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Jigsaw is a 2017 horror film directed by The Spierig Brothers. It is the eighth film in the popular Saw franchise and a sequel to 2010's Saw 3D (also known as Saw VII or Saw: The Final Chapter). The film's script was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger.


[The Lionsgate logo starts playing, alongside a new version of the iconic Hello Zepp theme by Charlie Clouser. The Twisted Pictures logo follows hereafter. Cut to a rolled-up spiked mat, over which the words "A Lionsgate Release" and "Twisted Pictures Presents" are shown. The mat gets rolled out by a police officer, who is trying to ambush a fugitive car. Another officer yells instructions]

Police Officer #1: Go, go, go, go, go.

[The car drives over the mat. The tires get busted, sparks shoot of the rims and the car dives straight into a still police car and some garbage bins. The driver, Edgar, kicks open his side window, climbs out of the vehicle and runs for it. Two officers chase him into a nearby building]

Police Officer #1: Suspect on foot, entering warehouse. In pursuit.

[Edgar and the officers climb some stairs. Edgar reaches the top, to a doorway on the building's rooftop and sprints to his destination. The police officers reach the door]

Police Officer #1: Go.

[Edgar stops, looks around and sees a red cross painted on a steel beam. He looks on the back and grabs the remote control which was duct-taped behind it. As he's about to flee, he's cornered by several officers]

Police Officer #1 (vo): Freeze! Stop right there! Put down the weapon!

Edgar: (holding up his hands, holding the remote) You can't stop it now. Nothing can stop it.

Police Officer #2: On the ground! On the ground. Drop it, right now!

Edgar: (desperate) Halloran. Detective Halloran. (cut to a clock tower) If he's not here in 17 minutes, five people are going to die. Get Halloran here, now!

[Detective Halloran stops at the scene and gets out of his car. He joins his partner, Detective Keith Hunt, while smoking a cigarette and tossing it away. We cut back to the clock tower. Time is running out]

Edgar (vo): Where the fuck is Halloran?

Edgar: People are gonna die, man! Doesn't he know?

[Halloran comes into frame]

Halloran: (waves his hand) All of you, get back.

Edgar: Halloran...

Halloran: Edgar! (smiles) Edgar, what the fuck are you doing? You put down that remote.

Edgar: I can't.

Halloran: What's that for?

Edgar: The games are just getting started.

Halloran: (questioned expression) What game?

Edgar: His games, his rules. I gotta choose who dies. Them or me.

Halloran: (pulls out his Glock 17) Edgar, I don't want to shoot you, but I will. Drop the remote.

Hunt: (holding a Glock 22) I got him, should I take it?

Halloran: No, no, no. Target the remote. If he moves to trigger it, blow it to shit.

Edgar: Running out of time!

Hunt: Who's else is there?

Halloran: Edgar! Tell us what's going on! Who's controlling you?

[Only seconds left]

Edgar: I'm not fucking dying.

[Edgar presses the button on the remote. All the officers shoot and Edgar's hand is blown off as he falls down to the ground. Somewhere, a timer starts counting down from 1:00 and a camera flashes on. We get a brief glimpse of a room with chains, saws and buckets. Cut back to the crime scene, as Halloran and Hunt lower their arms and step closer to Edgar. Blood drips out of his chest]

Halloran: Which one of you assholes shot him in the chest?

[He looks over his shoulder, Hunt does a "not-me" pose]

Edgar: (weakly) The game. It's started...

[Edgar loses consciousness. Cut to black, letters show up to make the word SAW, followed by more letters to make the word JIGSAW, with a red spiral in the background]

[We return to the bucket room. The timer counts down the last ten seconds. When it reaches zero, a buzzer sounds and lights come on. We are shown the full scene, five people with chains around their necks and buckets over their heads, four of them are starting to wake up, while the fifth stays silent and motionless]

Anna: What is this?

[She crawls up and yanks the chain around her neck, groaning]

[Editor's note: the following section might be a tad inaccurate. It's kinda hard to transcribe when you can't match the text to who's saying it]

Ryan: What the hell?

Anna: What the fuck?

Mitch: Yo, what the hell?

Anna: Oh, shit.

Ryan: Oh, god.

Carly: What's going on?

Ryan: No, no, no...

Mitch: This can't be happening!

Carly: Someone, help me!

Mitch: No, no, no... Help!

Carly: Somebody please help me. Please, help me! Help! Help! Please, help me!

Ryan: (pushing her away) Just stay the fuck back!

[A speaker turns on, everyone stops screaming as a familiar, gravelly voice fills the room]

Jigsaw (vo): I'm sure you are all wondering why you're here. You deny culpability, no doubt, for the circumstances in which you find yourselves. Salvation can be yours, if you cleanse yourselves of the habitual lies which have brought you here. Lies that you have told yourselves, lies that have brutalized others. Confess. The truth will set you free. But any attempt to violate my rules will kill you. I want to play a game.

Ryan: (flipping off the speaker) Fuck you!

Jigsaw (vo): First, an offering of blood, no matter how little, will give you a green light...

[On each of the five buckets, a red light comes on]

Jigsaw (vo): ...to escape from this room with your lives. If you can release yourself from your demons, you can begin to shed the chains that those demons bring with them. Make the simple blood sacrifice that I've requested, or face severe consequences. The choice is yours.

[The trap activates, the chains are retracting]

Ryan: The fuck is going on here?

[The saws are starting to spin]

Anna: No, no, no...

Mitch: No, no, no!

Anna: No! No!

[All four are trying to pull themselves away from the walls of saws, screaming and begging for help, to no avail. The fifth test subject falls over and gets dragged across the floor to the saws]

Ryan: What do we do? What do we do?

Carly: Someone, do something! Hey! (slapping the sleeping test subject's bucket helmet) Wake up! Wake up!

[We cut back to Anna, scared for a moment, before she is able to piece it together]

Anna: "An offering of blood..."

[Mitch tries to swing his chain against the saws. It doesn't work, sparks fly off and he falls on his side]

Anna: "No matter how little..."

[Mitch crawls back up and continues to pull away from the saws]

Anna: (mantra-like, holding out her arm) An offering of blood, an offering of blood, (through gritted teeth) an offering of blood...

[Anna cuts her arm lightly on one of the circular saws. A spray of blood, the red light turns green and Anna's bucket comes off. The saws on the door before her slow down and stop spinning]

Anna: (to Mitch) Cut yourself! You need to cut yourself! He wants blood and then you're free! (to Ryan) Cut yourself, he wants blood! Cut yourself!

[Mitch tries to cut his finger, but the chain unexpectedly jolts and he hits them with his upper body]

Mitch: Fuck!

[It does work and he is debucketed. Ryan holds out his upper arm]

Ryan: Come on, come on, come on. (screams)

[Another spray of blood, the saws before Ryan stop and his bucket comes off]

Ryan: Yes! Holy shit!

Anna: (to Carly, holding her by her shoulders) You need to cut yourself! You need to cut yourself!

[Another sudden chain reaction and Carly hits the wall with her back, causing blood to go everywhere. Another green light and another bucket comes loose. Carly gasps and screams in agony. Suddenly, the last person gets up, finally woken up. Four doors open up and the chains, connected to wheels, are starting to pull them out of the room. The fifth person, now standing and terrified, is unable to get away]

Anna: (right before she's dragged out of the room) Cut yourself! You need to cut yourself! Hurt yourself!

[Too late, the man hits the saws with his back and screams in pain. The four others are led into an abandoned barn. The wheels stop rotating and chains hit the floor. The four doors behind them are closing and we hear the clicking of locks. Carly looks at her mangled and bloodshed hands]

Ryan: Where the fuck are we?

[Cut to a hospital. Hunt and Halloran are standing behind a glass panel, observing Edgar, who's lying in bed and being monitored by a doctor]

Hunt: He hit the remote, but nothing triggered. As far as we know. (to Halloran) You think the game's real?

Halloran: Don't know.

Hunt: Why do you think he asked for you?

Halloran: We're good friends. I put him away twice. Edgar Munsen is a sociopathic meth-head. Been in and out of prison for assault and battery, armed robbery, drug dealing. Nice guy.

[The doctor leaves Edgar's bedside]

Halloran: Doc, we need him awake. We've got questions.

Doctor: Sorry, Detective. The bullet's lodged against the heart. I've got him in a barbiturate-induced coma until he stabilizes.

Hunt: How long?

Doctor: Swelling has to come down first. Two hours, two weeks. I can't tell you. (gets called away) Excuse me.

Halloran: (to Hunt) Start the suspect list with Munsen's known associates. This is not gonna end well. Hungry?

[Halloran walks away. We briefly return to the barn. Mitch is kicking one of the barn's walls, hoping he will break through, while Anna is tending to Carly's wounds]

Carly: Help! Please, somebody help us! Help! Please! Don't....

Anna: Stay still.

[Mitch stops his all too important wall kicking and looks at a camera]

Mitch: What do you want with us?

Anna: That voice... It said salvation can be ours if we cleanse our soul of our lies.

Ryan: Is this some kind of fucked-up confessional?

Anna: The truth will set us free.

Ryan: Honey, my soul is clean.

Anna: (beat) It's Anna. And, bullshit.

[Mitch joins the group]

Mitch: I'm Mitch. What's your name?

Carly: (looks up) Carly.

[She collapses, but when someone tries to help her...]

Carly: Don't touch me.

Ryan: This is some bastard's sick idea of a joke?

Carly: He said it was a game.

Anna: Then I hope, for all of our sakes, that it is a game.

Ryan: Oh, yeah? And why's that, sweetheart?

Anna: Because games can be won.

[Cut to a female jogger locking up her bike. She puts in her earbuds and starts her morning exercise. As she gets further into the park, people are seen looking nervously at a point above her head. While she continues to run and unplugs her headphones, a body is shown hanging from a bridge, with a bucket over his head]

Boy: What the hell?

Man 1: Did anyone phone the police?

Man 2: Yeah.

[The jogger finally turns around and sees the body. She screams in horror as the camera zooms in on the dangling corpse. Cut to a man and a girl playing catch]

Logan: (catches the ball) Underhand.

[He throws the ball back at his daughter, who then throws it back]

Logan: Whoa!

Melissa: Overhand.

Logan: Okay, you got some heat on it!

[We hear sirens and a police officer stops by the playground. Halloran gets out of his car]

Logan: Cell phone's off for a reason, Halloran.

