CHICKEN: Tonight is the night, Mallard. I’m going to a casino with Lynn and Lucy.

MALLARD: Wow! I can’t wait! Can I take a bathroom break?

CHICKEN: Of course, Mallard. Remember, be sure to not pee on the floor and in the toilet.

MALLARD: Got it!

CHICKEN: See you in the casino, Mallard.

MALLARD: Now, what did Chicken say? Oh, yes. He told me to not pee on the floor and in the toilet.

GIYGAS: OK, Bowser, I’m in. It’s time for the drop.

MALLARD: Well, well, well, What have we here? A pee-pee and a poo-poo! No offense. You're all made of models, but you were nervous wrecks after the villains poisoned white champagne and...Ow! Are you all right?

GIYGAS: I'm fine

BROWNIE: Hey, Duckface, we like to get to our private business here if you don't mind.

MALLARD: Oh, yes, sure, but don't let me get to your private business. Oh, a little advice: When you hear a giggle and see that waterfall, you best press that green button.

BROWNIE: Thank you.

MALLARD: You can't adjust that temperature.

CREAMY: Got it.

MALLARD: And remember, It's not in Celsius, it's in Fahrenheit.

CREAMY AND BROWNIE: Get out of here!

MALLARD: All right, then.

CHICKEN: Go Fish. Lucy, do you have any threes?

LUCY: Yes, Chicken. I do! How’re you doing this? You’re the luckiest bird I know.

MALLARD: I’m back. Did you miss me?

CHICKEN: Yes. Did you went pee in the toilet, Mallard?

MALLARD: Yes. I did.

LYNN: I see nice basketballs. C’mon, Luce, this is gonna be fun!