Come on in!


Bow bow bow!


What did you say?


A clue, a clue!


You see a clue?


We see a clue!


Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! Do you want to play...


Blue's Clues?


So count to three!

Pail, Periwinkle and Shovel:

One, two, three!


And clap your hands!

Tickety, Slippery and Magenta:

Clap your hands!


Learn something new!


Something new! Join our Blue's Clues band today!


Right this way!


It's another Blue's Clues day!

Mr. Salt: "Joe's Surprise Party"!


It's another Blue's Clues day!

Blue: Bow, bow!

Joe: Oh, hi! Guess what today is. It's... my birthday!

Happy… birthday, happy birthday, to me! Me! Me!

I am so delighted that you're here you're all invited,

give a cheer. I'm so excited, 'cause it's myyyyyyy birthday!

Joe: I love my birthday and... I wonder what we'll do today.

Mailbox: Joe?

Joe: Come on.

Mailbox: Yoohoo! Joe? Joe!

Joe: Who's calling me?

Viewer: Mailbox!

Joe: Oh, Mailbox.

Mailbox: Hiya, Joe.

Joe: Hi, Mailbox.

Mailbox: I need your help here in the backyard.

Joe: Oh, um... okay? Um, I'll be right back.

(As Joe leaves Blue calls Mr. Salt, Tickety, and Periwinkle to come over)

Periwinkle, Tickety and Mr. Salt: Hello!/Hi!

Mr. Salt: We're so glad you're here. We're having a birzday party for Joe.

Periwinkle: But Joe doesn't know about the party.

Tickety: It's a surprise.

Periwinkle, Mr. Salt and Tickety: Shhh.

Mr. Salt: We need lots of help getting ready for ze party. But we don't want Joe to see us.

Tickety: We want to surprise her when it's all ready. Will you help us? Oh, good.

Mr. Salt: Wonderful! We'll all get ready for ze surprise party, together!

Periwinkle, Blue (barking), Mr. Salt and Tickety: Yay!! (gasp)

Mr. Salt: So we need to set ze table.

Periwinkle: I can do that.

Tickety: Alright!

Mr. Salt: And we need to put up ze decorations.

Tickety: I'll get started.

Mr. Salt: Zanks, Tickety. And get a cake ready, and I zink, zat’s all.

Blue: Bow bow bow.

Mr. Salt: No, Blue? What else do we to need to do, to get ready for ze surprise party?

(then Blue leaves a pawprint on the screen and the balloon takes Mr. Salt over to the viewers)

Mr. Salt: Ahh. We will play Blue's Clues, to figure out: what else we need to do, to get ready for ze surprise party!

Eh, we are gonna play Blue's Clues?


And we'll all play together.

Mr. Salt: Yes, togezer! Eh, Blue's pawprints will be on ze clues, yes?

Tickety: Blue's Clues!

(Tickety rings the pawprint away)

Mr. Salt: You know what we need! Ze handy dandy?

Viewer: Notebook.

Mr. Salt: Notebook! Of course!

Sidetable: I have the notebook.

(then the balloon takes Mr. Salt over to Sidetable)

Sidetable: Um, Mr. Salt? Does Joe know about his birthday party?

Mr. Salt: No. It's going to be a surprise!

Sidetable: Oh, okay. I won't tell. Here's the notebook.

Mr. Salt: Zanks Sidetable Drawer!

To play Blue's Clues, we've gotta find eh,

Viewers: Pawprint!


Yep. A pawprint! Right! And that's our first,

Viewers: Clue!

Mr. Salt:

A clue?

Viewers: A clue!

Mr. Salt:

Zen we put it in ze notebook

Viewers: Notebook!

Mr. Salt:

Cause zey're

Mr. Salt and Blue (barking):

Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!


We've gotta find another pawprint,

That's the second clue!

We put it in our notebook

Cause they're

Periwinkle and Blue (barking):

Who's clues? Blue's Clues!


We've gotta find the last pawprint,

That's the third clue!

We put it in our notebook

Cause they're

Tickety and Blue (barking):

Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!


You know what to do!

Sit down in our thinking chair and

Tickety and Blue (barking):


Periwinkle and Blue (barking):


Mr. Salt and Blue (barking):


Periwinkle, Tickety and Mr. Salt:

Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time,

We can do, anything/anyzing,

(Everybody ducks down and Blue jumps to the screen, Blue says "Ba-bow!", gets down, and then Tickety gets back up)

Tickety: That we wanna do! (rings her bells) It's time to look for Blue’s Clues so we can figure out what else we need to do, to finish getting ready for... the surprise party. Come on.