[Halloran gives a "come here" motion. It's clear that playtime is over. Cut to a coroner's office, where Logan and his assistant Eleanor examine the recently discovered body]

Logan: Well, what do you think, El?

Eleanor: (sighs) I don't know, he looks a little pale.

Logan: Let's get this thing off.

[With the use of a laser cutter, the morticians are able to get the bucket loose. When it is pulled off, we see that the victim's head has been partially decapitated]

Eleanor: Ooh.

Logan: Aah.

[Eleanor then notices something peculiar on the victim's neck, a piece of skin is missing in the form of a puzzle piece]

Eleanor: Someone's been studying up on John Kramer. A copycat?

Halloran: Hope not. Kramer's been dead for ten years.

[Detective Hunt enters the office, holding cups of coffee for himself and Halloran. Logan notices him and greets him like an old friend]

Logan: Keith!

Hunt: What's up, Doc?

Logan: Hey, man. How you doing?

Hunt: I'm good.

Logan: Good to see you.

Hunt: You too, man.

Logan: You're, uh... You're working this neighborhood now?

Hunt: Uh, yeah, I joined homicide last month.

[Hunt then sees the mutilated corpse which is being examined]

Hunt: Jesus, what happened to this guy?

Halloran: (questioning) You two know each other?

Hunt: (to Halloran) Logan was our medic in Fallujah.

Halloran: Oh.

Hunt: (to Logan) Hey, uh, I'm sorry to hear about Christine. How've you been, man?

Logan: Uh, good, Keith. Yeah, I'm doing well.

Hunt: All right.

[Logan examines the jigsaw piece, he seems to see something peculiar]

Logan: Eleanor?

[He holds out his hand. Eleanor, ever the faithful assistant, hands him a pair of tweezers. Logan sticks them in the hole in the victim's neck, trying to pull something out]

Halloran: What is it?

[Slowly, the USB stick is pulled out of the wound. It is wrapped in plastic to keep it clean of blood. Logan shows it to Eleanor and the cops]

Eleanor: Okay then.

[The four of them walk to a working desk where Logan cuts open the plastic casing of the USB stick with a scalpel. He then holds it under a magnifying glass to make the message written on the stick visible]

Logan: "And then there were four…"

Halloran: You got a computer we could stick that in?

[The USB stick gets plugged into a laptop. We see there is an audio recording on it. Logan opens and plays it]

Jigsaw (vo): The games have begun again, and they will not stop until the sins against the innocent are atoned for. I will take care of the next four, you take care of the rest.

Halloran: We gotta get that to voice rec.

[The USB gets put into an evidence bag and taken away. Eleanor takes off her glasses]

Eleanor: (to Logan) It's not him. It can't be. Right?

[Both Logan and Eleanor looks at the unidentified corpse in confusion. Cut to black. Two red lights start burning. We have returned to the barn, and the four victims look towards the light source]

Ryan: Oh, shit.

[The lights are burning in a dark corner. We hear something squeaking, we see the frame of a tricycle, being steered by a full-on updated Billy the Puppet. He has glittery red shoes, glowing red eyes, a tape recorder around his neck and a note nailed to his chest. "Confess."]

Anna: What the fuck? What the fuck?

Ryan: (deadpan) No, that's not creepy at all.

[Mitch is able to reach a locked door with a combination lock. He tries to open it, but it remains locked. Billy gives his well-known laugh and the chains start back up, pulling the four further into the barn]

Anna: No. No!

Ryan: No, no, no...

Mitch: Help!

Anna: Somebody, please help us!

Ryan: Where is this sick fuck taking us?

Mitch: Did anyone see anything?

Carly: No, nothing. I got fucking drugged!

Anna: He said, "Confess." We have to confess.

[Anna tries to stop her chain retracting by trying to hold on to one of the barn's post poles]

Ryan: Yeah, you got something you want to confess? Have at it. Come on!

[The chain pulls Anna away. She cuts herself to some barbed wire wrapped around the pole]

Mitch: Damn it, we all have something to confess. I sold a kid a bike once.

[Flashback, we see Mitch and an unknown teen standing in what's probably Mitch's garage. He shakes the hand of his acquintance and is handed some money]

Mitch: He had an accident ten minutes after I sold it to him.

[His flashback ends]

Mitch: It's not my fault he couldn't handle such a powerful damn bike, all right? He died!

Ryan: That's it? That's all you did? You sold a kid a bike he died on? Come on, man!

Mitch: That's it! I said that's it, man!

Ryan: Yeah, bullshit. (to Anna) And what about you, sweetheart? Come on.

Anna: We lost our baby.

[Another flashback. We see a man, sick with grief, sitting on his bed. Anna stands by the window, looking outside]

Matthew: Anna... Anna. Tell me that this isn't happening.

Anna: My husband made a mistake.

[The man gets taken away by two cops. The flashback ends]

Ryan: No, no, no. That's not a confession, come on. Come on! Come on!

Anna: I don't know what the fuck you want me to say, okay? I-I let our marriage fall apart.

Ryan: No, no. A confession is, "I killed a hooker in Tulsa," or, "I ate my fucking neighbor." Not, "I need marriage counseling." Carly?

Carly: No. Nothing I can think of.

Ryan: Yeah, well, think faster!

Carly: You think faster!

[Mitch reaches for Billy's tape recorder, which has a sticker with "Play Me" on it. He grabs it and pulls it loose. When the string breaks, a buzzer goes off and the wheels come loose, causing the chains to stop once more. Anna looks up and sees her next nightmare]

Anna: Oh, my God. We're gonna hang.

Ryan: Play the damn tape, Mitch.

[Suddenly, a rack holding three needles drops down, stunning the four. All three have numbers etched on them]

Ryan: Oh, God!

[Mitch pushes Play and Jigsaw's voice takes center stage once more]

Jigsaw (vo): While I am certain that there is a desire to point fingers at me for the blood that has been shed, unless you turn that finger inward, I assure you, more blood will be lost and all will be judged. We will begin with one. One who is not only a liar, but a thief.

[A flashback. A woman is seen sitting at a terrace, when suddenly her purse gets snatched]

Woman: Hey!

[Jigsaw narrates the scene. The woman gives chase, but suddenly starts coughing and stops, trying to catch her breath]

Jigsaw (vo): A purse-snatcher. And when you had a chance to fix the harm that you'd done, you chose to do nothing.

[The thief shakes the woman's belongings out of the bag, holding some change and an inhaler in her hands. The gasping woman has fallen on her back, suffocating. We return to the barn]

Jigsaw (vo): Now it is you who could die without the right medication. While unconscious, this deceiver among you, this criminal, was injected with a poison. One of the syringes in front of you holds the antidote. One is a saline solution. The other, an acid that would cause an excruciating death. Inject the correct one and your chains will be released. Failure to make the right choice could result in death for you all. I ask you, what is a life worth to you?

[The tape has ended. The four examine each other. Carly looks shocked]

Ryan: One of you 'fess up, or we all die.

Anna: Okay. Check yourself for marks.

Ryan: Huh?

Anna: If he injected us, there could be marks.

[Anna, Ryan and Mitch start looking for marks, but they see Carly doesn't look. It's clear that she doesn't have to look to know who has been injected. Ryan notices this too. He grabs the three needles and points them at Carly]

Ryan: Bingo.

Carly: What are you doing?

Ryan: It's okay, it's okay. You just got to pick a needle, blondie.

Mitch: Look, we get out of these things when you pick an antidote.

Ryan: Or else we all die, Carly!

Carly: No, no. What if i-it's the acid? I-I won't.

Ryan: Bullshit, you won't.

Anna: Maybe just confess, Carly. Okay, did you steal purses?

Carly: Yeah, years ago, but I… I didn't kill anyone!

Ryan: No, no, no, no! That's not the repentant attitude this guy's looking for, okay? (pointing his finger at Carly) You're lying. You're lying!

Carly: No! I was broke, okay? And yes, somebody died, but it wasn't my fault.

Ryan: (nods) Okay. Choose, or I'm gonna stick them all into you!

[Anna and Mitch try to keep Ryan away from Carly]

Anna: No!

Mitch: Yo, man!

Carly: Are you kidding me? Stop!

Mitch: (to Ryan) Just let her look! (to Carly) Do any of these numbers mean anything to you?

Ryan: Choose now!

Carly: I'm trying!

[Carly looks at the numbers on the syringes and has a realization]

Carly: Three dollars and fifty-three cents...

Ryan: What? What does that mean?

Anna: What?

Carly: (shameful) What a life is worth to me...

[A brief return to the flashback. We see the pitiful amount of cash on the ground, as Carly grabs it, while the asthmatic woman takes her last breath and dies. Carly looks in horror around the corner, drops the inhaler and flees the scene. In the barn, the chains start up once more, going up to the ceiling. The empty needle rack gets pulled up as well]

Ryan: Oh, fuck... Choose, right now! Come on, pick! Pick one! Pick now!

Anna: Please!

Carly: I can't do it.

Ryan: Pick one, now!

Mitch: We're all going to die!

Ryan: Pick now!

Mitch: Come on.

Ryan: Choose! Come on, pick one, Carly!

Carly: I'm not gonna fucking do it! No, I'm not going to! Fuck you! I won't do it.

Ryan: Pick one, now! Come on, pick! Pick!

Carly: Fuck! I'm not gonna pick!

Ryan: Now! Now, Carly, now! Pick now! Pick one! Pick one!

[The chains are now pulling everyone off the ground. Carly and Ryan are scuffling, while Anna and Mitch, who were trying to hold Ryan back, are starting to suffocate. Ryan, making good on his premise, grabs hold of the helplessly dangling Carly and injects all three needles in her neck. Almost instantly, the clamps open and drop the four back on the straw filled barn floor. For a moment, they don't have much time for anything but coughing and catching their breath. Carly gets halfway up and turns her head, showing the three needles in her neck to the three others, who look in horror what happens before them. Carly pulls them out, but it's too late. She gasps, twitches, screams as blood starts to run from her neck and eyes. She tries to close the wound, but she inevitably falls to the floor, dead and bleeding profusely. Ryan looks at her, with an "it had to be done" look on his face, as Anna charges at him]

Anna: (screams) Fucking asshole!

[Anna tries to hit him where she can, but Ryan grabs her by her hands and tries to shake some sense into her]

Ryan: Hey, hey! I'm not the one who put us here. Get a hold of yourself. I just saved our lives.

