Mic: directed from downtown main street,it's Disney's House of Mouse!


Mic: and now meeska,mooska,Mickey Mouse!

Mickey: hey everybody,say have you been following this,seems that Cruella De Vil has gone sloppy with her driving lately.

Cruella: who,me?

Mickey: yep she's gone 101...

Pain: Citations!

Mickey: hmm,who was that?

Pain: uh right here Mouse!

Jiminy: Pinocchio,we really shouldn't be with these fellas,they're a bad influence.

Pain: who ask you ya nosy bug?

(Pain flicks Jiminy away)

Pinocchio: Jiminy!

Panic: bye bye fly.

Mickey: you boys mind if I continued?

Pain: yeah actually,it's cruel ans unusual punishment,good one huh kid?

Pinocchio: ah well yeah I guess so.

Pain: hear that Mickey,and it must be true cause he's nose ain't growing.

Pinocchio: I didn't say that,Mickey's my friend.

Panic: ah relax,no conscience on your shoulder now.

Pain: yeah you got termites funnier than him,hahaha!

(everyone started laughing)

(back stage Mickey found Jiminy)

Mickey: Jiminy how could you let Pinocchio hang out with the wrong crowd while you"re he's conscience?

Jiminy: not anymore I tried to get him away from those hooligans,but wam I got thrown away like a piece of lint!

Mickey: gee that's rough.

Jiminy: I thought Pinoc was gonna stick up for me,like saying knock it off you guys Jiminy's my conscience,but did he do that,nope,Mickey I must be the worst conscience ever.

Mickey: gee I wish I could help.

(the Blue Fairy magically came)

Blue Fairy: Mickey Mouse,your wish is granted.

Mickey: huh?

Blue Fairy: you wish to help,you can help by being Jiminy's new kind.

Mickey: oh I don't need a conscience,I'm Mickey Mouse.

Blue Fairy: your wish is already granted,sign.

(Mickey signed the contract and the Blue Fairy left)

Jiminy: don't worry boss,as your new conscience,I won't leave you just like I did to Pinocchio,I will always be your guide.'

Mickey: gee that's great.

Mickey: now here's a great cartoon,starring me!

Jiminy: now now Mickey,don't be so greedy.

Mickey: oh,here's a cartoon that I happen to be on.

Jiminy: no no,you're gonna make the other members of the crew jealous.

Mickey: fine,here's a cartoon.

(after the cartoon,Mickey went to talk to Jiminy)

Mickey: listen Jiminy,I know what the Blue Fairy said,but you can't be my conscience,I can't let you interrupt me while I'm doing the show,ow!

Jiminy: now you listen to me Mister Mouse,Pinoc said the same thing to me at first,but I"m not gonna let you go down that way,no sery,as your conscience,I can't allow you to fire your conscience.

(meanwhile Pinocchio started looking for Jiminy)

Pinocchio: Jiminy?

Pain: hey,splinter head,you're not looking for that goody two shoes cricket,are you?

Pinocchio: uh...

Panic: good,because that wing bag conscience teamed up with Mickey.

Pinocchio: Mickey,but Jiminy's my conscience.

(Panic grabbed Pinocchio)

Panic: not anymore,time to move on kid,who left behind that annoying insect looking after your shoulder 24/7 you're free,come on let's celebrate!

(Jiminy was dressing up Mickey)

Mickey: but,but I like what I wear now.

Jiminy: sense I'm your conscience,I think it's time that you change your image,you need to look more,conservative.

(Mickey was now dress like Pinocchio)

Mickey: well at least I got no strings.

(meanwhile Pain and Panic were now making a sundae in Pinocchio's mouth,when they were done,they shook Pinocchio's head,and Pinocchio swallowed it)

Pain: betcha Jiminy never let you do that.

Pinocchio: I can see why.

(Mickey past by Ursula,Cruella,and Maleficent)

Mickey: hey ladies looking good.

(Mickey's nose grew)

Mickey: ah my nose!

Panic: let's blow this Popsicle stand and go have some real fun!

Pinocchio: gee fellas,I don't know,I need to find.

(Pinocchio saw Mickey dress like him and Jiminy was following him)

Pinocchio: Jiminy,but I guess,I guess Jiminy just doesn't need me.

(Pinocchio left with Pain and Panic looking a little sad)

Mickey: Daisy,where's Pinocchio,I need him to take Jiminy back?

Daisy: oh you just miss him,what's the emergency?

Jiminy: oh Mickey,there you are!

Mickey: oh,he is.

Mickey: now it's time for a fantastic cartoon!

(Mickey's nose grew)

Mickey: well it's kinda good.

(Mickey's nose grew some more)

Mickey; oh alright,it's okay for what it is.

(Mickey's nose turns back to normal)

(after the cartoon Mickey was talking to Minnie)

Mickey: I'm telling you Minnie,we gotta do something about this.

Jiminy: ah ah,don't slouch.

Minnie: the problem is that he's Pinocchio's conscience,not yours.

Mickey: we just gotta get him to realize that.

Jiminy: me perform,but I don't know what to do.

Minnie: well why not let your conscience be your guide?

Mic: and now here's a message by Jiminy Cricket!

Jiminy: ladies and gentleman from the House of Mouse,here's a thing for all of you,always let your conscience be your guide,I will demonstrate this moment,now,savor your youth and beauty,because wicked queens,mean step sister,and evil witches will try to still it from you every time,that reminds me,don't eat apples unless you know where they came from,avoid anyone with a evil cackle,a sinister smile or a diabolical glare,it's not right in that order,never sell your voice to a evil sea witch just to get some guy,it's just not worth it,when selecting foot wear for the big dance,go ahead and write your name on it,there is nothing to see in the elephant graveyard,end of story,if your first name is sleepy and your last name is beauty,don't use a spinning wheel,go out and buy a shewing machine,and hey don't steal bread,maybe you'll meet someone special,maybe you won't,maybe you'll have puppies,and maybe you won't,maybe you'll join the circus and learn to fly,live in the jungle once but leave before it burst your heart,live in the forest once but live unless it makes you soft,treat your elders with respect,and don't be fooled by that advice,if a guy name foul fellow invites you to pleasure island don't go,I mean he's got the word foul right in his name,but trust me on the conscience thing.

(everyone applaud)

(a few minutes later everyone now wanted Jiminy)

Hercules: wow I want you to be my trainer instead of Phil!

Aladdin: no,I want you to be my monkey instead of Abu!

Cruella: I like to talk to you about a new coat I'm making!

Zeus: no come with me!

(Pinocchio came back and said)

Pinocchio: knock it off you guys,Jiminy's my conscience!

Jiminy: now that's what I wanted him to say.

Pain: oh gross,a heartfelt moment,blah!

(the Blue Fairy blast Pain and Panic)

Panic: ha,you called that magic,Hades is much worst.

Pain: (blows raspberries)

(until then Pain and Panic turned into ashes)

(Pinocchio hugged Jiminy and Jiminy hopped on Pinocchio's shoulder and took a little nap)

Mickey: okay Mic,take us out of here!

Mic: temporary service for the House of Mouse provided by...

Pain: Pain!

Panic: and Panic,breaking havoc is our business.

Pain: we can turn gods mortal.

Panic: and we can copy paper and staple.

Pain: ouch,watch it.

Panic: you tried the worst.

Pain: now try the curse!

Pain and Panic: we guaranteed not to fail!

Announcer: not to guaranteed,Pain and Panic may fail.

Mickey: that's it everybody,see ya real soon!

(the scene iris out,the episode is over)

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