We are looking for Blue's clues...

We are looking for Blue's clues...

We are looking for Blue's clues...

I wonder where they are

Viewer: A clue!

Tickety: What'd you say?

(She comes up to the viewers)

Viewer: There's a clue!

Tickety: You found a clue? Where?

Viewer: There!

(then went to the right spot where the clue was)

Tickety: Where?

Viewer: Right there!

Tickety: A clue! You found a clue! On that tape!

Sidetable: Oh, you found a clue? Now you to write it down in the, handy dandy…

Viewer: Notebook!

Sidetable: Notebook.

(then Tickety draws the first clue)

Tickety: Tape. Tape is our first clue. So, what can we do with tape, to finish getting ready for... the surprise party? Good idea. But let's keep looking for clues. Nice hats.

Mr. Salt: Allo! We need some help in ze kitchen. Come on!

(then Mr. Salt heads to the kitchen with a tower of party hats)

Mr. Salt: Oh dear. Oh no! (sighs) Whew!

(as Mr. Salt leaves Joe sees the viewers out the window by the fridge)

Joe: Oh! Hi! I'm still helping Mailbox. But, it's still my birthday. Maybe later, we'll do something special.

Mailbox: Joe!

Joe: Coming Mailbox!

(then he leaves)

Mr. Salt: Come on!

(then Mr. Salt takes us where they’re having the surprise party which was the breakfast table)

Mr. Salt: Look! Zis is where we're having Joe's surprise party.

Blue: Bow bow bow bow.

(then we see Joe and Mailbox come through the window)

Mr. Salt: Uh oh. Look! Zere's Joe.

Mailbox: We need to water all the plants.

Mr. Salt: We don't want him to look inside ze window and see us setting ze table. It will ruin ze surprise!

Mailbox: The roses really need some attention.

(then Mr Salt pulls the blind down so he can’t see)

Mr. Salt: (sighs) Zere. Now Joe cannot see us. Let's put out ze party hats.

(Mr. Salt puts out the hats)

Mr. Salt: Uh oh. I need more hats. How many more hats do I need to finish setting ze table?

Viewer: Three!

Mr. Salt: Zree? Oh, yeah. One... two... zree!

Periwinkle: Here you go. Three hats.

Mr. Salt: Ah, zanks Periwinkle! And zank you too. One... two... zree! Zere! Ze hats are ready!

Periwinkle and Mr. Salt: Yay!

Periwinkle: Now you can help me. I'm putting out the plates. They're green and orange. Two of Joe's favorite colors. Green... orange... green... orange... Hmm, what color comes next?

Viewer: Green!

Periwinkle: Oh yeah, green! Green, orange, green, orange, green! It's next in the pattern! The table is set!

Periwinkle and Mrs. Pepper: Yay!

Periwinkle: Thanks a lot!

Mrs. Pepper: Wow, ze table looks great. Do you want to see Joe's birthday cake? Come on.

(Mrs. Pepper shows the viewers the cake)

Mrs. Pepper: It's almost finished. I just need to add a candle.

(there were three candles; the one on the left had 3 circles; the one in the middle had 3 squares and the one on the right had a circle, square, and triangle)

Mrs. Pepper: Since Joe loves squares I want to use ze candle with ze most squares. Which candle has ze most squares?

Viewer: In the middle!

Mrs. Pepper: In ze middle? Oh yes! Zis candle has ze most squares. One... two... zree! Joe will love it.

(Mrs. Pepper puts the candle on the cake)

Mrs. Pepper: Voila! Ze cake is finished!

Slippery and Mrs. Pepper: Yay!

Mrs. Pepper: Zank you so much!

Slippery: Cool cake. Oh! Do you wanna see Joe's present? Great! Come on! Look we made the present ourselves. We're going to give it to Joe at the surprise party. It’s a game. Pin the beak on the duck. (takes the beak off) See? The beak comes off.

Viewer: A clue!

Slippery: There's a clue? Where? (puts the beak back on)

Viewer: Under the beak!

Slippery: Under the beak? (takes the beak off) Oh there's the clue! And it’s on Joe's present!

Sidetable: A clue? You need the handy dandy...

Viewer: Notebook!

Sidetable: Notebook.

Slippery: Thanks!

(Slippery draws the second clue)

Slippery: There, Joe's present. Our second clue. What was the first clue?

Viewer: Tape.

Slippery: Oh tape. And now, our second clue is Joe's present. What can we do with tape and Joe's present to finish getting ready for the surprise party? Good thinking! But we need to find one more clue.