Anna: (tearful) Yeah, but you took hers! You killed her. (in a fit) You selfish son of a bitch!

[Mitch intervenes]

Mitch: No, stop! Both of y'all need to chill! (looking at Ryan) What the hell?

Anna: Life is worth three dollars and fifty-three cents.

Ryan: What?

Anna: That's what she said.

Mitch: (nods) Yeah. (walks away) Three dollars and fifty-three cents...

[Mitch examines the now empty syringes while Anna covers Carly's head with a piece of cloth]

Mitch: There's more numbers on the inside of this. It could be the combination.

[The remaining three test subjects look at the door with the combination lock. We return the police station's coroner's office, where Eleanor is looking at some test results, based on the autopsy of Buckethead (as we prefer to call him). Alongside her and Logan, Halloran and Hunt, trying to find and get answers]

Eleanor: Dental IDs Buckethead as Malcolm Neale.

Logan: Malcolm Neale? I remember that case. His wife was murdered five years ago. A home invasion. Perp slit her throat. They made him watch.

Halloran: Oh, yeah, yeah. I remember. Malcolm Neale was a, uh, degenerate gambler. Wife's murder was on him, cause he owed some bad guys some money.

Logan: And did you ever get around to convicting those bad guys?

[Halloran gives a doubtful look and smile. It's clear that he didn't convinct the criminals]

Eleanor: Scratch marks from fingernails. There was a struggle, presumably with the killer.

Logan: The partial decapitation was made by a circular saw. There are traces of ferric oxide, hematite, in the wound.

Eleanor: (to the uninitiated) Rust, from blades.

Halloran: Okay.

Eleanor: What about the voice recording? Anything off the flash drive?

Halloran: The voice was John Kramer. Matched. Identical.

Eleanor: (clearly surprised) Matched?

Logan: What, he came back from the dead?

Hunt: Wouldn't be his first time.

[Editor's note: He's probably referring to the games set up by Jigsaw's apprentices after John Kramer's death]

Eleanor: Just because someone is dead doesn't mean they can't have a voice.

Logan: Give us enough time, we speak for the dead.

Hunt: On the roof, Edgar Munsen was spouting off about starting a game.

Eleanor: The recording says there are four more potential victims. Four people fighting for their lives.

[Of course, we know that this number has dwindled down, as Anna and Ryan are standing by the locked door while Mitch is dialing the lock to insert the code found on the inside of the syringe. The door opens and the three step inside the new room. This one has some farming equipment, low hanging lights, a barred window and three other doors. One of the doors is open, another closed (but presumably not locked yet) and the last being clearly locked and with the words "No Exit" sprayed over it. While the victims are trying to orientate their new chamber, the door they went through slams shut. They gasp]

Ryan: God...

[The man runs to the window and tries to bend the bars, but this doesn't work. He looks at the landscape outside]

Ryan: Okay, we're in the countryside somewhere. I can't make out any landmarks, nothing.

[Anna is shown cowering in a corner, sliding down the wall]

Anna: Oh, God. Who's doing this to us?

Ryan: I have no idea.

Anna: What's your name?

Ryan: Ryan.

Anna: And what's your sin, Ryan?

Ryan: (sums up) Sold bad mortgages, sold good coke, cheated on my taxes, cheated on my wife. Both of them. So, you know... Nothing that bad. (back to Anna) What's your story, lollipop?

Anna: (almost whispering) It was my husband's fault.

Ryan: Oh, come on. Bullshit.

Anna: (loses it) Why... Why am I being punished for something that he did? Huh?! (whispers tearfully) If he hadn't fallen asleep, he wouldn't have rolled over and suffocated our baby.

[During the last sentence, we see how Matthew, in slumber, rolls over onto the baby, while the baby groans]

Anna: It's not my fault.

[Ryan clearly has had enough and grabs a spade and steps towards the "No Exit" door. Mitch tries to stop him]

Mitch: No, no, no! For real, you don't think he's trying to tell us something? (pointing at the two other doors) Look, there are two perfectly good doors right here.

Ryan: Right, so we'll go through the door that leads exactly he wants us to go? No thanks.

Anna: No, Mitch is right. I don't think this is...

Ryan: (pointing the shovel at the other two) Back. The fuck. Up.

Mitch: (annoyed) Man, get that shit out of my face.

[Ryan, standing on some steps, aims the shovel at the chains around the doorknob and charges. Suddenly, he falls with his right leg through the floorboards, a buzzer sounds, wheels start spinning and some metal wires wrap themselves around Ryan's leg, who starts to scream in pain]

Ryan: Oh, my God! Help me! Help. Please. Ah! What the fuck? There's wires, there's something… Help, help.

[Mitch uses the shovel to tap the floorboards, while Anna rips some more wood away to see what's troubling Ryan]

Ryan: Anna? Do you see?

[We see the contraption as Anna is describing it]

Anna: There's a bunch of wires wrapped around his leg, and around some pulleys. All right, there's, uh... There's some kind of handle.

[Mitch uses the shovel to break through the floorboards. In the open space, below the spanned wires, lies another tape player with "Play Me" on it]

Mitch: Guys, there's a tape.

[The traps powers up and tightens the wires, causing Ryan to scream]

Ryan: It's tighter! It just got tighter! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh...

Anna: Okay. (to Mitch) Okay, how do we get the tape?

[While Ryan is groaning, Mitch grabs hold of a rake and slowly lowers it towards the tape]

Anna: Hey, go slow.

Ryan: Yeah, careful.

Anna: Really slow.

Ryan: (stammering) Okay, okay. Careful. Careful. Please, be careful. Oh, God.

[The rake briefly touches one of the wires, causing Ryan to groan as they tighten a bit more]

Ryan: Careful, careful, careful, careful.

[Just as Mitch tries to scoop the tape up, the wires act up again and snap the rack into pieces. They then get back at Ryan by tightening even more. He screams and is clearly in great pain]

Ryan: Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, my God! (to the others) You guys aren't helping! (to Mitch) Grab the tape! Grab the tape!

Mitch: (shakes his head) No way, man. No, you gotta fucking grab the tape.

Ryan: (shaking his fist) I saved your fucking life, Mitch! Grab the tape!

Anna: Just do it.

Ryan: Please...

[Mitch relents and lowers his arm into the wire filled compartment, with Ryan encouraging him]

Ryan: Please, yeah. Yeah, come on. Come on. Come on, man. Oh, my God. You almost got it?

Mitch: I'm trying, dude.

[He gets hold of the tape and pulls it back up]

Anna: You got it, you got it.

Ryan: All good, all good. You got it? Oh, God, oh, good. You got it? (laugh shakily) Play the tape, Mitch. Play the tape.

Mitch: You play the tape, man.

[Mitch gives Ryan the tape, who presses Play]

Jigsaw (vo): There are no shortcuts in life. Please forgive the rather crude example I will make of your decision to not follow the rules. Pull the handle and you will be set free.

[The tape ends. Ryan whimpers]

Ryan: What... What does he mean "set free"?

Anna: Good luck, lollipop.

[Ryan starts sobbing. Back at the police station, Eleanor is looking something with a microscope. When Logan walks into frame, she directs her attention to him]

Eleanor: Hey, prelim report on Buckethead. It says the particles found on the body are animal feces. Cow, chicken, pig. They also found traces of Aujeszky's disease.

Logan: Aujeszky's disease?

Eleanor: It's a virus. Mostly known because, when swine get it, farmers have to wipe out the entire sounder.

Logan: I'm impressed. Keep digging.

[We hear a door opening and closing in the background]

Eleanor: Maybe I can track the virus to a location.

[A police officer gets into frame]

Police Officer #3: Dr. Nelson? Another one, possible jumper.

[The crime scene at night, nearby a hospital. Sirens are blaring, lights flickering and the unintelligible crackling of police radios filling the air. A crime scene photographer, who looks rather similar to Jigsaw with the Saw II haircut, is making pictures of the newly found corpse of a blonde woman. The detectives and morticians group around her]

Logan: Any identification on the victim?

Halloran: No. Looks like the same killer. This was on the body.

[Halloran shows a bloodied piece of paper in an evidence bag. "And then there were three…", it reads]

Halloran: No link so far to any of our suspects.

[Several news reporters are trying to get answers, photographers in toe]

Reporters: Is it Kramer? Do you know? Is this crime related to Jigsaw?

Logan: Think it's any coincidence that Edgar Munsen happens to be a guest here?

Halloran: I think it's highly unlikely he woke up from a coma, climbed on a roof, and threw a girl off. But I did check with the ICU. He's still there. (smiles at Logan)

Logan: (examines the body) Looks like acid. There's a depletion of adenosinetriphosphate in the muscle fibers. Rigor mortis. (to Halloran) Clearly, she didn't die from the fall.

[The next corpse is rolled onto an autopsy table, Y incision and all. Logan and Eleanor are examining her]

Logan: It's hydrofluoric acid. Look, here. This is the injection point. The vein carried it all the way to the heart, where it's singed.

Halloran: How do you know it was hydrofluoric acid?

Logan: Saw a lot of it in Fallujah. Never injected, though.

[He opens the victim's mouth and reveals another puzzle piece cut from her tongue]

Logan: A puzzle piece.

Eleanor: Jig-fucking-saw.

[Halloran takes Hunt aside to get some information outside of the office]

Halloran: What's Logan's deal? What happened in Fallujah?

Hunt: Uh, he, uh... He got captured.

Halloran: Oh.

Hunt: Um, but not before taking out three Taliban. Uh, from what I heard, they tortured the shit out of him. He spent months in the VA hospital when he got back.

Halloran: You think he snapped?

Hunt: Come on, man, you're talking about a brother here.

Halloran: I got a brother and he's a fucking asshole.

[They walk through the corridor, away from the office]

Hunt: What do you think about his second, Eleanor?

Halloran: She's got a great ass, big mouth. Seems to get off on this sick shit.

Hunt: Yeah.

[In the barn, Ryan is still screaming his lungs out in pain. Anna looks out the window and Mitch tries to open the big door, which is now locked. The lights then suddenly go out]

Ryan: Oh, fuck.

