. Joe, don’t move. We’ll be right back.

(Joe stands right where he is and doesn’t move then Steve and Blue came back)

Steve: You can move now.

(Joe stops being still and then he goes over to them)

Steve: All right, Joe, because you did such a great job playing Blue’s Clues, Blue wanted you to have this: your very own handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

(Joe kneels down and Blue shows him the notebook and then she gives it to him)

Joe: My very own notebook. Look, it’s shaped liked like the Thinking Chair. Thanks, Blue.

Blue: You're welcome, Joe.

(Joe looks thankful and proud)

Joe: I can’t believe it! I have a notebook! (he comes up to the viewers with his new notebook) If there's a clue, I will find it. (Steve is like or) Or, you'll find it, then I'll draw it.

Steve: Blue this is great, now Joe can play Blue’s Clues with us whenever he wants!

Joe: Really? This is great, I love playing Blue’s Clues! Thanks, Steve. Thanks, Blue. Thank you too, I never would have learned how to play Blue’s Clues without you. I can’t wait till we play again.

(Steve comes up to Joe and gets ready for So Long)


   Now it's time for so long,


   But let’s just sing just one more song


   Thanks for doing your part


   You sure are smart


   You know, with me


   And you


   And our friend Blue


   We can do



Both: That we want to do!

Steve: Bye bye. See you later. 


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