(then Slippery leaves and Mr. Salt comes in)

Mr. Salt: Ahh, zere you are! Eh... I need your help again. Heh-heh. Okay? Okay. Zis way.

(then we go with Mr. Salt and then we hear Joe from outside)

Joe: Hello?

Mr. Salt: (gasps) Listen.

Joe: Where is everybody?

(then he opens the blind a little)

Mr. Salt: It's Joe. He's right outside!

Joe: Helloooooo?

Mr. Salt: Oh no! We don't want Joe to come in ze kitchen and see ze decorations for his birzday party.

Joe: Hello?

(Blue has an idea. She and the viewers can go outside and keep her busy)

Mr. Salt: Good zinking Blue. (comes up to the viewers) Will you go with Blue, and make sure Joe doesn't come in ze kitchen? You will? Oh, zank you! We want you to make a birzday party to be a big a surprise! Remember: don’t... let... Joe... in ze kitchen.

(then Blue goes through the pet door and Joe comes in)

Joe: Oh! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you. Hey Sean Abel, you wanna use the Bathroom?

Sean Abel: I did!

Viewer: No!

Joe: Go? I should go inside?

(Blue blocks the door to the kitchen)

Viewer: No!

Blue: Bow?!

Joe: No?

Mailbox: Uh, hey Joe. Uh, you don't need to go inside.

Joe: Oh! Mailbox! Hi!

Mailbox: Uh, come get the mail instead. Follow me!

Joe: O... kay? Get the mail instead.

Chorus: Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, MAILTIME!!!!

Joe: It's mailtime! Come on!

(then they both head outside of the house for mailtime)

Joe and Blue (barking):

Here's the mail, that never fails

It makes me wanna wag my tail

When it comes I want to wail,


Mailbox: I got a special birthday letter for the birthday boy!

Joe: The birthday boy! That's me!

Mailbox: That's right. Here's your birthday letter.

Joe: Wow! Thanks Mailbox.

Mailbox: You're welcome.

(then Joe sits down)

Joe: We just got a letter!

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

I wonder who it's from.

Look! It's a letter from our friends!

Girls: Happy birthday!

Boy: I know you like ducks. So I made you this.

Girl: Your favorite shape is a square Joe. A square, just for you.

Girl: Joe I know you like dancing, so I made up a dance for you.

(Two girls giggling)

Boy: I made you this.

Girl: For your birthday, I wore a white shirt.

Boy: I love your happy birthday Joe.

Girl: Joe we're making a cake for you!

Both: Hope you like it!

Girl: Happy birthday Joe!

Girl: How old are you anyway?

Boy: I want you to have a great birthday Joe.


Joe: Bye! Wow. What a nice letter.

Shovel: Joe, uh, we need you.

Pail: Yeah uh, in the garden.

Joe: The garden? Okay. I’ll be right back.

(then he gets up and Joe and Shovel leave, and then Pail comes up to the viewers)

Pail: We need to keep Joe outside, so he doesn't see his birthday party.

(as Pail leaves Periwinkle comes in)

Periwinkle: Hi. Does Joe know about the surprise party? No, he doesn't know? Oh good. Then it will be a surprise. Come on back to the kitchen with me. We're almost ready for the party.

Sean Abel: I wanna go to this bedroom inside the Blue's Clues House!

(sean abel to the bedroom and Blue skidoos)

Sean Abel: Blue Just Skidooed Right into That Book of Jumpstartville, Do You Think We Can Do It?

The Viewers: Yes.

Sean Abel: Blue Skidoo We Can Too!

(Sean Abel skidoos)

Sean Abel: Wow, This Place looks familiar in Jumpstartville, You Think Joe is getting ready for a party, Great, Come On, Let's Go Take a Look.

(Sean abel looking at Eleanor's house)

Sean Abel: first, Eleanor's House.

(Sean abel knocks a door)

Sean Abel: Eleanor Elephant.

Eleanor Elephant: How'd You Know It was Me?

Sean Abel: Anyway here!

Eleanor Elephant: Come In.

(Sean abel inside)

Eleanor Elephant: Welcome to My House, My Dad Said If I Can Tell You.

Sean Abel: Wow This Place looks great!

Eleanor Elephant: This is My Bedroom with my bed, My TV, and My Dress Up Closet, I'm About to invite Joe's Surprise Party.

Sean Abel: Cool, I'll Go See If Pierre the Bear in his House, Bye Eleanor.

Eleanor Elephant: Bye.

Sean Abel: Pierre the Bear's House.

(Sean Abel knocks another door)

Sean Abel: Hey Pierre the Bear.

Pierre the Bear: Hi Sean Abel, Come On In.