[A bright light emerges from the smaller, open door. Anna and Mitch start walking towards it]

Ryan: I'm a good person. I'm a good person, I don't deserve this. I confess... I confess. I con... (yells) I confess that this is fucked up! (hits the ground in frustration)

[While Ryan's anger turns back to sadness, Mitch enters the new room, followed by Anna. When they've entered, a television turns on, beneath the floorboards. Anna and Mitch, now in an empty grain silo, also see a TV, a flatscreen, to be more precise, showing static. Mitch jumps, trying to get the remote which is held in the air by a string]

Ryan: (yelling) Hey, guys. Hey, guys! Somebody turned on the TV. Hello?

Mitch: (back to him) Yeah, we got one too. (to Anna) I'm gonna have to lift you.

Anna: What?

Mitch: We gotta get the remote.

Anna: Okay, fine.

[Mitch lowers himself and boosts Anna up. She's almost able to reach the remote]

Mitch: Got it?

[She then gets hold of the remote, which has "Press Play" written on it]

Anna: Got it!

[As to be expected, the door closes behind the two. They hurry back, slamming the door in vain]

Anna: No, no. No!

[The two prisoners briefly look at each other. They know what they'll have to do next. Anna presses Play and the static disappears in favor of our old pal Billy, who is simultaneously broadcast over the two TV's. He turns his head in a dramatic fashion and his red eyes light up]

[Editor's note: some of the audio changes in pitch during the next Jigsaw monologue. I'd like to think that the message was pre-recorded, with Jigsaw overdubbing some moments to accomodate for who has been locked up in the wire trap. How else would he know Ryan would try to escape?]

Jigsaw (vo): In the past, you have all put your own interests above others, and then lied to yourselves, and deceived the world about your callousness, your larceny, your criminality. Now, you will look in the mirror and you will face who you really are. The choices you have made may cost you your life. You cannot escape the truth. There is, however, one person who can help you. (different pitch) Ryan.

[Ryan gasps]

Jigsaw (vo): If he pulls the lever before you are buried alive, you will live. (different pitch) Ryan, free yourself to free them.

[The image flickers and disappears on both monitors. They get replaced by camera footage of the other's situation: Ryan looks at the grain silo, Anna and Mitch see Ryan, immobilized]

Anna: Ryan.

Mitch: Ryan?

[We hear something rumbling. From a shaft, high into the silo, grain starts to fall down on the pair of captives. Ryan looks at this and yells over his shoulder]

Ryan: What is that?

Mitch: It's grain. Ryan, man, we're gonna get buried alive!

Anna: Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Get to the handle, Ryan!

Ryan: (shaking) I can't!

Mitch: Please, Ryan! Hurry, man!

Anna: Ryan! You have to do it! (slams on the door) Get to the handle!

Mitch: Ryan, pull the fucking handle!

Anna: Please!

[Ryan looks fearfully at the handle as we cut back to Eleanor, putting some stuff away in a glass closet. Halloran approaches and leans to another closet]

Halloran: What's your story, sweetheart?

Eleanor: What are you asking, Detective?

Halloran: You're one of those, uh, kinky types? Like a little pain?

Eleanor: Why? (smiles flirtatiously) You wanna get punished?

Halloran: (laughs) Too late. Already got an ex-wife who tortures me every day.

Eleanor: (serious) Maybe you deserve it.

Halloran: Probably. Where were you the night Malcolm Neale got murdered?

Eleanor: Home, alone.

Halloran: Cool. (starts to walk away, stops, turns back) Oh. Can you prove that?

Eleanor: (annoyed) Do I need to?

[Halloran then walks away. Logan is sitting behind a computer, having a video chat with his daughter and her babysitter Judy]

Melissa: Come home soon, Daddy.

Logan: I will. I'm sorry you have to stay so late again, Judy.

Judy: Don't worry about it.

Logan: All right. (to Melissa) Sleep sweet, Mel. I love you.

Melissa: Love you too, Daddy.

Logan: Love you, bye.

Melissa: Bye.

[Logan logs off as Halloran and Hunt enter the scene]

Halloran: Logan. How did you find Eleanor?

Logan: (puzzled) My assistant?

Halloran: Is that all she is? It's been two years since Christine passed. It's just... I wouldn't blame you.

[Logan gets up from behind his desk]

Logan: Yes, but I'm a professional.

Hunt: Uh, Logan, you ever heard of a website called "Jigsaw Rules"?

Logan: No.

Halloran: Buried deep online. Took some digging, but it's a site devoted to Jigsaw. Half of it's bullshit, posers, but there's some stuff on there that is really messed up. A lot of sick fucks.

Logan: Okay?

Halloran: We did a darknet IP trawl. Got a lot of hits from your assistant. She's a regular. Downloaded some shit you cannot imagine.

Logan: (clearly not buying it) So you're saying that Eleanor Bonneville is our copycat?

Hunt: No, that's not what we're saying.

Logan: Did you check her alibi?

Hunt: Uh, she said she was home the morning that Buckethead was found hanging in the park.

Logan: At seven a.m.? Home alone? A single woman? That does sound suspicious.

Halloran: (does a rewind gesture) All right, let's rewind. How did Eleanor come to you?

Logan: She sought out the department to do her residency.

Halloran: And after that?

[Hunt's cell then rings and he takes the call]

Halloran: After she finished her residency? I mean, three months ago, she was offered a job running the show at the Cleveland city morgue. Why didn't she take that?

Logan: Would you want to move to Cleveland?

[The mortician briefly smiles as Hunt puts his phone away]

Hunt: That's the lab. Results are in.

[The detectives leave. We then cut to a blood results laboratory, where Halloran and Hunt are taken about by a lab assistant. He's holding a piece of transparent paper with blood results on it]

Lab Assistant: Okay, so this is the DNA of the blood scraped from under the fingernails of the first victim, Malcolm Neale.

Hunt: Yeah, Buckethead.

Halloran: Can you ID it?

Lab Assistant: Already did. (shown another piece of paper) This is a blood sample from a perp taken a decade ago. You might remember the case.

[She slides the two results over each other and they match up perfectly]

Lab Assistant: It's an exact match.

Halloran: Whose blood is it?

Lab Assistant: John Kramer.

Halloran: What?

Hunt: That's impossible.

Lab Assistant: That's a fact. The blood under the fingernails of our first victim is John Kramer's blood. The Jigsaw Killer.

[The detectives are dumbfounded. Back at the barn, the situation has recently taken a turn for the worse, with the grain level in the silo having raised significantly. Anna and Mitch are still begging for help]

Anna: Ryan! Help!

Mitch: Ryan! Pull the lever!

Ryan: Uh... Uh...

[Ryan is reaching our of the handle. He grits his teeth as the screaming continues]

Anna: Get to the handle, Ryan! (screams)

Mitch: Help now!

Anna: Ryan! Ryan!

[Ryan gives up, he can't do it]

Ryan: No. Go to hell! (gives them the finger)

Mitch: You gotta help us out, man!

[The grain stream dries up, both Anna and Mitch are buried up to their neck in grain, only able to move their arms and heads]

Anna: Help!

[The worst is yet to come, however. Suddenly, a pitchfork drops down next to Mitch, causing him and Anna to scream. Ryan watches on in horror]

Ryan: Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck...

[Then a knife and a circular saw fall down, missing Anna by a hair. Another knife misses Mitch, but a third one dives deep into his shoulder]

Anna: Ryan!

Mitch: Pull the handle, Ryan!

Anna: Ryan! Pull it!

[Mitch pulls the bloodied knife out of his shoulder. Another saw misses Anna as it dives down straight in front on her]

Anna: Ryan!

Mitch: Ryan!

Anna: We're gonna die in here! Please! For the love of God, just pull it! If we die, you die!

[A shovel hits the grain. Ryan pants a few times and stares intensely at the lever, the only way to save them all, as Anna gets some nails in her left arm, which she painfully pulls out. Ryan does another attempt to pull the lever, but he is still unwilling to sacrifice his leg. The weapon dumping then kicks into overdrive. Saws, scythes, spears and more rain down on the pair of them, but miss them all somehow. Ryan finally relents, screams and grabs the handle. After a brief moment of hesitation, he pulls it. The trap fires up and tears the leg to pieces, which fall onto the ground. Ryan screams in pain as the lights come back on and the bolted door to the next test unlocks itself. The silo door finally opens and the two captives are set free. Both roll over the grain covered ground and Anna stops herself just in time before she hits a nearby pitchfork with her face. Cut to Keith Hunt leaving the police station at night, as another officer catches up to him, handing him a piece of paper]

Police Officer #4: Here's the GPS location on Ms. Bonneville's cell.

[Hunt then notices the wall of reporters outside the station]

Hunt: (sighs) Great.

[He walks out the door and gets ambushed by the news hungry journalists]

News Reporter #1: Is Jigsaw dead? Did Kramer die, or do we have proof…

News Reporter #2: What do you have to say to all the panicked citizens who want answers?

[Somewhere else, Logan walks by a bar called "Brewers Moon: Bar & Grill", where he finds Eleanor. She has clearly let her hair down and we see a big tattoo over her right arm]

Logan: Turned your phone off?

Eleanor: (sighs) And yet here you are, you found me. You'd make a good detective. (playfully) Or maybe I'm just too predictable.

Logan: Predictable? No. (serious) Halloran's passing the blame around. He's looking at us.

Eleanor: Yeah. They're watching my house.

Logan: Because he thinks your alibi is shit.

Eleanor: (smiles) You really love that guy, huh?

Logan: First year at County, clean case. A predator by the name of Alistair Schultz. Halloran roughed him up while he was in custody and the lawyer used that to get him off. The very next day, he kills an 8-year-old girl who shows up on my table. The first of many. Halloran... (sighs) ...can't help himself, can't get out of his own way. So, no, I don't have much love for the guy.

Eleanor: Well, it's a job, Logan. You can't make it personal.

Logan: When you have a little girl one day...

[Eleanor scoffs at the idea]

Logan: Why didn't you tell me about the job offer in Cleveland?

Eleanor: Because you would have told me to take it.

Logan: Yes. Yes, you're damn right I would.

Eleanor: It's complicated.

Logan: We are past complicated.

[Eleanor sighs]

Eleanor: When Buckethead was strung up, I wasn't at home like I told the cops. I was at my, uh... studio.

Logan: What studio? And why couldn't you tell them that?

Eleanor: Like I said, it's... It's complicated.

Logan: You don't think they're going to find out about it? They know about the Jigsaw fan website, whatever the fuck you're doing on there. They're going to find out about everything.

[It's clear that the two really care about each other]

Logan: El, they think I'm involved. Show me.

[Eleanor sighs and gives in. With her car, they drive to an industrial area and park before a somewhat dilapidated building. Logan follows Eleanor, who's now wearing a furry coat with a panther print, as she opens the door. They both step into an elevator and go up, but just before the door closes, Keith Hunt, having followed the GPS coordinates, grabs the end of the door. The elevator does opens. Eleanor nods her head and Logan steps into the dark room. As he turns around, he hits something with his back]

Logan: Oh, Jesus.

Eleanor: Okay, I should warn you, because...

Logan: Can you turn the lights on?

[A button is pushed and the lights come on. While Eleanor changes the thermostat, Logan looks around in awe. The studio is filled with replicated Jigsaw traps. We see the Magnum Keyhole from Saw II, the Head Cage from Saw V and the Angel Trap from Saw III, which Logan had hit. The room practically has "Jigsaw fangirl" written all over it]

Logan: Eleanor? What is this?

Eleanor: Hey, a girl's gotta have a hobby.

Logan: A hobby? Is that what you call it? How about a stamp collection? (scoffs) That's a hobby.

[He examines the Reverse Bear Trap, dangling from the ceiling. While he's doing that, Eleanor sits down on a couch and turns some lights on with another remote. The Spiralizer is revealed, as unnerving sounds exhume from it]

Eleanor: (eyes filled with joy) It's beautiful, isn't it?

[Keith walks up some stairs, unseen by the two morticians. Logan looks at the new trap, while Eleanor lights a cigarette]

Eleanor: Supposedly, John Kramer designed this trap for a game that took place before all the others. They found the plans in his lab. I built it myself. Got them from some guy on the Internet. Rumor is, not only did John design this, he built one.

Logan: (walks around the trap) Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but none of Kramer's victims died in any device like this. The wounds don't match the design.

Eleanor: Maybe the bodies were never found.

Logan: Or maybe it never happened. Maybe someone's been playing games with you.

[Keith holds out a camera and takes shots of the traps stalled in the studio]

Logan (vo): What are you doing with all this stuff? You need to get rid of it, now.

[Later that night, in the hospital, a gloved hand closes the curtain before the window of Edgar Munsen's room to hide himself from the agent outside, who's in a deep slumber in his chair. The unseen perp injects something in Edgar's I.V, which causes the meth head to wake up. He looks in horror at the person who woke him. In the barn, Ryan is shown screaming while Anna tries to cut off the blood flow from Ryan's severed leg with some cloth and a belt. The next day, Logan leaps up from his bed, waking up from a nightmare. He looks at Melissa, who's sleeping next to him. He gets up and takes his shirt off, revealing some nasty scars on his back while he walks to the bathroom mirror. In the police office, Halloran is shown the photos Hunt made of Logan, Eleanor and her suspicious studio]

Halloran: Great work. Now we've got probable cause.

[They enter Halloran's office]

Hunt: You're not going to believe this.

Halloran: What?

Hunt: The Commissioner wants to see Jigsaw's remains. Wants proof he's really dead.

Halloran: What?

Hunt: Yeah. Said he wants to calm the peoples' fears.

Halloran: Are you serious? Chasing a dead man. This is election year bullshit. That is all yours, I'm going to follow up on these. (gets behind his computer)

Hunt: Right on. (walks out of the office)

[We see that Halloran is looking at the army profile of Logan Nelson. Several words spring out like "several relapse" and "PTSD-filled rage". Halloran's cell phone then rings]

Halloran: Halloran. (surprised) He's in a fucking coma, how does he just disappear?

[In the barn, we see that Ryan is lying motionless on a hay bale. Anna examines him]

Anna: (to Mitch) He's still breathing.

[Almost on cue, a tractor's headlights activate, revealing a red cross painted on the bonnet. Mitch opens it and sees a new tape recorder, with "Mitch" written on it. He breathes nervously as he pulls it up. Anna notices]

Anna: What is it?

Mitch: (looking at the player) It says my name.

Anna: (nervously) You know what happens if we don't follow the rules.

[Mitch and Anna exchange a look before he presses Play. Suddenly, a hidden leash activates around Mitch's feet and ensnares them. He drops the player as he is pulled up]

Jigsaw (vo): Hello, Mitch. You've admitted to selling a boy a motorcycle.

[We return to the flashback from earlier, as Mitch gets the money from the motorcycle he sold and the customer drives away. We see him trying to brake, while looking at the brake handle nervously]

Jigsaw (vo): But you have not told the entire story, have you?

[The next trap is being revealed. It's the Spiralizer, identical to the one shown at Eleanor's studio. Anna tries to pull Mitch down, but he is pulled out of reach]

Jigsaw (vo): Six hundred dollars for a bike that you listed in excellent condition.

[In new flashback footage, we see that Mitch covers up a leak of brake fluid with his foot as he takes the cash and counts it]

Jigsaw (vo): Even though you knew the brakes were faulty. You took his 600 bucks and, in return, you delivered him...

[Mitch is hanging above the shredder]

Anna: Mitch!

Jigsaw (vo): ...to his end.

[The kid on the motorcycle, horrified, looks to his left and is greeted by a garbage truck, who crashes into him and his faulty motorbike]

Jigsaw (vo): He was my nephew, and he never hurt anyone. The device you see here has a unique power source. It's the same engine that graced the bike you sold my nephew.

[We do see that the Spiralizer indeed has been constructed out of parts from the motorcycle. The brake lever is located at the bottom of the spiral, in the middle of the red circular blades]

Mitch: (helpless) Fuck.

Jigsaw (vo): However, I assure you, the brake lever for this one works perfectly.

Mitch: (remorseful) Look, y-you're right, man!

Jigsaw (vo): Avoid the dangers around you, hit the motorcycle brake handle and the motor will stop.

Mitch: Oh, shit!

Jigsaw (vo): Live or die, Mitch. The choice is yours.

[The tape ends and the motorcycle powers up. An awesome electric guitar riff starts playing as the spiral below Mitch starts whirling like a blender]

Mitch: (terrified) Shit! No, no, no! Oh, shit. Look, I'm sorry! Stop, please! Okay, I'm sorry about your nephew! (to Anna) Anna, help!

[Anna grabs a steel bar and climbs up a wooden post pole. Mitch gets lowered down into the spiral]

Mitch: Get the fuck up here! I don't want to die! Stop! Stop it! Stop!

[Anna reaches the top. Mitch's upper body is hanging in the Spiralizer]

Mitch: Anna, you got to help me! Hurry up! Hurry, please! Please help! Hurry, hurry!

[Anna jumps from the pole to the motorcycle, nearly falling in the trap, holding herself up by the handlebar. The guitar kicks into overdrive]

Mitch: (crying) I don't want to die. I don't want to die!

Anna: Mitch, pull the brake. Pull the brake!

[Mitch sticks out his hand towards the brake lever. Anna, holding the steel bar, examines the motor. As he almost grabs the lever, his arm hits a piece of the blade, causing him pain. Anna, also screaming, sticks the metal rod in the cycle's front tire. The trap jams up and the guitar disappears in favor of more peaceful music]

Mitch: (relieved) Anna, you did it! You saved me! Anna... Anna, get me out of here, please. You did it! Anna, you did it!

[As Anna breathes a sigh of relief, the trap powers up and snaps the rod. Both the guitar and the spiral start up again]

Mitch: No, no, no! (screams)

[Anna looks on in horror as Mitch spins around, being pureed by the machine. Mitch's screams are in vain as his blood shoots over Anna's face. The mangled corpse gets thrown out at the bottom of the trap. Anna breathes heavily as Ryan wakes up, briefly shrugging, before screaming at the sight of Mitch's corpse. At the hospital, we're shown the empty bed where Edgar was lying in earlier. Halloran is giving the cop who asleep a strong talking to]

Halloran: Edgar Munsen was in a coma. You got one job! One job to do, you useless mother...

[He gets interrupting by his cell going off. He takes the call, it's Hunt]

Halloran: Yeah.

[Hunt is at a graveyard, where the grave of John Kramer has been dug open. A nearby crane is pulling up his casket]

Hunt: Anything?

Halloran: Nothing. Pulled a Houdini. Nobody saw shit.

Hunt: Just pulling Kramer's casket out now.

Halloran: Reporters?

Hunt: Yup.

[As Halloran talks, the casket is lowered onto the ground]

Halloran: Good. End this nonsense once and for all.

[Hunt steps towards the casket]

Halloran (vo): John Kramer is dead and has been for ten years. Enough of this John Kramer bullshit.

[The casket is opened, but it is not the (presumably far decayed) corpse of John Kramer, but that of Edgar Munsen, pillow and all. His throat has been slit and a puzzle piece has been cut from his cheek. The reporters group around it like vultures. Hunt looks at Edgar's body, stunned]

Hunt: Uh... You may want to rethink that.

Halloran: (befuddled) Why? What's going on?

Hunt: Let's just say you can call off the hunt for Edgar Munsen.

[Close up on Edgar's body as the photographers take shots. We hear Halloran's voice coming from Keith's phone]

Halloran: Oh, come on! Okay, get a warrant for Bonneville, I'll see you there.

[A team of SWAT officers get out of a van and approaches the door of Eleanor's trap workshop with a battering ram, with Hunt and Halloran standing beside them]

SWAT Guy #1: Go, go, go. Move, move, move. Go!

SWAT Guy #2: Let's go.

SWAT Guy #1: Take the left, two on the right.

[The door gets broken down. The elevator door opens and the officers flood the room]

SWAT Guy #1: Go, go, go, go, go!

SWAT Guy #2: Clear on the left!

SWAT Guy #3: Clear!

SWAT Guy #2: Watch your left.

SWAT Guy #1: Eyes up. You in?

[The detectives investigate several traps, particularly the Spiralizer and the Reverse Bear Trap. They then notice a crack in the wall. They walk to it and open it, revealing a secret compartment. We see a collage of several news articles about the life and times of Jigsaw, particularly about the reveal of his identity and his death. On a shelf, we see a candle and a rather familiar looking rusty hacksaw. Halloran reaches out for the light cord, but when it's pulled, a mangled body drops down, stunning them all]

Hunt: Jesus!

[There is a note on the victim's chest: "And then there were two…". The SWAT officers regroup outside as Halloran and Hunt walk away from the scene]

Halloran: (holds up two fingers) Two left.