(sean Abel inside)

Pierre the Bear: This is My House, Which is Reminding in my rooms, and one things for sure this time I'm going to invite Joe's Surprise Party.

Sean Abel: I'm Going to Kisha Koala In her House, Bye Pierre the Bear.

Pierre the Bear: Bye.

(sean abel is Looks at Kisha Koala's House)

Sean Abel: Kisha Koala, It's Me Sean Abel, Are you in There?

Kisha Koala: (snarling) Okay Okay, I'll Open the Door and Just a Minute. (kisha koala is opens her door)

Sean Abel: Hmm.

Kisha Koala: (breathes) How'd You Do That, Sean Abel?

Sean Abel: (giggles), May I Come In?

Kisha Koala: Of Course is Absolutely.

(sean abel comes inside)

Kisha Koala: Welcome to My House, in my living room, my Television, and my own Pictures, and this is My Kitchen, A Kitchen, has a Refrigerator, a Table with chairs, and this is my Bedroom, with Bed, my TV and a VCR.

Sean Abel: Wow Cool.

Casey Cat: Help, Help (meows).

Sean Abel: That Sounds Like Casey Cat, is His House, uh, Goodbye Kisha Koala.

Kisha Koala: See Ya Later, I'm about to put on my prom clothes for eleanor, & pierre to invite Joe's Surprise Party.

(Sean Abel looked at Casey Cat's House, opens the door go inside the living, go through the door to Casey cat's bedroom)

Sean Abel: Casey Cat?

Casey Cat: (fidgeting) meow, Meow, Meow.

Sean Abel: I'm Gonna Wake You Up.

(sean abel waked Casey Cat Up)

Casey Cat: (screams) (breathes) Oh, Hi Sean Abel, Thanks for Waking me Up.

Sean Abel: You're Welcome.

Casey Cat: Bye, I'm Gonna Wake Up to wear my prom clothes to invite Joe's Surprise Party.

(then he accidentally backs into some rolls of wrapping paper and one rolls open revealing the third clue)

Sean Abel: Oops. Uh oh. Ah.

Viewer: A clue a clue!

Sean Abel: A clue? Right Here in JumpStartville? Where is it?

Viewer: There!

Sean Abel: There?

Viewer: It's right there!

Sean Abel: Where's the Clue?

Viewer: On the wrapping paper!

Sean Abel: Oh, there's a clue! On the wrapping paper!

Sidetable: A clue? You need the handy dandy...

Viewer: Notebook!

Sidetable: Notebook.

Sean Abel: Thanks a lot!

(then he draws the third clue)

Sean Abel: There, wrapping paper. Hey, it's our third clue! We have all 3 clues, We're ready to sit in the…

Viewer: Thinking chair!

Sean Abel: Thinking chair, Let's Go!

(blue skidoo Home)

(sean abel skidoo Home, then He head to the thinking chair)

Sean Abel: Now that we're in our thinking chair, Let's think, We're trying to figure out what else we need to do, to get ready for the surprise party. And our clues are: tape... Joe's present... And wrapping paper. What can we do with those things? What if we put the wrapping paper, around Joe's present, And we can use the tape, to tape it up. But, what would we be doing then?

Viewer: Wrapping Joe's present!

Sean Abel: Wrapping Joe's present! Blue, is that what we need to do to get ready for Joe's surprise party?

Blue: Bow bow!

Sean Abel: We just figured out Blue's Clues!

Blue (barking), Sean Abel:

We sat on down

Figured it out

What Blue's Clues were all about

Wow, you know what?

We're really smart!

Tickety: Sean Abel, Did you Have fun Singing?

Sean Abel: Yes!

Tickety: Come on, let's wrap Joe’s present!

Periwinkle: Here's the wrapping paper.

Slippery: Here's the present Blue.

Tickety: I’ll tape it up.

(Blue folds each end up and Tickety tapes them)

Slippery: Here's the top.

Tickety: Will you put the bow on? Here it is.

(Tickety gives the viewers the bow)

Tickety: Okay. Stick the bow on.

(the viewers put the bow in place)

Tickety and Blue (barking): We did it!

All: Yay!!

Mr. Salt: Joe's present looks wonderful! We're all ready for... ze surprise party.

Periwinkle: Come on, let's go find Joe!

(then Periwinkle goes to the kitchen and then opens the blind of the breakfast table window and see he is watering the garden with a watering can)

Periwinkle: There's Joe! When I count to three, let's yell, "Come here, Joe!" Ready? One... two... three!

Periwinkle and Viewers: Come here, Joe!