Hunt: So, what, Bonneville just leaves a body hanging in her studio? Come on, man.

Halloran: I know.

[Hunt sighs, as he knows that Logan is now their prime suspect]

Hunt: I'm gonna go pick up Logan.

Halloran: I'll get the girl.

[Cut to Hunt knocking on Logan's front door. Logan answers it. Hunt holds out a pair of handcuffs]

Hunt: I'm gonna need you to show me those wrists, brother.

Logan: I didn't do anything, Keith...

Hunt: Look, listen, listen. I have photos of you.

Logan: What?

Hunt: Yeah, you and Eleanor in her warehouse of torture devices.

Logan: Wait, you were there?

Hunt: Yeah, I was there. I just saw a third body that looks like it's been through a meat grinder.

Logan: All right. Someone is trying to frame us. All right?

Hunt: I want you to tell me where Eleanor is.

Logan: The studio I can explain. You just have to trust...

Hunt: Do you know where she is or not?

Logan: Keith. (holds out his wrists) Keith, I'll tell you everything I know.

[Keith sighs. In Logan's living room, he tries to set out his theory while wearing the cuffs, to Keith, who leans against the bar]

Logan: I know who did this. And you do, too. (points at Hunt) Who found the body at Eleanor's studio?

[Brief flashback to Halloran pulling the light cord and revealing the body, with Hunt going "Jesus!"]

Hunt: Halloran.

Logan: He had motive. He wanted Edgar dead. (points at his hand) Who ordered the targeting of the remote?

Halloran: (flashback) If he moves to trigger it, blow it to shit.

Hunt: Go on.

Logan: Yeah, everybody targeted the trigger,but did anyone actually see what Halloran was aiming at?

[Back to the rooftop shootout, only now we see that Halloran fires the bullet into Edgar's chest while the others aim at Edgar's hand. In Logan's house, we see that Hunt starts to understand the situation]

Logan: He had no plan to let Edgar walk. (steps closer to Hunt) Do you think your partner knows that you're with IA?

[Hunt sighs]

Logan: So I'm right.

Hunt: Jesus. You know, I've been onto Halloran since before all of this started. IA has him connected to multiple homicides going back years. Now these latest Jigsaw murders... The three bodies we brought you, we found they're all mixed up in Halloran's cases.

[We're shown the three brutalized bodies in quick succession]

Logan: Bring him in. Halloran is trying to frame me. I don't even know what he's got against me.

Hunt: (scoffs) Really? You know you called him out for screwing up slam-dunk cases. You said he was a moron in the press. Twice.

Logan: No, I said he was an impulsive asshole... Twice.

Hunt: (sympathetically) You blame him for what happened to Christine, don't you? (serious) Look, I don't know how to prove Halloran's the copycat.

Logan: It's Halloran. It's him. Let me help you build your case. Let me get you proof. Let me open up Edgar Munsen. We match that slug to Halloran's gun.

[Hunt and Logan return to the morgue. Logan, in casual clothes, extracts the bullet from Edgar's chest with some tweezers]

Logan: What kind of firearm do you use?

[We hear a ping as the bullet gets put in a tin bowl to wash the blood off]

Hunt: Glock 22. Most cops do. Except Halloran. He's got a 17.

[The clean bullet is shown to the detective]

Logan: Nine by nineteen Parabellum. That's a Glock 17.

Hunt: (sighs) Okay, I'll take you home. You stay there until I call you. I'll get Halloran.

[Logan puts the slug in the evidence bag Hunt's holding out. Before leaving, he covers up Edgar's corpse with a blanket. Back at home, Logan tries to call Eleanor as rain is falling down]

Logan: (worried) El, where the hell are you? Call me, it's urgent.

[He turns back around and gasps when he sees Eleanor, who's been waiting for him]

Logan: Jesus. El! I've been trying to call you.

Eleanor: I don't know how that body got...

Logan: No, no, no. It's okay. They don't think it's you or me. They have their sights set on Halloran.

Eleanor: I found it.

[Quick exterior shot of Logan's house, the rain has gotten worse]

Eleanor: I think I know where the game is being played. I found the farm.

Logan: That's great, let's call a detective.

Eleanor: (shocked) No! Halloran's behind this. We can't trust the cops.

Logan: What? You want to see this game for yourself. You get off on this shit?

Eleanor: Logan, this is a chance for us to save lives.

Logan: (sarcastic) So, we're going take on a serial killer with what? Our cunning intellects?

[Eleanor then shows Logan her rifle]

Eleanor: And this.

[Eleanor's car drives away to the farm. Halloran, who had been keeping post at Logan's home the whole time, flips his cigarette out the window and gives chase. Back in the barn, Anna has run back to the door which Ryan tried to escape through, trying to break the lock and chain with a shovel. Ryan, in the other room, begs for help]

Ryan: Anna, don't leave me! Anna? I'm bleeding out, Anna.

Anna: (struggling) Motherfucker.

[The lock breaks and the door opens halfway]

Ryan: Anna!

Anna: Okay.

[Whilst avoiding the deadly iron wires below, Anna begins to crawl out of the barn]

Ryan: Anna, don't leave me! Please.

[Anna, on her back, gets halfway out of the barn and sees the landscape surrounding it, bathing in moonlight. But when she turns, we see someone in a pig mask, who squats down and injects Anna with a sedative, just below the neck. Cut to black. In a new room, both Anna and Ryan regain their consciousness. They're both chained in place on opposite sides of the room. A figure in a black robe walks around a table in the middle, cutting some rope and twisting some tumblers. When he pushes his hood off, we see that it is in fact the one and only John Kramer, alive and well. He has a look akin to his visage in the original Saw, where he has some thin white hair on his head, but is mostly bald and sports the goatee. He looks at Anna in recognition]

John Kramer: Hello, Anna.

[Anna recognizes him too]

Anna: (whispers) John. John Kramer.

[John takes his robe off]

Ryan: What's going on?

John Kramer: You're about to play a game.

Anna: Oh, no. No. What are you doing, John? (screams, yanks her chain) What are you doing?

John Kramer: It's a final test.

Ryan: I already passed your test. (screams) Look at my fucking leg!

John Kramer: That wasn't your test, Ryan. (points at his severed leg) And that wouldn't have been necessary if you'd simply played by the rules. But you don't like rules, do you?

[Ryan whines and sobbs in pain]

John Kramer: You want me to show mercy? You, who hasn't taken even a single step toward confessing? You, who is responsible not for one death, but for three?

[We cut to a flashback of Ryan, in the prime of his youth, sitting with two friends in a car, holding a bottle of booze as he stands on his seat]

[Editor's note: This is notably the first time in the Saw franchise a character is depicted by a different actor at a younger age]

John Kramer (vo): Your life of reckless deceit started in high school. And only grew worse.

Ryan's Friend: (driving the car, pulling at Ryan's shirt) Sit down! Sit the fuck down!

Ryan: Get the fuck off me!

[In the scuffle, Ryan falls out of the car, rolling over the ground breaking his bottle. The two others are unable to evade an incoming car when they lose control of the steering wheel. Ryan looks up, just as the two cars collide in a fiery explosion. He looks in horror at the carnage he has accidentally caused. Back to the present]

John Kramer: You lied to the authorities multiple times, Ryan, pinning the blame solely on the driver, your deceased best friend. Do you know what you did to his family? Hmm? And you've only gotten worse over the years.

[Ryan finally confesses]

Ryan: I did it. Okay, I fucking did it. I did it, but it was so long ago. I want to live. I want to live.

John Kramer: As do I, Ryan. As do we all. But things happen.

[Another flashback shows an unknown doctor of the Angel of Mercy Hospital is labelling two X-rays of someone's head, one with a frontal lobe tumor and one without. The doctor, however, labels the clean one with a sticker of "Kramer, John" and the other with "Rubinstein, Alex"]

John Kramer (vo): Were it not for a careless mistake by a resident at the hospital I was in, my cancer could have been diagnosed a lot sooner. It was simply the wrong name on an X-ray.

[Back in the final test room]

John Kramer: Would've saved me a whole lot of hardship. (turns to Anna) And you, Anna?

Anna: I didn't do anything, John. You know me. Please don't do this to me.

John Kramer: (turns back to Ryan, smiling) We were neighbors, Anna and I. My first chemo sessions were very difficult, to say the least. Anna and her husband Matthew were so kind, so supportive. (to Anna) I thank you for that.

Anna: (tearfully) Then why are you doing this to me?

[In a flashback, we see John behind his desk, drawing a tricycle, with the head of an incomplete Billy puppet next to him. Through his window, he sees Anna and Matthew arguing next door]

John Kramer (vo): Those were better days for you, weren't they, Anna? But your poor husband, Matthew... I know the two of you didn't always get along. But to have to endure that tragedy, the death of a child, that's, uh... One of life's greatest burdens, isn't it?

[After we see Matthew again rolling onto Anna's baby, we briefly return to the barn]

John Kramer: If only he hadn't fallen asleep that night, then he wouldn't have rolled over and, uh, suffocated your baby. That is what happened, right, Anna?

[Anna's face has become a mask of pain as we return to the flashback. Matthew rolls back, we see there's no baby there. No, it's crying in a crib in the living room, with Anna next to it, covering her ears in pain and discomfort]

Anna: (screaming at the baby) Shut up!

[Next door, John looks up while wearing glasses, hearing the screams of Anna and her child]

Anna: Shut up. Shut up!

[She twists the pillow she's holding and we hear something choking. All is revealed, it was Anna who intentionally suffocated her baby]

[Editor's note: Apparently some people think it's a bit odd that Kramer could just overhear the truth as to what happened. I'm willing to say, however, that the screams and the sound of someone choking, as well as the following aftermath, were enough for Kramer to draw his conclusion]

[Anna is standing in a hallway, thinking of what to do. She then lays the infant's corpse next to her husband in bed to frame him for the crime. That night, we see Matthew is taken away by the two cops from earlier as Anna watches on, with red lights reflecting behind her]

John Kramer: I mean, it's horrible. How horrible, to have to live with such a thing.

[From Anna's face, we can see that John is telling the truth. In a mental institution, we see Matthew is taken away by two doctors as he tries to break free]

John Kramer (vo): It could make a person go mad, couldn't it?

[We then see that Matthew eventually hanged himself out of guilt]

Ryan: What are you going to do to us?

John Kramer: (chuckles) Me? I'm not going to do anything. (twists some screws) You have to simply assume responsibility.

[He pulls away the metal casing of the device before him, revealing a set of rotors]

John Kramer: (holding the metal box) For who you are.

[As the dark of night falls, we see Eleanor's car has to travel a long distance until they finally reach the barn. When they do, it has gotten dark. It is clear something has transpired in the barn recently, as the outdoor lamps are burning]

Eleanor: This is it.

Logan: How do you know this is it?

Eleanor: Tuck's Pig Farm. It was shut down due to an outbreak of Aujeszky's disease.

Logan: Buckethead's sample. The pig virus.

Eleanor: This farm was in Jill Tuck's family. Jigsaw's wife. Still is. Although the place was shuttered years ago.

Logan: Well, it looks like somebody's here. (looks at Eleanor) You sure you want to do this?

[Eleanor nods and the two get out of the car. A short distance from them, we see Halloran is tailing them from his own car. His cell rings, a call from his partner Hunt, but he hangs up. Hunt, as it turns out, is inspecting Halloran's house with a few colleagues. Hunt records a voice mail message]

Hunt: Halloran, it's Hunt. Call me back. (to his police radio) We're at Halloran's house, but he's not here. (to one of his colleagues) You got a location on him?

Male Cop: Searching.

[A female cop has opened Halloran's freezer and made a big discovery]

Female Cop: Sir?

[Halloran strokes his beard as he leaves his car. Meanwhile, Hunt is holding the latest bit of evidence in his hands, the jigsaw shaped pieces of skin that we're cut from the four victims]

Hunt: Okay, we need to bring him in. Now!

[Halloran approaches the barn, his Glock on standby. Logan and Eleanor have already entered and see the remnants of the game that has transpired during the investigation. Logan sees a rusty axe and grabs it for protection. They walk to the dangling neck clamps. Eleanor taps one of the chains with her flashlight, causing it to rattle. She then notices an open door]

Eleanor: Check this out.

[They walk to the saw room. The door most to the left is smeared in blood and some bucket helmets lay on the ground]

Logan: (shining his flashlight) That's a lot of blood. What's to bet this is where Buckethead was decapitated.

Eleanor: It's Jigsaw.

Logan: Jigsaw is dead.

Eleanor: Is he?

[They both hear an noise and turn around. We then return to this movie's final test, as John pulls the rotors off the metal stand]

Ryan: (whispering, begging) Please... I'll do anything you want, John. Just please let me go. Please.

[John holds up and looks at his pighead mask]

John Kramer: Did you know that pigs are highly compassionate animals? They show distress if they see any other animal, including humans, suffering.

Anna: (bitter) What about you, John? Where is your compassion?

John Kramer: We all have a thumb on the scale, Anna. For good or for evil. You've been weighing in on the wrong side of the scale. Both of you. Now, if you want to achieve your freedom, you have to learn. (leans on the table) You have to realize that you've been doing it backwards. So... I'm gonna give you an opportunity to turn it all around.

[He conjures up a shotgun and opens it. He then gets a bullet out of his pocket]

John Kramer: (looking at Ryan) Here's your key to freedom.

[He loads the gun, closes it and places it on the rotor stand. He then loads it and gives his final instructions]

John Kramer: It's all up to you. Now, the game's simple. The best ones are. You have one shotgun. You have one shell.

[He loads his belongings on a stretcher and it wheels it towards the door]

John Kramer: Like I said, it's up to you.

[He walks out of the room and slams the door shut as Anna and Ryan look at the gun before them. We then cut back to Logan and Eleanor further investigating the barn]

Logan: How can you say Jigsaw isn't dead? He's dead. Autopsy was performed on his body, he has his own grave.

Eleanor: He's not. Jigsaw lives forever through the work of his followers.

[They then both see this game's Spiralizer. Logan turns on Eleanor, holding out the axe]

Logan: You. You've been obsessed with John Kramer from the start. The website. The traps you've built.

[They start circling around each other like panthers]

Eleanor: Lots of people are fascinated by Kramer. You know damn well I didn't kill Buckethead. Or the other two.

Logan: Then who did?

Eleanor: Halloran. You said it yourself. The bullet matches. He's connected to all the victims...

[Suddenly, Halloran jumps in and holds Logan at gunpoint. Eleanor holds her gun at Halloran in defence]

Halloran: He's right behind you. Drop it. Drop it! Both of you. Now!

Eleanor: (gun shaking in her hand) It's him. It's him!

Halloran: Go on.

Eleanor: Don't. Don't.

Halloran: (pointing the gun at Logan's neck) Come on. Come on!

Logan: All right!

Eleanor: Don't.

Logan: All right. All right, I'm putting it down.

[He drops the rusty axe]

Halloran: (smugly) Now it's your turn, sweetheart. Come on, sweetheart.

Eleanor: No...

Halloran: Come on. Put it down. I'll blow his fucking brains out.

Logan: (smiling calmly) El.

[Eleanor lowers her gun]

Halloran: Yeah. That's a good girl.

[He drops the rifle and her flashlight on a workbench]

Logan: All right. You got what you...

[Logan's military skills kick in as he quickly turns and grabs Halloran's gun and slams it on the workbench. It fires and misses Eleanor by a hair]

Logan: Run!

[As the two scuffle, Eleanor escapes. Halloran then grabs the axe and knocks Logan out. He then gives chase to Eleanor, who leaves the barn. In the final test room, Anna and Ryan are trying to figure out what to do]

Ryan: He wants us to shoot each other.

[The camera turns to Anna, who gets up. A more subdued version of Hello Zepp, called Shotgun in the tracklisting, starts playing]

Anna: He wants me to kill you.

[Ryan falls forward and tries to crawl to the gun]

Ryan: No. No. No, don't! No, don't touch that, you psycho bitch!

Anna: It's the only way.

[She walks to the shotgun. The chain yanks, but she's able to reach it]

Ryan: No, no! No. No. No, okay? No. No, please don't. Because that's what he wants us to do. Okay? Think about it.

[Anna's hand hovers above the gun as she tries to piece it all together. The camera remains mostly focussed on her]

Anna: Thumb on the scale...

Ryan: No. No, please don't. Okay? Please. No, no. No.

Anna: Good or evil...

Ryan: No, please don't.

Anna: That's what he said...

Ryan: Let's just think about this for a minute, okay? Just think.

Anna: We're supposed to follow the rules, we have to play by the rules. My only key to freedom is to kill you.

[Anna grabs the gun out of the holder. Ryan tries to get it away, but his missing leg prevents him from doing so. He crawls up in fear of his impending death]

Ryan: Please! Please don't! Please don't!

Anna: (points the gun at Ryan, crying) I'm sorry! I'm sorry...

Ryan: Please don't, please don't...

[Then suddenly Ryan has an epiphany]

Ryan: Backwards...

[Anna closes her eyes, ready to fire]

Ryan: (yelling) H-H-He said we've got it backwards!

[Anna fires and, as John had hinted at, the gun backfires and hits Anna in her face. Blood sprays on Ryan's despairing face. The gun falls out of her hands as she falls on her back. The bullet went through her eye. Anna is gasping, an inch from death]

Ryan: No! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

[He then sees the spent shotgun shell with a bent green key lying next to it. Ryan crawls over to it and picks up the key]

Ryan: No. No. No!

[He sees the green lock around the ankle of Anna's leg. He drops the key and picks up the shotgun shell. A yellow key falls out, broken by the gun's discharge, useless]

Ryan: No. No. No.

[A brief flashback shows how John puts the keys in the shell and closes it, holding it out to show it to his test subjects]

John Kramer: Here's your key to freedom.

[Ryan, in despair, buries his face in his arms as he starts to cry]

Ryan: No. No. No. No. (looking at Anna) We could have been free, Anna.

[A brief shot of Anna, dead on the ground with a surprised look on her face. Ryan rolls on his back, without hope]

Ryan: I'm sorry.

[Somewhere else in the barn, Halloran tries to find Eleanor. He looks but sees no one. Suddenly, an arm comes out of nowhere and stabs a syringe in Halloran's back. He winces and loses his footing, waving his gun back and forth. Cut to black. Logan, chained in place and with a bloody head wound, regains consciousness and coughs. He examines the metal collar around his neck. Across from him, Halloran, also kept standing on a collar, wakes up]

Logan: Halloran...

[He looks around for help]

Logan: Help! Somebody! Help!

[Halloran notices the collar around his neck]

Halloran: What the fuck are these? What the fuck?

[Logan recognizes the metal bips around the collar]

Logan: These are goddamn laser cutters.

Halloran: What? What?

Logan: (realizes) Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, what happened? Where's Eleanor? Halloran!

Halloran: Someone came out of nowhere and drugged me. Knocked me out.

Logan: Yeah, me too.

[A speaker activates and Jigsaw's voice interrupts the two]

Jigsaw (vo): Hello, gentlemen. You came looking for the game. Congratulations, you found it. You are the final two players.

Halloran: It can't be.

Jigsaw (vo): You may recognize the device around your collar, Doctor Nelson. These laser cutters slice through tissue and bone like butter. The most powerful blade on the planet. You both have an opportunity to live. All you need to do is confess.

Logan: Confess?

Jigsaw (vo): It's that easy. If you admit to the reason that you deserve to die, you can escape death. I will be listening. Make your choice.

Halloran: How are you alive? How are you still alive?!

Jigsaw (vo): The game will select one of you to begin in 60 seconds. Unless, of course, someone chooses to go first.

[The instructions are over and the speaker turns off. The two players look at the control panel in the middle]

Logan: Let's neither of us touch a button.

Halloran: (annoyed) We're both gonna be fucked in a minute. (nods) I'll go first.

Logan: Okay.

[Halloran takes a breath, holds his hand above his button, but then pushes Logan's button with his middle finger. A buzzer sounds and Logan's collar pulls the wearer to the wall]

Logan: Wait! No, no, no, no, no! No! Oh, God. (to the speaker) I've done nothing wrong.

[The lasers rotate and activate, surrounding Logan's head]

Logan: No, no, stop. Stop it! Stop it!

Halloran: (trying to pull his own collar up) I'd confess.

[The lasers close in on Logan's head slightly]

Logan: Yeah. Okay, okay, okay, all right! All right, John Kramer! It was me! It was me, I fucked up! I messed up your X-rays!