(then he hears them and calls from outside)

Joe from outside: Oh! Okay! I'll be right there!

(then Periwinkle closes the blind)

Periwinkle: He's coming! Joe's coming!

(then everyone else goes to the kitchen and gets in their positions)

Tickety: Is everything ready?

Mr. Salt: Okay everyone! It's time for ze surprise party!

All: All right, everyone! Let's get ready.

(then Blue turns off the light)

Mr. Salt: When Joe comes in, Blue will turn on ze light. And we'll all yell out... "SURPRISE!!" You'll yell out surprise too, right? Oh, good!

Pail: (whispers) Here he comes, here he comes!

Sidetable: (whispers) Hide, everyone!

(then they all hide. Then Joe opens the door, walks in and then the door shuts. He was a little confused)

Joe: Hello?

(Blue turns on the light)

Everyone: SURPRISE!!

Joe: Whoa! A surprise party! For me!


Have a happy birthday, you-ooh!

We'll have a great day too-ooh!

Everybody play, it's Joe's special day,

happy birthday!

Joe: Wow! What a cool party. I can't believe it! I feel so... special!

Everyone: Present time, present time, open a present and see what's inside!

Joe: Birthday present!

(he heads over to Slippery and Blue)

Joe: Hey, did you help wrap this? Really? Great job.

(then he opens it)

Joe: Wow! A duck!

Slippery: It's a game. We'll show you! Come on! Whoa!

(then they go to the place where refrigerator)

Slippery: It's a game called "Pin the beak on the duck".

Joe: Pin the beak on the duck? Sounds like my kind of game. Hey, will you play with me? You will? Great!

Slippery: First you have to close your eyes, and then you have to put the beak in the right spot.

(Blue puts the game board on the fridge and gives Joe the beak)

Slippery: Come on everybody!

(then everybody else gathers around)

Periwinkle: Let's go, Joe!

Pail: All right!

Shovel: You can do it!

Joe: Okay. Are you ready to help me?

(then he closes her eyes and tries to figure out where the beak goes)

Joe: Does the beak go in front of me or behind me?

Viewer: Behind you!

Joe: Behind me.

(then he walks backwards and then turns around)

Joe: So, does the beak go to my left, or to my right?

Viewer: To your left!

Joe: The left.

(then he gets in a good place close to the game board on the fridge)

Joe: Okay. So does the beak go... (holds it over the head of the game) up here?

Viewer: No, lower!

Joe: No? Lower.

(he lowers it down)

Joe: Down here?

Viewer: No, higher!

Joe: No? Higher.

(he lifts it up a little and is holding it in the right place)

Joe: Is this the right spot?

Viewer: Yes!

Joe: Okay. I’ll put it here.

(he sticks the beak in place and then opens her eyes)

Everyone: Nice one Joe! All right Joe! Yay!

Joe: Look at that! The beak is in just the right spot. And we put it there! Together! Woohoo!

Everyone: (cheering) Yay! All right!

Joe: Thanks everyone. I love that game.

Mrs Pepper: We have more surprises! Follow us!

(then everybody, cheering, gathers around the breakfast table and puts on party hats)

Tickety: Here Joe! Wear this!

Paprika: Nice hat.

(Joe puts on his hat)

Shovel: We really surprised Joe.

Paprika: We did it!

Mailbox: Good job!

(then Baby Bird comes in)

Baby Bird: Happy birthday Joe!

Joe and Periwinkle: Oh hi Baby Bird!/Hi Baby Bird!

Joe: Thanks.

Sean Abel: It's the 4 Jumpstart Preschool Gang, Remember Help from the Book of JumpStartville?

(Mr. Salt brings the cake in)

Mrs. Pepper: Here's your birthday cake, Joe.

Everyone: Oooooh. Wow.

Mailbox: That cake looks delicious.

Mrs. Pepper: Aaaaah.

Joe: Look. That's me. And this candle, has squares on it. I love squares.

Periwinkle: Blow out the candle!

Shovel: Make a wish!

Joe: Will you help me blow out this candle? You will? Great! (gets up close) Ready? One... two... three!

(then he blows out the candle)

Joe: We did it! Ha-ha!

Everyone: Hurray! Great job!

Joe: Hey, thanks everybody. This party was such a great... surprise.

(we get up close to Joe and Blue)

Joe: Thank you for working together, to make my birthday so special.

Now it's time for so long,

But we'll just sing just one more song!

Thanks for doing your part!

You sure are smart!

You know, with me and you and our friend Blue

We can do anything that we wanna do!

We can do anything…

Joe: That we wanna do! Buh-bye! Thanks again. I hope you had a great day.

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