[The brief flashback from earlier shows that Logan tells the truth as he mislabels the two photos of John Kramer and Alex Rubinstein]

Logan: I was... I was careless. And I am sorry. I'm so sorry. I confess. (lower volume) I confess.

[Apparently, this isn't enough, as the lasers close in again. Logan, grasping his collar, screams in frustation]

Logan: (full of regret) Christine. I'm so sorry, baby. I should have been there for you, but I wasn't.

[The lasers go down completely and Logan gurgles as blood squirts everywhere. The collar detaches and Logan falls to the ground. Halloran looks at him, somewhat guilt ridden, when Jigsaw speaks up]

Jigsaw (vo): Your turn, Detective.

[Halloran's button activates and he gets pulled to the wall]

Halloran: (as he is pulled away) No, no, no, no! I won. I won. I won!

[Halloran's laser cutters get activated and we see the damage they do to the ceiling above him]

Halloran: What? Huh? Oh, shit! Oh, shit.

Jigsaw (vo): Confess.

Halloran: Okay. I did some shitty things. But the system's broken, I tried to fix it!

[The lasers close in]

Halloran: Okay, Okay... I tampered with evidence. I... I took bribes. I put innocent people away.

[Not enough, the cutters close in more]

Halloran: (terrified) Murderers and rapists walked.

[One more time]

Halloran: People died because of me. Innocent people died because of me. I did it!

[After this last confession, the lasers deactivate and rotate back. Halloran laughs shakily and looks up at the damage the lasers caused to the ceiling. He looks over to Logan's side, but then notices that the ceiling above that side is not burned whatsoever. Halloran, puzzled, looks at Logan. Suddenly, in a very John Kramer OG Saw kind of way (credit to Dead Meat for that analogy), Logan gets up]

Halloran: It fucking can't be. What?

[He clicks and the lasers retract without cutting him. It's clear that they're regular laser pointers]

Halloran: Hey... What, what is... What are you...

[He clicks the collar loose, revealing the blood samples on the inside of it. He lays it on the ground]

Halloran: What? Are you fucking kidding me? Logan, you're... What? What? Hey! What, you... You're working with him?

Logan: I am him.

Halloran: What?

Logan: And with a little help from you, no one will ever suspect it.

[He pulls out a recorder and plays back the recording he just made]

Halloran (vo): People died because of me. Innocent people died because of me. I did it!

[The detective frowns, slightly shakes his head]

Halloran: I don't understand.

[Logan walks to a filthy blanket in the middle of the room]

Logan: Ten years ago, is this very barn...

[He pulls the rug away, revealing two decayed bodies. The Saw centrepiece, Hello Zepp, kicks in (Zepp Eight, to be precise)]

Logan: (holding the blanket) ...a game was played.

[We flashback to the game we've been following throughout the movie. We now understand that this took place in the past, ten years ago, before the first Saw took place, when John Kramer was still alive. He slides the buckets over the heads of Anna and Ryan. Flashback to Eleanor's studio]

Eleanor: (looking at her reconstructed Spiralizer) Supposedly, John Kramer designed this for a game that took place before all the others.

[Supercut of the carnage from the game, Mitch in the Spiralizer, Ryan's leg being severed and Anna shooting herself. We see John Kramer in the final test room, looking at the bodies of Anna and Ryan, who presumably died from the blood loss he endured from his leg wound. Cut back to the two corpses ten years later, with Logan and Halloran looking at them]

Logan: I know this, because I was one of the players.

[Logan gets a bucket over his head from John. Logan was the buckethead we left behind in the saw room, who woke up too late]

Logan (vo): Jigsaw put me in that game almost ten years ago. I mixed up his X-ray.

Anna: (in the flashback) You need to cut yourself! (gets pulled out of the room)

[While the four were pulled away, Logan, being severely cut up by the saws, sinks down on his knees as he gets the green light. A wall panel slides open and John Kramer comes in to rescue the doctor, removing the bucket and the chain. Logan falls on his side, blood shooting out of the cuts on his back. John looks at Logan, remorsefully]

Logan (vo): John decided I shouldn't have to die over an honest mistake. He gave me a second chance.

[Editor's note: When Logan is talking about the "honest mistake", he is probably referring to the sedative overdose he got, which caused him to miss his alarm, if you catch my drift. Also, apparently some people think the flatscreen TV and glow-up eyes from Billy are plotholes. I see them more as premiere equipment. John hadn't quite decided his style yet and used the fancy puppet for his first game, a special occasion, if you will. Also, flatscreens have been around since 2003, which would line up well with the series' continuity, as this game probably took place around 2007. Anyway, enough waffling]

[John stitches up Logan's back. That's where those scars we've seen came from]

Logan: (looking down at the corpses) So now, ten years later, I've recreated Jigsaw's game with criminals from your failed cases.

Halloran: What?

[Flashback, Logan, now the mastermind in the saw room, puts a bucket over Malcolm Neale's head]

Logan (vo): I wanted my game to be identical to Jigsaw's. So I went through your cases. Found players just like the ones in the original game.

[We see Malcolm's body hanging under the bridge. As Logan goes on, we see the two other victims getting the preverbial bucket. The Carly lookalike holds up a needle and she bleeds to death. This was the corpse that was thrown of the hospital's rooftop. The Mitch lookalike was (almost certainly) offscreen killed by the Spiralizer and left behind in Eleanor's trap museum]

Logan (vo): I gave them the same choices that Jigsaw did a decade ago. Jigsaw put five people in his game. I put in three. You and I are the last two.

[Back in the barn, looking thoughtfully at the ground]

Logan: I wanted to see if I was as worthy as him. As... talented.

[Logan holds out a remote and presses a button. The laser cutters around Halloran's neck activate again]

Halloran: No... Come on, Logan. Come on. Have mercy.

Logan: Like you just had mercy on me?

[He covers up Ryan's body with the blanket]

Logan: When you started our game just now? Pushing my button? (looks up) Saving yourself?

Halloran: What? That... that's not fair!

[Logan gets back up]

Logan: Fair? (walks towards Halloran) Why was Edgar Munsen free?

[Quick cut to Edgar in his crashed car]

Logan: He was a murderer. But you were protecting him because he was your criminal informant, years ago, and you let him walk free. Edgar Munsen killed my wife.

Halloran: (uneasy) You don't... You don't know that. It's never been proven. This won't bring your family back, right? John Kramer gave people a chance to win the game. A choice.

[He tries to grab Logan, but he steps back]

Halloran: You fuck! You fucker...

Logan: You have a choice. Scream, or don't.

[Logan walks away, Halloran tries to win his trust]

Halloran: Logan, Logan, Logan, Logan. Hey, look, I can help you. I, uh, I can do things for you.

[Logan turns back and stares dagger eyed at Halloran]

Logan: Can you bring my wife back?

Halloran: Doesn't matter what I say, does it?

[Logan leans back. The last montage starts with Edgar waking up in an abandoned building, grabbing a digital recorder with "Press Play" on it. He plays it, as we see that the message has been constructed with audio from old Jigsaw tapes]

Jigsaw (vo): Hello, Edgar. You're about to play a game. Five lives are in your hands. Follow my instructions exactly.

[Back on the rooftop, Logan is keeping crosshairs on Edgar's chest with a sniper rifle]

Edgar: I got to choose who dies, them or me. (through the gun lens) I'm not fucking dying.

[Logan hits Edgar in the chest while the officers blow off his hand. Logan picks up his rifle and pulls it off the rail. Back in the morgue, we see that Logan swapped his own bullet for one of Halloran's calibre]

Logan: What kind of firearm do you use?

Hunt: Glock 22. Most cops do. Except Halloran. He's got a 17.

[The swapped bullet is shown to the detective]

Logan: Nine by nineteen Parabellum. That's a Glock 17.

[While the lab assistant proclaims the blood results, we see Logan putting John Kramer's blood, which was stored in the evidence locker, under Malcolm's fingernails]

Lab Assistant: The blood under the fingernails of our first victim is John Kramer's blood.

[Logan was also the one who left the jigsaw pieces in Halloran's freezer]

Logan (vo): Some will think it's Jigsaw. Some will suspect you. But no one will suspect me.

Hunt: Okay, we need to bring him in. Now!

[Eleanor, running through the nearby forest, gets back to the road and flags down a nearby car, looking into its headlights]

Logan (vo): Because Eleanor will provide my alibi.

Eleanor: Oh yes...

[In the barn, Logan walks to the door]

Logan: Ten years ago, I came out of the war a broken man.

[In the last flashback, we see Logan and John working on something. Logan, stammering, loses grip of his welding iron and pushes it away. John looks up]

Logan (vo): Jigsaw put the pieces of my life back together again. He gave my life purpose.

John Kramer: (preaching tone) We can never come from anger or from vengeance. (turns to Logan) You taught me that.

Logan: (whispers) But then, there will be no justice...

John Kramer: Ah. But there will.

[He pulls a piece of iron to him and hands Logan the welding iron back]

John Kramer: Because we'll speak for the dead.

Logan (vo): Together, we built a legacy.

[Jigsaw puts his creation on the workbench, the Reverse Bear Trap. Both he and Logan admire it and we return to the present]

Logan: Now, I speak for the lives ruined by people like you. Murderers, rapists... Their victims appeared on my table because of you.

Halloran: No. No. No... No...

[Halloran sniffs as the lasers close in on him. He takes his breath and wimpers as they slice his head in eight pieces. The collars opens, Halloran sinks on his knees and his head cracks open. Blood goes everywhere and with a nasty squelch, his corpse falls to the ground]

Logan: I speak for the dead.

[And just like Jigsaw before him, he slams the barn door shut as Zepp Eight and a thunder sound effect close out the movie]

[Editor's note: Many thanks to Springfield! Springfield! for supplying the lines]


There's something I felt I had to write, considering the place this movie takes in the convoluted puzzle that is the Saw timeline. Where actually does this game take place in regards to the other movies?

I think I figured it out. John started his Jigsaw trials after his divorce, cancer diagnosis and car accident. After that, he relocated to a new house, next to Anna and Matthew, where his methodology took shape and he started to lose his hair due to the chemo sessions he had to endure. After the death of the baby at its mother's hands, John organized the game for her and four others, using the special premiere equipment I've mentioned earlier. The game took place and John found his first apprentice in Logan Nelson, alongside his mantra of "it can never be personal". Eventually, John stopped with his chemo therapy and his hair grew back. Shortly after that, the rest of the games continued on, from Cecil Adams and beyond.

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